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TimeTree: shared calendar
■Winner of the “App Store Best of 2015” award by Apple! Each individual’s schedule is on one calendar. TimeTree keeps a family and a group organized. It helps manage busy lives while sharing the calendar, tasks, notes and more. The free calendar app beloved by over 19 million users. ■Key Features ○ [Interface] The "Full Month" view shows upcoming events quickly and by the month. You can also switch display types to "Week" and "List". Both the monthly and weekly view display color-coded events. ○ [Share a calendar and scheduling] ・Invite new members via E-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and more. ・Create and edit events for all members. ・Use the Communication section to add comments and photos to individual events. ・Reminders can be delivered to everyone in the group. ・You can sync your calendar with other calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple calendar etc) in two ways: 1. Import your events to copy them into other calendars; or 2. Subscribe to other calendars in the TimeTree app. ・Search your calendars for events. ○ [Share Notes] The notes section to share things like to do that every member can see without putting it on a certain date or time. ○ [Multiple calendars for family, personal, work etc] It supports the creation of multiple calendars so you can keep individual calendars separate and keep your privacy. ○ [Works on PC & Mobile] ○ [Widgets] TimeTree widgets in your home screen let you check and edit your schedule with ease. ○ [Share one-time event] TimeTree offers two sharing options.You can also let people know about one-time event instead of having to share a whole calendar. ○ [Share to other apps] You can share your events easily with people who do not use TimeTree. ■Who is TimeTree for? ○ [Family] ・Everyday scheduling conundrums like , "Mom, I keep telling you I have extra class on Thursdays!," or, " Who's picking up the kids from childcare? " beg the question. TimeTree is the most helpful family calendar and organizer. ○ [Team/Group at Work and School] ・TimeTree is great for small businesses that need to manage meetings and delegate work. ・For students who want to manage their after school sport events or any scheduled team practice times. ○ [Couples] Perfect for couples who want to know when they are both free for dates! ■Contact us Your experience is important to us. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us. ( ■HP: ■Twitter:
I use this app for everything!!
by mvrnla on 2019/12/13 00:18
i love this app because it’s simple to keep organized and visually helpful to keep each of my schedules, appointments, etc... right in front of you. I recommend it if you’re like me and like to have everything in front of you and simple.
Awesome App!
by Briparker27 on 2019/12/12 22:29
This app has been extremely helpful and I love everything about it. The only thing I would change is the coloring on holidays. I wish I could change the color scheme for it. Besides that it’s awesome.
Best thing ever
by Jose aguil on 2019/12/12 20:55
This app has saved my life numerous times. I am in charge of a eight man group and we can track everyone’s appointments, tasks, days off, etc. The fact that we can edit times and write notes. Absolutely beautiful! 👌🏻 Edit: new update seemed to be that now when all day events are scheduled you have to put the day after on the calendar for it to register right. You can adjust to it just seems dumb though.
by celsocisneros on 2019/12/12 20:54
Use it for my job and it’s been an efficient tool to use.
Love it!!!
by funskylar on 2019/12/12 16:33
Love it!!! It helps me and my family keep track of our crazy lives.
Working momma
by 915 Working momma on 2019/12/12 02:39
Works great for work and family planning both my husband and I are on it.
by くりのきくりのき on 2019/12/11 20:11
Love it!!!
by lovemymixes on 2019/12/11 14:54
This has helped my boyfriend and I coordinate our schedules due to him traveling, and kid events. This has helped so much and allowed us to make plans ahead of time.
wonderful and so useful
by macistonsh on 2019/12/10 20:07
absolutely love this app
Increíblemente bueno
by aahousecleaning on 2019/12/10 14:57
Es perfecta esta aplicación, todo lo que necesitas para estar organizado, realmente la recomiendo a todos , no encontrarán mejor calendario que este
Great app to keep the family events in order
by diconnect on 2019/12/09 15:06
Great app
Great but iPad is lacking - no landscape
by iBourbon on 2019/12/09 01:29
Great app!!!! I use it for work with other co workers. I understand that there is no dedicated iPad app yet. But, with that said, if you could at least allow landscape view with the iPad until a full featured iPad app is created, that would be great. This app definitely helps with my business and will continue to use it and recommend it, but needs an iPad version to be fully functional for some users. 5 stars if you guys put in the resources for the iPad as well.
Appointments lost
by footballcheer on 2019/12/08 22:41
This is the 2 nd time things have been taken out of my calendar. Lost 4 appointments. Maybe more . Very upset 😡
Awesome App
by Kgb1957 on 2019/12/08 16:18
Our family loves this app. Everyone can log in and look at all the ballgames, concerts, meetings, etc. of everyone else. We are all more organized because of it!
Best calendar ever!
by Meghelise on 2019/12/07 20:50
I love being able to keep up with everyone in one place! Being able to have several different calendars with different people and my own personal calendar ALL IN ONE PLACE is life changing! I am so much more organized with time tree in my life. Love love loooove this app!
by Mr.TMoore on 2019/12/07 19:23
This app has helped saved my marriage and get us organized and on the same page!
Great app
by martins brush clearing on 2019/12/07 16:33
We use TimeTree for our business and we love it. Very nice app!
Andrew. business owner
by Andrew - Business Owner on 2019/12/07 13:33
Makes tracking contractors so simple!!
Easy breezy
by gigipanini on 2019/12/06 18:34
I love this app!!! It’s super easy to keep up with it!!! I can only say great things about TimeTree. :-D
by 西文同学 on 2019/12/06 16:57
希望将不同成员的日历日程添加分别的颜色,这样每人的日程将更分明,同时希望添加日历日程的时间线,请参考Timepage,愿TimeTree 越做越好。
by btielking on 2019/12/06 15:02
It has made it easier to fallow all our grand children’s school activities!
Happy wife!!!
by momwife4 on 2019/12/06 12:27
Keeping my husband on task and remembering our sons school things, appointments, outings, etc. was hard to say the least but this app has made it so easy and the best part is that he gets reminders. This is a happy wife app.
by datesgreat on 2019/12/06 04:17
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!! I have 5 and personal
by SR0096 on 2019/12/06 03:03
I was always trying to a calendar that I can share with others and be organized with personal life and school. I like that I can use different tools to be on top of my schedule. I love using this calendar app of all the things I need to do. Thank you.
A lifesaver for our busy family!
by Pe6ches19 on 2019/12/05 23:35
A lifesaver for our busy family! I recommend it to everyone. It’s a great tool to keep everyone in the loop on our schedules.
by Mihoinmichigan on 2019/12/05 15:19
Perfect Calendar
by ColorCodeMyLife on 2019/12/05 14:56
Being able to color code activities keeps me organized. The ease-of-use, ability to customize, and fact that my husband and I can share a calendar for family stuff is pretty much perfect.
Very Useful
by TimeTreeUser0007 on 2019/12/05 14:25
The shared calendar is very useful. The customer service when you need help is not helpful at all. Rude actually. I wish there was an option to share events with select individuals from different Calender groups.
This calendar is great!
by Capy53 on 2019/12/05 13:03
Our company has been using this calendar for a little over two years. We first started using it when we had 5 employees. Now we have 23 employees and it’s an invaluable tool. Keeps track of where everyone is located and what they are doing. The only change I would like to see is additional colors for various inputs. We assign each person their own color. Great product!
Honestly helps!!
by kayyy5656 on 2019/12/04 23:07
I've tried to find something where I can have multiple calendars but able to share easily. I have three seperate Calendar one for family, one for college and one for my boyfriend and I. Being able to have them on each calaendar is so helpful. I don't like my calaendar crowded and that's why I love having seperate calaendar for different people. This app truly helps and it's a really simple to add in events. If your an organized person you'll appreciate the level of organization this app offers.
Family friendly
by Tech addict 67 on 2019/12/04 22:35
Keeps our family connected and keeps House Dad from missing appointments!!
So good!
by T Sue on 2019/12/04 20:49
Simple and effective. Like iCal was before they changed it (but with a better layout).
Best Calendar App!!
by kaitlindraws on 2019/12/04 18:30
I freakin love TimeTree, my whole family of 5 uses it including my babysitter. It’s made our lives so much easier and has avoided so many time conflicts!! My mom and I both work part time jobs and my younger sister dances all the time. HUGE life saver. Love you TimeTree, Kaitlin
Works great
by LisaSnyder on 2019/12/04 17:22
My coworker and I share an office for our private practices. This has been invaluable to our scheduling. We no longer have to text constantly to see who has the office. It’s easier to manage than Google Calender and I like that I can also put my personal calendar in there that only I can see, so she isn’t bothered by my personal events. I do wish it would incorporate with Simple Practice, but it works great.
Life Altering App!! 😍
by TerriLines on 2019/12/04 04:16
Thank you for the perfect App to organize my schedule and keep me accountable!
I love TimeTree
by MXLISSASHLZY on 2019/12/03 22:34
TimeTree has helped me get to organized with my chaotic schedule. I’ve gotten at least 6 of my friends to use it instead of the default calendar on our phones. It truly has helped. One of my favorite apps on my phone hands down.
Very helpful
by GloRodriguez on 2019/12/03 20:32
I use it for personal use For church groups For my husband and I (I even add notes of our bills) So it’s very helpful to me!!
Love how easy it is
by Olivick74 on 2019/12/03 16:44
Great format and easy to manage
Going to have to switch to a different app
by JenK032889 on 2019/12/03 13:07
After using this for the last few months Suddenly I am unable to enter events because an error message comes up that says unable to connect to server. Not useful as a calendar as I cannot put my events in to remind me. Very disappointed.
Love this app
by ehub29 on 2019/12/03 04:37
My husband and I use this app to track what we have going on. It is a wonderfully useful app.
Love it!
by Jboldi on 2019/12/03 00:31
Helps me stay organized and it’s simple to us. Wish there was a place I could have folders with different notes and to do lists though.
So far
by IrelandRoseMc on 2019/12/02 21:43
So far I have no issues. I’ll be back if there is.
Such a useful app
by Mdplady on 2019/12/02 19:08
I started using this app over a year ago. It has been in extremely helpful in all my scheduling needs
No Time Zone
by s_dietrichson on 2019/11/26 13:56
Great app and interface but I want to use this with family in other continents/time zones and there is no way to differentiate time zones. If there is, it should be made more prominent in the settings.
by Dottie58 on 2019/11/25 12:16
Finally a calendar that provides a list view and is simple to use. I’ve downloaded tons of calendars but none provided the view I needed for my scheduling needs. Thank you Time Tree!
A few suggestions for this AMAZINGLY helpful app
by blepss on 2019/11/22 21:44
This app has been so helpful. The only thing that’s really been bothering me is how laggy it can sometimes be (maybe it’s just my phone) but other than that it’s been good. I do have some suggestions though and someone has already mentioned them. (1) An option to add the event to multiple calendars instead of one at a time when creating them (since I have several calendars I’m sharing with different people). (2) Having a possible “focus” tab that includes events for the week/day just as a quick view. (3) An option to save the locations you’ve previously entered so you don’t have to enter them over and over and over again. Other than that, the app is great and incredibly helpful and I highly recommend it.
by metrostar230 on 2019/11/22 13:51
I loved this app so much. It was a real game changer. Unfortunately, the last update made it have a ton of ads that make it nearly impossibly to easily add things to the calendar. I know you have to make money but it’s hard to make money when you annoy people into deleting the app. You’re not the only game in town.
What happened to the auto fill?
by Duckmysick21 on 2019/11/22 00:46
Great app overall, but what happened to the auto fill when typing in things from other dates?!
Ruined by ads
by Kchrisfox on 2019/11/18 03:13
Schedules are hard enough. What was easy to use and elegant now looks like a worst nightmare website with images and crap all over it. Looking for a new schedule coordinator.
Loving It!
by B1G82307 on 2019/11/15 18:52
My wife and I have been looking for a utility as such - where we can see each other’s calendar EASILY - and TimeTree has been phenomenal. It’s easy to use and easy to read.
by Moniek12679 on 2019/11/14 15:16
The app is the best, it helps me keep my family life in order. I wish I could print a calendar for the day with it. Hopefully a printing option will come soon.
by lillieluna on 2019/11/13 15:56
Awesome calendar. Family loves it.
by Deepu Tensen on 2019/11/12 09:08
I was searching this kind of an application such a long years. Now I am feeling proud about that I’m handling this application. For our business meeting and timelines activities I can enter and modify in this app. And the comments module is simply awesome. Thank you so much the team for your professional support.
Love this app
by MonkeyClimber77 on 2019/11/12 04:59
This app has made my life so much better. I used to forget things all the time but now I don’t, this thing is so useful. And it doesn’t send me 20 reminders like some calendars do.
Very useful but
by SithTrooper on 2019/11/12 02:09
Great app. Note to developer: please allow text wrapping within the days of the month so we can read what’s going on for that day in month view. Thanks.
Such a thoughtful app!
by creativechrista on 2019/11/12 02:03
TimeTree has turned our family calendar into a well oiled machine. My husband and I finally know what events are planned the instant either one of us says ‘yes’ to something new. This app has prevented the headache of overlapping events and responsibilities!
by Whetrick1 on 2019/11/12 01:52
Great little app real easy to use. Really enjoy using this app and it's very helpful.
by Misty_Skinner on 2019/11/11 18:32
Love this app
Family schedules
by kirkendall1203 on 2019/11/11 16:07
This is by far the best app I have used to share with my husband so we both can keep on track with our busy schedules :)
Have loved this app
by hdbeja ahdhd ama dhehelsk on 2019/11/11 11:52
This has helped my family stay organized and on the same page
Great overall, does not integrate!
by CP Band on 2019/11/10 20:39
This is a fabulous app. Four stars because you cannot integrate it with any existing calendar, which stinks for organizing with your normal daily activities.
Great app
by ThinkCleanHousekeeping on 2019/11/10 20:06
Wish it was able to send reminder to clients! Glitches when there’s more then 4 people sharing the app. Other then that... I love use this app calendar!
Best calendar app ever!
by rrjehr on 2019/11/10 17:22
the ability to link things make it 1000x better
Love it, need more options though!
by AMFM PRO on 2019/11/10 13:20
I am a married Dad of two and a REALTOR®. Between juggling one kid’s school, another one’s daycare, and my own schedule of chaos, this app was/is a lifesaver for my family and me. Aside from wishing that you could send event locations directly to Waze, I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this app.
Outstanding family calendar
by 1221hac on 2019/11/10 13:09
Time Tree has been a lifesaver for our family with 2 teenagers. Easy to use and easy for us all to check one another’s plans before scheduling anything. Highly recommend!!!
Photos would be nice
by djeiexka wofdnsiwosfdb. on 2019/11/09 19:57
It’s great, and would be better if I could attach photos to the events
Good calendar!
by busy gut on 2019/11/09 19:43
This calendar works for my needs!
Great app
by tinajo1966 on 2019/11/09 13:14
We are a small animal shelter and TimeTree is an amazing tool to keep everything scheduled and everyone informed!
Best calendar available for me!
by Encore stone on 2019/11/09 02:21
Easy to use,Easy to read!
by willow75 on 2019/11/08 19:02
This has kept a split household on track and accountable. Great calendar!!
by Kswanky on 2019/11/08 16:03
I use this for the ministry and it’s awesome
So Easy!!
by Jrockfangirl on 2019/11/08 02:50
I’ve tried many calendar/schedule apps, but this is the easiest. I’ve paid good money and have never found an app as easy as this free one. Being over 50 years of age, I need easy and efficient so this certainly fits the bill. I definitely recommend.
Best Family Calendar!
by Green106 on 2019/11/08 01:32
I love this calendar because you can color code your events. Each person in our family has a color. I’ve tried several calendars similar to this one and this one by far beats the others. Simple, color coded (a big deal to me), and easy to use. Don’t waste your money on other calendars!!
Amazingly useful!!!!!!!!
by M.Haack on 2019/11/08 01:16
My wife and I have TimeTree on both of our phones and we have a shared calendar to keep each other aware of what we have scheduled and we can remind each other through this app as well. And we have been so happy with the TimeTree app and how useful and easy it is to use and update.
by Zac0927 on 2019/11/07 22:08
Great app!
Great App
by FakingCool on 2019/11/07 18:04
Easy to use. Nice layout and I love the shareable features.
Great Calendar!
by drewamad on 2019/11/07 16:23
Love this app. Highly recommended.
by 3rd baby on the way :) on 2019/11/07 02:53
Great layout Perf for employees
Good app
by OR 4 on 2019/11/06 15:14
Only think lacking for my personal use is a landscape view for easier viewing of the calendar on my IPad.
I love the connect for my family!
by Snoopchic on 2019/11/06 03:57
I love how easy it is for my whole family is to be connected. All of us are able to enter our schedules on our own iPhones/tablets and all of us can keep up! This as been a life changer!
Great app!
by Ike Andredi on 2019/11/05 23:50
It took a few days to get everyone on board but now I couldn’t live without this app. Our family runs our own music nonprofit organization and Time Tree organizes 22 busy schedules into one. Thanks much!!
by Luicrx on 2019/11/05 22:01
Good for relationship planning, work scheduling, personal planning. You name it!
by gkennray on 2019/11/05 21:47
Please fix IOS time change option
Fun, functional and creative calendar
by Mlmihail on 2019/11/05 20:53
Enjoy the ways to personalize the calendar and it’s intuitive to use.
Can’t imagine life without out it!
by Icee BABY on 2019/11/05 17:03
So happy my fiancé and I found this app! It lets us stay on top of our busy schedules and. Plan things for just us time. As a nanny my day to day work life is different and now my fiancé can just look at the calendar to know when I’m off work! I can see when his next weekend off and even see when we have appointments for our cars and house!! Highly recommend for anyone with a busy life!
The best calendar app
by Tcrayton12 on 2019/11/05 12:06
I tried several different calendar apps before settling on Time tree. It does everything I want it to do and more. No glitches and I can keep my whole family in sync. I would highly Recommend.
by 46672 on 2019/11/04 23:36
Love it
Great Family Calendar
by RockyAEB on 2019/11/04 15:31
I love this calendar!!! I have tried several free and even and expensive ($30/yr) paid calendars and this is by far the best. Easy to read with daily and monthly overview and most importantly - push notification reminders! This keeps my family so organized and I recommend it to everyone!
by Jfsomefun on 2019/11/03 23:23
My wife an I use this app to keep each other informed with appointments. Really like this app.
TimeTree Rocks.
by bishop520 on 2019/11/03 17:22
We love TimeTree!!!! We use it for work and family. Couldn’t be happier.
by Sagiepoo_99 on 2019/11/03 02:07
Really helpful to share with friends and family
Love This App
by Hpai083 on 2019/11/02 20:50
Best calendar app to use for groups, both personal and work. Easy to use, easy to share - love it!
Life saver
by Sekor6959 on 2019/11/02 18:52
My girlfriend and i are in a long distance relationship but something about this planner makes our lifestyle so easy. I do not have to constantly ask what she’s doing at particular times.
by Chumps mcgee on 2019/11/02 17:23
We keep a whiteboard calendar in our bedroom and always forget to change it or update it, it’s literally still on August. This app has been the best way for my family and I to stay in touch and remember dates. So convenient!
It’s amazing
by RWBYRose04 on 2019/11/02 04:58
It’s amazing
Can not share between IOS with Android.
by kitty-by on 2019/11/02 03:07
We cannot share with my family who has an android phone while we have iPhones. We tried different ways. None of them worked.
by msamysam_37 on 2019/11/01 09:45
Easy way to track appointments, schedule hours and more invite family, friends and coworkers.
Time tree
by marycat888 on 2019/11/01 02:45
This is a great app for families on the go! Or just for the 2 of you to keep up with the busy-ness of life.
Love it!!
by DJ G-Shock on 2019/10/31 23:49
Works really well!!
Scheduling for Blended Families
by MyThreeLittleMonkeys on 2018/09/27 02:07
We have only just begun to use this app but so far, I LOVE IT. I have created a “Family Calendar” that includes myself, my husband, my ex-husband, and the three children that I share with my ex. My husband and I also have 2 toddlers and my ex has a newborn so we have 6 kids total between the 2 households. Being able to all collaborate on the same calendar and leave notes regarding which parent is getting which kid to a doctor appointment while a different parent picks up the other 2 from school has been really helpful. Additionally, being able to add doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and orthopedic appointments directly after booking the appointment so the other parents know immediately and not having to remember to text them about the appointment and then hope they remembered to write it down has been really helpful too. I think this app will continue to be incredibly helpful as we try to keep schedules straight for our 6 combined kids and 4 parents and make sure we aren’t dropping balls for our kids. Thank you for this! It works great!
So Helpful!!
by districtlolita on 2018/05/26 20:33
I love this app! You can sync calendars with others and also have calendars just for yourself! I have a calendar connected with my fiancé and two friends, a cleaning calendar, and a calendar of reminders for myself for bills. The best part is that you can chose to look at every calendar all at once or separately. I have adult ADHD and this app keeps everything easily accessible all in one app. This app keeps me from overbooking things looking at my calendar with everything, but also lets me focus on just one calendar if I need to without being overwhelmed. I’m also so happy there is a way to access TimeTree on the computer! The computer version is still being worked on, but it’s nice to see it all on a bigger screen even if it’s still in beta and I can’t access everything like the weekly schedule. I’m so excited to see what else the developers come up with! So far, the only thing I’d like to see is an option to set a reminder for the events that don’t have a date yet. I’ve put stuff in that section and then completely forgot about them.
I am so in love with this app
by 51210girls on 2018/06/16 00:37
I have searched for years to find a calendar system that suits my needs. I have tried multiple different ways to keep track of my family of 5. I would forget to write stuff down or I would write it down and then forget to look what had going on. I tried many apps but I just didn’t care for the layouts or I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. I love TimeTree for so many reasons. I can create multiple color coded calendars and toggle easily between them or see all of them. I can share certain schedules with my husband. I can attach pictures to events. So when my kids have events going on at school that require my attention on the day of, I just create an event in their calendar and send the picture to the event. I can also have events with out dates. This makes split parent schedules easier. Make an event for each holiday and add the schedule for the holiday to the notes. Makes it easier to reference.
Love this app!
by MichHart on 2017/10/25 10:50
I love TimeTree calendar! My husband and I have busy schedules and have always used a shared calendar app to make sure we didn't double book things and to keep track of each other's schedules. The old app we were using became less and less user friendly and eventually got to the point where it wouldn't sync the other's calendars and became more and more cumbersome to add events, and with each new update it required more and more steps to add an event to the calendar. Not so with time tree- adds events easily and conveniently, and updates to the other's calendar instantly and sends a message alerting the other that an event was added. We are able to color coordinate our calendars according to whose schedule and types of events! The latest update of adding a search function made an already great app absolutely awesome! I would definitely recommend this app. Again-love, love love this app!!!
Life saver! Only one suggestion
by SarahB442000 on 2017/09/20 17:36
I'm a working mom with two kids. One has special needs so there are tons of appointments to go to all the time! My husband and I are separated and my sister helps a lot with my kids. I went through three calendar apps till I found this! It's been perfect for helping to coordinate all the adults in my kids' lives (while also cutting down on calls to my ex)!!!! I really love that I can have separate calendars at the same time - a personal one just for me, one for all three adults when necessary or even just for two of us and I can see them all at once. This app has honestly changed my life for the better. The only thing I would love to see would be one of those notification bubbles be an option to show the date so I can check it at a glance instead of having to open the app or check the lock screen. Otherwise perfection!
⏱🌲 = ❤️❤️❤️
by chinchinks on 2018/12/11 19:02
This is the best calendar app I have so far. I love that I could see on the calendar about the things I have to do and it’s not like a calendar list and it’s not too fancy either (unlike other calendar apps 😒). Plus, the “Keep” option is very helpful where I don’t have to trouble myself about the date and time. AND, I did not expect that there will be a notification which says, “Hope that everything goes well for you!” This actually lightens my spirit which, the truth is, around this week I’m feeling a bit down so when I received that notification, I feel so happy to see that. It really made my day. Thank you so much TimeTree! However, it would have been nice if I could have the option to choose more color labels. But overall, this calendar app is the best and I LOVE IT! ❤️ KEEP IT UP GUYS!!! 👊🏼☺️
by MohamedElian on 2019/01/07 14:06
1- it doesn’t update new events automatically or even manually. You have to add the calendars again every time you add new events to the calendars. For instance, if I accept an invitation on my work calendar, it doesn’t show up on my family calendar on the app. Even though I have already added my work calendar on the family calendar many times before. If I go to the family calendar on the app and click update, it doesn’t work. The only way to get it to work is to re-add the work calendar on the family calendar. This is so frustrating and counterproductive. 2- It’d be better if you keep the calendars selected to be copied in a calendar selected. To elaborate, when you click on “copy events from the OS calendar”, it shows all the calendars deselected, even if you had selected which calendars you want to be copied. If you go back after you select the calendars that you want to copy, you will not see any selected calendars. The issue with that is that you can never confirm which calendars have been selected.
Kept my college friends and I in touch...
by LaurennRaquel on 2018/10/02 17:53
Through college my best friends and I eventually moved off campus and had busy schedules. We would miss each other a lot and would struggle planning hang outs. I found this app for us so we could each make a shared calendar that we'd all use with personalized colors and we'd be able to see each other's schedules. We could then easily see when we all had mutual free time for hanging out. It's AMAZING. Now I'm graduated and haven't used it in a while and I think I may switch back. I typically prefer the apps that come on the iPhones BUT I love how you can easily see at a glance the different events with out clicking the day. Only thing is I wish the app face showed the current date like the calendar. App.
Time tree
by JMod02 on 2018/11/16 14:24
This app has been an upgrade from our previous shared calendar app. I love the ability to make notes and add pictures to relevant events and also set up recurring events. I love the ability to see multiple calendars as well, though I do wish I could customize the view in those calendars instead of defaulting to how my personal one is set up. I would love to have more choices of labels in each app as we use them for different people and combinations so for a larger family or group it would be nice to have more options. The one thing it is missing is truly a shared shopping list, that most other shared calendars have, and it would be a nice addition. We’ve tried to use the “Keep” section to do our list and it isn’t very functional. Overall I love this calendar and hope to keep seeing enhancements in future updates.
Improvements need to be made.
by username5660 on 2019/08/29 11:40
There are many pop ups and news posts talking about the introduction of new colors that may be used in the app to label different events. It has been I think two to three months since this change and there is literally nothin I can do to see these colors. I have the basic default colors, which are still pretty, but I want the additional colors that have been introduced!!! Also, PLEASE UPDATE THE iPAD VERSION OF YOUR APP! It is difficult to be productive if I have to turn my head and look at a tiny phone display on my 12.9 inch iPad. I obviously utilize a keyboard for my iPad, so I must turn my head in order for me to fully view the cheap display on here. Please make adjustments because this app truly deserves a 5 star rating. But these changes have not been made for the past couple of months. Please address these problems as soon as you possibly can. I would greatly appreciate it.
Great calendar view!
by Leslissimo on 2018/05/26 04:42
I love that I can see what actual event I have when I look at month view-- it is SO MUCH BETTER than trying to investigate what certain dots mean like on ical or google cal. Also VERY helpful when trying to get a sense for what my month looks like including multi-day events. We travel a lot for work so it really helps. We don't use the personal calendars as much but schedule events as out google accounts so it makes a copy in google calendar if we need backup. This works well too. One down side, the directions are REALLY hard to understand in English, when I went to add a calendar later I just clicked around somehow until it added. But great calendar app, we've never had an issue with syncs or glitches!
A few suggestions for this AMAZINGLY helpful app
by blepss on 2019/11/22 21:44
This app has been so helpful. The only thing that’s really been bothering me is how laggy it can sometimes be (maybe it’s just my phone) but other than that it’s been good. I do have some suggestions though and someone has already mentioned them. (1) An option to add the event to multiple calendars instead of one at a time when creating them (since I have several calendars I’m sharing with different people). (2) Having a possible “focus” tab that includes events for the week/day just as a quick view. (3) An option to save the locations you’ve previously entered so you don’t have to enter them over and over and over again. Other than that, the app is great and incredibly helpful and I highly recommend it.
Excellent for Working Couples
by Mayhems_Muse on 2018/05/30 15:54
This app is fantastic. My partner and I live 2 hours apart in different cities, and both of us own our own businesses. That makes coordinating schedules and couples time INCREDIBLY tricky. After a few months of dating and some near-misses of scheduling mishaps, I decided we needed a digital calendar to share events on. This was a struggle for me, since my physical calendar was pretty much glued to my hand at all times. I started entering dates and events into TimeTree, using the different colors to denote my events, his events, and events we were doing together. This app saved our relationship!!! It took several months of me entering things by myself, but eventually he started to rely on the app as well, and now we BOTH use it regularly! We are able to keep track of our separate time, and look forward to all the traveling and events we get to do together. Thank you for making an app that is so easy to pick up and understand. The push notifications are particularly handy for people who get caught up in the flow of work and forget to check for events. We will be eternally grateful!
Great App!
by lindalatina_cis on 2019/05/08 13:59
I love TimeTree! I like having multiple calendars and being able to share calendars with others. I have a calendar that I share with my husband that helps us keep track of things happening in our personal lives. I also have a personal calendar, a calendar that I share with my family, a work calendar.... My entire family uses it. One of my favorite parts is being able to write comments & post pictures for different calendar entries. If you’re sharing a calendar, the people your sharing with can see the comments/pictures and can add comments/pictures of their own to share. I’ve used different calendar apps and this is my favorite one by far! Love it!!!
Love this app
by mohawksrin on 2019/05/18 06:53
As a busy entrepreneur and as a mother with a blended family, this app has helped me stay productive and organized in my business, my family life and my personal life. It’s also helped me coparent more smoothly with my child’s father, his father’s significant other and my significant other. It’s simple layout makes it easy to read my schedule quickly. It’s not bogged down by too many features. The one thing it’s missing is being able to upload pictures to notes in events. It’d also be super cool if you made a way to import notes directly from your iPhone into an event. Thanks for developing this app!! Your work doesn’t go unappreciated.
by backtheblue13 on 2018/12/30 19:30
I was a paper calendar girls for years, it was my brains and went everywhere with me. This app has made it so much easier to keep all my events and important notes together in one spot. I’ve had this app for over 6 months and it’s by far my most used app! I keep my husband crazy schedule on here and I love that we can share the same calendar so he can see what’s coming up easily on his own phone. Everything is color coordinated for all my kids and all my recurring stuff is easy to put in! I can even add notes to an event (family functions I need to remember a side dish for and etc) I can’t say enough good things about this app.
Extremely Friendly Multilayered App
by Kmguarino on 2018/08/09 02:49
I finally took the plunge into an electronic calendar, only. This calendar has been extremely easy to use and share with family members. By assigning colors to my multiple calendars (I have one for school dates, each family member, birthdays, etc), I’m able to decide which people will have access to specific calendars. In turn, they can also add items that can appear on my calendar! I can view by “tabs” (individual) or “my schedule” (all). I truly encourage you to give this calendar app a chance! The more complicated your life is, the more benefits you’ll notice immediately!
by ks1125 on 2017/10/18 08:43
Best calendar app in terms of simplicity, functionality, and visually. I'm a nurse and I work night shift, and outside of that, I have a very busy personal schedule--I was all over the place, always forgetting what events and plans I had coming up. I'm always on top of everything with TimeTree! The color coded categories help a lot with organization. I can share my calendar with people and allow them to add their events so we can coordinate schedules easily. I also love the "keep event without date" feature as it create a category of events that are awaiting time and date--it reminds me to go back and follow up on those events. I loooove this app!
Great Family Calendar
by SLLEVOSJ on 2018/08/13 17:29
This is the perfect digital calendar for my family, have been using it for 6months now and absolutely love it! Compatible with iPhone and my husband’s Samsung, also compatible with my Apple Watch! We have two kids, a dog, and a house that we have entered in different events, appointments in and have been able to keep our crazy life organized and color coded. Huge time saver and was such an asset when it came to our busy summer schedule, as well as the fast approaching school/football season (my husbands a coach and we are just starting school with our 4yr!) Absolute must have and life saver!
This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for
by lexavic12 on 2018/10/14 01:12
I love time tree because it saves details making recurrent events easy and fast to enter! And I love having the preview feature on first glance with details one click away. The color options are appealing and super useful for calendar shared among individuals to differentiate between each other. The only downfall is I can’t decide if I would prefer a vertical scrolling month as opposed to the horizontal swipe for the next month’s view. Having both would probably be ideal to allow for a continuous view but also view of isolated individual months.
Time has Eloquence, Beauty and Sophistication
by ApotheosisX on 2018/10/12 22:04
TimeTree is one of the most poised, sleek and modern calendar/schedule setting apps that has come out recently and it is quickly dominating its competitors. Time tree offers the ability in order to share your calendar with friends, family, co-workers and/or clientele so that everyone is kept in the loop. Plus you can customize your calendar and share it on your time tree wall which I’ve never seen a calendar app do before. Thank you for coming up with such a unique and aspiring calendar app that is both versatile and a modern take on a basic human necessity.
Simple and perfect for groups!!
by Treecoww on 2018/05/17 04:06
I love this app! I used my iPhone calendar all the time, but I wasn’t able to see all my tasks from the monthly view like I can with Time Tree. I tried a couple of different calendar apps because my bf and I needed to sync up our schedules. I love all the features of Time Tree—one of my favorites is being able to create personal color-coded tags. There’s also this fun little tab that lets you save events without dates, so we’re able to jot down things we want to do and slap a date on it’s great for forgetful people like myself 🙂 🤓
Best Shared Calendar
by angelah9 on 2018/08/26 00:35
I’ve tried several calendars and this is the best one I’ve found to use for yourself or to be shared with others. It’s easy to sign up and add people. Very easy to add appointments and events. You can view the calendar by the day, week or month. When looking at my calendar at a glance by the day, week or month, all the names of my clients are listed, unlike the calendar I was using. It is color coded so I use one color to show my appointments and my partner uses another color. Much easier than the calendars I’ve used. Finally! Very happy with this calendar.
Extremely useful
by Vanessa S. :) on 2019/04/17 15:48
Me and my family are extremely with different events whether they repeat every week or they are completely new events. I downloaded this app just to test it out and i love it. It’s easy to use, there are advanced features that let you repeat the event if needed, there are different colors to chose from for the events. (Im currently using the colors to organize different events for different family members.) I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs to organize everyone’s plans or even your own. :)
Not good!
by Granny Doc on 2017/11/15 16:12
Thought this was going to be good and it was until I invited someone to my calendar and they accepted. Now every time I enter an event it shows them as the creator of the event although I am still shown as the creator of the calendar. In fact, every event that is created is shown as being created by my invitee. Also, events I have created are being duplicated at times, but not always. No help with this in app or on website, no way to contact support to get help not listed. I really wanted this to work and it was fine...until I invited someone to join the calendar, which for me was the whole purpose of having this. Guess we'll have to try something else because this isn't working and there is no support that I can find except leaving feedback to say it's not working! Too bad.
Favorite calendar app❤️
by user2985725826 on 2018/12/28 17:59
This is one of the most organized and customizable apps out there. I’m a very picky person and I love this app to death. Some things i like is that you can read all your events from the monthly calendar and it doenst clutter you with different automatic events and things like that. You can create different calendars and different categories (with colours) to organize your events under. 10/10 One thing I would reallllyyyyy like is a comparable version with Apple Watch so that i would be able to see my events from there.
Favorite calendar app!
by Ilovemymonkeyz on 2019/03/18 02:33
Likes: -able to see calendar in iPhone texting app -monthly view -clean and easy to read interface -options -easy to use -sharing calendar Would like added: -family notification reminders don’t alert other members -easy to use list option for shopping lists (I currently make my list in event without a date and have to click edit and not easy to delete an item or make changes. -swipe to delete a task saved without a date. -be able to attach emails to calendar to remind myself it needs to get done on a certain day or without a date -be able to create event from an email -be able to turn off and delete all the updates time stamps -when I click and drag an event to move to a different date, if it’s a recurring event it doesn’t automatically move the rest of the recurring events/doesn’t ask me if I want just this event or all. Thank you for making this awesome app!! And thank you for reading my review.
I Can’t Live Without This APP!
by Brandi Weyant on 2019/08/15 06:45
I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for this app. If it ever goes away I don’t know what I would do. It honestly has been a lifesaver when my husband went from working for someone else to becoming his own boss. I use this app to schedule his painting jobs. I love how I can make all of them different colors to make different developments stand out. I love being able to have his business partner on the calendar and the ability for them to make comments. I can not give enough praise to the creators! Thank you so much!
Perfect for all users
by alisha072496 on 2019/01/10 15:51
Love this app! The family business was looking for an app that would work for all of us when it came to the work calendar. What sets this app apart from the others is the fact that you don’t have to have a gmail account (like with google calendars) or have an apple device (like with the default iPhone calendar app). It was super easy to navigate and add multiple calendars (work, family, personal, etc.) Everyone in the business and also the family love this app as well. Would 10/10 recommend!
A moms life saver!!
by Pabholio on 2018/11/29 07:29
This app does exactly what is says it do!! After tgrying 5 other apps that stated that thier app was able to keep thrack of multiple users and each person would have rhier own color” well thy did not! When we found TimeTree, and, it did everything and more!!! Each person has a separate calendar (color) and that links to the Family calender that shows a different color so you can know at a glance what everyone is doing and important apts that need you to take them so you know when you need to keep clear!
Get this app. Organizing your time easily and has so many features
by Red2222 on 2018/06/01 06:31
This app is AMAZING 😊. It easily allows you to organize you time the color coding and visual block make it easy to see what you have planned. The developer did an amazing job. It also allows sharing among a group. It feature a note for an event that can be set to remind you or inform group members. I went through so many time managing or scheduling app in the App Store this is by far the best. Download it and it will change the way you schedule your life’s events. It’s a great app. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Scheduling Rescue
by Callamityj on 2018/09/25 16:14
As an owner of a business we tried several different scheduling apps. We have constant scheduling changes that can take place during the day. This app allows us the freedom to update the schedule and let workers know instantaneously. The color codes are super helpful with follow up and emergency jobs. There is also multiple calendar options. We have a family one that is completely separate from work that only the family has access to. This is a GREAT scheduling app and I would highly recommend it.
Update Notification
by EllyMay808 on 2018/05/22 16:50
This app would be five stars if it weren’t for the notification that pops up anytime you open it or do anything in it when there is an update. I like to wait to update apps just in case the update breaks it, so I usually wait about a week or so to see if people are complaining. This app doesn’t force you to update but man will you end up annoyed because every time you add an event or anything in the app, it will pop up that notification telling you to update. The two options are update or close but you have to press one of the other every... single.... time... But yeah, if it weren’t for that, this app would be five stars.
Love it & hate it
by Dottame on 2018/03/09 01:50
Love what it does but when you ask a question the reply doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have updated a calendar that goes to my iOS calendar and I am not able to get it to update on this calendar from the iOS unless I copy everything from that calendar and then have duplicate events. Not user friendly at times, such as trying put the event into a different calendar. You can just change it you have to delete and redo the event. I deleted a calendar one time because I hit a button I couldn’t find explained and it never asked or warned you. Just was gone!! It needs some extra feature in my opinion and they need better explanation of things when you ask a question.
Love this app!
by tapmo on 2018/08/09 12:18
I absolutely love this app! I discovered this app when a friend sent it so all of us could create a friend calendar and try to find a time to get together. The layout and color coordination makes it SO EASY to follow along and keep track of free/busy days! Along with the friend calendar I have 2 personal calendars, one for my university schedule and one for personal events. The label management system and easy to use repeat/end repeat function makes keeping track of my busy schedule a breeze!! I recommend this app to anyone!!
Love/sorta annoying
by JfvdhIsjsbsjsidjsbsbsjjx on 2018/03/14 19:24
I love the app- kids and I use it a lot and I love that it keeps us all in the know since their schedules are bonkers being teenagers! But the one downside is that when I just want to see a list of upcoming events they are out of order and somehow I only see them in the order they were created??? How is this helpful! Why not list the events in order by upcoming date and even better make an option to see upcoming dates under just one person. That would be awesome and would get this app 6 stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️...⭐️!
by stitcher927 on 2017/11/03 17:36
The calendar I have used for several years did not update to iOS 11 and I’ve been lost. I’ve searched the App Store several times, UNL. I happened upon TimeTree and read the positive reviews - so I tried it. Mainly I wanted a user-friendly, color coded, see all at-a-glance calendar...this is it. I started using it immediately and there was virtually zero training time required. I’m so pleased to have finally found a replacement calendar and highly recommend TimeTree if you’re looking for simplicity, usability and a very attractive layout.
Would pay for ad free version!
by ambernae530 on 2019/07/05 17:17
I looove this app!! My husband and I have started using it for everything. Family events, appointments, even keeping track of bills! That part is nice because you can make the bills recurring monthly and then once the bill is paid you can make note of it with a comment. My only con is that I wish there were more colors for labeling and I wish I could pay for an ad free version! The ads aren’t awful but I’d just rather not have to deal with them and this app is definitely worth paying for! Do that and it’ll be 5 from me for sure!
Helps quite a bit
by Totelestai on 2019/10/02 01:40
The app is easy to use, read, and set notifications. It helps me stay on track with appointments, and even day to day reminders like go to the grocery store after work, or a week prior reminder for a birthday of someone. Good app, never crashes or gets bogged down with ads. They’re there, but not interfering with the functionality of the user’s experience adding reminders or notifications when they pop up. Recommended for couples to share a calendar too. That’s a life saver.
The only calendar app I will ever use!
by mavery679 on 2017/10/16 21:28
This is by far the best calendar app I have ever used and I will never go back to any other app. I love that I can have multiple calendars within my account and there’s color coded labels for even more organization. The best part is being able to share events with my husband so we both know what’s going on and we make sure we remember to do what we need to do. I can’t recommend this app enough for those that have many appointments, reminders, and events to keep track of.
Great shared calendar
by BrittleBlake95 on 2019/10/18 03:29
My boyfriend and I both work as first responders and are in college so trying to schedule is a delicate balance. I can see what his course and work load are and he can see mine making it easy to play trips and time together. We share work and school but it’s nice having another one for appointments and reminders for myself that he doesn’t care about so he doesn’t see! Highly recommend even if you’re not sharing. Great color coding if needed and a great way to stay organized!
Prayers answered!
by MSD6409 on 2017/11/11 14:03
Trying to keep track of & coordinate all of the doctors appointments since my fiancée was diagnosed with cancer & my elderly mother could no longer drive was a headache ... throw in being a per diem employee and remembering to tell people your schedule... now that was an absolute nightmare with the standard iPhone calendar app! Then I stumped upon this app... updates are automatically forwarded to others who share your calendar (yup multiple calendars available) along with text alerts! What a life saver! One less stressor in this chaos really helps!
by dixiedust official (boop) on 2019/09/17 02:43
My family will often forget things and it will just be a bummer, but TimeTree changes it all! It’s so amazingly perfect that the whole family joined! You can use it for chores or events or party’s or practice or anything! It’s so thoughtful and I just think it deserves more appreciation! Although o do wish their was a way to copy and paste. Yes I know their is a way to copy but it’s a lot of work! But other then that I definitely suggest this app if your family or maybe just yourself is clumsy and forgetful!! :D
Best for Busy Families
by Runfar82 on 2018/10/01 12:14
My husband and I use this calendar together to sync our busy family schedule. My favorite parts are the immediate notifications we receive when one of us schedules something, and the family color coding options. I can see from a glance who has what going on each day. I give it four stars because as I was recommending it to a few people who used iPads for their scheduling (rather than their phones), I realized the app wasn’t optimized for the iPad. That would be awesome if it was. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Great app, has one problem
by Starting to hate this app on 2018/12/06 21:02
This is a fantastic app that I rely on with my family, boyfriend, best friend, and other people. It's neat, works well, easy to organize, and easy to customize. I love it and use it daily!! I’m giving the mobile iOS app five stars because it works so well and deserves it. However, I wish we had an actual iPad app! I hope to see one developed specifically for the iPad in the future, because as it is, it just expands the mobile app to somewhat fit the screen of the iPad.
So much better than the Apple Calendar!
by K8mer621 on 2018/09/27 14:49
Apple Calendar has been eating up my appointments and making them mysteriously disappear. I thought I was crazy but it had been happening too many times to just be me! I only wished I had switched to TimeTree sooner! I can see all of my events even on monthly and being able to have a couples calendar with my boyfriend has been great for our busy schedules. It's so user-friendly and actually motivates me to be more organized! What a miracle!
Absolutely ADORE
by • nessgirl • on 2018/03/07 02:37
OKAY.. This app has transformed my life and has helped me become more organized and scheduled than ever before in my life! Also my family has a social hangout room in our house above our garage which we use for activities and parties quite frequently! Several times it has been double booked since we didn’t have any calendar or scheduling program for it! But then this app came in and saved our lives! Everything’s so scheduled and well planned! So once love LOVE this app and would recommend to everyone!!!😊
The best!
by Kuroe chi on 2018/01/07 18:43
TimeTree is a lifesaver! My whole family uses it, and it’s extremely easy to coordinate this way. Each person has a different color, so it’s clear to see who has what event and when. With so many activities that my sister and I have, my parents have an easier time keeping track of where we are and when we need rides. It’s perfect for syncing busy schedules and even if you want to use it for yourself, it’s good at reminding you about upcoming events in your calendar!
by CEO31719 on 2019/09/19 12:17
Amazing calendar app! User friendly and love that I can see calendars separately and all together and choose who I share each event/calendar with. My daily reminders with a nice saying each morning is very helpful. Oh, and one of my favorite features, copy and paste! Works perfect for events that occur more than once (sporting events etc) but not always on the same day; it saves so much time not having to input the same details. Looking forward to what’s to come with this app.
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