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inkpad notepad - Notes - To do
inkpad notepad is the simple, elegant, easy way to keep notes on your phone, or on the web. Once upon a time, you had to write down notes in a paper notepad and carry it around with you. If you wrote a shopping list or to do list, you might go to the store and discover you had forgotten your notepad. But how often do you forget to bring your mobile phone with you? Introducing InkPad, the notepad you’ll only forget as often as your phone! inkpad notepad let's you access your notes online on our website. You can create or edit notes from the convenience of your computer's web browser, and always have access to your notes from your phone when you're offline too. CREATE NOTES InkPad is designed to look like a paper notepad, and is just as simple to use. When you open InkPad, you’ll see a list of all notes you’ve created. To add a new note, tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. CREATE TO DO LIST Create a note as usual, then select the "to do list" button at the top of the note screen. CREATE SHOPPING LIST Create a note as usual, then select the "shopping list" button at the top of the note. EDIT NOTE OR TO DO LIST Now you can write your note. Just like a paper notepad, you don’t have to do anything special to save your notes, they are auto-saved for you. SAVE As mentioned above, notes are auto-saved. You don’t have to do anything special to save them. SYNC NOTES ONLINE inkpad notepad lets you sync/backup notes online. You can access your online notes on our website by signing in with the same account you selected in the mobile app. SEARCH YOUR NOTES OR TO DO LISTS inkpad notepad now gives you an option to search your notes or to do lists. From the home screen, tap on the search icon, then begin writing. As you write, the list of notes will be filtered to only display notes containing the search keyword. Press the "X" button to clear the note search, and view all notes as usual. SHARE NOTES At the bottom of each note is a “share” button. Tapping it brings up all the ways to share. Typical ways include email, SMS, etc. CHANGE NOTE’S TITLE To change a notes title, tap on the title area at the top of that note. DELETE NOTE If you don’t want a note any longer, you can delete it in several ways: 1) Open the note, tap the “delete” button at the bottom of the page. 2) From the main notes screen, swipe-left the title of a note, then tap on “delete”. BACKUP NOTES To backup a note, press the share button and email to yourself the note you want to backup. TYPICAL USES Write To do lists, shopping lists, addresses, email, SMS, Twitter updates*, write lyrics, poems, or even a novel if you feel like it! The uses are limited only by your imagination. Follow @InkpadNotes on twitter and facebook to receive updates about InkPad note pad. *Assumes separate Twitter client is installed, Twitter cannot post note pad content longer than 140 characters.
Great app
by rdtuck on 2019/08/20 12:34
This is easy to use and access when you need to get your notes!
by grankou76 on 2019/08/19 23:26
Great product
I’ve used it for years now
by Fun4drj on 2019/08/19 19:51
This app has been my go to for notes for years, across all my devices,comp, & platforms it has never let me down. It is worth the price for the pro version
Terrific 1
by Jdbfield on 2019/08/19 09:15
Easy to use, intuitive, love that it works with multiple devices and syncs online.
Sing in to google won’t ever loose anything
by Laylow818 on 2019/08/19 03:38
Good app
by Daniel1077 on 2019/08/16 16:25
Is the best hiding place to place all your important information.
by AJEden on 2019/08/16 04:15
Good tool to use and save your details
Easy sync
by ?()&:$4?592$2 on 2019/08/15 12:29
Nice having the same access on my computer and phone.
by theres always tamara on 2019/08/14 21:11
Love it completely I’ve had this app for about a long time now! I can always count on going back and getting info I’ve written down! I’ve had several different phones and every time I get this app downloaded again my notes are there😍
Love inkpad
by Trucker JV on 2019/08/14 19:05
Really great note app...
Best writer ever
by best writter ever on 2019/08/14 17:00
Does exactly what I need, no issues
Love it
by Chefrey 12 on 2019/08/13 15:28
Love it ❤️
Been using for year great app
by Bear196999 on 2019/08/13 01:04
Great app
Inkpad App
by YMurf on 2019/08/12 22:53
This app is on time and it’s really great for keeping notes.
by Anfaust on 2019/08/11 21:25
Work great
by LukisAr on 2019/08/10 18:23
App really makes it easy to keep organized!!!
Love, LOVE this tool
by AlisonLakeland on 2019/08/10 11:52
It syncs neatly across all my devices. And I can store lots of lists and information.
by ShaiSaar on 2019/08/10 08:22
An amazing app, been using it for at least 4 years. Easy to use, went with me on 4 different devices. Thanks!
My most used app!
by amacrae2 on 2019/08/08 20:13
I use this all the time. It’s easy to use and the online backup works well.
Great easy app. Saves my stuff
by jad61gbp on 2019/08/08 12:52
This note pad is awesome. Saves my notes so I can transfer to new phone. I have had to do this three times and still have all notes from last few years!
Great app
by Dolly Ann45 on 2019/08/07 19:29
I’ve been using this app for a year and a half now and it really comes in handy.
by USPacific on 2019/08/07 03:54
It can share with many phone I share with 7 phones include desk top. Great app
Good little app
by jaxam1 on 2019/08/06 17:08
My old phone died. When I changed phones I was able to login and all my notes came back
The best!
by Lhilz on 2019/08/05 03:54
Keeps my agenda safe
by DaltonWood1 on 2019/08/05 02:22
Great note pad easy to use. Can link with your email and transfer notes from phone to phone easily.
Please fix
by topdollaqoq on 2019/08/04 14:11
It’s very difficult to move cursor when I’m writing. Normally I can hold down the space bar and put it where I want. Please fix it would make writing a lot easier for people
by deicy 007 on 2019/08/02 15:38
Love it!
by oganized1 on 2019/07/29 04:45
Easy nite pad to help me stay organized!
Great note pad
by sharksch on 2019/07/29 03:03
This works great!
Best app for checklists
by WB-Dallas on 2019/07/28 21:35
This is my favorite app for checklists. (But it obviously has other uses also.)
finally app similar
by Cybrnetico on 2019/07/28 18:56
After switching to iphone over a year the app i miss the most was color notes from google store. it had searchable words and back up so far this app has met those expectations. i hope they can add to search function is highlight the word in a note file when doing search.
by starbright1950 on 2019/07/28 15:19
I use it for groceries,bills, etc. I love you can check off items😀
by WHITNEY32. on 2019/07/28 06:08
Reliable and always easy to sync my accounts when switching phones.
Good note app
by Very Satisfied II on 2019/07/28 03:26
Allows backup. Allows sync. Multiple types of notes are helpful such as a shopping list. This allows for you to sort and check off your shopping list as you ptogress through shopping.
Ink pad
by BMW33604 on 2019/07/27 16:54
It works for me
Better then bread
by cartoysguy on 2019/07/26 23:43
This app makes my life so easy
Really Handy!
by JAGTX26 on 2019/07/26 09:48
An excellent go-to app for notes and reminders. I’ve used it for years now! It also syncs to the cloud so you don’t need to worry about losing important notes if something unforeseen should occur.
Great app use all the time
by Awsome Lilypad on 2019/07/26 02:10
Been using for several years. No complaints. Great app
Loyal customer
by CeBearDa on 2019/07/24 19:18
I have been using this app since honestly as far back as 2011 or 2012. It’s synced stuff from back then. I have and always will count on this app!
by PhuckIt2656 on 2019/07/24 13:13
It works for me! I’ve taken it from phone to phone And can access online if need be No issues
Best app i ever downloaded
by Chamb3r on 2019/07/24 06:38
Litter ally have notes for 2014 and consistant on updates love this app😭😭😭😭
Best pad ever
by ejustyzz on 2019/07/23 15:21
The best app for logging important information.
by trapjones the reader on 2019/07/22 21:46
Nice 👌
I love this app
by Uwag on 2019/07/22 17:57
I love Inkpad it is an excellent app for taking notes
Reel raw
by reep raw on 2019/07/22 15:10
Great app
by CaliFamilyof8 on 2019/07/21 14:28
Great, but wish it could be password protected
Very good app
by Sergeyz on 2019/07/20 12:07
Better then original note on iPhone, no hassle.
by Fullbacks on 2019/07/18 00:02
All devices synced. I love it
by gsmith72 on 2019/07/17 17:33
The yellow color is ez on the eyes. I like how fast the sync works
Min mouse
by Mlnmouse on 2019/07/17 12:18
Love this up
by Chacorrales on 2019/07/17 03:51
Very useful up. I have my notes organized and always available l
Works like expected and better
by Cgreen123 on 2019/07/16 15:13
Good app, easy to use and very helpful
Microphone option
by K9training on 2019/07/15 18:54
When using notepad and if I use the microphone to type for me it will type what I’m saying but as soon as you hit done it will all disappear and would have to start all over again
Such A Neccessity
by Alsmillions on 2019/07/15 15:12
I don’t know what I would do without this app. It’s one of the best. Thank you so very much.
Great App!!!
by PJ Alford on 2019/07/13 01:40
I’ve used this app in the past and then went on to others. Well I came back to it because at this point in time I need multiple notes apps - different ones for different reasons. With Inkpad I use it for my medical documentation as I want to keep that separate from other assorted documentation that I need to have available. I chose to use Inkpad for my medical documentation because it’s easy to use and I like that about it.
Way cool
by charlibaltimore on 2019/07/10 20:33
Love it
Best notes app
by TheBigDoc on 2019/07/10 17:20
Seamless and user friendly. Never worry about losing info again. Just sign in on line if phone is lost!!
John Zacc
by John Zacc on 2019/07/10 10:46
Love this app I've been using it for years. It's simple gets the job done with little interference to my other apps or phone use I recommend this app of you need a good place to drop information for future use!
Good. Not great.
by ksteveorama on 2019/07/09 23:16
Cpu version is awesome Plenty of space Convenient Mobile is a bit wonky Inconsistent auto save Lots of bugs Trouble syncing
Inkpad splotches
by Mom PL on 2019/07/09 22:47
I use the app every day, for multiple lists of items, activities and obligations for myself & family members. My only frustration is with keying, especially with not being able to see the cursor, and inability to use voice input every time. A time-saving organizational device should not require so much undoing and re-doing things manually.
@MarKarleone Says
by Mar Karleone on 2019/07/06 23:37
Best notepad app ever
Love Inkpad!!
by Griffinlaydee on 2019/07/06 11:40
This app is the most user-friendly note taking app I’ve ever had! It’s easy to make lists and sublist and you can sync it from phone to phone or your tablet or your computer with ease. I use it every day!
Ana M Kuzara
by Peruvian Viking on 2019/07/05 11:51
Very easy to use. I arrange all the subjects in alphabetical order, Things to Buy, things to do, calls. Love it
by Grkid321 on 2019/07/04 23:50
I use Inkpad and calendar everyday . It’s wonderful.
Nice and easy
by 1326liv on 2019/07/04 02:49
Easy to use
by Aztiramodnilag on 2019/07/04 01:37
Been using it for while and I love it!!! This app definitely saves lives lol
Love Love Love
by Debar00 on 2019/07/03 15:27
I have used Inkpad for many years now and I love app!
by Tinklebell7 on 2019/07/03 04:56
I love this app and how it works. It is a mini Word document categorized for doing assignments. Easy to work, just work it. 😌
Quick, simple, effective
by Bob Buchanan on 2019/07/02 19:18
Great little app!
The best
by jamminjosi on 2019/07/02 18:45
One of the best productivity apps!
Handy Note Pad
by Reviewer Par Excellence on 2019/07/02 14:41
Easy to use to keep lists sorted in one easy place.
Hate the ads
by loeh59 on 2019/06/29 11:56
I don’t mind ads, but why at the top? Place the ad to the bottom please! I would rather pay for an app to get rid of them all together. Super annoying I’m probably going to have to find another app.
Life saver
by camello76 on 2019/06/29 01:39
Have all my important notes with me at all times.
Love it
by Olive ole on 2019/06/28 15:31
I love it. Convenient
Great app
by El-arry on 2019/06/28 02:42
Now that I have it sync'd on my devices it works perfectly for all my notes.
No more sticky notes!
by fishy mc.fisherton on 2019/06/27 04:40
App is my #1 fav. Can’t live without
Best Notepad
by kelly love nelson on 2019/06/26 21:21
Love how it syncs to my google so that I never lose any information !
by perfaj on 2019/06/26 04:45
Been using this for years and signing in like i never left with each new device!!
A must have A++++
by Tom H20 on 2019/06/26 02:39
Great handy app to have , especially when it comes to remembering peoples names
Ink pad survey
by jeaniefusaro on 2019/06/26 00:30
I can’t make copies of items. Not happy.
by hmstitcher on 2019/06/24 14:14
Very easy to use
Awesome App
by sacbam6 on 2019/06/23 14:34
I’ve had this app’s amazing. Hasn’t failed me yet
Efficient and easy to use
by Conroy0614 on 2019/06/22 19:40
This is great for taking notes..I wish I could develop an easy to use retrieval menu to get back to specific notes without having to scroll through everything..
Very useful.
by Doshous on 2019/06/22 16:15
Love that I can simply take notes and have them sync across my devices. I’ve been using this app for a few years now, with no issues with retrieving my notes on new or upgraded devices (knock on wood).
Luv it
by JCG Real Estate on 2019/06/22 04:42
Love it
Excellent notepad
by TonySmith5star on 2019/06/20 21:45
Save feature is awesome nice and easy to use
Great Utility App - use most days
by Blitzsoccer on 2019/06/20 14:13
I use Inkpad most every day. I like how it syncs with my email account. I highly recommend it!
by Cheguy67 on 2019/06/19 22:00
Amazing application, I love it!, very useful. Best application found.
Great help
by conpappa on 2019/06/19 16:06
Good app
by Ameera1399 on 2019/06/18 04:22
No matter what device I am on I can refer to my notes because everything transfers seamlessly. I use this on my cell, Tab A, iPad, and laptop and never miss anything.
good but a few bugs
by JealousNatures on 2019/06/16 23:39
it's an amazing app but here are a few small things that bug me a little about it. it doesn't show when you put a space until you have a character on both sides of it. the lines don't meet up when typing. you can't move your curser unless you get out of the keypad.
Great not app
by TittosOSO on 2019/06/16 18:18
Great I’ve been using this app since 2013 on different devices android to iOS
by Hallie Hauer on 2019/06/14 12:32
Hasn’t let me down yet across many years, several new phones, and even a change from Android to iPhone. All notes safe
Great app!!!!!
by Marva Jones-McMullin on 2019/06/13 01:40
It’s great to have something to help keep up with what you sometimes forget!!!
The best app for writing
by Chef_melo_1982 on 2019/06/12 23:23
I love to write my rhymes and poems on this app easy to save also one day I lost my phone and I thought all my stuff that I took time to write in my spear time that I love so dearly was gone but I bought a new phone and I signed in and everything was right there
by cesarballadares on 2019/06/12 19:12
My favorite note app
Great app!!
by nunya damnbizmf on 2019/06/12 12:20
Simple design easy to use, i Love it i use it on every phone i have.
Very nice
by Rickycastro27 on 2019/06/12 04:38
It’s a great app good for Android and iOS
by JusNikki on 2019/06/12 02:21
My favorite app! The fact I can link it no matter what phone I have makes it even better!!
Please fix the bugs.
by Mharb22 on 2018/12/27 15:36
Edit: Update seems to have fixed the worst of the bugs, including notes not saving. However, now it’s having trouble syncing some notes that I add to the website first; it’s impossible to highlight/Select some text without using Select All which is incredibly inconvenient, and I can’t move the cursor by holding down the keyboard as you can in iOS. Please fix these minor bugs so we can all have our beloved app back. Thank you. Changing my review to one star due to no action from developers. I will be transitioning to a new note taking app, reluctantly. The app simply doesn’t save notes on iPhone 8 and has cost me countless lost minutes and hours and information. The ad on top is so obnoxious that it often blocks the text you’ve typed. This has become nearly unusable. Original review: I’ve been using this app for 5 years and it’s become a fundamental part of my life. I record all of my observations and writings in this app first, and it has come to serve as a chronicle of my emotional rollercoasters across the last half decade. However, I have found it to be almost unusable on iPhone because eight times out of ten, it just doesn’t save my note. This is devastating, as it’s truly a deal breaker. I don’t want to leave this app, so please fix these bugs and you’ll have me for at least another five years.
Works as it always has
by Dwilketc on 2019/01/01 22:57
Updating my previously negative review regarding the “new version.” All the features from the older version have been restored such as font size adjustment and drag and drop list items. I have used this app for a long time to organize various checklists and will continue to do so. The main thing I would change if I could is the font used. I believe this used to be an option but I may be wrong. It would be nice to have multiple fonts to choose from, the default font isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. Very minor detail that does not affect functionality though.
It has a few issues.
by Iruntherace on 2018/01/05 23:21
I used to have this on my Samsung Galaxy note 8 and it worked great so it was one of the first apps I got when I moved over to the iPhone X but on here it keeps telling me that there is not enough room for it to work properly even though my phone is new and basically empty. It also keeps trying to compare the notes on here to notes somewhere else and asking me which one I want to keep. Since I do not have the other phone anymore I wish it would just automatically know I want to keep this one. And the final problem is that the ads alot of times will cover up the top note so that you cannot click on it to open it up. I fixed that last one by putting a blank note as the top note.
Read my Review!
by unkownsaint on 2019/04/03 23:46
I have had many problems with other Note-taking apps on here however this one has been incredibly helpful. As a person whose lost so much data in the past, this is a life savior. Even if I exit out of the App, it saves. It’s very tricky but once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself in this app daily. My only complaint is that I miss the previous version, where I could change the font style and size or even color as I pleased. Now it doesn’t have that option and gives limited choices. Please bring it back or make the App better. I really want to rate 5Stars.
Terribly built
by Jball037 on 2016/05/14 04:04
I have been brainstorming for over 12 hours today and was using this app to write down notes (ironically, I was taking notes on what iPhone apps I want to develop next). The process of writing of the notes was fine, however it's not the writing of the notes that's important, it's the saving of those notes. I just reopened this app to go over my notes from today (I had tons of them), and I am shocked to discover that nearly two-thirds of my notes disappeared! They're nowhere to be found anywhere in the app! WHY!?!? They were there earlier, and now they're just, gone! I have not been this disappointed/frustrated/angered in a very long time. This app is less than worthless, it can make you lose your precious data forever and without warning. Be warned!
Yes, a lot, but...
by GRASP in SONORA, CA on 2018/12/17 06:17
... it has been confusing how to write a note then end writing it without losing what you just wrote. At this point it seems the best method is to start a new note by tapping the + to start writing. Then tap the tablet or iPhone Home button to end your writing, which will use the first line of your text as the title of your note. Today I got the latest update of InkPad with much different user interface. So far it looks good with one exception: now it seems one cannot select just a portion of a note, to either copy or delete or edit, just that portion.
Better than the other apps
by Tfrog5489 on 2017/03/30 01:26
This app is much better than the other list apps because you don't have to worry about creating just one list then suddenly you have to upgrade to the pro version which is very annoying and this app is so much easier and better because you can make multiple lists and not have to worry about losing your info.... I would strongly recommend this app to anyone who likes to make multiple lists and not have to worry about paying for the extra service.
Needs Update
by Charissa2u on 2016/05/15 13:24
I have enjoyed this App thoroughly, until recently. When entering info under a particular category, the screen is cut in half due to the keyboard, but the update will not allow me to get to the end of my input to continue adding on. It keeps the information below the keyboard, which I can not access. If I hit "Done" and go back in, it lets me add more info but quickly starts doing the same thing again. And, just recently, when I decided to delete something it ended up deleting my list above. It did this to me twice in a row. There is no option to restore deleted lists. That would be a wonderful addition. In the meantime I am frustrated it deleted the lists they did. The information on there was terribly valuable & needed today. Ugh!!!
Annoying ad placement
by Tobester22 on 2018/12/19 10:51
I have used this app for many years and have loved it. However, the ad placement is very annoying. Oftentimes it blocks what I am trying to see and there is no way to move your text so you can see it. I’ve tried returning down on my note, but then I have a lot of blank note titles, which makes it nearly impossible to quickly find the note I’m looking for. This has got so annoying that I may switch to another note taking app if it is not resolved. Other than that I enjoy how easy it is to back up my notes and how easy it is to use. Please fix the ad problem so I can continue to use your great app and change my two stars rating to five stars!
by jane's thoughts on 2018/12/22 20:35
The change to inkpad on my iPhone is totally unsatisfactory! It would be better to keep the iPad version which has a “delete checked items”. The iPhone version doesn’t seem to be able to delete the checked items. Instead when I attempt to choose to delete the checked items, the entire list is deleted. I have to retrieve the entire program. The iPad seems to work well, but I really don’t want to bring it with me when I’m shopping.
Used for years now
by Lazyseel on 2017/07/22 01:56
Well I've used this app for a few years now and honestly its kinda always had that weird bug about not saving info all the time which is incredibly annoying. Thankfully I don't usually use it for anything detrimental to lose. But, since the adding of the banner ads its been blocking my first list of notes in the menu screen. It blocks my list perfectly and then I can't scroll it down to click on my list. I even thought it had erased my list a few times before I caught on. Seriously if we could finally fix the saving issues and the banner ads blocking lists (and even items in lists) I would rate this a 5.
InkPad Notepad is Great
by Carlts1 on 2019/02/10 11:46
I use this on all of my devices for just about everything. I have composed notes, poems, letters, lectures, memos, short stories, shopping lists, other lists and at least one eulogy. It’s easy to access from everywhere, and I can pick up from where I left off on phone, tablet or computer. And, using the checkbox feature makes To-do list progress easy to track. Finding old notes based on subject or other keyword is easy, as well. I love this app.
Was happy now not
by Virgywashere on 2018/12/06 19:12
I’ve had this app since March 2012 never had any problems with it. It worked perfectly everything was great and then yesterday happened I don’t know what happened but ever since then it’s not acting right. I just updated it again because there was an update and it still acting crazy. I can’t scroll on one particular note that I kept don’t know why? Help please. I could’ve gladly given this five stars until yesterday. Sorry I hadn’t rated it before I thought I had. Also I just noticed that when I pull up the app the notes that have kept there’s like three in for multiples of the same notes????
Has a fatal flaw
by ArtusVanBriggle on 2016/08/14 21:07
I was in a six hour, important professional meeting that started at 9 a.m. I decided to give the program it's first workout. The program appeared to work just fine and have the features that I wanted, though the flashing 2001 style banner ads were a bit distracting. I took several pages of notes. I even received a gmail indicating my notes were backed up on the site and awaiting me. When I logged in later on my desktop to retrieve, the notes saved there were tagged 9:22 a.m. Uh oh. Both on the iPad and on the desktop website, the app had lost over five hours of work. Aside from taking notes, saving notes is the most basic function. Terrible app.
Lost tens of thousands of words due to ”bug”(?)
by Riikka Virtanen on 2018/06/10 13:53
I loved this app and purchased fhe premium. I am a writer and this app was a great way to sync up my contenf across devices. However, there have been numerous times when I’ve lost thousands of words because, if I had to guess what the problem is, if you start writing while it’s syncing, it will delete everything you write. Normally I’ve trained myself to select all and copy, back out of the specific note, sync, and then paste back in all that work. But sometimes I forget, or something else gets added to my clipboard. I just lost 2000 words, so hours of work from yesterday, and I hadn’t done that. I shouldn’t need to check and repaste note, especially when I’ve paid for the premium version. Until (unless) it’s fixed, I can’t mark this as anything but 1 star. Which is sad, because otherwise this is my favorite app. I really hope this can be fixed. (And I have checked the note history, but it doesn’t show it there. It literally just acknowledge what’s added to it)
Pretty amazing if you ask me!
by KlynnetteB on 2019/01/07 03:00
I have had this app for years. It automatically syncs so every time I get a new phone I don’t have to worry about losing any data or material. I save account information, addresses , take notes, really write down utterly anything I don’t want to forget. I know the information is at the tip of my fingers and if my phone acts up I can always go to my email and type in those keywords which is very convenient.
Doesn't save on the first try
by JESSTRA24 on 2016/08/19 00:49
I have been using this app for years. I love how it syncs with my email and if I lose my phone or change phones, I don't have to worry about losing my info. I just have to log back in and all my notes sync to the new phone. However, something very irritating about this app is that ever time I write a new note and click "done" and go back to the main page, it loses that note. I have to go back in and write it all over again. And sometimes I write a lot and it's very annoying having to go back and try to remember what I had written before. I am currently looking for a new note app to use because this is ridiculous.
Great App!!!
by PJ Alford on 2019/07/13 01:40
I’ve used this app in the past and then went on to others. Well I came back to it because at this point in time I need multiple notes apps - different ones for different reasons. With Inkpad I use it for my medical documentation as I want to keep that separate from other assorted documentation that I need to have available. I chose to use Inkpad for my medical documentation because it’s easy to use and I like that about it.
Better then notes!😍
by nzniceguy on 2019/03/03 21:11
So when I first got this I thought it would be exactly like notes but it’s not,it’s easier to give a title because it shows the entire title and on notes it just dose this ... it’s really annoying. Next it’s easier to know if you did the thing you need to do because it crosses it off if your finished and in notes it just dose a tiny check that you might not see it and do it again.
So far works as expected
by ecktex on 2016/10/13 14:41
I've been using the app for a few months, it's been very helpful, and so far nothing has been lost as reported by other users. It's not quite as full featured as I'd like, though. One feature I'd like is to be able to create a permanent shopping list with boxes I could check for items I want rather than those I've gotten. Then as I picked them up, I could remove the check.
Nice and Simple
by M.Vorhis on 2016/06/20 01:12
I use this app for checklists. It's all I need; since it allows a list to be entered with a checkbox for each item, it is terrific for keeping master lists and using them when necessary--Hawaii Trip gear list, camping trip gear list, fishing day-trip gear list...etc. Love it...and I NEVER leave anything behind anymore, even for the most complex & extended packing jobs. And as I think of new things to add while packing, I simply add them to the checklist.
I would give a zero
by London ✨🌷hedges on 2016/09/28 15:02
Ok so it doesn't offer in app purchases, but that's bad! There are ads popping up everywhere! I am deleting this app and using the regular notes application instead! I would highly advise not getting this app and just use the regular notes application. It's also a grocery list thing. It doesn't let you just put down brainstorms with out a bubble! Also I made a grocery list and my phone crashed and I went back to my grocery list and all the stuff I needed to get was gone! At least I made one in the regular notes application. I hate this app it is the worst notepad app I have ever used DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!
Did Not Sync my Notes
by Kitty lover 10😸😸😸 on 2017/04/19 13:27
I had two notes on the app not including the welcome note. At first, everything was going great and everything was saved. Then, I spent my time at night working on a note that was very important to me. I got a lot done on that note, which by the way was Records for things, and then I woke up in the morning only to find all my progress GONE except for THREE THINGS OUT OF 10 things. I tried signing in, even though the app is supposed to save things instantly. I worked very hard on that note and it will take a while to finish that again.
Great little app!!
by GFC1028 on 2016/08/31 13:26
What a useful app!! I keep grocery lists on it, packing lists, to-do lists, measurement lists for window curtains and kitchen appliance openings. I make notations about calls I need to make our things I need to check on. So handy since no paper or pen is needed and the app syncs so that it is available on my iPad, or my phone ....which I always have with me. Thank you inkpad for making my life a little more organized!
Best App on my phone
by Alex J.O on 2018/12/28 06:38
I always have something on my mind; an idea, something important that I can’t afford to forget, some work related things. This app allows me to quickly write down things, without the fear of being lost in time. I change my phone yearly, and because this app syncs with your email, you will never loose anything.... it’s a must have in my book
Great app. Absolutely saved me with its sync feature
by DavidCaruso on 2017/07/19 01:01
This app is great. I've been using it on my droid turbo for years. When my phone finally gave out I was able to reactivate my old iPhone 4s and after the app was downloaded I simply logged in and it synced all of my notes right where I had left them. Total life saver since my old phone wouldn't turn on at all.
Should have dumped this app long ago!!!
by HarleyTisch on 2016/06/14 01:13
DONT BE FOOLED BY THE RATING. I've been using this app for a few years. I've been putting off getting rid of it because I don't want to have to transfer my notes. Here's the problem and it's been doing this since day one. About 75% of the time you will type up an entire note. You will hit done and go back to the main list. The note you JUST spent all that time writing will show nothing as the title and even worse when you open it....BLANK!! I have gotten into the habit of copying entire text before saving so the only thing I have to re-type in the title. I can paste what the program is supposed to save. I update regularly. My wife's iPhone 6 Plus same thing. are FORCED to look at ads by Google. Yeah, even though you pay their price it does NOT opt you out of the ads. That's finally enough motivation to find a much better notes program. Get your crap together people.
Love it
by whatsinaname?2019 on 2019/01/27 16:36
Grocery shopping list/checklist (that i compiled myself, and continue to edit as desired) on my phone that allows me to check off what i do and dont need. A list that I don’t lose so long as I have my phone with me, which is always nearby. Doesn’t really need to do anything more than that, but it does! I love this and find it entirely useful! And I am grateful for it.
Great app
by Hisbrtlite on 2018/10/04 17:14
I enjoy this app for most of my notes. The only thing is I keep getting a window popping up telling me I need to take things off of my phone due to not enough space and yet I have 30 gig of space. Please deal with this annoyance. It also seems to delete notes which is not cool since I have used this app for most of my notes. Thanks When u open up a note I can’t tap on top note because the ads cover it. And many times note pad goes blank. Please fix it.
Inkpad...sooo good!!!
by IzzieKntz on 2019/01/31 21:54
I am a recent convert to Apple products. I can say that I am a pretty well organized person and I like to happen to like “LISTS” if you relate to that. With Inkpad, I can have a whole project with several lists going on and add several more lists as I go along and finish it way ahead of time because of this list easily generated through Inkpad. Very helpful program!!!!
This App does not save notes properly
by idontwna on 2019/01/06 06:08
I have had countless issues with this app improperly syncing and failing to save notes as of late that I have to spend time now transferring everything that is fortunately saved to a different app, not to mention spending hours trying to remember all of the important things I tried to save that were apparently never stored. If your objective is to write notes and save them, which seems simple enough for an app that is designed to do just that and really only that, there are many better options. Don’t waste your time here.
Great App
by LiquorStoreManagerGirl on 2018/12/23 17:51
I use this app for saving all my import information. It really is useful for a business. It keeps my price list handy so I can cut and past it to customers and recipes are easily cut and paste to it. I just hate it when i forget to close out of it when I’m done and then close it on the open items scream and it doesn’t save it. That’s my fault thou.
Easy to use and very useful
by bfinpa on 2017/12/09 14:26
Notepad is a very good simple note keeper with sophisticated features like cloud syncing and easy-to-use list organizing. The only flaw I've encountered is an inconsistency with its ability to copy and paste text. Instead of copying a selected text it keeps an old copy and then the paste function doesn't work. But I still give this 4 out of 5 stars and have been using it for a year now.
by BKO1980 on 2016/12/09 08:15
I have really liked this app and have used it for about 3 years. I originally started using it from a Note 3 Samsung phone and just found it on the Apple app store. I am new to using it with an Apple product, but so far I have not experienced any problems with it. I read some people are having trouble saving some of their notes. My notes are generally short.
Love it!
by tls1210 on 2018/12/24 14:14
I have been using Inkpad notepad for a few years. I love it for shopping list, I keep notes about my dogs seizures, research notes, addresses, etc. I use it everyday and have it synced to use across multiple devices. So if I start a shopping list on my iPad and leave for the store, i can open the list on my iPhone. Very convenient!
Inkpad splotches
by Mom PL on 2019/07/09 22:47
I use the app every day, for multiple lists of items, activities and obligations for myself & family members. My only frustration is with keying, especially with not being able to see the cursor, and inability to use voice input every time. A time-saving organizational device should not require so much undoing and re-doing things manually.
Bummer, and it looked nice too
by viicious on 2016/07/24 19:55
I guess I should've read the other reviews because I got what a lot of people are claiming-- loss of notes because of a failure to save. The app is actually really nice, though, compared to bulkier note apps that can't handle as much as I like to write (I write novels on the bus). But because of that little glitch or whatever it is, I won't be using it anymore. Three stars for simplistic build and ability to tolerate massive text.
FINALLY found what I need!
by Ashjenks on 2017/12/23 16:46
I’ve gone through TONS of to-do list apps not being able to find the right one. I’ve been desperately needing to find an app that I can simply make lists on and sort them by category and add labels to them. My only issue with this app is it gets pretty buggy but I think this latest update fixed those for the most part
Reluctantly, only 3 stars
by AbyssDiver on 2017/10/26 14:20
This app has been beyond wonderful and I was using it daily.....until the iOS 11.0.2 & 3 updates. Now, importing, exporting and editing of my notes is either so slow as to make me fall asleep while standing up or it simply freezes altogether. Exiting the app and reopening it is the only way to move on to the next agonizingly slow task. I put the blame on Apple, but is there ANYTHING the developers can do now to fix this situation?!
Good but has a few issues
by najdoyza on 2018/12/23 00:21
I love this, but it does have a few things that could be tweaked. 1- I’d love an option for private notes that could be locked and maybe put in a separate list 2- when it syncs, it loses information and that has caused me some problems. To the point that I shut off the sync feature.
There’s nothing like a loyal notebook.
by Ree FirstClass on 2018/05/02 01:21
I’ve been using this app for at least 10+years. This by far has been my most reliable app, it has keep all of my documents untouched. I will continue to keep my notes here, “Better safe than sorry”. -Thanks to the creators also you all are amazing.
Love the format
by Jetta375 on 2016/09/28 06:52
Simple, attractive, but WHY do some notes disappear? I want to use and rely on it but can't trust this unpredictable, unfortunate loss of info. Even if just a simple list, I wrote it down for a reason!!! Please fix this! Update: lost more notes today minutes after typing, then even restyling them. Read the other reviews - everyone is complaining about losing notes. DUH! What's the point of taking if they aren't preserved ? Save yourself time & anguish. Look for a different app!
Doesn’t Save Notes
by HiTekRedneck_08 on 2018/06/26 14:29
Tested this notepad app out. Created a note to track fuel mileage. Got to our 1st stop and the initial data inputted was there. Cool! Really liking this app! Get to our 2nd stop and the only data in the note was the initial data. Where did all the data added on my 1st stop go??? It was saved! A notepad app is worthless if it is unable to perform the one thing it’s designed to do! Ive used many different notepad apps and I’ve always chose by favored interface and saving/syncing features. This is the 1st one that actually lost my data.
Please slide
by tunabreath on 2019/03/19 19:28
Please let us swipe left or right to remove a note or list item. Going to the 3 little dots ... and selecting delete and then” ..are you sure..?” I really want the satisfaction of eliminating a task or item and not fool around on my phone all day. Thanks for letting us sync. Now we can add things whenever I remember something else for either list. Jennifer
finally app similar
by Cybrnetico on 2019/07/28 18:56
After switching to iphone over a year the app i miss the most was color notes from google store. it had searchable words and back up so far this app has met those expectations. i hope they can add to search function is highlight the word in a note file when doing search.
by theres always tamara on 2019/08/14 21:11
Love it completely I’ve had this app for about a long time now! I can always count on going back and getting info I’ve written down! I’ve had several different phones and every time I get this app downloaded again my notes are there😍
by Manana8 on 2019/05/31 23:57
I have so many lists from shopping to what to pack on trips to movies I want to see to recipes to my bucket list, etc. I always use the check list option so I can check things off as I go, then delete them when I have them or have packed them. Love it!!!!
Great App
by sarahmestiza on 2017/07/11 12:49
Used it for years very easy to understand and all my notes are kept. I use it for almost everything, from grocery lists, what to do list and just important notes and reminders. And what's great is no matter where you stop, it saves everything you wrote. I love it!
Deleted my work
by Eaton Twatz on 2018/04/26 04:21
This app deleted 2 hours of nonstop work. The note itself isn’t gone; it just inexplicably reverted to an earlier save and cleared everything I wrote since then. There’s no way to get it back because I didn’t shell out money for the premium version. I tried this app just because I had too many notes in Apple’s notes app and it was getting crowded. How bad could another notes app be? It didn’t occur to me that such a simple app could be so horribly bugged. But clearly I was wrong. Lesson learned. Don’t use this trash.
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