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EveryDollar easy budgeting app
Start saving with the fast and easy personal budget planner and expense tracker app, EveryDollar! EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget approach recommended by Dave Ramsey, a top personal money-management expert. Create daily and monthly budgets and track your expenses to manage and save money. Millions are already using EveryDollar to budget and track their spending, beat debt and build their wealth. Start now and find the right way to budget your money! As a bonus, all new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar. You can connect directly to your bank with EveryDollar Plus, making expense tracking all the easier! Simply go to EveryDollar Plus in the main menu and upgrade right away! Key Free Features: Personal Budget Planner ** Create a fully customizable daily or monthly budget in minutes. ** Access your budget planner through the app or desktop browser. ** Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month, keeping up with the changes in your life. ** Keep your personal account secure by signing in with TouchID. Expense Tracker ** Track spending as it happens by the second. ** Split expenses across multiple budget items. ** Set reminders to keep track of your transactions and spending. ** See what you’ve spent and what remains each month. Connect With Service and Savings Experts ** Get to know our a huge array of real estate, insurance and tax professionals through our Endorsed Local Providers program ** No third-party advertisements that get in the way of learning. Exclusive EveryDollar Plus Features: ** Connect to your bank to track your transactions through EveryDollar ** View your account balance within the app. ** Priority and call-back support. Eliminate debt and put more into your savings each month with EveryDollar: the personal budget planner and expense tracker app. Download now and start seeing results! EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are optional and available via auto-renewing subscriptions. EveryDollar Plus subscriptions are billed at a rate of $129.99/year after a two-week free trial. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to EveryDollar before your trial expires. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Good but doesn’t always work
by Albernackee-1 on 2020/02/16 16:47
Very good concept and some great elements but there are some core issues. It keeps signing me out, I’ve had a number of issues staying connected to my accounts, I have to wait for transactions to post to put them in the budget, and line items marked as funds copy over their point-in-time value when creating the next months budget (instead of dynamically representing the same fund.) These issues make it hard to use the app but logging me out all the time is what drove me to the App Store to leave a review.
Simple and effective
by Quercas Alba on 2020/02/15 23:17
I love the easy simplicity of everydollar app.
Worth the purchase every month!
by kylestyle7 on 2020/02/15 18:53
This app/product by Ramsey Solutions is by far one of the easiest and simplest ways to budget. It links to your bank account and tracks the electronic transactions. All you have to do is click and drag the transaction to the corresponding category — it’s just that easy — you are now well on your way to budgeting responsibly. It has helped me tremendously as a visual and guidance tool for my family’s money.
Staying on Task
by Ra Graham on 2020/02/15 16:02
I love the convenience of stay on top by documenting every time I spent money. It helps to decide is this a need or want.
Best tool for budgeting!
by marisasibley on 2020/02/15 14:37
My husband and I use EveryDollar every month for our budget and to track our expenses! We are always on the same page about our finances because we both always know where we are throughout the month using the app. The BEST tool for budgeting!
Hope Again
by Naef2020 on 2020/02/15 09:04
A complete game changer for my family!
Love it!
by Garrzz on 2020/02/14 18:04
Really basic and very easy to understand.
Need Version to fit iPad
by Uscrewed on 2020/02/14 17:17
Love the app but I would love one to adapt to the iPad.
Better than Mint
by JSC108 on 2020/02/14 14:35
The only drawback is the subscription fee, but the app does everything I want it to.
Life Changer
by moneymindinder on 2020/02/14 12:51
Great feeling to know you’re in control and tracking your spending so easily! Love this app and the simplicity! Wish I could split the Income transactions into different places. I’m sure they are working on it- overall it’s great!
New to the application
by Serenity mommy on 2020/02/14 07:24
Seems to be a friendly application. I’m new to it and don’t have anything negative to say.
Almost perfect
by Person 123456789000001 on 2020/02/14 00:58
I would rate 5 stars except there is no iPad app. It’s 2020, not having a universal app is unacceptable. I use the web browser on the iPad but it just isn’t as good. I pay for EveryDollar Plus and would really appreciate a iPad app, it’s simply easier than the small screen of a iPhone. If there is a version for iPad I will change to five stars.
Faulty Transaction Records
by britrodri on 2020/02/13 20:36
I had the app for a year and a half. I loved it because of the user interface, both the app and web based EveryDollar were so easy and fun to use. I started noticing a lot of my transactions not syncing correctly with my bank. Sometimes a couple would be missing, other times a whole weeks worth were not synced. This is a huge problem because I thought I was accounting for every single dollar I spent. Now I’m worried I missed transactions throughout the entire time I had the app. I wish the sync were better.. especially for the price! Mint is free and syncs so fast and accurately, plus you don’t have to wait until after the bank processes your transaction like EveryDollar. Although I do miss the user interface of EveryDollar, I don’t think I’ll be using it again unless that major problem is fixed.
Font Size Increase... Why?
by MssMariah ! on 2020/02/13 14:04
This app is great!!! I have been using it for about 6 months now and I am loving most everything about it. The last few updates have increased the font size for some reason, which is quite unnecessary. Please add an option to shrink size if this is something that will be a part of the app from here on it. It’s a bit weird.
Game Changer
by New iPhone Mom on 2020/02/13 04:09
This app is a game changer for me! It was fast & easy to get my budget up & running! Now, I have a snap shot in front of me to get going on reaching my debt free goals! Thank You!
A huge blessing to our monthly budget
by Nick Name 777 on 2020/02/12 21:20
This app has been a quite literal “God-send” to our monthly budget and financial planning. The linking to our bank account has made balancing our budget and books each week! It’s making it easier to tell our money where to go each month and know exactly where it went at the end! Such a blessing and it makes it so easy to be responsible and honor the Lord with our money!
I don’t like the new changes
by Charchar124521 on 2020/02/12 17:03
I used to be able to swipe right to get back to my budget after going into a certain category. They’ve removed this in the new update and I have to go up to the top left to get back—annoying when you have a small hand and a big phone! Also there used to always be a green progress bar showing spending under each category which would turn red if I went over budget. Now I only see it on certain categories which isn’t helpful..seems like it may be a glitch. Overall I do think the update is a nice aesthetic change. Nevertheless, this app and Dave’s teachings have helped me pay off 20k in debt in a few months. It’s great!
by TGround on 2020/02/12 14:19
Trying to restore my purchase of the upgrade and it won’t let me. The app is ok but it really only makes sense if you can link your bank account. Now it won’t let me and I already paid the money. Very annoying.
Mint is free and does the same thing.
by Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2020/02/12 06:58
I tried plus free for 15 days and ten minutes into day one it keeps failing logging into my bank account. Plus it's almost identical to Mint yet Mint automatically categorizes transactions whereas here you have to do it manually. I'm a Dave fan but compared to Mint, this is a horrible value at $129 a year compared to Mint's free app. Save your money and pay off your debt with it and go with Mint over this. Very disappointing.
Best app for budgeting
by jsheets19 on 2020/02/12 02:30
I’ve tried so many apps to budget to the dollar and this is by far the most comprehensive, easy to use one available. If you follow Dave Ramsey, you will appreciate the simplicity of the categories and the flexibility to change them. I use it daily and tweak it throughout the month.
Best money budget app ever
by queenredesign on 2020/02/11 14:45
IoI’m sick
Has great potential
by kzas1 on 2020/02/11 12:52
This would absolutely be a 5 star app, except that it doesn’t work with all banks and there’s no way to know before you pay for it. (I know it’s not my bank because I’ve used other budgeting apps that have no problem importing transactions.) The Ramsey team worked on it over a month and still no luck. The Ramsey team also can’t (or won’t) help with refunds either, so you’ll end up on hold with apple for 20 minutes to cancel. I’d look elsewhere unless you’re 100 percent sure the connectivity with your bank will work.
Bank account keeps dropping
by s. p. 5478 on 2020/02/11 09:34
I used to love this app. But it has dropped the connection with bank multiple times. This time lost my bank again ......deleted my Bank and added again like suggested with no success. Customer service lacking no email back that issues was received and being dealt with. It’s annoying to pay for the premium app to connect to the bank for lathe extra money when it can’t do that and no one can respond on how to correct.
Still bugs
by echos_of_truth on 2020/02/11 04:30
I changed some of my expenses to funds so I could track them but 2/3 aren’t working correctly. They don’t count the payment to the fund if I add it as an expense and double the amount if I label it as an income.
Accounts Don’t Stay Connected
by CrashJones51779 on 2020/02/11 01:57
Bank accounts won’t remain connected. I removed and added the account twice to no avail. (And when you do, it creates multiple transactions which you have to delete.) While Mint’s interface was clunky at least its connection to outside banks worked.
Simple but clunky
by geezer456 on 2020/02/10 16:03
Adding a planned item into a monthly budget is not easy. Our cable bill was added to Debt, rather than Housing. Not able to move it, so I’ll just have to remember where it got dumped in the creation of the account.
Getting Better
by Ski4evercm on 2020/02/09 22:02
Still 5 stars, every update is an improvement!!!
Changed the way I think of money
by Kazi alam on 2020/02/08 19:34
There is a reason it calls “every dollar” , it gives every single hard earning money an assignment. Super easy to use!
Relatively useful but requires a lot of manual entry
by B Weible on 2020/02/08 12:39
Every Dollar makes creating general budgeting categories easy, and the user interface is user friendly. A real downside is that you have to allocate every transaction manually regardless of how many times you have the same transaction. And for all of Ramsey’s preaching about accounting for every penny, including yearly expenses, it would be nice if there were a way to set aside funds for yearly recurring expenses rather than setting aside a monthly budget item that only gets satisfied if you transfer the money to another account and enter it as a transaction. In short, it definitely helps with budgeting, but it’s a bit primitive for a $10/month product. Then again, I’ve been cranky ever since they did away with Microsoft Money.
Awesome budgeting tool
by MI Bella Vida on 2020/02/07 22:47
This makes keeping track of your money super easy, and the best part is you always know how much you have to spend in each category. This app has helped us become consumer debt free and next month we pay off our house!!! Pretty awesome being in our early 30s with a paid for house. This app made it so much easier!! I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to take control of your money.
Excellent product
by Coloradodisciple55 on 2020/02/07 22:35
Easy to use, the import transactions feature is awesome! It’s addictive.
Sinking Fund
by Elsa5150 on 2020/02/07 22:03
I am exploring budgeting apps. I think I’d like this one more if the app could separate monthly budget and sinking (savings) funds. If money in a certain category carries over to the next month, the app says I’ve over budgeted for the month.
Great app!
by Dmanstunes on 2020/02/07 17:02
Most user friendly budgeting app I’ve used!
Miscellaneous column
by j0sh1020 on 2020/02/07 15:19
There seems to be an issue with the miscellaneous column. It isn’t showing all of my planned expenses..... could be user error....
Best Budget App Ever!
by Trey_scott9 on 2020/02/07 14:12
Easy to use, not confusing, and gives the best breakdown of categories.
The Best App Period
by kavika10 on 2020/02/07 07:10
This app was created by Dave Ramsey and his team who help people with building wealth. The people behind this product are A+ and it shows in how intuitive this app is. I paid for the pro version that connects to my bank. Everything gets updated automatically and I literally just drag and drop the transaction into whatever section of the budget I need to. It is a little pricey but I will continue to pay it in a heartbeat because this is a must have tool for my wife and I to continue to work off the same budget simultaneously. It takes about 3 months to really start to put a solid budget together after some trial and error. Do yourself a favor and take financial piece university while your at it. They teach you everything you need to know about finances and how to build wealth. I’ll be debt free this year, and continue using this app for building wealth 🤙🏼 Thanks to Dave and his team for providing these great tools
Great app, but...
by veeweezyy on 2020/02/07 03:17
I really enjoy the interface of the app. I took FPU and have been using every month. However, in order to have your bank automatically connect to the app you have to pay for an ANNUAL fee which is horrible because their competitors are including that in the basic version which is why the 2 stars. Once they upgrade that feature then possibly 5 stars.
Click the easy button
by BEin4MD on 2020/02/06 18:23
This app really simplifies the monthly budgeting chore!
No iPad Version?
by champto on 2020/02/06 12:48
Great budgeting app that gives you freedom to customize categories and budget items. However, disappointed that there is no iPad version. It works on an iPad, but it has the screen dims of an iPhone. They have an expansion button, but it’s still not a full screen version. Can’t develop an iPad version after all this time? Also, it would be nice to have multiple login credentials capability (e.g. husband, wife, etc.). But again, very good app and serves its purpose as intended. There are just a couple of “nice to haves” I hope they put on the road map.
by Matt$Matt on 2020/02/06 11:38
When you learn to use it is great
Dark theme and app functionality
by jjjj0122 on 2020/02/06 02:39
I love the app! But I took two stars off mainly because it’s lacking dark theme and because the app on the iphone has limited functionality compared to the webapp.
Good for budgeting, but don’t get premium
by gsebllbbdbjdxr on 2020/02/06 00:28
I love the budget builder, but stick with the free version. Tried a trial of premium and wasn’t impressed. Transactions don’t show up till hours or in some cases days later. You’re better off just doing it manually.
I love the app
by brpeters on 2020/02/06 00:03
I love this app. It has made a huge impact on my finances. The only thing that I would like to see added to the app would be a way to export and run graphs on my finances over the years or from month to month.
I’m DEBT-FREE now!
by Gabe-China on 2020/02/05 20:35
I started using the app after a financial freedom seminar I went to in October of 2018. Tracking my expenses really made me think about where I was overspending. For me, it was in taxis and eating out. Fast forward to January 2020, I’m debt free. Although it God’s grace, support from family and friends, and a lot of discipline on my part, this app was definitely a part of the process. It’s super easy to use! I love the interface! I still use now even after being out of debt because it just helps me manage my money. The only thing that developers need to fix is the currency issue. Right now, you cannot change your currency. I’m an American, but I live in China. Because I downloaded the app from my American App Store, it will only show USD. Developers need to make an option for users to switch the currency, so we have the option to change our currency based on our location. Maybe people are on vacation and want to create a budget using Euros or Korean won. That’s the only downside. BUT, thank you for creating the APP. It’s still great.
by tyuiokjb on 2020/02/05 16:46
I love this app it’s really helping me curb my spending. I just wish the transactions from your bank would sync right away, or even after a day. Currently it takes about 2-3 days.
Love the App!
by rmharris21 on 2020/02/05 04:24
This is my 2nd month to use the EveryDollar App and I love it! I do wish there was a version for people who get paid every 2 weeks! It would make it a little easier to keep up with our budget! Just a recommendation!
Bad new update - version 2020.01.30
by Tnwac on 2020/02/04 19:18
I’ve always been able to wait to copy my last month’s budget to the new month until I’ve had a chance to update everything in the previous month. I did this by ignoring the new budget notification page and clicking the previous month at the top, so that my values didn’t copy over incorrectly before I was ready. This month, that ability seems to have been taken away, and there is no way for me to finish my last budget before being forced to copy everything over incorrectly for a new month/budget. My budgets also don’t end and start at the beginning of the month, they usually start a few days later according to my husband’s paycheck schedule, so I don’t want to have to copy things over before then. I’d have to change all the values on both budgets instead of just copying everything over correctly after I’ve made all the needed changes and “closed-out” my last budget period. Please tell me this will be fixed, I’ve loved using this app over the years.
So much wasted space!
by fmdiwhduwbab on 2020/02/04 17:33
I love the app’s functionality, but the most recent update added an orange bubble that blocks my screen and the month now takes up 3 times the space, to the point I can’t see my categories anymore. It’s getting very frustrating to use.
So many issues
by Jake71667 on 2020/02/04 17:21
It’s a really cool app but it’s become a giant chore to use unfortunately . -I am unable to place transactions into my budget without an error -it won’t let me remove bank accounts -3 of 5 accounts I have setup have “connection issues” but Th why work on other budgeting apps.
by Queso Dip on 2020/02/04 14:12
I love Dave but this app needs some changes.
Wishing for an iPad app!
by T-St@nl3y on 2020/02/03 18:20
Great app for monthly budgeting! Syncs across my wife’s and my devices seamlessly. I only wish there was an iPad version to make it easier on iPadOS!
Easy to use!
by MereKB on 2020/02/03 15:51
I’ve always kept journals to track my budgets and I don’t need a journal anymore, it’s so easy to adjust budgets and track spending on this app. I love it!!
Spreadsheet Feature
by Andge_443 on 2020/02/02 18:49
I have been enjoying this app for over a year, but have been curious if and when a feature allowing the budgeted items to be easily transported into a spreadsheet will be added. After taking the time to input all financial information, the ability to make projections or otherwise look at spending trends would be great
Was a five star.
by jwbynumjr on 2020/02/02 17:10
I have used it since the beginning. Loved it. Recently it was updated and a vital choice was removed. I budget from the 10th to the 10th as that is how my pay falls. So, when the new month begins, I just go to the previous month until the 10th. You have removed my option to go back to the previous month and I’d like it back. As of now, I can’t use it for 10 days.
Keeps signing me out
by Dance Machine 1 on 2020/02/01 00:17
The app is great if you have the pro version! Otherwise, it takes some time to type in all your transactions. The only issue I really have with the app is that it sometimes signs me out in the middle middle of making changes and it won’t save my work.
Love it!
by haleybaby7 on 2020/01/31 15:23
I love this app! It’s helped us get back on track with our finances. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because we pay to have our bank account synced and there’s constantly issues with the connection and so our transactions do t come through. Wish they would fix that!!
New user
by KE&AE on 2020/01/31 15:14
Every Dollar makes the mechanics of budgeting so simple!! Almost fun.
Game changer! So easy and helpful
by Doug Henderson on 2020/01/31 02:39
We are not ones to like finance software but this is easy! Such a game changer for us and easy to do immediately after a purchase and see where we are at a glance. Loooove it!!
I wish I read the reviews first
by cmcmurrin on 2020/01/30 23:14
The app is very buggy. My bank would consistently fail to connect to the app and when I asked for a refund I was denied. Ironic. Now that I am writing a review I see many other people had the same thing happen to them. Stick to the free apps. They’re better.
Excellent App
by jillkteach on 2020/01/30 04:14
This has changed our lives!! Never thought I would be able to keep track of a budget. Thank you!!
by D.reza on 2020/01/29 13:30
This app is perfection love it makes budgeting so easy..I recommend this app I have downloaded every budget app and this one is the best one love love love it !!!!!
Needs work
by MamaLeahS on 2020/01/29 12:52
I wanted to like this app. I loved the simple layout and hot hat is is able to be customized. However, it does not sync with my bank accounts. Then when it finally does actually sync to my accounts it took days for the transactions to show up for me to categorize. I contacted tech support and the response was that they’re 18 months out from a solution to my connectivity issues. I’ll check.back then I guess.
Don’t waste your money.
by kafay2010 on 2020/01/29 04:16
Finally decided to go with the EveryDollar plus membership and spend $140 up front. Paid this in August of 2019 stopped connecting my husbands bank in October. So we couldn’t track any of his transactions. The point of us paying the money was for us to be able to do that. If not we would have just stuck with the free one. Which is super frustrating since we paid so much for the app. We wrote customer service hoping we could get some sort of refund. AWFUL customer service. Did nothing to make it right or help us in anyway. Have always liked Dave Ramsey but really not a fan of this if you pay that much or your hard earned money and can’t even utilize it. Oh well learned a lesson for next time. Anyways save your money and don’t buy the membership.
by VEw3yPhnKE on 2020/01/29 04:06
Would be nice if you could show each category subtotals on the main screen
Free No Longer
by Mega-maniac on 2020/01/29 01:55
If Dave preaches not to pay money for membership programs in stores, I’m not paying ~$130/year for a budgeting app. I have used this app for almost a year and loved it...until the upgrade insisting you pay to connect your bank accounts to track transactions. I guess I’ll have to enter everything manually to avoid using paper. Thank you, Mr. Ram$ey.
Loving It!
by J-whiz on 2020/01/29 00:11
This app keeps me on point every month. I love that it’s connected to your bank and you simply assign each item to its proper budgeting section. It has really been a huge help in keeping me within the budget that I’ve planned for each month. I totally recommend this app!!
Can’t Download
by iwgfhjgej on 2020/01/28 18:37
I am having problems creating a new account and logging into an existing account.
Changed my life
by jackiemerc on 2020/01/28 16:33
I can actually see where my money is going. It adds up!
Doesn’t show transactions
by Yet juddering on 2020/01/28 03:16
After 4 months app stopped recognizing transactions. Contacted support with no resolution. Takes 2-4 day’s for their response and then nothing. Wasted money trying to learn how to manage money. Don’t pay for a crappy app.
Great app! (Remember to turn cellular data on)
by RinataurusMom on 2020/01/28 01:14
I really like EveryDollar and ran into a small issue where it wouldn’t let me log in. I didn’t realize I had WiFi only set for this app, but that was the problem. Remember to set cellular data to on if you want to use this app on the go even when there is no hotspot to connect to. I like the app and it’s helping me organize my finances in a way I never would in my own. It goes handy with the Financial Peace University class I just started too. I recommend it if you want to organize your budget and if you’re on a debt snowball journey!
by data cop on 2020/01/26 21:01
Why do I have to sign in, the app is on my phone should be good to go unless you all are Data Hogs
Eye opening
by WendyLiss on 2020/01/26 16:30
Wow! Talk about understanding where your money is found. I connected this to my bank accounts since I use my debit card for everything. Really helps me see where my money is going and what habits I need to change. My goal is to get out of debt in the next year or so...not sure it’s physically possible, but I totally want to do as much as I can. This app is definitely going to help motivate me!!
Love this app
by Sissy CMA on 2020/01/25 22:34
We absolutely love this app.
Best Budget App out there...but...
by jharrison116 on 2020/01/25 16:26
By far and away the best budgeting app out there. I’ve tried Mint, YNAB and others but have stuck with EveryDollar plus for a year and a half. This one is the best. So easy to use, and helpful to see all balances and expenses all in on place. However, it loses one star for 3 reasons: no Amex functionality (come on guys we need this), 2. The ability to change email address associated with account (my wife opened our EveryDollar account with her email address, but I manage finances). 3 customer service is lacking (sent in a crucial request several days ago and still haven’t heard back)
Alison Lykins
by alilykins on 2020/01/24 15:09
Absolutely Love this App
Savings Funds
by Meeerrrgan on 2020/01/24 00:11
The box you can type in an amount that you already have saved up is always greyed out and unusable. It’s very irritating bc I’d like to be able to see the amount left towards my goal decrease as I am saving...
Best Budget app
by RebeccaD2014 on 2020/01/23 22:43
This app has helped me and my husband stay motivated at working on our budget. It is bery
Easy to use; missing some features and banks
by fullqvr on 2020/01/23 15:00
Pros: Love the look and feel and the focus on budgeting every dollar. Cons: subscription is very pricey and necessary if you have a lot of monthly transactions that you don’t want to manually enter. Support for USAA is currently broken. :-/
Disappointed with update
by ts0353 on 2020/01/22 22:43
I have been using this app for months now and have absolutely loved it but I am VERY disappointed with the new update that basically forces you to buy a $129 yearly subscription if you want to connect your bank accounts and automatically track transactions which used to be a free feature before. I don’t know why they changed this but please bring it back!! That was the main reason I used and loved this app so much!!
Dark Mode Please
by Dchris222 on 2020/01/22 21:42
Please create a dark mode!
Love this app
by J4O4Y on 2020/01/22 20:15
I have tried many budget apps. This one is by far the best.
Bank information does not update often
by PurploselyDebtFree on 2020/01/22 15:28
My bank information does not update often (2-3 days). Actual balance and transactions not current
This App helps us stay on track
by Rebmiami on 2020/01/22 14:52
Great budgeting platform. Very intuitive.
Fiscal Month
by Anastunya on 2020/01/22 00:53
I’m on SSR, so my “first of the month” is the third Wednesday. Would be nice if program could adjust to this.
Doesn’t support AMEX
by Brooks8675309 on 2020/01/21 12:24
App doesn’t support linking your bank with AMEX. If you read into the FAQs they have “chosen not to do business with AMEX”. When you try to link your account it simply says “check back in a few hours”
by taylorauger on 2020/01/21 11:11
New colors look great! Very easy to use. Baby steps for life!
Great design, poor performance
by TheMattman292 on 2020/01/20 20:17
This app is great, but only when it’s working. My bank account info constantly has to be updated for transactions to show. Even when it’s updated, it’ll take days to load old transactions, if it ever actually updates. Just stick with the free version and save $10 per month inputting transactions yourself, anything more is a rip off.
Working on debt free
by 36-45 cooler all time on 2020/01/20 13:50
Hoping this app is going to launch my debt free quicker than what is expected!
Simple and easy to use
by KyleJones1988 on 2020/01/19 18:52
This budget app is my favorite because it is so easy to use and it really encourages you to allocate every single dollar so you can truly see where all your income is going. The interface is simple and the new look is much better, looks more modern and fresh.
Every Dollar Plus
by ragiiiusma on 2020/01/19 17:46
Easiest way to track spending for spouses!!
Love the update!
by RockGomes on 2020/01/19 16:19
Color scheme is awesome :). A nice fresh update. Keep up the great work!
Budgeting must
by Tim and Jamie L. Minneapolis on 2020/01/19 04:05
My husband and I have used this tool for over three years. It has helped us payoff $200,000 of debt in 30 months (that’s $6,700 per month going to other people that we now have coming right back to us)! This app was critical in helping us to tell our money where to go, to be on the same page and to change the future of our two children who were born while we were paying off the debt! Praise God for the wisdom He has given those who teach the Dave Ramsey plan and who created this app. And we are grateful God has granted us knowledge, wisdom and self-control to use this app and prosper from it!
Great budget app
by KimberlyStevens on 2020/01/19 01:16
Love using this budget app. Super easy to just add the charge right when it happens instead of the wait until you get home and have the possibility of losing the receipt. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is I wish there was a yearly review to see how much you spent/your yearly budget in each category.
Worth every penny!
by HalandDeb on 2020/01/18 23:33
So easy to use and great tool for the beginner budget user. Love it!
unusable for spouses
by katcountrydean on 2020/01/18 19:57
the help menu says to share an account but there is no option for that within the app, if you try and use your spouses email and password it redirects you from the app and goes in an endless loop of resetting the password, i can’t even log in under a different email address , because i use other Ramsey products my login for those other site has now been corrupted and don’t have access to them. no actual support just the typical vague help pages that don’t actually offer solutions to get the product working.
The best way to budget
by Ccajn33 on 2020/01/18 19:32
Easiest and most convenient way to keep a zero based budget.
Pretty great
by jakealenhart on 2020/01/18 06:06
App is pretty great. The changes to the look were good enough to make me want to leave feedback. It looks really good. Thank you for making improvements.
by AlexHearn on 2020/01/18 04:43
Fantastic app. Simple yet robust. Love the reminder to budget.
Bad color scheme
by amiepiek on 2020/01/18 04:02
Love the app. It is the only budgeting app we use. The new color scheme with this latest update is awful. It’s obnoxious and unnecessary.
I Use This App All The Time
by big_dan_ on 2018/06/09 13:57
I have been using every dollar since it launched. It replaced the other two or three budgeting apps that I had previously used and there has been no going back. It’s updated very regularly and is produced by a good-sized company where their whole focus is helping people get control of their finances, so the regular updates are always going to be the case. I usually set up the budget for the month on my computer and then do updates throughout the month on my phone while I am on the go. I have set up new budgets on the phone and it works great too, I am just on a computer all day every day for work so it is habit I guess. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. There is an extra feature called EveryDollar Plus that is available for a fee each month to integrate your bank data and the expenses that your bank sees so that you can quickly categorize them with a few taps into the correct budget categories so that you don’t have to manually enter each transaction. I did a trial of EveryDollar Plus when the app first launched and decided not to use it. So I have been using the free version for the last year and a half or two years since the app launched. It’s probably about time I give every dollar plus another try since it’s probably going to be a bit different since all of the updates that they have done since I used it last. Great app that I use all the time! This is one app that I could not do without on my iPhone.
This app is by far the best budgeting tool out there.
by DC_Dave on 2018/03/16 12:36
This app and corresponding desktop interface is by far the best out there. It’s very customizable. I’ve never been good at budgeting because I get paid bi-weekly and I have a variable income. I also travel unexpectedly for my job which throws off my budget by adding reimbursable expenses throughout the month. Through the help and suggestions of the everydollar support staff, I know now how to work this app as an effective tool with all those budgeting variables. You work your current month budget with the paychecks from the previous month. Then I keep a “hill and vallley” account with just enough to cover any short months where my checks may not cover expenses. So far I haven’t had to use that account. For the travel expenses, I created an expense and income category of reimbursable expenses. I know how much I get per day for meals while traveling and I simply add that to the reimbursable lines as the month/travel has gone on. This has been a huge money saver for me. I’m controlling every aspect of my finances by budgeting. It’s the foundation for everything I’m doing with my money. And I highly recommend spending the $120 for financial peace university which as of now includes everydollar plus for a year. Worth. Every. Penny. (And no I don’t work for Dave Ramsey but it’s a great program for getting out of debt)
Good tool, some flaws
by Kita_GSD on 2018/03/11 14:23
I do like this app and it has helped me keep track of my spending much better than I had been. It also shows me how much I am really spending on items that I can cut back on, like eating out. Before, I really didn't realize how much we were spending and now I can see it add up as the month goes on. I like being able to split transactions into different categories to track each cost. But the help section is lacking and there was no real tutorial that I saw so I kind of had to learn as I went. The one thing I still can not get an answer to is the income. I can put in a planned amount but sometimes our income is more or less. When I put the actual received amount in as a transaction, it doesn't change my overall monthly amount. So it doesn't account for the over/under. This may be user error, but I've tried everything to get it to work properly and it won't. So I just change the planned amount to what we get paid. Which is fine, although the next month's budget shows the wrong amounts as planned income and I have to change, and it is not at all what the help section says should happen. It seems like the plus version would do it for me, but I am not paying $120 a year for an app to help me budget and save money. And honestly, I think that is shady of Dave Ramsey to even do that considering he preaches about cutting out unnecessary expenses. I'd give this app 4 stars but the lacking help section and fee for everydollar plus makes it lose at least 1 star.
A Must Have!!
by leongwhyte on 2019/11/29 04:26
If you’re serious about keeping tabs on your budget, this app is a must-have! The free version is nice. However, for $100 per year, you can link your bank and or credit card accounts to track your spending. The app reminds you to create a budget for an upcoming month two or three days before the new month starts! It automatically copies the previous month’s info which makes it easy to tweak budget items and amounts. The app is intuitive because you can create a fund (like a Christmas gift shopping fund, or a vacation fund) and tuck money away each month knowing that when it’s time to pay for that cruise, you can easily transfer the funds and pay without worry. The app also allows you to enter long-term payment accounts; car loan information for example, can be entered and you can more or less keep track of what is owed, on the app. This has made life so much easier for my family! I love Excel, but for $100 per year, I don’t have to spend hours each month tracking where the money went!! Thank you Mr. Ramsey!!
Really want to like it more
by Trevor5151 on 2020/01/13 13:23
I really want to like it more. The User Interface is a plus for me. Conceptually I like this app way better than any of the others I have used. If you want to only use the free version and add all of your transactions it works great. My issues are with the paid version, and downloading transactions from my bank. I started using it and loved the app. After a couple of months I started to notice transactions missing. I started paying more attention, and compared it to a competitor who I still have my accounts linked to. The competitor shows all transactions, and EveryDollar does not. I put a request into support, and received feedback that they weren’t experiencing any issues with my bank. Was asked to update my login information with my bank to see if that would resolve the issue. I did this and went another couple of weeks having the same issue. I emailed again, and never received a response. I let it go for a little bit, and then emailed again. It has been more than two days, and still no response. My biggest issue is TRUST. If I can’t trust the transactions that are being downloaded, the app becomes useless, and doesn’t allow me to budget correctly. Again, I really want to like this app, but can’t if the version I paid for doesn’t work appropriately.
Changed Our Lives!
by kingxicano on 2018/07/12 18:49
I thought I wanted to stick to Dave Ramsey‘s paper budget printout. It seemed too much of a bother to get on the computer to do my budgeting but boy was I wrong! This app does all the adding, subtracting, re-adding, re-subtracting automatically for you! If I need to make a small adjustment to my budget I was having to re-calculate the whole month! What a hassle. Now I can make any adjustments so easily and this really keeps me on track. I prefer to do it on the large computer screen but it’s also so very handy to have the budgeting app on my phone for when I’m out I need to add in a transaction. Another thing I like to do is look at my bank screen on the computer, and use my phone for EveryDollar so I can add in the transactions. There are no advertisements or gimmicks. Since beginning Dave’s program in mid February we have paid off a total of $14,000 in debt and saved another $14,000 towards our emergency fund. This app was pivotal in helping me to organize our household budget. The best part is that my husband has been really impressed!
Could’ve Been Great
by Ponyparent on 2019/03/25 15:04
My husband and I purchased this app to help keep us both on the same page about our budget, after ready Dave Ramsey’s books. At first it was great, just set the budget and drag and drop. Then our bank had an outage on the app, three months later our bank still has an outage. I’ve spoken with technical support for the last three months and they have no idea how long it will take to get the bank back. All the while the Mint app is connected to our bank, which is free. So I keep asking and keep getting the same “ we hope to have it fixed soon” message. I finally got so fed up I contacted iTunes to get a refund, but of course, we had canceled the subscription to not renew at the year mark, we couldn’t get any sort of refund. Which we didn’t know, because we followed the instructions from the every dollar company on how to get a refund. So now we are out WAY too much money for an app that literally doesn’t work, and the company has stated there is nothing they can do for us because we purchased the subscription through iTunes and not online. My suggestion, don’t waste your money. Find a different budgeting app that is more reliable or at least cheaper, because if you bank loses connection you won’t see a dime back, which to me seems cruelly ironic.
Nice App
by mldjr on 2018/05/10 23:36
I’ve realized that the more you use the app the more you get into it and you really do see where your money has been going and you can redirect it to the right place. Only reason it is not 5 star review is because you can’t absolutely do everything on the app that you can on the website on a Mac or PC so that can be inconvenient (minor). I had an issue with my income being incorrect and the glitch was fixed within a couple days. You just have to use the help feature. The $10 is worth every penny for the benefit of money you save from using this budgeting tool and to me is not a factor in the grand scheme of things when trying to fix your financial situation even with a tight budget. Once you get a hang of it nobody says if you find a way to maintain your budget another way that you can’t cancel the subscription. You will still have most of the features you need with the free version. I feel like to expect this to all be free and not have to pay for this convenience that this gives you would be a bit a sense of entitlement. Not a good trait. Pay the 10 bucks and use the heck out of it.
This is just what I wanted
by dleepero on 2019/04/30 01:04
This app is wonderful. The layout is very simplistic which is great for easily seeing where I’m at in terms of my spending. Believe it or not the function that sold me on this app was the ability to not only name my budget lines, but the budget categories as well. There were a few apps I tried where you were locked into the names they used. I truly felt like I got to completely customize my budget. Bill reminders and linking your bank account are locked behind the paid version, which is fine, the developers made a great product and should be compensated as such. If you’re not willing to penny up and get the paid version, the free version is still marvelous. I cannot tell you how many times the thought of “I should make a budget” has crossed my mind, If you’re in a similar position, stop reading this review and download it already! You’ll be glad you did. I am about to pay off my second credit card and am almost ready to tackle my auto loan. I’m never looking back.
Perfect in every way EXECPT no way to allocate
by Steph1234567892 on 2019/04/12 14:52
I love this app and the user friendliness of it over the other highly rated apps in it field. My only complaint is that there is no way to set up your allocations on the app so a written form is still necessary for those that get paid multiple times a month. I think for almost $10 a month that there should be all of the tools that Dave Ramsey has in printable form on his website on the app as well. MAKE THE ALLOCATIONS AN OPTION ON THE APP! All the other things like lump sum payments can be set up using the “Fund” feature, break down of savings, and irregular income planning by setting up as many categories as you desire BUT it is lacking this and this is a huge part of being successful. PLEASE MAKE THE ALLOCATIONS AN OPTION ON THE APP and I will gladly give this five stars! Also as a side note but not a deal breaker or loose of any stars is that it doesn’t like to stay connected to my PayPal account/credit card so I have to re-login when I want it to up day per my paying off that debt and any online purchases I do through PayPal not very many for me so not a big deal. Thank you!
Needs to be more stable - bank account link
by ICPOWELL on 2018/10/15 01:22
The app is great in that it is a logical way to budget. FPU has excellent information. The app keeps kicking my bank account out and requires me to use a lesser level of security. Given that I have to pay $100 a year for the luxury of connecting my bank account I think it should work seamlessly. I have not changed anything on my account in over a year; yet every two months or so I have to delete my bank info and put it back in and the sift through the double charges. I’m not using a small bank either, it’s one of the largest in the country so there is no reason EveryDollar shouldn’t support it perfectly. I don’t want to use a different app and I’ve even switched bank accounts when EveryDollar stopped supporting a credit union I was with - that was a pain. I hope Ramsey solutions puts some money behind the app to improve it. Especially if you are going to advertise in it and charge $100 a year for the premium feature.
I guess you need my money more than I do.
by Jack_0811 on 2019/11/28 14:49
First of all being the fact that I signed up for a 14 day trial and then immediately was charged for it. How is that a trial if I’m paying for it right away? To make matters worse I paid through Apple. Everdollar says they can’t refund those types of payments. That’s convenient. Also they don’t give the option to choose the monthly subscription. “Want a 14 day trial? P.S. we’re going to charge you a full years subscription before you’re able to decide if any of this is what you want 😉”. On a lesser note but still irritating. I use a credit card for everything for security purposes so no place I make purchases can possibly have access to the accounts where my personal cash is located. Just in case a place of business gets hacked then I won’t be dealing with an empty account for up to three months. Everdollar of course advises against the use of a credit card even if in my case when it’s not accumulating debt, it’s just a security measure. So when I use the card it shows up in Everydollar as debt even though it’s not debt it’s normal spending that I will refund using my cash from a separate bank. So I can’t even use the app normally because it just thinks I’m constantly going deeper into debt.
Great app with some room for improvement
by Anmateo715 on 2019/07/11 23:35
First, I have to say my wife and I really enjoy using this app to track all of our expenses! I love having the ability to drag and drop new transactions into each category. I also like being able see when we go over our under or our projected expenses and having a visual representation of our remaining amounts per category. Having access to budgeting resources and financial peace university is also a huge plus! However, I would really like to have the ability to see which account the transaction came from on the transaction details screen. This would help tremendously in sorting transactions since my wife and I use several different accounts for different purposes. Additionally, I think it would be helpful to have access to a graph or chart that shows spending/saving trends per category over time. This would give users more insight into their spending habits and their ability to accurately project expenses each month. Overall, this a great app that is close to being the perfect budgeting tool!
Former Quicken Budget User
by like_a_gazelle on 2019/04/03 05:26
Since 2004, I’ve used Quicken for our personal financial management. As far as the budget goes, this app blows Quicken’s budgeting tool out of the water. Every Dollar is so user friendly, and the zero dollar concept is much more effective than Quicken’s how much you make- how much you spend method. I love that Every Dollar makes you assign every incoming dollar. If your like me, and tend to overspend in certain categories, you’ll have to take from another category to balance out to zero. Knowing this has helped me re-think impulse buys. I also love that my husband and I both can see and use the app from our cell phones. This means that I don’t have to call him and ask what was the charge or that charge. He can go in and assign it to the appropriate category himself very easily and quickly. I’ve only just started but already I think it’s going to be a great tool for my husband and I to complete all the baby steps.
Latest Update has Created Ptoblems
by BusyAFMom on 2018/06/29 13:49
I have used this app for a couple of years, and even paid to take the FPU classes; but, recently I contacted support to get help because—all of a sudden I can’t sign in!! It keeps asking for me to “sign in or create account!” It took quite a while to get my budget where I needed it and now I can’t get to it!! Support wasn’t much help either, the prompt let’s you know that those with the PAID FOR version of the app will be serviced first😳! I’ve been trying to get this fixed for weeks. I’m going to have to go back to Mint or GoodBudget, if the Dave Ramsey crew, can’t get this straightened out. I will NOT pay for the “plus” version and am starting to wonder if this glitch is only affecting those of us without the paid for version. I sincerely hope that is not the case. We are a recently retired military family and I’ve talked up Dave Ramsey and his books and the Financial Peace University study for years...word of mouth is VERY powerful; I hope I am WRONG about this “glitch” being a ruse to get people to subscribe to the paid app. I hope the app creators can get this GLITCH corrected quickly... very disappointed, this has been going on for at least two (2) months.
The Best App Period
by kavika10 on 2020/02/07 07:10
This app was created by Dave Ramsey and his team who help people with building wealth. The people behind this product are A+ and it shows in how intuitive this app is. I paid for the pro version that connects to my bank. Everything gets updated automatically and I literally just drag and drop the transaction into whatever section of the budget I need to. It is a little pricey but I will continue to pay it in a heartbeat because this is a must have tool for my wife and I to continue to work off the same budget simultaneously. It takes about 3 months to really start to put a solid budget together after some trial and error. Do yourself a favor and take financial piece university while your at it. They teach you everything you need to know about finances and how to build wealth. I’ll be debt free this year, and continue using this app for building wealth 🤙🏼 Thanks to Dave and his team for providing these great tools
Great budget tool
by QueenELC on 2019/01/28 01:50
We started with the basic EveryDollar app 3 years ago and quickly upgraded to the premium because we couldn’t stay on top of loading our purchases. Game changer and worth every penny! My husband and I can both use the same account to make it easy to be on the same page. Easy to change budget amounts. Can’t change the line item name. Sometimes it logs me out but not a big deal since I remember my info. The emergency savings “goal” I haven’t quite figured out yet because you can put a goal amount but when you save the amount for the month and drag it into that line item, it still shows incompleted. The line items carry over from month to month but I wish there was an option to flag line items as quarterly, annually of every 2 months so I don’t have to remember. Overall a great app to use with your spouse and start telling your money where to go and start winning with your money!
Recent update preventing 5 stars
by Quiet Please on 2019/06/02 18:27
I love this app and recommend it to everyone!! I have really been able to get my family finances in order and have started saving a lot. If you’re looking for a budgeting app, your financial situation is most likely not great, just like mine before using the app. So here’s a money saving tip, you don’t need to pay for premium service. Enter everything yourself and be very hands on with all money coming in and going out and you will really start to see results. Good luck! One complaint only and I guess it’s minor. There was recently an update where retailer names will automatically be suggested when entering an expense. Please get rid of it. The local grocery store is not listed and many other places I shop are not listed either. Please go back to the way it was before. It was great. The only thing that would have made that better would be to save the names from my previous entries and then suggest those instead of what it suggests now. Thanks, love the app.
Paid subscription stopped working
by GD Hero on 2019/07/10 14:50
Concept is great, visually appealing, easy to understand and use, and there’s a nice free version where you manually input your transactions. This honestly WAS a great budgeting app I’ve used with my spouse for several years until the PAID version just stopped working with my bank account for a month with no fix. There’s also no customer support number to call (can only submit an online request for call back) and for nearly the cost of a Netflix subscription, I expected better. There’s nothing like trying to budget when your primary means to do so stops working for a month or longer :( **UPDATE** I’d sent some emails and after just over a month the issues with my bank seem to have been resolved and works as advertised again for the paid version. In the meantime we tried some other budget apps but will continue to use EveryDollar as long as it works. If the App Staff are reading this, thanks and PLEASE work with your third party company repairing bank issues to shorten problem repair time.
Great app, but some suggestions
by flute43 on 2019/02/06 15:08
Is there a phone number to call for help? I’m only on day 2 of my free two week trial. I have added my bank account. My big suggestion is please change it to a 30 day trial so people can actually understand and see the benefit of budgeting for the whole month. If people can see 30 days more people might be hooked Okay so on to the actual app, not going to lie I love it! I love that it sinks to my phone and bank account and I always have it with me. Unless some thing big happens I will for sure becoming a subscriber. Someone may look at this and think $130 a year is a lot but I say it’s worth keeping such great track of every dollar! This is something I so needed in my life. The 4 star is just because of the trial period length and not sure yet how easy it is to get help. I searched for a phone number to call and couldn’t find one. That could be hard for someone who is not tech savvy. Great app!!
Love the simplicity of this app!
by ambomcf on 2019/06/19 17:49
I really am thankful for this app! I started using it in January, 2019 and have been faithfully budgeting since then. I have such a good picture of exactly where I spend my money, and can hold myself accountable for expenses. I use the free version, and love it. It’s not difficult for me to sit down every 1-2 weeks and make sure all my expenses are up to date. The app makes it really easy to delineate different things that I am saving for, which I LOVE! I’m always planning vacations, so it works it out great for that. My paychecks are not always exactly the same, and it is really simple for me to update my budget throughout the month with each new paycheck, but you could also plan ahead and not have to do that if your paycheck is consistent. I’ve tried mint, ynab, pocketgaurd, and other apps. This by far has been the simplest, and easiest for me to use... which means I actually use it. Great app! Thank you!
Loving EveryDollar every day
by IAtoSTL16 on 2018/02/05 21:43
Honestly, I can not say how much I truly love this app. It has helped me incredibly to plan for the future, separate my savings goals, and everything. I have the free app vs paying to connect to my bank account. I love the ability to add my purchases right away instead of waiting for them to go through on my bank acct. For 3 months straight I kept track of every transaction and all of my budgeting on PAPER and week-by-week because I have two sources of income that vary each paycheck. Now I am able to look ahead at the month, estimate (on my own) how much I will be getting paid, and then budget from there. There's so much more money I realized I can put into my different savings goals. Unfortunately the benefits aren't the same between the app and online, but I also love that I'm able to create 'funds' for my savings and it continues to track it month to month. THANK YOU for this app 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Feels outdated. Needs more features.
by Herbz33 on 2018/09/01 16:23
I just finished the total money make over book recently and this has been one of the better apps available, good budgeting app but could be better, there are other apps out there where this app could take a few pages from, features that are not available in this budgeting app. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a calculator built into the app to factor in cash expenses and income. I always find myself leaving the app to use my iphones calculator and having to reopen the app again to put the numbers in to each budgeted item. It would be easier and faster to be able to paste the results in each item. It would also be nice to swipe in between the planned, spent and remaining pages instead having to tap it. not worth the monthly asking price unless it improves. On the plus side the drag and drop feature is awesome if connected to your bank account, I will continue to use the free version for now.
An idea for improvement
by Syd.E.E. on 2019/08/29 17:10
I just downloaded this app recently so I am still in the process of figuring it out but it seems great so far! I used to use the app YNAB, which I really loved as it was so thorough, but I didn't want to spend the money for it after my free trial was up and they don’t even have a free version. EveryDollar is SO MUCH easier to understand, but of course the free version does not have all of the fancy features that the Plus version has or that YNAB has, which I completely understand and am okay with because I don’t want to pay anything. However, there is ONE THING that I wish EveryDollar had in general that I am really missing about YNAB so far. I see that there is an option for setting a due date for budgeting items, but you can only set a due date for that individual month and set it to repeat each month. I am new to this app so I am not sure how that works exactly, but I just like the savings options of YNAB better where you can set a due date months in advance and track your saving throughout. It also gives you a recommendation of how much you should be putting into that savings fund each month. This is helpful if you want to save for something like a trip next summer so you can set an amount and date that you would like to save that money by If EveryDollar could come up with something like this that would be amazing. I am still going to try it out for awhile though since it is free.
Great App
by MaryTonyKC on 2019/06/10 13:23
I love this app and the tech support is really helpful and stays with you until it works. I’ve been using it for two months. In the long run it’s worth it to pay for the app because of you are really tracking and trying to budget this app is as up to date as your bank account. I tried using my bank account budget tool and it was not nearly as user friendly for the family budget. It lets you look at planned/spent/remaining categories in each budget item within seconds. It’s helps keep track lump sum budget items that used to sneak up on us. We realized we needed to be setting back $2000 a month for a fund for lump sum spending. How many months and years of stress did that category alone cause! The only person who doesn’t need this app is someone who has no income. Thanks Dave!
Okay app
by numetheus76 on 2019/12/14 00:26
This is an okay money management app without the plus features. However, based on the description, the plus features would set it above some other apps. However, this is one of the only apps I’ve seen that force you into a yearly payment to get those features after a relatively short (relative to the amount of time you MUST purchase) insignificant trial period. I understand the reason for requiring a yearly fee ... because they want everything up front. But it’s not the way to get lots of subscribers for a relatively new app. I would pay up front yearly for a Microsoft subscription because I do every year. But even with Microsoft I can choose the monthly option. Maybe these guys should follow what the big boys are doing and offer more choices. Because I would pay monthly to see if this is the right app for me. I won’t pay yearly only to find out I’ve wasted my money if it’s something I don’t like. This is where these guys fall flat. Too aggressive can actually make you LOSE potential customers.
App that is solid for Day to Day
by Willworldchamp04 on 2017/10/05 13:02
This (Free Version) app works well for everyday use. If you are looking to input data manually and track your expenses this works great. However I like to use my IPad for most of my mobile financing and this is where it is weak. The app doesn't have the ability to stretch to the full size of the screen and it doesn't rotate for portrait to landscape. Unfortunately when my wife and I sit down for the end of month budget review we have to log in online to look at all the features why? Also their are so many features that aren't available online not available on the app. The baby steps tracker is a screen that would be great to look at on the app my wife looks at that screen twice a week as a way to motivate and focus her on our long term goals. The fund categories are great for saving money up for special things however to set them up in the app is difficult. It would be great if the debt categories had a tab that showed our balance what we paid and what we are saving by putting extra payments in. As well as a time counter of the expected payoff date. Also if we have a fund and the need comes that we use some of that money it then is calculated in the spent total and the remaining budget total. Understand why it shows up in the spent total however at our end of the month meetings we have to go back hand calculate what our remaining monthly budget is so we can apply the savings to our debt. This is frustrating.
Good, needs improvement
by on 2019/08/07 20:17
Great app for budgeting. If you want to save money and get a clear idea of how much you’re spending where, and how much money you have spent/have yet to spend at any point in the month, this is an excellent app. It clearly categorizes your expenditures and and is flexible to changes. My only issue is this is not an app that expedites budgeting to make it simple and thoughtless. This is more of a sit-down, enter your budget kind of deal, rather than an on-the-go-it-only-takes-two-seconds-to-add-the-burger-I-just-bought-to-my-budget-kind-of-deal. It would be nice to have an initial screen immediately after opening the app that would allow you to enter an amount of money, classify it as an expenditure or an income, and pick a category (food, gas, etc.) Additionally, I don’t like that you have to create an account to use this app. Occasionally I get logged out and when I’m socializing with friends it’s a bummer to have to log in (with a very complex password) to enter my expenses. I don’t need that kind of privacy around my budget. You should be able to get of currently-permanent widgets (such as “taxes/insurance” or “debt”) I never use them and they clog my interface. My last issue is that my actual income varies from my predicted income, but the budget does not adjust accordingly when I enter my check (I have to manually change my predicted income, which carries over into the next month.)
Free spirit but won’t let me budget
by Big Guns329 on 2018/01/09 05:58
I am the free spirit type, I would love to have the everydollar as someone that is into Dave Ramsey and wants to see my trend over past three months. However as someone that is paid hourly or easier for my brain to look at how much money I have in that envelope using a weekly budget system then monthly. Seeing as how I am paid every Friday literally. I feel when doing monthly I have more in there than what I already have and while some bills like utilities and rent I can pay weekly others like Netflix are so low that to pay that area is ridiculous because we aren’t allowed to do a bi weekly or weekly budget. Other than a couple variances like clothes needed for work or a emergency repair my spending is the same but my biggest issue with Dave requiring monthly has always been the tracking is not the same. I may have $400 in grocery according to the app but really only have $100 that extra $300 can get confusing when grocery shopping and simple is easier when budgeting
I tried to like it. I really did.
by MBM16 on 2018/10/24 17:05
I’m a huge DR fan. His advice helped me gain financial freedom many years ago. When my family and I started looking for a simple, shareable budgeting app we naturally thought of Everydollar. For a long time it worked fine. Although very pricey for the premium edition that downloads transactions it was worth it. We were able to keep a good budget for a long time Then the little annoyances started to creep in. The biggest of which was continually being logged out even AFTER putting in a transaction. I’d be halfway through putting in the details, hit save, and the app would kick me out. I’d have to login and start over. Sometimes I could go days between logging in and other times it would be each time I opened the app. The kicker was when I asked for support this last time. The response was that the issue must be my fault since their staff couldn’t reproduce the problem. I just can’t believe that. I’m not going to pay $10/month to be sassed by support staff when their product is failing me. Good bye, everydollar.
Love the system, but the app just isn’t there yet.
by John in Wichita on 2018/06/22 21:58
I love the concept behind Every Dollar, especially when you pair it with Dave’s Baby Steps. The suggestions for how to use extra money to achieve your goals is great!! But the app falls short when you start using it day to day. Moving extra money from one budget item to another is cumbersome. The same is true for actually tracking how your debt is being paid off - accounting for interest and escrow is a big mess. It’s also messy to really see how much is in your accounts (bank balance minus uncleared transactions). Every Dollar is a great app and I plan to keep using the free version to set up my monthly budgets. But there aren’t enough features for me to use it day by day. It’s just not deep enough to warrant the $100+ price tag of the Plus version. There are other apps out there that do more for less money. Features I’d like to see in the future: 1. View transactions by account and display working balances for all accounts 2. Set up debts and payments including interest and escrow. 3. Easily move extra money from one budget item to another. 4. Set up multiple budgets 5. Upload files like .qfx to import transactions from institutions that don’t allow direct download. 6. Ability to change budget length (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). 7. Set up recurring transactions. The idea for this app is solid. The execution’s just not quite there yet - especially not for $100 per year.
Almost perfect.
by BassManNV on 2018/12/27 05:47
The thing about EveryDollar is that (if you have a bank that will import transactions for you) it tracks every purchase and it’s lovely on the surface. It let’s you make sure everything is tied to every budget with a drag and drop ease that is just brilliant. But there’s a pretty big problem that after 2+ years, I still struggle with: funds. They’re a mess and nobody knows how to figure it out. After over a year and several support tickets, they have no desire to help you with that. I feel like I’m part of a pre-release public beta program because they have no way to track how much fund money should be “sitting pretty and set aside” in your checking account. For example: let’s say I have a $300 dollar insurance payment due in 3 months, but I’ve decided to put aside $100/month. Makes sense so far? Good. Now compound that with, oh, literally 15+ other scenarios. Now how much money should be in your checking at the end of this month/right now to account for those 15 various funds? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The solution is to create a whole new spreadsheet or some other database to track these allocation of funds to answer this question of what “should” my balance be— but then why am I paying EveryDollar? Grrrr... One day they’ll care about people who save like this and need a precise accounting of their budget. Seriously, I don’t know how else to solve this problem.
Good app, terrible service
by Hot mama 3! on 2017/09/30 16:07
This app worked great for us for the few months that we used it. I’ve never been great at budgeting and we decided to do a trial version of the plus to see how we liked it. It was convenient but after getting billed the $100 for the plus version, we already started to question it. The app worked fine. We question our decision making for spending $100 on something that we were trying to use to help us save money.... oops. We decided to try and cancel, for the last few months I have been trying to cancel my subscription. Their website says it’s a subscription through Apple so you have to cancel it through them. My apple account shows nothing. Well this morning, without warning we got charged another $100. It’s sad that a company that is “out there to help out people with finances,” is doing such a big money grab with this. So now for the next few days, I get to waste my time trying to get them to give me my money back that I didn’t have to give them in the first place.
Paid EveryDollar is Great, but it has it limits
by Anynon on 2019/07/23 14:50
First, I totally recommend this budgeting app. I have explored and used everything including Mint and Personal Capital and others! This is the best one by far to help you actually stay on your budget. The paid version is a absolute must though, without imported transactions I would not use it! Second, it has some quirks I would love to see improved. I suggest linking savings accounts to the funds themselves so that it stays in sync with added interest and what you actually put in there! Right now it generates 2 transactions the negative from checking and the positive into savings, which you have to delete one transaction so they don’t “cancel each other out” on the budget. Other little weird work around for different things exist if you look at their forums. Other than that it’s by far the best app we have used for helping us stay on track!
Great but needs improvements
by Atask88 on 2018/10/24 19:33
I’ve used this app for about a year now. I paid for the “plus” version. I found it a little pricey but continued to pay it anyway because having all of my transactions downloaded for me was worth it. I’ve loved the app although there have always been a few smaller things I would have liked to improve. For example, there are certain aspects that can only be edited from the desktop version, not from inside the app itself. All of these things were minor and not enough to get me to stop using the app. However we recently got an American Express credit card and I found that I could not sync purchases from this card to the app as they do not support it. I emailed and was told they had no plans to support Amex in the near future. This was enough for me to end my subscription and I’m now on the hunt for another budget app. Overall this is a good app but for the price could use some improvements!
Almost There...
by Drew from Hilliard on 2019/05/25 12:37
Love the app but it falls short of 5 stars only because the funds don’t account for the previously saved amount when charging against the fund in the budgeted month. For example, let’s say the fund budget for the month is $100 and the previous amount in the fund is $300 for a total of $400. Let’s also say the remaining overall budget for the month is $2000. Now a purchase is made using all of the $400 available in the fund. Instead of only charging the $100 budgeted for the month in the fund against the remaining overall budget for the month, the app deducts the entire $400 available in the fund from the remaining monthly budget. This makes the overall remaining budget $1600 when it actually should be $1900 if taking into account the previous deposits in the fund. This is my only complaint with the app but it’s significant as it basically makes the fund feature obsolete.
Mostly good, hard to reconcile at end of month
by FI for the win on 2019/03/01 22:00
This is a free app, and I very much appreciate it. Thanks to the Ramsey organizations for providing. The income and expenses parts of the app are pretty good and intuitive. It’s easy to account for income and spending. My problems with the app have to do with reconciling the budget at the end of the month. Let’s say that you earned a little more than you expected and spent a little less. That’s a good thing, right? Earn more, spend less, and apply the excess to debt or savings. Its challenging to account for added income in the Every Dollar app and that’s further complicated if you want to use added money to apply to a fund, particularly if you have more than one fund. The function is just not intuitive and the funds aren’t easily modified when you want to make minor changes based on what you actually end up with as a surplus at the end of the month. The instructions could be improved. But I think how the funds are structured is more the problem. You can solve the “extra earnings” issue at the end of the month fairly easily by just changing the budgeted amounts to what the actual amounts received are in your budget. However I’ll probably just treat amounts set aside in “funds” as expenses in in the future and account for those funds outside the app.
Best app we’re actually saving now!
by MomWithABudget on 2018/07/31 03:27
I have always tried making a budget, but I never take the time every month to write all the actual amounts that go in and out so we kept spending small amounts on food over and over and never knew how much since it didn’t seem like that much. The first month I had a free trial where it synced with my bank account and we spent -1200, granted it was vacation and birthday time but still we had no idea! Thank you so much for having an app that I can just sync with my checking and pull over to a category. It shows your budgeted amount, actual amount, difference and tells you in the end if you were in the black or red. I think this is a life long change! Thank you app makers so much for making this and making so affordable!
Good but needs some added features
by sweetncookies on 2017/12/08 13:38
I really like this app except it needs more options for people who get paid on a biweekly or weekly. It is great to see my overall monthly budget but I would like it to be able to show which paycheck is paying to what category. Everything is jumbled in all together as one month and I have to separate it out by labeling groceries 1, groceries 2 etc. even when I do that I still have to figure out how much of each paycheck can contribute to a category. It is really annoying. Through the Dave Ramsey Facebook groups, this is a common reason many choose not to use this app. I personally have to use this with Fudget, because every dollar has it where it has to be done on a monthly basis. It would be great if the developers could make it where a person could switch back and forth from monthly to pay period to get a complete view of where their money is going.
2.5 star review, Good- needs some major additions
by Snackb on 2018/08/18 06:57
I have been using EveryDollar now for 10 months and it is great for very basic use, however it needs some pretty major functions added. Being able to track how much you’ve transferred into your emergency fund would be extremely useful. Now that I’m not paying off debt and building my emergency fund the “remaining” feature isn’t accurate because it counts money that I have moved into my EF. The “remaining” feature should only include income that you have received minus planned expenses, not counting income you haven’t received yet minus everything you’ve spent. Also, I’m really surprised you can’t budget out per paycheck!! I’m shocked that the only option given is one month when a lot of people need to budget per paycheck because different things are due at different times. Hope this app keeps adding major major additions and that they don’t just get comfortable because there is so much potential here.
I want to love this app, but...
by MAGwyre on 2019/06/01 13:16
I want to love this app more than I do but there are a few things holding me back from a higher rating. First, it does not update often enough. Even now, I’ve been waiting for over 6 hours for it to catch up with my bank and that’s after about 4 or 5 nudges within the app itself. Still no updates. For $9.99 per month, I’d like for it to be more responsive and work on MY time, not its own. Yes, I have confirmed that the transactions have posted to the bank. Second, I’d like to track Baby Steps within the app and not have to go to the website for that. Third, I’d like the ability to track annual spending per category (ex, how much have I spent on clothing or gas this year so far? Or medical expenses?). Other than these issues, there is enough to like about the app to hold on to it for now. UPDATE - I’m looking for a different app. The glitches with EveryDollar are too frustrating and not worth paying $10 per month anymore.
Best Budgeting App
by Micah 👍🏻 on 2018/12/23 05:55
The charge for this app is COMPLETELY worth it. I’ve tried Mint and reviewed others but this one is the best. I get all my transactions automatically delivered to my app and with a simple drag and drop into a line item I am done. I’ve heard people say they would just keep track manually of all their transactions...You are kidding yourself. You may in the beginning but you will forget some and eventually get tired of doing it. The main thing that sold me was that it copies last months budget for the next month. Others I had to recreate each month. My wife and I review this at the end of each month and it’s been a great experience and essential tool for paying off debt! We’re telling our money where to go, not the other way around!
Doesn’t load transactions
by alyyyV on 2018/09/04 22:25
I LOVE this app. Absolute life changer. BUT I’m slightly disappointed in the premium $10 a month option I have selected. My ONLY complaint IS that it often takes three or four days before my banks transactions are loaded into the app for me to place them into their categories. Three or four days later I have sometimes forgotten what exactly the transaction was. This app would be MUCH more beneficial to me IF it were to load my transactions in a more timely manner. I would like to end my day by sliding my loaded debit card transactions into their rightful place. Honestly rather than paying the $10 I may suggest to someone that it may be more worthwhile to NOT select the premium package and just manually insert their transactions at the end of the day. For this reason I often contemplate cancelling the premium.
After a month of trying this app...
by Redhead468 on 2019/02/22 00:34
I have been seeking a mobile option to manage my finances. I have been using Mint for several months, but I wanted to see what else is out there. This app is very easy to set up and use, but it seems to be missing a few elemental features. The app will only allow me to add one account from my bank. I have 2 different accounts, but after trying multiple times to add them both , I still only see one. Also, this app follows the pattern of other apps I’ve tried and completely leaves out a checkbook register and/or reconciliation features. Some of us old schoolers like the checkbook register... it’s hard to get away from. One more thought, a bill pay feature seems to be an important part of budget tracking, so I don’t get why there is bill payment feature. I wish the app fulfilled all my wishes, but sadly it does not.
Doesn’t update consistently
by Rjmlh on 2019/05/17 14:44
We’ve been through FPU and are doing great at staying on top of expenses and following the budget we put in place. Part of the process is Every Dollar, which gives us our budget at a glance. For a while it worked great. In the past few months, it hasn’t updated our banking information consistently. Sometimes it won’t update for two or three days and it ALWAYS says says something has changed on my bank’s website. I’ve deleted my bank account and added it back in, logged out and back in, but no change. It would be so nice to login to the app and see an accurate representation of my bank activity without refreshing the app multiple times praying it actually updates. For the money you charge to keep the Every Dollar account active, the app and desktop interface should work much better than it does.
iPad app is so bad as to almost be useless
by Yellowjackt65 on 2019/06/22 15:31
I love almost all things Dave Ramsey and I’ve put off writing this review for quite a while because of my bias towards loving Ramsey solutions products; however, I simply can’t take it anymore and need to voice my displeasure with the iPad version of this app. First of all, the iPhone version of this app is GREAT; however, the iPad version is absolutely horrible. The biggest issue is that it’s not a true iPad app and as such, the iPhone version of the app will scale up to try and fit the larger iPad screen. This in and of itself is bad enough but the next glaring issue is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The app is stuck in portrait mode and won’t rotate when I use my iPad in landscape mode. I won’t even mention the fact that it logs me out on a fairly regular basis (I’m assuming I get logged out whenever the app updates) since it’s not the only iPad app that does this. I guess I’ll be stuck using EveryDollar on my phone until they fix this train wreck of an iPad app.
Best Budgeting App
by azsandslinger on 2018/05/10 22:24
Disclaimer: I am a Dave Ramsey fan That said, this app is really no frills. It’s simple and the interface is easy to use. Exactly what someone wants. From the beginner to the elaborate spreadsheet user, it will cover your bases in an easy to read format. I only have 2 cons. You cannot move items between categories. Simply put; if you have “laundry” in the “household” category and want it in the “Lifestyle” category; you cannot just drag and drop it. The other is keeping a running total in the Debt category. You CAN see this on the PC web-based version but not in the app. It’s important to note that if you go to the web-based page on your mobile device, this is ALSO limited. You have to log into it via a real PC to see these features.
Best budget app
by Mommacareywins on 2018/09/13 17:02
I just really started using the app after many starts and stops of following a budget. I am very impressed at how quickly I can categorize every transaction (even with “splits”). Since I’m relatively new at using this app I needed to go back and correct some errors on my part. The process was simple and far superior to having to delete the transaction and start again. In addition it’s so helpful to have the app do the math for you when you purchase multiple categories on one receipt! Another great feature is the ease in which you can change the date of the transaction since I don’t record my transactions immediately. I have been recommending Dave Ramsey to friends and family for awhile now and will show them this app!
Best Budget Tool for Couples
by bwf115 on 2018/12/17 16:52
EveryDollar is the best budgeting tool I’ve found that keeps my wife and I on track and in sync month after month. We’ve used several other free and paid for budget and finance apps/software before. We were longtime Mint users. While other apps have more features, graphs, charts, tools, etc. for managing your finances and net worth, there is no better tool out there for getting two people to coordinate their household spending. Let’s be honest, talking about money and your finances with your partner can sometimes be hard. Having a service that you both are comfortable using, helps each of you stay informed on monthly spending and budget tracking, and reduces the need to constantly “check-in” with each other to discuss what you can and can’t buy, is a terrific tool. I haven’t always been a fan of paying a monthly fee for budget services, but EveryDollar Plus is worth it and frankly I’m willing to pay a little money for a service that helps us save a hundred times more per month then it costs and supports the team who builds new enhancements and features. Awesome app, that helps couples budget, track and communicate together.
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