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TREBEL is a free iPhone music app that lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. Now you can listen to music you download anywhere with no WiFi. TREBEL is engineered for unlimited music downloads and uses less phone battery then music video sites and works with no cellular data plan. iOS 10.2 or GREATER REQUIRED. Please send questions to: Like the app? Rate us 5 stars and hit us up on Instagram @trebelmusic! --- Downloading free music on TREBEL is as easy as tapping a button. No more wasting time on torrent sites or stream ripping YouTube videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love. On TREBEL you can download the hottest new albums from your favorite artists for free, such as: Kodak Black - ZEZE Ariana Grande - thank u, next Lil Baby - Street Gossip Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba Nicki Minaj - Good Form Billie Eilish - come out and play Halsey - Without Me Xxxtentacion - ? Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V Trippie Redd - Topanga Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower If you have a large iTunes collection already, TREBEL automatically syncs your existing library so you can combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app. Product Features: No Wi-Fi connection needed to listen to most downloaded songs Play offline on mobile Unlimited music downloads enabled by caching technology Use no cell data when playing music offline Use less battery when playing music offline Download complete albums at a time No need to use an MP3 converter or torrent site. No need for stream ripping Syncs with your existing iTunes MP3 collection Music: Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Holidays, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indie, and more! High quality audio Album cover art and information Customizable playlists Search by artist, album, or song Sort by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist Social: Campus function allows you to discover music from students at your college or university Interact with campus influencers for new music recommendations See what your friends and followers are downloading and listening to Download the same music as your friends What's New in This Version: We’re constantly updating and improving the TREBEL experience. Keep your Updates enabled to make sure you always have the current version. We’re working hard to get more free music content for offline playback. If you see a song or album that we don’t offer, hit “Request Download” and we will let you know when it’s live on the app. TREBEL is a licensed service with the best music in the world from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. HIT US UP BELOW! Instagram: @trebelmusic Twitter: @trebelapp Facebook: @trebelapp If you love the app, please rate and review it with 5 stars!
There r adds
by samantha!!!!!!!!!! on 2019/02/17 18:46
Ok so basically I got this app of course, because I don’t have Apple Music so they show you that they don’t have any adds and they are add free and stuff .....BUT NO It ISNT add free Please if ur going to make an app and u say that ur going to make it add free, MAKE IT ADD FREE At one point the adds where playing when I was listening to music 🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡
I’m sorry what?
by sylveon the pokemon lover on 2019/02/17 18:41
Not meaning to be rude but this didn’t download my songs...hopefully you guys don’t take any offense from this because this is just a message. Please read this and maybe upgrade the quality for iPads?
I love it just one thing wrong
by Juuuuuuuuuyu on 2019/02/17 18:19
This app is amazing and I get a lot of music I want I was just wondering if you can add No Angels by Bastille featuring Ella Eyre Because it’s only on YouTube and it’s my favorite song! If not that’s fine but I just wanted to let you know that many people want it on at least one music software!
I love it, but…
by jeromepvp on 2019/02/17 17:20
I love the app, it is truly amazing to use while online and offline and the coin system is something that is very different from other music apps, which is what I like. Although I love this app, my main problem is that there are many songs that I’d love to download but the bar says it’s coming soon. Almost 4 years later I am still waiting for those songs.
App trash. Take away the coins
by wow i hate this on 2019/02/17 17:01
App is trash honestly. They make it hard for people with slow service not with any of my star.;/ but I guess it’s worth one star.
Love it
by Honey Boo Boo 👑 on 2019/02/17 02:53
I love this app I just got it and I love it’s exactly like Apple Music but free! :) thank u so muchhh
by change the cards on 2019/02/17 02:02
I need help getting coins I’ve tried downloading more songs but for some reason I don’t get my coins.for example I downloaded Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which is 28 songs and I didn’t get a single coin and then I tried to download songs from browse and I still didn’t get coins.i can’t listen to my music.if u could come up with something like u play adds like pandora when u run out of coins that would be the next update can u plz fix this.other than that this is a really good app it’s my favorite music app maybe even my favorite app
by 3l dari on 2019/02/16 22:07
Me encanta la app y la utilizo desde hace un tiempo ya, pero quisiera saber en qué se mejoró la confiabilidad
Paid for 2000 coins only got 1000
by LaVonne420690 on 2019/02/16 20:58
Paid for 1000 coins and only received 1000. I would like to receive what I paid for. Thank you!
Its a wonderful app but
by user7447 on 2019/02/16 20:13
Some songs are not offline 😐 so there will be no meaning for this app because it is offline music app Also not all the songs are there even though some of the songs that I’m looking for are very famous.. how can you not but theses famous songs ?! Finally please add BTS songs as soon as possible And again thank you for this nice app 🌹 wish you all the best
How do I put it on my device
by Ace gunz on 2019/02/16 17:14
How do I put it on my device so I can get free music?
by TCGAMEING32 on 2019/02/16 12:31
In my opinion the app is great I love to listen to the music I have on there but my only problem is coins and I don’t have unlimited data so I have to wait to get home so I can get more of these “coins”
Love it but needs one little thing
by Jadjeds on 2019/02/16 07:01
I love this app cause I can listen to music offline and download my fav songs. Only things I don’t really like about it is I wish there was a timer that I can set and it will turn the music off when I go to sleep or something and I have tried to download some new songs and all the ones I have tried to download it says “ coming soon “ and I try again after awhile and it says the same thing. Just needs to be more songs that can be downloaded and a timer. Plz add
Not working
by HHKEENUM on 2019/02/16 03:23
Will not load ads to get coins
Pretty good!
by reagan marsh on 2019/02/16 02:12
The only reason I give this app three stars is because it doesn’t have every song that I want and doesn’t offer the clean version of most of the songs if any. I think that it is amazing and is a great alternative to buying Apple Music. Overall very good!
Not worth it
by Litttman on 2019/02/15 23:03
Spinrilla is way better you don’t have to go off of some dumb currency
Went from 5 stars to 1
by 13524323232 on 2019/02/15 16:07
Was wonderful at first, had legal music and offline listening. But, it spends your coins in the background and even uses the coins when you offline listen. Absolutely redundant and defeats the purpose of easy offline “free” to a point listening.
Ara B
by Almahzuz on 2019/02/15 05:57
Je suis vénère 🤬🤬au début cette application était plutôt nice quoique je ne trouvais pas toute les musiques que je voulais mais je m’y faisais avec jusqu’à maintenant non mais sérieusement j’arrive plus a écouter les musiques que j’ai télécharger je dois acheter des coins pour les écouter du n’importe quoi🤬🤬🤬
It’s pretty awesome aside from a few things
by reeehaw on 2019/02/15 03:30
So it has coins which I don’t see a need for as you can’t really buy them and I guess they get ads out of the way? But ads are pretty non pushy in this app so I’m confused about it. There’s also a lot of music you can’t download (if your into more mainstream music this isn’t a problem) obviously it’s difficult to get music for every band out there and so a lot of them say “coming soon” however in most cases several months have passed and these 10 year old songs are still “coming soon”. Also for some reason it will automatically download a YouTube video, and it won’t play out of the app which is mildly annoying, because there aren’t audio versions of the songs available. A lot of music is available and only more obscure stuff is coming soon, so have at it it’s quite user friendly and has pretty much all mainstream music.
by bel94 on 2019/02/14 01:42
This app is useless. It kept kicking me out every 5 seconds after I started playing a song.
Easy to listen to all the songs
by stallion1819 on 2019/02/14 00:41
It’s easy and fast to download all the songs and it shows the track hits.
by MUSIC LOVER🎶🎵 on 2019/02/13 21:21
I really love this because you can get almost all the music you love and if they don’t have it they will send you a notification when they get it. And you can play your music anywhere you are. And make playlists!!😀😍🤩😎Here is the small problem: you have to have coins to play you music offline!! And if you run out you have to watch ads, like music, write comments, or buy some with your money!! I do not think that it fair that it takes coins away for listening to your music offline. And if you are off the app for a long time and on something else your music stops and asks if you are still listening which gets annoying but the first problem is the worst!!I hope to get a developer response to these problems and make it better for everyone. THANK YOU GREAT APP!! 👍
Literally my favorite app
by major__dude on 2019/02/13 09:54
It’s free. Boom
Love with some bad things
by mama milky_ls on 2019/02/13 04:23
I love this app I get to download my music and listen off-line but they don’t have as many songs as I hoped that they would and it takes like a while to get the songs that are already there to be able to download so if you guys could just fix that then thanks but I’m gonna keep the app and not deleted it because I love it
I can’t believe this is free
by rayshot06 on 2019/02/13 03:33
This app has almost every song, and they are originals not remixes
by vanesjq on 2019/02/13 02:51
Hola me parece muy buena aplicación para pasar el rato con los amigos y no me da tiempo nada que no se pueda ir a ver el internet
It’s very good!
by Tringkit on 2019/02/13 00:58
This is the real app that actually plays good new music offline and is great
Lacks some albums
by stick20cy on 2019/02/12 13:50
Some musics and albums are still not available for download
Unreleased music . But albums came out a long time ago
by Actkiller55 on 2019/02/12 10:42
Hello TREBEL this app is amazing love that u can download free music an listen to it when u put your phone on lock mode. But u guys should really put up albums that already came out such as Mac Miller xxxtentacion wu tang clan Montana of 300 deadmouse hopsin and many more albums . everyone in your comments been asking and asking so can u guys please release requested music out already . Love this app keep up the great work👍🙌 Thank u
The best
by boofvdhb on 2019/02/12 05:18
Dude this is an awsome app I love it and i will for sure delete my other music app this is so sick🔥🔥🔥
No offline music
by Issa_Bella7 on 2019/02/12 02:27
I love this app but I’m confused on why I can’t listen to music offline anymore.
by msflaka on 2019/02/11 03:35
Don’t get me wrong I love the app I do but for some reason my app isn’t showing its icon correctly it’s all white. I can be on the application have it running as well but it’s very annoying that the app isn’t showing the icon design
Love it
by lilyackity on 2019/02/11 03:12
Love the songs
by Elianna xox on 2019/02/11 01:54
I can’t believe it! I get to download free songs and listen to them when im off the app! Definitely recommend!
by Beautyqueen<3 on 2019/02/11 01:01
Best app ever! Please add Astroworld album by Travis Scott and more Khalid songs!!!
I can’t believe this is free!!!😂🤣
by Dhcfvcgcgcdgjjnl on 2019/02/10 21:45
I can literally download any song for free (well not any song just the songs they have) and I can listen to that song anytime I want!!!😆😍🥰
Love the app, Except a few problems
by FazedJoker on 2019/02/10 19:43
The app is great..coins are easy to get and you can listen to music free offline without having to pay any subscription fee to download the songs, but i have a problem that is really a huge annoyance. When i open the app while i have an internet connection the app is extremely laggy or unresponsive, which makes it extremely difficult for me to navigate my way around the app. Hope that you can resolve this problem. Thanks, Keep up the great work.
I love it but....
by sonia marshall on 2019/02/10 11:44
I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have recent African hits or music on it ....
Best Music app !!!!!!!
by BigDaddy809 on 2019/02/10 10:11
No wifi no data to use Lets go !!!!!!!
I love it
by FIXXX IT NOWW on 2019/02/10 06:26
I love this app it’s amazing but there’s two songs I want to be downloadable. The first one is Up Down and the second is Some type of way. Hope the developers read this.
Amazing I recommend
by Zika5301 on 2019/02/10 06:20
I have super slow internet and have no WiFi in my house! But this app makes me stay connected to my favorite music even tho it needs a little work getting some old songs to play offline and no video it’s amazing and works offline with no problems I travel a lot and it’s amazing that I can hear everything I download offline!
Great app, but...
by lel.101 on 2019/02/10 03:38
I have used this app so often it’s unbelievable!!! I really love this app and I cant imagine life without it. I have a few suggestions and complaints though. I completed some offers and I never got the rewards for them. Also, I really like bollywood/hindi music and it’s not available in Trebel. Other than that everything is fantastic!!!
I love this app BUT needs improvement
by Tonii231 on 2019/02/10 02:36
There are lots of artists that aren’t up here like Jhene Aiko and all the best songs say coming soon which is annoying.
by Oof567 on 2019/02/09 20:46
Best app for music.
Best app
by Kraken Beast Master on 2019/02/09 20:24
I loooove this app
Spotify is better
by remy nathan on 2019/02/09 19:33
This app does not have anywhere close to the songs on Spotify has way more songs and you can download the songs on Spotify to! On this app you have to wait for the songs to be official add to the app to download and listen while on Spotify they new songs are on and ready to listen to and download (you need Spotify premium to download)But in conclusion Spotify is WAY BETTER THAN THIS APP! You’re welcome for the feedback!
Manque d bcp des artistes
by herobrosse on 2019/02/09 16:56
Il y a une manque de beaucoup morceaux et artistes
by Dreamy68 on 2019/02/09 16:54
Love it. Still would like a sample of a song before downloading it. But other than that, it’s all working great and everyone should try it. Also, just to add, I saw a pop up asking to join you on social media. 🤗🤓 i would but I’m not on any social media’s. 😊
Honestly not as good as I thought
by Le JayC on 2019/02/09 03:27
Their are none of the Latin hotlist songs I’ve been wating for these coming soon songs for months and their still not hear so I guess I’m just gonna move on to another app . 👎👎
Filthy pornography
by rock777star on 2019/02/08 22:01
Too many sleazy pictures.
by jqjjqqj on 2019/02/08 16:58
TREBEL is absolutely amazing the app is perfect and the best part is that you don’t need to be connected to the internet!!!
It’s good tho
by Zmok3z on 2019/02/08 05:01
It’s just a lil glitchy
by rainbowsun2021 on 2019/02/08 02:54
I’m giving this review a 5 star because I finally have the song I have been longing for but it only give me 4 of those songs and I need more!!!! I like pop and kpop both and I was so excited when you put in BLACKPINK square up album the new one so can you please put in more BLACKPINK songs please and kpop songs too
The best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Deniz Razakova on 2019/02/07 23:56
I love it
My playlist got deleted
by TechBroski on 2019/02/07 21:50
When I logged in on my android tablet, all my playlist got deleted, which, when I logged back in on my iPhone, they are still showing them deleted. I hope you guys can fix this logging in issue on both operating systems.
Little mix
by E͛l͛e͛ on 2019/02/07 17:46
I downloaded almost all of the little mix songs little mix is my favorite but it will not let me listen to all of the little mix songs that I downloaded it said restricted google apps something like that😢
by Tanner3016 on 2019/02/06 19:50
Why am I suddenly being charged coins to listen to music I’ve already downloaded? That’s never happened before and now it says I need more coins to listen to music even when I’m not connected to WiFi. And it pretty much took al my coins away and I can’t listen hardly anymore.
by duee kmg on 2019/02/06 18:35
Nice but need Metallica and Pink Floyd sum Hopsin tech n9ne please fix this been coming soon for 3 months nice app over all love it minus little music mistakes and no censored music lol
by 2keyzdabest on 2019/02/06 10:58
This app kills my battery and I need more coins! But good music though
All music need to be available
by $.M.$ on 2019/02/06 01:39
I love this app. I could listen to the music that I want and I like it. There is only one thing that I don’t like about the app. I think that every song should be available. There would be some songs that I want to listen to, but I need Internet to even listen to it because it come with a video. I don’t care if you can watch the video online. If you don’t have Internet, I still want to listen to the song. Overall I think that the app should have one with the video and one with just the music itself, so I can listen to the songs at least. Example: Sia songs I still want to hear the song with out the video. Thanks
It’s great!!!
by eeeellllllaaaaa:3 on 2019/02/06 00:11
So I was honestly really skeptical when I got it but then I started downloading and tested the whole no WiFi thing.... it’s super cool and does exactly what it’s supposed to 😀😃😋😛
by JRB022 on 2019/02/05 23:59
plays good music, on and offline. no static or anything, only some songs aren’t available, and please just use normal adds, bc the one i keep getting is where i have to skip through 3 things but i have to wait 12 seconds for each. it’s annoying
Some problems
by Natsha101 on 2019/02/05 17:47
Hey I really like this app but I think you should take off the coins because say you download all the song you know and you have lots of coins but then you use them all and have to pay for more coins and I don’t really want to pay I wanted really like it more if you could take off the coins and let use listen to it offline without haveing coins
Some music still not free and they old
by we bounce on 2019/02/05 10:21
Some music a little old some of them coming soon they should be free longtime ago
Can’t download most of anything
by TheObviousconclusion on 2019/02/05 02:05
I hate mumble rap and that’s about all that is available for download. I tried to download my favorite punk rock, blues, dubstep, lofi, (emo:all genres of emo are good) etc. and even tried some older pop And still found nothing in this genre. This app was clearly made by someone who has no appreciation for real music!
by oomj22 on 2019/02/04 11:17
They have good songs on there but not all of the songs by that person they only have songs on there that was a big hit by the artist
by By the Way... Ijs on 2019/02/04 03:53
Most of the songs I like are not loaded on here yet
Help! Battery Drains
by 3e5U- Level 21 on 2019/02/03 23:25
The battery drains when I open the app. It drains like 5% every minute. Please fix! 😱
by instagram - bigplayray_ on 2019/02/03 22:07
How to delete a playlist or album.
by Amazing! I love it! on 2019/02/03 21:09
I love this so much! I love being able to download albums, but I dislike that the songs are not in the correct order, but sometimes the albums say they need WiFi to use and idk how to delete albums and it's really making me mad please tell me or fix it so you can.
by ItzzNinutsa on 2019/02/03 08:38
This app is AMAZING!!!! YOU SAVED ME HAHAHA LOL! LIKE DREAM COME TRUE✨ Download it immediatelyyyy
Lo mejor
by Él pive on 2019/02/03 05:53
Desde q la descubrí solo en esta app escucho mi música preferida
My opinion on TREBEL
by JAMES2O on 2019/02/03 02:11
Tbh with you I really want music from (WISIN Y YANDEL) but it always says it’s (coming soon) and the thing is that I’ve been wanting to hear their music on TREBEL but I can’t I’ve waited almost three months for their music to appear but it still says (coming soon) and that’s why I’m giving TREBEL a 1 STAR REVIEW. 👎😠 I’m sorry for being rude but I really do want to hear their music
Remove Coins
by k1speed on 2019/02/02 22:43
I love this app but one thing that you should change, NO COINS! I don’t like. I run out in like 2 days and when I invite a friend, it takes forever to get the coins. So NO Coins remove them please.
by Bigshark88 on 2019/02/02 06:29
The app is great and awesome I think it needs to be improved by battery life on phone. It makes my phone too hot and drains the battery. Please fix
This is the worst app ever
by Leviman00 on 2019/02/02 05:35
I downloaded this app without recognition that it would take all my information from facebook and upload it on here. The music downloading is failing and I want no association with this garbage
Best app/its okay
by Ghetto Bougie on 2019/02/02 02:17
I love this app I can download song for free and it’s offline when you don’t have WiFi or mobile Data
Great! but one problem
by Paul's market on 2019/02/01 18:42
I love this app! It’s very clever and amazing! The only problem I’m having is deleting songs. I’ve downloaded a couple songs I don’t like and went to delete them. I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first but soon found out that it was those three little dots or the WiFi looking symbol. I’ve managed to delete some songs but it took me awhile. Every time I try to tap the icon to delete the song it would start playing. Eventually I somehow tapped the minuscule hit box of the icon to delete it. What I’m trying to say is to pls increase the size of the box to delete the song. Other than this I’ve had no other problems regarding the app. Thank you!!
by ghghhhhhhhgggh on 2019/02/01 18:15
Sometimes it doesn’t work
Almost five
by navitas25 on 2019/01/31 03:46
Better if there’s a shuffle option.
This is rediculous
by momof2ski on 2019/01/30 06:19
The app on my iPad is literally just an iPhone sized screen with an iPhone keyboard, and the song I chose ended up being a YouTube music video that I couldn’t download or play outside the app meaning as soon as I close the app, my music is gone. And as for “ad free” the first thing I got when I opened the app was an ad for Apple Music. The song selection otherwise is tiny; for example acdc, a major band, and 3 albums that were incomplete and not available for download. I’ll just stick to my iTunes or Spotify library from now on.
Crashes out
by AkayFilms on 2019/01/29 15:45
Instantly crashed out 5 times after downloading and trying to figure the app out. Has everything I was looking for, but I can’t even use it because of the bugs.
It’s ok
by bbbbaaaa11345678 on 2019/01/29 01:11
look i like it and all but them point things need to go thanks for readding
by Jace The transgender on 2019/01/29 00:47
Freaking awesome. I can listen to all my loud af music and play my weird games!
by lobo salva on 2019/01/28 23:21
Me gusta esta aplicación pero ahora cuando descargo mi música se con vierte en video ya casi ya no me gusta
This need more of the songs by XXXTENTACION
by loganthereal96 on 2019/01/28 19:07
That’s what it needs and it needs to update itself a lot more otherwise it’s perfect
by fujftugfgddf on 2019/01/28 18:00
Dont download, you need coins to listen to music
Love the app but....
by Feverbasher on 2019/01/28 14:11
How in the world do I use the TREBEL Coins????
An amazing app, but room for improvement
by Maiken37 on 2019/01/28 01:29
I really love this app for lots of reasons: the music selection is amazing, you can listen offline AND in the background (I’m listening as I write!) But there are some drawbacks—it’s difficult to earn coins for offline listening, and you run out quickly, which in my opinion is the price you pay for free music offline. What bothers me more is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your library or undownload them if you don’t want them anymore. I have whole albums of music cluttering my library that make it difficult to find what i’m looking for—and lots of duplicate songs when I downloaded a whole album. If you like to keep organized , watch what songs you download and do them one at a time when in albums so you don’t accidentally get a double download (playlists let you choose individual songs to download). It’s really, really annoying....but I suppose having too much music isn’t much of a complaint at all.
I need more old contry
by contry boy58304 on 2019/01/27 23:01
My favorite sons rodio by Garth brooks I can’t listen to it
I Love It! Just a few issues..
by !¡Muse¡! on 2019/01/27 18:29
I’m absolutely in love with this app.. but there are two things that really bug me. 1) you can’t tell if you’re downloading the music video, or the actual track until you’ve already downloaded it. And when you download the music video, you can’t turn off your phone screen and have it still playing like you can with the tracks. 2) A lot of the good songs say “Coming Soon,” including some of the older songs, which is really depressing.
by Micann16 on 2019/01/27 13:35
If I sat here saying the things I like about this app I’d be here all day so let me just say this app is aaaamazing
Love it, but...😰
by AlanTheWatermelon🍉 on 2019/01/26 22:22
So I have been using this app lately and I love it, but... I don’t know what the coins are used for, but over all I love it.Without this app I would have not been were I am cause I’m always bored
by JoseTrevino1738 on 2019/01/26 22:20
It cool ow can listen to music every where like u don’t need any WIFI
by zDf😃🔐🤞🏾😋 on 2019/01/26 20:59
I love it so much😂
by MikeD956 on 2019/01/26 20:50
It’s a great app awesome it’s really great app also it’s a great app
I love it...but
by okaywill on 2019/01/26 17:18
There’s this one song I really like and it’s not up for download so when is it gonna be because it say coming soon ,but anyway it’s a nice app I just really want the song.. it’s called Emotional by okaywill 😔
by fjdvy on 2019/01/26 13:22
I love your app thanks
Great music
by cool music anf i lo on 2019/01/25 22:37
I love this app because I love listing to music and it doesn’t take Wifi last night I was in the car and I turned this on it’s great highly recommended
I Love This, Except A Few Things
by ProBossProSkills on 2018/10/30 04:47
Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Getting To Listen To Music And Sift Through My Favorites And Download Them. It’s Great, There Are Few Ads And You Earn The Coins Very Easily And I Think It’s A Great System. Though Some Contradictions Start Appearing, Like If You Download Like Journey Or ELO, There Is This Little Thing That Appears To The Right Of The Songs And It Tells You That You Can Only Listen To Them With Wi-Fi, Which Kind Of Defeats The Purpose Of Downloading It. Also, This Isn’t As Major Of A Problem, But I’m Not Sure If It’s Copyright Issues, Which Is Totally Fine, But A Lot Of People Complain That There Aren’t A lot Of Artists (Again, Totally Fine, You’re Barely Starting), But You Should Do Like A Request Page Because There Are Artists Like Pink Floyd Or Simon And Garfunkel That Weren’t Even Added. Besides That I Think You Guys Are Great And It’ll Improve As It Goes. Thank You EDIT: Two Other Things, One Is Major, And One Is small. The Small One Is That The Albums Are Not In Order And I Have To Search Up The Track Listings, Which Is An Inconvenience, But Not Huge. The Major One Which Isn’t As Major As You Would Hope, But When You Have An Album Like Ten By Pearl Jam Or Stop The Clocks By Oasis, You Don’t Complete Them, And There Are Only A Couple Songs Instead Of The Full Album. Just Some Other Quick Things.
Great app but it could be better
by robloxexposergirl on 2018/08/31 11:50
I usually don't write reviews but this app is one of those awesome apps that I just had to. I enjoy how you can download just about any song you can think of. Also I enjoy that there really arent as many ads like most music apps😋.My favorite feature is that you can play it in the background and you don't need wifi connection which is awesome for when your going to school! However with the pros comes the cons....😥 The only real con for me was the COINS! There honestly isn't a way to earn coins easily and like most people I really do believe that there could be an easier way to earn them. I feel like its robbery because if you want more coins you gotta buy them... however with a great app like this I can see why you would charge. So thats like my only reason. I hope you can come up withy a better way to get coins easily because, im honestly tired of running out of coins all the time. PS. If it isnt to much to ask could you maybe lower your coin rate thing.. like how much one song cost to play(6-7) would seem reasonable to me. I hope you read my review and work on that soon. Thank you for creating a great music app.😄👏👏Edit: That makes sense and I get it now thanks.
One of those apps that you think’s too good to be true..
by kyleMcLightning on 2018/07/24 04:20
...until you finally download it and start acquiring free music. I got hooked on this app over a year ago. I kept telling my teenage kids to download it; that they could download all of their favorite music and listen offline but, as usual, they don’t listen to their father. Once they finally downloaded the app, it spread amongst their friend groups very fast. When I get in my car and connect my phone or when I am anywhere and want to listen to everything from Bowie to Drake to Damien Rice, I used to open the music app that comes with IOS and listen to the songs I paid $1+ each to download (limited). Now, I open Trebel as a matter of habit. I have every song I could ever think of (actually more like 90%) and didn’t spend a dime but know that the artist are still getting their royalties. It’s the bomb or whatever kids say these days. Awesome. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t download Trebel and give it a shot.
An amazing app, but room for improvement
by Maiken37 on 2019/01/28 01:29
I really love this app for lots of reasons: the music selection is amazing, you can listen offline AND in the background (I’m listening as I write!) But there are some drawbacks—it’s difficult to earn coins for offline listening, and you run out quickly, which in my opinion is the price you pay for free music offline. What bothers me more is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your library or undownload them if you don’t want them anymore. I have whole albums of music cluttering my library that make it difficult to find what i’m looking for—and lots of duplicate songs when I downloaded a whole album. If you like to keep organized , watch what songs you download and do them one at a time when in albums so you don’t accidentally get a double download (playlists let you choose individual songs to download). It’s really, really annoying....but I suppose having too much music isn’t much of a complaint at all.
by laxatl on 2018/07/08 09:21
Hello Trebel staff, I have had trebel since 2016 and really loved it back then. Now it is ok, but the experience is not as good. The process for downloading music used to be pressing download, then watching video ads. You could skip ads to see new ones and each ad gave you five coins. Now, I cannot get any coins because when I download music, I do not get paid coins after the download. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and all my music, but it still does not give me any coins, and it still costs 8-9 coins per play, even if the play is for a second. Also, when I try to get coins by pressing the top right icon, “AD PLAY” does not work at all. It just says “wait, loading”, and never loads. That means I have no easy way to earn coins except buying them. The check in feature only gives 5 coins and I cannot invite friends every time I want to listen to music on Trebel. I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to this, and I get that we need ads. That is what makes this app great. Thank you.
I just started and it was great, but..
by Mikomayen on 2018/11/25 21:30
I just downloaded the app today, since my favorite music app “Pockettube” is no longer available in the Apple store. I’ve been looking for music apps with offline listening and I found TREBEL and it works great. Browsing songs are fast and easy and have almost everything that you’re looking for, but only a handful of songs require wifi. I gave this 4 stars because for some reason, I couldn’t download anymore songs! I’m connected to WiFi and every time I wanted to download a song, it would say that I wasn’t connected to the internet and to try again. I tried again like 5 times, even without WiFi (LTE) and still no go, so I’d have to be okay with only having 57 songs😂. Overall, the app is great and is a lifesaver because I cannot survive without listening to music every time I’m on the train on my way to school. I just hope you can fix the small bugs so the app can be better!
It's a good app!
by Profit420 on 2017/09/23 01:56
But it's not great! It could be great. That is, if you could download music while multitasking, though of course, keeping the app open while doing so as well. But still being able to go look something up on the internet, or receive a call or go to settings etc. It would also be great, if, for the music and songs that are not available for download at the time you attempt to do so(which I actually get confronted with more than I'd like), they would go ahead and make the music that we request & express we want to be able to download, available in a reasonably quick amount of time. I also think it's weird, that they might have a whole album available to download, except like 1 or 2 songs from that album. I mean, why not just have the entire album available on there? Being that they decided to make that specific bands album(or 80-90% of it) available at all? Just some concerns!
Great Music App!
by music.player_1004 on 2018/07/30 01:14
I was actually looking for an app like this that allows you to download musics for free, so that I could listen to them in offline areas, and this app is the perfect one! I downloaded this app about a week ago, and I’m already in love with it! This app is wonderful, and I would recommend this to everyone, but I think it would be easier and better if it had the shuffle play feature, and the timer. Without the shuffle play feature, I have to listen to songs in a specific order at all times, so it would be cool if the app would randomize the songs. I like to listen to music in my bed, because it helps me sleep better, but using this app, it would play all night, so I think it would be better if it had a timer so that the app stops playing music after the set up time. But otherwise, I would DEFINITELY recommend this app to music lovers👍🏻
by stasia1018 on 2018/03/27 20:05
It’s very frustrating. You run out of coins to fast and I think the coin system is stupid. Honestly if you wanted us to watch ads, you should’ve done it a different way. Like having us watch a couple while it downloads and then let us listen to the music that we technically paid for because you get money for having ads. I just downloaded a whole album and it still is telling me I don’t have enough coins to listen to any of my new music!! It shuts down all the time. I also don’t like how you’ll tease us with the “ coming soon” for music. Just don’t put it in there at all because, trust me, it’s way more frustrating thinking you have the song for us, and finding out you don’t, rather then looking for it and not seeing not seeing it at all. I’d rather just pay for pandora premium every month, then sitting here constantly downloading songs that I don’t even want to listen to, or can’t listen to because you don’t have it. I gave it 2 stars because it was nice at first, but now it’s just annoying.
Losing Songs
by Losing Songs on 2018/07/20 04:01
Okay, so let me start out by saying that this is a really good music app that i have been using for a few years now! It’s great if you want to listen to music where there is no service or wifi, but i have been having some problems with it RECENTLY! I have notice that is harder to get coins, i also found it hard to get some songs because they are “coming soon” but they been saying that for months when i keep checking in on the song, and the most aggravating things that just happened was that i lost A LOT of songs. I never really noticed it until now. I always thought i had downloaded a song but then it just disappeared, well i now know that this is true. I had 1,150+ song that i downloaded and now i only have 600 song. i am beyond upset because music is my life, now they are gone! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
Ok but could be better
by rach14f on 2018/04/21 02:18
Overall I like this app. I can download music very easily and be able to play without wifi which is the reason I got the app in the first place. The only thing that really is annoying is their music selection. It takes forever for music to become available on here to listen. Once it is finally available to download on the app the song is now old. I wished they add songs when a new song is actually being released to the public. This app seems to be behind when it comes to their song selection. Also, if a song is still not available yet I wish there was a wishlist we can add those songs so when they do come available for download we can be notified. The app's wishlist now only works for available songs which doesn't make sense. I'm constantly having to go back to see if it is available... Still waiting while songs have already been released months ago.
Does NOT always load
by 501820490 on 2018/11/13 17:08
-Does NOT always load -Jumps out of app if phone is turned off -Stops mid-song and have to get back into app to continue the song -Does not work if I go out of the app Recommendations: -show specific songs that are explicit, not just the albums -order the songs in the same order as on the cds -put songs that cannot be downloaded at the end -show “deluxe” albums (i.e. indicate which albums with the same title that have more songs) -show number of songs -show year of album release -show if the album is a single -separate the single albums from the regular albums -a way to go to specific letters -notify if a downloaded artist gets more music available -show if there is more than one disc and the titles of the discs -if the song is a part of an album, be able to get to the album from the song -if all the songs are downloaded in an album, make sure it says “play album” instead of “complete the album” -be able to see the songs on the album -say play album when all the songs are downloaded or show undownloaded songs -in the TREBEL cloud, have a button to download all the songs -add numbers to the songs (with the same number from the album) -show when a person has already downloaded a song and it is in the cloud -add lyrics to the songs
Amazingly Inspirational and Joyous
by Ryskills on 2017/11/21 23:33
I really like the idea and concept of this app. Had a bit of trouble offline at first. But good over all. Loving it. I extremely do support the fight against Unwanted Piracy and the ability to have free music that is still paid for. No artist shall starve due to pirated music I hope in the future. I’d donate 50,000 TrebleCoins just to be able to say I support Treble as I have since the beginning in the Beta processing. I love it an recommend it to anyone. Only suggestion would be an option able page in the app to automatically open up to when the app is opened. Like the library page instead of the new releases page. Or the profile page if that is what someone would want to choose for the opening page of their app. Whatever floats their boat in their own unique preferential senses.
I love it!
by #Thatkid on 2018/07/29 22:16
Love the fact that I can play all my downloaded songs offline free. I hate having to pay for music. Only have to watch a few ads to build up coins to listen offline. They may not have every artist quite yet, since they are a fairly new app, but they have most of the popular ones. And if you're like me, who likes any and every genre, that's pretty great! And they add new artists at least once every week! They have such great service too! I had a problem with my songs disappearing, so I emailed them and they are currently fixing the bug right at this very moment. I also accidentally turned off my ads (which caused me to lose coins because I was playing my songs) one time and they were gracious enough to show me how to turn them back on. They are very polite and I love the app! Do get trebel!
It’s getting annoying
by LaMya Cowan on 2018/06/04 21:10
I used to really like this app when there were easy ways to get coins like downloading music or opening the app and what not so i could listen to my music on shuffle and not worry about running out of coins bc i know that i could easily get them back. But now the only way to get coins is to watch ads,get someone to send them to you, or buy them. And I hate that. I literally can’t just listen to my music on shuffle bc I’ll run out of coins and it takes way too many coins to listen to one song. And I also am getting annoyed of almost every new song I look up to download having a “coming soon” written. So I can’t even download it and I check in months later and it still isn’t available for download. There aren’t many new songs being made available either. I’m about to find something else to listen to music on bc this is getting annoying. I do like that I can listen to the music I already have offline but that’s about it tbh.
It’s ok..
by mari gomez on 2018/04/21 14:57
Now, this app has some pros and cons. The things I don’t enjoy about this app is that it has me wait for the song to download. It won’t let me close out the app or go back to wait for it to download. If I do go back or close out the app it will stop downloading. Like, really?? Another thing I loathe about this app is that when I search a song, sometimes it will say “coming soon” 🙄 Even if it’s an old song that came out in like, the 2000’s or the 80’s. Honestly, that’s straight up dumb. Why does it let us download the newest songs like “Gods Plan” for example but yet, it won’t let me download Dear Maria, Count Me In?? Dear Maria Count Me In is an old song soo.. I think it should let me download that. ALSO it doesn’t let me download Lil Peep songs! It fact, when you search “Lil Peep” they have no songs of him..explain! But, something good about this app is that it lets you listen to music offline. And I think that’s great. But yeah.. THANKS FOR READING.
Love This App, But 2 Problems!
by Skullpig45 on 2017/11/11 21:37
I love this app. I always play my music on it and I download my favorite songs, well not all the time. This is where I have the problems, I try to find a certain song I like. It pops up and when I click on it, it says “Coming Soon”. When is “Soon”? If there is multiple results for the song, they all say the same thing! Another problem I have is the points that you earn from downloading music. I can’t stress enough how irritating it is to try and download random songs to earn points! The other problem with this is that when you finish a song, about 10 points get deducted from you. What is the point of creating and offline music app if you need a currency system to listen to music? Developers of this app, please get rid of the “Coming Soon” and currency nonsense. I am really close to uninstalling this app!
by MUSIC LOVER🎶🎵 on 2019/02/13 21:21
I really love this because you can get almost all the music you love and if they don’t have it they will send you a notification when they get it. And you can play your music anywhere you are. And make playlists!!😀😍🤩😎Here is the small problem: you have to have coins to play you music offline!! And if you run out you have to watch ads, like music, write comments, or buy some with your money!! I do not think that it fair that it takes coins away for listening to your music offline. And if you are off the app for a long time and on something else your music stops and asks if you are still listening which gets annoying but the first problem is the worst!!I hope to get a developer response to these problems and make it better for everyone. THANK YOU GREAT APP!! 👍
by Lio5533 on 2018/07/23 00:07
The app, overall is great, at first, I was a bit sketchy about the coins and such, but realized that it wasn’t going to be too much of a problem. After all, having a tiny countdown does help to expand your music interest by more or less forcing you to look into other songs to see what you like and download them for more coins. But when I had an entire album that I created that had all the songs of just one artist that I had downloaded, one day they just disappeared, and along with that the coins. When I looked them up, it said that they were coming soon, but didn’t they already come out if I could have downloaded them before? Not sure if this has happened to anyone besides me, but if possible, could someone explain this to me or at least fix it? Thanks.
It’s good buttttttt
by Fuzzybears609 on 2018/07/13 01:57
This app is great! I really enjoy listening to music in the car during road trips, except i run out of coins. I don’t have the money to buy some more so it is frustrating to try and play a song, but then it says you need more coins. I tried getting my friends to download the app so that I can get rewards but they refuse. Also when I look for a song and I find it very upsetting when I click on it and then it says coming soon. I know that you guys are trying to get the artist to let you use their songs but why do you have to tease us with the coming soon? It would be better just to have a section labeled “coming soon” and then another section that has all the songs I can download and play. I just wish there was a way to get coins without buying them 🙃😑
Great app, but one issue
by Mr. Brevity on 2018/08/27 11:43
I've been using Trebel for a year or two now, and I've loved it ever since I got it. As far as the music and coin system, I'm completely fine with it. However, there is one problem that must be addressed. In recent updates, Trebel received an aesthetic change. I see that you guys are trying to go modern with your color scheme, but certain parts of the app, the top toolbar with the coin count, for example, are unreadable. Therefore, I don't know how many coins I have. Please, change the font color for these areas or change the bar's color. So long as I can read the text and numbers, I'm fine with whatever color scheme you want. Other than that, keep up the good work. I look forward to the future of Trebel.
I like what you got going on but...
by Facebookisgaynow on 2018/12/11 23:34
I see Pink Floyd is coming soon so I’m not as concerned but I Need me some Floyd! All the albums as possible a guaranteed download from me. But here’s what I think I like that this app is free & does let me listen to most of my songs offline. However not all of them. What I dislike is I have to change the order of my songs all the time to alphabetical, instead of the order I downloaded it. I have manually put shuffle on everytime as well as repeat all. Which isn’t major just some feedback in no way negative. Overall good job. I sincerely hope you read this & make more minor changes to make it even better. & get more artist with as many songs by them as possible.
by Crazy Love Bug on 2018/10/18 21:36
Hi I just got Trebel after a friend recommended it to me and after using it I just might ask her what she was thinking. I love the variety you give but when I listen to my music offline I get very, very frustrated when it takes 8 of my coins away for skipping a song and I have read some of the reviews in the past where people are complaining about the same think and you responded with “We are working to fix that and are coming out with a solution soon.” but that was some time ago and this is still a problem. I downloaded this app because I though this was going to allow me listen to my favorite songs without using my data but I guess I will have to go back to using it which is a big let down. I am truly sorry for writing such a long review that only says bad things about your app but I hope this helps you to come up with solutions. Thx
Great! but one problem
by Paul's market on 2019/02/01 18:42
I love this app! It’s very clever and amazing! The only problem I’m having is deleting songs. I’ve downloaded a couple songs I don’t like and went to delete them. I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first but soon found out that it was those three little dots or the WiFi looking symbol. I’ve managed to delete some songs but it took me awhile. Every time I try to tap the icon to delete the song it would start playing. Eventually I somehow tapped the minuscule hit box of the icon to delete it. What I’m trying to say is to pls increase the size of the box to delete the song. Other than this I’ve had no other problems regarding the app. Thank you!!
lil' glitchy but still good
by Ihasfoxtail on 2017/12/16 17:43
Having scavenged through the App Store looking for a completely free, and legal, music app I can say I've tried a lot of apps. Trebel has been the most successful app I've come upon and works quite well. It's coin system keeps me from having to waste money and in turn helps the company add more of my favorite artists. However, as like every app, it can experience a few bugs. Sometimes I'll be playing a song and leave the app and be cut off. Other times I'll have downloaded an album then go offline to find the song won't play. But, after a rather long ten minutes the song will finally process and play. This is only an occasional problem however and usually the app works just fine.
TREBEL is pretty good but meh
by LotusDrgon on 2018/09/03 18:58
I love that I can find a lot of artists that I love but also there’s a lot of stuff missing from quite a few. Some of what is missing does say coming soon so that’s nice but with bands like Tool there’s really not anything and none of it was original work anyway. I. HATE. The coins idea. I understand that ads have to play in order to make a profit but the coins are so frustrating especially when I don’t want to pay because I’m poor as hell but I can’t watch ads because they won’t load. I also don’t like that only having the ads option will give me a measly 10 coins. 20 would be a much more worth while option because of how long 10 per ad would take to get any kind of decent listening time.
All music need to be available
by $.M.$ on 2019/02/06 01:39
I love this app. I could listen to the music that I want and I like it. There is only one thing that I don’t like about the app. I think that every song should be available. There would be some songs that I want to listen to, but I need Internet to even listen to it because it come with a video. I don’t care if you can watch the video online. If you don’t have Internet, I still want to listen to the song. Overall I think that the app should have one with the video and one with just the music itself, so I can listen to the songs at least. Example: Sia songs I still want to hear the song with out the video. Thanks
Favorite app, needs some tweeks
by GamingCrictic22 on 2017/10/27 20:35
I love this music downloader, hands down, but I find that one itsy, bitsy, problem can fixed. Is it possible that you guys (the makers of Trebel) could take away the point system. Like, I have over 100 songs, and I'm down to 6,000 points. If I keep listening to my songs, I won't have any points to listen to my songs. I understand that if you download songs, you get points. Well recently, I've tried to get more points by downloading albums, but I haven't gotten any points. So, would you ever so kindly, take away the points so I can listen to my music whenever I want. And of course, I'll be downloading more music, because music is one of the most important things in modern society.
by Loamaria321 on 2017/12/03 19:35
This app; it’s wonderful, it’s legal, it’s safe, yet there’s things that need change and honestly don’t make any sense. • Listening to a song costs ten coins on average. It’s frustrating, because in order for me to play all my 68 songs, I’d need 680 coins, which is completely absurd. A song should cost one coin. This limits the amount of songs I can play and how much time I have to waste getting those coins. So far, this is the thing that’s aggravating me the most. • The user interface needs a new look. It’d be nice if you could model off other radio apps with smoother interfaces. • Other than offering prices to buy coins to support your app, consider offering a deal where you can pay to get rid of ads and download/play unlimited songs without the use of coins. It’s frustrating for a generation that hates capitalism find it in music, too.
Great app 10/10 would recommend
by Ankletwistsnap on 2018/06/10 21:00
Ok, so I ran into an issue right from the start, and it’s that the app wouldn’t log me in. I used Facebook to create an account, but I just got an infinite waiting screen that said “loading your account” and I waited for 5 minutes, and didn’t change. Then I restarted the app and tried to create an account in with my email, but it said that that email was already used for another account. So now I’m completely lost on what to do, so can you please help me devs? Edit: The moment I went back into the app after writing this review, it worked, it’s a great app and would recommend
In love
by Kasey George on 2018/04/01 03:09
I never thought I would love a music app so good but this is by far the best app I have ever had...Takes seconds to download and ready to download another song...I also love the little filters they have... You also get to spend coins on fun stuff!!!Also every time you download a song you get extra coins just for whatever you want!!! Best thing is you don’t even have to have coins to listen to music!!!Also you can listen to where ever whenever without WiFi or internet its hard to find a music app that lets you do that!!! There is a lot of ads but just watching them gives you coins!!! Enjoy!!!
Good but...
by Person_z87 on 2017/12/31 17:01
It’s a really good app and it’s really convenient to listen to music off line. But the only thing that I don’t like is that it takes away some of your points you get from downloading songs whenever you listen to a song off line. I don’t think it should do that. Also when a song says coming soon you should make it come soon. I have looked up a lot of songs that have said coming soon so I can’t listen to them yet. Lastly whenever your off line a thing pops up and it says connect to the internet and it pops up a lot so if that could pop up less that would be great. But other that those three things the app is GREAT! 😁
it’s great but,,
by User 981038572820;75839 on 2018/07/23 23:17
so i’ve used this app for a couple of months now after having discovered it randomly, but in those few months i downloaded hundreds of songs which usually worked great. granted, there were times that something would malfunction or the music would stop, but that was a rare occasion. the app is awesome in most cases, especially when there’s no wifi, and though it is frustrating to see some favorite songs “coming soon”, i still can’t really complain. i mean it’s free and it fulfills exactly what it claims to, so there’s not much room to be upset with it. recently though, i’ve noticed that my song numbers are dropping. at first i assumed that it was just acting up or that a song or two were temporarily being modified or something. but when i went on today, i found a dramatic decrease of my song number, and most of my recently played songs are missing. a lot of them are asking me to re-download them too, which is weird. all in all the app is pretty awesome but please fix whatever bug this might be!!
It could be better
by ℓσνєя σf gιяαffєѕ on 2018/01/10 06:02
This app is okay, but it’s not great. There is a huge variety of songs although there are some that aren’t available. When I first downloaded it I had trouble with playing offline. I deleted it and searched for other apps but couldn’t find one. I decided to deal with it and downloaded Trebel again. This time it seems that I can listen offline. But I still am aggravated with the coin thing. I think it’s stupid. I do not understand the point of the coins. It makes absolutely no sense at all. It’d be awesome if someone could explain it to me. I can understand maybe needing the coins to download a song, but that’s not what happens. I just wish Trebel could let us have the music without all this extra nonsense. They would have a better reputation if they did.
Plzzzz change this
by plumbit1 on 2018/06/26 05:23
So I love this app so much for travel really handy. But the ads some of them don’t have a close the add button. So I have to close the whole app look up my song again and oh look the same add I mostly have to do this over and over again to get songs. Also I hate how song of them say coming soon even though the song has been out for years. Also add some sleeping music it would really help me for going on vacation where I don’t have wifi but can’t sleep that easy. Also for the stuff that requires WiFi make a non music video version of the songs so people can still listen to it. Other wise really good app.
Great App, and a great potential!
by Mad dog Pedro on 2018/12/02 23:03
Great app! Lives up to everything it says it is. You can download and stream most mainstream music and play them offline. Some things that would make the app better are to increase the speed the music downloads. I’m not sure how or if you can do this but it would be nice to not have to wait 2 minutes for a song to download. Another thing to work on is the search bar. You can only search for the songs using the artist name and then scrolling through all of their music until you find the song your looking for. Overall good start to a successful app, I’ll be using it for a life time.
Best Music App I’ve Ever Download!
by alallen1805 on 2018/10/20 18:47
The TREBEL app is by far one of the best offline music apps I’ve ever used. Albeit great in terms of offline listening, my one issue with the app is the albums or songs that I want to get but I’m unable to because they say, “Coming Soon” even though the particular songs or album were already released years back, say All I Was by Tremonti back in 2012. I hope that you can take the time to address these here concerns into consideration and make the songs and albums available for free download. Overall, I have no problems whatsoever with TREBEL and I do highly recommend it.
Love it! Its wonderful! Sorta
by RainnyDayBooks on 2018/10/10 13:23
Just trying to figure out how to organize my playlist. And trying to get ahold of developers . It says on app put in email, but it wont let you. There are no real directions on this. I would plz appreciate feedback plz. And I can’t download any toddler music ....any toddler music at all! I can’t download any 80s music ,any relaxation music ,anything because you keep saying coming soon ..are you ever going to get them or is it just something that is being said to keep people hanging on and coming back because this is not good. And it crashes as soon as i open it! But overall I love this app! I would recommend it to anybody!
Love but some questions
by Review_100% on 2018/12/15 15:16
I love this app I’ve been usining it for almost 2 years now I just have a few questions like I have an iPhone and my earbuds won’t let me pause the music but it works on every other app why is that, will more music become able for download soon like songs from NF and other signed artists or even YouTuber MUSIC because I would absolutely love that! But over all your app is just amazing and I’ve had multiple of my friends download this and they love it too, I just appreciate what you guys are doing and I would really like to revive a reply form you guys!💙
by Laineygb on 2018/08/23 16:06
So I recently got obsessed with Ariana Grande's album, 'sweetener' after I bought it in store. I didn't have the time or the money to download it on ITunes, so I downloaded this app and downloaded the album on my phone. What so didn't know was that the coins that you get for downloading songs had to be used on playing songs, so every song you play it takes away some coins. I was riding the bus to school, and I switched the song and it told me that I was out of coins and that I couldn't listen anymore. That was frustrating because I downloaded the songs, but I can only listen to them a few times??? That just doesn't make sense. In the new update I hope it takes away that. Thanks
Minor Fixes, but Overall is Awesome
by First_Hunter on 2017/12/13 10:25
Usually I don’t write reviews, but this app is compelling and pretty good. However, there should be multitasking when downloading music and it keeps closing itself at random times, a bug maybe? Anyways, if that gets fixed it’s a reasonably functioning music app. My only concern besides it randomly shutting my whole phone off is that the search bar is coming up with a lot of random or repeating results, which is very frustrating to sort through for the song or albums I actually want. If these get fixed and you could put tentative “coming soon” dates, I would absolutely love it!
Offline music for iPhone must have
by Amy ivins on 2018/03/14 19:59
I love this app has offline option for free well you have to use coins offline but you earn them by downloading your son's anyway so it's basically completely free. You might run out sometimes while you're out of internet connection for awhile but not often or if you prepare our accordingly unlike myself you shouldn't ever really run out of coins...pretty big music selection too and if you want whatever they don't have tog can request it. I also love you can download your dog's from previous divices or whatever for nothing or without losing your music library like onfrostwire
Pro's and Con's
by Emma Rines on 2018/07/25 02:19
This app has a good selection of music considering it is free in return for watching ads. Although the coin system is a little annoying, I understand why it is necessary. The reason I'm giving this app 3 stars instead of 4 is because I had a music library of around 100 songs that I watched ads and downloaded and randomly, without warning, many of my songs and albums were deleted. Some include Lorde's Melodrama album and Lana Del Rey's music. This was already frustrating enough but when I went back to redownload the songs I saw were missing, I wasn't able to do so. Trebel, I enjoy your app but please fix this issue and restore the songs that I downloaded!
Bluetooth problems!!
by Everyones Critic on 2018/09/27 15:10
TREBEL staff, i have run into a bery common problem with the trebel app and bluetooth connectivity. Whenever I am listening to music with a bluetooth device while using trebel, the sound cuts out at the start of a new song. But when i press pause, play or skip forward, the sound immediately comes back. Also another thing i noticed was that the volume would suddenly shift, also at the start of a song. It might be a problem with my phone and bluetooth but i have not run into this problem on the music app or any other music/video app. If it is a problem, it might not be widespread but its definitely there. Please solve. Thanks.
It’s good but could be better!
by HaramBAE4Lyfe on 2017/11/25 21:56
The app is really great! It’s really easy to use and has great music you can download from there,but there are a few things that should be fixed. #1. I don’t think that the coins are really necessary. They’re really annoying at times too because everytime I run out of coins I need to download more music to get more coins. I don’t really want to pay to get more coins. #2. You should make it this way while you’re downloading music you can click off the app and it’ll still download. If that makes sense? Those are the only things that are really bothering me. Thank you!
I love it but..
by Ainslei1231 on 2018/10/25 15:28
I love this app a lot, it’s the first free app where I don’t need WiFi to listen to my music, well sometimes, but you don’t have artist that need to be on here, and to search a song or artist if you don’t have it 100% correct then you can’t find the song or artist. Also a lot of songs you need WiFi to listen to like Beyoncé songs and that’s frustrating. Other than those things I love this app and I appreciate it being free and not needing wifi most of the time but y’all should make the searching easier and add more artist and also add more offline music, you’re messing with my Beyoncé vibes.
Dear Developers
by Foidgotgiutgjiyhnfyiugh on 2018/09/29 20:27
I love the app. I use it every day on my way to school, and on the way back. I can listen to all my favorite songs, and not need to pay a thing. The only thing I don't like about the app, is that I don’t think that there is enough ways to get coins. The bus I take to my school is about 45 minutes long. I play about 6 song on the ride, and that takes 60 coins away from me. The only way I can figure out to get coins, is to watch ads, which I can get 30 from before it runs out of ads to give me. I love the app, but if you could please fix this, it would mean a lot to me. Thanks!
A great app, but...
by Afgrguh on 2018/04/08 04:31
This app is a five-star app, or would be if not for the coin feature. I do not see the purpose of uselessly frustrating your listeners by cutting off the music. I understand that coins help you know what songs are played, but maybe you could just track that data without suddenly stopping the music. I’m no tech genius, but that seems unnecessary. I would probably recommend this app anyway, though. It is a free and legal music downloading application that allows me to listen to music without using up my data. While the coin feature is annoying and, in my opinion, should be removed, the rest of the app would likely get 5 stars from me.
by Ghosssst on 2018/03/12 11:10
I just read your response to the person who said “it’s not that great because we can multitask while downloading” although I do agree with him, but I am on your side. I understand the whole ads story and I am completely fine with it as long as I can play the music and multitask (haven’t used the app it’s still downloading -.-) but I’m just so thankful stupid apple finally allowed a music downloader and I cannot wait to use it. Now I can save battery by not using my data for music 🙄 but thank you so much for this you guys are the best!
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