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Ready to have FUN? Download now the best shooting game for free! If you like war games or FPS games, you will love sniper 3d Assassin®: one of the most fun and addicting shooting games ever! Start the killing: FIGHT the global war on crime and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER. Features: ● Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations ● HUNDREDS of thrilling MISSIONS: stay tuned for NEW content all the time ● Tons of weapons: Play with 100's of different snipers, rifles, and guns! ● Free game: 13 incredible cities to clean from the terrorists. Assist the cops, police and army: they need your help! ● Limited time events: Kill the most zombies and robots and earn amazing and exclusive rewards! In this modern - combat fighting game, you are racing against the time against real rivals to prevent a 3rd World War ● Most popular game EVER: read the reviews of our millions of players! ● Hunting games? Boring. Start shooting real enemies, not deers, elephants, penguins, lions, or other any animal. Become a Sniper, not a hunter DOWNLOAD this shooting game simulation for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATES. sniper 3d Assassin® is brought to you by Fun Games For Free, the minds behind the addicting Sniper Shooter game! ● Compatibility and support We're continuously working (hard) so that all phones and tablets run the game smoothly. Please report any issue you may experience to ● Disclaimer sniper 3d Assassin® is a free game but it contains mature content and optional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep it away from your kids, children and younger boys Premium subscription - Now you can subscribe for All-Access to premium features - Subscriptions are from $9.99 USD weekly, $19.99 USD monthly and $99.99 USD annually - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - You will be able to use premium features for the duration of the subscription - Subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period as the original "one week"/"one month"/"one year" package unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package (weekly, monthly or yearly package) - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period - You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit for more information - You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period - Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Premium subscription Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
by Elo da bebe on 2020/08/11 18:16
I can play this ALL day
by ChrisJackson1 on 2020/08/11 16:07
Sooo many in game ads. Always said I was disconnected when trying to claim free daily prizes, but worked fine if I wanted to buy upgrades...
AD’s! AD’s! AD’s! So many pop up ads!
by Not paying to play on 2020/08/11 02:56
Horrible...... way too many ads. Mostly pop-up ads you can’t control. Don’t waste your time.
by Poochie1983 on 2020/08/11 02:50
Worst PvP game ever.!!! This game a good but they made PvP so frustrating. In fact it’s the worst PvP ever made. If you are just starting out be prepared to throw you phone in frustration because they put players that have been playing along time with players that are just starting out. Which means you get no kills and it takes a lot of shots to kill someone where as the ones that have been playing along time kills you in one shot. I’ve been playing for a few months and it’s taking me along time to be able to kill the long time players after 15-20 shots. That’s with two reloads and hoping someone don’t kill me in one shot. I’m upgrading as fast as I can but still feel like I’m in the bottom of the pack. Good luck if you play. Been thinking about just deleting it and go back to war robots. Updated- Besides everything I’ve said already you’ll be lucky to complete PvP without Internet interruptions. 3 out of 4 bars or on home WiFi I loose connection more times then playing PvP. And that’s on a iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Here, take my money
by jinkkn on 2020/08/11 02:02
You can play level to level, but any upgrade requires you to pay. The “Golden” Piggy bank as you watch it collect diamonds but yet you have to pay for it? Come on... I’d rather Wax my grandpa’s back before throwing money away on this game. Allow the user to play, or you’ll lose attraction.
This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!
by hillbillylly on 2020/08/10 23:22
This game is the best I love it.
Don’t waste your time!!!
by Don445567 on 2020/08/10 23:16
Starts out great…then, you are bombarded with ads repeatedly…and when they are not showing you ads of other video games to buy, they are trying to get you to constantly spend money on upgrades! You only get a little way into the game when you have to spend more money to reach the next level…pathetic…waste of time. Would be better if they just charge you one price for ad free playing
Losing currency
by punisher1234456677 on 2020/08/10 21:51
Either the developers are taking extra or it is a glitch on the game and no one ever answers
Why all the five star reviews?
by Priest of Dudeism on 2020/08/10 18:59
It’s okay for a few rounds but it’s a Pay-to-Win game so it’s not long before it starts using it’s shady tactics to manipulate you into spending more and more money in the game. Even it wasn’t pay to win the game just isn’t even very good.
fake game
by Paranoid Schizophrenia on 2020/08/10 15:30
after several attempts to make the player buy the full package the game is delayed with stupid tactics !!
That was crazy dude who made this game?!?!?!?!?
by Zay_Sympton on 2020/08/10 15:11
by KnutKller on 2020/08/10 14:14
Good at first but then it adds impossible things with out any tutorial. Also has a rip off season pass and lazy plots.
When is there gonna be new cities to conquer
by michael messick on 2020/08/10 05:27
I have been waiting for over a year for new cities and it keeps saying coming soon!!!
Free 20$ worth of gems after purchase
by Elite_Gamer187 on 2020/08/10 03:59
I just got the 20$ worth of gems and it said I needed to play war machine to get another 20$ of gems for free and I played war machine how to I claim it?
by Ryanbland65 on 2020/08/09 22:57
Super funI would love this game only if whatever you shoot or you’re trying to shoot it moves I don’t like that but I still get five stars because it’s the funnest game ever
Only killing people of color?
by Loco Grannie on 2020/08/09 19:33
I would like a variety of people to kill. Mostly killing people of color is not fun. I like to kill people with no pigmentation too!
Not worth it
by Kaleighja on 2020/08/09 19:11
It glitches in the 2nd city. Please fix the bug
by Starz The Kidd 930 on 2020/08/09 19:11
Can’t get past the level I was on because of the glitching in the game you’re gonna have to fix this
by The Passive Aggressives on 2020/08/09 17:31
Another stupid game offered for free with expensive upgrades needed if you want to keep you playing. Also.... Nice way to desensitize kids against violence and create the next wave of school shooters.
by Wqamike on 2020/08/09 15:47
Thank you for this good dame Wow it’s very good
Good game but to much blue so get red of it please that is all other than that I love it
by tater7771 on 2020/08/09 15:32
I hate this
by tonboy777 on 2020/08/09 09:47
Most money hungry game pay ten dollars here 9 dollers there no I’m spend money on a mobile game then it what’s me premium and crap no trash
by crazyjail378 on 2020/08/09 00:17
This is a bad game
PVP matchmaking is a joke
by 1nsp3tor on 2020/08/08 23:32
The story line is fun. The PVP arena could be fun, but getting matched against players with 4x the gear rating and weapons that can one-shot most other players is frustrating to the point it’s not even worth trying. I’ve had matches where one person has 20 kills versus maybe a few others having one. Yippee.
Too many ads
by Snoothgabrmon on 2020/08/08 22:58
Just like every mobile game, they’re full of ads. So annoying. Also the premium is the worst I’ve ever seen. $10 a week!!! A WEEK!!! There are monthly subscriptions for less than this! And you only get a free trial for a week!!! This is horrible. But as for the game and it’s mechanics, it’s pretty fun, but it’s super painstaking to level up and upgrade your weapon. Not to mention you only have a limited amount of “energy” on a level and you have to wait or spend coins in order to refill.
by jango1569 on 2020/08/08 20:28
I love this game
by bad-ong on 2020/08/08 20:17
Nice games for newbie like me it’s like a practice shooting
Sniper 3D
by dbdjxu on 2020/08/08 17:49
I’ve had this game for a while, it’s a pretty decent game all around and I’d like to keep playing but it recently started repeatedly crashing usually in PvP mode.
by grtgdgdtgeddeg on 2020/08/08 17:00
Like and love
by llllllllal222222 on 2020/08/08 14:52
It is a little scary but I still like the game
Don’t waste your time
by Dles18229 on 2020/08/08 12:28
This game was fun, but developers continually rip you off. You reach goals, but don’t receive the rewards. Right now, they owe me about 1500 diamonds and have been waiting 5 days for a response. The only thing they have delivered is COVID-19. Do not, repeat, do not play this game, look for something else
Kill the most wanted criminals
by SonnyB.1 on 2020/08/08 12:21
Those criminals have killed are deserved to die
Me encanta
by villegas2010 on 2020/08/08 02:20
Me encanta el juego sigan asi
Need to Update with more City’s
by What a Game !!! on 2020/08/07 22:53
When are you going to update this game with more Cities and challenges? This is so Boring...
by OOFOOFQQ on 2020/08/07 21:35
by CMBurruss71 on 2020/08/07 18:19
Subscription rip
by Derrik T on 2020/08/07 16:49
Avoid the rip off peeps! Subscription constantly said errors resubscribe and didn't give me benefits. Canceling and resub didn't fix it. But it sure kept taking my $$ attempts to contact vendor went unanswered.
by dhcyhfhrhrhfgyy on 2020/08/07 15:56
Y r most targets black
do you know what happening at the end? I know
by eh sun on 2020/08/07 07:58
when you complete all the missions, they bann your account and prevent you to use online futures for nothing... they are liers, I send many messages to them but only a robot answer funny things.... they r lier I waisted my time more than 2 years and completed all 21 cities and when I strong enough to play in high level pvp, they banned my account and don’t let me use online futures even upgrad my stuff in the game... they r first cheaters and only want to rob your money ...
Garbage app
by Huh GDX on 2020/08/07 02:39
Too many videos to watch and also they ask you to buy stuff hundred times even while playing one single game. You get to a point where you just frustrated and delete the app
by no more money for you on 2020/08/07 02:01
What good is this game if you can’t play keep’s crashing please fix thank’s if you don’t fix it I will contact apple to get my money back still crashing please fix it thanks
It’s trash
by Benjmini on 2020/08/06 18:46
When you shoot the head you miss by 5 feet
Game keeps crashing
by Googleti on 2020/08/06 17:00
For the past 2 days, every time I get on to play, within 5 mins it crashes. Please fix, I really enjoy this game.
هد جميل
by larache11 on 2020/08/06 16:17
هذا جميل
The game has waaay to many ads
by ALiz513 on 2020/08/06 15:06
The game itself is good but the ads appear nonstop. Every time I complete a mission an ad pops up and it’s not able to be skipped. They need to limit the amount of ads
In app purchases $$$$$
by mrios4494 on 2020/08/06 14:52
Way too expensive!
No connection to the server
by Raybrownrn on 2020/08/06 12:44
I used to love this game. Now every time I try to play PVP or World Ops I get the “ no connection to the server “ error. I watch an advertisement for diamonds and after watching it doesn’t award the diamonds. Too many other similar apps/games that don’t have this many bugs.
Ads ads ads ads boring ads
by Wael nada on 2020/08/06 12:30
Ads are bore every 1 min you have to watch boring ads and every 2 min you have to restart the game and lose what you have win boring boring ads ads
Used to be way more fun
by Lafemme gurl on 2020/08/06 07:22
I used to absolutely LOVE this game. Although, the piggy bank part I simply don’t agree with. I see we earn diamonds per achievement but is it really “earning” if we still gotta pay for it?? Its a scam and you might as well rid of that part🤷🏽‍♀️ also, now it is COMPLETELY overrun with ads. I cant do more than one thing without yet another 30 sec ad to sit through. It used to be an amazing app, Im sad to say it has now chased me away.
3D Sniper
by Mudslinger123 on 2020/08/06 05:03
I really love this game I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now but this game has become incredibly in your face expensive!! 50 bucks to open your piggy ban 20,000 diamonds for a weapon the only way to advance depends on how deep your pockets are and then on top off all that I purchased a upgraded weapon it took my diamonds then never gave me the weapon so I tried contacting them with no avail 🤦🏻‍♂️! Really you have a phenomenal game here don’t let greed ruin it for you! Please fix these things!! And for the love of god please stop with the 9 million adds!!!
by janorr12 on 2020/08/06 03:30
Send me an email
by uApmja!yj0 on 2020/08/06 00:38
Sniper 3D programmers, can you send me an email when you are going to change the algorithm of your app to let me advance in the game beyond silver 3? Your algorithm has been screwing me for over for a month and it would be more fun to play when I can actually fairly compete, instead of your game: rigging it so that I have to shoot someone 42 times, and then reload so that someone has a split second to kill me with one shot or kill who I’ve been shooting at with the magical 43rd shot, you take the magical powers off my gun so that I just swing it in the direction of a target that is just standing there although no one is shooting and the target magically falls, you bury me in a location in the city to insure I can’t kill anyone to get points to advance, you leave me in the city like it belongs to the walking dead with no one around until I magically find someone after an eternity and they kill me with one shot or fall! Your algorithm is a real beauty if anyone else is thinking of playing this game!
No way to get off
by bcyaskabdhdns on 2020/08/05 17:06
This game is a pain. When it shows up there is no way to cancel out.
Player vs player is lousy
by Myster Musik on 2020/08/05 15:47
Horrible matching on PvP. Game matches experienced player with people starting out. No fun being target practice for player with 8-10 times more gear ratings than you.
by aryiopp on 2020/08/05 12:16
Best game
by Natalie26 on 2020/08/05 10:45
This the best game I ever played
Game seemed fun at start
by MRXS53 on 2020/08/05 07:16
They find a way to almost force you to purchase diamonds, lost mine playing their target game.
Super annoying energy point system and way too many adds
by Reviewerofeeviews on 2020/08/05 05:57
You only get 10 energy points and it cost 1 or 2 energy points just to play the game. Once you run out of energy you have to wait hours for it to refill. For reference this is about 10 minutes of gameplay. Every 2 rounds you play you get an add. Also they have a shirt business practice where they give you a deal but the gun costs just a couple more gems than the amount you have and they say if you exit out of the deal then it will never be available again.
Too many offers and promos
by ifitwereeasy on 2020/08/05 05:38
Game is fun but you guys offer too many packages and other pop up offers to take our money and it’s really annoying and makes me want to delete your stupid begging for money game. If that doesn’t change soon I’ll have uninstall your app!
by 4x4ihscouter on 2020/08/05 03:53
Crashed in 6 levels.
by imgshaver on 2020/08/05 01:47
I played this game for a while, and I suppose it was fun. Then I made a purchase, and afterwards I discovered charges of $9.99 every week, despite not having purchased the premium. That was 3 months ago, and I still haven’t resolved this issue.
Get ready to pay!
by Someguy201 on 2020/08/05 01:32
I’ve trialed this game for a while, and enjoy a few of the missions, but in order to progress very far you will be pretty much forced to pay to upgrade weapons and buy new guns. In order to unlock new maps you are required to have a certain level of gun. You earn “diamonds” that can be used to upgrade in your piggy bank but have to pay to unlock it. I will play until I can’t progress and delete it. It’s just a greedy game. Don’t get me started on the premium membership fees. Wow. By the way. They don’t update the game anymore. Just occasional pvp stuff. No new missions. Don’t purchase a membership. It’s a waste of money.
Game hacked no fun
by Jwskitech on 2020/08/05 00:58
Game used to be fun. Now it's hacked so other players get unlimited coins and diamonds and know where you are instantly in the player vs player. Not worth it. That's what the developers started a new game, basically the same thing
by Lululala15 on 2020/08/04 22:46
You play and you get ten energy bars one bar per math challenge like really this is stoopid af
Fix this
by westin4 on 2020/08/04 17:35
So I’m trying to get this thing it says it’s free it’s says free100 diamonds it doesn’t work so can you fix it any way this game is super fun
by Ali RajPut1233 on 2020/08/04 14:59
PVPhacks are a disgrace
by Jmdflt on 2020/08/04 14:39
The game was enjoyable before the last dev update' but nowthere are so many connection problems and hacks that the d3vs keep promising they arefixing however they do nothing. The upgrades for gear and weapons and way over priced in tokens or diamonds plus after buying you have to wait a week or more toget the higher upgrades. They used to at leastcompensate with a few diamonds but theydon’t even do that any more. For a long time the final gear upgrade was free now they say that was a hack so they are no longer free butbecause they arestill working on it you can’t purchase the upgrade either. When you complaint, their response is to be patient. They have gone way past be patientwhen they keep forcing you to buy diamonds, while notfixing the supposed and actual hacks. There is no option for zero stars, but thats what I would grade this game now.
Scam game
by John Almeida on 2020/08/04 12:10
Good old bait and hook pay to advance game. Garbage.
Too Many ads
by Quiensabe1941 on 2020/08/04 02:45
Way, way, way too many ads. Too disruptive. On top of that, at the higher levels it takes way too long to update the weapon. It just gets old so you just quit playing.
Keep going!
by booytbandit on 2020/08/04 01:55
Very fun I’m having so much fun keep it going guys your doing great 👍🏾
Can’t stop asking for money
by jimhallhdg on 2020/08/04 01:47
I really enjoy this game because it’s fun to play and looks great for a phone. The reason why I rate it three stars is because you cannot play the game for thirty seconds without being asked to pay for some upgrade or package. It might not seem very bad but it doesn’t take long for it to become really annoying. Somehow they also haven’t got enough money from trying to make a you buy something every thirty seconds so they also have ads just as much as any other mobile game. This game has a lot of potential and would be much better if it would stop constantly trying to steal my money.
by arielnlallsj on 2020/08/03 19:55
Super chilo este videojuego
Soo nice
by kvng neke on 2020/08/03 16:35
The best sniper game
It will cost you.
by Yesiamfun on 2020/08/03 14:53
You need up grades to beat the levels. The game will cost you big $$$$ as you play it.
Skip this game
by lil eNeh on 2020/08/03 08:33
Game literally won’t let you play for 1 minutes without recommending paying for something, some ads for paying for In game money won’t even let you exit out, it literally will only give you a option to go to the store to buy more gold or purchase whatever the ad is offering.. it could’ve been a fun game but for that reason alone it’s pretty garbage. I don’t even know how this game has such a high rating but trust me, there are plenty of other games that won’t shove in game purchases down your throat literally every minute of playing so I highly recommend skipping this one and finding a game that actually lets you enjoy the game.
I hated
by kallavooglu on 2020/08/03 03:46
When I downloaded the game it was money trap
Sever too bad! Always “no connection”!
by Dilontai on 2020/08/03 02:33
Always hard to connect to server
Too many cheaters in PVP
by Hazmac12 on 2020/08/03 02:20
Enjoy the game when I get paired against honest players but too often the PVP mode is half filled with players that are using mods that just make it not worth playing.
by First Mdickie hater on 2020/08/03 01:53
U suk idiot I hope u lose ur toes
by Sicman4444666 on 2020/08/02 21:12
This game is the most egregious “play to win” scam I’ve ever witnessed. Everything is constantly interrupted by ads. You can’t continue levels without paying for diamonds or spending HOURS earning enough money to upgrade. You can EARN diamonds by completing challenges, but then those diamonds are put in a “PIGGY BANK” you have to PAY TO OPEN. AND THEN THEY TAKE AWAY THE DIAMONDS YOU PAID REALY MONEY FOR. This game is trash, the developers are criminals, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL FROM YOU.
Needs new levels!
by JackiSwartz on 2020/08/02 18:57
I’ve been playing for a long time and still waiting on a new level.
by dana7772 on 2020/08/02 15:21
This game is awesome you get to be a hero and kill bad people never do this in real life though but play this game now!!!
by 12344457 on 2020/08/02 11:31
Just slightly make it better
by josiahsnen on 2020/08/02 03:42
It’s still fun and it still is satisfying I just wish the graphics and kill animations were different like, I wish in the story when you shot someone like there would be better blood and sometimes like dismembered parts that’s all
3D sniper
by ❤️😍😇💖💕💋💔💙💜🥰😘😻 on 2020/08/02 03:08
It is an awsome game I love playing it a lot
by DarryD692 on 2020/08/02 01:07
I can't see the shark in the mission. How can you help with this??
by Supreme1496 on 2020/08/02 00:05
This is pretty fun, no variety tho
You lose to them
by StandUp HHH on 2020/08/01 18:23
The bugginess take away from the point of “saving” diamonds, coins whatever. Maybe the commercials give you stuff, maybe they don’t. Basically, you start to realize that you’re the cow and they are milking you for time (to advertisers). Decent game other than that.
Money grab
by Gtingle on 2020/08/01 17:41
This game could be so much better if they changed a couple of things. 1. If they didn’t constantly pester you with buying things. Then you click no or leave and it asks if you are sure. If you have enough gold to buy one of the better guns then they say oh we can’t import it so you have to spend money on diamonds to get it. It’s rigged to make you constantly have to spend money or otherwise it takes forever to get through the missions. 2. If you play player vs player (PVP) they match you with people that are 10x stronger than you and it literally takes 10-20 head shots to eliminate them and they only have to shoot you once and you’re dead. They need to match you in games with players your on gear strength. When there’s someone in the game 10x stronger than you, it makes it unplayable.
by oden plaz YT on 2020/08/01 14:21
Amazing blood splatter
by Bob120267 on 2020/08/01 13:18
Server maintenance
by goopie1526 on 2020/08/01 05:25
Why isn’t online working may u please fix it
Smooth movement to next engagement
by zazariri on 2020/08/01 04:15
Hey we
by udbrhd on 2020/07/31 20:18
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How to desensitize ‘Murikka
by Thang Nguyen on 2020/07/31 18:34
This is how
Very fun, a few issues though
by TheYeetManzzz07 on 2020/07/31 09:28
I very much enjoy this, but as a child with paranoia, I would like a less-graphic version, and I get too many ads, still very fun, also a few things are overpriced.
by SFninja415 on 2020/07/31 08:44
This game is a scam. I reached battle 48 in PVP and in three consecutive rounds there was no other sniper in sight to kill and I lost all my progress. Its like they make it impossible to reach Battle 50 for the ultimate prize unless you pay $$$. Scam, scam, scam
Sniper 3-D
by kirk4thtime on 2020/07/30 16:50
This game could be cool if , they would give a few more details before the mission. Also, allow some target practices as bonus points and practice to get a player ready for this medium + plus game. (also wouldn’t hurt to have smaller increments of upgrades, like gloves and hats etc, for cheap prices. Dugh!!
Fun game until your progress is destroyed by the vendor
by D4701 on 2020/07/30 13:31
Don’t waste your money or time as the vendor will wipe out all progress and tell you to start over as a “fix” for their issue.
My Likes and Dislikes
by Baby Frie🍟❤️ on 2020/03/08 06:39
I love the app and the game is really fun only issue I have with the game is I miss to many opportunities to upgrade just because I have to spend money on certain things that I earned like when I got to open my piggy bank all of the diamonds I earned I lost because I had to pay for it which I feel like is very unfair especially since I need to earn more diamonds but I have to pay for all of them. Usually on games you earn more diamonds when you accomplish something but the only thing I get is coins and a lot of guns and upgrades for my weapon need to be payed with diamonds. Another example when I got all 10 headshots I had a major chance to get a lot of things that would make my experience better but I had to pay which really annoyed me because I Did the challenge but didn’t get a reward only because I didn’t pay and I feel like I should have got something for accomplishing that. I enjoy the game and recommend a lot of people to play but these are just things that I feel like will make the experience better if u can earn diamonds instead of having to buy them not only diamonds but other opportunities like guns or new gear😁🤪🖤
Fun game.
by Ghost066 on 2019/11/23 05:15
I like the game. It has a decent story and tons of things to do. PVP is about what you expect for a mobile game in today's world of he who spends the most time and money get the best gear and equipment. I am not upset about it but it does make it difficult to compete with. There are pop ups that come around after some missions that are nice but requires just over what you have so you play the do I get it because it nice and will save me time or, do I pass and wait for another week before I can afford to get it in game scenario in your head. I have spent money on some mobile games but this one got me. I got a package deal for a deal that popped up and that was fine. I don't play games very regularly so a little bit here and there is okay with me. I see an email 9.99 subscription paid for the game. Said it was a week subscription I didnt think anything of it. I see it again and I start looking for what I clicked on. Don't see any in game subscription tab, folder, insert name here for the subscription. I also had no added benefits to my game play. This happened for a few weeks before I found it one day under my apple subscriptions. That I don't remember submitting. The game is fun and all but the micro transaction/ surprize your subcribed thing gives me a bad taste in my mouth. If you get this game make sure you look I didnt realize or see it until it had cost me way more than this worth plus some.
by cmonrlly on 2020/05/16 18:22
As far as gameplay goes, I really enjoy this one! There’s a lot of content and for a mobile game I actually find it really engaging and well designed. For a game of good quality I don’t even mind the occasional ad, and their premium offer is something I wouldn’t spend money on but I can see why people would. Their diamond “premium currency” in game is a little overpriced for my taste, but I think it seems comparable to what I’ve seen in plenty of other mobile games. Having said that, THEY ARE GOING TO FORCE AN AD DOWN YOUR THROAT EVERY 15 SECONDS. Not an exaggeration, if it’s not a third party ad it’s them constantly begging for more of your money in game by bombarding you with “sweet deals” that are way cheaper than the stores prices, and if you don’t want to make the purchase they add an extra two screens of “just making sure” you don’t want to cash in on this “sweet deal”. EVERY. TIME. It ruins the whole experience for me. If the ads were trimmed down to even a third of what they are now I would’ve given this game a much higher score. It just makes it seem like the developers don’t care about how it interfaces with your user experience and like this whole thing is just a quick money grab. It really cheapens the value of an otherwise quality game. TLDR: great gameplay, way too many ads. Like an unbearable amount.
Great game
by Mumphmanprophecies on 2020/05/03 14:18
You can’t just say the game is money hungry without sayin hmm isn’t America money hungry we all have a dream of having our own business and making money at that business. So for them to try there best and offer great rewards/discounts when you play the game isn’t money hungry it’s gamer friendly and should be considered as something to check out because you can play through the single player mode completely without paying cash and all you have to do is wait for upgrades on weapons I’d say that’s pretty fair and the best part is it’s challenging to play perfectly through and the sport is great for that reason. Single player is a blast somewhat repetitive but they do get fairly difficult throughout the stage missions. PVP is a whole other style to the game and is very competitive. The world ops is a great place to make more diamonds and such and always remember to play through them each week for multiple rewards and remember it passes the time could we really ask for more
Cheap money stealing cheaters
by mach2don on 2020/01/17 04:05
Ive been playing this game for over 5 years and it used to be really great. They've always been money hungry but now they've gotten to be ornry cheaters. They have constantly pressured me to subscribe and also pay 3 bucks to open a continual piggy bank full of diamonds awarded to me for head shots and similar accomplishments. I always refuse because first they dont buy anything worth a crap secondly ive continually found my saved up diamonds missing. Because of this they have tried to increase the pressure and screw me. Throughout the game youll get pop ups offering 20 diamonds to watch a video. Ive watched many and never received what was offered. Another way is after you complete a scenario before getting your pay they sometimes offer double your earnings to watch a video. I always take advantage of that except lately they refuse to honor the double after watching the video. This is only a few of several other things they do to screw and frustrate you. Pretty cheap huh. For over the past two years the devs have been pulling this crap because I constantly refuse to take their stupid deals. I at first wrote a really good and promoting review for this game but have long since changed it. Im sure if their doing this to me their doing it to others. Download at your own risk but I no longer recomend this game run by a bunch lacking morals and credibility.
PVP is unfair
by I only speak fax on 2019/06/26 21:24
So I like this game, I really do, but some things just need to be fixed. There a a lot of problems with the game but the pvp mode is one of the big ones. I really think it was good you added PVP to the game but, the problem is the pairing algorithm. I get into a match right? Before I can even spot someone, another guy kills me within two shots. While I sit there shooting with my sniper with a 3 bullet mag. Worse part is, my shot does AT THE MOST 1 damage out of 200. Even without my victim spotting me while I sit there shooting for 10 minutes straight, the match would’ve ended before I got to kill one player! Now sometimes I get in to a match with people weaker than me, and they don’t stand a chance! I think it’s really unfair that you pair people the way you do, whatever that is, it just doesn’t work! Don’t let people use the same guns from the campaign mode, because if they’re new to PVP but have been playing campaign for a long time, they are basically going to win every match. That’s just one problem. I know development is hard when it comes to a video game but with the great game you’ve created, I think it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to change the little things that ruin the entire game. Also, the so called “mods” in the world ops mode, I bought one with 500 gems and the next day, it disappeared! This game needs some work, REALLY!
Ads constantly!
by Depruett on 2019/08/01 17:04
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while. It makes for a good time waster when you’re waiting in line, etc. I appreciated that although it’s not flashy, it’s fairly stable, and they at least gave you the opportunity to play for free without having to jump through too many hoops. But all that changed with the last update. Now the game is buggy - daily bonuses don’t show up half the time, things take longer to load, and worst of all, they’ve started pumping ads every few minutes now. If you don’t pay for Premium, you already had to watch a lot of ads to progress through the game. But now they randomly pop up every few minutes. I don’t begrudge them making money, but the pendulum swung from reasonable to awful, literally overnight. If the change had been accompanied by some major value-add upgrade, it might not be so bad, but this game is mostly just recycled backdrops, NPCs, and side missions from one level to the next. The gameplay is really repetitive, particularly in the side missions and PVP, but even the main missions get recycled - which, again is fine for a free time-waster kind of game, but not when you’re seeing ads every two minutes. The game just doesn’t offer enough variety to justify me spending any more time with it.
by ssoltis144 on 2018/03/17 19:11
I have to admit that this game is very addicting and that it is just a great game in general. I have been playing this for a while and I have noticed quite a few things that kind of ruined it for me. For one, you have to wait so much in this game. You have energy bars and I think there I like 10 of them, so that means when it’s full, you get to play about 10 games. When you use all of the energy up, you have to wait for it to refill, which can take a while. Also, when you are upgrading guns of higher tiers, the upgrades take so long to come in. It used to take only like 5 minutes, but now I have to wait a half an hour just to get one upgrade. Another thing that I realized is that the developers of this game are super money hungry. As you play this game, you start to realize how much they beg you for money. I’ll also mention that they have an ad like every 30 seconds! It’s almost impossible to et a good gun without having to pay for gold and diamonds. All of the good guns cost so many diamonds and the diamonds take forever to build up! One of the only ways to get diamonds is by watching ads. In conclusion, this is a good game, but there is so much waiting in it and the app developers are money hungry. To be completely honest, I don’t even suggest you get this game.
by Salami65 on 2020/02/10 06:24
The game can be fun, if you have deep pockets. Oh, and if they ever fix the bugs. If you don’t spend you won’t get far in pvp or world ops. Campaign is fun but the more you progress, you’re only able to do one or two missions before you need to buy an upgrade. The higher upgrades take 30 minutes before you can equip them, but if you have a ton of gems (deep pockets) you can get them instantly. The “discounted” weapons are just out of reach with your current gold or gem amount, but if you drop a couple bucks, you can get them. Pvp is lopsided. You enter the arena, or whatever it’s called, just to find out that you’ve been paired with players that are ridiculously more powered than you are. If you get 2 kills, you’re doing pretty good. Meanwhile the person that takes first has like 13 kills (he’s a big spender so he’s got all the best weapons and gear). And here’s where the bug issue comes into play. For over a month we haven’t been able to access anything to do with your squad. Squad chat just became “available” about a week ago. You can’t leave your current squad to join a new one and if you didn’t have a squad, you can’t create or join one. Not to mention the bonuses that are supposed to be paid out after the pvp and world ops, aren’t being paid out. If I were able to give less than 1 star, I would.
Does not deserve a 4.9 review
by Fjjgkdjsjdjfh on 2019/02/07 01:32
This game is not a 4.9 star game. First of all, the game itself is not a good game. The bodies of the enemies after you kill them often phase into objects when they fall down, and I know you are able to have physics as in your taxi levels, when the taxi driver dies the taxi flips over and if anything is in the way it will bounce of off it. You also probably have the money for it, even if you don’t have the physics (I will get to this in a later point). I understand this is a mobile game, but if it’s still one of the most high rated games on the App Store. Second, this game wants you to pay so much money. If you want to get this one gun but it requires diamonds there’s no way to get diamonds without watching ads or buy them. I’m on the 4th city and I only have 190 diamonds and haven’t spent a single one. How much do guns cost? At least 1000 diamonds. My third and final point is how much premium is shoved in your face. Pretty much any time you beat a level an ad asks you if you have any money like how a homeless person begs for some money. Not to mention how much premium gives you. Pretty much anything that’s in the game be upgraded if you get premium. This wouldn’t be so bad if the game wasn’t already crappy so spending money on this app is basically a waste. Anyways, this is my review of your game.
Money Hungry Developer!
by xhunter05 on 2018/01/22 03:12
I had to admit, it’s a fun game to play. But if you plan to not spent any money to buy gold or diamonds in-game, then your weapons are all crappy ones. Even when you become premiums, yes, you get a little more gold for some missions and a couple more energy bars to play. But that’s about it. It’s like they force you to spend your money to buy gold to get the better weapons. I played the same daily mission many times and what I notice is that when you save up a lot of gold just in case they offer you the mission weapon in discount so you can buy it, it end up that it doesn’t matter how much gold you had you still can’t buy it. Because the offer always knows when you have enough gold and when you don’t. Example, if that mission weapons discounted 216,000 gold and 147 diamond, they’ll allow you to buy with gold if your gold is less then 216,000, otherwise, if you have more than 216,000 gold, they only have the option for diamonds, which diamonds cost a lot of money to buy. If you plan to play just to pass time and don’t care about the game then it’s a grate game to play. If you’re competitive and want close to perfection or even perfection, plan to spend a lot of money to buy gold and diamonds. I’m done with this game!
Pure money pit
by McocLow on 2018/10/21 01:17
Never in my life have i seen a game so money hungry, and theres alot of bad ones out there. Almost every single mission you do youll get at least 2 mini ads. Then theres 3 different ‘get these rewards’ ads. Every now and then youll get ‘weapon deals’ that are just trying to trick people into spending money, because nomatter what youll never have enough (i reinstalled the game to try to get one near the beginning and instead of showing the amount of gold it had before it showed gems instead since i had the gold). You cant skip tiers unless you buy gems, i saved for a t3 sniper and it wouldnt allow me to do it in the 2nd city with gold. Theres no actual way to obtain gems that will amount to anything unless you buy, so youre forced to always use the worst weapons unless you spend cash. If that wasnt bad enough, theres a premium option in the store thats more expensive than anything ive ever seen in a game, and if you go to premium theres nothing even saying itll remove ads so chances are even if you were that crazy to spend $300 per year on premium youd still be getting ads nonstop. Oh and did i mention that aside from all this money grabbing, the game lags on every device ive tried it on. The game at its core is honestly decent and fun, but literally everything else ruins the experience.
Don’t bother, really... Don’t!
by Elsayajin on 2018/06/29 20:40
I’ve been playing this game for just about a year now, and at first, it was a fun game. Playing through the levels, achieving new guns and gaining gems and coins. It’s just fun. But the more you play, the harder it becomes to pass certain levels due to the high cost of certain guns you need to purchase to pass a certain level. If you don’t get this specific gun, you can’t move forward. You either have to play 10 hours a day or watch 500 ads to get free gems, or spend real money! Which already costs a ridiculous amount of money! Real money!! Then, when you become real competitive, this game has a battlefield called “PvP” (player-vs-player) where you take your best sniper rifle and you play against other people playing the same game at the same time. This is actually fun to play, but again... the more you play it, the higher your level goes, and you start to get matched up against players that use hacks! This game is full of cheaters that have unlimited amounts of money and gems, have the most powerful weapons and armor... it literally becomes not fun anymore! One shot, you’re dead! You’re lucky if you get one round out of the chamber! Until they weed out all the hackers who cheat, which this game is infested with, I wouldn’t suggest playing this game... it’s just my opinion.
Needs work
by ScoobLine on 2018/11/21 02:19
Although the game is fun and addicting, there are bugs: 1) special offers on a weapon are always at a higher city level than you are playing, which means you can’t buy it until you unlock the city, and deal is gone; 2) descriptions are not always accurate, especially with gender. It will say one thing, and it is something different. 3). Still get ads that play once in awhile with subscription (not the ones for diamonds or doubling coins). In addition, I see no advantage to a paid subscription, it just unlocks things which requires coins or diamonds. No extra coins or diamonds daily. Diamonds are hard to get, and expensive. Pay for the subscription, need to upgrade to premium for chests (gives you some benefits such as extra magazine capacity) and extra plays if away from the game for an extended period of time. Eliminates most ads. You still need to purchase diamonds if you want to be competitive. It is greed. You will make more money in volume if it is reasonably priced. Updated: demoted to one 1-star. There is no way one player in PVP Arena, game after game can always get the same prime spot, and they kill you within one second of regeneration. Player should be in a much higher l league. This has been a constant. Maybe if I spend money I could get the same cheats?
Good time burner. But...
by GHall 008 on 2019/11/08 01:49
Update to my review: At least 23 of the last update descriptions are identical. It’s almost like they are just pencil whipping them. Also, New levels used to come out every 3 months or so. But now, I’d bet it’s been a year or more since there’s been a new level. Original review: Good game, I spend a lot of time on it when I have down time. I've made it to the point where it makes no sense to buy anything. I can buy 800,000 gold coins for $100... or I can just complete a daily mission and get 42 million gold coins. But there are lots of ads. You can watch ads to double rewards, which I don't mind, but as soon as that ad goes off, another comes on. And those ads, the ones that the game just plays randomly and OFTEN, always make you click twice to close them. I shouldn't have to do that. Let me click once and make the ad go away. Also, with regards to the most recent update (24 Feb 2017)... Why did the most recent update reduce the Damage of the RPG? I watched a lot of ads to get diamonds so I could attain the RPG. And it was working just fine in the current level I was on. Until the update reduced it's damage by 300 points. It's no longer the most powerful weapon in the game. I think it should be.
by LogosAndTruth on 2019/01/18 05:27
This game was designed for micro-transactions. Ads appear after every mission. Guns are constantly advertised in game and you can only afford them if you pay real money. And there is a piggy-bank of diamonds that accrues diamonds daily. After twenty four hours it becomes available. The only way to get them is paying for it. But the worst part of the game is PvP. Multiplayer is designed for players who pay to win. Gear Rate is equal to HP. When the lobby is full of players with HPs ranging from 6000 to 7000, the match is about equal. But it immediately becomes apparent it’s not because players can purchase the strongest rifles in game with real money. That means a player at 1000 HP (gear rate) can kill you with one shot from a rifle with a damage rate above 7000. This happens all the time. If that does not persuade you away from this mobile game, then a unbalance lobby will. Often, the match will have a wild mix of players with HPs above 15,000 and others below 6000. The result is an extremely frustrating unbalanced gaming experience. If you like to purchase your weapons and armor with cash and create an unbalance gaming experience (only to be outclassed by someone with more money) this app is for you. However, if you want a competitive, fair and balanced gaming experience, look for another app. You’ve been warned.
Please resolve the problems
by Nukem2509 on 2019/07/09 22:56
I love playing this game, so much that I’ve invested thousands of dollars to keep playing. I’m very dissatisfied with the recent issues I’ve been having with this game such as the updates which messes up my account all the time. Cannot connect with server on the PVP part of the game which is the most important to me and I’m sure everyone. Also the hacks that have taken place where players have unlimited gear ratings making it impossible to kill that player. I would also like to add that when they do updates on the server, I end up losing my progress I’ve made in the game and money lost because I have to basically start over. I’ve never been reimbursed for this and when I email the developers I get generic responses back to which nothing gets done to remedy the situation. I plea with you guys to get this straightened out once and for all so that all the real players who contribute time and money on this game can go back to enjoying it. The way it was in the beginning. Thank you for the time and consideration and I’m hoping if enough of us complain about these issues then something will actually get done. Also I strongly feel some restitution is warranted for the money I’ve lost because of these updates and losing my progress.
Not good
by No_thanx999 on 2018/08/17 23:26
Game is the same thing over and over. Kinda entertaining for about an hour and then its easy to lose interest. Each level starts with having to watch an ad, then you’re dropped on a screen with a small description of a mission that says blah blah kill this guy. The mission starts, a guy walks or runs out and you shoot him. No real challenge or variation in the mission. You then receive a plug to spend some money to upgrade your gun and the cycle repeats. The game is obviously a pay to win game. I have loaded and unloaded the game multiple times as an experiment and it is obvious that the prices of the special discounted upgrade guns (you are offered as a gift) change to always be just outside of your game winnings. This forces you to spend real money to upgrade. It’s never a gift. (Dishonest if you ask me) The player vs player mode (which I thought could be fun) is only unlocked after you are forced to grind through a whole level of challenges/missions of single player mode. Once it is unlocked it too is a disappointment. You just stand on roof tops and shoot at each other with no way to move, dodge or avoid incoming shots. You just shoot, die respawn, shot die and respawn. Kinda stupid actually.
Almost a good game but...
by Eflats on 2020/03/18 00:57
It absolutely killed me how quickly and obvious this game was designed around the fact that it requires you to spend real $$ to advance. The claim is with paid subscriptions you advance faster which is a true statement but... also an easy claim when attempting to play without paying quickly (2nd map) becomes painful and not in a lack of gaming skills kind of way. They basically handicap you to the point where the average person will indeed pay to play. But I wouldn’t waste your time unless your in it for a single day fix and gone or plan to pay. Here’s a few examples 1st map they introduce you to the currency and not just one but 3 diamonds coins and tokens. Sure you can earn them free in game but you will take notice that the “special one time offers” are always slightly just out of your grasp. Lol it’s comical. Then they have the premium subscription where you of course advance through the game as it is most likely intended. Then they have the piggy bank where you get the false impression your storing earned diamonds until it is full so you can bust that sucker open and buy some nice weaponry. Wrong you have to pay to open it. Nice try devs I’ll move along.
A reasonably fun game as long if you blow your paycheck on it.
by EleventhBag on 2018/04/06 05:13
If they went for realism.. they did it poorly. Targets had to be shot directly on. It was your standard arcade shooter. Fun to play I will admit but they throw but premium in your face every second. In fact, if you say no to it they offer you a special deal on it and if you deny that they ask if you are sure you want to. Any weapon in the game that is even reasonably good either requires premium or a vast amount of currency that comes from hours of playing or simply buying it as an in-game purchase. You are stuck with a crappy rifle that has 2 rounds in it to begin with, and back to the realism point, what hunting rifle has only 2 rounds in it that is used to be an affective killing weapon? Overall. Again. If this was meant to be realistic at all, it did poorly. You can play this game for maybe 30 minutes before you are told to wait for an extended period of time or buy crap to let you play more. Oh and if you want anything other than the very first thing you start with, you’ll have to spend 20$ on it out of your own wallet. My suggestion to you would be, get the app, play for a little bit, then delete it and never come back again.
Imbalance for the PVP
by Derek Skinner on 2020/02/25 13:41
Overall the game was not terrible. Graphics were pretty outdated and weak even for a mobile game. While I liked that some missions offered you a special deal on weapons to get, it seemed they were always just after you'd spent your coins or diamonds and therefore couldn't afford it without buying them. While there was a pretty good selection of weapons available, getting enough money saved up to actually afford them... Way too difficult. But all that could easily slide if not for one thing. The PVP portion. It is COMPLETELY imbalanced. If you're already breaking up players into tiers, then keep the tiers together or at most +/- 1 tier. As a new player just starting, there's no excuse for having me go up against people whose gear ratings are literally 20 times as high. This means that they are one-shotting me before I can even see where they're at, and on the rare occasion that I do see them first, even headshots are barely a tickle to them. It's just ridiculous. A 2k score player should absolutely not be going against a 40k one in any kind of context. Fix the PVP and the currency gain rate and I might change my tune. But until then, I really can't recommend this game.
Great game but....
by MrStagclik on 2019/02/17 14:43
I don’t like feeling like I’m being financially victimized. I don’t like the whole pay as you go money maker that developers do now. You can only upgrade to a point on each weapon before they leave you no choice but to either pay to further your upgrades or abandon the game all together. Once upon a time you could just simply purchase the full version of a game by paying one set price of about $10-$20. Now they think you will pay as much as $100 + for upgrades. Upgrades that I’m not even sure you get to keep. Compare the prices of the upgrades for a game on your phone to games you can own on your PS4. Seriously. I like this game a lot, but not enough to dig into my wallet so deep. As if the ad revenue didn’t fill their pockets enough. If not, then why have so many? Because of the scam it loses 2 stars off of a 5 star game. BTW, this review goes out to every game out there for your phone. Because that is what every developer does now. I think I’ve gone as far as I want with this game and I will treat it for what it is. A worthwhile novelty to try out and delete without money being leeched out of my pockets.
Fun and challenging, but...
by Waiting 4 29 on 2019/01/08 20:17
UPDATE: With recent updates, the overwhelming number of ads has decreased substantially. HOWEVER- the developers have clearly changed the algorithms by which you are matched with other players in the PvP. The first game after starting up the app is relatively equally paired. But, on subsequent games, you then get shoved into matches with little chance of coming through in the top 3. In two days, I went from the top of the player list in Platinum Level I to the bottom of the list in Platinum Level V. I'm about ready to give up on this game and find another FPS. I was looking for a free FPS and found this one. Great game for the price. Be prepared for lots of ads if you don't want to pay. As you move up in the PvP arena, you will run into lots of players who have hacked the game or bought their way into high gear ratings and single-shot kill rifles. I've been playing the game for a few months, and have made it to the most powerful free gun and have upgraded it to almost 6000. But, against a player with a fraudulent 40,000+ gear rating, I still can't kill them without reloading. And the PvP system will, at times, pit you against a field full of these players. All this said, I still enjoy the game and recommend it as a free FPS.
Really good game but...
by allyam08 on 2018/12/08 02:05
This is a really fun and exciting game! The only thing i have a problem with are the piggy banks you give us when we earn diamonds! I mean why do you have to charge us real money for something that we earned! 😩🤷🏻‍♀️It says like YOUR PIGGY BANK IS FULL CONGRATULATIONS YOU EARNED IT! Although, after that it says that in order for us to collect the diamonds we earned, WE HAVE TO PAY $2.99 ?!???? 🙅🏻‍♀️Also, WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE ADS!!! This is a really fun game but there is just some little things that can ruin our fun vibe while playing this game. 🙍🏻‍♀️ For example, say I just finished my piggy bank right? It lets us feel so excited to collect it because there is all that confetti and exclamation points with CONGRATULATIONS! but then most of the players can’t get those diamonds that we earned because we have to pay. 🙄😬😑 Some of you might be wondering, “well it’s just 2.99 it’s no biggie!” We’ll, some people can’t pay that for they’re own reasons! Really good game though I just had a few complaints!🙃😕😭
Don’t Bother
by L.A.Rankin on 2020/04/26 13:56
MUCH older graphics. Names of snipers are juvenile and offensive, some use the n word, like kill all n’s. Then there are the ones referring to the male organ. It’s as if this game is run buy a bunch of pre-pubescent boys. Then on top of that it’s buggy. They’re not on top of that at all. The double points bonus has not been working for weeks. THen there is the cheater. Oh, all the cheaters, with 22 kills in 2 minutes. It’s not fun when you get killed more than 3 times. And when you get to 7-8 by the same player, you literally are unable to play the game not fun. And you can make 24 headshots and that player STILL lives, and it that player has the tier 25 rifle, he kills you with one shot. They don’t match rifles or protective levels, or play badge level in matches. It’s just a free for all. So the cheaters win. And if there aren't any, then it’s the guy with 10 times mmore protective equipment than you with a rifle 5 levels up. The more you play, the less fun it is. Then you run out of life and can’t play. When you’re shot, you can’t play for a few seconds in PVP. I’ve never had a game where I’ve been forced to not play so much. So, while I’m not unable to play due ti life span, I do something else and don’t come back to the game.
This is a game that allows individuals to cheat!
by George J Burns on 2019/07/06 21:57
There are numerous players cheating on this game. There is no way you can predict your score ahead of time, and then make those exact numbers in PVP. We have had numerous players predictor score in a day search is 111, 111 another 99, 999 another 88, 888 the rest of this team is doing the same. I have come across players that are only a wolf and have astronomical armor of 555, 555 end it is not even possible when I am five levels ahead of them to obtain this amount of armor. The game is designed for you to be a paying Player to get the most out of it. But when you are a paying player and others are cheating why waste your money! I play for free on the BS SILENT HAWKS as Jolly Roger. Most of the players that play fair are leaving this game. There is no interest in playing others who intend on cheating and nothing is being done about it. Also the game disconnects constantly during play causing you to lose energy points: Stemmons and battle tokens. There have been times where I have not been able to connect to the game and play for hours when I am connected to Internet. There are too many loopholes, back doors, and codes to cheat! I would not recommend wasting your time playing this game.
Customers don’t matter to this company, and players who don’t pay to play matter even less
by CL Norris on 2019/01/25 02:39
The realistic aspect made me love this game, but it’s gotten to the point that it is unplayable, literally! World Ops and PvP loading and not crashing for two missions is like winning the lotto and this is after the latest update. World Ops is how you earn money for new guns and upgrades to them, so unless you’re going to pay to play, you won’t be able to finish this game. Customer service is nonexistent. Best tablet/phone game at one point and now unplayable and just taking up space on my iPad. I tried talking to customer service, but when they did finally get back to me all they said was the game should be working now and they were sorry. Hackers in PvP, like players with assault rifles, make even paying customers not stand a chance and they don’t care about the hackers, or don’t ban them. Fun while it lasted, but I’ll be making room on my iPad after giving developers a month to get the game going and compensate me the same they did a friend who had spent money on this. I was going to, but glad I didn’t now. Allowing behavior is endorsing it, and I cannot endorse their “service.”
Must Read
by Trey_Xp on 2019/09/26 06:38
Before reading all the bad reviews and saying no to this game. Please read mine. Yes this game repeats itself a lot and oh no you have to wait an hour to play 10 rounds. Each upgrade takes a couple hours. So what? If you want a fun game that’s gonna keep you playing you’re gonna need something to look forward too. If the creators of this game made it to where you can play all day 24/7. People would get tired of it. Work for the better weapons. It took me a month a half and now I have the best rifle and still upgrading it. It takes time. But if you work for it you’ll get it. Nothings free in this world. I recommend spending whatever you want to on this game just to get rid of adds. But don’t ever Pay money for a rifle. And don’t ever buy anything but a sniper and a shotgun. Pvp is fun when you have stacked gear and a awesome rifle. So work for that. Work to be the best in the game.
by 2013ShelbyGT500 on 2018/06/21 21:06
Well just a few seconds ago I got the SRS sniper and I love it. But the thing is, energy takes like 1 hour and 30 minutes to refill at 0, and it’s annoying. If you get premium (with OF COURSE COSTS MONEY) you could get a free refill, or play 2 matches in war machines. I mean, why??? Just could u make it so that when u want to upgrade a part of a weapon, it takes 0 minutes and 1 second. Like it does to get a sniper. Please do this. And also, make it so that you could buy an energy extend so that you have 1 more energy slot WITH MONEY, NOT DIAMONDS PLS BECAUSE EVERY TIME I NEED TO GET A NEW WEAPON, I GET THE ONE THAT COSTS MONEY. In game currency. I’m not wasting my money on this game if it doesn’t have a 5 star rating from me and also if you don’t take my advice. Thank you, and have a donut. NOPE TAHTS NOT DA END MAHNNN. When I said make it so that upgrading takes no time, make it so that buying a sniper takes time, so it makes it fair. Alright? Please read this. It has a lot of great advice that you should listen to. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plsssssssss. Thank you, and have a WONDERFUL donut.
Fun game once you understand all the complexities
by jmr954 on 2020/05/31 02:42
Been playing about 8 months. You absolutely CAN play without spending money, it is just slower to progress. There’s only 21 cities play and build up power. Then it’s a game of PVP and World Ops only. Everyone has grumbled that they would like more cities to do missions on, but doing more than 3 more new cities would change the dynamics of the game entirely. The level 25 sniper rifle (obstensibly from a level 25 city) is earned by completing the PVP arena challenge, except there are only 21 cities and level 21 guns otherwise. This dynamic would be a bad thing to break. Anyway, the game at this point is all about being in a squad of other players and enjoying the excitement of group goals and objectives. You can meet a bunch of fun folks and have a great time. As of late May 2020, the internal chat system is broken in the new update, and in the previous version it had to be intentionally crippled due to apparent security issues. Not sure when this will be corrected, and it really hampers all squad activity.
by Barrett536368586 on 2020/04/07 00:31
If your looking for fair play in a game, look somewhere else, especially in the arena! There are Elite players that play in the lowest levels of the arena (PVP). I know why the developers allow Elite players to sandbag and play in the lowest levels of the arena. It makes the new players think that if they spend the money and buy the best weapon that is offered that they will be able to compete at the Elite Level. SPOILER ALERT: it will not, you still have to spend more actual money to upgrade the weapon to even compete at the Elite Levels. And if you save enough diamonds or coins to purchase a weapon that was offered to you as a will ALWAYS be a little more than what you have so they offer you a package for $5-$20 to just cover the amount you don’t have to purchase it. HOW NICE OF THEM! The only reason I’m giving this 2 stars is that it is a decent game when bored. This is probably one of the most money hungry games out there. And 90% of the Elite Players use Cheat codes! So if your just starting...YES THERE ARE CHEAT CODES OUT THERE. And the developers don’t care if you use them otherwise they would get rid of. The special abilities people have.
A few problems...
by DunkedOn on 2018/11/12 12:33
There are quite a few problems I have with this game. First and foremost are the “deals” that you give people every third mission. For example I saw a deal on the second mission I played, and it went down from 200 to 180 and I only had just started the game. Secondly those god dammed ads, let’s say you finish a mission and want to buy a limited time gun that disappears in 10 seconds, but as soon as you get off the mission screen, ads! ads! ads for all! it just gets really annoying. Thirdly match-ups and is really annoying. Let’s say you have 1 PvP energy left, so you play a game of said PvP but you gear level is about 800. First thing that happens the moment you zoom into your scope, you get one shot by someone who has gear level 10,000. And when you respawn you spawn right in front of him and get one shot again. I legitimately saw that in a match. Lastly is just minor things with easy fixes like how there is no female skin, which annoys me even though I’m male, earning money is slow, ect. Anyway if you are still reading thanks for reviewing my review. PEACE!
This game takes your money and runs
by Depinna2 on 2018/06/10 16:38
I never write reviews, but since customer service left me no choice, here I am. This game/company ripped me off. Took my money and then bricked me. I don’t mind paying money on a free game that I enjoy. I haven’t been playing long, but I enjoyed where it was going. After several days I decided to give the PVP option a try, since I had finally obtained a sniper rifle of moderate value. I played maybe 4 pvp games and killed maybe 4 guys total. Then suddenly I can’t log connect to the server anymore. I contact customer service and they get back to me 3 days later. They say that they detected suspicious activity on my account that looked like hacking/game modification. The only way back into PVP is to uninstall and create a new account. This would make me lose any weapons I’ve gained and thus money I’ve spent. This is unacceptable! I’m not sure how they thought I was cheating from my whopping 4 PvP kills. I’m not even that good at the game. But this game should get zero stars for the thievery that they employ. I intend to contact apple directly and try to get my money back, since the game company doesn’t seem to care. It’s a fun game, but I can’t abide the money they have stolen.
Read your Reviews
by BUTTERBUTHOLEJUGDE on 2018/03/15 17:22
I want to start off by saying it’s an addicting game. This game has a lot of potential. I would give it five stars if the developers would stop being so “money hungry”. Let’s say I’m saving up my in-game coins for a Sniper Rifle. I finally have enough coins and I purchase it, then I decide to upgrade it fully and go on PVP. All my hard work is ruined because other people bought premium. I worked so hard for a decent weapon, and all they had to do was use there parent’s credit card and all of a sudden they have a better gun. The “Premium” concept is understandable, unless you consider the fact that Premium players have more “energy bars” to play more games. And if they’re still not satisfied with there weaponry they just have to use the the “in app purchase” function and become even more powerful. Just to make it even more aggravating, they decided to have ads pop up every thirty seconds. In conclusion, I just want to say something to the developers, “If you slap “free” on the game, that doesn’t mean you get to beg for money every second!” [GLITCHES I NOTICED] -crashes after completing Easter egg mission
Attention Developer of this Game
by Rock Robbster on 2020/03/13 14:36
The graphics in this game is really good, and the concept of the game is top notch as well. I play this on iOS phone and never had any glitches-except every now and then a commercial comes on and it locks up my phone-but that was on an older phone. The negative sides of this game, and I’m really hoping the developers pay attention. If you play in the PVP arena, they always put at least one player that is way above everybody else’s level. When a player can kill 19 targets in two minutes, or the same player kills you 4 times in under 30 seconds, or you need to shoot headshots for 3 whole magazines, something’s not fair to the other players. Once you get to a certain level, gold coins aren’t usable for anything, just the diamonds. So you are stuck staying stagnant at the place you’re at or spend money. Overall, I play this game as an escape from owning a business, raising a cranky 3 year old, and dealing with the craziness of the times. If you want to be the top sniper, be prepared to pay, if not, see you on the battlefield.
This Game is Good... For a while
by The Inglorious Great on 2018/01/20 08:11
During early game play I wasn’t really into it, kinda boring, kinda “janky”. As I played a little bit more I found my self getting really into it and it was really fun, but now I’ve reached the point where it’s almost essential to spend real money on the game if I don’t want to wait upwards of a day or two of just farming some cheap challenges to get the currency necessary to progress. I refuse to spend money on mobile games, it’s always just been a thing of mine, so naturally I get stuck watching ALOT of 30-90 second ads to get the necessary things I need to progress and I’ve just about reached the point where I’m going to delete the app because it’s just not worth my time anymore. You can have fun with it up until around tier 4-5 maybe a little bit further, but that’s about when you’ll encounter that monotonous farming I mentioned before. I’d comment on some glitches and broken mechanics, but they’re just what you’d expect from a game that thrives on ad-revenue and micro-transactions. It’s half baked and it’ll stay that way.
Good, but still a free game
by FIREstarforever05😸😼😻 on 2018/10/12 19:13
I absolutely despise of the energy system. Hate. It. You might think “oh it’s just so that we take breaks from playing” you are wrong. They haven’t a care in the world about your health, it’s just another way to make money, oh and advertise their dumb tank game. I don’t want that game; please stop showing me YOUR GAME IN THE SAME AD OVER AND OVER. If you want a game to play with for hours on end, don’t buy this game. You will get to play for maybe 10 minutes, then wait for an hour or so to play for another 10 minutes. I know this is how free games make money, but I’d rather pay for this game and have no ads. There is literally no way to just get rid of the energy system at all. At least add a way to buy out the energy system. I really hate games that have those. I really don’t want to watch a minute in ads just to retry a spec ops mission. Maybe if you just let us play the game, no energy system involved, we would actually want to spend money on the game. Also, in the new update, the sniper vault crashes before opening.
PvP... fix it.
by adogememelife on 2018/10/19 17:25
The campaign and the spec ops and everything is great, but the PvP is a problem. The concept itself is fine, but I was in a match with someone who extreme payed to win but was clueless. They had over 5000 gear points than me, and they sucked at the game. I see the guy, and shoot him in the head over 20 times and he doesn’t die. After that, he proceeds to turn around after about a minute of searching for me, and one shots me. This game in general is broken, complete cash grab, and has a huge lack of customer service. The people who played the game normally and were good at it before left after you made the game complete pay to win. Now all of those players that were loyal to this game and it’s developers were replaced by people who spend hundreds of dollars and go into lower cities just to annoy beginners in PvP and get points. Just stop. I canceled my premium membership also, only to find that I was still being charged for it months after deletion. Don’t get this game. It’s just another freemium cashgrab. I wish you a good day, not playing this game. I am 100% sure they won’t reply to this due to their carelessness and money hungry nature.
This game is addicting and fun!!!! But has some flaws
by Mikey7588 on 2018/03/13 23:56
Alright. Like the title says this game is very addicting but has flaws. If you’re sitting around and have nothing to do this game is very fun and challenging. But it’s just another money hungry game. It takes forever to update your weapons with upgrades and wants you to spend money. At some points you can have coins and diamonds to upgrade your weapon but at points you have to wait up to 45 mins to get your upgrades. You can get them early by using diamonds but you have to spend like 50 of them and diamonds take forever to get. After you complete some missions you have a choice to get a better weapon but you can never get that weapon. If you have the amount of coins to get the gun it says you don’t have enough diamonds and if you have diamonds it says you don’t have enough coins. They purposely do that so you spend actual money on the gun or upgrade. The idea of the game is very good but the developers are really trying to screw ppl out of money. Major issue in this game
Lots of hacking, seemingly no Dev controls
by GW2OO6 on 2020/04/07 01:28
To start with, I enjoy the game. Playing through the PVE levels was entertaining. They should have hired a better English translator for the dialogue, but poor grammar usually wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I like the PVP concept. You can compete with other players for the most points in a series of PVE challenges. Even better, you can compete with 7 other players per round in a kill or be killed sniping contest. However, in that game mode -PVP Arena- the amount of hacker is unreal. The only weapons allowed are sniper rifles, but suddenly another player is shooting you with an automatic rifle. Or the same player instantly respawns when you finally kill them. It’s pretty frustrating when you get in a round with hackers/cheaters, especially if you are trying to complete the challenge. There’s not even a “report” function so that you can mark those accounts for the devs to look into. I enjoy the game, but if the developer doesn’t implement some solutions to the cheating they’ll lose my attention quickly.
Only three complaints..
by keb_scout on 2018/12/30 04:32
TL;DR: Offer the ability to put the game on easy mode that takes out the distance, wind, etc. Fix PvP matchmaking so noobs aren’t getting rekt. Stop being greedy, if the player saves enough gold to buy a gun when an awesome discount is offered, stop removing the ability to do so. Game started out as a lot of fun. Once I got to tier three, I uninstalled. The game was fun without having to add in more challenge. I just enjoyed sniping people. I didn’t enjoy having to take distance and wind speed. Just let me snipe people with the red dot. So, minus one star for the unnecessary increase in challenge. PvP: Find a different way to do matchmaking. As a new player, I shouldn’t be going up against people that can survive 50 headshot but can one shot me in the knee. So, minus half a star. Last: the devs don’t want to give anything away. When they offer you major discounts on weapons, you will ALWAYS have to use real money to buy it. If you have enough gold saved up, they won’t offer a gold purchase option... So, minus half a star.
More like 2.5 stars, wish I could give it more.
by Sad consumer. on 2020/01/08 20:41
This game is amazing. So much fun. But sadly the developers seem a bit greedy. The only way to really excel at this game is to spend money. You already are getting paid from all the ads. (Which aren’t terribly annoying, there’s way worse out there). But not only do you get ad money, you want me to pay to advance. You get to a certain point where you are pretty much stuck unless you pay. At first when you have a new gun, upgrading is done with coins. And to advance in levels and stages you for sure have to upgrade your gun parts. As well as the guns them selves. If all you needed was the coins to upgrade the game would be great. As coins are getable. But after a few upgrades all of a sudden you need diamonds and/or battle tokens to upgrade. And let’s be honest. The only real way to get enough diamonds or tokens to be useful is to spend money. For a few basic upgrades you’re talking $15 to start. That’s terrible. I really wish you guys you make it that moving forward in the Game was all about skill. And not about money.
Pay to win!!
by 000000000100 on 2018/08/13 12:23
Game was fun at the beginning. However if you are unwilling to become a premium player and pay a decent amount the game will lose its appeal and really start to get annoying. In the player vs player it really becomes apparent. The point system never seems to add up. It seems like my player gets set right in front of other players 9 times out of ten and at the end of the game I usually have been killed the most times, mainly cause I’m shot before I even turn around. I’ve gone as far as I can and have built up my player as best I can not being premium but that just seems to actually hurt in the long run. Every time I’m shot other players are making 60 points or better and when I kill someone with similar specs I don’t receive close to that. It appears that not only do I killed twice as much on average I also have to kill twice as many players to even place. I understand people being able to buy upgrades but premium players shouldn’t get extra points every step of the way. So all in all it would be nice if it came down to being good at the game and not how much your willing to pay.
by Wannabeastronaut on 2020/06/07 15:11
OK, I admit that I enjoy playing this game. The graphics are OK, except for the wind and range marks in the scope (almost unreadable for nighttime scenarios...way too dim and small on my iPhone) However, when the App Store says, “In app purchases”, you better believe it. Sure, it is free to download, but obtaining and equipping your rifle is anything but free if you want to be competitive and advance. It even wants to charge you real money to use the diamonds you have been awarded in the game. There are many “great deals” to obtain better weapons (some of which you cannot use until later), but they are always priced above what you have in game currency. Weapons updates are required on an annoyingly frequent basis. Sometimes the mission can be accomplished anyway, and sometimes it can’t. A hint that reads, “Sometimes, you just need a better weapon” makes a regular appearance. In short, if you don’t mind having to purchase plenty of the three different in-game currencies to advance, you will likely enjoy it. I deleted it.
Not giving double rewards or diamonds
by lsmonop on 2020/05/23 19:30
Overall fun shooting game. Each level gives almost enough points to finish the level. I say almost, because you have to purchase the next level weapon to finish a started level in order to proceed. This is not normally an issue as there's opportunity to gain the extra $$ needed by completing missions. However, opportunity to recieve double rewards or extra diamonds does not always work --- very frustrating and takes away from overall enjoyment. Thus the one star rating. An issue I continually have is after some missions there's an option to collect double, it often does nothing. The Double button clicks but does nothing. The only option is to click Next and lose out on the Double offer. Same with the extra 20 diamonds. Similarly, same with watching an advertisement video for 10 diamonds, they don't work. Using the latest iOS version on iPhone. Closing game and restarting does not help, same with restarting phone, the issue still exists. I don't know how many $$m game points and diamonds I've lost out on - a lot for sure.
Doesn’t play well with iOS
by $10,000 on 2019/05/14 20:19
Since the last update, all the iOS users on our team can’t play PVP. Developers have not responded to any of our daily emails. Last time this happened we were each promised some type of compensation for missing out and they never made good on any of it. My team has lost battles due to more than half of us being iOS users and they are ready to kick all of us since we can’t contribute in PVP. I would change the rating accordingly after this is resolved, but history shows it is just going to happen again. This game can be fun, so I would give it at least one star anyway, but if you want to be part of a team and build up to play better, chose another game! This one consistently lets us down. Update. The developers have sent compensation to those of us that were not able to play. I have updated my rating.
Great Games Gone Bad 100 %
by dog1959 on 2019/08/27 23:35
Mel you are 100% right about your review but also the developers have set the game up so if you do not pay for the premium subscription they have fixed the game to make sure you have no chance of scoring a chance to win in any PVP arena challenge the scope freezes hit the trigger nothing happens freezes kill 4 enemies get credit for 1 pvp arena starts after 10 seconds one enemy has 14 kills you kill maybe 2 get credit for 0 also the Videos you pretty much have to watch after you watch the videos it freezes at the end by the time it finally ends push the X 50 times u could have watched the same video 50 times this game has gone from a great game to piece of crap money Hungry fake phony waste delete it worthy game it sad because this has always been so fun to play the developers have destroyed this game freezing random shut downs no connection I have shot an enemy 20 times does nothing hit the wall behind him if you want to play a game you have 0 chances of winning and you like watching videos after every shot you take this is the game so fake and phony greed greed greed sad
Fun game for a little while
by cubby201788 on 2019/11/28 02:08
I agree with another review on here that every time you get an offer for an exclusive gun, it is just a little more than the coins you have. The offer changes as you gain coins and diamonds so you can never really earn the advanced weapons, you a are forced to buy coins or diamonds if you want to get the “deals”. I have also had problems with points adding up in PvP rounds. I just played a round and am trying to stay in the top 10% to get extra battle tokens. I had two kills totaling 16 points which kept me in 7th place overall where another player had one kill and earned 63 points with another player having three kills totaling 151 points. If you don’t spend money you will absolutely not be treated fairly in PvP, luckily they can not control the other two challenges in the game which I have maxed out my tier 21 sniper weapon and tier 19 assault rifle. I have completed all of the cities and accumulated nearly 50M in coins but won’t get another offer to buy “special weapons” of which I can afford to purchase all of now.
Please Stop the Cheaters!
by Mattyp123321 on 2020/02/19 08:23
I absolutely love this game and play it often. Recently, however, many people are using hack and cheat techniques to make the game really lose its purpose. I have worked really hard to build my profile up, earn rewards, and advance in levels. It is really annoying that you go through the hard work, so have someone who is half your level be able to kill you with cheats. Since when do sniper rifles had a rapid fire option? I’m in a player vs player battle, and I see these players able to shoot a dozen bullets from their sniper rifle as if they were shooting it from an uzi. People who have obviously not earned gear ratings and specific guns and modifications through lots of play and dedication are using cheats to increase their money to have the best gear and weapon mods at a beginners level. I and seen such an increase in all this that the game is starting to lose its fun. Can someone please, please fix these bugs so we can play the game as it is intended to be played!!
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