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Plants vs. Zombies™
Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — Peashooters, Wall-nuts, Cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door. This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings WINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS* 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS Conquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as you can with Survival mode! NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS Battle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 more fun-dead zombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help plan your strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER Earn 49 powerful perennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more. GROW WITH YOUR GAME Show off your zombie-zapping prowess by earning 46 awesome achievements. COIN PACKS Need coins for great new stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the Main Menu. *Original Mac downloadable game. Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more VISIT US: FOLLOW US: LIKE US: WATCH US: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Important Consumer Information. This app contains direct links to the Internet.
A game that we love
by flameghost50 on 2020/11/28 22:56
I love this game and no matter what the people say this game has always been the same please don’t let ea stop you from loving the franchise because it always been a great game no matter if ea screws a game up I’ll say it again don’t let ea stop you loving this game and everything about it thank you ea and pop cap for this from your biggest fan
Hard and fun
by person citizin. on 2020/11/28 22:26
When I first started this game I thought it was fun, however when I got to the night stage I had a hard time. I started to play the mini game’s
Wow. They’ve ruined a classic!
by CRovente on 2020/11/28 21:13
This game is now virtually unplayable due to the number of adds. Adds after every level? Really? Why did you do this!? It’s really a shame because this was once an incredible game.
Very good game
by game fan101 on 2020/11/28 20:54
I really like it I have been playing it for 6 years I love it one of the best games I have ever played
Plant vs zombies
by ariana Solarzno on 2020/11/28 18:58
This game keeps me and my cousin entertained for a long time and we love to play this game and I want for Christmas is the little plus that come in the store I love this game I will read this game a 10 out of 10
Plz help
by Vbsnjajsj on 2020/11/28 18:15
I rly want to play this game I love it but it just kicks me out whenever I open it
Plants vs Zombies review
by Honchyboyo on 2020/11/28 17:57
The ads are pretty annoying considering how they pop up more than frequently
My childhood
by hellø16 on 2020/11/28 16:44
I grew up playing this game and I think everyone else did too.
So many ads is unbereable
by Francko0 on 2020/11/28 10:06
It’s unplayable, so many ads, constantly, every 30 secs
App is crashing
by dndnbcd on 2020/11/28 07:30
Tried to download the game and it keeps crashing and won’t let me on.
Great game
by plejddk on 2020/11/28 06:39
This game will always be in my heart. It was always a great game back then
by soringleapard on 2020/11/28 01:57
Loved the game growing up downloaded it again ads everywhere and doesn’t even open half the time.
by the great jandioiii on 2020/11/28 01:08
This game is full of strategy.You have to be smart to pass the levels and the soundtrack matches the emotions you feel and the even tho it’s a 2d game the moans from the zombies makes this so scary.Back to the soundtrack it matches perfectly with the levels your playing.My favorite theme is LoonBoon because if a zombie is about to get into the house the music matches the feeling,if your bowling and a huge wave appears but you don’t have any explosive walnuts the music matches the feeling.Truly wonderfull
by icecreamsodapopvanillaonthetop on 2020/11/27 23:14
We love it!:)
Completely Broken
by Fade2blac on 2020/11/27 22:52
The app no longer opens on my iPhone 11 pro.
So many ads
by shrek087 on 2020/11/27 21:13
So I started the game expecting to at least START the tutorial without an ad but it gave me a sucky ad with a fake X. Based on what I’ve seen there’s more ads then gameplay
by potato bot on 2020/11/27 20:39
This is the best game, I love playing it the only problem is nothing
App doesn’t work
by Carlag0618 on 2020/11/27 19:28
I downloaded the game and it won’t open. I tried deleting and reinstalling it but it still doesn’t work.
by Sketching101 on 2020/11/27 18:55
Too many adds. Bu-bye
It has to many adds
by fhdnndchf on 2020/11/27 17:50
And I hate it
by i as xbaksjjs on 2020/11/27 17:34
Great game but on my new phone iPhone 12 pro, when I open it it shows the popcap screen for a second then exits the app, so I can’t play. Please help
Too many ads
by rjhardin on 2020/11/27 16:10
I understand that there need to be ads, but good grief! There are so many ads that I just stopped playing.
Absolutely horrible
by hhkigujg on 2020/11/27 06:47
If I could give zero I would.
Pls fix this
by pendy_123 on 2020/11/27 00:58
I might give this a star 5 if you fix this problem but umm every time I open this app it kicks me out If you fix this I might give it a 5 star review
Game crashes
by Adam66322 on 2020/11/27 00:36
I just installed this game on my phone. Every time I open it, It crashes. Hopefully this’ll get fixed.
My review
by gumnasticsssssd on 2020/11/26 22:49
It won’t let me open the app
Not working
by HOMESTUCK2.000 on 2020/11/26 20:42
Keeps playing the first round over and over again. Can’t do to the next level.
Kicking me out
by games list on 2020/11/26 19:35
This game was popular for awhile but now when I try to play it, it shows me the popcap intro then kicks me out for some reason, hopefully the creators can resolve this because it’s a really fun game.
It’s Fun!
by ngpcho on 2020/11/26 19:15
I like it because when I got the puff shroom it was fun to me!
The best game
by bro lets go on 2020/11/26 18:10
I like the game so much and I completed all the Levels and I wish you made more
Yo this fun
by pvz in nice and cool on 2020/11/26 16:25
Best game out there 10out of 10
by akmeno47 on 2020/11/26 08:40
Great entertainment that’s family friendly
by Jeff pad on 2020/11/26 07:00
Too many sales commercials attempting to sell other apps.
Was about to play.....
by B!tchiness on 2020/11/26 06:48
I was going to play PvZ but the app won’t even open. Just deleted it instead. I have an IPhone XS Max so I shouldn’t even have an issue opening it.
by reviewperson88888 on 2020/11/26 03:49
way too many adds
Great zombie smashing
by wofidood on 2020/11/26 01:41
Poning zombies on this game is fun great game for it’s time
by chansonnassent on 2020/11/25 20:40
Zoo good
Always fun but all the ads
by Rdt11684 on 2020/11/25 17:53
I’ve played this over and over since it came out god knows when. But now there are a ridiculous amount of ads.
Tech issues
by Odalette! on 2020/11/25 02:41
I love this game, played it when it first came out. Now, several years later I’m playing again. My previous achievements and everything weren’t loaded and I’m starting over from scratch. That is annoying but doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that I paid to remove ads, And that only lasted a handful of days. So now I’m out the money, and I’m still getting intrusive ads where are you can’t even turn the volume off. They are frequent and it’s getting so that I’m trying to fight the urge to quit and uninstall. I tried “help” but it’s a maze and didn’t get me to a person. I don’t want to spend three hours on a research project in order to fix this, I would rather spend that three hours playing another game.
Great game, does it really need ads?
by dbranninng on 2020/11/25 00:09
Loved this game before, love it now, but it really takes me out of the experience with the constant ads after each level, as if EA wasn’t greedy enough, so they slap a bunch of stupid ads onto their most prized possession. Still a great game though, and it’s only two bucks to get rid of the ads. Timeless classic
The ads are so bad
by fusion_Hf on 2020/11/24 23:58
I love this game so much but these ads are horrible, you can’t play a game without getting an ad and they’re they’re unskipable and they just open the App Store without any warning. I had two unskipable ads that opened before a game and they both forcibly opened the App Store
PvZ review
by JenIG7 on 2020/11/24 22:50
Part of a classic franchise defending your home from the undead using cute yet dangerous plants. I enjoy this game because of it’s mild difficulty, and clever mini games. One of the best things about this game is the survival game modes and the many kinds of plants and zombies. I like how Pop Cap has added 5 different areas each with its own unique twists.
A Classic Suffering Under the Weight of Ads
by Wiseguym on 2020/11/24 22:02
I bought this game a long time ago. Now after redownloading it several years later, I find that there are advertisements EVERYWHERE. It is sad to see such a gem ruined by the rampant greed. Apple needs a “Hall of Fame” section of their arcade where you can have best-sellers go when they reach 5 years. That way the game can make money without being plagued by desperate monetization.
by FunnyMan42 on 2020/11/24 21:07
This game is really fun and and all the adds you can skip in 5 seconds! I’m not a bot
PvZ Why
by jak333t2 on 2020/11/24 20:35
So I am a big fan of PvZ but something happen to me which I cannot forgive, that I was on 5-7 on the roof the next day I was back to 1-1 front yard, I had so much stuff so I had to delete the game. :(
Stopped loading
by Mari-Edwin on 2020/11/24 19:34
This is my fav game and it will not even launch now.
Overall this game is a whole flashback
by ERRRRRBODYKNOWS on 2020/11/24 17:08
I mean I wish the mini games weren’t so expensive. Beat the campaign modes and now I’m farming zen garden but I guess you gotta make money somehow
Ads galore!
by Chippybarbeqflava on 2020/11/24 16:22
Like the other reviews, this game is full of ads now. Not only that but it will let you see an ad and when the game is suppose to start out will freeze on you. You have to get out of the game reset it and view more ads. I really used to love this game and I still want to like it, it’s just frustrating instead of having fun having to play it.
Best RPG of not attacking on your own👊🏼
by keeganbowling on 2020/11/24 14:30
Look I had this for many years no. Need for updates mabye glitched some are good bad idk it’s good game for anyone that loses a lot maybe play this or watch a vid then play ok? Plz install
by Robot 3000 on 2020/11/24 11:12
Please fix the start up of the game. I cant even begin the game because it just crashes.
by 睿智的木屑 on 2020/11/24 10:15
If it weren't for too many advertisements and no Chinese translation, I would definitely give it to five stars
Freezes after Ads
by ShortBusPDX on 2020/11/24 05:07
Love the game, but the constant freezing after watching an ad is frustrating. Only option is to quit the app and start over. What happens then? Yep. A new ad and the same frozen app. Rinse repeat. Please fix!
Annoying Ads
by Conrado Dominguez on 2020/11/24 03:50
The amount and length of the ads make it hard to play the game.
Please please please update PVZ 1
by lmtrent on 2020/11/24 01:42
I can’t play on my newer phones. PVZ1 is the best version and they should update it to be compatible with newer phones. PLEEEEASE
Slave to Ads.
by Ajdoebsd on 2020/11/24 01:13
This game used to be fun, now it’s broken because of the cheap in-your-face ads. Sometimes after an ad you just stare at the yard and have to relaunch the game. You’ll never guess what you see when you come back...
by dabking1000 on 2020/11/24 00:36
Like I get why you put ads but why do you have to put them in the beginning in the end it annoys me when I used to play this game as a kid I had fun because they were not add just my opinion though
Was a good game, now riddled with ads.
by SamiSketches on 2020/11/23 22:41
I came back to this game to look at the game I loved as a kid, to find that you have to watch so many ads! The ads make it so frustrating. You get them BEFORE you start the level, that’s ridiculous. I really think they should change this to at LEAST after the level. Like the fact that you get ads before you play the level is so stupid.
Ads make the app freeze
by megsnyder426 on 2020/11/23 20:36
Pop up ads take you to the App Store (without interacting) and the PvZ app freezes when you return to the game. So frustrating!
by Pokemon is yes on 2020/11/23 18:48
This is a game in the PVZ series, how can it not be good?
Love the game but unplayable
by TimDogg818 on 2020/11/23 17:56
Current unplayable on my iphone12 max. Probably not updated properly
by Emankcinickname on 2020/11/23 17:50
Audio levels reset every time you launch the app. You have to restore the no ads purchase each time you launch. Super annoying. Hope you fix it soon :/
by Symetre4664 on 2020/11/23 17:11
Great Game
Used to be good
by Mr.Lucas000000 on 2020/11/23 13:42
I loved this game time after time, I just got it back to love it again but then I found EVERYTHING I DO CAUSES A 30 SECOND AD TO POP UP! I HATE GETTING AN AD FOR JUST EVEN SELECTING A LEVEL! WHY DOES THERE EVEN NEED TO BE SO MANY ADS???
Not What It Used to Be
by Mario11584 on 2020/11/23 02:10
I played this game a lot years ago when it first came out. I decided to start playing again. The audio was cracking. And there was no way to turn off the ads when starting the game. I didn't even see an option to buy it, which I would have. I deleted it from my phone. None of these were issues years ago when I played it.
No me gusta
by kumbre con k on 2020/11/22 23:56
Tiene muchos promociones
Amusing way to pass time
by DC_byrd_online on 2020/11/22 20:18
I enjoy the game. It is fun! A little glitchy with recent updates. For some reason the app won’t load unless I restart the phone?!
Good the best
by jdhdudndisjenei on 2020/11/22 20:12
I like it so much but I think 2 is better because there our more types of worlds and zombies 😆
by maxx kain on 2020/11/22 16:00
I like your new game
Used to be fun
by $5downthedrain on 2020/11/22 09:10
I used to enjoy playing this game. Now there are way too many advertisements that you have to watch. Game deleted.
by eboy214 on 2020/11/22 03:09
Too many consecutive advertisements
They ruined the game with too much ads
by luis093 on 2020/11/21 22:53
Too much ads
Oh come on
by Chris Choay on 2020/11/21 22:10
For god sakes I just wanted to play the original but there has to be ads and other things that ruin this, for god sakes the DS version does this WAY better than this, I’d rather play that then this mobile version, I wish I had a computer so I could just play the actual original game that was 5 dollars, this is literally a cash grab of ads each level you complete there’s one and it’s ANNOYING, why did you have to ruin this masterpiece EA, WHY.
So many ads!!
by Queen Gráce on 2020/11/21 21:00
I used to play this game on my computer as a kid and I loved it. But now there are so many ads I don’t even want to click on anything!! And don’t even get me started on how expensive everything is!!! You have to pay 150,000 coins for mini games on top of everything already being HEAVILY advertised. This is so dumb because in the game, you will naturally have around 20-30 thousand coins if you save really well!!!! It’s become such a chore to play this game and I’m really sad bc I used to love it so much. Don’t download unless you’re ok with spending actual money to unlock games and watching endless ads.
Zombie song
by Gam r373 on 2020/11/21 18:39
Zombies:I like brains Sunflower:let’s make sun points Peashooter:Let’s attack Zombies Zombie boss:let’s eat Dave’s Brain All zombies:let’s eat the brains! All plants:Let’s Defend!
Move along, just another game with too many ads.
by Clayquinn7753643 on 2020/11/21 16:59
Title says it all. Ads.
it’s good but one promblem
by xboxgods101 on 2020/11/21 16:07
every time i go to play the mini games i would click on it and it would give me an add now that does not seem bad right well it is because everytime i’m done with the add it just freezes my hole game and I GET AN ADD EVERY TIME SO I CANT PLAY THE MINI GAME PLS FIX YOUR GAME
I love it
by rawtheraddude on 2020/11/21 15:26
Hello ea and pop cap I like the game and I have already beaten both adventure modes but every time I open it now it will not open it just closes and it needs some improvements and I know it is getting old because it is already 12 years old now and I love the music I listen to it every night and I like playing the zomboss level over and over again but it needs to be fixed: sincerely Ryker
Plants vs zombies
by khihjhymijmmmmi on 2020/11/21 15:22
It tu dai for not literally it doesn’t nide wifi
Ad problems
by SnailIsADERP on 2020/11/21 09:02
I hate how afternoon every level there is an ad that causes you to go to the App Store every time when I try to skip it. I played this game all the time as a kid but now it just feels sad.
by tyßuññy on 2020/11/21 05:21
Keeps crashing whenever I open it to play and takes me out
by Funny Koala Panda on 2020/11/21 01:52
I redownloaded the game because i was bored. I was really upset with the sheer amount of ads. So many ads that i had to watch 3 just to get to a level. Every time i clicked something, ad, ad, ad. the game itself wouldn’t load and i would have to slide out of the app and restart it just for the same thing to happen. Super upset, a great game ruined by ads is always a sad thing. Really wish it was still fun, but the ads are blocking the actual game from loading.
If only you could actually play this
by NingenShikaku on 2020/11/21 00:12
It looks like the same fun game you remember, unfortunately it spams app breaking ads that automatically open the App Store and make it impossible even start the second level.
by TheKindBoy329 on 2020/11/20 23:59
My game keeps crashing if I come to the game in survival Fog when i enter And all I do is tap the button for it. EA and Pop Cap pls fix this bug! It’s very annoying.
Great game🤩
by PvZ Beans on 2020/11/20 23:19
It is a great game that is all I have to say🤩🥳🙃
another classic ruined.
by no $ to you greedy pricks on 2020/11/20 22:17
your greediness with the new ads has caused the game to constantly freeze, and the only way to fix it is by right after you just watched an ad and it crashed your game you have to watch ANOTHER ad just for even attempting of playing again. That’s if it doesn’t freeze again lol. I much rather buy the old version for 8 dollars than deal with this garbage version. Thanks EA for ruining such an amazing game.
Great game
by derpyskull on 2020/11/20 17:44
It’s so much fun. My only complaint is that it has few levels.
This is great!
by Antzny on 2020/11/20 17:07
First of all, THE ADDS ARE ALMOST ALLAYS SKIPPABLE AND IF THEY ARE NOT THEN THEY ARE STILL ADDS. To the people that constantly rate every game with ads a 1 just because they have adds ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS BYE THE REMOVE ADS IN DAVES SHOP. This game is great. Its completely playable without paying for anything and has every feature that the original game has.
One of the greatest games ruined by EA
by Mr.C0dfish on 2020/11/20 14:16
Amazing soundtrack, fun gameplay, everything is stellar except EA ruined it by adding microtransactions and ads.
by Waykito on 2020/11/20 11:46
I think it has way to many ads the game lacks detail, but not bad just ad after ad
Not able to use the Game
by Adham Andraana on 2020/11/20 10:44
I purchased the Game with 10 $ many years ago and still i am not able to use it in all my drvices,although I sign in with same iCloud! Fix the issue!!!
by Carson?/63)?: on 2020/11/19 21:33
Just too many ads
Pvz is good buuuuuuut...............
by c a r123456789 on 2020/11/19 20:47
Each time I complete a level there’s a stupid ad you have to get a button that says remove ads on the next update
One star just because I lost all my work!
by Chely_gal89 on 2020/11/19 19:24
The app is awesome but it crashed when I was almost finished with adventure mode and did NOT open. Tried everything before deleting the app but nothing worked. After That I decided to delete it and reinstall, but guess what? It still doesn’t work!
Update problems
by The235kid on 2020/11/19 18:54
Since the newest update, November 2020, every time I open the app it just crashes. I have an up to date iPhone 11 Pro Max. Worked perfectly before the latest update. Fix it please!
Great game, lousy with ads
by Nick59427 on 2020/11/19 15:09
Way to many ads that require 30 seconds.
Game keeps crashing
by persooon - n - on 2020/11/19 14:48
I just downloaded this game to re play it and whenever I open it it crashes and takes me out of the game every time
by BROKEN GRASS on 2020/11/19 03:47
The best mobile game
by johny sins dick on 2020/11/19 03:18
I’ve been playing this game for so long and I have to say this game is the best game on my phone I also noticed they don’t do a lot of updates so you don’t have to be afraid that something good will change
Still a classic
by mikeadb94 on 2020/11/19 02:39
One of the few phone games I don’t get bored of
Plants Vs Zombies “A Nostalgic Trip”
by Cuborican on 2019/11/03 23:05
I love Plants vs Zombies it’s a really good game. But there are some issues I’d like to address. 1. The menu is really boring. First of all the gravestone for adventure mode is a little smaller and lacks the detail of the older one. Also the zombies in the background aren’t a good addition and makes it look bland. And the leaf that falls randomly every few seconds....Just stop. Also... what about the achievement zombie gnome. He was like the best part of the entire screen. Every time I opened the game and found him, it made me so happy. It was kinda the cherry on top. But, now it lacks that flavor and is just replaced by a bland wood sign. How you, EA and Pop Cap, can solve this is to put it back to its original state. Finally, I think for the level select for adventure should be more...Creative. It just looks like a lame level select screen that you would look at in a CHEAP mobile. For this I suggest jazzing it up a little and giving it personality. This is PVZ gosh darn it. Make it feel like it. Well Pop Cap, EA please take this in consideration and try to fix these up. Thanks if you do and keep on doing what you do.
Great game that EA ruined + Terrible bug
by -TSW- Wolf on 2020/06/14 12:20
Plants Vs. Zombies is an undeniably great game, it’s a classic. However I was disappointed to find when downloading this app that EA has ruined it, as EA always does. The game is now riddled with advertisements and gives users a pay to win mentality because you can buy all the coins needed for all mini games, last stand, I, Zombie, and Vasebreaker for just a few dollars. Also, the fact that EA makes users spend large sums of coins to unlock those is very scummy if I’m being honest. Now not only has EA introduced microtransactions into a classic game where they don’t belong, but they’ve also introduced a horrible bug that’s cost me multiple Survival Endless runs. If a coin is on-screen when you pause and then leave a level, or advance to the next pair of flags in Survival Endless, the game will crash as soon as you return to the level and resume. There’s nothing that can be done about this, and you will have to restart your level. This glitch has cost me three runs in Survival Endless, being 16, 26, and 31 flags respectively, which I am obviously unhappy about. If EA were to do anything about this—fix the bug, make microtransactions less prevalent (or preferably, non-existent), maybe lower the cost of mini games, last stand, I, Zombie, and Vasebreaker, then that would bring my review up to five stars. However I think we all know that none of this will happen.
All for money...
by AwesomeSauce866 on 2020/07/22 18:05
There are so many ads now in PvZ it actually hurts me to play sometimes. I have to turn on airplane mode so I don’t receive an ad each time I complete a level or go to the main menu. They are quite annoying especially since playing before this time there was zero ads. Why did EA have to change this?? Leave the old game to slowly sputter out they literally had to change nothing and the game would still be perfect but they had to go and add so many ads into it. Not only that but a large thing that makes me mad is the fact that marigolds are sold in the shop for $5000 (previously $2500). This is a terrible price when you think about it because of these reasons. The marigold when finally grown to an adult size you get $1000 (one diamond) and can only be sold for $3000 and also in the intermediate levels of growth you get less than $500. This was the whole idea of the marigolds so that players can make a profit but instead you are losing money from buying these. There utterly is no point to them and should be reverted to their previous price of $2500 to “reward us nicely” as Crazy Dave says. I am putting this review as 1 Star because EA and popcap took a great game and made it just annoying. Hopefully this being 1 Star someone might see it but I highly doubt any change will be made. Thank you for reading my frustration!
PvZ is awesome!!!
by Brian Leverett on 2019/03/09 18:20
Now this game is the best game for all ages because it starts out nice and easy for beginners and the new update allows more detailed practice for starter players. This game has everything you want to do and it is very long! The only thing that I would like to see added is a co-op mode and a vs mode with a friend or with the computer. Other than that this game is the best for all players. If you don’t know what this game is than download it right now and play and play it! I hope that it keeps getting updated for more stuff to do. The new modes that I said about would make the game never ending and more fun! As always download this game now you will have fun with it! Trust me. I am still playing this game today on adventure 2 day 8. I love survival endless it is a good way to get coins faster. One thing that doesn’t work for me is the cob cannons explosions. I doesn’t blow up the zombies for me. But to end this download this now it’s a good game to do if your bored! This game is great and keep updating it please! 100/1 rating!
by ADD THIS IN ALREADY on 2020/02/21 00:52
Straight to the point...I love PvZ (Though the first person BS needs a break) I have supported PVZ for years and I was so excited by the new update with penny and opened the app...where was it? I thought maybe I need to unlock it? I went to pressed learn more and it said once you get 15 plants it’s unlocked...I’m way past 15 plants...were is it? I closed the app fully and re-opened and still couldn’t find it I looked more in the shop and then the app crashed, I thought maybe the app realized something wasn’t right...nope just crashed...please fix it I really want to participate Ps. I also for some reason can’t make a new account and I accidentally deleted my old account when I wanted to re-name it and I couldn’t get it back so maybe add a warning before you erase your progress? Pps. I bought the Apple motor and I don’t have many other plants other than the gem premiums and I wanted to level it up because Apple motor was my favorite plant...and every time I bough a premium piñata I got random premium plants I don’t own so I was wondering if you could make it so it’s more common to get seeds for plants you ACTUALLY OWN?
PvZ Gone Down Hill
by jamievlong on 2019/09/02 21:52
Originally bought the game back in 2012. Every few years I like to go back and play the game. I recently started playing again. I re-downloaded the app to see they did some updates with the interface. Nice. My one biggest pet peeve is that the game is now laden with adds and annoying suggestions to watch videos for a stupid item or upgrade. Is this what the game industry has come to? After every level you beat there is a stupid ad. What prompted me to write this review is that I just beat a level that I was working on for a good 20min and then had to watch an ad(ok, normal), then once the ad started, an “x” to close the ad that normally appears after about 8-10secs never appeared. I then went , “fine I’ll just open up the ad to see if this gets it going”. Nothing. Ok. So I then close PvZ then re-open it only to find out it didn’t save because of a stupid ad that glitched and forced me to exit out, close the app, then re-open it. Cmon PvZ team. Your game rivaled Angry Birds years ago. One of the top mobile games. Now you guys are pumping low-tier crap. The stuff you are doing is what sketchy rip off mobile games do.
This game is great! (Might be scary to younger children)
by Echo_A. on 2019/06/27 04:01
Okay so the first time I played this, it was on my grandma’s iPad. I loved it. (My parents didn’t really approve, but I didn’t care and neither did my grandma) so I was pretty decent at this, beat all the levels. Now I’m sitting here playing it, and it’s totally addicting years later. I prefer this one to the second one, mostly because the game mechanics seem simpler to me I guess. I just realized that this was the first review I’ve ever written for a game 🤔. So this pretty much had no purpose, I just wanted to let y’all know that this game is great! I mean, for some younger kids, it might be a bit scary... but if you think they can handle it, go ahead and get it for them! Seriously, great game. Can be played online and offline, with WiFi or without it. So it’s great for road trips, being on a plane, in a dead zone, pretty much anywhere your device won’t be harmed. I have no problem with this whatsoever, just wanted to let you guys know what a great game this is! 👍
There’s no way past level 5
by cixXcaxX on 2020/06/21 12:03
It’s impossible to get passed level 5 on Night, You don’t have unlimited lawn mowers, so you have to continue watching ads after ads, Then when you’re out, You’re out you lose, Play it again the same thing happens, Also when you use a cherry bomb after you kill a zombie with a lawn mover and they drop sun points, You place it down and it only has like, 2 Tiles down and 1 tile over, Like 2 Y and 1 X So what about the other two or three lanes? It also takes about a minute for that thing to be ready to use again, This is super unfair, They just want you to keep on playing ads, When there’s no possible way to beat it, This game was fun a few years back when I downloaded it on my laptop, I beat it and decided to play it again on my IPhone, I noticed it changed a lot, And so has the levels, Please make Level 5 Night at least possible
The game got EA’d, what a shame
by Puri101 on 2020/06/21 16:46
PvZ, at its core, was a wonderful experience. If you’re playing this in 2020, I assume you know what the gameplay is. Compared to PvZ2, The adventure mode is streamlined and encourages using a variety of plants in each world, the bonus games are fun, and Zen Garden is a relaxing and simple collectathon if that strikes your fancy. Those are the things it does right. However, going back to play this game now (which I had purchased before it was F2P), the staggering amount of ads they’ve implemented make this a headache to play through. Forced ads before AND after levels, ads to play bonus games, ads to supplement the pathetic amount of coins you get when you used to be able to comfortably buy everything just playing the game. And to top it all off, it’s clear the game wasn’t originally designed for ads and they are poorly integrated, since very frequently the level will crash after serving you up the pre-level ad which forces an app restart and watching an ad once more. I understand making it F2P is appealing, but anyone who had purchased the game previously should automatically have the ad-free option unlocked. This wasn’t done, hence my low score. Play something else.
Good, but could use some work
by LegendaryDragon1355 on 2019/02/18 01:25
I enjoy the game very much, but it’s not nearly as fun as it was 3-4 years ago The zombies should do more or atleast feel like they more damage every level so if a normal zombie does 3 damage at level 4 it should do 3.5 or 4 damage level 5 as well as the plants costing more al little for another example on level 3 a pea shooter costs 100 on level 5 or 6 it should cost a little more like 105 or 110 see what I mean it would make it harder because right now with a easy to master sunflower farm making sun pretty much infinite so hard to run out and lawn mowers and plants that can 1 shot any zombie meaning you could just spawn them when a high health zombie comes and with its short respawn time you could spam them if you have an efficient sunflower farm which is easy to make. I understand you may think that the game will be be to challenging for kids, but if you look back at the old Mario games they were hard very hard and the kids adapted to them calling them easy. It just strengthened their gaming skills, but you can have a better explain system or tutorial if you want take care.
Fix update!....AGAIN
by HCH753 on 2018/06/03 15:14
UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: The game has been glitching the last few days. As I have beaten the game well over 100 times and gotten all but one or two achievements, I typically only get on to play mini games. I was in the middle of playing level 3-5 when the game kept freezing up when I tried to get anything that required watching a video. So I logged off and back on several times. After the last time, my entire game was reset, completely wiped out my progress, FOR THE THIRD TIME. My game started over as if I had never played the game before. I am so annoyed!! Never have I played a game before that the developers think it is ok to reset all progress, MULTIPLE TIMES!! I LOVED this game for a very long time, but now it’s just irritating! I will not be starting over again. I will just finally delete the app, unfortunately, and that makes me very sad to say. The update wiped out my Zen Garden but gave me money for it so no big deal, although I don't need the money and used some to buy back my gardens but my survival mode is locked even though I have ALL of my trophies and most of my achievements!!! Please UNLOCK SURVIVAL MODE!!!! The extras are the only reason I play anymore since I have beaten the game MULTIPLE times!!!!
Isn’t this illegal or something?
by The eater of toast on 2019/04/17 09:01
I have literally purchased this game more times than I remember, in many different forms. I know I originally bought this app on my iPod when I was younger so that’s at least ONE time I’ve paid $0.99. I’ve had it on my DS, my Xbox, etc, not that it matters. And I’ve purchased coins from the shop a few times over the years as well—specifically through iTunes. So what the hell is going on when suddenly it’s a free to download app that refuses to restore all my purchases and forces me to watch adds? I literally own this game and it was taken away from me by an update?? I guess it’s my fault for getting a new phone huh? Honestly this is really scummy. At least let people restore their purchases. This new update only allows the “get rid of ads” purchase to be restored, and I believe any purchase used to do that but I could be mistaken. Even so, for somebody who originally paid for the app and has since made in-app purchases, all on the same iTunes account over many years, it’s disappointing for me to see my favorite mobile game get squeezed for cash like this. 😔 SEGA did this with Sonic as well so you’re not the only ones stealing products back from the consumers I guess
Paid to remove ads, still unplayable
by monniewolf on 2020/03/29 20:14
I paid a few months ago to remove ads. That worked for about a week. Now I’m back to having so many ads that game is almost unplayable. There are ads between every round, ads before and after every bonus game, ads when I visit my zen garden, etc. I spend more time stuck in ads than playing. I’ve contacted EA three separate times (before the lockdown) about it. First time they never responded. Second time they told me it was third party apps playing the ads (lie) and that I need to track down the app and delete it. So apparently according to EA, the inability to restore your purchase of no ads isn’t their fault (it just hangs on connecting to server when you click restore) it’s some invisible third party that they’re not responsible for and that only affects their game and no others. Third time, a response to their third party app theory, got no response. I know it’s only 3 bucks, but how many people are they ripping off? Reinstalling the game doesn’t fix it.
Amazing Game, EA ruined it
by random_nem on 2019/08/20 16:51
Plants vs Zombies has always been a staple of what a good mobile game is. It is extremely fun to play with an adventure/levels mode, as well as numerous other fun mini games. But now the game that was with me all my life is changed. I got a new Apple ID and got the game again but it’s different from how it once was. EA has made it so that at the begging of every level, you have a rake in the middle of the screen, and to get it you have to watch an add. You used to buy these things with easy to get in game money(no real money spent) but now there’s a focus on watching adds. As well as these optional items, in order to play the game you sometimes need to watch adds. In order to play a bonus game you HAVE TO WATCH AN ADD. Even the adventure part of the game is filled with adds. The final straw for me writing this review was when after completing an adventure level an add popped up. In summary PvZ is an amazing game, but it was much better when although the game cost money, there were NO ADDS. DOWN WITH EA
Sold out
by Dillon;) on 2018/12/21 03:28
It feels like plants versus zombies sold out. I used to love the watch a video function with plant vs zombies to get free things like extra chocolate to keep the snail awake and a free rake to kill one zombie. Now they just put a video every time you exit a level or start a level or pauses to play one in the middle of a level. Taken alongside how glitchy it is now it becomes very frustrating. It constantly kicks me out during an ad or after one plays and I have to start my level over again. They also “streamlined” things so you could easily play any level you wanted. The problem with this is that it doesn’t go from one level to the next automatically and there is no option to move on from one level straight to the next. It gives going through the game after you beat it a disappointing feel. There just isn’t any flow. It also feels like a cheap button smasher game now, I feel like they made everything much easier to make it almost hard to lose which makes it too easy. They have sold out to become one of those games I would download and okay for a week before becoming bored with it and deleting a week later.
Formerly Amazing
by september71 on 2019/09/29 21:22
Loved this game from day one. Then EA bought it and turned it into a joke. For several years they completely ignored it. To the point where it would no longer play on newer iPhones. I deleted it and recently remembered it so I downloaded it again. I was optimistically thinking they had made improvements. WRONG. WHAT. A. JOKE. First of all, they didn’t even optimize it for larger phone screens so it looks RIDICULOUSLY stretched out. Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video anyone? Now the whole appearance of the game looks like some bootlegged Canal Street game. You can see evidence of this on the game’s start up screen. The original size ratio shows up briefly before it’s S T R E T C H E D horizontally to laughable levels. Did EA put money into bettering the game? Nope. Did they add more interesting levels? Nope. Did they do ANYTHING new to the game? Nope. Oops, sorry. I was wrong. They DID put up approximately 10K paywalls around anything they could get their hands on. Such a joke. The fact that a gaming company would put their name on something like this shows how little integrity they actually have. Especially since they’ve done nothing but ruin the original title. So lame. SO SO lame. 😒
Great game until EA ruined it.
by Calvin Corrieri on 2019/05/05 06:43
Ads after every level. Ads play when you click buttons disguised as sun. Crappy microtransactions everywhere. Took a peek at the internals of the game, theres a Facebook worm built in. There’s also Vungle worms as well. I recommend looking them up, they’re in just about every game with ads. These worms track everything from your IP, phone number, playing habits, and other forms of data to build a profile on you. These companies then sell your data as per the terms of service you agree to when booting up the app for the first time. They also use it to track you across different apps and psychologically tailor ads to manipulate you further. Why should I have to deal with this crap after I bought the game so many years ago? I own it. I don’t want this free to play bundled with spyware and ads sack of crap. Ffs just let me play the game I paid for. This is not PvZ. This is EA doing what it does best. Ruining a perfectly good game for profit. I used to love this game. It’s sad that I won’t be able to fully experience that nostalgia simply because of a greedy publisher. I recommend against playing this game in its current state.
Great, but with small bug
by qschil on 2019/01/03 21:38
PVZ is probably one of the best no-wifi, free-to-play games ever. You can never really beat the game, which makes it interesting even after you beat adventure mode. There is one bug, though. Im not sure if it was from the most recent update, but cob cannon AoE (area of effect) is messed up. When the target is thrown on the specified spot, only the zombies in front are damaged. The explosion only seems to hurt zombies between 3 tiles left of the target and on top of the target. This isnt a big problem in adventure mode, but is extremely annoying in last stand and survival endless, where a lot of plants are up front and can be destroyed without cob cannon backup. Im pretty sure this isnt only on the new iPhones; it happens on other devices too. All these years later, PVZ is still awesome, and I hope that the bug can be fixed soon!
Like it but I have a thing to say about number 2
by ilovekittenup on 2020/08/07 21:44
I just want to say great game but I might as well not make two separate reviews so I love p vs z 1! The second one however ITS SO HARD like why just why? Would u do this to a p vs z game. I understand they wanted to make it more challenging but, u my dude have just gone over board don’t get me wrong other Than that it’s a great game. BUT WAIT, why the heck u got to pay for CHOMPERS? TORCHWOOD as well so many questions about why and 5 dollars as well for a plant ?!?! Like I know I should’ve put this on the 2nd one but why would I do that because I would just get to trash those things MORE. I hope they read this but I’d they do the developer response (if they do even respond) will be like “thank u for ur suggestions we will improve” just saying Actually IMPROVE but anyway thanks for reading this (if anybody actually does)
Best app in the known universe
by Gdiomond on 2020/03/14 15:07
This game is the best you could possibly get to a masterpiece the game is great and there is a surprise at the end (no spoilers ) if you want to see it you must play the game and once you Finnish the main game there is a second adventure then if you beat that there are still mini games and coins to grind to grow a tree and much more But I do recommend turning the WiFi off unless you want to watch ads to get FREE stuff So let’s say you played the game (of corse you have) and you think “this game wants me to watch ads and buy in-game currency and all that” but you have to realize this is a mobile game and it is perfect for taking a few minutes wile killing time Summery I really recommend it and if you don’t like it sure it’s free pvz is my childhood in a nutshell
I love this game
by Vampireblizzard88 on 2019/09/26 01:13
This is great. Honestly. I don’t write reviews usually/at all but I had to for this. The graphics are amazing. I see no bugs so far but sometimes my loading screen freezes up and it takes a little long to load. But it seems pretty smooth. The plants and the zombies look really like the first game on the DS. I have been playing Plants vs Zombies for a long time. It was on my DS when I was young and I couldn’t bear to get rid of it or even delete the data to give away. So when I got my 3DS, I still played it on that. It reminds me so much of that, that I am surprised, shocked even at how it’s making my memories come back to me. I am so addicted. I cannot stop playing this game. Home. School. Out with friends. This is quite short but you have done a great job. I really hope you add more to this game. But keep it like the original PVZ one, I love love love this. Thank you for making such a good game!
Wasted time and a dollar on a bugged out game
by Tru3Digital on 2019/11/15 10:25
I beat the game and began to work at the survival section of the game in more ways to play. Beat the first level without any bugs or glitches occurring and decided to spend a dollar on coins for future levels went on the second level which is night I believe I had hit a certain flag when I decided to exit out of said level and continue my progress another time due to the saving mechanic the game has set place. I then was unable to continue said level without the game crashing therefore unable to play any future survival level or endless due to it being locked behind the survival night lvl which is now glitched for me forever I decided I had enough and deleted the app thinking the game would save my data due to it being connected through Game Center big mistake I redownloaded the app only to find my progress is deleted and my coins of which I spent for in game plants were wasted due to the game starting from the beginning so now I burned a dollar and have to restart my entire game thanks Ea
Declined Over Time
by somebody that lives on earth on 2020/06/22 01:59
Just redownloaded this classic. I was surprised to see how much worse this has gotten. The biggest problem is obviously the ads. They pop up after a level, guaranteed, and sometimes even BEFORE the level as well. Honestly it’s pretty sad how much this game has gone down in value. Sometimes, if you get an ad before a level, it can glitch the app and force you to start again. This can even happen after the level and can reset your progress completely on that level. I won’t go into detail about all of the other minor changes, but just to sum things up, if you’re here for nostalgia, turn back. Also, if you have in app purchases that you’ve made, don’t expect to get your money back. Apparently EA is just going to keep it. Honestly, PVZ is an ok game now, a shadow of what it used to be on mobile. I can really only recommend playing if you’re playing it casually. EA needs to improve. This feels like an ad-ridden shady mobile game. Get it together, EA.
Great game, but don't play this version
by CrazyJack101 on 2020/06/27 15:44
PvZ is a classic and really good. But this version is not the best version. I'd say it is much better to get the Legacy edition on console or PC. Even though you have to pay for these ones, the quality is much better. Also, I would suggest the $0.99 version of this game on IOS, but EA took it down and replaced it with this version. There are pay-to-win mechanics which can be annoying but don't necessarily destroy the experience. The real turn-off are the ads. If you get other versions of this game, you won't get ads or in-game purchases. You'll also get extra features and modes. This is probably best described as the LITE version of PvZ. But, it is still PvZ to its core and therefore if you only have access to this version, I definitely suggest it.
by X883 on 2019/10/30 13:07
I get you made the game free now and there WAS a paid version. But now the full game is free and filled with ads. Want rakes? Well instead of buying them like you used to now you watch an ad, random mini games in the start menu I guess is ok but it’s not the original. This game has changed too much with ads and content we never asked for. We never asked for rakes with ads, we never asked for overpowered plants removing all difficult zombies with just one ad, no one asked for a random mini game at the start menu, most currency packs are the same price to get the same amount of coins and it’d be great if either we had an option to remove ads with a purchase or if this just wasn’t the full game and the full game (costing money) didn’t have ads. But the point of this is to voice my opinion on the game. I hate why all challenge is removed from the game just by watching ads, I hate why ads are completely taking over the game, I hate some menu changes.
WAS a good game
by Aphomer on 2018/02/17 12:45
This was a good game when it came out, but then EA games bought it and added a price tag to every in-game feature that used to be free. Now there are advertisements between every level screen, you have to pay to unlock new game modes, and you can’t complete the game and less you have enough coins to buy the necessary upgrades. The Zen garden feature is still there, but you have to buy coins to get more plants. The tree of wisdom feature has been completely removed along with any other feature that awards lots of free coins. To buy coins you need spend real money. Furthermore, if you ever purchased the full version this game like me, but then later deleted it from your phone to save space, re-downloading it will not unlock the full game. You still have to spend real money on coins to unlock most of the features of the game. Also that cute little song at the end after you beat the game has been completely removed. EA bought it and the greedy little pricks ruined the game, like they do with every game they buy.
by cginthelbc on 2019/05/02 22:35
Ok I’m back on the street at home I got the truck I need some money to pick up some stuff from you and I take them home after I pick you up and I will pick up some lunch or lunch tomorrow I’ll let you know how much it was I got you a lot done and you did not want you to go home and get it done so I’m going home to pick you guys up I’ll be home in the morning I have to go home and get home and pick you up some time for me and I can come get some work done tomorrow I will be done with the car tomorrow and will pick you home around four I will be done with you and I can do it I have to go home and pick you up some time and stuff for you tomorrow I will be done with the truck and I take you home after lunch and lunch tomorrow I can pick up the truck tomorrow I will be done
This is great but...
by benjamin the grate on 2020/05/09 04:32
So this game is great, but I would love a few adjustments. I originally played this on the X Box 360 and I loved that you could get different houses and that you would get different decorations for certain achievements and things completed. I would very much like it for would add is. And a plus side is it would not change the gameplay, so if anyone liked it the way is was, no worries. But most of all I would greatly enjoy if you added a sandbox. You would have unlimited sun and would be able to pick the zombies as they come. I know this would be a big change and a lot of work, but just in case one of you read this and agree, I would be very happy with this game. Thank you for you time, money, and hard work. Even if you can’t change it, I appreciate all that you guys do. Sincerely yours truly, Benjamin R Wallace.
EA ruined a masterpiece
by Shant Kiwanian on 2019/06/15 16:09
I grew up with the original plants vs zombies, yes I was one of those lucky ones to see it in the form that the original creators imagined it in before they were fired by the company that bought out popcap. I recently wanted to re-download it in order to get nostalgia and play through my favorite levels. First thing I noticed was the design and format change of the home screen and level selection, that in itself is completely fine. However, in the original the mini games would be free and now they cost so much money that you’d have to buy coins in order to afford them without doing massive grinding. Then there’s the ads, every time you finish a level an ad pops up and ruins the moment of completion. I heavily DO NOT recommend this version of the game to any OG players in fear of disappointment. For any new players, I still do not recommend it because they will be met with a bad impression on a once glorious game. I normally do not write reviews like this but EA has forced my hand.
by travis PVZ on 2018/05/20 20:43
Plants versus zombies is my all-time favorite game I’ve played it for the Xbox 360 and it was the best version I ever played unfortunately The same cannot be said for the mobile version, I would highly recommend getting the consul version, The Xbox 360 Version has backwards compatibility for the Xbox one, The mobile version isn’t that bad, but compared to the other versions, it’s a little week. I don’t like the micro transactions that EA put into the mobile version. In fact that is the main reason I love this game more than plants versus zombies two. Plants versus zombies requires skill and it is also fair in fun. Plants versus zombies two requires you to spend money for premium plants, Power ups, and coins. Anyway I love this game with all my heart and I would highly recommend it for anyone.
by Juniperblossem24 on 2020/11/03 01:52
Hey so if your considering I don’t have any thing to say and I’m trying to make the reviews that I put on apps shorter so here’s some things that I love about the game bc I have nothing bad to say! 1: the graphics and plot of the game is amazing ,fun,funny,and overall amazing! 2:the number of different plants you can have is great. Not to many, and not too little. 3:the different maps are great and I like how you have to accomplish things in one map to get another one. 4:how the maps tie into the plot is amazing! 5: I know I’ve been talking about a “story that comes along with it” a ton. I’ll evaluate on that. So once you have accomplished certain things in the starting map, the crazy dude and his van show up, and that’s where the story begins. They take you back in time to ancient Egypt and it gets harder and harder. I haven’t completed all the maps yet but I will probably update this once I have. 6: overall if you have taken the time to read all of this or at least skimmed through it, you’ll know that I talked this game up a lot. And I have good reasons above! It’s an amazing game and I recommend it to everybody and anybody!! 7: Have a great day and remember nobody’s perfect!
great game
by _._lo.ol_._ on 2019/06/15 22:13
classic, nostalgic game that’s highly addicting. amazing for a game that doesn’t require wifi. everything from the soundtrack to the graphics and to the actual concepts are awesome, just like i remembered from my childhood but perhaps even better. popcap did a great job with this. i think pvz is making a comeback and all my friends and i are so invested, which is fun and takes my mind off of things. however: the game crashes. my survival day no longer works because every time i click it the app crashes. i really want this fixed because i need survival day to complete achievements and just enjoy. too many ads!! this can be fixed by turning wifi off, but that turns off a lot of my other phone functions. popcap > EA, disappointed at what EA did to such a great game by including so many micro transactions.
Fun Game!
by iPad And Apps on 2019/01/20 01:47
I heard about this game long before I actually downloaded it. That’s because I had no interest in it. But I was wrong! This game is a strategy game where you put down plants to defend the zombies. You grow sunflowers to generate suns, which then buy you other defensive plants. Soon, you will defend the zombies with time and planning. As you progress, you earn more plants and even mini games and different modes. The more you play the harder it gets. The in app purchases in this game are only coin packages and other useless things, so you don’t have to worry about paying to unlock certain parts of the game. The second version of the game is something I’m dying to try, but I’m waiting to max out this game first. Please download this game, as it’s an awesome game for anyone to play!
Amazing Game.
by LilSugarOwl. AKA Mary. on 2018/07/11 22:19
I used to play Plants Vs Zombies on my old DS. I completed it, and now my DS is broken. I didn’t know PvZ, the original, not the second one, was on mobile until today! I downloaded it immediately! It’s a lot easier than I remember, but still just as fun! I play the second one as well. They’re both fun, but if I’m being completely honest, the second is better. The dialog, though fun, annoys me. I just want to murder some zombies!! But, it has a story line, better graphics, and more plants (or at least I think so?). But, if I were new to the PvZ games, I would play this one first, and then the second, and the online one could just be in between. But anyway, I love this game, so so much! Thank you, PvZ creator people, for making these three super fun games!
I have.... mixed feelings.
by Hahagurlhahalol on 2018/03/09 16:53
It was great to come back and play this again, but I noticed several things that changed from when I lasted played it. Most noticeably the fact that ads. are. everywhere. As much as I hate them, they didn't anger me too much, it was all the small things. My most massive gripe, is that they removed the groovy song written by the original developers! That song was great! I wanted to hear it again. But E.A removed it for normal credits, without changing the "music video" button. I did see potential use of some the changes, like the fact if you were REALLY awful at keeping money, and still wanted your zen garden to produce, you could watch an ad to get the resources. I hate ads, but nice that they added that. And I swear, I do not remember imitater being buyable with coins. Maybe that's just reverse runoff of PvZ 2 or something, but I swear I don't remember that.
Plants vs Zombies Review
by 3.141592653589 PI on 2020/03/01 13:29
Plants vs Zombies Introduction Pvz is a free app for many or all devices. It has many levels in the game so people can play it for a while before completing all the levels. I also like how there are many achievements so some people would be more willing to challenge themselves. In my opinion, pvz is a very versatile game and an app for many ages to play. It doesn’t have any extremely gory scenes when the zombies die. When playing pvz, you have to use strategy , prior knowledge, and experience as well as some trial and error. The game is also a free and (in my opinion) fun app to play. Problems or Issues (The ones I have experienced) The game occasionally glitches , especially in those moments where you’re so close to beating a level , as well as in the very beginning. When you actually complete an achievement , sometimes the game doesn’t recognize it so you have to try doing it again. Final Thoughts Plants vs Zombies is a versatile game (in my opinion) because there are levels to complete , mini games to play, achievements to challenge yourself , plants to care for in Zen Garden , and puzzles to try for yourself. The game has a few bugs that need to be fixed , but overall pvz is a free and overall fun game to play.
EA Bad
by Marcus Barkac on 2020/05/11 21:38
This game is incredible. However, EA pulled the original app (luckily still installed on my iPhone and iPad) but now this one has been visually stretched out in a very ugly way to accommodate larger phone displays. Additionally, there are adds after almost every level completed and optional adds to acquire a rake or additional plant. Initially I paid $3 for the app and received an incredible game. Unfortunately EA pulled that game and added this free version. It’s like someone going back and adding duck lips to the Mona Lisa. Not only did EA mess with what was arguably a perfect game, but they added bloat, adds, and constant interruptions that make the game lose the charm and flow. After PvZ2 I didn’t think I could be more disappointed until I found out they even went back and messed with the originally. EA, we don’t like you. Stop ruining games with your greedy mentally. Ever think it would be nice to create a good game people love and not just something designed to take money and ruin user experience?
Highly recommended!
by Sir shmloop on 2018/03/25 18:35
I love this game a lot, and I think anyone who is considering buying this really should. It’s a fun tower-defense game that brings challenge. The only thing is, everything costs a lot, and some of the items are useless. Also, (spoilers) in the zen garden post game I can’t seem to find any plants while playing levels, and I can’t purchase stinky the snail, even though I had done that on my old phone, so I don’t know if the problem is with me or just the game in general. I still highly recommend getting this game though because I still have a lot of fun with it. It is very high quality for a free game, and the mini games are awesome ( if you can afford them) I also recommend any other PvZ games, so check those out too! Five stars!
Used to be more fun
by ForeverBroken on 2019/11/12 14:13
The game really was a whole lot more fun than it is now. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of endless ads. They just completely ruined the game. I get that you make money from ads, but why do you people have to be SO greedy with it and milk it to the very last drop? It’s sickening. Plus, the ads freeze way, way, WAY too often. Especially when I’m trying to get a rake in the beginning of a level or trying to get more chocolate and the others in the zen garden. It’s ridiculously pathetic how many times the screen freezes and I’m forced to exit the app and start it up again. Please fix this glitch that is driving me and others crazy. Another really big issue is how much it costs for the mini games now... are you kidding me?! 50,000 coins?! That’s such a rip off. And the game doesn’t even give you many coins like it used to so you have to keep playing the same levels over and over again just to get a tiny bit more coins. It’s all just pathetic. Please fix these issues and more of what others are saying as well because the game really was one of my favorites and now it’s 100% just a sketchy knock off game that makes you so incredibly annoyed and frustrated to the point where you just decide to delete the app and that’s it. If that’s what you people are aiming for, you got it. What a let down.
Phenomenal Game, Scummy Ad Policy
by Kylelord_ on 2019/05/26 06:23
To be honest this would a five star review, but I’ve come across a glaring issue that is so horrible it drops the rating as low as possible and must be addressed. The game now features ads, which is fine since it’s also now free and you can buy it to remove ads. The problem is that even after buying ads it still prompts you to watch ads every level to get advantages in the game (for example a rake that blocks the playing field or how it is now very difficult to lose because you can just watch an ad to replenish lawn mowers). Worse yet, ads still appear unannounced whenever you play any bonus/mini game. This is horrendously unacceptable. I should not have to sit through ads when I pay money not to see them. It is false advertising and ILLEGAL. EA proves time and time again that they can’t be trusted... I miss the old days when Pop Cap was independent and didn’t use scummy tactics like blatantly lying to their customers to make money.
Just like back in 2009.
by boot180 on 2020/05/14 10:44
I remember playing this game on my old desktop computer back in highschool. I played it so many times I already lost count. Just randomly thought to play this again this time around because I was bored. Lucky for me it’s still the same PvZ I knew and loved. Also paid the 3$ no-ads purchase because I think that’s worth all the hours I’ve spent (and will spend) on this game. Only thing that bothers me is that even though I paid the no-ads thing, I still have to view ads for special add-ons (rake, exploding wallnut, extra plant slot, etc.). Wish that was included in the 3$ purchase. But it’s not really a dealbreaker for me though. Still love this! This is how a mobile game should be. Simple and no frills.
Why are there ads on an app I payed $1.99 for???
by logandaa on 2019/02/18 23:39
Plants Vs. Zombies is one of my favorite games of all time, I absolutely love it and have played through it many of times since I first purchased it on the computer, and have beat it on almost every device you can beat it on (PS3, PC, Phone, Nintendo DS) so as you can see, I love the game. But I am writing this review right now as moments ago I was playing the phone version, when an ad popped up multiple times after I finished various levels? I know it’s not a big deal, but ads popping up randomly on apps make them feel so much less premium and have less quality, and I especially don’t think an app you may 2 dollars for should have random pop up ads! Would rate the game 5 stars if not for this, as it is one of my all time favorites. Shame l.
Love the (original) game!!!
by potatoedadolfin on 2020/08/17 05:27
I love this game. I love it so so so so so so so sooooooo much. I’ve played for years. This game is simple on the surface, but coming up with an optimal strategy can be quite challenging. And with the different places to play, there isn’t tone great lineup to use for every level. The only problems I have with this game, are do to the fact that this isn’t the original release. Sometime around 2015, the original game was taken off the App Store, and replaced with this! And all this version changed, was some random ui stuff, and took away some fun things. The mini games and order in which they are obtained was changed, but worst of all, the credits song was removed, even though the zombies said they made a music video. They should have just kept it the way it was.
Great Game, but...
by AcademyEmployee on 2018/08/23 19:49
I completely love this game so much and can not stop playing it. I’ve played it before on PC, but I’d only had it for about a week on mobile and completed the campaign. The mini games are super fun and challenging. There’s something about the Zen Garden that I love so much. There really aren’t any flaws whatsoever to the game itself. Although, lately, I’ve been trying to play and am unable to. I can enter the app and it will remain open on the main menu, but as soon as I choose Adventure, Mini Games, or Zen Garden, the game will crash. I’ve tried refreshing the app, even restarting my phone, yet the same problem occurs. I don’t know if this is a common problem, or just my own problem, but if possible, I’d like it to be fixed. I want to get back to playing! :(
Love it... bUt...
by Agent Lili on 2019/11/06 17:51
So I love PVZ. I’ve been playing for two years. I love the little Easter eggs, but, it doesn’t feel like your surviving a zombie invasion. Feels like a boring, do it all over again game. I remember, when I was about 8 or 9, it was the best game in the world to me. The levels were so creative, and the pirate levels made me laugh. But now, it’s the same boring house in one screen. One more complaint I have is the fact that you have one snail that’s named Stinky. Well, I think there should be other animals to collect your money in the fungus and water gardens. Personally, I give this four stars. If it becomes more creative and amazing like it used to be, I will change it to five stars. Yours dearly, Agent Lili
by EA has RUINED the game!! on 2018/06/16 18:58
I was playing the game and was about to beat it ( again) and I paused it to go to school and when I got back on it had deleted ALL my progress and I had to start from scratch. Also, EA has RUINED the game by adding a TON of stinking adds, which they say you can get rid of by paying 2.99 and I did but it did nothing to get rid of the adds! Come on, I mean, really?!?!? EA has totally ruined the game by adding tons of adds that make super hard not to tap them, and they also make you pay real world money in order to advance in the game! They also got rid of any way to quickly get a lot of coins, making you have to buy almost everything! EA, I swear, why the heck do you need to do this when you are already a multi- million dollar company?!
Good Yes
by Baby_Cow27 on 2020/06/25 06:38
Yes, the good ol plants vs zombies, I have always loved this game strongly, though I rate it only 4/5 instead all 5. I personally feel like some of the stuff like the placement of the “explore o nut” for example, can get extremely annoying when trying to collect sunlight, random fakes fall down at the start of each match that you have to get rid of, the shovel sometimes digs up the wrong plant, and maybe a few other minor inconveniences, but, notice I said minor, since this game holds a part in heart that’ll always stay true to myself, ok maybe I’m being a little bit much there, but for real, this game is amazing, if you’ve somehow never played it, I strongly recommend it, but make sure you get some free time in case you play too many levels.
Poked the eyes out of Mona Lisa
by dog_egg_47 on 2020/05/13 04:19
One of the classic iOS games is now little more than a vehicle for trapping fun seekers into forced watching of advertisements for other games which are likely also delivery mechanisms for other ads for other games. I’d buy the garbage away if I could just to lose hours playing this almighty game. Somebody has pooped on this awesome game and got greedy trying to buy themselves ad revenue with other people’s time, remarkably while also destroying any chance that if ever look twice at something that says “pop cap” again. Some careless soul either underestimated how much people would pay for a game they love, or overestimated how much they love it thinking they would waste their time watching garbage in between every level. Yes, that’s how bad these forced wait ads are. I’d pay $5 or even more for this game but it’s getting uninstalled instead. Sad.
by dearest Consumer on 2019/06/01 05:16
I recently re-downloaded this childhood favorite of mine. One of the first things I noticed was that the menu was different from the last time I played. (a year ago) When you hit play, instead of immediately starting the next level, it takes you to a level menu which you can play the next level from there, or you can replay previous levels. I like this addition, I don’t believe it takes away from the original game at all. What I am appalled at, is that the game that I want happily paid money to PURCHASE, is now FILLED WITH Advertisements. After every level or two, there is an ad. I’m am not sure how recently this new “feature” but I am really bothered. If I understand correctly this game is free now. I also understand that a company needs revenue to stay afloat. Therefore, I am proposing that there be an in app purchase to unlock an ad free version. Thank You for Your Consideration - Loyal Customer
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