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Food delivery anywhere you are, from a family picnic in the park to your date night at home. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants — more than 110,000 menus across 800+ cities in the U.S. and Canada. New restaurants and delivery locations added daily. Spend more time doing the things you love — we’ll take care of the rest. YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Choose from a huge variety of cuisines, from your favorite sushi spot to the comfort food you crave. EASY ORDERING Food is just a few taps away. Get your favorite meals faster with quick reordering. Plus, group ordering makes entertaining a breeze. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it’s most convenient for you. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we’ve factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. PAYMENT Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Five-star service gets you what you need, right when you need it. ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility — easier evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities. Currently serving over 800 cities in 78+ markets in the U.S. and Canada including: Atlanta, Austin, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Orange County, Pasadena, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Toronto, and Vancouver. National partners include: Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., Baskin-Robbins, Buca di Beppo, Buffalo Wild Wings, California Pizza Kitchen, Capital Grille, Gordon Biersch, Rock Bottom, Dickey’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Grimaldi’s Pizza, Johnny Rockets, Just Salad, Claim Jumper, Saltgrass Steak House, Babin’s Seafood House, McCormick and Schmick’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Old Spaghetti Factory, On the Border, Patxi’s Pizza, P.F. Chang’s, Pressed Juicery, Umami Burger, Chevys, El Torito, Who Song and Larry’s, Red Robin, SmashBurger, SusieCakes, Togo’s, The Halal Guys, and many more. Visit to learn more. $1 delivery terms and conditions: Valid only on orders with a minimum subtotal greater than $10. First-time users only. Offer valid for 30 days after customer’s first order is delivered. Limit one per person. Other fees, taxes, and gratuity still apply. All deliveries subject to availability. Must have or create a valid DoorDash account with a valid form of accepted payment on file. No cash value. Non-transferable. See full terms and conditions at
Don't waste your time or money
by Rafael8888 on 2019/02/16 06:58
I just mad my second attempt to order using this stupid business. Here I am still waiting for my food 2 hours later. Status update says "we're currently looking for a Dasher". Last time I ended up having to cancel the order. Don't waste your time or money.
Slow and Poor
by DragonslayerXZ on 2019/02/16 06:27
On top of slow delivery, burdening drivers with 4 orders at once, and literally zero customer support, this app also is confusing to navigate. Don’t waste your time or money on this app especially when they force you to tip before you get your food. Ended up deleting the app and only use Uber Eats because I can’t get food in 30 mins from a restaurant I could walk to and get food from in 15.
Mediocre delivery
by wassupbmoney on 2019/02/16 06:11
This app will work. But I waited an hour for food from a restaurant only 10 minutes away. If they don’t find a close driver they’ll let any accept the order regardless of estimated wait time due to commute.
Very expensive
by Daboyzznus on 2019/02/16 05:45
The price are elevated, more than in the actual establishment. In addition the charge a service fee and delivery charge seems like they’re gauging their customers.
The worst of the delivery apps.
by SicTransit on 2019/02/16 05:44
DoorDash is the worst of the delivery apps. 1. If something goes wrong with your order, they no longer have live chat customer service, so nothing will be fixed. 2. If you report missing or damaged items in the app, you will be cheated completely on the refund and get far less back than you paid, or would need to spend to replace the items. 3. They almost never answer customer service requests sent via their form. Avoid. Try Grubhub or Caviar instead.
Bad Experience
by 1357jn on 2019/02/16 05:28
I have used this service for a long time. I had a terrible experience yesterday and reported to customer service with NO RESPONSE to my complaint. I will use Grubhub or Uber Eats unless I hear back from my complaint. So disappointing.
App Is A Mess
by SarahG1988 on 2019/02/16 04:58
I’ve been using DoorDash for years now and this app has turned into a total mess. Lately the map hasn’t been updating with the location of the delivery driver, so you have no idea where or when they are coming. This last time that I tried to order, it told me the dasher had my food and would be here in an hour. The dasher icon on the map never moved throughout that whole hour, and after an hour and a half I contacted the dasher myself. She told me that she was at home and wasn’t even running my order! The app was having a meltdown and she couldn’t sign off. To make it even worse, there’s no phone number to talk to a real person when stuff messes up like this, so you’re forced to open a ticket and hope to hear from them sometime soon. I’ll be using GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Favor from now on.
Missing food
by jenn90403 on 2019/02/16 04:40
Fail to disclose partners who actually want to work with them, didn’t bring entire order, have been on hold and can’t get ahold of anybody to fix. Waste of time.
by nickygomez on 2019/02/16 04:13
I waited over an hour for my food and my delivery driver never came. Terrible service
Winner winner
by ddvaggy on 2019/02/16 04:08
Fast and spend less gas
Don’t do it!
by Community journo on 2019/02/16 03:55
This app is terrible. I’ve been screwed over every single time I’ve ever used it. Then you have to chat with someone for 30 minutes to get your Monet back. Go to Uber Eats!!!
by tttttgggggggggtssffjk on 2019/02/16 03:53
Waited an hour and a half for dinner that never arrived! Don’t count on this delivery to show up. The dasher, as they call them lied about picking up the order
First Timer
by Craybilly on 2019/02/16 03:51
Just thought I would try and see what all the rage is about. Tried this for the first time tonight and loved it. It pulls up a list of great restaurants near my house. Order from your phone and they deliver you your house. Cheaper than paying the gas money to go and pick it up. Will be using this a lot in the future.
First time user...loved it!
by Beaub3 on 2019/02/16 03:33
My wife and I both got home late in a Friday evening after a long work week! We got all cozy in our sweatpants and soon thereafter realized that we didn’t have a thing to make for dinner! We decided to give DoorDash a chance...and it was so easy! So much better than getting dressed, getting in the car, driving across town to a restaurant!
by Kostikoo on 2019/02/16 02:47
This is my first time using this app. I tried every single promo code I could find online. $12, $10, $7,$5 off and NOT a single code worked. I even had friends try and send me their promo codes, still NOTHING worked. I was soo excited to get my $12 off only to be disappointed that it would not work.
by SeevSupreme on 2019/02/16 02:27
It’s derishiss!
I want my money back
by Mareds89 on 2019/02/16 02:25
I made a order. The app said there was a error with my card...yet I was charged. No food came, no tracking appeared. Just out of money 😒
Friend referral
by must be a democratic company on 2019/02/16 02:25
They don’t honor friend referral they tell you they get here you 20 bucks so they don’t give you nothing a find anyway to hear around it and out of it
The absolute last time I use them
by will_ESPNDFW on 2019/02/16 02:25
I hate to sound callous but I absolutely cannot use this service again. My delivery person could not have been sweeter, however knew zero English. Zero. She kept saying garage over and over. And it is a struggle every time I use them communicating with drivers because most if not all of them barely speak the language and unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish or Arabian. I don’t know how you can do this job without being able to communicate with the drivers.
Another unwanted app
by RDMJrOH on 2019/02/16 02:25
Too touchy on iPad keeps selecting unwanted additions I didn’t want an app anyway, just let me use the browser - but you’d have to fix it so after login I get something other than a blank screen.
Every order wrong
by NickoleMedeiros on 2019/02/16 02:23
I’m done using this app. I’ve tried 3 times and every time food is either made incorrectly or items are missing when delivered. When I contact the restaurants I ordered from they always say it’s an issue on Door Dash’s end. I’m over it and only being credited instead of refunded.
So convenient!
by BrooklynnRenee on 2019/02/16 02:10
They have made my experiences great and even when orders were cancelled or messed up they have always made it right!
Menu options
by RonaldHMS on 2019/02/16 02:07
So basically the UI doesn't let you get 4for4 on Wendy's or a soda option for the kids menu, so basically you end up having to buy everything separate which defeats the purpose and you mind as well just take a quick trip and save yourself the hassle.
Absolutely the best
by eshrib19 on 2019/02/16 02:07
I’ve never had a problem with them! Orders have always been spot on, speedy service and all around amazing experience!! 10/10
$100 Max
by DJStokes33 on 2019/02/16 02:06
Love the service. Would rate it 5 stars if we could get orders delivered for purchases over $100.00.
Dat Way
by ohhh Yuh on 2019/02/16 01:50
Best food delivery app ever!
Nice but expensive
by Ryryryryry123234 on 2019/02/16 01:42
Over an hour after my order was placed, they canceled it
by Meg294 on 2019/02/16 01:41
I placed an order for a group of people and over $120 worth of food. After over an hour of waiting, they canceled my order, something they should have done within the first ten minutes.
by Tashaleeanne on 2019/02/16 01:39
The last couple of times I have used Door Dash the orders aren’t going through or aren’t right. I’ve waited 3 hours for an order after my driver took off with the first order. When it came Myy order was so messed up and it was from a major chain restaurant. Just ordered again and the driver called me to tell me the Door Dash machine at the restaurant wasn’t working right so no ones order was going through and it would be another 35 minutes. Seriously such nonsense.
Too much and delivery always changes
by Shelle__ on 2019/02/16 01:38
Literally while I review my cart they upped delivery twice. And say that’s it’s due to increase of volume. However, it has happened every single time I try to order something, doesn’t matter what time it is. It was only supposed to be a $1.99, then changed to 3.49 while I was adding to my cart. AND THEN WENT AGAIN. The delivery fee in the end turned into $12 for delivery for a restaurant down the street (a fee of $5 is also included and they say it’s for operational reasons). Uber eats is cheaper.
by Still Hangry on 2019/02/16 01:34
My driver refused to deliver my food to the proper address. When I tried contacting her I was ignored. When she FINALLY responded to me she told me that I would have to ask for a refund from customer support. After being on hold for over 30 minutes, I was told they couldn’t refund me my money. Even though I paid for something I never received. I will NEVER use this service again and if I could rate 0 stars, I would.
Got free delivery!
by Joshxcow on 2019/02/16 01:27
First order I got free delivery. Already liking this app
by elijahlovetamaya on 2019/02/16 01:23
I tried to use two different cards on this app they both said declined. Which there was on both cards. I did Apple Pay and it worked. That is stupid
by Patsey05 on 2019/02/16 01:09
I really wish you would allow more of an opportunity to customize your meal. And I don’t mean crazy things, more like small details that allow you to make your meal more desirable. For instance with the pizza I just ordered I wish there was a way for me to convey that I would like my pizza cooked a little longer for a crisper cheese topping.
First time user
by Valerie307 on 2019/02/16 01:09
Really easy to sign up and order with free delivery code.
Undecided/leaning towards no
by dissapointed3timesin on 2019/02/16 01:08
I like the convenience in the winter but my food is often wrong and ALWAYS cold. One more chance then I’m done.
by ccash910 on 2019/02/16 00:55
This Is Lit For My Lunch At Work
Limited menus
by Cosmochico on 2019/02/16 00:52
I don’t like the fact that there are items missing from the menu that are usually available at the restaurant.
Get better staff
by m91234 on 2019/02/16 00:51
Several times I’ve either had an order be up to an hour late OR I’ve just never received my order when it says it has been delivered
Bad business to have hidden fees
by Voni3 on 2019/02/16 00:26
Don’t like the hidden fee in the taxes. It’s deceiving and doesn’t make for good business.
Canceled orders
by MJW220 on 2019/02/16 00:09
The restaurant receives the order late and the drivers arrive before the food is ready. Since the drivers are only paid by delivery they leave to restaurant without the food and the order gets canceled. This has happened on two prior occasions. It won’t happen a third time because I just deleted the app.
Stopped working
by Beretta Shooter on 2019/02/16 00:01
For some reason out of nowhere I will try to make orders and all I get is it oops and cant get any orders anymore
Great service
by Darby Kyle on 2019/02/15 23:45
by Daergoth on 2019/02/15 23:37
This company needs to be put out of business. If it was possible to give negative stars I would. Only use this service if you want to have cold food and a laundry list of excuses of why your food is late. Dashers picking up orders and then not arriving, etc. they also only offer a paltry $5 credit when delivering and incomplete and cold order of food. When you go to use the credit they cancel the order and you are left with no food. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the frustration and give this service a miss.
by vinnytbeboss on 2019/02/15 23:36
Grate survive
by 116AG on 2019/02/15 23:24
Really fast service
My Address
by EllenKaye on 2019/02/15 23:06
I love this service, but I’m having trouble with my address. It need to be corrected.
by ween1111111 on 2019/02/15 23:02
Won’t accept any cards?
Canceled order
by Paul 5718 on 2019/02/15 22:57
I placed an order for dinner for my family. After waiting longer than the time estimated, they send me a message that my order was cancelled. No explanation and no response back from support. By the time it was cancelled it was to late for my small children to wait for another order. Any sort of follow up would be great...what’s the point of ordering food for delivery if it is not reliable. My guess is that I received no response to my inquiry because this happens all the time.
Please make an iPad app
by DaCoach05 on 2019/02/15 22:54
This is great and I use it a lot on my phone but I prefer the iPad to do Orders on. Making a universal app would help.
Love this app!
by Blaine1941 on 2019/02/15 22:41
This app has made my life a little too easy! OMG I love it 🙂❤️✅
Good service, bad app
by macussh on 2019/02/15 22:18
This app will not let me enter my real address, every time I order the deliverers have a hard time finding my apartment. Please fix this, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue.
Door Dash is amazing
by ProSnuggler on 2019/02/15 21:55
I prefer Door Dash because it’s more reliable to me then the other food apps, and it has better options. They get it to you in the time they say, and I respect that. I’ve had a few apps tell me there aren’t drivers in my area (every time I try to order) which is odd because I live in a pretty populated area.
Bad service.
by Bfnjkblhvv on 2019/02/15 21:36
Scheduled an order, waited an hour for them to call to tell me the order I placed was never ordered and the only option was to cancel my order and wait 5-7 business days to get a refund. Worst service ever.
Great service!
by Aruba 1997 on 2019/02/15 21:21
Every time I order my food is brought in a timely manor and hot and ready to eat.
Super Convenient!
by kieseyy on 2019/02/15 21:20
I love this, super convenience
Love this!
by wisedame88 on 2019/02/15 21:17
After a leg injury, I really appreciate the deliveries. Quick, easy and professional. Good job, DoorDash!!
Worst customer service and constant payment issues
by orange-24 on 2019/02/15 20:49
I tried multiple credit cards that are all in good standing. DoorDash declines them all, when I speak to customer service they say they can’t do anything and insinuate that its the card company. I would not recommend this service.
Need more info
by jesscatroto on 2019/02/15 20:40
The menus would be better if their was more info and detail
by SM0509 on 2019/02/15 20:27
Order never showed up, no call to say it was canceled. When I tried to call or text for customer service the number was disconnected.
I love door dash
by Hizzle420 on 2019/02/15 20:21
I love you door dash
I love this app but
by jacoblnfsty on 2019/02/15 20:06
Keep getting deserialising JSON errors and card declined errors intermixed on cards that definently work. Fix your coding
Did not receive my order
by MrsGwenSmith on 2019/02/15 19:55
I did not receive my order and Door Dash would not return my money😤😠😡
by sssuuuccckkkiiittt on 2019/02/15 19:48
A lot of the menus are not complete.
Delivery Driver Issue
by kelsajohns on 2019/02/15 19:47
The app is easy to navigate but the Dasher I’ve had the last 3 times I’ve ordered, Olutosin, is not timely at all.... and it’s not because he’s delivering other orders. It shows on the map that he is in one spot in what looks like an apartment complex..... I finally texted him after over an hour. No response but he finally started moving and got to me over an hour later. If the expected wait time is significantly more than 40 minutes, they shouldn’t estimate 40 minutes.
pretty trash app
by blizznot on 2019/02/15 19:23
app is pretty trash, constantly refuses my orders saying “error” “insufficient funds” when i literally move 5x the amount necessary to my ewallet. pretty annoying, and almost pretty done with all these trash food delivery start ups. garbage customer service, too many mistakes, no longer really worth the extra $$$ and the entire sale of “convenience” is completely lost after the 4th, 5th, 6th screw up from them.
Tip extortion
by Lundydon on 2019/02/15 19:09
I made an order for $75 and it was canceled without telling me why. My card was still charged and they put a credit on the app instead of refunding it. No response to e-mails about it. When I made another order using the credit, it forced me to pay at least $.50 from my card to complete the order. What the heck is that about? Then it suggested (or extorted) I give a tip for the minimum. Not a fan right now. May have to stick with Uber Eats or Postmates.
No Good Deals
by Davichi Leo on 2019/02/15 18:24
You think you gonna save money but in reality your not
Not ok
by TateTown on 2019/02/15 18:16
Dude drove up with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. My food was in the front seat not in a hot bag or even tied up. The lid was off of one of my containers. He was in no identifying uniform. Now, it did get delivered pretty quickly. But that’s about all I have good to say. Sorry.
Won't use again
by Jgddfhn on 2019/02/15 18:02
When you call they do nothing when the order is wrong/ done!
by Ayanna Clark on 2019/02/15 17:59
Okay so I live in a tiny rural town in ky. Absolutely NOTHING delivers to my house. Not even most pizza places. That’s how far out I live lol. When I discovered food dash imagine my surprise to find out they deliver to my address! And not only that but they have OUT STANDING customer service. I get my food in a timely manner, if I order ice cream it comes nice and cold, burritos it’s nice and hot. Never a problem. However the best customer service I had ever experienced was when I ordered cupcakes and I got a notification that they didn’t have some of the flavors I had ordered. I was bummed but it said my order was canceled and I was getting a refund so I was okay, as long as I got my money back. I was just going to order different kinds. AGAIN....imagine my surprise when door dash....not even the cupcake place, but door dash called me, informing me of what happen, and letting me choose different cupcakes to order. Absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect that but I was definitely pleasantly surprise. Great App! And absolutely outstanding customer service. The only app I use to get food delivered!
by bad service again on 2019/02/15 17:57
First time user. Driver texts they are lost. I call several times. They hang up on me and never deliver food. Then they mark the order as complete.
Love it
by marissalynng on 2019/02/15 17:54
Love it!
by ruehedugueb on 2019/02/15 17:47
Most places I’ve ordered from call and try to cancel my order and say they are not taking orders from Door Dash anymore. I will never order anything on this app again!!
Takes forever
by Meli*11 on 2019/02/15 17:38
Maybe it’s where I live and the lack of drivers? But this service takes forever. Also, i don’t like only having an option to tip BEFORE i get my order. A tip is for going above and beyond and doing extra. How are you supposed to tip before the service is even complete? So dumb!
Its alright
by Rocklijah720 on 2019/02/15 17:27
Can be very buggy and beta like at times, and the orders are almost always wrong for lack of attention to the special instructions.
by That du on 2019/02/15 17:23
Can’t delete credit card once added and can’t delete account either! Not a huge fan of that! I rarely door dash ever so for it to be like that makes me not like the app! Fix this!
Bad Customer Service
by Angry mother fletcher on 2019/02/15 17:20
So I tried to order from my local Wendy’s and it didn’t go through. I waited an hour for it to tell me it arrived. I received ZERO notifications and no driver. Then when I went on the app to discover what went wrong I accidentally clicked cancel my order and it did it right away. There was no “are you sure?” So if you click it by accident, oh well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m extremely dissatisfied.
Door dash is sent from God himself!!!!
by cececily on 2019/02/15 17:05
I love door dash!!! So convenient!!!!
Consistent bad service
by Moimoi_17 on 2019/02/15 17:03
I’ve used DoorDash for a while and it’s always been mediocre. Expensive but at least it worked. Not anymore. We’ve ordered 3 times in about a week and it was bad. We kept ordering cuz we thought things would change but they did not. Every time, things were either missing, different, or just an hour late. I completely understand things aren’t always in one’s control but waiting almost 2 hours for food you didn’t order and spending $30 on it is not a good feeling. I’m disappointed because I used to really enjoy DoorDash, now I’m too scared to ever use it again.
by Jillybean74 on 2019/02/15 16:51
If you work for a restaurant, you should really learn how to spell restaurant.
Non existent customer service
by Timo1234625638 on 2019/02/15 16:46
Put simply, if something goes wrong with your order there is no way to resolve it in real time, let alone resolve it days later. Their “Help” is entirely unresponsive. Never using the app again and would not recommend the up-charge based on service.
Great company and people and app
by FireWife1 on 2019/02/15 16:05
You all are awesome. We get our food fresh and hot. We love your service.
by mlgdreamer on 2019/02/15 16:04
I honestly love how convenient this is. Some of the restaurants are getting pricy delivery’s. I wish the specials that certain restaurants were include like if there was BOGO or something. Delivery times range but it’s never to bad. The food is always still hot so that’s a great thing
by GratefulTONE on 2019/02/15 15:30
Company keeps all the tips apparently, and won’t reverse its behavior. Never using the app ever again.
Amazing App
by Jjjjjjhooooood on 2019/02/15 15:00
This is a really good app but I would like is you could pay in cash because I’m not old enough to have a credit card or app pay. So I would really like if you could pay in cash too.
Don’t waist your time and none
by Limgym on 2019/02/15 14:56
I ordered a cake for a birthday A DAY in advance at noon. They showed up in the evening when no one was at home (and I know from Cheesecake Factory the cake was ready at noon) Of course I called at noon to cancel the order when we realized there is no cake for the party. No one picked up the phone and I was waiting for half an hour on the line calling this 18559731040. Then I filled a request to cancel the order, but they ignored and delivered the cake in the evening with an email that they have to charge me. This is a sad joke.
Not happy
by ilianaisme on 2019/02/15 14:18
I’ve used this app multiple times and the more I use it the more I start to hate it. The first two or three times I use it it was great, it didn’t take very long and the service was great but now every time I place an order it take like 30 minutes for me to even get a driver to deliver my food and when they give me a driver they are like 45-60 minutes away from the restaurant so I end up waiting longer than I should go get cold food. I’m no longer happy with this app.
So bad stole money
by AbdulAlmalki on 2019/02/15 09:16
They stole my money with out refunds nor delivering the food
Poor Advertising
by Foodie Judy on 2019/02/15 06:50
A friend sent me a link for a promo “$10 off my order” and I never got it. My friend was supposed to get $20 , never got it neither! Poor advertisement 👎🏼
Highly Disappointed
by Miata.A on 2019/02/15 06:14
Recently broke my ankle so I decided to use DoorDash for the first time tonight for dinner and it was a disaster. I waited for 2 hours and my food never arrived. At this point I have to go to bed hungry and just wait till my help arrives in the morning to get me food. I will NEVER order through this app again and I will make sure to let everyone I know to never order through you. I can only imagine how long my refund is going to take
Never Receive Money Back After A Failed Delivery
by spazzbitch on 2019/02/15 05:54
Never Receive Money Back After A Failed Delivery
Amazing !!
by kina3790 on 2019/02/15 05:47
Door dash is literally the best food app I’ve ever used so far , I’ve tried so many times other delivery apps but this one is by far the best for me. Customer service is amazing , the drivers are all super friendly and always greets me with a smile and the food is always hot and ready for me to eat ! I’ve used this app about probably 10 times so far and each delivery was perfect. Gonna keep using it in the future !
Dashers have no sense of urgency
by Fhskandmeidjzla on 2019/02/15 05:28
I do not like consistently waiting 2 hours for one order, so will not wait, and instead order food from Uber eats. Because their deliverers actually understand that on the other side of that screen there is someone who wants to eat, but doesn’t have the means of traveling to do so. I don’t understand how a certain group of people, regardless on any other factor except for the company they work for, can be so incompetent and careless about their customer.
by JaShonnaB on 2019/02/15 04:27
They never have my food done on time. My food be ready but my driver always changing. I order three times from they restaurants they have open MY FOOD IS A L W A Y S COLD!! They try and give me credits but ITS NOT EVEN WORTH coming back. And if you live in Cleveland you might as well download ANYTHING OTHER THEN DOOR DASH!!! They are straight trash
Ruined Valentine’s Day!!!
by Coleyggg123 on 2019/02/15 04:19
So I’ve been waiting almost 2 hours, my driver has been switched 3 times without my knowledge, they keep saying every agent on the phone is busy, and all my dashers have been awfully rude. This app is a disaster. I never got my food and it’s still charged on the card...every time I say that I never got my order, I’m “connected to an agent” that doesn’t exist.
Hidden fees.
by Alrajhi.66 on 2019/02/15 03:54
I used it when was free delivery fees !! Ended up with %10 service fee to run their app. Hahahahah That’s not a free delivery!! It’s a joke!! It’s really bad that they charge 10% fees + delivery fees + tips for driver. However, they ended paying drivers about $5 to $6 according to people I know in the area I live. Which sometimes less what you tip. What I don’t like is the %10 fees, it's hidden and show at end with tax sale. So my point is they changed you lots fees and ended paying drivers just little from your tip. Thats means they play with both customers and drivers. I used it once and will never use again.
by josephine embrey on 2019/02/15 03:39
Not enough restaurant options
Terrible service
by fifieis on 2019/02/15 03:35
I use doordash a lot when I’m traveling for work so today I ordered dinner on Valentines night because my kids wanted to eat in. It has been a horrible 4 hours of dealing with their customer service. My first order never arrived so I tried to chat with them, I was number #198 in queue. After 12 minutes of waiting I finally had an agent join so when I started to type my message, it closed because the agent ended my chat. BEFORE I could type one thing. So I rejoined the queue and started all over again at # 204. I decided to call in while I waited for the chat. It took 10 minutes before I got a rep on the phone. I explained how I received a text message that my Dasher was approaching with my order then a half hour later another text asking me to rate my experience when I had not even got a knock at the door with my order. He apologized and said he was going to call the dasher. I waited on the line while he called and came back to my line to tell me that the dasher got in a car accident. I felt bad so I said please put in a reorder for me and he said he would and to watch my notifications. I hung up and waited to get notifications like I did the first time. After waiting 20 mins and no notifications I called back, again I waited 14 mins this time to get a rep. I explained to this lady to check my reorder and she said I’ve only placed one order and there was no reorder. I asked if there were notes on my account and she tells me they have to record of any other calls regarding my order. Frustrated, I explained again how my dasher got in a car accident and I just wanted a reorder. She said she would call the dasher. After calling the dasher she called me back and said the dasher apologized and explained that he went to pick up my order and another dasher had picked it up before him. TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY FROM THE FIRST ONE. So 4 hours later, we still have no food, hours wasted mostly on hold or waiting, 2 different stories from the dasher and disappointed starving kids. Hopefully you all get your order the first time because dealing with customer service is the WORST ever!
My favorite delivery app!
by KpopDjKyo on 2018/10/23 23:51
Okay so I work as a to-go host at a restraunt so I have to deal with all of the door dash orders though an I pad. I also deal with grub hub and the other competitors. I have also used the app myself when I don’t feel like going out or just need food while editing or whatever. I’m very happy with the experience. First off, the drivers of door dash are all super sweet, patient and understand if something goes wrong with the order. Sometimes this happens, it’s a restraunt. But I work with the drivers to help get the order correct at all times. They are all super nice and understand if we are going though a rush. It happens and sometimes we can’t get food right away. That’s why I love how the I pad allows me to confirm the orders for an exact amount of time it will take for the food to be ready based on rush. Grub hub does the same thing but most of the drivers are impatient and expect their food to be ready when they get there. A lot of the time they come early and have to wait and that’s okay as long as they are understanding that I may or may not have the order ready. The second part is my experience, i have ordered a few meals from this app and every time it goes smoothly, quickly, and the dashers bring it strait to me easily and with no issues. Way better then grub hub and all the drivers are sweet and I know a few of them personally now XD I will continue to use this app for myself and recommend it to anyone who wants a food delivery app.
I work as a driver with DoorDash...
by Hrodi007 on 2018/01/06 23:51
Unbelievable how many negative reviews there are. Not sure why, but most of these reviews seem to be complaining about drivers or issues outside of the app. I can tell you firsthand, DoorDash treats it's drivers excellently. I've been here since the beginning and there is a reason DoorDash has been holding up against it's competitors all this time. They do care and will do anything above and beyond to resolve issues that occur. Out of every 100 deliveries or so, maybe three-five deliveries will result in a significant issue. In this case, it becomes the drivers responsibility to balance interactions with the restaurant, customer, and DoorDash to get everything resolved. Unfortunately, time is money to us drivers and the more time we have to devote to an issue, the less we will get paid since we cannot deliver more food. This results in drivers simply not caring, not making sure an order is right, not personally delivering the food, and various other problems. Despite the training and advice DoorDash provides us on different scenarios, a few drivers will not care. So instead of leaving a horrible review when something like that happens, please contact DoorDash so that they can do something about it. Many of us drivers do care about your food and getting it to you as fast as possible. We will go above and beyond to make sure everything is right but please do not let those few drivers lead you to stomp in the face of this company.
Going to try GrubHub
by lifepond on 2017/12/03 16:06
I’m finally throwing in the towel after the latest. I believe one out of every eight deliveries goes smoothly but I will highlight a couple of gems I’ve had recently. In one order a couple months ago, we had ordered three sandwiches, delivery time said 45 minutes. Well, over two hours later our driver finally arrived, went out to meet him and he actually threw the food at me and ran off. Why? Because, not only was he an hour and a half late, but we also discovered that he ate one of our sandwiches. I understand that DoorDash has some bad apple drivers here and there, but their initial response was to simply give us a $5 credit... Gee thanks DoorDash, that wouldn’t even cover the cost of the sandwich. The next incident happened just last night. Placed my order at 5:40PM waited an hour and a half and found out they had cancelled my order, after the driver picked it up, because the driver had to take someone to the hospital. Normally, I would give the driver the benefit of the doubt, but based on past experience, my guess is the driver wanted a free meal. They actually credited my meal, so I placed the same order which, apparently, created confusion with the drivers and the restaurant. I didn’t get my food until 9:00PM. The response from DoorDash is another $5 credit... Again, gee thanks. It’s impossible to get them on the phone, so I’m not even going to try and I’m just going to try GrubHub.
This is great if you are blind and can’t drive.
by Sparkle)78 on 2018/10/22 03:04
I live right here in suisun City California where I have been living for three years. I have never tried to order anything from an app before. I have tried to see if Uber eats, postmates, or even GrubHub delivers to my apartment. Well, thanks to a friend of mine who is blind but has a bit of sight told me about the app because he ordered Popeyes chicken from there and he really loves this app. I have a number of friends from out of state who really dig this app and gave it five stars. It really works if you are totally blind and can’t drive. I will eventually try it and see what I think. I downloaded the app on Friday to see if they deliver where I live and put my home or apartment address in. Well, I was blown away by the restaurants that they are partnered with. Even favorite fast food restaurants that I like is on the list like McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., nations giant hamburgers, Jack in the box, Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Buffalo wild wings, and the list goes on and on. Even Denny’s. For those who is blind like me and want to look for a place to order, give this app a try although the customers is negatively slamming it down. Like I said, I’m going to eventually give this app a chance to see where it goes for me. Oh!. The three apps that I mentioned don’t come to this area unfortunately. I am so thankful for my friend that directed me too doordash.
Great Customer Service!
by Xaavviii on 2018/10/21 13:12
Sometimes my orders were not 100% correct a few times; however, I guess that’s the nature of the business with a ‘’middle man‘’ doing the delivery, but Door Dash will give a credit if you contact them. One time I ordered a latte from Dunkin Donuts and after 30 minutes I noticed no progress on the delivery map so I contacted them and they reassigned my order to another Dasher. But yesterday was the best service I received. I frequently make orders from different locations and I accidentally ordered White Castle to go to my home in Jamaica, NY when I was a my mother I. Freeport, NY. What was worse was that there was no White Castle for my mom location and her home was out of range at from the restaurant where I placed the ordered. When I went to chat with customer service,Door Dash must have been busy because I was waiting for a rep and was number 71 in line. However is about 5 minutes, the line shrunk rapidly and I got to one fast. I told the rep that I wanted to cancel the order because of my mistake, however, what ended up happening was the rep convincing the dasher to come to my Mom’s address. I was so happy that I didn’t have to reorder something else and I ordered a very large amount, about $50 worth, and the order was fully correct minus the marinara sauce for the mozzarella sticks. Thank You Door Dash for outstanding service.
Learn how to write constructive reviews.
by steve_eskivo_SD on 2019/01/27 13:44
Always use Apple Pay to purchase orders to avoid credit card fraud. If you are not fully satisfied with the delivery service, don’t tip and make sure to voice your concerns to Doordash on their help section online. If you ask Doordash to build a custom optional tipping feature on the app, they will probably do it if enough people ask to make a cash option tipping feature available on the app. I see that some people here give 1 star reviews with no constructive feedback on how to improve the customer service experience with Doordash. Seriously? You can complain that Doordash is a horrible service or that the service you’ve had is outstanding, but either way, if the feedback is not constructive, it cannot be used as data so that Doordash can improve their service. It’s not hard to write constructive reviews if you actually put in the time and effort, not just emotionally react after having a bad experience. Life is full of bad and good experiences, how you handle them is what matters most. One last thing, as I previously mentioned, strongly suggest using Apple Pay to purchase food through the Doordash app. There’s been a number of incidents where credit card numbers have been stolen and used to buy food, using Apple Pay prevents this from ever being an issue.
Had issues with my order but Doordash made up
by Babybux on 2018/05/28 01:22
Literally had issues with the ordering through the app from entering order because app menu was incorrect to putting in my credit card number, the dasher communicating, delivery, order cancellation not happening from the dasher when they were at the restaurant, another dasher picking up my new order from the merchant which I went to pick up, dash app again not working, inability of dasher to find delivery location, inability of dasher to communicate to me, overall the WORST delivery service I’ve ever used or experienced from website, to app, to dasher, to customer service, to giving customer feedback. Don’t even know if I paid properly. Even if I did get my food I don’t know if a full refund (which I did not receive) would be worth having to wait 2.5 hours then going to get my own food and having DoorDash literally take my order from the restaurant that I physically went to pickup because the app doesn’t allow canceling or any feedback when the 1st dasher can’t pick up the order and randomly sends a 2nd dasher to pick it up. You can’t even properly generate a customer service issue because it locks you into 1 out of 5 categories when I literally had issues with ALL aspects of the order. I’ve ordered fine from DoorDash in Houston but DoorDash in SLC is a Trump Tweet Edit: I did get a refund and Doordash was lovely!
Cancelled Orders Leave You Hanging
by Arashikou on 2017/11/25 06:06
DoorDash was always the #2 food delivery service on my phone. I resented the way they treated their drivers, but they were the only way to get certain restaurants in my area. But after what happened tonight, I’ll be uninstalling their app. Apparently, if your order is cancelled, the app doesn’t notify you. You have to have the spontaneous inspiration to go digging through your email to find where they emailed you a cancellation notice. They do not include an explanation when they cancel your order. Meanwhile, the app will keep telling you the order is on its way until you give up, at which point it will deny you ever placed the order. Furthermore, DoorDash is apparently in the habit of not refunding the original payment method when forces outside your control cancel your order for you. Instead, they give you an account credit. Which is a great way to trick hungry and disappointed people into immediately re-spending the money on another order. But it’s also completely useless if they don't deign to notify you that they cancelled your order until every other restaurant in town has closed. As it stands, I’ll spend that credit so that DoorDash doesn’t get to pocket my money and give me nothing, but you can bet this app’s coming off my phone once that’s been dealt with.
I would rate 0 stars if I could
by Marty123456789 on 2017/11/21 03:33
Worst. Experience. Ever. Get home late, don't have anything to cook until the fridge, too tired to drive. So I order b-dubs from this app. Says it'll take 45-50 minutes, No big deal! So then, 45-50 minutes rolls around... no update. Now it's saying it's gonna be a little bit longer, I figured it couldn't find a driver. Once again, no big deal. Then the time jumps up like 20 minutes and it says my driver is there. Then out of nowhere, not only the location of the B-Dubs changes (there is one bout 10 minutes away from where I live) to one that is 30+ minutes, and then it says that my driver has about 5 other drop offs they have to make before reaching me and that it will take almost 2 hours to get here... so we are talking about a delivery that was supposed to happen at 930ish, now saying it won't be here till after midnight. and then when I tried to cancel the order because I would rather go to bed than wait for this cold food to get here, it only let's you do that through chatting with a rep. When you try to do that you're put in a waiting line (my number was 765) and other people will get prioritized over you. I got all the way to 750 and then 15 hopped the line in front of me. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT WILL RUIN YOUR NIGHT. Someone shut these crooks down now!
Worst delivery service ever
by 36)?;?!&&@00864;?$& on 2018/12/18 08:55
Ordered from McDonald’s. Waited an hour and a half total for it. I got paired with a dasher Margret after a little while and when I went back on the app 15 minutes later, she disappeared from up app so I figured she ended up cancelling my order. The tracker will still continue to count down though according to what they told you when you initially ordered. Then, 45 minutes later, I got a notification saying my dasher was still on the way to the restaurant and that my food would be delayed. Lie lie lie- they still had not even found a dasher to pair me with probably. It’s incredibly frustrating because if DoorDash knows they can’t fulfill the order but they will not tell you that- they will just keep playing you. Instead of giving you an option to order from other places before they close, they have you sit there on the edge of your seat hoping. It went past the delayed time they provided and still nothing. Now I’m trying to cancel and “this may take a few seconds” has taken about 15 minutes now but go figure lol I literally expected it. When I went to cancel, it automatically offered me a refund to my card which they obviously did because they messed up. Just ordered from UberEats and my food is picked up and on its way, got the call from the driver already. I regret not just going with UberEats from the beginning. It’s 4AM. Doordash, this is pathetic and you seriously can’t expect to retain a customer base like this. Truly ridiculous.
Downhill Spiral
by Cambie87 on 2018/08/10 17:24
When I first started using the DoorDash app it was great! I could see when the dasher picked up my food, if my order was successful, I received my food hot and in a timely manner. As I continued to use the app more I noticed a decline in the delivery of my food. It was arrive way later (10-15 mins) that estimated. It would also arrive cold. The worst experience had to be yesterday after ordering I had to wait 45 minutes for my food when suddenly my dasher called me (instead of contacting DoorDash) to ask me where the restaurant was. Apparently the app sent her to a totally different location far from where where she was supposed to go. I contacted DoorDash and they suggested I cancel my order and reorder once they gave me a credit to my app. I really didn’t want a credit and would of preferred my money back. I didn’t want to order anything else through the app at that point. I reordered and had to wait another 40 minutes for my food. This entire ordeal took 2 hours! I was so over eating anything by that point. I could have picked my food up myself without all the hassle. Also, the credit I received was the total for the meal, delivery, and the tip for the dasher. But when I reordered I had to spend money again for the dasher. That part was very scammy to me. DoorDash should of refunded my money for the dasher at least so that I could use it for the new dasher. Instead they kept it by giving me that credit on the DoorDash account.
by dashikki on 2017/09/23 08:08
I am surprised this company is still in business! I have only ordered from them twice.. First time was a year ago and my entire order was wrong. I did not receive any of the food I ordered. The only way to contact them was email so I was never fully refunded because you can't get in touch with anyone.. My order was $40 and they would only refund me $14! Then tonight was my second order. I figured it's been a year maybe they worked out the stupid issues they have. NOPE!! Tonight my food just never came! I went to the chat box in the app and I was in line behind over 2000 other people! Since I never received a refund on my first order I was going to wait to chat with someone. That never happened! Over 3 hours waiting.. I got down to # 124 in line.. and the chat just closes and my order in the app disappears. So I go and check my email and see that they have sent me a message 2 hours after my order should have arrived.. saying that my order has been canceled and I would be refunded in 3-5 days.. No reason as to what the heck happened or even a simple apology. At least I am getting a refund this time. I'll believe that when I see it! Doordash you are the worst!! Also I am a restaurant GM and you have contacted me before to use your service. After giving you two chances it is clear you do not care at all about the customer. My restaurants will never work with you and I will be sure to tell everyone I know that they should use anything but Doordash.
Poor customer service and app security.
by TD-AWSOME on 2018/07/24 02:02
Account was hacked due to poor security on their side. When I was notified by DoorDash I confirmed that I had not changed my email address however it took them 48 hours to respond. When they did they wanted to know if I maybe had a different email address that I had forgotten about. I’d already confirmed that I did not change the email. I did not receive a response so I called them and explained the situation over the phone. After once again confirming that I have not changed the email I received a 3rd email saying that congratulations my phone number was correct on the account and that it matched both my real email him the fake email. How this is a good thing I do not know? I then called a second time to figure out what was going on and every time I called I have to re-explain what the problem is from jump. After explaining it again twice tonight, they can’t seem to understand that the fake email is fake and the real email is the one i keep confirming. Ended up having to do a chargeback on my credit card and get a new credit card and all new information from American Express. Not once did doorDash ever offer to compensate or to refund or to do anything other than “escalate” the call. However when they did that I never received a response from a supervisor or the next level. Ended up having to close the account due to the incompetence and poor security of this app. If I could give it s negative number I would.
Good app, lousy customer service
by BigBossSSB on 2018/12/10 04:04
I recently used Door Dash to order food, and after 1 hr only received 1/2 of my order, meaning the other person I ordered food for had nothing to eat, beyond splitting my portion with her. Trying to be civil I contacted customer support to find a resolution, the service provider told me he would contact the restaurant to see what went wrong, but made no mention on how the matter would be resolved. When he called back I was informed that the restaurant would remake my lost order, but inferred I would have to pick it up as the delivery person was “unreachable “. I told the service provider that was unacceptable and asked for a full refund, to which I was told I would only be compensated for the missing items, which is not compensation, that’s more like to prevent fraud for charging someone for items not received. I then asked to speak to his manager, to which I was told there was not one on duty. So I insisted that he provide a full refund, to which he eventually agreed. Then upon receiving my notice from door dash regarding my complaint I saw that only a portion of my order had been refunded, meaning the service provider lied over the phone. I would not trust this delivery service, as it appears to be a Russian roulette if you will receive your full order, and instead of compensating for the mistake they will simply refund you the money of what you didn’t get, like they are doing you a favor for not charging you for food you didn’t get.
Absolutely terrible!
by PokeManiac93 on 2018/11/18 15:48
Every time I ordered through this app there was issue(aside from one Chinese restaurant). Food was missing mostly every single time, this last time, I spent $28 on JIB and received cold food because JIB employees forgot to let the dasher know it was ready for pickup, and instead of remaking the ice cold food, they just sent it with the dasher. I let DD know, and they issue a $14 credit. Ok, no? I paid double that and nobody ate the ice cold food. My cousin just ordered pizza instead. Now DD is giving me a run around and saying they’ll refund $19 “a partial refund”. Why partial? I had ordered from BK three times, cuz how many times can they mess up the exact same order, right?? The answer is every single time. I ordered the bundles that are offered and they left out the sides. Every. Single. Time. Basically, DD doesn’t care if you get what you paid for. Only that they get their share of the money. Horrible app and I’ve already deleted it. Every time you let them know you didn’t get items, or that something is wrong that want to throw around the word “compensation”. As if they are giving you something for free. I haven’t been able to order anything for three days through the app and the website just says there’s an error. There’s no way everyone is having this problem, they’d be losing tons of money and would’ve fixed it right away. I believe they put a block on my account hoping they can steal my money that’s added to it like they originally tried to do.
Love The Service, Hate The App
by sc104 on 2018/09/07 00:31
When I first downloaded DoorDash it was an amazing experience. Well developed app that worked quickly and was easy to navigate, the service was incredible, overwhelmingly positive. Then they decided to update the app. This, is where they made the biggest mistake. The app wouldn’t update times of stores opening and closing properly, wouldn’t process orders, took forever to load, a hot mess. They updated it a few times more, still wasn’t better. Then an update FINALLY came along that would let me actually log into my account (yes. I tried resetting my password even though it was right. 3 times.) and place an order. This was the previous update to the one they just released this month or so. Unfortunately once again, total garbage software !!!! Wouldn’t process Apple Pay or certain stores, won’t let me cancel an order, never updating to the map with the ETA.. and the thing is is that, the service is unwaveringly great! The people they hire aren’t sketchy, they’re very reliable and will call you up if there’s an issue, and are very very kind and efficient. When the app doesn’t work it ruins the whole experience on the ordering and interacting with the store end. The app was fine to begin with !!! Stop changing it !!!! Update it to where everything is running smoothly then just leave it alone !!!! 9/6/18
2 days for no reply from customer service
by Glynnis Lee on 2017/12/19 21:46
I got an automated message when I order from Jack-in-the-Box three minutes after I got the email telling me that there was free delivery if you were one of the first 1500 people. Why on earth did they send out that email if the store couldn’t handle the volume. Bait and switch. They also send me an email saying that I got a free delivery which did not apply to my account and a zero dollar credit which is an insult to of a macro that tells me I’m getting zero dollars. Horrible horrible horrible customer service. Any company not willing to have decent customer service doesn’t care about its customers. I’m switching back to any other delivery service or getting my own food. They have been a pain whatever we’ve had issues at work when we’ve used it I should’ve known better. Also: I got a call finally from door dash where I had 2 people explain to me my card was refunded from the initial order. I am not against outsourcing for basic customer service. However it was obvious that both agents did not understand what the problem was and this is why outsourced customer service is frustrating because of the cultural divides. Neither one of them understood the email I was sent in a meaningful way nor why I was frustrated with the experience of getting an email that said I have a zero dollar credit being added to my account. Wow. All I can say was that call has ended my relationship with DoorDash.
No customer support
by Ken in Plano on 2019/01/07 01:47
Our order from Fuddruckers was delivered with items missing. We called the Dasher and asked for help. He explained that he could not help because he had already been assigned another order by Door Dash. The “help” available is only through the app and amounts to a credit. There’s no fixing an order, no way to get the rest of your order, just an online credit. Well...what do you do when you order a hamburger and the only thing you get is the French fries and the condiments for the hamburger, but the hamburger itself is missing? A credit for the missing hamburger doesn’t do you any good at all. Customer service from this company does not exist. When technology fails with Door Dash, you’re stuck with no way out. Be ware of a company with no phone number on their website. You are at their mercy with no recourse at all. A company that cared about customer service would expect that sometimes problems happen and there should be a way to fix those problems. Like a spare Dasher that is available just for issues like we just had. BTW, we called Fuddruckers and they knew exactly which order we were asking about because half of the order was left on the counter by the Dasher, never picked up. We asked Fuddruckers to contact Door Dash and ask them to deliver the rest of our order, but my guess is it will never arrive. We’ll be trying Grubhub in the future. Maybe they actually care about their customers.
Maybe horrible service. I really had hope for this service
by joshisjewishandhandsome on 2018/12/12 21:24
I was excited for this service and eager to use it. I knew 15 years ago that there was a market for this. However, I was completely disappointed the second one time I used them. I ordered from Wendy’s. I got a Dave’s double meal with fries and a coke. I also ordered a medium chocolate frosty. I was periodically checking the app to see how long untill the driver arrived, and when I saw he was 1 minute away, I went outside to meet and greet him. But for some reason, he showed up in his hands, with old a soda(a dr. Pepper I found out, instead of the coke that I ordered) and a frostee. Now, it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out if one leaves the restaurant with only a soda and a frostee, that maybe your missing a few things, just maybe. Who in their right mind would use door dash just to order only a soda and frostee. But no, this idiot is a few peanuts away from wearing a helmet. And then, I called customer support and sat on hold for 30 minutes! And while I was doing this, I went to help and started chatting with a “support specialist “ and of course got me nowhere. The first chat ended after the person said they would try to contact the driver. But after that, I said 10 things in chat and got no response. So I had to close everything out and started a new chat. And finally, customer service got on the phone, and big surprise guys, the person in in customer service couldn’t even speak English!
Worst date night ever thanks to this app
by Meggiemeyer on 2018/09/23 02:58
Decided to have a cozy night in with my husband. We thought we would try this app for a change and order in some local Thai. The initial email upon ordering was 52 minutes. At first I thought the app was quite cool how it had a timeline and capability to contact the delivery person. After about an hour of the app saying the driver was at the restaurant, I tried contacting him and the number didn’t work. The app kept extending the amount of time it was taking to get to my house. Mind you, the restaurant was only about 10 minutes from our house. Finally I tried calling the restaurant but it was closed at this point. So I used the app to contact customer support. They said they would cancel the order and refund the cost. They blamed the driver for being unprofessional. After a few minutes my credit card was charged a second time for the same amount instead of getting a refund. I was unable to contact customer support on the app anymore because there was no order history. So I had to search a phone number to contact them to resolve my credit card issue. They said the only resolution was to send them a screen shot of my credit card statement before I could be refunded the double charge. So I am starving, date night ruined, charged $49 twice for no food. Don’t use this app. Next time I will hold off on drinking a glass of wine and drive to the Thai place myself. Worst experience with an app EVER.
Could be worse, could definitely be better...
by music_lover-23 on 2019/01/03 03:39
I’ve ordered using DoorDash often. I like that the app is user friendly and that deliveries from lots of places are cheaper than some of the other delivery apps, which is always nice. What doesn’t make sense to me is cost of delivery in relation to where you are. I can do an order for somewhere 15-20 minutes away and it’s 1.99 or 2.99 but there are some places just a few minutes down the road that cost 5.99. That makes absolutely no sense, you think it would be cheaper closer to you and more expensive for a longer distance. Another complaint: tipping up front. I have no issue tipping for a good delivery after the fact but I can say I’m not happy when I tip four or five bucks for poor delivery service. I live in an apartment building that isn’t difficult to navigate (there are even maps on the walls inside to direct you the right way). I have simple easy instructions on how to get in, I’ve had people over who have never been over have no difficulty finding the place. Yet I’ve had door dashers who it’s taken 10-15 minutes to find my apartment so my food is cold/soggy by the time I get it. I don’t see tipping four or five bucks for that kind of service yet you are required to tip when the order is placed. Sure, I could tip cash but depending on the dasher they could see that there is no tip and do something to your food.
How many hours does it take DoorDash to deliver food less than 3 miles away?
by akeliah on 2019/02/11 04:02
Good evening to whom this may concern, I am reaching out today to share with you a terrible experience that I had with DoorDash on Friday February 8th,2019. After a long day of class, work and studying I placed an order with you all at 9:35pm. The last time I had eaten was around 2pm so I was very hungry at 9:30pm. Considering that I was ordering fast food and that the restaurant was less that 3 miles away I figured it would be quick. The tracker led me to believe that it would take 35-45 minutes and I didn’t physically check that app because I signed up for texts. After 30 minutes went by I decided to check the app. The time had increased to 80-90 minutes and I was confused. I contacted the driver to see what was going on, only to find that he was all the way in New Lenox where he thought I had placed my order. He informed me that the app had been experiencing technical difficulties throughout the day and that this was the cause of the hold up. This driver was very professional, he apologized for the situation and got my food to me as soon as possible. I waited 1 hour and 40 minutes for my white castles. If I had known it would take so long, I would have gotten it myself and been back home within 20 minutes. I was very disappointed because I stayed up until 12:00am to avoid going to bed on a full stomach and I had to work the next the next day at 6am.
Restaurant’s point of view- Creepy couriers
by Qwerty264 on 2018/09/19 04:35
I am a worker at a restaurant on the West Coast. Our restaurant has absolutely no affiliation with Door Dash yet we are constantly plagued by calls from Door dash trying to place orders for pickup. We are a small mom and pop shop that is always incredibly busy, so we don’t do preorders unless they are a catering order. So after being harassed over the phone by door dash drivers begging us to make an exception “this one time,” they still show up to pick up orders that don’t exist for items that we don’t have and are irritated at us that they have to contact their customers to fix the issue. And just now we had a courier come in and aggressively sexually harass the young girl I was working with with unsettling pick up lines. With Caviar and postmates we, the restaurant, know the name of the courier and are able to report them for any inappropriate behavior or rudeness. Since door dash operates under the table and without the restaurant’s consent, we have no idea who this guy was and wouldn’t even know how to specify who he was for a report. I would sure like to know a delivery app that was sending people to my house wasn’t sending creepy men who hit on young girls. We have told DoorDash multiple times to take us off their app and we still have couriers showing up. TLDR: Door dash operates without restaurants’ consent and therefore often has incorrect menus and no way for a restaurant to report a courier’s inappropriate behavior
Order Never Came, Despite What the Application was showing
by paul andre 123321 on 2018/11/24 17:58
I ordered Cheesecake Factory from Door Dash. The Cheesecake Factory did not have Ahi Tuna that day so two of my salad orders had to be substituted. I received a call right away to update my order. I then received a second call from another door dash employee to re-confirm my order. They said it was all updated. I then waited 2 hours and had not received my order. The application said that the dasher arrived at the restaurant and was waiting at the restaurant. The waiting time for the order was estimated anywhere between 17 minutes to 3 minutes for arrival. It kept changing. I then called the Cheesecake Factory and they said they never received the order. I also tried to call the dasher but the application did not allow me. I also tried to cancel the order in the application and it said that I cannot cancel the order because the dasher already picked up the food. Obviously something went wrong. There is no phone number to call Door Dash if there is an issue like this. I submitted a formal report to customer service. I then received an apology call and they offered to refund my order and $5 dollar credit. It was such an inconvenience and application kept leading me on that the food was being made and going to be delivered. I was extremely disappointed. I had ordered from door dash about 10 times before this, but after this fiasco I will not be ordering from door dash again.
Great App! Needs Tweeking
by Fliffy17 on 2018/09/02 17:10
I love that I can order my food and have it brought to me, when on any other occasion, I would have to drive to get food. But the drivers need to have more strict consequences when they don’t deliver correctly. I’ve ordered from Taco Bell 4 different times now. There was only one instance where my dasher didn’t do what she was being payed to do. She came with my food before I got the notification that she had picked it up. Then when she got in her car I was spammed with notifications in the order that they should have come (Your dasher has picked up your order and is on the way, your dasher is approaching, and your food has been delivered.). The next problem I had is with scheduling. For all of my orders I made, I was at work, busy. I had scheduled the orders for 5p and the dasher came an hour early. The Taco Bell immediately started to make my order and I got my food within 10 minutes of me placing the order. Which was at 3:50p or so. The food came perfect. I had what I ordered exactly. The only thing that I would like to see is improvements to he scheduling option so that it better fits the needs of the customers. Also for drivers PLEASE make sure to mark when you’ve done the actions (picked up, approaching, etc). Other than that, great app!
App only works part of the time
by cg8908 on 2018/10/25 02:11
I like to use DoorDash because they offer delivery from more restaurants than the other options. Lately though, it is slow and freezes up. Then it reopens and tells me I need to log in. Close and reopen, and I’m logged in again... This always seems to happen around the time restaurants are starting to close and I’m trying to get an order in so there’s plenty of time for the dasher to get there. I keep waiting for these bugs to get worked out but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Also, I believe these apps are all too expensive... I wish they would just charge a good fee and get rid of the tipping part. I currently have to tip $5 or no dasher wants the order and it just sits there. (I understand it’s their income). So a $5 tip plus the delivery fee raises the cost more than $10 nearly every time. On top of this, the food prices are often inflated as well. I just think the overall charge is ridiculous. Pizza delivery is only about $7 over the food cost you would spend to pick it up yourself and that’s with a decent tip included. Also you have to tip before you get the delivery unless you tip cash so if you get terrible service, you can’t adjust your tip accordingly... this completely defeats the purpose of a tip. I only took stars off for the app bugs though.
First order is my FINAL order.
by E.Danto on 2018/11/13 21:26
This service is an absolute NIGHTMARE. After finding out that my favorite restaurant partnered with this company I signed up and placed my first order. I entered the last digit of my phone number wrong, was not able to contact my delivery driver therefore no food and out of $26. I attempted to update the information before the driver arrived but the verification codes DID NOT WORK. This is absolutely horrible and UBER EATS WOULD NEVER. I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN. There is no support available and no way to get in contact with the company. Unless you are certain that you entered every single thing correctly do not use this service because they are of no assistance in changing info and have taken off with $26 for no service, no food. At least Uber makes you verify your number in case you make a human error like transposing the number of an address or phone number. This company also has the nerve to have a no refund policy as if they are BANKING on this happening, literally. Lesson learned, never again. I would rather pay the service charge for uber eats and I will be challenging the charge to my bank. This company should be named DASH OFF because their goal is to dash with your money and not even attempt to deliver. In spite of the phone number being wrong we still went outside to find the driver. The driver did not attempt to stop and get out so we couldn't even identity anyone holding a chick-fil-a bag.
by Teesa242 on 2017/09/23 17:01
100% DO NOT RECOMMEND DOORDASH (nor will I ever use it again). There was never a dasher assigned to my food, even past the ETA time the app gave me. And there was no communication whatsoever about how the food was unable to be picked up. I waited for an hour and decided to just call the store directly and they said they had multiple orders from DoorDash that were also never picked up. I tried contacting an agent on the app and waited 15+ min and it was still "finding an agent". Then I called customer service and was given an automated message saying that all agents were unavailable and waited over 20+ min for that too and decided to just hang up and not waste my time with this company. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. After waiting over an hour, and knowing the store was closing in 45 min, I decided to drive there and pick up the food myself. I got home and ate my food and funny enough the app notified me that a dasher picked it up (after the store was already closed mind you, so that didn't make any sense), and then it notified me again and said it was delivered (which also was not true bc 1. I picked it up and already ate it and 2. no one ever came to my house). So DoorDash basically lied to me so it could charge my card. After working a 14 hour shift, I just wanted to get home, relax and eat a nice meal. Not deal with nonsense. This was an AWFUL, extremely frustrating, and time consuming experience. If I could give 0 stars, I would.
Nonexistent customer service
by namenotnecessaryforthis on 2018/12/17 12:36
I was in Chicago for the weekend and had to rethink food plans after my son fell ill. Door Dash seemed to be a decent option (it wasn’t) with a bevy of restaurants from which to choose (mostly all pizza or the stereotypical American-Chinese take out). First night we went with pizza from a local place we were familiar with. Almost two hours of waiting our pizza was delivered. Cold. Wrong toppings and NOT from the restaurant from which we ordered. This comes after we watched our Dasher on the tracker drive all over River North stopping at other hotels and restaurants presumably picking up and delivering other orders. Now on to the next day, we figured we would give it one more go, maybe it was just a bad Dasher, right? Nope. Order number 2 took over two hours and one sandwich was no where close to being correct. This time, I tried contacting customer service but wouldn’t you know it? They don’t have a phone number. I went ahead and filled out their form to let them know the order was incorrect and that the sandwich couldn’t be eaten as it was made due to allergies. Auto-customer-service decided to give us a $4 credit. The sandwich was $9 and then I still had to pay additional on top of that to get something my husband could eat. It’s such a scam. Use Grubhub- they at least have an actual person fielding customer complaints. Door Dash is now a deleted app on my device.
Continuously disappointed
by dissatisfiedbydoordash on 2019/02/11 05:27
DoorDash has been continuously unreliable. Tonight was the second time my food has not been delivered within the last month. The application informed me that my Dasher had arrived but was having trouble finding my location. DoorDash texted me the number of my dasher to call which I did immediately. She did not respond to calls or texts and I was informed that the dasher’s mailbox was full. The app had my order listed as delivered. I messaged DoorDash and waited to live chat them. I got a call after they disconnected the live chat without warning roughly 20 minutes later. This is unacceptable for an order that was falsely marked as delivered. I talked to customer service and they offered an app credit or full refund in 5-7 days. There was no offer or effort to get my missing food to me at all. They said that I could place an order with a different restaurant or replace the order and they would “make sure” that my order was delivered. When I asked how they would do this, the customer service representative said they would make sure they had the best dasher on it. There should be no tiers of dashers. When you order food and it is marked as delivered, it should be because you have received your food- which I never did. The service is not able to be trusted when it does not follow through on its principle purpose. I will be looking elsewhere the next time I seek out food delivery.
NEVER received my order
by VictoriaOK on 2019/02/12 05:52
I ordered from Door Dash despite having been warned by a friend that they had placed an order, were charged and never got their food. I decided to give it a chance, and what a mistake that was. I ordered my food and was charged. However, my order was picked up from the restaurant by the driver but never delivered though it appeared on my account as if it had been delivered. I went through the Help icon in the app and was #88 in line to start a chat with a representative. I then called customer service and waited on hold for 30 minutes before speaking with someone. The representative first challenged me on whether the food had actually not been delivered, then told me that they were unable to get in touch with my driver. They offered me a refund that would go through in 5-7 business days or longer depending on my bank. By this time, about an hour after I originally placed my order, most restaurants were no longer taking orders for delivery. For this inconvenience, Door Dash credited me $5 to my next purchase. I informed them there would not be any further purchases because of their egregiously poor customer service and lack of accountability on their employees who don’t do their job. I then had to run to the original restaurant to make it before they closed eating 2 hours after I had originally planned. This is a warning. I did not heed mine. Do not make the same mistake I did!
Lying is not ok
by Megfm97 on 2018/04/20 05:23
I ordered around 2030 on a Thursday evening. Driver called me and said order didn’t go through and he had to put order in at 2115. I called restaurant asked them about it and they said he was walking out the door at 2119 with my food. I called driver and he seemed flustered and said he did have my food. Said he would be at my place soon. I track him on the app (now I feel creepy) and he is driving the opposite direction of my house. Like 15 min in the opposite direction so I call him and he says the food is fine in his car. I said no, it is not and that it would be cold by the time you drive here in 30 minutes. I contacted the company who was great and said they’d refund me but they called the driver and the driver said he hadn’t picked up my food and the restaurant made a mistake (this is at 2155 at this point). I’m NOT one to write reviews but I have never been lied to like this from a “company”. The person from the app called me and said she was processing the refund and I told her. I don’t think the app and company is the problem but when you hire people that lie... it looks poorly on the company and makes people not want to trust you guys. I ended up reordering from the restaurant and picking it up. I have never had this problem with Uber eats! The only reason I give 2 stars is because the company refunded me without question. I really don’t like liars...
Wanted to take my money
by Jinjujoojoo on 2017/11/22 22:10
I made an order at 5:30. At 6:00, it said it was delivered, but it was not. I called and texted the dasher, but no response. I chatted with a rep, who helped me look into it, who ended up refunding me the amount. I reordered it, but was charged a $4 delivery fee. When I had originally ordered it at 5:30, it was on the “try for free” list. Which is funny, because I think I just missed the window, the first couple of times when I tried to reorder the app kept crashing (I’m guessing it was from trying to pay via Apple Pay when there was a negative balance (since I had more credits then the total)). So I chatted with another rep to get my $4 back, because I really felt like I was being charged $4 for something that was not my fault to begin with. They said no, so I had the order cancelled (and at this point it was really more out of fairness than being not hungry (because at this point I was pretty sad and hungry)). I ended up ordering from Yelp Eat24 instead, and will now probably go there first for ordering food rather than DoorDash (until/if Yelp takes my money for something that’s not my fault). Anyway, nothing on the customer reps, they were very helpful. This is more for maybe a line item on DoorDash customer retention, and/or maybe not. Needed to use my credits, another terrible experience. Ordered at 11:40am. Arrived at 2pm. Over two hours. Salad is soggy. Missing add-on chicken. Food is cold.
Their customer service is absolute trash.
by jesse lutz otb on 2019/02/08 02:25
I ordered some food at 5 pm and an hour and a half later he cancelled and said he couldn’t make it without anybody updating us. So live chat with customer service and they have a hard time understanding me. She tells me that she can have the restaurant remake the food and send another dasher out this is 2 hours in at this point. I say only if I get a full refund as well. She has a hard time understanding me again so I ask to speak to a supervisor. I wait another 10 minutes for a phone call to basically hear that he can’t guarantee a refund if we get the food. So after verbal gymnastics forever we agree that I’m just going to cancel my order and get a full refund and just not use door dash again. As soon as we come to that agreement he says I’ll get an email confirming everything just then I either get hung up on or my call dropped. Unbeknownst to me this whole time I’m arguing with him they reassigned my order to another dasher anyway so now it’s 3 hours after I placed my initial order and I finally got some stone cold food that according to the receipt was made 2 hours ago. Now obviously I get back in touch with customer support chat and ask to talk a supervisor again to sort this all out they said a supervisor will call me and they never did. So now I paid full price for stone cold food I ordered 3 hours ago. Never using door dash again. #teamgrubhub.
Only cause I have to give at least 1 star
by GarKre on 2017/09/23 06:07
Ordered from local restaurant (I'll keep their name out of it since it's not their fault) at 8:00 p.m. and it said the food would be ordered around 9:00 p.m. The time came and went and no food! Tracking the food on the app, the status never changed from "order received". I tried to connect through the support on the app, and I was #1794. Okay. I waited almost 2 hours before making it all the way to #240, at which point, the app kicked me out of the support page with no information!!! I rechecked and the order finally gave me a drivers name and info, and I called them to see what was up. What do I find out? My order was cancelled!!! An hour ago!!!! Not a call or an update on anything!!!! He even informed me that the app was sending him orders 2 hours after they were placed!!!! And it had happened to 4 other people tonight!!!! I had enough time between ordering at 8 pm, and finding out that my order was cancelled at 10:45, to download UberEats, update my credit card information, place my order, walk the 6 minutes to where they dropped off my food at the front of my complex, put it in a bowl, sit down and finish eating, and finish the movie I started when I first ordered at 8! What an absolute waste of 3 hours of my Friday. Never again will I be using doordash. On a side note: the movie "Concussion" is an excellent movie and I highly recommend.
Bad for restaurants!
by ZeN_shiro on 2018/09/10 02:45
I work at a local cafe in Portland, Oregon and we get a lot of orders from delivery companies like Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats, and more recently Door Dash. Our place used to get large amounts of big orders, but customers have no way to tip us (we have had $70 orders with no tip before :/) and delivery people aren't necessarily allowed to tip us either. So our place had decided to set house rules: 15% automatic gratuity fee for every delivery service orders. No other delivery services have issues with this new change, in fact everyone was supportive. But Door Dash doesn't walk up, order their customers' food/s, pick it up, and deliver; they call in beforehand—and they don't disclose that they are a Door Dash representative making the phone-order. They used to at least have a set "script" that makes it easy for us to ask if it is Door Dash calling, but lately they've been placing orders as if they were regular customers. Once the delivery guy comes in to pick up the order and we tell them that we charge 15%, every single person has thrown a fit, saying that we HAVE to let them know on the phone that there will be such charge, otherwise we can't charge them. But how are we supposed to let them know when they don't disclose that they're the ones calling? Change your rules!! A lot of local restaurants are dealing with the same situation and it's a HUGE disadvantage!! :(((
Overcharged for my meal
by Y won't they fix this on 2018/04/17 01:50
I placed an order through DoorDash, for a grilled chicken salad. When the driver arrived at the location, upon arriving at the restaurant she was informed, they were out of grilled chicken. I elected to have ham and bacon instead. I was charged $9.49 for a grilled chicken, ham and bacon salad. Since there was not any grilled chicken, the price of my salad decreased to $5.94. The driver informed me the adjusted cost would automatically happen; I should receive a refund for the overage. I waited a couple of days, before contacting CS. I was asked to provide the receipt showing the decreased price of the salad. I also added the message from the driver, informing me, that there was not any grilled chicken. This company did not even bother verifying the information with their driver, assumed that this message was from someone not affiliated with them since their number did not match their organization. I ask for a copy of the receipt; I received the credit card receipt showing the amount that was charged for the salad since that receipt only bared the decreased amount it was not correct. Very unfortunate, overcharging people for food and turning a blind eye when there is a discrepancy. I will never use the service again. I hope my review helps deter consumers from making the same mistake I did entrust a service from a company who lacks etiquette and does not stand behind their business motto when dealing with the customers.
Failure for a Delivery Service
by Smoking Cowboy on 2018/03/11 06:29
90% off all orders has something wrong with it. It used to be every now and then, but the service continues to take a dive. The Dashers (delivery people) don’t confirm the order is right before leaving the restaurants, and there are rarely utensils, straws, or napkins included. If you order (not in app) through any restaurant that has their own delivery person, you get all of the things you would expect to come with the type of food you are ordering. (Chopsticks for Pho, Salsas for Mexican Food, etc.) Doordash hires predominantly lazy stoners who are mostly just drivers who do the very minimum. I actually started leaving minimum tips (and I’m always a 20% tipper)because I can always expect something wrong with my order, where I’ll have to use support requests for bill reductions. The app also over charges for things that wouldn’t usually be a charge in store. Fatburger for example doesn’t normally charge for a side of ranch with fries, or grilled onions on the burger. It is included upon request in store for no additional charge. Then, when they forget both of those things you paid extra for, it is infuriating! It’s a shame because a lot of my favorite restaurants are on the app. I wouldn’t recommend the app to a friend or family. Doordash, fix your s$*t or you are losing customers starting with us.
Worst Food Delivery Service Out There
by rwsayrejr on 2018/11/02 02:25
I have used Door Dash for years and they are usually late and mess up the order but tonight was it. The app has been deleted. I ordered before I left work so I wouldn’t have to wait for my food. I live in a high rise building so they can leave the food with the doorman. When I got home the app said the food was delivered. The doorman who I trust said it wasn’t. I texted the dasher and he said the food was taken before he got there. So why did he mark it delivered in the app? After spending 10 minutes getting a hold of their customer service via a chat season they spend 20 minutes to tell me that the food was at the restaurant and never picked up. So the dasher lied. Tjwy said they would send a new dasher to pick it up and apologized for my experience. I told them to cancel the order as at this point the food has been sitting for 90 minutes (I have an hour commute) and it would be another 30 before I can get it delivered. They told me the best they could do was to give me a $20 credit on a future order. So I paid $45 for food that will have been sitting for 2 hours and that is all I get? After another 15 minutes they issued me a refund and canceled the order. They did absolutely nothing to try and make the situation right in their own. I had to argue my case repeatedly and waste my time just to get my money back. They offered nothing else.
Would give zero stars if I could
by KateStan18 on 2018/01/31 00:41
Save your time and money and use literally any other delivery service. I ordered food, get a call from the driver that he will be later than the estimated time. No big deal, that stuff happens. Over an hour after that phone call, and two hours since the order, he shows up with the wrong order from the wrong restaurant. Then he expects me to have the solution to this problem instead of knowing what to do. Weirded out by this, I ask him to just leave and I'll figure it out. Took three times of me asking for him to finally leave. I try to log back into the app to contact someone and it wouldn't let me. It kept on showing an error message or just closing me out of the app altogether. I eventually just googled their number. I call door dash. I get a woman who doesn't know English. I try desperately to explain my situation but she wasn't understanding. Then I try to give her my phone number to look it up and she didn't understand it. I am not knocking anyone for not knowing English, I am just dumbfounded why she would be taking inbound calls from a predominantly English speaking country. I gave up and eventually just hung up. Finally after my fourth attempt to call, I get through to someone. I haven't gotten my refund back yet, but I'm hopeful that's the one thing this company will do right. This was my first and last time ever ordering from them.
3 orders, 3 mess ups.
by opuskv626 on 2019/02/13 16:17
I tried this app for quick bites including Chinese food and even Wendys. Every order has something wrong with it or was extremely late. One order was from a restaurant 1.8 miles away. It took the driver an hour to get the food to me after being notified of pick up. You can track the drivers with gps, so it showed this driver go south for 10 miles before driving towards me. I don’t know if he had to go home to take a bathroom break or if he was going to a bad neighborhood for illegal activity. When he got here the food was cold and an hour late. The next time was from Wendys because the app was offering free delivery and a free sandwich. The driver showed up without the sandwich or a receipt. Did he eat it? Door Dash emailed me and asked me to prove they were running the promotion with screen grabs etc. Announcements about it are all over their own app! Then they said they “handled” the situation. I jumped through hoops and sent them the images but I got no credit and no fix for the fact that someone at my house had to skip dinner that night because their own promotion wasn’t honored. Finally I ordered from “No. 1” Chinese food. When the driver got there the restaurant had never been notified of the order at all! It ended up being an hour late, cold and the no. 1 case of food poisoning we’ve ever had. Skip this service. Go for another delivery app!
Hit or Miss!
by Coloradokatburns on 2018/04/10 22:32
I have been using Door Dash for awhile now. Probably two out of three deliveries arrive ahead of time and I am a happy customer! Other times I have waited 3+ hours (and obviously the food is cold by then). Not sure if my bad experiences are due to drivers or the APP (l think it’s combination but really can’t say for sure). Specific to the APP, I have never had success to call or chat with the driver when the APP shows already delivered. Contacting Customer support to inquire about missed deliveries is a PAIN! Can’t do through the APP; have to log in via web browser (I’ve not found any way to call them). Also you pay tips & fees upfront, so even if there is an issue and you complain, you have already paid in advance and there is no way to be really compensated. One other complaint about the APP is I have not seen any special requests honored. The field is there in the app, but I do not think the Restaurants see it. I have had to throw out food that might be perfectly fine for others but not for me. I miss the ‘old days’ when you could talk to a real person at the restaurant to ask about daily specials and be sure what you are getting. Back then if they made a mistake and put bacon on my veggie sandwich, the restaurant manager would have the power to ‘make it good’ and keep me as a loyal customer.
Just Don’t Do It!!!!
by VeronChristinee on 2017/10/14 16:40
At first, I really enjoyed and was happy with DoorDash. However, it seems to be that it got too big and had to hire many people to handle the volume of customers. With that, the “dashers” were in lack of better words, LAZY. You order something from this app, paying extra charges for delivery, adding the tip prior to service, & paying for it ALLL before you get the meal. Which is a HUGE mistake. At least 5 times, I have ordered meals and once I get the meal...items are missing, the “special instructions” I left are not followed, or the food is late on arrival also being cold. I AM NO LONGER USING THIS APP OR FOOD SERVICE, YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER! The experience I had just last night ruined it all. The “dasher” looked so unprofessional, as if I woke her up from a night of partying all night. Out of 3 things I ordered only received one and when I looked in the bag to check, she speeds off as if she knew things were missing or better off she decided to use the food for herself! When I called her immediately after all she said “contact support.” So blah blah I get the full refund, but with cold food and not the full meal I paid for. Please, save yourself the frustration and DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP OR USE THEIR SERVICE!!!!
DoorDash has really gone down hill
by Thjnk ex on 2018/08/10 01:12
I used to use this an embarrassingly amount of times a week. Sometimes twice a day. It was great, they had all the best restaurants around and the service was quick and friendly. I’ve never been a fan of the tipping before the service but the service was almost always great so it was fine Suddenly about two months ago it all started to change. The service became extremely slow and delayed without any apology or reasons why. Food was cold or wrong every single time. And the drivers became more and more lazy. Today was the worst of it. I placed an order for a sandwich waited for it to come and tracked it on the app. I was sitting by the front door on my phone waiting. About 5 minutes had passed since it was supposed to arrive so I checked the app again and it said it was delivered. I was very confused and opened my front door and there was my food. On my doormat like a package from the mail. What the hell! I tipped for this?! When I called the driver he said he rang the doorbell 4-5 times before leaving it. That’s insane, I was sitting right there. Never again DoorDash. You lost this customer.
First time user
by San Jose, Califas on 2018/07/28 02:27
Never used a service like this before. But just got a new puppy and couldn’t leave the house. I downloaded the App and created an account in about 2-3 minutes. First thing I noticed is that the orders cannot be customized too much. I guess that makes sense to avoid issues. So I couldn’t get the drinks I wanted but that wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t have a card on file so after loading my cart with order I added a card and paid for it. Order and card addition process took about 5 min. Once order was placed there was a screen that showed where my order was coming from. Once the order left the restaurant it notified me that it was on it’s way. Then I tracked the driver (and the food) on the map until it made it’s way to my door step where I was eagerly awaiting to eat. The APP allowed me to leave a recommended tip amount before hand so all I had to do was take the bag and say thanks. The order didn't come with napkins or utensils, but I have those so no biggie. All in all it worked pretty much how I expected it to. Took about 45-50min from order to delivery. No brainer. Easy peasy. #Burp, very satisfied.
Apps ok. Driver not good
by Kayost on 2018/03/17 01:21
I placed an order at 7:48pm. I followed it on the app and It said the order would be here in 2 mins and then changed to 30 mins. Some sort of problem with the app I assume. I messaged the dasher to see what was happening. He called me a few minutes later and told me that he was at the restaurant and they were running behind about 20-25 mins but he’s coming to me next. About 5 minutes later I got a call from a representative at DoorDash stating that the order was canceled because the restaurant was closed. I explained to her the situation and she was no help. She stated she tried to call the restaurant and wasn’t getting an answer. I explained to her that if that’s the case the dasher lied to me about being at the restaurant. This is AWFUL customer service for me and the merchant. This merchant has 4.1 stars on google. It states they are open until 9pm today. If they got my order and made it and the dasher never got it, now they are out money. My order was in with plenty of notice and I get a call a hour after I place my order that it’s canceled? After the dasher previously told me he was at the restaurant? I’ve used your app twice before because I loved the tracking map. With all of the delivery apps there are now in my area the one thing that sets one apart from another is the customer service. And DoorDash did not show me that. Very disappointed.
App doesn’t allow for notes or modifications
by yuchiqueen on 2018/08/17 23:53
The app is generally pretty good and lots of options. However, the app doesn’t show my entire address to drivers and it doesn’t allow for the notes section to show up. Unfortunately my condo address is the same as the hotel next door (different zip codes- same building number). Every time I have ordered to my condo complex- the driver uses the GPS (in lieu of reading notes I could list about my address) and then by the time the food arrives it’s cold. If there was a section that gave more detail (i.e. building name, complex name, etc) it would be more user and driver friendly. Secondly - when ordering food- the app doesn’t allow for any modifications to the food. It would be nice if I could adjust something (side, lightly seasoned or whatever) when ordering. I am already paying higher for menu item - so it would be nice to have my food how I would prefer. The drivers have all been great- but as a consumer for a convenience service I would appreciate warm food the way I want it- to actually arrive at my address instead of having to go to the street to find a driver.
Misleading, Deceptive Promotions
by PDXGF on 2018/09/11 01:20
I was enticed into downloading and using DoorDash by a promotional offer for ‘30 days of free delivery!’ for new users. Unfortunately the company can (and did) choose to not apply their promotion at any time during the stated period, even if you order and re-order the same items from the same exact restaurant while meeting order minimums. I didn’t realize it initially, but I’d been charged for my 2nd and 4th otherwise identical orders’ deliveries from the same place within the 30 day promo period. I did get free delivery for orders 1 & 3. After following up with customer support on the matter and including screenshots of my orders that fell within the promo’s active window, I was provided this information found in the promos further details (fine print), notified that the fee goes to paying drivers, and directed to the company FAQ page for further information. I then expressed my disappointment via my 3rd email with customer support, including a screenshot of the still active promo on the front page of the app, which finally prompted a refund in the approximate amount of the un-credited orders I’d initially reached out about. While I thank them and the 3rd support individual for the eventual refund, this instance will no doubt be considered when choosing a future delivery provider.
First time user
by Kiara Morales on 2018/06/13 06:31
It was my first time using DoorDash, my friend and I were starving and I was craving cafe rio. I downloaded Grubhub because I heard they were fast and easy but realized that they didn’t offer cafe rio and I couldn’t find anything else similar which was strange for me but oh well. So I downloaded uber eats and idk how y’all order from it. Ubereats literally had two options for me under all the categories which was also weird because those two are the most popular that I know of! So I finally downloaded door dash and I noticed that they do cafe rio! Yay. When I was place my order I noticed that the ASAP time and the next avail. Time slot were about the same amount of time I just decided to go w the time slot because “ASAP” means whenever the delivery driver is avail. And i was not going to wait any longer. Anyways, I set up my order and I get notifications when it was picked up and that my driver was 5 min away, they actually arrived 30 minutes before the ETA which was awesome! They did forget the creamy sauce but I wasn’t worried about that necessarily . Overall good experience w it, by after reading the reviews I’m pretty hesitant to order from door dash again
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