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Plants vs. Zombies™
Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — Peashooters, Wall-nuts, Cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door. This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings WINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS* 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS Conquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as you can with Survival mode! NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS Battle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 more fun-dead zombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help plan your strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER Earn 49 powerful perennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more. GROW WITH YOUR GAME Show off your zombie-zapping prowess by earning 46 awesome achievements. COIN PACKS Need coins for great new stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the Main Menu. *Original Mac downloadable game. Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more VISIT US: FOLLOW US: LIKE US: WATCH US: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Important Consumer Information. This app contains direct links to the Internet.
Cool game
by kaiky pvz X on 2019/08/17 10:43
This is very cool and all but my brother (or zalaf)says it’s boring but I downloaded it anyway. And he was wrong It was awesome.i play it every day now. I have played since I was 4. Now I am 8 years. I recommend you download the game 👻
Very Addictive
by MaryAgosto on 2019/08/17 00:12
I first saw this game back in 2014 🥴it’s 2019 and I’m still enjoying every bit of this game. Would sooooo recommend it!
Great but one thing
by gsgsgsgsgshsh on 2019/08/16 16:59
This game is very good but they need to add sandbox whereby bas endless suns you can make your own map u can send in your zombies and stuff like that. Besides that this game is great! Subscribe to FortNik YT! YEET!
Funnnn game
by OverseerCookie YT on 2019/08/16 04:47
My friend loves it so I do to ..
Plants vs zombies
by Millita53 on 2019/08/16 00:47
¡¡¡Wow super divertido!!!
It Brings Me Joy
by art apreciator on 2019/08/15 12:26
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for anything because this game is simply fantastic. It is very well made, super interesting and you can tell they really thought about everything. I’ve loved it since I was little and keep coming back to it!
Literally sike my money
by OSKER G on 2019/08/15 02:00
All of my purchases from plants vs zombies one are now gone because of this stupid update.
The corn cobbler missiles have been adjusted
by carlos mitchell on 2019/08/15 00:32
The corn cobbler missile launchers were once OG in dealing damage. The recent update a couple of months ago adjusted that damage and decimated my “endless” game streak of over 700 rounds. Thanks a lot PvZ, such a phat one.
Too many glitches
by ASHBY44 on 2019/08/14 20:02
The game is fun, but any time I try to watch a video to receive something within the game everything freezes. I have to close and restart everything. That’s quite annoying. I feel like it should be more seamless considering the game has been around for a while.
by justinwilson321 on 2019/08/14 18:11
Good but....
by nickypickle169612 on 2019/08/13 16:26
I love plz it’s one of my second favorite games next to roblox and Minecraft but one problem is that it’s too short I beat it in less than 2 days. I would have expected it to trade maybe a few months. But I ended up beating it already and finishing every level! Pls make it a little more longer with different worlds please
by pppppppasppaspsodo on 2019/08/13 16:22
I love plants vs zombies but its trash
Dis game is reee goooood
by Dougcat on 2019/08/13 00:24
Da gam waz good teen year a go butt stil Goode kno
Make pvz famous again
by pvz fan and brony on 2019/08/12 20:49
So I just had my birthday yesterday and the theme was plants vs zombies.i really wanted toys shirts etc.but my fam probably didn’t know what it is.and I don’t blame them bc pvz was made in 2009 and my family doesn’t play video games and I want pvz toys and merch in stores and websites so that way I could purchase some stuff that’s pvz creator please keep on updating the game plz.and I also think that your updating pvz 2 too much than pvz HD also a love the game and I grew up with it and this is the end
Not as good as pc version
by Zaronathor on 2019/08/12 20:33
First, you have to buy the mini games in Dave’s shop. Second, there is no sunflower trophy from completing adventure. Third, there is no tree of wisdom. Fourth, there is survival mode but there is no survival hard, just normal survival levels and survival endless. Fifth, the credits song is not on this version. There is one thing I like about this version and that is you can choose what level you want to play in adventure mode. It still is fun to kill zombies and set up defenses but it is lacking a lot of good content.
Too many ads
by NorincoAK47 on 2019/08/12 18:12
Good lord turn back the ads
Love it!
by someperson:&/93);$:'xhri on 2019/08/12 16:38
This game never gets old. Best game ever.
Rylan the pro.
by Stupid Memberships on 2019/08/12 13:48
What a cool game!!!
by 🥜nut🤤 on 2019/08/11 23:43
Plants v Zombies
by nnniiicccceeee on 2019/08/11 20:30
Great game
Kinda annoying
by djpigeon126 on 2019/08/11 18:02
The only thing I have to say is that I watched an ad for a lawn mower and I didn’t get one
Best game ever
by niashya on 2019/08/11 18:01
Best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by finess🙃 on 2019/08/11 03:02
I've had this app before on my old phone a few years ago after re-downloading the app I was kind of sad to see that they added well adds😔 but besides that love the app❤️👍🏼
I will try again when we’re leaving
by roooooooooerrrf on 2019/08/11 00:19
It’s a fun app to play with my friends on my iPhone
Too many ads
by First of His Name on 2019/08/11 00:12
Good game, but there are too many ads, and too many benefits are buyable by watching ads.
No Words can discribe
by Runholm1 on 2019/08/10 21:40
HOW GOOD THIS GAME IS that’s all there is to say. go download it now.
by Fireman5481 on 2019/08/10 12:15
Game used to be awesome, now there are a million pop up garbage ads!
by SCARFACE BR on 2019/08/10 07:11
Top Jogasso
by comuu on 2019/08/09 21:13
This is the best game ever
PvZ has fallen!!
by Angry whovian on 2019/08/09 20:30
Idc what they say ADS HAVE HURT THIS GAME. I spent the money when it first came out and I want an option for no ads especially those who originally bought it. This game was a 5 star game now it keeps tryna sell me rakes
by thisbitchcharity on 2019/08/09 16:38
Pogos get me mad 😡
I love this game so much
by Perry the Man on 2019/08/09 01:02
This game is the best
by Adr!anoob on 2019/08/09 00:03
5-star game, but Corn Cob doesn’t work. That bug has been on iOS for quite a while, and tickets about this issue was submitted, but developers seem they don’t care anymore.
please fix game bug,it is serious
by minatoaqua on 2019/08/08 23:25
There are some game bug in PVE.For example,coc cannon's blast range MOVE BACK TWO SQUARES because of some errors,players can REPEAT PLAY ROOF LEVEl10 to get a lot of coins.These two bug is existent for a long time and seriously affect the game experience. Maybe this game isn't popular like before,but she still can stay perfect like before,please fix game bug soon,give players the best gaming experience
by cyboyvfivho on 2019/08/08 19:20
This game is truly a amazing classic game! It’s a great shooter game! Keep going devs!
This game is super epic 🤠🤠🤠
by Zaxidorz on 2019/08/08 16:50
Even after 8 years I still love this game. They fixed all bugs and it’s very fun to play! Even a 5 year old can say the same thing!
Plants vs zombies
by fggvufhh on 2019/08/08 14:37
This game is vary fun
Zombie vs plant
by alskkd on 2019/08/08 01:51
I love this game I’m going crazy about it I love it🥰😍
by Bradjam75 on 2019/08/07 23:18
Loving it all over again!
Good game, but cob-cannon needs to be fixed
by Anonymous 2,179 on 2019/08/07 21:50
One of the best games ever, but the cob-cannon is glitched up and does not deal any damage. With some minor reprogramming this bug could be fixed. I would love to see this glitch fixed.
Froze up after just a few levels
by Mom bowls on 2019/08/07 20:26
Too many bugs! I barely started playing it before it completely froze.
by riseseFox on 2019/08/07 19:07
by reviewguywhynot on 2019/08/07 14:36
This game is very fun to play. Popcaan did very well i hope they keep it up
by Noble, King on 2019/08/07 05:38
by candy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on 2019/08/06 23:04
This game is so hard which makes you want to play it more
by Poocheyena luv on 2019/08/06 19:48
I love PvZ, I paid for it here and on my pc but now there are inescapable ads and it just kind of takes the fun out of it. I don’t know when, but the menu and everything has been changed and it’s really weird looking... :/
We love PvZ
by hoj love on 2019/08/06 18:42
This is great I’m so pro so is my sister she is sooooo good I hope you make more good games
I’ve played this over and over it’s a good time anytime
by damit2hell on 2019/08/06 13:39
Plants vs zombies
by Lebarian1100 on 2019/08/06 01:42
This game is just so fun
Seder day one time we were in our house for
by Fardel2 on 2019/08/06 01:32
The first two days of school and now I’m still going out on Sunday morning at
I love this game
by VoidOagasus on 2019/08/05 20:54
I grew up with PvZ I never really liked the second one. I also own Garden Warfare 1 and 2
Use to be fun
by Aungen on 2019/08/05 06:16
I paid for this game, but now it has pop up ads and videos. So lame it deserves its own plane of hell.
by Lopez1626 on 2019/08/04 22:18
Grandkids got me playing this game that they play at the library’s iPads only issue is gaining suns fast enough and getting amount to purchase helpers
Good game
by hjhjytg on 2019/08/04 18:14
This is a amazing game
by Peashooters rain supreme on 2019/08/04 17:32
I love this game!!!!!!👌👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀 Absolutely amazing thank you for making this game!
Fun game but.....
by Okffmartin on 2019/08/03 23:43
It’s still a fun game to play but way too many advertisements
David Ortiz
by i dont now my nickname on 2019/08/03 23:21
Hey bro I love the game
by Jrobbins519 on 2019/08/03 14:06
I love this game nothing is wrong with it it is fantastic!
An awesome game
by WilliaDillie on 2019/08/03 12:44
Well I like this more than PvZ 2 because it’s more original and I have installed this game twice and the first time I beat the game and yeah this game is amazing so please download this
Terrible, too many ads
by ciott17 on 2019/08/03 04:27
My family originally purchased this game back when it first launched. Back then, it was great. Now that EA has purchased the game they have ruined it. Features that originally came in the game you now have to pay for. Also, now the game is completely full of ads. It forces you to watch an ad after every single level. There are also annoying “watch an ad to get a power up” prompts at the start of every single level. It’s also now impossible to beat the game without spending money or hardcore mining for coins. It’s ridiculous. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!! EA has taken this masterpiece and completely butchered it in an attempt to squeeze as much money as possible out of the game.
by 67undo on 2019/08/03 03:19
It’s fun
Pvz opinion
by Inky Inside friend on 2019/08/02 18:04
PvZ is... more than amazing. I can play it for hours on end, level upon level. It’s only problem is the “close ad” button takes a million taps to actually close the ad.
Used to be great
by aldan71 on 2019/08/02 01:05
Now is just ads, ads, ads. Pure greed. Had to uninstall it.
Really fun and addictive
by MAR246SILV on 2019/08/01 19:19
I love being the plant and fighting the zombies.It gets really good when you think the zombies are gonna get you but then you get them first.
Pew pew
by AndyA03 on 2019/08/01 18:38
This game is incredible I just love it.
Greatest Game Ever
by slimmymarc on 2019/08/01 03:43
Now this right here is a game to play. The strategy is great and I really love the design of all the plants and zombies and all backgrounds and it’s honestly just a great game in general.
by EVENWALNUT on 2019/08/01 02:37
The game won’t give meh my FREAKING WALNUT
by Kidlings20 on 2019/08/01 01:25
It’s sad that even though I paid for this game years ago, I have to deal with ads. What was the point of taking my money then?
by zxrser on 2019/08/01 00:07
by KayCaptor on 2019/07/31 22:44
I love this game but there’s way too many ads now!!
by kirby4283 on 2019/07/31 20:20
This is the beast game ever
by dough n dro on 2019/07/31 16:25
Do it.Download it
Yes 10/10
by KTMO99 on 2019/07/31 13:59
Good game I like it
Plant versus zombie
by Soarkolshine on 2019/07/31 02:31
It alright but what’s with all of those advertising I don’t remember seeing that before take all the advertisements out don’t want to see no more games
by joneauhan on 2019/07/31 01:32
Easy to get some plants
Can’t retrieve my game play
by Gyrohand on 2019/07/31 00:05
Phone got wet had to reload this game and lost everything
by EaseyEase on 2019/07/30 22:48
Bought this app years ago and remained untouched by EA. Looks like now they went in to add ads. I paid for this game. Get your ads out.
by micajackson on 2019/07/30 06:30
This game is awesome whenever you are bored it go on it even if you beat it you can redo the levels the first time I discovered it I got it any way just putting out there it awesome and a good game to play
by Tashi Moore on 2019/07/30 01:28
I love this game I played it since i was little
by Harry-dog on 2019/07/30 00:36
Game closes when I open endless survival
This game is the best
by xXroger655 on 2019/07/29 20:37
This game makes me wanna make some clay models of plants vs zombies
Plants vs zombies love
by Killer456729 on 2019/07/29 05:46
This game bring back meomerys when i played it in the past i realy like it and the peashooter is still my favorite and i do like plants vs zombies garden warfer 1 and 2 keep up the work.GO plants! And i love the zombie in your lawn song.
Calibrate the Zen Garden
by Nether Wolf 9090 on 2019/07/29 00:37
It’s a great game other than this one bug. If you could fix it that’d be great. 🌷🧟‍♂️
by rypie510 on 2019/07/29 00:20
This is a good game I like the pole zombie because it makes you think 🤩
by Emojirebel on 2019/07/28 23:22
No updates needed. Just got and already on night. Already beat before 3 years ago
touch issues
by Natarthegreatar on 2019/07/28 22:19
this game is super fun and awesome and i’ve spent countless hours playing not only the mobile version but many other versions as well. the only improvement is that sometimes i feel my touch doesn’t register as well as it could, especially within the zen garden. also the game is occasionally a bit “blurry” so to speak, it’s tough to describe but playing on an iphone X i notice the picture often feels stretched and fuzzy, rather than as clear as it could be.
Everybody gangsta till the zombies start coming
by MokeTehGamingGuy on 2019/07/28 20:05
My favorite game. Childhood classic. WE NEED MORE GREATNESS.
by oscarlnj on 2019/07/28 17:48
Very epic
by Yeetin_On_Em on 2019/07/28 15:25
Epic for gamers
by YassSteven on 2019/07/28 12:55
Very fun and challenging game 10/10
Best game ever
by #movielover on 2019/07/28 12:52
Hello Plants vs zombies is a amazing game in fact I finished it four times I love that much
by kdndjdjdhdusjsj on 2019/07/28 10:51
Halarious zombies
My favorite game!
by Scoops girl on 2019/07/28 02:43
This is the ONLY game I have on my phone because it’s by far better than any I’ve ever played! My only complaint is that it’s been crashing a lot lately, when I’ve chosen to click “yes” on seeing an ad for a bonus :((
Omg this game is so good😊
by cimorellu on 2019/07/27 22:35
Omg this game is so good I can’t keep my hands or eyes off it everyone should play tia and if they don’t omg they are dead to me
Do never down load
by fjicejircijcfij on 2019/07/27 18:03
I let mine 5 year old son play this game because he sad he liked game and want very much so I buy game for him but little later he come to me and say "daddy this game much scary!!" I look at game and it say: "ZOMBIE EAT YOU BRAIN!!!" and me was shock. how can this game be allow for childs? this game has blood and violins, zombie eat your vegetables!! zombie may no eat vegetable, my son eat vegetable!! he is now life shock and he have to take pills everyday!! tanks so very much electric art!!! this game much bad and scary, I rate 16 and over!! not play this game, this very innapropait!!! u has been warninged!!!!!
by skeleton enthuseist on 2019/07/27 13:53
I’ve been playing this since 2009 I like this game although I did not like the second one
by StickyPicturesStudios on 2019/07/27 03:00
So much better than number 2
My point of view
by player😘😘😘 on 2019/07/27 02:29
Before I downloaded this app I read the reviews and I thought to my self I don’t care about the adds you guys are so picky and they only show up if you restart the level or click on one anyways this game is so much fun I hope you guys enjoy it all you have to do is plant till you can’t stop or they get your house have fun with the game
I love it
by denis fan 3300 on 2019/07/26 20:53
I love the game so so much I made this wen I wise on level 11
PvZ is awesome!!!
by Brian Leverett on 2019/03/09 18:20
Now this game is the best game for all ages because it starts out nice and easy for beginners and the new update allows more detailed practice for starter players. This game has everything you want to do and it is very long! The only thing that I would like to see added is a co-op mode and a vs mode with a friend or with the computer. Other than that this game is the best for all players. If you don’t know what this game is than download it right now and play and play it! I hope that it keeps getting updated for more stuff to do. The new modes that I said about would make the game never ending and more fun! As always download this game now you will have fun with it! Trust me. I am still playing this game today on adventure 2 day 8. I love survival endless it is a good way to get coins faster. One thing that doesn’t work for me is the cob cannons explosions. I doesn’t blow up the zombies for me. But to end this download this now it’s a good game to do if your bored! This game is great and keep updating it please! 100/1 rating!
The same masterpiece, with ads and almost required in app purchases
by Incredibox maker on 2019/06/11 01:37
Don’t get me wrong, plants vs zombies is great, and is one of the best games of the early 2000’s. I love it! I feel, however, that this app is almost a mockery of the original game. Let’s start with the first issue. Ads. I get that it is free and all, but there are several ads in the game. Want a rake? Watch an ad. Want an instakill plant, removing the difficulty of a tough zombie? Ad. You beat a level? You better believe it, there is an ad! Ads are everywhere, but I guess you can turn off WiFi to stop seeing them. Next are in app purchases. You may think that it’s normal, since it is mobile, and lots of mobile games have in app purchases. That is true, but you have to buy mini games. “How much?” You may think. Let’s just say that depending on what you get, they can cost anywhere from 50,000 coins for a group of mini-games (usually 3 or 4), or 100,000 for Vase-breaker or I, zombie! That’s right, OR! And the cob cannon, either did, or does have a big where it only kills one zombie, which renders it useless! I feel not patching it was on purpose, so people who spent money on it, pretty much wasted it, encouraging them to buy money! I also feel like they don’t give you money nearly as often as they did on the computer or console. The fact that the best way to get money is to grind by completing levels over and over again, to get coins from lawn movers and grave busters is sickening.
This game is great! (Might be scary to younger children)
by Echo_A. on 2019/06/27 04:01
Okay so the first time I played this, it was on my grandma’s iPad. I loved it. (My parents didn’t really approve, but I didn’t care and neither did my grandma) so I was pretty decent at this, beat all the levels. Now I’m sitting here playing it, and it’s totally addicting years later. I prefer this one to the second one, mostly because the game mechanics seem simpler to me I guess. I just realized that this was the first review I’ve ever written for a game 🤔. So this pretty much had no purpose, I just wanted to let y’all know that this game is great! I mean, for some younger kids, it might be a bit scary... but if you think they can handle it, go ahead and get it for them! Seriously, great game. Can be played online and offline, with WiFi or without it. So it’s great for road trips, being on a plane, in a dead zone, pretty much anywhere your device won’t be harmed. I have no problem with this whatsoever, just wanted to let you guys know what a great game this is! 👍
Good, but could use some work
by LegendaryDragon1355 on 2019/02/18 01:25
I enjoy the game very much, but it’s not nearly as fun as it was 3-4 years ago The zombies should do more or atleast feel like they more damage every level so if a normal zombie does 3 damage at level 4 it should do 3.5 or 4 damage level 5 as well as the plants costing more al little for another example on level 3 a pea shooter costs 100 on level 5 or 6 it should cost a little more like 105 or 110 see what I mean it would make it harder because right now with a easy to master sunflower farm making sun pretty much infinite so hard to run out and lawn mowers and plants that can 1 shot any zombie meaning you could just spawn them when a high health zombie comes and with its short respawn time you could spam them if you have an efficient sunflower farm which is easy to make. I understand you may think that the game will be be to challenging for kids, but if you look back at the old Mario games they were hard very hard and the kids adapted to them calling them easy. It just strengthened their gaming skills, but you can have a better explain system or tutorial if you want take care.
Great, but with small bug
by qschil on 2019/01/03 21:38
PVZ is probably one of the best no-wifi, free-to-play games ever. You can never really beat the game, which makes it interesting even after you beat adventure mode. There is one bug, though. Im not sure if it was from the most recent update, but cob cannon AoE (area of effect) is messed up. When the target is thrown on the specified spot, only the zombies in front are damaged. The explosion only seems to hurt zombies between 3 tiles left of the target and on top of the target. This isnt a big problem in adventure mode, but is extremely annoying in last stand and survival endless, where a lot of plants are up front and can be destroyed without cob cannon backup. Im pretty sure this isnt only on the new iPhones; it happens on other devices too. All these years later, PVZ is still awesome, and I hope that the bug can be fixed soon!
Fix update!....AGAIN
by HCH753 on 2018/06/03 15:14
UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: The game has been glitching the last few days. As I have beaten the game well over 100 times and gotten all but one or two achievements, I typically only get on to play mini games. I was in the middle of playing level 3-5 when the game kept freezing up when I tried to get anything that required watching a video. So I logged off and back on several times. After the last time, my entire game was reset, completely wiped out my progress, FOR THE THIRD TIME. My game started over as if I had never played the game before. I am so annoyed!! Never have I played a game before that the developers think it is ok to reset all progress, MULTIPLE TIMES!! I LOVED this game for a very long time, but now it’s just irritating! I will not be starting over again. I will just finally delete the app, unfortunately, and that makes me very sad to say. The update wiped out my Zen Garden but gave me money for it so no big deal, although I don't need the money and used some to buy back my gardens but my survival mode is locked even though I have ALL of my trophies and most of my achievements!!! Please UNLOCK SURVIVAL MODE!!!! The extras are the only reason I play anymore since I have beaten the game MULTIPLE times!!!!
Isn’t this illegal or something?
by The eater of toast on 2019/04/17 09:01
I have literally purchased this game more times than I remember, in many different forms. I know I originally bought this app on my iPod when I was younger so that’s at least ONE time I’ve paid $0.99. I’ve had it on my DS, my Xbox, etc, not that it matters. And I’ve purchased coins from the shop a few times over the years as well—specifically through iTunes. So what the hell is going on when suddenly it’s a free to download app that refuses to restore all my purchases and forces me to watch adds? I literally own this game and it was taken away from me by an update?? I guess it’s my fault for getting a new phone huh? Honestly this is really scummy. At least let people restore their purchases. This new update only allows the “get rid of ads” purchase to be restored, and I believe any purchase used to do that but I could be mistaken. Even so, for somebody who originally paid for the app and has since made in-app purchases, all on the same iTunes account over many years, it’s disappointing for me to see my favorite mobile game get squeezed for cash like this. 😔 SEGA did this with Sonic as well so you’re not the only ones stealing products back from the consumers I guess
Sold out
by Dillon;) on 2018/12/21 03:28
It feels like plants versus zombies sold out. I used to love the watch a video function with plant vs zombies to get free things like extra chocolate to keep the snail awake and a free rake to kill one zombie. Now they just put a video every time you exit a level or start a level or pauses to play one in the middle of a level. Taken alongside how glitchy it is now it becomes very frustrating. It constantly kicks me out during an ad or after one plays and I have to start my level over again. They also “streamlined” things so you could easily play any level you wanted. The problem with this is that it doesn’t go from one level to the next automatically and there is no option to move on from one level straight to the next. It gives going through the game after you beat it a disappointing feel. There just isn’t any flow. It also feels like a cheap button smasher game now, I feel like they made everything much easier to make it almost hard to lose which makes it too easy. They have sold out to become one of those games I would download and okay for a week before becoming bored with it and deleting a week later.
Great game until EA ruined it.
by Calvin Corrieri on 2019/05/05 06:43
Ads after every level. Ads play when you click buttons disguised as sun. Crappy microtransactions everywhere. Took a peek at the internals of the game, theres a Facebook worm built in. There’s also Vungle worms as well. I recommend looking them up, they’re in just about every game with ads. These worms track everything from your IP, phone number, playing habits, and other forms of data to build a profile on you. These companies then sell your data as per the terms of service you agree to when booting up the app for the first time. They also use it to track you across different apps and psychologically tailor ads to manipulate you further. Why should I have to deal with this crap after I bought the game so many years ago? I own it. I don’t want this free to play bundled with spyware and ads sack of crap. Ffs just let me play the game I paid for. This is not PvZ. This is EA doing what it does best. Ruining a perfectly good game for profit. I used to love this game. It’s sad that I won’t be able to fully experience that nostalgia simply because of a greedy publisher. I recommend against playing this game in its current state.
by cginthelbc on 2019/05/02 22:35
Ok I’m back on the street at home I got the truck I need some money to pick up some stuff from you and I take them home after I pick you up and I will pick up some lunch or lunch tomorrow I’ll let you know how much it was I got you a lot done and you did not want you to go home and get it done so I’m going home to pick you guys up I’ll be home in the morning I have to go home and get home and pick you up some time for me and I can come get some work done tomorrow I will be done with the car tomorrow and will pick you home around four I will be done with you and I can do it I have to go home and pick you up some time and stuff for you tomorrow I will be done with the truck and I take you home after lunch and lunch tomorrow I can pick up the truck tomorrow I will be done
WAS a good game
by Aphomer on 2018/02/17 12:45
This was a good game when it came out, but then EA games bought it and added a price tag to every in-game feature that used to be free. Now there are advertisements between every level screen, you have to pay to unlock new game modes, and you can’t complete the game and less you have enough coins to buy the necessary upgrades. The Zen garden feature is still there, but you have to buy coins to get more plants. The tree of wisdom feature has been completely removed along with any other feature that awards lots of free coins. To buy coins you need spend real money. Furthermore, if you ever purchased the full version this game like me, but then later deleted it from your phone to save space, re-downloading it will not unlock the full game. You still have to spend real money on coins to unlock most of the features of the game. Also that cute little song at the end after you beat the game has been completely removed. EA bought it and the greedy little pricks ruined the game, like they do with every game they buy.
EA ruined a masterpiece
by Shant Kiwanian on 2019/06/15 16:09
I grew up with the original plants vs zombies, yes I was one of those lucky ones to see it in the form that the original creators imagined it in before they were fired by the company that bought out popcap. I recently wanted to re-download it in order to get nostalgia and play through my favorite levels. First thing I noticed was the design and format change of the home screen and level selection, that in itself is completely fine. However, in the original the mini games would be free and now they cost so much money that you’d have to buy coins in order to afford them without doing massive grinding. Then there’s the ads, every time you finish a level an ad pops up and ruins the moment of completion. I heavily DO NOT recommend this version of the game to any OG players in fear of disappointment. For any new players, I still do not recommend it because they will be met with a bad impression on a once glorious game. I normally do not write reviews like this but EA has forced my hand.
by travis PVZ on 2018/05/20 20:43
Plants versus zombies is my all-time favorite game I’ve played it for the Xbox 360 and it was the best version I ever played unfortunately The same cannot be said for the mobile version, I would highly recommend getting the consul version, The Xbox 360 Version has backwards compatibility for the Xbox one, The mobile version isn’t that bad, but compared to the other versions, it’s a little week. I don’t like the micro transactions that EA put into the mobile version. In fact that is the main reason I love this game more than plants versus zombies two. Plants versus zombies requires skill and it is also fair in fun. Plants versus zombies two requires you to spend money for premium plants, Power ups, and coins. Anyway I love this game with all my heart and I would highly recommend it for anyone.
Fun Game!
by iPad And Apps on 2019/01/20 01:47
I heard about this game long before I actually downloaded it. That’s because I had no interest in it. But I was wrong! This game is a strategy game where you put down plants to defend the zombies. You grow sunflowers to generate suns, which then buy you other defensive plants. Soon, you will defend the zombies with time and planning. As you progress, you earn more plants and even mini games and different modes. The more you play the harder it gets. The in app purchases in this game are only coin packages and other useless things, so you don’t have to worry about paying to unlock certain parts of the game. The second version of the game is something I’m dying to try, but I’m waiting to max out this game first. Please download this game, as it’s an awesome game for anyone to play!
great game
by _._lo.ol_._ on 2019/06/15 22:13
classic, nostalgic game that’s highly addicting. amazing for a game that doesn’t require wifi. everything from the soundtrack to the graphics and to the actual concepts are awesome, just like i remembered from my childhood but perhaps even better. popcap did a great job with this. i think pvz is making a comeback and all my friends and i are so invested, which is fun and takes my mind off of things. however: the game crashes. my survival day no longer works because every time i click it the app crashes. i really want this fixed because i need survival day to complete achievements and just enjoy. too many ads!! this can be fixed by turning wifi off, but that turns off a lot of my other phone functions. popcap > EA, disappointed at what EA did to such a great game by including so many micro transactions.
Amazing Game.
by LilSugarOwl. AKA Mary. on 2018/07/11 22:19
I used to play Plants Vs Zombies on my old DS. I completed it, and now my DS is broken. I didn’t know PvZ, the original, not the second one, was on mobile until today! I downloaded it immediately! It’s a lot easier than I remember, but still just as fun! I play the second one as well. They’re both fun, but if I’m being completely honest, the second is better. The dialog, though fun, annoys me. I just want to murder some zombies!! But, it has a story line, better graphics, and more plants (or at least I think so?). But, if I were new to the PvZ games, I would play this one first, and then the second, and the online one could just be in between. But anyway, I love this game, so so much! Thank you, PvZ creator people, for making these three super fun games!
I have.... mixed feelings.
by Hahagurlhahalol on 2018/03/09 16:53
It was great to come back and play this again, but I noticed several things that changed from when I lasted played it. Most noticeably the fact that ads. are. everywhere. As much as I hate them, they didn't anger me too much, it was all the small things. My most massive gripe, is that they removed the groovy song written by the original developers! That song was great! I wanted to hear it again. But E.A removed it for normal credits, without changing the "music video" button. I did see potential use of some the changes, like the fact if you were REALLY awful at keeping money, and still wanted your zen garden to produce, you could watch an ad to get the resources. I hate ads, but nice that they added that. And I swear, I do not remember imitater being buyable with coins. Maybe that's just reverse runoff of PvZ 2 or something, but I swear I don't remember that.
Highly recommended!
by Sir shmloop on 2018/03/25 18:35
I love this game a lot, and I think anyone who is considering buying this really should. It’s a fun tower-defense game that brings challenge. The only thing is, everything costs a lot, and some of the items are useless. Also, (spoilers) in the zen garden post game I can’t seem to find any plants while playing levels, and I can’t purchase stinky the snail, even though I had done that on my old phone, so I don’t know if the problem is with me or just the game in general. I still highly recommend getting this game though because I still have a lot of fun with it. It is very high quality for a free game, and the mini games are awesome ( if you can afford them) I also recommend any other PvZ games, so check those out too! Five stars!
Why are there ads on an app I payed $1.99 for???
by logandaa on 2019/02/18 23:39
Plants Vs. Zombies is one of my favorite games of all time, I absolutely love it and have played through it many of times since I first purchased it on the computer, and have beat it on almost every device you can beat it on (PS3, PC, Phone, Nintendo DS) so as you can see, I love the game. But I am writing this review right now as moments ago I was playing the phone version, when an ad popped up multiple times after I finished various levels? I know it’s not a big deal, but ads popping up randomly on apps make them feel so much less premium and have less quality, and I especially don’t think an app you may 2 dollars for should have random pop up ads! Would rate the game 5 stars if not for this, as it is one of my all time favorites. Shame l.
Plants versus zombies one is way better than plants versus zombies two
by inlaiyer on 2019/06/15 14:16
What I like about please versus zombies one more is that it’s easy fun and there’s a lot of bosses bosses that are not there yet but it’s so awesome I love the game because well the time traveler just just not sound like what I like them much at night it’s not the court to me and I think plans versus zombies is going to have to come out with another one just like the first one but plants versus zombies three it’s gone it I wanted to happen it’s going to be awesome and if it did happen I would download it automatically it’s going to be so fun if it is true and I just want to say one more thing plants versus zombies one is awesome. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Phenomenal Game, Scummy Ad Policy
by Kylelord_ on 2019/05/26 06:23
To be honest this would a five star review, but I’ve come across a glaring issue that is so horrible it drops the rating as low as possible and must be addressed. The game now features ads, which is fine since it’s also now free and you can buy it to remove ads. The problem is that even after buying ads it still prompts you to watch ads every level to get advantages in the game (for example a rake that blocks the playing field or how it is now very difficult to lose because you can just watch an ad to replenish lawn mowers). Worse yet, ads still appear unannounced whenever you play any bonus/mini game. This is horrendously unacceptable. I should not have to sit through ads when I pay money not to see them. It is false advertising and ILLEGAL. EA proves time and time again that they can’t be trusted... I miss the old days when Pop Cap was independent and didn’t use scummy tactics like blatantly lying to their customers to make money.
Great Game, but...
by AcademyEmployee on 2018/08/23 19:49
I completely love this game so much and can not stop playing it. I’ve played it before on PC, but I’d only had it for about a week on mobile and completed the campaign. The mini games are super fun and challenging. There’s something about the Zen Garden that I love so much. There really aren’t any flaws whatsoever to the game itself. Although, lately, I’ve been trying to play and am unable to. I can enter the app and it will remain open on the main menu, but as soon as I choose Adventure, Mini Games, or Zen Garden, the game will crash. I’ve tried refreshing the app, even restarting my phone, yet the same problem occurs. I don’t know if this is a common problem, or just my own problem, but if possible, I’d like it to be fixed. I want to get back to playing! :(
by EA has RUINED the game!! on 2018/06/16 18:58
I was playing the game and was about to beat it ( again) and I paused it to go to school and when I got back on it had deleted ALL my progress and I had to start from scratch. Also, EA has RUINED the game by adding a TON of stinking adds, which they say you can get rid of by paying 2.99 and I did but it did nothing to get rid of the adds! Come on, I mean, really?!?!? EA has totally ruined the game by adding tons of adds that make super hard not to tap them, and they also make you pay real world money in order to advance in the game! They also got rid of any way to quickly get a lot of coins, making you have to buy almost everything! EA, I swear, why the heck do you need to do this when you are already a multi- million dollar company?!
by dearest Consumer on 2019/06/01 05:16
I recently re-downloaded this childhood favorite of mine. One of the first things I noticed was that the menu was different from the last time I played. (a year ago) When you hit play, instead of immediately starting the next level, it takes you to a level menu which you can play the next level from there, or you can replay previous levels. I like this addition, I don’t believe it takes away from the original game at all. What I am appalled at, is that the game that I want happily paid money to PURCHASE, is now FILLED WITH Advertisements. After every level or two, there is an ad. I’m am not sure how recently this new “feature” but I am really bothered. If I understand correctly this game is free now. I also understand that a company needs revenue to stay afloat. Therefore, I am proposing that there be an in app purchase to unlock an ad free version. Thank You for Your Consideration - Loyal Customer
My best Childhood game
by Hdiajsjidh on 2017/12/29 01:55
I’ve played tons of games this one struck me the most I love the intensity the sound track the transitions it flips the last cycle on its head! (Spoiler!) When it turns night time you must rely on your plants to give the sun when there’s a pool you have less room to plant, on the roof you have to use 2x sun to plant plus you need a high shooting plant to get through the curve!(Spoiler is over) But if it is was out of 10 I would do 18 this game rocks not scary a good plot it’s just amazing I would LOVE to see more plots pvz2 hit the spot but the soundtrack wasn’t my favorite plus I didn’t really like the plot however great job Pop Cap now it’s time for a PvZ 3 thank you for your time!
my ideas
by Z0mbi3s15 on 2017/12/28 17:06
i would like to add multiple things to PVZ such as new and amazing zombies that will blow your mind and even awesome plants to help you defend against these improved zombies. Like crystal flower! when a zombie with armor (like a bucket head) enters a lane with this flower in it, the flower knocks off the armor. Also what would be so cool is if you gave other zombies that are already in the game new abilities, such as the ducky-tube zombie. when a plant destroys the ducky-tube, the zombie then springs into another lane! last thing, you could make a PVZ three and put these cool ideas into it. it would be your next big step! But other than that, your games are awesome, i love them, and i think their funny. By!!
Please fix zen garden shop
by Duqhscudjanbxgc on 2018/04/10 01:41
I played this game on the ds and I am enjoying it just as much on here. I recently beat the story a second time not only for the achievement but to see if this glitch would be fixed. It’s minor but I need it to be fixed; the zen garden specific shop tabs aren’t working properly. I can only access the first “page” (one of the “screens” of crazy Dave’s shop) of it by hitting the shop button in zen garden. If I try to switch to other pages and come back to it it disappears. The second page only showed up the first time I opened the shop from the zen garden. Other than that, it’s a perfect app that’s still fun and holds up graphically
Update bugs
by Undertaker9511 on 2018/12/23 05:39
Im only rating the game 1 star to show my concern (this is actually a 5 stars for me and will re-rate...eventually). Some other have pointed this out already. Im using iPhone XS max and after the update seems like the game stretched out to fit the screen size. But now there is a big “misplace issue” if i could call It like that. Lets say COB CANON, they became worthless and weaker after the update. But just 20 mins ago I realize that if I aim 2, even 3 spaces to the right (back) of my target Then I get bulls eyes. Any other placement will just miss and become a wasted hit. Same is happening with poor Stinky, It is just so hard to wake him up and feed him chocolates that I gave up for a while. Please. Im not a game addict or any sort. But Im trying to win the whole game since I never could in my childhood. Please please please fix this bug before I give up again without reaching my goal.
New Update Problem
by Zombes ore koler dan plants on 2019/01/08 14:55
Don’t get me wrong ,this is my favorite game series of all time, and I do like the new update. My problem is that I want to complete all the achievements, but some achievements require playing levels deep in the story mode. Mostly the achievement “Sproing! Sproing!” Before the update in the section “More Ways to Play” it had a option called “Quick Play.” This allowed you to play different difficulties in different places. (Day, night, etc.) It also has bonus levels which were the levels that were different to normal levels. Due to the new update it has taken away “Quick Play.” Please Fix this.
Good okay
by Evie Morris on 2018/04/23 02:54
I thought this game was an excellent and fun way to play a game. But guys, sometimes in the night you got ya give them a break! Don’t just keep it night all the time. It starts to get boaring. I ment stuck in the night with no help from the sun, it’s hard. Also guys, PLEASE add the extra games that come up sometimes into the mini game section. I really want to play them again. Another thing, try to make sure that the player knows what’s coming. For instance, the disco zombie. It creates more zombies out of no where. COULD YOU PLEASE WARN U S ABOUT THAT!?!?!?!? Sorry I’m mad. It’s just annoying. I didn’t know what was coming and wasn’t ready for it. Other then that, I love this game. Thank you guys for understanding. This game rocks! Sincerely, Evie Morris.
Fun game.
by Shiela-the-BO$$ on 2017/12/14 00:33
This is a fun game. I had it for a while but eventually it got tiring, as most games do. It has different mini games you can play aside from the original levels. It gets harder the higher you get through the levels, but after a few tries it’s always manageable. I would recommend this game to children from 7 years to 12 years. It is helpful to be organized in this game, because you can’t just randomly place your sunflowers and peas. I’m 12 years old and I find that most kids my age don’t play this game, but it’s a good pastime for when you’re bored. I like this game overall. The ads are short and infrequent. It’s a pretty simple game. I recommend this game. It’s a good game overall.
I've played this game since I was a wee girl.
by Bunny boo 95670 on 2018/06/26 23:39
Excellent game! When I was young I was envious of my older brother because he didn't allow me to play on the computer . I was forced to watch him play without getting to play this amazing game myself ! Couple years later I got on the good ol computer and discovered it once more! I couldn't play it sadly , but had gotten an iPad Air recently and realized it was on the App Store AND it Had a SEQUEL . I spent the whole summer playing these games and I still come back to play it at least once a week . The payoff of finally being able to play was amazing ! Especially when it came to such a great game like this .
I still love this game
by ThreeLeafClover on 2019/07/02 13:29
When I was around 9 I went on a cruise with my family for my grandparents 50th anniversary. My uncle had this game on his phone, I think it was an iPhone 4, and he let me play PvZ every day. I beat the game before the end of the cruise and it was great. Recently I got back into PvZ 2 but it’s really nice to go back a replay this game, especially because I don’t have to worry about adds. The one problem with mobile games these days are the abundance of adds and this game doesn’t have any because it’s not being updated anymore, so all in all this game is just as fun as it was when I was 9.
What happened?
by 1Overflow on 2019/04/27 03:56
I have played this game in the year, I loved it, my mom and dad loved it, cousins loved it, but when I logged back on recently I realized it changed... and I haven’t even played a level or mini games yet. You can change the screen size? What happened to the class full screen? Save the changing size for settings! What happened to levels? It’s a progressive game, not a game where you look ahead and guess what your gonna get (the plants on the levels) and I guess it’s alright we get to rewind but that takes the fun out of progress! I really hope one day this game will be restored to what it really was. From Person who used to love the game
Character Creation
by Jif is good on 2019/04/14 13:01
Where is the zombatar create your own zombie menu. I remember playing the original PvZ game back when it came out in 2009 as a seven year old, me and my dad had our own accounts and we used to see who could beat the game faster than the other, and one feature I remember was the zombatar, where you could customize the flag holder for the final wave of the level. I downloaded this game on mobile for nostalgia because my disc version of pvz is too old to run on my new computer, and I could download it off of the EA vault but I don’t support ea because all they do is take people’s money with in game purchases and vaulting games. And while I’m feeling some nostalgia with this app, it would 10x greater with the Zombatar.
From a veteran player.
by i literally beat this 4 times on 2018/08/08 05:14
From a veteran player, as I’ve been playing since it came out for DS, I still love and enjoy the game. Controls are amazing and simple, graphics are better than what my DSi runs and overall it’s a wonderfully addictive game. The downside in my opinion are the in game ads and almost forcing the player to spend money for Crazy Dave’s ‘shop’. Then again I’m used to an offline game and the game company needs to make money somehow. Thank you Pop Cap for making a wonderful game that filled my childhood with rage inducing rooftop levels and Zombatony (eight ish years and I still can’t beat those...). I love the game dearly.
Love this game
by ubw4life on 2019/05/23 15:52
Please download this game. It’s so calm and relaxed to play it and it will make you think a lot when you trying to defeat the zombies. Also the soundtrack it’s so calm while playing and the game is easy to understand for beginners. I enjoy this game more than the second version (no offense) just because it gives you a relaxing time to enjoy the game and there is no extra stuff the complete a level. The game is just so good and I say thank you for creating it since 2009. Yes I’m a OG at this game😄. So download it and have fun. PS: Add multiplayer when you can be the plants and your opponent is the zombies, just an idea.😁👍🏾🎮
Zen garden problem
by yulaS mama on 2018/04/27 03:51
Been playing the same since it first released back in 2009 and I've been playing with different devices and had no problems since I enjoyed reseting and playing from the beginning. Anyway I just bought a new iphone 7+ and ofcourse downloaded it but had problems with the zen garden. Already completed the story mode 3 times and bought alot mini-games and items from crazy dave's store and it took me a while before I could even find the plant gift boxes and when I did I couldn't find the snail in the store or the areas to put the night and sea plants. Now i'm stuck with 2 marigold and 2 other daytime plants and a grave digger and it's been 2 weeks of playing and still nothing. Pls fix it.
Never disappointing. Great!
by Meeeeeeoooor on 2018/06/28 22:19
Loved this game ever since it came out. I’m a 13 year old boy and have played this game ever since it came out. Loved it always. Never in my life said I hated it. Not even in my thoughts. No blood. Awesome. Great soundtracks. Fun. Biiiiiiiig story mode and lots of fun mini games, puzzles, zen gardens, and more! I’ve beat it about 7 or 8 times on iPhone, Nintendo DS, computer, and Xbox 360. My most favorite memories were on the iPhone though. I can see 5 year olds playing this, 15 year olds playing this, 32 year olds playing this, 64 year olds playing this, and 90 year olds playing this. All laughing and having a great time.
by EvanGaming2009 on 2019/06/08 17:02
I I love plants versus zombies so much I’ve been playing it when I was a little boy I am so happy this game came out in the first place I play plants versus zombies switches this game plan for zombies two plants versus zombies garden warfare two plants versus zombies garden warfare and plan for zombies garden warfare three is actually coming out I hope everybody is excited because I love plants versus zombies and I hope all of you do because planned for us is on these means that you are on the plane side and you have to defeat all the zombies and do not let the zombies reach your house and eat your brains you can do this kill all the zombies
You’ve Ruined This Amazing Game
by JustinM (Game username) on 2019/03/17 08:31
You f!ckers have ruined this once fun and amazing game. There’s ads everywhere! This the paid one dammit! It means there’s no FORCED ads! A “PAID” game doesn’t have have MANDATORY ads! You’ve ruined one the games I grew with. I can’t enjoy this game anymore ever since you took custody of this once terrific game. I hope you know that you’ve ruined many peoples’ childhood, for those who’ve grew with this game anyway. I’ll forever remember EA as the game developer who took a piece of my childhood. I hope you’re happy with yourselves. I’m rating this as a 5 star review so you can idiots can see this.
Not a “Pay-To-Win” game
by TheLonePigeon on 2019/07/01 15:39
I love this game and got hooked on it a little over a week ago. You can really have tons of fun and it doesn’t force ads on you.( sure it gives you the option to watch ads for rewards, but those ads are...well optional.) many, if not most games nowadays are a “pay to win cash-grab” but this game really took some effort and has some really great (free to user) mini-games. I have not experienced any problems with the apps the adventure mode is super enjoyable. All in all it’s one of my favorite apps. Good job guys👍
by anonymoususer09 on 2018/08/03 07:59
I had this game maybe 5 or 6 years ago and and DANG I was a god. Theres a zen garden, mine was filled up with every plant possible. I defeated that final boss maybe 20 or 30 times, and my zombie kill count went all the way into the wormhole and just stopped counting because i had so many. I’m twelve, so to think a 6 year old could do this, and still keep playing, I’m pretty sure everyone else could be playing for HOURS, maybe even even DAYS, and not get bored. I highly recommend you get this, and good luck! Also please don’t roast me cause’ I said I was twelve. Bye!
Good to Bad
by Crazyfrog75 on 2018/08/15 03:51
I started to play this not to Lon ago and I finally beat the adventure mode and just started figuring out what the zen garden was. I love the game because it’s really fun but when I got back on the game it erased all my progress so I have to start completely over. I don’t know why it did what it did but I stayed on the same account. When I hit the button to play it saved the progress from the last level I was playing (2-2) but had the features of the first level (1-1) which was very weird because I could plant on the dirt and the zombies were coming on the dirt rows too. If this has happened to anyone else could you comment back please?
Very good game but should be ready for people who beat it.
by LightingMC on 2018/12/20 06:00
This is a good game but gets boring once you beat the campaign twice. Now what I mostly do is survival and last stand endless. They should make so every time you beat the story, it removes a free plant slot. So when you beat the story the first time 3 plants get chosen for you next. But after that it doesn't change. After you beat the story with 3 chosen plants it should move on to 4, then 5,6, etc. Overall a fun game especially since you don't need internet to play it.
Amazing, but...
by Coco_70_ on 2018/03/12 01:23
This game is my favorite, and one of my first games I have ever enjoyed playing. I played the oldest version on my iMac growing up. I had the wisdom tree fully upgraded, the store bought out, along with all the different zen gardens. The zombie aquarium was my favorite. When I downloaded it on my phone though, most of my favorite things were gone, or had to be payed for with in game currency. This game just doesn’t feel rewarding enough to play sometimes. I beg of you Electronic Arts. DON’T RUIN PVZ! If you ever make PvZ GW3, promise me you won’t put all those micro transactions in it. These games really do mean everything to me.
Stole my money.
by Landthief 1972 on 2019/07/04 20:14
I love this game, and I played it a lot. I listened to instruction one time and deleted the game because I had an issue of not being able to play endless. I reinstall it, aaaaand... My progress is gone. I spent 10$ on this game, and I had to restart all my progress and live on knowing that I WASTED 10$ on this game. (In app purchases, of course.) I completed the ‘tutorial’ levels and I still have none of my progress. I used the same account, same phone, and used iTunes on both. Unless the tutorial carry’s on for more than 5 levels of 1-, then this game is garbage and “help” doesn’t work. Don’t spend money on this game, and don’t buy it if you don’t want the unsavory, unsatisfactory, emotion of sadness knowing that your money and hard work have gone to waste.
by Clover Dove on 2019/06/02 23:20
I grew up playing this game on the computer and I was very excited to be able to use it with my mobile phone. As I remember it used to cost money but now they changed it to be free and that really excited me. The game is just as I remember aside from the fact that they charge for all of the mini games. It was a great recreation but every time I lost service it completely restarted me. It deleted absolutely everything just because I had no service and I could not get any of my progress back. At first I thought I caused this so I pushed it aside and started all over again and was four levels from beating it then it deleted it again. Don’t get on the game if you have no service or if you may lose service. It’ll delete everything.
Annoying ads!
by TraceyRaye on 2019/05/17 05:45
I’m kind of ticked! I adore this game. I have purchased it for my Xbox twice. My phone and tablet. And I have purchased it more than once on my desktop pc. I have bought this game for my nephews who also love it. However, I BOUGHT the game.. paid actual money for the game WHY must I sit through ad after ad after ad? It’s ridiculous! I would understand completely if it was a free version. And after all these years it likely is free, but I shouldn’t have to watch the ads since I purchased the game years ago!! I like the rest of the updates. But I’m close to not playing anymore because the ads are annoying!
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