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background eraser: superimpose
This app helps to remove the background of any picture of yours and maintain transparency with just few taps. Just touch where you want to remove. "Target" function removes the area of similar color automatically. The image which one maintaining transparency background can be used with other apps ex) Keynote. Pages, etc. #Cut Out Tools – Cut images (Zoom in to work for fine pixel-level accuracy) ___#Erase/Restore : Erase/Restore the area you touched ___#Target Area Auto remove tool (Area/Color) : Remove similar color area automatically ___#Reverse tool : Reverse removed area #Crop – Crop your photos with 15 different presets feature quickly and easily. #Adjust Effect - 9 ADJUSTMENT tools (Smooth, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, vignette) **”Smooth” - Smoothing image edge #Add Background Photo - Remove & Change your photo background #Full Resolution - Selecting size of output picture (HQ 3264 x 3264 pixel , Normal 1600 x 1600 pixel, LQ 800 x 600 pixel) #PNG/ JPEG File Selection - Selecting size of output picture (PNG_transparent background,JPEG_white background) #Share Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Other Apps #1.4.5 update - 1.4.5_Remove watermark in transparent image - 1.4.5_Full size image quality bug fix - 1.4.5_minor bug fix - Foreground Photo can Move & Zoom & Rotate!! - Redesigned UI/UX - iPhone 5/5S/6/6plus resolution support - Added blur background function - Added 2 brand new Background Packs : Colors, Gradients - Added No crop size Editor for Instagram - Added Store - Added Instagram Tag Button : #BackgroundEraser
by symyaaasasaaa on 2020/10/26 23:06
Not really that good on small spaces but it’s ok when doing a YouTube intro
Use this app a lot
by MiiSookii on 2020/10/26 03:14
Easy to use
Helps a lot!
by Cook Daddy on 2020/10/26 03:03
I love it!
Super good app
by DADDY SITH on 2020/10/25 19:47
Best app super easy to use
Perfect just what i was looking for
by Jhayelloww on 2020/10/25 18:32
No complaints here, does a fantastic job and is both time efficient and easy to use.
by mamicoach on 2020/10/24 23:07
This app is great. 🎖FLAWLESS🎖
Good when it worked.
by kitkatCorn on 2020/10/24 17:08
When I used it at first, it worked perfectly. Then, a couple of months later, whenever I tried to erase the background, I would put it and the background would be white.
Exactly what I need for free
by Girl from Cali, bb 💕 on 2020/10/24 05:04
I downloaded maybe 4 different apps and none of them allowed me to use the erasing tool for free. All a girl wants is a different background; *is that too much to ask?!* 😞 but then I got this app and it’s so easy: I’ve never written this good of a review before, haha. But for real, I love it because it’s just simple. And that’s it.
Just The Right App For Me
by FlavaFee on 2020/10/24 03:14
This has proven to best edit app especially for removing backgrounds with ease. Thanks all
by johnny from alpharad on 2020/10/24 02:19
So helpful
by Roblox is great but....... on 2020/10/24 00:31
It helps me with thumbnails and a bunch of things and it’s really easy to erase!
i Love your app
by kamillakaim on 2020/10/23 20:20
i Love your app
Love it
by ok the nick names is taken on 2020/10/23 15:58
It just good.
Pretty good
by levzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on 2020/10/23 05:58
It’s much more easier after you buy it with no ads for $10 but I’m glad this one is very easy to take out the background without you specifically moving your hand to remove each and every side of picture
Terrible App!
by momo69 :) on 2020/10/23 03:18
I tried to edit out the background of a photo and two times the app crashed before i could save it. Save yourself the time and frustration and find a different app!
Its really super good
by abgel pairy on 2020/10/22 22:15
i love the app so much its good!
by lol <<drowning man on 2020/10/22 18:29
Me encato
Used it once - keeps crashing ever since
by GJAS on 2020/10/22 08:51
Hoping this bug goes away. I used it successfully once each time since it’s crashed and been moody.
by Phil Balloon Dogs on 2020/10/22 00:54
Great app! This app has been incredibly useful for creating custom gifts so birthdays and holidays!
Amelia’s Life🦄🐱🦋
by dufufjrngvyfkrnfv on 2020/10/21 23:57
THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it so much
by bccbbcfn on 2020/10/21 20:58
If you’re like me that wants to make iOS 14 icons and not have a background on the icon download this app yes there’s carmercials but still worth it ❤️❤️❤️
It’s okay
by fnaf-is-the-best on 2020/10/21 19:31
There’s ads and want seems to be a bit of low quality but it does it’s job
So fun but...
by wwwwwwkckcjckc on 2020/10/21 18:46
It has to many adds
U get this for a reason
by pOOH nznnznznz on 2020/10/21 15:10
U get this for a reason stupid app
It’s glitching it’s not letting me do it:-(
by miss banana head stupid on 2020/10/21 04:25
by fabul76 on 2020/10/20 18:14
Aplicación muy buena para echar volar la imaginación
by Kawaii wolfie Inc on 2020/10/20 03:01
I can’t believe this is the best app! I was going to flipaclip and watching tutors.and I didint get it so I read the comments saying:use background easier” And I did! It freaking work!
The Best & Ez
by FunCali99 on 2020/10/19 23:45
I’ve had this App for 3 years or so and it’s the best and super easy to use. Nothing fancy and do a the job well.
Perfect eraser
by CoachDariel on 2020/10/19 15:52
This is exactly what I needed to create png for my social media posts
by MJLOVELY22 on 2020/10/18 20:01
Great app really easy to use really user-friendly. Just wish it came in a better format for the iPad but everything else is amazing really recommend.
Does what it says
by Bobjoejunior1 on 2020/10/18 15:48
Rating 5 stars, as the app does what it says. It cleanly removes the background as well as it can.
Good app
by Marcuscarlos22 on 2020/10/18 14:46
Good app
by k is my best friend on 2020/10/18 02:12
The best
by kimkimjanelue on 2020/10/18 00:01
It so nice! It really help me with my projects
by Camham2005 on 2020/10/17 22:31
babab a abababbe
by yum3k0Jabam1 on 2020/10/17 21:17
I like how it’s not that hard to use and not to many adds pop up
I love this app
by KittyCat Galexy on 2020/10/17 14:26
It’s fun you erase what you need to then use the rest you can put backgrounds or solid colors you can also use screenshots of any thing and erase;)
Use it rarely
by Pagan man of color. on 2020/10/17 07:57
But when I do, it’s a great app, can make pictures discrete, scratch out faces etc lol fun fun
Love it
by Me moe Bre on 2020/10/17 01:19
Worked one time
by MckenzieLove on 2020/10/16 20:34
Now it’s not working for me!
No da
by keymispriv on 2020/10/16 20:31
Excellent app
by Lok Bandhu on 2020/10/16 14:37
I like this application.
Great app
by hansnen on 2020/10/16 12:26
1 thing
by AviePlayz on 2020/10/15 23:35
I love this! It works so well, one thing that bugs me so much is that you can zoom in very much, it’s very hard to make tiny details, other than that it’s amazing! I recommend!
Very nice for beginner tool
by Lil_Mollyofficial on 2020/10/14 18:47
Very Nice for simple cut outs
No Ads Version
by tonivincent on 2020/10/13 22:53
I paid $9.99 for no ads version and there are still Google and other ads running.
The png does work😡
by uglymicahhhh on 2020/10/13 20:54
I hate it
by lovelygurll on 2020/10/13 20:39
Love it
Please .......and I love you app🥰
by The K Kitty on 2020/10/13 20:03
I ove it to make my you have any emojis or you can type in the picture to make a thumbnail?Your app is fantastic
αмαzιиg, вυт иєє∂ѕ ѕσмє ¢нαиєgєѕ
by 𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒😘😜😝😛😋🥳 on 2020/10/12 11:19
I got this app to get better at editing, and I kinda did. Anyways the app is amazing, way better than then the other apps I’ve tried. But, sometimes if my background is similar to the picture I’m editing and I want to erase it using the Target Area tool, it gets rid of it. Or sometimes, it won’t let me erase with the Target Area tool. Other than those two things everything else is amazing! Great job, keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully the next time this app is updated those problems will be fixed, and I can give you guys a five star review ~Sincerely A Satisfied Customer
by 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖 on 2020/10/12 03:14
It is very good I use this app a lot even though sometimes I mess up😅 but it’s ok I really like this app😁
Used to work... now it doesn’t
by andown fownalcn on 2020/10/10 14:51
Not sure why but used this app prior and it always worked perfectly but now... it just adds a white background to the photo when transferred to photo albums. Have spent countless hours trying different settings to fix this but nothing works. Please fix this
by kemaristhebest on 2020/10/09 21:15
its so perfect
Very useful
by very good app by me on 2020/10/09 17:01
This is a very good app so I recommend to use this
Awesome app!
by sooo wonderful! on 2020/10/08 15:54
This works really great and easy turning jpegs into png’s!!!!
Great app
by Aneya Miller on 2020/10/08 11:41
Better and more simmer than photo shops eraser tool
Works Great
by JadenMicah on 2020/10/07 17:14
I use this app all the time to clown my friends. It’s great!
Background Eraser rate
by gamergirlnabilq on 2020/10/06 20:08
Thank you this app is amazing
iOS 14?
by Dantrn on 2020/10/05 05:54
Loved this app until the ios14 update. Now it no longer will keep the image as a png file with a transparent background.
I don’t get it
by First thing I want y on 2020/10/04 13:10
So when I go into the app it kicks me out and I don’t know why
Download it !
by mogamer22 on 2020/10/03 15:56
Love this app ! Helps keep everything so clean! Especially with professional photos or logos
by madison howe on 2020/10/02 14:51
by hana200 on 2020/10/02 14:13
I like it but the only problem is they you can’t adjust your photo otherwise awesome!!!!!!!!!
Easer app, must have
by Stackzcae on 2020/10/02 04:18
Great app to help with great edits, this app is a must.
It’s really good
by a guy with time to spare on 2020/10/01 21:16
I just wish it was fully free and there wasn’t a water mark other then that it’s really good
10/10 for its purpose
by sc: ziathewrestler on 2020/10/01 15:19
Good for cutting out images thats it💯
by Penny45381 on 2020/10/01 10:49
I LOVE this app .... works GREAT with my cricut
Free easer app works amazing lots of ads but I don’t mind.
by DaiDai2114 on 2020/10/01 06:17
Couldn’t ask for better
by Bashful Rocky on 2020/09/30 20:12
I can’t delete the background, no going back, make it easier to make corrections
by تتقت on 2020/09/30 10:35
Perfect for my YouTube Thumbnails
by AgentNina on 2020/09/30 07:07
Been using this app for a while and it’s so easy!!! Love this. Thank you!
by Mkumii on 2020/09/30 05:45
Every time I’m ready to save it crashes &lt;/3
Not saving in transparency
by upsetintexax on 2020/09/30 00:27
After I have erased its not saving it on transparent background. I have it on correct setting. Please help
Not transparent
by disheartened1978 on 2020/09/29 17:26
I have saved pic every way possible when I try to use for graphics it is not transparent the background is white!!
I love this app
by coko unique on 2020/09/29 16:17
I don’t take my time out to rate apps unless they are very useful. This app is just that. I don’t know what I would do without this app. Thank you.
Frequent Crashes
by totally not a taken nickname on 2020/09/29 12:12
Easy to use, basically everything you could want out of a background app, but crashes a lot when trying to save photos
by k0kyFit on 2020/09/29 11:45
I love this app so easy to get rid off unwanted background space ❤️
by XlollyXcatX on 2020/09/29 06:57
okay i used to love this app for my small business, gacha edits, really anything! it was working for years, and now..... THEY DON’T SAVE AS PNGS?!?! THERE IS NO CLEAR BACKGROUND WHEN I SAVE THE PICTURES LIKE I HAVE. BEEN. SAVING. THEM. FOR. YEARS. this is really upsetting and i wish i could rate this app higher but OH WELL!
Love it 🥰😚😜😍
by CutieWaffle on 2020/09/28 20:52
So I needed to tween with something so I found a turtiol video to tween so they used this app then it worked!!!! Thank you 😍😍🥰😘😍😍🥰😘😍😋🥰🥰😍
A Tiny bug
by sea more lee on 2020/09/28 18:13
This App is Great for Erasing Your Photos Backround and that it lets you choose how you want to Erase it It worked out Well for me untill I went to edit out my other backround after I finished my 4rth backround. Well when I went to edit out my Backround I didn’t get my color of my Gacha Character And I tried my best to keep the color but it isn’t as good as the target Eraser because when I edit out my Gray Backround I get only Half of my characters color. Can you PLEASE fix this bug? Thank you!
by Britjohn730307 on 2020/09/28 16:27
This app worked amazing for making icons for ios14
Yes i agree 100% toward this app
by M_Mariah on 2020/09/27 11:22
This app is so helpful with editing and design trust me if there was ten stars they would all be filled up
Kinda buggy!
by Ms lancing on 2020/09/27 01:04
After I take time to erase and save sometimes it doesn’t save it as a transparent background so that’s kind of annoying. Plus when it plays the Google app ad you can’t click out of and I need to close the app and start again!!!!
by FatimaK85 on 2020/09/27 00:12
Does exactly what it’s supposed to do 👍
Works great on solid image backgrounds
by IndieDevGuy on 2020/09/26 18:44
Works exceptionally well, I use it for Clip art backgrounds, which are usually white. Not sure about more complex backgrounds.
Option to make the backround green
by ....mystery person . com .... on 2020/09/26 18:36
Add an option to make the background green (green screen)
by amazingcaprison on 2020/09/26 16:35
It it the best I use it for my YouTube channel and it has many options.
Great app
by booders10 on 2020/09/26 14:58
Very helpful and easy to use has watermark on pic but it’s exactly what I was looking for
Good app but now it’s not Working
by sherbi10 on 2020/09/26 02:13
It’s not working to save to my phone anymore!! (ง&#39;̀-&#39;́)ง
Iz gud
by poofwood on 2020/09/25 22:06
Is gud
Good app for iOS 14 trend
by isuebfkc on 2020/09/24 22:52
Saw a trend on tiktok made my own app icons
I love it
by jaimetheblogger on 2020/09/23 19:34
I love it
by Fun an fancy do f gfhvft on 2020/09/23 12:37
Good app easy to use and understand. And works well
Super good
by The best thing ever found on 2020/09/23 04:02
Bro this thing literally changed my career from worst animator to best thanks app
This app made me life so much easier
by unknownuser888 on 2020/09/22 22:35
This app is so amazing I use it every single day I make a lot of niche memes so it is so helpful
by Miringane8@ on 2020/09/22 17:39
I love this app is really fun.
It really works
by Genetic52 on 2020/09/22 17:19
This is by far the best app to cut out anything I love this app and it’s easy really easy
by 8ofhitlear on 2020/09/22 13:12
by Maghenflannigan on 2020/09/21 21:05
I really like it ,best eraser app by far
by Eelnagem on 2017/03/17 02:16
This is the best app for erasing anything in a photo! I love the offset feature and the ability to select the size of the eraser dot. Plus you can zoom wayyyy in to make even the tiniest edits. Love the restore feature for those little accidental erases or places where I needed the eraser dot to be just a tad bit smaller. Only negative thing I have about it is to really make sure your ready before clicking done. Zoom all the way out and make for sure you&#39;re finished and have no errors! Whether you think your done or not, always triple check. Because say you just worked on a masterpiece collage for an hour with a zillion little details, then you click done only to find that there&#39;s a small eraser mark right through so&amp;so&#39;s face. Too bad, so sad! To fix that, you must start all over! Boo! That has frustrated me several, several times! Just wondering what all the differences are (aside from background colors) between the free and paid versions???
Love it
by Katie528123 on 2015/08/14 13:22
So this is an awesome app. It makes my edits look so professional. And it&#39;s so easy. So many people want an edit whenever I show them one I made. Yes it takes a little practice. But I learned just go slow and steady. Also the offset is like the best thing ever it helps out so much. I had an app like this that didn&#39;t have offset I could not tell where I was going. I seriously am using this app for so many edits. Also the target area tool is like so awesome but you have to have a certain background that you don&#39;t have any of that color on. Okay another bad thing about this app is the replenish tool doesn&#39;t always work it really frustrates me and sometimes I have to restart my work just cause I can&#39;t do anything about that mistake. I&#39;m updating right now so they might have fixed that bug I&#39;m hoping. Okay so another thing I like about this app is that the background can be an image from your camera roll I&#39;m so happy I have been looking for an app like this for so long. Okay so one more bad thing is that I seriously have to use three other apps for this. I wish like this could be a collage an editing app and an eraser all in one that would be awesome. Okay so the last bad thing I can think of is if you leave the app to maybe quickly make a collage for your background all your work is lost which is like the worst feeling ever. So I just updated this app so hopefully all the bad things will change. This was a lint review. Thanks for reading it all
very upset. money wasted.
by Leahmaemae on 2019/02/16 09:22
i accidentally spent 9 dollars on this app for the no ads feature. i wasn’t happy about it but no biggie!! i figured, at least i’ll have no ads... but i still receive full length ads when i’m going to save a picture. i don’t usually get mad but i really enjoy this app for its features, but feel like i either need a refund or to actually get the service i didn’t intend on getting. when i say i accidentally made an in-app purchase, i mean i was curious about the price so i went to go check it. i opened it and saw $9 and i was like WOW i enjoy this app but i didn’t even have that much money on my itunes. i clicked out of the pop up several times and it kept coming back like a computer virus!! i tried to close out of the app to restart the application, being careful to tap with just the tippity-top of my finger, and it CONFIRMED MY PAYMENT. as mentioned before i didn’t even have that much money on my itunes, and so the rest of the charge went to my mothers card. i understand this is a risk with having finger id enabled, but it’s outrageous that it got to that point in the first place. the pop up came up over and over again, seriously, like a virus, and it looked terrible on your apps part. as i also previously mentioned, as upset as i was i decided to look on the bright side, that i now wouldn’t have to watch any ads on this app, and yet, i still get full ads every time i use it.
Best app ever while it worked! 😀
by Amazing I love it BUT on 2020/01/06 03:51
This app is amazing! I use it all the time for parts of my editing, and videos that I make! It’s the first thing I look towards for transparent backgrounds. This app was great until this day. I mean it’s still great but... today when I used it to quickly erase a background and then save it. I went to straight to my photos. And when I tap the screen and the background is black, then that means it worked! But today it wasn’t. Witch made me upset 😢 because I needed my hanging stars for an intro! I didn’t realize it until I put it in KineMaster, But then I saw it! I got really upset. But I gave it five stars because it has helped me since a while in 2019 and I really hope this year it’s fixed and that I can use it for more then I mentioned! Thank you so much for helping me! 😀❤️
Easy to use plus free option!
by MsReyes! on 2015/10/07 03:53
UPDATE: so my one con after realizing I can smooth edges was sometimes it randomly erases parts of the original photo and you can&#39;t go back to the erase area and restore it. Once entering the background area anything u did prior in the erase part is permanent. It would be helpful if you could go back and forth without any issues. This makes me want to try competitor juxtaposer smh. But out of the other ones that offer free options this is the best. I was so ready to buy it to remove the watermark but this one issue has me ready not too smh. I really try not to spend money on apps if I can avoid it. Because there is usually a free option out there that can do the same job. I wanted to try a similar app but didn&#39;t want to shell out $2-3 only to be disappointed. This app is easy to use and does what it says. Plus it&#39;s cheap if u want to spend the money to remove the watermark, which I&#39;ll probably do eventually. The best part is being able to add your own background in too.
by mysteriouscatyt on 2019/10/12 13:10
I was busy editing pictures all to go to kinemaster for my new intro so it was pretty good but today was not the day for the app I was busy as I told u b4 I spent almost four hours and that was editing I didn’t finish kinemaster I loved this app but then it made me watch full length ads which was Annoying but we are not here for that I went into kinemaster and it was a in a white rectangle I’m like ok I messed something up but I did it again and I WATCHED MORE ADS and got the same results remember one day this app will give u a hard time and I’m also seeing reviews about the so called scam premium and I’m happy for not ever buying that trash any ways I put 5 stars so people would see this 😔 and not get stressed bcs of this app I advise u to buy another app 😔 -by the girl who got really stressed about this
by LSD209 on 2020/06/13 12:42
Super easy to use and zero issues with app since I’ve been using it (over a year). The one thing I really need in an app like this is to be able to offset the cursor, so that my finger isn’t obstructing my view... A lot of apps don’t offer that feature as simple as it is but this one does. If you are new to editing my first tip to you is, edit when you aren’t worried about time... Take a note from the turtle and the hare, the turtle wins the race... Also, if you are reading this and work for the company behind this app, contact me if you ever would like to take this app to the next level, I’ll work pro-bono and if you decide to bring me on the team great, if not than I am disillusioned of my creative potential that is ripping at the seams to get out! Thanks from Lodi, CA... L.S.D.
Works well!
by Furthering377389 on 2019/12/02 14:26
Very good! Does the trick and has plenty of features to fix things up as far the the picture you’re superimposing (erase, target, modify coloring/saturation to match) The only the I’d change is you can’t mii I Dufy the background image at all. I wanted to move the pic around to see where it would look best, but the background picture remains the same size so I have to go manually into photos to crop the background picture and try again Also I little pricey. To save photos without a watermark is $10. It’s probably a great deal if you’re a regular user, but for me I literally only wanted this for one picture. Wish there was an option to pay a few bucks on a per photo basis rather than just unlimited
by Diamond_Dark AJ on 2018/06/08 18:55
Okay, so I’m putting five stars because I want people to look at this and I’ll probably be at the top of the rating list. Anyways, the only problem I have with this is that once I’m done erasing my background, it shows a white line around the picture. So, I bought the “Upgrade Pro Version” and it says, “No Ad + No watermark!!” When I bought it, I still had the water-mark! If this is a glitch then, this is a big deal for the customers. Customers are wasting there over a glitch. And it’s 1.99! For me, tahts a lot of money to spend on two little things. Wasting over 1.99 dollars (U.S.A) on a add-free pass! I recommend not buying the “Upgrade Pro Version.” Fin~ Rating made on, 2018 Friday June 8th
So Far So Good...
by AkkadianAngel on 2015/12/02 23:05
I plan on doing a significant amount of &#34;cutting and superimposing&#34; in the near future; but for the time being, I have a very specific project in mind that I&#39;m currently working on for a friend of mine, so I probably haven&#39;t really had a thorough enough experience to adequately rate this app, thus far. I will say, that for anyone who has any experience in photo editing, this seems to be a beautiful, incredibly simplistic (with little to no learning curve), and effective mobile alternative for quick, easy, successful results that you&#39;ll more than likely be very happy with -all things, considered. I&#39;d have initially rated it 4 Stars had it given me the opportunity to at least see a preview of what my work will look like with a background added ...before forcing me to give a review; but due to this crippling limitation, I&#39;m docking it a star and rating it at 3 Stars for now.
by Morgan Effrain on 2019/04/24 05:21
Ok so I needed to edit some photos and at first I found it hard to get rid of the background and not get rid of some pieces of the person but then I found the target eraser and it was really easy! You can even choose your own backgrounds! This is how I did it. I was trying to edit something from GachaLife and I wanted the OC in a different room but gacha life didn’t have a room I liked so I went on Google and searched up images and took a screenshot of it! This app let me choose the background and then I uploaded the person and erased the person’s background then I sized her and put her in the background I liked! It works perfectly.
Needs fix
by XxerdocxX on 2019/08/26 05:46
To adjust “width”, one taps and scrolls left/right. Most of the time, the program assumes I’m still trying to erase where I’m tapping and thus erases right under the “width” adjustment bar. I hit undo and try again. It starts to work (scrolls a little to the right or left) and then suddenly again erases the picture below the scroll bar. I hit undo again. I try again. Frustrated reading this? Imagine how it feels to have paid $10 and have to deal with this amateur oversight. Also, no idea how to start a new project except to close the program. If there is a way, all I can say is that for ten dollars, such a very basic function should be intuitively placed on the screen as a “tap here to start a new project” option. I give the program credit for the ability to do photo overlays on the iPad. But until those two problems get fixed, can’t recommend.
Background issue
by nczuko on 2020/06/18 08:01
I love this app it’s amazing, and not to mention pretty easy to use! But there’s this one problem that recently happened, sometimes the background works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example instead of giving me a background png, it gives me a white background jpg which I’m pretty sure isn’t suppose to have since the whole purpose of this app, is to give you a transplant background. I’ll give it a two star right now since it basically happens all the time! And this is a problem because this one rarely shows ads and it’s amazing unlike the other ones that are hard to understand or have many ads. I hope this issue gets fixed soon or either telling us in the settings clear instructions if this ever happens like if it’s a setting error.
by Nilla5105 on 2016/07/26 12:13
I really like this app for many reasons. The smooth feature helps me clean up the messy edges and I&#39;ve made quite amazing edits using it. A few suggestions: 1. You should be able to zoom in more. That would allow for more detailed erasing. 2. Adding a double exposure feature or at least having an opacity feature would make this the ultimate app. I use this and another app to make double exposure edits and levitation edits but if you added this, I would just use this app. Overall this is one of the greatest apps I&#39;ve eve downloaded and it still works well even though m phone can&#39;t get over IOS 7.2 which is often a problem.
by DiamondYTLover on 2018/09/08 16:47
So, I’ve been using Background Eraser for a long time, along with some other editing apps. The first time I used this app, the TargetArea was REALLY confusing. I really thought I could fill in holes with the TargetColor, but it didn’t work.. the TargetColor and TargetArea aren’t confusing anymore, and I use this for all my edits! I even sponsored it to my friend, and SHE downloaded it! I recommend you download this, and developers, please add a tutorial for when you start using Background Eraser, and a gallery where you can store all of your Background Eraser Masterpieces! That’s all, keep up the good work!
Many pros, serious con.
by :Snowfall_Studios: on 2020/03/15 16:51
First off, I love this app. It’s great for gacha because of how precise it is. One con though, I don’t know if anyone else has this problem. But after your done erasing, and you are about to upload it to your photos, you get an advertisement. Which is perfectly fine, but I can never close the ad. I’d clean the screen, clean my fingers, and wait for it to close. But it never would, so I have to delete the app, re-download it, erase, upload to photos, and delete and re install the app for the next thing I have to erase. If can fix this, please do! If you cannot, it’s ok I’ll try to fix my phone instead. Anyways, great app! Will use again if I can get that problem fixed.
αмαzιиg, вυт иєє∂ѕ ѕσмє ¢нαиєgєѕ
by 𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒😘😜😝😛😋🥳 on 2020/10/12 11:19
I got this app to get better at editing, and I kinda did. Anyways the app is amazing, way better than then the other apps I’ve tried. But, sometimes if my background is similar to the picture I’m editing and I want to erase it using the Target Area tool, it gets rid of it. Or sometimes, it won’t let me erase with the Target Area tool. Other than those two things everything else is amazing! Great job, keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully the next time this app is updated those problems will be fixed, and I can give you guys a five star review ~Sincerely A Satisfied Customer
Amazing work!
by GachaPSFB on 2019/08/19 23:25
I think this app is cool. A little more backgrounds is something I would love! I like this app; mostly when I animate I can easily edit a green screen. But instead if I want to use a photo, I come to this app and edit out the background. It’s easy! For the people who want to use this for photo editing, I really recommend it! You can also get a lot of likes, and make it look like you are in something that is not possible to do on Instagram, or other apps to share your photos with. I think I’ll rap it up here! Just remember this is most recommended!
Two problems tho...
by Galaxy Happiness on 2018/10/24 03:27
So this is great, I use it to edit it my videos and it’s quite amazing despite the fact it’s free. But when I’m working I listen to music, but sometimes it will stop my music so then I have to click out of the app and turn back on my music deleting my progress. So if could may you please try to fix it? If so thanks. There’s also this one ad that’s like a slot machine, when the ad is over it won’t let me x off the ad. Even when 30 seconds is up it still won’t let me log out of it, so if can please fix that as well, thanks.
It's okay
by Gfvyy fuze on 2015/11/07 19:18
For everyone that is scrolling to review this please read this comment... Maybe there is not enough apps that have good quality or put to good use. But you&#39;re the one that is listening to my own opinion so hear it goes.. &#34;I terribly hate this app!&#34; That&#39;s what some would say. I would say &#34;This app is a miracle.&#34; Well it is, this app has helped get random photobombers out of my pic.I start to hesitate on some apps to even buy or download them. Some of them ask you just for your money! This erase app doesn&#39;t it just wants your own advice to follow on Instagram(Easy) Write a Review (EASIER)
Bomb af
by DogLover123123 on 2018/11/05 17:48
Really cool app and totes believable when I edit something. I’m always the one people ask if they want something edited because I am just so good at editing as long as I have this amazing holy app. This app has changed my life for the better and I would kill my family for the chance to unlock the solid colors pack because that would be even better. I will burn my house down as well just for the tiny chance that I may unlock the background star pack. Editing is everything to me. This app has made it possible. Thank you, Eraser. I’m forever thankful.
by Beelin on 2017/06/25 03:58
I&#39;d give this 5stars if it would stop eating my almost finished work. The app itself works well &amp; has some nice features. BUT if you need to open another app or answer the phone, when you go back your work may be gone. If you save it as a precaution, then you can&#39;t restore anything you might have missed. Which is the other problem I have with it. If you want to adjust the size of the cursor, it often jumps to where the adjustment button is. So if you are erasing you can end up with a hole in your pic without knowing it.
They made me do it!
by Reysapples on 2018/10/17 09:56
...they made me write a review in order to get something. That does take the app down for me because it is a good app. As with all apps like this you tend to get what you pay for. I say they are higher than many, however, it isn’t the perfect app just yet. It is worth getting. I just wish the alps would just simplify things and charge to get the app instead of making us write reviews and pay to remove ads. Paying to remove ads is no big deal for me when the app is good. However, I should have to do both. And being told your only option to get a pack is to write a review can terribly back fire. It cost them a star from me.
Good.. but help!
by Hatrick 13 on 2020/07/07 22:27
I would get this game if your reading this.. but! I would only when they fix a problem I’m having.. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or it’s just stored.. When ever I try to erase the background it does succeed.. but when I save it my photos.. it doesn’t!??? it’s like nothing happened!!!!! It’s getting annoying! (Edited) I do have dark mode... I’m wondering if it’s that? Because the picture has a background that’s black and then you click it big.. It’s white!? I can’t put it in Cute cut or anything! It still has a backGround.
I love this app!
by ᗩᖇieᒪ on 2016/07/18 01:32
This app works really well, it&#39;s fun just to play around with. It also is good editor when it comes to erasing backgrounds, but it only offers a few choices when it comes to backgrounds. For example, stars, gradient, colours, and photos. This app would be 5 stars if they could add another option. This option would be to google or &#34;search&#34; a picture as a background instead of having to go back and forth from apps when you want a certain background. Other than that I do recommend this app if you&#39;re looking for a good quality background eraser.
Awesome for starters
by Jameows on 2019/09/03 03:56
I’ve been dating a boy online for a year now and we haven’t met yet due to us both being in high school ( we’re meeting this december over Christmas break ) but we always have artists draw us together lol so i decided i’d learn to digitally draw, I’m doing this with my hands on my iphone 8 plus no 2k$ art pad with a expensive stylist or anything and it’s going very well. I’m not bashing the pads or stylists it’s just for someone just starting you most likely aren’t going to invest that much money yet so 5 stars all the way 💛💛💛💛💛
by pic coco on 2019/04/23 02:56
This app is great! The reason I left two stars empty is because, it is very hard to control. The eraser for the background. It was hard for me to edit the photos, but you guys might be better of trying yourself and seeing if it is hard for you. Maybe it just isn’t the app for me. Although, I love to edit photos! Meanwhile, let’s talk about the bright side of this app... it really helped with my high school project and I got an A+!!! I guess that tells you a lot about the good part. This app was wonderful and I think everyone should get it to try it out and also rate it so other people can know new opinions! Thank you for reading! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗(shoclats!🍫)
by The photo group on 2016/08/10 06:05
I love this app!! It&#39;s absolutely amazing I really was exited when I found out there was an app like it. Me and my team have been looking for apps like this for a while and finally found you guys, I would definitely recommend it to people who want there backgrounds beautiful. I do want to recommend a on thing though, I would like to talk about different backgrounds. What I think should happen is you map the lake amusement parks and anything public, so anyone who wanted to could trace themselves jumping and with a background of any lake, for example the blue pool in Oregon , and have it looking like there jumping in!
by mily183 on 2018/12/12 14:44
I loaded this app to erase the background in some pics, and it doesn’t work!!!!! I am giving 5 stars to make sure people read this review before buying this cr.p. It asked me to pay $8.99 to delete watermark and adds and all the features so i paid the fee, but still i am not able to even get the background erase, so I called Apple and they told me i will be reimbursed in 30 days!!! And next time I should contact the developer, really??? Where??? Can anyone show me where is the contact info for this people???
Really great! I use it all the time!
by HiThisDude on 2019/08/09 06:22
Whenever I need a png image, I just come here and erase the background it’s easy! The only time it’s hard, is when it erases everything, because it’s either connected, or has similar colors or something when I use the target area or target color thing. Other than that, I love it! I use it all the time! And the best part is, it’s completely free! But there are ads, sometimes, and you can pay to remove them, but I don’t really mind the ads, because it’s not too much.
by Two6e4u on 2019/02/03 19:02
This app helped me save lots of money. I was able to create my business logo and marketing flyers with the help of this app. I have the free version so it has the ads right before the image is saved and added to my photos so that required patience since the ads are 10-30 seconds but it was work it. I suppose I’d be able to do a lot more with the paid version but i haven’t looked into it yet. I’d definitely consider it. This is by far one of the best free apps available!!!! Very happy with it
by i love this app and want more on 2019/05/28 02:30
Ok so I’m a Gacha Tuber and when I do into‘ story my YT video’s, it was very difficult. I was browsing YT one day to try and find out how to fix this because the editing app I used doesn’t support the green screen effect (AKA Korma Key). Most of the time, my intro’s we’re bland and boring because it was just pictures if anime teenagers with up-beat music put to them. When I found this app, Now they are flying in with cool backgrounds and other fancy things. If you are a Gacha Tuber then this is a MUST GET App. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!
Tiny problem
by Winternotatordfangirl on 2019/12/03 14:46
This is a great app! And easy to make little video’s with but there’s a little problem it’s not bothering me a lot but there is always a little bit of background still left in pixel bits and it is a little bit annoying but everything else is easy! I highly recommend this app to anyone who is just beginning on editing for there video’s! I don’t applaud mine though because there just for fun! And to embarrassing too but anyway THIS is good for brand new beginner’s like me :)
Cool, but needs a back button
by Tokyo bound on 2016/08/08 08:18
Cool app, but it really needs a back button. Once you hit &#34;done,&#34; you can&#39;t go back and undo anything. You can erase more, but you can&#39;t reveal anything that you may have accidentally erased before. You have to start over completely by importing the photo again. Also, I lost all the work I did on a photo because I went to the photo album to load another photo, thinking I was loading a background. Being able to go back to the previous photo I was working on would&#39;ve saved me a lot of frustration.
Love the app!!
by A person on here on 2019/01/29 03:30
Hi I honestly love this app. This app help me edit a lot of photos that I want to edit the background out cuz I don&#39;t like pink. And this app is amazing for it like it&#39;s honestly one of the best apps I ever you using. I&#39;m sorry for my grammar but it&#39;s honestly too good for me to even spell correctly right now so I don&#39;t know if you should get it or not but I recommend you guys this because it&#39;s one of the best app I would ever use in my life when I really I love any types of app but this one&#39;s honestly the best I&#39;ve tried so far.
Makes it quick & easy
by SlapOrDap on 2016/04/22 12:02
Great app! I use it daily for creating new content for my social network pages and this helps cut my time down tremendously. Whether I need to target the entire background or manually remove it my finger isn&#39;t in the way of the lines causing me to erase parts and undo it over and over again like many photo/video editing apps seem not to understand. This is a must have for any photo/video editor to have when working from their iPhone/iPad.
by Aacmt5 on 2015/10/09 04:33
For a free app, this is amazing! I was able to make a neat edit for my sister&#39;s birthday invitations and got a lot of compliments on it. There is an option to pay and get perks (I haven&#39;t purchased it) like having their logo removed from the corner of your edit, but the logo isn&#39;t even that big anyways so a lot is given to you for free! Thankful for nice free apps like this that actually allow you to do things without any big ads popping up on the screen, the ads are small and easy to forget are there.
Good app!
by Sam1231_sma on 2017/10/21 13:34
I remove photo backgrounds for my eBay listings. Before I was using the computer and while I think it&#39;s possible to get an overall cleaner image with Photoshop or Gimp, this method allows me to do it on my phone from wherever I am, plus I don&#39;t have to go through the trouble of transferring photos onto my computer first. It has a lot of neat features and removing the background from most images takes only a couple minutes. I also haven&#39;t found any bugs so far. Nice app!
Background Returns After Editing
by Kateidra on 2020/09/08 11:01
So i mainly use this app for transparent backgrounds. I’ve been using it for years, I’ll edit the photo and instantly use it. But I’ve noticed that when i erase a background and save it, it’ll immediately go back to having a white background when i go to use it. Even old photos I’ve changed has a background again... I don’t want to have to edit my logo everytime i want to use it and definitely not a million times until it saves correctly Please fix this it’s super annoying!!
by calibritt25 on 2017/12/11 17:26
I really hope this app is it like all the other crappy Photoshop want to be apps that are similar because not only will it waste my time but then I would just have to hire somebody to do the same thing with this app claims to do so hopefully that this is a good app if not I give up on the steps of apps and by the way I’m not text savvy nor am I a photographer so my only thing that I’m excellent at selling I own a business I sell online and I need this app to edit my pictures and ads
Looking good so far
by AllNamesTaken88 on 2017/04/30 17:05
Just started using this app but looks good so far. Suggestion for improvement: add a feature where you can move the cursor with erasing to get into position where erasing should begin. From what I can tell, this is not a feature of this app. Thus, to get the same effect, you have to move cursor while deleting, leave cursor where you actually want to start deleting, and then undo the preceding deletion (which occurred en route to where you wanted to start deleting).
Very Useful for Projects! Would Recommend For Students
by =Nomnomasaur= on 2016/12/23 08:51
I&#39;ve used this app for a year now, and it is so easy and unlike other complicated background eraser apps. I&#39;ve used it for projects and collages and I&#39;ve made personalized cards, too! I would totally recommend this app for students and for cards around the holidays. I just spent the past hour making Christmas cards for my family and making an avatar for my DeviantArt account- an hour well spent if I do say so myself. :)
Good for editing but when wanna save it there’s always a add
by good but 1 mistake on 2019/07/05 12:24
This is really good editing but when I wanna save it there’s always a app that takes for ever and this is a good editing app and all its really deserve 5 stars This good for gatcha too that’s why I use it for memes and other for magical eraser I am really happy you made this app and please change the facts that there’s it adds for 30 seconds when you want to save it and I wouldn’t let you press the x ok the add bye this is usafal bye!
I love it
by Grace102939 on 2016/05/23 20:10
It makes all my edits look so professional compared to what they were before. Whenever I show people them they all ask for one because of the difference my erased pictures have on them. It was difficult at first but after a while u get the hang of it an learn to go slow and steady. I personally love that it doesn&#39;t take very long like a lot of other apps I&#39;ve tried. Anyways I love the app and it definitely deserves my five star rating.
It was good. Until a week ago.
by Skillfulwayne on 2020/08/05 09:08
I was doing just fine before I tried it about a week ago to erase part of a picture. It was working. But when I exported it with no white background. IT HAD A WHITE BACKROUND. I tried a lot with it and it kept doing it. And right now I decided to do some erasing again. Thinking it would be fixed it wasn’t. IT WAS WORSE. I’m clicking Export and it is not showing up in photos! Please fix your erasing game. It could maybe be broken for other. I don’t know that but please fix it. Edit: it’s working better now. I raised it up one because of that reason. :/
Was great, until recently...
by Savontb82 on 2020/05/03 02:42
I’ve been using this app for at lest a year. It had been consistently good for erasing simple backgrounds. But over the past week or two, it has not performed well. It allows me to erase the background in the app, and it lets me save the PNG file after watching an ad. However, it doesn’t save correctly, because once I go to pull up the image in another application, it appears with a white background. Very disappointed with the sudden malfunction and the fact that it hasn’t been fixed yet. I guess I’ll have to find another app now.
Easy to use
by Qwertyguy on 2015/09/18 10:12
A must have for amateur photo editors. Allows you to erase backgrounds and make cutouts on your phone all for free. It&#39;s a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you figure it out you&#39;ll be making professional looking cutouts in no time. If I have any advice it&#39;s take things slow and make use of the undo button if you do mess up. After you&#39;re done erasing unwanted parts of a photo you can add in a desired background (even from your camera roll). If you want to add in the cutout to a collage you would need to save the image to your camera roll and add it into a different app, but as this is a completely free app (and the other apps you could use are also free) I can&#39;t really complain. Some features are locked at first, but simply liking this app on face book or Twitter gets you everything.
Useful; Overall Good App!
by Rejected gummy bear on 2017/12/28 22:21
This application is very useful in editing. While it does require some talent, all you have to do is simply erase whatever area you want gone. Easy! The finished product may not look perfect, but what ever really is? Whatever you’d like to do, from replacing backgrounds for beautiful pictures to creating memes for your entertainment, this app allows you to do, with much success. In short, it’s a very useful, overall great to use app. I’d recommend it. :)
Good but needs improvements
by DanTDMFan18MillionSubs! on 2019/01/22 02:27
This app is really good for edits but it needs to make the eraser smaller and the target color less sensitive. These are my main problems. The eraser needs to be smaller because every single time I need something with so many tiny little detail I have to shave them off. The target color needs to be less sensitive because when I target a color it targets a color that is WAY different. It would get 5 star if it would fix those two issues. But still overall a good app.
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