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Hopper - Flight & Hotel Deals
Relax — booking travel just got easy. Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer. We’ve helped over 30 million travelers book trips around the world, saving them more than $1.8 billion to date. That’s a saving of up to 40%. Hopper features the major airlines in the US, Canada and around the world such as American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Transat, WestJet, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM & many more. Search Flights & Hotels Over a million flights, hotels, rental cars and cute bunnies. Plan Less, Travel More Instantly identify the cheapest dates with our calendar. Buy, or Watch and Wait Book flights or hotels straight away, or wait for a better price. Get Notified When it’s the best time to buy, our bunnies will let you know. Book in App Grab flights and hotels quickly, and securely, right in the app with a swipe. Some of the other awesome things you can do with Hopper: • Find the cheapest days to travel using our color-coded calendar. • Use filters to get custom predictions that suit your trip — removing long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have extra fees and restrictions. • Get information and tips about airports and hotels. • Compare prices and amenities from hundreds of airlines and hotels around the world. • Receive personalized recommendations about deals you might like based on previous trips and your budget. • Save your bunny profile and payment details securely for even faster booking. • Our gentle Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important details in the fine print. He’ll let you know about all the bits and pieces, like carry-on allowances to seat selection. • Get help 24/7 from our support agents, made up of actual, real bunnies, sorry no, real humans. Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save on flights and hotels. So relax — booking travel just got easy. Oh, and it’s free! So download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip. Hopper Love • “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME • “23 Life-Changing Apps We Downloaded This Year” - BuzzFeed • "How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ • “List reveals a number of apps from lesser-known travel services that bear looking into: Hopper, HotelTonight, trivago, Skyscanner” - AirfareWatchDog • “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz, we regularly found that the best deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure • “Don’t neglect stand-alone airfare apps, including Hopper, Kiwi and Hitlist” - The Washington Post Say Hello to the Bunnies Facebook: Instagram: @hopper Twitter: @hopper Website: Have a question or some feedback? Give us a shout at and our bunnies will get back to you.
Customer Chat
by DL_N on 2020/01/29 10:35
Purchased CFAR (cancel for any reason) for my trip. I went through the process of canceling my trip, in their customer chat. It’s been 4 days and no reply. Hopper would be a lot better if they actually had customer service. I’ve filed a complaint with the BBB, and the FTC to see if it’s resolved any quicker. Should’ve read the reviews first. Don’t offer something, if you can hold up your end in a timely manner. This is a lot of peoples money you’re dealing with. Unacceptable. Don’t bother telling me to send a chat in the app... I’ve already done that multiple times. Confirmation code: A-QNX4Z8
What’s with the bundle bunnies?!
by catchylu on 2020/01/29 06:15
This app has been great in the past, however upon searching flights for an upcoming trip I’m unable to watch flights. The bundle bunny deal pops up and gives the option to check out deals or “maybe later”, neither option saves the flight. I do not want to bundle, I’m just looking for a flight. What the heck?! Not being able to watch a flight defeats the purpose of having this app.
Jamaica here we come thanks to Hopper
by vhfrjnfuk on 2020/01/29 02:40
Easy booking for flight & car rental
Hate changes
by Max and ruby 2 on 2020/01/29 02:16
I just deleted the app. I did enjoy using it for a couple years, and until today would have given it 5 stars. I just tried to help my sister look for flights- she asked for help. I found the dates and times she wanted and tried to get the total for the flights I had selected. It made me create an account, login, verify my phone number...never had to do this before. I’ve always just been able to search flights and see the final total price without all of these steps. Even after all that it wouldn’t let me see the total! Now it wants me to add passenger information. OMG I just want to see the total to see if it’s worth continuing or if I should backtrack. It’s not even for me. Nevermind. I’ll use Travelocity or orbitz. . It’s the same flights anyway and I can see the total without signing over my identity.
by Krys96 on 2020/01/29 02:05
I wish I could give negative stars. This app is TERRIBLE. When trying to book through this app, they did not confirm my ticket yet they charged my CC for the failed flight anyway. I was not given a confirmation number, email, or any sort of notification letting me know the flight didn’t go through and when I tried contacting support, there was NONE. Their customer support cannot be contacted at all. They have no phone number or email. The only way to contact them is through their app and it’s a robot that basically does nothing but apologize for the inconvenience. And because I had no ticket or confirmation, I was unable to even contact the freaking robot. So they basically stole my money and there’s nothing I can do. If you look online there are multiple reviews saying similar things to mine or even worse ones where people lost loads of money because hopper messed something up and they had no way to contact them. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND MONEY. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH HOPPER. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.
Poor customer service
by Mo272849 on 2020/01/29 01:32
I have written to them at least 6 times in the last 4 weeks regarding the CFAR protection that I purchased and have heard nothing back. They do not provide a customer service phone line so there is no way to speak with a human.
China eastern airlines
by do to coronavirous on 2020/01/28 19:54
It’s been days I have tried to reach a costumer service, and I reach the airline that hopper booking ya with and they seem to not recognize any of our information. Basically the airline has no information of us even buying the tickets .. this is the worst app I have ever used,
Easy to use!
by CMSBrady on 2020/01/28 19:54
It made it super easy to wade through all the flights to find times I wanted and at reasonable prices
What happened to Flex Rates?
by Minneapolis based on 2020/01/28 19:50
Agreed, Flex Rates is why I use Hopper. What happened? Please bring back. I want to plan my trip with the best rate in a month or over a 3 day trip in July, not specific days.
Ridiculous customer service response
by dutymax on 2020/01/28 17:57
Apparently they respond in days. There is no number to call. I insured my connecting flight that will be covered if missed, now thinking I will be in the airport and waiting days to get response through their messaging system. Never again.
Poor customer service
by k1955 90n(3 on 2020/01/28 17:16
Differential wasn’t refunded. Tried contacting customer service, no one really gave me an answer yet. Prize freeze my ticket for 56. Said you go ahead and buy for 96 and they’ll give back the differential. No one contacted me yet.
Do not download guys!
by ellesadventure on 2020/01/28 16:51
If you have any problem they do not reach back to you. It says one day but it’s been a week! I ended up having to dispute my cancelation through my credit card. Whereas we emailed the actual airline who probably gets a million more people contacting them and they emailed us same day to approve us but they said this dumb app has to get back to us.. there’s no number for this app. It’s actually kind of sketchy. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Or if you must... just look for flights here but buy them through the actual airline!!! You will save your time if anything happens.
Flex rates gone!
by Katc1217 on 2020/01/28 05:22
Really disappointed that the Flex rate feature is gone. It was the main reason I used this app so heavily over its competitors. The ability to pick a destination to watch over certain dates was a great resource. The deals feed isn’t as useful. I definitely don’t use this app as much anymore and rely on other options more. Also from a customer experience standpoint, when I opened the app and all of my Flexed locations/dates I was watching were gone, it was frustrating. Some sort of communication that my Flex locations wouldn’t be available anymore would’ve been nice.
No customer service after paying. Can’t be trusted.
by gollygs on 2020/01/28 05:07
Very poor customer service AFTER you paid and book your tickets. I have some questions about my reservation and have sent repeated questions in the past two weeks and have heard nothing. Please beware.
by jmanfedx on 2020/01/28 04:51
Very easy to use😊
Do Not Use This App!!!
by jackiewwekakfbs on 2020/01/28 04:47
Horrible experience. I tried to book a room, put my payment info in, then was charged over $1,000 for the room when the message read “room is no longer available.” I have tried to contact customer service and am unable to do so through the app and they have no customer service phone number.
NO Customer Service
by DanamiteMac on 2020/01/28 02:54
I have been trying to get in touch with someone about the ticket I purchased through this app for a week and have heard nada. It shows my messages haven’t even been read. I finally located a phone number and it’s a prerecorded message saying to send them a message. Fn ridiculous. This app is a joke run by a Bernie Madoff associate.
Love this!
by Jillmjordan author on 2020/01/28 02:32
This app is awesome! I use for biz and pleasure and help my clients and book retreats
No Customer Service
by NoService4uwiththem on 2020/01/28 02:31
If you book with them and have need to speak to anyone regarding change your flight, no one will contact you. Terrible customer service.
A scam
by Bsharka on 2020/01/27 23:32
I have still not received my refund and now that my flight date is over I can no longer contact customer service!! Why are you guys doing this to me?? I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get in contact with you guys? Are you purposely scamming people. I am owned $257 dollars. I need to speak to someone NOW!!!
Love it.
by leahsantos03 on 2020/01/27 22:32
I love the updates when you are watching a trip.
Refunds mentioned are FALSE!!!!
by Star Sanchez on 2020/01/27 17:58
I was looking for flights from lax to jfk for the weekend of Jan 24-26th. I had selected my flight and prize freezes it at $347. I paid the price freeze deposit of $25 to keep my ticket at this price. I went back to purchase my selected flight two days later (but still within the 7day price freeze dates) and was unable to book the selected flights because they were full. A written message said if you book a flight while in the price freeze dates that you will receive your price freeze deposit (the $25) and the price difference of the flight up to $200. Do I booked my flight at $547 thinking I will receive a refund in 5-7 business days. WRONG!!!! Instead, I have had to send multiple messages through the chat in the app. Only to receive auto responses. Days later I got a response from a rep named “Bridget”, who told me they would have to manually input the refund and asked for the email address linked to my PayPal. I gave her the email address , which she read because the chat has read receipts. And again I got no response and NO REFUND! It has now been two weeks and still no response or REFUND! If you’re not purchasing your ticket that day, DO NOT use this app!!! DO NOT price freeze!!!!
Worst booking experience ever
by Doahlaxer14 on 2020/01/27 13:21
Hopper failed to provide any bit of usefulness to me in booking my hotel. After accepting my payment I realized that they lazily hadn’t provided me with any of the information needed to complete my reservation or even contact my hotel. I had to solve how to access my reservation myself and once I had done that I discover that my room was not what had been advertised. My room has holes in the walls and holes in the door which made me very nervous during my stay. Won’t ever use this app again and I suggest you book via a more reputable booking company.
Flight reservations
by ljdel on 2020/01/27 04:59
Easy to use , accurate & give flight details Recommended this app to friends
Easy to use and saves me money every time!
by Alabama Faun on 2020/01/27 02:27
I’ve booked two trips using the Hopper app- and I’ve gotten great deals both times. This is the first time I’ve written a review, it’s that good.
No response after cancellation
by xxxlben on 2020/01/27 01:37
Hopper has promised to get in touch with me in over a week and still no response after buying cancel insurance
by mjnkjh on 2020/01/26 23:10
Phenomenal pricing and customer service!
Don’t book if your going to cancel your reservation..
by spudz21 on 2020/01/26 22:02
I’m very disappointed with this app. First to contact them, you need to message them, there’s no number to call. They say they follow hotel policy, but that’s not true. I Try to cancel my reservation but they say they can’t cause of hotel policy. I called the hotel I booked, they said I can cancel 3 days before the reservation date. Now this app company doesn’t want to refund my money.. I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t let you cancel your reservation and refunding your money. Oh also I forgot to mention you can’t change the dates as well.. Never using this app again.
by HappyLoriTravel on 2020/01/26 17:25
I love Hopper it has given the opportunity to travel more on affordable prices. It feels as if I have my own travel agent. Quick, easy and affordable!👍🏼👍🏼👏🏻✈️
Worst Most Terrible Customer Service on any App
by Abby Michelle B. on 2020/01/26 17:05
I really don’t write reviews often, but I’ve had it with this app. I’ve been trying to cancel an upcoming trip for over two weeks, and NO ONE in the Contact Support/ Customer Service has gotten back to me, or has even SEEN my messages. Because I booked through Hopper, I can’t cancel the trip with the airline itself, I have to cancel through Hopper, but NO ONE seems to even exist on their Contact Support. It says they respond within a day and their Contact Support is open 24/7; huge fat lie. I even paid extra ($79) for their Cancel For Any Reason Plan, and I can’t utilize it because there is literally no way to cancel besides messaging the Customer Service, which is practically nonexistent, and has NO phone number or Customer Service email either. Sound sketchy??? Seems awfully shifty to me. And upon doing some research, Hopper is definitely not the best place for finding low-price airline tickets either. So word of advice- don’t download this app, always try to book through the airlines, don’t waste your time or money with Hopper. If you don’t cancel a trip within the 24hour window of booking it, you’re screwed and your money is gone forever.
by orchid1234567890 on 2020/01/26 16:36
Hopper charges fees for services such as price freeze and cancel for any reason and after you pay for it they never issue the refund. No one to call so all requests need to be submitted thru the app and when you submit the claim they never respond other than an automatic reply claiming they will get back to you but they never do.
The worst app ever
by carolinejules on 2020/01/26 05:47
Is the worst app I ever try It doesn’t give the cheaper flights, I searched a round trip in google flights and the same flight in these app and hooper told me that the cheaper one was 200$ more expensive that the 5 flights from google DONT WASTE YOUR TIMEEE
Customer service is laughable
by googlexlaterisbetter on 2020/01/25 23:36
No phone numbers to call and chat is hard as hell to find
Mal servicio
by anidasa on 2020/01/25 22:48
Me cancelaron un viaje después que me cobraron el pasaje y ya a pasado casi un mes y no me han dado el reembolso 😤😡😡☹️
They would not refund as promised!
by Kim Wynn on 2020/01/25 22:19
I purchased the cancel at any time along with my ticket. In addition I also canceled with in the 24hr window. Hopper promised a refund within 10 Business days. It has been 15 business days. At first they gave me the runaround and now they will not reply to my messages. They owe me almost $800. and refuse to respond. I use to like hopper and recommend them all the time, but that was before I needed a refund. They have extremely poor customer service and are dishonest!
Dispute Hopper with your Credit Card Company
by Ziillaaa on 2020/01/25 20:23
From all the recent reviews, Hopper is totally scamming a bunch of people. They ran with my money as well. Do not book with them or use their price freeze service. Zero customer support. An influx of credit card disputes may be the only way to reveal Hopper as a scam. Make sure to upvote low rating reviews by calling it "Helpful" to spread awareness and protect the community. The current most "Helpful" review gives this app 5 starts and promotes this scam of a company.
No customer service
by Acros Alfa on 2020/01/25 20:13
No phone number to call and if you message them you will wait no less than two days. In high season don't expect them to answer.
Price freeze doesn’t work, lost $25 +
by @sweetsagestar on 2020/01/25 18:40
Paid $25 for price freeze. On the last day I could book for the frozen price, I tried 6 times over a 2 hour period and kept getting the oops message. Finally decided to pay more and book on kayak for more than the hopper frozen price and lost my $25 deposit to freeze the price. Making things worse is there is no way to contact customer support in the app until after you book a ticket. Feels like a scam to collect $25
Over kill notifications
by donkey537:;! on 2020/01/25 17:42
When I ask for notifications, I don’t want hotel notifications or I’d ask for them.
Hopper support team will ignore your request
by so mad at hopper aaaaaaaa on 2020/01/25 02:32
Don’t think their team will help you! I booked an international flight through hopper, I have to change the flight plan but the only way is to leave messages to their “support team”, which will ignore request and never contact me. I sent so many request but it’s only auto reply said someone will help me and let me wait. I have been waiting for a week never got assist. The flight price is pumping up and tickets running out. Now I have to rebook another flight which makes me spent two flight money. It’s very stressful. When I go through all the reviews try to find the way to get help but looks like the only way is contact their support team and then they ignore it.
Price Freeze freezes nada
by Pasha314 on 2020/01/25 02:07
Don’t bother with the Price Freeze option. It’s not guaranteed.
Really the best deal?
by TMNHeadlines on 2020/01/25 01:47
I have used this app before successfully, but I just saw a flight from London to NYC on Google Flights that was more than $100 cheaper than what Hopper said was “the best deal, book now”—and it was direct, unlike the indirect Hopper one. Pretty disappointed that Hopper so flagrantly lied on that one, and made me lose all trust. (BTW this was not a one-time thing—the supposed “best” prices on here are often way more expensive than the stuff I found elsewhere. Maybe it is better for within the USA? Either way, this former fan is out.)
A Literal Joke
by FrankRenoyldsWrap on 2020/01/24 22:57
Booked a room two weeks in advanced , went to check in and they never received my info. Had to pay for it twice THEN I messaged their “customer support” gave them all the info they asked for and then said to me “we will get back to you” TWO WEEKS GO BY They stopped responding to that message thread so I sent A WHOLE NEW MESSAGE where someone said “sorry it’s our busy season” proceeded to ask for my PayPal to refund the money (SKETCHY) and said the finance department would process in the next 24 hours. ITS BEEN 5 DAYS. Almost a whole month has gone by since I booked this room and I still haven’t gotten my money back DONT BOOK ANYTHING WITH HOPPER UNLESS YOU WANT A HEADACHE You would accomplish more with your life by literally setting your money on fire
No help with questions
by Hulk meadows on 2020/01/24 20:02
I took out travel insurance and have been trying to reach hopper since the day after booking tickets to cancel one travelers ticket. They will not reply!
Great and quick
by mepa1265 on 2020/01/24 16:52
Really easy to use and find deals that sometimes you can not find easy. It does the work for me.
The best flight app EVER
by fayjey on 2020/01/24 16:17
So easy to SEE the dates and the different prices on the calendar. Thank you!
No customer support
by Rachelshen1 on 2020/01/24 14:46
Literally impossible to contact customer support. This is entirely a scam if you have trouble and want your money back when you buy insurance. I used to trust this app, but now I feel like it’s just a company that is hungry for money. I really would like my money back when I trusted everything, and it’s ridiculous to have no phone line and to not respond back to customers. The reply time is 1 day? Please, it literally is never.
by chsjwhcbdirbcneifncmdjc on 2020/01/24 14:27
AWFUL customer service!! I reached out to them regarding a “Hopper Drop Day Deal” where they guaranteed $50 cash back for purchasing a flight during a certain amount of days. The deal states that if you purchase within the allocated time frame, they will reimburse you $50 within 10 days of your purchase. Well, that does NOT seem to be the case! I reached out to customer service as a curiously to see what the hold up was. It’s now be 48 HOURS with no response, no updates, NOTHING. This app is a good concept, but awful! DON’T USE IT! Hopper, if you are going to promote a deal, stand by it. Don’t act like you have customer service if you don’t. Ridiculous.
Terrible customer service
by Linz5678855 on 2020/01/24 07:29
Their only customer service option is a chat feature in which the conversation is all automated. It’s impossible to talk to an actual person. I purchased cancel for any reason insurance. Had to cancel my flight and was prompted to attach screenshots that my flight had been canceled and I would be issued a refund within a few days. It has been over two weeks with no response.
Double charged & No help!
by applecustomer615 on 2020/01/24 06:38
I was double charged and the customer service chat was extremely difficult to find. I am using this app to save money yet am ending up having to wait for my funds to be taken off of hold for a fault of their own. Sad!
dont use. danger of losing all your money
by javidtwins on 2020/01/24 06:21
please don’t use hopper. there is zero customer service. if you need to change something, you’re at the mercy of an empty call center and no other way to get in touch. i need to change my flight and 4 days later, i’m still waiting for a call back. i’m losing all my money because the flight is coming up and i can’t go. airliner says sorry, call your booking agency to change it. completely screwed. calling my bank to get a chargeback and file a complaint.
by Jordan Bronze on 2020/01/24 03:10
This app is fantastic. Im a frequent flyer and I will never use another app.
Improvement need
by kbeckett8504 on 2020/01/24 02:58
Can you please multiple option to watch flights wit different destinations? Right now I only can watch one destination but I usually take two vacations thru the year. It will be fantastic to be able to watch more destinations that way I won’t lose a good deal.
Never again
by nicloeeeeeeeeeeee on 2020/01/23 22:29
I will never book a hotel though this app again. I called my hotel many times to confirm my reservation and never could find me. So I emailed customer service which they did reply but it took literally a day just to finally get my info sent to my hotel, which was very stressful. I’m grateful that I did get it confirmed but I shouldn’t have to do all that especially since I paid the full price. And the price changed when I was about to pay.
by tigerlilly420 on 2020/01/23 21:35
Used the price freeze and it not only didn’t allow me to book the flight I requested but it was impossible to get in touch with support unless you purchase a flight. Refunds are thru PayPal. And who knows when that will be. Also my review is not showing me type it, most likely because it’s a not so good review. I feel kinda scammed to be honest. Not all it was cracked up to be. It basically messed up a lot of details for my trip . Wish it did what it CLAIMED it would do :(
San Francisco trip
by reganmoore on 2020/01/23 21:22
What a fantastic app!! Love how easy it is to use to get the best price!
by hopper stole my money on 2020/01/23 19:41
The app NEEDS a phone help line or at the very least an email account. My app was glitching for the last four of seven days for which I paid 60 euros for a price freeze and when I sought help from their robo chat room I got no response. The price freeze expired and I’ve now lost my money. Extremely angry. This is an improper way to do business. You need a customer support staff.
Price Freeze
by Lynn Flyer on 2020/01/23 04:42
I paid the $15 to freeze a flight price for 3 passengers. I tried to book within the allotted "freeze" time span. When I try to book it says there aren't enough available seats...which I know isn't true because it will let me book the flight for a higher price in the app. I tried to book for just 1 passenger and I get the same message. How can I book or at the very least get my $45 back?
by Hwisownsia aiaj on 2020/01/23 03:46
There was a glitch in the system. I got a notification that a flight I was watching had dropped. I went to book it. The system glitches and there was an error and suddenly I couldn’t purchase the tickets anymore. But my bank account was still charged the $5 tip for a service I didn’t even receive.
Predicted price would drop, instead it rose $400
by Jgilsleider on 2020/01/23 03:27
App estimated that the price of my international flight would drop around $480 if I waited a little bit. Instead the price increased over $400! I would have saved $400 had I of gone train Jt through the airlines website and not taken Hopper advice. Will not be using this again.
Horrible experience, do not use
by z-ahm on 2020/01/23 03:13
I am waiting for a response to my flight change request for almost a week now. I should have checked app reviews and all those bbb complaints before using it.
by Stepmun on 2020/01/23 02:38
Thanks Hopper for letting us know when the best deals are available and finding the best price.
Customer service may not even exist
by Missaries04 on 2020/01/22 23:41
Customer service does not respond back at all! Very disappointing! I will be updating my review daily and warning people not to book until my issue is resolved. This app should not exist without customer service !!! They claim to have people that will respond back to u but it’s a lie. Next thing I will do is see if I can get enough complaints to have them removed from the App Store all together. It is FRAUDULENT!!!
by TTT224 on 2020/01/22 22:53
Worst company with non existence customer service. The two number listed are automated messages saying they do not monitor the numbers and to reach them by chat. When you try to message by chat, you get an automated response saying they will get back to you in 24 hours. All untrue. I am questioning if the positive reviews posted are real. In those reviews, people stated they have called Hopper for resolution. I’m not sure how this is possible with no responses and with the fake customer service numbers provided.
The trip insurance is a FRAUD.
by jaz kitty on 2020/01/22 22:09
Should you ever need to actually use the trip insurance, or need assistance of any kind, good luck! You can't call them and they don't read their messages.
The travel
by da bares on 2020/01/22 16:11
I am trying to make purchase that the app says is available, but when I try to check out, it is telling me that there is an error.
Nice until you have to cancel
by Cocolynn3 on 2020/01/22 13:25
My husband and I purchase tickets to and Seattle and we were adamant about purchasing the refundable ticket through hopper because my husbands schedule constantly changes. In Hoppers system it’s called CFAR cancel for any reason. BUT they are one of those sneaky companies that doesn’t give you the full picture. We had to cancel one ticket and I planned on still going. I messaged them 2 weeks ago to get this figured out and just barely received a response yesterday 1/20/20. As I try canceling my husbands ticket, Megan states that I can’t cancel just one ticket it’ll be both tickets for the trip. It’s “ in the fine print before you swiped to pay” but I paid for traveler insurance per person! That doesn’t matter. Well that’s fine at least I’ll get my money back right? WRONG. I only get a percentage. Whatever percentage they’ve decided I should get. Even though I’ve been trying to get this cancelled for two weeks. I get less than half of BOTH ticket costs back. I’m NEVER USING HOPPER AGAIN. You can bet I’ll be telling everyone I know too. I have referred my whole family to them too. Just ridiculous!!
Not bad.
by PhylomebaD on 2020/01/22 03:40
Not a bad app. No deals for flights AND hotels.
If Hopper Cared
by SCH1002 on 2020/01/22 03:06
First experience with Hopper has been less than ideal. After finding a round trip flight at good price, we decided to purchase it via the app. The app listed the price at $370 dollars. After receiving my “receipt” from Hopper, everything looked okay. A few days later, I checked my credit card statement, and there is a pending charging for $488! We reached out to Hopper customer support, and are given a “we will get back to you in accordance to your flight date.” Seeing as we are not going to hear back until April, we reached out to the airline. They advised that the price was never listed at $370 and was always $488. They also advised that since we are past the 24 hour period, they are unable to refund the flight or anything. So, Hopper essentially pulled a “bait & switch” and took more money than what was authorized. If we do not hear back from support soon (as it’s been 4 days now) within the next 24 hours, we will be going to the BBB, Captera, Trust Pilot, Facebook and more.
Booking a flight
by juddeen on 2020/01/22 02:57
I I am trying to write a review but it wouldn’t allow me to write on this app
Good for cheap flights, horrible for changes
by eybear on 2020/01/21 21:41
I was an avid user of hopper for a little over a year now and they have been a great way to find good deals on flights. I recently booked a flight through hopper but needed to make a modification. Per their online instructions , I contacted their support through the app. While being promised a response within 24 hours. It has been over a week and still no response. A second inquiry was made. No response had been made at the time of writing. Willing to update review once Hopper reacts to open trip support inquiries.
Horrible customer service
by era1590 on 2020/01/21 21:04
They don’t have a phone number in which to talk to someone just an automated bot. I’ve tried canceling my flight for 4 days now and I’ve yet to get this resolved. I purchased the insurance in case of needing to cancel. I’ve only gotten a reply saying that someone will reach out to me as soon as possible but no response in 4 days.
Absolutely Useless
by JoJoeJoJoeJoJoeJoJoeJoJoeJoJoe on 2020/01/21 18:17
I tried booking a hotel with this app and could not add a payment method. No biggie I thought I’ll just get ahold of customer service. Except I can’t get a hold of customer service. No phone number or email. Fine then I’ll look at their help center. Just as useless it stated I should call my bank. My bank is t the problem the app is. All this app did was frustrate me.
by kayg0002 on 2020/01/21 17:50
I froze a flight to keep a specific price. When I logged back in to buy my tickets the price had gone up. I contacted customer service to ask for a refund for the difference of my frozen flight. It has now been two weeks and my request hasn’t even been seen by customer service. I’ve sent two more messages with no reply. There is no other way to contact customer support except through the messaging option in the app. Very disappointing.
Check it out!
by Corinaf89 on 2020/01/21 11:43
Love this app!
The Best App Ever!!!
by EmEpE187 on 2020/01/21 03:12
Every plan for E. Are use Whenever I
Hopper seat selection
by Trois bises on 2020/01/21 01:07
I like Hopper. I do not like that I cannot select my seats. I also do not like the fact that they want to keep my credit card information saved in their system. Otherwise, the App is good.
Best travel app
by JaniceCasemP on 2020/01/20 23:50
I’ve been using this app after it was recommended by a friend, it’s straightforward and I love it!
Fast, efficient, and reliable
by arommoua on 2020/01/20 18:36
Really fast and works well and the app is quick On finding the best and cheapest flights. Easy paying for your flights and fast updates!
They have no customer service!
by bellynap on 2020/01/20 18:03
I’ve use this app to keep track of price trends and have booked several flights through their app which worked fine. About two weeks ago I used the price freeze option and decided to buy the flights two days into the 7 days they give you to purchase the flight. I was getting an error message and couldn’t book. I tried reaching out to hopper through their chat function several times. It’s been almost 3 weeks and they never responded! I lost my money with the price freeze and I ended up having to pay double what the flight would have cost me. I even tried reaching out to them in a customer service email and nothing, no response. This app is only good for tracking price trends, then book directly with the airline.
Happy trails
by joes goes on 2020/01/20 15:58
Like the ease of use , and helpful hints it gives to book flights , love this and great prices
Great finds
by KJvonthego on 2020/01/20 15:49
I liked Hopper letting me know about good flight prices!
by Cape cook on 2020/01/20 14:56
Just used Hopper for the first time. By changing days - easily done- saved over $250. Will do it again.
Worst Support Team
by grak10 on 2020/01/20 08:38
They have the worst support team. I have reached out to them regarding my hotel reservation it’s been more than 10 days and haven’t heard back from them.
Extremely helpful
by michjeanette on 2020/01/20 05:33
Hooper is extremely helpful!! Enjoy using it all the time.
by gail27star on 2020/01/20 04:28
First time booking through Hopper. Great price, so easy.
Easy to use and great prices!
by THAC0 on 2020/01/20 02:15
I’ve use
Took my money
by Trinidad Cardona on 2020/01/20 01:16
I tried to book and it said sever failure try again. So I exit the all and saw on my bank I was charged but the trip doesn’t show up on my account and I can’t contact sostener support ... someone help !!
No contact center
by RasoolJ on 2020/01/19 20:40
I booked my ticket and swipe to pay and the flight was for next day, they charged me without any confirmation number or any information about my flight, many times happened and I won’t buy anything from the no more,
ZERO customer service
by Dontaraju on 2020/01/19 19:03
ZERO customer service. I booked a hotel through the app. The credit card was charged. I did not receive any confirmation of the hotel reservation in the app or in the email. Called the hotel and they don’t have any information about the reservation. Not able to start the chat with any company representative. Called the credit card company and they gave me a phone number. Called the number, no one answered and not able to leave a message. Frustrating.
Terrible Service
by LandSHamilton on 2020/01/19 17:47
There is zero customer service. They do. Not reply to emails or the chat thread within your trip. I booked a trip and canceled it within the 24 hour window. The airline reimbursed the Hopper credit card (how they pay for all transactions) not mine. I inquired about when they will reimburse me and have received no response. I sent my confrontation of cancellation from the airline as the site suggests. Again, no response from them. No clue is I’m out hundreds of dollars because they have zero customer service.
Do not use, these are scammers
by arcadiaenlight on 2020/01/19 06:48
I bought a flight a couple weeks back with cancel for any reason insurance. In spite of the fact that it says that customer service usually “responds within a day”, it’s been two weeks now with no response after I sent two messages asking to cancel. There is no customer service number. The flight prediction algorithm is also really inaccurate and misleading. Save your money and book directly or with Expedia. I’m reporting these people to the authorities.
Best thing I ever downloaded
by Shinngirl23 on 2020/01/19 05:17
By far the bes way for me to book a flight
Love this app
by Ora Clover on 2020/01/19 01:11
Got insanely low ticket prices. Couldn’t be happier with how easy this app is to use. Highly recommend!!
Bait and switch
by k....l... on 2020/01/19 00:07
Beware, I booked an Economy flight with Hopper and my reservation from United was actually for Basic Economy which is a class below what I booked. I reached out to them via chat and did not get anywhere. I asked to be called by a supervisor. I never received a call. Apparently they don’t care about their customers.
No customer service
by Hopper Fail on 2020/01/18 22:37
This app is fine until you need anything from customer service. The airline changed my flight and will not work with me as I’ve booked through Hopper. I have been trying to work with Hopper’s “24 hour customer service” for days with nothing to show for it but multiple automatic responses thanking me for my patience. I’m sure they’ll respond to this review welcoming my feedback, which will also go unanswered. Next time I will book directly with the airline or use an app that follows through for their customers. Update: I will not post my email on a review for all to see. After Hopper’s response, I sent an email. I wish I was surprised to see that it was also a dead end. Yet again, no customer service.
Scam!!!! Don’t use!!!
by hopperscammers on 2020/01/18 22:11
This is a total scam how do they still have the ability to keep scamming people!!! I bought a hotel room and they took the money and never received a conformation number or email. The hotel had no knowledge of my reservation but my money was gone. No customer service number no one to talk to about getting a refund. This is ridiculous and this app should be shut down immediately!
So easy! Incredible!
by Deebatothree on 2020/01/18 20:48
I bought a price freeze for $10. When I bought my ticket days later, within the week, the price had gone up. I went ahead and booked the higher ticket and Hopper let me know they'd reimburse me the difference - and they did! Amazing and easy. I highly recommend Hopper!
Customer chat feature is missing
by ajdbudhrhsodbtcjskdhv on 2020/01/18 20:46
I encountered an error message when booking a flight. Although my credit card was charged by the airline, no reservation confirmation was ever received. When looking into Hopper’s help articles, and when calling the phone number in Montreal, I am directed to the chat feature in the app as the only way to contact customer service. To my complete frustration, there IS no chat feature in the app! This is NOT the way to treat customers. By making it utterly impossible to simply ask for help when it is uncertain whether a reservation was actually made. Once I clean up this mess, I will delete the app and let everyone who asks know that this is definitely NOT the way to book a flight.
Hopper price freeze: such a great deal!
by Selective traveler on 2019/11/26 21:10
I put a freeze on two flights to Europe and booked one of them. The price for the tickets booked went up by $220 for each ticket at the date of booking, which was still during the allowable window period. I was charged the full amount on my credit card. At the beginning, I was confused about how they reimburse for the price above the freeze price and the charges paid to freeze the ticket price. Since I got no email from Hopper as I thought I would, which made me a bit nervous thinking that I did something wrong or the deal was not true! I contacted the Help Center and One of their staff, named “Pak” replied later. He apologized for the delay in responding but everything was sorted out. The only thing that I still needed to clarify was the refund process. Hopper app stated that is via PayPal when in fact, it was a refund back to the credit card used to pay for the tickets. The frozen fees charged was credited back to the same credit card. The only additional fee was a $5 tip to Hopper — which was after all the savings, it a HELL of the deal!! I’m VERY pleased with what I got!! And to top it, I know that my friends who booked tickets before we did through the airline or other search engines paid at least $150 more per ticket! Thank you, Hopper!! I will use it all the time 👍
Freeze price
by Moira.D on 2019/12/07 20:46
We used “ price freeze” for 3 tickets from Chicago to Buenos Aires, the price was good but we had to sort out if the dates worked for the three of us. Less than 48 hs later, when we were ready to book, the price had a $200 increase per ticket. We didn’t know how price freeze worked and were a little bit skeptical as we had to pay the full new price and wait for the reimbursement. Everything went smooth, I emailed customer care, Rosie got back to me less than 24 hs later and asked for a pay pal account. They deposit the $600 dolars in just a couple of days. It is the third time I use Hopper, will continue using it, prices are usually unbeatable, they provide you with a record locator which you can use to choose seats ( some other cheap air fare ticket apps, start charging you for seat placement) and there is someone that answers your doubts, eeven if not immediately, they do and follow through with what they promise. Keep it up Hopper! Nice doing business with you!
Hopper is not on my good side
by Kreese17 on 2019/10/20 19:49
I have always taken hopper with a grain of salt. I know that prices can change in a drop of a dime. Purchasing flights is a frustrating process. I have had success but more times I find this not to be too accurate. My issue comes from the “Freeze” portion. Which is advertised as holding your tickets for 48 hours with a $5 dollar per person fee. I got notification that my flight went down and immediately went to buy but when presented with the freeze option I felt it better to hold off on purchasing because I needed to double check with everyone flying that they were okay with me buying the tickets (it was still early hours with most people sleeping). I purchased the five dollar freeze per person. Well that was a horrible idea. While waiting for everyone to respond I started to second guess if the price would go up. I went and googled and saw from Hopper’s website that they will charge you the difference of the ticket prices go up. So now I’m like what the heck. I go back try to purchase and they say they do not have enough tickets at that price. After several tries I was able to buy the tickets for $100 more than originally price when I “Froze” it an hour earlier. Absolutely livid. They should make it known that they are not holding your price or reserving the price for you. Such false advertisement. I also am not sure if they refunded the $5 pp fee or if it got added to my flight price. I will make sure to double check.
Unreliable Service
by Caio.S.Marinho on 2019/11/05 16:59
Been trying to find reschedule a flight for five days now even though these guys advertise 24hours customer support I only got an reply on the 4th day after submitting my request, the chat feel more like an email conversation, finally able to get a quote and receive a phone call so I could give my credit card info for an extremely overpriced change that I had to do it since im out of options, was received to at least had it over with until I woke up this morning with another message from the service late at night saying that they tried to process my request only at that our... and go a step further to blame it on the airline for not having it available anymore, sending me back to stage 0, putting a bot back at my conversation and giving me only the option to get a new quote, which im assuming it will be more expensive. No reply so far. would never recommend this service to anyone, im glad I'm at a long stay or else I would be really concerned on the reliability of this service to manage any sort of short trip or emergency flight changes that need to be done, the 24hrs service is very misleading and inefficient at getting things done quick. Really wouldn't recommend buying any tickets through it anymore, paying 100 to 200 dollars less its way worth it in my opinion so you don't have to deal with this kind of problems, and any changes on your ticket will have you pay way more than what you got on any deal.
Giant Scam!
by Traveller813 on 2019/11/24 14:13
Warning: DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE. They canceled my flight without telling me and kept my money! I can’t resolve the issue because they have ZERO customer service. The only thing you can do if you end up in this type of situation (and you most certainly will if you use this app) is to write them a message and hope for a response. It’s been about 6 hours so far, and no one got back to me. I highly doubt they will refund all my hotel reservations and other expenses. Again: they SOLD the plane ticket that I bought, didn’t tell me and just kept my money. THIS IS THEFT. Finally, if that’s not enough, they ‘accidentally’ double-charged me. I am disputing this through my bank, but I’m very worried they won’t be willing to return the money. Highly suspicious company. For sure, this will be the last time I use them; they aren’t cheaper than any other company and you take a BIG risk going through them. PS: As an update to the developer response below, I just want to let everyone know that their ‘support chat’ is complete BS. Don’t fall for what they say. It’s been over 24 hrs now and no one has even READ my message yet. It’s pretty clear that this company is intentionally trying to make resolving problems difficult so they can cheat you out of more money. It’s safe to say that I will never use Hopper again. It’s a really dangerous company, and I would rather work through a more-reputable app like Kayak or Travelocity. The prices are the same anyway.
Prices not updated
by CSCP1972 on 2018/02/16 21:40
I downloaded this app to save money on a family trip to the Caribbean. I gave it 3 stars for the many tips given for cheapest flights. I found tickets for $461 and was ready to purchase since it stated that this was the lowest price available. When searching other sites and apps, Hopper had the cheapest price. So after filling out passenger information and going to the purchase page, a window pops up stating that prices went up $77 dollars. It then says choose different flights or continue purchase. I went back to change flights and the flights I had previously chosen were still at the $461 price! I then picked the next cheapest flight. Then it states prices went up over $100! I even restarted the app to see if prices got updated. Nope. It even has a little bunny hopping and checking for latest prices! No such luck there either. Update: The price didn’t go up if I tried purchasing one adult ticket. However, when I added other travelers including my kids, the prices goes up. Maybe it’s because of how many seats are available next to each other? It would be great if the app could let you know how many seats are left for each flight!
Glitchy app, zero customer service
by kelsey lr on 2020/01/14 19:46
I hope I'll be pleased enough to change this rating when I actually book something, but beware the fact that they have absolutely NO customer service whatsoever. The only option is the "chat" feature which is basically the equivalent of sending an email and waiting for someone to get around to it. The problem is that I can't even use this one avenue they have because it's only accesible AFTER booking which is just ridiculous to me. I downloaded this app to 'watch' a specific hotel that I really like and want to visit when prices are low. Of course it is the only one in the app that the 'watch' button is broken and can't be used. My app is up to date, I've tried force closing and reopening as well as deleting/redownloading the app, and it simply does not work no matter what I do. I feel bad for the hotel and potential loss of business there as well. I will likely continue using Hopper for the time being to see what it's like when actually booking, but will NEVER use it for big/expensive trips as the customer service is so blatantly lacking. Way way too much risk there. Make sure you read the negative reviews and know what you're getting yourself into. If I weren't so broke I'd ditch this app altogether, so fingers crossed!
Refunds mentioned are FALSE!!!!
by Star Sanchez on 2020/01/27 17:58
I was looking for flights from lax to jfk for the weekend of Jan 24-26th. I had selected my flight and prize freezes it at $347. I paid the price freeze deposit of $25 to keep my ticket at this price. I went back to purchase my selected flight two days later (but still within the 7day price freeze dates) and was unable to book the selected flights because they were full. A written message said if you book a flight while in the price freeze dates that you will receive your price freeze deposit (the $25) and the price difference of the flight up to $200. Do I booked my flight at $547 thinking I will receive a refund in 5-7 business days. WRONG!!!! Instead, I have had to send multiple messages through the chat in the app. Only to receive auto responses. Days later I got a response from a rep named “Bridget”, who told me they would have to manually input the refund and asked for the email address linked to my PayPal. I gave her the email address , which she read because the chat has read receipts. And again I got no response and NO REFUND! It has now been two weeks and still no response or REFUND! If you’re not purchasing your ticket that day, DO NOT use this app!!! DO NOT price freeze!!!!
by Shawn Bethea on 2019/05/25 21:52
WARNING: Do not book through hopper. I would encourage you to follow the deals and book through the airline directly. Hopper offers no support for their consumers and places blame on the airline after booking. They do not do anything for the customer and instead make excuses for why they cannot help while continuing to pressure you to book again through their unreliable app. When I called for a refund or change in my flight, the rep stated she could not do either but could assist me with booking another flight through Hopper (of course). She then stated Hopper does not profit from anything consumers do, I then asked if Hopper was a nonprofit, to which she confirmed. Which is CLEARLY untrue. I asked to speak with a different representative multiple times , the rep continued to place me on long holds and return stating the same things she did before instead of just transferring me. After over an hour of the same process, she hung up on me. I’ve tweeted, messaged, Instagram’d this company and they continue to ignore me. They are the worst kind of company and the worst kind of people. I highly encourage you to do your research and book on your own. This is a trashy company with no kind of value for their customers.
Good, but needs a little tuning
by j_data on 2019/11/05 16:46
Hi, I’d first like to say this is a great application. I use it frequently and love all of the features it provides. However, there’s a few things I noticed lacking from the service. There’s no referral option, which would be SICK, and it’s hard to tell people about it without sharing an App Store link. I’ve also noticed some long load times when generating new page content, not sure why this happens but it harms the user experience IMO. If I, for example, load a flight and the info, you would think that the results would be cached either on device or on server, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, it re fetches every time I load the info and as a result, have to wait again if I ever navigate from the app. I like the design though, that’s what keeps me coming back. It’s clear that the UX engineers have a very keen understanding of making a cohesive product, and that’s really neat. Also the predictive model that you use is good, but needs some tuning as well. Sometimes it’s estimates are wildly under what is actually displayed. Also the utilization of historical data to give a pseudo-birds-eye-view of what prices may be like for a given time period could also use some work. I work in data science and these should be pretty straightforward models to create. Other than that super solid app, just some criticism for the engineers! Seriously. Add a referral feature.
Worst Most Terrible Customer Service on any App
by Abby Michelle B. on 2020/01/26 17:05
I really don’t write reviews often, but I’ve had it with this app. I’ve been trying to cancel an upcoming trip for over two weeks, and NO ONE in the Contact Support/ Customer Service has gotten back to me, or has even SEEN my messages. Because I booked through Hopper, I can’t cancel the trip with the airline itself, I have to cancel through Hopper, but NO ONE seems to even exist on their Contact Support. It says they respond within a day and their Contact Support is open 24/7; huge fat lie. I even paid extra ($79) for their Cancel For Any Reason Plan, and I can’t utilize it because there is literally no way to cancel besides messaging the Customer Service, which is practically nonexistent, and has NO phone number or Customer Service email either. Sound sketchy??? Seems awfully shifty to me. And upon doing some research, Hopper is definitely not the best place for finding low-price airline tickets either. So word of advice- don’t download this app, always try to book through the airlines, don’t waste your time or money with Hopper. If you don’t cancel a trip within the 24hour window of booking it, you’re screwed and your money is gone forever.
by trussellsrt on 2019/03/07 17:28
Used the hopper to book our upcoming trip to Canada for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal! The app is easy to navigate. The information is in an easy to decipher format. The flights are often time not available on other travel websites like Expedia and kayak. If they are, the price is higher. I did have trouble one time trying to book our flights when I got to the payment page, the rabbit notified me that price had gone up $85 per person. This was out of my price range so I cancelled the booking whilst being quite upset. But I understand now that it is the name of the game with flights. After that experience last night, I got back on hopper this morning. I noticed that the flight I tried to book last night was still available for the original price I saw last night so I jumped on it! Got to the pay screen price increase so I got them booked! I will definitely be using hopper again!
Scam- save your time money and energy!
by Pissedoffhoneymooner on 2019/12/14 15:40
Paid $70 to price freeze a two tickets around $2200 for my honeymoon... Got on less than 24 hours later to book the flight and the app is trying to make me pay $17,000!!! I have been trying to contact the customer service (they do not have a phone number- this should have been the first indicator that this app is a scam.) They should be letting me use that price freeze on a comparable flight. They sent a BS generic reply to my review I left on another page saying they will respond to my message on the in- app customer support chat and 6 hours later I still haven't gotten a response (the "freeze" or whatever the heck I paid for is only good for 48 hours). Terrible customer service. They deserve 0 stars. **When the company finally reached out to me after my price freeze expired they did not answer any of my questions and instead deflected and blamed me for the price increase saying due to "inactivity" on the app. I was on the app the full 48 hours waiting for a reply from their "customer service" and praying the flight cost would go back down and I wouldn't lose my $70. Hopper has ruined my honeymoon plans and cost me $70.
Hopper is a CON factory, never book from hopper
by Sanjay pandita on 2018/01/03 14:46
Hi all, My name is sanjay pandita . The hopper conned me so that i had to pay 600 $ more for my flight. When i complained they told me i responsible for visa even if they book my flight for any stop in between. They are conning people. I work in Tata Consultancy Services and have shared my story so that nobody from my company is Conned by them . Below is hoppers standard response so be aware , be informed and be safe. They wont bother to tell you this while booking tickets. They expect you to have visas for countries you never intended to visit so in order to make money they make stops at places that make visa mandatory but we as customers wont know it till we reach the boarding counter and then them come into pictures to con us. "I am so sorry to hear that your experience with Hopper was less than satisfactory - this is certainly not the experience we wish our users to have. Please understand that visa and immigration requirements are always 100% the user's responsibility, so I sincerely hope you don't come across this problem in the future. Please feel free to reach out to our support team with any further questions or concerns. We're always happy to help!"
Horrible experience with HOPPER
by ka80girl on 2019/10/30 00:48
flight to Croatia on September 19th from Athens to Dubrovnik. The flight was delayed which is not that big of a deal however the weather was bad and the plane could not land in Dubrovnik. We then landed in Split waiting a few hours for a representative from Croatia Airlines that we never saw. The information at the airport then given to us was to get on a bus after waiting hours. The bus took us to Dubrovnik which at this time was after 2am. We missed the car rental because the office is closed. Our hotel was in Lopud at Lafodia which requires a ferry or a private transfer that we could not get at 2am. We then had to stay at Dubrovnik airport and sleep in the entrance way bc the airport was closed and wait till 7am for our car rental to be open. I am beyond furious on my honeymoon that we had this happen to us. NO communication from Croatia Airlines! Many of us slept in the entrance way at the airport. We should have been accommodated. Not just dropped off at the closed airport at 2am. I spoke to HOPPER and they blamed the airline and the airline said they couldn’t do anything for us bc we booked through a 3rd party. I am beyond DISGUSTED and will never use HOPPER or CROATIA AIRLINES EVER!!!
No multi city/selective airlines shown
by Noggin9788663242170006 on 2018/09/30 16:25
Great concept but 2 major flaws with flights; 1. My main beef and why it’s 3/5, no multi-city option! This is a huge let down as multiple times I’ve needed to do multiple stops but it makes you do them one at a time which drastically raises the rate or you do multiple round trips and hope the times line up. Even on the support it recognizes that this isn’t available but suggests booking multiple one ways, for example a multi city between US-Japan-Vietnam-US is approx 1,300 on google multi city search where as for follow the hopper support directions the same flight pattern is 2,100. If the multi city is added I can definitely justify 5 stars but without it it just doesn’t match old fashion google (which also has price tracking) 2.Another lesser but still decent issue. Hopper excludes certain airlines that would have cheaper rates (spirit/frontier/ect.) many times I’ve gotten updates on flights only to find a cheaper flight offered by airlines not offered on here sometimes significantly cheaper.
Great customer service!
by Ashleyy134 on 2018/03/05 07:22
Seriously, this app / its employees are fantastic, some of the best customer service I’ve had. Recently I had to cancel a flight but was able to use most of the money from the canceled flight to a new flight. I thought I had to go through the airline to rebook my flight and it was going to cost $250-$300 extra, so I called hopper really late with a quick question there was no answer but I had the opportunity to leave a voicemail so I did. This morning when I woke up, I had an email with the answers I previously asked for in my voicemail along with the option to re-book with them, 3 emails later ( super easy and fast) my flight was rebooked and it only cost an extra $87. They handled everything for me and really took the anxiety out of the whole situation. Super grateful and will definitely be recommending this app to friends, family and even strangers!
BEWARE of hopper for international flights
by Malicay93 on 2019/12/20 17:14
Hopper acts as a third party travel agency and when you’re working with two different airlines in a connection, it’s impossible to get the airlines to work with you if they cause delays until hopper gets involved. The problem there is Hopper has no direct customer service line, just chat box which are count the minutes since you sent your message. On the rare occasion you do get a customer service rep on the phone, they cannot actually help unmarry the two connecting flights or rebook same day until the individual airlines get involved. Also, hopper is directly reliant on their ticketing department who you cannot speak to in person or dictate urgency too. Hoppers only solution to ha was to rebook us on a next day international flight to New Zealand, completely ruining our tour plans because we get to the country later than planned. They also would not let us keep our original flights and risk missing the connection and forced us into the next day flights. COMPLETE MISTAKE booking through them for international flights. Customer service is uneducated and impossible to reach in a timely manner.
Practical. Creative Interface. Try it!
by paul4791 on 2018/03/21 15:34
I've enjoyed organizing travel since 1985. I'm old enough to remember the printed Thomas Cook European train timetable, and the OAG handbook for US flights. Today, my favorite airfare search tool is the Matrix Web interface by ITA Software. There are, of course umpteen iOS apps for finding fares. Hopper is the only innovator I've seen lately. In particular, the calendar interface, with its intuitive traffic light color scheme (green = cheap, orange = more expensive, red = expensive), is the best I've seen. It reminds me of the traveler's calendar ("calendrier des voyageurs") from SNCF (French National Railways) and Air Inter/Air France. In those days, you tried to travel during the "période bleue" (blue period) in the little calendar leaflet that was published every quarter. Today, Hopper generates such a calendar dynamically, based on current fare data. Try it! The people who created it clearly know something about travel.
My Travel Saver
by Agie M on 2019/10/21 17:49
I can’t say enough for this company. If I can put 10 stars, I would. From my travels out of the country several times, to my emergency flight change, they were there to work with me. My last travel was from last year, May 26-June 26 in Canada. Towards the last week of my stay with my aunt and uncle I was feeling so much pain in my lower abdomen that I needed to go back asap. Hopper worked with me to get the earliest flight back. As soon as I got back to the US, i went straight to ER and it is a good thing. I had a child-size-head mass pressing inside my ovaries that they had to do immediate surgery. Suffice it to say, i made it. Now, I just purchased a ticket for my husband to go on vacation and it was a breeze. Thank you Hopper for making my travel schedule easy and convenient!
Not really worth it
by kirjava87 on 2018/08/27 15:46
I have heard a lot of people rave about Hopper and helpful it is. Honestly, except to watch how prices fluctuate it isn’t that helpful. The prices on the app are incorrect than what the airlines are showing. It doesn’t specify between classes. For example flying WoW to Iceland and Ireland, Wow offers your basic fare, one that includes a checked bag and a Comfy fare. You can’t tell the difference on Hopper, plus I found fares were actually cheaper on Wow than on Hopper. Google tracked flights has been much more reliable. Hopper said BOOK ASAP so I booked... prices went down $30 the next day. I’ve noticed it also doesn’t show all available flights and it doesn’t accurately reflect seats. It kept telling me only one seat was available go to the Airlines website the whole plane was still basically available. I would only use this as one of many tools when searching for cheap fares, but I certainly wont book through Hopper or rely on just it.
Unrealistic Prediction
by Minminparameee on 2019/12/15 23:28
Hello, I had been watching a flight from Boston-LA 4 weeks before my departure date. Hopper predicted that I would be able to save about >$200 if I wait. I kept waiting until a week before the date, the price was originally $400ish and Hopper said now is the best time to book pay $373 for the flight. I was fine so I went on and booked it directly from the airline website. The next day hopper texted me that the price went down to $219 and I should book it. So I got excited and canceled my first flight to book the new one. Unfortunately just 2 mins after I typed up all my information but I could not continue because the seat was already gone while hopper appl was still showing 6 seats available. I am just upset that I almost lost my original flight and I need to rebook the old flight. I know it is hard to tell accuracy information when people are fighting to get the same flight. But I just wanted leave a rating to remind myself and also warn other people to be careful when Hopper is predicting flights like this
App well done
by GamerEdie on 2017/11/27 17:05
Hopper is great. I like to scour for deals. I don't care where I fly or when, but there are a few trips I want to take I'd the price is right. Hopper has a feature that allows for notifications without entering a date AND without entering a specific city (just a region, like "Malaysia"). What a thoughtful design!! The only feature I wish it had was a filter to exclude certain airlines. For example, I won't fly a particular airline to Bali, no matter the cost, because it's well known for damaged aircraft, capricious departure times, and stranding passengers in dangerous places without help. Just WAY too dangerous for a single woman to travel on. Of course, this airline has GREAT prices. I wish I could remove them from my search so they wouldn't trigger a great-price alert. I'm sure I'm not alone that there are airlines some won't take, or airlines some will only take.
by accentaa on 2018/08/28 19:51
Best time saver for the best deals. No confusion about third party involvement, you get an airline confirmation # immediately, and hopper charges about $5 (I think) for their service. All costs are easy to identify - no surprises. Plus, I beat my frequent flyer hubby, with his Delta connections, out on price every time. I never go through the deep search for the best pricing anymore. It’s all right there; pick your price, dates, airline, and all the variables right there on the Hopper app. Plus you can even buy the extras at the same time (baggage, upgrades, etc.) Any limitations are explained fully as well - no surprises. They even have a spot on prediction process that suggests waiting for a better price or better buy now. As long as Hopper stays this thorough and convenient I’m staying a one-stop shopper with Hopper!
Changes flight and doesn’t notify you
by Angryguy1292 on 2019/10/16 21:10
So i had a flight booked some months in advance and 2 days before the flight i received an email saying “we haven’t heard from you so we have changed your flight” I contact them and ask what’s going on as i already have transportation hired at both ends for the flight i had purchased. They reply “we emailed you 15 days ago” i respond no i got the email today, and i attached a screenshot of all mail I’ve ever received from hopper” They respond that they are looking into it. They reply 2 hours later with “we cannot find the email we sent we are still looking into it” they don’t respond for another 24 hours and then they say they are sorry etc. TLDR i had to pay extra for time i didn’t get to use at the hotel we were staying at. I payed for a hotel day i don’t get to use because of the changes THEY accepted on my behalf. Cancelation charges for special transportation for my disabled companion that ended up costing me double to book with another company on such short notice (2 days before take off) really disappointing and they just tell me “contact AIRLINE maybe they can help” Maybe call the contact number associated with my account or at least send a text before you make decisions on my behalf... shame on you Forgot to mention hopper still hasn’t updated the flight numbers or times on the app so i could have been at the airport 4 hours late for the flight they accepted for me...
Customer Service
by normalguy4 on 2019/08/18 22:37
I have been using hopper for about two years now. I have had no problems and have been pleased with the app. I have never had to change or have had a problem with a booking until now. I had to cancel my trip last moment due to a family emergency, and I reached out to hopper to see if there was anything I can do even though the hotel reservation was “non-refundable”. I didn’t have any expectations, I just thought I might as well try. It took some time due to hopper not having a phone number, but eventually, “Juan” got back with me and was able to get all the unused nights refunded. I will continue to use hopper for all my flights and hotel reservations and will recommend hopper to anyone who is traveling.
Customer service turnaround!
by muki126 on 2019/10/28 15:33
EDIT: since posting this review I have experienced a complete turnaround by customer service. They are working on my refund as we speak and have been extremely communicative. Just wanted update my previous review as even if they aren’t able to get a refund for me, they have really improved / impressed me with the service. I believe after this improvement I will continue to use the app. My flight was cancelled by the airline due to weather less than 24 hours before scheduled departure time. Neither Hopper nor the airline were responsive to repeated requests to assist me in rebooking. Finally the airline responded saying I need to go through Hopper and I am waiting for a non-form-letter response. It seems insane to me that any company dealing with flight bookings would not have 24/7 live customer service.
If Hopper Cared
by SCH1002 on 2020/01/22 03:06
First experience with Hopper has been less than ideal. After finding a round trip flight at good price, we decided to purchase it via the app. The app listed the price at $370 dollars. After receiving my “receipt” from Hopper, everything looked okay. A few days later, I checked my credit card statement, and there is a pending charging for $488! We reached out to Hopper customer support, and are given a “we will get back to you in accordance to your flight date.” Seeing as we are not going to hear back until April, we reached out to the airline. They advised that the price was never listed at $370 and was always $488. They also advised that since we are past the 24 hour period, they are unable to refund the flight or anything. So, Hopper essentially pulled a “bait & switch” and took more money than what was authorized. If we do not hear back from support soon (as it’s been 4 days now) within the next 24 hours, we will be going to the BBB, Captera, Trust Pilot, Facebook and more.
Better, still unaddressed shortcomings
by Asan110 on 2018/01/11 04:18
Have booked many flights through the app; the actual booking process is a dream compared to direct through the airlines. But searching leaves much to be desired and still doesn’t give nearly enough control over dates — in particular, I may be interested *only* in evening or morning flights in the end date of my trip, if I’m trying to avoid taking time off work. The shortest option in the ‘flexible’ section you can choose is “weekends”, but this gives me results for 4-day trips like Tues-Sat. Do you understand what a WEEKEND is, Hopper? And let me blacklist specific airlines I don’t want to fly with, not just discount airlines! Lastly, PLEASE respect my locale settings—it’s very confusing trying to book travel when my iOS calendar starts on Monday but yours always starts in Sunday.
Do not use this company!!!
by Bum bum shivum on 2020/01/01 18:36
Hopper seemed like a good option as the flights were cheap and easy to book. However, when plans changed and we needed to change the flights, the customer service was the absolute worst encountered. Or rather, not encoutered. You see, if you need to talk to anybody about your booking, there is no phone number to call (even tried tracking a number down from the Montreal headquarters which was just a voicemail). This might be OK if there was an effective alternate route. The texting service left us hanging, with no response for over 5 days as the date of our flight came and went. Also note, if you book through Hopper, the airline itself won't change your flight, it must be the third party. There are better apps for booking cheap flights. I dont know if the entire company closed for the week we were trying to contact them or if they were simply ignoring messages. Either way, not good. Use another company.
good for looking at prices but sketchy booking practices
by flights123 on 2019/12/09 06:19
I loved Hopper until I actually tried to book a flight through it. My friend and I wanted to fly together but buy our flights separately, so we tried to buy non-refundable flights at the same time. Hers went through but my card got declined, and when I went to try again Hopper told me that the price has suddenly gone up by $175 and that it was the airline’s fault. I went into a complete panic and when I reloaded Hopper, the flight wasn’t even listed anymore. Worse, Hopper makes it extremely difficult to contact support and has no customer service phone number. Then I looked on Google Flights and I found the exact same flight for a price cheaper than the original Hopper price. Hopper is good for looking through your options, but I wouldn’t book through it because so many things can go wrong and they have essentially zero customer service.
Fine for checking prices, do not book through hopper
by Desch262 on 2019/12/10 18:45
A great tool to find lower prices on flights and hotels. However, I would suggest NOT booking directly through hopper. Hopper offered me a $30 refund on my first hotel booking as an incentive to “try out hopper”. I tried it, because why not? By trying hopper I learned that there is no customer service to speak of. After not receiving my $30 refund in 7 days (it was supposed to automatically charge back to my CC within 5 days) I contacted support, through the apps chat system (as the FAQ’s tell you to do) and still have yet to receive a response. After being ignored for 3 days I decided just to cancel my fully refundable room and book elsewhere. Again through the FAQ section I learned I need to request this through the horrible chat system. ( why can’t I cancel a request on my own hopper?????) Any way, I contacted support to fully cancel my reservation. Just like with my original message over 7 days ago I have heard nothing back. Shortly, I will be contacting my CC company to see if they can get my money back. Lesson learned, do not book through hopper.
Completely misleading!
by Stellanovella on 2019/01/27 18:31
I would recommend only using this app to watch the price of flights. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM!! I have been using Expedia to book flight for years and have never had a problem. When I went to book through hopper, I went through the whole process and got an error message that my payment didn’t go through. When I clicked the help support tab it said to check my upcoming trips and to look for a confirmation. There was no confirmation, and based to what the help tab said, the payment did not go through. I even refreshed the app several times and still no confirmation. THREE HOURS LATER after I booked through Expedia and it went through right away, I get a confirmation email from hopper that my flights have been confirmed. Now I have to fight them on this. I was mislead in many ways by hopper and DO NOT recommend anybody else using this app to book flights in order to save them the inconvenience that I am dealing with right now!
Home airport
by blackjack696969 on 2020/01/03 22:46
This would be an awesome app if you could have multiple home airports. Especially for the deals feed. Also, let me move the deals feed to the very top. For example, i want to save (and monitor) prices for flights out of BOTH Chicago and Detroit. Yet that doesn't seem possible. Seems that would be an easy feature to add. Also, give me the option to search ALL open dates for the lowest price. Edit: After reading reviews, there is zero chance i will take the risk of booking through them. And the primary reason? The complaints about customer service and the developer responses under these complaints simply verifies the complaints. People aren't complaining so that hopper can "hear your feedback", they want things corrected. And yet not one single developer response addresses anything. I'm guessing this site is being run by a couple high school kids..
Does not work
by rpecka on 2020/01/10 02:34
I have tried so many times to book a flight through this app but there is always a complication that stops it from working so I go to google flights and it works perfectly every time. In the most recent time, I went through the process of pick flights and when I got to the very end and was paying, it said that there were no more tickets on the flight BUT DID NOT TELL ME WHICH FLIGHT WAS FULL. When I went to pick new tickets, the list of flights was unchanged even though hopper knows one of them is full but didn’t tell me which one. That’s fine, I’ll just use google flights. NOPE. I checked my credit card today and found that hopper had billed and refunded $1 BUT DID NOT REFUND ME THE $5 tip that I offered to pay for them booking my flight, which they failed to do. As far as I’m concerned, this app is a waste of time and probably a scam. There is also no way to contact support so I’m going to have to dispute the transaction with my bank.
Very disappointed!
by Laying in bed 123456789 on 2018/11/10 23:39
If I could give this app zero stars, I would. I was excited to download it, reading the reviews I was sure it was going to save us lots of money when buying our tickets 10 months ahead of our trip. The app’s “Price Prediction” told me for six straight weeks that the price would drop significantly around November 1st. So, because of the great reviews it has, I trusted it and waited. I was never sent any notifications regarding price drops or rises after being sure all of my notifications and settings were on. The price never dropped when November 1st came and the price predictor just changed its prediction date and rates. Now, using other, more trustworthy apps, I have found that because I waited, prices are now $50-$75 higher per ticket than they were when I first began to look and decided to trust this app. I would not recommend this app to anyone. The best one I have found is “Cheap Flights” which doesn’t have a lying price predictor.
Can’t trust this app
by Mpowell411 on 2018/01/03 15:42
I recently updated this app before leaving a review. I selected to watch a flight for a while now since this is for a cruise that I have known about for months. Every time I choose to watch flights with no layovers the app says there are no flights available and I have to modify my search. However I have been on the web and have found a non stop flight through southwest which is a major airline. If it’s not able to find this and I can I’m not sure if I can trust anything this app has to offer. I love the idea behind it but I don’t like it when companies partner with other companies and only show the information they are affiliated with and pretend they are doing people a service. This is basically an advertisement for airlines who are paying them to show up in the results. You cannot call yourself a price hopper app when you don’t include all airlines.
No customer service
by taken32020 on 2019/10/13 01:25
I went on hopper to look for a hotel I continued to book it when I got to the pay screen it told me not to close page or press back. So I didn’t do neither but when the circle stopped spinning & said their was a problem with my payment. So I tried again & nothing... same issue happened again. So I ended up booking with a different website & when I looked at my checking account hopper took my money for the hotel. But I didn’t receive a confirmation number in my email or anything when I try looking for it on my app. I tried contacting someone from customer service like it says but i can’t because it doesn’t show my trip in my app. Then when I message the customer service area it says it takes a few HOURS to get back to me. Funny that it will take a few HOURS to get back to me so I can cancel my booking but doesn’t take a few HOURS to take my money. I have written them 5 messages & still nothing
by Sheri_Hankins on 2018/06/11 03:25
I’ve used Hopper several times to keep an eye out for great deals on flights. Recently I booked my flight back to the states through the app instead of using a different third party company. A situation came up and I needed to change my ticket, after speaking with an agent, I was told the change would cost $210 per ticket. I had purchased one ticket yet was planning to travel with my 19 month old (on lap). $210 didn’t seem bad until the agent told me I had to pay to change my daughters “ticket” as well. I decided to hold off on making a decision until speaking directly with the airline in which the ticket was with...sure enough, they only charged $210 to change both tickets. I’m pretty disappointed in the fact of feeling like they were trying to rip me off. I’ll continue to use the app but will never purchase a ticket through them ever again.
This app has saved me more than once.
by StacyWacy91 on 2019/04/25 19:56
I’ve used other apps like kiwi and kayak but I have yet to find a free app that gets me prices lower than this. I once got sick in Naples and missed my flight. It would have cost me over $1600 usd to reschedule with my current airline. So I went on Hopper and booked a ticket for 5 days later for $380 usd. Saved me a ton of money after an already frustrating experience. I highly recommend this app. The only thing I wouldn’t personally purchase is the economy upgrade on the app. I usually don’t pay to upgrade the economy through the app because it’s usually cheaper to just book extra options with the airline such as baggage and seat selection.
Buyer be ware!
by jmaterre on 2019/08/28 13:08
I’ve used Hopper in the past and had few to no issues. Most recently, on trip from LHR to DXB I specifically paid to have baggage included into the price of my ticket. The receipt that I was given to hopper also reflected the baggage would be included into my price. Upon arrival at the airport I found that I would be charge for baggage both coming and going in excess of nearly $200 USD. When I filed a complaint with Hopper support team I was told that I would be compensated for only one leg of my travel and not round-trip. I have reached out over four times and no one has confirmed that I will be repaid the full amount I was charged by the airline and Hoppers error. I was also told that the app has kinks and it’s not a perfect science. Ordinarily, I would not be so particular however when my money is involved I expect more prompt and efficient action. I would not use or recommend, and I will be filing a complaint against Hopper with the BBB.
Charged my credit card with no confirmation. No email. No tickets.
by richabass on 2019/10/25 00:32
Beware everyone !!!Do not use this app. I purchased two round trip tickets of which my credit card was definitely charged ($996). The app was successful in charging me, but failed in confirming with the actual tickets I purchased. I got no email. The app doesn’t show that I have a purchased trip, but my credit card was charged! There is no way to contact this company. No email support. I don’t see a customer contact number in their site. I tried their main number which I think goes to their main office, but their voicemail was full and unable for me to leave a message. 😡 I tried my credit card company to reverse the charge, but they can’t do anything until it posts. At which point I can take action and get this off my card. I’m extremely disappointed to be charged and NOT get any communication (email, text, call) from this company.
One tweak for five stars!
by punifloyd on 2018/01/11 06:15
I really like this app! I just downloaded it because I’m going to spend a semester abroad in Belgium this fall, and I want to use the opportunity to travel cheaply around Europe. Right now, I’ve set up the watch function so that I can get keep track of the best deals leaving Brussels, BUT there’s one problem... the minimum number of days I can set for a trip is 4, which I get by selecting weekend. Last I checked, the weekend is 2 days, not 4! I’ll be a full time student when I’m abroad, but cheap flights to nearby countries will make it easy to see Europe on the weekends... if I can find flights that are actually for just a weekend. I don’t want to miss too much class! Please update the app so that I can watch for 2 or 3 day trips, or tell me how to apply that setting if I’m just missing something!!
by Rustyballsinthecan on 2019/10/26 20:26
After selecting a flight, entering payment info, and confirming flight details, there is one last screen that’s says “swipe to pay”. Make sure the price hasn’t changed because if it does, hopper does not notify you or bring any attention to it, they just list the new price. If you “confirmed” a flight for $1,000 and then “swiped” a few seconds later after it changed to $2,000 guess what you’re paying? $2,000. Customer service does as little to help as the app does to notify you that the price changed. This is a really terrible business practice. If the price changes after a customer enters their payment info the business is obligated to notify the consumer. You can’t advertise a $1000 flight and then charge $2000 without even mentioning the new price. I understand prices fluctuate wildly, but Hopper needs to actively notify the customer if it changes after a flight has been “confirmed”.
Best tracker-saved major $$ but no customer service
by ABV29 on 2019/11/30 21:20
I’ve used Hopper for several flights both domestic and international. Hands down the best price finds and predictor I’ve used. No issues with booking and I’ve enjoyed massively discounted flights thanks to this app. However, their customer service needs a boost-you can ONLY contact them via online, a phone number doesn’t exist. Sometimes the delay of response is hours-not ideal when you have a pressing issue. While we have had to change a flight 24hrs before take off, and it was fixed, it was a total pain since what could have been fixed in 10mins on the phone took 10 hours via “IM” on their app. It’s 2019 Hopper, millennials still appreciate a phone conversation!
Absolutely zero customer support
by Jane.pp on 2020/01/18 03:21
DO NOT BOOK WITH HOPPER. Any problems you have WILL NOT HAVE ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT. There is NO NUMBER TO CALL. The only option is to “chat” with somebody. Chat response takes too long. I booked a hotel. When we arrived at the location is was complete trash. The parking lot was empty with only the workers cars. The building was under renovations, leaving drywall and other garbage in hall elevator and hall ways. I tried to get a refund in front desk and was told I had to contact Hopper. There was nothing resolved in my chat. I was only told that they could not contact hotel manager to confirm refund. We ended up stay at another hotel, loosing the money we payed ahead to stay at the TRASH hotel was a better decision than to actually sleep in basically an abandoned building. The hotel we ended up getting was clean and CHEAPER than what I had booked with Hopper. Again DO NOT BOOK WITH HOPPER. Any problems you have WILL NOT HAVE ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT.
by Lillisa20 on 2020/01/15 03:06
I tried for an hour to book my trip to avoid losing my deposit for the price freeze. While attempting to book, there were constant “error” messages that appeared and would not allow me to complete the purchase. During this time, we tried to contact support and I was redirected over and over again but never able to contact anyone or even send a message. The option to speak to someone is only available if I book another trip, but the one that I have been trying to book is no longer available. I am so disappointed and can not believe that there has been so many positive reviews. I’ll be contacting the better business bureaus along with doing what I can to spread the word about this poorly run app and lack of customer service. Very disappointing and hope that I can save at least one other person the money they will waste if attempting to book a trip.
Inaccurate price prediction - beware!
by Skeeloco on 2019/02/26 17:48
The main reason to use this app is its purported price prediction. I came here to warn others not to trust it and see that I'm not at all alone in being fooled into waiting until prices increased. I should've read reviews before trusting this app. I'd been watching flight prices to London for weeks and decided to set up some alerts hoping to catch the lowest fare since my travel dates were still more than six months away. I thought I'd found a pretty good rate that had remained fairly steady, but Hopper advised waiting for even better prices. More than a week later the price increased. Hopper sent another message to continue waiting for a better price. Then two days later I got a notification that this current, higher rate was a "great deal" and that I should book now. After the price had gone up and after having been advised to wait for the opposite to happen. I realize it's not 100% accurate, but the prediction shouldn't be so wrong for a flight well in advance when the notifications seemed certain -- not maybes, not could drops, but definitely wait for better prices notifications (I've seen notifications with each of those varying degrees of certainty). Do not trust this app for price predictions. It'll make you hold out longer only to end up paying more.
Repeatedly unable to book flights
by Larita098 on 2019/09/03 11:35
I thought I “successfully“ booked a flight because it appeared on my list of upcoming trips as confirmed. The flight didn’t get charged to my card but I read it might take a few days to show so I waited. After a few weeks with my flight still confirmed but no transaction on my account, I decided to ask and was told the flight never got booked because the prices changed between the moment I chose the trip in the search results to the moment I tried to book (yet the application never informed me of this). I was told to try and book again. The prices were already about $150 higher, and this time when I selected the trip I wanted to book, I got an error saying the flight wasn’t available anymore... At least this time I got a message. I went ahead to find flights on Google Flights, where I found cheaper and AVAILABLE flights.
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