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Layout from Instagram
Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Choose photos from your camera roll—or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own. Layout's smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You're the editor, so get creative—tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme. FEATURES * Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts. * Use the Faces tab to quickly find photos with people in them. * Capture the moment in Photo Booth mode with quick, spontaneous shots. * Save your layouts to your camera roll and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks. * Easily see the last 30 photos you've selected in the Recents tab. * Pair your layouts with Instagram's filters and creative tools afterwards to make them stand out even more. * Download and start creating immediately. No signup or account required—and no clutter breaking up your flow.
by only one i can think of on 2019/11/11 02:13
Any type of picture I can do and I have no problems with it.
By Leah
by Fox& llama love on 2019/11/10 14:36
Layout is awesome.I is just the best.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀.I love ❤️ it
Love it
by pswr12 on 2019/11/10 02:53
I am not tech savvy but this is so easy to use I love it!!!!
Best layout app ever
by Alina is the best on 2019/11/10 00:08
This is going to be short but this truly is the BEST LAYOUT APP YOU WILL EVER FIND u guys u have to get this like no joke get this app NOW!!!! ❤️❤️
by theyl0ve._zy on 2019/11/09 19:46
Make pretty picture layouts
by one,ovezittt on 2019/11/09 07:20
Quick & easy
by mookie james on 2019/11/09 04:34
Simple and efficient
by D. Raye R on 2019/11/09 00:25
Really easy to navigate through
Love, but can’t tap for full view
by NRcreator on 2019/11/08 23:25
Would be cool if tapping on an image in final post would open it to full view, like 1 FB post with multiple images, even if it only opens to view but users won’t be able to like/comment if integration of this functionality is not possible
by Kaialee on 2019/11/08 16:08
You can customize each layout by sliding e borders around, can crop the photo within each space, add borders. It's a perfect app for making collages.
by Emb3r Ambre on 2019/11/08 03:13
Layout is the best! It is easy and free and so useful! The result of using Layout for a photo table is beautiful! I recommend it, and I’m picky, you should download right now!!
Always crashing
by Katiecorridan on 2019/11/07 18:27
This app ALWAYS crashes
by HeatherM☀️ on 2019/11/07 16:50
Very Useful, definitely one of my favorite apps✅❤️
Video layout support??
by GymFanatic on 2019/11/07 03:33
Today, I saw an IG post with a video-collage as the first panel. It had 5 videos, with simultaneous motion. Awesome. Why can’t Layout support video? Lame.
by jcharlt3 on 2019/11/06 15:35
Every time I try to swap out a photo for another when creating a collage, the app crashes. Without fail, this has been going on for at least a year and I have dealt with it because of the simplicity of the app, which is otherwise great. Can an update fix this issue please!!??
by esie g. on 2019/11/05 21:57
Oh mah gosh y'all this app is actually amazing!!!! I'm able to make awesome layouts of me and my friends or fall pictures in SECONDS!!!!!! SUCH A GOOD APP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Always come back 2 LAYOUT
by tjaquest on 2019/11/05 19:36
I downloaded Layout to use when I need the ability to get a little more creative with #'s of photos, #'s of angles in 1 photo, bringing together multiple types of images, i.e. cartoons + photos + written works, etcetera. Occasionally, I find myself using it very little, I decide to remove it, and blasè, blasè. However, NEVER HAVE I EVER FOUND A WAY TO GO WITHOUT IT. It's always re-added. Always. The app itself is great. I do wish I could lengthen one are withOUT it lengthening it's opposing side as well. It would be cool to have a 9 pic collage with the teensiest pic in center, and slooowly growing in size as I rotate out ↩️ or ↪️. ✔️
Best app
by shirelisrael on 2019/11/05 03:52
The best app I ever had and I spent so much time on it I love it so much it helps me with my photos a lot I suggest for everyone to get it
by shannon dior on 2019/11/04 20:53
It crashes
by ghhhggbwuehwsbskw djdnd on 2019/11/04 19:00
The layout options are nice but it crashes once you make mine your picture and think your done it turns off and take you back to the your homes screen.
by highmynameismichael on 2019/11/04 07:16
Very helpful and just straight out simple. #shitfuckgordaaayuuuum
Not happy
by Davies joe on 2019/11/04 00:39
I thought that this app was going to deliver what I wanted—a collage for my son’s 18th birthday. I selected the pictures I wanted and got a simple layout that I liked. However, it is not user-friendly, and even after selecting what I believed would be uploaded to FB, the result had duplicated the pictures on my post and it looked horrible. I am trying to delete the app, but it won’t disappear. I think that the app is a scam to gain access to my photos at the least, and my phone at the worst.
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this App!
by Kelli Ingle-Sutton on 2019/11/04 00:20
This App is a must have! It lets you organize all your alike photos together however you want. I love all the different layouts!! Download TODAY!!💯
I use it Nonstop
by wolfgarud on 2019/11/03 18:19
I use this app every single day but unfortunately it crash every 2 minutes.
Pretty good
by Jerry Burnett on 2019/11/03 16:54
Nice app for layouts. Not a complete app but perfect for visuals. It’s free so I definitely recommend trying it. I use it several times & month & enjoy it.
by Laura_Elizabeth_Rose on 2019/11/02 20:59
Really simple, easy, and overall a great app. Yes, there are tons of other apps that do the same and more, but let’s just focus on this specific app sksksk.
by selene.214 on 2019/11/02 19:23
This is such a great app it helped me post a lot of stuff together and separately and I got to post a lot of Bts and black pink stuff
It’s good to play with
by greatscotty86 on 2019/11/02 16:18
Keeps crashing
by Lady Divine on 2019/11/02 15:13
Nice until it crashed.. repeatedly
Awesome! 😎
by ShersQ on 2019/11/01 04:55
You know what’s great about this app? You can combine photos and actually show your progress at once! Whether it be beauty, fashion, health, sports and fitness events are fun too.. the layout app is at your finger tips easy to slide your pictures and progress together As you meet new challenges!
by dee👸 on 2019/10/31 16:28
Easy to use
Love this App
by proud of our home home home!! on 2019/10/30 18:47
It’s very inventive,creative and offers alot of cool options for any pic,any day. I’ll always use this from here on out ❤️
Simple to use! Great app!
by KJLNLJR on 2019/10/30 01:16
Definitely one of the best picture layout app!!
Too hard to use
by Dacatster on 2019/10/29 15:45
Not sure what they did. It used to easy to upload pics and edit them. Now it is impossible
Keeps crashing
by Lina_Ann on 2019/10/29 11:51
If I could a layout and then go back to try others or add other photos the whole app crashes.
Easy implementation!
by RHonda Koplin on 2019/10/29 00:42
This senior citizen hit the ground running with this app!
Layout (the best)
by Volleyball🏐lover😜 on 2019/10/27 22:37
Layout is awesome is takes my photos and makes them better. Layout makes it to where I can take my photos and put them together to remember all of the great times I've had without having to waste my storage in folders. 👍layout is the best.
Helps me compare photos
by cecefoster on 2019/10/27 16:22
Love this app, it is especially helpful to compare past and present photos.
Amazing App
by 2161570669 on 2019/10/27 00:40
This app is amazing! I downloaded many apps and this has been the best one.
I love using layout
by Rosalinda Wind turbine on 2019/10/27 00:16
If I have more than one Picture that I would like to show together Layout awesome for that. Or any other time I could use it I would.It is awesome.
The best
by the best app ever❤️💯♥️ on 2019/10/26 17:37
I love this app so much it is so fun and really easy to use and you can send it any were and it’s free no paying I suggest everyone gets this app it has really helped me 💯👍🏽❤️🤩
Love it
by jaciyeo on 2019/10/25 14:37
It’s a free service app to help me look better in IG. I am pretty happy with it so far as I am slow at learning how to use any app. This was easier app to learn to navigate. Now is there a hashtag free IG app?
Crashes constantly
by annette_x3 on 2019/10/25 12:10
Limited square area
This app is amazing!
by xgigixgixtififycti on 2019/10/24 23:28
I love this app so much!!! I can fit so much of my photography into one photo! This app is so convenient, and helpful, I think everyone should give it a try! 💕
Definitely recommend!
by Tiyl3r on 2019/10/24 16:36
It lets you use a good amount of photos for one layout. It shows a lot of options for the templates and it’s perfect for Instagram. 100% recommend
Nice App
by Posadauribe on 2019/10/24 14:10
Good job
by GrazianoJ on 2019/10/24 13:44
This does everything I need. “So Simple A Caveman Could Do It”. There is a saying that is so true...”Keep It Simple Stupid”. I highly recommend to anyone.
Partlow 87
by partlow87 on 2019/10/23 23:23
Sooo enjoying this app sooo wonderful
Closes unexpectedly
by bh_mackenzie on 2019/10/23 21:26
Every time I have tried to use this app in the last year it closes out unexpectedly and loses anything I’m working on. Super annoying!
Icon’t believe it
by Earbudsman on 2019/10/23 00:59
The app icon is a picture of the very layout I wanted to use yet it isn’t one of the choices🤔
by Dumazzi on 2019/10/22 05:30
This app is perfect just please fix it from crashing 🙏. Where is the update to fix the crashing? I can reproduce it at will. Simply select your 3 photos and then select the layout to the far right and BAM going back in the second time works perfect. It is like it may be a memory clipboard issue perhaps. Oh please FIX it. i use this tool constantly and get really irritated when i am creating a new post. Thank you for a wonderful app.
by Duhboz on 2019/10/22 00:12
So easy to use for everyone! Love it
I like that it is fun when I didn’t have this I was empty
by jjjjyykyyjuiiy on 2019/10/21 22:53
Love you
Lots of fun
by Hamtiash on 2019/10/21 21:54
Lovin’ Layout! Numerous layout variations to choose from, and its helpful to be able to resize your photos for each to your liking. Easy to use, save or send your finished work. Also like the choice of using borders or not, unlike the last app I was using.
It’s alright, not bad
by AngRose30 on 2019/10/21 18:40
Not bad. Pretty much a basic layout application. Instagram referred me to download it
Good app
by Ja Wad78 on 2019/10/21 14:43
Actually it's a good app to bring to many photos in one frame. And thanks for making it free 👍
Fabulous - Use it !!
by nastorga- on 2019/10/21 14:19
Great Application. Easy to use. Amazing.
Keeps crashing
by helenebaby91 on 2019/10/21 07:00
I tried to test out different layouts, but if I try more than 5, the app quits and I have to start all over
Good app for..
by DBleezie on 2019/10/21 02:45
Instagram 🤷‍♂️
It crashes constantly
by myxka on 2019/10/21 00:59
This app crashes 99% of the time and usually before I can finish a layout idk why I still have it installed
Awsome but can
by jamkinmecrazy72 on 2019/10/20 20:25
Fix the old layots
Simply Amazing
by Md gurl on 2019/10/20 17:02
My first time using any photo app and this one is by far the easiest & fun app to use very clear n precise quick to use. Absolutely amazing👌🏾 Thank you🤗to whomever has created this app, great job😍.
This app is so easy
by ugvgbfy ugvgbyvgvg on 2019/10/20 11:26
This app is so easy all you have to do is click 5 buttons and then post it
by SebastianIsAmazing on 2019/10/20 04:06
Every time I save one and try and do another it will crash and I’ll have to reopen it. Can I not do multiple in a row?
Crashes each time I use
by stormys05 on 2019/10/20 01:31
I have the latest version and the app crashes each time I try to use it. It’s been happening for several months now.
Crashes every time I try to use it
by razzaberry on 2019/10/19 22:52
Infuriating. The app crashes every. Single. Time. I try to use it.
by Rob181818181818 on 2019/10/19 15:04
User friendly!!!!
Nice app
by LCFausto on 2019/10/19 04:37
For an amateur like myself, it was so easy to use. It’s versatile and offers multiple layout options. I simply LOVE it!
Looks great but it crashes every time 🤷‍♂️
by Dave clauss on 2019/10/19 01:10
I love this compared to Mosaiq which, for some reason the “save to album” icon magically disappeared, with this app, I’m mid processing anddddd it crashes. Seriously... what a piece of s**it. It’s 2019, get your s**it together!
Terrific app
by Galahad on 2019/10/17 22:29
Easy to use, with loads of options. Brilliant 👍🏻
Not great
by Zzzzzzbbbbbbaaaaaaa on 2019/10/17 19:47
Layout is pretty good idea but I can’t share on instagram so whole layout is visible so on instagram layout is not good.
by Jennyjen536 on 2019/10/17 15:45
I like everything except the forced swipe garbage at the beginning. You need a skip
Kinks in the app
by Brizilypuff on 2019/10/17 02:09
I like the app but it keeps crashing
Baby Hayden!
by Blacncs! on 2019/10/17 01:49
I love this application!❤️
4 star
by Elizabeth D K on 2019/10/16 22:26
I put a 4 because I think that they should put like emojis and text and coloring , but all besides that this app is awesome tomorrow is my besties birthday and I made a layout for her and I hope she likes it. I also have like a lot of layouts already and I just got it like 2 weeks ago!
by nesinessa23 on 2019/10/16 19:08
Free and super easy no problems and is fun
Here love you u v yuyou ok
by Jeff flfglhhadggg hug guldk on 2019/10/16 15:03
Love it
by awungchak on 2019/10/15 20:03
Love this app so much called layout so I could layout my pics!! 🤗😂❤️❤️❤️😂
Not what is advertised
by kxhfiwhwoaabscc on 2019/10/15 13:15
Why would the icon of an app be something you cannot do in the app at all? You can have two halves, 3 thirds, or 4 quarters, but you cannot have half be one size where the other half is broken into pieces.
Love it !
by SWEETCAKES 1 on 2019/10/15 02:12
My granddaughter showed me how to do layouts , and I use it a lot ! It’s great to share with Friends and Family !
by Davecuf on 2019/10/13 06:52
Low res photos
by jackbox on 2019/10/12 18:30
Really easy to use and free but the photos come out at shockingly low resolution and quality
Great idea; poor performance
by julia gadfly on 2019/10/11 17:19
I absolutely love this App but it crashes constantly (IOS)
Great App
by Shaima496 on 2019/10/09 22:10
AWESOME APP!!!! Follow me @eiram496
by whatever👎 on 2019/10/09 21:03
I have been using this app for a while and it works great!!
by JAMMinSC&CA on 2019/10/08 18:18
pretty okay. closes randomly sometimes & loses everything you've created . cool that there's no borders or watermarks though .
I love that app
by Theresaseals on 2019/10/08 17:18
I love this app layout is great I just post and it turn wonderful
Very nice
by iamlonniebtw on 2019/10/07 18:42
I love that it’s so simple! it’s an amazing app! so far i haven’t had anything go wrong!
It’s good
by GabrielMae on 2019/10/07 15:43
It’s a great app except for when it shuts you out of it when your in the middle of editing. I’m not sure if this happens to only me but it exits the app while I’m in the middle of editing!
by DJH02 on 2019/10/07 04:39
Perfect app
New grandma!
by NannaBea on 2019/10/06 17:22
Love it, just tried it it’s great!
by alllthumbs on 2019/10/06 06:21
Have trouble getting my photos into the layout. Maybe that I’m not computer savvy enough for this app.🤪
by cahoowoj on 2019/10/06 02:47
Awesome app
by yogirldead_chicken on 2019/10/06 00:24
Did nothing that was so fun lOl
Amazing Photo Editing App! Can it be real?
by Valicity Starcher on 2019/10/05 21:45
Yes it’s very real. This the perfect app to make the perfect Layout! This has made a huge impact on my pictures, and has helped me bring together family, by sharing amazing memories as one picture! Thank you so much for an awesome app!♥️
Crash Bandicoot
by september71 on 2019/10/05 18:31
Please update this app. It crashes. Every. Single. Time.
It fells easy and fun
by MexiYoshi on 2019/10/04 22:27
It’s easy and fun it’s really helpful you can combine 9 photos in one it’s easy steps you can literally go in the app skip the territorial and figure it out by yourself
by Mimi318008 on 2019/10/04 12:01
Absolutely love this application. Very easy to use.
Easy to use
by RBR farm on 2019/10/04 03:14
Love how you can rearrange and resize photos in a layout. Very nice tool!
Always come back 2 LAYOUT
by tjaquest on 2019/11/05 19:36
I downloaded Layout to use when I need the ability to get a little more creative with #'s of photos, #'s of angles in 1 photo, bringing together multiple types of images, i.e. cartoons + photos + written works, etcetera. Occasionally, I find myself using it very little, I decide to remove it, and blasè, blasè. However, NEVER HAVE I EVER FOUND A WAY TO GO WITHOUT IT. It's always re-added. Always. The app itself is great. I do wish I could lengthen one are withOUT it lengthening it's opposing side as well. It would be cool to have a 9 pic collage with the teensiest pic in center, and slooowly growing in size as I rotate out ↩️ or ↪️. ✔️
Must have a bug or something
by Chanel_neaux on 2016/12/30 06:14
After I create my image to my liking and tap save, it says it saves and then give me a few options: to upload to instagram, Facebook or "more". When I tap instagram it doesn't open up the app so I can post it. But when I tap Facebook it will open a post to Facebook. When I tap "done" in the top right hand corner, the image is not saved to my camera roll. When I tap "more" there are no options to save to my camera roll. I've tried closing and reopening the app, turning my phone on and off and it still won't work. Not sure how this problem can be corrected but it would be nice. Other than it being completely useless to me at the moment, over all the app is nice and simple to use.
Not sure right now
by Fiji236 on 2018/06/10 08:51
Layout has been a massive piece of a large art puzzle I've been uncovering over the past year. The convenience and speed of stitching photos together played to a larger aspect of my art that I was in desperate need of. It crashes. It didn't always, but it crashes when I scroll from left to right through the layout templates. The single most important aspect of this app, to me as an artist, was the convenience of resizing and combining different pieces without interruption. Now that's all it does. I have no clue how to ask about this other than through a review. This app was a cornerstone of my work over the past year and for some reason that's gone.
by yassss slayyyyyyyyyyyy . on 2018/01/09 20:13
This app is amazing and i just got it i already made like a thousand layouts😂 I love it bc you can put so many pictures next to each other and it looks so cool and its super fun to use👌🏼 I give this a 100😂 bc you can't find other apps like these that actually work and are super fun to use and at the end look amazing which with other photo apps they glitch our don't look like you wanted it. But this is a GREAT APP🥇 and i suggested you get this AMAZING APP ❤️😍💪🏻 Also the best part is you can use it with Instagram and make great layouts and have good looking pictures😂👌🏼
Does a basic job very conveniently
by JanWalkerArtist on 2018/01/30 22:19
I like putting several photos together to make a little story. Then I can delete the originals to save room (I think). I would like to be able to apply different effects to different originals, like brighten one and sharpen another, but it doesn't seem to do any of that. I would really like to be able to adjust the position of the boundaries between pictures. So I could specify 3 photos but choose the actual cropping myself for certain photos. Other than that, I like it and use it.
by SHAPE TO SCCESS on 2019/04/11 16:40
I am enjoying this amazing app that I have been using for years now. I, love that this app it can be shared straight to Instagram and Facebook when you are finished editing your pictures arrangement inside of the frames that you choose from but only one thing I wish that they had the choice to also edit your pictures that would be an additional upgrade to this app but other wise I, am enjoying the beautiful frame work to add more then one picture and making pictures frame collages.
Simple is Always Good😀
by AudriJade on 2019/05/03 17:59
Thank you Instagram for creating such a sweet package of a photo app! I actually do not (yet) have Instagram but am planning on getting it! I have been searching for an app for photo collages and Layout is perfect for me! It’s simple, but it looks great. I especially like to flip, mirror, and border options. I can create my own collages and I know once I get Instagram, I will definitely be uploading them. For now, I can share through text messages which is also a great option! I definitely recommend 👏🏻
The app is great!!
by xristara on 2017/10/01 20:39
I recently got the app and it is working wonderfully!! It is great for putting a lot of pictures together! I am visiting Greece right now so I have been using this app to put pictures from everything I see together! You can style them however you would like and you can add a border for around the pictures! It is a great app and you should get it if you want a app where you can put many photos all in one big photo which you can post on Instagram or whatever you would like!!
No rectangle options
by AmytheSparrow on 2019/08/02 07:43
The only option for end size is a square. That works well for Instagram but it doesn’t work for a lot of my other needs that I want to print out on normal rectangle paper, which means I’ll need a second app for that stuff. I want to be able to choose whether I want a square or a normal paper size and be able to rotate images so I could print with a landscaping orientation. I do like that it allows me to choose how many or few images to combine and allows me to choose the sizes of each (within the square) and slide them around to choose what part of the original image to show.
Add more
by Easy/fun on 2019/01/30 03:33
I enjoy using layout for many different reasons. One of those reasons is to display all my pictures at once. I only gave 4 ⭐️ because it needs more borders, different colors and options to choose from. They layouts should include more pictures and you should be able to decorate them with different emojis. There is definitely a lot more they could do with this app. I am waiting to see what will be next, cuz this is kind of getting boring!
I live for this!😂🍭
by Juliatumblez on 2018/04/29 19:19
Is great!I have a acount that only has a few hundred fans and I hate it!They aren’t active and nobody likes my pics!I found this app and I have blown up!I get around hundreds of likes per pic!I have a couple thousand fans ever since I got this app!It makes me make such cool things!I would recommend it I have shared with my whole group of friends and they love it!The only thing is they might need to update and get some more things to add but overall I would still love it!Its awesome!😘
Creative & Eye Catching!
by WCGsMom on 2019/04/21 00:40
I’m the Mother of a Professional Boxer and wanted to summarize his birthday celebration with family. Instead of posting multiple photos on social media the traditional way; l wanted a more creative way to do this. I downloaded this app, picked the photos, and his birthday photos came to life! My son is LaVonte Earley, 8-0, Pro Boxer from North Carolina. Although he’s 25 years old, he’ll never be too old to create memories with his family. This app allowed me to share his birthday memories in a creative way.
Save time and find an app that resizes- not this one.
by Dreamere5 on 2017/02/17 18:49
I think this app would be fine if it had an option to allow you to resize the photo to fit in the sections. For example I have two pictures I want side by side, I select the pictures, they are cut in half, you can use you fingers to shrink the images so that they do for, as soon as you let go they stretch back out. I can't use this app. I suppose I could if I use another app to resize and then use this app to put them side by side, why would I want to waste even more time doing that? There are other apps that do it all. I personally can not recommend this app.
by Dumazzi on 2019/10/22 05:30
This app is perfect just please fix it from crashing 🙏. Where is the update to fix the crashing? I can reproduce it at will. Simply select your 3 photos and then select the layout to the far right and BAM going back in the second time works perfect. It is like it may be a memory clipboard issue perhaps. Oh please FIX it. i use this tool constantly and get really irritated when i am creating a new post. Thank you for a wonderful app.
And STILL Crashing still no fix
by Jenndoh on 2019/01/23 17:56
**update...still crashing in the middle of projects, any chance this will be fixed sometime? Other users are saying the same thing. Such a shame cause it’s a great app, but nearly impossible to use until the crashing is resolved. Thank you. Normally this is a great, easy to use app...but, over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that every time I use the app it crashes and closes out right before I can save my project. When I reopen I start my project over and have no problems then, but with each initial opening per project it is crashing and force closing. Just FYI. Oh, and I’m currently using the iPhone X.
Hacked and no one to help
by __K.Carter__ on 2018/08/24 00:20
This morning my account was hacked, I tried every single step to recover it but Instagram & Gmail aren’t being very helpful. I even went on Facebook to change the password since those accounts are linked. I’ve went on Twitter to @ Instagram, Facebook, Google & Gmail and I am not getting any responses. Instagram can’t assume that their steps are always going to work. They should have someone to be able to help. I have a business account and now I am locked out. I can’t believe I am going through this. What does it take to get service ?!?! I just want to be directed to who I should talk to when it comes to sorting this out. __k.carter__ is my IG
Not functional
by bkd1 on 2018/06/26 20:25
This app makes nice set-ups of multiple photos. I have really enjoyed it-by I am done. I deleted it again for the third time! I constantly clean out my files so it is not a junk issue. It has too many bug issues, causes my iPhone 7 + to heat up trying to put the photos together, it jumps way too much. It also doesn't take you back to where you were when you were loading so you have to wade back. Instagram is problematic enough but this needs work! Sometimes good sometimes not
This app is great!
by 💖Karly💖 on 2016/12/18 18:25
I was gonna give this 4 ⭐️, but I went 5 bc I think this app does way better than other apps. I ❤ how there's no stupid little watermark at the bottom! Lol. The only way I think this could improve is by making the camera part a little clearer. 🙂 I love how clean looking the filters look..u know the ones that make ur picture have like 3 pictures, ig😅 I Love how it connects to Instagram too😜 This app excels more than the rest!! 👐🏼
Crashes if you take too long. Add black border option
by Addicted and disappointed on 2019/08/16 22:58
It’s simple, does basic layouts. The problem for me is that if I’m in the app for more than a couple minutes the app will crash and close. So I have to create my layout as quick as I can knowing it will probably close if I take too long. It doesn’t bother me too much though. It would be nice though if you could change the color of the border to be white or black because some layouts I have done would look nicer with a black border in between the pictures.
GREAT App for SMALL Businesses
by RANGOMOM on 2018/02/03 10:31
For small business owners this is a great quick outlet for us to put something out to customers or the general population for what we are working on or just a quick touch point. The functionality is easy to follow and literally takes less than a minute. You do NOT need to be tech SAVVY to use this app to look professional. Your company will look professional using it. Thank you!!!!
Amazing App
by Dzred2red on 2018/12/16 05:03
The only thing I need to say is that this makes your photo looks fabulous and very professional and with me this is an A+ plus yes I graded because it’s outstanding professionally made most of all it makes many of your followers and friends and family love your photo so thank you Leo for this wonderful app the best thing doesn’t cost a thing; So as to title it is extremely amazing I love it try it you get hook too?!.
Screensaver/wallpaper issue
by DirtBiker24 on 2019/07/17 10:20
I love this app because it makes it so you can put all your photos into a collage of photos. The one problem I have with it is that when I try to put one of my collages of photos it will make it so that the photo photo does not fit on the screen (wallpaper). Please fix this so I can have the full collage as my wallpaper not just a 3rd of it. Other than that this app is really great. Definitely worth buying.
Constantly Crashes! Can’t Resize Photos. FAIL!
by Lady.CF on 2018/10/10 23:49
This app crashes and closes every time I select the photos to use and scroll through the various layout options to set the photos in. As soon as I scroll left to pick the perfect layout, app crashes. Another major dislike is that images cannot be resized within the layout. If you’ve chosen three or four images to make a collage and all three images are not the exact same photo dimensions inside the layout, it won’t work. You’ll end up having to adjust and readjust to no avail. This app is not with the time or frustration. I’ve uninstalled.
by ThisNameWillNotBeTaken on 2017/01/22 03:36
Overall, this app has always been my #1 photo editing app. The only bad thing I could say about it is that I wish it had a bit more layouts. It only has a few layouts for your photos, and also every time you make your pictures into collages, it takes the photo and puts it in your phone, so you have to delete it afterward if you don't want it to take up space.
by Reonarose on 2017/11/17 14:06
Before, I would have gave this app praise for being unique and convenient when posting my pics on instagram and Facebook. However I gave this low score because the app has a problem of saving my layouts and it no longer allows me to post them on Instagram or Facebook. As a makeup artist this is very frustrating because I want to give my followers creative layouts to my creative looks. I have uploaded, updated, and keep starting over but nothing seems to resolve the issue of saving my photos and posting them directly on either social media platform. Hope they get this resolve soon.
Works well, but one thing
by Mar2man22 on 2018/10/04 20:46
Works perfectly as it should, though sometimes I want to fit more in the picture and want different proportions that I can’t achieve with the square layouts. I’d like some landscape and portrait style options rather than just the square ones. It should be changed to accommodate now that instagram has been able to post landscape and portrait pictures for a while and not just square ones.
Good app, keeps crashing
by Ivyb23 on 2019/02/20 08:00
It's a quality photo editing app, easy to use and i'm able to get great results. But, whenever I use the app for more than 2 minutes, it crashes and i lose my progress. It crashes in the middle of 50% of my projects and i have to start all over. It's frustrating getting the pics just right and having all my meticulous cropping and placing thrown away just like that. If it didn't crash so often I would rate it 5 stars, but I can't overlook the bugginess.
Almost always helpful
by bousozoku on 2017/01/18 08:04
This has mostly taken the place of my collage maker app. It works quickly and its integration with Instagram makes it extremely useful. Can't seem to find a way to re-orient photos within a layout but hopefully, that will arrive. I have to go to the Photos app and fix things and return to Layout through Instagram. It has some interesting layout choices and doesn't break often.
I like the app, however...
by Christina.Archer on 2018/09/16 17:10
I like the app, however when I open it, it shuts down. I was using this app previously without any problems or glitches. Now, I select at least two pictures and the app shuts-down. I reopen it, select at the most four pictures and it shuts-down. This has started to occur frequently recently. When I want to post on Instagram, or just have a collage, it closes and that is really aggravating. Instagram needs to fix this issue immediately. It’s perceiving Instagram as a company that does not value its customers.
Simple, easy, straightforward.
by Stryker295 on 2017/05/05 18:23
I've been looking for awhile to find an app that lets me slap a few photos into one. Every other app I've run into is bloated, complicated, or full of needless features. Layout lets me take pictures from my library and in seconds adjust them together as needed. It's just what I need, and while there are more features and options, they never get in the way. I only have two complaints about this app: it won't create black space around photos when you zoom out to make them into squares, and the internal camera access doesn't appear to have a way to use the main camera; instead it's locked in selfie mode. Aside from those two minor issues, which both have easy workarounds, it's a perfect app.
Crash City Central
by ItsNikaDuh on 2018/04/21 11:02
the app keeps closing itself while i am in the middle of using it. so i keep having to start the same project over and over. Not anymore though because I am going to find an app more worthwhile. when you fix the app crashing and bugs, some other suggestions that would make the app better would be if gifs and/or short video clips could be included as option to add to a collage. would also be better if there were more layout options, or if the user could adjust the layout themselves, using whatever shapes and sizes for each image frame.
On core
by #kittykat TNINT on 2018/11/22 15:13
This is a great even though I don’t have insta it’s super fun to use I love this I have nothing bad to say about this app it’s amazing it’s good to use when I take a bunch of great pics and I don’t know what to do with them and it’s annoying to just send them all separately so I just use this app put them all together all I have to day is that this is an amazing app I hope you like it too
It’s not bad
by hdsilal on 2019/06/06 14:59
So, the app is really good, but the thing is that when I save a photo, it says it saved but then I check my camera roll and it’s not there. I do it with other photos it does the same thing. So once in a while I have to delete the app and then reinstall it, which gets really annoying. And this happens after 1 day after using it sometimes. Can u do something about it to fix it?
Applications performance
by Windowdanceproject63 on 2019/08/17 23:37
WOW.. I have some issues being retired and getting statrd with s new online business. The application they showed me was very quick and useful for cleaning up the mess. If you want your computer and phone to operate eggeciently and effectively you cannot get any better than the great tech support service and new tech Applications they use. Thanks for the great help...Joe Norton
Happy day to layout
by ToTa_9 on 2018/11/16 23:22
Layout made my photos easier and all my family loves them which makes me happy to see their smiles on their faces it makes me so proud it makes my photos not full So then I can add more this app has created happiness to my life of photos that I could keep for myself to enjoy you should download this app this app is one of my favorite apps in the world not kidding
Fun & Archive & Fun & Artistic & Fun...
by Terri Bears on 2017/07/10 15:22
I think you can guess I love it. I have been in photography since the 70's and in the not so distant past it took a great deal of time and education to learn the darkroom techniques needed to create the many montage effects one can create with this App. The other option most people used back then for scrapbooks was cutting up treasured photos that can not be restored unless we saved the negatives (like we all did, right?). Using this cut & paste method leaves you only one way once you have cut up your precious photos. If you don't like the way it turned out, tough, you're stuck with it now. So I will give this App 4 stars and kudos to whoever developed this super fun photo App. Terri
Like it a lot
by gggjhgiugiugku on 2019/04/25 17:03
I wish the as has color borders and when I select photos and want to post them on social media most of the time the photos are so zoomed in the it cuts out the photos. Then I have to go back and select other photo that Further out. Which can be kind of annoying to keep going back to your photos and reselecting and making sure that the photos are not zoomed in or cut out. If you can fix this then you can get 5 stars for sure! ;)
by twinatrinabina on 2019/06/16 20:55
So here’s the story soooooo I wanted to be a debate on what my next hairstyle should be so the. Instagram mentioned this app so I tried the app and select what I wanted and boom it was a amazing I use this app whatever time i need it no cost! I recommend buying this app but I believe or think that you have to pay for somethings if you really want it but it’s so worth it!! Almost everything is free!!
Excellent app....1 wish....
by adamlapsevich on 2017/01/14 12:05
I love this app. It makes putting together a collage of images easy and fun. My only wish, and maybe it's there but I just can't find it, is I wish there was the ability to remove a picture after you insert it. The only way I have been able to do it is completely start again. Great app though!
Awesome free app!
by Michael5667 on 2017/05/24 19:42
I use this to collage photos of clothing to sell and it works amazing! It is quick, easy and best of all ABSOLUTELY FREE! Sure you can probably pay for some features but I don't need them. I simple select photos move them around in the first layout and save the picture to my camera roll and bam a perfect collage in my picture roll in 30 seconds.
Graphics Designer
by Artful18 on 2016/12/16 20:17
Easy to use with a great selection of layouts. If I could have one more option, it would be to have the ability to adjust the size of each frame independently. Currently, if you have a three row & column layout and want to resize the width of a pic on row one in a column, for example, it resizes the pics on all rows in that column. Otherwise, great features!
by Murderlina Farruggio on 2019/06/14 21:54
I have an iPhone 6s + and when I want to make a collage, this is the smoothest running app for me. I just know there won’t be any glitches and the finished collage won’t be pixelated or blurry. I like that it isn’t one image choice at a time, you choose them all at once and a bunch of different collage examples are presented from which to choose.
Love this app!
by Chibigigi on 2017/03/12 19:58
I wish all apps could be this easy and intuitive. You can easily select the pictures you want to add to the collage and are presented with options for the way the pictures are presented. Once you select the layout you have the ability to manipulate those images and the layout itself.
IG Layout App thumbs up👍🏽
by Lovelylace10 on 2017/01/17 16:39
I give the layout App 3- stars b/c although the app lets you choose & design ur own layout for ur IG uploads, there needs to be more layout designs there are only (4) there should be more to chose from. Also when you zoom in or out, you lose space within ur pic. There should also be the option to write words on your uploads. But I still like the App. I'm confident that in the future IG will listen to their members & make the changes their subscribers has asked for...
Useful and easy!
by memobug on 2018/11/25 20:20
I use this App daily to format pictures I post to social media and web boards, anywhere you're limited to one or two pictures you can create s mini collage to tell s story. The best part is it's simple to select, rearrange and save your creations. This is a must-have for anyone who loves pictures and sharing.
Try it. You'll like it!!
by Val McN on 2018/04/09 01:34
When I initially started using it, I was trying to combine two still photos plus a video. Still not sure this app can do that (PicStitch can and did) however, if you are trying to combine 3 photos ( I've never tried more than 3) in both equal or varying sizes, it works great and I use it all the time!!
Super creative, useful, and fun!
by Eva.Angel😇✨ on 2017/01/24 00:35
Layout is pretty. You use your own photos to make a collage. They have different layout option and you can size the pictures any way you want. No issues of problems for me. Really fantastic how it saves the to your camera roll one you save them. I recommend this to everyone.
There has to be a better app
by Slang1642 on 2017/05/03 12:04
In the short time I've been using the app they've removed the two collage styles I prefer and what remains is undesirable to showcase your photos or tell the story of the photos placed. The app operates well with Instagram but has some crashing issues. I'd like to see the previous styles offered again. I'm looking for a new app that offers a better variety of collages to better showcase and tell the story of my photos
Very convenient, and no bugs or anything.
by little me girl on 2019/09/15 17:02
Layout is a wonderful app for Instagram etc, If I want to post around 15 pictures, but the limit in posting is 10, Layout can solve the problem, or on my wallpaper on my phone I wanna at 3 photos but I can’t cause the limit is one, I can use layout. Layout gets my full satisfaction.
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