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*Watch baby grow | Track your health* Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia's personalized approach to tracking your baby's development gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. NEW! See realistic illustrations of what your little one looks like each week with our brand new ‘in the womb’ feature *Learn more about baby’s development: read detailed notes written by the artist, Ovia’s own medical illustrator! *See every detail: zoom into the full-screen images to get a closer look KEY FEATURES ◆ Customizable baby name, gender, goals & health tracking ◆ Dynamic timeline with articles & tips based on your data ◆ Weekly reports on your pregnancy progress ◆ Milestone tracking for belly pics, ultrasounds, baby shower & more ◆ Postpartum support: receive articles & tips in your 4th trimester ESSENTIAL TOOLS ◆ 2000+ pregnancy articles, tips & tools to support you throughout your pregnancy ◆ Calendar to organize & track all things pregnancy, from baby bump photos to doctor appointment reminders ◆ Customizable health tracker: log the data that fits into your life! ◆ Apple Health: Integrated to share blood pressure & weight data ◆ A safe, supportive community of moms & moms-to-be ◆ Health assessment: unlock more content, tips & tools! *Watch Baby Grow Week by Week!* See illustrations of your baby's current hand and foot size, and compare baby's size with fun themes: fruits & vegetables, animals, Parisian pastries, and fun & games. At week 17, baby is the size of a creme brulee! *Look Up Food Safety, Symptoms & Medications* Stay safe through your pregnancy by using our lookup tools: Food Safety Lookup, Symptoms Lookup, and Medication Safety Lookup. *Connect With Other Moms-to-Be* Ask and answer questions in an anonymous community of moms and moms-to-be. You can even target your questions to reach just the right people, like moms who are the same weeks pregnant, have the same dietary restrictions, or live in the same area. *Follow Your Progress With Customizable Tracking* ◆ Weight — Track & chart your weight progress — Manage goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI ◆ Symptoms — Learn the common symptoms for each week of pregnancy — Track 100+ symptoms — Get immediate alerts if your symptoms indicate a health risk ◆ Nutrition — Know what nutrients you need for your baby’s development — Record daily servings of protein, dairy, fruit, veggies, water — Find healthy recipes with essential vitamins & nutrients ◆ Medications & vitamins — Learn what medications are safe — Track your medications & vitamins ◆ Sleep — Track and chart your sleep ◆ Moods — Record your moods day by day ◆ Exercise — Stay fit, track your workouts — Connect with fitness trackers *ovia health* In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer ovia health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work. Do you have ovia health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download Ovia Pregnancy and enter your employer and health plan information to access to an expanded set of tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as breastfeeding preparation, gestational diabetes prevention, mental health education, and more. ABOUT US ovia health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The ovia health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, ovia health uses data-driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. CUSTOMER SERVICE We're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at
Not working
by nesscarrillo on 2019/11/20 02:54
This is my favorite app but since the newest update if doesn’t work anymore!! Please help.
Frozen after new update
by MammahZee on 2019/11/19 22:51
I love this app, but since updating it last night, it frozen! I open up the app and i can’t press on anything on the screen! I have tried to rest my phone and everything! All my other apps are fine. This one keeps freezing! Super unhappy with this update..
Constant advertising
by igctgth on 2019/11/19 21:11
Too much advertising. It’s off putting.
Used daily
by Hdarujbcs on 2019/11/19 11:56
This was one app I would open first thing in the morning to see what new things are going on with my baby. I loved this app so much. After this last update it just freezes and won’t load anything or let me log anything. I would love to be able to continue using this app for my remainder of 8 weeks. Please fix this issue!! Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it is working great now!
by Melodeezz on 2019/11/19 06:38
I just recently updated the app and now it crashes. It was working just fine before I updated it and now I’m sad that I can’t utilize it. Please fix this issue!
Baby app
by kim reyes on 2019/11/18 01:58
This is a really good app for your pregnancy it keeps you informed on how your bundle is growing and lets you know what to watch out for I love it so far I can keep up with my doctors appointment and everything else that is going on with my baby
Fix the broken update!!!!
by xkittie1483x on 2019/11/17 14:36
Been using this app as my go to guide for everything during my pregnancy, I have 8 weeks left and the update made it completely useless. Please fix it! I loved this app before the update.
Stopped working
by Tlwhite31 on 2019/11/16 11:45
I have loved this app but since the last update (about 2 weeks ago) it has stopped working entirely.
Stopped working
by Heyynessa on 2019/11/16 02:56
I used the Ovia Cycle app and when I became pregnant I downloaded this app. It worked great at the beginning. However, it stopped working the past few days. It won’t load or let me log any information. I really don’t want to delete it because I like it better than the other apps out there. PLEASE FIX!
Loved the app but stopped working after update
by This nickname crap is annoying on 2019/11/16 02:24
This is my go to and I’m dying without it. The last update has made it unuseable on my iPhone! HELP I open it and it loads ( or tries to) and closes . Can’t scroll or anything
Stopped working
by BeanBaby515 on 2019/11/15 10:11
This app hasn’t worked for several days. It’s a nice tracker, but it freezes and is completely useless right now. I’m moving on to something else.
Ovia pregnancy review
by a19474084 on 2019/11/15 03:36
Love to track my pregnancy and the information it allows me to track as well as the weekly updates and options to log fun milestones. Unfortunately, this latest update has my app crashing each and every time I try to open it so it’s now an unusable app.
by Kelsey0122 on 2019/11/14 11:41
I have used this app for all 3 of my babies. Helps keep me in track with my weight my appointments and now they have the 3D so you get an idea of how your baby looks. Absolutely MUST have app while pregnant!!!!
Won’t load
by shits4U on 2019/11/13 20:12
The app isn’t loading on my iPhone 6. It will close me out.
Frustrating app
by vaw7 on 2019/11/13 15:57
UPDATE: after the most recent app update I’m unable to even use this app. Very disappointed that there’s been no news or a fix to this yet. I will give it a few more days and then I’m getting rid of it. No sense keeping an app that doesn’t work and taking up space. Wish I could use for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m giving this app two stars for the simple fact that I have difficulty even opening it before everything freezes. It’s very slow and once it finally does load I have a hard time going to a different section without it freezing up again. I can’t look at the “in the womb” for the current week without it freezing as well. Then I have to completely close out of the app and restart it which again takes forever. I love the content and the ease of tracking everything as well as the breadth of information offered but I’m getting frustrated with the constant freezing bug.
So helpful, but so slow...
by MumuErin on 2019/11/13 05:39
I’ve used multiple pregnancy apps for tracking my pregnancy and Ovia is my favorite! It’s the only one I use now. The information and tools it provides for you is so helpful, and I like the option it gives you to pick a theme for your baby’s size comparison (I chose animals, and my baby is a platypus this week - so cute!). The community of mothers on here also seems to be a bit kinder than what I’ve witnessed on other apps, more willing to be helpful and supportive and keep judgements to themselves. Even if someone expresses a difference of opinion from the current thread, they’re just nicer about it than other message boards I’ve seen. My ONLY issue with the app is that it’s difficult to actually get into. Each time I open it the loading screen is up for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Sometimes it’ll close me out of the app before loading. Sometimes it’ll load my dashboard or the message board but it’ll be frozen so I can’t actually click on or scroll through anything. It’s a great informational tool, but it can be kinda buggy.
After the update
by lilmamaTH16 on 2019/11/13 04:10
My app worked great, then after it updated it does not load anymore and exits me out. Disappointed
Please fix the update!!
by Kelci1998 on 2019/11/12 18:21
I’ve been loving this app throughout my pregnancy, I’m 5 months pregnant and I really don’t want to switch to another app but its been frozen for days and won’t let me use it at all.
Freezing - Unusable
by abbirk on 2019/11/12 12:01
I loved this app and was using it to track my pregnancy, but since updating it, it had become unusable. It freezes immediately upon loading, and I cannot log any data or read any of the articles. Frustrating. Hope this is fixed soon.
Great app
by anele 💋 on 2019/11/12 00:39
Amazing app keeps you informed about your baby and your as mommy 👶🏻
App Freezing & Crashing After Recent Update
by Haven854 on 2019/11/11 19:31
I love this app — it is helping keep track of everything during my pregnancy. Unfortunately, after the recent update now it freezes upon opening and crashes. I can’t use it at all. Please fix this issue — I really don’t want to use another tracker!
Used daily, but freezes often
by TamsieEva on 2019/11/11 17:36
I love how easy this app is to use and having an anonymous community to ask important questions is amazing. The biggest flaw that I’ve came across is how much it freezes. The app never crashes, it just become unusable sometimes. Very annoying and I’ve came close to deleting it multiple times.
by LAHHHHAL on 2019/11/11 16:39
Ever since the latest update the app has not been working, it will open but the screen is frozen making it completely unusable
Great app!
by working on #3 on 2019/11/11 11:58
Really love the app! Only thing I would like to see improved is the ability to add other medications and more emotions. But other than that I live it! I think it provides great information and I look forward to reading about my baby every day.
The best
by Yayynicolee on 2019/11/11 02:54
We used Ovia to track my cycles while trying to conceive, and now this to track my pregnancy! I love the visuals of the growth, and the info on how the baby is growing and changing each week. I also like how it explains what the mom could experience that week too. Great app!
Bad bugs
by amberrxmonster on 2019/11/11 00:48
Ever since the new update I’m unable to use the app. This was my most used pregnancy app, I would go on everyday and helped me keep track of a lot of things. I’m now unable to use it, the whole app freezes and kicks me out. I hope this bug gets fixed soon.
app not loading
by o2lxfabxforever on 2019/11/10 22:19
ever since this recent update, anytime I try to get on the app, it loads to the first screen & then I can’t do anything after that.
Stopped working..
by Sabbeanbean on 2019/11/10 15:51
I LOVE this app but I haven’t been able to use it in a couple days, since the most recent update. And I don’t want to delete it because then all my stuff will be gone! But I don’t know how to make it work again. Haha.
Most recent update has ruined everything
by xxBreexx0126 on 2019/11/10 08:15
I can’t do anything... 5 seconds after going into the app the screen blacks out and it closes. Cant click on anything while its there those five seconds. Disappointing... I have been on this app everyday.
Major bug issues right now
by JKBizzle on 2019/11/10 04:18
There are some bug issues that need to be addressed. Have had issues with the app freezing for about a week now.
by reeyy12345 on 2019/11/10 03:27
For the last few days my app will open but nothing will work can’t scroll up or down or anything at all but I don’t wanna uninstall and possibly lose everything I’ve tracked
Loved it until now
by Raomgyer on 2019/11/10 02:33
I loved it until it stopped working a few days ago. It started crashing when I opened it, or it would open and load but not let me click anything or scan down the feed. I tried updating my phone and that didn’t fix it. The app says it’s up to date. I have tried to find an app support but didn’t find anything helpful.
Was working fine - now totally frozen
by Ccon6116 on 2019/11/09 20:50
I’m 17 weeks along and have been using the app daily to track my symptoms. In the last 24 hours the app can open but you can no longer track and add info into the calendar or do anything really. Waiting for an update.
App won’t work after update
by Lex6882 on 2019/11/09 16:26
Keeps freezing and crashing for two days now
Super buggy with this update - screen freezes upon opening
by noname8642467 on 2019/11/09 14:54
Super buggy with this update - screen freezes upon opening
Good app but goes so slow
by ItsLashae on 2019/11/09 14:33
Takes forever for this app to load & show you your data! It’s frustrating
by DlynnR on 2019/11/09 13:51
This app worked great for me for the entirety of my pregnancy until it updated a week ago. I’m 39 weeks pregnant today and haven’t been able to use my contraction timer or kick counter I can’t even scroll down to see any new updates or see what size the baby is this week the app completely crashed when I needed it the most. It worked perfect for months then come 38-39 weeks of my gestation it completely stopped working. It’s an overall great app which is why I continued to use it as my pregnancy tracker throughout my entire gestation but now when I need it the most it doesn’t work.
by Desiree Keough on 2019/11/09 13:38
After this last update I can’t even get on my app. It kicks me off before anything even loads. Disappointed because I liked this app.
Freezing a lot
by abrasivestew on 2019/11/09 12:49
I love this app, and I look forward to my weekly updates! Lately though when I go to enter data for the day, the app either freezes completely or it will freeze once I go to add data. Very frustrating - I would rate this much higher if they’d fix these bugs ASAP.
by elizabeth.maxwell1 on 2019/11/09 12:27
Latest update made this app stop working.
by a happy apple user on 2019/11/09 11:31
Please fix app..since last update, it hasn’t been working and this is my favorite pregnant app
Crashing all of the sudden
by hairam.mariah on 2019/11/09 07:22
The app won’t open now all of the sudden. It freezes then force closes every time. What do I do to fix this issue?
Must use!!!
by lyd-26 on 2019/11/09 00:09
Love the entire Ovia line!! User friendly, we got pregnant using Ovia Fertility and now we use Ovia Pregnancy!!
Latest update keep screen frozen :(
by k_crist on 2019/11/08 22:15
Loved the app until the most recent update! It freezes and won’t go to other pages. Please fix!!!!
It’s Fine
by Qpwirhf dkksnsbe on 2019/11/08 19:34
Easy to use but articles are horribly written and negligibly proofread. I loved the fertility app but the pregnancy app is just not the same experience. It’s boring and every week there’s a video with a woman who is at the same point in her pregnancy but she is largely unlikeable. Now that I’m farther along the app has started to lag like crazy too, and it only updates with new articles and information when you open the app. Updated to 1 star because now with 6 days until my DD the app has completely stopped working and refuses to load. Do not recommend.
App Freezes too much.
by FitnessMogul on 2019/11/08 17:10
Love the app however it does freeze up quite a bit. I haven’t been able to access it in the last 2 days because every time I open the app it freezes. Other than that it’s good for tracking symptoms and it’s great daily information.
Love it but takes forever to load!
by AlrexH on 2019/11/08 17:01
I LOVE this app! I downloaded 4 to see which I like best and I kept only this one. However, it seems like the longer I use it and the more data I enter, it takes forever to load and crashes all the time. Do I stop tracking my data? Should I go back and delete?
by AnonimityGiraffe on 2019/11/08 15:14
The new update causes the app to crash. Can’t access anything in the app.
Love it until this last update
by Mandy McCandy on 2019/11/08 15:01
I have loved this pregnancy tracker up until this past week. Whatever the new “enhancements” are make it so I can’t open it. Not sure where else to leave this info so you all can fix this.
by kmtz05 on 2019/11/08 14:55
This was my favorite pregnancy app, but since the update I’m no longer able to use it. I can’t scroll or click any of the features. Please fix. EDITED TO 5 STARS WORKING PERFECTLY NOW!
by Mommy8919 on 2019/11/08 08:15
Love this app!! I’ve used it my whole pregnancy and I’m due next month. Since the last update the app has been frozen and I’m unable to use it. Please fix!! 🙏🏻
It was good until it stopped working
by ywycoco on 2019/11/08 04:26
I don't know if it's because there was an upgrade to iOS but it just doesn't work now. I'll open the app and I'll tap or try to scroll but nothing happens, then it will just shut down. I was using to track my symptoms and questions for doctor but now I can't. Please fix this.
Crashes and lags
by Jennt C on 2019/11/08 02:39
I have been using this app through out my entire pregnancy. It was great UNTIL it has been crashing and lagging almost every single time I open this app! Very frustrating...
4.5 stars..
by Love racing!! on 2019/11/08 02:14
I love this app, but I find it frustrating how easily it wants to slide over to the next post in the community section. Scrolling down should not be this difficult. When I try to scroll down, it passes to the next page. This only happens in the community section. Seems like the side swipe sensitivity is pretty high. I hope this makes sense... otherwise.. it’s my favorite pregnancy app.
Love it but...
by _*omnomnom*_ on 2019/11/07 23:21
I love this app and have been using it since day 1 of my pregnancy, however recently it hasn’t been working right, loading slowly and since last week isn’t loading at all. I like using this app for the updates and to track certain things so it’s very unfortunate that I can’t even use the app anymore. I would appreciate this being fixed so much.
Great Way To Track Your Pregnancy Journey
by CVD1220 on 2019/11/07 21:31
This app is easy to use and provides a lot of helpful information about each step of your pregnancy in a fun and understandable way. The ability to track data like your weight gain, your emotional and physical symptoms, as well as the special moments, such as the first time feeling baby kick, are so helpful, especially for a first pregnancy. I can not recommend this app enough — especially after having a minor issue as a result of a phone software update when I thought I had lost all of the last 8 months of data I had logged. The Ovuline Support Team jumped right in and helped me to get my account back up and running with nothing lost!
Update Ruined It
by missmegan14 on 2019/11/07 20:20
Ever since it updated this app loads and then I can’t scroll or click on anything. It’s happening with the Ovia fertility and the Ovia pregnancy app. Please fix this! I love this app but now I can’t even use it. 😔
New update nov 7 2019
by Nessasmalltown on 2019/11/07 17:13
I actually really like this app but the new update has frozen everything I hope the fix it soon
New update = BAD
by Beck725282 on 2019/11/07 15:20
Because revert this app back to the previous version. It no longer works with the update...
by Busy SAHM of two on 2019/11/07 12:27
That update just messed up the app. I can’t click on anything, I can’t scroll. All I can do is shut down the app. It’s been a great app, but right now, it is useless. I ended up having to uninstall it and reinstall it. Can’t it be updated without having to do that??
It doesn’t open anymore
by fshrfuuff on 2019/11/07 06:40
Would keep loading for 1-2min and then crash!
Great info but so many glitches!
by EmmaCD333 on 2019/11/07 03:03
I love love love this app and it has been so hopeful to me, but man oh man does it have glitches! 9/10 it freezes when I open it and I can’t get it to start back up until several hours later. I never used to have this problem with it until recently.
Favorite Pregnancy Apps
by Andddeewww on 2019/11/06 19:07
I tried a few different pregnancy apps and this is by far my favorite. You can see illustrations of your baby at different stages, check whether certain foods or medicines are safe during pregnancy, track your weight and symptoms, post questions to a community forum of other Ovia users and so much more! Every time I think, “I wish Ovia had this...” I find it seconds later, it’s so useful. My favorite features are that you see the typical, “at 20 weeks your baby is the size of a coconut” baby-size analogies but additionally you can select to see Parisian bakery analogies, animal analogies and ‘fun and games’ analogies. My husband likes that last one because he doesn’t know how big a leek is but he can visualize a GI Joe action figure, it helps him feel included in the pregnancy. All in all, great app, I would 100% recommend it.
Love the app, but very buggy
by ksulli11 on 2019/11/06 18:49
I love using the app, and have used it throughout my entire pregnancy. However, it gets buggy often, and usually closes out the application randomly.
New update horrible
by Jessicalacole on 2019/11/06 14:52
I would normally give it 5 stars because I haven’t had an issue with it until I updated it yesterday. Now the app freezes on the home page and then crashes. Please fix and I will give 5 stars. And I already emailed support about the issue
Good app, bad update
by myzticmoon on 2019/11/06 14:07
Love the app but after doing the latest update my app freezes when I open it so it’s useless now.
New update won’t let me use the app
by Cscidm on 2019/11/06 14:02
I was on it yesterday morning to log sleep and breakfast, same for afternoon to log lunch. By the evening it wasn’t working. Loads the homepage just fine but then it pretty much freezes. Won’t let you scroll or do anything, can’t click on calendar or community. Nothing. Same thing today as well!
Better pregnancy apps are out there
by scaird on 2019/11/05 18:27
Now that I’ve used a couple different pregnancy/parenting apps, Ovia has fallen to the bottom of my list as far as quality goes. I used Ovia with my first pregnancy, but with subsequent ones I’ve switched to apps that include both pregnancy and parenting support, so it’s a one stop shop for all my kids. Also I HATED the community forum. Women were so mean and petty, and most of the questions I tried to post didn’t receive any feedback. Comments frequently were deleted and the forum was not monitored well at all. Too much toxicity for such a joyful time of life. Better apps are out there.
Can’t log in
by Marilen S. on 2019/11/05 14:46
I downloaded the app and made a login but it’s not allowing me to get into the app.
Needs work
by DevPack16 on 2019/11/05 06:10
I loved the app at first but it glitches and freezes way to much. I’m 30 +2 weeks and it did great for a long time. Now it hardly works and today it won’t work at all. It’s completely froze and I can’t do anything.
by Panderrr17 on 2019/11/05 03:20
Loved this app but lately it’s been so slow to load and freezes. Sad I might have to switch to a different app. The app hasn’t been working all day. Ughhhh
Rude community
by blow620 on 2019/11/04 15:35
The app is great but there are so many judgmental people and rude people in the community part of the app. If you aren’t there to support or give kind words of encouragement to women who have questions or concerns then you should really keep your opinion to yourself.
by 13rasfield on 2019/11/04 02:54
I used the Ovia fertility app per a friend’s suggestion and then downloaded the pregnancy app earlier this year. It has all been fairly basic and easy to use. I have enjoyed the little tid bits it has offered from symptoms to how baby is doing. My biggest frustrations is how slowwww it always is to open and “get ready” to be used and how it doesn’t seem to update once the app is opened. For example, I document when I take my prenatal vitamin, it will still ask if I have or not. ANNOYING
Frozen App!!
by eam0130 on 2019/11/04 02:15
I love this app but since the latest update, I haven’t been able to do anything on it. As soon as I open it, it only loads maybe one or two things then freezes & nothing happens when I tap on the screen. I know it’s not my phone because everything else work BUT this app. Fix soon please!!!
latest update
by elainakeeter on 2019/11/03 16:04
i LOVE this app, i love the fertility app that got me to this point. but since this latest update it doesn’t work. unable to click on anything and it just continues to force closed. with 3 weeks left in my pregnant i am on the fence about downloading the parenting app to follow. i am highly disappointed i will most likely not finish this journey with this.
by Plushtrap93 on 2019/11/03 07:31
I love the app for letting me know what exactly is going on with baby growth every week and seeing the hand/foot grow as well. I hate that it keeps asking me if I have gestational diabetes among other things almost everyday though, it makes me very annoyed to keep clicking no a billion times.
Best pregnancy app
by rsmithmama on 2019/11/03 06:16
This app is AMAZING! It gives me updates on the size of the baby and it is so fun to go through and read what things should be happening with the baby and things that should be developing. It also goes through possible symptoms that I may be experiencing. Overall this app is super informative and I love it
Love app butttttt
by mrs emerson on 2019/11/02 18:33
When I get an email saying look at this I click the link and it just goes away shows last thing I googled I even turned off pop up blocker and checked settings and stuff and it’s still not working correctly
New update
by Consumer93 on 2019/11/02 01:13
I love this app but since new update it has completely frozen I cannot do anything on it
Love, but I wish the in the womb pictures would load
by mnm7171 on 2019/11/01 21:29
I love this app from the tracking it offers and fun tidbits about how the baby is developing, but i am extremely disappointed that the “in the womb” feature never loads. That is one of my favorite parts to see, but it will never load for me to be able to look at it. I really wish this bug would be fixed!
i'd love to give this 5 stars
by michi.nejo on 2019/11/01 19:35
but unfortunately the anonymity of the "community" lets people go wild with their rudeness.
Fix the bugs!
by oncloudeason on 2019/11/01 12:37
I love this app! I'm 8 weeks pregnant and using Ovia to track my every symptom, talk to the anonymous community, and check on baby's progress. Also used Ovia Fertility app Prior to this. However I have never been able to use the "In The Womb" feature because the app freezes every time you click on it. I just updated the app hoping it would fix that and now my entire app freezes upon opening so I can no longer use it at all! Help, I don't want to go elsewhere.
by leahfromkorea94 on 2019/10/31 20:47
The app freezes as soon as I open it :(
Good app but needs to be modernized
by Your old Neighbors: B and D on 2019/10/31 14:59
My one issue with this app is that it only talks about hospital births. There are other options for families these days. Birthing centers and homes births. I wish the app was more inclusive.
App freezing
by aprilkirby81 on 2019/10/31 11:52
I have updated the app yesterday and now every time I open it it freezes. I love this app other then this.
Always crashing
by sunflowersandsunshine92 on 2019/10/31 11:26
Will change my review once I can actually use the app. Used to love this app and it was the only one I used but now all it does is crash. :/
App needs updating
by PrincessAmber61613 on 2019/10/31 02:30
Love this app, has everything you need i used it on a daily, but every since the iOS 13 update, the app doesn’t work, crashes, lags. It’s frustrating and annoying considering this was the main app I’ve used throughout my entire pregnancy.
Buggy app
by Carms333 on 2019/10/31 00:25
Update 10/30/19: The app won’t even function at this point. Crashes as soon as I open it. Horrible update, just gets worse and worse! The home layout is unorganized, the daily health questions are annoying and condescending, and the advertising is constant. I like Nuture way more.
“Problem cancelled - retry”
by K0612111 on 2019/10/29 17:58
Anytime I try to open the app or click on anything it says “problem cancelled - retry.” Normally have no issues with the app and it’s by far the best pregnancy app, so I’m really bummed it’s not working.
Love it but..
by kasohn on 2019/10/29 02:04
This is my second pregnancy using this app and it’s great for following along but goodness gracious with all the surveys.. I feel like I’m just being used for some data bank. Not to mention, all the ridiculous recommendations on vaccines 🤢 I would probably stop recommending vaccines on a pregnancy app that have never actually been proven safe and effective for pregnant women and actually instead increase your chance of miscarriage!!
Unable to Report
by lmuehr on 2019/10/28 22:39
The app was great during my entire pregnancy. However, when I tried to put in my information to report the birth, I wasn’t able to add my providers name. So now it says I am 11 weeks over due. But I gave birth Aug 8.
Ovia is great
by Saygius on 2019/10/28 19:40
Very useful app
by Justttttttttttty on 2019/10/27 15:39
Makes tracking progress so easy. Very informative. Definitely the best pregnancy app out there
Kind Of Disappointed
by Theylovediana_ on 2019/10/24 04:27
Im Giving This App 3 Stars, Because Im Expecting Twins And Theres Little To No Information About Twin Pregnancies. No Pictures Of Twins Weekly & Very Little Information About Them Growing Throughout Pregnancy. Very Disappointed, Its My First Pregnancy And I Felt Like I Didnt Know Much Of What Was Going On.. They Have A Lot For Singleton Pregnancies Which Is Great.
Love it
by yupyupyup3304 on 2019/10/22 15:51
I love this app. I have been using it for several years now since I was pregnant with my first son.
Lov’d this app
by Char & Baby BP on 2019/10/22 08:57
Loved this app since the start of my pregnancy. The information, ideas, examples, pictures and more have been greatly appreciated!
love this app!!
by Bey momma on 2019/10/19 19:17
i have used this app with my last 2 pregnancies!! i love how it has each week you will be on the date!! it came in handy when i was planning my baby shower and if i was able to do any activities. i didn’t have to sit down and do the math!!
Cute but needs work
by antisocialmom on 2019/10/18 14:07
I gave this app 4 stars because I love everything except the objects they compare the babies size to. I would really love if you guys used more general household items. Some of the vegetables are fine but a lot of times I have to go look up a person holding the item they suggest so I can see what the heck they’re talking about. A lot of them are weird things I’ve never heard of.
Best pregnancy app!!
by F_OSCR on 2019/10/17 04:26
Amazing app, easy and full of good information — I’m already missing the daily infos and the weekly updates. I tried several apps during my pregnancy and Ovia is by far the best one!
Easy but basic
by shelbystackpole on 2019/03/13 21:45
By far the best pregnancy app out there! The kick counter and contraction timers are GREAT. I adore the growing hand and foot images as well, so precious and it just helps the whole experience of pregnancy feel more real. I also really appreciate the anonymous community feature as well! On my of biggest frustrations with other apps is questions being ignored/unseen because I wasn’t a “top member.” I do have two other apps as well but each only serve one purpose. If Ovia would include these, they’d be a one stop shop far superior to the others! I use Pregnancy+ solely for the 3D realistic baby. It just helps me feel connected to my baby to know and what he might be looking like each weak. The other is app I use is The Bump. Similarly to Pregnancy+ there’s a more realistic visual. I love that I can see the baby in relation to my own body. It’s highly informative and helps keep my anxiety at bay. I also notice that The Bumps size comparisons seem to be a bit more in line with what I’ve seen online, though I do SO LOVE that you can change the theme of the size comparison with Ovia. Overall, Ovia is the #1 app I would (and do) recommend to all my expecting friends and family.
Flexibly useful
by fwegan on 2019/04/02 17:20
I’m nearly 18 weeks pregnant and have been using Ovia every day for months. When I first found out I was pregnant I installed five different pregnancy apps. Ovia quickly became my favorite because the health tracking is so flexible and intuitive. I’ve been tracking my sleep, weight, and symptoms, and ignore the parts I’m not interested in tracking (e.g. mood, nutrition, exercise). I also like that there’s a nice-length article each week and some daily content that isn’t too overwhelming. On the cons, sometimes the app takes a while to load, or to load the health tracking page. The daily questions of if I’m taking my prenatal vitamin got REALLY annoying really quickly, so now I just click “yes” on whatever question pops up when I first open the app to get past it quickly in the morning before I’ve forgotten my sleep hours. I think this has given the app some false data. My biggest qualm though is that I can’t seem to export my tracking data. I can’t believe this isn’t an option! The app only lets you graph a few variables over time (weight, sleep—though not your total sleep if you log multiple stints of sleep a night—activity, steps, blood pressure, and nutrition) and I am just itching to make my own graphs of some of my symptoms over time. The fact that it looks like I’m going to have to pull the data out manually is a HUGE bummer. I’m hoping this becomes part of the app in the near future.
Mostly great
by StarryViolet on 2018/04/14 21:19
When I found out I was pregnant, I downloaded several pregnancy apps to see which one I liked best, and Ovia won out easily. I like the interface and the customization. I love the daily and weekly updates and little blurbs about what to expect from my body and what was happening with Baby and it’s development. The ability to track food, weight, symptoms, doctor’s appointments, just about everything is great! The way that articles and videos are broken down makes them easy to search and find what I want to read. And the medication and food safety look up has been amazing and saved me a lot of unnecessary phone calls to my midwife. This only reason this rating lost a star is because I felt like the high level of daily interaction became all but non-existent once I went over my due date. I’d get one targeted advertisement and maybe one blurb about “is the nursery ready?” or “only a few days left”. I missed the timely articles, and wish that instead of recycled blurbs there had been articles about induction or how common it is to go overdue. I know those sorts of things exist because I could look them up in the app, but I wish they had been automatically showing up on my feed as a means of reassurance. Overall a great app, but updating it a bit would be even better.
Best Pregnancy app by FAR
by alymae88 on 2018/11/19 15:41
This app is amazing. I downloaded all of the free apps I could find involving pregnancy because I’m going to be a first time mom. Ovia does an amazing job of taking a little of every type of app (informational, social, health, etc.) and making it extremely easy to use. I also love that when posting in the community, everyone is anonymous. I think it makes asking for help and being honest about what you’re going through, so much easier. I also underestimated how much asking questions would help. It’s great that, as an inexperienced woman that doesn’t know what to expect in a pregnancy, I can ask other people if what I am experiencing is normal. You can also change the background to fit a theme, you can change what they compare the baby’s size to, and all sorts of customizations. Not only does this app track how I’m feeling, tell me more about my pregnancy and it’s symptoms, and help me connect with others, but it also takes a load of stress off of me. It’s a life saver.
Like it, but needs improvements on articles
by Upmove on 2018/10/06 00:34
This is one of my favorite pregnancy apps for tracking the baby’s progress. I like how you can also put in doctors appointments, track weight, BP, etc. The daily reminders for prenatal vitamins helps if you’re the sort of person who might forget. However there are rarely any articles to read other than the weekly updates. I go to Bump or even What to Expect (which I typically don’t like) apps to read through when I’m bored but want to do baby stuff— since they tend to have way more articles. I wish Ovia did too. My biggest complaint is how much this app emphasizes post partum depression. Don’t get me wrong— it’s a serious issue and it’s good that the app educates you about it. But honestly, more than half the updates towards the end of the pregnancy are about depression, or baby blues, or mental health issues... I’ve read all of the articles and tip prompts several times by this point, and I’m just sick of it. The app is honestly making me feel like I’m guaranteed to have PPD no matter what, so I should be stressed about it every time I open the app for the last two months. I really wish they toned it down a bit, gave you the option to turn it off, or at least had some other sorts of articles to read (but they don’t ☹️).
Love it but....
by RhiKonshuk on 2017/12/11 06:58
I have really enjoyed this app a lot! I love seeing different things that my baby is the size of each week. The last 2-3 months though have been very frustrating!! Every single time I first try to open the app, the loading page appears for a good 30-40 seconds and then the app just closes itself. Usually trying a second time works just fine, but now there have been a couple days over the past week where the app will just keep closing itself no matter how many times i try! First of all the loading page lasts way too long... second of all why should i have this app taking up space on my phone if it is just going to choose not to work whenever it feels like it! One of the couple days i had just mentioned, i was at the store and wanted to use the food safety Heinz sight i should have just used safari because i knew even if it was working like usual (second try access success) that would still be a full minute or more of waiting for it to just load!!! Safari takes less than a quarter of that time! Please fix this problem as i still love everything else about this app!
This is THE app to use!
by Mung Bean's Mommy on 2018/08/09 10:03
I downloaded another popular app when I became pregnant and quickly got burned out on it - it was all advertisements and fashion advice. I downloaded Ovia and WOW am I glad I was still in the 1st trimester when I found it. The interface is user friendly, the content is truly about my health and the health of my baby, not about what other people think or what I should be wearing. I love being encouraged to log my food and vitamins, and have truly been eating more intentional foods since starting it. It’s encouraging, informative, and my husband even got to subscribe to the daily emails! It helps him feel involved and he has been following the recommendations for nutrition by going to the grocery store for me without me even having to ask- the app is telling him what we need! Love this app! The only function I wish it had was an option for a more detailed food log, and the ability to list more specific high-risk categories that aren’t preloaded. I’m high risk with a connective tissue and joint hyper mobility disorder but there’s currently no option to record it as it’s uncommon.
Really enjoy this app but...
by elvenarcher on 2019/04/05 20:11
This is a great pregnancy app to use and track things along your long 9 months. It has great features and is very easy and intuitive to use. I enjoy most of the articles that come across the feed. My favorite feature is tracking the baby’s size and growth, especially with the fun size comparisons. However, there are a few downsides. Despite having entered my special conditions in that page, the app always asks me if I’ve reported said condition to my doctor when I track it. On multiple occasions this has happened. Second, after February, the app stopped showing the icons in the calendar for the days I logged data. The bars for each day and plus sign for doctors appointments don’t show up anymore, even after numerous updates. It’s a little frustrating because I cannot see what days I tracked already or what days my appointments are. Other than those issues, I’m enjoying the app. I cannot find another way to report the issues I’ve been having to Ovia, so hopefully seeing this review will suffice.
So informational while keeping it fun and visual
by RaidonsProudMama on 2018/08/29 15:44
From the moment I found out I was pregnant up until this very moment with my son curled on my chest, I have found myself oh-so many times reading the updated and offered articles. The information readily available is pretty accurate down to the examples given and solution offerings. It was nice to see week by week what to expect and how to handle and now as he grows there’s new facts provided that reassure a new mom he’s on track (actually ahead of) but to know there’s others experiencing the same if not similar and learning and growing with their child as well. Without either of my parents to confide in, I depended on this app with any question or possible concern throughout my now; 10 month journey. Thank you kindly for this wondrous resource. Pray others find it and are able to enjoy as much!!! Definitely a 5 star and highly recommended app. (Which I have referred every expecting parent in my life)
So helpful, but so slow...
by MumuErin on 2019/11/13 05:39
I’ve used multiple pregnancy apps for tracking my pregnancy and Ovia is my favorite! It’s the only one I use now. The information and tools it provides for you is so helpful, and I like the option it gives you to pick a theme for your baby’s size comparison (I chose animals, and my baby is a platypus this week - so cute!). The community of mothers on here also seems to be a bit kinder than what I’ve witnessed on other apps, more willing to be helpful and supportive and keep judgements to themselves. Even if someone expresses a difference of opinion from the current thread, they’re just nicer about it than other message boards I’ve seen. My ONLY issue with the app is that it’s difficult to actually get into. Each time I open it the loading screen is up for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Sometimes it’ll close me out of the app before loading. Sometimes it’ll load my dashboard or the message board but it’ll be frozen so I can’t actually click on or scroll through anything. It’s a great informational tool, but it can be kinda buggy.
Love Ovia!
by GBunny06 on 2017/12/14 15:46
I love the Ovia apps; I started off with Ovia fertility, and, well, a month later I was pregnant! So I switched to Ovia pregnancy and love this one as well! I'm giving it 4 stars though, just because I think there's room for improvement in the community aspect. For asking questions, I understand the anonymity aspect, but moms-to-be also like to connect with others, so being able to create a public profile/username and having a community where you could connect would be a great addition. As it is, some users try to connect via the questions, but that doesn't really work... Plus honestly, not everyone knows how to ask a question. That seems silly to say I'm sure, but all my thesis classes from college are coming back to me, so when they don't give the appropriate options for answers (like forgetting a "doesn't apply" when asking a yes/no question, for example) I'm like ugh! But anyways, apart from that aspect it's great; I look forward to checking the daily update each day and I love the different themes for size comparisons - Parisian bakery for me! (Because our honeymoon was in Paris and I'm a definite Francophile.) Besides, not everyone wants to compare their baby to fruits and veggies. =) At the start of a new week in my pregnancy my husband and I look together to see the new comparison, how much her hand grew, and read the updates! It added to the anticipation of her arrival. The only pregnancy app I use.
It’s a great app but ...
by honest reviews r us on 2019/07/23 19:48
Don’t get me wrong, this is one of my favorite pregnancy apps out there! I use it a lot to keep track of my baby’s growth, my upcoming doctor appointments, and so much more!! That being said, let me explain why I gave this app 3/5 stars ... THE COMMUNITY CAN BE TOTALLY TOXIC!! Being a new mommy-to-be, I do admit, I can ask a lot of questions about simple things that every already mommy will know. But not me! I barely know all the right things and the wrong things to do! And having almost every comment on my questions being another soon-to-be mother/already a mother belittle me?? It’s not okay!! I really wish there was a way to block someone or multiple people from commenting on my questions. It really tears me down to hear by multiple other people how stupid you are when all you’re trying to do is ask a simple question??? I don’t understand. Please do something about this developers. Other than that, the app is great. And don’t get me wrong, there really can be some great, polite and helpful people on this app!! Just a few rotten apples... thank you!!
So in love with this app
by ADC022192 on 2018/07/09 10:42
Since I have been pregnant with my little one this app has helped me out a lot. It is so informative that I feel like with each week as my baby grows I learn something each and everyday about my little one and it’s development. As a new mom to be I feel like this app gives me a piece of mind about everything as far as development of baby, the symptoms that I might experience that I might experience throughout each stage, sending me reminders for my doctor’s appointments. The articles they have for diet, exercise, recipes, and other useful things on the app. This is the only pregnancy app I’ve ever had and I must say I’m glad that I did it right the first time, this app is amazing. I recommend this app to everyone that’s pregnant, you will not be disappointed and you will be well educated just like I am now!!! This app definitely has me looking forward to meeting my little one.
Great App but Update Left Something to be Desired
by S_Schultz on 2017/10/13 16:53
I have really enjoyed using this app for my first pregnancy! I like the week by week articles, the fun themes, and the tools like the symptom checker and food/medication safety. However, there are a couple things I would improve. Since the last app update, it's harder to look up and find medications to record. In the previous version, it would keep your recently used meds (like prenatal vitamins) up at the top so you could easily find them. Now I have to search prenatal vitamins every time which is frustrating. Also, the kick counter was moved off the front data screen and moved into the more tab, which doesn't seem to fit for me. That is something I use everyday and data that I would like to be able to chart out (it's a higher priority for me than the activity tracker). Overall, the app is great and I do recommend it to my friends. Just a couple things that I would change to improve ease of use.
Great app
by JanPonce on 2019/03/19 09:28
Found this app via my employer. Really great app. It tracks food, weight, symptoms and many other things. App has many articles that are informative and educational. I love how I can track the babies weekly and gives you information about the baby on a day to day basis. Overall a great app. I would highly recommend. I gave it three stars because even though my settings were set for multiples the app followed a single birth pregnancy. It really doesn’t cater to twins. It would of been cool if my home page was automatically set with multiples pictures with two sets of hands and feet. I would of enjoyed opening the app and seeing two babies next to each other with an idea of how big they are at the current week. Adding my babies names to the app was VERY disappointing because it only allowed me to put it one name. It also doesn’t list all of the complications in pregnancy nor can you add it. It is a bit annoying. Same goes for medications. Other than that app is great. I would highly recommend.
Love It
by notatrumplover on 2019/02/27 07:40
This is my first baby so I figured an app would help keep me sane. I went through 3 or 4 before I stumbled upon Ovia, and I didn’t have a single second thought when I started using this app. It’s easy, it’s sensible, you can control notifications, and you can put whatever information you have and you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the information it asks for because you can always skip it. This has helped me keep track of my baby’s growth and development much better than other apps. I tried a couple of the themes and finally settled on fruits and vegetables, but the other themes were just as cute. And I particularly love the mom/parent chat available. It’s very helpful for first time moms that have worries but don’t want to go to the doctor right away. It’s a wonderful app. I hope everyone else using or considering using it has as an experience as good as I have had.
One of a kind app, provides real insight
by Amy1616 on 2017/11/15 06:04
This is my 3rd pregnancy and my 5th pregnancy app. Ovia is easily my favorite, and only 5 star review. It's exciting and fun to change up your settings whether it be background or the different "size of my baby this week" choices. Most important is the value of the articles. This is the only app I've encountered where it provides articles aiming to equip you with all info. Especially what to expect when things don't go perfectly in pregnancy, labor/delivery, and with your new baby. My first baby was born with special needs and I'll never forget the feeling of shock in the hospital they he wasn't okay. All I had heard throughout my normal pregnancy was you deliver your baby and go home! Life is good! I was completely unprepared for circumstances like mine. This app gives all sides and scenarios without scaring you but rather educating and preparing you. So important.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby...
by BrigetteKnowsBest on 2018/06/02 10:19
I absolutely love this app! I use it everyday: when I first started to plan to conceive with my husband I was looking for an app that had more than just “cute pictures”. I wanted an informative app that would truly guide me. Once we conceived (5 ways and 5 days ^_^) it became obvious that this was the app to have! I have the daily community which is amazing! You can upload your questions and feel thy you’re not alone because you instantly have replies from women who are going or went through everything you’re experiencing. You also have tips as to why to eat, so to work out, cleaning supplies around the house. You also have the amazing daily tracker of everything! How you’re feeling, what you’re feeling, BP readings, weight tracker and so much more! Don’t waste your money and time on these other apps!
Great for Normal Pregnancies!
by Elisamai on 2019/01/27 16:03
This is my second pregnancy and time using this app. Overall, it’s great! However, I wish the app would better customize when it asks you about certain conditions you might have (and you answer yes). I suffer from HG in my pregnancies and it’s s but disheartening to receive constant reminders about ‘morning sickness being normal’ or ‘should be over now’ or ‘even if you can’t eat, you should find ways to supplement anyway.’ If the app is smart enough to ask whether an expecting mom has HG, it would be nice to know that the app would use that information in its feeds. Also, better historical tracking of a previous pregnancy would be lovely! I seemingly lost all of the data from my last when I indicated I was pregnant again. Bummer! Still, this app is hands down better than things I compared. And HG is more rare so also take that comment with a grain of salt as a general user. Use it!
What a fascinating guide and companion during this amazing trip of pregnancy
by Lenaglt on 2018/09/24 21:22
Since I found out we were pregnant, I was finding myself all the time googling stuff on the internet to find answers, since all of these is SO new to me. Ovia Pregnancy app is an amazing companion and support system for me since then. They have personalized content for you, with updates on your little one, updates on you as a mommy, as well as a great systematic approach to what to expect. They even have a list of medications you are and are not supposed to take. Every morning, I can’t wait to see on the baby’s update on its development, and after using it for almost two months, I haven’t still explored all the wonderful sections that they have for you. My husband had to download the app to, so he would see everything for himself. The only drawback- which might actually be available, I just haven’t been able to find it in the app- is that it would be nice if the spouse could get a link (?) or something and get the same personalized profile, so we have everything the same.. I don’t want to forget to mention that this absolutely fabulous app is for free and without major advertisements. Great job and hope all new and not new moms’ pregnancies are happy and smooth, with lots of sleep and food.
Favorite Pregnancy Apps
by Andddeewww on 2019/11/06 19:07
I tried a few different pregnancy apps and this is by far my favorite. You can see illustrations of your baby at different stages, check whether certain foods or medicines are safe during pregnancy, track your weight and symptoms, post questions to a community forum of other Ovia users and so much more! Every time I think, “I wish Ovia had this...” I find it seconds later, it’s so useful. My favorite features are that you see the typical, “at 20 weeks your baby is the size of a coconut” baby-size analogies but additionally you can select to see Parisian bakery analogies, animal analogies and ‘fun and games’ analogies. My husband likes that last one because he doesn’t know how big a leek is but he can visualize a GI Joe action figure, it helps him feel included in the pregnancy. All in all, great app, I would 100% recommend it.
Flawed But Decent App
by bgregory on 2018/07/06 00:12
I wish there were more theme options because I don’t seem to know hardly any of the things it is relating to the size of my baby in any of the themes. I wish that under medications it would let you put in a medication even if the system doesn’t notice it because they don’t have some of mine listed. Lastly, for sleep and activity it would be nice to be able to add the information in later because if you sync a Fitbit and wake up in the middle of the night it doesn’t record all of your sleep just that first part and the step count is rarely ever consistent with what I’ve got on my Fitbit. If we could go back in and change the wrong information it would be such a better app. I actually deleted the Fitbit sync because the wrong information drives me crazy. Developers definitely need to put in work to fix the concerns of the users but other than that it is a nice app and I like the way it is set up.
So in love with OviaPregnancy App!
by AugiRi on 2018/08/31 03:41
Well with this being my first pregnancy and come to find out, I’m having twin girls, I had so many questions and concerns. So I downloaded about 5 pregnancy apps before this one and this one takes the cake easily for me. There’s sooo many amazing features to this app! Some of my favorites being: The information it provides about my baby, the details of every symptom I’m able to document everyday throughout my pregnancy, and the cutest themes I’m able to pick from! I didn’t know let alone think about how effective a good pregnancy app could be during one of the most beautiful yet hardest moments of my life. Thank you so much for all you’ve put in this app to make us mommy’s to be feel so prepared and at ease! Most of all thank you for the support I feel when I scroll through it everyday!
Most Informative
by NatureLove3567 on 2018/11/11 23:12
Ovia doesn’t necessarily have all the excitement of articles everyday, BUT they have so many other helpful tools that other apps don’t. For example, their forum is the easiest to use. They also have a KICK COUNTER, CONTRACTION TIMER, MEDICATION SAFETY LOOKUP, FOOD SAFETY LOOKUP, and SYMPTOM LOOKUP. You’d have to download several apps usually to get those things and it saves you so many calls to your doctor about simple things like allergies and what’s safe to take. It really has way more than the other apps. It shows how baby is growing and comparative size. You can also choose what you want size compared to, cute little animals, veggies and fruits, pastries, or random. It has the weekly updates and information for multiples too! I really loved this app and many women don’t even know all the features it has. :) totally worth it
Overall great - a few small notes
by ktimms on 2018/03/04 04:05
Love this app! It is user friendly gives me plenty of info but isn’t overwhelming! I love that I can log all my data in one central point but what would make this app better is to have that data more usable. For example, I log my weight and I can’t see a summary of my weight gain to date to see if I’m on track. There is a tending section but the graph only shows the last few says and you have to scroll to get more data. It would be more helpful to have all my weight entries in a complete log or to actually have the app calculate for me. Similarly if my goal is 4 workouts a week it would be helpful to see when I’ve met that goal or when I haven’t. The app has great information and I do like having one central place I input all my data but it’s bit frustrating that I can’t get all that data back out in a useful way.
Unbelievably Amazing
by BhumiVish on 2018/06/30 13:40
Hello to-be moms, Congratulations! if you are pregnant and have already downloaded Ovia Pregnancy, you know that it’s a holy grail. For those who are thinking to download and are reading this review, then please go ahead and do it ASAP. You would not regret. My mom is thousands miles away to take care of me during pregnancy or give me advice on dos and don’ts. Ovia my coolest friend have been doing that all. I am a researcher and know well how to read. None of the information it gives you for week by week pregnancy is unsourced. There are great articles by CDC and American medical association that shows how reliable all information is. It emotionally helps you keep healthy. I can write as much as I want but I want you to explore yourself, rather reading and enjoy every bit of your pregnancy. Love from one to be mom to all.
Feels like a constant survey
by gracie123456 on 2018/08/10 11:24
I’m sure the way they monetize is by sharing user data. They constantly are asking questions like “do you struggle with mental health?” “Have you ever had a miscarriage?” “How many children do you have?” Not just on the main page, but there is a whole page dedicated to survey questions! Yay! Exactly what my pregnant, tired, sad, self wants to do when I’m looking for a little support and place not to feel so crazy. Answer really personal questions that are shared with, who knows?:D The answer section doesn’t even become a forum where pregnant mommas can discuss and support each other until you literally fill out the bubble form survey to answer the questions. I love the daily updates you get on the baby, but when you constantly feel like you’re being scraped for data it really puts a haze over your enjoyment of the app. Oh. And the adds. The adds that are “research articles” and are every other picture on the main feed. I get the app has to make money, but there’s gotta be a more user-kind way.
Best pregnancy app ever!
by Kellystan on 2018/01/07 14:44
This app gives you daily updates as well as weekly updates about your baby and about your body. It tells you what to expect and It’s so accurate. You see weekly illustrations of what the baby’s growing body looks like and also it has little growth charts of hands & feet as well. I check the app everyday because I love seeing the daily updates of how the baby is evolving. It’s really neat and informative. You can check updates from the weeks ahead which is nice because I like to be prepared and you can track everything. I put all my appointments in the calendar for this app. The calendar is also convenient because you can skip ahead to certain dates and it will tell you how far along you will be at that time. Love this app and can’t recommend it enough!
by Piscearicorn on 2019/07/03 18:16
I used this Ovia pregnancy app for my pregnancy with my daughter, and I absolutely adored it... Afterwards, I used the Ovia fertility app to track my periods and eventually become pregnant again... And now I'm using the Ovia pregnancy app during THIS pregnancy with my son. I can't say enough great things about all of the Ovia apps... I'm not sure I'd change a THING except maybe more videos of other pregnant women, or message boards about where to find cute maternity clothes, and other things like that, I.e. people comparing breast pumps, reviewing different products, toys, diapers -- especially advice from experienced moms to FTM... Other than that-- by FAR the best pregnancy app. My favorite parts are seeing the comparison of baby's size to different things like animals, toys, and food... I also love that the app keeps us motivated and tells us we're doing an awesome job... I know it sounds cheesy, but I like hearing that my app cares about how I'm feeling and how I'm doing and is rooting for me and baby. Extra positivity in any situation is always great! I would give 10 STARS if I could! P.s. I can't believe how accurate each weekly video is when talking about what symptoms we may be experiencing. Every single week is spot on!!
best pregnancy app, no click bait
by Rabbits & cats on 2018/08/07 00:34
i tried all of the major pregnancy apps, and ovia is the only one i am still subscribed to and have on my phone at 8.5 months. all of the other apps constantly bombarded me with ads and click bait about the “10 things you’re eating that are harming your baby” or “5 things you need to stop doing NOW to have a healthy baby”. the ads were one thing, but the articles about what to do and not do on the other apps are often unsupported by medical literature. Ovia doesn’t try to give me anxiety about eating anything, shame me for not doing certain things, and doesn’t present me with information that is unsupported by doctors and the medical literature. i highly recommend this app for any mom that gets anxiety from all the click bait on the other apps.
Useful, helpful, fun, & cute!!
by SaltAndPepperMe on 2018/06/24 15:35
I used the regular Ovia app not to track ovulation but only to track when I had my periods so I would know when it was coming, and understand when my moods would change during the cycle. When I marked I was pregnant (we weren’t really planning it but took a chance and it happens on the first try 😳), the app brought me to the ovia pregnancy app. I loaded it and found that it was even more fun and cute than the regular app. You can decide your background colors, post your picture, nickname your baby a fun name, even choose if you want the app to show you the size of your baby in bakery food references or fruit references, or some other reference. I like it. It give you info daily also about the growth and development of the baby.
App does not work!!!
by JJJoooW on 2018/05/26 12:50
Update: support team helped with sorting out the issue. App runs fine now. Thanks! Downloaded and signed up this morning. Love the graphics and really digging the app until I tried to enter my doc appt for tmw. The app starting crashing and I kept getting the “problem” pop-up. Multiple retries still didn’t work. I abandoned the doc appt and navigated other aspects of the apps like health info, food info etc but the problem pop up still kept showing up from time to time. I restarted the app and then re-installed it. Now I can no longer sign in with my Facebook credentials. I tried starting a new account and it’s not letting me register either. I just keep getting this generic “problem” message. This was very disappointing I really liked what I saw ( for the first 15 minutes before it started crashing)
Great app, but could be more inclusive
by ALP_233 on 2019/04/23 11:00
The app itself has been great as far as telling me about my baby’s size and development! It’s so fun to see what weird animal she’s sizing up to and about how big her little hands and feet are....But I wish there was a way to add what kind of birth I’m having. Despite months of planning and preparing for what I considered a “normal birth,” I’ll be having a scheduled c section. This has been a pretty emotional thing for me to work through, and it would’ve been great to be able to select this type of birth as an option in the app and receive articles and insights regarding c sections. Getting daily notifications and articles about managing pain during labor and knowing when to go to the hospital has made this whole experience feel more isolating. I know c sections have gotten far more common, so I would request that you factor them in to the app and its content.
Some Good Stuff...
by VadeMecum8 on 2018/03/09 14:41
This app is... okay. The layout is nice, and I LOVE the different themes for how big your baby is (“Parisian Bakery” and “Weird But Cute Animals” being my favorites.). The daily facts are fun and interesting, though a little repetitive. Now for the not-so-great stuff. First off, the app is so glitchy. Very often I try to open it, it thinks for a minute, and then just closes itself. I sometimes have to try two more times until it loads properly. Second, the constant ads clogging up my feed are OBNOXIOUS. That’s not why I have this app. Please go away. I get that they want to make money, but it just makes the whole experience feel contrived and cheap. Finally, and this is the big one: I wish the Ovia app were more inclusive of people choosing different types of birth. I’m nearly 32 weeks now, and nearly every day it tells me something I need to do to “get ready for the hospital.” The thing is... I’m not going to the hospital; I’m having a home birth. And look, I know that’s really uncommon, so obviously the app shouldn’t cater to just me. However, as more and more women choose birth center births and even home births, it would be nice if this app didn’t make assumptions about women’s choices. It wouldn’t be that hard to add a simple feature where the app asks you what kind of birth you’re planning.
Awesome companion
by Dogodokov on 2018/03/23 23:28
This app has been like a caring companion to me throughout my pregnancy. The style is kept light and friendly and is inviting. The interface is easy to use even though there are so many options. I love the ability to track daily stuff like emotions & symptoms in addition to food intake. I love seeing updates of baby’s size and a summary of what to expect each week. The most impressive part has been the “health coach” that periodically sends a message about general pregnancy topics but then actually talks to me when I reply back and offers advice on any questions. It’s hard to believe this is a free app! So many wonderful features that have been a great help and comfort through my pregnancy. Thanks Ovia for this good service you offer!
Best app I've tried so far
by patirula on 2017/09/19 11:11
I used Ovia while TTC and I loved it and it truly helped me get pregnant. I was using many different apps including Glow and Ovia was the only one that let me adjust and personalize it to my cycles and changes. Other apps keep going back to 28 cycle days even though you change it. I have cycles of 50 days so I needed an app that let me personalize and understood and tell me what would happen in those 50 days. Now using the pregnancy app is so easy and fun and gives me a lot of helpful tips. It also helps me personalize it to set the weeks and time as my doctor calculates and not self calculate it based on 28 days. I love it and am so grateful to have the app! Can't wait to get up each morning to see what it new with my baby!!
Love it, but would love a new feature...
by SpecialKay19 on 2018/06/21 19:29
I LOVE this app and the resources it provides!!! The food/medicine safety lookup has been a lifesaver, and the explanations of what’s going on with me and baby every week are awesome. One minor thing I would love to see, though, is the app keeping all of the photos that I post to keep track of my/baby’s growth. I don’t want to be the person who posts a new photo of myself on social media EVERY week, but I would love to still have the photos consolidated and saved somewhere so I can look back on them! So it would be awesome if there could be a feature that saves your progress photos each week. I know, I know, it’s a super nit-picky thing, which is why I still am giving the app 5 stars 💛
Frustrating app
by vaw7 on 2019/11/13 15:57
UPDATE: after the most recent app update I’m unable to even use this app. Very disappointed that there’s been no news or a fix to this yet. I will give it a few more days and then I’m getting rid of it. No sense keeping an app that doesn’t work and taking up space. Wish I could use for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m giving this app two stars for the simple fact that I have difficulty even opening it before everything freezes. It’s very slow and once it finally does load I have a hard time going to a different section without it freezing up again. I can’t look at the “in the womb” for the current week without it freezing as well. Then I have to completely close out of the app and restart it which again takes forever. I love the content and the ease of tracking everything as well as the breadth of information offered but I’m getting frustrated with the constant freezing bug.
Greatest app for an expecting mother!
by alfkj on 2019/09/16 15:17
I downloaded quite a few pregnancy tracker apps at first, to decide which one suited me best and Ovia is hands down the BEST! Other apps want you to pay for features that should be available or the app is so basic and has meaningless articles with subject matter that has little or nothing to do with pregnancy. Ovia has so many wonderful features and they are free! The kick counter is probably one of my favorite things this app offers. The app sends you little messages too that are uplifting and helpful reminders about taking your vitamins. You can customize certain things about the colors and themes. So many great things I could say! Please download and see for yourself
Good app needs more details.
by Goldiegc on 2018/12/29 06:34
This app is simple to use, which I love. It would be nice to have more details on baby development and/or body changes. I do sense it focuses more on smooth pregnancies and less on those who may have some slight complications. I’ve had morning sickness and weird symptoms (nausea, sensitives to some foods, muscle spasms, etc) throughout my pregnancy. It would’ve been nice if some common symptoms could be mentioned for those who have them can relate better. Also, the questions asked when you go on the app could probably go away. At the beginning of my pregnancy I couldn’t take my multivitamin because of morning sickness, so it was kinda annoying that the app kept asking if I took my vitamins. I wish I could have! But in my second trimester I was able to.
Very helpful
by I like chiken: ) on 2018/10/01 11:04
I used both Ovia and Glow when trying to get pregnant, and updated when I got pregnant. I truly appreciate the fact that Ovia has the food warning list, the medicine safety, the way it counts down your dates and tracks your pregnancy, and my husband and I both have so much fun looking at what size our baby girl is not only in fruit/veg but the “fun and games” and “cute but weird animals” for comparison. I do like the updates on mom and baby, the only thing I would change is the pic of the baby - in glow they have a more realistic look at her size as well as an ultrasound pic of a baby as far as you are, and the updates are more weekly than daily. I will continue using this app until our girl gets here and I’m sure once again when trying for baby #2.
Doesn’t take into account diseases
by Reviewer7531 on 2019/06/19 19:04
Hyperemesis is a condition that affects about 1-2% of pregnant women. Common, but rare. And every day the app shames HGers by asking us if we are taking our prenatal. Trust us, we’d love to take a prenatal and do pregnancy yoga and love the life, but taking a prenatal generally makes us vomit our stomach contents. Brushing our teeth, walking through a grocery store, daily life is already hard enough. We feel bad we can’t take the prenatal vitamin (which isn’t as necessary to baby health as NUTRITIONAL FOOD is, says the American Pregnancy Association.) But even knowing that we have HG, because the app asks, it still shames us every time we open it, we can’t use it without it being like the nagging parent going “you really need to take a prenatal.” I would, if I could, if it didn’t make me vomit everywhere. Thanks, Ovia, for shaming pregnant women when you’re aware already of their disability during pregnancy.
Some great, some just ok.
by Szeszesze on 2019/03/27 16:59
I love this app for some features & prefer Pregnancy+ for others. So I use both. In this app, I really like that the calendar shows how many weeks you are. I also love the organization of taking notes & having it show on the calendar. On other apps I feel your notes kind of get lost or it’s in one place that doesn’t coordinate with a date. One thing that definitely annoys me is the section that asks if I took my prenatals everyday. You can dismiss it, but there are about 5 questions you have to dismiss & they come back everyday. It’s a minor thing, but I wish I had the option to get rid of it completely. Other than that, I prefer the realistic looking baby to show development on the Pregnancy+ app vs this one that’s a vague cartoon.
Love this app, not the users!
by JJ62480 on 2018/07/21 03:28
I love this app! It has many great features and is easy to access and use. I used the Ovia fertility app to get pregnant and I highly recommend that one as well. My only real issue is with the community posts. So many users post things that are completely unnecessary and unrelated to pregnancy. They like to vent about their personal problems and relationship drama. It’s a waste of our time! I’m currently expecting my third baby and I try to be helpful and encouraging to my fellow expectant mommies, but having to scroll through and read ridiculous posts about who knows what gets very annoying and therefore I removed a star. I wish this app could filter out the unnecessary posts and keep the topics pregnancy related only! Otherwise, great and useful app!
Wish I would've found sooner! Best pregnancy app!
by Nikiwalker1016 on 2017/10/08 13:56
I am currently 25 weeks pregnant, and I just found this app, as I had been using others up until now. As soon as I opened it, and used it a couple times, I deleted all my other pregnancy apps. This one is by far the best! The videos are the most personable and relatable, and all of the information is presented in a fun and customized way! I especially love how they use your baby's name in everything they tell you! This app has SO much that the others don't, and it's a lot more relevant and modernized!! You won't need a handful of apps, just this one! I only wish I had found it at the beginning, but I look forward to using it for the rest of my pregnancy!
Love most things but
by Jessicarnahan87 on 2018/11/09 17:48
Love most things but its like all the other apps I've tried in one way. And that is that it assumes your having the baby in a hospital and have a doctor. I know home births are not super common but they are growing in popularity. This is my third baby and we decided to try using a midwife and having our baby at home. Id like to see more options for that and more articles. It’s probably a challenge because theres not a ton out there but having it incorporated would help me be more informed and that the information is also for me not just women with doctors and those giving birth in a hospital. I love the layout and options of this app though. Everything looks clean and well thought through. I really wish I tried this app much sooner!
Best pregnancy app!
by Angielalalalalalalaaa on 2019/01/27 14:54
It’s the cutest, most informative, and most easy-to-use pregnancy app. I tried many others, and kept coming back to this one. I used it way more religiously for the first 10 weeks, then slowly faded off as I became more and more comfortable with my pregnancy (: Now I use it for tracking my food intake, appointments, and the daily and weekly updates of how my baby is. The forum and posting segment of the app is great! Sometimes you get ladies who think they know everything, and will call you ABnormal or wrong for feeling what you’re feeling, but you just have to weed them out and look for the kind and helpful people. When I have issues or screws, they are always quickly answered.
A fun resource!
by Snolavarria on 2017/10/01 08:25
As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a cool app to keep track of everything. I found Ovia by just browsing through some of the top rated pregnancy apps and I absolutely love it. It’s such a fun and exciting way to keep track of your pregnancy with features such as a calendar to add doctor’s appointments, baby size/fruit comparisons each week, fun facts about baby’s development, and some incredible resources and articles. I’m nearing my due date and after using this app for the past 9 months I’d say I’m totally satisfied with what Ovia has to offer when it comes to following along with all the ups and downs of pregnancy and I’d recommend it to other women I know who are pregnant! It’s been a fun ride.
Worked great a year ago but...
by morae on 2018/02/27 02:49
So I used this app last year with my first child and I loved it. I downloaded three and this one was by far the most user friendly. It had everything I wanted right on my home page. I love tips and recipes and of course knowing where my baby is in development. However, I’m now pregnant with my second child and the app never works. It won’t open and it kicks me out often. I’m not sure what is going on. My phone is updated and has space so at this point I really think the app has a bug. I’ve stopped checking it because I won’t be able to access it for a week then all of a sudden it works and I’ve missed one of those weeks of development. I’m really disappointed with it at this point. Shame because it was one of the better pregnancy apps out there.
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