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adobe lightroom: Photo Editor
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo editor and camera app that empowers your photography, helping you capture and edit stunning images. Easy-to-use image editing tools like sliders and filters for pictures make photo editing simple. Retouch full-resolution photos, apply photo filters, or start photo editing wherever you are. EDIT YOUR PHOTOS ANYWHERE Transform raw photos with one of the world’s most intuitive photo editing apps. Tap and drag sliders to improve light and color, apply photo filters for pictures, and more. Breathe life into your photo editing with our leading photography tools. Retouch light and color to make photos pop. Easy sliders let you control photo properties from your phone screen. Crop and Rotate tools find the right size and aspect ratio to best show off your camera work. Create clean shots with straight lines by adjusting the perspective with powerful upright, guided upright, and Geometry tools. Experiment and compare different photo versions without losing the original and pick your favorite look. Access all your presets anywhere. Image edits on one device are automatically applied everywhere else. EDIT THE FINE DETAILS Finesse details with the advanced picture editor. Control images with selective adjustments. Remove almost anything with a touch of the Healing Brush. Local Hue Adjustments as part of selective edits let you alter hue and saturation with precision and elevate your photos. Advanced color grading lets you have more control over color editing and achieve stunning effects. Import your own graphical watermarks and apply your personal touch. Get inspired and learn to use the photo editor to its potential with easy, interactive tutorials from fellow photographers. LIGHTROOM PRESETS SIMPLIFY PHOTO EDITING: Achieve professional photo editing faster with presets - filters for pictures with unlimited customization options. Presets make every step of photo editing visible so you can learn easily. Access 70+ hand-crafted presets created by professional photographers with Lightroom Premium. Combine presets to recreate your favorite photo effects perfectly every time with just one click. PRO-LEVEL CAMERA Unique phone camera controls unlock your photography potential. Choose from exposure, timer, instant presets, raw, and more. Enjoy more control over your photography on the go with capture modes such as Professional and HDR. SMART ORGANIZATION FOR YOUR PHOTOS Adobe Sensei harnesses the power of AI to tag and organize your photos based on the objects or people that are in them. A quick search for “mountains” or “Maria” will display all the relevant photos. Create albums with a click. Use handy organizational tools like ratings and flags to mark and group the photos you like best, and see suggestions for the best photos across your albums. ADVANCED PHOTO SHARING Group Albums allow you to invite others and collect everyone’s photos in one place. Share your creative process with other users in the Discover section of the app so they can see how you got from start to finish. Lightroom galleries showcase your photos online. Photo edits sync seamlessly, so any changes you make are always up-to-date. Get inspiration from other creatives in Lightroom with personalized content, free community presets, and the ability to follow your favorite authors. WORRY-FREE ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD STORAGE: The Lightroom image editor is the best cloud-based service for photography lovers. Retouch your full-resolution shots and have both originals and edits backed up to the cloud, ready to access anywhere. Searchable keywords are automatically applied to help you sort photos without tagging them. Fine Print You must be 13 or older and agree to Adobe’s terms and privacy policy: Do Not Sell My Information:
Importing from device doesn’t load chronologically.
by SethG911 on 2021/06/13 03:58
I use this app professionally and it has recently become incredibly frustrating to use. Now when importing photos via SD card now the image previews load out of order. I’m left waiting 15-20 minutes waiting for image previews to load of images I took over a year ago just to grab a handful of images I shot today. I appreciate that you fixed the import disconnect issue that was happening previously, but this new issue is just as bad, if not worse. Please fix this. UPDATE 6/12/2021: the latest update still doesn’t fix this issue. Now the import button just stays greyed out and I can’t import anything from my SD cards. I have to use the Apple Files app instead to bypass Lightroom’s horrible import functionality.
I love this but cannot find older imported photos
by alexandra4JC on 2021/06/11 23:00
This app is great for editing except for the fact that when you import a photo it won’t automatically show up at the top. So when I find an old phot I want to edit and import it I would have to scroll through thousands of pictures to find it since it automatically imports by the date it was taken. I end up opting out of editing and sharing or even printing older photos I really love because once I get them into the Lightroom app I cannot find them. I wish they would make an option to import by date importing into Lightroom and not date taken.
confusing, frustrating, and keeps crashing
by EmmaO2018 on 2021/06/09 23:52
made me want to smash my phone. awful
Needs work
by peachesbuttercup on 2021/06/09 18:54
Since the update 6/7/21 the app freezes, won’t load. Awful.
Light Dimming
by datemike01 on 2021/06/08 18:41
Love the app, however very frustrating when the app randomly dims the light while your editing. It’s to the point where you can’t even tell what your edits are doing. I have to totally get out of the app, then go back in, and randomly it’s bright, but then minutes later goes dim. Not sure if this is a personal problem or if others have it to? Is it my phone? Is it the app?
by Bondhan1234 on 2021/06/08 03:52
This is a best editing app💯💝
by wowieeeeee000 on 2021/06/08 02:16
Missing Basic Features
by James & Jenny on 2021/06/07 23:09
How about some support for some basic features to help professionals? Roll out more complete keyboard shortcuts for use on an iPad and faster workflows. Nothing special; just more of what works in the desktop app. Add some crucial editing features like luminance and color masking for selective edits. It feels like the iPad has long since reached the point where it can be a professional editing tool. Adobe just needs to put some energy into a few important capabilities. Professionals need these capabilities far more than we do a range of new presets.
Ability to Change Date and Time
by SaritaMadera on 2021/06/06 22:22
I use my photos mainly to keep track of old pictures and as a kind of record keeping. I’m taking picture of old photos I am only able to change the capture date in the computer app. It would be so helpful to be able to do this on the iPhone and iPad apps. Thank you!
Worst photo editing app
by ShivrajN on 2021/06/06 18:13
Their share and upload to cloud option was not working. Worst user interface. Cancelling subscription.
Cannot get past login
by cofarley on 2021/06/05 10:58
Tried logging in using Apple that did not work so then I shared all of my Google count and that did not work. I’m going to stop here.
by jcharrim on 2021/05/31 20:52
Para comenzar la edición... muy bueno, recomendado.
2 Stops Too Low
by gamertm036 on 2021/05/31 07:34
When taking, • DNG photos • within the app • while using custom exposure settings The preview displays an entirely different exposure than in editing. The preview window is 2 stops brighter than the saved file. The RAW imaging is mainly why I even have this on my phone.
Not letting me log in
by rhdamelio on 2021/05/31 05:08
I made an account in the past then I had to delete the app for a while. I re download it and now every time I attempt to log in it doesn’t let me or says there’s an error
by R8gue Mac on 2021/05/31 04:39
The sync is so iffy. It’s slowing down my workflow I’ve tried everything to fix it, restarting, making sure I’m on the same WiFi network, clearing my data etc
Many functions did not working
by John Tasy on 2021/05/30 08:42
Issue with importing pictures
by 1nonly_GD on 2021/05/26 13:33
This is one of the best editing application for so far but lately it’s functioning well like whenever i go for importing pictures from gallery it automatically imports the most recent picture. I’ve even tried uninstalling and installing it again but of no vain. I hope you guys will look forward to fix the issue asap
It is hard or impossible to cancel !
by tralala lalala on 2021/05/24 21:08
I have trouble canceling this app It is completely hidden, shady and impossible to cancel
Auto picking
by はたひたはた on 2021/05/23 15:34
Worst editing app the want to edit photo B it pick photo A , when trying again same thing
Perfect for iPhones
by pulpdc on 2021/05/21 22:19
Absolutely love this app! I shot on my iPhone 11 but with the editing used on this app, looks no different than a good camera.
by Theheavenlygoddessgirl on 2021/05/21 21:23
I keep trying to use it but everytime I go to pick a photo from my camera roll, it automatically chooses the most recent photo in my camera roll. It’s really frustrating. Edited to add: I deleted it and reinstalled hoping it would fix it and lost hundreds of presets I had saved.
Need Calibration
by John Hathaway on 2021/05/20 11:45
I love the app and it is almost perfect. One thing I would add is the color calibration that is available on the desktop version. *No, I don’t mean color grading. On the desktop version of Lightroom you can scroll to the bottom and there is a section called calibration where you can edit the colors in a unique way.
I cant use it anymore
by Karencitta20 on 2021/05/19 20:33
It crashes when i go and try to extract a picture from an album . 😕 this app was my fav .
by Bladi21 on 2021/05/19 00:24
Very good
Light room
by Nalumino on 2021/05/18 16:28
Is amazing!
Keeps Crashing
by Danny The Wytch on 2021/05/18 05:26
Usually my favorite editing app but it’s started to become unusable. Constantly crashing and freezing and lagging. Not sure what happened but as of right now I’m no longer able to use it. When it works, it’s the best photo app and my go-to for storyboard comic editing.
Love it then paid for and it never worked right
by TaraRae34 on 2021/05/18 01:02
I bought it three months in a row I use it free now but could use some improvements! By the time I save a photo the colors change from the original edits I mainly wanted to keep that’s why I was saving it that way! Other wise I can’t complain it’s free just wish it would had worked right when I paid for it! I would have kept using it
Please Add...
by Michael Bradly on 2021/05/17 22:31
Primary Color adjustment sliders..
Hate it
by asdmaster360pro on 2021/05/17 01:24
Said I need to install the latest version on iPad but I already had a iPad that’s so weird
Crashes the entire OS on iPad
by Rbdndosken on 2021/05/16 22:47
Long standing bug causes the iPad to completely shutoff and restart.
App not importing photos
by Yadild on 2021/05/16 20:41
The app has a few glitches. When trying to import pictures, it automatically loads the most recent picture instead of letting you choose the picture you want to edit.
Don’t do it
by mama1332 on 2021/05/16 17:49
I got scammed from this app. I canceled this immediately not knowing when I downloaded it that it would cost a monthly subscription. They STILL charged me every month for a YEAR and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe!!! This is the mist frustrating situation! DONT DO IT!!!
It’s extremely slow and doesn’t want to work
by Reanah3 on 2021/05/16 17:17
I’ve had this app for a few months now. But the past couple of the weeks it’s been lagging so bad. It’s extremely slow when I use the heal brush, if I edit too much with it, the app will crash and loose everything I just edited on that one photo. It takes forever to export a photo. It will either say something along the lines of can’t export at the moment or you have a certain percent of storage left on your device, when I know that’s not true. It will take anywhere from 5minites to an hour to just get one photo to export. And I know several others who have been having the same issues! Please fix the issue! It’s been driving me absolutely insane!
by Celius Discplay on 2021/05/16 16:58
Aplicación súper fácil de usar y con buenas opciones para las imágenes
One star
by Julieth4 on 2021/05/16 16:05
Why was I charged 12.99 for a free trial.
by hankbriff on 2021/05/15 21:20
If heaven were an app it would be the big L by Adobe ♾❤️🤩
It’s been bad lately
by thatdudeudontknow on 2021/05/15 14:51
Lately Lightroom has had so many problems like almost every time I try to edit photos it crashes the app and when I go to import my photos it usually just freezes everything and it constantly crashes my phone.
by jmfbbb on 2021/05/15 08:28
So convenient
So Clutch!
by RichestPossibilities on 2021/05/14 20:25
The app makes it so much easier to work on projects! I can do my edits from anywhere on so many devices!
by Dykgfrcx on 2021/05/14 13:02
Can’t pick photo
by bel123q on 2021/05/13 15:18
Every time I go to pick a photo from my camera roll it automatically chooses on for me and closes out. Please fix this, I am unable to edit any of my photos because it is automatically picking pictures i don’t want to edit. I click the camera roll button, then it picks a picture for me and goes out of camera roll. Please fix this.
Doesn't work. Please help me fix
by ㋡yee on 2021/05/12 20:24
i click to edit a new photo, but it doesnt let me choose and just chooses for me. ive tried closing it, re-downloading it, and it still wont work. please help me fix
I love it
by IG:@slyfer1.6 on 2021/05/12 02:27
I love it
Paid version won’t work.
by ScizzorHappy on 2021/05/11 12:58
I tried the trial and canceled after an entire day of it “preparing” my subscription and never finishing. I gave up. Not worth as far as I’m concerned.
It’s great for editing one problem
by Ali Stegmeier on 2021/05/11 02:08
It’s great for editing and worked amazingly for radiating photos I take for my photography classes only one problem is that after I did my first photo I have to pay for any others as it is kinda annoying because every good editing app I find always has be pay to edit my photos otherwise great app
by hola Zozah on 2021/05/10 05:49
Very interesting App I would recommend for anyone with photography creative
Please help 🙏🏽
by help:)please:)............. on 2021/05/09 01:45
Recently I have been unable to edit any new pictures. Nothing works, it says I have to use premium to do anything.
Light room
by Lilfresh3 on 2021/05/08 00:07
Really bad app so I’m giving it a really bad review
It’s ok
by Boo346846 on 2021/05/07 23:22
Could be better like my heritage photo editor, but still like your app though
App will not let me login
by TheConcave on 2021/05/06 19:59
I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting all date, and even calling customer support with no good outcome. Every time I try and login it says “something went wrong” I have tried multiple times and it haven’t changed.
Hide Share or Discover or Learn tab
by S.till on 2021/05/06 18:59
I use this app to edit photos, not using it to share, to discover, or to learn, and these things occupies three tabs at the bottom, and you have no choice to remove them.
by halmat8120 on 2021/05/06 12:20
Camera mode overexposed
by Philfff on 2021/05/06 03:46
The camera mode has a glitch where auto exposure is constantly overexposed. The preview looks normal but the photo it takes is 1-2 stops too bright. Terrible and annoying. I used to love the camera feature and now can’t stand using it.
Please cancel my plan !!
by mrsspearman on 2021/05/06 01:51
Can you please cancel my account. I didn’t want this and it’s saying I did the trial and I didn’t. Thanks
by Lover Grand on 2021/05/03 16:46
البرنامج بيه مشاكل ويختار صوره لحاله
Not free!
by ellarooskie on 2021/05/02 23:31
Not free
App Bug.
by Toalima. on 2021/05/01 17:02
Please fix bug, when going into my camera role photos it keeps force closing and choosing the same pic I chose for previous edit. Love the presets but this is massively intrusive to the utilization. I’ve only been able to edit one pic lol.
by 2Normalgirls on 2021/05/01 15:02
Got new phone. Bought the monthly membership and my old presets still don’t show up
by sami saadon on 2021/05/01 13:37
What is going on
by bohemianjess on 2021/04/30 22:49
I keep getting kicked outta the app after almost finishing editing??!? This is happened over and over plus it won’t let me save it saying my storage on my phone is almost full yet I checked and it’s not even close to be full!!?!
Easy and amazing edits
by ...yas... on 2021/04/30 19:53
I didn’t think I could edit this easily with an app. Love this totally.
by David the price on 2021/04/29 17:42
Ur mother
by Poncho2020 on 2021/04/28 20:00
Muy buen resultado
Scammed me
by dfhjkjv on 2021/04/27 20:02
I downloaded the app and maybe I accidentally hit something, but they’ve been charging me and when I realized and cancelled it, it still is charging me for another month. I deleted the app and they still charged me. When I called customer service I got nowhere.
Great photo editing app
by simon sanjur on 2021/04/27 16:22
it is easy to use and great for quick and on the go editing, i’m surprised by how easy it is to take a photo and slap a preset on to your photo. The paid version adds some more interesting tools for editing perspective and such, but it is still useful without it.
This is a scam and it’s absolute bull
by MDeter67 on 2021/04/26 21:58
Adobe needs to be more transparent about what there customers are actually paying for!!! I signed up for a service plan that was advertised as month to month and then figured out I signed so F***ing commitment for 10 months. Don’t waste your money here find other alternatives. Adobe has turned into a scamming business model.
The app ask money to edit
by lavaaaaaaaaaa on 2021/04/26 18:45
I used to edit my photos on Lightroom, but suddenly today its required me to update my app by moneys to be available again for editing while it was offline app . Is there any problem we need to know ?
Doesn’t relate to my laptop
by Shadesofcaitlyn on 2021/04/26 07:27
I have myself signed in on my laptop and iPhone. My iPhone app will not connect to the cloud at all. When I try it says to contact support but there’s no support in the FAQs.
by Iizzyy.R on 2021/04/24 02:53
I completely adore this app, it takes your photos to the next level, although, I wish this app was free. At first, it gives you a certain trial but when that trial ends, you have to pay for a subscription in order to use it. Disappointed:(
Love it ,but one problem lately !
by Erionziu on 2021/04/23 23:26
I love Lightroom . It’s been about a month or so that when I open the app , most of the time the pictures keep going back to the oldest ones . I have about 4000 pictures there so in order to go to the newest ones it takes time to scroll . Before when I would open the app it would always start with the latest pictures . I’ve tried to change many settings but with not positive result . Sometimes the pictures would start in the middle when I open the app. I’ve been using Lightroom for at least 5-6 years but only recently I’ve had this issue . Please fix it. It’s very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks
wont let me import pictures
by kp050304 on 2021/04/23 21:39
i’ve been trying to add new pictures for two days now and it won’t let me add any more. please fix this!!
by arnaa9898 on 2021/04/21 14:25
Why this app can’t load my galley very fast?
I love it but you shouldn’t have to make people sign in.
by fixit. ha. on 2021/04/20 22:22
i have restrictions on my phone and i would appreciate if you changed it to where you dint have to sign in to use it. please change this, on my old phone i used this app all the time, i loved it, but now i can’t because of restrictions. you need to fix this.
Don’t like
by calmurph1 on 2021/04/19 21:06
Thích lắm
by Duocvo on 2021/04/16 01:36
Chỉnh sửa ảnh đẹp nhất ok
Amazing app but ..
by cute_0 on 2021/04/15 22:11
It’s an amazing app it’s just that when ever I try to go to camera roll it’s just it goes back and forth and it doesn’t let me select a photo 😫from camera roll please ♥️ can you tell me what’s the problem with this I know you won’t be reading this but please fix this problem
by ✰♛BOSS♛✰ on 2021/04/12 14:48
من احب البرامج الى قلبي
by kri5zti on 2021/04/11 18:59
I am unaware to upload my desired photos. It is keep glitching and auto selecting who knows based to photos to upload.
Collects unnecessary Personal Info
by Old news on 2021/04/11 15:04
This app won’t allow you to use it without giving them PII There is no reason for them to know this info unless they are planning to sell it
by hankiw wjisooxoxlxl on 2021/04/09 20:33
this app won’t let me upload pictures from my camera roll it just picks the first picture in my camera roll and then glitches?! but i love the presets so i’m sad :((( please help?!!
by بفلا الازز on 2021/04/09 09:14
جميل جدا
Lightroom best app!!!!
by SkyReacher!@ on 2021/04/08 21:08
Don’t look further this is the best photo editing app ever!!!!I just download it and I’m truly addicted with it!!! I’m not a pro but I’m very interested in photoshotting.
I’ve never had more issue with this app.
by Icantevenhavemyname on 2021/04/08 01:41
iPhone 8, iOS 14.4.2 This app is the best app on my phone. It has also developed some untenable bugs over the last two updates that are making me lose my mind. I have had two photos pending for over a month now and no syncs errors showing on the desktop site. No idea how to figure it out and all of the forum “answers” are from 2-3 year old posts. The other issue has been going on longer and it has to do with SD->Lighting RAW uploads to the phone. Over and over again only 1-2 photos will upload and it will error out and tell me the rest can’t be uploaded. So I pull the plug, and do it over again. And again. I’ve gotten a new adapter, a new iPhone, and have wiped and reloaded the app a half-dozen times. Apple won’t replace anything else for me over this issue so this is on you Adobe. I’ll give you the stars this app deserves when you fix the same broken issues that don’t go away update after update. **Heard from Adobe so that’s an easy star back. Will update again! 04/07
Great app BUT
by Lexxxiii_ on 2021/04/07 20:19
I use the app all the time when I’m on the go but after recently updating I’m having issues with the crop factor. When you try to crop a photo it gets choppy and to the point where the app becomes unstable. Also it would be nice if you could implement a panorama/merge feature to the mobile version.
No camera lens control
by RioNapo on 2021/04/07 19:49
The photo editing and management features are fine but there’s no hint about which lens LR uses and nothing in the Adobe help that talks about lenses. I assume it uses the standard 12Pro lens and that you can’t access either the wide or narrow lenses. It would be nice if there were words somewhere about lens or if I missed them somehow.
Lost all of my edits....
by Jazmine Mercedes on 2021/04/07 16:36
This used to be my favorite app to edit but when I updated to the new version, all of my previous photos that I had saved in the app....are now gone. How infuriating!!!!
Doesn’t work like you would expect
by Unhapppppy buyer on 2021/04/07 16:20
I have not been able to successfully apply any filter on my pictures to look as advertised. You would have to match the perfect picture to the filter for it to work. Waste of money. Don’t buy
Not user friendly
by Life long mfp user on 2021/04/06 17:02
The most recent update is very frustrating to use. I’m a pro membership holder and when I open a photo in iPhoto select it to open in Lightroom it brings me to all 20k + of my photos so then I have to scroll through again to find it, rather than automatically being in edit mode. Secondly it’s syncing with my iCloud photos including what I’ve deleted. Annoying. And it starts this iCloud feed with the oldest photos from 2003, literally. It needs too have most recent be first. Some of these old photos are even syncing to the wrong place. I have photos from 2003 next to a photo I took 5 min ago.
Great app but...
by John Owens for Jesus on 2021/04/05 00:38
Adding photos has been a headache. It wants to add all my photos. I only want to add the ones I want to edit. When I hit the add button it automatically just adds one photo at a time instead of letting me pick the photos I want to add like it did last time.
Presets don’t save on 12 mini
by 12minifix on 2021/04/04 13:20
Got this app to use presets but they won’t save. Developer has troubleshot and the only issue seems to be that my phone is a 12 mini and app version is different - presets work in Lr on all other phones. Can’t find an update. Would love a fix!
Won’t let me edit
by sloppysis on 2021/04/03 10:19
Since the new update I am unable to edit any photos. There are grayed out icons and when I click on the none greeted out ones they don’t work.
by Jenni Crespo on 2021/04/03 00:04
Es buena y me gusta la calidad que deja en las fotografías
Very useful
by Pouria_ on 2021/04/01 16:38
I use this app to edit my virtual photography taken shots in games. And I love this app it can be so useful next to adobe photoshop mix. And it’s free!
Soooooo nice
by al hussnawi on 2021/04/01 11:39
Sooooo nice
I’ll change my rating when this glitch is fixed.
by soul.creators on 2021/03/31 23:55
I’m having a horrible glitch that will not allow me to add more photos from my camera roll. It opens up my camera roll and AUTOMATICALLY just adds the first photo it won’t let me choose and it keeps doing it over and over. I restarted my phone, and don’t have any issues with other apps. This is really frustrating when I have photos to edit and I can’t even get them into Lightroom.
by Krystine K on 2021/03/31 11:59
Since The new update, my pictures have been glitching and I cannot upload any new photos or choose any photos to edit. I keep having to upload to my laptop. Even that gets a little tough. It’s been like this for a few months now. I do not know if anyone else is dealing with this.
Great app
by chader777 on 2021/03/30 05:53
Amazing app to have
So disappointed! Latest iPhone update and LR update—issues with edited images!
by MamatoCandB on 2021/03/29 16:49
Have recently updated my apple software this morning, every time I am unable to use any of my downloaded presets other than sending to my phone. I can NOT message anyone these images at all, nor can they go through over iMessage. What is the solution!? I need to edit my images in Lightroom (many using presets!!), export them to camera roll, then send them to folks via text message, and iMessage. They will not send. They say not delivered and will not go through. Via iMessage and SMS. Please FIX THIS!!! Why do I pay monthly as a photographer for this app and can’t send the photos I’ve edited!?
Don’t upgrade
by iamsoannoyingugh on 2021/03/28 19:35
Really upset upgraded to pay for all features and it deleted my whole library and all the presets I had made when using the app for free :(
Greatest program yet
by Pokepokebtcheekecheeke on 2021/03/09 03:01
Load up your photos on your desktop or laptop from a REAL camera or phone. Create a collection in Lightroom, transfer to Photoshop and back to Lightroom. Share entire album within seconds to your contacts. Pretty smooth. Absolutely NOTHING comes close to what PSCC & Lightroom can do. Absolutely love this system. I generally shoot with dslrs and use several features in photoshop that Lightroom can’t duplicate or run. I only have the “save as smart previews only” because the don’t take up much room on the server and I can send the “collections link” to anyone I wish to share. There is a slider to allow the sender to download the smart preview. Most of the senders are family and only view on their phones or tablets. I keep originals(RAW) on portable drives and connects with saved presets from PSCC/Lightroom. This is still my best program for travel and family photos. I still can’t get away from focal lengths, aperatures available and picture quality of a real camera. I print and display my work at the office and my home . There is a difference between cell phone and larger sensor size. Physics still dominates , no way around that yet but, maybe in my lifetime ?
Don’t need my DSLR 90% of the time
by CA-JR on 2017/11/07 19:22
This may be my first product review, but I am very eager to share my experience. Thanks to Lightroom CC, I can shoot beautiful raw photos (in HDR), easily organize them, easily fix/improve them, and automatically upload them to the cloud where they don’t eat up space on my phone. I must say that I feel like about 95% of the time I can tweak photos to look exactly what I am hoping for. A major reason for this is the ability to highlight just a region of the photo and adjust the brightness/color to that region. And it is really nice how how the app also ties fairly seamlessly with other Adobe apps such as the two Photoshop apps. I could go on and on about other features I like and other minor things that just are smart and show Adobe was paying attention to detail. My complaints are few and far between, and I’m sure will get tweaked in future version. For these reasons, I am generally confident 90% of the time just walking around with my iPhone to take pictures rather than my bulky Canon 5D Mark IV. My friends keep asking me what app I am using for taking and editing the pictures. I keep telling them they should get this app.
A 2nd camera roll, but better...
by HelloitsDerek on 2018/09/12 08:51
With 1-terabyte of storage it's practically unlimited; no need to worry about space ever again. The edit tools are similar to iOS photos, but on steroids. Flag photos: accept/reject/no flag plus a five star rating system. Organize your photos with folders and albums. Tag photos with as many keywords as you want. Easily search and display photos by any of these features. I also love that I can use it on my Mac and iPad too. Plus you get Bridge for your Mac which expands your editing feature list even more. If the monthly fee has you down, just pretend your taking one of the dev team members out for a coffee every month. Well worth it, this app is super amazing and works very well! You can tell it's designed by a team of talented people and not just one guy in his basement. Don't hesitate, get it today, you love it... I guarantee it!!
Please help🙏🏻
by agegirl on 2020/06/29 17:48
Hello, I know I probably won’t get a response but it’s worth a shot. I have downloaded more photo editing apps than you can imagine. I have tried so hard to figure this issue out and I can’t for the life of me. So I’m really desperate at this point. Can you please tell me how to resize an image without compromising the photo? Lightroom gives you some aspect ratio presets. But, it doesn’t matter what I choose because it always cuts off my photo. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to fit in the FULL size photo. If it means I could crop it into being a full sized photo, I would be willing to loose on the quality. And, I don’t want to put it on a white background so that the photo fits in that square because I would still be loosing on the photo. I want to be able to resize to whatever dimension I need to in order to fit the photo in different social media platforms. I know that a lot of these platforms automatically compress the photo for you but, I would like to resize it before I upload so I don’t compromise the photo, and it doesn’t get cut off. I have watch many videos yet, I can never get it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest what I can do to fix this frustrating problem. I would be so grateful!!
Make believe science
by Excellent714 on 2020/12/04 01:55
Just like Photoshop on my computers Adobe has its own peculiar ways of doing the most simple tasks. After using Photoshop for 20 years you’d expect to have little difficulty with the Lightroom App. When you use most programs - even an OS - there is no so-called learning curve. But with Adobe you are bound to be surprised when you realize how difficult they make it to do the very simplest of things. Adobe makes things difficult to show you how fancy or scientific it is. I just opened Lightroom and am finding there is no way to get pictures out of it once Adobe captures them. I can delete an album of Adobe’s choice but not one stinking picture of my choice. It doesn’t even have to be deleted just removed from Lightroom. There are so many apps that do the same things easier and better it’s hard to justify Lightroom. On my computers I’ve always had Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Since Photoshop costs ten times more you’d expect it to be the best choice. Not unless you prefer doing everything the hard way. Paint Shop Pro is not perfect but I can do everything Photoshop does in a fraction of the time. I’m not even sure why Lightroom exists. And when it comes to iPhone there are so very many apps that are easier and give better results. The Bottom Line is avoid anything Adobe like the plague.
by Anasatya on 2019/09/12 02:27
I absolutely adore this photo app and have been using it for years! but since one of the latest updates, you can no longer DELETE an individual image. Now you have to selects images from your entire gallery and delete the selected ones but you CANNOT open an individual image as before and delete it. On the help guides says to “open image-click Edit-delete image” the problem is that when you open the image and click on edit there is NO delete image option. How to delete an individual image NOT from the photo gallery but the image itself? WHY you removed this option? When you take 15 images of a ring let’s say, you want to see them individually to get a closer look and then delete an image if you don’t like. Now? You can see individual images but you have to go back to the gallery and from there select the ones you want to delete. Problem is that 15 almost identical images in gallery size doesn’t allow you to know anymore which one is the one you wanted to delete. Not having this option any more is time consuming and frustrating the least to say. Please make this feature available again. 🙏🏼
Epic fail
by Aliona.Sil on 2021/02/04 13:49
I was very excited for this app and been successfully using it for a few months now. My husband and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon and this app helped make our pictures absolutely magical and beautiful and all was well until today when I decided to upgrade to premium account to have access to more cool features. Once I upgraded I jumped back in one of the photos to edit it as the app crashed all of a sudden. When I got back into the app I found all of my albums and pictures that I spent hours and hours working on were gone. I thought it must have been a mistake because there were no warnings or signs that something like that would happen. So I went online in hopes to find an answer and to my disappointment I found an Adobe Lightroom forum where other people posted the same issue. Apparently lots of people had the same issue and said that customer support was no help at al. This is absolutely unacceptable and terrible user experience. I will pursue to escalate this to make sure other people don’t fall into the same trap, but for now beware that if you upgrade and decide to spend your hard earned money on this app it will silently and irreversibly erase all your old photos and presets.
Almost Perfect with One Annoying Feature
by ssb540 on 2020/07/29 01:04
I use this app professional for 90% of my editing work! It has most of the functions I use on my desktop using Lightroom Classic. I’m sure one day through updates it will receive all of Lightroom Classic’s functionality. My guess is this will be after Apple makes the switch to all in house processors when Intel and NVIDIA is phased out. My one big complaint, which is probably not a big deal to most people, is when I make ANY EDIT, it can be marking a photo, making an adjustment, rating a photo, etc.., a notification pops up in the middle of my screen, covering my image, to tell me what adjustment I made. Even with overlays turned off in settings this little notification pops up for a couple seconds on each photo. When editing 4,000+ photos every week this adds up to a LOT of wasted time waiting for that little notification to go away so I can see my photo. Adobe, if you read this, PLEASE add an option under settings to hide ALL overlays and notifications. Thanks!
Love this App, but have had challenges...
by KBYogi007 on 2020/04/13 15:29
For some reason, and twice in one week when I’ve gone in to edit some photos with presets I’ve downloaded (some of which I have had for years), they are wiped clear and the only thing available is the standard presets that have come with the apps. I sent an email for support and never heard back the first time. I bought a new set of presets I was looking at and when I downloaded those the rest magically appeared? I was worried it would happen again. Which last night it did. I had edited probably 2 or 3 photos and then I went to do another, and... gone, all presets gone including the new ones I bought. I tried updating the app, but no updates were needed or available. I tried deleting g the app, which I was hesitant to do, but desperate as I didn’t want to have to buy more presets. So I had to painfully go through my emails and find every purchase I made of presets from various providers and painstakingly download and create each preset. I have quite a few so this took me some time. Really frustrated by this recent experience. I would have rated it 5 Stars prior to this issue.
In app camera needs serious improvement
by ryan c thompson on 2021/01/24 01:32
I love the app for the editing purposes, no issues there, but the camera in app is extremely frustrating. I have an iPhone X and I like that LR offers a camera for shooting raw and is my go to camera. However, the exposure is way off most of the time. It does not have issues when shooting JPG, but when shooting raw it totally overexposes, And I’m only using it for the raw capabilities. And I mean by a lot, blowing out photos entirely. It looks fine on the screen during the preview but the result is unusable. I frequently have to take the exposure compensation down to around -2.7 to get a useable result. And there is no way for me to know based on the preview if it will be correct or not. It also shows a snapshot of the photo I took immediately after the shutter with the expected result of what I think I took, only to find the file is completely overexposed in the library and often with some wild color issues even after I’ve used a custom white balance and grey card. Please fix.
LOVE but has some issues
by Joann Nguyen on 2018/03/17 23:37
When Lightroom CC came out, it showed amazing improvements from the classic version, and I absolutely love it. I love how it can create public albums and can instantly share to my phone, and don’t get me started on the user interface. However, I’ve had some issues. On the mobile app, when you allow it to access your photos, it will upload every photo from your phone, but when you remove the access, you can’t download the photos from the app; and you only have between the two choices. Also, I really don’t like how on the public albums, there aren’t very many settings, so when I want to show my friends my albums, they aren’t able to download the photos. I used to prefer this app over Flickr for sharing images, but it’s become a hassle because my friends aren’t able to download my photos. Anyways, pretty good app but it needs some improvements.
Love it!
by Bobskie boo on 2019/07/13 05:46
I am so obsessed with Lightroom! I do photography as a hobby and I’m an amateur, so I love learning how to edit my photos in post. I gotta say, the curve tool is such a game changer and a necessity. If used correctly, it can literally change the entire look and vibe of your photos. I have played around with it so much that a lot of my photos look like I used filters from other popular apps. I have stopped using filters COMPLETELY and learning on creating my own style of lighting, color and shadows. The premium package is a must lol. The geometry tool is such a life saver and gets rid of that annoying “distortion” effect that my lens sometimes loves to throw in my face. I can’t wait to get an iPad so I can use a bigger screen to edit and see more of my photos since I am only using my phone at the moment. Lightroom is a god send!
Awesome App, has a (literal) huge problem.
by TrueReviewer02 on 2020/06/26 20:29
I think this App is great. Even if you don't have the cash for the Creative Cloud. If you want to just do some photo editing or add metadata and watermarks, this app is on top! Unfortunately, even though the app offers cloud storage with the CC, its still the largest app on my phone. A quick search on the internet tells me I'm not alone. I think a great update for this app would be smaller res photos on the device. Yeah, the app has smaller res pictures already, but I mean Really small res. Let me explain: I don't do much photo editing (I prefer to get it right when I open the shutter in the first place), so the smaller "smart previews" aren't what I need. I use Lightroom to organize my pictures, occasionally I'll break out the editing, but its rare. What I need from Lightroom is the ability to import my photos to the cloud, add metadata, and export them at a smaller resolution with a watermark. I have the Apple Photos app store my pictures in iCloud, and my Photos app has a smaller GB footprint than Lightroom. But Lightroom has megabytes of data stored in its cloud, while Photos has Gigabytes! And Lightroom is still larger on my device! Why is that? If this is a bug, please fix it. If its just a difference in resolution between the Lightroom device copies and the Photos copies, please add a function to save "lower res images" (EVEN LOWER THAN SMART PREVIEWS) to my device.
Lost presets were found!
by Brooke Haywood on 2020/06/30 16:44
Love this app! I’m mainly making this review to try to help some people who think their presets disappeared, because I can’t directly respond to reviews, so I’m making my own in hopes that this will help! I thought that all of my presets that I had made (over 40) were gone! & that I only had the original ones that came whenever you first downloaded the app. But then I figured out that whenever you press “Presets” up above those few in the top left it’ll say something like “Colors” & if you press on that, there are several options & “User Presets” was right there & I was able to press on that & view all of my presets! I really hope this helps people. Also, if I could respond to reviews I would, because I’ve seen people think their presets are gone & they’re not!
high hopes
by LeonardoRoberto on 2018/10/29 01:30
LR classic long has been photos superior in terms of file management/organization (by a mile), but with cc now finally bringing lightroom into the cloud game - this is adobes attempt at the last piece of the puzzle that arguably had left the scales tipped in in favor of apple (arguably. and it’s a darn good fire errofinally found what to abandon a bit under featured for now (though new version is big improvement - except faces don’t seem to ever show up?), but combined with the OCD person’s wonder that is lightroom classic, lightroom is leaps and bounds better than apple. keep up the good work adobe. love you guys! jus pleaaaase don’t ever write lightroom classic out of the equation entirely (at least not until cc is as sophisticated as classic). i get that they serve two different purposes and generally for different target audiences, but them playing together nicely—as they do now—is critical.
Good editing, but workflow feels hobbled
by RobAbroad on 2019/10/21 00:34
So, the good...the editing seems solid. The bad...some basic features seem to be missing. The main thing I really feel they need to add to the iOS version is the ability to edit or manage multiple photos as once. There is no way to tag or rate multiple images. I have dozens from the same location and it’s going to be soooo tedious tagging them. I also wish it had at least basic geotagging capabilities. I geotag my photos as part of my workflow when I import the RAW files onto the iPad. But, I can’t actually see that info inside LR. Probably not a huge deal because I can just retag inside of iOS Photos app should I choose. I noticed in various forums that users have been asking for some of these features for a while. Anyway, I’ll probably discontinue my subscription after I finish this trip and have all my editing done.
Tremendous app; could integrate better with iCloud Photo Library
by tracemeek on 2020/03/13 15:10
As a semi-pro photographer, I have found that Lightroom helps me improve the quality of my photos better than any other iOS app, except for perhaps Darkroom. Lightroom’s editing tools and ability to create and sync presets are the best, and in my opinion, worth the monthly cost of a monthly PS/LR subscription. My one wish is that LR would be engineered to work as an “extension” to the iCloud Photo Library (on desktop too). I don’t want to maintain two separate photo libraries, and the LR library doesn’t offer anything more compelling than iCloud’s. The iCloud Photo Library’s organization features, its support of RAW files, and the convenience of getting photos into it (a quick swipe from my iPhone’s lock screen) mean that I’m not going to give it up any time soon. Skate to where the puck is going, Adobe! (Please and thank you!)
Best editing app but..
by aaauia1 on 2020/01/22 03:15
Ok this app is hands-down the best editing app in my opinion but what I don’t like is the fact they changed the option to have all your edited photos synced across all devices for free but you have to get the subscription. I personally think that this is unfair because these are my photos and plus why should I have to pay just to have my photos that I took for free. So Lightroom, I ask that you please let all users have that option of being able to sync their photos on all devices again. Also, if possible, could you create an option where the photos that are edited have an Instagram accustomed setting because it’s really annoying having Instagram change the quality of the picture horribly because the pixels are too high.
The best photo app I’ve used except for...
by guswillcreate on 2018/07/26 03:00
I’m going to start with the best things about the app. There’s nothing like it for mobile; the HDR, Raw, and manual settings are exceptional. The editing options are superb giving you curves, clipping and crushing colors when there’s no more information in the image. I feel confident enough to edit a photo on this app as much as I would with the desktop version. Now the negatives; I mentioned that one of my favorite things about the app is the camera, but yet I still find myself using the iPhone native camera more simply because is more accessible. I wish adobe would separate the camera from the editing software. Adobe please allow me to someone pull up my light room camera app as fast as I can with the stock camera. also, being able to record video with such camera app would be amazing.
Love it
by Krizzle711.........711 on 2020/05/07 10:49
I love using this app. There are so many great features. But when you’re using presets, ones you’ve created or downloaded, you can’t tell what filter is on the photo. I have a lot of presets saved and if I’m editing a bunch of photos I’ll have to go through every single preset to see which is the one that I had originally selected. And it will also take off any other editing I’ve done. So that’s just a little frustrating. And also without going through and editing every minor detail I wish there would be a way to decrease the intensity of a preset. But other than that I’ve enjoyed using the app. Friends will ask what I use to edit and I gladly tell & show them. This app has a lot of tools that can help create amazing pictures ◡̈
I love it
by Pajones058 on 2018/04/07 00:09
Lightroom Cc is everything I wanted in a photo management system. I use it for storage. It has an astonishing number of ways to edit. I am getting great results. I watched the videos adobe provided and now know how to effectively use the features. The fact that your pictures can be seen on all devices, real time is one of the strongest features. The one feature that is much needed is to be able to identify which photos are not in folders. I have 12,000 pictures and am overwhelmed to find those that didn’t make it into albums. I also had a lot of trouble with photos duplicating on the original upload. But don’t let these two issues stop you from buying this great, integrated package.
Not optimized for iOS. Causes overheating and screen dimming
by eddyjo1234 on 2021/02/14 05:29
For both iPAD pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Lightroom will boost the CPU usage and cause some severe heating of your device. As a safety feature on iOS devices, when the device overheats, the screen will be forced to dim to help cool the device. Well when you are editing photos and the screen is dim, the app becomes obsolete since you cannot edit the way you want since the screen is too dim. On average the screen dims about 1 minute into editing and the heating is within seconds. Lightroom is just not cpu efficient on iOS devices. Adobe contacted me and asked for screen shots. I’m not exactly sure how that would provide an example of the issue. They never responded to my reply. Until Adobe fixes this issue, it’s a 1 star for me. I used to really love this app. It was my go to for all my photo editing needs as a photographer. I loved editing on my iPad with my Apple Pencil as well. This app needs to be better optimized for mobile devices. Shouldn’t cause it to overheat.
Great app but needs a few tweaks
by gofhotog on 2017/09/16 21:03
Love this app with the exception of one major missing item it would be really great if it would give you physical feedback for a focus point like it does horizontal and vertical. After using this app for a few days shooting cars for a auto dealer to post on the web, I just assumed that the quality of the images would be superior to the native camera on my iPhone. My images kept coming up blurry. Do to the nature of my work, I have to handhold my phone. Despite my trying to hold the phone steady. I then tried the native camera and was completely shocked to see that the images were sharp as a tack. I again assumed that this app would utilize the built in camera stabilization apparently it does not. Very disappointing to say the least. While I can see how this app would be great for landscapes and such. Unfortunately it does not work for my personal needs.
Great, but a major hiccup
by DJ Squirrel on 2019/12/01 16:58
Lightroom offers superior color editing, but the major issue is that if you haven’t used the app in some time, it doesn’t use your photo gallery like other apps do (by accessing the gallery to pick)—instead it loads the pictures into its own selection gallery and updates it based on the last time it loads. I edited a photo in October 2019 and here on December 1st 2019 I’ve taken a few hundred more photos, which means the last one I took and want to edit specifically isn’t accessible until the other few 700 ahead of it load first. It’s annoying and relegates me to using the phone’s basic photo editing options instead when I want to get the work done now, not 10 minutes from now when I can actually select the photo I want.
I’m so disappointed in the Adobe company
by Crazypaw on 2018/02/08 23:53
I’ve used their products for 10 years, and had a creative cloud membership for 3 years. I canceled my membership last week, because I never use it at home anymore. They charged me a $200 cancellation fee straight from my bank account without any warning. When trying to contact them it takes hours, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. It’s been worse than an Uber customer service experience. They finally told me they would refund in 5 days. When that didn’t happen, I contacted them again and they told me another 5-7 days. I doubt I’ll ever get my $200 back without getting my bank involved. Never thought of Adobe as one of those sketchy companies with no morales and horrible customer service, but at the end of the day seems they’re no better than any other corporation. I’m done with them, and all the other companies just out to take your money and offer 0 accountability and integrity.
Love using it, but could use more
by hepkat23 on 2020/05/02 14:14
I like being able to be away from my desktop as much as possible being a creative who avoids that kind of grind. This is why I welcomed the addition of Lightroom and now Photoshop for iPad Pro. One thing missing: Color calibration. I know many other users only do “simple edits” on iPads only to return to the big computer for final touch up, but that seem silly. My wish this whole time that iPads have been out has been to make my workflow more organic feeling like drawing or something. Sure windows tablets may work but I don’t like their stylus feel compared to iPad. Is it that adobe doesn’t want to pay xrite or whoever for licensing the profiles? I wish Apple would do it system wide, but not holding my breath. Some of us still print adobe, so pretty please....
The BEST photography app ever. Period.
by chase_gagnon on 2019/06/25 01:13
I use Lightroom primarily on my iPad, because I travel a lot and it’s easier than lugging around my laptop, and I find the experience of editing in the iPad more enjoyable. Although this is by far the best photo editing app around, it’s lacking just a few things that would put it on par with the desktop version. The main thing for me is the inability to manually select lens profiles. I used a lot of manual lenses that are not electronically connected to my camera, and it would be AWESOME if you guys could add the ability to manually select a lens profile correction like you can on the desktop. If you added this, the app would be perfect in every way for my needs.
Great except for one issue
by :(!:(!35&25&&/4 on 2019/05/12 01:17
UPDATE: I love this and how it has all the same features as the desktop version. But how do I disable camera role backup? I found out that the issue from earlier was not what I thought. I can see my photos in the cloud just fine. The issue is that my camera role photos keep backing up, but I don’t want to waste cloud storage, because those are already being backed up to Google Photos. How do I fix this? Here is my original review: “I have been using Lightroom Mobile since 2017. I also use it on my computer with a Creative Cloud Subscription. It always worked fine until the latest update came. I can’t view my photos which are synced in Lightroom through Creative Cloud anymore. It just shows me the photos from my camera roll. Useless.”
Awesome app! Pros and cons.
by SMAARTIST on 2018/09/28 13:43
Fantastic app, but there are a couple of things I would have changed. The big one for me is that of after taking a couple of pictures, if I’m in camera mode, I can’t view my picture then swipe to see the other pictures I’ve taken. I think that functionality would add to the experience and make it more user friendly. I love the photo editing capabilities and the user-defined presets, but the feature I’m most fond of is the camera. Awesome flexibility and control. Works much better than the default camera on iPhone. I love being able to control my focal point manually as well as being able to see a visualization of what is in focus. Beautifully well done. I love it.
Loved it at first
by Corinne___ on 2018/06/03 23:38
So when I first got the app I, I didn’t have a subscription to adobe and every thing was perfect. I then did the trial of the subscription to the photoshop and Lightroom plan and still loved Lightroom mobile. However, a couple weeks ago my trial ended and my photos stopped coming up on the app. I thought when I ended my membership some of the editing features would end but nope, instead my photos just won’t show up. None of the photos will load because it says my trial has ended. I don’t know why that’s happening because the photos are downloaded to the app, they’re not just in the cloud backup. Anyways I would pay the $5 per month for the membership to see if my photos would actually appear but guess what my bank account has $0.80. Depressing right? Well that’s all I have to say about the app
Makes culling images / sending sneak peeks easy
by Kevasus on 2018/04/14 00:39
Sync images from desktop to mobile. Quick and easy! Swipe up or down to rate and flag, simply awesome! Love most of the built in features although I’m still learning what all is packed in this app. Rated 4* due to losing my place multiple times because the app crashed while I was rating pics from a shoot while it was syncing. Once it completely synced I didn’t have any crashes. However, there needs to be a last image feature so that work can easily continue after closing and reopening the app. Save the last state or something so we don’t have to hunt for the last image we touched. This costs time and time is money in our industry. Other than that this is a great app for anyone using desktop version of LR.
Nice Editing App, but ....
by Ironmonkeyface on 2018/06/16 01:18
Everything about the editing portion of the app is great. My mobile workstation is complete! Than you Adobe Lightroom, developer team. 🤘🏽 Edit: removing “That section of the app works flawlessly in my phone. The troubling part of the app is the lack of control over the photo sync. I’d like to be able to tell Lightroom mobile NOT to upload every photo on my phone - just the ones I choose. Once “All Photo Sync” is enabled you can’t turn it off. And it floods your creative account with all your photos from your phone. It’s a bit intrusive, and is eating up my CC cloud space usage. Fix this, Adobe!” The developer responded and told me how to tuen off this feature.
Love it ,but one problem lately !
by Erionziu on 2021/04/23 23:26
I love Lightroom . It’s been about a month or so that when I open the app , most of the time the pictures keep going back to the oldest ones . I have about 4000 pictures there so in order to go to the newest ones it takes time to scroll . Before when I would open the app it would always start with the latest pictures . I’ve tried to change many settings but with not positive result . Sometimes the pictures would start in the middle when I open the app. I’ve been using Lightroom for at least 5-6 years but only recently I’ve had this issue . Please fix it. It’s very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks
For the photo editing obsessed!
by Gab'nMcTEXAS on 2017/11/07 15:59
I have several photo editing apps on my iPhone, and I have my favorites. I have a few favorites that I use in combination (I layer) to create AMAZING photos! Artwork, really. Lightroom Creative Cloud allows me to bend and shape and color, and add light upon (without overexposing) my photographs - and the objects within them - in ways that the other apps will not. LCC is a photo corrector and enhancer. Hmm. Not sure how to explain. Often I do not realize my photos need any correction at all. Give it a shot. LCC allows you a free trial period and then monthly payments without a cancellation fee. I am still learning (I bought an instructional book); however, I am having a blast along the way!
Could be terrific, but...
by Luke Lucas on 2020/02/13 20:26
Attempting to import from a CF card, via USB-C card reader, directly into Lightroom is one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had. Lightroom continually loses connection with the card reader, so even while I’m simply doing a pre-cull (not bothering to import photos with closed eyes, etc.), the import screen will go away and kick me back out to the main Lightroom library view... and then the import screen will come back up. I feel certain this is a Lightroom issue as I can just hop over into the Files app in iPadOS, drag my images into a “For Import” folder, and then import from there. But that’s incredibly inefficient. Three stars for the app being available and when it DOES work after the backdoor import, it’s fantastic. But a flagship feature (direct importing) needs to get fixed somehow.
So many right things but...
by Dana Photo Girl on 2017/12/02 00:09
I love this app for so many reasons but then there are some issues that keep it from greatness. It bites it’s own hand off so to speak. Pros - Adobe Sensei aka artificial intelligence rocks! I never did proper keywording and this is a life saver. It even recognizes original color in my black & whites when doing a color search. - Rating, flagging, and keywording 1 image is super easy and quick - Editing is basic but perfect for on the go - syncs most things with Lightroom Classic and CC desktop - amazing interface and image rendering Cons - you can only rate 1 image at a time. - Does not sync keywords! - With that said, I’d love the ability to use the sensei feature and quickly flag 1000s of images and then add keywords in Classic but rating 5,000 sky images 1 at a time is unreasonable to say the least. - If only the sensei feature was added to the original Lightroom that loyal followers are used to using and already have all their catalogs organized it would out of this world. In summary why have such powerful features split and make us choose? If that’s not possible with current technology then at least make this app have the ability to utilize it to work back and forth.
Cloud: good; search functions: weak.
by GadgetManRH on 2020/09/28 14:26
Facial recognition capability is good. Search function are rudimentary. One cannot find pictures of “Alice AND Bob”. One can find pictures of Alice or pictures of Bob, but not the intersection. Edit functions are also minimal. The cloud centric focus is very nice. Initial upload of my 1tb data is painful. If you’ve kept your photos organized in a hierarchical folder system, that’s all lost during import, so it seems you’re stuck with creating folders and albums in LR and importing one directory folder at a time. Very time consuming. It’s an ‘ok’ system but I hope Adobe sees the light and tuned up the search capability.
Constantly crashes
by angelkiler7208 on 2020/07/09 18:51
I feel like this is an easy editing tool to use, but probably best to save your money on the monthly subscription. This app regularly crashes and always has. I’ve used it for over three years and about half the time I open it to use it after a little while, it’ll crash. Usually it happens when I open the camera. Sometimes I can get away with using it without crashing for a few versions, but every two updates or so it’ll crash every time you have the app open for a bit. It’s really frustrating because I use this for deadlines and then have to resort to using my native editing on iOS and it is nowhere near as good. Having the paid version doesn’t save you from the crashing issue.
by flallnatural on 2018/03/30 14:24
Downloading maximum available size for sharing literally takes forever. Says "This might take a while" even after 15 minutes of it sitting there. My internet is fine. The full resolution just never downloads. Used to work. Don't know what the problem is now? Overall the features are great and the app syncs well with the desktop app too. Wish there was an option to download full resolution pictures for a certain album or for your whole library onto your device. I have 256 GB of storage on my iPhone and iPad. I'd like to be able to take advantage of that and have these full resolution pictures on my device and give me the option to store them or not.
Great tool! Especially after iPhone X upgrade
by joe_ba1 on 2017/11/30 13:28
Thank you adobe! I loved this app on my 6s plus but was initially grieved after iOS 11.1/.2 broke it for me, along with app switching and general speed problems. The crashing later cleared up (maybe weeks to stabilize?) but was slow. Now - I just upgraded to iPhone X and everything is super speedy! including lr edit auto mode that used to take forever. App switch is nice now! So if you see same thing I think it’s maybe iOS upgrade, - or the restore process that resolved it (I don’t think it was planned to break but was frustrating, no recourse or hint on solution). Great app and I love it!
Pocket Lightroom
by Constant User of Spotify on 2018/07/08 19:10
Easy access to all the most used tools, good layout, easy organization. All in all, very happy with the app. My only request would be for better layout for when you’re adjusting some type of tool, but you’re blocking the view of the photo either with the toolbar from the bottom or with your thumb. Maybe there’s some way that the toolbar could always disappear whenever you move a slider and you can keep changing that slider by moving your finger left and right, and then double tap to bring the toolbar back up? I don’t know, y’all will figure it out. Thank you ! Strongly recommend the app
not user friendly,time consuming to use
by lnh726 on 2019/01/03 20:27
I pay for Lightroom on my computer so I also get the app. Being that this is a premium paid app I would expect it to be better as far as features and easier to use than comparable free apps like Snapseed. Snapseed is hands-down a better photo editing app and no matter how much I try to edit photos on Lightroom I always find myself going back to Snapseed because it is just so much easier to use and make quick edits on the go. The feature I hate most on Lightroom app is the brush tool. I have tried time and again to use it and I cannot figure out how to use it properly. Snapseed brush tool is very easy to use and I can quickly edit great looking photos on that app. Light room developers please fix the brush feature on the app, it is terrible!
Please add “download all originals” option
by penguins66 on 2018/09/25 10:49
It would be very helpful to those of us who do a lot of flying if you would add an option that allows a single click “download all originals to local storage,” so that we can edit photos when off-line on the plane. Offline editing is currently possible through local storage, but you have to swipe through all the images first to make sure that the originals have been downloaded to local storage. That can be a very time-consuming process. Otherwise, the app is terrific and I continue to enjoy the quality updates. Keep up the good work!
Change is hard but this is great
by mabradfo on 2017/11/12 18:57
Adobe recently updated their photography offering and it’s a big change. The desktop software is simplified but the biggest change is cloud storage and seamless editing across all devices. This is what I’ve been waiting for. The is parity for the most part across all devices and I no long have to worry about where my photos are stored or if they are backed up. It should be noted that I am not a professional photographer so my workflow is that of an advanced armature. I’m sure that has an affect of my opinion but in that capacity I highly recommend.
Imported pictures I didn’t want
by Bnghvcgbvfgjkoojxdjkhgyh on 2018/07/31 02:10
When I went into the mobile app on my phone to save it to my camera roll, I went to edit a picture because I was bored. I was VERY DISPLEASED when it imported 15 of my most recent photos from my iPhone camera role. I wish there was a way to DELETE photos from the cloud. I am a student who is paying for the creative cloud option and it’s a lot to pay for. I don’t want to pay for storage of stuff I don’t want taking up storage. This is a problem that needs to be fixed because I didn’t choose to import them. Adobe software it would be great if you could help me take the photos off of my cloud and maybe even develop a way to delete the photos. Thank you for reading ( if you did )
It was 5-star...until I subscribed
by Kathryn in DC on 2020/09/21 19:27
Adobe prompted me to upgrade to a subscription, which I did, because I love this app and wanted to use all features possibly available for editing my RAW images. I’m locked out of editing any pictures at all now. I can’t even use basic features like changing exposure, etc. Every time I try to edit, it says I have to upgrade, but then tells me I’ve already upgraded. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It didn’t help. This is maddening and is completely screwing me over for editing photographs for my business. I’m doing product photography right now for my website for my fall launch. I’m going to have to figure out a different app but I doubt I can get them to look the same as when I use LR. Can someone in support PLEASE HELP ME?!? I’ve tried contacting support but can’t. This is a big deal for me.
To developers
by The Great Dustino on 2017/09/01 23:28
I really love this app, it's editing capabilities are amazing and it's all I use because I cannot afford a decent laptop or computer at the time for the desktop version. I realized you have to have a monthly subscription to the creative cloud to use selective editing and I understand why, but I have no use for the creative cloud at the moment and I wish there was a way to get selective edits with a 1 time purchase. To be honest I wouldn't care if it was 10 or 20 bucks I think it's worth it because there is nothing like it on the appstore right now. Please consider the people who only use a mobile device for editing, most of us don't need the creative cloud or just can't afford it monthly. Thank you for such a great app.
by rockstarkate on 2018/02/02 15:19
I love Lightroom CC. I used to edit and organize my DSLR photos in Bridge and Camera Raw on my laptop, but now I have changed my whole workflow and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can load my photos directly to my iPad Pro and the editing is so fast and pleasant I don’t even need a computer in the mix. However, whatever I upload to LR CC is automatically downloaded to my PC and also stored there (in case something happens and one can’t access the cloud, this is my paranoia backup.) I also use it frequently on my phone, when I want to edit a photo on the go and upload it to IG. Love it!
I love this but cannot find older imported photos
by alexandra4JC on 2021/06/11 23:00
This app is great for editing except for the fact that when you import a photo it won’t automatically show up at the top. So when I find an old phot I want to edit and import it I would have to scroll through thousands of pictures to find it since it automatically imports by the date it was taken. I end up opting out of editing and sharing or even printing older photos I really love because once I get them into the Lightroom app I cannot find them. I wish they would make an option to import by date importing into Lightroom and not date taken.
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