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blackjack 21: Blackjackist
Play the best blackjack 21 free game with millions of players from all over the world! Blackjack is an exciting game that any player is sure to enjoy. Place your bet, get more points than the dealer and win chips. Feel the risk as you dive into the casino atmosphere and hit the big time! Play now to improve your skills, gain experience, make new friends and become the best blackjack player ever! Game features: • FREE CHIPS – Play the game every day to get free chips! • GET REWARDS – Up the stakes, win games against the dealer, take risks to get to 21 and unlock achievements. • QUESTS – Complete daily quests to get free chips! • YOUR OWN PROFILE PAGE – Track your progress and status in the game! Get experience and level up. See how many blackjack tournaments you've won and achievements you've completed. Get unique properties and display them on your profile. View other players' profiles to see how you compare! • CHAT WITH OTHER PLAYERS – Have even more fun at the casino tables with our convenient in-game instant messenger and chat with other blackjack players. • FAIR PLAY GUARANTEED – Our certified Random Number Generator (RNG) gives you the best and fairest blackjack experience! • LEARN TO PLAY – Are you new to blackjack but always wanted to try it? Our simple-to-follow tutorial mode will help you take the first steps. Quickly learn everything you need to know about blackjack, from the rules of the game to winning combinations. • 3D GRAPHICS – An absolutely free blackjack game with stunningly realistic 3D graphics. • NO REGISTRATION – Get straight into the action. Choose guest mode to use our free casino app without registering. • SINGLE ACCOUNT – Start playing free blackjack on your smartphone, then continue on your tablet without losing progress. Use your account to play any of our other casino games in one app. Want more than blackjack? Try our other games for an unforgettable 3D experience: • TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER – The most popular casino game among professional gamblers! Test your skills in amazing poker tournaments! • SLOTS – Explore our themed slots with lots of unique features! • ROULETTE – Featuring stunning 3D graphics and three varieties of table: French, American, and European. • OMAHA POKER – A more dynamic version of poker with 4 cards in a hand. Have more fun with amazing combinations! • BACCARAT – One of the most popular and exciting card games with superior 3D graphics! • CRAPS – The first 3D craps game ever. Make bets, roll the dice, take risks and become the best craps player! Subscribe to the official Facebook page of the game and be the first to find out about our promotions and news! Follow us on Twitter and get free chips! This game is only available to users of legal age. The game offers no possibility of winning money or anything of value. Success in playing this game does not imply your success in a similar real-money casino game.
Poker is great 21 is garbage
by Richmen701 on 2021/07/25 06:04
The poker tables are the best but the 21 tables are horrible the dealer always gets high cards and never bust it’s rare also if u tend to get high card she will most likely equal you witch mean u will just push the programming on this game is a cheat L.
by $$$$$$$$$$9$6$3$ on 2021/07/24 02:33
If you have less than 16 you will always bust on a hit. The dealer will draw six cards and not bust.
by SwaggNYC on 2021/07/23 19:16
Not only does the game feel rigged. My account was banned and I have no idea why. I’ve reached out to them and they said that they can’t disclose any information. I find this weird because this happened after a spent 2.99 on chips just to pass time while traveling on vacation. Skip this game everyone .
No RNG no good.
by !ZombieNation! on 2021/07/22 00:47
This game is so predictable it’s disgusting. Where is the true RNG? Trash. 1 star because 0 isn’t an option. BTW I’m winning. It’s just no fun.
by p_lydo on 2021/07/21 15:32
Chat crash and typical electronic gambling
by N8dogg24 on 2021/07/21 00:44
This is classic electronic gaming…. The blackjack game is crap…. Your guaranteed to lose and there is no bonus options like casinos have. Plus the chat option keeps crashing the app! Fix this stuff!
Awful App
by Doug C Music on 2021/07/20 21:52
Blackjack is rigged. Dealer wins 75% of hand. Why’s the Apple Store continuing to carry this App. It’s a fraud. The RNG is a joke.
Not RNG.
by nAAAAAA1111111 on 2021/07/19 04:18
As someone who works in engineering and game development; there is absolutely no way this game is RNG. Not random. Not fair.
Very Poor Black Jack App
by Musc40 on 2021/07/19 03:06
My review stands after receiving a canned reply from the developer. Very poor App. I’ve deleted from all my devices and have advised all friends and relatives. They are also in the process of deleting.
Fair play guaranteed?
by TPBu on 2021/07/17 23:31
Not even close. If this was a casino in Las Vegas they’d shut it down. It’s blatantly obvious it’s a rigged and programmed game app but they continue to claim fair play guaranteed. It’s a rigged and programmed game, period. And their 3rd party auditor should be audited. If you make a purchase you are getting scammed.
Hypocritical censorship!
by sstorrm on 2021/07/16 18:55
I posted an upper half bikini photo that was moderately revealing in my Triangle top, with a kimono over the top. My face was the main focus. It was taken down for violating the rules. “ Hello, Your avatar contained unacceptable content. Please choose a different avatar. Certain types of avatars are not welcome in our game. Please refrain from displaying the following in your avatar: images of body parts, children, cigarettes, alcohol, inscriptions or logos of other poker rooms, revealing clothing, weapons, or images that incite hatred based on religion, ethnicity, etc.” However, they have their own fake avatars with boobs overflowing from tops, and gifts are alcohol drinks, cigars, and cigarettes. People have their kids, clothes, and no tops on all the time just cropped out. Not to mention this game is notorious for people asking to sext in chat all the time. Very disappointed in its hypocritical censorship and discrimination.
Tired of the cheating
by Not stupid twice on 2021/07/16 16:27
What a joke that it’s certified. Dealer almost always shows a 10, rarely breaks (especially during the so-called Star tournaments). Dealer just cleaned me out then when I added money to stay in the tourney, got FOUR blackjacks in a row. FOUR… nice. No I’m not spending money to play this game again. The graphics are great, very addictive, so beware.
by michaelz24 on 2021/07/16 00:18
The game is a blast and you meet all walks of life from all over the world. Just don’t get caught losing chips to friends intentionally… cuz you will be band from the game. It’s happening to me!
Don’t Trust the Banker
by True = Smart on 2021/07/15 14:14
This app does have a feel of a casino, with live players, but it also moves slowly for a phone app. I oddly find that the money I won the day before suddenly gets cut in half or gets expanded without reason. It can be discouraging to have good wins, and the next time you come back it is gone. A lot of the players are also terrible, if you know the game!
Let’s be honest here
by djemdiebajsj on 2021/07/15 05:03
Anybody who has played the game knows that it is rigged with the dealer getting the better hand 90% of the time. So you lose chips faster making you have to buy them. And also having to bet $1,000 each time, come on!
Not RNG odds at all
by J7757 on 2021/07/14 19:30
You’re “independent, 3rd party auditor” doesn’t know what “random” means because the odds a so far tipped to the dealer that it’s ridiculous. It is fun when you can win a couple hands in Blackjack but that’s about all you win until the dealer starts drawing face card after face card. I saw the dealer get blackjack 3 times in a row, good way to get people to quit. 3 stars for the overall aesthetics and UI design.
Blackjack is rigged
by 🌹violett🌹 on 2021/07/14 03:25
Dealer wins 99 percent of the time with 19, 20 or 21. Rarely bust Smh. If you love blackjack don’t come here. They want you to lose all your chips so you have to keep buying. 😡😡😡😡
Not good
by tgdyknv on 2021/07/14 01:45
Horrible customer service
by Bob3990 on 2021/07/14 00:49
You say the game is fair but it is apparent that it is not. I will not waste my time on this game anymore and neither should anyone else. The game is anything but fair and no matter what is done you always end up losing - scam and ripoff - get your act together
Add ultimate Texas Hold’em
by NaviRampersad on 2021/07/13 23:34
Hi your app is amazing great selection of casino games can you possibly add ultimate Texas Hold’em in your future updates?
No longer fun
by nrwsbag2019 on 2021/07/13 21:10
It’s not fun playing with folks who keep hitting when a bust card is up
One Star
by lilkc21 on 2021/07/13 10:03
I do not like when people keep going all in I know it’s for fake money but that just ruined the fun and then blackjack I don’t like that everytime the dealer gets 21 and that is why I rate this game one star.
Rigged Garbage
by d12284737 on 2021/07/12 06:09
Rigged Rigged Rigged Rigged Rigged Rigged
by pie#1234 on 2021/07/12 02:41
This is everything a card gamer could dream of!!!!!
Wouldn’t bother playing
by hin3s on 2021/07/11 22:33
I’ve been playing for awhile and it comes to a point to where you win so much after awhile it stops letting you win. Dealer will have a 10 every hand when you have 20 dealer will push or get 21 every single time. I’ve never in my life seen so many 10 cards.
by Cuff dodges on 2021/07/11 22:11
I made a bet on Italy for the euro’s I should’ve won 733,000 but I didn’t get paid anything does the game not count penalty’s or what ? Stupid game. Don’t recommend
The garbage game
by 大家你的决定 on 2021/07/11 04:52
Don't charge money. The computer will keep you losing and then charging and losing
Unfair Play
by Mario 1234554321 on 2021/07/09 20:21
You know when someone says, trust me, they’re likely lying well the same is true with this Blackjack game. They advertise fair play so you’ll download it and play it. We’ll they got me and I did. But after playing it a while I saw a pattern. The amount of one point wins by the dealer is staggering. And the overall number of hands where the dealer gets 21 is obviously a cheat. So what could the programmers gain by having you lose? They’re hoping that small percentage of us will buy chips to keep playing. We’ll that’s not me. I’ll delete this game and download one of the other million blackjack games that’s really fair.
World internet corporation
by steven shopnick on 2021/07/08 06:52
by JAY34741 on 2021/07/06 00:38
Very disappointed to see duplicate/ same cards being dealt in same hand on several occasions
Aesthetically pleasing…
by Xspeediant on 2021/07/05 13:32
Rigged to have you buy chips. I played one set and 8 sixes showed. No Vegas tables play 8 decks of cards.
by raf823 on 2021/07/04 15:10
Complete scam and rigged game. Very slick graphics but very unfair play. RCG is complete and utter nonsense. Ive asked for the name of the 3rd party evaluator several times - no answer. LOL. BEWARE. Fun but a REAL SCAM they also DO NOT have a 4.7 out of 5 - APPLE or whom ever calculates this average is doing the public a disservice. GET WITH IT APPLE… LETS SEE THE TRUE RATING BASED ON ALL THESE HORRIBLE REVIEWS. Play with free chips ONLY. Once you buy your luck with change. Don’t play during sales. Don’t play during tournaments. They also have periods where they scam at higher rates than others - you can tell by the play. Stop and come back later. Moving tables is a waste of time as the RCG will get you no matter where you go. You can see their patterns rather easily after some time. THE ODDS ARE INCREDIBLY OFF - Vegas is a better bet.
Good thing it’s free
by Ricochet Rabbitt on 2021/07/03 16:59
I wouldn’t spend $$ buying this. Not worth it. RNG needs to be tossed and replaced with a better one. I stopped playing at other BJ tables because too many players don’t understand that you don’t split an already winning hand. Best to play on your own table.
Guarantee 20
by R (0nda) on 2021/07/02 14:17
The only frustration is that the dealer always seem to have a guaranteed 20 if they start with 10. If they start with a lower card seems like the chances of them going over is cushioned by all low cards. It's very hard to believe this is by chance.
worlds luckiest dealer
by UpYours2014 on 2021/06/30 21:12
Amazing how the dealer is constantly dealing herself 18-20 and or drawing to 20-21. It’s almost magical. Fair play guaranteed? pfft. The odds are astronomical that the dealer would be dealt and drawn such favorable hands at such frequency. Absolute scam.
Don’t play
by Drywheel on 2021/06/30 18:32
I don’t Recommend this game is 101% rigged.
by 5stars4epiclewt on 2021/06/29 20:55
This game is designed to make you lose your money in the hopes you spend real money on their junk game
Entertaining, but the odds are absolutely not in your favor
by Root phreak on 2021/06/28 20:57
I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now. I play blackjack at a casino about once a week. So, I know just as well as anyone how a table can have good runs and bad runs. But, the dealer seems to pull a 10 value card almost every hand. In fact, I’ve kept track and ran the numbers on the statistics. I played 100 hands. Out of those 100, the dealer pulled a face card or value 10 card (facing up) 74 times. Of those 74 times, 53 times the dealer had a 7, 8, 9 or 10. The other 21 times the dealer had to draw, but didn’t bust. The dealer always drew to 19, 20 or 21. The players at the table were never so lucky. The 26 hands left out of the 100 where the dealer did not have a 10, only busted 13 times. That’s correct. Out of 100 hands, the dealer only busted 13 times. I’m a highly skilled player. I follow every rule in the book. But for the dealer to only bust 13 times out of 100 hands is insane. The devs say they use an RNG (random number generator) which has been validated by a 3rd party. But the fact is, this game only makes money if you buy their in game currency or watch ads to get more free coin. That means they have a vested interest in the odds being significantly in their favor. Make no mistake, this game is borderline predatory, and if you’re a gambling addict, you’ll end up spending a lot of money in the game trying to chase a win that will never happen, or payoff. There are a lot of better more realistic games in the App Store. If you’re seeking an actual realistic BJ experience from the comfort of your phone, this game is not it. You can’t beat the dealer no matter how skilled you are.
“RNG” is a complete lie
by Nick riles on 2021/06/28 06:40
Sure, the initial hands might be “RNG” but the duration of the pulls is definitely not. I played 84 hands, I won 10 of them and pushed on 10 as well. It is completely illegitimate. It’s clear they want you to depend on ads and in-store purchases. Don’t waste your time with this garbage.
My opinion
by sour grapes when been had on 2021/06/26 06:09
Rigged. Not random at all.
Ran Dumb
by bored75643986 on 2021/06/21 13:02
After playing a few times the outcomes looked fishy and not random to me. I then played over a thousand hands and did a statistical analysis of the likelihood that the outcomes I experienced could have occurred by chance. That is that the hands generated for both the dealer and me were created by a true random number generator. The likelihood of that occurring was a bit less than 7 million to one. So whatever they say about a certificate and a random number generator it’s not true. Don’t waste your money. This is not Blackjack.
Awesome blackjack
by Heart943 on 2021/06/21 09:14
Fun honest game.
Total Joke!
by Mark Jurik on 2021/06/21 03:06
Developers claim RNG certified. Played thousands of blackjack hands…face card galore for the dealer. Play the book…total joke! Save your money and go to Vegas…odds are better! Don’t bother to respond!
Black jack is rigged
by Me me and f u on 2021/06/20 19:29
Out of 21 hands dealer busted 2 times. Dealer hands always had an 8 or above 58% of the time. Low numbers will always add up to beat you. These are the listings: H above 8 following number is the finished addition. H19 H20 H18 L19 H17 L21 H21 H19 H20 H18 H21 H20 LBust L20 HBust H17 H18 H21 H18 L17 I held on 12 with 2 other player L17 I held at 14 with 2 other players H19
Horrible RNG
by Rogerpkp on 2021/06/20 18:52
4 straight hands with 16. Dealer drew 4 straight 20s. Code better guys. Deleted.
by walterm77 on 2021/06/17 06:08
You can predict the dealers hand. Dealer gets hands that are highly unlikely to ensure you lose.
Terrible “warning”
by projectscott on 2021/06/15 21:20
They are hiding by “random generator” to make you think this is like a real random deck. They probably DO follow rules but not true odds. Watch the “twisted canned” response to complaints. This is not true odds of real blackjack. They will also twist this response. You will reach a point and they will make it impossible to play without watching advertisements, claims, etc. it has nothing to do with odds or your level of play but rather letting you have fun like realistic blackjack and then “unrealistically” getting 20 straight hands to take you to zero to “buy more chips”. I am deleting the ap Why not let the game play out? If it were random, (please don’t play the same feedback response) I would be happy to buy more chips? I lost like 15 straight hands (draining my chips so I had to buy more and more) and it was not based on play or random. It was quite entertaining to see them flip 15 straight hands of one better than me. Fraud
actuslly lame
by lame game 2.0 on 2021/06/13 00:10
Completely rigged
by Sambonicat on 2021/06/11 05:28
I have never written a review for anything, but this is something that needs to be reviewed. I am appalled that this game is still allowed to be operational. I have let their ‘support team’ know numerous times how blatantly rigged it is. A face card or 10 for them every single hand while us lowlifes get a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. It’s absurd. And it’s really too bad because it’s a good platform. Just be warned, if you buy chips, you will win for 24-36 hours at most. That’s how bad it is. DO NOT BUY BC THEY EONT LET YOU WIN SO YIU EILL HAVE TO BUY MORE.
by JOSE1226 on 2021/06/09 15:43
Nice graphics
This not casino style 21. The dealer is getting 10 95 % on first card. Sham
by Jackpot3210 on 2021/06/09 13:49
Fair play no way
by ugosol on 2021/06/08 08:20
I played your game and lost 20 hands in a row on blackjack. Tried different tables but still no luck when dealer leaps getting 20 or 21. Ha fair play, I don’t think so you guys need to let the players win sometime if you don’t want them getting mad an deleting your game.
Game is rigged
by fhkkel; on 2021/06/07 05:28
DO NOT GET THIS GAME! It is rigged and you will lose. Odds are not the typical card game odds.
by BootsOlsen on 2021/06/05 21:02
The dealers are not very friendly
Blackjack 21:Blackjackist
by Shakeey M on 2021/06/04 02:38
Don’t pick this game. The dealer almost always wins. Imagine your dealt 2 tens, you split them. You end up with 20 and 21. You know you have won both hands. Nope, dealer gets 21 too. If you insure bet dealer doesn’t get 21 as soon as you stop, dealer gets 21. It’s almost predictable. It is so obvious what’s happening. I am uninstalling.
Not a fair game
by JAHL1964 on 2021/06/03 21:45
In all honesty, I admit that it is a nicely created app. When it comes to playing the game the odds are totally off even if you play basic strategy. It seems that the dealer almost always manages to get 21 or 20. Guys make this a fair game and everybody would certainly enjoy it.
Totally rigged… Don’t spend any money!!
by 💜Connie💜 on 2021/06/01 08:41
If you do, they will make sure you keep losing so you will spend more to play. The app is totally rigged to make you lose… total cheaters & makes it not fun to play!!
Not fair
by Beastin0514 on 2021/06/01 04:17
Actual casino blackjack has far better odds per hand for the player. It’s so obviously rigged to get you to watch ads and earn more chips
Too slow
by blackbob211 on 2021/05/28 19:32
You need an option to speed up the play
by ihateblackjackisy on 2021/05/26 16:58
Waste of time. They get you up real high and then screw your over till you lose everything so you get addicted and buy chips while giving them money and you lose it all again. It’s all a scam.
اسلم منهم
by nassssb on 2021/05/23 23:57
اسلم بنفسك من اللعبه هذي ولاتحاول تدخلها
Sam people get the sem i goin through
by Sanchez197214 on 2021/05/23 19:44
I meet I Woman here this app and now she’s stocking me her name is Samantha white I meet 7 mount on November 2020 and shi ask for money and I send it to hir but we broke out last month and naw she ask for money if I not send the money she going to post on the media so careful Samantha white from Florida she was on chiefland Florida
Nice game!!
by D.Arnold901 on 2021/05/20 22:56
Love this game!! A friend taught me how to play blackjack this weekend so I decided to download the app and I’m enjoying the trill of the game☺️
by AL-QAHTANI on 2021/05/20 15:57
Hello guys! If you are thinking about to download this app, I would like to to tell that this app Just like any other application, GREED and this is very clear in how they are programming this games through the ratio between profit and loss.
Slot algorithms changed
by SwimminWitDaFishies on 2021/05/19 11:08
I have had this app since 2019 (so a little over two years now). One of my favorite games used to be the slots, but about 3 or 4 months ago something changed in the programming and it's no fun anymore. A huge part of attracting players is the excitement of winning frequently. If there are 25 or 30 paylines, why does it take 25 or 30 spins just to "win" a measly 200 points? Why does WILD mean nothing? I once wrote and complained to technical support and they said that I was just having a run of "bad luck". What kind of explanation is that?? Today I decided to try out the new slot game -- GHOST HOUSE. I started with 60,000 soared to 109,000 after about 20 spins and a HUGE WIN, but then after about 15 more spins I was back down to where I started! The BONUS wheels are impossible to get, and WILD means absolutely nothing along with the 25 paylines it's supposed to have. And I have to say it's not much different on any of the other slot games. Unless the algorithm is tweaked, I won't be playing slots.
Always one point better.....hmmmmm
by theMontyRay on 2021/05/18 22:53
It just seems that way to me
I like Blackjack and Poker , but I don’t like the cards moving over to the win too late!!!🤬😡
by Barbo22 on 2021/05/18 22:46
See above
Rip off
by " guest " on 2021/05/17 23:47
Literally steals your money - when you send in a question / concern they reply with “ bad luck “ you can very easily loose thousands of REAL dollars - they can & DO place restrictions on your account - wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone
by Ohmygodthisgame413 on 2021/05/14 20:14
You don’t know how many times the dealer is going to pull out a 10, and then you can have 12 hit then bust. This is going to happen to you 9/10 times switch is sad cause your just losing money.
Great game
by Micky6859 on 2021/05/11 01:48
Great graphics
by AuntTim on 2021/05/11 00:44
This is the most rigged game out there, blackjack dealer averages around 20 over course of two weeks. Guaranteed to lose, enjoy.
Come on this to learn don’t pay money. Rip off
by josey6shots on 2021/05/10 07:08
50m spins on slots is a waste of time I lost 200mil being a dummy and I can never get that back unless I pay to win which I won’t. Also when they give sales out the odds of winning go down in my opinion they definitely got greedy when sales used to show $1 for 2m and that was a decent deal now it’s you have to pay $10 or more for a sale..
Worst game ever
by yahoo435 on 2021/05/06 02:50
No where close to real table action..Dealer constantly showing a 10 even watching the ads gains you nothing.really a NO star game.
Realistic Expectations
by LeMastertheMoment on 2021/05/05 21:45
Do not go into this app thinking you will walk away a winner. Just like in a “real” casino, the odds are stacked against the player in all games where the house is a player or can control the outcome. Cash out when you’re lucky and don’t pay for “virtual” money where there’s absolutely no chance of winning. It’s a game. Have fun! Great graphics. Realistic gameplay. Huge variety of games (and player). The slots could use some work as there’s a lot of competition in this area in the App Store, but other than that, great app! Fun!
Horrible I mean horrible
by manxeng on 2021/05/02 16:18
Not sure about anybody else but there is no other app that I’ve seen where you can go on a winning spray for days and days days on end and then all of a sudden headed to work you don’t even hit a card no matter what you could be having the winning hand and you always could beat up every single time random now there’s no randomness to that it appears that your whole system is set up for people to purchase things but I’m sorry who would purchase anything when is already appears that the system is rigged against you random that’s bull
This game is not random
by Pattiscrap on 2021/05/02 04:01
I’ve bought chips several times only to lose continuously time and time again. Blackjack is rigged so that you buy and buy and buy.
Rigged gaming app
by tktjtjt on 2021/05/01 07:48
I get that it’s blackjack but it’s ironic you always loose 95% of all hands on the high stakes tables with high bets to make you spend more money on chips. I have tested multiple times and it has been consistent with the app to generate real money and manipulate players to spend chips. Don’t play high steaks if you wanna waste money. Just earn free chips and play on the low tables and you win and have fun back and forth.
Great for Practice
by Trombone man 2000 on 2021/04/28 04:11
Great table-action simulation. Deck movement is a little odd, especially in the discard rack, but still a great app to practice card counting lol
Be Careful!
by Transmania on 2021/04/27 11:08
I had over $10M and made the mistake of looking at a tournament I was INVITED to. I did not play...just looked. When I returned to Blackjack, my balance was only $500K. They took my $10M as a buy-in to play the game I only went to look at from curiosity. I chatted with them about it and asked for the restoration of my balance. They ignored me. Unfair game.
by Annie/000 on 2021/04/26 14:33
Love this game, however it would be so much easier if you could make the cards larger. Sometimes I find it hard to read the cards. Thanks
Si pudiera borrarlo de mis aplicaciones estaría feliz?
by vlap1 on 2021/04/24 13:12
Llevo más de un año comprándole fichas y cada día me decepciona más , tanto así que no quiero jugarlo más .
Betting range
by jeffrchin on 2021/04/24 11:35
Betting range should be changed IMO. There is no leverage for the player to win if all they can bet is a 1:3 bet. You will lose faster to the table if all you have is this small range of a bet option. Make it like the old way like a real casino. Ex. $5 min to $1000 max bet
Falsely advertised
by stupid_time_waster on 2021/04/23 16:13
Definitely not fair play. Table min / max is ridiculous
Heck yeah!
by nickydeath101 on 2021/04/21 05:10
Great game! Such a great way to play all the other casino games I haven’t been able to play!
by belle loves bowling 🎳👍🏻 on 2021/04/21 01:28
I LOVE the game a lot, but the only problem is your ya,e crashes A LOT.
Entertainment for Days!!!
by Bmt1997 on 2021/04/20 09:19
I have played most of the casino games that this app offers, however, the Sit n’ Go knockout poker is by far the most entertaining and addicting game on the App Store. I can play it for hours and hours without getting bored or tired! One of a few complaints that I have is that there are plenty of jerks who don’t play the game correctly (for example: going all in pre flop with a bogus hand just “for fun”). I understand there is not much the developers can do to fix this, but it would be nice if they could somehow monitor this type of play and penalize the people who are ruining the game for others. Personally, I am not a serious poker player and am only playing to learn and to have fun, but I still don’t appreciate those who do that type of stuff. Another thing that NEEDS to be fixed in Sit n’ Go: If a player is about to be eliminated, a lot of times they will leave the table so the person who eliminated them will not get the knockout money. I understand you cannot stop someone from leaving a table, Kama, however, you need to fix it so that the would-be eliminator still gets the knockout money. One last thing, please bring back the 50K tables in Sit n’ Go. Sometimes I do not want to risk upwards of $250K. On a bad day, I can easily be out millions of dollars in the matter of a couple hours by risking that much. Sorry to those reading this review that were hoping to hear about the other casino games offered within this app, but I only really play poker. I’ve tried most of the games, and while I can attest that they are fun, I don’t have much else to say about them since I don’t have enough experience with them. Overall great game!!! Entertainment: 10/10 Creativity: 10/10 Replay Value: 10/10
12+ ...
by dci on 2021/04/17 23:25
If you let your 12 year old play this game then there is something wrong with you.
Not FairPlay, SCAM
by 502150 on 2021/04/17 13:04
Best advice is never give them real money. Once you purchase it’s all over. Pokerheist is more like it. They give fake reviews to have high stars. Any overseas company doesn’t have the same regulations like the US. Google Kama games, it’s Russian backed! NOT FairPlay!
by jakesmithmk4 on 2021/04/17 06:38
Worse game ever,you can spend whatever about you want, pay out is terrible. Do not play this?!!!!!!!!!
My money is never correct amount when I sit at game table
by tesla energy on 2021/04/16 16:30
All said above
Having fun playing Black Jack
by Beckee Cali on 2021/04/15 05:57
This game is very fun to play.
It’s alright
by caterpihbf on 2021/04/09 17:35
It’s fun till you start spending dollars here and there, noticed every time I put a dollar in or something my ratio of win to losing become even worse. Did the experiment about 5 times to make sure.
Got suspended for no reason
by IcyRio on 2021/04/06 19:58
My account got suspended after refunding accidental purchase.
Read carefully
by theplayerninja on 2021/04/06 04:05
Bad bad bad , trust me its noway near from real casino its program well to make you keep buying i am a vip high level i spend too much in this game this month only around 2k usd so be careful , if you are not buying its fun you will be the luckiest person in the game because you are useless to them , we are not stupid easy to know how algorithm work ,i have to wait every day hours to get one luck hand , other player with level one they always luck how this fair every day wow I swear to you guys every day its not one day happen to me so be careful. Today I’m deleting the game i know i will lose my vip profile because i spend more 20k with them buy today is last day for me .
Don’t buy
by paul tristan klam on 2021/04/04 19:40
They took money from me,I bought 120 million chips and they didn’t give it to me then I messaged them they told me to send the receipt I did and they said we can’t help u and wouldn’t give me the money back or the chips
Full of bad beats, not for real players
by Scottay001 on 2021/04/02 20:40
This game doesn’t play on probability, it takes advantage of it. Top 2 pair on the flop will lose to runner runner full house repeatedly. It’s a great time waster, but don’t give them any of your money. They will target you as a spender, and you will never win if you bet big go yolo.
RNG is bogus
by Ice2lite on 2021/04/02 07:08
I agree with the review of Fabulous 10117 from a year ago. The game has beautiful graphics but it’s all messed up. I have been playing blackjack as a card counter for over over 30 years in casinos. I have now played thousands of games on your app and can testify objectively that there is something screwed up with your RNG. If you actually have a third party investigation team evaluating the game, then hire a new company. Otherwise, you will lose customers. If it’s a strategy to make people pay for more chips, it will definitely backfire.
by MrRichMsRich on 2021/04/02 01:19
Most realistic blackjack game on the internet. Love it. I’m up to over 900 million.
Blackjack game is not random
by Kham123 on 2021/04/02 00:15
By far is not anyway close to random as claimed. Dealer face down card is fixed to beat players 95% of the time. If you purchased chips from them they will let you win some
Black realistic
by Trevor Whitaker on 2020/12/01 09:02
I would like to start off by saying this is the best app of its kind. I downloaded it for mainly blackjack but I’ve played all the other casino games on here as well. The blackjack is very realistic. Most people who complain about the blackjack have never been to a casino. Let me explain, in most casinos a blackjack game is dealt with 8 decks of cards, there are sixteen “10s” in each of those decks, that means 128 out of 416 cards will be a 10. This means NEARLY 1/3 cards will be a 10. These people on here who complain about the common amount of 10s just don’t know how to really play blackjack and when to not hit. A quick tip for new blackjack players if the dealer has under 7 showing and you have above 11 YOU SHOULD NOT HIT. This is an amazing app and I’ve played it everyday for atleast a few minutes since I downloaded it! Just broke a million chips without ever buying chips! (Mainly from how realistic the blackjack is) 10/10, 5 stars, will recommend to anyone
Face card ratio
by Fabulous10117 on 2019/11/07 05:16
Hi Kama I just wanna say how much I enjoy playing your game its one of my all time favorites and I play it at least once every day. However there are a few things that I believe need to be adjusted and one of them is the face card (10-king) to normal card (Ace-9) ratio. The amount of face cards I get in blackjack is almost crazy. I cannot tell you how many times I've had a 12 and have hit (draw another card) only to get either a 10, king, queen, or jack card which pushes my total to 22 making me bust and loose the hand and the money that I bet on the hand. I know you guys say you have a random card generator but cmon this is not random, getting hands below 15 and when you draw another card only to get a card whose value is 10. Not to mention when ever the dealer shows their first card and it ends up being a card whose value is 10 there’s a sure chance that their other card also has the value of 10 making the value of their hand 20 which is a extremely hard hand to beat unless you have a 21 which you either get by getting a blackjack or drawing enough cards to get you value to 21 without busting which the chances of happening are pretty low. I wanna play a game where thats not the thought I'm faced with whenever I see the dealer draw a certain card. I ask that you please look into this as I’m sure im not the only person saying something about this occurring thing. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Unfair/ takes your money
by Xtremenitro911 on 2019/08/17 03:46
The developers clam this is a fair game but they are just blowing smoke. I have played over 900 hands and maybe won 50. At first I put it off as having a bad nigh. Then I put it off as having 2 bad nights. Now I am putting it off as if you do not put real money in for fake chips you might as well stop playing. I was playing a jackpot slots and you have to get stars to win the jack pot. I started the round and played it to the end. My self and 2 other people where leading the jackpot round then all of a sudden we stopped getting stars and dropped ranks rapidly. In the end I had 68 stars to the winners 300+ (who was a guest player by the way). I have yet to win any of the tournament. For that matter I have yet placed. You could say it’s because I don’t know how to play poker. Well I have been playing for approximately 10 years in casinos and privet games. Then they have split bet poker. It could be a really fun game if you knew how to play. Their instructions are very vague. I spent 2 day learning by losing. Then when I think I have figured it out I find out the really hard way I was wrong. Blackjack “21” now this is a rigged game. The higher you move up in rank the faster you will loss. Let’s just say I have never seen a dealer get 21 4 hands in a row. Well that is until I played this game. My final thoughts is this love all the options and realistic graphics (not chances to win) but if you are playing to win don’t count on it.
Don’t believe fair play is guaranteed
by TeeVee5 on 2019/11/09 15:01
Hey developers, how about if you stop with your canned cut and paste response, and proactively make this a more enjoyable experience for us players. We know we can’t win every time, but it’s definitely not enjoyable to know your ‘dealer’ will almost always get the best hand, without question. Players will find out rather quickly, that these developers definitely want you to buy more chips. The only one that wins consistently is the dealer. The dealer turns blackjack more than any of the three players at the table. If an Ace is showing, it’s a high probability that she has blackjack. I’ve been at tables where the dealer is the ONLY one turning blackjack. When dealer has 10 showing, a very high percentage of time another 10 is turned, or the dealer ends up with a winning hand, usually beating the player with the highest hand by a point. A VERY HIGH PERCENTAGE OF THE TIME!! I understand developers’ desire is to sell chips. I don’t understand why they don’t do it with fair play. If you pay attention to the cards, you can pretty well guess what the dealer will turn, because the game is so very consistently designed to be in the dealer’s favor. Very disappointed. Especially because I believed their “fair play guaranteed” slogan. I don’t believe in coincidences, but the dealer’s hand is very predictable, and usually the winner at the table. Please tweak your algorithms to really allow fair play
by killJoyJokerXx on 2020/11/08 12:22
Okay, I’ve played a lot of card games on mobile and I can say with full certainty that there is no way this is randomly generated. I’m not saying it’s fixed to make a certain person win over another but the hands dealt in blackjack are predictable. If I can predict what card I’m about to get based on what the dealer has just given the two players before me, there is a problem. For instance, the two players before me were both given 4’s, I also received a 4. This has happened over 10 times sitting at one table for about an hour.. those are not likely odds.. as well as all three of us given jacks. 9 out of 10 times I’m able to predict what card I’m getting.. maybe not the second card but definitely the first.. I think you guys need to reconsider what your calling rng and what so called third party has tested this because I’ve played a ton of blackjack in real life and on many many games.. there is no way this is random and it’s pretty disappointing to see you all continue to say people are wrong instead of fixing the issue.. just go through and change it. Isn’t that a fix worth putting time into in order for players to have a good experience? I hope so
Best poker game. Horrible community
by Stars poop on 2020/06/03 04:59
Most smooth and sleek poker game I’ve played, but the community is horrible, and I’ll give one main example that basically describes all of it. So, imagine this... you join a game with 1k buy-in. Having a good time until that one guy starts just going all-in pre flop every time. Turns out that he actually has one billion dollars, but he just joins that table to ruin everyone’s game. So naturally you ask the table why and the MULTIPLE people who all have billions of dollars respond in several different languages, and another guy just randomly tells you to “just shut up and play the game.” Now that last quote 100% happened to me. And don’t let me start on how the other normal players take just about forever to actually play their hand. This could be fixed by having AFK penalties and making it so that you can only play at a lower table than the last two most expensive tables available for you if you join a friend at that lower table. The language thing could also be simply fixed with regional servers, as probably over half the people you meet won’t speak English.
Not so random
by D_Capp on 2020/04/24 07:52
I play this game a lot. I started off playing solely black jack. Which I quickly gave up because it seems like the dealer wins 75% of the time. So I switched to poker which is fine. The only issue with poker is that most players in tournaments simply go all in every hand, which ruins the game. I actually won’t to play poker and not have to bet my whole hand every time. I know it’s a players right to bet their hand whenever they please but it’s a tad bit excessive on this app. Further more, I don’t entire believe that the poker games are random at all. I’ve see your comments about using a third party, but if you played a few games you will definitely disagree with the third party. I really do enjoy the app though. It’s free and has tons of different games to choose from. I just wish that the games were actually random. The games I play the most are black jack and poker. When it comes to blackjack, there’s been multiple times we’re the dealer hits a 4-7 card 21 and I bust after more than 3 cards. If you could look into the randomness of the each game it would be greatly appreciated. If not I might just have to move on from the app
Like real
by Jackharpertech49 on 2017/10/28 00:04
I use to play 21 at Vegas casinos way back when all the time (I’m 64). Now with casinos opening up nearby I’m using this and other apps to brush up on my game. I like this app the best. I keep reading how “rigged” it is but I don’t agree. Feels like the real thing to me. By playing my strategy I’m able to keep ahead. As I watch others play I can tell a new generation of players are hitting the tables. I mainly stick to the strategy table as I always have. I see others doing things different, sometimes I think “stupid move” like “ what are they doing?” and then sometimes I see them win by doing that. For instance I never split 10’s but a lot of others do (why give up an almost guaranteed winning hand?). This app takes me to the Vegas casinos of old and seems like a familiar home. I’m on it everyday. Thanks to the Devs.
Slot algorithms changed
by SwimminWitDaFishies on 2021/05/19 11:08
I have had this app since 2019 (so a little over two years now). One of my favorite games used to be the slots, but about 3 or 4 months ago something changed in the programming and it's no fun anymore. A huge part of attracting players is the excitement of winning frequently. If there are 25 or 30 paylines, why does it take 25 or 30 spins just to "win" a measly 200 points? Why does WILD mean nothing? I once wrote and complained to technical support and they said that I was just having a run of "bad luck". What kind of explanation is that?? Today I decided to try out the new slot game -- GHOST HOUSE. I started with 60,000 soared to 109,000 after about 20 spins and a HUGE WIN, but then after about 15 more spins I was back down to where I started! The BONUS wheels are impossible to get, and WILD means absolutely nothing along with the 25 paylines it's supposed to have. And I have to say it's not much different on any of the other slot games. Unless the algorithm is tweaked, I won't be playing slots.
The Game is rigged no matter what they say
by M.M.N.I on 2020/12/20 16:51
There’s absolutely no way the Blackjack game isn’t rigged in this app regardless of what the developers say. I’ve been playing this game for a few months and every so often I’ll get a day when every single hand I get is a losing hand. I change tables, I play alone and with others, I change levels, and none of that matters. The dealer will win every hand. I’ll have a 20 or 21 and the dealer will either beat me or push every time. I’ll get a blackjack and the dealer will get one with me or 2 back to back immediately after. The odds of these things all happening continuously and consistently is nil. They just rig the game for you to lose all your chips so you buy more. I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the same thing. This is a real issue with this game that they need to fix before they start losing their users to other apps. I’m sure this problem can be fixed fairly easily. You want to keep your players engaged with the experience, instead you’re turning them off completely.
You aren’t safe no matter how much money you have
by WowMuchOffensive on 2019/08/24 15:04
This app is actually very well designed and a lot of fun at first but trust me after a while playing you will want to be betting higher and higher amounts and the game has EXTREMELY aggressive micro transactions. For example if you lose all your money playing a game, you automatically get double or even triple the money for the amount you are paying. And it won’t be fun for you if you are only betting safe amounts so you will probably give into the micro transactions like I did. The blackjack component of the game is most definitely NOT RNG. I have seen the dealer get 20 and 21 15 times in a row. And am a fairly successful gambler in real life but this game will truly destroy your wallet if you let it. If you download this game do NOT buy ANY micro transactions and just try to play for fun. Because even I had lost about 1.2 billion dollars (in game) on a blackjack table in about 10 minutes. Literally no dollar amount will save you in the long run so do yourself a favor a skip this game unless you are purely playing for practice.
Odds are off
by TTornApp on 2020/02/20 21:35
I’ve played a lot of bj before and have never had the odds of losing a hand as I have in this game. The dealer can draw 6 cards to 21 and if I try it 100 times I never have that luck, along with the other players. I have found that if I hit when I should have stayed it throws the dealers hand off and they bust but if I wouldn’t have hit the dealer would have hit a 20-21 or at least a push with the other players, that’s if I’m the third to hit or stay, now if I'm the first to hit or stay and do the same the other players hit the cards they needed to win and it throws the dealers hand off but if I wouldn’t have taken that extra card or cards the dealer would have got that 20-21 or made a push out of it. I’m tired of losing just so the other players get fair odds of winning by taking cards just to throw off the stacked deck for the dealer. Thank you and I wish you would play your own game and see if it’s not true. Respectfully, Torn Apart
Game rigged not to win
by on 2019/05/29 00:48
It still freezes when banker gets a good hand like they take control of it. They banker wins a ton more they say fair play but it’s not. The third party auditor they say that works in there favor. In real card games u win more then In this games. They cheat and want to get you hooked. I have played a lot of games and before the update the games was more realistic now it seems to be more of scam the chances of winning before the update a while was a ton higher now it takes your money and against odds to win. The more money you put in the more faster they take it with no hands. It’s fishy that win u loose all your money it try’s to give you exclusive offers to make you put more money it’s like how do they know when you run out of chips. The chips or too high they want real money for fake chips and they advantage of you. It’s sad before the update u could win a lot more. It’s boring not realistic they rigged it not to win. Don’t put money in here I put the last bit of money in it and I will never again.
Superior Blackjack
by MrDrProfessorSr on 2018/02/10 22:32
I have to say that I absolutely love this game! It feels so realistic and the graphics are incredible. I wanted to leave some suggestions for possible improvements. I would love it if the game had background music. I really enjoy the sounds of the game, along with good Casino feel music in the background to make the feeling that much more real. I also feel to make the game complete, it would be super awesome if a Craps game were added. I have a love for the game of craps, and I thing Blackjackist could really do it well. The last thing Is a personal favorite, which may seem trivial, is I really like when you can change the table cloth colors. I enjoy when I can customize a private game and give it my own touch. But overall, this game is top notch.
Realistic Play — Unamerican Developer(s)
by Mikemc01 on 2018/09/17 21:01
The game, itself, does play fairly realistically. At least for me. However, I can only give this app one star due to their non-acceptance of my avatar. As part of this game, you are allowed to log in using a Facebook account. Your profile pic becomes your avatar (or you can choose another pic). While I can appreciate their stance that an avatar should not contain hate speech or be ‘offensive’ (which they DO NOT define, by the way), I would hardly consider the text of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution on a background of the flag of the United States as ‘hate speech’ or ‘offensive’. My avatar was promptly removed with no explanation. This shows either a cowardice, or pure hatred for the country. I will not dispute their right to do so. But they do not have a right to expect any financial support from me, either. I will continue to use the app, though. I do think it was well written. The only thing I would suggest to improve the app would be to allow a $6 wager on the 6 & 8 point for craps. That would be a more realistic method of betting.
This would have been a favorite
by LadyPickyGamer on 2018/12/20 07:35
The odds were ok, at first. I liked that not all players are aggressive. The MTT and weekly tournaments are fun. The mixed up poker rules for games are a unique spin on things. I skimmed through the reviews and noticed something wasn’t mentioned: As a lady I’m constantly being flooded by friend requests. If I accept any some people pester for personal info, chat with inappropriate language/ requests or even try to take things out of the app. I have guys trying again to request and request I wish there was a block option. Some are truly disturbing. I also have similar complaints as the rest. The odds of losing are in your favor once you’re “hooked “I expect to lose. I’d be ok with losing around half the time. But some days I just can’t seem to get a winning hand to save my life. I have not purchased anything in this app. Blackjack is difficult to win because if you want an additional card, you almost always get a 10 which is a bust. But if you don’t the dealer gets 18,19,20,21. Poker, ugh. Today I’ve lost several hands. Have not won a boost tournament. Someone else always has a better hand such as a straight flush. Or have a straight or someone else has full house. It would be nice to help out once and awhile. I feel I have a realistic grasp on the frequency of winning but to lose repeatedly for an hour? If things are going well, and I go to next blind up, forget it. There is zero chance of walking away with anything.
by JWMelon on 2018/06/28 18:41
I’ve been playing blackjack for over 40 years and have never seen a game so one sided in my life. On a recent series of games, the dealer had 15 or less on 29 occasions. Her next card hit 21 on 27 of those. The other hit 20 and one bust. I’ve lost more times in my experience with BJ then I’ve won. No kidding, that’s why the casino stays open. I get it... it’s called gambling. But your sight is not only not fun but suspiciously one sided. I wouldn’t use real money on this sight if it were given to me. I’m not saying this because I lose on your site. I say it because I never win. I played approximately 1000 hands on this site and have a win ratio of less than 14%. Could it be just bad luck... perhaps though I’m reminded of the scene From National Lampoons Vegas Vacation where the dealer never loses. Bottom line is that any gambling establishment doesn’t have to cheat to win. The odds are in their favor and the more someone gambles, eventually they will lose. This site takes the fun out of it and I’m only playing with “chips” given to me.
Chips mysteriously disappear
by Tat2.chick.j on 2019/01/04 12:09
I have on many occasions left a table with a certain number of chips only to start on another table with hundreds of thousands less. Just last night I had 1,050,000 chips when I turned off my game. Today, I entered a table with 755k chips. This happens every single day. I even got down to 350k chips wondering where 500k were from the table before. I don’t really care, it’s not real money but it’s mysteriously taking my chips away. Update- changed to 1 Star. Wrote support with my issue and provided screen shots. Was told “the game doesn’t let you take your full balance to the table” but failed to explain why I can go to several tables with the same relative balance and then it mysteriously drops by 500k. I tested it during their rude replies and I had the same 750k following me. I lost a couple hands and the lowered balance followed me. Then the balance disappeared again. Their responses to support are rude and confrontational, so therefore this dropped to a 1 Star
14’s to 24’s
by Slasher M on 2020/01/03 17:24
The numbers 14 and 24 are big to me in this game. Every time I see 14 and I hit I see 24. Every time I hit on 14 I see either a Queen or a King. One after another it keeps happening! Now, this is what I want. I’m saying it’s rigged but I don’t want to believe that because this one game says it’s not. The only thing is I should believe it’s rigged because hundreds of these customers are having problems like this and they all get the same copy and paste response. All this game is doing is slightly rigging it where you lose some chips and then they want the player to buy more chips. Suggestion, make blackjack tournaments. This game is called “blackjack” and there’s a picture of a blackjack table. Make us what we came for! Quit doing this for money and do this so we can have fun and learn! If this doesn’t change I’ll be leaving the game.
Great official support
by on 2019/02/24 10:03
The table games are very cool! Just remember all casinos aren’t in it to lose. -Omaha is like bingo, unfortunately at any buy in level. (Blame people, not the game) -Holdem is great except at lowest buy in level (bingo). -Craps is so fun. My favorite. -Blackjack dealer is a shark. Hardly busts with 5 cards. -Set poker is exciting. -Split poker is not ^ -Baccarat is baccarat. Boring. -Roulette is roulette. Not enough tournaments. -Slots are alright. There are many. Jackpots stink and I think they’re split among the top players. -Sports bets are rewarding! Especially if you understand or see the small grey “Reg Time” Table gifts make it funny. (Add more)! Property gifts are neat. Emojis are convenient! Weekly tournaments are a battle! Poker games like hearts party (2 decks only spades and hearts) get exciting. KamaGames LTD does not specify rules for sports bets. I hope their support/ development team will add a rules page to their sports betting to avoid future misinformation or misinterpretations regarding overtime. All games have their own menu and rules except sports bets. The official support staff are amazing. They respond quickly and are very professional and helpful. If not for them, I may have rated 3-4 stars. Still, it’s the best casino app out there.
Superior Customer Support!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by SkisaWinner on 2019/06/23 20:01
Hello my fellow gamers!🎰🎲🎲 I came here today because thought you’d all like to hear what a phenomenal group of people Blackjackist has working for them! I had some kind a glitch, not sure if it was on my end, or the game where it totally cleared out my profile and started me on a completely new one, as if I was starting the game for the first time. Up until that point, I had not synced it with my Facebook account. Not sure why; all my other games are & I had been playing for quite some time. Anyways, within the new account, I messaged the support team and they immediately got back to me to assist me with some troubleshooting to figure out what happened. No luck trying to recover my game through signing off & back on, etc. they instituted a series of questions, to identify me, and viola! I was back in the game with my old account! They were kind, polite and very knowledgeable I would highly recommend you contact them if you have any questions not covered in the games settings. Thanks for looking 😃
Dealer Always Wins...
by CrisGurl6 on 2018/08/27 02:34
Completely one sided and not so realistic. The dealer more than likely will win… The dealer will pull five to six cards and get 21...I pull 1 card on the 13 and get 23 yes that's realistic but nine times losing and six of those are A bust is not. So yes it was really fun in the beginning when I was allotted 150,000 to play. It got so fun that I was suckered into buying 2 million to which were $2.99 not bad right???... all seemingly as soon as I bought more I started losing at a faster pace and more often than usual. Of course we know gambling is gambling and usually the house will win but it was very odd. So my money dwindled down to nothing and of course right before the very last penny spent I get a notice to which offered 2 million for some small price… Yeah they're good in suckering people into buying...hey, 1mill users @ 2.99 adds up🤔🤔🤔 business is a business but that business is no business of mine.
Great fun but obviously rigged.
by EagleGrafix on 2018/02/15 02:05
Overall I really like this game. I’ve been playing it for several months - almost daily. I play all except Omaha. Baccarat and Roulette seem most to have average results. Texas Hold’em is screwy, but most computer Texas Poker games are since there were s no opportunity to read the opponents. My biggest GRIPE is blackjack which is my favorite game. In the casino I rarely have a bad night. On this game there are strange table rules and the game is obviously skewed in favor of the dealer. Odds just do not work last like this in live game with real money on the table. I never buy insurance and lose less than 15% of the time. This game will give the dealer 5 blackjack hands with an Ace up card. I’ve never experienced choosing No Insurance and have that many loses to a dealer BJ. I’ll never buy chips here because I can never win any money. I suppose the rigging will eventually zero me out and I’ll be gone.
Terrible “warning”
by projectscott on 2021/06/15 21:20
They are hiding by “random generator” to make you think this is like a real random deck. They probably DO follow rules but not true odds. Watch the “twisted canned” response to complaints. This is not true odds of real blackjack. They will also twist this response. You will reach a point and they will make it impossible to play without watching advertisements, claims, etc. it has nothing to do with odds or your level of play but rather letting you have fun like realistic blackjack and then “unrealistically” getting 20 straight hands to take you to zero to “buy more chips”. I am deleting the ap Why not let the game play out? If it were random, (please don’t play the same feedback response) I would be happy to buy more chips? I lost like 15 straight hands (draining my chips so I had to buy more and more) and it was not based on play or random. It was quite entertaining to see them flip 15 straight hands of one better than me. Fraud
Either terrible algorithm or completely rigged
by fjssh1233 on 2019/06/12 21:33
I’ve played blackjack for decades and understand the complete bad streaks for players, but this game is beyond rigged. In multiple shoes I’ve counted the amount of dealer “bust” card scenarios where nearly all the time there was another very low small card lying beneath and the dealer always makes a hand. From the players side almost all the initial small cards were almost always followed by a face or 10 and the next hit would draw a complete bust - even when a 12 count situation. Dealer makes a hand nearly all of those 12 card counts. Not sure if the programmers tweaked the house odds by another couple of percentage points but it’s pretty obvious and if the developers ever played it themselves they would obviously see the glaring issue, but I’m sure they have not and don’t care to because they know what was tweaked on their end already. Good job for making this terribly frustrating!
Not very good
by Theo23E on 2020/09/17 01:10
The games seem set up okay but don’t spend your money on this game! I spent about $30 and lost nearly every hand for the next hour or so until I had nothing left of what I paid for. I won so much more before I spent any money. The customer support claims the algorithm they use is genuine and 100% random but to lose the way I did right after spending real money suggest either the worst luck ever or what would seem more likely is since I spent money if I lose everything I may be more likely to spend more money so my chances were changed from before I spent money. Customer support seemed like they didn’t want to even talk about it. They seem to have a lack of caring for their customers at least in my experience. If you do spend real money I hope your luck is better but be careful it may lower your good experience during gameplay that you had before spending real money. Good luck!
You lose way more than you win
by Wesd017 on 2019/06/15 11:19
I understand “the casino always has an edge” but when literally every time I play this game I win 1 hand to every 6 I lose, something is messed up. I’ve been playing this game pretty much daily for the last week and I don’t think I’ve ever won 2 hands in a row. I don’t buy that the cards are randomly generated. They’re selling chips so obviously they want you to run out so you buy more. *Edit after reply* Claiming to have a 3rd party provider for algorithms is not proof that the game is not being interfered with. Especially, since most 1 star reviews are complaining about the same thing. Dealer face cards in comparison to players are incredibly unbalanced. Losing 8 out of EVERY 10 hands played while playing perfect basic strategy, to me, is proof that game play is interfered with. Your 3rd party system means nothing to me when I’ve seen your claims disproved time and time again.
Questionable algorithm and ethics
by PhillyGeorgeM on 2020/05/03 07:36
I had this app for a few months and had to delete it, the odds of certain situations I saw regularly were impossible. They are free to make a claim that their algorithm has been inspected and approved by an outside auditor but that doesn’t mean much unless it’s been approved by a regulatory commission that oversees gambling. They are also technically within their right to say that is not required, but there are some ethical questions around whether or not an app that operates as a casino should be allowed to accept micropayments without having to be regulated by such a commission. You can play for free sure, but there are “deals” offered on the front page to pay for chips (which I would never recommend to anyone) which makes me wonder why legislation isn’t treating this app like the casino with questionable algorithms that it really is.
Realistic graphics but has problems
by Pelicandude on 2018/08/18 21:02
The wait time, about 20 seconds, is way too long for a player to place their bet. Plus, the game allows players to continually not make bids without kicking them off, slowly the game way down. There are other areas where the game could be sped up without changing the realism. It’s likely rigged. I know how to play but lose money quickly. The dealer gets far more blackjacks than I do. When the dealer is showing a low card she often hits 21 with 5 cards, sometimes 6, and busts less than is realistic. Their option to pay real money to get more playing cash is out of the question for me. Their choice to use an attractive, shapely female dealer is interesting. I’m a male. Do female players have the choice to have a hunk male dealer? It only deserves a one star but I give it an extra star due to the nice 3D graphics.
Fun game but no way it’s random
by Littlelee99 on 2020/05/19 14:08
The game is fun, but their assertion that cards are random is untrue. They will respond they have a third party assessment. If so, name the independent source for auditing. I’m guessing the third party is a drinking buddy :-). In poker I just completed another game where first 6 winning hands were: Full house beats straight, Flush beats 3 of a kind, straight beats 3 of a kind, flush beats straight, 3 of a kind wins ( maybe only legit one!), and 4 of a kind beats a flush. Now I’ve played a lot of poker, and never have I seen anything like this yet it happens all the time (LOL). Same is true in blackjack. Dealer pulls out miracle wins time after time. Draws 3-5 cards to 21 like clockwork. As I said, it’s fun to play, but this is not real poker or blackjack. The deals are rigged. Just enjoy it as a time sink and don’t put much faith in the actual outcomes!
Very impressed
by madikins98 on 2020/08/17 07:17
I’m not a huge black jack player and I am quite new to the game. I have read through the reviews and found that the developers seemed to have solved them. I find that the gave is quite fair in winnings and losings. And haven’t found that some cards are pulled more than others! But again I am a newbie to this game and may have not noticed it compared to more experienced players. It’s a pretty game and runs smoothly on my phone. The only ads that I have watched on this app is the ones where I personally want to watch them for chips! I hate ads with a passion and love that this app pretty much has no ads. Very nice app!
by acorny2 on 2020/10/05 05:53
I have conducted a multi-step experimental research on my hypothesis that this game is in fact not RNG. First, I entered the experiment with 100,00 chips on 31 accounts. Then entered the game mode “Roulette”. In the suspicions of many users, roulette is often not RNG and especially when betting on the red/ black option. The higher the player bets, the lower the chance the player will win. The initial chance is supposed to be 50/50 every time. Over 11 days of conducted controlled research and experimentation, 100 roulette games were played on each account. The average win rate was 23.6% for betting high hands on the 1.5M/4.5M buy-in table. Almost ever account except for 2 are under the initial 100k start amount. This theory of using a RNG system but instead using a number-probability system which reduces the chances of winning having put in higher amounts has undergone a series of tests and has been proven false.
by Histmajor on 2018/07/05 03:03
The graphics are the best and only part of this game that I like. I play blackjack and the so called book is out the window here. The game is set up for the house to win most hands. There is never a real winning streak here. The dealer always and I mean always pulls the exact card to beat u. When I pull a 20 9 Times out of 10 it’s a push. If I split I win one and always lose one except minimal times. A 13 always seems to pull a 10. Some hands u lose if u stick or if u hit. You’ve lost when the cards were dealt no matter what u do. This game is a complete waste of time and I am done here.
by terminator killer on 2019/11/01 17:30
I have been playing blackjack for over 50 years I am a highly skilled player that can count cards. I call the dealers terminators because they only exit to destroy unskilled players and have them pay for more money. The terminators hands do not exist in the real world of blackjack. I have never lost so many Hands in a row to a terminator that does not bust and has a low hand of 19. The young people who play this game think it’s a game of luck and violate every single rule of play which is a frustration at times. All that said I enjoy the realism of the game and the challenge of beating the terminators. So far I barely hold my own. If you try to play on luck alone the terminators will destroy you. Learn how to play the game!!!
Virtually unplayable
by NotoriousM3 on 2020/03/17 08:43
This simulation deserves negative stars. Apple should eliminate it from the app store due to the fixed outcome and unfair player odds. Now the developer will respond with the “its certified by a third party with industry standards.” I say what industry standards? Its absolute nonsense. If casino BJ played like this every casino would be empty. Don’t take my word for it just play the crooked simulation and you’ll agree. No matter your hand the dealer will ALWAYS have a better hand. The developers don’t even try to hide their thievery! So the developers responded with the standard prepared statement claiming the gameplay is verified by some independent 3rd party as is standard operating procedure but it means absolutely nothing. I don’t care if the pope certified it. I’ve been playing BJ since the 70’s and I know unfair gameplay when I see it. I guess the other thousand negative reviews are inaccurate as well.
Poker problems
by RoRo607 on 2019/11/09 18:12
I’ve been play for a few months now and I have to admit- I’m completely hooked! I love this app. But here lately in the last week or 2, all of a sudden in either Texas or Omaha poker tables, I could have a full house and the app only shows me with a pair in hand. I have been frustrated when losing thousands of dollar bets. Just today I had a pair of 9’s and also a pair of Aces. However the table showed me with only 1 pair instead of 2, losing another hand that I should’ve won. I came here looking for an Update maybe that I’m missing? That’s not the case. What gives? I don’t want to drop the app. I like it. But at this point if I can’t get the app to read my hands correctly. What’s the point? I will just find another app to play.
Smooth App, Plenty of Game Options, BUT...
by Dat Menaxe Says on 2020/04/09 20:28
This app has a lot of options that simulate the casino experience, where the animation and gameplay are solid, and barely glitches out. It’s good if you want to play different gambling games; however, the Random Number Generator doesn’t seem to work as honestly as they boast in their description. The game seems to decide when it’s your turn to lose (and lose big), draining the chips given to you for free. The business model is to hook players with the games and free chips, then banks on the player being compelled to pay for chips when it finally decides you’ve won enough. It’s a common pattern with these games. I don’t blame them; it’s an effective business model. I just wish it wasn’t so blatant and drastic in it’s directive to drain your free chips.
Absolute crap
by Awesomeari11 on 2019/08/08 20:32
This game has wasted so much of my time. One day I was playing this game normally, logged off for a while, and when I logged back in an hour or so later my account was suspended on some grounds that I “violated a rule” or something. I did no such thing. Left a message for the support arguing that I didn’t break any rules so that I could play again. Days went by and my account remained locked, so I uninstalled the game. Waited a few more days and decided to redownload the game to see if I have access again. Yea I have access to my account again, but it seems it’s been completely wiped. My $253K reduced to $500. My achievements, profile picture, everything gone. So aside from the fact that the odds in this game are absolute garbage and the dealer almost always pulls 21, they lock your account and wipe it for absolutely no reason. Awful.
It’s real and fun but not real fun.
by MrBooze47 on 2019/11/16 01:35
This game is great the layout, setup, graphics, extra. If only it was truly fair. That would be awesome. It claims to have fair play but anyone who plays blackjack for real knows better. It’s like every other blackjack app, start betting big dealer wins every time. It’s almost comical. I mean all you can do is laugh as you loose all your money. No way in hell this game has fair play. I once lost 20 times in a row playing perfect basic strategy all because I was up in my bet every time. I guess they think if I loose all my chips I’ll spend real money to get some more. Then I might have a chance to be one of the high rollers even though the game is fake the chips aren’t real and it doesn’t play like real blackjack.
by New York business on 2020/09/30 03:08
I’ve played in Las Vegas, cripple creek, Blackhawk, and central city many many times over the last 30 years and I have NEVER seen the dealer get 21 four times in a row. Another thing I have never seen in a real casino that I have seen here 3 times in one, one hour game is the dealer winning with 6 cards! What are the odds of staying under 21 with 6 cards? But the dealer does it no problem. You claim this is a fair game? This is an absolute lie. Then you start with 5000, minimum bet is 1000 so when this rigged game cheats and you lose 5 hands in a row you have to buy more. There may be fair games online but this is not one of them. Don’t believe their “random number generator” lies. They are randomly generated for you to lose. Their 3rd part auditor is also a load of garbage. Stop making the RNG and 3rd party claims. No one believes you
Crappy Gameplay
by The Real Reviewer 1 on 2020/08/17 22:26
UPDATE YET AGAIN: I guess everyone on here that’s saying the exact same thing that I’m saying is wrong. Ok, got it!! What a joke. It doesn’t matter because you’ll never get another dollar out of me. I’ll say this again until you learn to listen. Fix your broken down, cheating, and scamming game. BEWARE: Don’t play unless you want to be frustrated. The gameplay is horrible. The developer says that they don’t cheat but YES THEY DO. How do you go almost all game without winning and when you’re not losing, you’re pushing. I don’t want to hear the excuses from the developer!! Fix the game!!! And I think that it’s misleading to delete your first response (which was sarcastic). Thank you for keeping your response with the sarcastic, unapologetic, and nasty tone so that people can see your “customer service”. Good Luck to you as well
Curious about the algorithm(s) for blackjack
by wpb2223 on 2019/07/29 15:19
The dealer ends up with 21 WAY more than reality. I play a LOT of blackjack at casinos and to me I don’t feel that it is fair play. Even went to the point of counting cards and some things just don’t quite add up. I want to continue playing but I would also love to see the developers smooth some of these odds over because they are not feeling very realistic to me. Will continue to play but for now only 2 stars. Also as a side note the tutorial for roulette should be a little more in depth for those players that might have never set foot inside a casino or now how to play. I would love to see a more detailed tutorial for some of the tables (Mainly Roulette) Truly hope the developers read this and take these things into consideration
An Authentic Experience
by Taahakopp on 2019/10/25 22:02
A great effort and time has clearly been invested by the developers to create this game. The graphics and 3D gameplay (in which I really love) is of high caliber and the game feels very realistic. This is the best blackjack game that can be played on any handheld device. I have a few recommendations in which I would live to see in future updates. Firstly, different variants of tables should be added based on the tier of the lobby, as well as the atmosphere surrounding the table. Secondly, an option to turn on soft, jazz music in the background should be provided and is something I feel I need especially if I’m willing to spend long periods playing the game. I would love to see this game be introduced to MacOS especially with the addition of MacOS Catalina’s Catalyst; a great developers tool that allows developers to create MacOS version of the game very easily! Thank you so much for your support and effort. I’m hoping updates will improve the game continuously.
Winning hands lose in this app?! Garbage!
by Thehb2k on 2020/08/24 07:57
I play poker in real life and I play this and unrealistic crap happens if you don’t pay real money or aren’t at the “right” level. Example? I had a four of a kind and was BEATEN BY a person with TWO PAIR because they bet more money than I did! Poker (in any form) doesn’t work like that! I have seen two pair hands have to split the pot with people’s high card! Unbelievable! Fix this rigged piece of crap and if you don’t know how these games work, you shouldn’t be making them and definitely not making money. This app has a horrible slant to it and they need to fix it. This is the only game where they reward you for sucking! I have lost to losing hands, which if I have the better one I should win right? Not in this app!
Something is wrong with Blackjack
by Jose -.- on 2017/10/24 12:39
This game can be fun as hell, my girlfriend and I play poker all the time with this app and just last night she won 400k pot. Yet, when we played blackjack, from there things go down hill, the dealer is alway up by 18-21, they rarely bust and I been playing this game for weeks. Another thing is the amount of low cards I get, and even if I play 40 hands of low bets the amount there is insane. They need to check that game, and also to allow people to earn more money by watching videos because the higher you go with more money the less it populated. Overall play game it could be a hit or miss for you, but remember gamble responsible and just enjoy the fun it had to offer.
Fair play gaurantee
by (lost) on 2019/07/19 07:51
Just who is it that guarantees fair play? Because whoever gave it to you has never played this app. Or did you give yourself that guarantee? Dealers gets 20 or 21 70 percent of the time. Dealer draws 6 to seven cards way to often to be realistic. I live in Las Vegas and the play on your app is certainly not fair play. Win until you increase the bet and you will lose. 7 billion played on slot machine 10 million at a time. Hit nothing 100 spins with nothing hit at all. You do not deserve a fair play rating. You manipulate the cards the slots and have for months
Gets old fast
by Rydaddy2011 on 2019/06/22 21:14
I played for a few months. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I get that. However, I deleted the game today when I played almost a million in coins in slots and won 4 times for a total of 3600. I placed 12k bets on 40 linesI saw some have the same issue and was told they use a RNG from 3rd party. I guess I didn’t spend enough money with them for the RNG to work in my favor? Black Jack play is too slow. Some of these folks playing run the timer all the way down then bet. It is too slow of pace. Also, I have only even seen their be a “shuffle” 2 times in all my play. No wonder I can’t win. Over the entire course of play, it just got old. So I can wait for daily to get some money back, week long wait, or pay, or watch videos for a couple of coins. No thanks.
Blackjack needs improvement
by ReviewerAJP on 2019/05/21 01:54
Many reviews are critical of the blackjack odds, with good reason. The developer provides a canned response apologizing for the user’s emotions, which is illogical and rather off-putting. A random number generator is inadequate to simulate an actual multi-deck shoe if no allowance is made for the cards already played. That should be an easy fix for the development team that might improve the users’ game experience - if that is actually the developer’s objective, that is. Update: I’ve now deleted the app after reading the developer’s response to another critical review in which the developer falsely accused the reviewer of engaging in profanity/hate speech. Please note that we have freedom of speech in the USA and if you are not OK with that then you have no business marketing your products here.
Unrealistic Odds
by dancing is the life on 2020/12/03 01:28
I’ve been around gambling for several years and my friend told me I needed to try this game because it’s helped him with training. I downloaded the game and it was obvious that there is something fishy going on in their software. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks and I’m astonished that the card count was almost always negative. Which means the deck is always in the dealer’s favor. I can appreciate the realism that the developers put into the graphics which is why I gave it two stars. However, I never spent a dime on the game and highly recommend you do not either. I think the app can be used as a good training tool but that’s it. Learn basic strategy on this game and then take it to a real casino to test your skills.
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