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father's Day Quotes and Cards
For a change this very special day. Get this Special father's Day Quotes and Cards to celebrate with your loving dad This is a apps that focus on father's Day quotes and Cards that consist of 55 fathers quotes as well as 50 greeting in the form of cards and puzzle game. It is an ideal for this father's day resolution to present it as a gift to enhance closer relationship with your dad. It is also a good tools to build friendship for your dad to do to his friends too as he can show off this beautiful apps. Get yourself this father's Day Quotes and Cards apps which consist of 100 pieces of images for your dad which has written greeting quotes in the form of electronic cards. Select any one of these greeting written on cards and send it to your dad for a surprise. Not to mentioned when this apps is installed in your father's smartphone and he can browse any day all the 50 pieces of these cards as a gift. He too can play the puzzle games at his leisure time. KEY FEATURES OF father'S DAY QUOTES AND CARDS apps: Tab 1 : A menu that navigates to quotes; gallery; Notes; Game; Chat and Share Tab 2 : A list of 55 father Quotes for your reading pleasure Tab 3 : A gallery consist of 50 fathers day cards Tab 4 : A puzzle game menu to relax yourself. It has 4 levels of skill namely easy; medium; hard and insane level The menu of father's Day Quotes and cards consist of full page navigation to the following topics:- - A fathers quotes page - 1 page gallery of of 50 images for father's Day - A note page - A game function consist of 8 puzzle games with 4 different skill levels - A chat function - A Rate & Review page Go on and download this father's Day Quotes and Cards apps for FREE !
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