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TREBEL is a free iPhone music app that lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. Now you can listen to music you download anywhere with no WiFi. TREBEL is engineered for unlimited music downloads and uses less phone battery and works with no cellular data plan. iOS 10.2 or GREATER REQUIRED. Please send questions to: Downloading free music on TREBEL is as easy as tapping a button. No more wasting time on torrent sites or stream ripping YouTube videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love. On TREBEL you can download the hottest new albums from your favorite artists for free, such as: Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V, Tha Carter 5 Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 Imagine Dragons - Zero Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams 6ix9ine - FEFE DJ Snake feat. Ozuna, Cardi B, Selena Gomez - Taki Taki Post Malone - Better Now Cardi B - I Like It Eminem - Killshot Eminem - Kamikaze Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil Xxxtentacion - Moonlight Lady Gaga - A Star is Born Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty Post Malone - Beer Bongs & Bentleys Drake - Scorpion Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams Luke Bryan - What Makes You Country Ariana Grande - God is a Woman Migos - Culture II Panic! At the Disco - Pray for the Wicked Maroon 5 - Red Pill Blues Imagine Dragons - Evolve Kanye West - Ye Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy 5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood If you have a large iTunes collection already, TREBEL automatically syncs your existing library so you can combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app. Product Features: No Wi-Fi connection needed to listen to most downloaded songs Play offline on mobile Unlimited music downloads enabled by caching technology Use no cell data when playing music offline Use less battery when playing music offline Download complete albums at a time No need to use an MP3 converter or torrent site. No need for stream ripping Syncs with your existing iTunes MP3 collection Music: Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Holidays, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indie, and more! High quality audio Album cover art and information Customizable playlists Search by artist, album, or song Sort by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist Social: Campus function allows you to discover music from students at your college or university Interact with campus influencers for new music recommendations See what your friends and followers are downloading and listening to Download the same music as your friends What's New in This Version: We’re constantly updating and improving the TREBEL experience. Keep your Updates enabled to make sure you always have the current version. We’re working hard to get more free music content for offline playback. If you see a song or album that we don’t offer, hit “Request Download” and we will let you know when it’s live on the app. TREBEL is a licensed service with the best music in the world from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. HIT US UP BELOW! If you love the app, please rate and review it with 5 stars!
I like what you got going on but...
by Facebookisgaynow on 2018/12/11 23:34
I see Pink Floyd is coming soon so I’m not as concerned but I Need me some Floyd! All the albums as possible a guaranteed download from me. But here’s what I think I like that this app is free & does let me listen to most of my songs offline. However not all of them. What I dislike is I have to change the order of my songs all the time to alphabetical, instead of the order I downloaded it. I have manually put shuffle on everytime as well as repeat all. Which isn’t major just some feedback in no way negative. Overall good job. I sincerely hope you read this & make more minor changes to make it even better. & get more artist with as many songs by them as possible.
by Instafunposter on 2018/12/11 13:47
Obviously it's great to get somewhat free music I find my self having to buy coins since I listen on airplane flights when I don't have wifi but that's ok just not that great of a music selection to the songs I really want.
by chre145 on 2018/12/11 02:19
Amazing app recommend love that it has offline listening
by ILIA Masih on 2018/12/10 22:11
Make the iPad version too
I’d like to delete songs with more ease
by U.S. Constitution on 2018/12/10 17:10
I fear the more I download the more crap I’ll have on my phone and the more potential for some shyzsa lying disguise wearing sodomite shyzsa law pretenders, to clutter my phone with secret shyzsa.
There’s one thing
by Beastboy051105 on 2018/12/10 04:05
There’s one thing you should add and I know that you post music every week and stuff but could you try to add the album stokeley by ski mask the slump god please I love that album and I am always offline so I almost never get to hear it would be awesome if you could add that album p.s. I love your app must be a lot to go through like all the legal stuff to do this :)
by 124853363 on 2018/12/10 02:28
I downloaded a game that it said it would give me coins for but it didn’t give me coins
by Mama duck (tiff) on 2018/12/10 01:31
So far so good wish they let me listen to all but still love it
Must install!
by Sweet_Bitter98 on 2018/12/09 18:35
Simply Amazing App That Allows You To Download Any Song And Play It Offline 24/7 .Whatever Do I Wish More And For Free!
by EMC=q on 2018/12/09 17:49
Excellent enjoyable and a winner in my opinion... glad I was able to download this app..... Big Up’s to y’all!
by Narpple on 2018/12/09 17:26
I like it it’s just that it doesn’t have a lot of songs I want to listen to from movies. And some songs need WiFi. I like the fact that you can listen to some on the airplane though overall great app
Add more songs
by Queenie mj on 2018/12/09 15:09
Love this app but it doesn’t have much songs that I like. I searched my favorite song and it said “coming soon”...lets hope so
Nice app!!!
by Chen_0619 on 2018/12/09 06:48
This is the best music app I have ever used!!! But there is a little problem. When my iPhone X is working with this app, my phone will get very hot. Glad to hear from you soon!
Help us out
by Alicecattt on 2018/12/09 06:28
I was currently looking for a few songs. when I searched them up it has a very misleading download arrow next to the song. Instead you could remove the download sign or have text saying coming soon.
by Liza435 on 2018/12/08 20:21
I like love this app, but I have a question, what are the coins for. I have been dying to know
New music
by cheyennefaucett on 2018/12/08 19:35
I love this app so much and when i run out of data i love using it. Would love to see music from Ryan Upchruch be available on the app.🤙🏻
by Apartyisgood on 2018/12/08 18:27
I like this app but you need to hurry up on adding the artists Token and Tom Macdonald.
Fix app
by babyblue1991 on 2018/12/08 10:52
App keeps freezing up when I go to download any song.
by 10383762 on 2018/12/08 00:33
It starts using data on my iPhone so can someone change that now I don’t have anymore so please change that
Don’t download if you’re looking for xxxtentacion
by golden._laii🥰 on 2018/12/08 00:28
I does not have all the songs like they say. See, I wanted to listen to my favorite rapper, xxxtentacion and then I wanted to listen to “up like an insomniac” but they didn’t have it then I searched “infinity (888). They didn’t have that either. I look up a couple more songs and they barely have anything. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR XXXTENTACION
Very good app 👍👍
by Mystress99999 on 2018/12/07 16:41
I love this app it’s the best 👍❤️😄
please add more songs
by NatCom2022 on 2018/12/06 12:48
the app is really good i love how I don’t get any adds, but please add more music by lacuna coil, skillet, bts, three days grace, dagames, within temptation, and please add vocaloid songs too like miku hatsune, and creepP. thank you for making a really good app!
by GraceRose18gbc on 2018/12/06 02:16
I love it all, but... I don’t like it that you can’t have Christmas/ holiday music all year long, I just updated it, and it still says “ coming soon” for artists like pentatonix, the piano guys, owl city, etc, why can’t I download this Xmas music yet? It’s annoying.please help me, thanks really appreciate it!🤗
Please add more foreign languages songs
by Zainab 1234 on 2018/12/05 17:29
Can you pleaseee add Arabic songs and more of the old songs, this app is amazing but they have to improve their offline music list
Just what your looking for
by cmlaay on 2018/12/05 07:07
I love it easy
No tiene música de todos los generos
by al-j-10 on 2018/12/05 02:47
No tiene las canciones que busco
Best app ever—Release AJR the click album
by Ruby10199 on 2018/12/04 02:40
Hi so this is the best app ever, y’all should download it. Honestly this app was a huge life saver cause I have a little depression and music really helps me feel better when I listen to it but I have no money so I am so thankful that this is a option for me. There is one thing I wished that would get added to Trebel it is AJR click album.
by parker7725 on 2018/12/03 04:30
This is a horrible app because it says you can download music to listen to later when you aren’t online which isn’t fully have to connect all the time and “update” in order to keep listening to any songs you have downloaded. Also, the variety of songs is extremely limited and can’t search for and download a random song you want to hear. To make things worse the songs that do come up aren’t labeled correctly and many of them are remixes or edited versions that aren’t at all what you wanted to hear. The only thing I like is the fact I can listen to some music offline. On this iPhone it’s seemingly impossible to download songs I want to listen to offline for free.
Love music
by Thyriheo on 2018/12/03 01:33
I love this app great way for offline if you download more songs. Or you could pay for it either way. Albums give more coins which give each click of a song better listening time. Best offline deal I've found in years!😍
by jsullivan7287272747283 on 2018/12/03 00:20
I was scrolling through music apps, looking for a good app. I ended up picking treble. It is one of, if not the best offline music apps. It has almost every song to exist, and ads aren’t interrupting your music every 0.001 seconds. I highly recommend it.
Great App, and a great potential!
by Mad dog Pedro on 2018/12/02 23:03
Great app! Lives up to everything it says it is. You can download and stream most mainstream music and play them offline. Some things that would make the app better are to increase the speed the music downloads. I’m not sure how or if you can do this but it would be nice to not have to wait 2 minutes for a song to download. Another thing to work on is the search bar. You can only search for the songs using the artist name and then scrolling through all of their music until you find the song your looking for. Overall good start to a successful app, I’ll be using it for a life time.
by COLOR SWITCH HATER on 2018/12/02 21:05
I love the ad free downloads but the app is very generic. It would improve the app tremendously if you made the layout more modern looking. For example like Pandora or Spotify. I think doing this would improve your look and vibe. Thanks!
I really like this app but...
by Gabby🐙💎 on 2018/12/02 16:55
This app is a great alternative to downloading expensive music. One of the biggest drawbacks for me though is that sometimes the songs download as videos instead as the normal record player design. This would be fine, but the app won’t allow my phone to close out of the app or even for my phone just to be shut off. The songs will also lag because the video is trying to load. If this one minor, yet obnoxious, inconvenience was fixed I’d rate this app 5 stars.
by LGBTQ+ Teen on 2018/12/02 00:44
It’s a excellent app that really let you download free music and listen to it without WiFi or Mobile Data
The best app I ever used
by byu4528 on 2018/12/01 04:48
I always look for apps like this with out have to use WiFi outside when I go to school so I have it a big 5 stars review
I like it but..
by lizard12894 on 2018/12/01 03:33
I really like this app But some of the music I want to download is not there. But I still like it!! 😁😁
Works Offline !!
by Been The Best 01 on 2018/12/01 01:27
Didn’t Want To Try It At First Until I Read Reviews It Actually Has The Songs I Want & It Actually Works Offline.
by Deezay Cruz on 2018/12/01 00:46
Love the app
by jav_o on 2018/11/30 19:27
It is very difficult to download mp3, some songs will automaticaly download the video which you cannot play offline. kinda sad
Nathan Robinson
by digg boy on 2018/11/30 16:20
Love this app it is the best
by alice_255281 on 2018/11/30 16:11
It’s so amazing ❤️
by ⭐️ziks on 2018/11/30 13:51
Unavailable choice of songs
by Harpy654 on 2018/11/30 04:33
This App Is Pretty Good But It Wastes To Much Battery Fix That And this app Is Gucci
by kermit the suicidal frog on 2018/11/30 02:59
It’s really cool except the only problem I have with it is that it illy comes in phone size and not I iPad size but overall I liked it so 5 stars guys⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Muy buena!
by Johannie Michelle on 2018/11/29 12:53
Muy buena!!
by daviestrath on 2018/11/29 11:03
This app is amazing. I’ve been looking for an app like this and I love it it’s just that there is a few albums I can’t download other than that app is perfect
by Zamonkeynasrions on 2018/11/29 08:45
I’m not sure on how it works for your phone but I have the IPhone X and when I turned my data off to listen to the music offline, it didn’t work and it took forever to download I’m upset that I watched the adds for it not to work! Back to Apple Music
Songs missing
by rsdade on 2018/11/29 01:54
I downloaded a few songs and they are missing and when I look for it to redownload it,it says coming soon,please correct it
by majesticcat on 2018/11/29 01:14
by beaatboy on 2018/11/28 02:14
It is a very good app and it is free👓😎😎😎😱😱
by Princesskitten2003 on 2018/11/28 01:22
Okay, I loved this app at first, until when I started to download songs, it wouldn’t give me coins. Also where is the place where you enter codes, cause me and my cousin can’t find it? Please fix these things. I can’t use your app now because I ran out of coins. I really love this app and I’d hate to delete it but I might have to if I can’t get any coins.
It’s pretty good for being free!!!
by SammiBear02 on 2018/11/27 23:06
The app overall has a simple and easy to use design, however it’s missing some great music from Jack Stauber’s micropop which is my absolute favorite. Kinda sad it wasn’t there since there’s so many songs. Please add some Jack Stauber if you can!! ❤️
by VictorOgalan on 2018/11/27 11:25
megustaria vajar musica sin limite pero no deja vajar muchas
This is prefect for me
by panthermango on 2018/11/27 07:07
I hate walking down to my bus stop without music. My favorite songs are not on my I tunes music app so I keep trying to find the perfect app to go down to the bus stop with and listen to my favorite music. I love how if I’m running late that I can loose my WiFi but still be able to turn on my music with out it saying I have no WiFi connection. Thank you to the creators of this app, it helps me a ton!!
by korearaya on 2018/11/27 04:17
I don’t understand they erase all my song I just got downloaded
by tall.midget on 2018/11/26 16:14
My only suggestion is you should be able to download the songs onto your cloud so you can put them in the bass booster app or add a bass boosted option that way I can go thumpin to songs offline with my sub in my car please do this and I give you FIVE STARS!!! until then I give you four.
I just started and it was great, but..
by Mikomayen on 2018/11/25 21:30
I just downloaded the app today, since my favorite music app “Pockettube” is no longer available in the Apple store. I’ve been looking for music apps with offline listening and I found TREBEL and it works great. Browsing songs are fast and easy and have almost everything that you’re looking for, but only a handful of songs require wifi. I gave this 4 stars because for some reason, I couldn’t download anymore songs! I’m connected to WiFi and every time I wanted to download a song, it would say that I wasn’t connected to the internet and to try again. I tried again like 5 times, even without WiFi (LTE) and still no go, so I’d have to be okay with only having 57 songs😂. Overall, the app is great and is a lifesaver because I cannot survive without listening to music every time I’m on the train on my way to school. I just hope you can fix the small bugs so the app can be better!
by amysavlol on 2018/11/25 18:07
It’s amazing I love it but the shuffle button doesn’t work I do listen to it everywhere even offline
by alaribe on 2018/11/25 17:38
I have never an app like this.Good job and don’t change being good
Mi reseña
by ximenacontreras on 2018/11/25 16:11
En realidad es una muy buena aplicación pero cuando buscaba otras canciones decía que todavía no la podía descargar
The most used app on my phone
by Thedog400 on 2018/11/25 14:26
This is a fabulous app, I cannot seem to find any faults in it.
Don’t get coins
by amelia251 on 2018/11/25 03:15
I love this app I do, but I download songs and watch ads and don’t get rewarded my coins. That needs to be fixed.
Bon application
by paroty on 2018/11/24 19:14
Inclusivity on Foreign Music
by akrmusi.c on 2018/11/24 05:26
Please oh please, please add some more kpop, like maybe Astro, black pink, g idle, seventeen. I love this app I just wish there was kpop.
Can you add the songs that I wanted to hear
by wendysimmer on 2018/11/24 02:35
Great app
by benjamntrex13 on 2018/11/23 23:42
I love how there’s no ads and most of my favorite songs are on their bits it’s all good great app :)
by ajmal seva on 2018/11/23 17:25
Great app it works very fast and Easy 👍🏻
by Katie Quartz on 2018/11/23 04:21
Listen. I have no idea how many times I have emailed you or message your or left reviews on this app... I love this app, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it; but you promised us free coins with each song downloaded! I haven’t gotten any coins in forever and I’m almost out! Either fix this problem or just give me all the free coins I deserve for downloading music. I’m tired of asking people to donate and send me Coins! Please give me coins! I have over 500+! I can’t play music without coins :(
by davemedlin on 2018/11/22 23:28
Hard to set up playlist
Five stars
by G.Austin15 on 2018/11/22 18:19
Great app all around but some music isn’t on there that I would like
by Jesiiezz on 2018/11/22 16:04
Only a selective amount of songs
by Bags blie on 2018/11/22 06:31
Amazing. Way better than anything else. Because it's free offline music!!!
This app was good but y’all be playing with me
by Add me on snap lightskin_god24 on 2018/11/22 03:39
I sent you guys a email And have yet to respond back to y’all and my account was cleared of all My music I had downloaded and my coins were wiped clean and I realized that sometimes my coins would decrease if I didn’t use the app for awhile . You got some songs that won’t even download but shows up .
by Lutz1989 on 2018/11/21 22:26
i like it cause the coins u earn even commercial break it builds up quick n saves alot of battery n im glad to plus what does it mean if it says COMMING SOON on a album u want to download ? i mean how soon n will u be able to download the album theres alot i like that says that. i was hopin for an answer.
Your are the best! Thank you
by Luisderik on 2018/11/21 17:45
Awesome❤️❤️❤️ I love it🇵🇷
by Huge Ad Problem on 2018/11/21 15:16
I have to watch an ad while it downloads and it says no ads
by viny77713 on 2018/11/21 06:04
It works nicely like I want it to but it does not work when we turn off the phone therefore it does not work we need it to be like that just like Spotify
by jfjrnfbsksbs on 2018/11/21 02:26
I don’t like that most the songs that I want to listen to aren’t available when they all should be!!!
Good app
by BlazinDragon1004 on 2018/11/20 17:43
It’s a good app but there should be more ways to earn coins like doing surveys or doing offers
No ads?
by Dreamy68 on 2018/11/20 12:17
I paid for no ads, and still getting them. A suggestion for the app, would be nice to be able to hear a sample of a song instead of downloading it first. Sometimes when I think it’s maroon 5 it’s actually a different performer playing one of there songs that part is common with other entertainers. Otherwise it’s a nice app, just would like to pay for no ads and that’d be pay for once. I do like this app, so I hope you can also add maybe a radio from a genre or artist would be nice to have. It’d be nice to listen then download instead of searching for your favorites. Just some ideas thee.
It’s good
by dafjhcfhhexgvggsbcvgughf on 2018/11/19 00:36
I think it is good to listen to music offline and so far this is the only app that will let me do that. I love it but there are some issues such as the coins run out fast and the songs i want to listen to ,aren’t there. I thought those problems were going to be fixed but they aren’t getting fixed.
Pretty good app.
by hihoatadoin on 2018/11/18 20:14
This is a great app but there are some things to improve in. The music really isn’t up to date and it’s has quite a few ads. Overall it’s a good app though.
Add explicit content tags to the songs please.
by KiingJaay99 on 2018/11/18 17:07
I love this app because I can listen to it anywhere anytime without WiFi or data and that’s important for some people who have to pay for data. An improvement to the app would be to add explicit tags to the songs so that we could know if a song had explicit content before we played it.
Little changes but still great
by proballlerSoccerlegend on 2018/11/18 10:19
This app is one of those that are great. But I feel like you guys should add more Mexican music and more modern day. However this app is still good is just this is what should be added
Love it
by Pookie 1974 on 2018/11/18 07:30
I love this app they got some music I can’t find anymore on Apple Music
Awesome but Camila Cabello “coming soon”
by Soul Hacker 564 on 2018/11/18 06:45
I don’t normally write reviews but seeing you guys listening to the audience makes me want to appreciate the fact that you’re doing such an amazing job. Literally, this app is one of those few apps that allow proper structuring of albums, artists and music and the best part is that it works offline too. Hats off to you guys. I’m pretty much aware that you guys are working your best but if you could enable Camila Cabello, that would be amazing. My music list would be complete. Keep rocking!
by ghggggggsndjsjajnsis on 2018/11/18 04:18
We need all xxxtentacion albums and Tyler the creator and earl sweatshirt All that needs to come out
by hassen abubeker on 2018/11/17 20:46
It is a great app with great features and functions, I like it very much. I am a new comer for the apple company(this is my first time I engage with Iphone) I used to download musics easily with my former devices including Samsung but when it comes to iPhone you hardly found applications that can supply the demand for musics, but fortunately this app @trebel answered my questions and came out with what I need, that’s all from me thank you very much for this outstanding app
I like this app. BUT....
by mattzubialevario on 2018/11/17 19:26
App is really nice. I like it a lot. I just wish I wouldn’t have to wait for EVER for certain artist, like MARIAH CAREY... I’ve had this app for a very long time & it’s always saying coming soon,,, But still not here... please release more of Mariah Carey.. including her new Album CAUTION. Released on 11/16/18
by sariyonna on 2018/11/17 17:20
So far so good I love it👍❤️❤️
It’s good
by Vanmoney on 2018/11/17 13:24
This is a great app but there isn’t a lot of artists here that I listen too.
Apple Watch
by 925368363 on 2018/11/17 05:21
It’s great but I wish it would work with Apple Watch
by rjhzdvgsdg on 2018/11/17 02:37
It is super easy to use and downloads very quick I highly recommend you download this app
Great app but...
by SkythekidRSwatcher on 2018/11/16 21:25
I love this app so much and I use it all the time but if I don’t like a song then when I go to play the song, the album doesn’t show up on my screen. It just shows the treble logo. Please fix this. It’s getting a little annoying. Other than that I really don’t have any complaints.
mac miller
by Yungwrap on 2018/11/16 08:04
When will mac miller music come out
Best song app
by amayal💕 on 2018/11/16 02:57
I just got this app and it’s free and doesn’t cost any money💗
Ads and mp3 convert
by Bloodruby66 on 2018/11/16 02:21
I 💖💙💙𗂔𗂔𗂎𗁣 LOVE this but yes this is coming I buy 2000 coin's 💵 1.00 and why do I still have Ads What's the point to other music says coming soon like for example heavy metal band .. Whitechapel band I can't get the album with explicit please ad a mp3 app with this to please reply back 🌟🔥. .. I don't see the new heavy metal bands I listened too and most of the 2008 music not on here even breaking Benjamin album ember not on here need ALL music type 2 stars not ever body listens to pop, hip hop what ever you guys updated is not even.. 2018 looking not good for other music metal heads looking for offline music
It’s pretty good
by Ayana 💗 on 2018/11/14 13:26
The only thing that’s annoying is that trebel doesn’t let you get every song even songs that have been saying “coming soon” for the past year still haven’t come out. I think trebel should really get that fixed.
Only Mainstream Artists/Music
by Djsjdhehdh on 2018/11/14 12:32
Seems like a good concept. Except for the fact that there is no music for non-mainstream artists or genres. Either a song isn't there, or it says “coming soon”(whatever that means). There is only a max of 5 songs per band, if any, for the genre Im into which is Deathcore, Slamming Deathcore, and Blackened Deathmetal(sub-genres under the Metal genre). And not to mention, there isnt even a Metal music tab. Do people not know that, that exists? And that its not rock? Very, very saddening to see that so many apps don't have options for these genres.
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