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Layout from Instagram
Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Choose photos from your camera roll—or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own. Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're the editor, so get creative—tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme. FEATURES * Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts. * Use the Faces tab to quickly find photos with people in them. * Capture the moment in Photo Booth mode with quick, spontaneous shots. * Save your layouts to your camera roll and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks. * Easily see the last 30 photos you've selected in the Recents tab. * Pair your layouts with Instagram's filters and creative tools afterwards to make them stand out even more. * Download and start creating immediately. No signup or account required—and no clutter breaking up your flow.
Doesn’t work anymore
by Marie95 on 2021/01/18 07:53
Everytime I open it, it don’t work
Crashes on opening
by oleiah on 2021/01/17 21:11
Loved this app for its simplicity but now it crashes whenever i try to open it. Does it require Instagram app to be installed??
Newbie - Love at First Sight
by TheInnerRose on 2021/01/17 21:04
I’ve just downloaded this app a couple of hours ago. I already love it! I have used other photo editors in the past; however there is absolutely no comparison. The ease and the polish- phenomenally exquisite!
by BAJAPACA on 2021/01/17 19:50
I love layout, it’s a great way of featuring your pics without scrolling.
App crashes often
by Jmc1887 on 2021/01/17 16:31
Love the app but it crashes often. I’ll be right in the middle of making a layout and it crashes / closes. Frustrating!
Nice app
by Larrivee Master on 2021/01/17 16:13
I like how you can do like make 2-10 Photos in One
No rotate
by Edle81 on 2021/01/17 04:08
This app needs rotate... then it’d be almost perfecto.
App will NOT load!
by EnjoyBoise on 2021/01/17 00:08
This WAS a great app and a go-to for photos. HOWEVER, not sure WHAT happened, but I can NOT load this app (glitches) and I DO have/use my Insta app ALL OF THE TIME! Used this photo app consistently for years. I’ve even removed and TRIED to reinstall it...NOTHING. Unfortunately/disappointedly looking for a new app.
It could be better...😕
by dorybug10 on 2021/01/16 21:06
Dear reader, if you are going to get Lay-out, good for you. But I have a few complaints... 1. You should be able to do more then only four things. 2. You should be able to pick the shape of the picture frame for the pictures. 3. I would the app to have stocked to add on to the picture you are collaging. That’s about it though, thanks for making the app so we can college photos!
I love it!!
by we we goop on 2021/01/16 02:45
This app is so cool! You can make a collage almost instantly. Best of all there is no in app purchases! If you want an app that can make amazing collages in less than 5 seconds get this app!!!!! Thanks for reading!
App won’t work
by hwnone on 2021/01/15 22:52
Sadly after years of having this app it no longer works at all.
Stopped launching
by Techeaz on 2021/01/15 13:04
I loved this app for some time but now it doesn’t launch. Please fix whatever’s wrong.
Crashes frequently
by B.u.b.b.l.e.s. on 2021/01/15 11:08
The constant crashing is ridiculous. I can’t use it for more than 2 minutes max. Sometimes it only stays open for a few seconds.
App keeps closing
by Hollander88 on 2021/01/15 02:30
Every time I go to open the app it keeps closing on me.
Right to the point
by Ndstealth16 on 2021/01/14 01:26
Great app simple to use!!!!!
This app exists
by ndjdidksnne on 2021/01/13 18:52
This is an actual app and it does what it does.
Won’t open
by kryssymoe on 2021/01/13 18:12
I go to open the app and it closes
Easy peasy!
by Blubud on 2021/01/13 16:10
Simple to use. Adjustable borders. Does what it says it will do. 👍
by hotgirlies on 2021/01/12 04:38
Okay, but ...
by Bayo Benez on 2021/01/11 19:25
Wish there will be a white vertical and horizontal margins between pics being set to layout!
Not allowing me to open
by momhrj on 2021/01/11 00:15
I’m not even able to open the app.
Layout lover
by happy person 😋 on 2021/01/10 22:37
Layout is so nice because it is free and easy I definitely recommend it even if you don’t have Instagram I use it a lot I just love it and upsets with is 😄🙃😬😜
Nice app
by billysgt on 2021/01/10 17:20
I downloaded this app to make pics for my Instagram account. @billysgt
Crashes Every Time
by Bortbortbort on 2021/01/10 03:36
Good simple app but crashes often and now before opening every time.
Love it
by bellelaaaa on 2021/01/10 00:17
Love, wish it had more editing features though
Love. But always crashes on me!
by doooodled on 2021/01/09 19:10
I absolutely love this app. I wish the bugs would finally get worked out. I keep it and hope everytime I opened it it doesn’t crash. But it does. Constantly. I’ve troubleshooted for years, deleted & reinstalled multiple times hoping it will finally work consistently and smoothly. Still crashes. But I still use & love. Please stop crashing!!! 😢😩🤨😕😬🥴
App won’t even open now
by NeonTreeHugger on 2021/01/08 23:17
I used this app quite a bit but it’s no longer usable
Used to love it
by Purple Riolu on 2021/01/08 16:05
For the last few months, my experience on this app has been getting worse. Originally, the app used to crash occasionally while use. Soon, the app would consistently crash while I was selecting pictures to use. Now, I can’t even open the app at all without it immediately crashing and exiting it. This issue happens on both my iPhone and iPad.
by سيف بشار on 2021/01/08 08:21
1112479 تنننننهمم
by Pokemon. Man on 2021/01/07 02:16
Crashes every time you open the app. The app is great when it works but it’s literally unusable currently.
Fun times!
by sweetKelleyk on 2021/01/06 21:33
I love this app!! I get to play and it’s simple!! Saves easily or discard to create again! Easily uploads to social Media! Great job!
Pros cons
by susiemurph on 2021/01/06 21:29
Really fun to use but crashes all the time on my iPhone.
Constantly crashes on IPhone 11pro
by Kermitthestorm on 2021/01/06 19:23
This app has always crashed on me. I’ve had it on several different iPhones over the years and it’s never gotten any better. Don’t waste your time with this app.
App crashes
by samkay316 on 2021/01/05 22:41
I’ve been using this app for years now, and suddenly it’s been crashing every time I open it. Really disappointed, because this is my favorite app for doing Instagram collages.
Forces closed randomly
by caliise b on 2021/01/05 16:59
Crashes constantly. It just shuts off on me when I’m in the middle of making a Layout. It’s very frustrating. Please fix, on iPhone and iPad pro 12.9
This app is amazing
by bebfudbd on 2021/01/05 04:39
Best app to campare, yourself
Easy to use...
by thegoodnicknamesareallgone on 2021/01/05 01:00
Easy to use with impressive results.
Crashes on startup every time
by Pasta pasta on 2021/01/04 18:49
The app doesn't work on ios 14
Crashes incessantly
by Bremdan on 2021/01/03 22:02
It crashes within a window of roughly three to five seconds, and immediately at the slightest touch. It’s a kink I had thought Instagram would correct many years ago when they rolled out Layout but the frequency of crashes and sensitivity to said crashes has only increased since then. I am speaking as a user with the latest devices, across multiple devices, with significant amounts of hard & cloud memory; I always have the latest version of the app as an automatic download. This shouldn’t be happening. It’s consistently unreliable. Layout’s only consistency with regards to proper functioning is its popup request to “rate” Layout after each crash, which finally and ironically led me here. In short it’s unacceptable given the years of the excessive crashes and the scale of its impact.
Great until it crashes
by Physixdude on 2021/01/03 20:52
I really enjoy this app, especially when I’m making digital art. However, it has a tendency to crash after working with a few pictures at a time, such as when I’m looking at different options of presentation. Maybe it’s a memory or RAM issue. The majority of the time it crashes when I’m swiping through the “Choose Layout” area after saving an image.
App won’t open
by MNDanceMom on 2021/01/03 19:40
Every time I try to open the app, it closes.
App won’t open
by RaeRae912 on 2021/01/03 18:10
I’ve been using this for years and now since the update I can’t open it at all.
by Anony321456 on 2021/01/03 13:53
Just downloaded the app. Had high expectations, but it quits almost as soon as I have chosen photos. Hasn’t worked yet. My XR phone’s iOS is up to date.
Quick and easy. Saved my time and stress free
by SkinV on 2021/01/03 00:32
Great app for beginners and more ...
by bzcchini on 2021/01/02 21:07
I love this app and have used it a great deal, except it has about a 50% crash rate in the last year. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and still have this problem.
by miguelon97 on 2021/01/02 20:41
Exactly what I was looking for vey quick and reliable app. Downloaded a bunch of apps but this is the one, thanks :)
has stopped working
by xinconceivable on 2021/01/01 22:46
app no longer opens, and there haven’t been updates in two years. are y’all just abandoning us or what?
by UncleRay on 2021/01/01 19:08
Just installed, on up to date 11pro and can’t finish first collage before it crashes. Disappointing.
Layout !!!
by Latinamimi on 2021/01/01 18:20
Is not working for me, it’s closes as soon I tried to open app !!!!
by spyki on 2021/01/01 15:47
App (and phone) is all up to date, yet my app refuses to fully open and keeps crashing. Ready to delete and find something else, this app is amazing when it works though 🤷🏻‍♀️
by Bglbt7481 on 2021/01/01 13:32
I absolutely love this app!
Love layout
by gige2020 on 2021/01/01 03:11
I like layout because it is free easy to use and I showed you how to use it when you first use it
Amazing and easy
by okimhonest on 2020/12/31 22:06
It is was to use and you can make amazing things out of it I found no problems
App won’t load
by ahendrix82 on 2020/12/31 16:44
Works great for a long time all of a sudden stopped working. Hasn’t worked in two weeks.
Keeps crashing
by SportsCatsCats on 2020/12/31 06:50
Dec 2020
Please update!
by GT500&Raptor on 2020/12/31 02:39
Used to love to use this app. Ever since iOS14 it won’t even open and crashes instantly!
Simple and straightforward
by HerVoirness on 2020/12/30 21:25
At a moment in time when it feels like everything is overly complicated, this app does what it says, no more and no less.
by Kardashian super fan on 2020/12/30 19:13
This is the best app for pictures (pic stitch) I love it 🥰. 5 full stars
Constant crashes
by Sunny Global Diva on 2020/12/30 14:14
Love what Layout does — as long as it decides to work properly.... I’ve never had an app crash so much as this one. Hope the developers get it under control.
Yes, my app is up to date.
by MIssmadelIneolIvIa on 2020/12/30 11:17
Does anyone else have a problem with this app crashing after about 45 seconds? I never used to have this problem. But recently, (the past 10 months or so), I can’t use the app for more than 45 seconds without it crashing. It’s getting really annoying! I have to know exactly which pictures I want to use, put them in their own folder for quick access, add them to the collage and hope that I get them shifted before it kicks me out and makes me start over. It usually takes about 6 tries of beating the clock before I successfully save my collage.
Doesn’t work
by RainbowSprinklesFairyDust on 2020/12/30 03:15
Every time I use it it crashes after 2 minutes
Constantly crashing
by J-A-Yates on 2020/12/29 16:33
Love the app when it works but it has been crashing every time I use it now. I have to rush through to create my layout before the app crashes. I’ve reinstalled, made sure I had the latest iOS, update etc and it still crashes.
Crashes, doesn’t open
by StormChaser1211 on 2020/12/29 15:40
I used to love this app, but even with updates it constantly crashes. It doesn’t even open for me half the time now.
Best app ever!!🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼
by nrcjfvjfdvh on 2020/12/29 02:17
This is the best app ever know I going in or anything it helps your iPhone storage if you have a old iPhone this is the best app ever and I really recommend getting it no money no anything no logging in nothing in it my opinion this is the best app ever!!!!!
by Hossman333 on 2020/12/29 00:51
Doesn’t work on my iPhone XS Max with iOS 14.2. Used to be good, but doesn’t work anymore.
Cant post the layout to Instagram
by F Sinatra on 2020/12/28 23:52
Have tried mu.triple times to combine 6 photos to one layout. When I click done, it reverts to one photo I had selected and I can’t post the layout I want. Completely useless app
Needs more options
by lgb22222 on 2020/12/28 14:01
The app is nice and works fine, if they were smart they would give templates in other shapes besides square .. like for stories.
Non-stop crashing
by lonelylobos on 2020/12/28 05:20
The app won’t stay open long enough for me to actually make a collage. Going with something else.
I love it!
by 12223;(?) on 2020/12/27 17:28
I love LAYOUT by INSTAGRAM! It is super easy to use and VERY impactful! I would love to be able to change background or border color.
No Longer Works
by Teetypablo on 2020/12/27 17:11
This used to be my go to for setting up collages but it no longer works. App crashes immediately and won’t even open. iPhone XS with iOS 14.3.
Unable to return the layout app to my phone and Home Screen
by Mr. lucky 😎 on 2020/12/27 06:05
How can I get layout from the Apple store on my iPhone and return to my iPhone Home Screen?
Lay out
by The Don 36 on 2020/12/27 05:29
Just used for the first time today. It has been easy and very helpful.
Amazing other than randomly leaving app
by fjxnxjbfx on 2020/12/26 20:24
Apps great that’s all there is to it. Pick a couple of your favorite photos and they have a select amount of choices to morph into one photo. Love the app!
Does the app work anymore?
by Ncp2012ncp2 on 2020/12/26 16:12
I tried opening app several times it just crashes on me. When I have used it in the past it worked seamlessly! And I enjoyed using it. Rating 3 star just because I can’t open it anymore :(
by Brenda M S on 2020/12/26 14:20
Why we can’t layout videos?
Nice easy quick
by Surahart on 2020/12/26 08:44
I’ve been using this app for a while now. It’s easy, quick and fun. I’d like to have a few more options, frame and color, but can’t complain.
Keeps crashing on iPhone 12
by iphone 12 user xx on 2020/12/26 00:00
Keeps crashing and turns off while I’m doing the collage. Probably too old for the newest IOS. Please fix!
Almost a great app
by mw300 on 2020/12/25 22:27
This app would be 5 stars if it weren’t so unstable. Lately it is constantly crashing while I’m trying to build layouts
10 out of 10🤩🤩🤩
by Chi-supreme :) on 2020/12/25 19:30
This app is amazing. It has no flaws. Trust me.
Love it
by Ionomann on 2020/12/25 19:11
The best app for collages!
My usual app
by Ice_man05 on 2020/12/25 18:15
I’ve used this app for several years now, this is usually always the app I use for this type of formatting for pictures. Quick and easy and plenty of options to do what you need. 👍🏻
by lshonrob on 2020/12/25 14:56
I love being able to put multiple pics to together and share them on any social media, not just Instagram. I can also text them.
Not functional
by Minecraft creeper zombie on 2020/12/25 07:25
This app literally wont even start on ios14
Crashing Everyday
by Serg MacBook Pro on 2020/12/25 04:54
This app is crashing more everyday. Have they not been able to update? And it needs a new upgrade
I love this app!
by Preacher's kid from Miss. on 2020/12/25 00:17
I am not that tech savvy so finding something simple to use was great. !It’s so easy to use and allows me to be creative!
Please update!
by Tower of Tin on 2020/12/25 00:09
Crashes now & won’t open. I loved it before!
by sierrayoyo on 2020/12/24 22:59
This app was great before but now every time I try to open it, it closes. They need to update it, hasn’t had an update for 2 years!
Can’t even open it
by Euphou on 2020/12/24 18:27
Instantly crashes upon opening the app. Lame.
by Christopher Machado on 2020/12/24 15:51
Good quality and easy to use, very simple process.
I love it 🥰
by Sofia Paulin on 2020/12/24 01:50
It’s awesome I can use it to do presentation’s for my family I love it !!
Crashes upon opening
by rrfan2008 on 2020/12/23 22:34
iOS 14 seems to have broken this app. It no longer opens. How about an update?
by Peachfuzzi on 2020/12/23 17:11
I normally love this app & use it a lot but lately the app has been glitching. The app doesn’t even open on my phone anymore and just closes out immediately after opening the app.
Simple as 1,2,3
by PNI-boywonder on 2020/12/23 11:29
Easy layout for beginners and easy to layout
It’s great, but..
by chrisro81 on 2020/12/22 23:14
I get to the end to pick the final layout and it keeps crashing. It’s not letting me get to the finished project, so I’ll probably just download a better layout app
HOw do you do this
by djgs.bdcus on 2020/12/22 22:41
I can’t Figure out how to see other people
by Dee_ch on 2020/12/22 19:30
All I can say is...LOVE IT, I also like that it works perfectly fine without internet!!!
changes aren’t good
by EVDX33138 on 2020/12/22 14:45
Imposible to use instagram to connect to layout. On layout impossible to add pictures! cannot access my own photos or delete what I don’t want ..
by istrohs on 2020/12/22 11:02
Ever since the Instagram update adding the Layout story filter, the Layout app crashes immediately when launched. It's a shame because the app had more and better features.
Was great but won’t open
by Sunrunner201 on 2020/12/21 18:13
Was a great app but constantly crashes. Now it won’t even open with the latest iOS 14 updates over the last few weeks. A shame, I’ll need to find a new app.
Always come back 2 LAYOUT
by tjaquest on 2020/01/19 13:25
I downloaded Layout very soon after installing INSTAGRAM. I’ve always been satisfied, too! The only addition I’d like is the ability to choose a border clr: Black,White, & Grey would be great! I’ve added approx 3 other collage makers over the last few yrs., & while I might use them a time or two, I always delete them in favor of Layout. I might find a different look, but the APPS lack simplicity, & real choices. They show tons of avail. layouts or backgrounds, but it’s quickly made obvious that u must PURCHASE a yearly sub. to use the app. They should advertise “ForeverFree Trial” bc that’s all you get to do. Nope! Layout is the only collage maker I can’t live without. It’s EZ, it’s full of options, and I’ve never had issues w/glitches! Thanks Layout!
Quick and easy
by whatwerks on 2020/03/05 12:50
I just used this app for the first time. I liked it a lot as it was quick and easy for me. The reason I did not give it five stars is because I wanted a layout configuration I did not see and couldn’t figure out as quickly how to get it or create it myself: a rectangle on the left with two boxes (probably squares) on the right. In the end the larger rectangle on the left with the slimmer one on the right worked better, I think for what I’m doing, but I want full flexibility to create on the screen what I envision in my mind. This may be just a function of my lack of familiarity with the software, and lack of sufficient time to look it up. Thus, I stand by my rating as the rest of the functionality was... Quick and easy.😆
Layout better then Just Good
by woriiisikin on 2019/11/22 18:48
The Layout app is a creative way to download more than 1 photo to other apps allowing photos to be shared. Layout allows you to pick, edit & share your favorite photos in the format you select. Layout is a great tool, easy to use & quick to apply. Layout users can format photo layouts at their leisure & save as single photos. Download your saved Layout photos at a moments notice to create books, cards & other creative ideas. The only downside to this app- you can’t add text, emojis, stickers or background coloring. If Layout offered the above mentioned items it would appeal to the modern day scrapbooker using today’s technology, making Layout a 5 star app.
Unassuming, Humble, Effective, Reliable
by munchero ryan on 2020/08/24 17:47
The Layout app has always been there for you. It’s the friend you’ve always had, but never fully appreciated. Always been free — no motive but to assist you in your mobile collaging endeavors, be they in Instagram or others. From the moment it was born its was a separated concern in spirit from general commercial interests. The humble Layout app merely wishes you the best in your daily rituals. Being a loss leader, It hopes you will use it for Instagram but is equally happy just to juxtapose any of your captures for any ultimately square format. Layout app, you are a shining star in the field of ad-laden, subscription poisoned money grabs. Thank you for being you.
A few quirks
by SellitagainSam on 2020/03/24 23:48
I love this app; I use it every day for my online selling pictures. But it does suddenly close on me at least 1 -2 times a day and loses the content I’d been just editing. The other thing I’d like to see would be more control over the size of an image with an the frame of a multi frame layout. There’s a bit now, but I’d like more. Lastly, when switching/dragging more than two frames into different spots it will sometimes “freeze”; I can’t find an image to drag or it freezes into frames that only show the image partially. So a few kinks, but overall I love and need what this app allows me to do; thank you.
Simple and easy to use.
by lil_jj96 on 2020/12/20 02:07
This app is very cool! Absolutely love it! It’s cool how you can combine multiple photos into one collage/layout. Once you’ve chosen all your photos you are then taken to another screen where you can re-order them or position them how you like. You can move them around, flip them, adjust them (make them bigger or smaller within the collage), adjust the brightness etc... and then after all your edits are done it takes you to another screen where you can post them to your social media like Facebook or Instagram! Love this app! Others may too! Highly recommended!
Love hate relationship
by munky bee on 2020/04/24 08:06
Love.. it’s a fickle thing in itself ... this app is a conundrum I love it and I hate it... it gives you this amazing app with so many different ways to slice and dice my photos but it randomly crashes and as if that’s not bad enough already it doesn’t always save them when it is supposed to I have tried to learn to randomly save my progress as I go along so that maybe I wouldn’t have so much trouble trying to go back and piece them together the way I had originally liked but poof they’re gone and what you thought you saved is not there and you are left two hours of wasted time and nothing to show for it... heart wrenching and painful to say the least... please help lol
Instagram is the magnum opus of apps
by Gus Malveaux on 2020/11/06 08:27
I loved MySpace until The Zuch came along and created his mini world which has its limits. And then Instagram happened. That was the moment that I fell in love with photography. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking around the city that you are not familiar with and exploring it with your camera. As I got older I discovered that I could manipulate the algorithm so that I Instagram became marketing tool, a way for me to engage with other professionals in my field and learn incidental and up-and-coming information that was coming down the pipeline. Of course you can always look at cat pictures too.
Must have a bug or something
by Chanel_neaux on 2016/12/30 06:14
After I create my image to my liking and tap save, it says it saves and then give me a few options: to upload to instagram, Facebook or "more". When I tap instagram it doesn't open up the app so I can post it. But when I tap Facebook it will open a post to Facebook. When I tap "done" in the top right hand corner, the image is not saved to my camera roll. When I tap "more" there are no options to save to my camera roll. I've tried closing and reopening the app, turning my phone on and off and it still won't work. Not sure how this problem can be corrected but it would be nice. Other than it being completely useless to me at the moment, over all the app is nice and simple to use.
Not sure right now
by Fiji236 on 2018/06/10 08:51
Layout has been a massive piece of a large art puzzle I've been uncovering over the past year. The convenience and speed of stitching photos together played to a larger aspect of my art that I was in desperate need of. It crashes. It didn't always, but it crashes when I scroll from left to right through the layout templates. The single most important aspect of this app, to me as an artist, was the convenience of resizing and combining different pieces without interruption. Now that's all it does. I have no clue how to ask about this other than through a review. This app was a cornerstone of my work over the past year and for some reason that's gone.
Crashes incessantly
by Bremdan on 2021/01/03 22:02
It crashes within a window of roughly three to five seconds, and immediately at the slightest touch. It’s a kink I had thought Instagram would correct many years ago when they rolled out Layout but the frequency of crashes and sensitivity to said crashes has only increased since then. I am speaking as a user with the latest devices, across multiple devices, with significant amounts of hard & cloud memory; I always have the latest version of the app as an automatic download. This shouldn’t be happening. It’s consistently unreliable. Layout’s only consistency with regards to proper functioning is its popup request to “rate” Layout after each crash, which finally and ironically led me here. In short it’s unacceptable given the years of the excessive crashes and the scale of its impact.
by yassss slayyyyyyyyyyyy . on 2018/01/09 20:13
This app is amazing and i just got it i already made like a thousand layouts😂 I love it bc you can put so many pictures next to each other and it looks so cool and its super fun to use👌🏼 I give this a 100😂 bc you can't find other apps like these that actually work and are super fun to use and at the end look amazing which with other photo apps they glitch our don't look like you wanted it. But this is a GREAT APP🥇 and i suggested you get this AMAZING APP ❤️😍💪🏻 Also the best part is you can use it with Instagram and make great layouts and have good looking pictures😂👌🏼
Does a basic job very conveniently
by JanWalkerArtist on 2018/01/30 22:19
I like putting several photos together to make a little story. Then I can delete the originals to save room (I think). I would like to be able to apply different effects to different originals, like brighten one and sharpen another, but it doesn't seem to do any of that. I would really like to be able to adjust the position of the boundaries between pictures. So I could specify 3 photos but choose the actual cropping myself for certain photos. Other than that, I like it and use it.
by SHAPE TO SCCESS on 2019/04/11 16:40
I am enjoying this amazing app that I have been using for years now. I, love that this app it can be shared straight to Instagram and Facebook when you are finished editing your pictures arrangement inside of the frames that you choose from but only one thing I wish that they had the choice to also edit your pictures that would be an additional upgrade to this app but other wise I, am enjoying the beautiful frame work to add more then one picture and making pictures frame collages.
The app is great!!
by xristara on 2017/10/01 20:39
I recently got the app and it is working wonderfully!! It is great for putting a lot of pictures together! I am visiting Greece right now so I have been using this app to put pictures from everything I see together! You can style them however you would like and you can add a border for around the pictures! It is a great app and you should get it if you want a app where you can put many photos all in one big photo which you can post on Instagram or whatever you would like!!
Absolutely the best
by KND-7 on 2020/04/21 01:13
This is so quick and easy to use, it’s literally the best!! I find myself using it all the time to layout stuff or even compare two images side by side because it makes it so quick and easy. When I originally downloaded the app I thought maybe I’d use it like once or twice but I seriously end up using every week because it’s just so nice to be able to do a comparison easily on my phone. This app is super user friendly and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’d listen.
No rectangle options
by AmytheSparrow on 2019/08/02 07:43
The only option for end size is a square. That works well for Instagram but it doesn’t work for a lot of my other needs that I want to print out on normal rectangle paper, which means I’ll need a second app for that stuff. I want to be able to choose whether I want a square or a normal paper size and be able to rotate images so I could print with a landscaping orientation. I do like that it allows me to choose how many or few images to combine and allows me to choose the sizes of each (within the square) and slide them around to choose what part of the original image to show.
Very useful
by alineses on 2020/03/29 03:58
Layout has changed my life! Layout has made my photos look way better and really capture the different photos, with the different ways you can set up your photos are awesome not to mention you can flip the photos up and down, but you can also change the different sides! I think it is very useful if you would like to do a before and after picture as well. I highly recommend layout for those who have Instagram.
This is a okay product
by 🙁🙁🙁😔😔 on 2020/10/03 21:24
Layout is a very nice and good app for collages I also prefer to use darkroom for more lighting observations but I also wish that there would be writing and coloring options unfortunately that’s is not there and I was upset about that I did it like this app very much that’s why I rate it a 3 it’s not a very good app but for collating this is good !!! I think Instagram is way better than this in case if your looking for something better . I think you should not waste your time into getting this app try dark room it’s not the best for collages Idk if you can collage stuff in that app but pls don’t waste your time
Get it together.
by Arreisba on 2020/07/29 01:14
Literally every single day and time I use this app it closes out on me. So much that I've screen recorded the absurdity in this, it's ridiculously beyond me so much to the point that I've had to stop what I was trying to do with the app after literally just being kicked out of it 4 times and having to reopen the app and hurry up and attempt to finish my project before having to start over for the 5th time. Bet you couldn't even imagine, yeah mhm. Get it together please and thanks otherwise it serves me absolutely no point in have this app on my phone. I could use this space for apps that actually work. I'm not interested in continuously wasting my time. Coming from a very patient person.
I live for this!😂🍭
by Juliatumblez on 2018/04/29 19:19
Is great!I have a acount that only has a few hundred fans and I hate it!They aren’t active and nobody likes my pics!I found this app and I have blown up!I get around hundreds of likes per pic!I have a couple thousand fans ever since I got this app!It makes me make such cool things!I would recommend it I have shared with my whole group of friends and they love it!The only thing is they might need to update and get some more things to add but overall I would still love it!Its awesome!😘
Creative & Eye Catching!
by WCGsMom on 2019/04/21 00:40
I’m the Mother of a Professional Boxer and wanted to summarize his birthday celebration with family. Instead of posting multiple photos on social media the traditional way; l wanted a more creative way to do this. I downloaded this app, picked the photos, and his birthday photos came to life! My son is LaVonte Earley, 8-0, Pro Boxer from North Carolina. Although he’s 25 years old, he’ll never be too old to create memories with his family. This app allowed me to share his birthday memories in a creative way.
A very useful app
by Baja babe26 on 2019/12/30 21:00
I am so glad that I found this app. I just needed to make a photo collage, so this was perfect, other than it crashing on me a few times. The app would just close randomly, and I’d have to start all over again, so definitely save the ones you like right away just incase. The app makes it easy to add and and adjust the photos to your liking and it provides several options for layouts. The app was great other than the crashing, and I would’ve given it 5 stars.
I LOVE this app!!
by Trin🌺🍭 on 2019/12/05 01:38
Layout is my all time favorite photo-editing pic collage app, and I use it for EVERYTHING. To compare pictures, to make cute mash-ups of all my favorite photos, or even to preserve cute little memories to print out and frame. The best part is: its free! If you are feeling skeptical about this app, I say you should definitely try it. There’s nothing better—trust me, I’ve been through almost all of the other collage apps and this one is top ranked in my book. 😁😉
Save time and find an app that resizes- not this one.
by Dreamere5 on 2017/02/17 18:49
I think this app would be fine if it had an option to allow you to resize the photo to fit in the sections. For example I have two pictures I want side by side, I select the pictures, they are cut in half, you can use you fingers to shrink the images so that they do for, as soon as you let go they stretch back out. I can't use this app. I suppose I could if I use another app to resize and then use this app to put them side by side, why would I want to waste even more time doing that? There are other apps that do it all. I personally can not recommend this app.
Needs update ASAP!! Can’t access albums
by KO1979 on 2020/06/06 06:14
I used to love this app! But then with a previous update all of a sudden I was not able to switch albums from my photos when selecting pictures. For months what I did to work around it was just move any pictures I wanted to use into that random folder it was stuck in. Then a week ago randomly I was able to switch albums and I switched to my “Recents” album. But not it won’t let me switch again and since Recents is not an actual album I can move photos into, i now can’t use this app at all.
Great but not user friendly
by kris071976 on 2020/10/11 21:46
I recently switched phones prior to that I used the iPhone 8 layout was great it went right to my camera roll I could add and deselect photos. I’m on the 11 pro now I cannot figure out how to delete a photo or remove it from the selection so there’s a random photo in my layout I can’t get rid of this unable to use the app. The app looks completely different. Can’t see any options other than recents or a drop down there’s no options what the heck. Additionally the options are now very limited if not at all, it’s weird.
Yes, my app is up to date.
by MIssmadelIneolIvIa on 2020/12/30 11:17
Does anyone else have a problem with this app crashing after about 45 seconds? I never used to have this problem. But recently, (the past 10 months or so), I can’t use the app for more than 45 seconds without it crashing. It’s getting really annoying! I have to know exactly which pictures I want to use, put them in their own folder for quick access, add them to the collage and hope that I get them shifted before it kicks me out and makes me start over. It usually takes about 6 tries of beating the clock before I successfully save my collage.
Add more
by Easy/fun on 2019/01/30 03:33
I enjoy using layout for many different reasons. One of those reasons is to display all my pictures at once. I only gave 4 ⭐️ because it needs more borders, different colors and options to choose from. They layouts should include more pictures and you should be able to decorate them with different emojis. There is definitely a lot more they could do with this app. I am waiting to see what will be next, cuz this is kind of getting boring!
by Dumazzi on 2019/10/22 05:30
This app is perfect just please fix it from crashing 🙏. Where is the update to fix the crashing? I can reproduce it at will. Simply select your 3 photos and then select the layout to the far right and BAM going back in the second time works perfect. It is like it may be a memory clipboard issue perhaps. Oh please FIX it. i use this tool constantly and get really irritated when i am creating a new post. Thank you for a wonderful app.
Not functional
by bkd1 on 2018/06/26 20:25
This app makes nice set-ups of multiple photos. I have really enjoyed it-by I am done. I deleted it again for the third time! I constantly clean out my files so it is not a junk issue. It has too many bug issues, causes my iPhone 7 + to heat up trying to put the photos together, it jumps way too much. It also doesn't take you back to where you were when you were loading so you have to wade back. Instagram is problematic enough but this needs work! Sometimes good sometimes not
No Insane No Outward Gain
by cajuncatlic on 2019/12/20 21:14
Instagram is primarily a Right Brain or Creative Media instead of the blind leading the blind in political and religious realms that have no proof of what’s posted except maybe biased fact checkers or urban legend gurus bought and paid for by the same people who originate The opposing fake news side of the force while blin folded from history that is rewritten I call such people parrots cause they sound good but just repeat without thinking or processing of pretending to respect or have filters
by Reester202 on 2020/11/02 09:06
This is a great app, there just one problem! It CRASHES! Which is extremely frustrating because you can be putting together a college/grid and all of a sudden it crashes and closes the app. And you have to start everything, the whole collage over again. It’s very annoying because you can spend a lot of time hard work putting together pictures. But furthermore this is a great app. Please fix A.S.A.P if you want more people to download this app.!
Screensaver/wallpaper issue
by DirtBiker24 on 2019/07/17 10:20
I love this app because it makes it so you can put all your photos into a collage of photos. The one problem I have with it is that when I try to put one of my collages of photos it will make it so that the photo photo does not fit on the screen (wallpaper). Please fix this so I can have the full collage as my wallpaper not just a 3rd of it. Other than that this app is really great. Definitely worth buying.
Constant Crashes (Only Past 6 months)
by Anotsofunnyguy on 2020/01/16 04:00
Before 6 Months Ago, this app never failed. But now, it has this special, quite annoying, often times infuriating, bug, in which, the app simply crashes when the user touches the back button, during a collage. For me, the most common scenario I have found this bug, is when I attempt to change the layout pattern for a selected group of photos by simply pressing the back arrow. I have plenty of screen video captures. Otherwise, wonderful app.
And STILL Crashing still no fix
by Jenndoh on 2019/01/23 17:56
**update...still crashing in the middle of projects, any chance this will be fixed sometime? Other users are saying the same thing. Such a shame cause it’s a great app, but nearly impossible to use until the crashing is resolved. Thank you. Normally this is a great, easy to use app...but, over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that every time I use the app it crashes and closes out right before I can save my project. When I reopen I start my project over and have no problems then, but with each initial opening per project it is crashing and force closing. Just FYI. Oh, and I’m currently using the iPhone X.
GREAT App for SMALL Businesses
by RANGOMOM on 2018/02/03 10:31
For small business owners this is a great quick outlet for us to put something out to customers or the general population for what we are working on or just a quick touch point. The functionality is easy to follow and literally takes less than a minute. You do NOT need to be tech SAVVY to use this app to look professional. Your company will look professional using it. Thank you!!!!
This app is great!
by 💖Karly💖 on 2016/12/18 18:25
I was gonna give this 4 ⭐️, but I went 5 bc I think this app does way better than other apps. I ❤ how there's no stupid little watermark at the bottom! Lol. The only way I think this could improve is by making the camera part a little clearer. 🙂 I love how clean looking the filters look..u know the ones that make ur picture have like 3 pictures, ig😅 I Love how it connects to Instagram too😜 This app excels more than the rest!! 👐🏼
Crashes if you take too long. Add black border option
by Addicted and disappointed on 2019/08/16 22:58
It’s simple, does basic layouts. The problem for me is that if I’m in the app for more than a couple minutes the app will crash and close. So I have to create my layout as quick as I can knowing it will probably close if I take too long. It doesn’t bother me too much though. It would be nice though if you could change the color of the border to be white or black because some layouts I have done would look nicer with a black border in between the pictures.
Good app, keeps crashing
by Ivyb23 on 2019/02/20 08:00
It's a quality photo editing app, easy to use and i'm able to get great results. But, whenever I use the app for more than 2 minutes, it crashes and i lose my progress. It crashes in the middle of 50% of my projects and i have to start all over. It's frustrating getting the pics just right and having all my meticulous cropping and placing thrown away just like that. If it didn't crash so often I would rate it 5 stars, but I can't overlook the bugginess.
I love this app!!!!!!
by brie32112366445❤️💋🐼 on 2020/04/24 02:42
This app is amazing I love it so much I love making collages it’s so fun I hate doing art but it’s super fun to do it on my phone. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done especially because I don’t have to do really anything except for click pictures and make them into a collage it’s super easy I think you would like the game if you like making collages and have a lot of pictures that you love!!!!
Happy day to layout
by ToTa_9 on 2018/11/16 23:22
Layout made my photos easier and all my family loves them which makes me happy to see their smiles on their faces it makes me so proud it makes my photos not full So then I can add more this app has created happiness to my life of photos that I could keep for myself to enjoy you should download this app this app is one of my favorite apps in the world not kidding
by ThisNameWillNotBeTaken on 2017/01/22 03:36
Overall, this app has always been my #1 photo editing app. The only bad thing I could say about it is that I wish it had a bit more layouts. It only has a few layouts for your photos, and also every time you make your pictures into collages, it takes the photo and puts it in your phone, so you have to delete it afterward if you don't want it to take up space.
Works well, but one thing
by Mar2man22 on 2018/10/04 20:46
Works perfectly as it should, though sometimes I want to fit more in the picture and want different proportions that I can’t achieve with the square layouts. I’d like some landscape and portrait style options rather than just the square ones. It should be changed to accommodate now that instagram has been able to post landscape and portrait pictures for a while and not just square ones.
Constantly Crashes! Can’t Resize Photos. FAIL!
by Lady.CF on 2018/10/10 23:49
This app crashes and closes every time I select the photos to use and scroll through the various layout options to set the photos in. As soon as I scroll left to pick the perfect layout, app crashes. Another major dislike is that images cannot be resized within the layout. If you’ve chosen three or four images to make a collage and all three images are not the exact same photo dimensions inside the layout, it won’t work. You’ll end up having to adjust and readjust to no avail. This app is not with the time or frustration. I’ve uninstalled.
Almost always helpful
by bousozoku on 2017/01/18 08:04
This has mostly taken the place of my collage maker app. It works quickly and its integration with Instagram makes it extremely useful. Can't seem to find a way to re-orient photos within a layout but hopefully, that will arrive. I have to go to the Photos app and fix things and return to Layout through Instagram. It has some interesting layout choices and doesn't break often.
I like the app, however...
by Christina.Archer on 2018/09/16 17:10
I like the app, however when I open it, it shuts down. I was using this app previously without any problems or glitches. Now, I select at least two pictures and the app shuts-down. I reopen it, select at the most four pictures and it shuts-down. This has started to occur frequently recently. When I want to post on Instagram, or just have a collage, it closes and that is really aggravating. Instagram needs to fix this issue immediately. It’s perceiving Instagram as a company that does not value its customers.
by Reonarose on 2017/11/17 14:06
Before, I would have gave this app praise for being unique and convenient when posting my pics on instagram and Facebook. However I gave this low score because the app has a problem of saving my layouts and it no longer allows me to post them on Instagram or Facebook. As a makeup artist this is very frustrating because I want to give my followers creative layouts to my creative looks. I have uploaded, updated, and keep starting over but nothing seems to resolve the issue of saving my photos and posting them directly on either social media platform. Hope they get this resolve soon.
Crash City Central
by ItsNikaDuh on 2018/04/21 11:02
the app keeps closing itself while i am in the middle of using it. so i keep having to start the same project over and over. Not anymore though because I am going to find an app more worthwhile. when you fix the app crashing and bugs, some other suggestions that would make the app better would be if gifs and/or short video clips could be included as option to add to a collage. would also be better if there were more layout options, or if the user could adjust the layout themselves, using whatever shapes and sizes for each image frame.
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