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TREBEL is the only licensed free music app that lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. Now you can listen to music you download anywhere with no WiFi. TREBEL is engineered for unlimited music downloads and uses less phone battery then music video sites and works with no cellular data plan. iOS 10.2 or GREATER REQUIRED. Please send questions to: Like the app? Rate us 5 stars and hit us up on Instagram @trebelmusic! --- Downloading free music on TREBEL is as easy as tapping a button. No more wasting time on torrent sites or stream ripping YouTube videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love. On TREBEL you can download the hottest new albums from your favorite artists for free, such as: Kodak Black - ZEZE Ariana Grande - thank u, next Lil Baby - Street Gossip Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba Offset - Father of 4 Nicki Minaj - Good Form Billie Eilish - come out and play Halsey - Without Me Xxxtentacion - ? Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V Trippie Redd - Topanga Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower If you have a large iTunes collection already, TREBEL automatically syncs your existing library so you can combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app. Product Features: No Wi-Fi connection needed to listen to most downloaded songs Play offline on mobile Unlimited music downloads enabled by caching technology Use no cell data when playing music offline Use less battery when playing music offline Download complete albums at a time No need to use an MP3 converter or torrent site. No need for stream ripping Syncs with your existing iTunes MP3 collection Music: Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Holidays, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indie, and more! High-quality audio Album cover art and information Customizable playlists Search by artist, album, or song Sort by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist Social: Campus function allows you to discover music from students at your college or university Interact with campus influencers for new music recommendations See what your friends and followers are downloading and listening to Download the same music as your friends What's New in This Version: We’re constantly updating and improving the TREBEL experience. Keep your Updates enabled to make sure you always have the current version. We’re working hard to get more free music content for offline playback. If you see a song or album that we don’t offer, tap on “Coming Soon” and we will let you know when it’s live on the app. TREBEL is a licensed service with the best music in the world from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and The Orchard. HIT US UP BELOW! Instagram: @trebelmusic Twitter: @trebelapp Facebook: @trebelapp If you love the app, please rate and review it with 5 stars!
French fries
by Popcorn and peanut butter on 2019/04/22 06:27
Ok I love this app sooo much! I was looking for a good music app for a while now but I couldn’t find one. I actually saw this because of Wattpad. It was a ad. I clicked it and downloaded it so fast. It works perfectly. Just some songs aren’t there yet but its totally fine. I know their still adding to the app. But in all Honesty I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!
by Katelyn 🏁🍒 on 2019/04/21 01:49
I wanted to listen to some Billie Eilish on my flight so I downloaded her album and it works! It’s free unlike Spotify premium! I recommend a lot!!
I really like it but
by Storm233 on 2019/04/20 04:47
It’s reallyyyyy nice but.... there are still some Why Don’t We songs you don’t have.... and you don’t have any song from EBEN (That’s Alright, Next Ex, You the One, etc.) Also, can u make it so that when I create a playlist.... it only plays the songs in that particular playlist... because sometimes I’m in the mood to only listen to a few songs that I downloaded instead of all of them. Otherwise, I love this app!👀
I like it but videos are in the way
by Hedwig824 on 2019/04/19 23:43
So I really like this app a lot. There were way more music choices than I expected with all my favorite artists. I found everything very easily! One problem I’m having though is the YouTube music video for most of the songs play, which I don’t really want. When the music video is playing it won’t allow me to listen outside of the app. I couldn’t find any option to turn off the video option. If there is such an option, could I be informed of where it is? And if not that should be added! Thank you :)
Get more music
by Makesomemusic on 2019/04/19 22:24
I think you should put more really good songs like “Alone” by Marshmallow and “Spectre” by Alan Walker. Also you should add some Chinese music like “Legend of the Condor Hero’s Theme track” or some traditional music. That would change my 4 to a 5 star and probably a lot of people would do the same
Love it but
by hehdhdhndjzt on 2019/04/19 17:28
Can you please add bts because ever other app I’ve used doesn’t have it and it says it will alert me when it’s ready I’ve been wait for maybe 2 mouths already and still no bts
by dksplfe on 2019/04/19 15:25
Amazing app but it would be cool to be played on like alexas
by Crock0rock on 2019/04/19 14:23
The music is awesome, but most of the music is just a YouTube video
by joker2746hahabatman on 2019/04/19 12:55
nice app good music but how do you log out why is there not a dedicated button or option in the app .
No Siri integration.
by Jason Rostro on 2019/04/19 07:48
Why isn’t Siri integrated in this app?
by YoYo GUYS! on 2019/04/19 03:01
It’s honestly a very good music app. You could easily go and download music on that easy hub, but there is something I would like to address that there are not many songs. Don’t get me wrong there are many songs but there are no songs like marshmallows alone, etc,etc.So the only improvement I would like is to add more songs
Very good
by justthisapp on 2019/04/19 00:37
Can’t download any songs?
by Tyler P. 17 on 2019/04/18 23:41
I can’t download any songs I want and it says “please wait... “ and I waited a hour and still was not able to get the song... please fix and let me know when, please and thank u.
by mk_nation on 2019/04/18 22:28
Everything is good for me. I don’t have any problems
Really a Great App
by Ur mom is gey hunnty on 2019/04/18 20:31
When I downloaded this I was half expecting a scam or something you have to pay for. When I opened it, however, I was surprised. It’s completely free, except for the coin part, but coins are easy to earn free. I would recommend this if you take long commutes or trips, or if you just like free music! 10/10 app, would recommend!!
I really have a problem
by 999 XD on 2019/04/18 14:54
So I’ve had this account for about two months now and I really enjoyed every part of it up until about today and it says it has a scene suspicious activity on my account and it logged me out I don’t know what to do please log me back into my account thank you
Would Recommend, but some lows.
by lightedjewels on 2019/04/18 13:00
This app is great, and I can find all my songs that I want to listen to easily. The only criticism I have, though, is it downloads too long. We can’t even get out of the page we’re downloading the music on, but other than that, it’s a great app. When I travel, and my sister has her iPad, (she doesn’t have data, like phones,) she loves this app! It doesn’t need WiFi at all! Overall, you should definitely get this.
Display is nice but here’s an idea for greater app
by Guy salmon on 2019/04/18 12:14
There is not enough songs available for offline download and it’s stunting this apps potential, considering that’s the reason everybody gets this app. I noticed you have mostly mainstream music available for offline download, not many underdogs in the charts that’s not good for reaching broad audiences. I have deleted this app 5 minutes after getting it because it’s missing my main need sorry guys hope you evolve this app soon I’ll be back to see maybe I’ll get it and rate it 5 stars next time but let’s improve guys you can do better then this.
The app is good but
by Despiyeeeto on 2019/04/18 11:12
The only problem I have with the app Is that it drains your battery pretty bad I have a iPhone X and I have been listening for about an hour I was at 100% now I am at 60%
I like the app needs minor changes
by R3D£1ne on 2019/04/18 02:21
I’ve been having problems with my coins disappearing without me using the app the last time I used it I had around 7000 coins but when I opened it today i was at 1000 and that’s a problem because the entire app is based off your listening coins.
I like the app a lot
by Ineedabass on 2019/04/17 21:36
I just wish there were more real R&B artist. Hip Hop/ Rap artist are not R&B. I hate that I have to sign in every single time. Maybe come a deal breaker to login w/pw every time ugh
by snowhop on 2019/04/17 10:30
This is one of the best apps that I have on my phone. It’s ability beats that of all the other music apps. My only thing is that Wish I had found it earlier.
This is my favorite app! But..
by Anneizabeth2223 on 2019/04/17 07:21
My app keeps crashing every time I try to listen to it offline and then go back into the app to change the song. Other than that I absolutely love it! By the way it just started doing this a couple weeks ago!
sam was here
by samcontreras299 on 2019/04/17 05:04
Great app i just wish it supported full screen on the ipad
by Apolyon95 on 2019/04/17 03:19
I love how you say NO WIFI and you give us free coin too spend, please do not change a thing you are doing a amazing job keep it up.
by goldnnja100012 on 2019/04/17 01:19
You guys have such good music
I want to connect with Spotify
by chris301dmv on 2019/04/17 01:05
So it’s a good app but I just want to know if I could connect this with my Spotify account because I have over 600 songs and I don’t want to download all that
Needs improvement
by ZaeMac on 2019/04/16 18:58
I hate that u can’t delete a album by pressing a delete button u have to delete each song one by one and also albums are appear to b able to download but some songs say coming soon so you are missing songs and the albums are saying coming soon but never come needs more organization and more work
by bri.a.nn.a on 2019/04/16 12:38
Good choice selection
Great but
by Tjkeator$37);): on 2019/04/15 18:55
This app is great the only flaw is that you do not have Sminos new album Noir,if you added it I would give it a 5 star review.Please add it.
by lapua magnum on 2019/04/15 18:53
The music selection is great but, the use of coins to listen to music is the single most stupid thing on a music app I have ever seen or heard of.
Need to improve
by fghjjkkhgf on 2019/04/15 14:24
I would give it a 5 star but you can’t down load the music you like. It says coming soon. You need to make it where you can down load more music not just very few. I like the 80s and everything I like says coming soon
Love it but have question
by iwdw on 2019/04/15 04:06
I love this app but I have one question. What are the coins for like what do why do we need them
by Paris. ❤️👩🏽‍⚕️ on 2019/04/14 22:12
This app is boom .🤪❤️
by hahga62 on 2019/04/14 18:32
Thanks for the app..its really helpfull...but some songs are (coming soon)???it upsets me......
by lslckcmeoosskjxjdhehe on 2019/04/14 16:44
So honestly this app is amazing it works perfectly and there’s nothing wrong with it.
This isn’t real.
by GingerBreadLover1238 on 2019/04/14 16:16
So, I download this app, yeah yeah great. Let me get to the point. I can’t even really download music on this app! When I go to make something on IMovie with it, I can’t find it in the audio section! This app just wasted my time. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
by hakefiid on 2019/04/14 12:48
This app is so amazing wow but it can use more artists and there songs
Good but no kpop
by kim203 on 2019/04/14 08:47
I love it work good but the thing that I don’t like is that it has no kpop
This app is great...
by deebej777 on 2019/04/14 04:17
I love y’all for letting us download and listen to music without paying a subscription, site there are ads but that’s a compromise I’m willing to make in order to listen to music. The only thing that’s bad about this app is that it doesn’t have a shuffle play option, if developers are reading this can y’all please add a shuffle play option.
So great
by Dee135😇😇 on 2019/04/13 19:05
Love it
by Dreamy68 on 2019/04/13 16:51
If there was a ten star plus rating I would. Better than amazon, spotify and all others. Just a few ideas. Would be great to have radio stations of the artist you listen to. Plus, if we can get email updates of songs and artists welts waiting for. But other than that, my place to go to. I just wish my family and fiends would believe me. Dreamy
by Taylor beach bum on 2019/04/13 14:56
Amazing app
by LisaLoudness on 2019/04/13 13:16
Very good app overall! Love listening to my music without WiFi and on Airplane mode especially! However, I have many songs and want to listen to them all, but there are many at the bottom on my playlist. It would be better if there was a shuffle button so I can listen to all of my favorite songs on your app. Thank you for your consideration!
Great but one thing
by qwedfffgyggy on 2019/04/13 03:07
If I go and play my games on my iPad and I am listening to my music and I go back to TREBEL it freezes 😁🥊☹️
by lmday19 on 2019/04/13 01:40
This app is.... INCREDIBLE!!! Oh my god! It’s so easy to get coins! Such a great idea! I love being able to listen to my favorite songs offline for free! You know what, this app deserves more than 5 stars, here is how many it deserves: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It deserves this many stars, if not more. Love this app!!!
by nhmusic99 on 2019/04/12 22:13
Amazing app. Easy to get coins which is very helpful. Not a lot of complaints with this app! I do look forward to hearing nfs new album so hopefully you guys will add that when it releases!
Bunch of lies
by baldwinperez on 2019/04/12 22:07
I can’t even download my music all it says is “coming soon” what’s the point of saying you can download it and listen to it offline when you can’t
Love this apps
by Amirabx on 2019/04/12 01:42
All audio video songs in one apps. Love it.
My Opinion
by ImTripmineMan on 2019/04/11 22:24
Imma go ahead and give this a four because of two things. 1. Some songs I like to listen to like JJD-Adventure and All the Way Jacksepticeye songify aren’t out yet and that bugs me because my Spotify isn’t working and I can’t listen to them on this. 2. Sometimes I’m in the mood for one song and when I go to do something else on my phone, the song stops playing. If these issues could be fixed and atleast those two songs are added, this 4-star review might turn to a 5-star review.
by 😍👏🏾😍😊😉😫 on 2019/04/11 20:41
I just got the app right now and it’s great. I had all the artists I’m looking for, the songs and it PLAYS OFFLINE!! I’m telling you this app is LEGIT. I’ve been looking for an app that allows you to play music offline and has the songs I’m looking for and allows you to download a lot of songs and doesn't pause while visiting another app, and this app is all that I’m looking for. It is better than Spotify in my opinion because you don’t have to pay to listen offline but except SIGN UP FOR FREE!!!!! The songs are great quality and exactly like the ones on YouTube. Download this app it’s really great!!!
2 things
by taken624 on 2019/04/11 13:16
I don’t like how some of the songs you have to have WiFi. Also, I don’t like that it doesn’t have some songs I like. But it’s a great app!
by M_miguel12v on 2019/04/11 02:27
You guys need to add more Spanish music like the following artist Chalino Sánchez Valentín Elizalde legado 7 los hijos de Barrón máximo grado Omar Ruiz los traviesos de la sierra los nuevos rebeldes los morros del norte Luis y Julián Lenin Ramírez junior h el komander herencia de patrones h-100 los dos grandes de la sierra los dinámicos del norte los codiciados de California canelos de Durango los buitres de Culiacán Sinaloa los buchones de Culiacán los austeros de Durango arley Pérez los alamenos de la sierra I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS ADD THIS GENRE IF MUSIC I JUST HAVE YOUR APP ON MY PHONE IM THINCKING OF DELETING THIS APP PLZ RESPOND
Why are all the songs missing
by rosienaw on 2019/04/11 02:13
Stop with the coming soon bull crap. Also stop having videos. I want audio only ffs
by najiekiu on 2019/04/10 23:32
I hope you’d answer, but once this app probably blows up do we have to start paying for it?
Music “downloader”
by Lil_logy03 on 2019/04/10 22:30
Most of the songs can’t even be downloaded you can’t listen to without internet
Love this app!!!
by Ansley1111 on 2019/04/10 20:29
Amazing! I love everything about this app!
Solid app
by the belshnickel on 2019/04/10 19:03
Wish it had the option to download some Japanese songs and some of the lesser known 90s rock bands but aside from that I love it
by Hi 122739 on 2019/04/10 16:51
I love the app but there is a glitch where I can no longer change the music with my device locked. It no longer shows up on my lock screen. Please fix this.
Best App
by alien426 on 2019/04/10 10:48
This app is the best, I’m thankful that you guys made this music app to where you can play music without WI-FI. Have a nice day.
Bad app
by Walloody99 on 2019/04/10 03:17
The app advertising as free while it is not
Read before you download
by treble listener on 2019/04/09 17:47
Love it but it drains your battery:(
by I won't tell you stalkers on 2019/04/09 08:04
Soo I’ve had this app for like 2 weeks and I am really enjoying it. I shared to like everyone in my contacts not only for coins but I thought it was just great. This brings up my first problem. For coins, you can disable limit ad tracking. But when I go to do that, ITS NOT EVEN AN OPTION IN SETTINGS. It’s really frustrating because I have all privileges allowed for this app. Also this is not a big deal but you can’t comment in capital letters which is a little annoying in my opinion. Last complaint is, I wish you would show the amount of coins each song costs. It’s always a guessing game. Not hating on you guys, I love this app. The only way to improve is by pointing out what is wrong. I was going to complain about not having the newest songs but I get that it takes time for signatures. Love this app please keep it up 🔥🔥💗 UPDATE This app is going downhill, I had 1200 coins and every time I open the app the amount gets smaller and smaller. It’s so annoying and I am not buying songs. Now I only have 426 and I have no clue what is happening, I want my coins back 😭😭😭.
by no wifi so sad on 2019/04/08 22:23
U can’t mix up the playlists
Deleted all my songs
by Mary Turay on 2019/04/08 20:11
I had 400+ songs and 95% of my music. I am no longer using this app anymore it deleted most of my songs
Please get this app!
by The cute gangster on 2019/04/08 18:43
This app is amazing you can listen to music offline and just play it on and don’t need to pay money for a app or need WiFi for the app thank you for making TREBEL its a great app! 😃
Amazing app
by on 2019/04/08 16:51
Hello, I can’t believe what’s happening on your app this is so great and awesome oh it’s the best app so far, the best app have ever come across I really love the app, I was hoping for this in future but I thank God it’s happen now kudos to you guys.. please there are some songs which i will like listen to on the app when I click on it, it will says COMING SOON..E.g.. dr sikiru ayinde generally the Fuji’s music..please how long it will take before it will be available? Also about the ads you can lunch a upgrade version if anyone is interested in ads free so that we can upgrade to ads free the subscription should be lifetime not monthly just a token of $ you know you’ve done well for making the app free to all..Had deleted all my music apps because of treble including Spotify and others..oh I love you guys for the hard working I will like to hear from you keep safe and keep it up... Thanks TREBEL lover APPLEBERRY
gettin frustrated
by Sky skin123 on 2019/04/08 13:43
first off, love the app. it helps me not run outta data as quickly lol. there are some problems though. like, if you are listening to the app, and you are ON the app while it's playin, it'll kick you out. this is very frustrating for the music videos. maybe put it where u can listen to the songs that require the video to be played when your off the app or its on lock screen? one more thing, can you PLEASE get all of the mudvayne and Pearl Jam songs available for download?its been sayin "coming soon" on songs such as happy and death blooms by mudvayne, and a lot of the good Pearl Jam songs like last kiss, corduroy, black, and yellow ledbetter. also, when i go thru my friends music, it only let me see the top 20 songs he has downloaded, and when i scroll down, songs 21-218 is still showin the same songs that he has recently downloaded, goin thru numbers 1-20. in other words it won't let me see anything else other than the last 20 songs he's downloaded, and when i scroll down it's sayin the 21st song he downloaded as the 1st song he downloaded, the 22nd song he downloaded is showin the 2nd song he downloaded, and so on. also can you please add an alarm clock function? that would be AWESOME
by HUNTERSFREE on 2019/04/08 08:06
if you don't have it your missing out and most likely wasting money elsewhere!
Dosent work!
by this girls is mad on 2019/04/08 06:28
This app supposed to be use when you don’t have WIFI and when I don’t have WiFi and I want to use this spout dosent work
by Eve14💋 on 2019/04/08 03:22
This app is legit. It does what it says it will and it is the most amazing app, hands down, that I have ever used. It allows you to download music for FREE and listen to it OFFLINE whenever you want. Not only this, but it doesn’t make you listen to adds while your music is playing. If you are someone who travels a lot, doesn’t like to be interrupted by adds during a banging workout, or simply want music without the disruption of adds, this app is perfect for you.
Good work so far but stop using youtube
by Mr.Daniel Canis on 2019/04/07 18:59
I noticed you don't have all my favorites, and that's fine. My problem is when I'm trying to play music without focusing on the app, and one of the songs from youtube comes on and refuses to play! I don't wanna pay for youtube Premiuim, so please consider getting the music sooner instead of using youtube... It ruins things for me!
by maxx216 on 2019/04/07 16:59
It is the only app I have ever run on my phone that makes it hot, I've watched movies on it, played games for hours and its fine yet 2 songs in on this and the phone is hot. It has not mattered if I'm using wifi or data, bluetooth or plug in speakers, if the case is on or off... by the 10th song my phone is so hot I have to shut down the app and 75% of my battery is depleted or more. It wasn't this bad when the app first came out but I'm guessing its the ads running during the songs now or something:(
Download issue
by UREALLYMAKINGMESAYTHIS on 2019/04/07 09:20
Hey I use to use this app quite a while Back and I really dislike that you guys removed how we used to be able to listen to music while downloading more songs and it really bugs me I hope you guys bring back that feature soon till then I’ll not be pleased with this app.
by Sumertime9 on 2019/04/07 02:20
saves a ton of data but the advertisements are super sensitive to touch
Love this app! But one thing....
by WhatInXXXTarnation? on 2019/04/07 00:54
I really love this app, it’s the only offline music app that’s free. But I really hate the coins. I had purchased 1000 coins and in a day or two I had none again. Still a good app though ⭐️use this code for a bonus IDFAGET⭐️ app out there
by dont download its all lied on 2019/04/06 19:52
It's free and you can side step iTunes I and their extortion solid work
Horrible selection
by Horrible selection on 2019/04/06 19:35
I could not find any songs that I liked for example bad by Michael Jackson or build our machine or get out by DAgames or lightning and thunder by imagine dragons all in all I hate this app and will never use again.
It’s Pretty Good But Coins Are Difficult
by Obsessed With AHS on 2019/04/06 18:49
I have had this app for a few months now, and I had a lot of coins from downloading.Sometimes I’ll just sit and listen to music for hours, and obviously your coins will be used.When I download more, I don’t earn as many coins as it says.Earlier, I was downloading with 900 coins, and it will say I have earned 500 more, but only go to 1000.This is a problem for me because I’m always downloading music.I hope someone reads this and fixes the bug.
Naeem’s review
by naeemjwest on 2019/04/06 18:37
They have all the songs and they have coins that help you it's a cool set up it’s amazing
by b foley on 2019/04/06 15:32
Amazing you listen to all the music in probably the WORLD
iPad functionality for iOS 12
by canofworms84 on 2019/04/06 09:57
Love the app... BUT
by MJBoneck on 2019/04/06 00:58
I LOVE this app don’t get me wrong but every time I have Trebel open or with music on my battery life on my phone decreases way faster than it normally would and I don’t know why the app makes that happen. Also I’m not sure if it’s because of Trebel but whenever I’m in the app my phone will power off randomly and take 1 minute to turn back on and it gets aggravating when I’m trying to change my song. If there’s anything you can do to fix that I would greatly appreciate it!
Unable to change songs off app
by fucyjvjfkf on 2019/04/05 16:46
Don’t know If it’s just me but when ever I’m playing a song and I turn my phone screen off the app doesn’t show up on the lock screen, so I’m unable to change songs or anything. And it also won’t show up when I pull up the little menu where I would normally change songs when using other apps.
This turned into bs
by Facebookisgaynow on 2019/04/05 13:17
Chance the rapper gives his music away for free & you don’t have any of his songs. You only put the new garbage music on your app.
Great app but can be frustrating
by Alyssa Roderick on 2019/04/05 11:59
I like downloading songs here, and it’s great to listen too offline. I use this everyday on my way to school but here’s two issues I hope gets fixed. I really wish they had a select button where you could select the songs to add it to a playlist but instead I have to go one by one song and it’s frustrating. For example:I’d click on the three dots to add the song to the playlist and it starts playing the song instead🙄So please make it to where you can select multiple songs at a time. next there’s the coins, once the coins run out I can’t listen to the songs.
by P-Dog777 on 2019/04/05 07:47
I LOVE this app you can listen to all your favorite music with out any WiFi!!
I kinda like it
by 08222015 on 2019/04/05 03:43
I like how it’s easy and quick to download songs and most you can play with out WiFi at any time. There are constantly pop up ads which I don’t mind because I’m doing it all for free, gotta make the money somehow, they can be hard to get out of sometimes though. I’m constantly earning coins for downloading but I’m not quite sure how to use them? You can purchase coins for real money and they advertise that you can listen to ad free music but I don’t see any option to do that. I’d also like to see more pop artists and songs on the main page to down load. It’s more hip hop and music I don’t really listen to which is okay. It would be nice to have more generals of music to search instead of searching every song title that I want and then not being able to find it. It sounds like a lot of negative comments but I really do like this app. I just recognize it is still developing.
False advertising
by Liyah_withthe_teaya on 2019/04/05 00:33
I tried using this app with WiFi then with out. Not good you have to download and if you have no WiFi then I sorry for you because this isn’t for you.
Just like all the other apps
by Tvuvdgbxybdjjhddvogggj on 2019/04/04 12:21
So I recently downloaded this app but when I checked it hasn’t been fixed since 2018
by Abottom241985 on 2019/04/04 06:18
by Janelle✨ on 2019/04/04 02:41
It’s a great app for music but you have to create a playlist instead of downloading music to your phone.
One tiny problem
by jss1234567 on 2019/04/04 01:47
This app is great, but I have one problem with it. There is no descriptions next to the music. For example, there are many songs that have different versions to it, but the what this app does not do is differentiate between the different versions. It would be great if there were descriptions so that I do not download different versions of the same song until I find the right version.
by ruiz/ille on 2019/04/04 00:13
Don’t like this app because you have to use coins and if the coins run out they stop playing the music. Don’t Recommend you get this app.
Promo unresponsive
by KyBluegrass on 2019/04/03 21:43
It is frustrating for the same promo to keep coming up after I already installed it and the “X” in the corner will not take it off so I can see the music screen!! Makes me feel gun shy about downloading anything else you suggest.
I just want music . . .
by Aurora713 on 2019/04/03 21:29
I’m rating this 3 stars because while a lot of my favorite rock songs download perfectly fine, others are downloaded as the music video from YouTube. I just want my music. If I wanted the music videos, I’d use YouTube instead. Plus, the ones that download as music videos are pretty much impossible to delete. Every time I hit the sound symbol, which you would think would work the same as the 3 dots, it restarts the music video.
❤️🎙🎤🎧🎹💿🎛🎚⏯🔊 🚫📶🚫
by RBooster007 on 2019/04/03 20:45
The best music!
I cant beleive
by D😑😑😑😑 on 2019/04/03 07:19
Its the best music app i ve ever seen😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 I cant beleive that you can stop ads 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 I love this app and i think its the best app in the world😱😱😱😱
New music
by charliekreinbucher on 2019/04/03 02:58
This app really is one of the best music apps I’ve owned, however I’ve been waiting on a jcole album “forest hill” for it to release
I Love This, Except A Few Things
by ProBossProSkills on 2018/10/30 04:47
Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Getting To Listen To Music And Sift Through My Favorites And Download Them. It’s Great, There Are Few Ads And You Earn The Coins Very Easily And I Think It’s A Great System. Though Some Contradictions Start Appearing, Like If You Download Like Journey Or ELO, There Is This Little Thing That Appears To The Right Of The Songs And It Tells You That You Can Only Listen To Them With Wi-Fi, Which Kind Of Defeats The Purpose Of Downloading It. Also, This Isn’t As Major Of A Problem, But I’m Not Sure If It’s Copyright Issues, Which Is Totally Fine, But A Lot Of People Complain That There Aren’t A lot Of Artists (Again, Totally Fine, You’re Barely Starting), But You Should Do Like A Request Page Because There Are Artists Like Pink Floyd Or Simon And Garfunkel That Weren’t Even Added. Besides That I Think You Guys Are Great And It’ll Improve As It Goes. Thank You EDIT: Two Other Things, One Is Major, And One Is small. The Small One Is That The Albums Are Not In Order And I Have To Search Up The Track Listings, Which Is An Inconvenience, But Not Huge. The Major One Which Isn’t As Major As You Would Hope, But When You Have An Album Like Ten By Pearl Jam Or Stop The Clocks By Oasis, You Don’t Complete Them, And There Are Only A Couple Songs Instead Of The Full Album. Just Some Other Quick Things.
Great app but it could be better
by robloxexposergirl on 2018/08/31 11:50
I usually don't write reviews but this app is one of those awesome apps that I just had to. I enjoy how you can download just about any song you can think of. Also I enjoy that there really arent as many ads like most music apps😋.My favorite feature is that you can play it in the background and you don't need wifi connection which is awesome for when your going to school! However with the pros comes the cons....😥 The only real con for me was the COINS! There honestly isn't a way to earn coins easily and like most people I really do believe that there could be an easier way to earn them. I feel like its robbery because if you want more coins you gotta buy them... however with a great app like this I can see why you would charge. So thats like my only reason. I hope you can come up withy a better way to get coins easily because, im honestly tired of running out of coins all the time. PS. If it isnt to much to ask could you maybe lower your coin rate thing.. like how much one song cost to play(6-7) would seem reasonable to me. I hope you read my review and work on that soon. Thank you for creating a great music app.😄👏👏Edit: That makes sense and I get it now thanks.
Little changes I would consider
by Wini401 on 2019/03/26 01:35
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app a LOT. But that didn’t mean there aren’t some things I would change about it, for example, the range of songs on this app is very good, and I understand the struggles of obtaining this music, but from what I seem to see it is all about getting what is new and hyped up at the moment. I get why people would enjoy that, but I feel that certain people including me are in that app to find songs they love and want to listen to always, not just when they are popular. I’ll use the self titled twenty one pilots album to represent the situation. This album is old, yes, and might not be the most popular of things but has helped me and many other people get through very tough times in their life with the lyrics and sound of the album and frankly I constantly check to see if it has been uploaded and find it has not. This is just a suggestion in general though, not for this specific album to just listen to what everyone wants to hear instead of what is popular now. But aside from that the function of the app is wonderful and I love to use it.
by I won't tell you stalkers on 2019/04/09 08:04
Soo I’ve had this app for like 2 weeks and I am really enjoying it. I shared to like everyone in my contacts not only for coins but I thought it was just great. This brings up my first problem. For coins, you can disable limit ad tracking. But when I go to do that, ITS NOT EVEN AN OPTION IN SETTINGS. It’s really frustrating because I have all privileges allowed for this app. Also this is not a big deal but you can’t comment in capital letters which is a little annoying in my opinion. Last complaint is, I wish you would show the amount of coins each song costs. It’s always a guessing game. Not hating on you guys, I love this app. The only way to improve is by pointing out what is wrong. I was going to complain about not having the newest songs but I get that it takes time for signatures. Love this app please keep it up 🔥🔥💗 UPDATE This app is going downhill, I had 1200 coins and every time I open the app the amount gets smaller and smaller. It’s so annoying and I am not buying songs. Now I only have 426 and I have no clue what is happening, I want my coins back 😭😭😭.
One of those apps that you think’s too good to be true..
by kyleMcLightning on 2018/07/24 04:20
...until you finally download it and start acquiring free music. I got hooked on this app over a year ago. I kept telling my teenage kids to download it; that they could download all of their favorite music and listen offline but, as usual, they don’t listen to their father. Once they finally downloaded the app, it spread amongst their friend groups very fast. When I get in my car and connect my phone or when I am anywhere and want to listen to everything from Bowie to Drake to Damien Rice, I used to open the music app that comes with IOS and listen to the songs I paid $1+ each to download (limited). Now, I open Trebel as a matter of habit. I have every song I could ever think of (actually more like 90%) and didn’t spend a dime but know that the artist are still getting their royalties. It’s the bomb or whatever kids say these days. Awesome. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t download Trebel and give it a shot.
An amazing app, but room for improvement
by Maiken37 on 2019/01/28 01:29
I really love this app for lots of reasons: the music selection is amazing, you can listen offline AND in the background (I’m listening as I write!) But there are some drawbacks—it’s difficult to earn coins for offline listening, and you run out quickly, which in my opinion is the price you pay for free music offline. What bothers me more is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your library or undownload them if you don’t want them anymore. I have whole albums of music cluttering my library that make it difficult to find what i’m looking for—and lots of duplicate songs when I downloaded a whole album. If you like to keep organized , watch what songs you download and do them one at a time when in albums so you don’t accidentally get a double download (playlists let you choose individual songs to download). It’s really, really annoying....but I suppose having too much music isn’t much of a complaint at all.
by MUSIC LOVER🎶🎵 on 2019/02/18 22:28
I really love this because you can get almost all the music you love and if they don’t have it they will send you a notification when they get it. And you can play your music anywhere you are. And make playlists!!😀😍🤩😎Here is the small problem: you have to have coins to play you music offline!! And if you run out you have to watch ads, like music, write comments, or buy some with your money!! I do not think that it fair that it takes coins away for listening to your music offline. And if you are off the app for a long time and on something else your music stops and asks if you are still listening which gets annoying but the first problem is the worst!!I hope to get a developer response to these problems and make it better for everyone. THANK YOU GREAT APP!! 👍 ADD ON- They take more coins away when you listen to a song than you get when download a song or album. They take 8 coins away and you only get 3 when downloading!! How is that fair?!
by laxatl on 2018/07/08 09:21
Hello Trebel staff, I have had trebel since 2016 and really loved it back then. Now it is ok, but the experience is not as good. The process for downloading music used to be pressing download, then watching video ads. You could skip ads to see new ones and each ad gave you five coins. Now, I cannot get any coins because when I download music, I do not get paid coins after the download. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and all my music, but it still does not give me any coins, and it still costs 8-9 coins per play, even if the play is for a second. Also, when I try to get coins by pressing the top right icon, “AD PLAY” does not work at all. It just says “wait, loading”, and never loads. That means I have no easy way to earn coins except buying them. The check in feature only gives 5 coins and I cannot invite friends every time I want to listen to music on Trebel. I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to this, and I get that we need ads. That is what makes this app great. Thank you.
I just started and it was great, but..
by Mikomayen on 2018/11/25 21:30
I just downloaded the app today, since my favorite music app “Pockettube” is no longer available in the Apple store. I’ve been looking for music apps with offline listening and I found TREBEL and it works great. Browsing songs are fast and easy and have almost everything that you’re looking for, but only a handful of songs require wifi. I gave this 4 stars because for some reason, I couldn’t download anymore songs! I’m connected to WiFi and every time I wanted to download a song, it would say that I wasn’t connected to the internet and to try again. I tried again like 5 times, even without WiFi (LTE) and still no go, so I’d have to be okay with only having 57 songs😂. Overall, the app is great and is a lifesaver because I cannot survive without listening to music every time I’m on the train on my way to school. I just hope you can fix the small bugs so the app can be better!
Great Music App!
by music.player_1004 on 2018/07/30 01:14
I was actually looking for an app like this that allows you to download musics for free, so that I could listen to them in offline areas, and this app is the perfect one! I downloaded this app about a week ago, and I’m already in love with it! This app is wonderful, and I would recommend this to everyone, but I think it would be easier and better if it had the shuffle play feature, and the timer. Without the shuffle play feature, I have to listen to songs in a specific order at all times, so it would be cool if the app would randomize the songs. I like to listen to music in my bed, because it helps me sleep better, but using this app, it would play all night, so I think it would be better if it had a timer so that the app stops playing music after the set up time. But otherwise, I would DEFINITELY recommend this app to music lovers👍🏻
It's a good app!
by Profit420 on 2017/09/23 01:56
But it's not great! It could be great. That is, if you could download music while multitasking, though of course, keeping the app open while doing so as well. But still being able to go look something up on the internet, or receive a call or go to settings etc. It would also be great, if, for the music and songs that are not available for download at the time you attempt to do so(which I actually get confronted with more than I'd like), they would go ahead and make the music that we request & express we want to be able to download, available in a reasonably quick amount of time. I also think it's weird, that they might have a whole album available to download, except like 1 or 2 songs from that album. I mean, why not just have the entire album available on there? Being that they decided to make that specific bands album(or 80-90% of it) available at all? Just some concerns!
by stasia1018 on 2018/03/27 20:05
It’s very frustrating. You run out of coins to fast and I think the coin system is stupid. Honestly if you wanted us to watch ads, you should’ve done it a different way. Like having us watch a couple while it downloads and then let us listen to the music that we technically paid for because you get money for having ads. I just downloaded a whole album and it still is telling me I don’t have enough coins to listen to any of my new music!! It shuts down all the time. I also don’t like how you’ll tease us with the “ coming soon” for music. Just don’t put it in there at all because, trust me, it’s way more frustrating thinking you have the song for us, and finding out you don’t, rather then looking for it and not seeing not seeing it at all. I’d rather just pay for pandora premium every month, then sitting here constantly downloading songs that I don’t even want to listen to, or can’t listen to because you don’t have it. I gave it 2 stars because it was nice at first, but now it’s just annoying.
I kinda like it
by 08222015 on 2019/04/05 03:43
I like how it’s easy and quick to download songs and most you can play with out WiFi at any time. There are constantly pop up ads which I don’t mind because I’m doing it all for free, gotta make the money somehow, they can be hard to get out of sometimes though. I’m constantly earning coins for downloading but I’m not quite sure how to use them? You can purchase coins for real money and they advertise that you can listen to ad free music but I don’t see any option to do that. I’d also like to see more pop artists and songs on the main page to down load. It’s more hip hop and music I don’t really listen to which is okay. It would be nice to have more generals of music to search instead of searching every song title that I want and then not being able to find it. It sounds like a lot of negative comments but I really do like this app. I just recognize it is still developing.
Losing Songs
by Losing Songs on 2018/07/20 04:01
Okay, so let me start out by saying that this is a really good music app that i have been using for a few years now! It’s great if you want to listen to music where there is no service or wifi, but i have been having some problems with it RECENTLY! I have notice that is harder to get coins, i also found it hard to get some songs because they are “coming soon” but they been saying that for months when i keep checking in on the song, and the most aggravating things that just happened was that i lost A LOT of songs. I never really noticed it until now. I always thought i had downloaded a song but then it just disappeared, well i now know that this is true. I had 1,150+ song that i downloaded and now i only have 600 song. i am beyond upset because music is my life, now they are gone! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
Ok but could be better
by rach14f on 2018/04/21 02:18
Overall I like this app. I can download music very easily and be able to play without wifi which is the reason I got the app in the first place. The only thing that really is annoying is their music selection. It takes forever for music to become available on here to listen. Once it is finally available to download on the app the song is now old. I wished they add songs when a new song is actually being released to the public. This app seems to be behind when it comes to their song selection. Also, if a song is still not available yet I wish there was a wishlist we can add those songs so when they do come available for download we can be notified. The app's wishlist now only works for available songs which doesn't make sense. I'm constantly having to go back to see if it is available... Still waiting while songs have already been released months ago.
Does NOT always load
by 501820490 on 2018/11/13 17:08
-Does NOT always load -Jumps out of app if phone is turned off -Stops mid-song and have to get back into app to continue the song -Does not work if I go out of the app Recommendations: -show specific songs that are explicit, not just the albums -order the songs in the same order as on the cds -put songs that cannot be downloaded at the end -show “deluxe” albums (i.e. indicate which albums with the same title that have more songs) -show number of songs -show year of album release -show if the album is a single -separate the single albums from the regular albums -a way to go to specific letters -notify if a downloaded artist gets more music available -show if there is more than one disc and the titles of the discs -if the song is a part of an album, be able to get to the album from the song -if all the songs are downloaded in an album, make sure it says “play album” instead of “complete the album” -be able to see the songs on the album -say play album when all the songs are downloaded or show undownloaded songs -in the TREBEL cloud, have a button to download all the songs -add numbers to the songs (with the same number from the album) -show when a person has already downloaded a song and it is in the cloud -add lyrics to the songs
Amazingly Inspirational and Joyous
by Ryskills on 2017/11/21 23:33
I really like the idea and concept of this app. Had a bit of trouble offline at first. But good over all. Loving it. I extremely do support the fight against Unwanted Piracy and the ability to have free music that is still paid for. No artist shall starve due to pirated music I hope in the future. I’d donate 50,000 TrebleCoins just to be able to say I support Treble as I have since the beginning in the Beta processing. I love it an recommend it to anyone. Only suggestion would be an option able page in the app to automatically open up to when the app is opened. Like the library page instead of the new releases page. Or the profile page if that is what someone would want to choose for the opening page of their app. Whatever floats their boat in their own unique preferential senses.
I love it!
by #Thatkid on 2018/07/29 22:16
Love the fact that I can play all my downloaded songs offline free. I hate having to pay for music. Only have to watch a few ads to build up coins to listen offline. They may not have every artist quite yet, since they are a fairly new app, but they have most of the popular ones. And if you're like me, who likes any and every genre, that's pretty great! And they add new artists at least once every week! They have such great service too! I had a problem with my songs disappearing, so I emailed them and they are currently fixing the bug right at this very moment. I also accidentally turned off my ads (which caused me to lose coins because I was playing my songs) one time and they were gracious enough to show me how to turn them back on. They are very polite and I love the app! Do get trebel!
It’s getting annoying
by LaMya Cowan on 2018/06/04 21:10
I used to really like this app when there were easy ways to get coins like downloading music or opening the app and what not so i could listen to my music on shuffle and not worry about running out of coins bc i know that i could easily get them back. But now the only way to get coins is to watch ads,get someone to send them to you, or buy them. And I hate that. I literally can’t just listen to my music on shuffle bc I’ll run out of coins and it takes way too many coins to listen to one song. And I also am getting annoyed of almost every new song I look up to download having a “coming soon” written. So I can’t even download it and I check in months later and it still isn’t available for download. There aren’t many new songs being made available either. I’m about to find something else to listen to music on bc this is getting annoying. I do like that I can listen to the music I already have offline but that’s about it tbh.
It’s ok..
by mari gomez on 2018/04/21 14:57
Now, this app has some pros and cons. The things I don’t enjoy about this app is that it has me wait for the song to download. It won’t let me close out the app or go back to wait for it to download. If I do go back or close out the app it will stop downloading. Like, really?? Another thing I loathe about this app is that when I search a song, sometimes it will say “coming soon” 🙄 Even if it’s an old song that came out in like, the 2000’s or the 80’s. Honestly, that’s straight up dumb. Why does it let us download the newest songs like “Gods Plan” for example but yet, it won’t let me download Dear Maria, Count Me In?? Dear Maria Count Me In is an old song soo.. I think it should let me download that. ALSO it doesn’t let me download Lil Peep songs! It fact, when you search “Lil Peep” they have no songs of him..explain! But, something good about this app is that it lets you listen to music offline. And I think that’s great. But yeah.. THANKS FOR READING.
Love This App, But 2 Problems!
by Skullpig45 on 2017/11/11 21:37
I love this app. I always play my music on it and I download my favorite songs, well not all the time. This is where I have the problems, I try to find a certain song I like. It pops up and when I click on it, it says “Coming Soon”. When is “Soon”? If there is multiple results for the song, they all say the same thing! Another problem I have is the points that you earn from downloading music. I can’t stress enough how irritating it is to try and download random songs to earn points! The other problem with this is that when you finish a song, about 10 points get deducted from you. What is the point of creating and offline music app if you need a currency system to listen to music? Developers of this app, please get rid of the “Coming Soon” and currency nonsense. I am really close to uninstalling this app!
by Scvnsdgnadv adv on 2019/02/18 17:08
I really like this app a lot. I have a plane ride coming up in about a month and I wanted to listen to music. When I downloaded a certain song, it was only available with wifi. I found that kinda upsetting because there were also a few that said ‘coming soon’. I didn’t really understand why they were showing up. I like that the songs are up to date, though. I think there is a whole lot of improvement to be done. Other than this, great work! (I also notice that some older songs are only available with wifi. Such as Pumped Up Kicks and Fire by Gavin Degraw. It would be nice if those we available for real download.) Also, what is with this “recovering your music?” I thought it was already there. I hope this isn’t too much to ask for. I’m looking forward to seeing new things. Thank you!
by Lio5533 on 2018/07/23 00:07
The app, overall is great, at first, I was a bit sketchy about the coins and such, but realized that it wasn’t going to be too much of a problem. After all, having a tiny countdown does help to expand your music interest by more or less forcing you to look into other songs to see what you like and download them for more coins. But when I had an entire album that I created that had all the songs of just one artist that I had downloaded, one day they just disappeared, and along with that the coins. When I looked them up, it said that they were coming soon, but didn’t they already come out if I could have downloaded them before? Not sure if this has happened to anyone besides me, but if possible, could someone explain this to me or at least fix it? Thanks.
Stupendous now more like stupid
by ~Seavey~ on 2019/03/20 21:02
TREBEL used to be my favorite app. I absolutely loved it and thought it was the best music app. But suddenly TREBEL started to ask me for coins to listen to my music and won’t allow me to listen to anything unless I have enough coins. And I think each song is 8 coins? In order to earn coins you either pay money or play games. I want to listen to music not play games to get coins and then have to repeat that all over again. I think the coin system is not a good idea and should just go back to the way it was. Not only will more people begin using this app but it’ll get good reviews too. Also I know many others feel the same way about this app as well. My friends used to have this app and when I asked why they deleted it they told me that TREBEL was asking for coins in order to listen to their music and so they deleted it. I have not deleted TREBEL yet as I am hoping there will be a change in the system as this used to be my favorite app.
It’s good buttttttt
by Fuzzybears609 on 2018/07/13 01:57
This app is great! I really enjoy listening to music in the car during road trips, except i run out of coins. I don’t have the money to buy some more so it is frustrating to try and play a song, but then it says you need more coins. I tried getting my friends to download the app so that I can get rewards but they refuse. Also when I look for a song and I find it very upsetting when I click on it and then it says coming soon. I know that you guys are trying to get the artist to let you use their songs but why do you have to tease us with the coming soon? It would be better just to have a section labeled “coming soon” and then another section that has all the songs I can download and play. I just wish there was a way to get coins without buying them 🙃😑
Great app, but one issue
by Mr. Brevity on 2018/08/27 11:43
I've been using Trebel for a year or two now, and I've loved it ever since I got it. As far as the music and coin system, I'm completely fine with it. However, there is one problem that must be addressed. In recent updates, Trebel received an aesthetic change. I see that you guys are trying to go modern with your color scheme, but certain parts of the app, the top toolbar with the coin count, for example, are unreadable. Therefore, I don't know how many coins I have. Please, change the font color for these areas or change the bar's color. So long as I can read the text and numbers, I'm fine with whatever color scheme you want. Other than that, keep up the good work. I look forward to the future of Trebel.
by Crazy Love Bug on 2018/10/18 21:36
Hi I just got Trebel after a friend recommended it to me and after using it I just might ask her what she was thinking. I love the variety you give but when I listen to my music offline I get very, very frustrated when it takes 8 of my coins away for skipping a song and I have read some of the reviews in the past where people are complaining about the same think and you responded with “We are working to fix that and are coming out with a solution soon.” but that was some time ago and this is still a problem. I downloaded this app because I though this was going to allow me listen to my favorite songs without using my data but I guess I will have to go back to using it which is a big let down. I am truly sorry for writing such a long review that only says bad things about your app but I hope this helps you to come up with solutions. Thx
Wow This Is Beyond Amazing!
by ItzYourGirlaj on 2019/03/20 02:01
At first I saw an ad for this app and I was like this is a scam there is no way! Somehow my brain was like just download it so I did and boy was I surprised! There is not a lot of artists but I understand that it takes some time to go through all the legal stuff to get these songs while keeping your app up. THIS APP IS JUST AMAZING!!!It is perfect for somebody like me who is always on the go and most of the time places don’t have WiFi and I’m not in the right situation to waste data on music. This app serves as a great way to listen to all my music without having to worry about either! I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH AND I WILL DEFINITELY BE RECOMMENDING IT TO EVERYBODY ❤️Best of luck for this app!I can see this becoming a huge thing in the near future!
Great! but one problem
by Paul's market on 2019/02/01 18:42
I love this app! It’s very clever and amazing! The only problem I’m having is deleting songs. I’ve downloaded a couple songs I don’t like and went to delete them. I couldn’t figure out how to do it at first but soon found out that it was those three little dots or the WiFi looking symbol. I’ve managed to delete some songs but it took me awhile. Every time I try to tap the icon to delete the song it would start playing. Eventually I somehow tapped the minuscule hit box of the icon to delete it. What I’m trying to say is to pls increase the size of the box to delete the song. Other than this I’ve had no other problems regarding the app. Thank you!!
lil' glitchy but still good
by Ihasfoxtail on 2017/12/16 17:43
Having scavenged through the App Store looking for a completely free, and legal, music app I can say I've tried a lot of apps. Trebel has been the most successful app I've come upon and works quite well. It's coin system keeps me from having to waste money and in turn helps the company add more of my favorite artists. However, as like every app, it can experience a few bugs. Sometimes I'll be playing a song and leave the app and be cut off. Other times I'll have downloaded an album then go offline to find the song won't play. But, after a rather long ten minutes the song will finally process and play. This is only an occasional problem however and usually the app works just fine.
TREBEL is pretty good but meh
by LotusDrgon on 2018/09/03 18:58
I love that I can find a lot of artists that I love but also there’s a lot of stuff missing from quite a few. Some of what is missing does say coming soon so that’s nice but with bands like Tool there’s really not anything and none of it was original work anyway. I. HATE. The coins idea. I understand that ads have to play in order to make a profit but the coins are so frustrating especially when I don’t want to pay because I’m poor as hell but I can’t watch ads because they won’t load. I also don’t like that only having the ads option will give me a measly 10 coins. 20 would be a much more worth while option because of how long 10 per ad would take to get any kind of decent listening time.
Great, but is missing music
by Thekatkatkittykat on 2019/03/11 00:56
I downloaded this app and the first thing i did was search up my favorite songs that came from a game called kingdom hearts and all of them-literally all- were there but were 'coming out soon' which meant i couldn't play them or download them and who knows when they will come out. This app is extremely helpful cause it does have the other songs i like for free download, but i'm just confused and disappointed that all of the kingdom hearts songs are coming soon. Other than that, this app is amazing and you should totally get it if you need to download free songs. Trust me it works! Update: The thing is that the first game came out in 2002 along with my favorite song from the entire franchise, yet that one and some others from the earlier games are still not there. I get why the newer songs are coming soon because the game literally just came out, but i am just confused about the reallllyyy old ones. I really don't want to sound like i hate this app. It's amazing, and you can really download free music without any ads or emails or accounts or anything, which is extremely rare to find.
All music need to be available
by $.M.$ on 2019/02/06 01:39
I love this app. I could listen to the music that I want and I like it. There is only one thing that I don’t like about the app. I think that every song should be available. There would be some songs that I want to listen to, but I need Internet to even listen to it because it come with a video. I don’t care if you can watch the video online. If you don’t have Internet, I still want to listen to the song. Overall I think that the app should have one with the video and one with just the music itself, so I can listen to the songs at least. Example: Sia songs I still want to hear the song with out the video. Thanks
Favorite app, needs some tweeks
by GamingCrictic22 on 2017/10/27 20:35
I love this music downloader, hands down, but I find that one itsy, bitsy, problem can fixed. Is it possible that you guys (the makers of Trebel) could take away the point system. Like, I have over 100 songs, and I'm down to 6,000 points. If I keep listening to my songs, I won't have any points to listen to my songs. I understand that if you download songs, you get points. Well recently, I've tried to get more points by downloading albums, but I haven't gotten any points. So, would you ever so kindly, take away the points so I can listen to my music whenever I want. And of course, I'll be downloading more music, because music is one of the most important things in modern society.
by RainnyDayBooks on 2019/03/31 15:24
trying to get ahold of developers . It says on app put in email, but it wont . I would plz appreciate feedback plz. And I can’t download any toddler music ....any toddler music at all! I can’t download 89% of music because its coming soon or its totally redone by another person , even though it says original artist. Its not. Its been almost a year since i uninstalled because i had problems. I reinstalled today and music that “was coming soon” then... is still coming soon. They have no intention of putting it on their app. Its a ploy to keep you coming back. Plus since i installed the app today my phone is getting blazing hot. This is the only app that has done that. Sorry but uninstalling.
by Loamaria321 on 2017/12/03 19:35
This app; it’s wonderful, it’s legal, it’s safe, yet there’s things that need change and honestly don’t make any sense. • Listening to a song costs ten coins on average. It’s frustrating, because in order for me to play all my 68 songs, I’d need 680 coins, which is completely absurd. A song should cost one coin. This limits the amount of songs I can play and how much time I have to waste getting those coins. So far, this is the thing that’s aggravating me the most. • The user interface needs a new look. It’d be nice if you could model off other radio apps with smoother interfaces. • Other than offering prices to buy coins to support your app, consider offering a deal where you can pay to get rid of ads and download/play unlimited songs without the use of coins. It’s frustrating for a generation that hates capitalism find it in music, too.
Great app 10/10 would recommend
by Ankletwistsnap on 2018/06/10 21:00
Ok, so I ran into an issue right from the start, and it’s that the app wouldn’t log me in. I used Facebook to create an account, but I just got an infinite waiting screen that said “loading your account” and I waited for 5 minutes, and didn’t change. Then I restarted the app and tried to create an account in with my email, but it said that that email was already used for another account. So now I’m completely lost on what to do, so can you please help me devs? Edit: The moment I went back into the app after writing this review, it worked, it’s a great app and would recommend
In love
by Kasey George on 2018/04/01 03:09
I never thought I would love a music app so good but this is by far the best app I have ever had...Takes seconds to download and ready to download another song...I also love the little filters they have... You also get to spend coins on fun stuff!!!Also every time you download a song you get extra coins just for whatever you want!!! Best thing is you don’t even have to have coins to listen to music!!!Also you can listen to where ever whenever without WiFi or internet its hard to find a music app that lets you do that!!! There is a lot of ads but just watching them gives you coins!!! Enjoy!!!
Good but...
by Person_z87 on 2017/12/31 17:01
It’s a really good app and it’s really convenient to listen to music off line. But the only thing that I don’t like is that it takes away some of your points you get from downloading songs whenever you listen to a song off line. I don’t think it should do that. Also when a song says coming soon you should make it come soon. I have looked up a lot of songs that have said coming soon so I can’t listen to them yet. Lastly whenever your off line a thing pops up and it says connect to the internet and it pops up a lot so if that could pop up less that would be great. But other that those three things the app is GREAT! 😁
It could be better
by ℓσνєя σf gιяαffєѕ on 2018/01/10 06:02
This app is okay, but it’s not great. There is a huge variety of songs although there are some that aren’t available. When I first downloaded it I had trouble with playing offline. I deleted it and searched for other apps but couldn’t find one. I decided to deal with it and downloaded Trebel again. This time it seems that I can listen offline. But I still am aggravated with the coin thing. I think it’s stupid. I do not understand the point of the coins. It makes absolutely no sense at all. It’d be awesome if someone could explain it to me. I can understand maybe needing the coins to download a song, but that’s not what happens. I just wish Trebel could let us have the music without all this extra nonsense. They would have a better reputation if they did.
it’s great but,,
by User 981038572820;75839 on 2018/07/23 23:17
so i’ve used this app for a couple of months now after having discovered it randomly, but in those few months i downloaded hundreds of songs which usually worked great. granted, there were times that something would malfunction or the music would stop, but that was a rare occasion. the app is awesome in most cases, especially when there’s no wifi, and though it is frustrating to see some favorite songs “coming soon”, i still can’t really complain. i mean it’s free and it fulfills exactly what it claims to, so there’s not much room to be upset with it. recently though, i’ve noticed that my song numbers are dropping. at first i assumed that it was just acting up or that a song or two were temporarily being modified or something. but when i went on today, i found a dramatic decrease of my song number, and most of my recently played songs are missing. a lot of them are asking me to re-download them too, which is weird. all in all the app is pretty awesome but please fix whatever bug this might be!!
Plzzzz change this
by plumbit1 on 2018/06/26 05:23
So I love this app so much for travel really handy. But the ads some of them don’t have a close the add button. So I have to close the whole app look up my song again and oh look the same add I mostly have to do this over and over again to get songs. Also I hate how song of them say coming soon even though the song has been out for years. Also add some sleeping music it would really help me for going on vacation where I don’t have wifi but can’t sleep that easy. Also for the stuff that requires WiFi make a non music video version of the songs so people can still listen to it. Other wise really good app.
Great App, and a great potential!
by Mad dog Pedro on 2018/12/02 23:03
Great app! Lives up to everything it says it is. You can download and stream most mainstream music and play them offline. Some things that would make the app better are to increase the speed the music downloads. I’m not sure how or if you can do this but it would be nice to not have to wait 2 minutes for a song to download. Another thing to work on is the search bar. You can only search for the songs using the artist name and then scrolling through all of their music until you find the song your looking for. Overall good start to a successful app, I’ll be using it for a life time.
Best Music App I’ve Ever Download!
by alallen1805 on 2018/10/20 18:47
The TREBEL app is by far one of the best offline music apps I’ve ever used. Albeit great in terms of offline listening, my one issue with the app is the albums or songs that I want to get but I’m unable to because they say, “Coming Soon” even though the particular songs or album were already released years back, say All I Was by Tremonti back in 2012. I hope that you can take the time to address these here concerns into consideration and make the songs and albums available for free download. Overall, I have no problems whatsoever with TREBEL and I do highly recommend it.
Great app but can be frustrating
by Alyssa Roderick on 2019/04/05 11:59
I like downloading songs here, and it’s great to listen too offline. I use this everyday on my way to school but here’s two issues I hope gets fixed. I really wish they had a select button where you could select the songs to add it to a playlist but instead I have to go one by one song and it’s frustrating. For example:I’d click on the three dots to add the song to the playlist and it starts playing the song instead🙄So please make it to where you can select multiple songs at a time. next there’s the coins, once the coins run out I can’t listen to the songs.
Love but some questions
by Review_100% on 2018/12/15 15:16
I love this app I’ve been usining it for almost 2 years now I just have a few questions like I have an iPhone and my earbuds won’t let me pause the music but it works on every other app why is that, will more music become able for download soon like songs from NF and other signed artists or even YouTuber MUSIC because I would absolutely love that! But over all your app is just amazing and I’ve had multiple of my friends download this and they love it too, I just appreciate what you guys are doing and I would really like to revive a reply form you guys!💙
by Laineygb on 2018/08/23 16:06
So I recently got obsessed with Ariana Grande's album, 'sweetener' after I bought it in store. I didn't have the time or the money to download it on ITunes, so I downloaded this app and downloaded the album on my phone. What so didn't know was that the coins that you get for downloading songs had to be used on playing songs, so every song you play it takes away some coins. I was riding the bus to school, and I switched the song and it told me that I was out of coins and that I couldn't listen anymore. That was frustrating because I downloaded the songs, but I can only listen to them a few times??? That just doesn't make sense. In the new update I hope it takes away that. Thanks
Minor Fixes, but Overall is Awesome
by First_Hunter on 2017/12/13 10:25
Usually I don’t write reviews, but this app is compelling and pretty good. However, there should be multitasking when downloading music and it keeps closing itself at random times, a bug maybe? Anyways, if that gets fixed it’s a reasonably functioning music app. My only concern besides it randomly shutting my whole phone off is that the search bar is coming up with a lot of random or repeating results, which is very frustrating to sort through for the song or albums I actually want. If these get fixed and you could put tentative “coming soon” dates, I would absolutely love it!
Offline music for iPhone must have
by Amy ivins on 2018/03/14 19:59
I love this app has offline option for free well you have to use coins offline but you earn them by downloading your son's anyway so it's basically completely free. You might run out sometimes while you're out of internet connection for awhile but not often or if you prepare our accordingly unlike myself you shouldn't ever really run out of coins...pretty big music selection too and if you want whatever they don't have tog can request it. I also love you can download your dog's from previous divices or whatever for nothing or without losing your music library like onfrostwire
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