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GoFundMe - Online Fundraising
GoFundMe is the No.1 and most trusted leader in online fundraising and personal crowdfunding. Since 2010, we have helped people in over 170 countries raise more than $5 billion. Create or manage your online fundraiser, engage with your fundraiser supporters and discover important charitable causes to support on the GoFundMe app. "GoFundMe is an AMAZING tool. It has brought together so much more than cash. It has bonded a community." "This app is not just about money… It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright." "A blessing. That’s all, plain and simple." Popular Reasons to Raise Money Online: Medical: From ER visits to long-term care, medical expenses can wipe out savings accounts and leave behind debt that lasts for years. Online fundraising for medical expenses is a powerful tool that can help people conquer medical bankruptcy and focus on getting better. Countless people have found that using GoFundMe for medical expenses can help pay for prescriptions and doctors' appointments – as well as procedures not typically covered by insurance. Animals: Your pet’s presence is woven into the fabric of your everyday life. That’s why when your pet goes missing, falls ill or needs an emergency operation, it can shake you up and leave you feeling anxious about the future.
Excelente aplicación
by LDN2001 on 2021/01/17 23:32
Excelente aplicación
Thank you
by jerwalshel83 on 2021/01/17 17:24
Just want to thank Go Fund Me for helping my family and I!!
Thank you
by Waltonwolf on 2021/01/17 16:03
Thank you for providing an avenue to get help when needed.
Easy to use
by aegr63 on 2021/01/17 00:47
Love the app
Great idea, needs work
by AC512AC on 2021/01/16 04:52
I couldn’t get everything to work with verifying my number. Then had to email customer service for help, which delayed receiving the donation.
A great way to raise money
by ducbdha on 2021/01/15 02:28
I was panicking and I needed hundreds of dollars to fund my eagle project and in a matter of days, hundreds of dollars appear because of the generosity in peoples hearts.
by shsmack44@gmailcom on 2021/01/15 01:11
Most proud people in need would never get the assistance they so desperately need without GoFundMe
Amazing App!!
by Agerston on 2021/01/14 21:44
I love the Go Fund App!! It is very user friendly and easy to use!! It keeps track of all donations !! I really enjoy using this cool app!!
by junovalencia on 2021/01/14 05:20
There is no customer service setup or means of contacting the company to get customer service. They recently did away with their function of signing in with Facebook. It effectively made it so I could not signin to my campaign. I can’t thank donors, I can’t withdraw money, I no longer have access to the campaign that I have literally shared everywhere. So after trying to ‘reset my password’ 8x and being unsuccessful I’m finding that through their previous Facebook login function, that was the only way I could access my account. I need help since gofundme has shutdown their signin option with Facebook.
Easy to use
by Big boi 916 on 2021/01/14 04:11
Easy to use and helpful on tough times
Great foundation!
by dadavis1111 on 2021/01/13 03:46
The AP is fairly easy to use, but could be a little more user friendly. Few times when I had to wait for a server to connect and/or refresh, plus the picture/video upload feature isn’t the easiest to navigate. Overall it really helped me with what I was looking to get out of it, just could use some minor tweaks.
A blessing
by ange22piano on 2021/01/13 03:38
Through GoFundMe we have been able to honor our friend’s daughter with a dignified funeral. We definitely feel very blessed by the generosity of so many people.
by VallennSeth on 2021/01/12 22:15
WeAre new to this and we had an issue with setting up and getting processed but the customer service was phenomenal this is a real great way in case of emergencies and different things that’s going on.
software abomination
by ~~~Michael Wood~~~ on 2021/01/11 22:50
i click donate & it opens up safari rly? i cant comment on a users update? but u will ask for 12.5% of the proceeds? not only do you deserve nothing u literally deserve nothing. ive seen bad software. a lot of it. some leading me to question much. this is one of the worst. shameful. 12.5%.
Helped me a lot!
by Cristy2373 on 2021/01/11 18:02
Easy to use and amazing app!
My fathers stomach cancer treatment
by ARHairSalon on 2021/01/11 15:31
in less than 24 hours We have been blessed
Go Fund Me
by @FatimaLove on 2021/01/11 13:58
It has really helped me my family lost out home in a fire and was able to raise money through go fund me and it makes sure you are who you really are and it’s safe!
Campaign for front line workers
by djebzn on 2021/01/11 13:25
This platform was easy to use and made our efforts a bit lighter with this part already figured out. Thank you!
Helping Juan have a better life!
by Gardenia888 on 2021/01/11 05:59
Go and use me
by Bigbdaniel on 2021/01/11 03:08
This GoFundMe campaign has been awesome, I know if you try it it will work out for you!
Genuinely thank you.
by j.CCC23 on 2021/01/10 08:55
Thank you for the help I really need to get this family the help they need. Especially the infant minor involved.
GoFundMe Saved my 3 dogs
by Bewsh429 on 2021/01/09 18:50
Thank you to whoever created this app bc without it my family wouldn’t have been able to save our 3 dogs who were severely injured. Thank you thank you thank you
Won’t stay signed in to do anything
by Hatter81 on 2021/01/09 18:02
I’ve had the app for years and hardly did anything with it, so when I was having trouble signing in I thought maybe uninstalling and reinstalling it would fix the issue, but I was wrong. I sign in and get a dashboard but as soon as I click on anything else I have to sign in again and it STILL won’t show me anything but the dashboard.
Thank you for helping to provide support for this in need.
by 8r!dget on 2021/01/09 14:57
Easy to use, fast results. Thank you GoFundMe me!
by GratefulBlessed on 2021/01/09 00:25
Thank you for this platform to help meet my medical needs. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to receive the treatmemts needed for my cancer diagnosis.
5 Stars
by K-Rak 67 on 2021/01/08 15:36
An Awesome GoFundMe
by TamiKae24 on 2021/01/08 02:04
This is the best for myself, my Daughter. It’s helping us a lot.
by cbird2010 on 2021/01/07 14:15
Only thing I don’t like is it asks for a tip plus it charges a fee at the end
Amazing app!
by texasranger99 on 2021/01/07 04:54
Very helpful and has a lot of features that are helpful to make giving safe and easy
God Sent!
by Charbs82 on 2021/01/07 01:36
GoFundMe is a true blessing!!
We truly appreciate the site and allowing us to work with you.
by mseagraves on 2021/01/06 02:09
The process was easily setup and very well explained as you go. Thanks
A guiding star
by Andy gal now on 2021/01/05 17:41
When help seemed impossible, the Go Fund process was like a guiding star leading my daughter onward. What a wonderful way to show support!
Standing again
by standing again on 2021/01/05 17:11
So far it has been great I am raising money to purchase a standing wheelchair and it is going good so far
by Thsuafan8 on 2021/01/05 00:15
Wow! Been trying to get a wheelchair for over 18 months. Got funding in under 2 hours!
Inside house burned
by Nick&Leonore on 2021/01/04 21:22
This was the easiest app to use. It really took the complicated “should I or shouldn’t I “ out of the process. We are very grateful for the help. It was quick and easy. Our results were more than generous! Thank you. Nick&lee (Leonore)
La mejor aplicación del mundo
by David Nazoa on 2021/01/04 20:28
Muchísimas gracias por existir
Thank you for this platform
by Bri the hairstylists on 2021/01/04 16:51
I don’t know how I would get the help I need without this platform. It’s very needed in today’s time when people need so much help.
Care for pancreatic cancer patient
by curadora on 2021/01/04 01:38
My Brother Victor and I so very much appreciate your kindness and generosity!All of you are winning this Battle alongside us!The service,Go Fund Me, is guided by a very powerful force!Thank you for listening and answering!
Easy format
by GenegeneK on 2021/01/04 00:31
Very impressed with how easy it is to help someone with donations.
This platform is a Godsend
by Nemo494949 on 2021/01/04 00:04
Without GoFundMe we would never have been able to raise the amount of money we needed as quickly as we did. Cancer doesn’t wait for funds to be available so this site literally helped save my sister’s life when she was first diagnosed in 2018.
Thank almighty Gifford GoFundMe.
by dont both me again on 2021/01/03 23:49
I just set this up and I’m already getting donations.
Makes crowdfunding easier
by Craig Brown on 2021/01/03 23:21
Handles everything for you.
Beautiful site! Raised so much money to help me fight stage 4 ovarian cancer.
by MaggieB628 on 2021/01/03 15:58
Stage 4 ovarian cancer for the second and LAST time, I pray! So easy to navigate and my thank yous went out beautifully! 💕
by AustinReese on 2021/01/03 05:09
The GoFundMe team gives me hope for this world. You all have a great thing going, keep it up. Change the world!!
Great! Thanks
by t baby 1981 on 2021/01/03 00:26
Go fund me helped me a lot
Gracias a esta Campaña
by PerlaMareyvick on 2021/01/02 18:26
Es posible ayudar y salvar Vidas Dios Bendiga a los creadores de esta Página por siempre AMÉN
Easy way to fund a cause
by pevonphotography on 2021/01/01 16:20
Gofund me is an easy way to reach out to people for a specific cause or need. That make it simple to start a campaign and reach out
by I_MAKEBIG_BOOMS on 2021/01/01 01:42
I’m sure many people need help but this is truly been life-changing for a family member of mine. It’s great to see platforms like this give people the opportunity to make a difference.
Extremely helpful
by kennedys mammacita on 2020/12/31 23:01
This app has helped my family so much In such a hard moment. We have never been in this situation and it has made things so much easier. Thank you.
Great site!!!
by Lois' iPhone 5 on 2020/12/31 20:17
Truly helped us take care of our friend’s family durijg such difficult times!! ❤️
Simple to set up
by sad reluctant user on 2020/12/31 15:37
Needs spell check feature on thank you’s.
Great experience
by sy1vie on 2020/12/31 04:17
We used this app to help pay for my father’s funeral service and it was the easiest way for all my Dad’s family and friends who wanted to help to be able to donate. Thank you for providing such ease of use during this hard time in my life 🙏🏼
Perfect App & Service
by Jprrrrrrrrr on 2020/12/31 04:11
Perfect App & Service
Camacho fund
by timparnell1010 on 2020/12/31 03:29
GoFundMe was very easy to set up. Thank you for being easy to deal with!
Great app
by shirsham on 2020/12/30 20:54
Super app to support needy
The S’mores N More fam
by Smores n More fam on 2020/12/30 20:48
We wouldn’t have been able to save our family and our business without your platform! Thank you very much💙
Receipts are written in French?!
by RedHed111 on 2020/12/30 20:26
Love the app but my donors receipts are in French. Help Center for GFM does not offer solutions.
So far so good!
by JonnyR0d on 2020/12/30 20:05
Does what it’s supposed to so far. No fees either.
Go Fund Me Changes Lives
by Bill!!4635 on 2020/12/30 05:09
The ease of solicitation and donating makes Go Fund Me a blessing!
by m san 305 on 2020/12/30 04:00
It helped us, easy to understand and very effective tool.
by thekctricky on 2020/12/29 23:10
Horrible customer service
by loppy on 2020/12/29 22:42
We opened an account for fellow employees who were let go due to Covid. We reached our goal in just 5 days and we were ready to get them some $ in time for the holidays. But NO. GoFundMe held our funds. They said update your “story”. Include more about the distribution. We did. No change to our account. They emailed and asked for a form to be filled out. It was (immediately) and sent back same day..... no release. So we tried to call. NO phone number. Anywhere! We tried to live chat. But the link is only available when you can see it..... we’ve never seen it. Just the email option. Which they say they will answer in 1-4 business days. No weekends for you customers. And 4 business days? That’s a week. So here we sit. Waiting. No response. I now email them every day. Nothing. So I’m not sorry I took on this project for others less fortunate but I’m sorry we chose GFM. Maybe they’ll allow us to get the money out in time for Valentine’s Day. They’ve ruined our original plan.
Thank you
by zayra Guerra on 2020/12/29 18:59
Thank you
Carrie’s healing
by carries healing on 2020/12/29 16:07
Great way to get help in time of need
by la-bibi/duran on 2020/12/29 03:02
It works
by dblanke4 on 2020/12/28 15:12
I was a little skeptical that a gofundme would work but we almost instantly started receiving donations. It works!
You Can Help Send in the Music
by miluvimi on 2020/12/28 13:50
As a tiny company of volunteers providing a weekly, free music jam for people now isolated by the pandemic, Go Fund Me has given us an avenue to accept much appreciated financial support.
Great App
by Djm9100 on 2020/12/27 00:26
Works well and I am satisfied.
by AGarcia11 on 2020/12/26 22:27
What an incredible app to use in times of need. Thank you for making fundraising easy in the middle of a financial and emotional chaos.
It’s a true Blessing seeing people willing to help the less fortunate May God Bless you all
by Ddavcarter on 2020/12/26 16:07
May God be with you each one and I pray that our new year is full of blessing for all
Solidaridad y humanismo
by Barovich on 2020/12/26 04:08
La mejor y confiable plataforma que se ha creado para cualquier tipo de ayuda. Bendigo todo lo que hacen. Gracias.
by jonhgal277 on 2020/12/25 23:34
Very helpful, fast easy to spread the word..
So Helpful
by Mike Pnt J on 2020/12/25 15:44
I like this app ....
Bug issues
by adam tj ali on 2020/12/25 15:25
Manage Donations section has not been working for close to two montha now.
very good
by Grayson Stevenson on 2020/12/25 05:26
helped me raise over $500
I’m so grateful for this page
by mizterlucky88 on 2020/12/24 23:03
I didn’t know a lot of people really cared about like this to even donate but everyone said to give it a try
This platform makes Small Business survival more likely
by Souperst* on 2020/12/24 22:42
Works as described
Excellent crowdfunding site
by Iva L on 2020/12/24 22:05
Very difficult to decide to set up a fundraiser, but very user-friendly site if you have to. Lots of very helpful information to access. 24/7 live support for any reason. Highly recommend.
Best Fundraiser App
by 718-278-0568 on 2020/12/24 21:38
Best Fundraiser App
by Scrubby shorts on 2020/12/24 20:12
After the tragic loss of our grandson and my daughter left without answers GoFundMe was a sure fire way to reach out for help. This organization is a blessing from god, so from my family thank you so much for this platform. God Bless
Very, very buggy app
by Lisa Lefebvre on 2020/12/24 17:36
As a tech product CEO, I am disappointed that a company this mature has such a buggy app. I am running on a iPhone 8. The “donations and comments” page page times out. The “message team” function just launches a blank email. The story section shows formatting code. These are core features, people. And last, although no fault of the engineering team, there is no customer service: no chat, no response on the Twitter help channel, and a supposed 5 day delay in email response. (I didn’t even bother.) GFM is a huge financial success. It was bought for $600M by an investment group. To these investors I say: Start investing in your product and operations. To the management team: start doing your jobs. Have you all forgotten you are servicing people going through hardships?
by ohvhoc on 2020/12/24 16:23
Awesome way to help people in their times of need.
Fight against cancer
by fightagainstcancer on 2020/12/24 06:17
This is a good app for donations we can spread the help right away and you will see who’s donating and we can thanked them right away.
Great platform!
by isabella.B on 2020/12/24 04:47
I could not have raised money so successfully without the GoFundMe platform! I truly believe it helps to have a trustworthy site where people can comfortably donate to others in need. It was incredibly easy to set up!
I love Go Fund me!!!!!!
by D&JJJ on 2020/12/24 04:47
I love Go Fund me!!!
New update doesn’t work
by bennycutts on 2020/12/24 02:15
Great app when it worked. I was prompted to update, so I did. Now the app is not working at all. is there a new New update coming? Im on iphone 10.
by joegsan on 2020/12/24 00:03
This means the world to me. My world has literally been falling apart for two years and with the help of this app and the kindness of others I am feeling hopeful again. Much love GoFundMe!
by Diva Reese on 2020/12/23 21:06
Easy to get started and great helpful tips for viewing exposure.
This was a huge blessing
by PandoraBocs on 2020/12/23 20:06
When my cousins dog was hit by a car I had never used GoFundMe before but I had donated before and it’s amazing within 24 hours were almost a quarter of the way to our goal he had to have surgery
by rugref on 2020/12/23 19:08
Been helpful raising money to offset cost occurred because of illness.
Amazing ❤️
by Annice90 on 2020/12/23 15:27
Wonderful ❤️
Easy to use, awesome causes are met!
by Chancho!! on 2020/12/23 00:08
Super quick and simple to use. Accessible and keeps me updated.
Harolds go fund me
by mrstexasbmw on 2020/12/22 18:08
Good job
Notifications discontinued
by LJCleveland on 2020/12/22 17:24
I stopped receiving notifications of donations as well as the ability to display a donation and being able to send thank you note to donors. It worked really great until just a few days ago.
by Nanajeanne5 on 2020/12/22 02:58
It is nice to know that there are generous people out there and this site helps to highlight those people. So nice to be able to trust them.
by bbenjiiman on 2020/12/21 20:54
Rocks my socks
Thank you for your site
by Amandarae420 on 2020/12/21 04:56
I was hospitalized a long time and I’m paralyzed and our family needed the money to be able to even afford my physical therapy you are a great organization
God’s girl
by God's gilr on 2020/12/20 23:15
This is a great app! It has been a blessing!
Great way to help others
by bfriday2012 on 2020/12/20 20:21
Easy to set up and use to help people in need
Life saver for Baby Fay’s heart surgery
by t4home on 2020/03/12 05:53
If it wasn’t for GoFund me , I’m not sure what our family would be going thru right now. Medical Bills were just piling up in spite of medical insurance we were all at a loss of options. Feeling hopeless. It’s hard enough seeing my baby granddaughter just deteriorating in front of our eyes and her parents struggling. All doors quickly closing until a friend said I should do a GoFundMe account for them. I remember thinking, I don’t know anything about that or how to even go about it. She offered to help and said it was not hard to set up. I then started looking into it and it was a God send. Since that day the skies opened up now the family can focus on getting the help they need. We’re still a long way from the goal but working our way through it. It helps emotionally to have some sort of lifeline Within this difficult situation. Setting it up wasn’t hard and you are guided with step by step instructions. Thank you GoFundMe.
Charles Steff Powell
by maria forbes clayaveta on 2018/05/27 02:01
This is out standing site when I saw it over a year ago it looked appealing however I thought I would never have to use it actually I was going to use it for my tenant Association and then my emergency disaster team but to see how outstanding this site really is I highly recommend it to anyone weather is for medical personal assistance with their own finances of losing a job that this site is a asset when properly used I hope no one never takes a vantage of it that the site would have to be shut down I believe that this site will assist many people from around the world who are in need of assistance Thank you go fund me for your assistance in helping with the funeral arrangements for Charles Steff Powell On the behalf of the family Maria Forbes thank you as well
Great app, just minor problems
by Froggy Kristi on 2020/07/10 17:22
The GoFundMe app is super convenient to have a or use with a fundraiser and or campaign that your hosting or providing funds for. The only issues that I have come across is that sometimes the supporters have left comments with their donations and it doesn’t allow you to read them. Other than that I haven’t had any problems at all. I’m very thankful for the Go Fund Me company as it has helped my family to be able to raise enough money to help cover a portion of the costs for a pancreatic transplant surgery I have to get done in order to help save my life. If it wasn’t for this company I have no idea how I would have been able to get an organized fundraiser like this together and to be able to share it with hundreds of people. I’m more than happy to have them take a portion of my donations to help support their business for helping me and my family.
Horrible customer service
by loppy on 2020/12/29 22:42
We opened an account for fellow employees who were let go due to Covid. We reached our goal in just 5 days and we were ready to get them some $ in time for the holidays. But NO. GoFundMe held our funds. They said update your “story”. Include more about the distribution. We did. No change to our account. They emailed and asked for a form to be filled out. It was (immediately) and sent back same day..... no release. So we tried to call. NO phone number. Anywhere! We tried to live chat. But the link is only available when you can see it..... we’ve never seen it. Just the email option. Which they say they will answer in 1-4 business days. No weekends for you customers. And 4 business days? That’s a week. So here we sit. Waiting. No response. I now email them every day. Nothing. So I’m not sorry I took on this project for others less fortunate but I’m sorry we chose GFM. Maybe they’ll allow us to get the money out in time for Valentine’s Day. They’ve ruined our original plan.
by Lucky 10382 on 2020/08/26 01:43
I am blind and using voice over mode on my phone to try and donate to a cause. So far I’ve spent about 20 minutes and I’ve gotten nowhere. It appears to be due to an accessibility issue. I went on the website and filled out my name and card information and as soon as I got to the end where it asked for my donation amount I click on the text box and nothing happens. I am unable to include an amount. I clicked on the text box for the amount multiple times, but nothing ever happens. I even downloaded the app and it takes me to the website again to try and donate. I’m not gonna fill out my information multiple times when the website still doesn’t work so unfortunately I am unable to donate. Also, many buttons are unlabeled on the app. So while scrolling through I hear lots of information on the screen that just says the word button. If these accessibility issues could be corrected, that would be great. Thanks
An easy platform for fundraising
by persnickety post on 2018/07/27 11:40
This app is user-friendly with details that enhance the experience. For instance, updates with photos help to communicate to your audience. It is a little challenging at first to figure out the differences between sharing tools and it doesn’t manage to whom you have or haven’t sent the link. I received messages that I hadn’t shared on Facebook for days, when updates actually go to Facebook. Also, videos are challenging because you can’t link a previously shot one. The fee is reasonable at 3% with a 30 cent charge per transaction. The withdrawal process is very simple and once established, continues without updating. And there is a thank you template that once written can be used and adapted again and again. So while there are a few kinks, the overall system is brilliant and helpful toward the intended purpose.
by Chartergirl650 on 2018/06/05 15:38
I never was one to believe that the plight of others could be relieved by an app. When my dad asked for the help of family to support my sister who had a pre-term birth with triplets, I saw the need for help. Unfortunately I couldn’t commit to financial contribution as I had just lost my job. I decided to take action as a substitute and created an account on GoFundMe. The support we have received is unbelievable. I have been reading stories of other people who need help and my heart wants to help but I can’t right now. This app is not just about money, it is about restoring faith in the “kindness of strangers”. (Thanks, Blanche Dubois) It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright. I’ve never written an app review. GoFundMe is a game-changer!
It changed my life.
by Rolling with John on 2020/12/01 03:16
I have been a quadriplegic ever since I broke my neck when I was 17. That was 33 years ago. It has always been my dream that one day I would walk again and I knew that I would, I just didn't know when. Finally my dreams were answered when I found a fitness facility that is solely devoted for people with spinal cord injuries. It's called CORE. It stands for Center of Recovery and Exercise. It is an incredible Center that has done some incredible things for people such as myself. However, it's not exactly cheap. Thankfully, there's a wonderful thing out there called GoFundMe!!! It is such a blessing that it's possible for dreams to be able to come true because of them. I see so many people being blessed and lives being changed because they exist. Thank you GoFundMe.❤️
My GoFundMe Campaign
by Gina L P on 2020/01/09 21:50
My campaign was set up For me, by my sister. At first I was ambivalent and did not want to do it. But as the days pass by and the bills keep coming in, I knew it had to be a good option. Actually, my only option. I will say that it has humbled me so much to see my family, my friends and my clients help me out through this difficult time. I have been disabled and unable to work for 104 days. I am self-employed. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. I just found out I need to have a second surgery. This will put me out for another 6 to 8 weeks. Without this GoFundMe account, I would not have been able to pay my rent, my credit card bills, and all of the incoming medical bills. I am so grateful. Sincerely, Gina Hanusa
Accessibility for Laurie
by C-C-Connor on 2018/10/28 01:06
Our campaign was very successful. We have not received our withdrawals yet but we are ready to start our project. (I completed my thank-you notes regularly but worried that they were not received, how would I know?) It was relatively easy to set up and we had an awesome response. I did not know that our donors would be asked to tip but I may have missed that. My skills were a little shaky and I needed help a number of times. That said, we were just thrilled with the results. I hope I did everything right, the funds will be mailed, and we will have my sister all set soon. I have a framed list of all of our donors to hang during the project so we can remember why we were able to do this! It was awesome 💕
This site is a Godsend for me!!!
by Awesome knat on 2019/09/03 22:37
My mother originally set this fund up when she was sitting there watching the Chemo Therapy Doctor explain the process. I know that she truly wanted to set a higher goal but I believe she was afraid that if nobody donated anything to help me that would make me so upset. So she set a relatively small goal and amazingly enough it has been receiving more than I thought possible. I’m sure that once the doctor bills start coming in that I am probably going to be in a panicked state of mind, however I believe that Jesus is going to help to make everything okay. I’m giving everything that I can to fight to not only survive but to be able to use this as My Testimony of Life and I will be a survivor of life???)
Amazing app
by Trex1134 on 2017/07/06 00:51
I am a veteran of the US Air Force looking to open my own archery shop. Currently I work for Gander Mountain as a firearms supervisor and archery tech. Unfortunately my store will be closing soon and we will all be out of jobs. The local area does not have much in the way of Archery techs or shops. I have decided to take a big leap and open a shop to fill that need with the full support of my wife and 3 kids. With the liquidation of our store I was able to secure much need archery equipment at a good price. Now I need to secure a location for this business. I have a few buildings picked out, but need to come up with the funding to acquire one of them. I am looking to provide a full service shop with a indoor archery range. This app is helping me do that.
Dbl mastectomy on Maria’s 45th bday
by dustin lippe on 2018/07/02 17:52
Gofundme has such a great platform! So easy to set up and is almost automatic, easy to leave updates as it’s also combined with Facebook and has been a huge blessing through this difficult, painful and extremely stressful time in my wife’s and our families life! Thank you so much gofundme! And all the wonderful people who have and continue to donate. Because of gofundme and all the people who have helped, it has helped relieve stress in the financial side of all of this. that most times is a whole other side to such a already very emotional event in our lives that is not thought about. But that is also very important part needed to get through this difficult time!
Customer Service seems to be non-existent
by EBR1966 on 2018/07/27 23:03
I set up a campaign for my best friend, I am in Mexico at the hospital with his sisters, brothers, parents. GoFundMe community contacted me and asked for more information about me in order to release the funds designated for my friend. I gave it, my friend us in desperate need of these funds in order to continue getting care. He is in a coma. The GoFundMe community have not responded to my emails. There is no phone number to call. This is ludicrous, I am very very dissatisfied and disappointed in the process. I understand the need to be sure of the intentions of the organizers, I do not understand that if the requirements are met why the GoFundMe community do not respond. If someone of importance in this organization can be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it, as well as the family of my friend and the persons that donated, in good faith, believing that their donations were going to reach my best friend as soon as possible. My Polo needs these funds, ASAP!!!!!
Simple and effective.
by Keeto1017 on 2018/08/09 02:38
I’ve been using gofundme for a while to make some donations. Recently, we found ourselves starting one due to an unfortunate situation with my partner. When starting it, I ran into a minor tech issue and customer service had it fixed within minutes. When my friend donated and accidentally hit the wrong and much higher number they refunded him right away. Our fund raised over $11,000 in a week and it was simple and intuitive to reach out to each individual donor. I’ve not withdrawn funds yet as we are starting a nonprofit and have paperwork to square away, so I am unable to rate that feature. Everything else has been great so far.
Insensitive and Lackadaisical
by QwertyFam89 on 2019/10/08 02:14
GFM is a sham. My dad has stage 4 cancer and a facility is trying to help him but it is very costly. When we went to cash out the funds we had raised so far to put in a down payment to begin treatment, we were informed that it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to hit our account. We have 2 DAYS before he has to leave. We explained to them that his condition is critical and in order to begin any kind of treatment we NEED a small sum of the funds we had raised for the down payment. The rep we were talking to had the nerve to tell us my dad’s critical condition doesn’t make his situation anymore of a priority than anyone else. Let’s not even talk about how much of a cut they have been taking out of what we have raised. Do not use GoFundMe for anything critical or time sensitive bc they really don’t prioritize or empathize with your situation at all, even if a life is on the line, unless it’s some big publicity thing.
Thank you GoFundMe Campaign
by Miz Verna on 2017/09/23 22:41
Our families are in crisis on the island of Puerto Rico. Many people from all over the world have enjoyed the beauty of the island, their culture and the beautiful people. Now in the struggle to survive they need our help and support. Many of our family and neighbors in Bayamon have losses that we cannot wrap our mind around here. Please consider contributing to our campaign. As soon as we are able to leave, my husband and his father are going over to the island with much needed resources. With the support of this wonderful campaign opportunity, you made it possible. Thank you for this avenue and thank you for the coaching along the way. We are half way to our goal!
Gofund me for my wife to become a cancer survivor.
by Drew Trano on 2018/08/09 13:08
When my wife was diagnosed with cancer we didn’t really know a lot about gofundme. We had heard of it, however when we knew someone was in need we would always help in anyway usually by sending a letter and some money via mail. This has been an absolute blessing so far to our family. It’s allowing my wife to put her energy from all the prayers, thoughts and financial assistance into healing instead of the financial burdens you encounter when you have a a shocking diagnosis of cancer at age 32 and have 2 young kids. We appreciate this app and will support it by suggesting it to someone anyone else in need. Thank you Drew
I can dig!
by Chazycrace on 2017/08/15 04:14
It is a great tool, anyone, for anything. From Helping someone pay for treatment to a rare disease, to affording a plane ticket home for the holidays. You express yourself and why you need the help of others. Then the most beautiful part, friends, family, acquaintances, sometimes complete strangers join together to fund your need/desire/project/celebration etc. the charity of others is one of the most delightful thing to watch and experience the difference first hand to what that charity accomplish when we all give a little to achieve a much larger task. God bless all who take the opportunity be of service and treat others as they would want to be treated.
The app works for most stuff but there’s a few bugs that are really annoying
by james johs on 2020/12/19 02:16
Few bugs that can get really annoying. For most people the seriousness of using the website/app is very useful but when you’re typing things or starting a new campaign the app will delete what you just wrote and it can be tough to write it exactly how you had put the emotion into it. Little bit stressful when you find the right words for someone that has passed away but then it gets deleted. Somethings you save on the app for the campaign won’t fully save and will be changed after you post it. For a site/app with very serious things it is a bit odd to see how these bugs are even present. GoFundMe can do better. The app is functional though.
Doesn’t work for emergencies
by CorinaGC on 2019/07/10 17:20
My experience with gofundme haven’t been really good for the moment. We have an emergency with my brother who had a car accident in Venezuela a we need to send money to cover his medical expenses and we haven’t able to get any money from our donations after more than 2 weeks that we started our campaign. We barely have been able to contact someone just by email and they take too long to answer and ask for the same thing more than once. They don’t have a phone number to call and the 24/7 support center don’t respond. So at this point I don’t really know what to do. So if you have an emergency I didn’t recommend you to use gofundme. I hope We’ll be able to solve this issue as soon as possible.
by Aaron19726 on 2018/10/27 17:43
GoFundMe is an awesome app but has room for improvement. For example, I’d love to have a feedback submission box where I can regularly submit new ideas for improvement, like this, on the app or website. I’d also like to make it more of a social network thing. Not the kind where you share your own pictures or statuses about random, insignificant things, but I’d like to be able to follow people better. For example, if there were a campaign I liked, I’d like to be able to “follow” that person so I could possible donate to any future campaigns they may create. Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York is always creating campaigns that I love, but I’d like to be able to follow him to make them easier to find.
Crisis Management
by ScummyFish on 2017/07/02 16:24
Being a person recently diagnosed with a brain tumor this app has been very helpful. Some friends started the go fund me campaign and have allowed me to manage it (since I'm the one needing the funds). Finding out you are possibly dying soon is heavy and stressful enough so anything, like this app, that makes life around my ailment easier is a blessing. I hope it's cheaper to use the site for illness/charity than for a business startup but I'm not sure. I know you have to make money to operate the site and the percentage y'all take is relatively low but it would be ideal if your charity was allowing those possibly deathly ill to use the site and app for free. Otherwise it's helpful and I'm grateful for it. Thanks guys.
Restoring Daddy's Life
by Alli Jensen on 2017/08/31 18:41
Not only does GoFundMe create possibilities for life- it helps for families to be reborn in Gods light. His promises are established through the heart of people coming together praying and having faith that could move a mountain. This has made it possible for my Daddy to have a second chance at living and not suffering any longer. We aren't able to financially obtain this medical treatment and insurance will not cover- because it's deemed not medically necessary. Without GoFundMe we wouldn't stand a chance. Thank you so much for the maker of GoFundMe. You change and touch so many lives. If I could, I'd shake your hand and hug you daily! God Speed!
Not good
by RUN, not Worth it on 2018/08/08 11:12
Your company is not worth people time. You want them to have things verified by a date but you’re company won’t fix any of the errors in the verification area. When asked to upload Drivers license it doesn’t work. So then your donations that people give to you is sent back and you have to start over. knowing you are needing the funds. I checked you’re reviews and comments and it’s very sad when 4375 are complaints about the same issue. That has not been fixed you don’t have a point of contact you don’t respond to emails. What is the point of you’re company when you’re not helping. You become a major part of the issue. They would be better off doing Walmart to Walmart, Zelle etc. No percentage of their funds are deducted. All in all this is CRAP. I feel like you are extorting funds and I will get an attorney and sue GoFundMe.
Technical difficulties build unnecessary frustrations.
by LynneDorner on 2020/09/29 11:45
Update: developer sends me the same exact link that been glitching for days. They have no intention of helping us. The frustration is building. I’m going to start writing to my local, state and federal politicians to investigate how this can keep happening. Read the reviews. Apparently, this is part of their business model. Please start writing your local politicians and better business bureau. This is horrible business to have zero support. Now I have to eat crow and contact my donors and ask them to donate another way even though their money won’t be returned until November. So they basically keep your money hostage for months. There’s literally no way of fixing the issue. We all tried! There’s no live customer service. You can follow the instructions 100 times for the withdraw process and it still glitches and has issues. I set up withdrawals months ago. Now it’s asking me to do it over and over or the money will be returned. I’ve spent hours following the directions and trying to contact support. I’ve heard Facebook fundraiser doesn’t have this issue. I hope I’ll get luckily and magically my issue will get resolved.
Jace’s Fight Against Cancer
by Jaces Fight Against Cancer on 2019/09/23 00:09
I just wanted to say thank you for having a platform for single Moms like me who truly depends on the kindness of others at incredibly difficult times like this! I truly don’t know what I would do without the option of a GoFundMe... I only wish that there was an opportunity for more advertising for those of us who don’t know very many people. I would love to see my campaign get viewed more by other potential donors 🙏🏼♥️ Thank you so much for being such a life saver during my Sons battle & gaining our lives back after cancer 💕
Fundraiser for my sister
by Murgatroid Bevenhouser on 2020/10/20 16:38
I had never ventured into raising money for a cause like this before. I was hopeful but hesitant. I have faith in the hearts of our friends and family and trusted God would move the people he chose to make this campaign a success. Even though I set a specific goal, I knew whatever we raised, it would be what was ordained by God and cover what was needed. I have been so pleased with the ease of spreading the word, and the helpful tips from GOFUNDME. They provide daily encouragement and ideas to keep my campaign fresh and alive. I would use this means of fundraising again if I need to.
Amazing idea. The only problem is ......
by Trisha hates Cashapp on 2019/06/04 11:27
GoFundMe takes a percentage of each dollar donated, understandably you have to pay employees and make money as well, but I believe many beneficiaries of these accounts truly need every dollar donated to them. For instance, the account I started for a dear friend of mine, has made roughly $6000, thus far with $200+ going to GoFundMe. But it doesn’t stop there Although I know this seems petty, my account beneficiary needs every penny, as he can no longer walk. In my opinion, GoFundMe should charge a one time fee $50 or so, for each account opened. Or maybe, give the option to pay a one fee “to open a account” or “open the account for free”but have a percentage taken out, like it’s done now. (For people that don’t have money to pay upfront) Just a thought. 😊🤷🏼‍♀️ All in all, I am very thankful to have been able to create a GoFundMe account for my friend in time of need. GoFundMe is a true blessing to many of my friends and family . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Trisha
A fantastic service despite the crappy event we needed it for.
by cassj46 on 2020/06/27 21:22
This was so easy to set up. I had only ever donated so was timid to set up. our house burnt to the ground and really needed to help our renters out. We had cash to them in the first few hours but others wanted to help too and within hours we had this set up. It was easy to designate an alternate family member to collect the funds since our renters also lost all their paperwork etc and during Covid not a good time to iron that out. Happy with the service despite the reason we needed it.
This is amazing...
by SteelersGal4Ever on 2018/11/06 15:00
I gave this four (4) stars ONLY because the pictures don’t appear on the app... only if one accesses the site via browser are they able to be seen. My friend set this up for me, and the response has been amazing from my wonderful friends within hours of them receiving the link. They responded from as far as Australia! It’s easy to thank them... and I appreciate that I can customize each one; it’s not a standardized boring thank you. That makes it easy for me to say what I feel for each and every blessed donation... and I will for every penny that comes in. GoFundMe pays VERY quickly... within about two (2) days of the first donations, the money was in my account minus a small fee. I’ve already received ANOTHER email that more is on the way to my account... which will be transferred in a savings account for this campaign. Thank you, GoFundMe. I have a very long way to go... but you’ve made my Wheels for Cancer Warrior dream about to become a reality... and I’ll get my life back. God bless.
GoFundMe is good, WePay is horrible
by ianmko on 2017/09/17 02:43
GoFundMe worked excellently with fundraising for my campaign. However, their ACH bank transfer company is absolutely not excellent. I give WePay one star for two big reasons: 1) no banks seem to have heard of them. As a result, a donation from a family friend was marked as potentially fraudulent by her bank. She had to get an entire new card and this disrupted her use of her account as a result. It was easier simply to allow the chargeback and have her donate again with her new card. Challenging it would have taken up to 2 months. 2) my bank (Wells Fargo) refused me access to my funds, because they had never heard of WePay, and didn't trust its legitimacy. I had to wait an extra few days to access them, forcing me to use other credit card to cover expenses related to the campaign. This makes GoFundMe a great platform to raise money, but a dubious platform to receive the money you raise. I did ultimately receive all my funds. How does the biggest online fundraising platform in the world use a company the biggest banks in the USA have never heard of??
HOLD Withdrawal
by Proverbs31derful on 2020/12/13 17:57
My son Aidan Ellison was slain on November 23, 2020. We started our campaign on November 27, 2020. There has been a HOLD to withdrawal to THIS day of writing this review on December 13, 2020. My lawyer, and myself have gone in circles with your robot support, checked all emails, spams, junk, EVERYTHING! We have tried your corporate office during business hours and there has NOT been a human being we can speak in clarifying this discrepancy. My son Aidan is still in the morgue, and family members are wondering when we are having funeral services as news media, and trials for the murder of my son are being set, grieving along with with the stress and a loss of a life so young, and can NOT receive the funds donated or a human from gofundme to straighten out this issue? Please contact me through our campaign AIDAN V. ELLISON ASHLAND’S PARK LION. Thank you, Andrea Wofford
Promising but needs a few fixes
by estar007 on 2018/08/04 15:06
I’ve found the app to be inconsistent. For instance, sometimes it shows that I’ve thanked all the donors (which I have) but other times it shows either all unthanked or the first few as unthanked. I also wasn’t able to send my update using the app. I wrote it in an email and tried to copy and paste into the app but it would only show one or two lines (again, inconsistent). Finally I just sent it from the web page instead. The app also doesn’t seem to update as quickly as the web page either. It has the features to be useful, just needs to work better.
Go Fund Me is funding our hearts
by Tunde in Lees Summit MO on 2020/06/06 18:27
Amazing support, the notifications and suggestions have being massive in helping us push for our goal I have also being awed by response of the Go Fund Me team to is going in our country by setting up and donating $500K to help start the process and seeking equality in justice. Thank you so much personally for helping Ugo Aforkwalam after his tragic loss and putting your resources in a meaningful way towards helping thousand others dealing with a different kind of loss. God bless your entire team and protect all your families and loved ones Tunde Ogunmekan
fundraiser for doggo
by melissa.iscool on 2020/08/07 02:38
I’m kind of having a hard time right now because I don’t have many people to reach out to but if you see this could you possibly donate anything possible. That would be great! The fundraiser is called “Getting Finn the rescue :)” because a friend and I have been wanting to get a pupper and we found one that we both love. The problem is we don’t financially have enough since we will have to get supplies for him and build a fence so he can roam. Our goal is 300 but we don’t expect to get that much. Anything helps!
Great App
by JAYETEE on 2019/06/19 23:04
This is the first time I’ve used this app. Maybe you could add a measure to get approval from beneficiaries before someone is allowed to solicit funds on their behalf. There were at least three accounts setup after my sons sudden passing. We only approved one after the organizer asked permission. We were notified by friends and family members that two other accounts existed without our knowledge or consent. They meant well but it could turn some people off. Again, the app is awesome and very helpful in sudden times of need. Thank You
One of the best apps I’ve ever used.
by Shanteebaby on 2020/05/22 14:35
This company is amazing. If it weren’t for the awesome donors who helped us reach our goal, I don’t know how we would have made this happen! With that being said, only improvements I’d say would be to have the option to edit/move the picture order when posting updates or photos. We had some graphic images and it was difficult to navigate and move those pictures around so we could put a disclaimer photo. Other than that, everything is 💯👍
A few bugs but easy to navigate
by user 4269 on 2018/06/10 13:35
My only complaint is that when I share to Facebook or other social media, it still tells me it’s been “51” days since I shared to our social media. Also, every time I do share, it adds the link to my clipboard, overwriting whatever I’ve copied previously, so if I have a message to accompany the post I have to retype it or navigate away to copy the message again. Extra steps make apps tedious. Otherwise, it offers complete access to what I need from the website to promote & edit. The saved thank you message is a nice feature also.
GoFundMe helped our baby
by jennykbeer on 2018/10/13 20:46
Baby Willow is my grand niece. She was having trouble breathing and hospitalized. We received the devastating diagnosis of West Syndrome a very rare epileptic disorder. Willow has an over 60% of not surviving to the age of 10. Her mom needed to be with her during the 40 day hospitalization. GoFundMe helped us reach out to our friends, family and community. Without this website, the family would have faced financial distress as they had just purchased a home. Thank you GoFundMe for the valuable public service you provide! Willow sends you a warm snuggle;)
by TakenAStand on 2017/11/04 20:36
My niece is in children’s hospital fighting for her life and all it took was someone messaging #Gofoundme with lies and they took our gofoundme account down.. without doing a proper investigation.. and they don’t have a phone number for anyone to call and talk to them plus they said if you message them they’ll get back to you within 5 minutes and that’s a lie... I think Gofoundme should be responsible for all the money that we had donated to our family!!! My family is getting ahold of the better Business bureau and everyone we can to put it out there that gofoundme has Frauded our family we have sent a lot of money for others family’s in need through gofoundme but when our family needed the help out account gets taken down!!!
Let Quags Breathe Easier
by Don's mother in law on 2018/08/22 23:52
Five stars! Easy to set up and very responsive to questions. A donor made an error and GoFundMe refunded her right away. I was very impressed that I was required by GoFundMe to explain to our donors who I was in relation to the beneficiary, where the money was going and what it would be used for. No scams allowed here! The representatives that have contacted me from GoFundMe have been professional and supportive. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank-you GoFundMe for making this traumatic time a bit easier with the fundraising. God Bless you all.
Please Help Me Help Stella
by Bronthson on 2019/05/16 18:45
I started 8 days ago, and granted I’m a little handicapped when it comes to technology but I had a problem sharing my story. Tried three times after putting in a few hundred emails it still said O and same for Facebook, I gave up, but today stumbled on the fact that I had a GoFundMe link and how to use it and I’ve already gotten three new donations to help save Stella. It could be made a little easier for those of us that are computer challenged. ThNk you so much for this platform, making it available is wonderful in so many ways. Pauline
Comforting and remembering my mom
by NSette324 on 2019/01/31 03:24
Thank you GoFundMe for helping me organize and get through this extremely difficult time. On Saturday January 5th aid found out my mother was diagnosed with Stage4 Lung cancer, a few days after that we got the news its terminal and spread, with just only weeks to live. 17 days from Diagnoses she passed away. The funds raised helped so much with her care and planning for her memorial. Thank you so much to GoFundMe and all our friends and family for donating. My broken heart is full from all the love and support shown.
Helped Me Through the Pandemic
by Buttercup_kenya on 2020/12/07 02:13
I am facing a eviction December 31st, due to non payment. I was laid off in September without notice. I had trouble finding employment and unable to get unemployment, my lights were behind, no family in my state. With gofundme I was able to share my link and get help from local residents. I do recommend you use to help fundraising efforts. You have to share the link and it would help if you have a social media following. So far I’ve raised a lot to help towards my rent. It really is a blessing.
A great resource
by littleokkie on 2019/06/14 19:39
In a matter of minutes upon creating the link our kids were able to stop worrying about their financial needs. GoFundMe was a great way for family and friends from near and far to provide relief instantly. I know a portion of the gift is taken off the top but it was worth it to us to have the funds deposited directly into their account so they could cover the costs the came up following their baby’s death. Thank you for creating this! It really met our need.
It’s been going ok
by Cacheton88 on 2018/04/08 04:21
I give it a 5 star because of the many stories and accomplished goals. I have a campaign for myself right now since I’m living in a hotel with my one year old son. And I’m hoping that I can reach our goal soon. All of my savings has been used for extended stay and food. I am employed but it isn’t enough. I hope GoFundMe can help me and my son. All we want is to get a new apartment, a roof over my head. I know we can make it, I believe it and I strongly believe that there is good people out there.
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension - Ashleigh MacGillivray
by Jabby12 on 2020/11/22 20:30
My girlfriends life was abruptly flipped upside down with this incurable condition where the blood vessels to the lungs become compromised and leads to lung and heart failure. She is a 24 year old 5th grade teacher, dedicated to her profession, family, and community. All of that changed when she collapsed on the stair well and got an extremely abnormal EKG back. From there we have been taken down a crippling journey and have found a way to gain support, comfort and some peace of mind through GoFundMe. Thank you so much.
Great! A few bugs but overall fab
by @deer on 2019/09/28 15:36
I had a great experience using gofundme for the first time. I think they need to do a bit more testing. The video updates tool didn’t work - it froze and when I tried to upload. Also the thank you tool didn’t work from iOS but did from web. I appreciated that they have clear instructions around when to withdraw funds. It seems like this is the top fundraising tool out there for good reason. I would use this again.
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