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foot locker: Gift Sneakers
Calling all sneakerheads! The foot locker App is your link to classic kicks, hot launches, exclusive events, and more. Plus, find all of the best holiday gifts for the shoe lover in your life. • Shop quickly for the latest heat in footwear and clothing • Browse your brand: Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok, Under Armour and more • Know what's next with the Release Calendar • Get notifications to cop new releases before the shoe drops • Become a VIP and be first in line for exclusive offers and events • Find your nearest shop with the Store Locator • Learn all about the latest in sneaker culture and sneaker news • Cop the best holiday gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list. Shop foot locker anytime, anywhere!
Really footlocker?
by mark jaimes on 2019/12/15 21:27
Footlocker is TOO big an entity to allow the app to continuously crash or not have the bandwidth to support major shoes dropping.
Dude what the heck
by DestinyDestinyMitchell on 2019/12/14 22:00
I thought I liked foot locker app until this morning on a release I mean golly g y’all are to big and popular to have a glitchy app. I was on the app 15 minutes prior and as soon as the sizes came up I clicked the size 8 Men and check out and boom here we go with the slow loading and error messages. Couldn’t even get the shoes from y’all smh! Please make you app more reliable like kicks on fire and not glitchy or slow.
Why this app always down wizen it reservation an release time
by salpo$ on 2019/12/14 19:19
If you a platinum member it doesn’t matter every major release this app close an seems to work ! Buy the time the sever reboot you miss the time to confirm your reservation I am not happy with this process if you can’t go to the stores to get them an at 10:03 am your size will sell-out online .
Good app when it works
by Sjjsjsj on 2019/12/14 17:00
App is constantly signing me out of my account and it’s getting annoying. Ef u footlocker app designers
can’t make an account
by haeysacc on 2019/12/14 12:16
i cant make an account. it keeps saying, “request denied”
by yousucktrashadd on 2019/12/14 12:16
Trash app. I was on the app at 6:58 am for a Yeezy release. The app froze signed me out completely and lost my opportunity of purchasing a pair. The app kept requesting me to sign in when I already had all my information signed in. Don’t waste you time with this bs app.
Need bug fixes bad
by Kenny2986 on 2019/12/14 11:08
Doesn’t let u get to launch locator most of the time the app just crashes it won’t let u log back in you guys need to do some major work
by alexfromthafunk817 on 2019/12/14 05:02
Kept giving me error and could never login in absolute garbage app 🤬
by Nke Boi on 2019/12/14 02:11
App is trash!!!!!! Do not download! I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
by Banegeeeeee on 2019/12/14 01:59
This app is garbage every time I do a raffle they say the system is down and it’s a very low chance of winning
New release
by Thickbaby559 on 2019/12/14 01:42
Everytime a new release comes out the app starts to act up and kick me out everytime and I miss my raffles results due to app going down
horrible app
by Erikaaa17 on 2019/12/14 01:29
Always gives me a problem. always signs me out I could never log in.
Shoe reservation is the worst
by cjm71392 on 2019/12/14 01:19
I won’t a reservation for the Jordan brand 11 at my local footlocker and couldn’t secure the confirmation in time due to the app crashing and closing out on me so I lost my reservation, get it together footlocker because giving someone 1 hour to confirm their reservation on a pair of shoes with a app that is constantly going down and crashing due to high volume is BS
FL App absolutely is terrible
by leeda48 on 2019/12/14 00:43
If your app has problems connecting with the server on raffle days, why do you do them? It never gets fixed. Horrendous app
Bred 11
by Sundae623 on 2019/12/14 00:40
Horrible app! I’ve been logged in down to the second of the Bred 11 reservation to see if I’d won. Down to 59 seconds and the app suddenly kicks me out! While trying to log back in I received 3 different error messages only for the time to have surpassed the reservation hour so now I’m screwed! The only thing my kid wanted for Christmas lost within a blink of an eye due to some random glitch app. I’ve been on hold waiting for a customer service rep since 6:45 pm it’s now 7:39.
Trash app
by RM64115 on 2019/12/14 00:35
The app is so garbage, it’s unbelievable. How is your app supposed to help people secure shoes and the app can’t even do that? You need to re-evaluate your app!
by No stars, like at all. on 2019/12/14 00:17
I downloaded the app about 2weeks ago, hoping to get a successful outcome. Before today, my app was working fine, and moving at great speed! I was waiting for the new Jordan Bred 11’s launch and successfully picked my size, picked about 3 stores to reserve my size, and basically got in line. Only to open my app today, and get kicked out of my account (app AND online). I was unable to receive my 7min head start for reservations, I did not get to go pick up my shoes, and the app still won’t even load. The company is aware how popular these shoes are, and won’t even accommodate customers. Customers who are trying to spend money.. how else am I supposed to reserve my size, when every FOOTLOCKER associate, refers all customers to the app for best service!!😡 I been waiting for 3months to get these shoes. Been watching the app every day, all day! What a waste of my time.
by Nikelawd on 2019/12/14 00:13
this app is so bad i can’t login to check if I got a reservation FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!!!
Fixing this app
by Nickname9996666 on 2019/12/14 00:08
Always crashed and always signed out me. Why?
Bred Dead
by Kasino81 on 2019/12/14 00:08
Footlocker I can’t believe when there is a launch of highly anticipated shoes such as the Breds y’all let these Bots crash the site smdh now the app and site are not working because the Bots aka resellers get first dibs!
by PapiAjax on 2019/12/14 00:01
This app is a joke, footlocker is a joke. Anytime there is a shoe release they always have problems, and then the customer gets hoed. But footlocker don’t care as long as they get money right.
by gsodgfkemdlcbcnds on 2019/12/14 00:00
billion $ company. can’t even fix the app once a shoe drops for reservations
Not great
by Sohail76 on 2019/12/13 23:56
The app always either crashes or logs you out
by Sneakersnevafit on 2019/12/13 23:55
Can’t even login
by modestgod on 2019/12/13 23:51
Just like every sneaker app, nothing works on the site or app. If you want a sneaker that’s pretty limited to get, try your luck on footlocker:| I can’t login every time there’s a drop nor purchase anything. Oh, but the only thing you can get is a notification.
Bad servers
by Ryan715549 on 2019/12/13 23:42
You guys should upgrade your servers so it wouldn’t crash every release
Reservation app
by kingrj2335 on 2019/12/13 23:41
Your reservation app is pure trash!
Need work
by xfgbvd on 2019/12/13 23:41
This is the worst app ever it keeps logging me out and won’t let me sign back in
Buzz kill
by J Cali Va on 2019/12/10 00:22
Failed request everytime I try to login! Was just working on yesterday. Please fix ASAP!
Doesn’t even work
by elementguyv2 on 2019/12/09 17:06
Lolz this legit doesn’t even keep me log in or always gives me failed request. Fix your crummy app
No login
by TheRealClaude on 2019/12/07 21:14
It doesn’t even let me log in.
New app is hard to use
by dingdongdumb on 2019/12/04 03:42
The search feature could be better. I don’t want to look at kids shoes literally at all. Blah
Never been able to log in! Request failed all the time!
by QQ滚出APP on 2019/12/03 20:22
Got deleted Quick
by GuapoP on 2019/11/30 07:27
I deleted this app from off my phone as fast as I downloaded it. I was trying to create a account to join for the free VIP. The app had the nerve to tell me I was putting in a wrong birthday. I feel they did that to stop people for getting discounts. But it did let me sign in as a guest but that’s not good enough I wouldn’t download this unless they let you create a account to me they being dirty✅ This app deserve a 1 star
by EZ-MOON on 2019/11/29 02:54
App never lets you win any launches worth winning. Uninstalling, don’t waste your time
Request Failed Problem
by Lowend Chicago on 2019/11/26 14:12
Hello Footlocker Every time I try to add a shoe to my cart it keep saying request failed please try again later this been going on for a week.
Worst App Ever
by Dragon148 on 2019/11/25 20:42
The worst and slowest sneaker app you could possibly download. App continuously says “Something went wrong” and takes forever to load your applied filters. I would give this app 0 stars if I could.
Back button
by kingpollo237k on 2019/11/25 17:15
Aye bruh fix yo back button
Can’t log in
by Yunrui D on 2019/11/25 05:33
Login issue
by trust115 on 2019/11/24 20:45
Can’t login
“Failed request” log in.
by Ga_dog on 2019/11/23 15:18
I can’t use your app to buy things or new releases of you get a “failed request” log in occurs. App and phone software is all updated. Please fix it ASAP!!
by carlos_isgoated on 2019/11/20 23:22
This app go hard i find shoes like nothing
by chevanese on 2019/11/20 17:59
Just download the app and made a purchase, I can’t see my order in the app.
Creating accounts
by akaosijttiepappcv on 2019/11/19 22:54
-I put my dob. For example ; 11/16/99. But it’s saying enter a valid dob.
Can’t login
by Chocolate356 on 2019/11/16 23:32
Footlocker refuses to give me access to my VIP accounts and they keep messing with the app was once good now a terrible app
Footlocker update
by iambobbyb on 2019/11/14 08:19
This is a message for the footlocker app technicians , please fix this application before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I am really worried that I might miss out on shipping your online great deals without earning new points. I only order from your shoe company because my shoe size is size 16. Please help me.
by sac illuminate on 2019/11/08 06:46
What’s the point if the workers are going to backdoor sell most of the “hot releases”
What Happened?
by J-Raww_O. on 2019/11/07 01:55
I have both FootLocker and Champs downloaded on my phone. I buy gear off of each one all the time. Today I went back onto Foot Locker after I noticed there was an update for it and it asked me to create a new password for it that would log me into both Foot Locker and Champs and well after putting in my info it just froze. Then it took me to another screen and went black and said “error”. Another bug? I don’t know but even when I click continue with guest account it won’t let me buy anything. Please fix!!!
Can’t log in
by wyntawarz on 2019/11/06 05:54
So it’s telling me to log in again but when I do, it takes me to a generic looking page. And it won’t log me in 😒
Cant able to sign in.
by raman408 on 2019/11/06 04:41
Please help
Update trash
by fum682519 on 2019/11/06 00:45
I updated the app to “fix the sign in issue” and now I can’t even sign into my account...bruh...
I can’t sign in
by IpodHappy on 2019/11/04 22:10
What good is the app if I can’t sign in and buy or even search for items? I’m deleting the app so I can buy online.
Love the app
by kris yorker on 2019/11/02 18:01
I love this app cause i always order online its easy to use .
New releases
by QB-84 on 2019/11/02 14:05
Every new release that comes out this site crashes, doesn’t allow you so sign in or go in as guest. I always have to order from NIKE. Com instead. This sure is not reliable if trying to buy sneakers on release date.. please fix your app.
Worthless App
by KyngLex on 2019/11/02 01:14
Trying to secure launch sneakers on this app is not even worth your time, it consistently crashes and does not allow you to login; the app even freezes midway through login and sends you notifications after you missed your chance. I rather just use the SNKRS app or the Adidas if I’m trying to get anything exclusive, at least I know it works even if I couldn’t secure the shoe. Footlocker need to take notes from Nike.
by 1704629 on 2019/11/01 22:57
App always make you resign into your account even if you were on it 5 minutes ago. Log in doesn’t work half the time. Terrible app needs to be thrown away and completely redone.
by Lack15 on 2019/11/01 22:34
Thanks to the update. I can’t even login anymore.
Terrible Log In Servers
by SneakersNicko on 2019/11/01 22:34
App was great until they merged all the logins. Now I can’t even login.
by NotMatt.A on 2019/11/01 22:28
Can’t handle traffic during launches, makes shoes easy to buy. They need to fix the log in error
Worst app ever
by GazaManJr on 2019/11/01 22:27
Always glitching waste of memory!
by RealRRs on 2019/11/01 22:22
Ever since the update I have not been able to log in. Is there ANY fix to this??
Fix your app doesn’t let me sign in
by mgaddxcted on 2019/11/01 22:21
Your app doesn’t let me sign deleted the got it back restart my phone nothing. Trash app
Didn’t fix anything
by Nobodysomebodyfoundabody on 2019/11/01 22:10
I can’t log in now and the retro one freeless opened up for raffle confirmation but ironically I’m kick out the out the app and sign in doesn’t work
Crashes constantly
by Sgaghyhbj on 2019/11/01 22:04
Please work on the login and overall app usability, constant crashing makes it practically unusable.
by Cravendays216 on 2019/10/31 15:34
The new version is a bit more complicated you can’t check order statuses or view your orders or change default payment method. Other then that i guess it’s ok everything that you can do on the website should be accessible in the app as well
App is HORRIBLE !!
by bracks99 on 2019/10/30 21:46
Never could sign in my account, always signing me out, always crashing, this app is horrible !!!
App is garbage
by DreD23248 on 2019/10/29 15:37
This app has been terrible since early monday morning....still can’t login to my account so it’s robbing me and many others with the same issue of the opportunity to even participate in the raffle to get the fearless 1s....Footlocker and the app are garbage and I look forward to never shopping with this hell hole of a company again
Trash app
by hducjspznchw on 2019/10/29 03:35
Can’t log on keep getting told to switch over to a one log in across all brands prompt but then I never receive the email to do that process than after a few more tries it just fails. Deleting all apps connected to this company champs, footaction etc
Can’t even create and account
by Cn20 on 2019/10/29 03:23
I put in my information and when I complete that it sends me to a “whoops” page so I can’t login or create an account!
New Update
by T. Loves on 2019/10/28 23:27
Over the last year, I’ve used this app and loved it. The new update from 2 days ago has caused my app not to work and I’m so upset. Please work on getting this fixed ASAP.
by ftw_Miguel on 2019/10/28 03:49
This app don’t work for Shi*t it didn’t wanna let me make a account and it always said it was *Error*👎🏼
by seriouslythowhatnameisnttaken on 2019/10/28 00:13
It makes absolutely no sense how unreliable this app is. There’s always some sort of maintenance issue. On top of that, I have yet to enter a raffle that successfully let’s me get to the point where I check my reservation. There’s always some sort of “issue” when I go to confirm, and then it’s too late by the time the app begins to work again. I have tried to use the app for 3 years now and have had utterly no success
App is horrible
by Nabajo on 2019/10/27 02:53
The response time lags and you have to use WiFi just to use the app 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I’ll spend my hard earn money with stock x, the goat,and flight club even though I’ll be paying more..
Weak as fuxk
by apptrasg on 2019/10/25 22:03
This whole app is trash
Love FootLocker but app is trash
by APF23 on 2019/10/25 01:38
App blows, because they don’t have any purchase history section or recently purchased section. Also I bought $139 shoes and they did not add it towards my VIP membership. Still says “0” 😑 App needs work.
by Shinngirl23 on 2019/10/16 17:39
My app logs me out everytime I exit 😩 and that’s really aggravating
by Beaa07 on 2019/10/04 04:40
I am I unable to even log into my account and it is horrible and gives me a failed request. Useless app and I have constantly updated it. Website works, but to login into the app is always the trouble.
Foot locker review
by Karateswag on 2019/09/28 14:25
I give this app zero stars because it is not letting me log in to nun of my accounts that I have with foot locker and even when I go in as a guest it won’t let me see any of the stuff. Please fix this
by jbd23690 on 2019/09/22 17:49
My email said to download for up to 25% off. I downloaded the app and there was no code. 😡
Logged me out can’t log back in
by Empress Libra on 2019/09/22 10:53
I spend so much money with Footlocker so not be able to log into my account is absurd. Keeps saying incorrect password when I know it’s correct customer service gives no help. Reset link email never came reinstalled app doesn’t work like sheesh!!! All the money you’re making and you can’t fix these issues your customers are ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT!!!!!!
Cheap app
by shoeman121 on 2019/09/21 12:55
App literally crashes whenever a new release comes out , every single time never fails ,, app been down for almost 3 hrs today smh
Bad business
by FormerCustomer00 on 2019/09/21 11:17
Not a reliable app at all has false advertisement says sneakers coming soon then the time comes and it says sneaker out of stock. How if your dropping a sneaker, at 7am I might add have people waiting there for a product you don’t have to sell. Sneakers been sold out they just want people to download the apps make accounts so they can make money. This re-selling sneakers is really killing the whole experience of sneaker shopping. I’m deleting this app right now and never re-downloading this fake garbage
by ayewusgood on 2019/09/21 11:13
I missed a drop because the app crashed. Fix the servers to handle more people.
Terrible launch locator function
by Evil Terence on 2019/09/20 22:38
The launch locator is terrible. Every time I tried to cop some new release, error messages showed up and told me to wait for that sxxx. Then it told me that I wasn’t able to reserve my pair of shoes. You guys need to fix this fxxking app. It’s so frustrating, man!
Very good app. Very reliable
by New King G on 2019/09/18 18:41
I am your average sneaker head and I buy most of my kicks through FL. The only thing this app is missing is a favorites/ wishlist feature. So only four stars, but the business, shipping and customer service is dope.
This app is trash!
by rptooreal on 2019/09/18 17:47
It literally logged me out and will not allow me to sign back in. I continue to get an error message saying “request failed. Please try again later”. I called customer service and they are unable to reset the password, telling me it will take up to 24-72 hours for them to send in a reset password request. Customer service is trash as well!
Problem need to fix
by Gsnaëks on 2019/09/15 20:28
I cant log into app . Its always says that try again later. Please do something me/we losing up on shoes Release and my VIP account points . ⭐️
Lost platinum status
by ParteePeoplexxx on 2019/09/14 14:45
It happened a few times where after purchasing and having the app scanned, it created a new account losing my plat acct. happened in footlocker, footaction and Champs. Called cust service and twitter support they didn’t help. Years of maintaining platinum accts, spent a lot of money and effort and I didn’t feel I was valued customer
Terrible search engine
by Hoontee Buboontee on 2019/09/12 22:27
Please fix the search engine it’s absolutely abysmal
by gagaggague on 2019/09/11 01:25
La peor compra que he hecho en mi vida los productos llegan cuando a ellos le da la gana 👊🏻
Needs more payment options
by nachy413 on 2019/09/10 21:54
I would give it 5 stars but I don’t like the fact that they only give you one type of payment option before you were able to pay with PayPal now they took it off
I don’t like it
by RealFootlockerFan on 2019/09/09 22:31
This app is awful you type in a specific shoe perfectly that I know you carry and it shows me other shoes until I scroll to the right type of shoe, on top of that I can’t get to my wishlist through my VIP on the app my friend had to go on safari log in to see like come on the app design could be way better other apps like finish line are superior to this version and I feel like with the pull and popularity of the footlocker you guys or whoever put this app together could’ve done a better job developing
by Z.ady on 2019/09/07 15:12
I tried to create an account more than 3 times then after I successfully log on it charged my credicard for VIP bs I don’t even do 🤬
Jordan international flights 12
by Beastbouy12 on 2019/09/02 20:12
May you guys bring them back?
by tekashi6ix9ine$ on 2019/09/01 13:14
I would give it a 0 star rating if I could.
Couldnt add any product to cart
by Chuloosauseisgreat290 on 2019/08/31 21:35
Tried to purchase the new jordan 1 obsidians to my cart once it hit 10am and kept getting an error screen and then i tried with another shoe that was widely available this app costed me a pair of heat
by KlkPapi on 2019/08/29 00:23
This app is completely crap NEVER USE IT EVER!!!! It doesn’t work at all Needs a lot of work 😡🖕🏼
Still can’t log in
by RebelRy09 on 2019/08/27 21:41
It’s been over 6 months and I still can’t log in and Footlocker support has not been helpful at all. They just keep saying they’ll put in a ticket and then nothing happens
by kay2016lee on 2019/08/27 07:41
Reservation process needs work When I click “where to buy” it won’t search anything. It just clears the screen. Makes it kind of hard to reserve anything.
Instore barcode
by ClutchKid13 on 2018/10/16 13:06
The new version of the app looks amazing! It’s clean and easy to use I love the new updates. One thing I highly dislike and suggest to fix immediately is the instore barcode. Now when I am helping a customer using the app to do a super stock locator I no longer have the instore barcode. I have to exit the app and go to mobile site or use the product number and convert it into a SKU but that takes time away from the customer which isn’t the best possible experience. Please consider putting back the instore barcodes to help with enabling associate like myself help customers to the best of our abilities in a timely manner. I do work in 34th St New York City so time means a lot to my customers and myself. Thanks for the support
Needs major improvement
by Iwaslostjack on 2018/01/08 07:16
The app is trash just like the website! Footlocker and all its sister sites refuse to make any changes to make getting any sort of limited release obtainable or giving many customers a fair chance. People with bots have about a 100% chance to get every pair. The rest of us "click and add to cart" repeatedly and that's if you lucky enough to get onto the webpage. To make matters worse, you have no idea when a pair of shoes are sold out. Footlocker doesn't even let you know through the app, website or social media. However if you want to buy a pair of socks it works great. Update December 30, 2017 “the Gatorade 6 release”. It does you absolutely no good to get the shoe in your cart but can’t checkout. Shoes in the cart but freezes as checking out and get sent all the way out. By the time you are allowed back in, shoes are sold out! So that leads me with this question why if you have the shoes in your cart are you not put into a checkout que where you remain until allowed to check out and when your time comes up if you fail to checkout within 5-10 minutes shoes are put back in the online inventory? There is just no way you can make me believe that Footlocker and its sister sites can’t eliminate “add to cart” repeatedly and frozen checkout problems that were problems 10 years ago and still exist today.
Crap app
by frustrated sneaker on 2018/10/18 02:25
Since the upgraded version of the app it has kicked me out and now I cannot even get into the app as it keeps saying user disabled. I have reached out to customer care through email and also customer support on the phone. Waited for over45 minutes for the supervisor to tell me to reach out to customer care online. Which I had already done so. No one is able to tell me why the app continually states USER DISABLED. I am able to log in online and see all my points and purchases and my VIP. I have been told to uninstall and reinstall the app which I have done so many times it has become frustrating. I even tried to log in to the app on an entirely different model phone and still receiving the same exact error. All customer support tells me is “i don’t know why, I can see everything fine on my side”. This is the crappiest app since it has been updated 4 times in the past 2 weeks. This is beyond frustrating and foot locker customer service is absolutely horrible. For as much money I have spent you would think they would have their apps and employees up to date!
App crashes on every launch.
by Alonzo D. on 2018/12/02 14:23
So every time I get through and put a new release in my cart, tells me to wait minutes and sometimes over an hour to then tell me that the product has been sold or not available anymore. FootLocker let Bots use their platform before real consumers get a chance, and PLEASE DONT COME AT ME SAYING THAT WE HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES BECAUSE WE DONT! Your app and site is the main source of Resellers to get their hands on hundreds of pairs then sell for 3-4x’s the retail price...DONT ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW THIS. This problem should was a year 2000 thing, we’re in 2018 walking into 2019 and you haven’t even done or tried to kill this Bots issue. You app crashes because you don’t want to help regular customers get their hands on a new release but instead you let Bots rule your site and app. Get outta here with that junk!!! Champs, FinishLine and of course Foot Locker/Foot Action are Bots central. And that limited quantities excuse you use all the time is saturated, NO MORE EXCUSES, TAKE BLAME AND FIX IT! WATCH OUT FOR THE CONCORDS RELEASE ON DEC 8th...THIS WILL BE AN EPIC FAIL FOR ALL REGULAR CUSTOMERS, BE READY FOR THE L’s.
by N.Davis1502 on 2019/06/28 22:21
I see why there isn’t any in app feedback options because this app is horrible. I could drone on and on about all the problems but I will just highlight one. The reservation selection process is horrendous. How is it that I’ve been a “VIP” for month and have yet to reserve even the most heavily supplied releases. The system is broken and need to be re-evaluated or replaced. It is so easy to take advantage of the systems flaws and it shows. Releases are unfair and those that do not exploit are left at a disadvantage. Customers are left with no true option in purchasing releases held under the reservations as footlocker and its affiliates websites can never sustain themselves during major releases, the app is dysfunctional, and staff are infamously corrupt when it comes to said releases in stores. In conclusion, the developers of this app need to seriously consider how to enhance users’ enjoyment while using this app because as far as I’m concerned there is none for people like myself that don’t exploit the system by repeatedly entering the reservation.
Incorrect order/no response from complaint through app
by Appster237 on 2018/11/18 11:46
I ordered a pom beanie from the app..... so i expected to get what i order like always...... instead i received the exact same hat just without the pom pom...... i don’t wear these and haven’t put it on....... i sent a complaint through the app but never received a response that was a few days ago...... if possible id like to return it..... its not what i ordered....... i love this app so PLEASE help me footlocker..... we were meant to be, we’re star crossed footlocker, i knew you were the one when i put my fingerprint on the scanner for the download..... you may not know this but i even bought a ring to put on you like beyonce said...... my dear sweet sweet footlocker PLEASE respond to me for my troubles you beautiful.......beautiful app...... *tear falls down eye like from the movie glory*...... i know its wrong to use people, but i hope to use you a lot more in the future...... always remember me and dont you ever EVER forget me now I’ll talk to you soon......hopefully
It works
by Ensce14195 on 2018/10/13 02:52
Hi demand shoes are already hard enough to get as it is I was able to work my way up the ranks to platinum level and just like the website said I am almost able to reserve any shoe that’s on the launch locator I see a lot of people talking about the app is junk I’ve been buying shoes for a lot of years and this is the only app I can almost guarantee the shoe with everybody has their own opinion but I am thrilled to be able to get the shoes I want 99.9% of the time
Horrible interface and customer service
by DamnSonThisSux on 2017/12/30 23:31
I downloaded the app and signed up to be a VIP member and attempted to reserve the Jordan Gatorade VI’s in green but once inside the app I noticed that my VIP early line preference would not go into effect so I called Foot Locker customer support and after a 40 minute wait on the phone I was told I couldn’t change anything because my reservation would be lost. I decided to keep my reservation and just hope luck would be on my side but just like every other time I’ve tried Foot Locker online or in store it’s always been a no for me on limited releases. The customer service agent didn’t know why my VIP status would not reflect on the App so I was really left with no answer why and missed out on the shoes. The whole ordeal left me not wanting to shop with Foot Locker, Footaction, or Champs in the future because if a problem arises there is never a solution that helps me as a customer. True let down.
Reservation processes
by APRIL$HOWERS on 2018/05/08 02:10
The only problem is the whole launch/reservation process. I think that in order to get a reservation you have to go through way too much! I wish that once I request for a reservation I could just immediately get either a decline or a confirmation. I don’t think that you should have to wait so long for an answer. Either that or I think that once you do get excepted for a reservation you should have a longer time period to confirm/except it! I have lost several reservations because I wasn’t able to confirm/except my reservation within The time span given. Which is only an hour or two. I think that is just not reasonable, a one day/24 hour time span would be better!!!!!
by No stars, like at all. on 2019/12/14 00:17
I downloaded the app about 2weeks ago, hoping to get a successful outcome. Before today, my app was working fine, and moving at great speed! I was waiting for the new Jordan Bred 11’s launch and successfully picked my size, picked about 3 stores to reserve my size, and basically got in line. Only to open my app today, and get kicked out of my account (app AND online). I was unable to receive my 7min head start for reservations, I did not get to go pick up my shoes, and the app still won’t even load. The company is aware how popular these shoes are, and won’t even accommodate customers. Customers who are trying to spend money.. how else am I supposed to reserve my size, when every FOOTLOCKER associate, refers all customers to the app for best service!!😡 I been waiting for 3months to get these shoes. Been watching the app every day, all day! What a waste of my time.
ZERO if I could!
by traveling-man 86 on 2018/02/11 09:26
This app, if you even want to call it that, has got to be one of the worst I have ever used. It's bad enough that it's basically just a web-app, and that's the real problem, because the mobile website is no better. About 90% of the time I try to use this cr-app it shows up as some degraded website from 1994 and you can't do a darn thing on it. To make matters worse, you try to go to their website on your phone and you get the same degraded, jumbled text that is useless. For a bigger company that wants to sell you stuff, they sure do try their very best to drive you away from their app/site. So developers, if you're reading this, start by making a native app that's not an extension of your website, and then go ahead and trash your website and start over on that too. Absolute trash.
Move the controls!
by cjoychambers on 2017/08/09 01:21
The button to go back (return to previous screen) is on the bottom of the page where no one would look for it. The button to return to the home page is in the upper left hand corner in exactly the same spot as the back button on any other app. The home button is even indicated by an arrow as a back button usually is. Why? Every time I try to return to the previous screen I accidentally hit the home button (because it looks like a "back" arrow) and have to do my search all over again. It doesn't save the search. Super annoying. If they want to keep the controls where they are, at least get rid of the arrow for the home button and use different symbols.
Worst app
by kelia galarza on 2018/05/30 15:35
I’ve lost a raffle because I didn’t watch my footlocker approved app all day long on Friday. Those Jordan’s was releasingon Saturday and so y’all had a raffle for those Jordan 11 cap and gown shoes and I wasn’t told or notified before hand when to watch out between a certain time, so that I could accept the shoes before I lose it. Yall need to clarify in the app the time and date of when we , as contestants, should watch the app and accept the shoes before you lose it. No one told me what time on Friday to look out for the raffle winners results. And also, I was like only 15mins late before y’all gave it away! I buy a lot of shoes each month, but I can’t get VIP Platnium status with y’all if y’all don’t let me win once in a blue moon. All other store apps are so much better
Stop crying 😂
by nunya bizz on 2019/04/04 14:02
Look if you don’t spend at least $300 annually or don’t really ever shop there til it’s release time guess what, you ain’t getting the shoe more than likely. Shop their more often and put in the work to get the shoes want. It’s that simple. Talk in’ bout “I just won’t shop at FTL or it’s sister stores” lol. I hope you’re in my area and really go their with that. Love the app, love all the shoes I hit on. Stop being a cheap crybaby 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
Navigating the app is horrible
by emery1107 on 2018/04/06 12:12
I normally don’t write reviews but I tried to check to see if a shoe I want is in stock at the local foot locker and every time I found something and tried to go back it would take me to the first page that pops up when you open the app! This app is so terrible to navigate...its like they don’t want you to buy anything as hard as it is to look and go back to the previous page without starting all over again. I mean’s 2018 and the user interface is like the app hasn’t been updated since they first created it. This app is infuriating... it would be faster just to go to the store and see what’s in stock than to use this useless app.
by X DADDYD X on 2019/06/04 17:54
I would give it a 0 out of 5 star if I could. App is horrible anymore and customer service is just as bad. None of them know how to fix my issue, neither does IT techs. Somehow my VIP number got switched on the app and instead of being PLATINUM VIP it shows me as VIP that has spent well over the amount to be PLATINUM. So now I don’t get my 9 minute head start I only get 6 minutes. Goodbye raffle wins. Please fix this issue. As I write this I’m on hold with a manager to try and fix this again for like the 10th time. Every time I am talking to them they get kicked out of the VIP system and can’t get logged back in. Worked great for first couple years. FOOTLOCKER why fix what isn’t broke with ur updates?
by Sneakeehead on 2019/02/01 02:38
Sooo I’m having the HARDEST time ordering off your app... it doesn’t allow me to add to my cart.. there’s some glitch in the system because I’ve had similar issues and had to order at the store🤨🤨 can this be fixed.. I spend a lot at footlocker.. very disappointed... I can’t open my app.. it’s been two days now and it’s still spinning but it won’t open.. Can’t add to my cart.. saying ecaptcha needs to be marked but there isn’t one to chk to say I’m not a robot.. logged out of app went online could only add 1 pair of shoes and the second its saying I can’t get confirmation until I receive an email.. haven’t chkd out yet.. I spend lots of money at footlocker this is a shame!!
by lametunes on 2018/07/03 02:58
Advertising all over the app and website for the Uncle Drew movie new colorways, I bought 2 pair 24 hours apart, after they took my money my VIP status didn’t update and all of the sudden they were backordered to June 29th, a date prior to my order, then customer service claims there is a disclaimer and it’s Nike’s fault not theirs at all and that they do not have live inventory updates on their website or app, so crap logistics. In stores they don’t ask if you are a VIP so you better not forget. I’m not a reseller, I’m a consumer, a pair for my nephew and one for me, I guess I’ll wait for them to arrive and buy my sneakers from the manufacturer instead of a poser company, I now hate ref’s even more
Made it difficult to search
by Crestfallen Merchant on 2017/12/29 20:09
I was shopping around and there was banner that shows up that advertised their clearance section and when I would narrow down the search option, it would pop up right when I would hit apply filter making it frustrating. Also when you click on an item , the large back button takes you out of the shopping area back to the main page. It makes me more difficult because now I have to reapply all my search requirements and go through all the items again. I would have rather shopped online but the site gave me a 400 error that prevented me from going on.
by D&AD on 2018/02/23 23:21
This app is beyond trash and the store itself and employees are beyond trash. Without bots you will never win a shoe on the app and if you call a store they won’t answer and if you go into a store for help they will lie to you. I’m done with this company in a while and it’s sister sites if you not going to give a fair shot then why should I spend money with y’all. Actually going on u think 4 years since a have gotten anything from this company. They help resellers out and sell them 4 pair when a person just want one to wear. The game is rigged and that’s why kids keep getting beaten up and killed for shoes because companies who supply them don’t give fair shots.
by bta kicks on 2018/06/01 06:30
I give the app 👍 i have even referred friends to join. However a recommendation for improving would be .... to be more accurate when showing money spent on you VIP aacount. Also even with 10 min head starts I can’t seem to EVER successfully reserve pairs on the lonch locator I would recommend giving people a W for once when someone is always taking Ls it gets extremely frustrating
When it works
by Eazzus on 2019/05/01 15:04
This app has all the potential to be great. But this app needs serious improvement. You login and and close the app and it just signs you out automatically and for what? Then when you try to sign in, 60% of the time it gives you a pop up saying try again. This is the same thing that happens with the champs. If you use the launch locator and you can’t sign in. You can’t know the time you have left to find out if you pulled to get the shoe. Or if you won how will you know if you can’t sign in to the app? Fix this please!!!
Need optimization update
by Miguel247 on 2018/03/05 07:02
Footlocker I really like your shoe and clothing collection but your shopping app is horrible. All I was able to do was sign up for a profile and that’s it. I was looking at purchasing some adidas tubular shoes from your app but I had to go through my web browser to your site instead because the “shop” option would not load in the app. I highly suggest you fix that because if I was just casually shopping instead of buying something I needed I would’ve gone through a different seller. Just think of all the sales like that you could be missing out on just because of your app.
The menu and controls
by mexicanalfredo on 2018/08/02 23:10
This app is booty cheeks every time I'm trying to shop I slide from left to right just cause I wanted to back out from the ONE item I was looking at just so it takes me ALL the way back to the "main menu" this got supper annoying the fact that you had to scroll all the way back up to click the "back" button. Further more the back button isn't visible so you accidentally press the "home button" and it takes you to the "main menu" this can get supper annoying. Also when you add things to your cart it's glitchy but Footlocker Pleasee redevelop this app and its controls
Disappointing App and Website
by Anchored to the navy on 2019/02/15 15:25
Nearly impossible to buy launch day shoes even if you click on them right as the ball drops. It’s 2019 but you don’t require purchase captchas to weed out bots, come on. Also two minutes later the entire app crashes from all the demand meaning even your servers are trash. What’s the point of trying to spend money with your company when all you do is cater to resell bots. Also your launch reservation is confusing and still doesn’t verify if people are real or not when making reservations. In addition applying discounts is confusing and your shipping speed is horrendous.
Can’t purchase
by Thepowersurge on 2019/04/25 19:37
The app is really disappointing. 1st off, ive never had anything that shows as available in store actually available in store. 2nd, I’ve never been able to complete a purchase using the app. I get all the way to the end, tap the submit button, and nothing. I expect the basic functions of this app to work and they don’t.
Sign in process
by Mrs. Brisco on 2017/09/30 16:08
In the past, I have not had to keep signing in to my account every time I open it. Now, I do. Also, the order and checkout process is slow and difficult. In the past, if the shoe size was not available, it wouldn’t be in bold in the select size drop down menu. Now, it allows you to select the size, place order, and then has a pop up window with a red bar across the top with NO WORDS only the picture of the shoe, the size, and the option to view other styles. That’s a bit frustrating because the customer is not aware of what’s going on. Please improve the app SOON.
My love for FootLocker
by Ecalderon281 on 2017/12/05 19:52
I just wanted take time to say that I love footlocker that’s my favorite place to shop for my clothes and Jordan’s shoes . I’ve been buying from your store for a long time now (20yrs) so is just wanted to say thank you foot locker for experience of of a life time I plan to continue to purchase more clothes and shoes form Foot locker .. Sincerely, Estevan Calderon
No time to waste 👋
by Alana cabrera on 2018/07/24 21:00
Foot locker is a great app to see what shoes you want to get and purchase .I love seeing what shoes I want to get when I find a good shoe I take a screen shot of it and when I go to the store I show the screenshots of the shoes to a worker and they will give me the shoes right away I like it better then spending 30 minutes looking for shoes at the store when u can look at the app before u go to the store .you can be ready and prepare of the shoe you will like
What Happened?
by J-Raww_O. on 2019/11/07 01:55
I have both FootLocker and Champs downloaded on my phone. I buy gear off of each one all the time. Today I went back onto Foot Locker after I noticed there was an update for it and it asked me to create a new password for it that would log me into both Foot Locker and Champs and well after putting in my info it just froze. Then it took me to another screen and went black and said “error”. Another bug? I don’t know but even when I click continue with guest account it won’t let me buy anything. Please fix!!!
Request Failed
by SPRchox on 2019/08/25 03:11
“Request Failed”, is the message that I’ve been seeing for over a month now. I have changed password and uninstalled/reinstalled app. I contacted customer service and they verified my email but I never received an email. They were suppose to send me a special link to help reset my password (a feature offered on the app). I emailed customer service 1 more time in hopes that someone might be able to help me instead of just blowing me off. Funny thing though, I have no issues logging into the website. Also, app crashes are common with this app.
Login errors
by Znorthface on 2019/07/10 07:19
Used the app for three years with no issue. Last two months can’t login to the app. Tried resetting password and everything, still the same issue. Guess I will never have a chance to get raffles releases. Thanks footlocker for the situation and Terrible customer service. ————— Update, which means no update. You have me create a new account to login to the app. I asked for old account status to transfer over to the new login so I don’t lose VIP for launches, which still hasn’t happened. So now I’m just creating more things for a merchant that can’t fix problems.
Not as good as it may look
by ismelllikebeefbutimnotgay on 2018/04/05 12:34
The Footlocker app is designed well, but thats about all. I can seldom get past the loading screen when you click on ‘Shop’, and when you go into ‘Launch Locater’, there are only 5 shoes (all color ways of the upcoming LeBron 15) that you can even reserve at a nearby store. Considering that there are more sneakers that will be releasing around the same time as the new LeBron 15’s, I don’t understand why the Nike LeBron are the only shoes showing up. Overall, if you want to buy shoes then either go to the Footlocker store or the Footlocker website, don’t waste your time with the app.
It’s well passed time
by CashCartel on 2018/04/02 12:02
Been using this app for a while now, it’s buggy overall but my my complaint is the crashing. The app simply closes itself out when trying to show your employees my reservation. If it wasn’t for the patience of the rep, his manager advised him “if it keeps doing it we won’t be able to verify”. What a d**k. In reality, if the app was working I wouldn’t be dealing with attitude from reps an possibly missing my reservations for things outside of my control.
It an good app
by hot kicks on 2018/03/04 16:04
I been i vip member for an long time so when Footlocker started this app to reserve shoes it was thank you god because I work on Saturday and I don’t get off till 12 o clock and Footlocker holds your shoes till 3 o clock on weekends and 6 o clock weekends days this work great for me the app can only get better I win every time because stay shopping at Footlocker so I guess that’s how it works
Inconsistent experience
by jerm2223 on 2019/04/17 21:01
There is not a way to utilize gift cards through the mobile app, you’re required to use a computer at their website. My only other gripe which isn’t so much a mobile app issue as a database issue, dont advertise a shoe and size if it’s not available, this baits buyers into thinking you have it, then when adding it you get prompted that it’s out of stock. Even after 12+ hours of wait time to see if a batch job needed to run overnight, and it’s still the same experience.
Shoe Lover Heaven
by RWJ42 on 2018/01/13 02:01
If you keep a shoe stash this app is for you. This app allows you to catch the shoes you love at the best prices. I have consistently beat the store front price on all the kicks I need. I’ve also been able to buy multiple flavors in my favorite style with the money I’ve saved. Do your self a favor and shop kicks with the Foot Locker app.
by Angry bird227 on 2018/04/16 19:11
I gave this grade because of the change made to launch locator. I’m trying to get the shadow Jordan 10s and there is only two stores I can set up a reservation for and they are both in New York. Also every time I go to shop it says they’re was a problem with me logging on or at other times it just loads and loads so I have to go to the website to search for things. I really hope these things can get fixed ASAP because i know I’m not going to be able to get the tens at retail I should be able to have a chance at them. Very dissatisfied.
Highly Disappointed
by Julie😍😍😍 on 2019/04/30 22:48
The footlocker app is horribly designed, as it fails to be user friendly. I have been using the app for years to reserve shoes or simply shop, and the experience is always distasteful. More recently, the app logs me out every time I exit and is currently not letting me log in, which is a problem within itself, but also affects my ability to view the countdown and results of show reservations. I would really appreciate if Footlocker, who has an abundance of profit, would value its customers enough and get a better app.
by Photo_Genesis on 2019/02/15 12:06
As I said it used to be good, I don’t normally write app reviews but it pains me that this app still doesn’t allow me to properly sign into my account to check my member rewards status I have to go to the actual website to do something that the APPLICATION RUNNING Should allow me to do... and to make matters worse there’s still no proper way to stop scalpers from using a bot to grab up all the sneakers when I only want one DS Pair, I mine as well wear slippers and vans again because those the only things you can purchase from there without getting hassled
EASY! Great shoes!!
by pure jordans on 2018/08/08 19:45
The app of footlocker was really easy to use, it had everything in order which made it easy, all the options in shoes were amazing I’ve been looking for so many types of Jordan’s and found all of those in this app and in the store as well. I recommend this app, get it ASAP!!!
Needs Major Improvements
by Corey Whiteside Sr on 2019/03/05 23:29
I purchase in the store most of the time but decided to order on line I order about six pairs of shoes you bill me individual once the shoes became available that Wells Fargo thought was fraud. The store SKU are different in line and I’m always asked my email in-store but they aren’t connected this app can’t see or show me what I’ve already purchased or what I have on order once this app is a-line with the store thru email with orders and items purchased it will be unstoppable but until then 1 star is all it good for
Hate app and vip club
by jay42179 on 2019/04/06 21:14
I’ve spent over 1000 in sneaker since joining this vip club the number that was giving I can’t assign to app and I have lost mad reward points not worth the headache and customer service even worst 5 calls and currently on hold for 14 min I guess they hope I hang up but no help car person a month ago said it was a system issue could take 2 weeks to fix waited a month and tried again nope still don’t work once was a loyal customer now will order directly from Nike now 17 min still on hold I’m done
Login issues
by Slice doggy on 2018/05/04 11:35
Major issue when you click shop it used to automatically sign you into your account but now it tries to but gives an error message saying that it can't and you have to sign in manually. Very annoying, and can potentially cause you to not be able to purchase sneakers properly. Please fix! Also performance and stability issues are present.
I don’t like it
by RealFootlockerFan on 2019/09/09 22:31
This app is awful you type in a specific shoe perfectly that I know you carry and it shows me other shoes until I scroll to the right type of shoe, on top of that I can’t get to my wishlist through my VIP on the app my friend had to go on safari log in to see like come on the app design could be way better other apps like finish line are superior to this version and I feel like with the pull and popularity of the footlocker you guys or whoever put this app together could’ve done a better job developing
Why is everything unavailable
by Ka'Zalyn on 2019/08/17 14:11
I like the app. But my only problem is that when i click on a product that i want i get an error message saying my request has failed. Is the product unavailable or what ? Its a bit frustrating seeing as tho I'm trying to shop. Its like going into a store, seeing something you want and finding out they don't have it. I might as well go to a store for that experience. Can you guys fix that please?
Launch Locator Disasters
by Bambi's Kicks on 2019/07/11 20:57
These Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction apps are nothing but New Release Launch Raffle Disasters! Every time there has been a New Limited Edition Raffle release these last couple of weeks/months. The app starts acting crazy. It doesn’t always allow me to make changes in the edits. It won’t acknowledge when I switch from my account to my son’s account. Meaning it won’t save/register for both accounts when we login and logout. I would rather go back to the instore raffles. Or register for raffles like Snipes formally known as KicksUSA.
by shoescience on 2017/11/29 11:21
I am glad there is a app that can work with the new version and notify you when they have a chance to get a new product and then get a call from the store or something else I will have them call me back when they get there stock in
Bad business
by FormerCustomer00 on 2019/09/21 11:17
Not a reliable app at all has false advertisement says sneakers coming soon then the time comes and it says sneaker out of stock. How if your dropping a sneaker, at 7am I might add have people waiting there for a product you don’t have to sell. Sneakers been sold out they just want people to download the apps make accounts so they can make money. This re-selling sneakers is really killing the whole experience of sneaker shopping. I’m deleting this app right now and never re-downloading this fake garbage
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