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ShotBOT is designed for professional visual effects supervisors, to use during production, to take all the necessary production notes when shooting visual effects scenes. It tracks all the VFX needs for film, TV, documentaries, music videos and commercial production. This app is designed by someone who has spent 20 years shooting visual effects. All advanced features are sold via in-app purchases so you only need to buy what you need. For more detailed information on ShotBOT, please check out our web site for demo screencasts and a comprehensive FAQ page. FEATURES -ShotBOT has all the fields you would expect. A full list of fields is at the bottom of this page. -Track general scenes or individual takes. -Print or email a comprehensive shooting report to your VFX artists after the shoot. -Built in drawing feature to create diagrams or annotate pictures. -App-wide built in help screens to explain every feature. -Supports multi-camera shoots. -Full support for user defined presets for all commonly used fields. Includes default set of presets for professional production. Entering the data for a scene is very fast! -Scenes can be tagged to group sets of scenes together for complete organization of the scenes. -Take pictures or import existing images for scene reference. -View and grab frames from a wireless, live video feed from the camera. (Requires Teradek wireless encoder and in-app purchase) -Print a variety of different style tracking marks in a variety of sizes. (Requires in-app purchase) -Two different interface styles. Dark for indoor, Light for outdoor. You will always be able to view screen content without blinding your eyes. -Export your data so you can import it into your own post production tracking software. (Require in-app purchase) -Optional ShotBOT Cloud option to backup your data in realtime and sync between multiple devices. (Require in-app purchase) JOB FIELDS -Job Number -Episode Name and Number -Working Title -Agency and Client Name -Product Description -Production Company Name -Default FPS -Job Description SCENE FIELDS -Scene Number -Scene Description -Slate -Shot Date, Day Number, Time of day. -Unit (First unit, second unit, plate unit) -MOS or Sync sound. -Interior/Exterior -Day, Night, or Day For Night -Shoot Location -Scene Notes -Flags for: HDR, Mirror Ball, 18% Gray Ball, Cube, Clean Plate, Tiles, Ref Plates, Dig Stills Ref, Dig Stills Texture, Set Survey, Lidar Scan, 3D Scan, Lighting Diagram, Rushed Enviroment. CAMERA FIELDS -Camera ID -Camera Type -Camera Rig -Card/Clip Info -Filters -ISO -Shutter -Color Temp -FPS -T Stop -Lens -MM Start & End -Camera Height Start & End -Camera Tilt Start & End -Camera Focus Start & End -Camera Notes TAKE FIELDS -Take Number -Hero or Circled Take Flag -Take Notes
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