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Finally a beautiful and simple way to view tides on your mobile device! In addition to worldwide tidal estimates, you can see the lunar data, weather forecast, and current radar making your next outdoor adventure as easy to plan as possible. By default, the application will pick the closest station to you, but picking a different station is as easy as viewing a map of your current location. You can also setup and quickly switch between many stored favorite stations if you need to. No internet access while outdoors? No problem. This app has been designed to give you tidal and lunar predictions without internet access! It even includes a “Today Extension” so you can get the data you need without opening the app. Now with Apple Watch support!
I like this app
by leftyqwerty on 2020/08/10 00:59
This app is a good way to know the high and low tides
by jp in poulsbo on 2020/08/07 23:59
I absolutely love this app. This tide app allows you to forecast what the tide will be at any time of day. I have a kayak suspended beneath a beach house and we have 12 to 15 foot tides in our area. It is very useful to know when the tide will be high enough to portage the kayak to the water. This app does the job!
Easy to Read
by aliaschu3 on 2020/08/04 13:55
This is a simple graphical representation of what the ocean is doing where you are in the world or where you want to go. It’s easy to understand. Great app!
Great App
by MathCoach48 on 2020/08/03 17:49
Great app to have for accurate info on local tides.
New problems
by tides not politics on 2020/07/27 22:01
I’ve really liked this app but lately when I log on there is a trump ad, then the screen goes dark and I lose the tide data. Think I’ll switch to another app.
Watch complication is off
by Life, liberty and the pursuit on 2020/07/26 12:06
The watch complication is off a bit. It does not seem to match where the tide is. It’s not far off, but it’s not bang on.
Tides app
by Big Voice Jake on 2020/07/22 21:34
This app is great for people who love doing water sports. I would recommend this app.
by ijaguar on 2020/07/22 02:12
Totally works for quickly visually seeing tides. Very important in the Philippines with reefs.
Not so hot
by Abie Babie on 2020/07/19 19:01
There’s a tide station about a half mile from my dock, but this app won’t recognize it. The next nearest one is six miles away and three hours off of my tide cycle.
The best
by 333RUST333 on 2020/07/17 09:54
The best
ℬ𝓇𝓊𝒸ℯ ℳ𝒶𝓁𝒹ℴ𝓃𝒶𝒹ℴ
by IL CAPO DEI CAPI on 2020/07/16 14:32
Very friendly App also is very convenient to have included the Moon Phase and the weather
Great app- drains battery!
by Takeelaldy on 2020/07/15 01:03
No way to turn off background refresh!! Runs constantly.
no adds please
by 55DMC on 2020/07/14 13:22
I can’t get to the app.
New location
by Lzorro1 on 2020/07/13 19:55
Tried to find gold beach Oregon and wouldn’t go to it...
Best Tides app on watch
by Strick51 on 2020/07/11 12:04
I’ve been using this app when I vacation on Cape Cod for morning swims. On the Apple Watch, it’s the best and most complete presentation of tides information I’ve found. It shows a simple graph of high and low tides, and shows tides well out into the future. The graphics on app on the iPhone are a bit clunky, more functional than pretty. Every year I look for a better tides app, but I haven’t found one yet. Pretty would get 5 stars from me. Unfair, maybe, but there’s room for improvement!
Trump Ads
by mbren720 on 2020/07/09 19:15
Not thrilled to be getting giant Trump/Pence ads when I open this app. Just wanted to see when high/low tide is in my area, didn’t need intrusive political ads on day 1.....
by SaxTeacher on 2020/07/04 21:24
Significantly better than the other two free tide apps I used to use. I like the graphical interface showing the rise and fall.
Excellent app
by viking621956 on 2020/07/03 14:43
This is one of the best apps I have ever seen.
Tide app is great
by mikey p 1966 on 2020/07/03 01:00
Great way to plan a fishing trip.
Intrusive ads
by rusty 1521 on 2020/06/30 22:44
App works fine, I’ve had it for a long time. Today I opened it and got a huge full screen Trump ad. I’m out! Look elsewhere.
always useful
by marrolla on 2020/06/28 04:12
this app always comes in handy when I need it!!
by anthony louis burns on 2020/06/27 12:42
Simple and accurate, exactly the same as the tide chart they left on our Airbnb
by Bob H20house on 2020/06/26 12:51
How do I change the date? Currently it’s only about 2 weeks behind
Stupid ads
by Dok82 on 2020/06/25 13:23
Too many ads
Clear concise
by dcpnyc on 2020/06/20 12:57
Clear visuals. Good information provided. Nice organization of the data
Used to be good
by saladomingo on 2020/06/19 05:33
Hammers with ads to the point it’s not functioning anymore.
by 6he on 2020/06/14 21:07
Yes, there are advertising intrusions
by mucking refarkable on 2020/06/13 04:26
Annoying ads
by Fun1919191 on 2020/06/09 16:53
Ads have started to negatively impact the user experience. Specifically the ad will take over the screen and then there seems to be now way out to continue using the app. I’ve had to close the app and re-open it each time that I want to use it and now I’m tired of it so I’m deleting it.
Perfect for taking kids to the beach
by GKGK2013 on 2020/06/08 21:37
Really helpful to know low tide and high tide for a great day at the beach.
Aggressive Ads
by Miss Gooma on 2020/06/08 12:04
Using Tides means running a gauntlet of aggressive ads. Why bother if Googling the tide is so easy?
Very good.
by Hicksville Kid on 2020/06/06 22:25
Concise and easy. Great all around.
by mic ironhead on 2020/06/04 12:07
Like the app....TOO MANY ADDS😤
sadly doesn’t work
by Satyricon jr on 2020/06/01 15:21
a) app on the iphone works well b) complication on the apple watch had an issue that developer has addressed, I will update review if the issue returns 6/1/2020: a) complication is visible when watch adleep, disappears when watch wakes up. New bug. b) the lag time between the apps own values and what’s displayed on the complication still ridiculously long. the complication is not valuable if it is hours off from what the app thinks. if at least there were a line thru the display meaning “data bad” that would be one thing, but this is nuts
Great watch complication
by bearco on 2020/05/29 19:55
Works great for a quick view of current tide. However it needs more locations. Therefore a 4 and not a 5 star rating.
by O👍🏼👍🏼 on 2020/05/28 13:10
LA mejor.!!✨
Best tide app yet
by Tuanjim on 2020/05/28 03:35
Easy to use
Just poor
by tavara on 2020/05/27 18:07
I used the app regularly. Now when I open I get a pop up add for a bank or other vendor and when I click to clear the ad, the app goes dark. Piece of junk
My go to app!
by OceanGirlHI on 2020/05/27 01:53
I love this app. I use it almost everyday. It is accurate and has a ton of information in it.
by TheonlynicknameiuseRick on 2020/05/26 15:54
Very easy to read at a glance
by iT engineer. on 2020/05/23 01:48
Advertising is forefront. Awful.
Simple tides app
by Love of frog on 2020/05/21 00:31
Straightforward interface, limited ads, accurate for my area
This works
by tmantanner on 2020/05/18 18:18
This is a good add and it is write if you are a fisherman looking for an app this one works and is easy to read
by le sel de la mer on 2020/05/18 18:04
Great app
by Reel Dilemma on 2020/05/16 12:29
This app is great for me because it shows the tide heights. My boat is in a location where I need at least 2 ft to go out or return. The chart helps me do that really easily.
Easy to read
by #captainhappydays on 2020/05/15 18:40
Some other tide app are not as quick to decipher as this one that’s why I prefer this one
Simpl and straight forward
by cratercat on 2020/05/15 00:35
Easy to understand tide information using sine waves. Also finding tide locations close by is really easy.
Good, but don’t like the dumb ads.
by changeDmonth on 2020/05/09 21:20
Get rid of the ads.
New Ads format make app unusable. Deleted it.
by Sudjoko on 2020/05/08 14:06
Recent change to ads makes this app unusable.
by majejdhskaidbsns on 2020/05/03 00:29
I’ve been using this app for a couple weeks and having a reliable tide app is very important when catching fish. I fish the Charlotte harbor and this app is very inaccurate. It will say there’s a huge outgoing tide but the water is actually on an incoming. Very disappointed. Terrible tide app.
Tide chart
by laurapix on 2020/05/01 21:57
Helpful and accurate
Weather still wrong
by Tt8888 on 2020/04/23 19:22
The weather still isn’t working right. It’s frozen or something.
Great tide app
by Nerka1925 on 2020/04/21 16:29
I often need to know the tide level at specific hours of the day. The app provides an informative detailed graph that provides what I need. Easy to set up favorite locations. The ipad version does not yet provide a landscape view but a very quick reply from the developer indicated it will soon show both portrait and landscape views.
Upgraded to ad free but still get ads!!!
by jrma6543 on 2020/04/19 20:43
My old tide app went obsolete so tried this one. Started with free with ads. Very annoying so paid for upgrade to ad free. Still getting ads!! You should pass on this one.
Ads are horrid
by lsdphotos on 2020/04/13 21:08
Ads are super annoying
BEWARE this masquerade
by TrainmasterNHRR on 2020/04/12 15:14
This app insists on loading a profile which actually loads an email box to your phone. Why? Difficult to get rid of the email and won’t let me delete email even after deleting the app.
We need this app
by Kimbie33 on 2020/04/06 16:45
Thanks so much. We live in a boat access only island and need the app to determine when we can leave and when to come back. Couldn’t live without this app.
The app is great but stop the political ads
by Jat5961 on 2020/04/05 20:59
I enjoy the app but the political ads (Trump ads) need to stop. Why politicize tides? Absurd.
by Wqljm on 2020/04/05 14:38
This app is very easy to navigate, and provides all needed information in one page.
Doesn’t work right
by Sparrowlake22 on 2020/04/02 15:27
When using iPad Doesn’t rotate with screen diection
Great app
by Zhersh on 2020/03/26 16:54
Have been using for years, love the graph which shows tide changes on a very visual manner, must try
Tides is the best app ever
by mcece bonpurr on 2020/03/17 10:11
Tides has the weather, the moon development and the waves direction
Love app but still doesn’t work correctly on Apple Eatch
by a2fay on 2020/03/08 19:51
This is a great app. My only issue is that the complication on my Apple Watch 4 is never correct. The 2.31 upgrade did not solve the issue.
Great for fishing rides.
by $&@"12345D on 2020/02/29 18:17
I use this each time I go out.
Must have for saltwater fisherman
by hokage1871 on 2020/02/24 21:11
If you fish saltwater, you gotta have this app. It just might save you from a skunk days or worse, getting stuck at high tides and needing to get towed.
Annoying ads
by Caymanman on 2020/02/24 20:32
This app has advertising that takes over your screen
Comprehensive look at the weather
by Gia MJ on 2020/02/09 02:50
It’s great except for having to turn my iPad the see the vertical display. That’s good on my iPhone but inconvenient on my iPad. Wish I could change that. Anybody know how?
The best tide chart for smartphones and any portable device. So much information at a glance!
by David/sf on 2020/02/08 18:58
Clear, precise and easy to read.
Tide Watcher
by PNW Fishers on 2020/02/02 23:53
I really like this thorough and easy to use tide table with all the associated timing and weather information.
Good app for my use
by Plickleboy on 2020/01/23 16:48
Good information app. Free version has adds. Don't mind, it’s free.
by Plico426 on 2020/01/19 14:56
Very easy to use and you don’t have to do any searching for your information
by gordy 44 on 2020/01/19 14:17
Very simple to look at and see my Local tides at a glance
Works great
by Snowlocker on 2020/01/17 23:06
Very accurate here in Panama City , thanx
. A Florida highlight
by Little library on 2020/01/06 22:25
Taking an interest in knowing when tides come and go should be something everyone visiting beaches, since the oceans build the beaches. The available additional info on the app only makes it all more interesting.
Obnoxious and inappropriate ads
by masskmohii on 2019/12/31 22:12
Makes me feel violated
Very accurate predictions on tides.
by Beautiful Puppy Grooming on 2019/12/26 00:55
I can recommend this application. No glitches and quick. 👍
by Ibfishn on 2019/12/23 18:33
Best tide app...period
The best
by dorisrf on 2019/12/23 16:26
I never walk on the beach without looking first at this app.
Fabulous app for tides information
by OGMagnum on 2019/12/19 18:30
I have been using this app now for over a year. and I like it will also show the past and the future!
Clear, user friendly graphics.
by alohaandy on 2019/12/14 06:44
Perfect to readily check the tide levels
Everything that is needed is here.
by UberTrailseeker on 2019/12/09 21:48
This is one of my favorite apps. It’s so easy to read and understand. It gives precise tide information and weather forecasts. I don’t go onto the beach without checking it. The ads are infrequent and easy to delete. Bravo to the designers!
by dcmasie on 2019/12/06 20:45
by help me he one on 2019/11/30 15:08
One of best app out there. Thank you!
Nice app
by Cottontop2 on 2019/11/29 06:05
I like this app and use it for fishing Cook Inlet in Alaska. Only complaint I wish the high tide low tide times were organized by time instead of lumping the low tides together and putting high tides on the other side. Great app though just a suggestion
by Abracabable on 2019/11/28 12:59
Can get past the Spectrum commercial to any useful data. Worthless!
Nice app excellent
by It's me 165 on 2019/11/27 12:13
Let’s me know tide status quickly I really like the idea of it showing where the tide is at at a particular time or at the moment
Love how this works on my Apple Watch
by Words work on 2019/11/25 02:44
This program is so fun. I walk along the marsh and try to guess the tide height and flow and then compare it to the app. It is quick to come up and super easy to read.
Easiest, quickest ride charts
by Dualguzzis on 2019/11/22 19:16
Simple, quick, easy to use and accurate. What more could one want?
by jfagx on 2019/11/22 19:12
It good
Great app
by JJJ @us on 2019/11/21 23:55
I love the way they show the highs and lows
Works great
by Betsam26 on 2019/11/20 16:53
Easy to use. The graphics are better then the other tide app I’d been using.
Good except for super intrusive virus-like ads
by KellyNovember on 2019/11/17 14:57
Most of the app is decent, but one ad required that I approve its actions to get back to the app, and my only other option was to swipe out of the app. For me that means the app gets uninstalled, because when an app acts like a virus I don’t want it, and that takes it from a 5 star app to a 1 Star app.
Unchill Ads
by 847484057384 on 2019/11/16 03:55
Agree with the other posters about the cheesy political ads masquerading as surveys. No reason to be subjected to these so.... delete. There are other Tide apps.
Great app
by Pickes the clown on 2019/11/15 23:09
Great for free
Wouldn’t go fishing without it
by combo loco on 2019/11/14 12:14
I use this app to travel down to big shell padre Island national seashore to travel safely
Too many ads
by Fish-o-Baby on 2019/11/13 17:38
The free app has too many pop-up ads with annoying sounds for me to want to use it as my go to tide app. Although I like the display of the information, there are many tide apps out there to choose from. If the ads were silent I would be more likely to use the app even with ads.
by schbus145 on 2019/11/10 13:36
Love knowing the tide schedule for the many places I travel near oceans. Also so I can tell if my street will flood from time to time. Great app.
Will not install an Apple Watch, continue showing ads
by kurtpr on 2019/11/05 19:05
This app Will not install on my Apple Watch. I paid yet I still get an ad
by Keistin on 2019/11/03 14:12
This app is very good and
Used Daily. Love This App!
by Shore Dweller on 2017/08/26 16:32
I use this app to plan my 8-mile beach walks and to plan when I will swim in the ocean. This app is more useful than my paper tide calendar for daily use. I love that it tells me the exact feet and inches at the moment with a little arrow pointing up or down for rising or falling tide. I love how clear the graph is, showing me how the tide will be rising and falling throughout the day and night, and clearly showing me sunrise and sunset as well. This helps me plan my walks and swims so I do not get clobbered with waves crashing against cliffs or rocks while walking, and can float over rocks while swimming, and to plan for sunlight or starlight. I still use my paper tide calendar to see future tides more than a week or two out, yet if need be, I can scroll over to see future tides on the app as well. When I am not working and have free time, I probably use my tide app about four times or more and that is nearly everyday. I love this app!!!
I used to like this app until it got spammy
by cprphd on 2019/03/20 19:53
This was a very simple and useful app for a long time until recently, when I started to receive a lot of annoying and unprofessional advertising on it. I don’t really mind ads in general, as I know they need to make money, but the way they are implementing advertising on this app results in an unacceptable use experience. Two recent examples come to mind: (1) I received a survey invitation in the app to weigh in on building the wall between the US and Mexico. The survey itself was strongly biased toward one particular point of view, and wasn’t really a scientific survey or poll intended to get true public sentiment, so I found it annoying to go through, knowing the results would not be used fairly. And (2) Today, I received an interstitial ad with uninitiated audio, which means that music started to play for an ad as I open the app without any ability to control to stop it for a period of time. This is totally unacceptable advertising on any digital platform, except perhaps if you’re visiting a site or app where you expect uninitiated audio, like a movies review site/app. I am an expert in user experience, advertising online, and design, and I can tell you from years of experience and tons of data that this will make users extremely annoyed. It does not work as an effective form of advertising in the long run. Therefore, I am deleting this app from my phone and seeking alternatives.
Inaccurate data
by BillyRainbow on 2017/09/04 21:44
I have to reconsider my low rating. I checked the app again this morning and now the tide data is accurate. I don't know if this was a one time glitch or what. So for now the app is working fine and is great for showing sun and moon data as well as tied data accurately and attractively. So disregard my initial review below for now. I can't give this app any credibility at all. It looks good on the surface but the tide data is wrong. It's nearly a full moon and the tides are close to 2.5 feet in Honolulu but the app is showing them at 1.5 feet, and an hour earlier than every other source, including NOAA. In addition, I live right on the water and surf every day and am clued into the tidal heights and times myself. This app gives fake news or, as the Russians used to call it, disinformatsia. So I used it for a day and realized it was really worthless.
Great App!
by BakerBrian on 2019/05/31 21:48
I live in an area where the tidal range averages 8 feet. At certain times, you cannot go places by boat. This app very accurately describes the the tides in such an easy to read format that takes all of the guesswork out of trip planning . It’s a must have for all boaters! One feature I would like to see is the ability to choose the area to study, rather than just “nearest,” and maybe that’s a paid feature, but there have been times when I needed to know what the tide was at my house, but was closer to another body of water, so it only shows me that one, not my home. Other than that, this is the very best tide charting app ever seen.
I like it but the UI has some clumsiness.
by hzm1016 on 2019/10/18 11:18
I live on the coast and I use it all the time. But the user interface has a couple of “features” that the designers may have thought were clever or inventive but that are really just clunky and annoying. As you slide the daily graph from side to side it snaps to a midnight-to-midnight position. Maybe someone likes it, but I don’t and I wish there was s setting to turn this off and just let me position it wherever I want. Related improvements would be to allow adjusting the scale by pinching and allowing rotating the screen into landscape. Also, you can tap a spot on the graph and it will mark that point and label it with the time and tide height. But is very clumsy to move it. It should let you slide a cursor smoothly along the graph and display the time and height as you slide it.
Rad stuff
by prince_caspian5 on 2019/10/21 22:46
Owning a boat I realized that I needed to know when would be a good time to get out there. I started looking at different apps, but nothing really popped out at me until I found this one! Tides is pretty sweet, not only does it sense the nearest bossy of water to you ( and tells u it’s water level) it also has the weather for your location! What I love is that, say I needed to know if next Saturday would be a good sailing day, I can look that up and see! Other then the Annoying adds Tides is a wonderful app that I strongly recommend.
An awesome app plus
by Viking Son on 2019/06/10 23:25
Not only can you get the tides anywhere in graph or chart format the app tracks your position so your cell phone becomes a mini Plotter that is great for a quick location reference on the run. A multitude of pins give instant access to tide info in specific locations with one click. Everything you nee more. Oh and this all works w/o cell tower connectivity & with cellular data turned off. True story..I used this app from Blaine WA to Ketchikan, Alaska. Final destination Haines AK in upper Lynn Canal with Tides by my side.
So far so good
by Bernie Fyre on 2018/05/03 20:02
I'm a long term user of a different tide app called TideApp. A bit ago their update took away a lot of functionality making it no better then a tide table. A new search for a better app lead me here. So far so good. Accuracy is good and there are a bunch of other thinks like moon phase and local weather in this app. Although this app lacks the ability to know the height of the tide at any time, (so I can know when its deep enough to put my boat in) not just at high and low, the graph is moveable to line up with the edge of the screen so you can figure it out. Overall this has easily replaced my prior app for tides. Glad they are there. If they put in functionality of using you'd finger to move along the graph to see height at any time I would even go pro and pay $ to remove ads or whatever.
All you need to know
by Beachcomber2 on 2017/07/30 19:59
I am new to this app, I was using another but they no longer gave the actual high & low numbers just the times of each. Where we go to the beach it is critical to see just how high the tide numbers are due to the terrain. Anything over a 2 ft tide that beach is not accessible. So just seeing that the tide is low at 9 am isn't enough info. This app is perfect for our daily venture to the beach with the pooch! Thanks for the great app.
Best Tides app on watch
by Strick51 on 2020/07/11 12:04
I’ve been using this app when I vacation on Cape Cod for morning swims. On the Apple Watch, it’s the best and most complete presentation of tides information I’ve found. It shows a simple graph of high and low tides, and shows tides well out into the future. The graphics on app on the iPhone are a bit clunky, more functional than pretty. Every year I look for a better tides app, but I haven’t found one yet. Pretty would get 5 stars from me. Unfair, maybe, but there’s room for improvement!
Perfect tide app
by Adam Alf on 2018/08/26 17:25
Works amazing, but it’s especially amazing on Apple Watch (specifically the complication on the watch face) when used with the Time Travel feature -For those who don’t use Time Travel it’s the Apple Watch feature where you twist the dial and things like the weather and sunset times reflect the time you spin up to. Kind of hard to explain, but ask to see it in an Apple Store and then it’ll make sense)
Best One So Far
by ScootBMW_650 on 2017/07/20 00:02
I really like this app. It presents tide data in two formats: graphical and list. The best feature is the graph presents high tide and low tide based upon degrees of departure from sea level. The graph also shows the phase the moon is in at present. Why is this important? The moon controls the tide cycles on earth. I collect seashells and how low the tide is going to be is important in deciding which beach to visit. I use this app every day and highly recommend you download it.
Coastal Hounder
by Coastal Hounder on 2019/01/26 09:59
Wonderful, helpful app. Format and presentation of data is excellent! Clear, concise yet inclusive. Would give the fifth star if: 1. more locations on the OR coast we calculated, offered, displayed. There are similarities to using the 'old fashioned' paper tides book that mandated calculations performed by me. Exactly what I was trying to avoid. 2. Add sunrise, sunset, last light, first light times to the increased readings locations. The data is accurate, helpful and hopefully saves lives.
Tide App Review
by SerenePaddler on 2018/08/26 05:48
I love the hour by hour temp and wind direction and wind speed information, along with the tide chart info. Would be helpful to know which of the nearby tide stations would provide the most accurate tide predictions and be the closest “model “ to the tide behavior at our location. Versus just the “ closest “ geographically as the crow flies. And to more quickly see a map of the nearby tide reading stations. Use the app all the time . Thank you!!!
Versital App
by redf250 on 2019/10/08 22:15
I use this often to look at tide levels and times when I volunteer at Fort Sumter in Charleston SC harbor. I often get questions from visitors about tides and can show them with this very easy to understand graph. I also like it’s weather feature and the location option that allow me to see tidal levels in areas that I travel around the area.
Good Watch Complications, but....
by eatsurf on 2019/08/12 20:33
Good App and good watch complications for being out in the water surfing, EXCEPT the third line of text on the center text watch complication is practically unreadable out in the sun and surf. Dark gray on a black background is impossible to see under bright outdoor conditions. The time of the tide change is the most important tide data and should be prominent. Please change the text to white like the rest of the text and I’ll give it 5 stars. Thanks!
Watch widget gets stuck
by misschatter on 2018/08/25 22:28
I walk daily on a beach that can be blocked at or near high tide where the cliffs stick out. I love this app for the watch part of it. I put the widget on my watch face so I can see at a glance about where the tide is and if it is coming in or going out. On several occasions, however, the graphic in the widget gets stuck and doesn't move for days. I have to reboot my watch to reset it. The side to side scrolling on iPhone x is still a bit wonky too. Other than that, I love it!
As good as it gets...
by ABNCFish on 2018/11/27 18:15
As a surf fisherman who occasionally competes in tournaments, some 24 hours a day for several days and more, this app is invaluable. I usually fish the incoming tide to high tide and regardless of where I’ve been, this app has always been spot on. It helps with developing strategies to maximize the best fishing opportunities especially when fishing through several days at a time. Thanks
Accurate, simple and informative!
by Happy tidewatcher on 2019/07/21 00:49
I happen to live close to a small bay that often gets confused with another waterway that is not subject to as severe tide fluctuations. Not only does the app recognize the differences (others did not) but it is quick, accurate simple to use and provides all the information I need. I use it daily!
Works well, useful info
by GF8000 on 2019/09/05 02:35
Overall works very well. Able to select/save multiple sites and see weather up to 24+hrs in advance. Weather info includes wind speed and direction, which combined with tides is a great tool for paddling planning. Also links with Apple Watch which provides necessary info for quick glances on tides.
Has the info but sometimes hard to find.
by CathyBaber on 2017/07/12 21:28
I really like the app, I love the things that it tells me and its capability. It's not real user-friendly and it's a little hard to find some of the information you're looking for. Somehow I (unknowingly) or the app added several locations and I still have yet to figure out how to delete them. I live on the water so it's a necessity to us.
Great tide app
by Nerka1925 on 2020/04/21 16:29
I often need to know the tide level at specific hours of the day. The app provides an informative detailed graph that provides what I need. Easy to set up favorite locations. The ipad version does not yet provide a landscape view but a very quick reply from the developer indicated it will soon show both portrait and landscape views.
Beach Comber
by Searching for Agates on 2017/07/21 13:33
I've been using this app for over a year now. I'm an avid beach comber rock hunter, I've been known to hike out three plus miles and back. This app helps me find minus tide days, but while I'm out it also helps me keep track of where the tide is at the moment and the weather. I'm still adjusting to the update but it's still one of my favorite apps.
Works off-line, Too!
by Pmenconi on 2017/07/16 21:09
I like the clear daily graphs showing tide levels throughout the day, plus a listing of high and low times. Biggest feature for me though is no data connection to get tide data. Download the regional data before leaving home and check the tides for any day while out and about.
Best Tide app I’ve found..
by L G B on 2018/11/05 13:15
I went with the free version at first, but it was of such quality and so few ads, I felt good paying for it. There are so many aspects that are helpful; Tides clearly shown, Weather button, Moon and Sun cycles, Radar button, Map of area tides to choose, etc. Excellent piece of software and job well done 👍
Check the wind
by JohnHDouglas on 2019/03/19 11:31
OK for getting high and low tide timing, but app’s tide level MUST be taken with a grain of salt. Wind influence has to be taken into account, and this app does not do that. This morning in Charleston the app has high tide at 6.4 feet at my location, but we have an onshore wind and NWS predicts high tide of 7.4 feet. Still, I don’t know of an app that gives you the NWS prediction, so I still use this one. For an astronomical king tide (like today), check with NWS for an accurate forecast to avoid disaster
Still best option
by Scientist007 on 2017/10/18 10:44
I was very disappointed when I updated this app and it now contained an ad banner at the bottom. I understand the need to earn money for your hard work. But I was an early adopter (years ago) who helped push this app into popularity when there was no banner. I’m disappointed this happened. I guess I have to pay to get back the app I had. It’s still the best option out there for speed and layout.
Recreational fishing and water enthusiast
by carswellcs on 2017/07/13 13:32
The Tides app provides accurate and detailed information regardless of location. I live on the ICW and a barrier island lies between me and the Atlantic. The app accurately shows the tide differentiation between the lagoon and the ocean. I recommend the Tides app to everyone because it's user friendly has detailed data.
new update now full of ads...
by nicknamealreadytakenofcourse on 2017/08/02 06:35
beware that after an update, loads of popup and onscreen ads that weren't there in previous versions. I may buy because i do use this app a lot, but more likely to try a few different paid apps first that offer greater capabilities like alarms and such. still...feel a bit ripped that they snuck all the new spam on the most recent update that didn't mention it at all.
Useful and accurate
by Serenatalia on 2019/10/17 07:02
I use this app to plan out how close to the water I can set up my blanket at the beach. It sounds minor but it helps avoid having to move my blanket multiple times. It has been accurate and a great help for those family trips to the beach.
Works for me.
by Soundmiami on 2018/08/19 22:13
Just found this app in place of 3 web sites I currently use, weather, radar, and tides. Quick Intuitive and works well for my specific needs. I like the fact it remembers my last location so no searching for the right tide station.
Visual Presentation
by Athens John on 2017/07/27 16:22
The visual aspect is the best for me as it allows me to be aware of tide and current in kayaking. It helps with planning. I would like to be able to research tides in other places for a week or more in the future. This would make planning for a specific launch site easier. Thank you
Very helpful app
by revsterkevster on 2019/07/10 18:26
Wherever we’ve traveled on the east or west coast, this app has been uniquely helpful. Both accurate. And your friendly. Addition, it provides up-to-date weather information. A must have for any beach goer, fisherman, or those just generally interested in coastal conditions.
The Best 👍👍👍👍👍
by Potsington on 2018/02/26 19:29
Thanks. I live in Puget sound and use your site ALL the time. I think it is the best site design I've found for anything. Easy to navigate. Clear graphics ( pretty too) perfect updates. BRAVO‼️ It makes me wonder why other site designs are so awful. Don't change a thing.
Everything that is needed is here.
by UberTrailseeker on 2019/12/09 21:48
This is one of my favorite apps. It’s so easy to read and understand. It gives precise tide information and weather forecasts. I don’t go onto the beach without checking it. The ads are infrequent and easy to delete. Bravo to the designers!
Best so far!
by notcotuit on 2017/07/15 14:49
I had a different app for years and used it regularly--we live by the beach. This one is WAY better, clearer, less buggy, more information, easier to see the entire tide scope each day, and for days and days ahead. And I love the addition of moonrise information.
by Cptinseineo on 2018/04/18 08:54
Lots of info and different ways to look at it. Clumsy and vague though. Hard to use on a daily basis. If is evening and you want to plan something over the next 12 hours you have to flip back and forth between days. It won’t hold the page with midnight in the middle. The feature to look at a time and probable depth is a large bullseye thing and hard to line up. Neat for those casually interested but a pain to use seriously
Immediately useful
by ensenada al on 2018/08/15 03:48
Love this app. Wherever in the world I might be, I tap to open this app and voila, here is the information I need. The state of the tides, rising or falling, plus or minus and when. Whether I am in Ensenada’s Todos Santos Bay or Santa Monica Bay in SoCal I have the information I need. The ads, which pays for all this, are minimally intrusive and worth the app.
Great app
by Oaty23 on 2018/12/20 23:00
Since we live on the water near Morro Bay . This is a great and useful app in this area . We use it almost every day the only thing I don’t like is the recent addition of the advertisements other than that it’s very helpful and useful tool, proven to be quite accurate.
Pay $2 to eliminate ads
by kbfoot on 2019/07/02 22:52
The free version contains a small add strip at the bottom of the screen, but additionally has pop-up ads that block the entire view, requiring you to dismiss them. I paid the two dollars to eliminate the ads. Now let's see how nice the app is… I was happy with the old app hi tide which had great but simple graphics, but that app is now defunct. Let's see if this tide app can replace it.
New user
by Minipearljam on 2019/09/01 22:21
Have to say very easy very simple to use. Really like the map this also has, we where why up Bastrop bayou the map showed exactly where we where. Really like also you can set different areas for ride reports in local settings. Love it.
Love the app! Fix for Apple Watch 4 please.
by Yasuvienne on 2018/10/29 07:02
Love this app use it constantly for various water activities. Finally updated for complications on Apple Watch 4. The only problem is the complication is super low resolution. I look at my beautiful Apple Watch and see pixels in the Tides complication. I hope they fix soon. Love the app! Would have 5 stars if not for that.
Awesome App
by Kmac4921 on 2019/04/30 03:04
Hi All! I spend a lot of time in Puerto Penasco, MX (Rocky Point) and this is the only app that I have found that has the tides for this location. The highs and lows are always within a few minutes! I recommend this to anyone looking for accurate tide charts!! I hope you download and enjoy!
This is a great app
by 12Tippy on 2019/09/06 23:53
It does everything you need. Finds locations easily, and presents information clearly. Nice to be able to find a location and scroll into the future. I couldn’t think of any way to improve it.
Notifications would be great!
by Steve in Miami Beach on 2018/10/07 12:29
Nice app. Wish I could receive notifications when my favorite locations exceed or will exceed a specific level at High tide. I live in Miami Beach and we often have street flooding due to the tides. Some streets become impassable until water recedes.
by Cloefg on 2017/07/14 15:15
Tides makes it so fast and easy to get the high tide. I was a little skeptical about how it was is so easy to get but I have tested it and it is 100 percent accurate! When you enter the app it only takes 1 second to know when high or low tide is. Great job!
by jp in poulsbo on 2020/08/07 23:59
I absolutely love this app. This tide app allows you to forecast what the tide will be at any time of day. I have a kayak suspended beneath a beach house and we have 12 to 15 foot tides in our area. It is very useful to know when the tide will be high enough to portage the kayak to the water. This app does the job!
Makes other apps look bad.
by NoLightSwitchesHere on 2017/11/07 13:47
I use this app almost daily and honestly, compared to other apps, this one rocks. I don’t struggle with crashing, availability or updating. I have, and will continue to, recommend this apps to tidally aware friends. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Great app
by Most useful app on 2017/09/01 13:21
I use this daily. It is easy to check your favorite locations or your current location. It makes it easy to plan a day long trip and what the tide will be when you get to a certain point.
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