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TimeTree: shared calendar
■Winner of the “App Store Best of 2015” award by Apple! Sharing allows everyone to view the same calendar and add new events. TimeTree keeps you all in order with who’s doing what and when.  You can also create multiple shared calendars in TimeTree! Whether it may be amongst family, friends, couples, and coworkers, or just for personal use, our app is adapted to meet various situations for both social and personal lifestyles. ■Key Features ○ [Share a calendar and scheduling] ・Invite new members via E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and more. ・Create and edit events for all members. ・Set a different color for each member or activity. ・Chat and add photos as if you were using a messenger app for each event. ・Deliver reminders to everyone in the group. ・You can sync your calendar with other calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook etc) . ○ [Share Notes and Lists] It comes with a memo feature that can be shared with other users that can be helpful in planning events, organizing to-do lists, and creating small notes. ○ [Multiple calendars for family, friends, personal, work etc] TimeTree allows users to create multiple calendars. You can keep individual calendars separate to keep your privacy. ○ [Works on PC & Mobile] Use TimeTree from your desktop by logging into the web version. ○ [Widgets] TimeTree widgets in your home screen let you check and edit your schedule with ease.   ■Who is TimeTree for? ○ [Friends and Couples] time tree is a great way to see everyone’s availability. ・All members enter their schedule in one place ・Let all members know which days you are available   ○ [School Life] TimeTree is also great for keeping up with your school life! Organize your class schedule and keep track of what is due next! ・Productive time management and day planning tools to create daily schedules for students! ・Plan ahead knowing what after-school activities you have in the afternoon.   ○ [Family] TimeTree is great for planning family-oriented events.  ・Organize plans on picking up kids from daycare and school. ・Perfect for creating a shopping list from daily groceries to family BBQs! ■Contact us Your experience is important to us. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us. ( HP: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
iPad app leaves much to be desired
by NickyAmberJones on 2021/11/18 14:39
I have been a firm apple calendar for almost my entire life. I decided to make the switch to time tree because I can have different calendars with everyone in my life, it’s great! And I can’t believe it’s free. However the iPad app is so sad. It just looks like the iPhone screen it’s not compatible to the ipad. Please fix this developers, then your app will be perfect
by s_irlenr on 2021/11/11 01:46
Ok for starters, me and my friends are very busy bees; everyday we’re doing something different. With that being said, we literally can never hangout. So we decided to download this app to find which days we’re all free. AND ITS AMAZING. it’s so easy to use and it’s absolutely great. if it’s hard to find days to find when you’re free, download this app!!!!!
Time zones. I hate this app because of this feature
by ashcoft21 on 2021/11/05 17:03
Very very frustrating with this app. I travel for work so every time I change time zones it adjust how my schedule looks based on the times I entered things vs the time zone I am in at that moment. I don’t need nor want the app to do that
Great Calendar 🗓
by nessiesaurus on 2021/11/04 10:37
This calendar is so great. A lot of thought and care went into it. Their features are perfect. It helps me keep my life together & organized. I’m very thankful for them! &(๑ˊ͈ ꇴ ˋ͈)ᵃʳⁱᵍᵃᵗᵒ〜♡
This is a awesome app.
by islandson46 on 2021/10/26 17:15
Using this app it’s awesome for keeping track of all your appointments.
Great app
by Yayyyyyywoohoo on 2021/10/22 18:52
Great app and useful
Please make compatible with iPad!
by Nelly4597 on 2021/10/22 08:29
This app is great. My one complaint is I use my iPad for scheduling and it is not compatible. It pops up on my iPad the size that it would on my iPhone in the center of the screen.
No printing options
by happylovingjesus on 2021/10/21 13:01
Printing seems like it should be a basic option but it’s not.... because it’s one of the main things I need I give it 2 stars
Can Apple just buy this and replace the Calendar app already?
by Joe D is awesome on 2021/10/15 22:54
Despite the minor bugs constantly being fixed, it is a truly great app. If you’re reading this, I’m not kidding Apple. Do it.
by Sophia1$!!!! on 2021/10/14 14:18
was rly excited but now it keeps crashing :( after i got it 5 minutes ago on my mac i wanted it on my mac and phone but it isnt working on my mac
something is wrong
by Garwola on 2021/10/12 11:13
I used Time Tree for few years. Since yesterday I can’t add/change/delete anything. I reinstalled app and now I can’t even log in :/
by Hajival on 2021/10/08 05:10
Incredible app, highly recommended it for family sharing and organizing
It keeps crashing
by Emr55o5 on 2021/10/07 04:51
It wont open on my macbook. It was working perfectly fine for a month and now it wont open. I have deleted and updated the app. Nothing is working. Please fix this. I need my calendar desperately
Disappointed after update
by lolitaeasttx on 2021/10/04 19:16
I have used time tree for years and have always loved it. Unfortunately I updated the app yesterday and the new color scheme is very difficult to see. The colors are more muted and pastel.The current day indicator it’s extremely difficult to see. I hope they get similar feedback soon and return to the previous color scheme or something similar.
The very best
by JCHICHI on 2021/09/29 05:57
This is honestly the only shared calendar app you’ll ever need. I’ve been using this for years with my partner and it is so intuitive and easy to navigate. I will recommend this over and over again.
stopped working
by s1w9i8f9t on 2021/09/19 17:32
i loved using this calendar for years but it has stopped working for me now. any time i try to edit or add something in a calendar i get a “failed to connect to server” pop up. i’ve updated the app to the latest version and have tried on my tablet and my phone and it still won’t work. i am sad because when it was working i loved using this! it’s the best designed group calendar app i have seen and the colors are very pretty.
Too many pop ups
by dork tracy on 2021/09/19 13:02
Another one of these ultra connected apps that overthink user experience management and gets in the way by having too many pop ups
by ho todgxktoxylxoy on 2021/09/15 13:11
Easy to use, you can set times of reminder for events, share with people, a perfect setup. One attention to detail I can’t get over though is the little messages like “have a nice day” that pop up, it’s really nice to have a little positivity occasionally.
by s.elei on 2021/09/10 10:50
This app WORKS for me. It’s simple, easy to understand, and it makes things way easier for me. However, this app is NOT compatible with iPads. I have an iPad Pro, and the app’s graphics just do not transfer over well onto it. I love using it for work and school scheduling, but I just wish it would update so that it works on iPads as well. Other than that, it’s all good!!
Great app but technical issues
by Uchegirl on 2021/09/08 13:36
I love this app because it is so helpful and practical. However, recently I have been unable to delete events. It keeps saying failed to connect to server. I keep hoping with each update that this will go away or improve but to no avail. Please, help fix this issue. I thought it was my network or WiFi initially but it doesn’t appear to be so. Please, help!
Nothing works.
by eobalto on 2021/09/07 04:19
Putting my feedback comment here, bc EVERY TIME I fill out the feedback form with the text below, I get a message saying “please include feedback.” So here it is. ***** ALL I WANT is an app icon that shows the date on my home screen when I’m not using it, like the Apple calendar, which I had to delete bc it got infected. I like - no, I *need* - to be able to pick up my phone when I’m groggy and see what day it is. Right now, for example, such a display would say: Tue 7 Sept instead of that cheesy weed logo. Please tell me how to get this look for my app. If we can’t do that, please just be a grownup about it, and tell me we can’t. Don’t apologize, just tell the truth. Thank you.
Exactly what my family needed!!
by hhr see hiivdr on 2021/09/05 16:16
I’m lazy and hate writing reviews but I had to for TimeTree!! We are a crazy busy forgetful family. Ive been looking for a calendar that both my husband (android) and I (iPhone) to be able to access together and see all events, appointments etc TimeTree does this and more!!!! We use to create our shopping list on google sheets but now we can do it all on TimeTree!!! Thank you so much for creating this free helpful awesome app!!!
by gwynnnnnnnnnnnneth on 2021/09/04 03:34
I accidentally left a calendar and I desperately need back onto it and cannot find how to get it back, it has MONTHS of things planned that I need the dates for. Please help
So easy and neat
by Katy perry lover 😍😘😍 on 2021/09/01 14:58
This has helped me turn my crazy life to be not so crazy! I can see exactly what I’m doing and it’s cute and organized! No more missing doctors appointment
by Eternity to Find a Nickname on 2021/08/31 13:10
Easy to share your schedule with other people. Easy to track your schedule. Good customization. Great that it’s free. Ads aren’t annoying.
Love love love
by Jessedoyler_ on 2021/08/27 13:01
I never write reviews but this app is amazing. You can have multiple calendars, sync with friends, color code, and more features. You can also set countdowns and get an alert at the start of the day for what’s coming, and it’s cute cause it tells you to stay safe 😅
Wish it looked better on iPad
by Randomly-generated-nickname on 2021/08/26 16:17
It works with the iPad, but looks weird. It was clearly designed to fit the scale of a cellphone only and I prefer using an iPad because it is larger and easier for me to use. I love the app but wish it looked better on the iPad.
Worst app
by redrose6367943 on 2021/08/25 23:03
I cant even log in.... what a joke
by DRAJtv on 2021/08/21 23:40
This is a MUST HAVE app for couples and co workers.
iPad version?
by E-Rock13 on 2021/08/17 18:08
Great and easy to use but we need an iPad version
Fails to download
by SVS0714 on 2021/08/16 21:41
Restarted phone but won’t install. It only downloads about halfway and then stops.
Excellent Calendar App! 👍
by trueblueboy2 on 2021/08/16 08:27
I tried a couple of other apps and found TimeTree is awesome easy to use app. It out shines 🌞 the others. Keep up the good work! I Highly recommend this App!
awesome but
by zhjsksksjsksksls on 2021/08/11 20:44
i really love the app however i would like to see more color options for labels and i was wondering if theme color for the calendar and app will ever come back
Almost there
by sbsophia on 2021/08/10 07:23
This app is fantastic, pretty easy to use, and I love the colors. Unfortunately, it is lacking in one area for me and that’s being able to easily copy events to multiple calendars at a time. I have three calendars and they are all different groups of friends. I put the same stuff on each one of them and for each event, I have to copy it three times. It would be so much easier if there was a create event to multiple calendars option. I really hope this gets created soon
Pretty decent
by Trail-aphrodite on 2021/08/10 03:32
While I love this app I really think you should add WAAAAAYYY more colors to the label management: for families we like to use individual colors for each child, their appointments, school requirements etc. as well as us parents and all of our needs. I think if you had way more options for colors and didn’t limit it to only a few it would be way more helpful :)
by G0tTh1s on 2021/08/05 19:31
This is a must have tool. This has been the most robust management system I have ever come across. It’s FREE and it’s fully functional with multiple calendars for multiple occasions. This is a must have.
Awesome App!
by AwesomeSoccer24 on 2021/08/05 02:08
This app is great for sharing calendars with family and friends! I love the simplicity and how organized the app is! However I do wish the app was compatible with iPad, but overall an incredible app!
Best App for Organization
by VGarcia806 on 2021/08/04 02:16
Best app so my wife and I can plan things or plan around events we have booked!! I’ve shared this app with other couples!!
Really nice app
by Awsedrg on 2021/07/31 11:07
This is a great alternative to the stock calendar you get on your device. I find it easy to use and update. It has a great widget for my i phone. The web calendar is great too. If you’re looking for better than “meh” try this one out.
Crashes. Allot.
by bodizzlee on 2021/07/29 17:18
Can’t update or add to entry.
Love the app just one thing...
by The bobs kid on 2021/07/22 22:15
I love this app me and my girlfriend use it to compare our busy scedules. the only thing is this app needs a better computer update its so small like a iphone and needs to be adapted to fit a bigger screen!! if this update comes ill be so happy with this app and a easy 5 star!
100% get this app
by Njboxedwine on 2021/07/22 00:36
The interface is awesome, it is SUPER easy to use and so easy to sync up with other people. Honestly such a great app i use it more than any of my personal calendars. did i mention they put uplifting phrases with your daily event reminders?!?!
Why no iPad version?
by Gloaming1974 on 2021/07/19 11:45
I just bought my first iPad and intend to use it rather than my phone. I am disappointed that Time Tree doesn’t have an iPad version. It works on the iPad, but it looks terrible. Any chance of an iPad version?
Great but stupid ads
by Ace5692 on 2021/07/15 02:41
I get you have to make money somehow but charge for the app instead of showing these stupid ads that just clutter your calendar view. It’s annoying, will be looking for new app.
Ads! 😳
by KDMo1966 on 2021/07/13 19:47
I LOVE this app but can we remove all ads??? Please!
Not Enough Colors!
by lime.06 on 2021/07/13 03:44
This app is great for sharing with your friends, but there needs to be more colors! My friends and I share a calendar and there aren’t enough colors for all of us.
No good for families
by misnonis on 2021/07/11 19:39
I loved this app but they require version 14 which does not work on my daughters iPhone 6. I’m not buying a new iPhone for my daughter and it’s really a bad sign if they don’t maintain legacy coverage.
Defeats the Purpose
by kjailene on 2021/07/10 16:35
It would be a great app if it weren’t for the fact that I have to manually sync the Time Tree calendar with the one on my phone every time I add a new event to my phone calendar. I wish it could just automatically sync my events from my phone calendar on to the Time Tree one. The person I’m sharing with can’t always see the new events for that reason, totally defeating the purpose of this app. So I have to go in every time and adjust the settings to sync my phone calendar events. My settings never save for some reason. But when I click on “All Calendars,” the new events from my phone calendar do show. Very odd..
Really sad
by peepwithsomeconcerns on 2021/07/06 19:22
I’m super disappointed that this app is only compatible with iPhones. This would be the perfect app for me and my family but not all of us have iPhones. Really sad about that.
Best out there!
by endodocthd on 2021/07/02 21:02
Best free sharable calendar out there!
by 482805926 on 2021/06/30 14:17
This app is super easy too use, and always reminds me of the things planned for the day with encouraging phrases such as “you have two things to do today I hope things go well for you” or “you have four things planned today please take care of yourself!”
It’s almost good.
by traacyy on 2021/06/26 21:54
I really like it except for one thing: On your shared Calendars you have to keep going back to customize settings to sync it with your default calendar. It would be MUCH better if that toggle could stay on so it’s constantly refreshing every time you add a new event to your calendar.
Family calendar perfection
by adus talton on 2021/06/22 17:31
I spent a year or more finding an app I could add bills / notes / events , etc. but primarily ADD my family to. This app has it all including reminder alerts, color coding and much more. My sons enjoy adding their events and everyone gets alerted. I love it.
Great app with one suggestion
by ayk36 on 2021/06/17 20:03
Really great app! Perfect way to organize and share calendars. My one suggestion would be to allow photos to be added to the memos. It would be really helpful!
Very nice app
by Tytreke on 2021/06/16 03:17
On point and functional!
Extremely easy to use and clear information
by Julz189 on 2021/06/15 23:58
I loveee this app it makes planning super easy and the widget is very intuitive! My only cretic is I wish adding an event to multiple calendars was easier. There is an option to select one calendar or another but you can’t select both.
Wish it could do more
by Anonymous.68 on 2021/06/10 19:29
I like it but I wish you could sync this calendar with the calendar already on the phone bc it’s a pain to go through and manually put them in
by Tim Urquhart on 2021/06/09 03:16
Yup yup. Good
So frustrated
by Tori972 on 2021/06/09 02:34
I can’t make a single change without it saying ‘Cannot connect to server’. I thought this would be a better solution than a shared note in our phones for me and my boyfriend but I guess the archaic shared iPhone note is better than this because it doesn’t glitch. Super frustrating
Love it, when it works.
by Kimberly LS on 2021/06/03 18:25
It’s a great app except it half the time it doesn’t work. I’ve had to reinstall the app several times, and it’s sometimes it still doesn’t work, I’m really tired of it. I love the color coding! I love the month overview! It works really well for my brain, I just wish it consistently worked.
Love the Calendar
by wow124456 on 2021/05/31 14:56
We use it so my daughter can communicate days I babysit
Love it!
by kenzi.raiven on 2021/05/28 19:21
This app is really great. Me and my two friends are moving to a big city and will be living with each other during college and we decided to test this out and it’s perfect. It’s perfect and free! In love.
Premium version
by jalexm0122 on 2021/05/26 03:03
Unless I’m missing something, I’m not seeing an option to purchase a premium version of the app. I would do that in a heart be to not be subject to adds lol.
by Jumploverjj1717 on 2021/05/26 01:15
Not enough color options
Amazing and Essential
by Everyone should have this! on 2021/05/24 19:50
This is seriously the best calendar app I have ever used!!!!
Doesn’t talk to my iPhone calendar
by Bet on self success on 2021/05/14 20:31
I have to consistently click the sync button to sync both calendars. They I have double post. Not very calendar friendly
Best calendar app out there!
by Dom21_12 on 2021/05/12 14:13
Literally so good! GREAT for organizing events and scheduling things with large groups! Very well laid out and super easy to use!
Amazing App!
by marX The Spot Films on 2021/05/01 13:01
This app is one of the most helpful tools in my life. With crazy schedules between myself and my wife, this is an easy way for us both to see each other schedules extremely easily. There is no complicated programming, or set up. Simple, easy, and just plain works!
by AhKYGA on 2021/04/27 16:35
Easiest app I’ve ever used for personal and professional
Awesome App (Needs IPad Support)
by PickleWicklle on 2021/04/24 18:34
Please add IPad support. I love how simple this app works
I very much recommend this app!!
by Hazy833 on 2021/04/24 03:36
The only complaint I have is the slight incompatibility with my iPad. But other than that, I love this app and the updates. The changes made are for the better. Thank you so much for creating this app. I love that I am able to have multiple calendars. It helps me and others become organized simultaneously. The ability to share one calendar and keep another personal is remarkable!
by sami nguyen 🧚🏻‍♀️ on 2021/04/22 13:55
My favorite app of all time.
by GhostRiderFL on 2021/04/20 17:32
Good for a free app - gets the job done!
Favorite app
by jadonross on 2021/04/20 12:44
I use this for coaching, Bible study and more. It works beautifully! I am so grateful that I found this app. God bless those who created it!
by barertt on 2021/04/20 11:47
great app for scheduled with family!
This is an amazing app!
by Pretty Neat Maids on 2021/04/20 01:05
I love this so much. Its so customizable, easy to use, & it keeps things extremely organized. I use it for my small cleaning business & personal life. It lets me separate the two but also shows them integrated! Its made my everyday life so much easier. I look forward to adding things on my calendar & get so excited when I do (my fiancé even makes fun of me). I had tried three different apps before this, I'm just so glad i didn't quit searching!
I Love Time Tree!
by Jmelyn4633 on 2021/04/19 20:42
This is the only Calendar that I have on my phone as far as an app goes. I have housed it for awhile now and I absolutely love it.
by Jtettam on 2021/04/19 10:06
Helps keep me organized. I also like that I have it on my phone and my husband has it on his phone. I also like that they can be linked together so we can see what each other puts on the colander.
I love TimeTree calendar!
by Fajardo Family on 2021/04/18 22:04
I love the TimeTree calendar. We have 2 kids in college and being able to have a family calendar helps us not double book our events. It helps with communication, too. I love sending my kiddos words of encouragement and candy during midterms and finals.
Copy and paste
by Green tarpon on 2021/04/18 14:01
Very helpful, I would like to see phone numbers to be able to copy and paste another locations will make things even better
Absolutely love this app
by Lexie2496 on 2021/04/15 21:03
this app is a really good app I remember when they first started out, they didn’t have a lot of the features that they have now, I am looking forward to future updates, hopefully they will add different ringtones for your calendars to separate the two, and some more customization options and new colors! overall this app is free, and easy to use despite the ads that keep popping up at the bottom 💀😂
by PPonthier on 2021/04/15 05:44
My daughter and i had Two separate calendars but were able to see each other’s. It looks like they are now merged into one. What happened?
Posibles mejorias
by nsndnsen on 2021/04/11 01:53
Si es posible agregarle una alarma cuando termine el evento publicado asi como la tiene 15 minutos antes de que termine.
Color theme option
by oooollllllfffff on 2021/04/10 23:46
Please bring color theme option back
We don’t want to leave, but.....
by marjorie_as on 2021/04/09 23:00
We need the colors to define our clients in days of activities not just spots of time in a day.So if you remove the colors, (other than background , which we don’t care about) we’ll have to find another calendar . We hope you don’t change because you work for us the way it is now!!!
Annoyingly Intrusive
by Gruvymn on 2021/04/06 22:19
We have used this app for a couple of years but the problem with technology is these idiots can invade your phone without your permission. Some new update now takes away the monthly calendar default view and forces you into some annoying weekly planning view. Thank you for forcing something on me I don’t want and don’t need. I’m so exhausted with this Silicon Valley dunderheads trying to think for me. Looking for a new calendar.
Calendar works as it should.
by Chuy @ Sacramento CA on 2021/04/03 16:05
You guys make the best calendar for my needs. You guys should make it possible for us to pay one dollar for free ad commercials. Either way thank you for a great app.
Great but no horizontal mode
by Gabe Bankes on 2021/03/27 21:39
I use this app for work (iPhone 11/iPad Pro). The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t use the magic keyboard with the iPad since the app doesn’t rotate to horizontal.
Great app
by beehavin on 2021/03/23 00:02
I use this on a daily basis. Just wish they had an option for reoccurring appointments every other week.
Excellent App
by Chariots13 on 2021/03/17 18:49
I was skeptical on how useful this Calendar would be but it has been amazing. Super simple to use. Easy to add details. Color coding is very helpful. The whole family uses it and it keeps my husband and I from double booking with all of our kids activities, doctors appointments, etc.
One of my favorite apps
by Lit' Ray on 2021/03/15 22:33
This app has helped my run my cleaning service more efficiently!
by ycvrtfde on 2021/03/10 05:21
Great tool for my job !!!
I like it but ads are annoying
by Cterws on 2021/03/08 05:28
That’s it
by Emmieford on 2021/03/05 15:41
The fact I can’t pay to get rid of ads is ridiculous. Now they want to specialize ads to my info.
Easy to use for families
by Zombie_Jane on 2021/03/05 11:53
I love it for my family. I love that I can color coordinate each individual person. So I can quickly look at who has what by the color. Easy to use and share as well
Forces you to share info for personalized ads
by Skunkturtle on 2021/03/05 05:30
I used this app for a couple of months before I was no longer allowed to access my calendar without consenting to personalized ads. Now my partner and I have to re enter our schedules for the coming months on a different platform.
So useful
by AnneCJdrnbx on 2021/03/04 18:11
My whole family uses this app. It’s especially helpful because I don’t have a set work schedule. I love that everyone is updated at the same time.
Amazing app to stay on task and get organized
by Santa's workshop 1 on 2021/03/04 16:11
I was looking for a good task management app that has the capability to be shared with others and this app has it all. It helps me stay on top of things so I don’t overwhelm myself by allowing me to set time blocks.
by breeconnell4 on 2021/03/04 05:04
I love using this. My husband and I correlate between the app with work, gatherings, events, birthdays, bills, etc. BEST APP!
So Helpful!!
by districtlolita on 2018/05/26 20:33
I love this app! You can sync calendars with others and also have calendars just for yourself! I have a calendar connected with my fiancé and two friends, a cleaning calendar, and a calendar of reminders for myself for bills. The best part is that you can chose to look at every calendar all at once or separately. I have adult ADHD and this app keeps everything easily accessible all in one app. This app keeps me from overbooking things looking at my calendar with everything, but also lets me focus on just one calendar if I need to without being overwhelmed. I’m also so happy there is a way to access TimeTree on the computer! The computer version is still being worked on, but it’s nice to see it all on a bigger screen even if it’s still in beta and I can’t access everything like the weekly schedule. I’m so excited to see what else the developers come up with! So far, the only thing I’d like to see is an option to set a reminder for the events that don’t have a date yet. I’ve put stuff in that section and then completely forgot about them.
Scheduling for Blended Families
by MyThreeLittleMonkeys on 2018/09/27 02:07
We have only just begun to use this app but so far, I LOVE IT. I have created a “Family Calendar” that includes myself, my husband, my ex-husband, and the three children that I share with my ex. My husband and I also have 2 toddlers and my ex has a newborn so we have 6 kids total between the 2 households. Being able to all collaborate on the same calendar and leave notes regarding which parent is getting which kid to a doctor appointment while a different parent picks up the other 2 from school has been really helpful. Additionally, being able to add doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and orthopedic appointments directly after booking the appointment so the other parents know immediately and not having to remember to text them about the appointment and then hope they remembered to write it down has been really helpful too. I think this app will continue to be incredibly helpful as we try to keep schedules straight for our 6 combined kids and 4 parents and make sure we aren’t dropping balls for our kids. Thank you for this! It works great!
I am so in love with this app
by 51210girls on 2018/06/16 00:37
I have searched for years to find a calendar system that suits my needs. I have tried multiple different ways to keep track of my family of 5. I would forget to write stuff down or I would write it down and then forget to look what had going on. I tried many apps but I just didn’t care for the layouts or I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. I love TimeTree for so many reasons. I can create multiple color coded calendars and toggle easily between them or see all of them. I can share certain schedules with my husband. I can attach pictures to events. So when my kids have events going on at school that require my attention on the day of, I just create an event in their calendar and send the picture to the event. I can also have events with out dates. This makes split parent schedules easier. Make an event for each holiday and add the schedule for the holiday to the notes. Makes it easier to reference.
I love this app!
by e+r❤️ on 2020/11/11 03:09
Okay so my boyfriend and I are 5,000 miles away and honestly it’s kinda tough sometimes when we don’t know each other’s schedules. It’s usually me that’s always busy and either forget to tell him or I just don’t have the time to. He is 6 hours ahead of me. He lives in Albania and I live in Michigan. Obviously it’s difficult. We make it work and time tree honestly helps me put everything that’s going on in my week or month and he’ll know what I’m doing and why I'm not replying. Yes we do have FaceTime and obviously yes I do end up telling him but it’s just easier that he knows too and it’s just a little wake up call. I would totally recommend this app. It also gives you notifications once something is post and you can set it up to get notifications when it’s like 10,15, and like an hour before the event which is like a little reminder. I love it!! I continue to use it all the time!!
Love this app!
by MichHart on 2017/10/25 10:50
I love TimeTree calendar! My husband and I have busy schedules and have always used a shared calendar app to make sure we didn't double book things and to keep track of each other's schedules. The old app we were using became less and less user friendly and eventually got to the point where it wouldn't sync the other's calendars and became more and more cumbersome to add events, and with each new update it required more and more steps to add an event to the calendar. Not so with time tree- adds events easily and conveniently, and updates to the other's calendar instantly and sends a message alerting the other that an event was added. We are able to color coordinate our calendars according to whose schedule and types of events! The latest update of adding a search function made an already great app absolutely awesome! I would definitely recommend this app. Again-love, love love this app!!!
by MohamedElian on 2019/01/07 14:06
1- it doesn’t update new events automatically or even manually. You have to add the calendars again every time you add new events to the calendars. For instance, if I accept an invitation on my work calendar, it doesn’t show up on my family calendar on the app. Even though I have already added my work calendar on the family calendar many times before. If I go to the family calendar on the app and click update, it doesn’t work. The only way to get it to work is to re-add the work calendar on the family calendar. This is so frustrating and counterproductive. 2- It’d be better if you keep the calendars selected to be copied in a calendar selected. To elaborate, when you click on “copy events from the OS calendar”, it shows all the calendars deselected, even if you had selected which calendars you want to be copied. If you go back after you select the calendars that you want to copy, you will not see any selected calendars. The issue with that is that you can never confirm which calendars have been selected.
Life saver! Only one suggestion
by SarahB442000 on 2017/09/20 17:36
I'm a working mom with two kids. One has special needs so there are tons of appointments to go to all the time! My husband and I are separated and my sister helps a lot with my kids. I went through three calendar apps till I found this! It's been perfect for helping to coordinate all the adults in my kids' lives (while also cutting down on calls to my ex)!!!! I really love that I can have separate calendars at the same time - a personal one just for me, one for all three adults when necessary or even just for two of us and I can see them all at once. This app has honestly changed my life for the better. The only thing I would love to see would be one of those notification bubbles be an option to show the date so I can check it at a glance instead of having to open the app or check the lock screen. Otherwise perfection!
Great app for group calendars
by kbdkgdjtdjgdjdm on 2020/04/12 16:58
Our group uses this app to coordinate our time as a social distancing measure during the COVID-19 crisis. We all need access to a certain location during the week, so to ensure social distancing we downloaded this app as a communication tool to let the others know when we would be there. It’s much nicer than text-bombing each other with our coordinates. You can set up multiple separate calendars for different groups, and send the invitation to join based on a unique calendar. Each calendar only allows invitees to see that calendar, but not others. The only drawback, and it is a minor one, is that editing an account is not intuitive for people who don’t use apps much (I.e. are not tech savvy). This is why I only gave it 4 stars and not 5. Apps should be configured to be used by the least tech savvy person- generally older people who have not embraced the age of technology.
Easy to use and share with family
by Leanna the Befuddled on 2019/12/26 20:45
Hi! Long time user here, downloaded in 2017 when I got my first job and needed some way to keep my schedule straight and share it with my family (many siblings also working at the time, good for mom’s sanity!). Over time I’ve come to use the many colors available for college classes, car payments and maintenance, as well as various social environments. Thanks to the colors, even though at a glance of the entire month the text is small, every entry is easily identifiable and I love how I can put notes and locations for important events! I find the design of this app to be both easy to look at and easy to navigate. I also love using the Timetree widget and the reminder notifications to keep my forgetful self in check so I don’t miss anything! Thanks for helping make adulting easier!
⏱🌲 = ❤️❤️❤️
by chinchinks on 2018/12/11 19:02
This is the best calendar app I have so far. I love that I could see on the calendar about the things I have to do and it’s not like a calendar list and it’s not too fancy either (unlike other calendar apps 😒). Plus, the “Keep” option is very helpful where I don’t have to trouble myself about the date and time. AND, I did not expect that there will be a notification which says, “Hope that everything goes well for you!” This actually lightens my spirit which, the truth is, around this week I’m feeling a bit down so when I received that notification, I feel so happy to see that. It really made my day. Thank you so much TimeTree! However, it would have been nice if I could have the option to choose more color labels. But overall, this calendar app is the best and I LOVE IT! ❤️ KEEP IT UP GUYS!!! 👊🏼☺️
Amazing App
by Jltlra on 2020/02/08 18:14
This App is amazing for personal and even business application. The downside is that because it is SO functional, it can be a little overwhelming unless you have someone just sit down and show you how to do it. In other words, it’s like riding a bike. (...Try to explain how to ride a bike, then show them what you mean and see which is easier). They are constantly adding better features that amaze me and keep up with the changing times of technology. I have been with TimeTree for about 5 years now. I would always suggest having paper backups to ANYTHING important in life, as technology can fail at any moment. I, myself, have only been affected by a system “crash” once, and it was toward the beginning of my time using this innovative company. They also listen to their clients. Best of all, it is still free! Get it while you can! Way to go TimeTree! Keep working hard!
Great App
by Flightnurse1218 on 2020/12/28 01:00
I love this app. I use it to stay organized, and keep up with my families crazy schedule. A few suggestion is; I wish it were more “nurse schedule friendly”. I work night shift and when I put it in the app it looks like It’s a two day event 7p-7a. Also, my husband is a pilot, so when he goes into different time zones, the schedule automatically goes into that time zone and it makes the whole thing really confusing. I would love for the app to have an option to stay in your home time zone. Lastly, I would love for events to be easier to input when the same event happens on more than one day. For example, when I work on several days in one month it would be easier to click all the days I want to Input at the same time, rather than one by one. Great App! Thanks! :)
Hands Down The Best Shared Calendar!
by BilliardMoney on 2020/07/07 12:52
Finding this App has made scheduling between our installers and sales team a breeze and so efficient. TimeTree is so easy to use. Scheduling conflicts have been eliminated with the real-time updates. All of us are now instantly notified when someone else schedules an appointment. My installers love the map feature. I can upload all of our customers information and details, allowing them a quick and easy look at all the jobs for the week. We tried so many other shared calendar apps and there were always too many glitches and inconsistencies. I am extremely happy with this app! I would definitely recommend TimeTree to anyone looking for a Great shared calendar.
Time tree
by JMod02 on 2018/11/16 14:24
This app has been an upgrade from our previous shared calendar app. I love the ability to make notes and add pictures to relevant events and also set up recurring events. I love the ability to see multiple calendars as well, though I do wish I could customize the view in those calendars instead of defaulting to how my personal one is set up. I would love to have more choices of labels in each app as we use them for different people and combinations so for a larger family or group it would be nice to have more options. The one thing it is missing is truly a shared shopping list, that most other shared calendars have, and it would be a nice addition. We’ve tried to use the “Keep” section to do our list and it isn’t very functional. Overall I love this calendar and hope to keep seeing enhancements in future updates.
Improvements need to be made.
by username5660 on 2019/08/29 11:40
There are many pop ups and news posts talking about the introduction of new colors that may be used in the app to label different events. It has been I think two to three months since this change and there is literally nothin I can do to see these colors. I have the basic default colors, which are still pretty, but I want the additional colors that have been introduced!!! Also, PLEASE UPDATE THE iPAD VERSION OF YOUR APP! It is difficult to be productive if I have to turn my head and look at a tiny phone display on my 12.9 inch iPad. I obviously utilize a keyboard for my iPad, so I must turn my head in order for me to fully view the cheap display on here. Please make adjustments because this app truly deserves a 5 star rating. But these changes have not been made for the past couple of months. Please address these problems as soon as you possibly can. I would greatly appreciate it.
A few suggestions for this AMAZINGLY helpful app
by blepss on 2019/11/22 21:44
This app has been so helpful. The only thing that’s really been bothering me is how laggy it can sometimes be (maybe it’s just my phone) but other than that it’s been good. I do have some suggestions though and someone has already mentioned them. (1) An option to add the event to multiple calendars instead of one at a time when creating them (since I have several calendars I’m sharing with different people). (2) Having a possible “focus” tab that includes events for the week/day just as a quick view. (3) An option to save the locations you’ve previously entered so you don’t have to enter them over and over and over again. Other than that, the app is great and incredibly helpful and I highly recommend it.
You Cannot Beat The Features On This App!
by adudedrew on 2020/12/04 04:33
My family and I have been looking for a good, thorough calendar platform that allows us all to have as many calendars as we need. We all work from home, we run an etsy and multiple other small businesses as well as outside commitments, our calendars get unbelievably crowded extremely quickly but timetree was easy to use and so far without any limits, I wish I could access all the color options at once for the labels but that is legit my only complaint so far. You can organize by person, by day, by label (and you can make a lable for anything) it is honestly a life saver and I plan on recommending it to anyone looking to get their life more organized
Great App!
by lindalatina_cis on 2019/05/08 13:59
I love TimeTree! I like having multiple calendars and being able to share calendars with others. I have a calendar that I share with my husband that helps us keep track of things happening in our personal lives. I also have a personal calendar, a calendar that I share with my family, a work calendar.... My entire family uses it. One of my favorite parts is being able to write comments & post pictures for different calendar entries. If you’re sharing a calendar, the people your sharing with can see the comments/pictures and can add comments/pictures of their own to share. I’ve used different calendar apps and this is my favorite one by far! Love it!!!
It’s Great
by Brandon? Nope. on 2019/12/26 06:00
I’ve been using TimeTree for years now I want to say. It’s consistent, always works, free and well designed. It allows my wife and I to have separate calendars for different parts of our life, synced in between us, with a lot of cool features. I would recommend it, and would recommend at least trying it. Something I loved about it from the get go is that you don’t have to create an account or give up your email if you don’t want (I didn’t at first). You still get all of the features, just if you lose your device or whatever may happen you lose your calendar without an account to back it up to. It’s changed the way I think about calendar apps. Good job mates. 👍
Kept my college friends and I in touch...
by LaurennRaquel on 2018/10/02 17:53
Through college my best friends and I eventually moved off campus and had busy schedules. We would miss each other a lot and would struggle planning hang outs. I found this app for us so we could each make a shared calendar that we'd all use with personalized colors and we'd be able to see each other's schedules. We could then easily see when we all had mutual free time for hanging out. It's AMAZING. Now I'm graduated and haven't used it in a while and I think I may switch back. I typically prefer the apps that come on the iPhones BUT I love how you can easily see at a glance the different events with out clicking the day. Only thing is I wish the app face showed the current date like the calendar. App.
Great calendar view!
by Leslissimo on 2018/05/26 04:42
I love that I can see what actual event I have when I look at month view-- it is SO MUCH BETTER than trying to investigate what certain dots mean like on ical or google cal. Also VERY helpful when trying to get a sense for what my month looks like including multi-day events. We travel a lot for work so it really helps. We don't use the personal calendars as much but schedule events as out google accounts so it makes a copy in google calendar if we need backup. This works well too. One down side, the directions are REALLY hard to understand in English, when I went to add a calendar later I just clicked around somehow until it added. But great calendar app, we've never had an issue with syncs or glitches!
Excellent for Working Couples
by Mayhems_Muse on 2018/05/30 15:54
This app is fantastic. My partner and I live 2 hours apart in different cities, and both of us own our own businesses. That makes coordinating schedules and couples time INCREDIBLY tricky. After a few months of dating and some near-misses of scheduling mishaps, I decided we needed a digital calendar to share events on. This was a struggle for me, since my physical calendar was pretty much glued to my hand at all times. I started entering dates and events into TimeTree, using the different colors to denote my events, his events, and events we were doing together. This app saved our relationship!!! It took several months of me entering things by myself, but eventually he started to rely on the app as well, and now we BOTH use it regularly! We are able to keep track of our separate time, and look forward to all the traveling and events we get to do together. Thank you for making an app that is so easy to pick up and understand. The push notifications are particularly handy for people who get caught up in the flow of work and forget to check for events. We will be eternally grateful!
New Update Feedback
by One Soomal Detail on 2020/11/03 10:24
Very helpful app! I just want to give feedback on the latest interface. I dislike it. I liked being able to just spam the calendar button to go back to present day, not for it to go to... the same calendar on a different window. I just preferred it when it was separate, no scrolling to anything below. It was more concrete and my fidgety fingers could be free in a sense. I wish there was an option to revert back to the older version—I’d pay to rid ads if I could keep the previous model. Anyhow, this is the calendar I now use daily to keep track of everything. Best calendar option out there by far. A pity that the update made it change right when I was getting dependent on it lol
by Tiffany1657 on 2020/07/05 14:59
I honestly just want to say, I’ve been using this app for a very long time and I absolutely LOVE it. And I want the people that worked so hard to make it so well to know that every morning I wake up and I get overwhelmed by the list of things I have to do for the day.. Right above that you guys said “you have how many ever events to complete today” and right above or next to it you say “Please take care of yourself today!” And that means so much to me and on most days it’s really what I need to hear to remember to slow down and take care of myself and it helps me to re-shift what I have planned for the day so I can then make time for myself. Thanks once again!
Great App to share with family
by BOONEY50-11 on 2020/12/11 14:40
I was glad my friend introduced this app to me. It allowed me to stay on track with other relatives and currently I can see when my daughter has events. Teens often forget to TELL parents things but they can TEXT. So I have her input it here and it works out great. I’m notified when it’s added. Each day I have it set up to tell me what’s going on for me and you can customize how you want to be reminded. It’s COLOR CODED TOO!!!!! I have each kid with a different color as well as different activities with certain colors so my eyes are drawn to different things. I would like the developers to ADD MORE COLORS, especially BOLD colors please. This app is great. You see ads and that’s everywhere nowadays so you just ignore them. Lol
Love this app
by mohawksrin on 2019/05/18 06:53
As a busy entrepreneur and as a mother with a blended family, this app has helped me stay productive and organized in my business, my family life and my personal life. It’s also helped me coparent more smoothly with my child’s father, his father’s significant other and my significant other. It’s simple layout makes it easy to read my schedule quickly. It’s not bogged down by too many features. The one thing it’s missing is being able to upload pictures to notes in events. It’d also be super cool if you made a way to import notes directly from your iPhone into an event. Thanks for developing this app!! Your work doesn’t go unappreciated.
Super Helpful when dealing with illness
by JJ3866 on 2020/08/25 22:53
We found TimeTree when looking for a common calendar that any of us could access and edit. We were battling cancer and several of us were working together to ensure my dad got to his chemo and other appointments. The ability to give each person a color meant that we could see what appointments were our responsibility while also knowing about all other appointments as well. The ability to edit with notes meant that we could detail what went on if needed or to remind ourselves to ask for certain things while at an appointment. My dad beat cancer and is now in remission. He still has after care appointments just to monitor things and he warned if he goes out of remission. The app is even more useful now because appointments are much farther apart and remembering details after so much time passes is often difficult. I just look at my notes in TimeTree! It is wonderful!!! I truly believe this is the most useful and crucial app that I have downloaded. I use it fir work now too.
by backtheblue13 on 2018/12/30 19:30
I was a paper calendar girls for years, it was my brains and went everywhere with me. This app has made it so much easier to keep all my events and important notes together in one spot. I’ve had this app for over 6 months and it’s by far my most used app! I keep my husband crazy schedule on here and I love that we can share the same calendar so he can see what’s coming up easily on his own phone. Everything is color coordinated for all my kids and all my recurring stuff is easy to put in! I can even add notes to an event (family functions I need to remember a side dish for and etc) I can’t say enough good things about this app.
Love Love Love This 💜💜💜💜
by Squeaker16 on 2020/10/26 13:17
I live with and help take care of my elderly parents this calendar has been a lifesaver. I can put my schedule in one color, appointments that my mom needs my help getting to in a different color and should dad need me that is in a different color yet. Everyone has it on their phone so if something is added or they need to make an appointment they can look on their phone at the app to see if I’m available to take them or if there’s not a driver available or whatever the situation is before they book that appointment if I’m not right there with them and the same goes for me booking an appointment.
We LOVE time tree
by Chey hunt on 2020/04/30 21:51
My boyfriend & I absolutely love TimeTree. The fact that we can have our own calendar and see each other’s or simply share one is super convenient. I love being able to use one for work and one for our personal life. I’ve tried many calendars and they didn’t have nearly as many option as this app nor did they look as neat & organized. The only thing I wish was added would be a note pad tab instead of having to always write notes under events that away we could share grocery or chore lists to be accomplished anytime instead of a specific time
by ks1125 on 2017/10/18 08:43
Best calendar app in terms of simplicity, functionality, and visually. I'm a nurse and I work night shift, and outside of that, I have a very busy personal schedule--I was all over the place, always forgetting what events and plans I had coming up. I'm always on top of everything with TimeTree! The color coded categories help a lot with organization. I can share my calendar with people and allow them to add their events so we can coordinate schedules easily. I also love the "keep event without date" feature as it create a category of events that are awaiting time and date--it reminds me to go back and follow up on those events. I loooove this app!
Rare reviewer; hands down best app I’ve ever downloaded
by Mandy4883 on 2020/01/03 17:07
I don’t ever bother leaving written reviews for apps, but now that I’ve been using TimeTree for a couple YEARS on an everyday basis I figured it was time to give them amazing review they deserve. This app has organized and changes our lives. My husband has it too. I love how easy, intuitive, and simple this app is. Don’t confuse simple for lack of functionality though! This app can do everything I need (even add notes and pictures to events!) Highly, highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a shared/family calendar. Oh, and it’s FREE!!
Extremely Friendly Multilayered App
by Kmguarino on 2018/08/09 02:49
I finally took the plunge into an electronic calendar, only. This calendar has been extremely easy to use and share with family members. By assigning colors to my multiple calendars (I have one for school dates, each family member, birthdays, etc), I’m able to decide which people will have access to specific calendars. In turn, they can also add items that can appear on my calendar! I can view by “tabs” (individual) or “my schedule” (all). I truly encourage you to give this calendar app a chance! The more complicated your life is, the more benefits you’ll notice immediately!
Love the app
by Mrs. CRamos on 2019/12/13 08:47
Love this app so easy to use and easy to stay on top of everything I have to get done. I look at it everyday. My brain is not what it use to be. I found about this app through my friend and it’s been a game changer. I share it with my husband so he always knows what’s going on :)even when I forget to mention certain things. We know each other’s schedule which is all over the place so this app makes it so easy to plan things. It’s been a life saver. You will love it trust me. Know if they can only make an app of list of things to do that would be great.
Great Family Calendar
by SLLEVOSJ on 2018/08/13 17:29
This is the perfect digital calendar for my family, have been using it for 6months now and absolutely love it! Compatible with iPhone and my husband’s Samsung, also compatible with my Apple Watch! We have two kids, a dog, and a house that we have entered in different events, appointments in and have been able to keep our crazy life organized and color coded. Huge time saver and was such an asset when it came to our busy summer schedule, as well as the fast approaching school/football season (my husbands a coach and we are just starting school with our 4yr!) Absolute must have and life saver!
Best Calendar App!
by SydHigs on 2020/07/10 12:06
I am old school and OCD..... I do not just redo my calendars frequently, if they get too messy I buy a new one and start over. I have two small side businesses, active in church, work a full time job, give sax lessons, etc. the point is I need lots of things all in one place. Every app I have tried I have hated and deleted almost instantly due to cost, set up, ease of use, etc. TimeTree is by far the BEST calendar app ever. You can create as many calendars as you need.... see on at a time or see them all, choose your own colors, etc and it is 100% FREE!! Try it out!! 😊😊
Extremely useful
by Vanessa S. :) on 2019/04/17 15:48
Me and my family are extremely with different events whether they repeat every week or they are completely new events. I downloaded this app just to test it out and i love it. It’s easy to use, there are advanced features that let you repeat the event if needed, there are different colors to chose from for the events. (Im currently using the colors to organize different events for different family members.) I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs to organize everyone’s plans or even your own. :)
One change requested!
by hmc333hmc on 2020/08/15 07:34
I love this app. It works great for my daughters parenting plan. I like that I can have multiple calendars with different people. One thing I don’t like is on the days of our exchange when you looks at the calendar our schedule looks like it overlaps. I wish it wouldn’t do that. For example, we exchange on Sunday so I have her until Sunday at 5 and then I add in that he has her at 5 on Sunday and it shows us both having her all day like the lines overlap instead of meeting. It would only make sense for them to overlap if the times truly overlap. Otherwise love the app. Please make that change 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼😊
This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for
by lexavic12 on 2018/10/14 01:12
I love time tree because it saves details making recurrent events easy and fast to enter! And I love having the preview feature on first glance with details one click away. The color options are appealing and super useful for calendar shared among individuals to differentiate between each other. The only downfall is I can’t decide if I would prefer a vertical scrolling month as opposed to the horizontal swipe for the next month’s view. Having both would probably be ideal to allow for a continuous view but also view of isolated individual months.
Favorite calendar app❤️
by user2985725826 on 2018/12/28 17:59
This is one of the most organized and customizable apps out there. I’m a very picky person and I love this app to death. Some things i like is that you can read all your events from the monthly calendar and it doenst clutter you with different automatic events and things like that. You can create different calendars and different categories (with colours) to organize your events under. 10/10 One thing I would reallllyyyyy like is a comparable version with Apple Watch so that i would be able to see my events from there.
Favorite calendar app!
by Ilovemymonkeyz on 2019/03/18 02:33
Likes: -able to see calendar in iPhone texting app -monthly view -clean and easy to read interface -options -easy to use -sharing calendar Would like added: -family notification reminders don’t alert other members -easy to use list option for shopping lists (I currently make my list in event without a date and have to click edit and not easy to delete an item or make changes. -swipe to delete a task saved without a date. -be able to attach emails to calendar to remind myself it needs to get done on a certain day or without a date -be able to create event from an email -be able to turn off and delete all the updates time stamps -when I click and drag an event to move to a different date, if it’s a recurring event it doesn’t automatically move the rest of the recurring events/doesn’t ask me if I want just this event or all. Thank you for making this awesome app!! And thank you for reading my review.
I Can’t Live Without This APP!
by Brandi Weyant on 2019/08/15 06:45
I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for this app. If it ever goes away I don’t know what I would do. It honestly has been a lifesaver when my husband went from working for someone else to becoming his own boss. I use this app to schedule his painting jobs. I love how I can make all of them different colors to make different developments stand out. I love being able to have his business partner on the calendar and the ability for them to make comments. I can not give enough praise to the creators! Thank you so much!
Perfect for all users
by alisha072496 on 2019/01/10 15:51
Love this app! The family business was looking for an app that would work for all of us when it came to the work calendar. What sets this app apart from the others is the fact that you don’t have to have a gmail account (like with google calendars) or have an apple device (like with the default iPhone calendar app). It was super easy to navigate and add multiple calendars (work, family, personal, etc.) Everyone in the business and also the family love this app as well. Would 10/10 recommend!
Time has Eloquence, Beauty and Sophistication
by ApotheosisX on 2018/10/12 22:04
TimeTree is one of the most poised, sleek and modern calendar/schedule setting apps that has come out recently and it is quickly dominating its competitors. Time tree offers the ability in order to share your calendar with friends, family, co-workers and/or clientele so that everyone is kept in the loop. Plus you can customize your calendar and share it on your time tree wall which I’ve never seen a calendar app do before. Thank you for coming up with such a unique and aspiring calendar app that is both versatile and a modern take on a basic human necessity.
Pretty convenient
by airinchoi on 2020/12/02 17:53
It’s a pretty convenient app but would love a direct message feature with individual people. I find that in a group calendar there are times I want to message an individual person directly but end up having to just post a public memo so everyone can see it. That’s kinda frustrating but other than that it’s a very useful and convenient app. It’s well laid out and the different color options are awesome. Also I hope that there would be an option for updating/downloading the TimeTree calendar to my phone computer. That would also be useful.
by X13 :) on 2020/12/18 08:46
Great app and functionality, but this latest update is AWFUL on older phones. With smaller screen sizes, the calendar is now TINY about 70-80% of the screen.. makes the experience terrible. I don’t need a menu at the bottom taking up 20% of the screen, now events and details are much harder to see and navigate. Why isn’t there an option to toggle the menu off?? Complete fullscreen calendar view?? It’s very frustrating to have to keep toggling calendar mode on, as someone who opens and closes the app often.
Great Application
by BGiff557 on 2020/10/27 19:26
Easy to use, versatile, and well designed. I utilize the app for sharing events and reminders with my family and it works great. My wife is not super organized and I do not have the best memory, and TimeTree has helped on both those fronts. User simplicity has been a huge plus, and I love being able to edit separate calendars and share as needed. However, I have not utilized integration between other calendars (outlook, google, etc.) so I do not know much about the functionality there. Overall, for my use, great app.
Awesome calendar
by Dbditt on 2019/12/26 11:46
The main thing I love about this calendar is that you can see the day’s events at a glance. No need to open every day to see what is scheduled that day. Also, the ability to share calendars works great when my wife or I have something come up. We can quickly see whether we can do or if something else is happening at that time. The different colors is another feature that makes things easier. We can see at a glance whether something is scheduled for her, myself or both of us. This is GREAT!
Keeps my life organized
by VaNNa BaBy on 2020/08/11 05:15
I adore this app... I have a calendar for myself and husband, work, kids, and more! All the options for color coding, location, times, reminders...I couldn’t do it without this amazing app! It’s user friendly and notifications or changes go to other calendar users instantly! The only thing I don’t understand is how to delete a calendar user that I no longer want to share info with. I actually don’t know if that can be done. Overall I’m very happy with the way this app performs! Thanks TimeTree!
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