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Hopper - Flight & Hotel Deals
Relax — booking travel just got easy. Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer. We’ve helped over 30 million travelers book trips around the world, saving them more than $1.8 billion to date. That’s a saving of up to 40%. Hopper features the major airlines in the US, Canada and around the world such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Transat, WestJet, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM & many more. Search Flights & Hotels Over a million flights, hotels, rental cars and cute bunnies. Plan Less, Travel More Instantly identify the cheapest dates with our calendar. Buy, or Watch and Wait Book flights or hotels straight away, or wait for a better price. Get Notified When it’s the best time to buy, our bunnies will let you know. Book in App Grab flights and hotels quickly, and securely, right in the app with a swipe. Some of the other awesome things you can do with Hopper: • Find the cheapest days to travel using our colour-coded calendar. • Use filters to get custom predictions that suit your trip — removing long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have extra fees and restrictions. • Get information and tips about airports and hotels. • Compare prices and amenities from hundreds of airlines and hotels around the world. • Receive personalized recommendations about deals you might like based on previous trips and your budget. • Save your bunny profile and payment details securely for even faster booking. • Our gentle Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important details in the fine print. He’ll let you know about all the bits and pieces, like carry-on allowances to seat selection. • Get help 24/7 from our support agents, made up of actual, real bunnies, sorry no, real humans. Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save on flights and hotels. So relax — booking travel just got easy. Oh, and it’s free! So download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip. Hopper Love • “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME • "How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ • “List reveals a number of apps from lesser-known travel services that bear looking into: Hopper, HotelTonight, trivago, Skyscanner” - AirfareWatchDog • “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz, we regularly found that the best deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure • “Don’t neglect stand-alone airfare apps, including Hopper, Kiwi and Hitlist” - The Washington Post Say Hello to the Bunnies • Facebook: • Instagram: @hopper • Twitter: @hopper • Website: Have a question or some feedback? Give us a shout at and our bunnies will get back to you.
by bn V bbk on 2020/10/27 00:37
Prices change quickly upon trying to book . Overall good rates
Card info stolen
by mycardinfowasstolen on 2020/10/26 17:11
My debit card info got stolen through this app.
Excelentes! Los mejores, mi única opción para comprar boletos aéreos!!!
by deematteis on 2020/10/26 16:20
Mi única opción
Customer Service
by Had bkg JC kfcbb on 2020/10/26 14:22
I’ve been now waiting 2 weeks for a response that is very important . At this point it’s embarrassing. I sent probably five different request’s and have not heard from a single person.
Not bad, could use some tweaks
by GrantTaylor98 on 2020/10/26 06:43
So the app is pretty simple to use. Only thing is it seems to be very hard to contact customer support. I’d suggest maybe making it easier for customers to keep track of they cancellation requests and make it to where the customers can reach out to customer service better.
Amazing prices, great app
by Theyspammedme on 2020/10/26 06:11
This app saved me $1500 on my first purchase!
Travel credit
by sanDon777 on 2020/10/25 22:18
This app is bad doesn’t let me book my flights and I have credit emailed them before and they take very long to answer
Poor customer service
by iffvv on 2020/10/25 18:33
I had to cancel my original flight and was issued a future flight credit. Now that I am trying to use the credit I can apply it as a payment and/or get in contact with customer service in order to book my flight. It’s now been over a week with no progress.
Hopper steals your money!
by LumbriJonathan on 2020/10/25 17:41
We changed our flights to a later date due to Covid-19, and they said there would not be a changing fee, and that the total cost for our changed flights would have our original flight cost included in the total. This was not the case, they overcharged our card. We have contacted them 5 times now, and they still have yet to reply or even view our requests/messages. We have used this service a lot in the past and been satisfied, but now that Hopper has stolen our money and done false advertisement, and we have no way of getting in touch with costumer support, we can absolutely not recommend Hopper as a booking agent for anyone else. We are done using them and have demanded a full refund (still waiting on their response!)
Amazing Deals!
by PenguinShaft on 2020/10/25 17:31
I highly recommend this to an travel enthusiast!
No Customer Support
by norefunddd on 2020/10/25 01:35
If you ask for a cancellation and they give you a deal you don’t want or can’t use. That’s it. You can’t change it again. No refunds. Trips wasted. No one to contact. They’re terrible!
Worst travel site
by all in but on 2020/10/24 23:03
They don’t live up to all their guarantees Don’t use this app
Scam App Don't Use
by PistolsFace on 2020/10/23 23:30
I really don't understand how this app isn't rated 1 star. Everything I read online about it makes it clear they're scamming tons of people. I bought a regular economy flight with the app (over $100 more than the basic economy option), but received an email from the airline saying my ticket was basic economy (even though I paid for the economy flight!). I tried to contact Hopper but they have no phone number and their in app messenger wasn't working either. I cancelled the flight within hours but was charged anyway and now have to pay $400 for nothing. I disputed the charge with my credit card company, but 4 months later I'm still hoping to have the charge removed. It says all over the internet that their support is non-existent. Its a shame apple's review system isn't incapable of warning people of this clear scam. STAY AWAY.
Trip insurance should have been refunded
by SHK29 on 2020/10/23 21:23
I paid $63 for insurance in case I needed to make a flight change due to COVID. The airline cancelled the flight but Hopper refused to refund me the money! That’s right, I didn’t cancel or change my flight, the airline did. I am truly astounded.
Terrible customer service
by Ktdool on 2020/10/23 18:34
I have tried to contact hopper for three months regarding a cancellation for a flight. I just want to rebook which their website says is possible. They will not contact you back even though their app says within 24 hours. I have never received a response. I waited the 90 days then called the airline. The airline will give me the credit but I have to pay $50 per ticket unless I rebook through hopper. They have NO customer service line. I would never advise someone to use this app especially in these times.
by jfarmoint768 on 2020/10/23 13:57
This app is VERY misleading!!! THEY DO NOT ACTUALLY PRICE FREEZE!!!!!! I had a flight “frozen” at $300. It went up to $700 and they only put $100 towards the flight, costing me $600 instead of $300. They could not fix I’m issue. DO NOT USE THIS APP. It is much easier to just book straight through the airline and it turns out to be much cheaper as well.
I had a price freeze and had to pay hirer than the price freeze. What was the purpose.
by not really happy now on 2020/10/23 01:25
Not satisfied
Can’t get a refund in spite of cancel insurance
by R-Twan on 2020/10/23 00:01
Canceled a flight in June because of Covid and still haven’t heard anything about my refund (I’d purchased cancel for any reason insurance). They say they need 90 days, but we’re at 123 days and counting. There is no way to contact customer service, they only have articles to read.
Super hopper
by harry_vfx on 2020/10/22 23:42
I don’t fly often, when I do .. I have been using hopper for may be 2 years. I have found good price and I appreciate the good user interface/experience in this app.
Bad customer service
by jadgh1 on 2020/10/22 23:07
no customer service to help with the flights
Customer service is the worst
by sunsumwewe on 2020/10/22 22:30
I have been trying to get someone to revise my reservation and no one answers
by _victoriuhhh on 2020/10/22 19:09
Do not purchase ticket on here or boom any such trip. I booked a trip on Hopper in October of 2019 scheduled to depart in March of 2020. Due to COVID I was unable to go on trip. No problem, right? Wrong since I booked with HOPPER I was unable to get a voucher from my airline so I had to go through HOPPER which has not given me any information since March. It is now October 2020 and still no response. This app is a total scam!!!!
no customer service
by SLaceyyy on 2020/10/22 18:47
I booked two international flights costing me $2000. I cancelled them in July due to Covid cancelling one of the connecting flights. The airline said I had to go through Hopper. Do not book through Hopper. They have no customer service. I still have not received my refund or any updates and have no way of contacting them. It has been 3 months!
Charged me twice
by allthenamesaretaken89 on 2020/10/22 16:59
Charged me twice
Worst ever! It’s a scam!
by michael a bryan on 2020/10/21 22:44
Price freezed at a certain price for $45 per ticket. 10 minutes later prices rose $300 per ticket. Also for the app is telling me there is only a single ticket available for certain flights but I can go to Priceline or directly to the airline website and buy multiple tickets for the exact same flight that hopper said only had 1 ticket available. On top of the there is nooo customer service, contacted over 2 weeks ago and still no response. Worst ever and a scam! Never again
Customer service
by receevans on 2020/10/21 20:48
Really difficult dealing with flight changes when you can’t contact Hopper over the phone. I had to change my flight home due to work and ended up having to cancel my flight and book a whole new one through United for more than what my round trip ticket cost. The email responses weren’t fast enough and only gave me one option at a time. Wasn’t able to get any sort of compensation through hopper. Definitely go through the airlines directly or another booking app that has live customer service so you’re not wasting time and money.
Still waiting for refund/communication
by Nickolas Davis on 2020/10/21 18:38
It been over 90 days and still no real communication or timeline of when ill be getting my refund back from all the cancelations from covid. Also super annoying that there is legit no way of actually contact a person.
Won’t be using again!
by Rather Displeased on 2020/10/21 17:28
Still try to resolve my flight cancellation from April 2020 (now Oct.). They don’t have an actual customer service number to call for answers, just a useless ‘Help Center’ of articles and you can message someone but it could take 15 days for a response. Don’t recommend booking through them, even if it saves a few dollars.
Changes the game
by Tonkins24 on 2020/10/21 04:19
I’m gonna be flying a lot more now that I know about this!
Hopper is not trustworthy. Never using again.
by dissatisfied daisy 46 on 2020/10/21 00:53
I purchased an international flight ticket with Hopper that included a layover in Calgary. The airline cancelled the flight from Calgary to UK. I had purchased insurance to protect my round trip ticket. I cancelled my original itinerary feeling protected with the insurance I purchased and went on to reschedule non stop flights from LAX to UK and back with a carrier that was flying internationally to get me across the pond. The insurance would not cover the cancellation. The airlines WestJet will not refund the cost of the flight they cancelled. To deal with Hopper directly is impossible. I will never book with this online travel app again.
I’m very sad
by Lmmach49 on 2020/10/20 20:48
Unfortunately people don’t know any better so they use this app and end up like me where a flight became cancelled from covid and even though I purchased EVERY protection plan it has been 4 months & there’s little to no contact and no refund. There’s not a customer service number and no one wants to help you... I’m just very sad we have to find this out on our own so this review is here for everyone else.
Need some HELP
by Sade Estelle Crawford on 2020/10/20 17:48
I booked a flight through HOPPER on January 22, 2020 for May 10, 2020. Due to Covid-19 we were cancelled. I am still waiting for a refund. I realize we are two flyers in a million who are in this situation. However, it’s been SIX MONTHS! My receipt and itinerary number is: AJUAOO, can anyone answer my concern??? Please.
Terrible service
by Never Use Hopper on 2020/10/20 10:39
Do NOT use this platform to purchase your flights. They promise guaranteed customer service and I have been submitting for support through chat since August and still no response! The airlines can’t help and will refer you back to Hopper but Hopper will not respond to you. Terrible app and service. There’s no way to know for sure that messages are being received because no one contacts you.
Customer service
by xJustxElomx on 2020/10/19 23:45
Just got the app and will not let me make an Account. I’ll get to filling out my information and it doubt let me to the next screen. Can’t not get customer service with out an account. Worst way to be able to get a hold of and must fix it.
Doesn’t show all airlines/ rental companies
by Bee1234567112139 on 2020/10/19 21:31
I found cheaper flights by doing my own research and searching different airlines and companies. Some airlines were not even shown on hopper. Also found cheaper rates on my rental, they were only showing like 2 or 3 companies.
Almost impossible to effectively navigate the app and contact support
by sarahmsndg on 2020/10/19 20:53
While you can find great deals on flights through hopper, it’s been a nightmare trying to figure out how to contact customer support for a refund after my flight was canceled. They have a forum for everything, but it’s difficult to actually get the help you need. Spend a little bit more and go with a better app!
by ValentinaMariaBernadette on 2020/10/19 19:42
I canceled my trip in MAY and have still not received a refund!!!!!
Do not book a flight through Hopper!!!
by Landerchick2009 on 2020/10/19 18:12
It took 8 months for me to get a refund due to Covid-19 cancellations. They have no customer support hotline and I will NEVER use their website again. Try Sky scanner instead.
Impossible to get ahold of
by Ambylynn104 on 2020/10/19 18:06
I’ve used hopper before and did not have problems. This time I froze a flight I knew I would buy but had to finish out the details with my sister. I went to purchase it and it kept reading error. I still had a full day and I continuously have tried to contact them with NO response back... this is extremely extremely frustrating and I don’t even know if I will get this flight now. Very unsatisfied with this app. Won’t be using in the future.
Poor customer service
by ellusfsm on 2020/10/19 17:55
Our flight was cancelled by the airline and 2 months later we still do not have our refund and I can’t find a way to contact Hopper.
by Jonesjtnm on 2020/10/19 17:05
This company has no way to reach out for support. I booked a flight that was cancelled because of covid. The airlines refunded hopper the money but they have not issued a refund to me. Every time I reach out, they say to contact the airline. Don’t trust the. Implant since they do not respond to requests. Never again will I book with hopper!
by Julies Journey on 2020/10/19 16:44
Was so grateful to get such a good deal last min
Hopper is a Scam
by itsaixa on 2020/10/19 03:31
Hopper has canceled my flights AND their costumer service. No response, no refund, no answers.
Terrible Customer Service
by MajedUofT on 2020/10/19 01:37
Word of warning- never book your flights with Hopper. Two things went wrong when I used this app. The first is that my flight changed and Hopper did not notify me. The app continued to show my old information. The only reason I realized that my flight had changed was because I called the airline to ask a question about luggage when they told me that my flight didn’t exist. Second, it has now been 7 months since I was due a refund on my flights due to COVID -19 and Hopper has continued to ignore my messages. They have no customer service line so it’s impossible to get on the phone with them if there are issues. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. If you deal directly with the airline rather than using this App you at least stand a chance to get your problems resolved.
by Occhi emeraldo on 2020/10/18 15:07
Worst customer service
by Mr.jperez81 on 2020/10/18 13:11
Can’t get ahold of anyone.....can’t get answers...... Waiting weeks for a refund.........don’t bother for the few bucks you save isn’t worth the hassle if something goes wrong.
Trip to visit daughter
by Brown Sugar 67 on 2020/10/18 12:30
Very very helpful
Email confirmation
by Yuuluh on 2020/10/18 03:45
I am unable to resend my confirmation to the correct email. It does not give me the option to resend the confirmation and the app is updated. I wish this app had more help. I don’t even have the option to contact customer support this is craziness.
Honor your word
by lindacrn on 2020/10/18 03:05
I price froze a flight . Not 7 days later ( 4 actually) I went to book it and low and behold they can not honor the flight or the price . So they kept the $45 and I had to book it breaking the flight up with the airline directly . DO NOT USE THIS TO BOOK YOUR FLIGHT, ONlY USE IT AS A TOOL, BOOK WITH THE AIRLiNE DIRECTlY, THIS WILL ALVEVIATE THE HEADACHE OF THIS COMPANY RIPING YOU OFF!!
Wouldn’t recommend
by kayla7rea on 2020/10/17 22:55
Hopper is a very frustrating app to use. Trying to use my credit and not being explained properly how to use it. I would really just like to talk to a representative and can’t get a hold of anyone. I wouldn’t recommend hopper to anyone. Especially in times like these they really just take your money.
customer service
by 007FAB on 2020/10/17 20:26
very difficult to communicate! I did freeze a flight and it was impossible to retrieve the information to pay at the time specified and the flight was not available anymore. I try to connect with CS. but no anwser was received...
$0 Change is a Terrible Scam!
by StarDez1025 on 2020/10/17 03:31
This has been one of the most difficult years. Not only have I been going through a divorce and custody battle, I also have elderly parents that live out of state. I was making plans to go see them all when my job would not approve my leave for my dates. I thought it would be no problem, I have $0 changes. I tried to change my flight to a cheaper flight for days I won’t need to be approved for from work and “Jen from Hopper” let me know that it was going to cost me $192 extra for each ticket(I had booked 2) because the flight was more expensive. Which when I booked the change, the new flight was actually $25 cheaper than the original price of $75. When I told her this she told me that the air fare prices are cheaper if you are booking a “new” ticket vs if you book a “change” ticket. How does that even make sense? And nowhere in any of the policies does it state there is a different price for a ticket if you are booking a new ticket or changing another ticket. Then when I asked for other options I was ignored for an hour and received a survey asking about my service. 3 hours later and 4 messages sent to support and I finally have another follow up from Jen still not helping the situation. Scam scam scam. Terrible. And I even asked for a customer support phone number because the chat doesn’t work on my app, and it’s updated. They don’t want to help or talk to you. Save your mental health and just book through the airline.
Terrible App ,stay away
by JayM0707 on 2020/10/17 02:52
Due to the uncertainty with airlines and travel due to COVID-19 nowadays you would assume that if an airline cancels your flight you would be entitled to a refund... not the case with hopper, they don’t give you a refund or credit towards another flight even if you purchase trip insurance they only refund the money you spent on the insurance and not the flight. Hopper also give you a disclaimer about having to wait 90 days for a refund... guess what? after 90 days still no refund. You’re best bet is to book directly with the airline if you want a refund for a flight when the airline cancels your flight
Hotel Cancellation
by Hotel Cancellation on 2020/10/16 23:01
I reserved a hotel on March 21 for my birthday in September 2020. Because of the COVD-19 my flight got canceled and I had to cancel my hotel reservation as well. It’s been 2 months since I canceled and I’m still waiting for my refund. The way their app and their website is set up there’s no way to contact anyone in customer service in regards to my refund. I sent multiple emails without respond. I think this is the last time I will use their service. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.
Customer Service
by abzstar55 on 2020/10/16 22:43
Customer service is non-existent. There isn’t an email or phone option to clarify cancelations or refunds. Highly disappointed.
by tblre on 2020/10/16 20:07
We booked a flight before everything was shut down by COVID. Our flight, hotel ect.. were cancelled due to the shut down. Thank god I didn’t book anything but airfare through this company. I went to rebook the flights and cannot find my reservation on the app so I called the airlines. The airlines has it and can see the credits but since I booked with hopper I would have to pay $50 per ticket for rebooking. They said if you book through the site you bought the tickets on there would be no fee. I cannot find a customer service number, email or anything. I messaged them on Facebook and received a response to rebook through the app. I then explained again that the reservation is not showing up on app. Now it is crickets, no response, no help. So I guess if I want to recoup any money I will have to dish out more money. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH HOPPER!!!
Stole my money with no customer service
by Morgan Heise on 2020/10/16 20:02
Hopper is awful! I had problems with the price freeze first and couldn’t get ahold of customer service so I ended up paying more because I was stuck in their price freeze and had to pay within 7 days which I also paid the extra for insurance to be able to cancel at any time and get all my money back but I canceled and got none of my money back! I had to contact the airline directly who also has no contact info for hopper and they were able to give me credits back for my tickets but hopper still kept the insurance money I paid! I have been trying to get a hold of them since MARCH it is now OCTOBER! I would always get a reply from a robot saying they are too busy and now that my flight is canceled I don’t even have the option to contact them at all and they still have money! Not happy at all!
Refund me please!
by hopperisadissapointment on 2020/10/16 19:39
We need better communication. There is no way to confirm that cancellation request have been processed or received. We need people in the chats not articles. I will never use Hopper again. Please process my refund as I have followed all instructions and no communication has been provided.
Price freeze screwed me out of $50
by JAK from ATL on 2020/10/16 18:31
Used price freeze. Flights frozen booked up within 2 week period. Tried to message customer support to book new flights but they went unread and unanswered. Now, outside of my 2 week window, I can’t get $50 deposit back and there is no contact info on the app or website. App is great if nothing ever changes or goes wrong. If you require customer support, consider your money gone.
Worst Service Ever
by ThePhysicGamer on 2020/10/16 15:27
I have been trying to get my money back from a flight I cancelled due to COVID since June. My flight was scheduled for July and I could not enter the country I was traveling due to COVID. I put in a request, sent multiple emails throughout different periods, and here we are 4-5 months later and my money has still not been returned. Ridiculous
Still waiting on support for refund
by Art Julian on 2020/10/16 13:57
I booked a flight through Hopper and got an extra full-refund insurance package from them. After canceling my flight, support refuses to answer and of my inquiries. Mostly a scam unfortunately and should not be allowed on the App Store.
Terrible costumer service - COVID don’t exempt you from treating well your clients
by jjmv94 on 2020/10/16 02:03
You are the worst. You have terrible costumer service. The airline cancelled the flight for no reason and there was no one here to give me the face to say what happened. On top of that I was able to find a flight cheaper than what I purchased my previous flight with you. I will only use this app again because I am not going to loose my money. Well, you already stole 10% of what I paid for nothing. Wouldn’t recommend this terrible service ever....
Refund status
by tsgreen75 on 2020/10/15 20:04
10/15/20 I have had to cancel my families trip to Hawaii due to COVID. I cannot get a hold of anybody. It says on the app that they gave me a travel credit and that I have to use it before 1/20/21 since I purchased the tickets on 1/19/20. There is no way anybody can reschedule a family trip during Covid times. I just want a refund. I will pay what ever fee. HELP!!!!
by Stephyyyyy2424 on 2020/10/15 19:00
There is absolutely no way to contact hopper. I have been trying to reach them for over a week now. I have sent multiple requests and have received NO response!!! There is no live chat, phone number or email to contact. Horrible customer service! Never again will I book through hopper.
by ericjavon1 on 2020/10/15 15:51
I froze a hotel price never got a confirmation couldn't reach customer service nothing How are they allowed to do this?????? This App is a scam.( You've been warned people ) IM CALLING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU THEY'RE ROBBING PEOPLE WITHOUT A GUN LITERALLY
Don’t do it!! Book elsewhere!
by kimmmmmmmhooo on 2020/10/14 19:40
I have booked through Hopper a few time, for both local US trips, as well as a trip to Italy back over a year ago. Most recently, I booked a flight to Bali before the pandemic for September 2020, and obviously had to cancel. I thought, “oh I shouldn’t worry! I also bought the cancel for any reason protection!” I was wrong :( It has taken MONTHS for them to get back to me with a reply about my refund, and basically they are offering me the full credit until it expires February 2021.. (even if the pandemic is still full blown happening.) or only a partial refund. I spent over $2500 on these tickets :( and will be losing hundreds if I take only a partial refund. So!! Lesson is, for the love of god, just book through the airline! The airline is offering 2 years rebooking and extra 10% funds for your canceled flights :( which Hopper will not honor. Seriously friends, learn from me and save ya money. Don’t use Hopper.
Used to love Hopper
by AlexianaMarie on 2020/10/14 03:07
Really used to adore Hopper. It’s all we would book through! This last year has been disastrous. We had a cancelled flight in February and although Hopper says they offer customer service, I tried in vain to get them to respond to me. They never did. Additionally, the last two times I’ve gotten notifications of flight deals, we go to book them immediately and suddenly, after ten minutes of trying to book, we get notification after notification of errors only to go on the airlines flight to see the flight doesn’t even exist anymore. Done with using Hopper and back to Expedia I go.
Zero customer service
by NicWill3 on 2020/10/14 01:55
***This is a note to other folks that have had issues: FILE WITH THE Better Business Bureau!! THEY HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBER THERE AS WELL! *** I would recommend using this app to see which airlines have the lowest prices then buy directly from that airline. Like a bunch of reviews on here, Twitter, and Facebook I have had issues with reaching anyone about a flight that got canceled and although I purchased cancellation insurance they’ve only partially refunded my trip on a voucher that does not work when I try to use it. Airlines will do nothing if tickets aren’t purchased directly through them which is understandable. BEWARE!!!!
Never using again
by bikrchikk on 2020/10/14 01:42
I am a very patient person, but I had a flight cancelled back in April that was canceled due to COVID restrictions. I had sent in one request for money back and received an email that looked great, like they were working on getting money refunded. It did state to be patient and wait. I waited for about 2 months and sent another request and it’s been crickets since. I attempted to make another request for a refund and have still heard nothing. It is now 6 months later and I have yet to receive any money back.
by Irritated_Traveler on 2020/10/14 00:22
Worst travel company I have ever worked with. Thought I found a great deal so I purchased the price freeze for $45. Thought all was well while I verified flight details with my friend I was going to see. Well... 4 days later I get not 1, not 2, not 3 BUT 4 EXTRA CHARGES ON MY ACCOUNT!! This totaled over $300 of charges I never authorized. The “customer service” (I use that term very loosely) is a joke to say the least. Not a phone number in sight in order to speak to a real person when needed. I sent a message everyday until today (been 2 weeks now) to try and get a reply and resolve. Still no word from them. I have went straight through my bank to get my money back. This is nothing more than a scam and I would highly bet that any good review on here is coming from the developer themselves.
Don’t use this company
by louisville32 on 2020/10/13 21:42
We did a freeze price for our flights at 338. Ending up paying 668 each. I texted for 5 hours for help when it didn’t happen. These people are clowns and will never use again. They do not care. I sent 15 messages with no reply. Please value or time and money more than this. This is a SCAM!!!!
NO customer service
by noahary on 2020/10/13 18:05
i’ve been trying to get my travel credits for months and when we were just about to wrap up the process and get it all sorted out they closed all chats and will not reply to any of my new inquiries, it’s causing so much stress as some of the tickets were for friends and now i’m responsible for it all i will make sure that everyone i know does not use this app cause they do not care about the issues you experience TERRIBLE SERVCE DO NOT BUY TICKETS THROUGH THEM
No customer service
by palaashchaudhary on 2020/10/13 17:08
Nobody responds. I have sent a lot of request / emails and they have not responded yet. After taking money they just stopped responding for a refund or exchange
Don’t use this app! Scam!
by Adam M.L. on 2020/10/13 15:25
Unfortunately my first and only interaction with Hopper has led me to believe this app is a scam. I purchased a flight to London on British Airways via Hopper in February. The flight was scheduled for late September and was cancelled by the airline without warning in late August. Per the law, cancellations by the airline entitle the customer to a full refund. I contacted British Airways immediately and learned since Hopper facilitated my booking that they are responsible for the refund. So begins my struggle with Hopper. After reading through all COVID and refund related FAQ I realized Hopper purposefully provides little to no objective information. In addition to this their customer service is basically non-existent. After digging and digging for a method of contact I was finally able to send a message to Hopper. I STILL have yet to get a reply. This is absolutely inexcusable. I’m planning on reporting Hopper to the Better Business Bureau in a final attempt to get the compensation I’m legally owed. TL;DR - Don’t use Hopper. They care more about covering their bottom line than being there for their customers. It’s unacceptable.
Hopper is a scam.
by Customer63628 on 2020/10/12 22:21
I don’t understand how this app is still offered on the App Store. Hopper has zero customer support. Any issues with flights that may arise you will have to deal with yourself. I purchased flights for June 2020, these flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I reached out to the airline which assured me I would be refunded for the flight. However, my tickets were purchased through a third party (Hopper) so all refunds would be sent to Hopper before reaching the ultimate customer. I attempted reaching out to Hopper over 20 times to get an understanding of my situation and to report technical issues within the app which wouldn’t allow me to properly request a cancellation (as asked of Hopper through their poorly explained customer service forums). I received multiple automated responses to my support requests. None of these responses even addressed the issue at hand. It has been five months since I attempted to receive some sort of support. I continuously reached out for support during this time. To this day no one has addressed my issue. Personally I have lost all hope that Hopper will do what is right. I write this review in hopes that no one will use this app ever again. I have heard of many similar situations. I also hope the Apple takes some time to investigate and remove this scam from their App Store.
Unable to get refund
by MissV954 on 2020/10/12 20:36
I had planned a trip to Greece for back in May and purchased the “Cancel any time” ticket insurance to be able to cancel up to 24 hours before the flight and receive a refund. I understand things are hectic and uncertain due to the pandemic but I canceled my trip days before the flight and have been waiting for over 6 months for a refund. I haven’t heard from anyone at the company for 4 months, and it’s impossible to reach out to an employee besides canceling your trip which I already have done. Absolutely frustrated to be out this much money during a pandemic especially when I paid extra to be able to receive a refund. I will not be using this app again.
Cannot reach anyone
by akashyn on 2020/10/12 19:37
The worse customer service! Cannot reach anyone and no one is replying on my emails and requests. Called airline and they keep canceling flight. Write to the hopper app and no response. I need my money back! Will file lawsuit if no resolution is given!!!!
Awful customer service/Literally stole my money
by Just a Customer Reviewer on 2020/10/12 14:40
Do NOT, I repeat do NOT trust this app. It’s an absolute scam. I’ve purchased two flights this year and didn’t get to take either due to COVID. Prior to the flights, I tried for months to get in touch with Hopper to no avail. There is no number to call, so you’re forced to contact them via email. I would send emails and MONTHS would pass before I got a response. Even then, those responses were just giving me the runaround. Then after months of headache dealing with Hopper, they still charged me, refused to give me a refund, and then never reached back out to me again.
No customer support number or email! BUYER BEWARE!!
by Linquiry on 2020/10/12 14:13
There is no phone number or email to contact customer support. I had a flight canceled due to COVID-19 and hopper has yet to follow through with their promise of future travel credit. Extremely disappointed. I used to happily recommend this app to others and now will never use it myself again.
No ability to talk to customer support
by Mrs.RBD on 2020/10/12 03:42
We had to cancel our flight due to COVID and hopper could only get us a credit from the airline instead of a refund. So now we would like to use our credit but the airline tells me it would be a $50 charge each passenger because it was booked originally through Hopper. So I have to contact hopper to book this flight and there is no way to get support now when I need it. Update: I contacted Hopper a week later threatening I get in touch with the BBB and got a response 1 hour later. Hopper said because I didn’t wait for them to get in touch with me before booking my new flight they would not be giving me a flight refund. I will not be using Hopper again as this was a cheat in bad faith and will be contacting the BBB.
Don’t bother
by Scavo101 on 2020/10/11 20:24
Have $600 worth of credit in my account and somehow I’m not able to use it. Tried finding a way to contact support because it says it will disappear if I end up don’t using it so basically I got ripped off. Really disappointed in how no one from the company can help me because there’s no email or anything to contact with
by dzune on 2020/10/11 12:10
I d rather use Expedia I used hopper to book a room I got to the hotel they had no record of my booking even with confirmation code had to pay for room twice with no refund total rip off this is my second bad experience using this app
by Nilknarf the Great on 2020/10/11 06:44
I would only recommend using this app to Find which companies have the lowest fares and then purchase the actual airline tickets through the airline directly. I have been waiting for 8+ months to get a refund on a trip I bought insurance on. Haven’t even heard back from anyone. Don’t waste your time here.
Horrible service
by kaherre on 2020/10/10 21:47
i made a reservation, they made the collection, and when I got to the hotel, there was nothing in my name how he got my money back?
Unable to create account
by Scobrn on 2020/10/10 21:22
I’ve tried a few times to sign up I get a text message link I put my name and email address in and that’s as far as I can go. No way to get past that screen.
Customer service
by E Druce on 2020/10/10 17:25
It’s so hard to contact customer service
by vol fan 2019 on 2020/10/10 16:03
DO NOT USE THIS APP!! Due to COVID-19 back in March 2020, my flight was cancelled. I had purchased an insurance policy to protect my ticket purchase. The insurance policy made absolutely no difference. I exhausted ALL resources trying to contact Hopper. I was unable to contact anyone!!! Now I am $3,00.00 in the negative and not happy at all!! I would not trust this app with my flight or my money. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!! If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience please do not hesitate to contact me.
No Customer Service, Getting a Lawyer
by Tashyshashy on 2020/10/09 21:14
This is probably an okay service to use if everything goes smoothly and flights don’t get canceled. However DO NOT use them during this pandemic. It’s better to buy directly from the airline. My flight was changed once, cancelled and changed to Covid-19, and cancelled by me because I couldn’t make the new arrangements work with our hotel and rental car arrangements. There was no phone number to call for Hopper. I was refunded most of my money but didn’t get refunded $150 because I used Hopper. It’s been 5 weeks and Hopper still has yet to read my email. They are a sketchy company and I’m going to go forward with a class action lawsuit if I don’t get a refund. Airlines aren’t allowed to not issue refunds because of the pandemic so how is it okay for Hopper to take some of the money for cancelled flights?
Beware of fees and lack of support
by MauMau561 on 2020/10/09 17:38
Hopper will add fees to the final confirmation screen even after reviewing and approving prices in prior screens. Review carefully because they like to add themselves a $5 hopper tip, also they will sign you up with VIP support for $9 charge unless you opt out and charge for seats that airlines do not charge their customers for. Google flights is much better choice.
Canceled flight
by K cip on 2020/10/09 16:42
I called to confirm our flight with JetBlue, only to find out it was canceled for 10/9/2020. I received an email stating changes were made to the flight but could not find anything stating flight was canceled. I have yet to get a refund FOR $137. I would never recommend anyone using this site. HORRIBLE
ZERO customer service
by Shoul've known better on 2020/10/09 16:07
I don’t understand how in this day and age, a company doesn’t have a phone number you can reach an actual person at. Tried booking a hotel and after going through the whole process I got the “sad bunny” image that said my booking couldn’t be completed. I tried a second time thinking maybe I did something wrong. Same thing. Ok, fine. I go and find the SAME DEAL on another site, so I book there. Well, this morning...TWO charges of over $700 each, FROM HOPPER! My app doesn’t show the trips and while I do see their site tells you that charges may be “held by the airline”, they fail to mention what happens when it’s a hotel. I’ve tried TWICE and unsuccessful had someone even read my “chat”. It’s complete BS, and based on previous reviews, I decided to go straight to the bank. They’ve opened a fraud case and I better get my money back!
Don’t Buy Any Flights via Hopper
by Ele'Ele' on 2020/10/09 14:08
Back in March, I had a trip planned to a few places in Europe. I bought all of my flights through Hopper and because of coronavirus I wasn’t able to go. When I tried contacting customer service they told me they were experiencing a high volume of customers contacting them due to coronavirus. I was understanding with that at first yet here it is October and they are just now settling my issue. It should not take six months for customer service to get back to you. And not only that, but they did not help me in the slightest. Only one of my flights was refunded when I purchased six flights for two people through the Hopper app. I spent nearly $600 through Hopper and they are only willing to give me credits for $120 worth. This app is a scam. Do not use this app. Do not purchase flights from this app. You will get ripped off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Hopper is ghosting customers
by Luke 3:16 on 2020/10/09 01:43
I received the okay from my airline for a refund and Hopper have still not issued my funds, 3 months later! Now their customer service people won’t even reply after repeated attempts to contact them.
NO customer service
by LEB99999 on 2020/10/08 17:58
Airline canceled my flights. I left several messages and got no response at all. Not even a “sorry for the inconvenience we will get back with you shortly.” The app is a scam. Stay away.
Never received refund!
by Nehsjdken on 2020/10/08 17:25
Paid for insurance.. still never received refund for May trip! Sent to Credit Card Company for review and complaint!
No customer service?
by Doodlegurrl on 2020/10/08 17:08
Customer service is a comical phrase if you apply it to this company because in fact there is no customer service offered what so ever. They use to have this messaging feature (automated responses only) that was kind of hidden in the app because it took me a while to find it (keep in mind I am a somewhat tech savvy 23 year old) and now with the new update I see that the message feature has disappeared along with all of my proof of past requests. I am now 3 months past my originally booked trip which had to be canceled/moved due to COVID-19 restrictions. I have scoured the internet for an address, email, or any other form of contact and it seems writing a bad review in the only way to get some kind of response. So, here it is and please if you plan on using this service to book…DON’T and save yourself the headache and paying for a service/product that you will never receive.
Unhappy Customer
by Aladiva on 2020/10/08 16:16
Biggest scam known to man
Hopper is a Scam
by Crquiros on 2020/10/08 15:31
Do not download this app. If you wish to cancel your flight in which you will receive credit or an actual full refund, you will be given an error message in cancelling. They have no phone number to contact and if you message them, they do not respond. You will have to claim fraud to your CC company to get your money back. Absolutely ridiculous
by nathanialth on 2020/10/08 02:10
These people are absolute scammers. Go on google and search this app. So many people are claiming the same issue that I have. Hopper will not refund their money from cancelled flights or let you make the changes. They do not respond back and there is NO customer service number. NO ONE GETS BACK TO YOU
Updated review - Response during COVID19
by qja2018 on 2020/03/29 01:20
Update: I was able to get my refunds despite the initial lack of response. I want to express my gratitude towards the Hopper team and I look forward to re-booking my next trip as soon as the virus situation is settled. Original review below: I’m such a big fun of this app and have been using it for years. I used to only use this app for tracking but recently started to book within the app. For its convenience and also for the fact that I want to reward the company that’s built such a great product. Things start to go downhill from here. Because of the COVID19 all major airlines start to office free change/cancellation. I had to change my plan but realize I cannot do it directly at the airline’s website. I had to go through the app chat that has no phone number or email. I can only leave message to ask for help but so far no responses yet. During a crisis like this, you can really start to appreciate the benefit of booking directly at the service providers’. Hope the Hopper team can get back to me.
Hopper is not on my good side
by Kreese17 on 2019/10/20 19:49
I have always taken hopper with a grain of salt. I know that prices can change in a drop of a dime. Purchasing flights is a frustrating process. I have had success but more times I find this not to be too accurate. My issue comes from the “Freeze” portion. Which is advertised as holding your tickets for 48 hours with a $5 dollar per person fee. I got notification that my flight went down and immediately went to buy but when presented with the freeze option I felt it better to hold off on purchasing because I needed to double check with everyone flying that they were okay with me buying the tickets (it was still early hours with most people sleeping). I purchased the five dollar freeze per person. Well that was a horrible idea. While waiting for everyone to respond I started to second guess if the price would go up. I went and googled and saw from Hopper’s website that they will charge you the difference of the ticket prices go up. So now I’m like what the heck. I go back try to purchase and they say they do not have enough tickets at that price. After several tries I was able to buy the tickets for $100 more than originally price when I “Froze” it an hour earlier. Absolutely livid. They should make it known that they are not holding your price or reserving the price for you. Such false advertisement. I also am not sure if they refunded the $5 pp fee or if it got added to my flight price. I will make sure to double check.
Reliable in times of uncertainty
by al13m on 2020/03/18 01:46
A few weeks ago I purchased a price freeze for a flight I knew I was going to buy no matter what. I needed to contact a few friends to make sure everyone was ok with the details so the freeze option was perfect for me. Pay a small fee up front to keep the price where it is and get reimbursed when I booked? Sure. During the few days it took me to decide to purchase my flight, the flight had actually sold out and increased by $100 per person. I contacted Hopper support panicking that my freeze would expire and I wouldn’t get refunded. Even though they were swamped with customers needing assistance with flight cancelations due to the rising number of travel restrictions, they were still able to accommodate me. Although I ultimately had to purchase a different flight, and this time one with a layover, Hopper kept its word and refunded me my price freeze deposit AND the difference in price between the one I froze and the one I purchased. In the end, I ended up with a worse flight and spent more than I would’ve originally in taxes/fees, but they were able to assist in a crazy time and refunded me the money I was owed. Reliable site with real customer service and always super accurate with price predictions. Next time though, I may purchase in the moment I see the best price and skip the freeze option.
$0 Change is a Terrible Scam!
by StarDez1025 on 2020/10/17 03:31
This has been one of the most difficult years. Not only have I been going through a divorce and custody battle, I also have elderly parents that live out of state. I was making plans to go see them all when my job would not approve my leave for my dates. I thought it would be no problem, I have $0 changes. I tried to change my flight to a cheaper flight for days I won’t need to be approved for from work and “Jen from Hopper” let me know that it was going to cost me $192 extra for each ticket(I had booked 2) because the flight was more expensive. Which when I booked the change, the new flight was actually $25 cheaper than the original price of $75. When I told her this she told me that the air fare prices are cheaper if you are booking a “new” ticket vs if you book a “change” ticket. How does that even make sense? And nowhere in any of the policies does it state there is a different price for a ticket if you are booking a new ticket or changing another ticket. Then when I asked for other options I was ignored for an hour and received a survey asking about my service. 3 hours later and 4 messages sent to support and I finally have another follow up from Jen still not helping the situation. Scam scam scam. Terrible. And I even asked for a customer support phone number because the chat doesn’t work on my app, and it’s updated. They don’t want to help or talk to you. Save your mental health and just book through the airline.
Unreliable Service
by Caio.S.Marinho on 2019/11/05 16:59
Been trying to find reschedule a flight for five days now even though these guys advertise 24hours customer support I only got an reply on the 4th day after submitting my request, the chat feel more like an email conversation, finally able to get a quote and receive a phone call so I could give my credit card info for an extremely overpriced change that I had to do it since im out of options, was received to at least had it over with until I woke up this morning with another message from the service late at night saying that they tried to process my request only at that our... and go a step further to blame it on the airline for not having it available anymore, sending me back to stage 0, putting a bot back at my conversation and giving me only the option to get a new quote, which im assuming it will be more expensive. No reply so far. would never recommend this service to anyone, im glad I'm at a long stay or else I would be really concerned on the reliability of this service to manage any sort of short trip or emergency flight changes that need to be done, the 24hrs service is very misleading and inefficient at getting things done quick. Really wouldn't recommend buying any tickets through it anymore, paying 100 to 200 dollars less its way worth it in my opinion so you don't have to deal with this kind of problems, and any changes on your ticket will have you pay way more than what you got on any deal.
First and Last time Using
by 30_Over_Par on 2020/04/01 13:34
Purchased tickets for a flight a month before Covid-19 really became an issue. I’m the week leading up to my trip things around the globe really started to get bad and like most we decided to cancel. I first tried to settle the issue through the airline (United) but because I purchased through a third party I was not able to cancel and receive credit from them. This directed me to begin the cancellation process through the app, which has been shady since the beginning. Since going through the steps on the app I have only gotten two emails stating they will try to get the best compensation they can get. Considering we are now two weeks removed from the flight I have to believe that is fluff and in reality no work has or will be done on my issue. To make matters worse along with the few for the ticket I also purchased the “cancel for any reason” option. Obviously this was before there was worldwide panic, but you’d think that the extra money given to the service would secure some sort of refund. Overall I believed in this app to be completely let down. I have come to think that they take your money and buy the tickets on their own, probably from the airline directly. Maybe someone from hopper now has $500 to spend towards a trip of their own. Disappointed, annoyed and let down by this app. Don’t use them, the prices are ok but no deal is worth this hassle where you can’t even speak to a person.
Giant Scam!
by Traveller813 on 2019/11/24 14:13
Warning: DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE. They canceled my flight without telling me and kept my money! I can’t resolve the issue because they have ZERO customer service. The only thing you can do if you end up in this type of situation (and you most certainly will if you use this app) is to write them a message and hope for a response. It’s been about 6 hours so far, and no one got back to me. I highly doubt they will refund all my hotel reservations and other expenses. Again: they SOLD the plane ticket that I bought, didn’t tell me and just kept my money. THIS IS THEFT. Finally, if that’s not enough, they ‘accidentally’ double-charged me. I am disputing this through my bank, but I’m very worried they won’t be willing to return the money. Highly suspicious company. For sure, this will be the last time I use them; they aren’t cheaper than any other company and you take a BIG risk going through them. PS: As an update to the developer response below, I just want to let everyone know that their ‘support chat’ is complete BS. Don’t fall for what they say. It’s been over 24 hrs now and no one has even READ my message yet. It’s pretty clear that this company is intentionally trying to make resolving problems difficult so they can cheat you out of more money. It’s safe to say that I will never use Hopper again. It’s a really dangerous company, and I would rather work through a more-reputable app like Kayak or Travelocity. The prices are the same anyway.
Turned into a scam the moment a crisis hit
by kyhales on 2020/04/08 05:03
Flight confirmation VVIYEN from Hartford to Toronto on May 24 and May 31st to come back with two travelers. My entire family has been using hopper since it came out. It used to be reliable and all was good in the hood until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. My boyfriend and I didn’t have a flight until May 24th and on April 3rd i was sent an email stating “your hopper booking has been cancelled” at 1:58 am. There was no info on why it was cancelled, receiving a credit or refund. I was NOT the one who cancelled our flight. I have contacted customer service NUMEROUS times to see where our refund is and have not been given an answer. This company does not have a phone number nor a working email to contact them, you must contact them through their “help” center which is not helpful AT ALL. Supposedly if your flight isn’t within 72 hours they don’t want you contacting them but they continue to cancel flights that are 8 weeks away and not give a refund. I would avoid booking any and all flights with this company seeing as they are stealing people’s money in a time of crisis. I would however look into their millions of tweets being sent at them, and thousands of comments on Instagram of people speaking on how awful their experience has been with hopper and the app stealing their money. It is cruel and selfish. The DOT has put in guidelines that we must be refunded and hopper clearly believes they are above the law.
Price Freeze is great but...
by labtechtwo on 2020/02/07 01:57
I really like that Hopper takes the work out of finding the cheapest and best (for your needs) flights on your own. I’ve tried searching on Hopper and then searching on the airline websites listed and Hopper was cheaper. It’s great that Hopper has integrated features such as Price Freeze, Cancel for Any Reason, Missed Connection Protection, Baggage Fees, and Insurance. I used the Price Freeze for two passengers which is great, but unfortunately, when I was ready to book, my original flights for 2 passengers was no longer available and the app wasn’t very user friendly in that it would not show which flights could accommodate 2 passengers for the dates originally indicated on my Price Freeze - message: “One or more of your flights selected can only accommodate 1 passenger, please go back and select a different flight or change the number of passengers.” I was going back and forth, and finally on my 3rd attempt for different carriers/times, I finally found a flight combo for $20 more that met our needs. It would be GREAT if Hopper could remove the flight that couldn’t accommodate our reservation request from the list of options completely to alleviate the frustration from guessing which one would meet our needs.
Terrible Company
by Disgruntled Customer1993 on 2020/06/04 01:59
Hopper will steal your money. Don not use this app to purchase tickets. My flight to Dublin, Ireland in June was cancelled by the airline British Airways. However, after submitting a cancellation request through the Hopper app according to their instructions and waiting for two weeks I was finally told they couldn’t help me and I would have to get a hold of the airline directly. They also told me that in the future booking references that start with a Z need to be handled through the airline. Why would Hopper not have their program immediately flag that and let me know within 30 seconds rather than wait over two weeks for them to tell me they can’t help? Anyway, after getting a hold of British Airways, I was told that they couldn’t do anything for me and that I needed to go through Hopper. So at that point both companies were telling me they couldn’t help and I had to get a hold of the other one. Hopper has already told me they can’t process my cancellation, however, and they have absolutely no customer service number to call or an email. All they have is an automated online chat room, which I tried messaging, but nobody even looks at the messages. Hopper owes me over $1600 for a flight that was cancelled, they’re telling me they can’t help, and they’re purposely not communicating in any form. This company is nothing more than a scam. They will take your money and steal it. Do not use this app whatever you do.
More cons than pros
by yearly family flyer on 2020/02/21 00:55
I am not one to write reviews, and understand that people are more likely to leave negative reviews. That said, I can only give two stars due to extremely poor communication. Reasons with pros/cons below. The pros: good prices (but only about the same as other apps) and easy to book individual flights (group flights are tricky if there’s limited availability, and you’ll pay more). If your flying alone and flexible about layovers or direct flights becoming connections, then this is a great app. Cons: they are HORRIBLE at getting back to answering questions and concerns. I have been waiting over 2 months for them to get back to me after they notified me our flight details changed. I have emailed and sent instant messages, and the only response are the template/canned auto responses that they will “respond soon”, but they never respond. This left me a bit high and dry. Also, as mentioned above and as you’ll see in other (more positive) reviews: group booking is not convenient as it’s hard to find which flight(s) can accommodate your family/group. Part of my mistake may have been not paying extra for insurance, but for a family of 5 this is an expensive luxury I’ve never before had to use...I guess there’s always the first time. My suggestion, look elsewhere unless you are a flexible individual (not flying w family/group).
by Elizabeth123009 on 2020/07/04 00:01
This is my first time making a review because usually I am a pretty easygoing person but Hopper has scammed me and has made this experience HELL. I booked a flight back almost a year ago for a flight in March. Due to COVID, and shelter in place orders, we could not go on the flight as scheduled. However, it was too late to cancel and at that time, Hopper was not offering refunds for cancelling due to COVID. Therefore I could not cancel my flight and had to miss it. In trying to get a refund because now they are refunding for cancelled flights, they tell me they are bound by the airline and can’t do anything. Also, because I did not cancel my flight I cannot get a refund, yet I did not take that flight and couldn’t cancel because Hopper told me basically there was no use as I would not get a refund for cancelling back in March. Yet, I call Interjet who tells me that they are not bounding Hopper to anything, and it is Hopper who must refund me. I even paid for Trip Protection and have gotten $0. I hardly go on trips because of my financial status, and to lose $600 for two tickets I bought is a big financial blow. Ella from Hopper has been ZERO help. If someone from Hopper reads this and can provide me with a refund or travel credit, please do because there is no way to reach out to anyone outside using the chat on the app. I am fed up and will never use this app again. Do not waste your time with this app, it’s not worth it!
Customer service is literal garbage
by jacdoe on 2020/05/26 16:24
I understand that there must be many flight cancellations at this time; however, my flight is cancelled over a month before departure. I think between Hopper and JetBlue, this fare shouldn’t have even been marketed to me if that were the case. I submitted a cancellation request to Hopper 2 days ago, and it has not even been seen. My date could pass the time this flight is going out before they bother processing a refund — processing time is up to ninety freaking days. Don’t plan on booking through this service for the duration of Covid19 travel, because you’ll be out your money with no recourse. It is worth paying additional money directly to the carrier rather than using this third party service. JetBlue can’t issue me a refund either. This app gets one star only for alerting me to fares, but I’ll never purchase another flight through them. If you cannot keep up with your demands, hire people to work customer service on a temporary basis. Plenty of people would kill for some sort of gig like that right now! Update: It is May 26th. My flight was cancelled on May 10th. I still have received no communications from Hopper. In fact it appears as if my original request was completely cleared. I presently associate these delayed refunds as funding this company that is hanging on by a thread. I’m very close to contacting my bank to dispute the charges.
Not sure what happened to my original review
by Rain9947 on 2020/04/23 13:17
I submitted a review with my story. Long story short hopper cancelled my flight then told me in the email any further questions call the airline directly. Well I tried and it’s impossible right now you COVID 19 to get through. Hopper did not tell me if I would be getting a refund with them or a credit with the then or or the airline ? I also opted for the “cancel for any reason “ and since the airline cancelled not me I wanted to know if I would be getting a refund. It’s impossible to reach them. Self help link after self help link going no no where fast. Chat box doesn’t work going on 19hrs with message not seen. It’s a joke.... I’ve never seen such poor customer service in my life. It’s should not be this difficult to ask a simple question. Also reading through the reviews today I notice they always have a generic response of sorry for the inconvenience or some crap and then say feel free to reach out to support. OKAY ! HOW ?? Tell me how ? Not submit a form or message the chat box tell me an email and official email or a phone number and I’m sure all these people on here would gladly contact customer support, but they never state how. Really unfortunate. Good concept for an app poor follow through on their end. It’s terrible just don’t use it. Pay the extra buck for less hassle and better guarantee.
Customer Service
by K_G_Tori on 2020/03/30 01:33
After my customer service experience I can no longer continue to book through this company. While the prices are good and booking is easy when problems arise the company has shown it does not care for its customers. It has been two weeks and I’m still waiting to receive a resolution to my cancellation requests. My bookings have expired and I have no clue the status of my case or how to reach a actual human being within the company. My customer service experience consists of automated responses from “helpful” bots. Although, I did have a one time chat via the app with a representative nothing was resolved. I was told nothing about my case only that I would receive a reply soon...that was 5 days ago. As of now I have no hope of a resolution with the company. I honestly feel as if they’ve taken my money, and have no intention of reaching out again. Therefore, I can no longer confidently recommend others to use this company, and if you choose to do so I ask that you do so with caution. Simply, put if a problem arises with your flight plans you are on your own. ***To whom it may concern, My Hopper confirmation codes for both roundtrip tickets were EAODPH and FFFMTA. The email associated with both bookings is the best way to reach me. I look forward to hearing from you via email regarding a resolution.***
Hopper is a scam.
by Customer63628 on 2020/10/12 22:21
I don’t understand how this app is still offered on the App Store. Hopper has zero customer support. Any issues with flights that may arise you will have to deal with yourself. I purchased flights for June 2020, these flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I reached out to the airline which assured me I would be refunded for the flight. However, my tickets were purchased through a third party (Hopper) so all refunds would be sent to Hopper before reaching the ultimate customer. I attempted reaching out to Hopper over 20 times to get an understanding of my situation and to report technical issues within the app which wouldn’t allow me to properly request a cancellation (as asked of Hopper through their poorly explained customer service forums). I received multiple automated responses to my support requests. None of these responses even addressed the issue at hand. It has been five months since I attempted to receive some sort of support. I continuously reached out for support during this time. To this day no one has addressed my issue. Personally I have lost all hope that Hopper will do what is right. I write this review in hopes that no one will use this app ever again. I have heard of many similar situations. I also hope the Apple takes some time to investigate and remove this scam from their App Store.
Prices not updated
by CSCP1972 on 2018/02/16 21:40
I downloaded this app to save money on a family trip to the Caribbean. I gave it 3 stars for the many tips given for cheapest flights. I found tickets for $461 and was ready to purchase since it stated that this was the lowest price available. When searching other sites and apps, Hopper had the cheapest price. So after filling out passenger information and going to the purchase page, a window pops up stating that prices went up $77 dollars. It then says choose different flights or continue purchase. I went back to change flights and the flights I had previously chosen were still at the $461 price! I then picked the next cheapest flight. Then it states prices went up over $100! I even restarted the app to see if prices got updated. Nope. It even has a little bunny hopping and checking for latest prices! No such luck there either. Update: The price didn’t go up if I tried purchasing one adult ticket. However, when I added other travelers including my kids, the prices goes up. Maybe it’s because of how many seats are available next to each other? It would be great if the app could let you know how many seats are left for each flight!
Glitchy app, zero customer service
by kelsey lr on 2020/01/14 19:46
I hope I'll be pleased enough to change this rating when I actually book something, but beware the fact that they have absolutely NO customer service whatsoever. The only option is the "chat" feature which is basically the equivalent of sending an email and waiting for someone to get around to it. The problem is that I can't even use this one avenue they have because it's only accesible AFTER booking which is just ridiculous to me. I downloaded this app to 'watch' a specific hotel that I really like and want to visit when prices are low. Of course it is the only one in the app that the 'watch' button is broken and can't be used. My app is up to date, I've tried force closing and reopening as well as deleting/redownloading the app, and it simply does not work no matter what I do. I feel bad for the hotel and potential loss of business there as well. I will likely continue using Hopper for the time being to see what it's like when actually booking, but will NEVER use it for big/expensive trips as the customer service is so blatantly lacking. Way way too much risk there. Make sure you read the negative reviews and know what you're getting yourself into. If I weren't so broke I'd ditch this app altogether, so fingers crossed!
A scam! They will try and steal your money
by Hydra Haired on 2020/09/25 19:26
I booked a flight in February then corona happened and I didn’t want to cancel my flight until I absolutely had to in the hope traveling would resume but it didn’t so I cancelled my flight in May before the deadline to cancel so I could still get a refund or an extended ticket days later I get an email from hopper saying the airline cancelled my flight anyway. It’s been almost 6 months mind you it says it could take up to 90 days but it’s been way over 90 days now and I still haven’t received my refund or any communication from hopper on the status of my flight I get that they’re busy with so many flights that had to get cancelled but really 6 months? Double what they said it would take? they don’t answer the contact chat because I’ve been messaging them everyday for weeks now and they have no telephone number to talk to so I called the airline directly and they say they never even got a refund request from hopper! It’s a corporation that’s taking advantage of a pandemic and people’s situation to keep the money from themselves. Save yourself the giant headache and take the time to look for cheap tickets on your own because they’re listed the same price on the airlines websites anyway... the worst app ever never doing this again!!!!
Freeze price
by Moira.D on 2019/12/07 20:46
We used “ price freeze” for 3 tickets from Chicago to Buenos Aires, the price was good but we had to sort out if the dates worked for the three of us. Less than 48 hs later, when we were ready to book, the price had a $200 increase per ticket. We didn’t know how price freeze worked and were a little bit skeptical as we had to pay the full new price and wait for the reimbursement. Everything went smooth, I emailed customer care, Rosie got back to me less than 24 hs later and asked for a pay pal account. They deposit the $600 dolars in just a couple of days. It is the third time I use Hopper, will continue using it, prices are usually unbeatable, they provide you with a record locator which you can use to choose seats ( some other cheap air fare ticket apps, start charging you for seat placement) and there is someone that answers your doubts, eeven if not immediately, they do and follow through with what they promise. Keep it up Hopper! Nice doing business with you!
Horrible customer service
by dcaillouette on 2020/04/13 22:55
I downloaded this app because I heard many social media influencers rave about it. But I’m sure that’s just it. A paid review because the app does not meet any expectations. I purchased a round trip ticket a couple months in advance. It was cancelled a month before my departure date due to the Covid-19. Understandable and I wasn’t upset, except that I received multiple emails regarding the cancelled flight but no information on a refund. The app said it was experiencing high volume and to wait until a date closer to your original departure date to ask questions. I began messaging them a week or so after my flight was cancelled and continued doing so once a week every week until the day of my flight. Nobody ever got back to me nor did I receive a refund. I am incredibly disappointed that they would cancel my flight and refuse to respond to any messages. I had to call my credit card company and dispute the charges since I never received what I paid for. I do not recommend using this service as they are clearly unreliable and unprofessional. They don’t even provide a help center phone number to call. Only automated message chats. So disappointing. This company should get the hint and learn to provide actual customer service.
by Chimmyuwus on 2020/05/13 14:45
There is NO WAY of contacting them. No email, no phone number, and no “live chat” once your reservation has been cancelled. I booked a non-refundable hotel reservation back in February for June, but had to cancel because of COVID. I messaged them through the live chat asking if a refund was possible due to the special circumstances. It took them 2 days for a bot to respond with a link to a special covid form to fill out, stating that they would do their best to obtain a refund. Fine. I filled out the form, but never got confirmation that it had been sent/received. A week later I got an email saying that my reservation had been cancelled, but it doesn’t say if they’re still working on a refund or if the hotel denied it (which I doubt bc the hotel’s website clearly states that they’re issuing refunds to ALL reservations cancelled due to covid). I tried to contact them again through the app but my now cancelled booking has completely disappeared, meaning that I have NO WAY to access the live chat. The live chat can ONLY be accessed through an active booking. DO NOT USE! Even their responses to bad reviews are automated and don’t provide ways of contact. Their Twitter feed is also full of angry customers and they don’t reply there either. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE!
Refunds mentioned are FALSE!!!!
by Star Sanchez on 2020/01/27 17:58
I was looking for flights from lax to jfk for the weekend of Jan 24-26th. I had selected my flight and prize freezes it at $347. I paid the price freeze deposit of $25 to keep my ticket at this price. I went back to purchase my selected flight two days later (but still within the 7day price freeze dates) and was unable to book the selected flights because they were full. A written message said if you book a flight while in the price freeze dates that you will receive your price freeze deposit (the $25) and the price difference of the flight up to $200. Do I booked my flight at $547 thinking I will receive a refund in 5-7 business days. WRONG!!!! Instead, I have had to send multiple messages through the chat in the app. Only to receive auto responses. Days later I got a response from a rep named “Bridget”, who told me they would have to manually input the refund and asked for the email address linked to my PayPal. I gave her the email address , which she read because the chat has read receipts. And again I got no response and NO REFUND! It has now been two weeks and still no response or REFUND! If you’re not purchasing your ticket that day, DO NOT use this app!!! DO NOT price freeze!!!!
by Shawn Bethea on 2019/05/25 21:52
WARNING: Do not book through hopper. I would encourage you to follow the deals and book through the airline directly. Hopper offers no support for their consumers and places blame on the airline after booking. They do not do anything for the customer and instead make excuses for why they cannot help while continuing to pressure you to book again through their unreliable app. When I called for a refund or change in my flight, the rep stated she could not do either but could assist me with booking another flight through Hopper (of course). She then stated Hopper does not profit from anything consumers do, I then asked if Hopper was a nonprofit, to which she confirmed. Which is CLEARLY untrue. I asked to speak with a different representative multiple times , the rep continued to place me on long holds and return stating the same things she did before instead of just transferring me. After over an hour of the same process, she hung up on me. I’ve tweeted, messaged, Instagram’d this company and they continue to ignore me. They are the worst kind of company and the worst kind of people. I highly encourage you to do your research and book on your own. This is a trashy company with no kind of value for their customers.
Lack customer service
by Buffalopangs on 2020/10/07 18:48
Hopper is a double edge sword you may be able to catch a cheap flight especially if you start looking early this is the good part. I did this and booked some cheap flights then bam covid hit back in April 2020. I tried to reach out to hopper because obviously you weren’t allowed to travel but to my surprise hopper does not have a customer support number. They don’t even have an email you have to submit a claim and then in a few days if your lucky some one named Noel might email you. But getting that email means nothing it took 10 emails and over 3 months to say I was going to be refunded but not the full price. And now 6 months later I come to find out that my travel credit isn’t on the app or even with the original airline but I have to try and get ahold of hopper again for them to book it because they don’t put it on the app. Overall I think hopper is crap and prolly steals people’s money because they get feed up with the system and how it work or they forget they had credit and then it expires and poof hopper made a profit for your aggravation and not traveling. So traveler be weary of using this app because you never know what will happen!
by lizamac1023 on 2020/04/30 15:04
Update: the developer commented on my review but the only way to contact them is through their useless website run by bots with no way to speak to a human. They give an auto response to bad comments asking you to provide them with info but then there is no where to send that info where an actual human reads it. Scam artists masquerading as a legitimate app. BEWARE. I booked 4 flights through the hopper app and a “cancel for any reason” plan for each flight. When covid started to get bad I decided to cancel my trip. I canceled each flight in the app several days in advance (the plan only requires 24 hours in advance) and after 2 months Hopper has still not refunded a single dime of my money. They are impossible to contact- everything in the app is run by an automated bot and there is no way to get through to an actual human. I have chatted, emailed, Facebook messaged dozens of times demanding my money back and no one has ever responded. I filed a dispute with my bank. This company will take your money and RUN. If you look online you will see they have done this exact same thing to thousands of their customers in the last few months. It’s absolute robbery and I hope someone sues and bankrupts this scam artist company.
Good, but needs a little tuning
by j_data on 2019/11/05 16:46
Hi, I’d first like to say this is a great application. I use it frequently and love all of the features it provides. However, there’s a few things I noticed lacking from the service. There’s no referral option, which would be SICK, and it’s hard to tell people about it without sharing an App Store link. I’ve also noticed some long load times when generating new page content, not sure why this happens but it harms the user experience IMO. If I, for example, load a flight and the info, you would think that the results would be cached either on device or on server, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, it re fetches every time I load the info and as a result, have to wait again if I ever navigate from the app. I like the design though, that’s what keeps me coming back. It’s clear that the UX engineers have a very keen understanding of making a cohesive product, and that’s really neat. Also the predictive model that you use is good, but needs some tuning as well. Sometimes it’s estimates are wildly under what is actually displayed. Also the utilization of historical data to give a pseudo-birds-eye-view of what prices may be like for a given time period could also use some work. I work in data science and these should be pretty straightforward models to create. Other than that super solid app, just some criticism for the engineers! Seriously. Add a referral feature.
Never using hopper again
by ThiemT on 2020/04/15 23:01
My girlfriend and I booked a 2-way flight to Seattle for spring break. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus situation our flight was cancelled by the airline. I was advised that in order to get a refund I would have to cancel the flight manually and they would process the refund after. It has been over a week and I have yet to receive my refund. When I contact the airline they inform me that it’s up to hopper to issue the refund. When I contact hopper they tell me it’s up to the airline. Never using this ridiculous app again. Update: “Developer” replied to my review asking for hopper confirmation number. Please note that there is NO WAY to contact them once a flight is cancelled. Even if you still have a flight with them it is very difficult to get through their automated responses and talk to a real person, if at all. They have no support email or phone number for people to contact them for help and their responses to reviews are just to save face. On the off chance they actually are reading these and not just copy-pasting responses this is my hopper confirmation number. If I get a refund for my tickets I will amend my review, otherwise I’m leaving this up. Hopper confirmation number: A-SMK2HK
DO NOT USE!!! Terrible customer service
by cazzy_knickers on 2020/06/30 21:19
From reading reviews on this app, it appears customer response is FAR more responsive here than they are in the app. My husband and I had a trip to Australia booked for August. We booked our flights separately but had two hotel reservations booked through Hopper. The flights were cancelled by the airline, so we reached out to the hotels directly about a refund or credit. They told us they were willing to work with us due to the circumstances, despite reserving rooms at a non-refundable rate, but we had to come to an agreement through Hopper. So, we messaged Hopper through the app requesting cancellation of our hotel reservations and also explaining the conversation we had with the hotels. All we got back was an email saying the reservation was canceled and we would get refunds “if applicable,” but in giant red letters underneath saying that our rooms were non-refundable. No other notes or questions. Completely unclear if they reached out to the hotel. All that’s left to me is to leave a message for them on chat and pray that someone actually does their jobs .... Which, after reading all these reviews, I can see they don’t. If you haven’t used this app already, STEER CLEAR!!!!! Save yourself!!!
Worst Most Terrible Customer Service on any App
by Abby Michelle B. on 2020/01/26 17:05
I really don’t write reviews often, but I’ve had it with this app. I’ve been trying to cancel an upcoming trip for over two weeks, and NO ONE in the Contact Support/ Customer Service has gotten back to me, or has even SEEN my messages. Because I booked through Hopper, I can’t cancel the trip with the airline itself, I have to cancel through Hopper, but NO ONE seems to even exist on their Contact Support. It says they respond within a day and their Contact Support is open 24/7; huge fat lie. I even paid extra ($79) for their Cancel For Any Reason Plan, and I can’t utilize it because there is literally no way to cancel besides messaging the Customer Service, which is practically nonexistent, and has NO phone number or Customer Service email either. Sound sketchy??? Seems awfully shifty to me. And upon doing some research, Hopper is definitely not the best place for finding low-price airline tickets either. So word of advice- don’t download this app, always try to book through the airlines, don’t waste your time or money with Hopper. If you don’t cancel a trip within the 24hour window of booking it, you’re screwed and your money is gone forever.
by Pattypattikins on 2020/05/16 15:48
I have used this app for the convenience of alerting me when flight prices change so I could get the best deal available. Because of that, I’m willing to pay the extra difference of a few bucks through the app and at times have given them added tips to help support them. However, since the Covid19 the app has lacked so much so it’s brought more disappointment and increasing dissatisfaction. I understand the increased amounts of cancellations they must be dealing with, so their response time has taken much longer, which I was very understanding of. With that said, I had a trip booked through the app to go overseas (Spain) and once I got a confirmed cancellation email they said they would work on refunds or some type of resolution 14 business days after that email. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve received that email. Then I decided to follow up and reached out to them 2 weeks ago inquiring about a resolution, given that my trip on this app is still confirmed and international traveling is still highly advised against. I haven’t received any response from them and I’m unsure of how to move forward. I guess I just lose out on the money I invested in these tickets
Happy with Hopper!
by #ItalyorBust on 2020/02/12 21:59
My sister told me to use Hopper to book my flight. Then I read the reviews, and was hesitant to use. My sister, urged me on, letting me know that she has had many successful flights using Hopper. So I did. I used the price freeze option... and it happened just as they said it would, if I followed their guidelines. I froze and then booked within the week. I was confused when the price charged to my CC was the full price and messaged them on the app. Very promptly I had a message back. Hopper, Julie ☺️ asked I I wanted her to call to clarify. In our conversation, she checked the system to verify the details and outlined the days it would take for me to see an email about a refund to PayPal. That I had followed the rules and would get my entire refund. There is a cap, per person, of $200. Just FYI. As she said, I got an email from Alex 😉 asking for my PayPal email to issue the credit. Great job Hopper. I will be using again.
Great for flight tracking, not so much for booking
by WizardAngst on 2020/05/04 12:45
I have used Hopper for over a year to track flight prices, and the app has been great for that. However, I have been less impressed by the app when booking a flight. It certainly makes it quick and direct, but changes to flights can be a headache. For context, changing a COVID-era flight is a headache for anyone, and the Hopper staff I’ve worked with have been very helpful! However, getting in contact with a staff member can be hit or miss. In my current scenario, my latest flight no longer shows up in the App, therefore I am unable to start a customer support conversation for my issue. Furthermore, I cannot make changes to my flight through the airline since it was booked in by a third-party. I’m at the point where I will likely have to miss my flight, even though it qualifies for free changes. While this is a specific issue, the Hopper Customer support is buried in the app and not easily accessed. In cases like mine, I’m unable to contact them at all. I shouldn’t have to Google a contact email/number.
Scam- save your time money and energy!
by Pissedoffhoneymooner on 2019/12/14 15:40
Paid $70 to price freeze a two tickets around $2200 for my honeymoon... Got on less than 24 hours later to book the flight and the app is trying to make me pay $17,000!!! I have been trying to contact the customer service (they do not have a phone number- this should have been the first indicator that this app is a scam.) They should be letting me use that price freeze on a comparable flight. They sent a BS generic reply to my review I left on another page saying they will respond to my message on the in- app customer support chat and 6 hours later I still haven't gotten a response (the "freeze" or whatever the heck I paid for is only good for 48 hours). Terrible customer service. They deserve 0 stars. **When the company finally reached out to me after my price freeze expired they did not answer any of my questions and instead deflected and blamed me for the price increase saying due to "inactivity" on the app. I was on the app the full 48 hours waiting for a reply from their "customer service" and praying the flight cost would go back down and I wouldn't lose my $70. Hopper has ruined my honeymoon plans and cost me $70.
Hopper is a CON factory, never book from hopper
by Sanjay pandita on 2018/01/03 14:46
Hi all, My name is sanjay pandita . The hopper conned me so that i had to pay 600 $ more for my flight. When i complained they told me i responsible for visa even if they book my flight for any stop in between. They are conning people. I work in Tata Consultancy Services and have shared my story so that nobody from my company is Conned by them . Below is hoppers standard response so be aware , be informed and be safe. They wont bother to tell you this while booking tickets. They expect you to have visas for countries you never intended to visit so in order to make money they make stops at places that make visa mandatory but we as customers wont know it till we reach the boarding counter and then them come into pictures to con us. "I am so sorry to hear that your experience with Hopper was less than satisfactory - this is certainly not the experience we wish our users to have. Please understand that visa and immigration requirements are always 100% the user's responsibility, so I sincerely hope you don't come across this problem in the future. Please feel free to reach out to our support team with any further questions or concerns. We're always happy to help!"
Horrible experience with HOPPER
by ka80girl on 2019/10/30 00:48
flight to Croatia on September 19th from Athens to Dubrovnik. The flight was delayed which is not that big of a deal however the weather was bad and the plane could not land in Dubrovnik. We then landed in Split waiting a few hours for a representative from Croatia Airlines that we never saw. The information at the airport then given to us was to get on a bus after waiting hours. The bus took us to Dubrovnik which at this time was after 2am. We missed the car rental because the office is closed. Our hotel was in Lopud at Lafodia which requires a ferry or a private transfer that we could not get at 2am. We then had to stay at Dubrovnik airport and sleep in the entrance way bc the airport was closed and wait till 7am for our car rental to be open. I am beyond furious on my honeymoon that we had this happen to us. NO communication from Croatia Airlines! Many of us slept in the entrance way at the airport. We should have been accommodated. Not just dropped off at the closed airport at 2am. I spoke to HOPPER and they blamed the airline and the airline said they couldn’t do anything for us bc we booked through a 3rd party. I am beyond DISGUSTED and will never use HOPPER or CROATIA AIRLINES EVER!!!
Great if you like your money stolen.
by Robb Zipp on 2020/09/22 21:23
First time they ripped me off was when I went to a hotel and they didn’t have my reservation. Going back and forth with their “customer service” (which you can only contact on the app) and the hotel for over an hour, we were finally told we weren’t going to have a room. Next day we got charged for the room and Hopper said we didn’t attempt to check in even though there was a record of it on the app. Next up was a cancelled flight. They said it was no problem and I could use my credit for a future flight. I just had to contact them in the app to make the reservations. Every time I’ve tried to use this credit, they refuse to acknowledge my credits. I have tried to get the airline to help, but they can’t because Hopper was the one who bought it with my money. I’m out over $400 and I see thousands of other people saying the same thing on social media. They haven’t posted anything since March 2020, so I expect them to shut down with all of our money soon. Whoever runs this app has gotten rich stealing all of our money. This app needs to be taken off of all app stores and investigated by the FBI.
by Pqpqpqghjs on 2020/02/13 03:00
I originally thought Hopper was great... until I decided to use their ‘cancel for any reason’ travel insurance. I paid for the extra insurance on two flights around southeast asia due to travel concerns over the coronavirus. When I decided to cancel my trip and therefore my flights, I messaged Hopper Customer Support (which is somehow the only way to contact them). I asked them to cancel my flights and refund me. This was almost 2 weeks ago. I have not received a refund or even a response from Hopper. The messages have not even been read yet. Their customer service is non-existent. Moreover, canceling and getting a partial refund is a service that I paid EXTRA for. This company gets you to use and pay for their services and you think you’re getting a deal, but then they scam you out of hundreds of dollars and there is not even a phone number you can call to speak to someone. NEVER use Hopper for anything more than comparing prices if you decide to use it at all. It’s not good for anything. They take your money and do not provide the service they promised. Save yourself the hassle and book your tickets directly through the airline.
No multi city/selective airlines shown
by Noggin9788663242170006 on 2018/09/30 16:25
Great concept but 2 major flaws with flights; 1. My main beef and why it’s 3/5, no multi-city option! This is a huge let down as multiple times I’ve needed to do multiple stops but it makes you do them one at a time which drastically raises the rate or you do multiple round trips and hope the times line up. Even on the support it recognizes that this isn’t available but suggests booking multiple one ways, for example a multi city between US-Japan-Vietnam-US is approx 1,300 on google multi city search where as for follow the hopper support directions the same flight pattern is 2,100. If the multi city is added I can definitely justify 5 stars but without it it just doesn’t match old fashion google (which also has price tracking) 2.Another lesser but still decent issue. Hopper excludes certain airlines that would have cheaper rates (spirit/frontier/ect.) many times I’ve gotten updates on flights only to find a cheaper flight offered by airlines not offered on here sometimes significantly cheaper.
by trussellsrt on 2019/03/07 17:28
Used the hopper to book our upcoming trip to Canada for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal! The app is easy to navigate. The information is in an easy to decipher format. The flights are often time not available on other travel websites like Expedia and kayak. If they are, the price is higher. I did have trouble one time trying to book our flights when I got to the payment page, the rabbit notified me that price had gone up $85 per person. This was out of my price range so I cancelled the booking whilst being quite upset. But I understand now that it is the name of the game with flights. After that experience last night, I got back on hopper this morning. I noticed that the flight I tried to book last night was still available for the original price I saw last night so I jumped on it! Got to the pay screen price increase so I got them booked! I will definitely be using hopper again!
Great customer service!
by Ashleyy134 on 2018/03/05 07:22
Seriously, this app / its employees are fantastic, some of the best customer service I’ve had. Recently I had to cancel a flight but was able to use most of the money from the canceled flight to a new flight. I thought I had to go through the airline to rebook my flight and it was going to cost $250-$300 extra, so I called hopper really late with a quick question there was no answer but I had the opportunity to leave a voicemail so I did. This morning when I woke up, I had an email with the answers I previously asked for in my voicemail along with the option to re-book with them, 3 emails later ( super easy and fast) my flight was rebooked and it only cost an extra $87. They handled everything for me and really took the anxiety out of the whole situation. Super grateful and will definitely be recommending this app to friends, family and even strangers!
Great for watching flight prices, terrible for ticketing
by jennyh1113 on 2020/06/12 17:51
This app has been useful as a resource to determine best time to buy a flight but is absolutely terrible as a source to purchase tickets. There is little to no customer service available. In order to modify a flight, you need to submit a request and wait DAYS for someone to get back to you, and even when they do they ignore you. After attempting to change my flight for 5 days, I decided to go directly to the airline and ask them to override hopper and change my flight for me. Hopper quoted me at a fare difference of $117 while the airline charged me a fare difference of only $28 for the same exact flight. There is something sketchy with how they do their pricing and I absolutely do not trust them. They were ready to charge me almost 4 times the cost of fare difference without any indication on how they were coming up with the fare difference they quoted. I also kept getting passed on to multiple “customer service” reps...3 different people in 4 days, none of which were able to help me AT ALL. Moral of the story: DO NOT BUY FLIGHTS THROUGH THEM!!! I will never ever use their service again.
Not good customer service
by Yuneverrespondtocustomers on 2020/07/25 08:43
I’ve been using Hopper for the past few years and I was pleased with flight options and App in general, that’s why I’m giving 3 stars and not 1. However since COVID 19 happened they failed to give any support to their customers. No phone number, no person to talk to. No one ever responds to emails. They cancelled my flight, never refunded me money. I can’t even reach anyone to find out what’s going on. When I called Turkish Airlines that I was supposed to travel with, because they cancelled my flight due to COVID-19 they told me they are refunding money back to customers. However since I booked through Hopper, Hopper is responsible to reach to them and refund it to me. I do understand it’s hard time for everyone, I gave them 4 months to put their acts together, but they completely FAILED. Will never ever book through Third Party again. *Update: Developer did respond to this review. Thank you for that. I would really appreciate if you do look into my cancelled flight and help. Hopper Confirmation was GPKFPY.
BEWARE of hopper for international flights
by Malicay93 on 2019/12/20 17:14
Hopper acts as a third party travel agency and when you’re working with two different airlines in a connection, it’s impossible to get the airlines to work with you if they cause delays until hopper gets involved. The problem there is Hopper has no direct customer service line, just chat box which are count the minutes since you sent your message. On the rare occasion you do get a customer service rep on the phone, they cannot actually help unmarry the two connecting flights or rebook same day until the individual airlines get involved. Also, hopper is directly reliant on their ticketing department who you cannot speak to in person or dictate urgency too. Hoppers only solution to ha was to rebook us on a next day international flight to New Zealand, completely ruining our tour plans because we get to the country later than planned. They also would not let us keep our original flights and risk missing the connection and forced us into the next day flights. COMPLETE MISTAKE booking through them for international flights. Customer service is uneducated and impossible to reach in a timely manner.
You cannot contact these people
by BVO86 on 2020/04/15 21:26
I used the app for the first time to book a trip for my wife and me. I realize that there is a pandemic right now but not having an email address or phone number to even attempt to contact hopper is ridiculous. I’ve tried to cancel my flight twice, both times it says I’ve canceled my flight and they will contact me soon. The first time I tried to cancel the flight is over two weeks ago and then again last night. These flights were over 1K each and while I relied I may not get all of that back they haven’t even tried reaching out to me. The flight took off Sunday night without us on it clearly but hopper definitely did not cancel our flights. I will never use this app again and pray I can get some money or credits back. Lesson learned I should have searched their reviews harder. The reservation is A-S7F3GG So why does that mean? Are you going to try and get my money back? I appreciate your responses but they don’t have much substance. Are you able to email me details about what your going to do? Update** I was contacted today and notified that my money will be refunded. I realize they are doing their best but I would suggest planning for high volume and being better prepared to get some kind of contact out to their clients a little faster. I have to say my earlier words that I will Never use them again, I would give them another shot.
Practical. Creative Interface. Try it!
by paul4791 on 2018/03/21 15:34
I've enjoyed organizing travel since 1985. I'm old enough to remember the printed Thomas Cook European train timetable, and the OAG handbook for US flights. Today, my favorite airfare search tool is the Matrix Web interface by ITA Software. There are, of course umpteen iOS apps for finding fares. Hopper is the only innovator I've seen lately. In particular, the calendar interface, with its intuitive traffic light color scheme (green = cheap, orange = more expensive, red = expensive), is the best I've seen. It reminds me of the traveler's calendar ("calendrier des voyageurs") from SNCF (French National Railways) and Air Inter/Air France. In those days, you tried to travel during the "période bleue" (blue period) in the little calendar leaflet that was published every quarter. Today, Hopper generates such a calendar dynamically, based on current fare data. Try it! The people who created it clearly know something about travel.
Don’t Buy Any Flights via Hopper
by Ele'Ele' on 2020/10/09 14:08
Back in March, I had a trip planned to a few places in Europe. I bought all of my flights through Hopper and because of coronavirus I wasn’t able to go. When I tried contacting customer service they told me they were experiencing a high volume of customers contacting them due to coronavirus. I was understanding with that at first yet here it is October and they are just now settling my issue. It should not take six months for customer service to get back to you. And not only that, but they did not help me in the slightest. Only one of my flights was refunded when I purchased six flights for two people through the Hopper app. I spent nearly $600 through Hopper and they are only willing to give me credits for $120 worth. This app is a scam. Do not use this app. Do not purchase flights from this app. You will get ripped off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
No customer service whatsoever
by rcastillo82 on 2020/07/18 10:33
Booked a hotel in April cancelled within 72 hours. Simply due to the fact that the app wouldn’t let me cancel prior to 72 hours. And still was refused a refund. It’s now the middle of July and still no contact from the company at all. Besides a mass email imploring their customer base to be patient. In my time I have found on interesting things about hopper. Hopper basically pays for your booking with their own credit card. So if you dispute the charge. You can’t get a refund because technically you didn’t pay for the reservation. They are a go between. Use with caution they basically use the larger travel companies such as Priceline etc. services. Update same click and paste response as normal. Won’t even offer a credit to use at a later point. Bad company stay clear. I’m not exactly sure how this app is rated so high? Is hopper scrubbing bad reviews. Because I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews and yet this app is still rated at 4.8, weird stuff. Update same old same new answer with an apology about lack of communication it’s been 4 months I’ve been trying to get a refund.
The worst app- they steal your money!
by ajkl;sdfa on 2020/05/10 17:22
Do NOT use this app. If there was a zero rating , I would give it . My daughter purchased a ticket through this app for British Airways (to depart today).The flight was cancelled over a week ago, but neither Hopper or BA notified her. This was not a surprise and she had been checking . Hopper said to wait until 72 hours before scheduled flight to contact them. They also said to contact airline. She contacted them yesterday (3 phone calls). Airline said money was given back to Hopper. There is no email, contact number to reach Hopper. They have disappeared and only have a place on the their website to cancel your flight. My daughter’s flight was cancelled by the airline and legally she is entitled to a full refund . She has tried to reach them through chat and social media with no response from Hopper. DO NOT use this company!!!! They keep your money even though no service was provided!!! They should be prosecuted for theft ! My daughter’s Hooper itinerary is Z-B1PPXPENH . Her British Airways booking reference is PY9SVT. I will update review when or IF I ever get a response from Hopper. I won’t hold my breath.
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