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Touch Tuner
〓 Intuitive, enjoyable operation 〓 Elegant, customisable interface 〓 Fast, accurate pitch response ◎ Developed for musicians by a leading musical instrument manufacturer. ◎ Designed for iOS 10, with a clean, elegant interface. ===================================== ● Matching Touch Metronome app also available! ===================================== ■Key strengths 1: Visibility - Cent meter accurately indicates the deviation from the pitch - Dynamically rotating pitch dial with 12 semitone scale - Real-time waveform display provides a visual indication of the input sound - Strobe illumination with attractive light and rotation effect - Lamp display immediately shows the current pitch ■Key strengths 2: Customisability - Freely adjustable interface layout and colour - Amusing ‘auto-layout’ mode - Selectable wallpaper background with accent flash ■Key strengths 3: Functionality - Highest level of pitch accuracy possible with an iPhone - Accuracy of detection within ±0.1 cent (Range ±50 cent) - Detection range from E0 to E9 (in case of A4=440Hz) - A4 calibration range from 392 to 466 Hz - Chromatic tuner (Automatic/Manual switchable) - Adjustable sensitivity for optimising the detection accuracy - Ability to select classical temperament tuning methods (7 types) - Simple, one-touch operation to switch between tuner and pitch pipe modes - SETTINGS - Initialize: Reset settings and the screen layout Temperament: Equal / Pythagorean / Pure (Major) / Pure (Minor) / Meantone/ Werckmeister III / Kirnberger III Notation: Standard / # / b Tuning sensitivity: Slider control Wallpaper: Camera / Camera Roll / Parallax / Brightness Show/Hide: Strobe / Circles / Cent meter / Detected frequency Theme Color: White / Black Octave Notation: A4=440Hz / A3=440Hz Rotational Direction of the Strobe: Clockwise / Counterclockwise Lock: On / Off Auto Layout: On / Off - HELP - Outline of Operation / Detail of Operation / Troubleshooting / Support Link