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bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use bitmoji in Snapchat, iMessage and wherever else you chat Using bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!
by hated new game on 2019/02/17 17:15
I love 💕 Bitmoji, but I have a small request! Can you add more head accessories. If you can that would be great thanks.
by Teenwolfhunterhayes on 2019/02/17 17:14
Love this app use it almost everyday! I would love to see some more hairstyles and more clothing options would love some jean skirt options!
What about alternative style
by Timtess on 2019/02/17 16:34
This app is ok but When will you have stuff for goths like not everyone wears what that you should revamp this stuff plus no selection of giving your bitmoji any piercings I mean come on 😐
Bitmoji rocks
by Addy Dell on 2019/02/17 15:59
It rocks so much
by jxstrikerteer on 2019/02/17 14:56
Oh yes great app
Cool but...
by Ava😋😎🤩🤗 on 2019/02/17 14:37
It has some bitmojis that are for grownups and some kids under 12 want to have it but can’t.There lots of soulutions for this like maybe make a kid section or a like 5-7 and 8-12 you would have lots of more people using this app. Please at least try to improve a little bit on this. Other then that well I don’t know but because of this I would give it a half star
Bit strip hair
by me_sof on 2019/02/17 08:43
Bitmoji is great but for the bit strips you should add hair treatment for others who like the face better on bits strips but want to place a hair treatment on the bit strips. You should also have more hair styles of all lengths of hair so users have more choice of hair, on the bit strips. Thank you
Good App!
by TreehouseGam3r (Haylee) on 2019/02/17 06:31
Ok so, I Post A Lot Of Bitmoji To My Friend: Casey
More maternity wear please
by sarah8125 on 2019/02/17 06:18
I like all the outfit additions, but could you make more that are maternity outfits? I know I’ll only be able to use for another 7 months at this point but it’s really fun. So I’d love it if you added more styles
Best App Ever!!😱😱😱😄😁
by Kittykittins on 2019/02/17 04:33
I love this app to the bottom of my heart!! It’s so good!!!
Its okk but could be better
by CalMeDaddy on 2019/02/17 04:18
Its cool and all but the thing is they dont have it so u can make yourself wear hoodies and stuff or make it look like your eating something just the small details in life like earrings piercings hoodies etc
Love app want an update
by love app want an uodate on 2019/02/17 03:18
Love app but I want to update it!!! Doesn’t let me !!!
More choices
by A.Scooby on 2019/02/17 02:55
I love this app don’t get me wrong but I wish there was more hair choices and more outfits hint hint space buns (the hair style) more choices would be great as well as outfit color choices!
Log in
by scrabblefree on 2019/02/17 00:24
Reinstalled bitmoji and it has trouble logging me in. What gives? It can’t log me in for days. I get NO answer from tech support!
Not connected
by SeaWeed:P on 2019/02/16 23:41
When I made a bitmoji I got the option to connect it to Snapchat but it didn’t work
Great app! Could use a search bar at the top so o can find the bitmoji I want!
by Izzy1388 on 2019/02/16 23:33
Search bar
by SSCxHalariiusharry on 2019/02/16 21:03
It won’t let me get it because I’m 10 witch is dumb because it’s nothing bad!!
Good but...
by annacoulson on 2019/02/16 20:22
wish there were more hair choices.... only issue other than that it’s awesome!
by haytetstet on 2019/02/16 20:06
I love it but one thing I want is to be able to create our own Bitmoji not like the characters but the meme type deals
by Monique Harris Reese on 2019/02/16 19:51
Can we please have another selection of clothes. Lol PLEASE
Outfits man
by Yorkster12i on 2019/02/16 19:18
I love the idea of the bitmoji and i use mine for snapchat all the time. My only complaint is the outfits. I can never seem to find any that look like things I own. However, they are super cute so it’s okay. PLEASE ADD A SCIENTIST LAB COAT OUTFIT I WOULD LOVE IT AND WEAR IT ALL THE TIME.
Apps Great But We Need More Clothes Variety’s
by Kitty uwu on 2019/02/16 18:04
It’s going to stay at a 3 for now, because my avatar looks not that trendy.. I understand y’all update, and put new clothes on ONCE in while, but I mean maybe try, and put clothes a little more often..?
Add Braces!!!
by waterbottle10 on 2019/02/16 17:10
I know that Bitmoji isn’t just for Snapchat, but I feel like mainly it is. That being said, majority of Snapchat user are middle schools or younger high school students. Now why haven’t y’all added braces?! I can name 10 people at the top of my head who wear braces. I’m not asking Bitmoji to add every single color or anything too specific, but just basic metal brackets are fine. Please please add this I feel like it would add more realism and personality to the avatars :)
Need new stuff
by PRnGinger on 2019/02/16 16:41
Need to update on style of clothes more often it's the same for so long it's boring and could use new mornings and nights they the same o boring
Needs more customization options
by Pimp my screen user on 2019/02/16 16:38
Please add more clothing functions. It would be great to customize our own outfits.
More Outfits please
by Fortnite Fan (alyssa) on 2019/02/16 16:03
Hi Bitmoji I rate this app 5 stars because this app you can make a look alike of you!!! But besides that I just need a comment about the outfits. The outfits are ok but there should be an option about making your own outfit with a lot of clothes. For example you can choose your own top and you can choose your own bottoms and shoes. But the outfits you have are cute for girls!!! I was just giving you guys alittle option!! Thank you for your time to read this!!!
Needs More Hairstyles
by kiiirstennnXC on 2019/02/16 07:26
Add sideshaves and undercuts for females!!!
by SickoMode;) on 2019/02/16 06:13
I love Bitemoji so much but for avatars I really feel like there should be more outfits. Like a Vans collection or a forever 21 collection. I also think that a new collection should be released more often. A new one once a month or so. But all in all I love the app. 💞👍🏻
I want it but
by kdygxkgxg on 2019/02/16 04:03
I want the app...but I forgot my password 😞
Just add this
by darilyn:) on 2019/02/16 03:13
It’s a great app I would just like if you were able to add that you can fully customize the outfits like different shirt, shoes, and pants. Not any of the preset outfits.
It was good. Was.
by S01ace on 2019/02/16 02:48
Was good til stupid stuff happened- like briefly trying something else out then not even saving and not being able to find or revert back to what I had one before. It totally disappeared just because I briefly swapped for literally a few moments. Stupid app, all the styles left are extremely tacky and mostly ultra feminine
by c'mon now😑 on 2019/02/16 01:24
I think Bitmoji is a good app but I think it needs more clothes or customise your own
by Vigdal on 2019/02/16 00:40
I love this app soooo much!! but you guys need to make more hair styles and just MORE options, MAINLY clothing!!
Fun App
by Lindsey C.💕 on 2019/02/15 23:50
I love Bitmoji and have been using it for a while. I just wish there was a way we could put our own pieces together and create our own outfits. It would also be cool to have an earrings option.
by im_rheabird on 2019/02/15 23:29
Hi, I absolutely adorable this app I’ve been using it since it’s bitstrips days but I know you can link your Snapchat and Bitmoji I have a few things for when you guys update the app. I know recently you did the new Bitmoji plus which included many many new options. 1. Pick what you want to wear: I know there are numerous amounts of outfits to select from but I can only find one which I would wear. Sometimes I wish we were allowed to choose the pants from one outfit and the shirt from another. Can it pleaseee be categorized like that. Otherwise I might just be stuck with the big cupcake costume forever. 2. SKIN TONESSS: I am an olive person. I am almost tan but a little lighter than tan. All the skin colors to select from are either way to dark or way to light. The ones that I think might be me are ORANGE. I’m not orange hence the cool undertones and believe me it is not just ME. I’m Indian and there are a billion of us and even more people with the same skin tone and a different ethnicity. SPEAKING OF WHICH!! 3. PLEASE ADD MORE HAIR STYLES: there’s so many options to choose from but half of all the people I know always go with the same one that looks nothing like them. I mean, even I cannot find an actual hairstyle that looks like me. (my hair is kinda poofy but also wavy, Moana-ish) please add more styles So ye that’s all. Thanks for listening to this long rant. Please have more variety, the options to choose from are really limited and my Bitmoji doesn’t look anything like me. Thanks✌🏼
New hairstyles
by shrimpyamsbacon on 2019/02/15 23:11
I think it’s important to integrate multiple ethnic hairstyles, especially for African American’s. Maybe some curly...instead of straight, wavy and straight kinky.
Not that much Hairstyles
by plz take the ads away on 2019/02/15 22:11
I love the whole app but in needs more clothing and hairstyles so can you plz put more clothes and hairstyles
New hairstyles
by Gigi21PR on 2019/02/15 21:20
I have curly hair but the choices if curly hair are very limited. Add me gigi21pr
For Snapchat
by Rachaelovesbowie on 2019/02/15 20:50
Good bitmoji app for Snapchat
by Makenzie Hill on 2019/02/15 20:44
I LOVE bitmoji i just really wish there was a more variety of hair styles for girls. like for example 2 side french braids.
I love it!!
by 3lectric Banana 1284 on 2019/02/15 20:21
I think this is a wonderful app and I like how there is holiday themes and all kinds of different cartoons. I also enjoy personalizing my character with hair, Clothes, Etc.. Overall, This is a great app
Love it but
by erica11renee on 2019/02/15 18:14
Piercings or tattoos would be a cool add on!!!!
by Bobby Basher on 2019/02/15 16:34
FIRE YOUR DESIGNER AND HIRE A “FASHION” DESIGNER...PLEASE!!! All the outfits are frumpy and old. The sports outfits which are about 2/3 of the clothes are BORING AND UGLY!!! There are about 10 outfits that are even kind of cute. PLEASE DO THIS NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE MANY VIEWERS! Thank you for listening :) I know you can do better!! It’s 2019! Change all the outfits. Get some new clothes, dresses, shoes, hats, pajamas, slippers, coats, accessories!!!
Love Bitmoji
by holplake on 2019/02/15 14:31
I absolutely love Bitmoji! When is Bitmoji going to have AAF football 🏈 outfit options?
Great and all, but..
by Sailorjupiter97 on 2019/02/15 09:29
Ok. I have had bitmoji for a long time, and they always have a lot of clothes to choose from. Although, they haven’t added any new clothes in a while. (Please add more soon!! 😂)
We need hairstyles that we could have half the hair dyed
by x.sadboy.x on 2019/02/15 06:07
We need fade cuts on Bitmoji deluxe
Customization is great
by Genie Menken on 2019/02/15 03:50
I really like this, but why on Earth is there not a search option within the app?? I can search when using the keyboard, why not within the app??
My favorite way to text
by sinceyouvebeengone on 2019/02/15 03:13
I absolutely love bitmoji. Me and my friend are constantly having bitmoji conversations because there are so many phrases to choose from. I love how you can search for certain ones you want to send in your text. I really like how you can change the clothes and how everything is free! I think everyone should at least try this app
by ygghhttycxdj on 2019/02/15 02:50
ive always tried getting a bitmoji but it never allows me to open the app!
by ypgtray on 2019/02/15 00:32
You should add waves
We need a ukulele!
by maries266 on 2019/02/15 00:29
I love this app to DEATH. The only problem: ukulele. I know it is not the most common instrument, but i bet a lot of people who DO play are sad about this too. I play ukulele, and so does my freind, and a uke emoji would be nice. Oherwise, i love the app. There is a great selection of stickers, and they are all very nice to send to your friends. Thanks, Stracma.
by vsidbns on 2019/02/14 23:52
This is the best make your own emoji yep of app ever!! Definitely recommend it, not a lie! It makes texting so much more fun Truthfully I could text with just bitimoji to my besties m!
The best
by Emmasupurgamer on 2019/02/14 22:31
Love the person who made this app❤️❤️❤️
More natural black hair
by amazinggenesismoore on 2019/02/14 22:09
Please add more black girl and black boys hairstyles like slick back curly ponytail and a new customization should be baby hairs for the black girls
by kcool kid _09 on 2019/02/14 22:00
This apps gives me the best ideas
More hair colors?
by NYCskyLINE on 2019/02/14 21:56
They need more hair colors they don’t have enough I can never tell which hair color look the most like me 😤
Bitmoji pets
by MidgeeLou on 2019/02/14 14:46
Please update the app so we can Bitmoji our own pets also
Amazing app! 😁
by 🥳🤓 on 2019/02/14 12:14
I think this app is good, but there still could be some improvements. First off hair. I think there should more options for people who have curly hair like me. I also think there should be more options for eye color. Some people have hazel eyes, not just one color. Another improvement could be with clothes. I think there could be something where u could customize clothes or make new clothes more often. And maybe u could have an option for people who have ear piercings. Also there could a setting where u could add jewelry or something like that. And maybe have more options for clothes. This app is really amazing, but just because something works well doesn’t mean we can’t make it better!! Other than this the app is really amazing!!! I have fun reading the funny things my Bitmoji says. If u r interested in getting this app u TOTALY should. I use this app everyday. It is so entertaining and u will find that ur bitmoji is quite the character!😉 It is a fun app where u can customize ur character. I hope the creator of Bitmoji will consider my suggestion!!! Love this app tho!!! 😊
by vbbuilt on 2019/02/14 08:43
I was told that Bitmoji was supposed to create a Bitmoji from a selfie? False! Nothing of the sort. You have to do extensive editing and create it from scratch, using a pallet of images of various facial features.
by Parry5k on 2019/02/14 04:54
You need new clothes and new hairstyles
by Robert Gould on 2019/02/13 22:26
They should add a search feature, it’s hard to find the right bitmoji
Tattoos and piercings!!!
by RileeMakure on 2019/02/13 21:18
I would give this five stars if I could put those rings and tattoos on my person. Please add them!
Love the options
by KMCistaken on 2019/02/13 20:46
I love the outfit options but my mom needs new cloths for maternity. There are many non-maternity clothes. I don’t dislike the app for this reason but I wish there was more options for pregnant women to wear! Otherwise I love this app so much...❤️
by dxggxrdxck on 2019/02/13 20:36
put some new outfits out already.
Lack of Hair
by Mr_Myxlplyx on 2019/02/13 19:46
Is there a reason I can’t make a bald Bitmoji? Some of us don’t have hair. Am I missing something? I mean, besides hair.
Update Outfits
by Marina798 on 2019/02/13 18:25
I seriously love this app, but the outfits need to have more selection.
by hyrule champion on 2019/02/13 14:05
Dear devs could you please add parachute jackets thanks
Hair Options
by Candie Dacee on 2019/02/13 13:30
The third style Bitmoji doesn’t have enough hair style options and all of the “Black People” hair options are all short. I think you should add longer curly hair options. My real hair is down my back and curly but the option isn’t there for the style Bitmoji I have. Please change this
I just farted
by Adalynnmom on 2019/02/13 04:54
Amazing app so neat love the cool idea it almost made me fart
by eyy dawg 74 on 2019/02/13 03:37
It is a bad app and it is bad quality
Awesome app!
by I play the flute on 2019/02/13 00:38
This app is amazing! I love how you can experiment with everything and create your own personal character! Although I think that they need more outfit choices.
It’s pretty good
by Kittenface😸222228664346 on 2019/02/13 00:37
The app has every option I could think of to design the Bitmoji version of myself. I’m a girl with curly hair, and I tend to put it in a ponytail a lot. I put my Bitmoji hairstyle in a bun because that’s how I do it sometimes, but I later realized that there’s no options for curly hair in a ponytail.
by Fofowvu on 2019/02/12 23:40
I personal play lacrosse and I would like to show that so if possible I would to get a lacrosse outfit
New Bitmoji So ugly....
by shuraboni on 2019/02/12 23:25
Right New Bitmoji So ugly.... In 2017 designs was better
This is garbage
by tgus gaue on 2019/02/12 23:10
There isn’t enough hair colors and options and it stinks!
by Emers127 on 2019/02/12 22:05
The app is great the only complaint I have is that there are almost no medium lengthed hair styles for women. Also there are sun but not many slightly wavy hair styles. They are either supper curly or very disdained waves. I hope to see more hair styles in the next update
I Love This App! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
by NaTashakat on 2019/02/12 21:13
This is a great app! Me and my friends adore this app TO DEATH! I love all of it how you can make you avatar anyway you want! Even make it's skin tone blue or purple or even yellow! There are so many stickers to text people with, And a lot of clothes to dress-up in! ((I know dress-up sound childish, but whatever)) And I also love the fact you could get Your own merch! Thank You For Making This App! -NatKat
by tessaisbetterthanyou on 2019/02/12 20:21
The app is really good but they don’t have enough hair options... I should be able to hombre or highlights and have three different lengths for each hairstyle. Also customize each part of the body because I can’t find a body type that suits me. Work on those things but other than that I love the app, I use it a lot and like that you have your own bitmoji keyboard for easy access so 5 stars
by Tuckeam25 on 2019/02/12 20:20
I love this app! It is so good! Just a suggestion: I just got braces, and I wish I could put that on my character
by kiwiunicorn1234 on 2019/02/12 13:48
I love the new update with the bitmoji deluxe but one thing is that I couldn’t find my eye shape so maybe if you could put a few more of them that look more like kids eyes that would be great thank you!
You guys should add to the store cavenders or at least western wear
by bbvjokjnmmvv on 2019/02/12 07:06
I like this app it’s really nice always wanted to see house would I look like as a cartoon. but It would be even better if SC would add some western wear.
More clothing ? :)
by doesnt matter. just fix it. on 2019/02/12 06:49
Amazing app! Some new hairstyles and clothes would be really nice :)
by BrenditaCamacho on 2019/02/12 06:49
I love it! It’s so cute and sooo fun :)
by jadenb22!! on 2019/02/12 03:05
i think that it is an overall really great app for snapchat but i never can find my hair style in the next update there should be more hair options also i think for clothing there should be more as well, but it is a great app to use and it’s fun to play around with the characters!!
I love the app but want more styles
by Ur_Boi XD on 2019/02/12 02:55
The app is great but I want more hairstyles and more hair treatments. Hair like XXXTENTACION.
So cool!
by 주글의 on 2019/02/12 02:38
I really love this app, and the stickers/emojis really add to my texts and make my conversations quite lively. Although, the one suggestion i would make is more hairstyles! Other than that, I love the app!
Great app
by softball player 123 on 2019/02/12 02:23
So cool to send to my friends
by k.arlz on 2019/02/12 01:55
I use my Bitmoji keyboard all the time! I just really wish there were more often updates on clothes, but besides that this app is amazing!
Doo doo
by PlayStation Vue on 2019/02/12 01:02
Bitmoji doo doo. It doesn’t have the word oof. This is a word used frequently by my friends and I. It must be on the app. The word is OOF. OOF!!!
by CORDIE✨ on 2019/02/11 22:44
This app is really cute and fun!! There are a couple things I'd want more on this, but I still give it a 5 because the idea is so cute and I love it so much, so I use it all the time!❤️❤️ A suggestion I have for the future is that maybe people could come with pets, like their pet would always be by their side! So cute!!!! If anybody who is kinda young and wants to download this app, it's totally kid friendly and your parents should let you get it!💛 It doesn't ask for where you live or any other personal information besides your phone number just so they can send your code. It has never shown to hack, so it's safe! I promise!💙 Also, it would be cool if bitmoji could have chats on the app! Idk, but it would be kinda like house party chats, but cooler! It would be great to have more hairstyle variety because I have curly hair and wear it in a ponytail but the only one that does that has a shaved head...? The other one that does that has REALLY short hair! Also, maybe the shirts, pants, and shoes could be separate things that are mixed and matched because it's really hard to find exactly what I like lol. I hope the creators of Bitmoji read this and actually make these development changes 💚. Anyway, obviously 5 ⭐️ because 4.2⭐️ is NOT a good enough rating. Okay, that's all I've gotta say. Get Bitmoji if you haven't already! It's awesome!
Love it
by kennedicupcake on 2019/02/11 22:38
When I don’t feel like saying something I just use this
by CHATY-CHATFIELD on 2019/02/11 22:26
I love use of these to answer everything or start a conversation. The best thing is when it annoys someone and then I send a bit saying “ what’s the problem “
Love it
by Ittaybittay on 2019/02/11 16:59
I just love this so much
Would be nice
by Zacharyciolkosz123 on 2019/02/11 14:56
Would be nice to add some like hoods, face masks or full masks
No Real Curly Hair
by A Whisper User on 2019/02/11 08:29
Okay. I’m not usually one to gripe and complain, but I am really fed up with apps like this not having natural curly hair styles. It makes those of us with curly hair feel like we’re naturally unattractive or like we don’t belong. The only “curly” hair styles are all horrible perms or simply wavy hair. I love everything else about Bitmoji (especially the tardigrade!) but I am so done with professional designers acting like it’s impossible to draw curly hair. Bitmoji was bought for $100 million. Act like it.
Please add a “search function”
by Kgwallace on 2019/02/11 05:47
This is a really fun app. The one thing I would love to see added is a “search” function so I could find an appropriate emoji by inputting a word or feeling. I LOVE how many options there are and it seems you continually update. Thank you!
More unique facial features
by hello0o0o on 2019/02/11 05:20
I love the app and using bitmoji with my Snapchat but I wish that you could apply more than one “facial lines” on your bitmoji, like for me personally I have both freckles and dimples however I can only select one of those features to have on my bitmoji
It’s 2/11/2019 and I can’t get in it won’t let me
by upset customer😒😒 on 2019/02/11 05:00
I can’t get in my own account I wanted to change my avatar through snap it said if you change your avatar will be deleted I said okay so it deleted it and it took me to the app it said no connection I have very good connection and I can get on everything I mean everything other then that app it’s been 2 days and I still can’t get in the account I need HELP!!!
Better Clothing variety
by Max.2k on 2019/02/11 04:11
I’m just saying there should be more of a clothing variety for athletic sports wear in a way where you can wear black adidas shirt with white adidas jogger for example and also more accessories like Jesus’ Pieces. Other than I love it really
Still love this app to death
by Kitsuneko-nyan on 2018/09/03 15:22
I’ve been using bitmoji since Facebook days, back when it was bitstrips. I loveddd them. And when you released that update in February I was so so happy because of all the new options!! I could tell it was the beginning of so many future improvements. I remember in bitstrips there was an option to adjust the size/length of certain things- hats, hair lengths, etc. and I think that would be an amazing thing to incorporate into the app. It would really help people customize and get their perfect character without having to settle on something that’s just a bit too short/long or big/small! Also, I do think there could be more hairstyles, especially for people with short hair and people with curly hair. I like the long wavy hairstyles a lot, and think there should be more short bob/lob hairstyles with the same kind of waves or looks. And I think there should be some more hairstyles for people with really curly hair! Other than that, more body types or maybe a way to adjust your body to your preference would be great, since there aren’t really many options for that. I still love this app to death and I know you’re working hard on it to improve it more and more all the time. Hopefully the suggestions of your fans reach you and help with future improvements! Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this this.
by GonzalezSierra on 2018/12/15 01:12
So I really like the idea of this app, along with the way it was set up. They have all kinds of hairstyles, clothes, words, quotes, and much more that you can put as your Snapchat avatar. When I searched up ‘candy’ to see if it would give me what I was asking for, it did more then that. It gave me all the popular kinda and gene suggested that I should go on Snapchat to see how it would look in 3D. Another thing that I really love about this app is the fact that your bitmoji looks exactly like you in real person. They even let you take a picture of yourself so that your bitmoji can look like you when you try to see what clothes/hairstyles to put on it. Not to mention, they have new suggestions every now and then. If you hit ‘allow Notifications’ every theme that there is something new they notify you so that you can change it. They even have so many for the seasons. Like winter as it is right now, they have a Christmas tree and even the lights with it as an outfit. It makes me so happy to see how amazing your bitmoji would look after you changed it. Around fall time, I searched the season up to see if they had anything. Oh my lord they had such cute and adorable things. Therefore, what I am trying to say is that this app is amazing and I highly recommend it!
by Kimcachu on 2018/04/30 15:11
I had bitmoji for a while a couple years ago and deleted it. No one was really using it and it got boring for me. I decided to redownload the app when my friends on snapchat began using it. I find a lot of them to be hilarious, so I’ve had fun incorporating them into my everyday phone conversations. That said, I have two issues with the app. One minor issue - why isn’t there a search function in the app to find bitmojis? Scrolling through them is nice just to see what’s randomly there, but when I’m texting and looking for something specific, it’d be nice to have the option to narrow it down more quickly. Which brings me to my second, bigger issue. Someone reading this might say - you can do that with the keyboard... why aren’t you using that? Well, when I went to integrate bitmoji with my text app, a notification popped up saying something along the lines of I would be giving permission for the app to access my texts, even past texts. That really bothered me. Why would the app need access to my past text messages? Like what purpose does that serve? So I declined, and I copy bitmojis straight from the app instead. Lengthier process, sure, but I really only use them with one person anyway. So I’d like an in-app search feature if possible. :)
by Genne likes this game on 2018/04/15 12:16
Dear everyone, I would like to say that I love this game! But there are always improvements that can be done. For example: maybe some more hairstyles (I know after the update they put new ones but like more for people with short hair, cause no hair matches mine), more lip styles (I’m sure everyone can agree on this one), piercings! I have ear piercings but I always wanted a nose one and lastly FASHION!!!!!! I always had this idea of that you can create your OWN outfits so, you go in the game go to the clothes and create it! So want a croptop BAM you got it, want it white with some designs? BAM you got it! Want some high waisted short? BAM you already know...YOU GOT IT! Want some nikies ... YOU GOT IT!!! And then of course just decorate your outfit, maybe a necklace and some bracelets! And then..yea, you’re done! Now I wanna say something first before I finish this review, I in no way am trying to take over this game these are just some ideas I got and thought maybe I should share them. Everyone can help! So don’t hate because *you think* I’m trying to take over the game. They made it, it’s there’s. Love you all, stay kind ♥️ -XOXO 🙂
Great app!!♥️🥰
by CerealGurl767 on 2018/11/28 22:50
Bitmoji is an amazing app! Weather you use it for SnapChat,Texting, whatever! I enjoy how you can customize your own little you. But there is so many ways that you could make bitmoji an even more amazing app! First off more fashion! There is already lots of clothes to choose from, but try to put even more in the app more frequently and that would be fantastic! Second, you should be able to customize even more, like your height, the length of your hairstyle, and have more options for breast sizes. Thirdly, you should be able to change the color of clothing. When I go to pick a different clothing item I want and it’s bright pink or some color that I don’t want I no longer want to wear that item, there should be an option to change the color of the clothing item. Finally, please consider being able to mix and match items, like have and an option to ‘mix clothing’ and select the items you want to mix. Please take this into consideration it and I would give it 5 stars, it would also make the app so much more amazing! But overall I totally recommend this app over any other, it is amazing!♥️♥️♥️
I love it but I have one suggestion.
by Limelight456 on 2018/06/30 04:34
Bitmoji is such a great app. I love the new clothes, skin tones, accessories, etc. I love the new “hair treatment” thing because so many girls have ombré balayage or colored hair in general. Everything is more diverse and you have many options. I have used Bitmoji for a long time now and I am obsessed. I recommend this to absolutely anyone and everyone. This is such a great app to have. Even if you don’t have Snapchat. My one suggestion is that I wish there was a section where you could create your own Bitmoji. Of course you customize your little person, but I don’t mean that. I mean, like if you can send a Bitmoji with a personalized message/pose/background. For example, for all the limelights, a Bitmoji that says “I said boom boom boom now lemme hear you say wayhoo!” Or “Boom boom boom” and a separate one that says “wayhoo!” Or for non limelights, a personal message that says something specific like “I can’t wait to see you later at the game.” Or whatever. Do you see my point? It would be nice to have a variety of Bitmojis ready and to be able to form your own.
Amazing app! 😁
by 🥳🤓 on 2019/02/14 12:14
I think this app is good, but there still could be some improvements. First off hair. I think there should more options for people who have curly hair like me. I also think there should be more options for eye color. Some people have hazel eyes, not just one color. Another improvement could be with clothes. I think there could be something where u could customize clothes or make new clothes more often. And maybe u could have an option for people who have ear piercings. Also there could a setting where u could add jewelry or something like that. And maybe have more options for clothes. This app is really amazing, but just because something works well doesn’t mean we can’t make it better!! Other than this the app is really amazing!!! I have fun reading the funny things my Bitmoji says. If u r interested in getting this app u TOTALY should. I use this app everyday. It is so entertaining and u will find that ur bitmoji is quite the character!😉 It is a fun app where u can customize ur character. I hope the creator of Bitmoji will consider my suggestion!!! Love this app tho!!! 😊
More creativity in outfits etc.
by Shriya Muni on 2018/09/07 15:26
So, I have been with Bitmoji for a while now, and have noticed that Bitmoji has actually been updating outfits, and other accessories pretty often. Something that I am just a little on the edge about, I really sometimes cannot find the correct hairstyle and have to keep changing it until I find the right one. I’m really hoping that you’ll be able to add more long hair style options, for example, like space buns, of like French braids, or a sleek bun. And maybe make the hairs look a little less glossier because whenever I choose the 2 black options, it doesn’t fit my hair color (very dark brown😂) And also, coming from someone who has quite bushy eyebrows, there isn’t really an option for people with big eyebrows. And one last thing :) try more natural nude matte shades for lipsticks colors, since most of them are glossy, they look different with different skin tones. I really hope that you can help me, and probably a lot of problems that others have as well. (Piercings would be great too) Thanks!
Love it!! But....
by Jeweleyes on 2018/04/12 23:39
I love this app!! It's so fun!!! Even got my co workers hooked on it!! Love that you have scrubs now!!!!!! I haven't checked recently, but could we make it easier to use for commenting on Facebook? Like that we can use it as a status update, but being able to comment without having to like screen shot or something, and then finding the post we want to comment on would be soooo much easier. Also could we get a selection of pjs and a bigger selection for maternity, I'm not that big yet, and none of those outfits are ummm my type, and I am sure other users feel the same way. Otherwise doin an awesome job guys!! Keep up the great work!!!! Update: with every update, I love this app even more!!! I’ve gotten so many friends hooked on it!! I have used this app since bitstrips came out. More ways to customize our clothes more specifically would be great!! Also maybe some mini games within the app to play with our mini games, or maybe an extension of the app for a game?? Just suggestions, still doin a phenomenal job guys, keep it up!!!
Still tickles me...consistently AWESOME
by AMay79 on 2018/11/17 08:48
I have 0 complaints. I never review apps, but this one is one everyone should have. There is now something for nearly every occasion. You don’t even need an occasion to use it. You can have a complete conversation using these personalized bits/emojis without ever typing a word. From expressing anger, sadness, boredom, sarcasm, anxiety, over-worked, tired, nonchalance, attraction/flirt, toilet break (haha), waiting, long distance, and new ones added ALLLL the time. What makes this app unique in my opinion, is the detail in the face expressions. It makes them not only stand out but also more relatable. The ONLY thing that I miss having access to is BitStrip... there was nothing more entertaining than being able to create a bit strip with one of your friends and having the ability to personalize it. A long while back I had seen that it was available in other country’s but not in the IS. I really wish we could access it here... because it was awesome.
💙 this app but...........
by Starflight the dragon on 2019/01/21 04:13
so. i love bitmoji. like i really love it. i am a female teenager and i like how it gives you bigger breast sizes. or none. lol. anyway. i used bitmoji a lot. not just once in a while. A LOT. i used it all the time just to say hi or i’m coming or something. anyway. one day, i had an issue with my phone. it would die and i wouldn’t be able to turn it back on. i have an iphone. so i tried to charge it and it wouldn’t charge for a while, but then i got it to work. so i charged my phone and i was about to text my best friend a bitmoji saying sorry! and i pulled up messages and i clicked the bitmoji icon. usually, it pops up all the new bitmoji’s but it didn’t. the screen was blank. confused, i pulled up the app. that didn’t work either. it’s still not working. not working at all. fix this before i decide to go all out on customer service. not that that’s going to be any better than the hairlines in the bitmojis. dammmm. those are worse than jojo siwa. and she’s pretty bad. fix it. please. i’m not begging. i’m not asking. i’m telling you.
Love it but..
by bitmoji for life! on 2018/12/27 17:05
Bitmoji is great but you need to have more clothing few more ways to express yourself would not hurt either. On bitmoji their could be a chat room to talk to friends, but other than that bitmoji is great I use it a lot when I’m texting and for my profile pics on social media. But you could make it a bit more kid friendly I have some siblings and their to young for some of bitmojis content. Also the girl body’s are weird I know you can do better, (of course I have not seen the boy body’s but their most likely weird to). As I was saying before about more ways to express yourself, sometimes I want to use bitmoji but I can’t because you don’t have the right bitmoji for it like ( I lost ). And with coughing you really need to step up your game bitmoji when I go to put on a new clouthing it takes me forever to find something I like. But in conclusion bitmoji is not prefect but if your looking to get the app I recommend it to you and I give bitmoji five stars to show l mean it!
I love it! Just need this added
by Galaxy_Fandom on 2018/02/24 13:32
This app is Amazing! I love creating a little Character and using it text all my friends and family they new Version of the bitmoji the deluxe IS SO AMAZING. . . . But one thing I would love to be added is being able to customize your clothing. . . I mean I really like all the choices I get of clothes but some of them just look weird . . . And the limited choices kinda get boring and I somethings check in to see if the app has new clothes but nope it just the same boring stuff. . . . Adding this for a update would be great! 1) people can either choose to keep the original outfit or they can take like the top the bottoms or the shoes 2) people can show themselves in the different ways they can in the clothes their bitmoji wears. . . 3) Some think this is a cool add on to the app and others don’t (but majority people think it’s a cool add on that you bitmoji should do) I hope that if this add on is a update I hope you can switch all the clothes to make your own. That would make us (or some) happy just like me.
by raaydawg on 2018/03/22 21:46
So I downloaded bitmoji when I saw it on Snapchat a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I managed to make my bitmoji look exactly like me and when the update came out w/ the camera feature my bitmoji looks even more like me and that’s what got me hooked into using this app a lot especially in text messages. The only thing I have to complain about this app is the clothing options! I wish there was more constant updates w/ the clothing. It’s boring not having many options and we all know that clothing is the way we express ourselves and of course in many other ways but for me clothing is how I express myself. There’s too much sports related clothing and not enough of day to day clothing. I check in every week to see if there has been an update to the clothing options and every time I check I get less and less enthusiastic about bitmoji. I find myself using it less too. Eventually I’m going to stop using it all together if we don’t have enough clothing options 😩 PLEASE MORE CLOTHING DON’T LET US DOWN!!!
The Mishaps
by mermaid_lover_GW on 2017/12/13 02:57
Before I updated Bitmoji, I had an issue with the picture not sending to one of my friends and I thought it had something to do with my wifi, so I paid money for faster wifi. I didn't send Bitmojis to that person anymore so when I tried with other friends it STILL DID NOT SEND!!! I finally figured out that it had something to do with my app, so then deleted the app, downloaded it again, made my character, and EVERYTHING was fine. When I got an alert that I can do an update I immediately did, it finished and I opened the app. Every picture was white and supposedly loading and usually it takes a minute or so to load. I thought it was loading and waited, but none of the pictures loaded. I am confused because I got faster internet. It might be because of the update or the app. It is still white and "Loading" right now. {Edit} APP IS GONE! Okay, I got a new phone recently and I downloaded Bitmoji. It said it was done downloading so I go to my home screen trying to send a Bitmoji to my good friend and the app wasn’t there. LIKE WHAT... IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!? I’m born in 1997 so it’s not the age... So what is the problem? I don’t know.. why or what, or is it a bug? That’s why I gave you 1 star...
So much Fun!
by MissCorrine916 on 2019/01/26 11:40
I refused to download the app for a really long time because I thought creating an avatar would be too time consuming. It’s not! It was so easy and so fun! In fact, after the update to have the avatar look life like, every single one of my friends said that mine was the only one that they could say looks like me. I do agree with the featured review that there could be ways to adjust hair length and more styles for curly/wavy hair. I also would like to see more clothes options, or mix and match options. Some of the styles are too over the top or too simple for my liking. Some outfits I love except for one feature that I could do without and would love to eliminate it or swap it out for something else. They could be a really great feature; a “build your own outfit” section ( like Cher’s closet in “Clueless”!) Oh, and maybe change up the “goodnight” options, those haven’t changed in months and they are getting pretty old. Still an awesome app. Love that we can add friends to our bitmojis when sending them.
One of my favorite apps
by Hakshbeshdidh on 2018/08/25 03:17
Bitmoji is one of my favorite apps. I love almost everything about it. I wish that on bitmoji you could make your own outfits. Instead of having pre made outfits you could style whatever you want. I also think it would be cool to change the color of clothing. Sometimes I love the outfit but the color isn’t for me. I think it would be really cool if you could take a picture of yourself and it would immediately change to looking exactly like you. One setting I think would be awesome is to save creations so if you like a bitmoji you made but want to make a new one you can save it and come back to it later. One last thing I want you to add is more clothing options. You give us so many styles but I feel like you need to update. The summer styles you gave us last year are pretty good but I want you to add different outfits for more selection. If you were to make these changes I would absolutely give this app five stars. Please consider my ideas. I love this app ❤️
Love the New Style!
by dat_girl1738 on 2018/02/03 20:30
I highly recommend Bitmoji because of its new realistic style. I recently just updated the app and received “Bitmoji Deluxe.” Let me tell you all the details. You now get to add highlights to your hair and I read that they include over 100+ hairstyles. Your clothes stay the same! They always come up with NEW cute stickers almost every single day, featuring some emojis. You get to link this app to various types of chatting apps, such as, Messages, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. If you link Bitmoji to Snapchat you get Friendmoji which features your friends in your stickers. Many cute stickers and all of them feature YOU in the spotlight! I give this app 5 stars because this is all FREE! No lie! Although, I would like to make just one suggestion, they should add a new clothing line so we have more outfits to express our Bitmoji. Thank you for reading this review, hope this helps you out! I highly recommend Bitmoji, so hope this guides you!
It’s A New Year! We Need New Improvements!❤️❤️
by amazinggrace💗 on 2018/02/10 20:01
I LOVE this app and like many others I have a bit of an addiction to it. I love this new style!! ❤️❤️❤️ But, I do think there could be some more things that could be added to make this app be even better. 1. For the female avatars I personally think there should be a wider verity in long hair styles. I was scrolling though and many of these styles were short and seemed more appropriate for the male avatars. 2. The clothing in the app hasn’t changed much which is kind of sad seeing that the new year is here and many fashion trends are on the rise. I think what would make it better would be if you could swipe though all the tops,pants, dresses, shoes, etc, and make your own outfit. Many people like to wear many different things, this would improve the app in many ways. I do truly love this app. I just think that some improvements could be made to make it even better!! I hope you all agree!
Very disappointed
by Bayseklyme on 2018/04/26 04:55
I have been using the app for about 2 years now and I was loving it. But now I find that they have taken the Superhero styles away. My Avatar was dressed as Wonder Woman this whole entire time until today, when I changed her clothes to a baseball uniform for a point I was making in a text to family members. When I went to change her clothes back to Wonder Woman, I discovered that I was not able to because the Superhero section is no longer there. For the most part the app is really pretty good and a fun way to express oneself, which I do frequently with this app. But I am very disappointed that the Superhero section has been taken out along with other fun movie sections like Game Of Thrones and X Files. It seems that the clothing sections that were the most fun are the ones that have been taken out. Now I am left with either sports or boring attire for my Avatar to wear. Just to give you an idea of the type of character I am: I a 60 year old woman who owns lots of crazy sox because they are an extension of my personality, loves Wonder Woman, gaming, adventure, and I sport intense lilac color hair. Please bring back the Superhero clothing. PLEASE BRING BACK WONDER WOMAN!!
Need more options
by Hershey kisses101201 on 2018/04/24 17:09
I really like bitmoji a lot, and use it every day. The new update was great because it offered a lot more ways to customize your bitmoji in terms of body size, hairstyles, and a lot of other things. However, I think it would be fantastic if there were way more options for hairstyles, as my hair isn't that unique or uncommon but I can't find anything that looks like it. I also think that there should be more fun options for people with straight or wavy hair, like the two buns style there is for curly hair. Also, I think being able to customize outfits by mix and matching shirts, pants, and shoes would be a huge improvement as the outfit choices are kind of lacking. Another great addition would be to add an accessories option for jewelry, earrings, purses, etc as it would again allow for more customization and make the bitmoji look more like the real person. I hope the app keeps improving at the rate it is now because it's really fantastic!
More outfits
by Molly_dog lover on 2018/12/18 23:27
I love the app 10/10 quality. But I do think they should make an update with more outfits, colors, and personnel outfits. I think they should make it so that you can design your own outfit. It could have a selection of tops with different colors. A selection of dresses all different shapes and sizes. And skirts, pants, jumpsuits, and more. But you could change the style and color of them all. It would be a great update. Also if they could add strapless things I think a lot of people would like that. And if you could either choose solid colors or patterns for the design that would be so fun and amazing. Plus then it can help them look more like you by having more unique options. I would also like a selection of sport bras and shorts. Also more sports things like let’s say your a gymnast a leotard would be good. I also think that different shoes would be good. But overall a very good app, love it.
I enjoy this app, and I have suggestions
by Kandring on 2018/05/08 23:29
I've really enjoyed this app so far, but like a few other folks in the comments, I have some suggestions. There are a lot of neat outfits, but I wish there was a way to completely customize for my character. Like some other folks, I am a gay female and tend to wear more masculine-style clothes, but the options in app are a little limited in terms of me expressing myself. If you included the ability to have the entire Bitmoji wardrobe available for all genders, that would be really cool! If you added a clothing customization feature, that'd also be really cool! Hoping to see it, but I would not be crushed if it wasn't added. Thanks for making such a fun app! *UPDATE* I really like that there are a ton more options for clothes, however, I’d love to see options for various sports (for example: cycling gear, or a soccer uniform, things like that). If you made those kind of outfits available, that would be amazing!!!
Love it but it could be better!
by 102947261 on 2018/05/09 05:20
I LOVE the bitmojis, they are so fun and easy to use, even my mom loves to use them. But - I have 3 reasons for only giving 3 stars: 1. I can only view a very limited amount of bitmojis from the keyboard tool on the iPhone, if I want one that isn’t shown I have to search for it instead of looking it up by emotion like you can do on Snapchat (why is this different?) it would be more convenient and easily accessible if it was set up similar to Snapchat. 2. It would be amazing to have the friend bitmojis on the iPhone keyboard when texting with a fellow contact who also has an iPhone (like you can do on Snapchat). However without being able to search for them by emotion, I don’t think it would be very user friendly. 3. I can only customize a few things when designing my bitmoji and there is not enough outfits to choose from.
by GHgxglxglxitsrisrizufzxyxyfyf on 2018/02/13 01:57
I really love this app. It’s very creative and I think that personally, getting it was a great idea. It’s really cool because you have this avatar that you can personalize and then make it look exactly like you... almost. You did really well with all of the new features added in the recent update, but I have a few questions: 1) Why did you take some options away? I had a Bitmoji that I really liked and when I updated it, I was forced to change it. I thought that maybe it just reset and I would have to recreate my original, but I couldn’t do it because some of the things I used were taken out of the app. 2) Can you please add more skin tones? The one my avatar has now is many shades too light, but the next closest option is much too dark. Please fix this as I feel that it is exclusive to people who have other skin tones than the ones you offer. It forces you to pick one that doesn’t adequately represent your own.
Help Please
by beezer's mom on 2018/02/11 16:46
I was really excited for the new hats. When I opened my Bitmoji app after the update (Snapchat too) I DIDN’T GET NEW HATS. It didn’t update all the way. I am very disappointed. I will rate 5 stars when you fix this. Edit: I unlinked it from my Snapchat and deleted then re installed and I had Bitmoji Deluxe. I’m glad it worked but it’s annoying I didn’t get them with the update so please fix this so I get everything with the update not a partial update. Thank you. Also, may you PLEASE add something where instead of going through the outfits trying to find a good one, make it so you can pick a shirt and pants / skirt and shoes separately and pick a color for them. And please add a bigger variety when you do this, so like different skirt styles or jean styles then a color wheel to customize yourself. I do like the shoe variety I just wish you could pick style / color yourself for an outfit.
Only two features I’m waiting to see....
by FunkMast3rFlex on 2018/04/08 12:02
We all already know how great this app is so I don’t have to dive into that. There are only two things that I can think of that would make this app that much better. The first is an add on the the iMessages app that organizes the stickers into categories similar to how the Bitmoji Keyboard and Snapchat has it. I’m not a big fan of the keyboard all too much but I love how it’s easier to find what I want because of the way it’s organized. The second is an ability similar to how Snapchat can recognizes if another user had Bitmoji linked and will generate the best friend stickers in iMessages. Of course the iMessage app would also have to be able to recognize of the other user has Bitmoji setup, but it would be an awesome feature. A lot of my friends don’t have Snapchat but it would be cool to be able to send Bitmoji Stickers of the both of us.
The Fault In Our Skin Coloration System
by D-Laurex on 2018/04/01 03:59
Hello, I am a big fan of your technical creation, and I use it in almost every 24 hour period, but I am stunned of how you have the audacity to lack such common skin colors in the brown community. I and many others really enjoy having your technical creation installed in our cellular devices, but it is highly disappointing that it does not contain a plethora of skin colors that are decently adequate or even tolerable for the South Asian community of Bitmoji users, let alone the incredible world of multifarious races we live in. I am emotionally drained of the controversy my skin color gets and the fact that I can’t embrace it on an app that is supposed to display a supposed duplicate of my self is very displeasing. I understand that producing an app containing such a creative and unique concept can be arduous, but I don’t think it can be that hard to provide us with at least 5-10 more skin tones that will be suitable with a bigger reach of users of your technical creation. Sincerely, your loving Bitmoji user❤️
The app is great but....
by Angelina334 on 2018/05/23 20:56
Bitmoji it’s a great app for anybody who likes to express themselves on Snapchat or through messaging friends. When designing your character I feel that there is a limited selection for the eye color and body shape. I have more of a glass figure shape while the ones you can choose from are mostly skinny. I feel that this feature should be changed to fit more body types. Also my eyecolor is not normal like the ones presented. I have something called sectoral heterochromia where my one eye is half brown and green while my other eye changes from green to gray. The eye colors are very limited to fantasy looking eye colors and not enough real eye colors. This app is great for anybody really, you just need an open mind when it comes to the features available right now. Bitmoji is a very unique app and I would suggest it for anybody who uses social media or texts a lot.
Fashion Recommendation
by Awesomenessgirl12606 on 2018/03/17 22:58
Hello, I’ve been using Bitmoji for more than a year, and I absolutely LOVE it. However, I have a recommendation on the fashion. I think there should be more “emo” outfits. That being more colors in earrings, possibly band shirts? That may need permission from the bands though. Maybe some sort of spiked jewelry? I don’t know, this is just a suggestion, along with many more that you guys probably get. I think this would be a good idea because the majority of people that use this app (and any social media) are teenagers. Teenagers are all just trying to figure out who they are, and what they wish to do with their lives. In the process, some go through “emo phases”, as I am, along with some of my friends. If you were to add this into the app, I’d recommend doing a huge fashion update, so it wouldn’t specifically be for this. (Even though that would never happen. 😂) Thanks! ~Gwyn
by Cher Potter on 2018/06/05 21:15
I feel as though the whole app is adorable and fun! But, I do have some requests that I’m sure everyone can agree with you doing. I think the app would be better overall and more fun with more hairstyles, being able to design our own outfits, jewelry, and more options within the facial feature designing. I can’t really pick a nose like mine, my eyes aren’t really the shape my eyes are, and my hair definitely isn’t my hair, but they are all the closest I can get to myself. I love a lot of the newer outfits that have been added, but it would be great if we could pick what shirt could go with these shoes, and pick our colors. I like to wear earrings, so jewelry is a must. Also, braces should be an option! I have braces, and so do many other people around the world! That would be a perfect way to make it more like ourselves. Overall, I think you guys can do a lot better with these ideas. 😊 Thanks for hearing me out!
Mixed feelings
by Umpher on 2018/12/11 14:44
I love the artwork, and it’s been my favorite animated version of myself compared to other now deleted apps (some of which had zero physical flattery!! This moji makes me look quite cute! Thx). I also love that there are VAST # of messages but… THERE ARE TOO MANY TO FIND WITHOUT THE HELP OF A SEARCH WINDOW!! I also would prefer a moji that I can type my own messages into - maybe even font and color choices! Yes!! But at least type a personalized message IN the moji, vs after/ below. My biggest complaint though, is searching for mojis I know I previously saw somewhere in there. Id send them all day long, if it didn’t take me 20min to find the right message. I counted in one of the categories on the bottom bar… 249 in just one section!! At least make twice as many categories, and separate some- but really, I want a search window. Then this app has hit 5 stars w me. I may reload an app that had a search window, just for use during the busier bulk of my day. Shame… Though there are no moving parts, the artwork actually make these more expressive than the mojis I used with animation. Great artistry! That’s worth repeating! 5 ⭐️ to the artist/s 3 ⭐️ for the app- yielding 4 ⭐️ Still, really like this ap. I don’t foresee deleting this one. It just may take my spare time to learn where the ones I like live! Hey- maybe a section for my favorites or frequently used…
Maternitity Clothes!!
by Yo dawg,(: on 2017/12/13 15:23
I absolutely love Bitmoji to start off with. I use it all the time to express a plethora of different emotions and of course at all the wrong times. I sometimes forget it’s a separate app all on its own. I love to change my outfits to express my personality and now that I’m pregnant and getting a bump, I’ve noticed there are very limited clothing choices in maternity. (And it’s winter and they’re all making my Bitmoji freeze to death!) As a 21 year old in modern times, I appreciate a good virtual outfit selection. Was hoping there could be a future update for other expecting mommies to showcase more personality and better fashion for the pregnant Bitmojis. Maybe even change the belly as a body type and adjust clothes accordingly. Sounds like that would take a lot of time, but just as a suggestion of how you could further your app. Giving 4 stars because like I said I’m obsessed, but wish for more options (:
I really love it but...
by Piper Barjak on 2018/07/02 19:59
I love this app and it is so cool that you can make avatars doing fun and silly poses to send to your friends. I have Snapchat too and I love that you can connect it. 2 things though. I had the Bitmoji keyboard for a while but then I got sick of it, so I disabled it but now whenever I go to the emoji bar it always shows that and makes me have to click out of it. It’s pretty annoying when I am trying to just send an emoji or two. The last thing is that I have hazel eyes and none of the options look like my eyes, plus I don’t really have any of the hairstyles available. I know you always update it and I love Bitmoji Deluxe and all the other cool updates and new options. But I think instead of mainly updating clothes you should start to try and update more features. So we have a little more of a variety. Otherwise I love this app and love changing my Bitmoji for different seasons and Holidays. Thanks
My hair is half blue but i cant do that
by TheRandomFandomGirl06 on 2017/11/07 21:35
I absolutely LOVE bitmoji!! It’s such a fun way to express yourself over the phone woth your friends. Its literally a mini you, which u can customize to make it look as close as possible! My only problem is, the bottm half of my hair is dyed blue. And, the only “unnatural” hair color options there are for your whole head. I would love if bitmoji had the option to pick which part of your hair you would like colored. Alot of my friends and I have hair that is not dyed completely, only on certain parts. Also, it would be cool if we could mix match outfits. If you like some pants from one outfit, shoes from this other one, and a sweater from another, it would be cool it mix them together! Other than these to style choices that i wish we could have, Bitmoji is such a great way to communicate with your friends over text and snapchat. Its just so amazing!!!
Things to add
by MIA23 for you on 2017/09/14 20:24
First of all I love this app so much😜I literally use it every day because I changed my bitmoji's outfit all the time😂I think it's a great app but I do have some suggestions of things to add to make it even better : -More outfits,hairstyle,accessories -A color wheel to change the hair color skin color of ur avatar, because the options we have are very limited and I would love it if we could be able to choose the colors that we want instead of picking from the premade ones -Lastly I don't know if anyone ever thought of this but it would be so amazing if there could be like a bitmoji game?if that's what it would be called😂where you could decorate ur room, have pets, be friends with ur actual real life friends like on Snapchat, and play games and level up. If you read all of that thank you for your time and have a great day😊
Love bitmoji, but just realized
by Guardiola.R on 2018/11/12 20:08
Have been using bitmoji for quite some time now and absolutely love using them for almost any situation whether via snap or messaging however the style options have always lacked. I have never liked that you are unable to choose your own wardrobe but instead have to choose a set outfit BUT was even more shocked to see the “options” for pregnant women. My husband and I are expecting our first and i realized yay I can customize/edit my bitmoji-needless to say there are only like 5 options (not very versatile), so I was on the fence about whether I want my bitmoji to be dressed for the season(warm clothes) or to be appear pregnant and wearing a tank top? Obviously my bitmoji isn’t going to freeze to death but I like to keep with the theme of what’s going on real time so it would be helpful if there was more options, not just pregnancy wise but for every type of style for every type of person! If that occurred this app would be 5 stars..
New outfit ideaa
by whosebad! on 2018/11/04 15:53
This is a great.. But I want to recommend new outfits. Well they should add a Michael Jackon clothing so any gender can wear it. He had many iconic outfits like the Don't till you get enough, rock with you, thriller, beat it, bad, dirty Diana, Black or White, you rock my world, the Superbowl, his military jackets, and many more. He was an inspiring artist who is loved by many. And I feel like he should come back and heal the world. And even make people look cool on their snap chat bitmojis. And another thing about the shoes in some bitmojis there should be an option to choose any type of shoes we’d like and the jeans and tops. Like there are a lot of nice outfits but there is always just one thing odd about the outfits. It’s either the pants, the color of something, or the shoes. Please we need more diversity in fashion. Love the app, but it does need some help. Thank you have a nice day
It's good
by GRAVY THE FARMER on 2018/03/04 13:32
Bitmoji is nice for people who are more city people but for me and others like me I don't wear stuff like that and I'm not that kind of person I'm more of a camouflage sweatshirt and boot cut jeans around my cowboy boy boots or jeans in my camouflage muck boots because I'm and hunter and fisher and I like going mudding on my four wheeler and I'm a country girl and I never get dressed up like a city person for any thing not even school and that's just how I am, so if you read this you should make some changes for all us country people. Also more of the good kind of camouflage hat and country hats, and everything is so boring you should add a game to Bitmoji. On the other hand Bitmoji has some things to correct next Tim I'm on it better have the changes because I want to see those changes it should have been made by now. When will you guys get the point us country people ain't and never will be city people like you.
I love this app but.....
by Pinkrunner89 on 2018/01/05 07:35
I love this app so much!!! Like OMG I use it all the time!! Such a great app but.... I logged out a couple of times and it let me in but about a year ago I had the app and I ended up deleting it because my old crappy phone didn’t have enough storage and then I got a new phone that was way better, any way I came upon the app again and I tried to sign up then it said “ sorry the email already exist “ and then I was like what the heck!! And that’s when I realized that there was a log in “ already have account thing and then I pressed on it and it got me right in and I was like yes !! Then just recently I logged out and then it would NOT LET ME BACK IN!!! I’m so ticked off!! Trust me I’ve tried so many passwords and emails and it would not let me back in 😞😡 so please, if you recommend something for me pls tell me soon! Thx
It could've been a 5
by Aarinnbear on 2017/10/14 17:19
Look I've emailed, messaged, whatever to you guys multiple times! I like that they have the hijaab.... Great.... The Sikh turban... Awesome! But why aren't you catering to ALL ethnic backgrounds? I'm Punjabi and would love to have a few Bindi accessories, a few punjabi suits as a clothing option. Maybe some hand and arm henna for special occasions. You use the word NAMASTE in one of the hello portions of the app yet have NOTHING of the ethnic background to show for it. That's VERY disappointing. I'm Hindu, I'm a woman, and we are in the middle of festive season, I message my family back in India through WhatsApp and have only American western clothing to show for it.... That's ridiculous!!! I can't be there for the holidays and I would love to take the avatar I created and use it to show that I'm there in spirit, text, and message posting. You have these things so much life yet, limit what ethnic backgrounds and traits it may have.... That's saddening. I hope for a better update soon.... Possibly before Diwali, but I won't hold my breath.
Great app! More options please
by Cailey b. on 2018/07/17 00:00
This app has so many messages to choose from! It never glitches, and the graphics are amazing! However, there are some things you could add. My number one wish is BRACES! Most of the people using this app are in middle school, meaning there are individuals with braces everywhere! Braces are a huge part of a feature on someone’s face, it’d be a great option! Next, instead of having 5000 soccer and football jerseys, it’d be great if we could customize our own outfits! Or just add more outfits that are up to date with current fashion. Other than that, I think everything is great except the variety of hairstyles for bob cut hair. I only have two options since I have short, wavy hair :( . This is an awesome app, but please remember... braces, clothes, hair! Thank you so much for this amazing put together app. Snapchat wouldn’t be snapchat without it ! 🤗
Need more options across the board!
by JamieDiFlorio on 2018/04/18 14:54
Great app, but here are my requests for improved options: 1. More body types. Currently, there is no body type between pleasantly plump and morbidly obese. Instead of having a few set options, maybe you could have a slider bar that would make the figure larger or smaller. Same with hair length. 2. More facial feature options. My husband has a trademark mole on his cheek, and I have LOTS of freckles. I’m sure there are others out there with scars and other features. 3. More hair styles. My hair is wavy, falls below the shoulders, and I almost always wear it down with the front pulled back into a barrette. Nothing like that in the hairstyle options, so my avatar doesn’t really look like “me”. 4. The ability to select your outfit pieces separately. It would be nice to be able to choose each individual clothing item instead of having set outfits. 5. While we’re on the subject of clothing, please add long skirts and long dresses! I do not wear pants or miniskirts, and that seems to be the only option. I am a conservative Christian, but I am sure that conservative Hindu and Muslim women would agree! 6. Think about those with special needs. Is there an option to have your avatar in a wheelchair, different types of wheelchair, using a cane or walker, wearing braces on the teeth, etc.
by Misa1 on 2018/03/22 15:40
My first gripe is that you STILL haven't added the ability to search within the app - I can do it mid-text, but not in the app. PLEASE ADD!! Second, I'm not a fan of the update, especially the new hair styles. In fact, they are extremely limited and don't suit all ethnic backgrounds. I have spiral curly hair and forehead bangs...there's not one curly style that looks like mine! Either the hair is super puffy or dead wavy, with bangs pulled back or to the side. And the only curly style even remotely close, is super short and has no hair treatment options...really? Even the crew cuts have treatment options! I still feel like there aren't enough features and now my avatar looks even less like me. ☹️ Please add more variety to the hairstyles, including lengths, fullness and bang options! I'd also love to see more jewelry options, especially earrings! As for the wardrobe? It needs a major overhaul - I'm tired of seeing the same ones!
Love this! But here’s some suggestions
by Rainbow1995 on 2017/12/19 19:15
I absolutely love this app! BUT it would be even better if there were more customized stuff such as hair color, clothes, accessories, cellphones, etc. I personally would love to see some country things added like cowboy boots, cowboy hats, etc. also have the option on what clothes to wear not the full outfit already picked out like it is now. Lots of people wanna be able to customize every part of there Bitmoji character to there liking. Also adding backgrounds, pets of every sort of animal even exotic animals, & even adding the option that y’all give on Snapchat of having your friend(s) with you at the same time. You should listen to your reviewers of what they want. As long as the app gets better with every update I’m sure everyone will be happy. (:
by 547292948 on 2018/07/17 17:32
Fantastic app, I love using it. There are enough facial choices that my Bitmoji actually really looks like me, which doesn’t usually happen in other programs that allow you to create your character. However, I would like more colorful clothing choices, for I wear a lot of colorful patterns. I also would prefer more hairstyle choices and definitely more hair color choices, because I am constantly coloring my hair but I can rarely match my Bitmoji’s hair to mine. Right now irl I have my natural brown roots fade into a beautiful teal color, but the closest color match on Bitmoji is brown on top (the the brown in my hair doesn’t go down that far) and an ugly shade of dark green that almost looks faded and rather weird. The green looks even worse when it is paired with the brown top. Anyways, fantastic app, but more choices are needed.
The keyboard
by Dewmanfreeman on 2018/10/10 12:57
I love this app, I always use it when I’m texting my girlfriend. With my new haircut, my Bitmoji looks just like me. But there is just one suggestion I have which would make this app a lot better for me and it’s super simple. On the bitmoji keyboard there is a little globe button thing that allows you to switch to other keyboards but because I speak other languages and also have regular emojis I use the bitmoji’s globe doesn’t let you hold down and switch to the keyboard you want. You either have to press it once and then switch or keep tapping the keyboard until you get your preferred choice. I would just like to switch back to my normal keyboard very quickly and save me some time and it doesn’t seem like something that would be hard for you guys to do so if you can that’d be great. Also some new outfits would be cool too.
Update Suggestion
by Just take the advice... on 2018/09/28 21:24
I have had this for several years now and it has developed pretty good. There are more detailed styles which would allow the avatar to be more specialized towards you. (Anyone ever try to make yourself on the old style and say to yourself “hey, that kinda looks like ‘so and so’. Wait it also looks like ‘so and so’ “ and you end up with a list of 10 people) Anyways, getting to the point, anyone who has had bitmoji always has trouble finding a good outfit. You find an outfit with a shirt that looks like the one you wear often, but the pants do NOT. (Vise versa) So being able to pick individual articles of clothing would be great! Rather than having an “outfit” with the shirt and pants pre selected, you would be able to pick any shirt and wear any pants together. This would truly make bitmoji users able to make their avatars more like them.
Pretty cool, but...
by Tbakester on 2017/11/13 19:15
I honestly really like bitmoji. I’m a cat lover and there is a HUGE selection of cat themed bitmoji pictures or what have you. Honestly there is a bitmoji for nearly every mood, situation, etc. Why am I only giving the app 3 stars? 1) the skin tone selection is super small 2)the facial/body customization collection could be improved..... I mean the bitmoji body size/build literally goes from skinny, top heavy, a little less skinny, and Large... it really. 3) the developers used to update the clothes almost every season or less, but it seems to be less and less frequent. 4) not everyone wants to download the keyboard. I hate that the bitmoji app will literally harass me every time I open it until I finally cave in and add it to my keyboards. I don’t want to have it added to my keyboard because it just interferes with typing in different apps. I prefer to use the short cut under the iMessage apps. Every phone user is different, but that doesn’t change the fact that we don’t want to deal with the annoying message that you need to add it to your keyboard. 5) aside from what I listed I don’t have many more improvement or complaints that I feel a majority would agree with. That all being said, I still thing bitmoji is a fun and funny app to use and with a few more improvements I think it will be even greater.
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