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Bumble - Meet New People
Over 50 million people have signed up for Bumble to start building valuable relationships, finding friends, and making empowered connections. Creating new connections has never been easier. Bumble is working to lift the stigma of online dating by employing unprecedented standards for respectful behaviour. Because of this relentless dedication, millions of people are using Bumble to build valuable relationships every single day. DATE, MEET FRIENDS, NETWORK Bumble is at the forefront of matchmaking technology by providing an app that allows users to foster more than just romantic connections. The industry-leading app empowers users to swipe through potential connections across three different modes: bumble date: On bumble date, women make the first move. We’ve changed the archaic rules of the dating game so that you can form meaningful relationships in a respectful way. bumble bff: Life is better with friends. Whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your circle, bumble bff is the easiest way to make new friends. bumble bizz: Now we’re in business. Use bumble bizz to network, find mentors, and create new career opportunities. Bumble is the first app of its kind to bring dating, friend-finding, and career-building into a single social networking platform. CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAME At Bumble, women make the first move. In heterosexual matches, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move and the man has 24 hours to respond. In same-sex matches, either person has 24 hours to make the first move, while the other individual has 24 hours to respond, or else, the connection expires. By prompting our users to be bold and make the first move we’ve seen over 3 billion messages sent to date. THE BUZZ IS REAL “Bumble exists to empower women...” (Fast Company) “Bumble is just an app: but it’s changing the discussion.” (Wired) “Bumble offers an alternative that prioritises meaningful connections, with women calling the shots:” (UK Sunday Times) “Bumble rejects hate speech to make users feel safe on its dating app” (Texas Standard) “What makes Bumble different from other dating its focus on giving women all the power. ” (Business Insider) --- Bumble is free to download and use, and that will never change for our main features. However, if you’re looking to get the most from Bumble, you can subscribe to our optional subscription product Bumble Boost. We offer weekly, monthly, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions giving discounts to the weekly price. The prices may vary per country and are subject to change without notice. Prices are clearly displayed in the app. * Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. * Your subscription will automatically renew itself, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. * Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. * You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings in the iTunes Store. * If offered, if you choose to use our free trial, any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable * If you don’t choose to purchase Bumble Boost, you can simply continue using and enjoying Bumble for free. Your personal data is securely stored on Bumble - be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions:
by V lenka on 2019/04/24 23:03
The app has easy features and makes the process and communication with people simple. But it’s strange that some profiles that are swiped left will appear again. I had this occur a half dozen times. Also the shake feature isn’t responsive and I have a fairly new device (iPhoneX).
by MUTz EN3RGY on 2019/04/24 22:10
I tried to make an account and put my age, which is 20, and it brought up a page saying “Bumble is for people 18 years old and over. We hope to see you when you turn 18!” And now i cant log in.....
Just as fake as tinder
by joe_smith455 on 2019/04/24 21:11
Any girl that has a snapchat or Instagram on their profile... either a cam girl or a Snapchat prostitute. Bumble, be better at verifying people. As an attractive single man, I don’t want to be bombarded by fake matches or profiles. Please find a way to clear out all the BS from the beehive....
by ScotsPug13 on 2019/04/24 19:03
The men on Bumble either want nudes only or the user of a profile isn’t on. So many profiles expire.
Pretty good
by Taryniitupp on 2019/04/24 18:30
I thought the app was good until it wouldn’t let me log back in so I couldn’t use it anymore...
Bumble: a story of love
by wodudbwlzodbe on 2019/04/24 17:26
I downloaded bumble after deciding to get my feet wet after a long period of living and loving the single life. After a few days I ended up matching with a total dream boat: adventurous, funny, deep, and really cute. We were going to meet up to go scuba diving of all things. I was excited, but thought I should do a little digging beforehand and discovered he was married with a kid. So I contacted his wife. Turns out he was extremely emotionally and physically abusive to both her and their child. Her and I ended up having a nice talk and I pointed her in the direction of some resources. She’s now filing for divorce, got an order of protection, and found herself a therapist. Thanks Bumble for creating a platform where women can look out for and support other women.
by Rebel_wagner on 2019/04/24 16:22
Most online websites have a free trial for X amount of days. Instead of paying upfront. Bumble won’t let you do anything unless you pay some amounts of money to even see who’s interested. My suggestion is Bumble should do a free trial. I am unable to talk to anyone who’s interested in me. It’s frustrating.
by Furyrider12 on 2019/04/24 15:38
Help me meet to new when I moved
by Bobs100 on 2019/04/24 14:44
I world give it 0 stars but I can’t it saids you can sing up if your17 and you have to be 18 some bs
Terrible company and app
by Ian SEC on 2019/04/24 11:59
If you happen to have technical issues with this misandrist cult owned app, you’ll receive a response in a bunch of bee-themed puns. Only allowing women to “make the first move” is the prerogative of some misandrist who clearly has a diluted conception of equality.
by Soitsme on 2019/04/24 11:41
Like I said in my previous review below. The app is dead after a week and a half. No more options to view. ——-/ Not overly impressed by this. Soft writing on a white background will make you go blind squinting to read it. BFF section needs more filters. And I get it, you need to make money, but only 2 free categories. And you can’t see the previous people you’ve connected without paying. That’s a fail! These types of apps only have lasting power in heavy populated areas, like NYC. A little further out, you will have gone though all options and then there’s no one left.
Not the best
by madisenneefe on 2019/04/24 08:22
It freezes ever time i try and log back in and won’t ever work it just stays loading
It worked
by hustles m2f on 2019/04/24 04:17
Changing my review because the app started working again. I was upset because I thought I wouldn’t have contact anymore with the person I was talking to. I was very wrong :)
by thiscompanyistrash on 2019/04/24 03:44
I cancelled my subscription, and they continue to bill me.
2- week lag on like updates? 1- star
by Origuyddfydnd on 2019/04/24 02:57
Not sure how the matching feature works. If you pay for premium they show old matches from places you’ve been. They don’t show up when you’re there, but only after you leave. I think it’s a gimmick.
No iPad app
by mre6361 on 2019/04/23 23:34
No iPad app version.
Great app.
by UpInUrBish on 2019/04/23 22:36
It’s a fun app to use. For people that have blocked others and see them pop up again, just know that some people have more than one profile. I’m an attractive guy and was actually looking for something serious, but this app spoils me. I’ve had a lot of fun meeting women here. Women on this app, especially in South Florida, are all about fun and that’s fine with me.
I guess for girls it’s fine
by theJoshman35 on 2019/04/23 19:20
If you’re a man you can’t make any moves. You must wait for the girl to write you, even if they send you a like. My patience with this app lasted one week. Plenty of better options out there!
App Issues
by LNSSM on 2019/04/23 19:01
Recently, the app has been taking forever to open. For example, I just got a notification that one of my matches sent me a message. When I hit that notification to open the app, the app wouldn’t open, and it just shows the start page for like, 5 minutes. What can you guys do about this?
by 18eb123 on 2019/04/23 18:58
Was logged out of bumble because the app crashed, I can no longer get back into my old account. I would like to see if i can recover my old account so I don’t lose matches (before they expire).
Updated now have a bug
by Unhapoy Bumbler on 2019/04/23 18:54
Ran a forced update and now the app won’t work. If I delete the app and reinstall I will lose my contacts I’ve been chatting with. Why would you fix something that wasn’t broken?
by prettypinkkitten on 2019/04/23 18:43
My app keeps glitching and won’t load. I’ve restarted my phone, which helped a for a few opens afterwards, but then it started glitching again. I redownloaded it, which also helped for a few opens, but now it’s glitching again. Please fix this; it’s one of my favorite apps.
App won’t load
by Sarah31086 on 2019/04/23 18:36
I like this app but for some reason today it won’t load. I have deleted it twice the first time it loaded right up and now again nothing.
It’s ok
by Nikki_wilde on 2019/04/23 17:57
I do like the app I’ve met amazing people on it! The only reason why I’m giving 3 stars is because it constantly has been very glitchy on me and refusing to open! I delete it and reinstall it nothing works! Then when it decided to open I’m stuck on the loading page for 10 minutes! No bueno!
Fix the app
by Video Upload Fail on 2019/04/23 17:52
I like the app, I like everyone who’s using the app. But! It takes forever to launch the app, I simply can’t open it, I tried to restart my iPhone, I even updated the iOS version, nothing helped. And when the app is finally launched, I go to messages, click on the picture of the person who I chat with to see his/her profile, but I can’t see it cuz it’s loading and it takes forever... Please do something about it, cuz I really really really like the app
Won’t open
by Love, but price... on 2019/04/23 17:02
I’ve only had Bumble for a day and it’s already not working. If I shut the app I can’t open it again unless I uninstall or restart my phone. It crashes each time even after it’s been restarted.
Will not open back up
by tullygirl75 on 2019/04/23 16:59
Every time i close the app. I try to open it up again and it just sits there. I have to delete the app to be able to use it.
by chucker cheese on 2019/04/23 16:40
Trash, you always have to pay for something on these dating apps and no one every writes you. Tinder is better
Worked great until I updated the app
by Shanninsky on 2019/04/23 16:29
Bumble was amazing... until I updated the app. Now, it will barely even open. And even if it does open, it won’t send messages.
It Doesn’t let people know only 18+ Can use the app
by NikkiFH on 2019/04/23 16:24
On the App Store it shows only 17+ but when you open the app it only lets 18+ people use it.
Last update horrible for iPhone
by Osctbr on 2019/04/23 16:19
The application won’t open. You cannot view member profiles from your inbox on an iPhone 7. Every time you update this application, something else has major issues. You people need serious help.
Worked great until..
by big oso blanco on 2019/04/23 16:12
Worked fine until this morning. Now it’s just infinitely stuck in the loading screen. Once that’s fixed I’ll update rating
by zzzmkb on 2019/04/23 16:04
The app keeps freezing and won't load anything. I'm attached to strong wifi. I've had to delete and re download 3 times already to get it to load anything. Then freezes again in a few min.
by JT tamola on 2019/04/23 15:44
Just like tinder they choose who to show, bottom line. They pick favorite, single out. And judge people on look thus picking who to show. It’s a liberal thing. Low key if your views differ from theirs they will delete you. Pieces of crap. Anyone who works for bumble has no work ethic, prep frat people who look down on people. They only show who they are.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
by EE67 on 2019/04/23 15:27
This update took a well-functioning and well-like app and turned it so buggy it generally won’t load on my phone (iPhone 7). I’ve gotten it open once but then got stuck in a loop where it wouldn’t do anything. Now it won’t load again. Just endless waiting. It made me update the app to try to get in this morning. If you can avoid the update, do so!
This app won’t open
by Lexi2599 on 2019/04/23 15:23
I’ve had it for not even a whole day and the app refuses to open. Like it will sit on the loading screen but will not open. It’s the most frustrating thing ever to just wait. I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes and it still won’t open. Hope they fix it soon 🤷🏻‍♀️
by Duck you on 2019/04/23 15:15
Need more betches
Download this app!
by michael.massey on 2019/04/23 15:08
Bumble is way better than most dating apps. The reason is that you don’t have to waste time wondering if she likes you or not Girls have to message you first which takes the pain out of waiting for respond. GET BUMBLE! Girls are way better on this app 🙏
Not happy about “timed” feature
by Newmama2 on 2019/04/23 14:59
I continue to use this app as I feel like I’ve met a couple decent guys....just not quite the person for me? As for the guys/ girls who complain about being on here for months/ a year and NEVER getting a date: perhaps you were ghosted that many times for a reason. I realize that’s not always the case but sometimes it is. The only time I stop contact is when I feel that someone has concerning behaviors/ attitude. I realize there are tons of sleazy people on these apps too though and sometimes people cover it pretty well. I am most frustrated with the “timed” feature. We are all busy and deserve more than a measly 24 hrs to initially respond back in order to stay “matched” with someone. If somebody is that attached to the dating app I’d really rather not have anything to do with them anyway😂 Please change this feature to allow a healthy dating/ life balance!
Bumble app
by Imaginations1 on 2019/04/23 14:55
You have a malfunction Since the suggest for new updates unable to open bumble app lol
Temporary issue
by annoyed24.7 on 2019/04/23 14:54
The app will not get past the initial logo screen. I have reset my device and have reinstalled the app twice and am still having issues.
Stuck on opening screen?
by coercedwriter on 2019/04/23 14:52
I can’t even fully open up the app, as it gets stuck on the loading screen.
by Angry w/ U on 2019/04/23 14:30
App will not open
by Andrabanana on 2019/04/23 14:29
My profile was deleted with no notice other than it violated their guidelines and received “several reports” from other users, and now I can’t ever create another account through bumble because there will be no further communication and no exceptions made. Though they said they made this decision with “much consideration”, there was absolutely no reason for my account to be banned. I have read and reread both the guidelines and terms and conditions and can not find one legitimate reason for my account to be removed. And customer service is not sufficient in responding to complaints. I am getting no answers and I am very sad because I really did enjoy using the app before this happened.
Buggy app with a lot of frustrating “features”
by jkozlow3 on 2019/04/23 14:20
Bumble is a buggy app and has a lot of frustrating “features”. For starters, half the time when I launch the app, it just hangs on the “Bumble” loading screen forever. Force-quitting the app doesn’t always work - nor does rebooting the phone. Next, is the frustrating “feature” of having the “super swipe” button be too easily accessible - I’ve accidentally hit it too many times while scrolling. I also wish there was a way to snooze/temporarily pass on someone so that you didn’t see their profile again for 1 week or something. Sometimes someone has some terrible pics (i.e. all their pics have sunglasses) and I’d like to hide their profile for a week before it comes back around. Maybe they will have improved their profile by then. But no, I must make a decision right then and there if I want to see another profile. The thing I dislike most is the fact that once two people match, a woman must initiate conversation within 24 hours or the match disappears forever. Yes, you can extend the match once for another 24 hours. But really? What if a woman swiped right on me weeks ago and I have been dating someone and therefore not really using the app for a few of weeks? Now, I swipe right on her and the tables have turned - she’s either dating someone or talking to several guys and doesn’t really want to initiate another new conversation with yet another new guy. So she doesn’t end up initiating a conversation during that 24-48 hour period. Now the match is gone forever! What if she was busy on a work trip and not in the mood to initiate conversations during that 24-48 hour period? What if that was my soulmate but the timing wasn’t right??? This is a ridiculous policy. It should be 2 weeks before the match disappears forever. If a woman wants to unmatch and never start a conversation, she can still do that.
by Kal Halberd on 2019/04/23 14:18
I’m already talking to someone, but as of right now the app is down! Fix it! Fix it!
by nane12342234322 on 2019/04/23 14:16
I always wake up to the app automatically signing me out and for some reason my account is gone when i didn’t violate any rules. It’s so annoying how it has trouble signing me into Facebook and now my account that i had on bumble with this Facebook is gone and it’s trying to make me make a new one. Tinder is much better
App Won’t Load
by zaricksm on 2019/04/23 13:48
As of this morning the app is completely frozen on the loading screen. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded a couple times; no luck. So annoying.
by SpaghettiDeadlyFreddy on 2019/04/23 13:09
It won’t let you see whos interested in you unless you pay money.
by $;58!:7!!:&!24)?1)?, on 2019/04/23 13:08
Just received a notice to update Bumble. Hit the update button. Went to where it took me. No where is there a way to update. Not very user friendly. How do I update from here?
App is glitchy
by Southchick_ga on 2019/04/23 12:59
I can’t open the app without deleting it from my phone and redownloading it. It sits on the initial load screen and won’t go any farther.
Fix ur app
by tohir1 on 2019/04/23 12:48
Can’t purchase anything, sometimes the app does not even open... fix the bugs
by mattfromarl on 2019/04/23 12:26
The app keep asking me to update before using the app. THERE IS NO UPDATE AVAILABLE
by Victoria RS on 2019/04/23 12:06
Since updating my app it has only opened once. It stays frozen trying to open. If it does open it asks me to make a new account saying I need to add pictures.
Why this app freezes
by Dabb52 on 2019/04/23 11:48
No matter what this app freezes and don’t get passed the bumble logo all the other apps on my phone seem to be working but as you open bumble on my phone it never makes it passed the logo and it just stays blinking with no reaction I’ve left the phone alone for 20 mins when I open the app and it don’t react it just stays on the same screen this is garbage since I already have a profile plus I’ve tried to update it and needs no update as of now I’ve checked my phone for updates is up to date so I have not the slightest clue why this crappy app don’t respond to when I open it
Service is down in NYC?
by Suna-Amune on 2019/04/23 11:06
What gives? This is one of my favorite app, and I’m trying to get plans for this weekend. Please fix! Bump if you’re getting blank screens and no pictures 👌🏽
by Brannidawn on 2019/04/23 10:53
I tried to do the update and it kept going to the app and sending me back to the update. Now it won't open at all and I just paid to use the site a couple days ago! What is going on
Wont update
by gffryub on 2019/04/23 10:49
I opened the app and it says it’s time for an update and won’t let me bypass it. When I click to update it brings me here and when I click open on this page it takes me back to the app and to the same update screen.
Won’t update.
by Dlockster on 2019/04/23 10:49
My app will not update and I have an apple xr.
App crash and no way of reporting it
by samalynnn on 2019/04/23 10:47
So... basically every time I open the app it says I need to update but App Store says it’s currently up to date. Tried to open app support and you just have premade questions and answers.. so nowhere for me to contact anyone.. was supposed to have a meetup with a match today so hopefully you can fix this issue before they get upset that I bailed on them..... cool. It’s awesome when your dating app cockblocks you..
I already updated!!
by Yogithedog9 on 2019/04/23 10:47
I was in the middle of messaging someone back and the app put a screen up saying I needed to update the app. When I clicked on the link and it opened the App Store, it shows that the app is already updated. I delete the app and reinstalled it but I am still getting the same “need to update” screen.
Latest Version
by more bugs than an ant hill on 2019/04/23 10:47
I opened Bumble this morning, to be informed that the app required updating. No choice - just do it. So, I updated, via the App Store. Now, the app is locked up in a continuous loop. Can’t even get in to the app to report the problem. Usual buggy experience. Usual lack of support. Stop bumbling around, Bumble, and hire people who know what the hell they’re doing.
It has locked me out of app
by Adelina C. on 2019/04/23 10:46
It has locked me out of the app, saying there is an update but there isn’t one.
Bad user experience
by Downloading a competitor on 2019/04/23 10:46
1. The app suggests someone swiped right on me, but never presents me with person - even after hundreds of swipes. 2. The app is asking for me to update it, but there is no update available in the App Store. Since I can’t circumvent the prompt, the app is unusable
Ya broke it.
by Gooberweeble on 2019/04/23 10:45
Open app. It says “time to update” with a button. Pressing the button brings you to the App Store. The App Store shows no update. The button prompt in app is “open”. Press that and you’re in an endless loop.
Update is broke
by yankeecrasher on 2019/04/23 10:45
Your update is not working. I’ve even tried deleting app and reinstalling. It just says time to update and that’s it, it won’t go past that screen.
New version
by Iolated on 2019/04/23 10:45
I cant get on with the nee version?!!!
Update loop
by nickname222222222222 on 2019/04/23 10:45
It’s going In a loop from update now to open back to update after I updated.
by RVinBaltimore on 2019/04/23 10:44
All of a sudden Bumble is telling me to update the version of my app, however when I do, still no access and it tells me to update. Jesus Christ you people need to get your act together.
App won’t let me update?????
by Fix Doordash on 2019/04/23 10:44
What’s wrong with this app??? It’s telling it’s tie for an update , but won’t let me update ???? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.
The app is Not working well
by z-ibra8 on 2019/04/23 10:44
The app is showing me that i need to update it, i did and then it still gives me that i need to update.. i deleted it and still giving me that i need to update What should i do ?
Fix this
by jdhdbdbdvdvvdv on 2019/04/23 10:43
App forced me to update. Wouldn’t let me back into the app and continues to say that I need to update. ????
Current update makes it impossible to access the app!
by Lovespm on 2019/04/23 10:43
I was forced to make the update on my iPhone, then when I did it and tried to re-open the app, I kept getting the update required screen which then takes me back to the App Store even though the update is already finished. This update is basically putting me in some endless loop and made the app inaccessible. Looks like I have no choice but to delete it and re-install and I can only hope my messages and matches will be saved.
Fix the update glitch
by ksdgmn on 2019/04/23 10:43
The app basically locks you out by asking you to update the app even though a more recent version is not available.
New update
by xander van on 2019/04/23 10:43
Won’t let me open the app
Update Making App Crash
by Ennosense on 2019/04/23 10:43
I’ve used bumble for a while now, and now it’s not even allowing me to open the app without it crashing immediately. It says it needs an update then redirects me to the App Store where (guess what) there is no update available.
by RoxyBlaze on 2019/04/23 10:42
by why? 1237485969007070 on 2019/04/23 10:42
You cannot force people to update. And when a phone automatically updates and you guys can’t see it but still block the stupid page cause you think it still does. Looks like you still have big issues to resolve.
The Update button doesnt work
by Fix The Update Button on 2019/04/23 10:42
The Update button takes you to the app store and does nothing to update the app.
by Jesus's bro on 2019/04/23 10:42
It’s stuck on a screen to update. I updated and it tells me to updated again. Not working.
Won't download new update.
by Brunette Assassin on 2019/04/23 10:42
My bumble app shows it needs to update and won't do so automatically. Just keeps cycling from the prompt in the app to the app store. Not sure what to do.
App won’t open- fake update ??
by jp642113456 on 2019/04/23 10:41
Says it’s time to update when you open the app. Won’t move past that screen. When you click on the update link it takes you to this App Store where there is no update
App won’t open
by dstroysn on 2019/04/23 10:41
App won’t open up, it asks you to download the new app and when you do it asks you to download it again.
stopped working after this recent update
by buddy665 on 2019/04/23 10:41
app made me update it, when i tried opening the app it told me to update again and just looped.
by thanoshatespurple on 2019/04/23 10:41
It’s telling me it’s time for an update but when I click update it takes me back to the AppStore and there’s no sign of it needing an update.
Update isn’t working
by mikeoffnow on 2019/04/23 10:40
Update won’t work app
Doesn’t work
by Fedup_13 on 2019/04/23 10:40
You’re app says its time to update but then there’s no update available. Because if this you can’t see your messages
Won’t update
by Tuamiga_soempre on 2019/04/23 10:39
This app is telling me it’s time to update but won’t update. Now I can’t even get into the ap. I’m sure if I delete it I have to start all over.
No longer opens
by Reddy Kilowatt on 2019/04/23 10:39
Splash page says to update. App store says I have the latest version.
App broken
by Wkufan555 on 2019/04/23 10:39
Told me I needed to update app, I did now the app won’t open. It just keeps saying it needs to be updated.
Big problem
by fanoraonsapp on 2019/04/23 10:38
Your is requesting going to App Store for update and being redirected there. Once there you have the option to open which opens to the last page on the Bumble app that tells you you need to update..... it’s a vicious cycle. How does one break the cycle?
by Weezywii on 2019/04/23 10:37
Paid $2.99 for 30 min boost and now I can’t use the app. Keeps asking to update....Dating app should have more filter options.
Update problems
by 1Lionel1 on 2019/04/23 10:37
The new update is trash... it basically renders the app useless. All you’ll see is a screen asking you to update even though the most recent version is installed.
Wt oops?
by Hugh'sBrews on 2019/04/23 10:36
The app made me update. I just made the latest update. Now I’m stuck in a loop. I open the app and it stills say I need to update. I go to the App Store and it says update complete.
What is happing
by maiakio on 2019/04/23 10:36
It says it needs updating...but when I open the App Store it’s up to date...what the hell is happening?!
by magicalhazelnut on 2019/04/23 02:51
So I really like this app and it was working great until today when I tried to open my app and it told me I didn’t have any photos on my profile (which wasn’t true) and then once I selected photos to reupload it would redirect me to the same screen. I deleted the app and downloaded it again only to have the app now not start up. It’s a fantastic app, just needs to have this bug fixed so I can use it again
Great app. Amazin girls
by billytktk on 2019/04/23 02:49
Great stuff
Be aware
by Ahcjdur on 2019/04/23 00:53
I hardly ever right reviews, but I feel like people need to be aware of this. To often I’ve liked a profile that showed to be close to my area where I’m located. Then a few hours or a day or two go by and I’m not sure if the app thinks I forgot about who I liked but when people like me back their NAME, LOCATION, and MILES away have completely changed. It has went from 3 miles away when I liked them to 55 miles away when they like me back. I haven’t read any reviews with a problem like mine but just be aware before you buy a membership. I can’t help but fee that these accounts are just filler and I hate to say that because I was enjoying this app before this started to happen.
It’s ok, but the app will constantly spam you.
by Guerilla808 on 2019/04/22 22:56
It does what it says. Though I have never had an app spam me so much with false notifications. Seriously, I get more bs alerts from this app than all the other apps I have, combined. It will send multiple alerts every day, and none of them are anything more that a way to get you to use the app. Even as far as saying “someone likes you”, only to find no one popping up when the app is open. I would give it a higher rating, but have to take all but one star away due to the spam and constant false alerts. I add this as well to the fact it rarely lets you know when you get a message. So yes, spam all day long, and no alerts when someone messages you. Great job Bumble, you get one star for that. It’s such a core issue of annoyance versus usefulness that it makes me wonder how many profiles are fake as well? One star Bumble, get your act together.
Just A Couple Of Suggestions
by Tatiana Perry's Computer on 2018/10/12 01:03
I like the new features that have been added. When guys show what they’re looking for it’s easy for me to easily swipe left if they say they just want something casual. However, I find it annoying when there are still guys that come up in my match queue and they don’t want a relationship. I know it’s out of the app designer’s control that guys are too lazy to actually see what girls are looking for, but I wish it was more obvious like putting a big ol’ stamp on someone’s profile lol. Just a joke...unless you can do it. In the past I tried to put a picture of myself holding a small note that says I’m not interested in hookups to make it more obvious for the guys, but according to Bumble that’s not appropriate because they “can’t see me”. I find that annoying as there are some guys I’ve seen only use memes on their profile or wear sunglasses and/or hats in all of their photos. I don’t mind the hats...but the sunglasses, at least in my opinion, can hide one’s identity. I want to see a guy’s full face. Is it possible to put a limit on how many photos are posted wearing sunglasses or maybe just ban them? Oh and it’d be great to have the option to find guy friends as well on Bumble BFF. I also noticed there’s a character limit to the messages I try to send. Is it possible to have unlimited characters or be like Twitter and show when I’ve typed too much?
Great app for those looking for something serious
by Ger R. on 2019/03/03 20:50
I completely loved this app. I haven’t ever used dating apps and about a year ago I decided to give them a try. I did some research and decided to try Bumble first as I was looking for something serious. The app is really easy to use, I just wished the chat window was a bit more interactive and allowed to delete messages (lol), but again the purpose of this app is just to use it as a first step and continue chatting/texting out of it once you think you have a match. As a woman, is nice to be able to take the first step to initiate the conversation. I had 3 dates with really nice guys before finding my current boyfriend (we’ll soon be celebrating our first anniversary!), so we are both very happy we found each other with this app. The only thing I would recommend them to change is to allow choosing pictures from your phone instead of Facebook. I met one guy who had old photos on Facebook because he just didn’t interact with it a lot, so when we met in person he looked a bit different. Overall it was a good app, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something serious, guys here were really nice, some really well educated, and a couple were absolute gentleman.
Do NOT pay for this app!
by bumble scam on 2018/10/16 11:32
I used to enjoy bumble, but then, like most software people, they have to tinker with it and think they’re making it better and they made it much worse. I even wrote a letter asking why they did what they did. Here is why you should NOT PAY. They used to have a mileage feature on the site, which made sense. Lots of us don’t want to date somebody more than a certain distance away. They removed the mileage feature and offered some ridiculous explanation of “oh we want to make sure that anyone in the world who wants to see you blah blah blah”. (It was such a stupid explanation whatever it was). Well, I drove from DC to Connecticut and back. When I got back to DC, sure it’s swell to have women interested, but they were up and down the eastern seaboard. Before, with the mileage feature, anyone outside whatever mileage I had set, just went away. NOW, because of their awful software, I have to click on EVERY one of them to see if they are local or not? Are you kidding? “Oh look, someone in RI (delete), oh here is NY (delete), oh another one in RI (delete), wait, one in VA! Oops MA (delete)” shoot me now! So what I figured out (and they will figure out how to counter what I figured out and then I will delete the app) and the reason you don’t pay is now ALL the ones interested just stay in ONE little green circle and you don’t have to deal with it. If you pay, they ALL show up in an endless stream of green circles and never disappear. Do not pay!!!!
Feel Unsafe
by JCsAunty on 2018/07/21 00:55
There’s an individual on here who does work in my neighborhood and has come onto me in a way that made me highly uncomfortable. He leers at me every time he’s around. I have blocked him on bumble only to see he has popped up since I blocked him about 7 more times!!!!!!! In addition to this, in June I sent a Twitter DM to inquire about the free boost trial. They told me they were having issues with boost and they would manually apply it to my account. I had about 1,000 profiles to scroll through and I had gotten through about 25 and without changing any preferences, while I was in the middle of looking at the bumble Match Queue, my ENTIRE queue disappeared! There were a few accounts I saved to look at better later and hundreds I hadn’t even seen that disappeared in a flash. I wrote them on Twitter and the bumble rep was less than helpful and it got to the point where they were just rude. Later I told them I wanted the boost removed from my account completely but was told they cannot do that. Since the time Boost was manually applied by them it rendered that whole match queue area useless. The trial has expired; it never worked anyway, but now even the blurred out profiles are gone. I’ll have guys who “super like” me that don’t show up in the queue as blurred out profiles. Bumble used to be a good app. The boost thing was just an annoyance but now that I feel unsafe with the block feature not working, I had to write a review and disable my account.
Great Idea and Dating app, but....
by Jenkinsw3 on 2019/04/16 00:30
So I genuinely like this app I have no problems with it whatsoever and my friend recommended me this app in search of a relationship and I mean I’m not exactly disappointed. The only thing that really bothers me is a lot of Dating apps now are doing this thing now where you have to upgrade to a paid account, which is fine if you don’t mind paying, but if you’re like me and want freedom to see who likes you without having to upgrade to save your money it can be a bit of a struggle. And the reason I joined is because my friend had told me that bumble had never asked him for a cent which is why I left Tinder because it was asking me for money to upgrade my account to see the people who “swiped right” and tbh I understand why apps do this, but I don’t agree with it and I wish it was free and not make me feel bad because I never answered someone. I wanted to try dating apps because it’s like the thing now, but this “paid membership” thing is kinda turning me off. Other than the money thing it’s a great app and I love the idea of Women start the conversation, it’s just I don’t think people should pay for it especially when the app itself is free on the App Store. If you actually took the time to read this I applaud you.
The worst dating app I’ve ever used.
by Gale22 on 2018/11/09 17:53
I find it very odd that every guy I’ve matched has either never talked or we start talking and I suddenly never hear back from them again. I’ve only exchanged numbers with two guys on this app and one suddenly disappears after we talked all night and he agreed to take me surfing and the other guy stops talking. All the guys I’ve matched with stop talking mid conversation this has happened 100 percent of the time. I’ve had at least 12+ matches and have been using this app for about a week, I’d say I’m a very attractive woman and have never had problems getting a date so I find it odd that this has happened every single time. The Bumble Bff does this as well but not as badly so I’ve stopped using the dating side of Bumble as it’s super suspect and I haven’t had any success with any of the guys I’ve matched with. I also think their are quite a few fake profiles as well but seeing all the bad reviews I’m starting to believe this app is just trying to get you to spend money as it takes so many swipes just to see whose liked you. Mine said I had 50+ likes and it stayed that way because Bumble won’t reveal even one of them for a very long time unless you pay for an upgrade. I find it odd that I can’t match with any rally handsome guys on the app but when I go out I attract good looking guys all the time. Anyways I just wanted everyone to know my experience. It’s not you, it’s this app.
Great Concept, Great App!
by 3.1415926542 on 2018/05/17 00:59
First of all, how great is it that you can now find a date, friends, and a business partner all in one app?! I can’t speak from a guy’s perspective, but having had this app for almost 2 years, I can say that it’s an absolute game changer. I love the concept that ladies get the first move, which as an introvert, I have come to appreciate; It has taught me to be brave and creative when starting conversations with strangers lol. It seems like most people on here are genuine, although I do wish there was just a bit more diversity. I love the time limit concept on the matches, it’s quite ingenious. It creates a sense of urgency which is great but also has its cons. The app itself is smooth and very user friendly, plus the no limits on swiping is just the icing on the cake. If you don’t have a paid subscription however, which allows you to see everyone that swiped right on you (amongst other great perks I’m sure), it can be easy to waste a lot of time on the app just swiping. They also notify users with cute little positive messages and tips every so often and I love it. I haven’t had any major problems with the app, but I have met some pretty cool people, so don’t sleep on bumble ya’ll 💯
Bumble Isn’t For Dating - And Neither Are Any “Dating” Apps
by EeveesLife on 2019/01/12 18:28
I’ve been in and out of the dating app scene for a while now. I’ve been back and forth with Bumble the most, I’d say about 10 times or more I’ve rejoined the app with the hope of finding someone special. And through several encounters and matches, I’ve drawn the conclusion that finding the love of your life is 99.8% unlikely through these kinds of apps. Why? Because it is unfortunately extremely common for men and women to lie about their intentions to get what they want from you, then to disappear or shift attitudes out of nowhere if you don’t. Even on this app with having stated my intentions (long term dating, no hookups and no games), I’ve only encountered people that want to be FWBs or just have a sexual encounter then disappear. And I’ve matched with literally hundreds of people. So, you might be able to imagine my frustration that every one of these matches wound up having a similar end game. People on these apps will pretend to be well-rounded, kind, sincere, and romantic, but when push comes to shove, they’re lazy, uninteresting, crude and perverted. I’ve been met with nothing but disappointments on this app, even after having paid for a membership to see if that might help my pursuit of romance at all. But it just left a hole in my bank account. I’ve never been more discouraged about dating in my life til this app. I’ll stick to seeking someone out in person from now on.
Waste of money
by Wontletmeputanythinginhere on 2018/09/18 22:21
I randomly get push notifications saying I have a match, but no match. Or the latest saying I won’t be shown to women looking through the app. Unsure why you’d ever want to notify me of this. I’ve paid for this app for about a year and had 0 success. Any like I give to a girl is wasted because they don’t see my profile. After months of receiving no likes or matches, I messaged them. There was no help, and instead I was told I’m stupid and wrong. Very off brand for Bumble, and very off putting in general. Then a few weeks later I had 100s of people who had liked me all in matter of hours. - I’m on other apps, I receive likes and matches so I knew something was wrong and then bam it was fixed. I still don’t receive any forward matches though - if someone likes me, I can match with them - but if I like them, I’ll never see them because they don’t see me. This app is a sham and unethical. Stop messing with algorithms and make it simple - you like someone, they see you automatically. I’m confident when my subscription runs out I’ll be treated normally by their software but once you pay them they want you to keep paying them - being in a relationship is a fast way to stop those payments. It’s in their biz interest to have paying customers receive no likes. Honestly Apple and google shouldn’t distribute this app if that’s true, they’re unethical and don’t practice what they preach.
Can't Match/Guys Are Lazy
by AbbySoSo on 2018/09/30 04:16
I'm going to make this short and simple. I've been on this app like five times before, and although I've met some incredible people and had some great times, I say that online dating is risky. It's for people who are lonely for some specific reason and want company, but don't necessarily want to date. That's not the apps fault, but I just want anyone who's reading this to know that if things don't work out it's not you, it's just online dating. Now on to technical issues and the men on there. I've logged on with my Facebook, and I put ton of care into my bio, even putting attractive photos and I haven't matched with anyone. I know how this sounds lol but I honestly think my phone or the app is broken (at least for my profile). I tested this my liking a whole bunch of profiles, even guys I'm not interested in (or dtf guys) and still nothing. It's been three days! Not one like. It's kinda peculiar. When I was on here before, within 24 hours there would be tons of matches, but now it's not working. Also, I think bumble should allow both parties to message first because it's too much pressure on me to always message first and then sometimes get nothing, because the dude believes he has to be chased and sold. It's weird. In conclusion, I'm going to try tinder.
False advertising
by Flower ball on 2018/09/23 23:24
I redownloaded the app a while ago and after every few swipes there was an ad for a “free trial” for bumble boost. It was annoying to constantly have it pop up so I figured I’d give it a try. Come to find out that I was automatically charged for a 3 month subscription. It should have clearly been stated that I was not eligible for the free trial (bc apparently I had tried it years ago even though I don’t remember) but instead they just automatically charge you. This is false advertising!!! I realized this one hour into it and tried to email bumble and cancel and this is what bumble responded with “The reason this instant charge happened was because Apple deemed you not eligible for a trial, possibly because you have already had one previously for Bumble under a different account. In this case it is Apple that chooses to charge you immediately and that's unfortunately out of our control.” I asked if they couldn’t cancel it entirely to at least switch me to a one month subscription but they said no. How did they decide to sign me up for the 3 month versus at least a 1 month trial?? This is very misleading and deceptive. So shady and money hungry.
Do not waste your money
by Oanhster on 2018/08/19 22:59
Bumble is the worst dating app I have ever used, period. I have used most of the other ones, and have found much more success on practically every other site. Bumble ropes you in with the idea that it is a feminist dating app, but whether by design or not, this really only benefits the guys. Even then, I have come across several reviews from men online stating that they are not having much success with the app either, so I am assuming it only really benefits very attractive guys. As a woman who has not had any issues meeting men on on other dating sites, my biggest problem with this app is that it makes men lazy. The guys who are actually having women message them first don’t put in any effort in conversations, and It’s like the men on this site literally do not know how to hold a conversation and expect the woman to do all the work. Just because the woman is expected to send the first message, does not mean that you should simply forget how to talk like a normal human being. I am also suspicious that many of the attractive men and attractive women on this site, a lot of the profiles are fake profiles. I’ve done some searches of reviews, and this seems to be the general consensus that many people believe. Don’t waste your money and find another dating app; there are plenty out there that will help you successfully meet more people without being so frustrating and irritating to use.
Only Allowed to Make Friends w/same Gender
by Clay Carveth Dain on 2019/01/05 13:04
I used to have this app to try and look for a date, but after getting a boyfriend (not through Bumble) I decided to look for friends to match with instead. To my disappointment, you can apparently only match with friends of the same gender. I am male, but I identify as agender (meaning I just don’t really feel a connection to the concept of gender). This meant that it just kept suggesting me regular men who were typically straight. Now I don’t hate straight men, but I have so much more in common with women, trans people, and non-binary folks, not to mention men are statistically significantly more violent towards people like me, especially in a conservative state like mine. I have emailed Bumble about it because I was confused as to why no women were showing up, and they basically said they had no intention of changing it. Assuming that males can only be friends with other males and females can only be friends with other females is incredible heteronormative and sexist. I liked everything else about the app, but couldn’t even use it because I had no friends to match with. It would really be as simple as just adding the option to choose which genders show up in the friends part. I mean, you can match with both men and women when looking for relationships, but not friends? That hardly makes sense.
Better than the other apps but...
by SistaSista44 on 2018/10/26 10:31
I’ve been on this app for awhile now sadly and I like the way it has evolved in regards to making the actual profile but it’s still the same problems from before. You can’t block people in general unless it’s something specific like stolen photo or if they made you feel uncomfortable. It would be great if you could block anytime because I’ve been seeing the same people that have maybe never responded or I don’t want to match with but they keep showing up in my boost. It’s really annoying. It would also be great if there was a way to filter guys by their choices in their profile. For example only seeing guys that want a relationship or don’t drink. It would make it easier for people to find the right match for them instead of wasting time swiping through unfinished profiles or guys that just want something causal. Another issue I have is the radius for the boost. I’ve been traveling a bit and I’m getting guys from PA, LA, DE when I live in DC. Its really exhausting having to check what states these guys live in when my radius is max 10 miles. I know the developers or whoever don’t want people to be close minded and all but I would rather not have a long distance relationship and would only like to meet local people!
Diversity & Interracial Dating Nonexistent
by raylie_rae on 2018/10/16 19:02
I think there should be a place that shows what ethnicity guys are interested in. I only say that because I am a black woman and there’s mostly white guys on here. And most white guys (especially in the South where I live) aren’t interested in talking to, let alone dating a black woman. It would be very helpful to have a “Who I’m looking for” feature on the guys’ profile. That way black women like myself are not having to guess on whether a guy would like me or not because of the color of my skin. (I found myself trying to see if a guy had black friends based upon his profile pictures or if he listened to black artists just to make a guess on whether he would even like me). My experience on Bumble made me feel undesirable & like I wasn’t even meant to be on here in the first place. And if that’s truly the case, I think it should be clarified in the App Store that this app is only for white people (I don’t mean to be cynical. I’m just being honest 🤷🏽‍♀️) I swiped right on a lot of white guys on here and none of them swiped right on me. The only person who did swipe right on me was the only black guy that I seen on here. Imagine that! I just think it would be easier to know beforehand if I had a chance of a guy outside my race liking me instead of just performing endless swipes on guys who wasn’t going to like me in the first place just because I am black.
Features broken. Not woman friendly.
by Nicknamegirl1000 on 2018/04/25 14:17
Their "block" feature is broken. I blocked my co-worker (so awkward) then a few swipes later he popped up again. This happened with different people mind you. This isn't a very 'woman friendly' app after all. Also if men can extend 24 hours why can't women if a guy doesn't respond? I used to love this app for dating but with the block feature broken it's terrible and false advertising. Blocking doesn’t work and women can’t extend a match once you say hi. Bumble has responded and it’s bologna. Their block feature is broken as this has happened repeatedly (no they didn’t make new profiles this happens all the time in the same week I block every guy I see that I know and lo and behold he pops back up) and I as a woman can’t extend once I say hi and they don’t check their phone within 24 hours. Maybe I want to extend and am powerless to do so. I get way more matches on tinder and okcupid something about bumbles algorithm isn’t set up for successful matching and I’m a paying member. Their super swipe is a complete waste too. The person never sees it! I was super swiped by a guy and because I paid I could see him up top in green with a heart. I waited for a week of swiping to see if he’d show up as a match and he never did. Now I feel foolish for wasting the $2 on guys who never even saw me. You’d think it would push the match to the front of the line.
Best dating app out right now but...
by AlliC15 on 2019/04/03 05:43
Bumble has really made a name for its self. Giving women control over the conversation is a game changer and the pre made conversation starters are to die for and I love how you can set height preferences and get two free filters, but the cons are pretty hefty for me. One major update they need is gender identity. To be the best app and stay up there it would be great if people knew you are open to everyone. Having a gender identity option would be great for existing users so there is no more confusion. Also a lot of people complain about not getting notifications from the app and I can agree to that. Unless I see a badge icon or check the app I will not know if a guy messaged me and that takes away from the 24 hr window making a lot of us miss out on opportunities because no notification for messages come in but matches do. Some refining on the “looking for “ option would be great. It’s very difficult talking to someone when you want a relationship and they just want a hookup because the profiles don’t give that good of clarification. All in all bumble is a good app with amazing features and a growing community but within that community does come transgender people, non binary ppl, etc. There should be an option for them.
New Match Queue Feature
by trkgrl1100 on 2018/08/27 02:37
I guess they added a feature for the Bumble Boost Match Queue, that keeps people in the queue that swiped on you and then left town, or keeps people in your queue who swiped on you when you were out of town. Since they rolled out this new feature, over half of the guys in my match queue are super far away from me. I have my search radius set to 50 miles away. I’m getting guys in my queue who are 100+ miles away. I live in Oklahoma and I have guys still in my queue from FLORIDA that I assume are there from my vacation back in JUNE. I also have guys from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and have gotten several from Texas and Colorado. This feature is AWFUL. If other people want to set their search radius for super far away, fine. But if mine is set to 50 miles, I don’t want to see ANYONE outside that radius! Even if I was in the same town as they were for a short period of time, and even if they swiped on me. If I had wanted to see who was available while I was in Florida, I would have opened the app to look. But I wasn’t interested in guys halfway across the country then, and I’m not interested in them now. It’s been an absolute chore to try and weed through them, but it never seems to end and honestly, I’m exhausted! I hope they fine tune this feature or give us an option to turn it off.
Block Feature Doesn’t Work; Horrible Customer Service
by Heathbar-13 on 2018/08/02 16:09
I’ve reached out multiple times to Bumble, and I’ve never received a response. I’ve even sent them screenshots (since I can’t send screen recordings) that prove their Block feature does not work. I can Block someone, then see that same person within a week. Actually, I blocked someone last night, and this morning, guess what... there they were in my search again! The Block feature isn’t for paying members only, but guess what, I AM a paying member. So I can see these people I’ve blocked in my Bee-line AND in my search. Obviously you’re not treated any better or with anymore priority if you’re a PAYING member. So poor customer service is going to be equally distributed between non-paying and paying members. Notifications come through sometimes, sometimes I just have to go into the app to see the message. Location feature isn’t accurate either, and conflicting at times. I can have someone “4 miles away” in DFW, but they’re listed as also being at a Florida airport. That’s literally impossible. Bumble did a whole campaign against guns being displayed in pictures, but they could care less about bloodied hunted and fished animals in pictures. No blood=bad, Blood=good. Tell me how that makes sense. 😒
No matches
by headbusta36 on 2019/01/20 05:21
I’ve subscribed to this app a few times in the past, and I keep seeing a pop-up that says subscribe to see people who already like you. In my opinion Bumble is better than the other useless dating apps, but there’s a huge flaw. I NEVER HAVE ANY MATCHES!!! I’ve unsubscribed before in the past because the app said I had matches and when I clicked on them; nothing was there. Kept it for a few days after then unsubscribes. Downloaded again a few months later to see if it might actually work this time and show me people that’ve actually swiped on me. Low and behold “You have matches” popped up, I clicked on matches, and NO MATCHES again. At this point I’m just wasting my money subscribing, because without the subscription obviously you can’t see who liked you, or anything. Well you can’t see your matches when you subscribe either. What’s the point of having the thing if I’m just swiping with no results. Bumble Support before you reply back, yes I have the latest IPhone software and app update, deleted the app and downloaded again. If it’s a programming problem then it should be an easy fix; if not, then people are losing their money because y’all have everyone subscribed to see matches and everything else with a subscription just to turn around and get nothing in return.
Tinder for lazy men
by ChiHikerGirl on 2018/07/03 14:58
I love that Bumble is supposed to be female driven and has the policies of no tolerance to inappropriate behavior. But in practice, I’ve had far more luck making genuine connections on other apps. It seems like men swipe right on everyone but then decide if they’re actually going to respond if you reach out. The response rate even though we’ve matched is really low and the conversations even when I’ve tried to drive them are lackluster. I’m still seeing just as many profiles that indicate they want a hookup or nothing serious. Not something the app is responsible for, just an observation that the promise of putting women in control doesn’t seem to solve some of the problems of lazy men. The 24 hour time limit is also, while well-intentioned, frustrating without a hold button. I like to go backpacking, which is an activity that takes me off the grid. But if I match during that time I either have to pay for a redo or let a match go by. It doesn’t seem to value busy people. A feature that would let you put your profile into “away” mode seems like it could be really useful in helping to let busy, interesting people meet one another without looking disinterested.
New Changes Take Away User Control
by AngelaLDi on 2018/10/08 14:54
I took a break from Bumble earlier this year and last night I signed in and reactivated my profile. First, before expressing what REALLY bothered me about the new update, I want to say I was disappointed in the new layout as I think men prefer something less fussy and less complicated, so the theatrics of the new layout could be a turn off or have them engaging less. Heck, even I think it’s overkill! But what REALLY disappointed me was that the developers took away two key features: shaking to undo a left swipe AND - MORE IMPORTANTLY - the ability to block any profile without reasons of abuse or harassment. If I see an ex-boyfriend, his brother/other relative, his best friend OR I see my neighbor, co-worker - really ANYONE that I just don’t want knowing my business or that I am trying to date...well, I should be able to block profiles for any reason. While abuse/harassment is of paramount concern SO IS PRIVACY. And I don’t want/need the guy I dated last Summer and it just didn’t work out, to know I’m back in the dating game. It was a great feature (along with the ability to undo a left swipe) and it’s the change of these two features that made me immediately hide my profile and say, ‘No thanks, Bumble’.
Worst dating app ever
by desdemon6 on 2018/10/03 15:21
Like other users, I have to say this is the worst dating app/site I have ever used. Even though men are swiping right on you, if you message them almost none of them ever respond. And if they do, it’s usually just one word answers and then they unmatch you. I think this concept is flawed. Men don’t seem to like having a woman message them first, even though that’s the concept of the site they signed up for. And if you do, which you would think was flattering that someone wants to get to know them, they act like you’re some crazy person bothering them. I think men see this as revenge for all the other sites where they get ignored by women, because I’ve seen several profiles that say, “Come up with something better than ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?’” or “Must be over a 7” or “$100 to any woman who can write a profile without saying ‘travel’, ‘wanderlust’ or ‘no hookups’”. I have been using it for months and have not come across any men who actually want to meet someone, I think they just use it as a swiping game to see how many matches they can get, but if you actually try to contact them, they ignore you. I think the only way to make this app come even close to the already low success rate of other apps/sites is to just let men contact women.
This app is amazing
by m_celdenise on 2019/04/08 11:26
This past month I’ve swiping left until I came across a really sweet caring genuine honest accepting guy named Levi. We’ve messaged each other for a few hours until the next day we exchanged numbers. He gave me his and I took the risk of calling him and talking over the phone and we suggest to meeting and seeing each other. Couple days of seeing and knowing each other, I’ve experience my first disagreement with a guy that I was falling for and may love in life because I did not like certain action traits he has given me. Then few hours after I calmed from my discussion with him about his action. I’ve apologize and forgave him. I truly care for this guy that I am seeing but we decide to take some time to ourselves for a while, but still keep in touch with each other as friends. When in time he’s ready to have me back I will grab hold of his caring heart for an actual relationship with me. Moral point to my positive rant is for ladies separate your match options to the right guy just be yourself, honest and trustworthy to him.
I don’t normally review apps, but...
by Brookecory on 2018/11/29 02:02
I do have a few things to say about Bumble. First, I love that it’s so female driven. I’ve done a lot of dating apps (and still do!), yet Bumble is by far my favorite. It helps me work up the courage to approach the guy for a change. More than half the time they don’t answer, but I can’t do anything about that. That being said, I’d like to comment on some new features I noticed and give some feedback. I love that you can add like quirks about yourself ie. perfect first date, two truths and a lie, etc. I also love that you can now see what people are looking for, religious preferences, if they want children and the like. What I think would be cool to see is if you could filter people based off these features. I’m currently looking for someone who wants a relationship, but has no interest in having kids in the future and I find that it’s a pain to have to sort through all the people who aren’t looking for the same. It makes the dating process even more of a pain. Just a thought. Everything else about the app is great and hopefully I’ll eventually find someone on it!
Sneaky Bumble pushing their Premium Service
by NBCloper on 2018/11/29 21:21
TLDR: burying profiles of those who like you so you spend money on their “see who liked you” service So I’ve been a long time user and recently noticed something that didn’t sit too well. Bumble usually does a pretty good job of letting you know when you’re liked, but recently I noticed they have been giving accounts that “like you” but no matter how much you swipe.. you’ll never see them. At first I was confused after hitting the “no more people around you” message and bumble was still saying someone liked you. Then I realized almost every third card or swipe I got was an ad promoting their premium service and the ability to “see who likes you”. That’s when I realized they’re just putting either a fake picture in the “people who like you” box, or their burying an actual person who does like you in order for your curiosity or frustration to push you into buying their premium. I get it bumble, a premium service is a good idea for some. But this somehow feels underhanded or sneaky to me and I’m not a fan. Definitely still going to use the app lol but not as enthusiastically as before
Either I’m Undesirable or this app is Rigged
by Beau Stine on 2018/11/06 15:50
I’ve been on this app on and off for a short while. I consider myself a decent looking guy, at least a 7 on a rating scale looks wise, I work hard to develop good qualities that I would like to see in myself that would make a woman happy and investing there time in me worth while. But I’ve found that I very rarely get any matches on this app, and when I do it’s almost always after I’ve uncaringly swiped right for 5-10 minutes consecutively, just to see if this app really does work lol, and then I end up matching with women I don’t really like... I am 5’5”, so I don’t know if that has a huge part in my lack of success, but I can’t help but feel that dating apps these days are favoring those who invest in the upgraded version of the app. Which makes sense on a business stand point, but makes me feel that these apps are just a wast of time... and I just don’t feel like throwing $15 away to “potentially” find a decent woman based off some algorithmic process that is out of my control. Perhaps the old fashion way of just approaching women at group activities, through friend hangouts, and random encounters is the better way to go?
Option to opt out of sending the first message?
by HugeAssWall on 2018/09/06 05:12
I’ve had this app for a few days now and so far I love it! I’m finding that the general population of men on this app are actually a lot more frequently guys that I would actually go out with than men on tinder! I also really love that matches disappear after 24 hours if a conversation isn’t started. It actually makes you engage with other users and helps keep my match feed clean and updated! My biggest request though is that I think it would be really useful to have the option to opt out of the “women have to send the first message” thing. I get it, it’s a great idea, but sometimes I get so busy or I just can’t think of anything interesting enough to say (I don’t want to use a generic “hey”) and my match disappears! I end up feeling like I potentially missed out on a really great guy or wondering if they had anything interesting they would have said to me first. Just a suggestion, but I think the ability to opt out would be a great feature! Otherwise I totally love this app! MUCH more worth your time than Tinder.
Waste of Time
by dieockfofjen on 2019/01/01 20:53
Bumble will ban users for no reason and no explanation at all. The ban is permanent. Women can also do no wrong on this app. The obvious prostitutes and women with engagement rings on their fingers don’t get banned, but a picture of The Beatles at Tittenhurst Park will get you banned for life, which is the case of me. I had other pictures of course. Even when I was on the app I couldn’t stand it. I did not have an issue as far as matching with people. When you first download this app you be matched pretty quickly with about 10 people to start assuming you’re a normal person. I truly believe these are test accounts just to get your confidence up. After that, matches are hard to come by. And they’re hard to come by because any woman who is REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE will be matched with 100+ guys in less than 20 seconds. This is absolutely true. Pretty soon it’s in the thousands and these women will not scroll through the waiting list to find you. Don’t blame them. Women have 24 hours to respond to a march. I’ve matched with a decent amount of people. I’ve never had someone actually send a message. Women rarely approach guys in person or initiate a conversation to strangers in person. What makes Bumble think they’ll do it on an app?
24 hour rule is outdated.
by Jpress4 on 2018/12/18 15:38
Bumble does what it can to bring quality to dating via online. I think some improvements could be made with the 24 hour response rule. This just is simply too short of a window. Bumble promotes the app as a woman empowered app where we should go out in the world and be the baddest Bees we can be! Yet, we’re supposed to be tied to our phone waiting for that match to come in and then message within 24 hours. I feel this goes against what Bumble preaches. Sometimes I’m a busy bee taking on the world at work and don’t have time to message someone within 24hours and the same for the bumble guys. I think not sitting on a match forever is right on but I suggest a “3-day rule” for initial responses. Give people time to have balance with dating and other life responsibilities. The app says if a match expires you can have a chance to match again but why would I swipe again on a person that either ignored me or ran out of time the first time? That basically makes women continue to throw themselves at men... just saying.
In short...pointless
by It crashes every 5 seconds on 2018/08/09 12:02
As a guy, I don’t mind, and actually support the idea of women being the ones to decide whether a conversation occurs or not. I know how annoying a lot of guys can be on this sort of app. The only thing is, if a guy is even slightly picky about who he wants to talk to, the chances of them finding and choosing you as well are infinitesimally small. First, because you might simply be a long way through their list of matches. Second, you might just not be their type. Third, profiles hardly fit enough information to really know who you’re talking to. Then last, because the given person may not even be active, and there’s no way to know when or if they have been. This leads to a lot of guys just right-swiping everyone, which is more an abuse of the app than anything else. So if this app is ever going to become practical, (it really isn’t now) it needs to incorporate some information into the match-finding process, (putting more likely matches in their according positions) and either indicate when someone has been active, or add a filter of some sort to push back profiles that haven’t been active for a while.
Do not waste your time
by dropnurtop on 2018/07/12 22:42
Good thing I only paid for one week. Read some of the reviews. “I’ve been using this app for a couple years and I love the way it puts the women in control making the first move”. I didn’t read any thing about meeting actually someone and forming a relationship. Most of the people on here I would have to say are real. But as far as anybody getting any notifications that would ruin the developers game. Cause if they actually notified all the beautiful women every time somebody swiped to right meaning yes eventually and sooner than later she would be gone. You don’t hear anybody talking about how they met the love of their life on here. Or even anything being mentioned how anybody has met people that they are now great friends. I would get notifications saying someone is interested in you. Hurry up and start searching your next swipe could be a match. Common.... really. Then if that’s not bad enough I extended the distance to the max which is 100 miles and I ran out of searches. I have no idea how they have a 4.1 out 5 rating. And 24 hours is not long enough for a person to respond. These days people are very busy. And do not take the time to open this app every single day.
Almost perfect
by wb1992forever on 2018/08/16 14:52
I really like this app. It’s got a tinder feel to it with all of the left and right swiping, but I feel like I run across better quality people (for the most part anyway, let’s be real here lol), and not everyone is wanting just a hookup. I also love the fact that I have to be the one to initiate the conversation. No more being bombarded with unwanted or creepy messages 😂. I didn’t like this feature at first, but now I’ve come to appreciate it. One of the major downfalls is even though I said yes to getting notified of new messages, I only get notified about 70% of the time. And other people I’ve talked to have had the same issue. On top of that, there’s not time stamp on the messages, so you have no idea how long a message has been sitting in your inbox if/when you don’t get notified and run across it. And then one improvement to the profile that I’d love to see, is an area to put what you’re really there for. A relationship? Hookup? Friends? A serious relationship? Dating? It helps weed out what you don’t want faster.
If you like hookups or being ghosted
by GoldieCL on 2019/04/06 21:50
Many use online dating as a way to hookup, and then there are those of us who have demanding jobs and can’t go out all the time in the hope of meeting someone. I initially tried bumble because I had hoped there’d be fewer creepy guys here given that it’s all about woman messaging first, etc. Well, maybe a few years ago that was the case. Nowadays it seems like everyone wants an open relationship/hookup, or you’re matched with guys way outside your preferences. Even if you make a connection (and are clear you’re looking for long-term), most of the men will be looking for hookups. Many times messaging will fall flat, or you’ll connect and they’ll never respond to your first message and it will expire. On the brief chance that you do actually go out - 9 times out of 10 they’ll never contact you again despite trying to set up a second date. Dating prior to using apps would always lead to second and third dates, so I learned the hard way that it’s not me - it’s the kind of men who use these apps. Be warned. If you’re looking for a hookup this will work out for you, if not, save yourself trouble and heartache and try meeting someone in person instead.
by MakennaSwaggy on 2018/10/31 01:42
I’ve been using bumble for a while now and I love it because I feel like it’s less for hook-ups and more for actually meeting people and getting to know them. But, I do have some friends who enjoy it so I decided to download it today and give it a try. A few hours later I saw an error message and found out that I was banned. This confused me because I did not have any nudity, hate, violence, etc. In fact, I actually had written “no hookups” in my bio because I’m not like that. With that being said, I wold recommend getting bumble over tinder any day. I love bumble for MANY reasons: 1) they don’t ban you for no reason without telling you why 2) the customer support is great and helpful 3) I’ve actually met a lot of cool people and made some really good friends! 4) I’m glad there are different modes. I like being able to switch between bumble date and bumble bff. My friend Kayla and I met on bumble and went out a couple times and now we’re like best friends.
User friendly but not great and don’t pay for upgraded features
by Kim153716 on 2018/09/30 06:58
Almost every negative review is correct. I paid (mainly out of curiosity) to see who had already swiped right since there were so many. I reached out to some to which I usually got no response. I started to get suspicious when I’d see new matches appear in real time so I’d contact them right away, sometimes just asking “Are you real” since they literally just “alleged” swiped right and when I automatically messaged them, I got no response. If you pay, test it, you’ll see. It seems as though Bumble “entices” you by telling you you have a million awaiting matches so pay and when you do, almost none are real (or don’t respond). The odds of that happening are very high, way too high for there not to be something going on with Bumble behind the scenes. If you want to play around, as I said, it is user friendly and the recent upgrades that allow you to put height, political affiliations etc. is long overdue, but if you pay for upgrades, don’t expect much. Lastly, I agree that you should be be allowed to be on the app without a written profile.
Months later still haven’t met anyone
by ecwhitman on 2018/05/27 22:36
But that’s mostly due to the fact that apparently all of the girls in my city just want to get drunk, and that’s not my cup of tea. I’m not blaming BumbleBFF for uninteresting people. I think my biggest problem with the app is that your matches expire so quickly. My schedule is all over the place, and I often miss out on matches because I didn’t have time to check it for a couple of days. I don’t see how that feature is necessary. Another issue is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anyone checking the profiles to remove/temporarily disable users that have been inactive for a very long time or have straight-up lied on their profile. I’ve seen several that have an age listed, but in their bio blatantly claim that the age is a lie & they are much younger than they say they are. Maybe, there should also be a reminder that pops up when people use the app in a new physical location to update their bio because I see a TON of profiles where the bio says, “Just moved to (insert place 2,000 miles away) and looking for new friends,” but the profile says they’re only like 7 miles away.
Excludes Trans People
by ___brolin___ on 2019/01/28 02:03
I’d love to give it more than 1 star, but I am forced to give it only 1 based on what I am about to say. I am a female-born NCAA athlete in a women’s sport who first used Bumble Dating in 2017 and made my profile under the gender option of “Woman” and used it for a bit. I recently downloaded Bumble again for the BFF mode. Being “out” as a trans athlete has been risky but I wanted to change my gender to male because that is how I have always identified and I now feel more comfortable being out. You’d think, okay, that should be easy enough. Nope. My profile has been “photo-verified” for the previous gender of “woman”, so I have to contact support in order to change it now. Besides the fact that it’s VERY exclusive to trans people, who may identify as non-binary or something outside the man/woman binary, it’s ridiculously dumb. I should be able to change my gender to match how I identify without the hassle of contacting support. This app should be more inclusive for those who may have atypical life experiences and who aren’t just “men” or “women”. Unless there was some sort of adjustment for that, I will always see this as a 1 star app and I’ll make it known that I believe it to be unfair.
Great dating app but needs improvement
by Bseal29 on 2019/01/29 07:00
So far Bumble is the best dating app Ive used. Ive met a lot of real women and had a lot of great dates. However, my biggest complaint is that you cant set a permanent city where you live. Which is so frustrating because I travel a lot for work as well as go to a lot of sporting events, concerts, and conferences in various cities. And each time I do so, I match with a TON of women from those cities where Im visiting then when I get home, they're like wait you don't live here?! (in the city where we match) and Im like no I live such and such place and they're like I don't want a long distance relationship (even though Im always less than 3 hours away from where they live) and they say I deceived them or wasn't honest about where I live. And Im like, no the app stalked me and said my current city was Orlando or wherever I was that day, but I really live in Ft Meyers sorry about that. So it would be helpful if you allowed us to set our home city instead of changing it every time we get in our car and go somewhere. Thanks!
by Art739195762829000000 on 2019/01/24 21:48
0 stars. So I’ve been using the app for about 2 weeks and after that I got blocked. Not really sure why or how. This app isn’t really all that great for a major fact that you could potentially be swiping on bots. Another deterrent I came across are transgenders... I’m just not into that. After a while I started to become offended being that my gender preference is female, I’m simply not swiping right on a male that thinks they are a female... who wouldn’t get offended? Does anyone understand me? BUT bumble thought otherwise. So I keep swiping testing my luck. I get a match with someone I’ve matched before with; to only unmatched and or blocked/reported. I would get a match notification to find out the person either unmatched and or blocked/reported me. Today I found out that if you get unmatched enough you get blocked... Another thing is, the matches don’t seem to say anything at all. Some matches message and then?! nothing!!! 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ I send a message after they do, BOOM unmatched and or block/report. 🤦🏽‍♂️ The women are not all that friendly on the app. This app is a tremendous void. Bumble what do we do?🤷🏽‍♂️ What do you recommend? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Can you unblock my account? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Used to love paid version
by samdig1 on 2018/09/11 20:55
I used to really like the “beeline” feature on the paid version of this app. Beeline basically shows you people who have already swiped right on you. Used to be great because it wouldn’t show people outside of your search radius. Now, if you have beeline, it just shows you everyone who’s ever swiped right on you regardless of your location. I have people on my beeline who live in other states and the majority of them live way too far for me to want to invest in talking to them and meeting them. The worst part is beeline doesn’t even organize your bees in geographical order so I have to basically sift through bees until I find one that I am also interested in who also lives close enough to me to invest some time in. When I wrote bumble about this they told me this was helping people find better dates. For someone like me who works a lot and doesn’t have a lot of free time, I’d much prefer to be able to set a radius on potential matches. At least organize bees in geographical order! I definitely won’t be renewing my subscription unless something is done about this.
Paid for it and don’t get the features...
by hrh1013 on 2018/05/24 20:57
I’m not one to write reviews, but I’ve been disappointed by the fact that I paid for the app in order to be able to “beeline” to the guys who’ve swiped right to get them at the front of the queue. However, I’ve noticed that when I’ve had several guys in the queue with the green circle around them, they’ll all disappear out of nowhere, and several times when I’ve pushed “not interested” in one guy who’s swiped right, it’ll make all of the green circled guys go away (before I even got to look at their profiles, and they were all from the same city...not all traveling out of the city at the exact same time). I downloaded Hinge 3 or 4 days ago and already have so many more matches and likes than Bumble, and what finally made me write this review is that a guy messaged me that he had swiped right on me on Bumble (only to go into Bumble to prove my theory that the beeline doesn’t work properly). Not sure what’s going on with the Bumble app, but have been highly disappointed that I paid for it and don’t get the benefits that come with paying for it. :(
Mostly fake/inactive profiles
by Kenny Winfield on 2019/04/13 20:35
The app itself is fairly stable and easy to use, albeit limited. Unfortunately, that’s overshadowed by the complete lack of actual human beings. I’ve matched with dozens of women in the last month in my rural area, but only 4 of them ever texted in the first 24 hours; i often use up my extends and still hear nothing. Their locations almost never change which is indicative of old inactive accounts. The few who do text me usually only do so once, often in broken english to tell me all about fun singles in my area, or they go “hi” then ghost. I’m like 90% sure it’s not my openings, because they seem to work fairly well on other dating apps. This has been an ongoing trend for the last 9 months that I’ve been using bumble. I’ve not had this trouble on Tinder or others, i can usually get a date or two a week there if i’m staying active. I’ve only been on 2 bumble dates in the time i’ve been using it. Really very disappointing how much of a failure this app has turned out to be. I was really tired of the rifraf on tinder and had heard great things about Bumble being more serious but tbh it feels like i’m browsing Backpage.
Great for women! Not for men!
by Your Mom™ on 2018/12/31 18:04
This app is a fantastic idea, it kind of lowers my self-esteem a bit. Not the app’s fault. Which is exactly why it’s self esteem lowering. I dated a lot in high school, and I was excited to try out this app. Once I got online, I carefully analyzed every profile and swiped left or right based on compatibility. “Oh this girl smokes? No thank you.” “Aww! Look at that girl’s dog! Swipe” “I like this girl’s idea of a good date. Let’s see if we match.” 3 days into the app. I started swiping right on everyone. I ended up getting 3 matches. 1-My friend who told me to get the app. 2-A girl who called me a manwhore 3 years ago in high school. And 3-A crazy girl that I rejected my junior year 4 years ago. So people I knew matched with me. It makes me wonder if i’m not attractive enough. My friend who is a girl told me “Oh I got 40 matches in one day” is kind of discouraging. Yes- guys are a lot thirstier than girls- but...It seems like girls use this mainly to see how many matches they can get. It doesn’t help that there are so many creepy guys on here though. The app just isn’t for me. It’s very hard to be a guy nowadays on dating apps.
Waste of Time
by gml769 on 2018/08/03 02:50
I deleted my profile after about a month when suddenly I was flooded with profiles of very undesirable men. It is very hard to match with people and when you do almost 100% of the time the conversations never go anywhere and people don’t respond. I really don’t get what the point is but then again I guess this is just another hook up app. There really seems to be no true real answer for those of us looking to find committed relationships and not hook up with people. It really should not be allowed for people to be on here with no written profile - all they do is have their name, age, and a photo. You shouldn’t be allowed to be on the app if you’re not going to make a profile and at least put some effort into it. There’s very little barrier to entry on this app so it’s very easy for people to join and be a part of it without having to fill out anything. Hence tons of people you will waste time swiping through and never really finding what you’re looking for, most likely. If you’re looking for Friday night versus forever, then this app is for you.
App suddenly bugged out
by JoanOfSparks on 2018/12/04 01:18
I was having some issues with the Bumble app loading today so I did a quick “restart” by deleting the app and then re-downloading it. Just deleted the app, NOT my profile. Tried to log back in. At first I didn’t remember my password so I used the text option for recovery. Tried 3 times and none of the numbers I was texted work. Tried the phone call recovery. Same result. When I thought I recalled my password, The app took my # and PW but has completely blank pages that won’t load. I can’t tell if my profile has been deleted or if just nothing will load (not the profile, not other profiles, not even settings!). This bug came out of nowhere and is immensely frustrating. Not happy that the password recovery protocols are not working at all. Update: this did clear up after a few hours. No idea what the issue was. Now that the app is functional again, some stars returned. But seems a concerning bug.
Longtime user banned without explanation
by Deanna13321 on 2019/03/15 18:08
I’ve been using Bumble for at least a year if not longer. I loved it, I’ve met many wonderful people on it. I met my last partner off of it-and we were together for 5 months. I’ve recommended Bumble to several of my friends and even to my mom for the BFF side of it-she thinks it’s great. I was banned yesterday. I contacted support to figure out what happened and I received two emails one minute apart. The first one stated that they couldn’t find an account linked to my email and the second said that due to “several complaints” I would be blocked permanently with no chance of reactivation and with no explanation. I have never behaved inappropriately or been unnecessarily rude to people who were not rude to me. I have not been contacted again and I expect they won’t respond to my most recent email inquiring about the block. I’ve read several other complaints about scamming and difficulty canceling paid subscriptions. I was never a paying consumer because I didn’t care enough for that and I had plenty of matches without boosts. Don’t use this app. The people who run it are incompetent.
Great Concept...But...
by Jewelsandjemsbyjen on 2018/07/09 22:44
So I really liked the concept of being able to message someone if there was a match and not having to receive tons of unsolicited and sleazy messages from random “men”. I’ve had the app for a couple months now and figured I just wasn’t matching with anyone because I have received absolutely no notifications whatsoever. Even in the app there is no notification marker on the chat bubble icon. Yesterday I happened to make a match. I sent a message to my match to get a conversation started. A couple hours later I checked the app again and tapped on the chat bubble icon. It had no record of a message sent to my match from earlier AND was showing two matches that I had missed out on because 24 hours had passed. Then, Bumble wants a ridiculous amount of money to rematch. I think this is completely wrong and unfair to want to charge for a rematch when there was never even any notification of the matches in the first place. I’m ok with the 24 hour window, but only if notifications would actually be sent. But at this point I am extremely disappointed with this app.
by sdenham1 on 2018/08/29 15:01
Lately the same people keep popping up multiple times when I’ve already swiped left on them. At first I believed Bumble’s explanation that they had a new account. Apparently I have two accounts and can’t log in to it to shut it down. But in the past month it’s happening very frequently. I often have guys disappear after I’ve matched with them but before I can message. A handful and you think ok they changed their mind or just swiped on all the women for an ego boost. But when it happens a dozen+ times in a week, it makes you go hmmm. Honestly it’s like there are a ton of glitches and they just don’t want to admit it. The new feature where Boost members see all people who’ve swiped them, even if they are 3000 miles away, makes paying for that service a waste of money. I’ve contacted Bumble help 4x and keep getting a canned response that doesn’t quite address my questions. I’m done asking them to have a thinking human respond. Loved the woman empowerment aspect but I’ve had men say terrible things then rush to block me before I could report them. Fail
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