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Google Calendar: Get Organized
Get the official Google Calendar app for your iPhone or iPad to save time and make the most of every day. • Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week and day views. • Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more are added to your calendar automatically. • Tasks - Create, manage, and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar. • Video conferencing - Easily add video conferencing to calendar events. • Quick event creation - Smart suggestions for event titles, places and people save you time when creating events. • All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud. Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.
Idea for google calendar
by 506-506 on 2020/12/01 08:50
I have idea for the app it’s like calendar for groups 1-Joining the group calendar 2-There are admins who can edit the appointments 3-Every one in the group can see 👍 The main problem in big study groups is the question (when is when is when is ) Everybody is asking about the time
This would be good if it worked...
by Amey R on 2020/11/29 19:36
...The app wasn’t terrible it helped a little. The problem is that I wasn’t able to find any of my recent classes to check. I found maybe one or two of them even though I have over eight. Classes from years ago which I have long since unenrolled from on google classroom had popped up on the checklist (while my actual classes weren’t). I looked on there feedback community website thing and there were tons of other people on there saying the same thing. Google’s team really needs to get on this.
It’s mostly the same as Android but
by some dbag stole my name on 2020/11/29 15:36
The widget is worse. Androids widget is much better letting you see multiple days ahead and even lets you scroll down.
by onesamiplayyy on 2020/11/28 11:12
The widget looks super empty when no events are taking place.
Don’t do the update
by jjk27 on 2020/11/27 21:40
It was perfect until the newest update for the widget. Now it only shows the agenda for one day and it doesn’t include the all day events.
Reminders intermittently don’t work! 😡
by Jbphdelaney on 2020/11/27 06:58
The app is great, till it totally fails you and you miss something important because it never notified you of an upcoming event. It is so incredibly frustrating! Yes, notifications are enabled. Yes, the appointments had reminders set in them. It’s completely random, and it makes the app completely UNRELIABLE!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
fine calendar, not a very good iOS app
by rkhamilton on 2020/11/27 01:36
It works fine as a calendar, but they invent their own design language that makes it fit poorly into an iOS device. They are slow to implement iOS features like multitasking and widgets. Currently, my widget is a large box on my iPad that has a single line that says "2 all-day entries" with about 8 blank lines under it. Plenty of room to show 8 all-day entries, but instead it shows nothing useful.
IOS 14 Widget
by saIazar on 2020/11/25 22:01
Your iOS 14 widget is worse than the previous non-IOS 14 widget. Why does it only show one day where as the old one showed up to a whole week?
iOS 14 widget
by Sorodoros on 2020/11/25 14:17
Not just one day only, but 3 events only! And only the 2 smallest. What happened to the largest widget. Like all other iOS calendar widgets. We already have an icon to launch the app. That's all this is — another icon. Completely useless.
Not to support my language
by DDRMU on 2020/11/25 08:55
The application does not support the two languages, the calendar does not support the Arabic language
Problem with multiple calendars
by WorldUser_AM on 2020/11/25 06:10
This app is nice. However once you create an event you cannot change the calendar of that event if you have multiple calendars in your google account. Seems like an easy fix for Google.
A bearable map
by rduddf on 2020/11/25 04:18
You actually don’t get frustrated when using it. It’s fun to use I love it and it’s helping me in life a lot
by starborneloopshipanomonis on 2020/11/25 01:02
Good for onlin school.
New iOS 14 widget is tiny
by Agussss on 2020/11/24 17:35
New iOS 14 widget is tiny
by Noone99 on 2020/11/24 16:16
The new homescreen widget is very disappointing. The previous version much more helpfully showed events from upcoming days, not just today. Please make it better.
My go to calendar
by rkilljoy on 2020/11/24 01:19
Google calendar has always kept my life organized and is nice to keep mine and my wife’s schedule in sync. I was happy that a widget finally came out but wished it had full weekday name and a full month view with schedule. On icon wished that would show date it is for the day it is on.
New Widgets Are a Downgrade
by ACtheDream on 2020/11/24 00:32
With the hold widgets, you were able to see events for a few days out. With these new widgets, you only have the option for today’s events. It would be nice to have a larger widget that shows you more info, like what was available in the old widgets.
Ruined calendar widget
by closer0 on 2020/11/23 21:33
You have officially ruined the calendar widget. Who wants to only see the current day in their calendar widget? Nobody, that’s who. Bring back the ability to see the week ahead of you. Or the month ahead of you. Anything is better than one single day though. How can you be so out of touch with your customers?
Typical google
by mpls55412 on 2020/11/23 20:43
Change for the sake of change. New widget replaces old widget. Old widget had a weeks agenda. New widget only offers single day view.
About that widget
by JaredRamm on 2020/11/23 19:39
Just a heads up, the app widget takes awhile to load your calendar so give it a few minutes and it will show up. It's good!
New update
by cthetford on 2020/11/23 18:55
New widget on ios14 is terrible.
It's About Time
by Ben Kenon on 2020/11/23 18:12
I mean, yeah, calendars are about time, but I'm talking about ios 14 widgets. There were widgets for the Google App, Google Photos and Google Drive (strangely enough) but no calendar widget. That has finally changed. The bad news is that none of Google's usual flair is present. Would it be so hard to make a widget that looks like its Android counterpart, with option for daily, weekly or monthly views, and different colors for events and such? I just can't believe it took Google this long to make a plain white box with rounded corners and the date 🙄🙄🙄 I mean, Apple's native calendar widget is more interesting to look at!
Ugly and confusing icons
by User_DT on 2020/11/23 16:43
Google needs to bring back old icons.
by Mr. Kroupa on 2020/11/23 15:59
The new Google calendar widget only shows 1 day now, it used to show the next 6, change it back!!!!
Legacy Widget was way better, and is now Gone
by LukeTheBook333 on 2020/11/23 13:52
I'm disappointed that their widget replacement only shows two events, where the legacy widget contained at least 10
The year is 2020...
by Skyscan305 on 2020/11/23 07:24
And there is still no ability to share or print your calendar from the Google Calendar app... Clearly the development team is either incompetent or lazy.
New iOS 14 widget
by D Marc on 2020/11/22 14:44
Is there anything on the roadmap for Google Calendar to have a Home Screen widget on iOS 14+
new glitch
by nhfsetikncxrrujbvcfff on 2020/11/21 15:25
i tried to edit a recurring event, but it won’t change the date. i also don’t get all of my notifications.
Waiting for the widget!
by Richard D. D. on 2020/11/21 13:09
Google calendar Widget please!!
Please add widget option for iPhones!!
by A_mu te_sf on 2020/11/20 14:44
I love this app, it’s my go to planning calendar However it’s disappointing that I couldn’t add it as a widget on my iPhone Home Screen
Always outdated
by KingArthurVI on 2020/11/20 08:32
I have some reminders and events that I move all the time, but despite the web client already having updated the time for those meetings, I still get alerted on my phone for all these. They’re seemingly out of sync, and is a major issue for power users like me with a ton of meetings because it can be confusing to get notified of an event that was already canceled.
Love this App
by Mkthomas on 2020/11/19 17:03
Meets all my needs to manage multiple schedules. I can also see and add other schedules like from the kids school district. Husbands work. I can see them all at once or separately. I’ve started using tasks and so far I love it.
App design
by BittickQWERTY on 2020/11/19 14:56
I wish the app icon had the ability to always show the date as opposed to always showing a ‘31’. Overall functionality is great tho!
Very complete
by flyfan30 on 2020/11/19 04:35
I’m so grateful that Google integrated tasks and reminders in the calendar. It helps me get the big picture.
by Juan_del_Pueblo on 2020/11/18 22:16
It could use widgets for iOS
by Loverstars on 2020/11/18 20:20
I used to use this all the time. But with the new iOS update it’s easier to use apps that have a widget. When will google calendar have widgets???
We need widgets !!
by PESista99 on 2020/11/18 19:30
Just that. Amazing app but we still need widgets and that would be just perfect.
Changes times
by estensland on 2020/11/18 18:55
My wife and I have used Google calendar for over a year. Recently, we both missed appointments and have noticed incorrect times for events we’ve entered. Finally ran a test, and made sure to enter a test event at a certain time, and be sure that it was entered correctly and in correct time zone. Waited 24 hours and checked again, and the time in google calendar was an hour off from what was entered. Have started entering the time of appointments in the name of the event, and have watched the assigned time and the name in the title change. Worthless app.
Recurring events feature is broken
by Embassy1010 on 2020/11/18 06:10
I have tried to set up a recurring payday event. I’m paid every two weeks on Friday, so I set the event on Friday and tell it to repeat every two weeks. Or every 14 days. Either way it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. At first, everything looks fine, but as time moves on, so does the payday event! It moves from Friday to Saturday to Sunday, etc, etc. I have other recurring events I need to have setup and encounter the same problem. It’s a pretty basic feature that is currently broken, and it’s been like this for a long time. I’ve been patiently waiting for a bug fix, but it appears it isn’t going to happen, so I guess it’s back to Apple’s calendar app.
Nothing works
by clockworkblue on 2020/11/17 17:30
Just downloaded this. It doesn’t see the events I created on the website and I cannot create an event on iOS..
Calendar Links Don’t Work
by rmcq2 on 2020/11/17 17:10
Everytime someone sends me a calendar link, the app will open up and display a blank event to create. However, when I open the link in a browser on my phone or computer, the calendar event with all the details are displayed for me to save. Please fix.
by mostafa binam on 2020/11/17 11:58
Please add widget
Search is awful
by yikbgg on 2020/11/17 06:00
I’d sure like to know my friend’s birthday, but even though I know its in my calendar I can’t find it when I search . . .
You’d think they could change the date on the app!
by NKIT on 2020/11/17 03:48
It’s not the 31st every day, fix that !
Update is crashing app can’t use
by Burpies764 on 2020/11/16 21:29
New update today is loading blank calendar then the app is crashing on both my iPhone and iPad. Web version working fine.
by bs*25 on 2020/11/16 17:16
Hi, This is my favorite calendar and I’am always using it , could you please add a calendar widget for iOS. Thanks
by usa33233233 on 2020/11/16 04:27
Should have tasks intergraded like the online platform
by Atiar T. on 2020/11/16 01:39
A great apps to remind my all of meetings and schedule.
Widget Support / Bad Icon
by airic on 2020/11/14 08:41
At a glance, I literally can’t tell the difference in half of your app icons now. Which is the point of an icon. To differentiate it from others. Needs iOS 14 Widget support. Rename to Calendar. Dark Mode icon. Your Dark Mode splash screen is nice.
Notification Issues
by drumgruv on 2020/11/13 12:42
When I add a new event, I always remove the notifications as I do not need them. Lately, when I do and then save the event, it automatically puts the notification back on the event. So I have to go in a second time to remove them. Super annoying and a huge time waster
Missing widgets
by tiagosada on 2020/11/13 08:23
Ok, but really needs widgets for iOS 14
by rubberturd24hrf on 2020/11/13 00:53
Nevermind all that talk about the lack of a widget. Fix the alerts/reminders. Haven't received any since the last update ~4 days ago. When will the fix be available?
App face
by promulgate23 on 2020/11/12 18:02
Why can’t google make it so the face of the app actually tells you the day’s date? Instead of always saying 31, have it change daily to read that day’s date. That way users can quickly see the date without having to open the app.
Best calendar app EVER!
by mistypop182 on 2020/11/12 13:36
I love everything about this app except that I still rely on my Apple calendar bc it shows the day of the week and number on the actual app on the home screen. For example, “Monday 2”. If this app had that feature, it would be perfect. Is there any way the developers could work on this? I use google calendar for everything and I want to get rid of my Apple calendar.
Needs an IOS widget!!
by Abarthel1 on 2020/11/11 21:42
So close to being perfect
Apple Watch App Needed
by Ziko24 on 2020/11/11 19:08
Needs an Apple Watch app just so I don’t have to have 2 different apps managing calendars.
Great App, but...
by across_mountains on 2020/11/11 13:54
Have been using the app for quite a while back to when I had an Android OS phone. Love that it means my calendar is not locked in Apple’s universe and I can have it on both my iPhone and my PC However, the new logo is crap.
Where is the current date in the app icon?
by clancdog on 2020/11/10 17:42
I like many things about this app, but what happened to the current date showing in the app icon?! That's a really important feature to me. Please fix immediately!
How about a widget?
by markjanet on 2020/11/09 21:03
Instead of these nothing tweaks. WAAAYYYY behind lesser companies’ products. Get on the stick.
Suggestions (App Icon, Widgets...)
by janinereillya on 2020/11/09 15:25
First, I would love to say that this app is very easy to use to plan out ur schedules and tasks however I have some suggestions that would make Google Calendar far more better. I would like to suggest changing the app icon everyday to the date, just like Apple Calendar. Another suggestion is adding a widget. I would love to see what I have planned at what time when I pick up my phone first thing in the day. Thank you so much and i’m looking forward to more updates.
Still ugly
by drjwr on 2020/11/09 14:48
Despite the new icon, which suggests an improved appearance, we still have the poor re-do look from several years ago, when everything was squared off, grid lines were placed, and we lost the minimalist design.
Date issue
by Jeopepi on 2020/11/09 12:25
Would be nice if the app would tell you today’s date and not always have 31 on it.
by HollyDay on 2020/11/09 10:27
Alerts/reminders DO NOT WORK. I used to rely on this calendar for everything and now I've missed multiple things because of it. Google: Focus on function instead of new icons! Your once great company has fallen so behind!! And, hate the new icon. It's generic, not iconic.
Great 4 School!
by Halcyon33199 on 2020/11/09 09:19
Simple and clean interface! Must have for school if you need to plan multiple things while keeping things simplified. Thank you, Google 🥶😁
No widget
by Login issues grrrrrrfcssth on 2020/11/09 04:57
I need a widget for this or I will never use the app. It’s literally not in my face without it. Super annoying
Great app, one little thing...
by Sujatha92 on 2020/11/09 02:03
So many updates over the years, so many great features. But one little thing that bothers me because it’s such a simple little detail. Seems like an easy thing to do, apple calendar does this. Why not have the screen icon reflect the current date instead of a perpetual "31"???
Which app is this?
by Ablevine on 2020/11/09 01:58
I can't tell anymore since all of the Google app icons have the same colors now. Terrible
Lousy update
by Dedreaper666 on 2020/11/08 23:40
I guess it just updated? It was good but now I have a lot of mexican all over my calendar that I can’t get rid of. Ridiculous. Got rid of it until they fix it.
date change
by Hamiferreira on 2020/11/08 17:35
The app is good, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t change the date, it remains always 31. For example apple app chamge everyday the date that shows up on the app. Google please do something about it.
Love it but...
by coolnobb on 2020/11/08 17:07
I love this app 100% would recommend it. it’s better than iPhone calendars but I would really like if you could make this widgets too because I don’t use Apple calendars without widgets so it would mean a lot to me if you guys could help and make google calendars a widget because you already made just normal Google a Widget so why not
Is it really that hard to show the date on the icon?
by thedelightfulsunshine on 2020/11/08 14:50
Apple calendar has been doing this since it’s inception and you’re telling me google can’t? No instead you have the app icon display the number “31” constantly, even if the current month doesn’t have 31 days in it. But don’t worry soon you’ll be able to add stories to your Gmail or something else utterly useless instead of actual plausible things you need. Seems everything’s going downhill in 2020
Easy to use
by SarahMay2011 on 2020/11/08 13:00
Relatively easy to use once you get used to it. Syncs with other calendars. Would love for the screen feature to have the actual date on it, so you could see the date with a glance at your screen (like Apple Calendar has). Then I could truly get rid of that app!
by sr1ny on 2020/11/08 11:21
Please add snooze option
Remind Me
by lonngooch on 2020/11/07 18:22
The app works pretty good, but if you make a reminder, it doesn't "remind" you unless you happen to look at your calendar that day. Since I share my calendar with other family members, I don't want to make an event or create another calendar. I want the reminder tool to remind me. Maybe someone at Google could explain this to whomever is responsible for this.
It's way better than Apple Calchdar (no offence to Apple I just like it better)!!!!
by sparkleeverything100050 on 2020/11/06 20:59
I like it!!!!!!!!!! You can share events, change colors, choose between events, reminders, tasks, goals, and what ever Of Of Office means, and it's the only app I have where you can see the data from all your accounts on one screen. I would like it if I can customize the sound though.
Please take out the 31 on the app logo!!!!!
by NickNameGotTakeIsAnnoying on 2020/11/06 20:24
Please take out the 31 on the app logo !!!!!Very confusing
by andyandtoby on 2020/11/06 18:30
Cmon google as of 11/6/20 there are bugs that make creating an event or anything a goddamn hassle. Copying and pasting won’t work. Editing won’t work. App freezing and not responding to buttons being clicked. Cmon man. I switched from Apple for a reason FIX YOUR ****.
The Best, but
by Ayo Tré on 2020/11/06 13:51
It’s the best calendar out there. Been using it since my time on Android. WE NEED AN IOS WIDGET!!
by Neponosema on 2020/11/05 21:09
Google does fabulous, magical things. But on your calendar why can’t you change it on the little logo that when it is October 1 to show a number “1” ? And when it is October 2 why can’t you show a number “2”? And when it is October 3 why can’t you show a number “3” ? Why does it always have to say 31? For your information on my iPhone it comes with a calendar app and I keep that app just to know the date sometimes at a quick glance. I wish I could delete it, but then I have to dig into my phone to find out what the date is. I guess Google isn’t the fabulous magical company that I always thought it was.
by jellymeonion on 2020/11/05 17:44
Can you please make it so the app icon has today’s date? And is there a way to delete past events?
Widget Request
by Nonexistent nickname on 2020/11/05 12:42
Please make a widget for the iPhone!!!!!! 😭
by thurmanscottii on 2020/11/05 10:14
When are we going to get birthday notifications?!?!
What happened?!!
by D Yama Choco 808 on 2020/11/05 03:24
After the last update, my settings are completely screwed up? It doesn’t do what it used to do. For years I’ve been using this calendar without a hitch. Bugs fixed?! I don’t think soo! Bugs added!! Please undo what you just did please! This is a nightmare! I’m in agony!
by meela07 on 2020/11/05 01:33
There are several bugs with this “new” Google Calendar. Also, mine keeps freezing.
Needs one more thing
by Oltapia on 2020/11/04 20:34
Love this app! Love a lot that google makes. The one thing that will make this better is if widgets were made!
Aesthetics please
by Care Bear 108 on 2020/11/04 16:27
I love the app, but the new color scheme on my home screen is hideous. Im going to have to move it to another screen. Would give five stars if the colors get better.
Dreadful UX
by Mxbond on 2020/11/04 13:46
Mobile version is the worst. Not possible to create events with a minute fidelity. Not possible to add and edit calendars. If you mistakenly created an event under one calendar you aren’t able to reassign it to another. You can change just a color like this is the priority.
Great app
by Joelifmant21 on 2020/11/03 17:25
Well made calendar.
Great except....
by JohnathanLe on 2020/11/03 16:24
This app sets up everything i need for class, all i need are WIDGETS to make sure i can remember to check my work, or if i missed anything!
Unfortunately not support Arabic language
by inark87 on 2020/11/03 13:55
Hi ,please add Arabic language .
App Logo “Date”
by monroe13_ on 2020/11/03 13:50
Why does the logo for Google Calendar app sport a “31”?? Either show the actual date OR the number of days in the current month... but 31 is confusing.
There’s a bug!
by everything gets harder on 2020/11/03 13:16
I love this app. One of the goals I have is to take a selfie twice a month at 7:45 AM. My first one of the month was today, and the second one wasn’t on November 17th. But when I tapped on did it, it said that I completed 1 of 2 sessions this week. That’s the big. Try to fix it.
by Cs5308 on 2020/11/03 03:37
I love the ease and organization of this app! So much better than the Apple calendar. Anyway to have the date change on the app icon?
Great app, still no iOS 14 widgets
by 챠뉘 on 2020/11/03 03:31
Swipe instead of scroll
by idc1234567 on 2020/11/03 01:44
I’m not a fan at all of the way you browse months with the new update. Before you could scroll through the year and now you have to swipe month to month. Makes it very hard to organize a lot of events, paydays, appointments, ect. I might just switch back to using only Apple calendar now. Which blows bc I liked seeing an actual title on my even if I viewed the month.
by Nahya104 on 2020/11/02 23:30
Start and end date missing *update. Sorry. It works fine. Thankyou.
Good app.
by crunchy189 on 2020/11/02 21:20
Now I gotta say the new icon is absolutely repulsive! I hate it!!!
Love this app except for the icon
by Redneckbassin' on 2020/11/02 10:38
If Google would update the app icon to actually show the day of the month and change with the days like Apple’s calendar app does then they would have the better of the two apps. I much prefer the look and feel and color customization options of Google Calendar when in app, but the icon itself simply shows a never changing 31 instead of the actual date. This is a very small gripe, I know, and even that would be ok if they would update it and make a widget available for the Home Screen instead of only being available in the Today view. Again, minor complaints. For now I keep the widget in the Today view and swipe right to see my schedule at a quick glance, and continue to keep the Apple calendar icon on my Home Screen for a quick view of the day and date without the need to swipe.
Love it... hoping for Apple Watch compatibility
by stefanyesco on 2020/11/02 04:23
Much better than the apple calendar. Works great to keep me organized! I just wish it would work with my Apple Watch.
by Mrs. NayNay on 2018/05/06 16:05
My life was becoming extremely crazy and I kept "double booking" myself like Every. Single. Day. So I kept having to call and let people down because I had forgotten about previous commitments! Well! My mom and sister got frustrated with me and told me that I needed to just get Google Calendar and every time I commit to something I have to put it in the calendar right then and there and then before I commit to things I have to pull out my calendar and check it! It was simple advice but Google Calendar was so easy to use and so aesthetically that after I used it once I got hooked! Haha I love putting hints in my calendar now and color coordinating them! It looks so pretty and I feel like an adult that has to "check her calendar" all the time🙄😂. Also! I found out you can link calendars with people! Now I know when my sister is free to talk on the phone because her crazy work schedule is on there and we love so far away it's helped us stay connected!! All that to say! I love Google Calendar and it will help you organize your life!
2 small problems, 2 less stars
by Angrymonkeymermaid on 2018/12/23 17:33
The app is great but there are 2 things I wish they did. 1: more colors added for events. I wish they had more colors to choose from when writing in an event. I am the kind of person that likes to keep certain events in the same color so i know that that event is work, party, meeting, holiday, birthdays, vet appointments, etc. But the color selection is a bit limited for me and there are colors that i never use because it makes no sense when i associate that color for that event, like the color flamingo. I wish they had different kinds of blues, purples, greens, reds, oranges, and pink. Especially since the purple for reminder you cannot change, so placing an event in that color confuses me. 2: I wish the photo used for a location was based on a photo of what the location looks like and not from photos that people upload from their cellphone to google maps. The fault is google maps. The photo location for an area should be something you should have the option of selecting in calendar and the logo should be an option. Their should also be an option on google maps where someone can select the primary photo of that location when flagging a picture. For example, my dog vet is pet smart Banfield but the picture shown on my calendar is a lady with her dog. That is not the location of the vet, it should be a picture of the front of the store, even though there is a picture of that, i cant select it.
Recent updates have seriously ruined this app
by pianoman.82 on 2018/05/24 14:09
After a few months of very laggy, unresponsive, disappointing app behavior, I finally have had enough to leave a review in the hopes that it will help someone on the app team realize just how bad things have gotten, at least for me (my wife has the same issues on her iOS devices as well, so it’s not something unique to my account). I was surprised to see how many other reviews I have found with almost exactly the same issues that I have. The fact that the other reviewers have been reporting consistently issues since at least the beginning of 2018 with no improvement is nearly inexcusable. My primary issues in a nutshell - 1) often app opens to random dates at initial launch; 2) after initial app load, it generally takes 60-90 seconds (sometimes much longer) before the UI is responsive; 3) once everything has finally loaded (if I have not given up and force quit it already) there is way too much UI lag and sputtering as I try to navigate through different UI views — full month, daily agenda, etc. These issues combined render the app nearly useless for me in most everyday use cases. As an app developer myself, I can appreciate the complexity of creating a performant, well-functioning app. However, given how awesome this app used to be, and the level of satisfaction I expect from an app by Google, I’m just so frustrated and disappointed. I can’t understand why these issues have not received attention yet.
I like it, but it needs improvement
by Colton2077 on 2018/09/23 23:08
This app is one of the most comprehensive as far as what I can do, but it needs fixing in a few areas. First of all, Goals are super glitchy and need improvement. I find that it’s super inconvenient that there is no option to select Goal time/date manually, you have to let the app decide for you. You can change manually it AFTER it is auto assigned, but you have to do them each individually. So if I have a 5 day workout goal and I want them all to be at specific times, I have to manually fix every single day and time to where I want it. It’s super inconvenient. It should simply be an option and nothing more to have the app select times and dates for your goals. Additionally, I find that sometimes they delete themselves, and also, if you set a goal it only lasts about three weeks before you have to recreate them again. You should be able to have the option to select the cut off date or have them running indefinitely, like you can with “Events.” It’s almost better to set your Goals as Events because Events actually works. Additionally, I find that when I swipe other to the next week it will sometimes ship months or years ahead for seemingly no reason.
No Apple Watch/Subscribed Calendars
by JT@Itunes on 2020/07/17 15:25
Overall, it looks good but it’s missing the most important thing to be usable for me. I must have it in my Apple Watch and have a complication so I see the next event just by raising my wrist. Google, add this and you’ll win me over from Apple’s calendar. The other issue is with subscribed calendars. Google’s platform is far superior to Apple because I can subscribe to an external calendar on the site and see it on my phone as well. Perfect, almost. I set up a subscription to my work calendar. We are fully hosted on Microsoft 365. I’m able to see everything that was created PRIOR to setting up the subscription however, nothing new is coming in. After an exhaustive search, this is a Google problem that has existed for a long time. Google, you need to give us an option for subscribed calendars to specify update frequency. A global setting is simply not sufficient. I have another subscribed calendar which only needs an update once per week but my work calendar needs updates every 15 minutes. I do know I can add my M366 calendar in the default Apple calendar and it works as expected. That’s not what I want. I want all of my calendars in one place.
Absolutely a disaster
by Ibrad14 on 2018/05/23 16:12
What changed? I don’t experience crashing however the app is useless. It has all of these bells and whistlesbut it’s impossible to easily put an event on the calendar. When I’m in month review, I should be able to touch the day that I want to add an event to and have it open up that day and then let me pick the time of the event. But instead it tries to be too smart and it opens up instead a daily view but not even the day that I touched. And then when I have to make an event I have to click another ‭+ sign‬ and then choose the events option— way too many clicks compared to other cal apps!!! and then on the next Screen I have to fill out all of these fields but none of them are easy to differentiate from the other and they have too many auto populated fields that are similar… For example the word “at”.... I use “at”for the time but nope the “at” Refers to location. It’s awesome that you can link it to the maps and your contacts and all that however it’s useless with putting an actual event into your calendar. I am finding myself, when I’m scheduling something on the fly, giving myself reminders thru siri for when I get home to put it into the calendar. Because I can’t do it on my phone! I guess I will go back to the CalenGoo app!
Helps me organize my life!!
by MoMo527527 on 2019/07/15 17:25
As a high school student that plays sports, has a job, babysits, and is involved in many *many* clubs, this app helps me organize my life!! I love the automatic pictures that come up and how i can share calendars with people (my team etc), and THE COLORS. i legit have corresponding colors for everything and i absolutely love it!! my one tiny thing is how all events have to last for a period of time. i would love an option to have events just occur at a certain time and have no end time. for example when i need to pick up my little sister that occurs at a certain time and isnt a duration of time, also some meetings for clubs and such dont have an end time so just putting in a random time doesnt really help me. adding this feature would really help me make this a 5 star review because after that i dont know what this app could be missing! but other than that i absolutely love this app and i dont plan to stop using it anytime in the future!!
Convenient but could be improved
by lalaniam on 2018/01/04 21:18
I love the colors to be able to tell the difference. I also love the ability to share events with people. I do wish that I could add the same event to multiple days. For example, work, for people who don’t work the same days every week. If I work and 7am-7pm multiple days a week; that I could just type in the information and just click on the different days that I work. Another example would be for volunteering events; I have to keep typing them in, because they don’t repeat on the same days of the week each week. It’s a huge downside. I keep hoping there will be an update with it. But I may start looking for another app. Additionally, it would be nice to have more neon colors for color coordination. As me and my husband share calendars and have events for the kids. It would really help separate each of those things. I often run out of colors.
PLEASE FIX IT GOOGLE: So disappointed on how buggy it is
by guess15me on 2018/01/23 18:33
I wanted to love this app so much because I love my Google Calendar on my computer. And initially I did love this app because it functioned fine and brought a lot of color and visuals to my calendar which I really liked for organization. However as of the last couple of weeks at least this app has been nothing but a headache. It just freezes up whenever I open it. Then it’s completely lagged out. I can hardly ever get to be able to create an event before it just shuts itself down and app disappeared. Every little thing will be logged out. Opening the app and loading it, creating an event, typing each individual letter (which could take 10 seconds before a letter while actually appear), list goes on and on. Now I highly doubt that there is an issue with my phone because I have only a fraction of my memory used and I keep my phone software pretty squeaky clean. I don’t even have a lot of videos or photos, and I don’t even stream very much. Everything else on my phone functions fine except when it comes to trying to operate this app. Until google fixes this issue, This app is really intolerable and unusable.
Freezes, lags, even randomly starts scrolling back to years past
by Chosen7Stone on 2018/04/19 15:07
I want to like this app. On my laptop browser, I keep Google Calendar open in a pinned tab because I rely on and appreciate it so much. But as an app, it’s the worst thing on my phone - and I’ve kept using it because of how heavily I rely on it. But today, I’m searching the App Store for alternatives. A recent update said they were addressing the freezing issues some users experience. I haven’t seen improvement. This morning, I kept three people waiting so I could let them know whether I was available in two weeks - the app opened, promptly froze, and then zoomed me back to April 2017, then June 1970. I’m writing this in April 2018. The conversation moved on; ten minutes later, I was still checking the app to see if it had caught up and would allow me to scroll forward two weeks. I eventually gave up. Sometimes I want to edit an existing event and the window halfway opens, then lags/freezes. It takes 5-6 minutes to open, even if I close and reopen the app. I have no idea how to fix this. It is a wonderful, wonderful app — when it works. I can’t afford to wait for it to be fixed anymore.
Best Free Calendar App You Can Get
by shelbhoc on 2019/03/25 19:39
I’ve tried all kinds of available calendar apps, but this one is by far my favorite! I often tell my friends to drop their apps and opt for Google Calendar because I really think it is so much better than any other free-cal app out there. I am easily able to look at my daily, weekly and monthly schedule- and I LOVE that the monthly outlook actually tells me what I have going on each day. I can also color-code events/calendars so I can see what realms I have working each day, AND it syncs up online so that I can use it on my computer too. I also have calendars made for my team so that I can put events in all of our schedules at one time. And I can set GOALS and make REMINDERS and CHECK THEM OFF AS I GO??? Amazing. I probably sound like a fake review right now, but I swear I am a human (who never even writes reviews) and I just really really love this app. Do yourself a favor and get this.
Everything one might need in a calendar app
by Tom D. Kim on 2017/09/18 20:23
I love how Google Calendar automagically uploads everything to the cloud. I also love how it suggests locations based on the address one types in (of course it doesn't do this for private addresses, but it is still a handy feature.) It will set reminders by month, day, hour, or minute, and it also asks if one wants to set up recurring appointments for a number of weeks, a number of days, or annually (handy for Birthday reminders.) The app will also convert between time zones across the world—another useful feature. And all of these can easily be set whether one is using a smartphone or a tablet, and also a desktop or a laptop. All of the changes are sent to the cloud, as well. It is possible to export it into many other formats as well, such as iCal, and Microsoft Office. I ❤️ Google Calendar and will continue to use it until they pry it out of my hands. 🙂
Love this app except for the icon
by Redneckbassin' on 2020/11/02 10:38
If Google would update the app icon to actually show the day of the month and change with the days like Apple’s calendar app does then they would have the better of the two apps. I much prefer the look and feel and color customization options of Google Calendar when in app, but the icon itself simply shows a never changing 31 instead of the actual date. This is a very small gripe, I know, and even that would be ok if they would update it and make a widget available for the Home Screen instead of only being available in the Today view. Again, minor complaints. For now I keep the widget in the Today view and swipe right to see my schedule at a quick glance, and continue to keep the Apple calendar icon on my Home Screen for a quick view of the day and date without the need to swipe.
Excellent Calendar, even better with a few tweaks
by E.G.G S. on 2018/12/12 19:44
My school uses Google Suite for student email, handout distribution and storage, and turning in assignments, to name a few uses. I use Google Calendar to coordinate all of these things and record my homework. I have a color-coded calendar for each class so I can glance at my week and see my work load easily. Unfortunately, I have to set up each assignment as an event because reminders can’t attach to calendars or change their color. This makes it difficult to see a list of all my homework together, whereas with reminders, I could mark them as done and display them together. I also encountered an issue where trying to share an event with someone while creating it would cause the event to not be created, but sharing the event after creating it would be successful. Still, these are minor problems and improvements and overall, this is one of the best calendar apps I’ve seen.
Awesome App!
by Stootsy on 2020/03/13 08:03
After losing my entire Outlook Calendar during a PC switch, I started using the Google calendar, and I’ve never considered using anything else. This app instantly updates everything on all my devices in real time, and meets all my needs. As the president of a local non-profit organization, and communications manager, it is critical that my schedule is accurate and clear. This app provides all the amenities necessary to achieve the goals of our group as well as my personal appointments. The color coding is one of my favorite perks. The “Find” feature is awesome for tracking previous schedules as well when tracking year-end reporting to build the calendar for the new year ahead. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is constantly on the go.
Started off a 5⭐️ app
by Rachel Dalton on 2018/05/17 12:13
I downloaded this a while ago and it was amazing. Definitely the best calendar app I’ve ever used by a long shot! But over the past few weeks this app has been a real thorn in my side. The first issues were speed. I would hit something and the lag time would be so great that my phone would dim trying to go to sleep. But eventually it would load and I could put in new calendar entries and see my schedule. It was usable. I would’ve probably given it a 2.5 ⭐️ rating during that period of time. But now I can’t use it at all. It immediately crashes every single time I open the app. Not only have I lost the ability to put in new entries all together but I’ve also lost my ability to even see my schedule. I’m so frustrated. I really loved this app but they really need to make and update to fix this issue and fast. I’m sure they are working as hard as they can to hone in on the issue, but until then, I’ll be using apple’s calendar app and checking my google calendar on a computer. I look forward to hearing the issues have been resolved once they have been.
Pretty, Useless
by ☆Anna☆Belle★ on 2018/05/23 03:07
I admit, this app is pretty and well designed. However, there’s a lot of problems with it. First, lets say you have guitar lessons on Mondays and Fridays. Good for you, but you can’t put that in your schedule. You can only put “two times a week”, which means it’ll put it on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ok and then lets say you want to practice your guitar every day for 30 mins. It will find the best time that you can practice it, hooray!!! And the time you can practice is... 1AM-1:30AM!!! Of course you can edit this time but... why would you be practicing... at 1:30... and last of all, you can’t edit holidays. So I’m Christian, and Easter changes every year so it’s nice that they have the option for religious holidays(they have Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Orthodox holidays!! I love the inclusion!!) so that I don’t have to update it every year, but what is the Assumption of Mary? And all these other random holidays I’ve never heard of? What? You can’t delete them or change their color. Fantastic. So in all, a super aesthetically pleasing app, but in all super useless.
Not quite ready for prime time
by Supuflourous Flounder on 2018/02/19 09:03
I love google calendar, mostly. I share my calendar with people I need to schedule with, and we keep synchronized. But what really drives me crazy are monthly recurring events, of the form of “Third Wednesday of the month” or “Second Saturday of the month”. There is no “repeat” option for these kinds of events. I wrote a calendar app in 1977, on a timesharing system, that had this functionality in its 1.0 release. I have been asking google for this feature for several years, and while they keep coming out with cutesy graphics and other worthless features, the fundamental functionality of monthly recurring meetings is missing. There are insufficient colors for all my activities, mostly because they have chosen a weird subset of colors and assigned cute names to them. I would like to create my own colors and assign my own names to them. Right now, “sage”=“Skype meeting”, “banana”=“medical appointment”, “Tangerine”=“writers’ group”, “grape”=“volunteer”. I would like to say “RGB(255,255,0)”=“medical”, and have the color yellow appear as the color name “medical”. It is annoying to have to keep this dictionary in my head; the app should help me. I’ve been asking for this feature for years as well. Instead, I get cutesy graphics apparently designed to appeal to 14-year-olds, not retired professionals. So it is a tolerable app for what I need, but a far cry from a professional app designed to support real-world needs.
Could be great but rn it’s no good
by Canongirl_PDX on 2018/02/17 15:00
This could be amazing, and looking at reviews it was at one point (🤷🏼‍♀️), but it’s current iteration is buggy and pointless. When importing events from email it loads them incorrectly. Despite the event saying it’s on the 6th at 11pm, it loads on the 7th at 12pm. It would be one thing if I could edit the event but there’s no way to do that. So either I need to have the event incorrect on my calendar and just remember when it actually is (which totally negates the purpose of a calendar) or delete it and add it manually which seems cumbersome considering an abundance of calendar apps that can add events correctly. Then there are some events that are completely ignored while others are completely generated from thin air - apparently I’m going to Abu Dahbi next month which is news to me. Maybe this calendar app is awesome for those who need to build their entire days themselves? If you’re someone like me though, that needs to aggregate events from your email and to add items around those, this app is/should be a hard pass until google gets this sorted.
50/50 satisfied
by beepbeepbln on 2018/08/16 09:38
Honestly I just went back to using IOS built in mail and calendar apps in my iPhone bc the google calendar and gmail app are ANNOYING. after years of advanced technology why can’t google have a calendar app that shows and updates the correct date (it always says 31). Mac figures it out for iCal. Why can’t google? Another major issue.... I hate that adjusting settings and making edits to events is limited on the app. My default calendar is Work. It’s color coded in green for organizing. But I also have color coded calendars for Personal, reminders, fitness, financing and bills. If I enter a new event it automatically will put it under the work calendar. Then I have to open Mac’s iCal and edit the calendar I want it to be under. But then you go back to Google calendar app and it will show the same event under Work and whatever other category I changed it to. Also from a design and visual perspective I wish they’d redesign it. It looks so juvenile.
Constant Crashing and Slow Loading
by ABTulip03 on 2018/05/23 12:47
My husband and I (along with another adult in our family) have tried for almost a year to use this app as our calendar app to share our calendars and collaborate. After MANY months of use I am comfortable in stating that this app is HORRIBLE!! It crashes ALL THE TIME!! It also take FOREVER to load...which is super inconvenient when I’m standing at the appointment desk of the doctor’s office, trying to input an appointment time. I also travel quite a bit and I’ve had the instance occur where I have put in an event while I’m in one time zone and it automatically changes the event time when I go back home to my time zone. I did not realize this was happening until we missed one of my son’s soccer games completely because we arrived an hour late. I then took a look at all the appointments and events I had put in my calendar at the same time I entered that game and they had all shifted. How annoying!! 😡 I keep hoping the updates will fix all these issues, but no such luck. I am currently looking for a new calendar app. Ugh!
Google calendar
by bgoogleme on 2020/01/29 17:39
I love google calendar for the smooth integration and consolidation of events from various aspects of my life. Also, I love to see my calendar in the month view on my phone where I can actually see the events coming up without clicking on a day (you cannot do this on the iPhone calendar). Google calendar is the biggest reason I use mostly google products. However, I’ve recently switched to iPhone and noticed that I no longer have the ability to see my daily tasks in the calendar. I loved the consolidation of my tasks and events in one place. It was like this with Samsung, but not the iPhone. Why is this? Also, after adding an event it takes you to another screen. You have to press ‘back’ in order to get to the month view again. Is there a way to take away this extra step? Otherwise, I love google everything.
Past due reminders list is short with no scrolling on iPad version
by TG64 on 2019/06/14 20:53
I’ve been using this calendar app for awhile and generally like it, but the last couple of updates have introduced some behavior that is frustrating me. For iPad version the list of past due reminders comes up in a very short box and doesn’t let me scroll down to look at the whole list. This works fine on the iPhone version. For iPhone version when I open a reminder to mark it complete there’s a moment when the screen goes black before the reminder comes’s just long enough that I always wonder if the app crashed on me. Same thing happens when I press Mark As Complete and it goes back to the week calendar. Otherwise the app has been functioning reasonably well for me and I do use it daily to keep my personal and work events organized.
Don’t waste your time with Google Calendar App
by Dj1855 on 2017/12/02 14:39
Online/Conputer version is great. App if horrible. Don’t waste your time with the app unless you only want to visually see your appointments. Entering is worthless. I’ll only state two issues: 1) You can’t copy and paste and event/appointment on the app. You can only move it. So if you’re entering an appointment that you’ve had before you have to re-enter all the details from scratch. Waste of time. You can do this directly in google via a computer, but the feature is not available on the app. 2) People that need a calendar app are typically busy people with multiple parts of their lives. It’s great the google allows you to create multiple calendars for different activities. However you can only do that online via a computer. When you create an event/appointment in the app there is no option to decide which calendar you’re creating the event for. I could go critique the app some more, but these 2 features, which are easily done if you have a computer and are signed into google, do not carry over to the app. They are essential features. Soo essential and intuitive that when you first get the app you send lots of time looking for where the features would be because you would never think that they don’t exist on the app. You literally find yourself scratching your head as to why the features aren’t there. It basically renders the app as just a tool to view your events and nothing else.
Few Minor things that could help
by Kiara,qwertyuiop on 2020/03/08 18:23
1. Integrating Tasks with mobile: It seems strange that they would only show up on desktop 2. Task lists from events: It would be so awesome if I could make a list in task that is automatically connected to an event. I am a student so being able to connect to-do’s to my specific classes in calendar would be great 3. A notes section for each day: currently there is a notes section for each event in which I can add details and links which is great, but it would be awesome if there was a way to view all notes compiled for that day. So if I have some details for “class at 9am” and some for “meeting at 2pm” there would be one view that shows all the details for both these events together. This could also be done by integrating Keep and adding event/date tags that can be created in calendar.
Missing Just One Thing
by Sonnysretreat on 2018/11/02 20:16
Before I get to my biggest disappointment, I want to say that having the google app, calendar, and gmail app have made way more simpler. Planning, coordinating, and attending events, appointments, and even dates has been smooth. I can actually handle making a schedule. Now for the major critique. I don’t like the Apple Calendar because it’s not user friendly like the google calendar. HOWEVER, when looking at the Apple calendar the date is readily available on the face of the app prior to opening it. Google, please, modify the face of the app to do this as well. I’m sure there’s no law against it. Nor would it cause a major rift in the competition between Apple and Google. In my personal opinion as a consumer, it will generate more Google Calendar users than before because it’s improves the app to be more user friendly.
Shuts down upon opening app
by kayyyce on 2018/03/16 06:59
I used to loveeee this app! I am a nursing student, I work part time and per diem, and i have a very busy social life as well. An organized calendar is essential for my world. And when I first downloaded this app it worked so great being able to connect it with my online account too. But the past few updates keep saying that its for “bug fixes” but for the past few weeks now, every time i open the app, its freezes for a few seconds and shuts down completely. I can’t even check my schedule to see whats coming up because it shut downs so quickly. And its absolutely frustrating. I did not want to write a bad review because, like I said, this app was a life savor before, but now I cant stand it. I was hoping to contact someone regarding the app but there is not contact information so writing this review is the closest I can get to it. So hopefully one of the developers or anyone working on this app cam read these bad reviews and hopefully fix the problems ASAP! Thanks.
Worst icon on earth
by ColePerrine on 2020/10/24 05:16
Normally not that big of a complainer when it comes to icons. They’re just icons, doesn’t speak for the app. But when I say the new app icon is the WORST abomination to ever disgrace app design in the history of digital art, I am taking it lightly. My Home Screen has become a checkerboard of unoriginal, indistinguishable Google services over the last week and I’ve put up with it. Until now. I cannot look at my apps again without my eyes being drawn directly to this disgusting shape. Might have to replace it with the apple calendar, which I really don’t want to do but it’s that bad. Who greenlit this? There were so many ways you could have taken the four color formula to the calendar icon without making it look like my first adobe illustrator project. It doesn’t even look like a calendar sheet, which is what I assume you were going for. Why did you do this??? I want answers.
Must-Have Best App ever
by aghakakajahaha on 2019/12/06 02:07
Recently I had checked google calendar and realized I had a meeting with my boss. I had totally forgotten about the meeting and made it on time thanks to google calendar. Google calendar is great to use because it has everything in one app. Google calendar allows you to add events, tasks, reminders, and even goals. Tasks are events that you plan on doing. Reminders are things that you want to remind yourself. Goals are things that you want to achieve like exercise. The cool thing is that you can share your events with other people so they know, For example if you’re having a party you can share the event with the party guests and you can add a note with the things people should bring. I promise you, google calendar is the best calendar ever.
Takes a long time to load every time I open the app
by Ellie859 on 2018/05/12 13:04
This app has come a long way and it’s usability and function as a calendar improves with every update. However, recently it takes a long time to load when I open the app. I open the app, the calendar opens, but it doesn’t respond to my actions to create an event or view a certain day for close to 1 minute. And, when it finally does load, it automatically goes to the same month, but in a different year. So, have to bring it to today before I can do anything. It’s quite frustrating especially if I’m working with Another person trying to land a date/time on my calendar to meet... I have to wait for my calendar to load before I can do anything every time I open the app. It’s quite frustrating. This happens no matter if I’m logged into WiFi or using data. Thank you for your attention to this issue.
Can’t Adjust Google Calendar Upcoming Event Alert Sound on IPhone
by every morning user on 2020/02/29 05:48
I would give the Google Calendar 5 stars until I realized that it makes a single rather muted sound on my iPhone when I have an upcoming event. Would never hear it if I wasn’t right next to my phone. When I used the iCloud calendar I could select from a number of upcoming alert sounds — some softer, some pretty loud—and repeat the sound if desired. But there is only one single “bleep” type alert sound for an event on the Google calendar. I like the Google calendar because I can print out my calendar from my desktop which I could not do using my iCloud calendar...maybe because my PC uses the it’s a trade off. Right now I’m using both calendars on my I see duplicate calendar events but at least I have an audible iPhone alert that I can hear and a calendar I can print from my desktop.
by Cyzvcfyj on 2018/04/06 11:51
〰️ UPDATE 〰️ The app is working and it’s phenomenal! I’m pretty blown away by the features, to be honest. The fact that it can find time for me to do more things and automatically program goals!? I love it! Maybe the other calendar apps I used really sucked, or maybe this one is just that awesome (when it works) CHEERS! 🥂 - I wish this app would work because the one time it did, my calendar looked so great. But I mean, literally, that ONE time it worked when I first downloaded it. Granted, I’ve only had it for two days, but I’ve only been able to use it once. I saw that it managed to sync all of my work calendars and trips automatically, which again, amazing...just wish it would work!
Great planner
by Rack Town on 2019/11/16 18:15
Functional, customizable, and sleek design. However, would love a few more customizable features to make it even more intuitive. I want the ability to pick which Details are displayed when creating a new event and which are hidden under the “More Options”. By pulling out the settings that I use most often, I could create events even more quickly. Also wish that the description I write for events was visible without having to click on the event to view details. Especially for events that take up more space in the daily/weekly view, I would love to be able to read the details from there. I use this space for reminders and to-do lists for specific events, but since that detail is not shown without clicking on the event I can forget things.
by awakenwp on 2019/12/06 08:11
Two things about this calendar keep it from being my favorite... the lack of a full month calendar view (complete with visibility of the events added, not just dots with a list below)... and the fact that the app doesn’t show the day’s date. I would manage with the dot/list version of the month calendar if, when I looked at my phone and saw the app it gave me a quick reference of the days date, like the iphone calendar does. Incidentally, that single stand-out feature is the ONLY thing I like about the iPhone calendar... The full calendar view offered by TinyCalendar has me using theirs, for now, but I would prefer to use google calendar for the ease of sharing calendars right through the app, rather than having to do so via browser...
Love Google Calendar - hate the app.
by YelhsaJaneOh on 2017/10/19 10:03
I love that the app integrates across all of my calendars. I like the notification features. As an app, that is as far as my interests go. The sharing solely on the computer is less than ideal. I LOVE that you can share a detailed and non-detailed version of the calendar. I don't like that you can't alter calendars on the app and I HATE the aesthetics of the app. Just making the calendar look more like the pc would fix a great portion of my dislike for this app. The dark bubbles are distracting and you can't read what the appointment says without clicking on it. I would like a one glance view for the week. I only use/update google calendar because my manager and clients can view the calendar with ease and without having the actual app (I work with an older population. Many of them have flip phones) If I did not need to share my calendar I would only use planner pro. I love the aesthetics and it has all of the integration and features that I need.
Current date is not prominently displayed
by Cj77532 on 2018/10/03 18:09
I wish this calendar was more like the apple calendar. The only reason I don’t use the Apple calendar is because my family needs a shared calendar and we don’t all have iPhones. The biggest problem I have with this app is that it does not display the date on the app icon (as Apple does), so I can quickly reference what day it is without needing to open the app. Maybe Apple has the rights to that or maybe it’s simply not an option, I don’t know. But if not, then it would be nice to have some kind of bright, vivid highlight on the current date once inside the app. Something the highlights the ENTIRE square, not just the number. Looking on my phone screen for the tiny number encircled by color is not instantaneous and requires some searching among the other dates and event color blocks.
Not good for the avid traveler
by Cdub.25 on 2017/12/09 09:38
Google calendar is nice because it puts events from your email directly into your calendar, especially for flights. It’s easy to use, but if you travel there is a major flaw that will frustrate the living hell outta you. When you put things in your calendar, it automatically resets them to the time zone you’re in. I live abroad in NZ for school and have events planned for when I come home for Christmas, however in my calendar my 7 pm on Tuesday even shows up as a 2 pm on Wednesday. Even distinctly telling the phone, it’s in a different time zone. It doesn’t let you keep it at the time it’s supposed to be. There is no way to set it so that I can put my events in and it will keep there the time I want regardless of time. I’m trying to plan things for when I go home and my calendar is all messed up, it makes things in a different time zone impossible to plan
Lots of bugs to be addressed
by caleblanc1 on 2018/04/30 01:04
As a college student, Google Calendars is my lifeline. But lately, I’ve encountered a ton of different issues with the app that make it really difficult to actually utilize the app’s functions. First off, it freezes ALL the time - swiping to a different week/month, adding new events, or editing current events will all freeze up the app for a significant chunk of time, sometimes upwards of a minute or more. Sometimes I’ll save an event and it’ll disappear the next time I open the app. Lately my problem has been the app quitting as soon as I open it. It’s making it extremely difficult to use this app, and frankly it’s become very unreliable to me as a student. I give it 3 stars because it used to work well and serve a good purpose, but if these bugs don’t get fixed soon, Google is about to lose a user.
I normally like this app, but...
by mzmyewski on 2018/02/06 21:54
I haven’t said anything because I keep thinking this issue will get resolved, but with today’s release I am still experiencing the same issue. For the last 3 or 4 releases, the app sometimes freezes upon opening it. This sometimes happens and sometimes does not. When the freeze does occur, it will last for up to 20 seconds or so. When it becomes “unstuck”, I can only swipe through the calendar for approximately 4 weeks and the app freezes again for several seconds. This happens on both my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6S Plus. I am not sure if this is a problem with the app itself or if it is some sort of communication issue with Google, but it gets rather annoying since I use this app for my business.
Deletion, Assignment of Other Calendars, & Snoozing
by DezSielen on 2018/04/13 12:50
I would like to be able to snooze a goal and have it pop up again in a preset time, like 5-30 minutes. I can select “later” but I can never find it again. I also think it would be beneficial if we could delete multiple goals/events at one time, very much like we do with photos, where we can edit and select multiple items, and then delete. Lastly, when using the app version of the google calendar I cannot choose which of my multiple calendars an event is added to. This means that I have to try and remember each color I assigned each color and add the color accordingly manually. That’s a bummer. Therefore, the calendar is not as helpful as I had hoped. It’s also very colorful when looking at the day by day scrolling view and looks very busy.
Awesome app, some bugs
by oreosheeranx on 2019/07/14 19:39
Google calendar is a lifesaver. I’m a high school student and my life right now is packed with volunteering and sports and music, and having this calendar really helps me stay organized and look professional. The only problems I have are these: I’ve noticed that some of the dates that I put events in sometimes shift to a day before/after. I also can’t change the date of birthdays synced from my contacts directly on google calendar. I also wish that there were more colors and more variety to color the events, and also a way to organize which sort of event is which color. Otherwise, excellent app and I will definitely keep using it.
Recent updates make app impossible to use
by Amallard09 on 2018/01/18 11:42
This app used to be great and I used to use it all the time. The recent updates make it very difficult to use now. The little loading circle in the middle is constantly running. It never goes away. Ever. I have even tried deleting and reinstalling the app. It’s still there. Just non stop spinning. On top of that, the biggest issue is that I can’t create an event. To create an event, you touch the + button in the bottom right hand corner. It gives you 3 options, create a goal, a reminder, or an event. The problem is that once you actually select that + button, the “create an event” button is masked right on top the + button which toggles the menu open and close, while the other buttons are nice and above it. As a result, if I try to select the create an event button, it just toggles the menu closed again. Very frustrating that I can’t realistically use this app on iOS anymore.
by ok you yes you reader on 2020/06/17 19:14
I have google meet for my meetings now and it says you could schedule a meeting with google app but I looked around and can’t really find how to do that but over all I think it’s cool and also shows all my assignments in google classroom on there due dates and I read your reviews too about the update being bad and so when it pops up I would actually say yes because I want to see if the app read your reviews their selfs so I want to see if they in proved the in proof but if it goes bad like you people say I will totally delete the app and re download it so I might start over but like I said over all I like this app so that’s why I would re download it and once I say yes I will totally write another review about my new experience so yes bye......
by St.Mark Youth Ministry on 2019/12/20 18:39
We need to use google calendar to help us in our youth ministry but we are having a hard time figuring out the fastest and most convenient way to allow the youth to subscribe to our calendar. We tried using the permission link but it takes them to a webpage and even when it asks them to download the app (which is rear), they would have to go back to the link and press on it again after the app is downloaded and it doesn’t always work that way either. We are requesting a fast, easy, and convenient way to press on a link that prompts users to downloading the app and then subscribes automatically. (Notice: we have tried using the “invite a specific person” feature but that also did not work)
Get it together Google
by Mama keesh on 2018/04/20 10:46
I’m on the market for new calendar app. We are a family of five with two working parents, a high schooler, middle schooler, and elementary schooler...all with activities, events, and travel. Have a collaborative calendar environment (that works...hint, hint Google) is an absolute must for my family. Minus the youngest crew member, we all have google accounts so google calendar was initially a life saver as I provided that collaborative environment we needed to keep track of all the activity. At this point I’m only giving the app one star because I can’t give it zero. It freezes, is lagging, changes times, shuts down...all functions I’m certain aren’t a compliment to an app. We use a calendar because we are BUSY so using a calendar that takes a LOT of time to use is counterproductive and the reason why I’m on the hunt for sometime better. Wish you hadn’t let me down Google. You were so good to me at first and now your just a bum.
Missing Desktop Functionality
by Aphetoros on 2018/09/17 17:13
Hey google- Workflow issue here. I should be able to do everything on the app that I can do on the PC. This ONE feature has caused me to lower my rating from 5 to 2 stars, so I’d appreciate it if you’d fix it. ON PC I can select an event and change it from one calendar to another. On mobile, I have to copy it to the new calendar and then delete it from the old calendar to avoid duplicate events. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was once in a while, but it happens every time an app or email adds something to my calendar on iphone because iphone inputs a default calendar. As someone who has to put a massive amount of events into a calendar from a mobile device, this will cause HOURS of extra work. Please add a feature to change an event’s calendar, even if it’s a roundabout way such as a single button that simultaneously duplicates the event to the selected calendar and deletes the old event. OR a confirmation dialog after “copy to...” that says, “Delete original event? [Yes] [No]” box. Heck, add a, “Are you sure you want to delete this event? [Yes] [No]” box with a “[] Remember my choice for next time.” feature. OTHERWISE: Great calendar. Really useful. Exactly what I need. If this is changed, my review will change to 5 stars and be updated accordingly.
by Jordan Land on 2019/08/01 15:05
Love google calendar. I’ve been using now for almost 2 years. I like that my husband and I can both add things and it keeps us in the loop for both of schedules. I wish when I was in a different time zone and added something that it would give me the option to choose EST instead of assuming I meant local time. And then when I get home to the east coast and the things I added are all in PST. I also wish there was an option when adding an event that I could add transportation time. I love that it syncs with google maps so I can just click on the location and it pulls that up for me. I also wish if it did have that, there would be an option in the notifications like “remind me 30 min before I need to leave”.
Took an arrow to the knee...
by dnewcomb on 2018/08/09 13:00
Google Calendar USED to be a fantastic calendar app, but something went wrong in the last year and the team doesn’t seem interested in fixing it. On my iPhone X, the app is practically unusable. Add a new doesn’t show up. Move an shows it in the same spot as before. Accept or decline an invitation...still shows as if you haven’t responded. However, kill the app and restart it and most of things have actually been done. Seems as if the info is getting to the server, but then the mobile client doesn’t get or display the updated state. I would really love to have this app back again working like it did before. There are new things I would like as well, such as moving events to a different calendar, but honestly just getting back to functional again would be enough for now. Until then, I suggest exploring other calendar app options.
This app is BROKEN starting in 2018
by Momo7563 on 2018/02/26 14:13
Used to love this app, I have a calendar with my wife and we plan everything together so google calendar is our best friend. But this app is completely broken. It freezes when open, I can’t switch months, making an event is completely out of the question because it freezes or takes years to type anything. If you can even make it to any of those points the app will eventually crash after 1 or 2 minutes of freezig, laggy frustration. Usually this also bricks my phone and makes it unusable in other apps and I end up having to hard reset my entire phone because it feels like the memory is still tied up trying to figure out what to do with the calendar app Very disappointed by google, this has been the case for WEEKS and a patch still has not gone out to fix it despite multiple updates being pushed out for the app.
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