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QuickBooks Self-Employed
Are you self-employed, a freelancer or an independent contractor? Organize your finances with QuickBooks Self-Employed and let us help you find your tax deductions! Put more money in your pocket with this convenient mile tracker, expense tracker, invoice generator and tax deductions estimator. QuickBooks Self-Employed users have found billions in potential tax deductions by using this automatic mileage tracker, attaching receipts to business expenses, creating invoices and categorizing business expenses while separating from your personal finances and get all the tax refunds a self-employed business owner is entitled to! Track Mileage Automatically! • Mileage tracking automatically works using your phone’s GPS, without draining your phone’s battery. • Mileage data is saved and categorized to maximize mileage tax deductions. Photograph your Receipt • Receipt scanner enters transaction information easily stores receipts. • Business expenses are automatically matched and categorized – saving you time and maximizing your tax refunds so that you are ready for IRS tax time. Expense Tracker to Organize Business Expenses • Self -employed, freelancer or small business owner – manage finances easily and keep up to date so you do not miss out on any tax deductions. • Import business expenses directly from your bank account. Get Paid Faster • Create invoices and send invoices easily on the go. • Enable payments and bank transfer services to get paid faster. • Invoice generator – get notified when invoices are sent, paid, and money is deposited! Stay Prepared For Tax Time • We do the math so you can avoid year-end surprises • Easily organize income and expenses for instant tax filing • Directly export Schedule C income and expenses. • Instantly export your financial data to TurboTax Self-Employed by upgrading to the Tax bundle*. *Users will receive one state and one federal tax return filing. Purchased TurboTax Self-Employed? Activate QuickBooks Self-Employed today at no extra cost. Already have QuickBooks Self-Employed on the web? The mobile app is FREE with your subscription, and data syncs automatically across devices. Just download, sign in, and go! Price, availability and features may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card in your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew monthly unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period for the same amount that was originally purchased. You may manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited after purchasing a subscription. QuickBooks Self-Employed is from Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: *Based on QuickBooks Self-Employed users who have identified less than $100k in deductions *Based on TY15 subscribers that have identified >$0 in business expenses and of those users that have >$0 in tax savings *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. QuickBooks Self-Employed’s mileage tracking feature has been designed and optimized to limit GPS usage. *Getting paid 2X faster based on U.S. customers using QuickBooks Online invoice tracking & payment features from August 2016 to July 2017
Hold on Funds
by Michael Jon Leonard on 2019/11/11 21:36
I purchased this software with the hope that it would support my small business with a seamless accounting, at first it seemed to be an asset. So I then purchased merchant services. After paying nearly $200 a month for both accounts the merchant services put multiple holds on credit card transactions from long term clients of mine, which in turn put me hot water with a client and company overhead. After multiple phone calls I was told I had to cancel the first payment and the. Run it through another service.. I am now going through the same process with another payment that has been on hold for more than 5 days.. again this is from a long term client and I have been paying for the account for several months
5 star app
by Blondie!  on 2019/11/11 18:28
I love it and can’t live without it!
Super helpful
by Bstuckman01 on 2019/11/11 14:05
Game changer for keeping track of finances
Great app
by Seedless951 on 2019/11/11 00:19
Simple and easy way to keep track of money and deductions.
by Jaekillz on 2019/11/11 00:03
Miles are missing fro NOV 1 since they’re most recent update!!!! It’s November 10 and nothing has been recorded. What am i paying y’all my money for?
Wonderful app!
by carenamy on 2019/11/10 22:26
I’m not a very organized person and this app makes staying organized with my business income, expenses and taxes an absolute breeze. Love it! Highly recommend!
Love the app.
by DavjoeGamez on 2019/11/10 22:22
This app has helped tremendously with my real estate business. Simple and fast!
Downloading inconsistent
by Earnest143 on 2019/11/10 19:50
Inconvenience due to inconsistent ability to download data
Great app!!
by MJL man on 2019/11/10 19:45
This is a great app! Would recommend for anyone working for Uber/Food delivery!!
Easy! Convenient! Made my accounting fun!
by juliepdx on 2019/11/10 15:55
Its the best accounting app I have tried. I love how it can take all my various accounts and deliver a simple interface to view, categorize, and rectify my transactions - from my phone! (Or laptop). When tax time comes, the hard part is already done. Its no longer an overwhelming chore to do my monthly accounting because the platform makes it a quick-anywhere-task thats fun and satisfying.
Good app
by kathskical on 2019/11/10 15:14
This app saves me valuable time during tax season
Needed it
by Catherine Siegman on 2019/11/10 14:48
I’m grateful this app exists. There is always room for improvement, but it is a leave to have a simple and easy to use mileage and expense tracker that integrates right into turbo tax.
Works Great!
by Thaguy69 on 2019/11/09 23:24
Been using it for over year and no issues.
by 1kliaaa on 2019/11/09 22:41
No puedo saber que dice porque todo está en inglés
Cant update bank info in app
by futurist2323 on 2019/11/09 20:07
Cant update bank login info in app. Or the app is so terribly designed and they have placed it somewhere not obvious. But I am pretty sure this is something you have to do on the full desktop version. Don't update your bank info on the road.
Loses locations
by Youve been served on 2019/11/09 17:37
I’ve used the tracking for two years. This will probably be my last because it cost too much for the loss of tracking. The first year was fine. This year the tracking has failed, a lot. Right now the app is frozen and I can’t open it.
Great app
by Terry Serie Photography on 2019/11/09 17:21
Great app for my Photography business
Loses bank connection
by Ohcrazyloon on 2019/11/09 12:31
I keep losing my bank connection. I have deleted the bank and re added it several times. Stays connected for a few hours then loses it again. Have been to my bank and their website. Have also done everything support asked. Support has no clue and have not resolved it. It hs been almost a month. My taxes and transactions are a total mess now. I would not recommend this to anyone because their support does not help in any way.
Dang perfect!!!
by Zeplin10 on 2019/11/09 03:59
I love using this app. Tracks my mileage, tells me how much to pay for quarterlies. Invoices are quick and easy to create. It’s just simple and perfect. Just like my GLOCK.
Must have app
by Hi.el on 2019/11/09 02:20
I drive for rideshare companies and this apps saved me so much time and effort. Great customer support as well. Thank you
Need an iPad version
by Dkfdjs574269 on 2019/11/09 00:37
That is all
Great app
by pulot157 on 2019/11/08 22:15
Thank you
Looks easy
by Castgeor on 2019/11/08 21:58
Helpful I just started to use it it like easy to work with it let see Ok 5 months later app works well the only thing I wish allowed to add another vehicle in the equation because I add one and I am afraid to remove it and lose the miles.
So glitchy, not worth the $$$
by emi2994 on 2019/11/08 15:50
I wish someone had told me to use some other app to track my freelance expenses when I was first starting out. At this point it would be a huge undertaking to change to another system, but QBSE is SO GLITCHY. Not worth what you pay for it AT ALL, and when I’ve raised issues with the support team, they’ve literally never been able to offer a solution. Auto-categorization “rules” I’ve created never work, and when I try to re-categorize something it missed, it says I already have a rule to that effect (I KNOW—then how come you didn’t categorize it?!). Different accounts will just stop syncing even though the system says they’re synced. For an independent contractor, missing a month or so of work expenses can make a big impact on my taxes due, so this is really a problem. Nobody at QB wants to solve these issues, or even offer a refund of a month’s subscription, they’re just happy to take your money and never speak with you. And for the invoicing feature, even when a customer pays by ACH/direct deposit, it takes a week for the funds to reach you. Embarrassingly bad app, I’d caution freelancers and independent contractors to stay away and find a different system.
A minor problem
by McKenzie Pictures on 2019/11/08 14:50
QuickBooks needs to make some minor changes to the app. It keeps misreading $3700 additional dollars which I have to pay in taxes.
Be Warned!!
by Prairyfire on 2019/11/08 14:03
Do NOT use this app. The mileage tracking function has always been unreliable. It tracks most trips but not all of them. The most significant problem was with the most recent update. I was hoping it would fix this problem. Instead the update deleted the entire current year to date of mileage. January through October.... all gone! Find a more reliable app for mileage tracking. Caution DO NOT use this app.
Chose something else
by Donald Trump* on 2019/11/07 23:25
How would you like to pay from something that doesn’t work... only tracks my miles...maybe half the time...
First Everlance, now this!
by Woodywade on 2019/11/07 21:19
I have been almost mugged while doing ride share because of my expensive phone. So now I use an old iPhone 6 with prepay service just to be safe. Everlance was my app of choice as they are not monopolistic like intuit is. However, suddenly they updated their app and it won’t work. Subscribed to intuit so I can get to work. App took my payment no problem. Then I go start the app, and it freezes at loading. Just in time for Christmas. Wonder how much Apple rewarded them to do this so we will be forced to buy newer expensive phones, so we can also attract more thieves.
Amazing App
by Ctorres805 on 2019/11/07 20:45
Great product for personnel small businesses. You can check your finances on the go and make sure things are running smoothly.
QB Self employed
by Bklynrr on 2019/11/07 18:59
Easy and quick to use.
Terrible app, great service
by Critiques_yo mamma on 2019/11/07 16:49
Has all of the functionality I desperately need as a small business owner, yet the interface of the IOS app is horrible. For over a year now—as a paying customer—the app constantly gives me issues. I now have to reconnect my accounts every single time I open the app, and some of my accounts still will not allow me to reconnect and update. I am actively searching for an alternative to this terrible app. The service still works well online from a computer, but the app is deeply flawed.
by xcthsdfy on 2019/11/07 04:59
This has made my life a lot less hectic. Wish they would add others tax forms like the Schedule F
New update is bunk
by b3774785468 on 2019/11/07 04:41
I gotta say this app is an essential part of how I track expenses, and it’s been great with a few bugs l, but I’m very frustrated by how often bank connections are lost. I’m not sure if it’s a bug the developer is unable or unwilling to fix, or some kind of security measure. But there is no telling how many transactions and income goes un tracked due to this problem. I lost almost two months of income tracking because the app lost connection to wells Fargo and I didn’t notice for a long time. This is a critical issue with this app and has been ever since I started using it, and having to constantly be on top of bank connection issues is a huge bummer. This is supposed to be an automatic system. At least give the app a way to retroactively check through the bank statements to collect data it missed when connections were lost! PLEASE FIX THIS MAJOR BUG!
Last update made app glitchy!! Please fix
by Tpr. Tommy D on 2019/11/06 23:27
Last update made the app glitchy. Please fix with an update!!! Everything was working until the last update.
Great app!
by noel108 on 2019/11/06 13:39
This app will help you keep track of your side hustle finances.
by Silver eno on 2019/11/06 06:17
Highly recommended
Please fix the problem!!!
by CRT1989 on 2019/11/05 20:49
Update: I don’t know what’s happened but all of a sudden my mileage isn’t being tracked. I’ve made sure all my settings are what they should be, signed out and back in, etc but nothing. Please fix this!! It’s one of the main services that I use! I got a free year of quickbooks with my turbo tax self employment software and I’m so glad I used it. This has made my life so much easier, I wish I had started using it years ago!
Poor quality app
by Mike in germ on 2019/11/05 18:54
I’m constantly having connection issues with my bank and the app. Then when I try to use it, it glitches so bad and kicks me out of the trip portion. Straight back the main screen. I can’t believe I paid for this trash
by RandyPSCA on 2019/11/05 18:05
This app has to many bugs. Mileage is inconsistent and misses data. I am glad I still keep manual records. Will look for another app at end of year
This app blows
by inky the pirate on 2019/11/05 16:44
It doesn’t record all trips, just the ones it feels like. Then when you ask for help the people that are raking in millions just ignore you.
by vronihearmeroar on 2019/11/05 16:40
Great for small business owners
A real labor saver for SB..
by Dependable Doug on 2019/11/05 16:08
A real labor saver for the SB owner. The system learns..
AngelWings Mgmt
by Alj345 on 2019/11/05 15:40
If self employed this really helps keep track of miles of money being spent it helps sort the information so when come tax time all the work is done. Worth every penny
by josepab82 on 2019/11/05 15:04
App malfunctions for days at a time n doesn’t track my mileage or lets me upload receipts
No customer support
by drg3350 on 2019/11/05 14:46
I have not been able to open my app for a month. No customer support. Basically paying for a monthly service I can’t access!!
by corbit's Orbit on 2019/11/05 13:43
Very easy to use amazing amount of data loaded and the app sorts everything out easily. Total coverage!
by adjleelee on 2019/11/05 00:34
I’m being charged twice. I signed up Oct 29, paid through paypal and now about the app is trying to charge me again today on my credit card. Please fix.
this app is great!
by ggg@$&:) on 2019/11/05 00:14
this app is a must have if you own a buisness it tracks everything for you effortlessly and saves you tons when tax’s comes rolling in!
Needs support for system keyboards
by dohspc on 2019/11/04 16:22
Needs support for system keyboards other than the Apple one.
Bad app
by fmwelding on 2019/11/03 22:36
I have a quick books account, switched from android over to iPhone and this app is horrible. I’ve signed into my account but it won’t let me access anything of mine, like it’s stuck on the quick books trial mode. None of my invoices, contacts, info or anything are accessible through this app.
Not helpful
by nsjzjs zjaksn disnen on 2019/11/03 15:55
I have tried to delete this account and make a new one and it is not working I have tried to get help and there is no help
by BW1870 on 2019/11/03 15:27
If I could give less than 1 star I would. The auto tracker for mileage often doesn’t record my trips. I’m a realtor, so this is a critical function. Also, my accountant isn’t able to run normal reports from this app. There’s also no one to communicate with for correction. Awful. No good. Terrible.
Great for tracking mileage
by Huey Heff on 2019/11/03 15:13
I am lazy and stopped filing every receipt because it’s a process to take pictures of thousands of receipts, but if you have the time to do so it is really great app for logging them. And awesome for tracking mileage!
Mileage tracker
by Jim4111 on 2019/11/03 12:08
The mileage tracker used to work very well with my last iPhone. I checked the settings to be certain that it would auto track my vehicle miles. However, it still does not track them. Fix this!!!
by shaynejrb on 2019/11/03 09:42
This app was working ok the mileage would probably take a day or two to pop up but they eventually did and I would just sort them easily, my expenses were being kept up to date I was seeing whenever I was making a profit or not all of this during the trial but as soon as I subscribed the mileage tracker stopped working and I’ve sent emails about the issue and I haven’t heard anything about it . It’s sad I like the app but now it seems as if I’m gonna a have to delete this app
Annoying bug while uploading receipt
by Muzammil1982 on 2019/11/03 00:39
If you snap a receipt and upload it .. And while it's uploading you minimize the application by hitting the home button, the upload fails with "can't upload, try again later" .. Using iPhone 7s Firstly the upload shouldn't fail, and even if it does, I should not be "trying again later", the app should retry automatically .. I can't be handling and storing receipts maulay after once I've snapped them.. That's the whole point..
No thanks...
by NickBasecki on 2019/11/02 23:42
Not intuitive at all.
Great app—when it works properly
by Dr TKC on 2019/11/02 19:52
Often it does not pick up my trips requiring manual entry and sometimes it lists a location over a mile away with no way to correct it—except to delete the trip and start over. Frustrating to say the least. Work out the bugs an I’ll give it more stars.
Huge difference in apps from android to Apple
by mrschauer on 2019/11/02 14:01
I have to manually add a lot of information now that I have a Apple phone before I had a android and this app worked perfectly but now it’s been a real hassle. I did buy a subscription for this as well when I was using android will it carry over to the Apple phone?
Ripped off
by XerveowithKP on 2019/11/01 23:32
Did the free trail and loved the app so I purchased a subscription. Money was taken from my bank account and upon checking my subscriptions it is active. But every time I sign into the app it tells me that my trial period is over and I need to buy a subscription. I try to contact customer care, but they have no call support for the online service. I try to message customer care online and the message link button does not work. This is a scam!!!! Do not get this app!!! I can get no service and no support from the company!
Just right! It works!
by Zyberiffic on 2019/11/01 17:57
Yes it right because it just works at saving me lots of time and money getting the small tasks accomplished.
Questionable convenience
by soundneedle on 2019/10/31 04:37
I don't understand why I would want to link all my accounts to this. It generates hundreds of transactions that will never have receipts. I still have to manually attached receipts. And there's no way to conveniently ignored transactions. Which leaves me staring at hundreds and hundreds of transactions that are irrelevant.
Core app functions not working after iOS update.
by 184058363874637 on 2019/10/30 23:10
App will not tracking mileage after iOS update, has also removed feature to report bugs. So in order to report a problem, you have to deal with a chat bot long enough for someone to read a script from customer service. Then said rep simply says ‘thanks we’re working on it.’ If you love paying for an app that doesn’t work, and had terrible customer service, this is your one stop shop.
Mileage tracking doesn’t work after latest update
by Arazzu on 2019/10/30 14:42
After the last update around October 18th mileage tracking doesn’t work properly
Not very well thought out.
by Literarian on 2019/10/30 01:23
It works but there are so many shortcomings. Cannot filter invoices by unpaid. Really? Cannot easily pull reports. It’s not a very good bookkeeping program but it’s great for invoicing customers—except corporate and state clients whose email system won’t let them open email links. I’m looking for an alternative. I suggest you do the same.
Small business owner
by eliznizz on 2019/10/29 21:42
Great and convenient app that is easy to navigate
Easy n Great for a ride shares
by bearflowerz on 2019/10/29 20:18
The app is very fluent, easy to track Work expenses, easy to track miles, and I get to save on taxes. I work for Uber and the app helps me day to day.
Doesn’t work with Robinhood, inaccurate, not user friendly
by Robbie732 on 2019/10/29 15:28
Hard to use. Confusing. Bad customer support
by Sunsandsurf21373 on 2019/10/28 22:15
Pretty useless. It doesn’t always pick up trips I’ve made even if my setting are where they need to be. My bank disconnects and won’t reconnect sometimes. Bye
unable to log in via app
by Ctroutwi on 2019/10/28 17:17
Have requested support on this issue... but, in my opinion, has yet to fix the issue... i get an error on login via the mobile apps (Not a failed login)... but confirmed i can successfully log in via web page... so at this time, in my opinion, this mobile does not appear to work...
Great App
by Apple user34 on 2019/10/27 19:38
Great app to keep management of your profit and loss.
Easy to use
by Happy Clinician on 2019/10/27 15:38
This app makes it easy to stay organized, especially as a first time business owner. I can keep track of off my expenses, mileage, income, and it estimates all my taxes.
Managing expenses VERY time consuming
by CL is my BFF on 2019/10/27 15:02
Along with this app not working on tablets (bummer), it takes an extremely long time to manage expenses. Though the slide for business/personal is a nice idea, it doesn’t load very quickly and there is no option to mass manage expenses to either business or personal. Extremely frustrating and keeps me off the application. Please consider fixing in the future (also make this available for tablets as I do most of my business on my iPad).
by Shak Original on 2019/10/27 05:23
Excellent App
by Duh!!!!!!!!! on 2019/10/26 14:40
Won’t allow me to set up bank acct
Love this app
by lildevine on 2019/10/26 03:06
Very helpful to keep track of expenses especially when you are starting your business. Don’t know what I would’ve done without this app when it comes to quarterly taxes and such.
Please add an iPad version
by Shonaga on 2019/10/25 18:29
I use this app on my Android phone and it’s great, but please add a native iPad version so I can use my work iPad Pro to fill out invoices. I know it does “work”, but it would be better if you made a version just for the iPad.
QB Intuit the best
by JGB10 on 2019/10/25 17:22
Thank you!
Your mileage tracking has regressed horribly.
by Obodai2 on 2019/10/25 14:11
Get your crap together and fix it. It’s really bad. Everything had been fine and then updates to iOS and your updates and it’s been crappy ever since.
Great app! Just a couple of hours set up the business
by Kub3000 on 2019/10/24 16:38
It‘s amazing how convenient handling this app is. The instructions are clear, the functionality seamless. It took me only 2 hours to set up my whole business, initially enter and categorize receipts, track trips, and have my bank accounts organized to full transparency!
by Dash0088 on 2019/10/23 23:54
I do my business taxes every year. They have made it very easy to do my own taxes.
by InfusedLife on 2019/10/23 12:58
Accounting is my least favorite thing if all when it comes to being a business owner. This app is a lifesaver for me and has even allowed me to save more money!
by TLB BOYD on 2019/10/23 04:16
I just started using it a couple of days ago and I love it!
Good app - not great
by THEREALKMAN on 2019/10/22 19:56
The app should handle taxes better. Also, the app should handle state taxes. The worse part of the app right now is it’s killing my phone battery. It’s using around 25% of the battery usage JUST in the background. That’s unacceptable. Please fix the battery issue and add state tax functionality.
Tracking broken
by emischn on 2019/10/22 17:31
Just discovered that my mileage tracking is no longer working. 🙁
Excellent app!!
by tlchoclte on 2019/10/22 14:20
It delivers exactly what it says. A must have if you operate a small business.
Horrible. Small business beware
by clpllc1 on 2019/10/21 21:15
Horrible customer service, there is literally no one to talk to but a robot on the site. I have been trying to use this for invoices and can’t because my clients can’t pay their invoices the system has been down a number of days now and I can’t contact them.
by emknox on 2019/10/21 20:05
What a waste of time! I have been using g this app for 6 months keeping track of the expenses for our business. Suddenly now our person and savings account is now added and mixed in. Plus it doubled the charges!! I have to go in and delete each one. I can’t get rid of our personal account now!! I was better off printing out the statements
Transaction list issues
by Donatello3583 on 2019/10/21 19:40
Having issues with transaction input. Dares are out of order by date and some don’t even appear in the app even tho they are on the transaction list on-line
Don’t need a pop up every transaction.
by Brandi_Lynn on 2019/10/21 12:44
This awful feature where I get a pop up every time I classify a purchase really Shows things down. If o Wanted to create a rule I would select that as I swipe. I looked in settings and don’t see a way to shut it off. Seriously considering canceling my account.
I’m so disappointed
by CourtneyDT on 2019/10/20 23:34
I love QuickBooks! I was so excited when I heard about their self employed app. I can’t even accurately rate it because it won’t even let me sign in from th app. I can only sign in from th internet but I can’t use all th functions there so it constantly tries to get me to switch over. I can’t set it to automatically track my miles even though I have all my location settings correct, it just keeps cutting itself off. It won’t let me manually enter mileage because it says there was an error. I’m disappointed in it. I love all QB’s other programs and have never had problems with them.
Not sure
by Full Nelson Big Dog on 2019/10/20 20:32
Haven’t used it yet.
by ADEV4u on 2019/10/20 15:44
All the recent updates and the app isn't working correctly, I allow for continuous tracking of GPS m ole aren't being collect. My banking information isn't linked in correctly... I'm not sure I'm getting what I pay for so I'm going to cancel soon. Very disappointed it worked wonderful before all the updates.
Mileage not tracking
by MBright28 on 2019/10/19 16:23
I’ve emailed twice. The mileage tracker hasn’t worked for weeks. I’m not sure why I’m still being charged when you can’t seem to fix the issue. And yes, I have all of the permissions set correctly.
Has not been tracking my trips
by Brat061373 on 2019/10/18 23:49
The last two days of work have not been tracked. I usually have no problems with it tacking, and I have made sure all my settings are correct. I have written into support and still no answers. Time to find another way to track my work miles.
This is what happened to my wife using this software, her name is Anabel Andujar
by VetSurgeon123 on 2019/10/18 22:11
This is what happened to my wife using QBSE. Since she doesn’t have Apple ecosystem and I have seen her struggling with these people, I am going to post her review here too. This review is based on my experience interacting with Intuit, other’s experiences my defer. Most of my bad experience was with Quick Book Self Employed but since the company is Intuit, I will leave my review here too. Turbotax is a good tool for filling, I used the Self employed portion to file my 2018 taxes. This was done in March 2019 and it worked well. As part of the package, you are supposed to get a free year subscription of Intuit Quick Book Self Employed (QBSE) until March 2020. I signed up on (QBSE) the app on September 2019 and I started working on classifying my transactions and adding miles manually (the automatic tracking was not working that well). All of a sudden in October 2019, with no warning, they cancelled my subscription and I lost all the data and time I used to do the work. I can not log in and retrieve anything. I can not see any information on my account. I never got an email notification or warning on the app, they just cancelled it. I called Turbotax and they said I have a free year subscription on my account and they do not know why was it cancelled, they advice to call directly (QBSE). To my surprise, there is no phone number to call, after online chats and multiple emails, they continue to say I should have logged in before July 2019 to activate the account although there is no disclosure of this restriction visible anywhere. The only restrictions that are available are for late filers, not for regular filers. I requested multiple times to speak on the phone with a supervisor and nothing, just email responses relating the same thing. I never got an apology, never got the service reestablished, and at last, they just ignored my last email. I will leave below my last email which was never answered back. If you have read so far, please read it and and make your own conclusions. This is one of the worst customer services I have ever interacted with. October 14th, 2019 Hi Hazel, Thank you for contacting me. I am sorry to inform you that your answer does not solve my problem. You are repeating the same statements from the previous costumer service representative. I am not sure if you read the thread but I do not have problems activating my QBSE account. My account was working fine and it was active until it was cancelled with no warnings. My problems are the following. 1 -When I filed my taxes with turbotax I was offered a free QBSE account for one year. There is no restrictions on my Turbotax account that states I had to activate my account before July 15th. I have previously sent screenshots of the restrictions that are shown on my turbotax and they are only valid for late filer which is not my case. The link you sent is an answered question, but that is not disclosed on my turbotax account and I wouldn’t have known unless you have sent it to me. In fact when I called intuit turbotax they told me that my free subscription of QBSE is available and they do not know why I was having trouble. They asked me to contact you and that is when the problems started. If you have a restriction on when QBSE account has to be activated, you should posted on turbotax so that is visible and people can read it like the restrictions for late filers. It is not fair you make up restrictions that are not disclosed on my account and after I have been using the account, you just cancel it all of a sudden. Therefore I think this is false advertising and I will definitely file a complain with FTC if necessary. I have all screenshoots and there is nowhere to be found any restrictions to activate the account before July 15th. 2- If there was indeed a restriction and I had to activated before July 15th, how was it possible that I did activated my account on September and started using it with no problem and no warning or notification until last week? 3-You cancelled my account with no warning. I did not get a warning stating my subscription will expired on specific date. How could I have known this? All the information I have taken time to categorize including miles, payments and transactions are lost now and I do not have access. That is also not fair because I can not access any of that information to save it or transfer it right now if I do not want to continue the subscription. 4- For such a big company, not having a phone number to communicate directly and having customers wasting time writing emails is just a shame. All of this time could have been saved with a phone conversation. I have requested a direct line to speak and nobody can provide one. Again, if this problem is not solved, I will write reviews on most websites and app stores describing my negative experience and the name of the people I have interacted with. I will certainly file a complain with FTC since Intuit did not comply with their advertised service of one year free QBSE (again there are no restrictions displayed on turbotax account and I hope you would not expected me to guess there were restrictions). Furthermore, I will place a dispute with my credit card company to dispute the payment of turbotax. I will be expecting your answer with a solution for my problems.
Cheated customer
by lVlystic(LaD) on 2019/10/18 19:01
My quick books was wiped out and still getting charged, and now I’m on a free trial while I’m getting charged. Isn’t there a customer support number?
by missy elkiot on 2019/10/18 18:56
Business Owner
by dsking14 on 2019/10/18 14:35
True to Intuit form, they have programmers who have never used financial planning software and don’t understand what a good user experience should look like. Beware of adding any accounts to auto download because you will not be able to delete them later. Perhaps this is their way of permanently capturing your banking data.
Great app
by robbaa22 on 2018/04/25 17:33
All you need for a small operation. I love how the auto tracking feature tracks all trips. For me it works because 75% + of all driving is for business. And on days I did no work it is easy to mindlessly swipe them to personal mileage. I will definitely get my money back in just the mileage deductions from the app. Totally worth the expense. I also paid quarterly taxes on the app which is nice. I love that they estimate quarterly taxes and the number varies depending on your income that month and quarter. I just put the estimated amount in savings and adjust it as needed till the end of the quarter. Also, if you have commissions coming from multiple sources it is so easy to auto file those transactions. The only thing that could improve is the consistency of refreshing data from bank accounts and mileage. Sometimes I have to fiddle with it to give me updates. That’s expected though if you have ever used quicken or similar finance software. Not a big deal at all. I have no experience with invoices because I don’t bill people. It’s been 4 months and I can already tell I am saving money with this app. Get the app if you are self employed and do all accounting and taxes yourself. You won’t regret it.
Disappointed, lacking key features
by BadBrain13 on 2019/09/06 00:36
Quick Books self employed looks promising but is lacking critical features such as the ability to set recurring transactions, duplicate transactions, time tracking, and most importantly the ability to change an invoice’s status without having to email to a client through the QuickBooks system. I’ve been using FreshBooks which has all of these features (and a cleaner, prettier UI), but wanted to give QuickBooks Self Employed a try since it has the added functionality to estimate quarterly taxes and the ability to export tax info over to TurboTax. I could make everything else work, but forcing users to email an invoice using their interface is very limiting since I need to use PDFs for a specific clients. Not having this basic feature is probably a deal breaker for me - Especially since support’s response is that they don’t currently have plans to implement this feature and there are older support threads with multiple requests to add such a basic feature: to be able to change invoice status when using PDFs. As is, If you do not want to email an invoice through Quickbooks Self Employed, you will not be able to get the invoice out of draft mode and, more importantly, you’ll be unable to mark it as paid and have the payment reflected within the system. Such a shame since I really do like the quarterly tax estimates, integrated tax payments/tracking, and the ability to export everything to TurboTax at years end.
Great until software update
by unhappy qb se user on 2017/10/11 17:42
This software is useless without the capacity to upload tracked expenses/receipts to an invoice. Who out here doesn't have billable expenses with receipts? None! We all need to track and show our costs to our customers. This, in a previous software revision was available, but was removed recently and seriously hinders my ability to bill my customers effectively and with complete transparency. To have to jimmy rig my invoices to show my costs incurred is not only ineffective but unprofessional! Also, now it appears to incorrectly address the uploaded receipts on date, name of company, and amount. And it does it randomly. This now is taking up all my time, rather than making more efficient use of my time. I have contacted support multiple times and they have said they are working to improve this function but have no timeline to fix this. They offered me one months credit but never applied the credit. Can’t call someone because they don’t give a number and I have asked for a call and they said they can’t call me. I have called other numbers not related to self employed and they directed me to the email process. I have submitted comments to the software engineers and have not received a productive answer other than we are working on it.... if you had it working in the past, how hard is it to fix it and put it back in if it was never a problem?!? No one has ever explained what was the issue.
Been very helped (I wouldn’t be who/where I am without him
by WSgingTon323 on 2019/05/21 16:55
I appreciate the ability to differentiate spending , I travel for work LONG distances ,I interviewed and choose a pet/house sitter . It costs me about 700 a month to make sure they are taken care of ( is otherwise be able to do it myself ) please let me know if I should be doing anything at all, all I have is a picture of her I’d and ss# she agreed sign stub ment🙏🏼if needed of rage of pay start sayy ,was through day of and day after returnwill be paying 40/day plus tip to insure respectful but fearful tactics. I’ve been a supervisor before a mix of fear and love will get you a fAr way ILOVE questbooks selfenployed. Snow and jbgs I would not know I do , it’s help netwoand move on the direction of my life I CHOOSE not told to go🥂even if if doesn’t last I know today I will wake up with more money In my account than when I fell asleep but I work hard and QB helps me delegate finances so I am forever grateful 🤞🏼
by McKlintock on 2018/09/19 11:07
I’m just trying out QuickBooks. The interface is very nice. Intuitive one might say. When reviewing transactions I see a nice button that says “Create rule” so I hit it. In a very helpful way it asks, would you like to automatically categorize all transactions from vendor A as category Z. I hit confirm, then save my transaction. I then see a little notification that says X number of transactions were automatically categorized, which I’m very excited about because it seems to be making my life easier, yay! Then, to my horror, I see that all the X number of transactions are reviewed as “uncategorized” and even the first item I reviewed and based the rule on has a completely different category than the one I selected and saved. And this wasn’t just a fluke, I had been going along like this for several transactions, vendors and categories until I noticed they were all screwed up. The very basic function of this software, the flagship software of the industry, the function of sorting your transactions for tax purposes, is completely broken. So I look for a help option in the app to report the problem, don’t see one, only an option to leave a review. And here I am, warning the next fool to stay away from this very nice looking but completely broken app. P.S. I found the help, it’s an AI chatbot. It had to forward my problem to its humans, they’ll get back to me.
Mileage Tracking is Unreliable Lately
by VanBourne on 2019/01/22 01:40
Update: Mileage Tracking still HIGHLY unreliable !! No fixes. No communication from the developer. It takes more work to double check everything. Ugh. And I’m paying for this? In the past few months I’ve noticed that entire trips aren’t tracking. There is a manual tracking option, but I’m paying money to have it automatically track. I’m a roofing contractor and drive A LOT. Every time this happens I have to pour over my calendar and consider every customer, every supply run, every inspection, etc that I have. Then I have to map each of those drives myself to determine the miles. Only then to enter it manually. At this point it is costing me actually money AND costing me valuable time. I’ve already selected the mileage tracking troubleshooter in the app and confirmed all my settings are correct. It has all the checkboxes checked off. I’ve confirmed that the app is open and running in the background each morning. I’ve emailed customer service with a couple examples. And reading some other complaints here, it seems I’ll have to do more of the developers job by not only tracking down each trip, but now I’ll have to catalog them all and send in to a different customer service person. Why am I doing the developers job checking for bugs on an app that I’m paying for?
So glitchy, not worth the $$$
by emi2994 on 2019/11/08 15:50
I wish someone had told me to use some other app to track my freelance expenses when I was first starting out. At this point it would be a huge undertaking to change to another system, but QBSE is SO GLITCHY. Not worth what you pay for it AT ALL, and when I’ve raised issues with the support team, they’ve literally never been able to offer a solution. Auto-categorization “rules” I’ve created never work, and when I try to re-categorize something it missed, it says I already have a rule to that effect (I KNOW—then how come you didn’t categorize it?!). Different accounts will just stop syncing even though the system says they’re synced. For an independent contractor, missing a month or so of work expenses can make a big impact on my taxes due, so this is really a problem. Nobody at QB wants to solve these issues, or even offer a refund of a month’s subscription, they’re just happy to take your money and never speak with you. And for the invoicing feature, even when a customer pays by ACH/direct deposit, it takes a week for the funds to reach you. Embarrassingly bad app, I’d caution freelancers and independent contractors to stay away and find a different system.
No support
by tonynpr on 2018/09/13 03:41
Absolute garbage no support unless its a chat bot . Bank transaction duplicated never repaired work around delete them one at a time your self loss of classification reclassify them yourself. One by one . Milage lost oh well. No fix its just gone promise to call to straighten this out oh I SEE you did not get called please keep your phone open for a call this week. All these. Things I pay for the app to do. It does not work it fails then last straw connecting to bank multiple times causes a security lock down on bank account forcing 8 time password change in 3 days. Bank has to completely reset the link to change the password for the bank intermittently vanished . It’s not a good app in fact it is worthless. One thing they do well though. They take their money out religiously even when your having issues. Best support is on FACEBOOK writing this got a response. I was a long time quicken turbo tax user from the beginning. Seeing an app from. Quicken I figured the best . I was wrong they triple billed when i dropped the turbo tax feature they billed for with turbo tax and without on same bill causing over drafts. Not surprised by this. Companies lately have the uber model for customer service as in none.
Im not sure what happened
by Numnutz2005 on 2019/09/06 11:14
Its been months and i have sent multiple emails to their support team and havent heard a single thing back (keep in mind this is a PAID service and im receiving 0 replies to anything i send them for help). The app wont update on its own. I have to manually uninstall the app and reinstall it in order to update it which means i have to reconfigure it everytime which is sort of often since they keep pushing out updates every few days. Im not sure why this started happening but when i click update the icon goes grey and it sits for days and days doing nothing. No part of the icon loghts up like all of my other apps do when its partially updated or running through the update process. It literally sits greyed out the entire time. Im on an iphone xs and this happened with every one of the ios updates so i dont think os version matters anymore. I cant be the only one having this problem can i?? How does every other app i have install and update perfectly fine but this one refuses to update?? I restored my phone back to factory stock as well and that didnt resolve a single thing. Wth am i paying for at this point??
Good app, missing some details.
by SSGTRocky on 2018/11/17 04:58
Overall this is a great app for me and my business needs especially since I'm traveling to customer locations. I have the ability to bill them, collect payment from them, manage income and expenses all from this app. A major plus is my ability to scan my receipts or email them in and have QuickBooks input them to my expenses so I can just approve them saving me time and money, great job on this feature! BUT I have noticed that the mileage tracker is not great, sometimes it pickups my drive sometimes it doesn't. I've been forced to use MileIQ for my mileage tracker which is annoying to say the least paying two separate companies when QuickBooks advertised the Mileage Tracker. Another downside is that this app is only available on the phone, not the iPad. I know I can run iPhone apps on the iPad, but it don't look as professional and clean especially when presenting estimates to customers. With times evolving and more business using tablets I would say it's about time that QuickBooks looked into getting their app updated for Tablets.
There is no support for Quick Books Self Employed
by Sunny.dee627 on 2019/08/30 20:38
I am incredibly frustrated! I downloaded the app yesterday and added my account information for it to track. Cool. Today I signed on and it asked me to enter my name and occupation. The problem is the occupation. I’m a Real estate investor but it would not acknowledge any occupation outside of mining, ranching, farming, or animal breeding. It would not let me continue until I picked one of those occupations. I went ahead and picked mining just so I can move on and thought I would go back and edit the occupation. I can’t find anywhere on the app to make that edit, nor can I find any help support on the app. I logged online and was still unable to find my occupation to add it in Settings. I’ve called, I’ve emailed, I’ve tried reading through the questions answered by the community to no avail concerning my questions and I have not been able to get any support. I’ve spoken to two different Support operators but neither of them could help me with self-employed question. They just re-directed me back to the webpage. And here I am now frustrated and no where to ask for help. There’s no way I want to subscribe and pay for an app with no tech support.
Doesn't live up to what was said about it
by Me1678 on 2017/09/17 11:57
The app has potential but really lacks much. It constantly kicks out my banking information so several times a week I have to re-verify my account as quickbooks tells me that my information is incorrect when it's actually correct. It is incredibly annoying. As far as the tracking. It's good at picking up the start of a journey but horrible at detecting the stops. As a delivery person I make several stops and then go to a pickup. This makes all of it one trip. I can only imagine using this for Uber or Lyft as it would make your entire day one trip. This doesn't even give you the option to force stop like you could do with Mile Iq or Hurdlr and those are free apps. I would expect more from a company who wants money from me on a monthly basis. I gave two stars because it has potential because of the ability to set rules for your purchases to make it easier to categorize purchases but at this point I'm not going to continue to use this as a free app and I definitely wouldn't use this as a paid app. If you are someone who drives constantly this isn't the app for you.
Good app but could definitely use different features
by Kidwillz on 2018/12/28 23:43
The app it self is good but not being able to add a PO number to my invoices is a hassle because a lot of big companies require PO’s to send payments to vendors like myself. Also the limitation on the invoice notes for the client makes it difficult to send an invoice with detail about what work was done so the client has a written document of all the work that was accomplished for future reference. Another thing I would really like to see is an option to allow clients to make partial payments because some money is better than no money when a client can’t afford to pay the entire sum of a bill because then I have to create a brand new invoice and adjust the old every time. One last improvement I would really like to see would be the ability to send a quote through QuickBooks that I can turn into a invoice with a contract section and ability to E-sign the contract for the client and contractor. All of those would be great addition that would make my decision on keeping this app a whole lot easier
Has good framework, but missing some crucial features
by Heysndnsnai on 2019/06/28 16:58
QuickBooks self-employed has a great, simple ideology behind it, but I think that QuickBooks is either intentionally throttled some functionality to force users to pay for more premium products, or that they have gone so minimalistic that it has gone too far. The ability for customers to pay partial payments on invoices as one of the most simple, easy things that any business in the service industry has ever thought of. But QuickBooks self-employed does not allow you to do that. It’s ludicrous to think that the majority of customers using QuickBooks self-employed are in the service industry, and for the majority of that industry companies require a 50% down payment. It’s really annoying that QuickBooks doesn’t have this feature, because if I want to get a down payment from somebody, I have to create two separate invoices which looks very unprofessional. Without this feature, I will definitely be switching away from QuickBooks as soon as I can find a better alternative.
Do it!
by Robsmusicstudio on 2018/01/04 11:27
You need this app! I am a one-man operation and this app is really amazing. I've set up everything that I need to for my business online and it's like that oven on tv where you "set it and forget it". I teach private music lessons and I don't have time to waste on handwriting everything and remembering who paid and who didn't, what I spent etc. I trust this company, as my dad used intuit software in the early 90's, and neither he nor I have had any issues with hacking or viruses. This is a very safe app to use (especially if you're linking your bank account). The mileage tracker is pretty darn close to accurate, however, for some reason all gps mileage trackers will say you drove if you go for hike/walk. So just be aware of that. All in all, these programmers know what they're doing and have done an excellent job creating a USER FRIENDLY app. Get it.
Missing mileage
by tyrelcody on 2019/06/04 17:17
I’m not sure what exactly happened but when I tried to open the app to check my miles for the day, I had to reset my password to login back into the app. When I did login to the app, ALL the miles the app has been tracking are gone, missing, vanished. I would like to know what happened to the miles I have been driving that the app is supposed to track. Also, when my trips are being tracked, there is time missing in between trips, 9 - 10 minutes each and yet I am constantly driving and rarely stop more than two or three minutes at one time. I have checked the settings that the app is always running and I have come to the conclusion that if the app won’t work properly, I will quickly find another app. I have tried emailing support but apparently that doesn’t work through the app, and I’m paying money for this service. If this issue is fixed soon, I’ll upgrade my rating. Update: The app has been tracking the miles I have been driving up until yesterday the 3rd of June. So I’m not going to continue to pay for an app that doesn’t work longer than two weeks from the last issue.
Great all purpose app, but needs fine tuning
by RD Auto Reconditioning on 2018/08/18 05:00
I have been using this app for about 3 months now and it is great for running a small business, hows there are 2 key things that I would love to see changed. First is the mileage tracking, there has to be a way to make it more user friendly, I used mileIQ before this and it was great in the way it would let you name the location you started and stopped at, making it super easy to classify your drives. QB just gives a general address to go off of so then you have to look at the map to remember where the destination was from the drive from last week. Second thing is the invoicing, I used the Wave app before this and the way you could make a list of items to pick from when creating an invoice was great, with QB you can pick from a list of recently used items but it’s not as streamlined as it could be, all in all a good all purpose app because it does do everything including taxes but just like anything all purpose it doesn’t do any one thing great.
Buggy as heck but still worth it unfortunately
by Sharp11Girl on 2018/11/02 06:14
I struggle with this app on a near daily basis. Every now and then it randomly doesn’t pick up one of my trips and I have to manually put in, and then sometimes that trip pops up the next day, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I will mark trips as business and then there will be no deduction in the reviewed trips list, until the next time I login. I get notifications of transactions that I need to review after I review them all the time. Like this is a regular occurrence. Still, it is a quick and easy way of keeping track of my mileage and my expenses so I don’t end up cramming and doing all my accounting in January. It’s just barely worth what it cost to me. They are walking a very thin line here. The second there is a competitor that will track mileage and do accounting, I am ditching this app and I frankly can’t wait. That’s it, I’m done. It hasn’t tracked any of my trips in days. I’m not paying for this. At the end of this year I am getting off Quickbooks and I’m not coming back. Competing apps do everything QB does for free, this app barely works, what the hell am I paying for??
Death by cloud
by Crab_Tree on 2019/09/25 14:03
I’m glad intuit let me try this piece of junk for free, so I have no qualms about deleating it. Blame the iOS App. Poorly designed, noisy, notification/ad heavy, info light initial screen. Bad at remembering transactions that should be processed automatically. Lots of anoying things that one can normally overlook. But no backups? When deleting what I thought was a redundant account on the App, all my accounts and nine months work were gone, never to be seen again. Now I’m deleting this APP, never to be seen again. No wonder QuickBooks split. Thanks for the reach-out. Now that the cows have left I see no reason in trying to shut the barn door. Restructuring the data does not address the chief flaw in the product. No backups and no “saved state” option. It presents a compelling argument to avoid cloud based systems, especially complex ones. I thought I was deleting a single account, not all of them. Why bother to reconstruct something that a poorly constructed interface update, which occur on a weekly basis these days, can have me accidentlly delete with no hope of an easy recovery. I’ve learned my lesson, I’m moving on.
Great but I wish the invoice options were better
by KijedahMaleigh on 2019/02/08 16:21
I love the app! Everything runs smoothly between the app and online. The only thing I don’t like are the invoice options. I use a different app to send customers invoices because this app doesn’t let you create one invoice and split the payment options and dates. I require a deposit immediately before the actual due date but I’d have to make 2 separate invoices instead of just one with the option to split payment. I also don’t like that when I create an invoice it doesn’t give the option to save. You HAVE to email the invoice to save it. I don’t use this app to send invoices I use square but I want to insert my potential income in QuickBooks as well. I would definitely like the option to just save an invoice without having to email it and maybe an option to be able to connect with the square account like it connects to bank accounts and PayPal.
Mileage Tracking Edit Feature Removed. Why?
by The Reluctant Critic on 2019/02/23 19:09
I use the mileage tracker manually. I set it to automatic until I finish a delivery trip. At that point I turn it off so it will show the mileage for just the last trip. Then I turn it back on and start driving again. I do this because all my trips get lumped together and I cannot separate them into different trips. Anyway, they removed a feature that was very useful to me. Until now I was able to, for example, pull up a previous trip and enter its purpose. If the restaurant I wanted to add wasn’t in the frequently visited list, I could pick another trip that said “Drive To Next Pickup at Harrys Pizza,” save it, then go back and edit it by backspacing Harrys Pizza and change it to some other restaurant. Now, when you edit that field, it completely deletes it and you have to type the entire trip purpose by hand. You’re only saved from this chore if the restaurant is in the frequent list, which has also changed to fewer choices. This makes my job harder as I have to spend more time recording individual trip data. Why, Intuit, why?!?!?!
Love it now that I got help with how to use it
by Gail BWBG on 2018/12/31 18:55
At first I was ready to cancel because I couldn’t figure out how to easily photograph receipts to keep track of businesses expenses. I have a jewelry business selling on Etsy and at Art fairs and wanted something that would let me enter expenses by photographing receipts and a way I could keep records on my iPhone and iPad rather than a computer. This program works very well for that . I contacted customer service and they told me I could enter receipts by going to transactions then either add expense manually or add income manually. This allows me to enter the amount then take a picture which stores the receipt. Perfect! The app will also track you mileage as you drive which is great for my purposes. I can quickly add income as I get checks and as I do an Art Fair. I also connected my Etsy account so it automatically imports my income and transaction fees. This is just what I was looking for.
Love The App Interface & Tracking But The Background Usage
by M. Reeves on 2019/06/02 06:54
I love the way this app tracks mileage, transactions, and invoices. It is ideal for all of my small business needs. The only problem I have is the amount of battery it uses on my phone. I have a IPhone I have had for 2 years now and have never had issues ever but after having this months a little over 3 months I notice my battery life is terribly drained. I have a job where I can charge my phone all day at will be even then I find myself closing out all extra apps, turning brightness to minimal, and checking daily what my phone battery health looks like, all while wondering if I am needing to update my phone or app because of a functionality issue. I have set up an appointment with Apple to where I don’t know what else to do. I also on the weekends turned my location off and notice that my phone is near perfect again making me realize the background usage really impedes my phone.
Great app, mileage tracking uses too much battery.
by Nhowar on 2019/03/26 14:34
I’ve been using this app for about a month now, it’s been extremely helpful however there are some issues. First I wish there was an iPad app, but that’s no big deal. Biggest problem is the battery usage. If you have auto mileage tracking on, it will use 10% of your battery. It’s using your gps location 24/7. For most self employed people, your battery is important! Perhaps they can devise a better way to auto track miles without killing the battery. For example, Google maps records and logs my locations without draining my battery. Or perhaps if you could set it to only track miles when Bluetooth is connected to a specific vehicle? I think this would be extremely useful, because it wouldn’t track miles if I was in somebody else’s car. Anytime I get in my car my phone is connected to it via Bluetooth.
Great for a Musician Business With Only One Flaw
by #1WeirdAlFan on 2019/10/11 06:01
I having been using QuickBooks Online for a while and think it is great. As someone who is a self employed musician, I love the ease of being able to store contacts in it and have quick access to create invoices and keep info when giving estimates for my overall price for the gig. However, I didn’t have the ability to count the miles to and from gigs that is where QuickBooks Self Employed came. Once I downloaded the app using the free trial offer, I saw that I could track my miles to and from my gigs and that caused me to sign up along with being able to see my income as my profit. The only thing I do not like about the Self Employed version is the fact that I cannot save my client’s info, give estimates, or create different categories. Overall great product.
Just soso
by Milestones, LLC on 2018/03/20 12:32
I signed up in February and am still learning how to best use the app. I own a small business that provides health care based services to kids. The app is appropriately sales-based as more businesses are such. It does a good job with transactions, and it is cool looking at the reports. I can easily send invoices and mark payments. My bank account got a ton easier to categorize. I am not financially minded, so I admit I get hung up in the unimportant details. I attend continuing education, and other uncategorized expenses that I would prefer to track individually. I am sure my accountant cares less about that, though. My beef is with the mileage feature. There are entries recorded that are miles off. I am looking for an entry that was 9 miles long and it was recorded as almost 15 (it just never stopped when I stopped). Little entries that are 2 mile drives enter at nearly 5. It is only 2 or 3 a week, but it tales time and more tracking than I think it should take.
Has potential but missing basic features & functionality
by Sivanybe on 2018/03/13 05:03
I turned to Quickbooks in an effort to streamline my accounting. I’m still using the free trial period and have nearly inputted three months of expenses but the deeper I dive, the more disappointed I am. Although I’ll admit that because I’ve spent so much time and energy getting every into the app, I’ll most likely end up paying to keep it. In some aspects the app is great - storing receipt photos, quick glance summary, etc. However, it lacks some really basic functionality/features/capabilities and it’s extremely frustrating because something seemingly simple like categorizing expenses takes a painfully long time because an expense doesn’t fit into the options given and there’s no way to create or rename a category. A customer service rep advised me that the categories are straight from the IRS Schedule C however, a schedule C makes a distinction between raw materials, shipping supplies and office supplies. Quickbooks does not. It would also be nice to be able to select several transactions at once and categorize them or exclude them with the click of a drop down. It’s absurd to have to go into every transaction manually when this basic function exists even in my email account. The mileage portion of the app doesn’t always work even though it’s set to auto track. I have MileIQ running concurrently and it tracks every mile accurately. And lastly, why is Square not supported?
Great tools to have for self-employed
by JasDinhMech on 2018/07/04 04:04
This App is very useful not just with rideshare individual. It can be useful for other occupations as well as regular workforce personnel. It does all the math on your receipts, auto categorize it, user can import/export email data. Track your earning, expense, mileage. As well as pre-fill your tax form. Link your bank, created invoice for payment. There is a feed for using invoice services. Which i dont understand, because ur paying a subscription monthly. Which I assumes it should be free. I guess $10/month is not enough. If your generating 10/20 invoice a month. Your subs just became more than $10 already. Also. “Your Name Are Your Business Name by default” because you pay taxes under that social security. If you choose anything other than your name. You will have to register and get a business EIN.
We LOVE this ap- THANKS, QuickBooks!
by EdwinaSerrafina on 2019/01/19 22:46
This application is absolutely perfect for our small company. It is so easy to learn and easy to use and keep updated. We adore the feature of connecting our bank accounts and being able to mark certain places or for the same assignment each time automatically. There are some places that, quite frankly, we will only get our inventory, parts, business services and whatnot and it’s nice to have those automatically assigned it to a business category or as a personal expense without us manually having to do it. I really love this application and it’s ease-of-use! We HIGHLY recommend this for any small and medium-size company. It will make the tax filing an absolute breeze this year, which has been an absolute nightmare in previous years that I deplore doing each time.
iOS 11 compatible
by pat | r. on 2017/09/20 07:28
It seems to work perfectly now after the last update. I use this to keep track of my rideshare mileage and to separate personal from business income and expenses transactions. IMO, it’s a complete all in one app that gives you what you need every tax quarter or season. My only gripe is that, and it may just be personal preference - but I wish the maps for each trip showed the actual route taken from point A to point B. If I were auditing, I would question a log that’s 55 total miles with what looks like a 5 mile separation from point A to B on the map. The in-between trips and round a bouts in town are not very transparent -not sure if this was intended. It is possible to track routes- there’s only one app in the App Store that actually does this well, but it’s not as complete as this app.
A Business Essential!
by joihearts on 2017/10/29 15:54
Using this app has streamlined all my needs - money in, money out, mileage, etc. - into one location. Having it all in one place AND being able to set rules for reoccurring transactions has saved me a lot of time which, as a business owner, in invaluable. Sending a customized invoice is a breeze and it even allows you to see when it’s been viewed and resend if necessary. Takes a lot of the awkwardness out of having to follow up with clients about payment for goods and services. I love being able to see all my transactions in various charts and graphs for a quick visual of my spending/earning ratio as well as a quarterly tax estimate to keep you honest with the IRS. If you’re an entrepreneur - particularly a solopreneur - I would HIGHLY recommend using quick books self employed!
Payment issues/No assistance
by Jackson2910 on 2019/07/12 21:00
My invoice was marked as paid, it’s been about 4 weeks or so and I’m still waiting on the money to be deposited into my account. I contacted support through the app chat and was told they can’t help me with that and that I need to contact a different department. The support department hours conflict with my work schedule and there are no after hours support. Don’t expect to get assistance with any issues. On top of not getting paid a refund was given to the customer for overpayment. *UPDATE* I finally made contact with the support department. I was advised I didn’t receive payment because the payment was disputed by the customer. After further review by support it was determined it wasn’t disputed by the customer and that it was labeled as disputed due to the customer having insufficient funds. They explained I should have received an email notifying me of the disputed transaction, which I did not receive. They explained that there was nothing they could do and that I would have to get in contact with the customer for payment. I am no longer in contact with the customer although if I would have been properly notified I could have handled the situation when I was still in contact. So not only did I not receive payment, the customer accepted the refund for overpayment knowing they did not make the payment. The refund was only given because notification from intuit advised I had been paid. This service is completely unreliable.
Almost good, except for invoicing
by sapphiresky83 on 2019/08/20 02:05
The good: -Automatic mileage tracking -Automatic download of banking/credit card trans for quick and easy expense tracking. -Tax awareness and live tracking. The bad: The invoice feature is just plain awful. Intuit could make it better, but they won’t and I will get into that with this list: 1. There are no customization options for invoices. 2. No option to create items for quick repeated entries. 3. No option to manage customers/clients outside of the invoice function. Here is the truly awful: 1. No easy option to email a pdf version of an invoice. When you email from the app it sends an html email to the recipient and they click on a web link to view a badly formatted version of the invoice online. This has to be due to the fact that intuit wants you to use their payment processing because they want to take your money for each transaction. This is evident by the fact that there is no option to turn the payment processing off and it is in your face every time you create an invoice. Now there is a way to email a pdf version I found and can do on my phone, but then there is no option to mark the invoice as “sent.” Unless you email through the app as described below. If I decide to keep this service (and not cancel and ask for a refund) I will not be using the invoice feature as it is nothing more than a ploy by intuit to grab more of your money.
Bad early much better after update!
by Gen surgeon on 2018/05/31 06:27
Don’t know what happened between the two years but what used to work flawlessly in 2017 now doesn’t even open this year. I would find the app loading for 2-3-4 minutes and then crash unexpectedly. Can’t even tell if the app even logged the miles I drove for work. Couldn’t believe how awesome it was last year free as part of paid turbo tax deal, but now I see what free really is. Buggy, crashing...wait, that implies the app even opens in the first place! ————— Update (5/30) Ok so the devs updated this app on 5/1 and since then it’s been working like it used to. Just had to try it for a few weeks to make sure it didn’t crash again. Changing it back to 5*!
Worst service !!
by Gene40 on 2018/09/09 17:00
I was starting a new company and I use this service following their good ideas on how to bill my clients in a discrete manner. Everyone was happy until one of my clients accidentally forgot about her transaction and opened a dispute. Intuit immediately started to withdraw that money that I no longer had on my account. They continued trying to get the money from my account several times and create a huge amount of fee!! BE AWARE!! They said I can’t spend or reinvest my money, I have to let the money sit in my account for several months in case a dispute happens. This just gets interesting, my client fixed the problem and now Intuit wants to charge me a lot of fees because my account didn't have the amount on my account and they weren't able to get the disputed money without consulting me. No matter it wasn't my fault they are now harassing me to pay the fees for having a dispute (no matter it wasn't my fault and it was legitimate transaction) and for not having the amount on my account for them to hold the funds.
Ambivalent Appreciation for the App
by Ehannahw on 2018/04/23 01:36
I really love most of the things this app does. I haven’t any problems with tracking my mileage. I personally don’t sync my bank account with the app so that’s not an issue for me because I use my bank for personal reasons so it’s easier for me to just manually enter what I need. I love that I can upload a picture of a receipt to my transactions. My biggest issue with this app is the fact that I cannot send my customers an electronic receipt when they’ve paid me!!! This is so unprofessional!!! Also I’d like to be able to send an invoice to more than one person at the same time. Theses are very simple things to add on as features. Also, there’s no way to add tax or to compute the fee that I lose every time customers pay me electronically. I’d have to manually calculate. Additionally, the customer service is absolutely deplorable. I’ve called or emailed or chatted with very little resolve.
Receipt scanning workflow is ridiculous
by G.B. in CA on 2019/01/20 02:07
You want to scan your receipt immediately after purchase so you don’t lose it or forget, right? Wrong. When the transaction comes in from the bank, usually the next day, it won’t link it to the receipt you scanned because the dates aren’t the same. So you get two transactions. QB wants you to wait until the transaction processes about 3 days later (note NOT when the transaction first appears because you can’t do ANYTHING with it while it’s pending like add a note or category) and THEN scan the receipt. Which you’ll forget to do, or have lost it, or otherwise just get behind and never get around to it. BAD design. Concur let’s you scan a receipt into a library and then you can go join it to a transaction later. Which is better but still not as good as just using a simple algorithm that id the vendor and amount are identical and the date within a day or two its the same transaction, or if that’s too risky just let the user MERGE two transactions
Used to love frustrating
by Ap197 on 2018/06/27 00:41
I used to love this app...mileage tracking has become an issue. I have already done all the steps given to me by customer service but they didn’t change anything. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Seemed to fix the problem...but that didn’t last long. I never know which day it is going to track and which day it isn’t so that has led to lost mileage entries and having to do it manually defeats the purpose. Also no longer being able to stayed signed into my account is frustrating. If I need to back out and look at something else on my phone I am always asked to enter password or fingerprint to open...I can understand this if there is extended time between opening but not just looking at my notes and then jumping back only to have to start over again. The point of this was to make logging information and keeping track of my business expenses easier not more work.
Doesn’t consistently records Mileage
by B -Steve on 2019/07/28 13:57
I’m trying to believe this is my go to app for recording mileage but 80% of the it doesn’t. The app will do great 2 out 7 days, all the other features work great on the app. I wish technical support would seriously look into improving one of the MOST IMPORTANT features of their product as many of these reviews have the same complaint. I’m on the $10 monthly plan and just feel like I’m wasting my money. The number one purpose for getting this app was features and support but I starting to believe this company doesn’t value customers feedback and concerns! I would love to hear back from them as to whether they concern about building their brand or just put products out and abandon them. It can be a great app if they invest in updates and support. Hopefully, I don’t have to jump ship to another brand/company the stand with their customers. It’s this what reviewing a product suppose to do? Bring awareness to flaws to improve quality???
Rename to Ridiculously Slow Books
by Kels7672 on 2017/11/15 19:51
This app and their customer service is ridiculous. If I only use the app I can log into my account without a problem. As soon as I try to log in on a computer I get caught up in an endless loop of ads trying to get to me subscribe to their service. I already pay for their service via the app store. I finally got fed up and decided to chat with a rep today. After 10 min I was given a customer service number. I have been on hold for 28 minutes as of this moment. I’m typing this review while I wait on hold. The service will not import transactions from my credit card. It claims it is linked but always tells me to try again in an hour or two to import transactions. So I am stuck fighting an endless loop of ads so can attempt to sign into my account on my computer so I can use a real keyboard to type in the transactions or spend hours typing them in on my cell phone. I did manage to link my bank account to the app only to find it randomly imports transactions more than once severely inflating my books and skewing my numbers. I have contacted quickbooks about this in the past and their response was, yeah we know. Its your banks fault not ours. So I have to police the app regularly to make sure my numbers are accurate. (Still on hold with customer service. Its been 42 minutes now. I’ve been in an on line chat with one of their agents for 37 minutes!)
Mileage tracker doesn’t work
by BJ0924 on 2018/08/25 21:59
The sole reason I downloaded the app was to track my mileage as I drive a lot for my business. It worked at first but not accurately. It doesn’t start recording until I’m down the road. Now it has stopped tracking anything at all. I haven’t even been using it 24 hours... (yes I have auto track turned on, location services for the app always on, changed my password settings to required infrequently and have even started to make sure I have the app up and running before I go.) Also if I have to put in mileage manually why is there even the option to add Google Maps integrated start and end location if it’s not going to input the mileage automatically for me?! I’d also like to be able to name the locations and for it to recognize frequent trips and/or locations. I’m a pet sitter so for some clients I drive to their house up to three times a day for several days.
One problem after another
by Guinea Joe on 2018/12/05 19:23
This would be a great app if it worked as planned. The mileage does not always work and when it does, it doesn’t work correctly. The Connect to Bank account feature encounters disconnection problems every day and some times it will reconnect on the first try but most times it will not. I’ve been unable to get my American Express card reconnected for the past week. It keeps telling me the site is down for maintenance. Quickbooks is working on it but after 8 days i have to wonder if keeping the service is worth it. I will mention that i started using it late Sept 2018 for my Etsy shop in hopes of making entry a bit easier and less forgetful. If these issues persist by month end (November) i’ll go back to MileIQ and an Excel spread sheet and save the $5. December 5, 2018 UPDATE to my Review Prior to Thanksgiving, i received a Developer response e-mail from QB. I’ve yet to hear back from my reply to that e-mail. I will say that the Mileage began working about a week after my reply. No idea if it was something they did but i can say it wasn’t anything i did. I will move it to 3 stars from 2 since its mostly working as it should. There’s still that problem with Bank disconections each day but clickibg on the fix-it button does fix-it.
by Mels Opinion on 2017/12/16 16:16
Useless program. Total waste of money. Has only specific categories with no ability to create accounts that are applicable to your own situation. I’m now working with ZOHO I bought it at the beginning of the year and have been working in QB online for my other company. I started to work in this for my self employed items and this is useless for my needs. I wasted a boatload of money because I didn’t check it out earlier Customer service with QB is a bigger joke. No email address to send inquiries. Finally found the phone number and then 14 minutes on hold to talk to someone that was totally clueless. But she was able to give me an email address. Lol Got back to my computer and found how to cancel it but it would wipe everything I put in. Got back on the app and found their chat line. Spent another hour going through via typing with CHAT trying to find their weird download button that looks more like a forward button that only shows up on one screen. (They really don’t want you to leave) got ‘er done though. Then went to cancel and it locked up with ‘OOPs, we ran into a problem and can’t cancel’. Spent another hour waiting for the person on chat to get it to finally cancel. Why am I thankful today Got everything downloaded from QB Not going to jail for hurting anyone I can appreciate the fact that I don’t work for QB I can be proud for not being nasty to anyone
No phone support but can charge you $4.99 a month?
by John smith toni on 2018/09/23 18:48
I really wanted to like this app. Used it for about a month And worked great. Then came the software update. Which logged me out of my bank information and self-employed Apple account. Once I logged back into the app and tried to add my bank information I kept trying to do it for a week and could not log into my bank. I reached out via phone and was told there is no phone support (but they’re OK with taking your money monthly right?) I was told to go to the website and start a live chat. The person on the chat told me that they don’t provide chat support (but $4.99 out of my pocket is nice right?) And support for this app was only through email. They directed me to an article that lets me know how to add my bank account to the app 😬. I got fed up and deleted the app and canceled my membership. This is why small business owners for taxes and accounting purposes are always going to be in business because of crap like this.
Fake Misleading Advertising
by Dennyhayes on 2019/01/23 17:29
The assumption is that with this app you can take a picture of a receipt, and the data is automatically entered into a database, so that you can keep track of expenses. This is totally false, because the OCR technology for cellphones is not yet good enough to do that. That is compounded by the fact that many receipts you get have been printed by printers low on ink, etc. So what Quickbooks is pushing is nothing but a picture app, like the picture/image app in every cellphone, and a database where you need to manually enter in the data yourself. There are many Scanner apps that have OCR capability, but not good enough for receipts. I’ve been designing databases since the 80s, and would love to see an OCR that was that good. So far I have used many OCR apps, and the best one I have seen is on an app called ScannerPro which is only available for iOS. My oldest daughter’s husband is a programmer for the company Nuance who is the leader in OCR technology, and he explained to me the many problems.
Nightmare under the hood
by YuriApr82 on 2018/12/28 17:50
I have been using this app for exactly a year. Visually and in theory the app is good, but it is horror what is happening under the hood. When applying rules, transactions appear as uncategorized. I had to remove one of my credit cards from the app because it was no longer active (due to fraud, bank replaced it with a new one) and then all of the categorizations as well as receipt images were just gone. I was able to email the support and nothing has been done. There is no backup on their end. Basically, the customer should never delete an account because there is no way to get back all the hard work that has been done and for me it was a year of work! Other issues include constant connection issues to the banks. Pretty much on a daily basis. It seems to me that the app development is not continuing, just maintenance and I am absolutely sure that other people are having the exact same issues.
by Psalm132 on 2018/09/17 15:17
I wanted to love this app. I stuck it out like a bad relationship. I went through all the trouble of making sure all my stuff was set up correctly, all my accounts were logged in etc. I was so excited! This was going to make life so much easier and give peace of mind and ease to being self employed. Oh was I WRONG. At first it was ok. Maybe a few days. I literally spent hours filing the whole years transactions (linked to bank account) into their specific categories. Then the problems began. Duplicate and triplet transactions. Check my bank account. Nothing wrong there. I go into weeks long back and forth with customer support. “We’re working on it”. Week goes by. No change. Another week and emails, no change. Now. Not only does the duplicate/triple transactions make it 10x the work if you were to just write it out on paper, but the app has thrown every single transaction I filed back into the “transactions to review” section as if they had never been done! Leaving me to do ALL...OVER...AGAIN. It does the same thing with mileage tracking. What. A. Joke. Lol This could have been so amazing...and yet, it is so so so terrible leaving you frustrated for ever spending the time energy and hours all to have nothing to show for it. It riddled with bugs and should be avoided at all costs!! Please take my advice and save the time. Use another app
Frustrating technical glitches and customer support
by Lindsay Krasna on 2019/05/04 13:23
I like this app but I’ve been really disappointed by the technical glitches and the customer support as of late. I’ve had an unresolved the issue with categorization transactions that continues to occur. I’m frustrated as this matter has been going on for some time now, and there still hasn't been any resolution despite chatting and emailing with multiple customer support representatives over the last month. The issue is when I manually categorize my QuickPay income as 'business income' on my mobile app, these transactions end up getting erroneously categorized as 'credit card payment' in the reviewed section. The proposed solution to create a rule isn’t helpful because not all of my QuickPay income is business income. I’d love it if someone could help me get to the bottom of this.
Poor Customer Service Experience
by hirnix on 2019/03/15 06:30
My accountant logged into my account and (rightfully) pointed out that a few large education expenses needed to be labeled as such. QB had no category available and none can be added. That alone is mind-boggling, but I contacted customer service for help. The first agent didn’t answer my question and determined I should be connected to a sales person. Before I could give feedback, I got connected to another person who had me start all over and then stated there is no help and, oh, btw there is also no option to migrate my data to another QB plan (one which would have this category). My accountant said she’s never seen anything like this. She works on QB all the time and recommended diverting back to the desktop version for 2019+. QB Self-Employed seems to be in Beta and since it’s incompatible with the existing QB product suite. Sad. I liked it until tax season came.
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