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cash app is the easiest way to send, spend, save, and invest your money. It’s the SAFE, FAST, and FREE mobile banking app. SAFE: Protect all of your payments and investments with a passcode or FaceID. Pause spending on your Cash Card with one tap if you misplace it. All of your information is stored securely. FAST: Sign up and make your first payment in minutes. Instantly send and receive money from friends. Transfer money from cash app to another bank account instantly instead of waiting days. Use your cash app account and routing number to receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most banks. FREE: Send and receive money at no cost. Get a completely free virtual Visa debit card in minutes, and we’ll mail you your custom physical debit card for free in under a week. Invest in your favorite stocks for free with as little as $1. * HERE’S HOW IT WORKS * Download and sign up for cash app in a matter of minutes. The signup process is simple and fast so that you can start using cash app right away. * SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY INSTANTLY * Receive, request, and send cash from friends and family instantly with only a few taps. cash app is the easiest way to pay a friend back for dinner or split rent with your roommates. * GET A FREE CUSTOM VISA DEBIT CARD * Order your Cash Card (a customizable Visa debit card) directly from cash app. You’ll be able to instantly make online purchases using your virtual card or in-store purchases by adding your Cash Card to Apple Pay. We’ll also mail you your physical laser-etched Cash Card in less than a week so you can swipe, dip, or tap at any merchant. * RECEIVE YOUR PAYCHECK UP TO TWO DAYS EARLY * Deposit paychecks, tax returns, government stimulus payouts and more directly into your cash app balance using your account and routing number. Receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most other banks. Use the same account and routing information to pay bills using your cash app balance. * GET INSTANT DISCOUNTS * Cash Card is the only free debit card with instant discounts at your favorite stores, websites, apps, and restaurants. These instant discounts - Boosts - are easy to use and are applied to Cash Card transactions instantly. Just select a given Boost in your app and then use your Cash Card to pay. It’s that simple. No points, no waiting, just instant savings. * BUY, SELL, DEPOSIT, AND WITHDRAW BITCOIN * cash app is the easiest way to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw Bitcoin. Track the BTC price in realtime in your app and get started by buying as little as $1 of Bitcoin. Your BTC arrives in your app instantly. You can then decide to keep it safe in cash app or withdraw it to a different wallet. * BUY & SELL STOCKS COMMISSION-FREE * Instantly begin investing commission-free with cash app. You can buy as little as $1 of stock in top US companies. Track stock prices in realtime in your app and monitor the performance of your overall investment portfolio. Create a list of companies to follow so you can stay up to date on performance. Brokerage services provided by cash app Investing LLC, member FINRA / SIPC. Investing involves risk; you may lose money. Investments are not FDIC insured.
Technical difficulties
by lookheremane on 2020/06/01 19:13
I have a cashapp issue and you guys don’t have an option to contact support at all on my end, my debit card isn’t being recognized even though it is valid, cashapp keeps saying it isn’t, I just used it earlier today and it worked fine, I’ll change my review when you guys fix the problem.
Insufficient funds?
by Volzgrl4life on 2020/06/01 18:29
I tried to withdraw money off my card, the app said there was an available balance, but yet declined the withdraw. PLEASE SOMEONE CONTACT ME ASAP! And what is this I hear about CashApps system was hacked by an employee?
Cash app
by tydaoriginal on 2020/06/01 18:01
This is the worst app ever I can’t even send money without an I.D. I tried to talk to them about it and they did nothing about it
by dont wanna be poor on 2020/06/01 17:50
Since I updated this app I can’t even open it
No helpful at all
by SuperGK1 on 2020/06/01 17:44
Good luck getting any help if you are scammed
Best app ever
by Jaylion2018 on 2020/06/01 17:36
Cash app is so simple to use and very handy when it comes to sending money love this app
Day trading limits ?
by cwh2k on 2020/06/01 17:25
I love the simplicity of cash app but WHY on earth are there day trading limits for investing ??
Never did as it promised and gave me and the person who referred me the 5$
by ժմժҽ on 2020/06/01 16:53
and gave me and the person who referred me the 5$
New phone sign in
by xy_annoyedparent on 2020/06/01 16:20
I’m having the hardest time getting my cash app back on my phone since getting a new phone. What do I need to do to get my old name and info back?
Why can’t I use this?
by vvianhateslyft on 2020/06/01 15:54
I signed up specifically to send my friend Helen $43 I owe her. I tried three times and all three times the payment failed. I looked for support but no humans are available. It literally says that if it fails twice send it outside the app?! Lol what?!
This is sad
by DaphLee on 2020/06/01 15:35
I used cashapp constantly, and ever since the last few updates, the app has gone from bad to worse. I verified my account completely, and I still can’t add money to my cashapp. How am I supposed to use my cash card if I cannot add money to the account? Whoever is doing these updates and decisions really needs to take a step back, because right now, from the looks of it, you will be losing a lot of people. This is sad.
customer support is nonexistent
by Mjrank on 2020/06/01 15:24
their customer support is literally nonexistent. no phone number. no one to call. so if you ever need help with your cash app - you’re screwed. even their email service is horrible. the actual app itself is fine but CUSTOMER SERVICE LITERALLY DOES NOT EXIST
Technical Issues
by Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs on 2020/06/01 15:06
Why can’t I get ahold of anyone in your company to help me with my problems?? Your stupid menu of basic fixes doesn’t help every problem. I need customer support but the number you put online basically tells me to figure it out.
Poor Account Security!
by Z11693 on 2020/06/01 14:34
I downloaded this app to pay back a friend who got concert tickets for us, and after several days, someone (who was not my friend) was taking money straight out of my checking account through the use of this app! I know these were fraudulent because I looked into my account statement and found the actual cash app transaction for the concert tickets and it was different from the small increments of $ that this unknown entity was taking out of my account. I am never using this app again under any circumstance.
Easy to use!
by Farmer K on 2020/06/01 14:07
Easy to use and works great!
Don’t use Cash
by D4M3x7 on 2020/06/01 13:56
This is the shadiest “money” app that exists. Look through the positive reviews they have here, you’ll see they are all fake/spam. Money will disappear from your account and they will ignore you. There is no phone number to reach them. Emails to support just get automated bounce backs saying your case has been closed, even if you just opened it and they haven’t resolved anything.
by jooooojjjooooo on 2020/06/01 13:01
ID Scanner
by Untaken Nickname122456 on 2020/06/01 12:40
Why don’t you do what literally every other app does and have a picture button when submitting documents? The ID scanning on cash app works mediocre at best. I gave up trying to send mine in after it wouldn’t take the picture for 10 minutes.
by nay14141414 on 2020/06/01 12:37
Do not use cash app for direct deposit for stimulus
by ebo1017 on 2020/06/01 11:52
They will literally take your stimulus direct deposit and run you around for months like they never received it I think they might be working with the irs because neither cash app or the irs have a call center for the stimulus so there’s no one to talk to about the missing money
A pretty bad app
by lulouiseee on 2020/06/01 11:49
When I first used this it was sailing smooth fast and great but since the new update, I donMt know if it’s just me, but everytime I try to open the app, it just keeps on saying “please try again later” like what? Why? What the hell is going on here, this is very upsetting.... please fix that?
Great app BUT...
by JC Rockstar on 2020/06/01 11:33
I have a tiny annoying issue. Recently my app has been showing that I have 2 notifications. But when I open the app, I find no reason for the notifications. I've updated the app just now and it still shows 2 notifications. Also a cool thing, I see I have a blue check next to my name in the app; can you explain why? I know that on social media it means you're account is verified, same here ...? Thanks for your time and this awesome app.
Cash App Is Apart Of The Scams
by kingericakane on 2020/06/01 08:27
Poor Experience
by Leon2pm on 2020/06/01 08:00
Downloaded it and tried to link via bank account, debit card, and credit card. All three said they connected successfully, and all 3 failed when I tried to send a payment. Support page for canceled payments is completely unhelpful, and as can be seen from many reviews on here their customer service is pretty bad. Don’t see any reason to use this app over Venmo.
I use several cash apps and this one is leagues better!
by Red Palmer on 2020/06/01 06:33
It’s super user friendly and simple. You don’t have jump through hoops it’s just a few clicks and it’s up and going for you to use. I can transfer money to other people while I’m on my couch. It’s simple, effective, and progressive! No one wants to take time out of their day to go to the bank. This a app has been a game changer for how I can conduct Buisness,
Be aware of scammers!
by k3fit on 2020/06/01 05:46
Be cautious for scammers!! No way to cancel as the app says. It’s instant so no holding process. Had to call my bank to process a fraud. Be careful!
by dat oinemo on 2020/06/01 05:35
I don’t know my social security number so what do I do
Cash out fee
by baby_angela515 on 2020/06/01 04:26
Y’all need to stop charging that cash out fee it’s really very freaking annoying and frustrating! Y’all think we that rich? If someone owes me $20 and they send me $20 and I just so happen to need it right there and then, I would need to make an urgent cash out. But it’s gonna charge me like Whole dollar to cash out yet I need the full $20. Where y’all expect me to get the extra $1 with my broke ass? Thank you! Please fix this because Viv and I are tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great. But I have a suggestion for maybe future updates
by Aubrey Khamsai on 2020/06/01 02:47
I’m giving you guys a three great app and stuff and the cash card is amazing but I wanted you guys to think about adding a kids savings thing into there because kids cannot have cards and I’ve looked honestly everywhere and no place has a free card like you guys I know a lot more people would use the app if you added this feature. Thanks!
Good ass app
by goated ass game on 2020/06/01 02:40
by _Wicka on 2020/06/01 02:31
99% of my payments don't go through. Had to link my personal bank account, date of birth, last 4 digits of my social security number, phone number, email address, add 2 cards and still get my payments cancelled? I called the bank they said nothings wrong on their end, I have more than enough funds to send $25 this app is giving me a scam like experience. I have perfect cell phone service and have tried using my wifi, also uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the app and it's still failed attempt? What's wrong with this?
by atc-airman on 2020/06/01 01:33
Cash app is secure and easy to use. My credit union’s P2P has been difficult for the individuals I send cash to; however, Cash App, in my experience, has been easier and more convenient to receive and send cash.
Waste of time
by Viresse430 on 2020/06/01 00:44
I only signed up for this to get my stimulus check sooner. I ended up getting a physical check before the card got to me, and the “early in May” mobile check deposit feature obviously didn’t happen. So now I’m stuck with a check, no access to money and a useless card. I wouldn’t have done this if I’d known that would happen.
Worst app ever
by james17908 on 2020/06/01 00:22
I hate this app so much I contacted customer service via email LAST YEAR!! And they still haven’t contacted me. They weird selves froze my account and won’t let me send my money to anyone so I can get it. I’ve tried everything. On my life I want to sue them cause this is crazy. I need my money ASAP. This app needs to be deleted.
by Supathiccbaby on 2020/05/31 22:01
They need to update I refunded someone money and it’s still pending they need to get a better communication system
Cash application.
by nikmpetrov on 2020/05/31 20:26
Плохое приложение. Невозможно вовремя продать акции. В результате потерял $200. Worth application. Cant sale stocks on time. Loos $200.00 Don’t use this.
by nba tique on 2020/05/31 19:40
Great app to use and if you follow them on instagram you can get a chance to win free money 🤞🏾
by Estercota on 2020/05/31 19:03
Este servicio es rapido seguro y facil para usarlo
by fygggchjjk on 2020/05/31 18:47
This worked not so long ago but since I have a new number the money that was sent has been STOLEN!!! Support is Joke!! They Refuse to Fix or Refund Money!! Save yourself Days of trying to get support and Kissing your $$ GOODBYE!!!
by jose9426 on 2020/05/31 18:37
The fastest and easiest way to receive money skipping lines for moneygram and western union. You should be able to link a prepaid card like from Walmart etc on cashapp but your not able to maybe y’all should work on getting that on there it’ll help out the people that can’t get bank accounts
Not sure what is going on?
by casce on 2020/05/31 17:31
I can’t add money anymore to my cash app acct. I went through all the troubleshooting options. No actual number for support. This app had been great for months, but now it seems as though it has tanked. My wife had the app and is experiencing the same problem. Is anyone else going through the same thing? Not sure the, why add cash option is not working. Five star rating before this. It is going on day two now.
Avoid fraud by hacking
by dhdware on 2020/05/31 16:36
It is an awesome tool if it remains stable and safe.
No contact
by Blumpkin1475 on 2020/05/31 16:23
I have been contacting for 4 days the app is glitching will not let me send or cash out money I have downloaded twitter and facebook to message them I’ve sent over 10 support messages I am very worried I have to pay my bill with the money that is in my account this is going to hurt my credit being late. I have loved cash app for a long time they need support. Please contact me
Cash app
by LLcooldaddy on 2020/05/31 16:17
This app is more convenient to send cash to family members. It’s much simpler than Western Union or Walmart.
Cash app account lock
by hbicnic on 2020/05/31 14:59
The customer support is horrible! My account has been locked since last Saturday and I have not received a response yet! I sent multiple emails and my account is still locked! I don’t see the reason of customer support and if they are not going to respond within 24-48 as they indicate then they need not to state it!
Use code NQBMDDR
by MasterGaming129 on 2020/05/31 14:54
Use code NQBMDDR
Cash App Card
by jshehwvwh on 2020/05/31 13:53
I ordered a new cash app card because my card was stolen, I received email on May 19 that card was mailed to me but I still did not get it please help
Almost got it right
by Northstar 31645 on 2020/05/31 11:43
I use the cash app all the time using my IPad Pro with a keyboard. However I cant use in landscape mode. Can you please make this happen.
DO NOT USE/Not secure and bad support
by Mltier on 2020/05/31 11:43
I had 3 unauthorized transactions, so I googled cash app support, there was a bogus number and the people from that number stole my money and cashtag. Then I find out you can only report things through the app, I had to open a case which was on 5/15/20 they then told me it would take 45 to complete investigation, on 5/30 I received an email saying my case was closed as they haven’t heard from me. I am very upset with this company, I had over 6,000 stolen from me, zelle, PayPal and Wells Fargo all got me my money back, however I still had over $2,000 of my money in cash app, they failed to help me or give me a competent response. Do not use cash app, stick with venmo or PayPal they have a way better security team and customer service team
Block someone
by Renny R on 2020/05/31 07:42
After the latest update it want let me block people from requesting money now. Definitely need to fix that. Rather than that the app is good
by bigcffss on 2020/05/31 06:00
It won’t let me delete this app
by Needslivesupport on 2020/05/31 05:56
Feel like I’m being robbed , my unemployment benefits have been deposited to my account and I wasn’t able to access them or transfer them to my bank account , issue was resolved I received another payment and they’re holding my money again this isn’t right or fair I have a family to feed
Don’t ever use this app
by user102939492 on 2020/05/31 04:17
I used this app for hundreds of business transactions, never had a issue. Today I got a text message that one of my customers filed a dispute with their bank for a purchase made 2 months ago and is being refunded out of my account! The customer filed a dispute for all of her purchases ever made with me(which were all 2-4 months ago) Cash app took all of the money out of my linked account without my permission! I did not authorize a refund and the customer did get her products and services from me and were happy with them! So now I am out of almost $600! How can anyone just file a dispute and take there money back? Does not make sense!
by paxxexxn on 2020/05/31 04:14
I was perfectly fine enjoying the app. Cash app was probably my top used until it said details couldn’t be verified? And I need to put in my whole social security number? I don’t think when I first joined or entered details I ever had to and now it won’t let me even do anything else without putting it in? Cash app did me dirty.... all my other friends use it fine and are under 18 but I have to be 18 to use it?
Waste of time
by R@ndom Review on 2020/05/31 04:12
Did the invite a friend, didn’t get anything.
I would recommend
by CRAZY OVER ROBLOX on 2020/05/31 04:09
I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP but because of one thing I don’t feel safe having to enter my ssn just to get a card it makes me feel so unsafe I’m sorry but if you could change that I would 100% Recommend
Less than 1 Star
by Thedude271 on 2020/05/31 03:58
Horrible app!! I tried to transfer money- the only reason I needed the app and nope... it was bounced back several times. Go with one of the bigger apps like PayPal or Venmo if you are looking to quickly and easily transfer money to someone.
by $Fashion247 on 2020/05/31 03:34
I love that I get all of my money, and create my own card.
free 5 dollars on invite
by george jajou on 2020/05/31 03:16
i invited and got two people to join and i didn’t get even a penny how long should it take me to receive my cash? cuz i was expecting to receive it the minute they joined.
by shamthomas on 2020/05/31 02:37
Cash app ask for my full ssn to get there card and I’m not about to put my full ssn on that
Standard or instant... ya right... I only have instant now as an option
by Bbrandon12 on 2020/05/31 01:55
My app will not let me deposit my money as standard anymore... I don’t even have the option. The app automatically charges me now when I cash out.. it’s not ok. I’m fine waiting three days for my money. I just don’t have the option anymore. Also when I try and get help. I don’t have the option for support under my profile either like it says it’s supposed to. I’m very frustrated at this point! 😡
by KenzieP8 on 2020/05/31 01:42
It doesn’t work in some countries
by boubasc on 2020/05/31 01:38
Why can’t I used cash app in Haiti ?
by Lil TimmyTim on 2020/05/31 01:29
The app is not letting me verify my new number , it sends the code and I type it in, but it won’t let me save it, it keeps saying that it can’t verify my number, and I just recently activated this phone with a different carrier
Taking 700$
by Hkffb on 2020/05/31 01:13
I called you all today. Your company took my money out my account 600$ and lied about my 100$ my friend girl sent. You blocked my number. What your company did legally stuff to my account. I am calling a lawyer and show all the my transactions. Call me asp!!!!!! 832-329-9428
My money never got to my account
by vheyb on 2020/05/31 01:05
I sent $50 to my cash app account and never received it I am waiting and it still hasn’t come to me but the status says it approved? I think it’s a good app but I would be careful. Also if the developer could help me get my money cuz I have the information it just won’t send the money to me?
by konzy79 on 2020/05/31 00:52
It’s telling me to please try again later on my phone and I don’t know why,Sorry what can I do about that ?
by Honda2323 on 2020/05/30 23:58
Won’t let me log into my old cash app and is forcing me to make a new one when I have money on the other.
Update broke application
by Delphi20001 on 2020/05/30 22:31
After the latest update, the application history does no longer updates and the card balance is not updated. Not currently recommended
by #Tedacustomer on 2020/05/30 21:36
I don’t use it often but it’s handy when I need it.
Not working
by DanF0001 on 2020/05/30 21:19
This app is absolutely useless. Your website is also about as useless as your app. I try to add money to my cashapp balance but all it ever says is “transfer failed.” I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, I tried removing my bank account and debit card and then adding them again. Again, still useless. For millions of users, you’d expect some customer service or help instead of a useless website that tells you things that can be found out from just using the app.
#1 app in Finance how?
by karenb62 on 2020/05/30 19:16
Downloaded 3 times never totally loads only for a green screen and it says to “try again later. Later? I want to pay someone now not later. What a joke! I’ll go back to PayPal or Venmo
by James1626262 on 2020/05/30 18:51
Yesterday at noon (Friday) I cashed out $60 instantly for a fee of .90 . Today it has still not arrived, the only instruction CashApp provides for this scenario is to update account info and call your bank. Surprise surprise there was nothing my bank could do, nothing was even pending. Trying to get in touch with CashApp is IMPOSSIBLE. The phone number straight up tells you “live voice support is not typically available” and the instructions they provide for contact lead to the same useless instructions with no way to actually contact anyone. This company will take your money and leave you in the dark. The sender of the money is disputing this transaction through their bank. DO NOT TRUST CASH APP.
The Best
by xXxX Tithes on 2020/05/30 18:29
Only flaw with Cash App is that a pin should be set to access the app.
by Mysterious green on 2020/05/30 18:10
This app is very sketchy and should not be downloaded. I sent $500 to my parents and they were unable to get the money in their bank account and it has been over 5 business days. I messaged the app and they said we not have to wait up to 3 more business days. So now they have to wait 8 business days for their money? And I called the bank and they say they don’t even see anything pending. It’s all terrible when you’re messing with people’s money like that. It’s not even $50, it’s $500 and it is not fair or okay to take advantage.
If you need your money back, forget it.
by Merr0123 on 2020/05/30 18:05
No customer service. No person to call. No person to chat. All they do is allow scammers to take your money and run. They allow people to DECLINE refunds. Like why??? Get these frauds off Cash App.
by favorable beign on 2020/05/30 17:55
Your support did respond very fast😡😡
No customer support!
by sponge89 on 2020/05/30 17:40
Awful app with no customer support to help with issues. Complete scam!
by jakdohem on 2020/05/30 16:40
Someone on their app has been taking things from my bank account and they won’t do anything about it say it’s all on my bank side and it’s not they haven’t helped or gotten my money back and there is no way for me to remove my account numbers off the app
$5 coupon:GTCHTBC
by Lauren rotz on 2020/05/30 16:35
First of all, if you haven’t used Square cash yet make sure to enter the reward coupon “GTCHTBC” on the sign up screen to get a $5 bonus after you send your first transfer over $5!!!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you’ve already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in San Francisco where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven’t signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a sleek looking physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I’ve even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square cash is now my go to for quick payment transfers to friends and family. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 bonus it gives you!!!!
Can’t add cell phone number
by QueenT2018 on 2020/05/30 16:27
I just recently joined cash app. I had my old cell phone number connected to the app and I removed that one and tried to add my new cell phone number but it keep saying that it could not verify my number. I get a text to verify my cell phone number, I put in the code that cash app sent me but it keeps saying the same thing. I just don’t understand how it can’t verify my number when I am putting in the code that was sent to my cell phone. This app has some bugs that need to be fixed, and on top of that I can’t talk to no one about this issue. This has me kinda concerned considering someone is offering services but you can’t speak to someone about the issues you have. My husband cashed app me today some money and when I try to cash it out instantly it doesn’t do it. I am kinda skeptical about this app. I’m going to see if they fix the problem if it’s not fixed I will remove this app and close the account. Right now my review is two stars. If the big is fixed soon I might change my review.
Horrible experience.
by angry. ! on 2020/05/30 16:20
My cash app has been doing fine but suddenly it started going into the negatives when I haven’t been spending any money off my cash app!
by Thomascantwin123456789 on 2020/05/30 16:00
Within minutes of installing and setting up my account I was hacked and had orders placed with Amazon and others. I received 675 scam emails within 8 hours. Over 100 of the emails were confirmations of me subscribing to things I’ve never heard of. DO NOT INSTALL THUS APP!!!!
Cash app
by Hitmanz3 on 2020/05/30 15:48
Love it
Great app!
by gaysch on 2020/05/30 15:48
Great way to get paid and pay my son back for things picked up for one another.
Thank you
by muhhh123 on 2020/05/30 15:35
Thank you so much customer service reached me fast had to wait about a day and half and my problem was solved
Took money for no reason
by camgguk on 2020/05/30 15:32
I’m upset right now, I haven’t paid for anything or use my cash app to buy stuff because I had no money on there. Two days ago they charge me with $10 for no reason. So now my account is at -10. I refuse to pay for something I didn’t do, so either I won’t use this ever again or somebody help me fix this problem.
Terrible customer service options
by teenee2 on 2020/05/30 15:13
I don’t recommend using this app I have money I cannot get to my cash card was canceled don’t know why I can’t talk to a live person to see what’s going on with my account I tried searching and calling numbers still got nothing I am still currently trying to get my money and order a card to see why I can’t make any purchases or send money it is very inconvenient that you have to wait two days for a email response that still does not help solve any issues you have . I hope that I am able to receive my funds that are left and I will never use them again. I don’t recommend until they get live customer service
by JoiaQL on 2020/05/30 15:08
Run me my money. I had a friend use my code and I had not gotten my 5$. Where it at tho?
Please fix this
by Mr Conejo on 2020/05/30 15:02
I don’t like how when the app is removed then reinstalled it doesn’t let you go back to your old account. This is stupid I’ve had to make 3 accounts. You guys have to truly fix that.
How do I collect the $5 referral?
by Scottyvillage on 2020/05/30 14:45
My friend told me about this app. I downloaded it and it gave me a new passcode. It did not allow me to enter her code. So, when I accessed the app, my friend was already listed as an existing client and could not invite her. I did enter the code she sent, but no $5 . Support did not list this on their support issues. What is their email address?
16 and up
by PDOG1010 on 2020/05/30 14:32
The only reason I’m rating this a 1 star is because it should be 16 and up. I’m 16 with a full time job and a debit cart and want to be able to purchase my own cash app card.
by Sdmyers19 on 2020/05/30 14:07
I get my check from work on my cash app card the past two weeks it has went on there 2-3 days late. I don’t know what’s going on but it needs fixed.
Customer service
by Cash 567 on 2020/05/30 13:50
Nobody answers in customer service and I been trying to dispute a transaction. Still waiting to dispute a transaction, but only automated machine only answers me!
Fraud protection is non existent
by duckey41 on 2020/05/30 13:37
I was lied to and sent a payment to someone. They then admitted that they lied and weren't the account owner. I said that is fraud and demanded a refund and then was blocked, officially denied a refund, and ignored by the account and cashapp... Fraud was what kept me away from this app to start with and was taken advantage of my first time. If they won't provide support for those taken advantage of then I have no time for them
by gengen88 on 2020/05/30 13:17
Someone hacked my account and stole money from me either I get my money back or I will not be using this site again
Unable to log in on my device
by Morgan_El on 2020/05/30 12:28
All of a sudden I couldn’t sign in on my device any longer why is that happening to me☹️☹️☹️☹️
used to be better
by Chris.mxer on 2020/05/30 12:14
I love using cash app it makes a lot of transfers easy, their fees are getting more and more expensive any time i transfer money. it used to be less than 10¢ to instantly cash out $40 now it’s over 60¢!
by GusDel189 on 2020/05/30 11:52
I personally don’t have WiFi at my home, but I have great LTE service and every app I have works great with just LTE. This one for some reason doesn’t. I had to go to a place with WiFi in order for this to download and I can’t receive payments at all without having to find a source of WiFi. Such an inconvenience.
$5 coupon:GTCHTBC
by Lauren rotz on 2020/05/30 16:35
First of all, if you haven’t used Square cash yet make sure to enter the reward coupon “GTCHTBC” on the sign up screen to get a $5 bonus after you send your first transfer over $5!!!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you’ve already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in San Francisco where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven’t signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a sleek looking physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I’ve even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square cash is now my go to for quick payment transfers to friends and family. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 bonus it gives you!!!!
by MsDigitalD on 2020/01/18 03:52
I don’t get when I read all the reviews it has people telling you that you need to get a freaking number or something that can help for issues that need immediate attention. Not 3 days and only by email. How is it a year later on a reply to a customer that you are working on a phone number to contact do you still not have that option? This is peoples money we’re talking about. Really a serious inconvenience to have no one that can answer or give any immediate help. I can talk to ANY BANK OR CARD COMPANY immediately but you guys. Doesn’t make me very happy that I just transferred money over and the transferring account says it’s successful and I should be seeing the funds in the account it’s been transferred to and I don’t see anything and when I go to contact All there is is email that will take 24 hrs to receive any form of contact for an actual person. You want to act and be treated like a bank then why don’t you continue doing so with making a phone number to get ahold of customer service for issues that need immediate help. You make it were your company can’t fully be trusted or depended on like it should be. Yet you want all sorts of information to verify ones account. You don’t even have a FDIC stamp on your card so our money isn’t even insured if something happens to your company. We would get screwed out of our money. You may have a visa stamp but where is the FDIC all other bank cards have on their debit and or credit cards?
by Blblewis79 on 2019/02/18 19:51
So when I first encountered Cashapp I thought it was the way of the future. I could transfer funds easily amongst family members and pay bills. I even had my job direct deposit my check into the account. Then my first hiccup. Seems the system shut down for the weekend and funds could not be used even if they were present. I thought let me find out what’s going on with the card. So I searched for a number to reach customer service. Found out there isn’t one. All correspondence is being done through email or text. Okay strange but maybe it was because they are a way of the future. The problem with that future is that text can often be misread or in certain cases the terminology used by email sounds robotic. So I let it pass. Just recently I was out trying to use my card when nothing would go through again. I’m checking app which is showing me there is a balance but nothing moving. Figured it was a glitch like before and I would wait. I check the app again and now it shows a new bank card number and has informed me(again by email) that my account has been closed. I still have a balance in the account but can’t retrieve it because 1 the account has been closed without warning 2 I can’t contact a customer service rep to talk about the situation. Smh. Looked up Sutton bank phone number. Nothing. Square inc phone number. Nothing. Needless to say I’m done. Moving everything over to Chime where at least I can speak to someone. Bypass CashApp and download Chime
Beware! Horrible Customer Service!
by Loveluxe28 on 2019/10/22 19:48
If only I could rate this app 0 stars! Beware of this app! Everything seems fine, until you have an issue with your funds and find out that there is no live person to talk to; then they send you a generic email about the issue but in no way attempt to solve it! So a friend sent me funds in which I then returned within the hr, but apparently the funds were not received, although the money was already removed from my bank acct. My friend then put in a dispute with the bank, in which, rather than the app doing their due diligence and trying to find out where the funds were sent to, immediately took the money out of my acct again. When I tried to figure out what way going on, where the funds went and how to resolve the situation. I then find out that I cannot talk to someone over the phone for a quick resolution but instead via email. So I send an email notifying them of my complaint and receive a very general email in no way addressing my concerns, but notifying me that because its a bank dispute that have no further details on the issue but that they are typically solve within 90days and that cashapp has the right to withdraw the amount of the disputed transaction. So they are not even going to attempt to resolve the dispute or find out what happened. So I have filed a dispute with my bank too, and soon as this is resolved this app is going right in the trash. I will definitely just stick to zelle and working directly with the bank.
Instant Vs Free
by TryJoy26 on 2018/08/09 10:39
When I first started using the app, I loved the convenience of it. However, I’ve noticed that nowadays, if I get money sent to me, the amount of time before I can get the money for free - no matter what amount - is days later than it was when I first started using the app. My sister sent me a mere $48 on a Wednesday, and I was given the free option for receiving it on Friday, or in this instance, pay a .78 fee for instant deposit. Even before this particular transaction, there have been other ‘days later’ options for receiving money or I’d have to pay the fee to get the money instantly, and it’s starting to bother me. It just makes no sense. If it was a huge amount, I could understand, but why charge an instant fee for such a small amount? And why not just offer the next business day? I think there should be a required minimum amount of money before charging for instant access, or at least offer the next business day just like other apps do, and not 2 or more days later. Maybe there’s a rhyme or reason as to how you all decide what amount gets charged a fee or not, or how long before money can be deposited, but I can’t figure it out. Before using your app, I had been using Zelle and POP Money, but I thought this was better and switched over. Maybe I made a mistake - I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. I can only imagine the instant fees getting higher and the wait time getting longer over time.
Horrible app to use
by Samone1d on 2019/05/15 14:04
I never usually leave reviews for apps but this one has definitely made an exception. Point. Blank. Period. This app is horrible in ever way. I would give it a corner of a star if I could. In every comment it’s the same and it’s true the customer service is horrible, money goes missing, they don’t answer you when you email them back or anything. When I first started using it everything was fine my first problem was when someone sent me $40 and it never came through my acct at all it showed in my transactions in the other persons transactions but never hit my back acct so I removed my bank card and stopped using the app. Then when I downloaded it and used it again I was literally going to place like the gas station and McDonalds then all of a sudden nothing is going through. Money can’t be sent received nothing and when I contact them they basically accuse me of fraud and say they shut down my acct won’t give me a reason why and won’t let me get my funds I had left off the acct. I have worked in customer service just about all my life and this........THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER BEEN DEALT. I would rather walk in a store and stare at the cashier for 5 mins waiting for them to notice I’m there while they txt their boyfriend back than to deal with these people over email!!! Apple should literally shut this scheming app down because I guarantee every dollar that keeps going missing out of people’s acct is definitely going to somebody!
by Concerned Concumer on 2019/03/06 20:32
I had numerous issues With sending and receiving money on the application I thought it had something to do with my bank account but unfortunately it didn’t they told me to contact the app and speak to the support team and attempted it but nothing came through so I decided to permanently delete accountIn hopes of making a new one I will not have the same issue once I made a new one I tried one last time to see if the support team can rectify my issue and then got in contact with One of the support members of the application his name is Jake and he was very supportive responsive and courteous to me he fix my issue in less than an hour and everything was back to normal all my transaction issues were gone as well as he allowed me to reinstate my previous cash tag that I really wanted that was recently unavailable for me based on the issues I had with my last account that I had permanently deleted due to issues of sending money back-and-forth for about a year even though I wanted to have at least a call center or to speak to somebody to explain my issue Jacob was very supportive and responded as soon he could to aid me with all my issues I can now say my friends and family money when they need it without any problems
Don’t download.
by ChristinaDomanico on 2018/07/20 06:27
I hate this app. Honestly just download venmo, it’s much easier. To be honest, I only downloaded it for the $5 reward but that didn’t even work out. My friend and I sent money to each other so they would give me the reward. It had no trouble taking the money out of my checking account (since my cashapp balance was zero, having never used it) and it says that I got the reward. But it says my balance is only $5. This doesn’t add up since I’m -5 in my checking and +5 on the app. It should be +10 if it really rewarded me. I’m trying not to be frustrated over $5 but it’s so difficult to transfer to my bank account, so if anyone wants to give me cash I’ll transfer the $5 to your cashapp so I can delete mine and be done with it. Basically took $5 from my account since I can’t actually use the money on my app unless I want to pay someone through it, which I don’t since almost all my friends use venmo (for good reason). In response to the developer commenting on my review, I did do it through the link that my friend sent and followed ALL of the steps. The app even says in my notifications that both my friend and cashapp supposedly paid me, but one or the other is missing from my bank account. I did not miss a step. The fact that they acknowledged my review but didn’t acknowledge or try to figure out what happened on my account also goes to show that this app clearly doesn’t care about its consumers and would rather just put the blame on them. Deleted.
Frustrated!!! I just want my money back!!!
by on 2019/12/15 14:05
Initially I would say that the purpose behind this app were on point but now after a couple years of using it, it is really not all that good. The money sending process is good up until you type the wrong name and don’t have an option to retrieve your funds back after noticing your mistake. And let’s not talk about the customer service or the lack there is. To know that I don’t have the option to speak with a over the phone but via email, is ridiculous and even with that there is a 24hr wait in response. I just found out that there are several cash app accounts (2) using my name that are not me and people had been sending me money but I haven’t been getting because of these accounts and customer support said just send a request to the receivers requesting the funds back, and if you have done that and had a good outcome behind it, you are that 1 in a million. I once thought this app was good & deserved 5 stars until my money ended up in the BIG BLACK HOLE/someone else’s hand and now feel that it really is not worthy of a star. I now we’ll be deleting my account (if that’s an option) & using zelle. A better process needs to be designed for this app. The first being giving the users the option to speak with a person over the phone and not just email; The ability for senders to CANCEL transactions when they noticed a mistake has been made; And a better way to retrieve old accounts.
Zero stars if possible
by elisa.beth on 2020/02/23 23:04
Honestly this is more for the customer service than the actual app. I don’t Believe I’ve ever written a review before, but this was impossible to ignore. When I received my cash app card my last name was missing, well most of it, the first two letters were there. I reached out to see how it could be corrected and was first informed it couldn’t be. When I asked how I was supposed to use a card without my name on it they explained that since it was a debit card I had to put money on it to use (apparently assuming I didn’t know how to use it). I replied that since businesses often ask for ID even with debit cards it would useless to which there was no response. A few days later another rep emailed and explained how I could change my name in the app for display on my profile, and finally included details on how to request a corrected card. I responded AND asked if they could confirm my name would fit properly just so I could know if I could include my middle initials on the card. Two days later I got the same email from a NEW rep, with all of the same instructions, and no response to my questions. I replied with the exact same response I had previously, and immediately received a do not reply to this email bounce back. Thé service has been horrible at best. **update in response to their attempt to mute my frustration. I STILL have not gotten a response to my last attempt at contact so I doubt you would actually “love to help.”
ZERO Stars, this app is the WORST
by violet22sky on 2020/01/09 17:44
I downloaded this app from a link my landlady sent me in order to pay my rent to her easily. We were each supposed to get a $5 credit. Nothing about that even shows up anywhere in the app, and I’ve emailed support about it and they didn’t even read the email or address it at all. But it gets worse. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever used this app, and I tried to send a small amount to my daughter. Immediately, I got an email from them saying they refunded it for safety reasons? And after that, got an email saying I made a payment to my daughter. So I email support about it as well as the credit issue, and they email me back this generic response that doesn’t help me with anything. I wait a day, the refund goes back into my account, and I try it again. SAME thing. Immediate refund! But this time, they email me saying my money won’t be back into my account until Monday! (It’s Thursday. If you did the same thing yesterday and refunded it in 24 hours, WHY the f are you holding my money this time for 5 days??? I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to try to send a large amount of money over this piece of crap app, if they can’t even accomplish a small payment one time, from my first time even trying it. EVERY bad review about this app is true. I should’ve never tried it. And developer, don’t you dare comment on this review and tell me to reach out to support! I already did that twice and you did nothing to help me. I’m DONE.
by gratefuLgottti on 2019/07/14 05:23
This is the absolute worst app to use for dealing with funds and crypto currency. The app itself is set up nice and easy to use, but the customer support is so terrible. I would give negative stars if I could!! I have watched my balance of bitcoin fall from a little over a $1,000 to just over $300 because I can’t withdraw it, I can’t sell it, I can’t move it to another app that will actually work. I have been dealing with this for going on 5-6 months now! I have emailed cash support so many times it’s unreal, with 1 response. 1 freaking response to probably about 20 different emails! A guy named Linz said he would look, get it fixed, it was probably a glitch in the system and he would get back with me in 24 hours. This was 2 weeks ago. With no response. I have emailed him back Atleast 5 times now with no response. I have literally watched my balance fall and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. You can find s way better app to trust your money with! This is not the one!! P.S. Developers, I have every email, all the evidence. I would be more than happy to show you. If this is how you want to run a company and how you want your customers get treated. I’m sorry for you. Making millions of dollars while your customers are over here losing money at your gain because your team is not doing there jobs! Like I said, I have all the proof, all the email. I’ve been trying to reach out for so long! I just want my money!!!
by xnib20 on 2020/01/24 00:25
Someone created a fake cash app account with my name and was using it to steal money from people. I had never even heard of this app before. Two of the victims contacted me on my home phone number to accuse me of stealing from them. One person even left a threatening message on our voicemail. I contacted cash app support (which is only available if you download their stupid app), and after nearly a week, they finally confirmed that yes, someone had created a “poser” account with my name, and that they were handling it. Despite my repeated pleas, they would not contact the people who had called me to tell them I was not responsible for the thefts. Nor will they provide documentation or any written assurances showing me that the poser account had been taken down, or any other information to clear my good name. They have damaged my reputation and caused me to feel unsafe since the victims were able to find my full name and address online through Spokeo or WhitePages or one of those other services. (I have since been working on having those listings removed.) Cash App puts *every* *single* *user* and innocent people who have never used their service, at risk of being defrauded or worse. Their product does not require any verification of a user’s identity and when someone is victimized, they are nearly impossible to communicate with and will not undo the damage caused to people who have been injured by their negligence.
Used to be great
by itslinaaD on 2020/05/28 19:17
First I loved using this. I use it as a prepaid debit card and monthly I have $100s of dollars that go through this account. However RECENTLY there have been so many issues with this. It’s as if they have a new developer and they completely screwed everything up by trying to continuously add new things in. But they have no idea what they’re doing. So instead of adding to the app they completely screwed up what didn’t need to be fixed. With them being an ONLINE only bank they actually have NO ONE available to even speak to. You can’t chat with anyone of their connection to the app is down, you honestly can NEVER call them for ANY issues. You can’t even remove your money from the account. I’ve never had this issue before and at this point it’s tiring and frustrating. They give no warning about anything and you only find out about reoccurring issues if you happen to go online to look for them. Imagine standing in line with purchases but your payments are completely halted and you can’t move your money out to even attempt to use another card or account. It’s been HOURS since the “bug” and known issue and guess what. Money is still in limbo somewhere. “Processing” but you can’t call to figure out even an estimated time frame of when you can take your money out or even use the card THEY issued. All systems completely shut down.
Horrible Customer Service
by Jmaccaroonie on 2018/07/06 15:04
Initially I thought cash app was pretty awesome as it allowed me transfer money to who is in college whenever he needed it. Then I all of a sudden I was unable to make or receive any transactions. After searching the net I found a customer service number. When I finally got in touch with a rep, he was difficult to understand and initially seemed rude. When I made comment, he changed his tone and was quite helpful. He had me connect my phone to the computer and we began maneuver through the system. When he had difficulty he got his supervisor who was quite rude and arrogant. He informed me that there was suspicious activity on my account (the month before someone from across the country managed to take money from my account using square, an affiliate of theirs),and I would need to deposit 500 on my cash app and transfer it. I told him I would do no such thing and he then too began raising his voice telling me he was a supervisor. Well I resorted to using expletives, telling him what he could do with that supervisor thing (not proud of that). As far as I’m concerned, not only was it annoying speaking to someone I could barely understand, the fact that they had a condescending, oh well attitude. It’s unfortunate because I enjoyed the convenience of cash app. However the customer service in the event of issues are horrible. I deleted the app and will just go back to my original manner of transferring money!!
Don’t use Cash App
by 🐘❤🐘❤🐘 on 2018/08/21 08:33
I had been using Cash App for 3 months when someone told me to try the Cash App card because it can be used like a debit card. So I ordered the card and it arrived in the mail, but I never used it. I just so happen to misplace my debut card and didn’t have tune to order a replacement card because I was going out of town. I pulled out the cash app card and was completely satisfied with how everything seemed to work good for the most part. My only issue was I paid two deposits to two different hotels and I never received my money back for those. I contacted cash app support and they weren’t any help. But I still continued to use the card. I had been using the card for a little over a month. All of a sudden the card is declining saying it needs to be activated. I have done everything from deleting the app and reinstalling to just simply disabling the card and trying to enable it again!! Nothing has worked. I contacted customer support the replied back asking me to submit info, but when I did they replied saying it should work but it still doesn’t. I’ve replied back twice letting them know that and still haven’t received a response back. I’m throwing this card away and getting deleting the app. RUN FAR FAR AWAY!! There is no phone number to talk to anyone, and emailing them is useless. PUT YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! DO NOT USE THIS APP!! If there’s a chance you might have issues, you will get NO help at all!!
Inconsistent + lack of customer support = frustration
by 2things@once on 2017/11/29 14:02
While I have used the app in the past few month without a hitch (and I’m trying to convince others to do the same), I recently ran into a problem sending money to a friend and it’s highlighted some problems with the Cash app. I sent a second payment to this person within a two week period and in order to receive the second payment they are being asked to verify their account through Facebook or their Social Security number. This seems odd as they have used the app to receive cash in the past with no problem and the two payments which I sent are well under the $250 trip point that I’ve read can often trigger a verification request. She’s not comfortable putting this info in and there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for why it happened. And what a drag of it happens again and again? She contacted customer support and got a canned response that doesn’t address the issue. Really wish there was a better way to contact customer support. Why is she being asked for this information at this time? It seems a little suspect. She’s frustrated and ready to quit the app and use something else, and I’m finding it hard to recommend this app to others now.
by Nellyoto on 2019/08/10 02:01
This whole app is bad, Things Literally were all perfect, then one day It just wouldn't let me send nor receive money, But the account looked fine, I had to search around the whole app its self Just to find out that “my account is closed” I didnt recieve not an email nor text notification saying this, I had to find out for my self, It was apparently closed Due to “suspicious activity”, I couldn't get help from anyone, when I went to cash support I just literally got back an email saying that “your account is closed due to violation of so & so” when In reality, I didn't violate anything, It was also given that I couldn't even speak to any one , Nor did I even get to speak with an actual person, So with the account literally being rendered Useless, I permanently shut it down to build a new one, & so I set up the new account just to come to find out that now my “bank isn't supported” when in reality its other people who use Cashapp & Have the same bank & Same type of checking account, overall as a customer You guys gave off Horrible customer service, & Its weird because all I do Is buy bitcoin & Send money back & Forth between me & My friends, Thats very Odd as a company to Not value your clients/ Customers, My New account is still not in motion due to the fact that I cant even attach a bank account to it , So again Im back to square one with an account that has Once again Rendered me USELESS.
BEWARE!! Terrible customer support!!
by paintapril25 on 2019/02/04 17:32
My cash app was compromised, someone used it at a Chipotle in Denver and I live in Ca. I wasn’t even alerted of the charge. Then the alert I did get with that someone was trying to spend $463 at Apple and it got declined which is when I realized something was dreadfully wrong! I tried to contact customer service on the phone, they referred me back to customer support on the app, so I sent an email which took them over a day to get back to me where they Told me to apply for a new Cash App card THEN and ONLY THEN would they address the security breach issue. Meanwhile I removed my checking account info and froze my card as best as I could from the App. The thieves continued to try and use my account over the next few days, I reported this by email, (the only contact Cash app has with there customers) and they did nothing. Then all of a sudden cash app alerts me that I am seven dollars overdrawn and I need to transfer money to settle the balance. I contacted them again asking if they had any intention of reimbursing any of the money that was stolen from me, I got no response. Imagine my horror this morning when I got an alert that cash app took it upon themselves to re-activate my checking account and remove the money themselves!! I I strongly advise against doing business with Cash App or their parent company Square, which I had left last year because of their poor customer care. April R.
by Annalaca on 2018/12/13 15:33
I had been using the cash app for the past year, and for the most part, I had really enjoyed it. However, I recently went to use my card, only to discover that my account had been closed and the money I had had in the app was suddenly no longer available. There is no human being you can contact on the phone for this app. In fact, there is no customer service phone number whatsoever. The only option available is either reading through very unhelpful “user questions” or sending an email that may or may not ever be returned. When I discovered that I could suddenly no longer use my cash app to send money and that my card was declined (even though I had money in the app), I sent an email to customer service. They responded by saying my account had been closed due to either my transaction history, refund history, or a violation of the user agreement. They refused to give me any details as to why this had suddenly happened in that as far as I knew I had not done anything abnormal or in violation of anything, and that the decision was final. I responded back asking for any information because I felt that this must be an error and never got a single response back. And I have not been able to get my money returned either. Up until this point I had thought the cashapp was great but now I am totally disillusioned and hate it. A good app to choose if you want your money stolen.
Terrible customer service! No communication.
by ballhawk22 on 2019/09/23 03:14
I’ve used this app for a couple years now for work splitting dinners, my kids sports, fantasy football, etc. this app was always awesome and still is a great convenient app for the most part. Recently my app was logged out of somehow. When I opened it it asked for my phone number and then it made me create a new cashtag name. I was unable to get back into my previous account where I had a 140 dollar balance. I’ve must have written 20 plus emails asking for help over the past 2 weeks and customer support will not respond or help resolve my situation. Up till now I’d give this app 5 stars but now I just rather use Venmo. If cash support will step in and fix this issue then I’d change my review to 5 stars. Not looking good though. About 4-5 days later after I left this review with a 1 star I was finally contacted by cash support tech named Rachel by email and they did finally get my accounts merged and my money back into my account. I did change my 1 star to a 4 star only because it took 3 weeks to fix. If it were a quicker response I would’ve given it a 5 star but for an app that handles money you want assistance ASAP. I will continue to use this for the convenience. Thanks cash app.
Convenience isn’t always good with their debit card
by California riverside on 2019/02/21 00:55
I been using cash app for my business and personal. This past weekend the trust between cash app and I has been broken and I since then terminated all dealing with them. Let me share what happen. On a Friday evening I used my cash app debit card to make a purchase. Just as always the transaction went flawless. Once completed I switched my debit card off so that no other unauthorized transaction can occur. I used this feature religiously without issues. The cash app debit card when turned off will go from black to a ghost white. However this time the debit card disappeared and a few minutes later I was asked by the app to sign up for a new debit card. I contacted cash app via email (the only way they communicate) and I explained what happen. Within minutes I got a reply from an agent asking me key questions. I replayed with the answers they were seeking. Saturday went by, Sunday went by, Monday went by and no word from cash app. Tuesday morning I get an email saying that a push was sent to out to fix an issue and I and other cash app customers that were affected can resume using the debit card. This was a wake up call for me that this app has issues and cannot be trusted because the fixes took three days. I urge you all to use caution because if this happen to my business cash app accounts; the situation would be painful. Please use caution.
Cash App User BEWARE!!!!
by Jesse.McCard on 2020/04/12 04:12
Just to clarify I have been a user of the cash app since 2015. However, about a month ago my car was broken into, the criminal stole about $3,000 worth of my stuff including my phone and wallet. When I started getting texts from one of my banks on my secondary phone asking if I was getting gas and ordering breakfast at jack in the box, I replied no and the card was locked. I immediately ran to my car and saw the door to my convertible was open. I drove over to the closest JiTB and they said they remember the people but didn’t have a camera on the drive thru. I received texts throughout the day from cash app stating they were using my card in cities nearby so I followed them and finally found them. I reported the break in to the police and cash app with the evidence I compiled in order to get most (not all) of my stuff back. They spent about $700 of my cash app money and when I gave cash app support EVERYTHING I had on the criminals they denied that an error occurred and DID NOT refund me any money that they used. I requested the claim be reopened 3 times and all 3 times they denied an error occurred. My situation was handled the best I could handle it given my military background and I would advise EVERYONE that using the cash app as a bank is ILL-ADVISED. Send money, transfer money, hell, pay bills BUT DO NOT USE THIS AS A BANK!! The support is a FXCKING JOKE! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
by CCorbitt on 2018/01/13 18:10
Let me start off by saying that I wish I could give ZERO stars. Without my knowledge, the transfers I was making to a friend started being sent to SquareCash instead of directly to the bank, the only way to get it to the bank was to "cash it out". The app has NO issues when taking your money, but magically cannot "refund" any money. Customer support is via email ONLY, so who knows if it's an actual person. I've been trying to find out where a $300 refund is for over a week now and every email response says the EXACT same thing; basically blaming the bank and requesting a letter head note from my bank to prove that I never received the money. After explaining OVER AND OVER again that the bank does not provide such letters nor can they trace the so-called reference number they provided, the email responses still said the exact same thing. My banks branch manager offered to call their customer support (because I am his third customer this week having this issue) but as I mentioned earlier they don't offer phone customer support, cowardly. They provide no proof of it being sent to my account; even the app shows it's not completed. My bank is now investigating this issue and SquareCash will have to prove to them where this money is. If you like losing money, I recommend using this app.... otherwise there are MANY other ways to send and receive money. Good riddance Cashapp
Great for those who don't carry cash
by Angel 천사 on 2017/09/18 05:29
It's a very minimalistic type of app. It's easy to use and I have had no issues with it. It does ask to link your debit card and bank information, which is understandable. I asked my girlfriend to download the app to send me $50 that she needed to give me. When she sent it, it went to my cash drawer. Easy enough. Then I went to cash out and it told me that it was "instantly deposited" into my bank account. At first, I was like no way. So I went to check my bank and there it was, $50 dollar deposit transaction and ready to use. I would recommend this app to all my college friends because it's really useful for us since none of us ever carry around cash. I do admit that I don't believe I ever received the $5 for referring a friend but I don't really care about the promo money. Update: It's been a year since I've used the app. My girlfriend sent me over $600 last month with the app and I was debating whether to keep it in the app since I have that beautiful etched Cash black card now or not but in the end, I decided to put it in my bank account. Since it was a weekday, it was in my account the very next day. Thanks for the great work!
I wish I could give no stars
by Gemini316 on 2020/03/12 18:11
I’m having an issue with a company that I got a trial from, and as advised as soon as I got the trial product, I canceled my subscription. Two weeks later I see in my cash app notifications, that same company was attempting to take $95 from my account. I reached out to Cash App and they told me that it was nothing they could do, that I had to contact the merchant (it took about 3 business for a response). So I did, and the vendor customer service representative refused to cancel my subscription. So I called back and spoke with a supervisor who told me that he canceled my subscription and gave me a cancellation number. The very next day I saw another notification that the same vendor was still trying to take $95 out (luckily no funds were there since I never use the card unless I’m sending money to my children in college). I called the vendor again and again I get another cancellation number (different from the first one). I inquire about the first cancellation number and was told no record of it). I reached out via email to CashApp again, because Spring Break is coming up, and I’m sure my children will run out of money. I was told to reach out to the vendor again and that that was the only course of action. I’m giving this app 1 star because when you sign up they tell you this app is better than a bank. NOT!!! They could careless about you. And it’s a shame!
Abysmal customer service
by nikcojust on 2020/04/14 05:30
I’m used to getting bad service from banks but this app was supposed to be different and it was for a time. For 3 years Ive used it for simple transactions and sometimes as away to get paid for projects. It has been linked to my debit cards and bank accounts. Never needed help or customer service before until this past week. All of a sudden all my transactions would receive a “transaction failed error message “ I contacted my banks and both said they had no issues and had not flagged anything for fraud. I contacted cash app and they responded by basically saying that sometimes transactions failed because they saw some use that was out of the ordinary. Folks I’ve never moved more than $300 on this app. They continued to to tell me that they could give me no further information. When I asked for clarification and relayed my banks info they continued to send me the same canned message. I tried deleting that account and setting up a new one. Same issue. What angers me is that after asking for them to provide records for my account and to substantiate the claim that some “out of the ordinary” transaction took place they simply ignored ‘me. I’m contacting the CFPB to log a formal complaint in order to get my info. It’s a great app but if this is how they treat customers who ask questions about things they have right to know then they should be held accountable.
My nightmare
by J.rev. on 2020/02/17 13:31
I recently joined Cash App to receive payment in BTC. You have to enter your Social Security number for tax purposes, when mine was entered I entered it incorrectly. There is no way on the platform to edit it and reconfirm validity. When you try to sell your BTC a form will pop up stating that “ By confirming, I certify under penalties of perjury that I’ve reviewed the information on this Form w-9 and that it is correct.” There is no option that states “If anything on the form is incorrect go to...” It’s been more than 24 hours and I have not heard from Cash App support yet and I cannot receive my funds until they reach out. I don’t usually leave negative reviews, but this is my only option left of reaching out unfortunately. Update: I was finally contacted by CashSupport, I explained the issue, we sent emails back and forth, but I was sent a response that didn’t resolve the issue or give me any guidance on what to do. It was more so a script. I contacted the person back to clarify my issue, but I didn’t get a response from her the email said, “Hi you have reached an unmonitored email address...” I was responding to the email thread that we had been using so I’m not sure what happened. I just want to change the SS# on my account...that’s all if possible or be guided in the direction to someone that knows how to take care of the matter..
by Author/Poet Mario Watts on 2020/02/06 00:15
I purchased a new phone and my phone number was changed 3 weeks ago and found that I could not access the account I had set up under my old phone number. I have hundreds of dollars sitting in the account that I needed to pay bills and when I counted the CashApp support team, they asked for my personal information in order to merge my accounts, that in my opinion, had nothing to do with the account that I had previously set up. After providing the information, they told me that they then needed for me to apply for a cash card or enable the Bitcoin feature on the new account, so that they could further verify my identity. I enabled the Bitcoin feature, which required me to take a photo of my driver’s license through the app so that they could verify my identity. After it was verified, I contacted their support team and again, they said that they need more of my personal information, which again, had nothing to do with my account that was set up. I refused to provide any additional personal info to protect my own privacy and info and they will not merge my accounts. I still do not have access to my account and the hundreds of dollars that are sitting in the account and I am extremely worried because I do not have the money needed to pay my bills! I have been in contact with the CashApp support team daily, but to no avail.
Stolen/ lost money.
by Noahblakesmith on 2019/03/14 15:58
Went to use the cash app card at a QT gas station. Before getting out of my truck I checked my cash account to make sure I had sufficient funds to get gas. My account had $108. Swipe my card and it gets declined for insufficient funds and I try again, same thing. I check the cash app and my funds have dropped to $8. I go to support and FAQS and find that this is common and they say the funds will be returned in 12-14 days (ridiculous amount of time to be out $100) I periodically check my account to see if the money has returned and it never had. Day 15 I email support and ask where the money is. At first they say next time I open my app the money will be refunded. I checked and it had not been refunded I email back and they said that they can do nothing about it and pull a statement saying I had $19 in my account when i went to get gas thus the insufficient funds. They have a statement, and all I have is a -$100 in my app. I have no way to show them that I had $108. I wouldn’t of used the cash app card if I only had $19 for gas. Customer service is kind but very slow and very quick to say they can do nothing about it but they stolen my $100 or the balance you see in the app in inaccurate. This has been a terrible inconvenience and a horrible experience using cash app. Would reconsider if the were willing to fix and address this issue.
by Belldandy499 on 2020/05/25 12:09
Cash app are such Thefts. They falsely charging me $365 on my account that put my account into overdraft. When I contacted their support team through email the told me that it was my Apple account was the one that was charging my account this amount and that I should contact Apple to resolve the issue and so I did and Contacted Apple. Apple told me that they not the one charging my account the amount of $365 and that they not charge my account at all for anything and send me my whole Apple statement summary to prove it. Apple even offer to speak with them on a three way with to clear up an misunderstood that they’re having. So I contacted Cash app through email and information them of what Apple said and send the my Apple statement and inform they about the offer of the three way conversation. Still Cash app want to charge me a fraudulent transaction charge. The thing about it is that they’re charging my account a Whole $365 but I can’t find on my Cash Apple statement as to where what the charge are for, it not even on my Cash app Statement. Apple even ask my on the phone Cash app say what’s the charge is for .. no.. all the information they’re giving me is that Apple is the one Charging the Account. This is frustrating and stress. Feel so Disgusted and Disappointed in Cash App that this is what they do to their Client. I would have give them No Star. They’re the Worst
Lost money meant for my sick mom
by Kookie1121 on 2019/08/11 20:18
My sisters were setting up an account to receive money for mom. They started accounts and it said the money was sent and received but before my sister could withdraw the money her account asked for to add a bank account which she did and then a pin but it didn’t accept it. She tried again and it didn’t work so she called me to help. I decided to log into her account via my cash app and try again. I entered it all slowly and correctly but it locked me out. After contacting customer service about the issues her account was closed, the money is now in limbo and account can’t be used again. My account won’t allow me to log out (even when I deleted the app) Now whenever I try to talk to customer service about it they just send a generic message saying your account is terminated. We are both locked out and my sister is out of 300 dollars. Update: I was told to contact them as you can see below and that’s exactly what I did. I used both of the communications they told me to and no one got back to me. I’m still waiting on a response but no one is responding even though I see the message was seen. Your email said you would respond in 24 hours and that was 3 days ago. Square cash just saying you will help is not the same as helping. Very disappointed and tell everybody I know to switch to Venmo or Zelle.
I fell in love with this app, until they closed my account
by A_very_sad_customer on 2018/12/09 20:49
I have been using the cash app for almost 2 years and loved everything about it. It was easy to setup, I could send money to anyone who owned a modern cell phone, and I never had to carry cash on me again. I work in homes and every now and again I’ll have a customer trying to sell something that I want, so when I get them to sign up, not only are they able to receive money from me, but they get $5 just for switching to this fantastic app. All went well until I tried sending my half of the rent payment to my roommate and my transfer was denied. I contacted Cash Support and within 5 minutes I received an email informing me that they were closing my account without eligibility to reopen it. They gave me no warning and no reason as to why they had made this decision. I have been trying to get in touch with someone on their support line for weeks to simply ask them why they had made their decision, but I never got a response. I love this app, but I am so very upset that they would close a valued and loyal customer’s account without warning or so much as a courtesy explanation. Please take your business to Venmo or Zell. Those guys work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction, and always answer any questions you might have.
Lost Money & Terrible Contact System
by Hate this crappy app😑 on 2020/03/10 12:03
I was actually enjoying cash app ! It very easy to use and came in handy when I didn’t have any cash on me ! I actually had liked it ! I started to dislike it this year for the simple fact that on Feb 25 a lot of money came out of my account into my cash app account for “Bitcoin” ! At the time I didn’t even know what that was but recently figured it out ! When I tried to transfer my money back well my account was locked so I went on to contact Cash App support ! Well when I went to contact them they only had an email and said they would get back within 24hours ! Ok fine in the mean times I started my process with my bank just in case ! Well 4 weeks haven’t went by heard NOTHING from Cash App Support until like last week FINALLY after I sent them about 10 emails about my money ! They finally responded when I told them I was going to report them to the better business bureau ! When I responded back they couldn’t take my message because they didn’t attach my case number so I gave them a bad rating and I shot them ANOTHER email and nothing ! All I want is for them to unlock my account so I can get the money out but I can’t do that if they do not respond ! The system is bad because they should have a number if they aren’t going to respond in the email within 24 hours like they claim !
Lost money to a Cash App Hacker
by KaliB919 on 2020/04/26 23:42
Let me first start by saying I have never had an issue with Cashapp in the 3 or so years I’ve been using it, but today is where that ended! I was sent a cashapp request from one of my good friends asking to borrow money, this is something we have done in the past and has never been a problem. I sent her $100 and was immediately sent another request for another $150, but this time it said “Please in danger ill nust give 400” now the red flags raise up and I call her immediately. She tells me to not send anything to those request it’s not her and that she has been hacked and multiple people in her contacts have all sent money to these people. Needless to say I was angry and out of $100. Looking at the first request there was nothing suspicious or anything about it, they used some of her verbiage from the last time she borrowed money from me and just resent it. Her profile picture everything except they added a 1 to the end of her profile name. Unfortunately as we all know there is now CashApp customer service line so I’m just stomped on how these people could do this and get away. I am super hesitant to use this app again and am thinking of just getting rid of it all together, I would hate to have this happen again. So use with super caution even if it’s someone from your contacts requesting money.
Customer service lost money
by Katiegee719 on 2019/02/05 04:41
My boyfriends old phone broke and he had no way of accessing his old account as he had no email set up just a linked number that he no longer had because new phone new number he created a new account fine. I made the mistake of sending 50 dollars to his old account and I immediately noticed the mistake I contacted customer support which is only through email, no way to contact someone by phone since the money is stuck in his old cash app account I thought it would be an easy fix as to either pull the funds out and load them back on to mind or void the transaction since he has not accepted the funds the customer rep brandy finally emailed me back saying there is nothing that can be done very disappointed in this app with its customer service. It’s 50 dollars an I refuse to just have it lost. After o explained this to the rep I went online and did some searching if my own n it clearly says that within 24 hrs that the transaction was made if the receiver of the funds have not accepted the funds or used the money it can be canceled. I screenshot the policy and emailed the rep and she has not responded. I am very unhappy and cash app would be losing users behind this. I don’t take this lightly and I will not leave the situation alone until either my boyfriend or I are able to access the 50$.
The Best Choice
by Adameze on 2020/01/01 16:01
I don’t often write reviews anymore because the last thing I want to do is have my name associated with something that might potentially take a turn on the less then desirable side of things. However that isn’t the case here in my opinion. CashApp has been my go to for quick, easy, and convenient money transfers for a while now and I’ve seen it only moving up. Originally starting with a few small transfers here and there between friends led to full utilization of its many features. Be it paying a friend back for dinner, sending money to a family member for Christmas, helping someone out in a tight spot with gas money, ordering the Cash Card so I can spend my money anywhere visa is accepted, to support for ApplePay. Let’s not forget the card boosts which are awesome little perks that give you discounts on certain purchases when you apply them to your card. I actually just saved 10% on my lunch at subway yesterday thanks to the boost I had. It’s a secure way to pay, receive, and send money and the only app I care to use anymore outside of my normal bank account. Thanks CashApp!
Very upset customer
by Dreamerszt on 2020/02/06 10:36
I Started using cash app 7 years ago for business purposes because I sale hair. I was scammed by one of my customers who purchased hair with a unauthorized card. So cash app contacted me and told me via email that it was a fraudulent purchase and that they sided with the bank although the merchandise was recieved by consumer. So that put me at a -$213. That’s when my problems started. I paid $213 to bring negative balance current and cash app still kept taking money that ppl sent me via cash app saying it was towards the negative balance but it was already paid. I’ve tried to contact cash app multiple times to get a refund of the money they over charged me, for over A YEAR NOW through email with no response. This is very very unprofessional that they can play with people money and not return any response when it comes to them paying you your money back but when I owed them the -$213 they kept responding until they got paid. I will no longer use cash app nor put my money on cash app when they can’t even respect ppl hard earned money and time to make sure their customers(sellers) don’t get screwed out of their money as well. I used to love cash app. Not any more. I give it 2 stars because outside of this problem cash app used to be great!
Horrible Customer Service
by Shroom2k14 on 2019/04/25 04:18
I tried to send $10 to my husband (who is one of the only 3 people I send money to on cash app), it told me “payment could not be sent”. I tried to $3 to my friend, it told me “payment could not be sent”. I had money on my bank card so naturally I thought something was wrong with my bank card. I took my card off of my account and then tried to add it again only for it to say “card not supported”. The next day I called my bank only for them to tell me there have been no declines on my account, our systems aren’t down, and they see no problems with my account or card. I tried to contact cash app (they don’t have a phone number) through the app. And hour later, I get an email saying I have violated the terms of service and it could not be discussed in further detail through that email. I contacted them again to try and figure out how I violated the agreement when I only send and receive money from a select number of people. I got no response. I messaged the cash app account via Twitter and was told I would be contacted within 24-48 hours. On the third day (after no response) I messaged them again after receiving my cash app card only to not be able to use it or cash out my remaining balance. I don’t know what kind of business is being ran here but I am over this trendy app.
Over it
by ShayCheri on 2019/07/25 03:11
In the beginning I was extremely impressed even though I never received the $5 referral bonus or any of the many people I know who use it. I have Zelle and PayPal and found this app user friendly, quick and simple. It quickly became my go to, especially for sending money to my children.(They're the ones who introduced me to the app in the first place 😏). Any-who, I started noticing more and more oh if my affiliates using the app. Then today hits, I go to send my daughter a much needed $200 and than I noticed that the payment didn't go through, even though the money pulled from my account. I received an alert asking for me to verify myself by adding my contacts which I did, than it said to send a picture of the front and back of my Drivers' License, I did. Than take a picture and re add my banking information. I have transferred hundreds of dollars in the last few months with no issues. I couldn't even upload money to my own card without all of these extra steps. Plus the $200 I sent to my daughter is in Limbo and won't be put back into my account until Friday, but transfers takes minutes literally. This app has become a hassle and now I'm waiting on my $200 dollars to be returned. It is no longer worth it for me back to Zelle and PayPal I go. (Once they refund my $200 in 2 days smh 😏)
DO NOT USE CASHAPP UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY. Use Venmo or anything else instead!
by JalapeñoP on 2019/05/25 15:51
After over two months of Cashapp sending me around in circles about at $30 refund that never made its way back into my cashapp app nor my bank account. I have been told numerous times that it was my banks fault. My bank has been more than willing to provide me with all of the information and helping me locate the transaction that Cashapp claims was: 1) credited to my account 2) has been voided from my bank account (which they cannot do) and 3) will probably show up as a credit on my statement if i wait long enough. They even sent me a trace number “proving” that they debited the amount to my account but when my bank Checked the trace number it was the trace number of the amount leaving my account not any sort of proof of it coming back to my account. Even after all this time they continue to tell me this is something I need to take up with my bank which is completely ridiculous seeing as though so many people have been having the same problem and the common factor in all of these issues is Cashapp. Even now they still have yet to provide me proof that they even attempted to send a credit for the amount to my account! Please do not use cashapp, even their customer service is a joke, save yourself the frustration!
I wish that I can give this app a zero
by 2 Thumbs Down 👎🏾👎🏾 on 2019/01/26 07:20
I wish that I can give this app a zero, I tried to setup a business account so that I can receive payments for individuals paying for their classes, ran into problems with confirming the account while I readily provided all required information such as verifying the business banking account and providing my drivers License the account still wasn’t able to go through its verification process for whatever reason. I reached out to customer care which a rep got back to me to sympathize with my frustration and promised that she will escalate and someone will get back to me, which obviously didn’t happen it’s been over a month now and I have sent numerous emails to the customer care team to no response which is horrible business especially for a client that was looking to do an significant amount of cashless transactions through the service as we was identifying cash app as the primary way to pay prior to the embarrassment to the organization Please don’t waste your time seek other services out there such as Venmo or Zelle as I’m going to deactivate my personal account for myself and my wife and will advise all of my other friends to do so it’s one thing to drag your feet but another when you completely ignore multiple attempts form an consumer looking to bring you business
Customer service doesn’t exist
by Kennylivedbitch on 2018/02/17 05:02
I have never written a review before but I had to because I’ve never dealt with such terrible customer service. I have been trying for well over a month now to fix whatever problem there is with my cash app account (randomly told me I temporarily can’t send or get money due to suspicious activity) they never sent an email or anything as to what was suspicious or what I needed to do to fix it. I didn’t even know there was a problem with my account until I went to try and send my friend some money for doing my nails and it told me I couldn’t. I have contacted support 5 times now to figure out what was wrong with my account but every time I do I get the same automated message saying someone will be with me in a few business days but I never get an email from anyone so when I tell them I haven’t gotten a response they send out another automated message saying that “I took too long to reply and need to open a new case” BUT I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE IN THE FIRST PLACE. This has happened 5 times now and I have given up entirely on trying to use the app. I now use google wallet and haven’t had any issues. Something that can be fixed in minutes has been dragged out for months and STILL is not fixed. When you offer customer service you’re supposed to actually help the customer with the issue.
Very disappointed
by goldo 98 on 2020/03/02 20:50
I have recommended this app to sooo many ppl and I was so sure it was safe, until this Friday. My husband sent me our credit card payment so I could cash it out and pay...well long and behold there were only 14 dollars of the money available to cash out and a previous payment of 12 dollars. So I sent an email got an answer on Saturday night that they received my email and THAT WAS IT! No other info no one to talk to and what worse money for a payment that is now in limbo. IM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS APP NOW . So be careful and mindful ... if your missing money your not talking to anyone I guess ever. I’ve emailed again since Saturday and called multiple time to speak to a automated system. No answers so far for me. I have to say I had a gut feeling my problem wasn’t Cash App related and sure enough. My problem was only mine for paying without cashing out first. I have to say it was so scary to not have a person to clarify this so maybe a voicemail system or a live person. Any way I’m staying with you guys and I’m very happy to recommend the app it super easy and super convenient. Minus one star just be you really need ppl to actually talk to.
Worst support
by kfebo on 2019/11/17 06:12
I have been having tons of issues with the cash app boosts. If I want to use a money sharing app I’ll just use Venmo, but since cash app introduced boosts I decided to use it. They once removed one of my boosts out of no where and switched it out for a lower percentage off without my consenting. You were able to switch between boosts before, then you would get a warning of not being able to switch over without losing a boost. I was checking out a new boosts details (5 $ off groceries) and in doing so, I completely lost a boost without warning and I am unable to get it back, even tho I had it for a while and had literally just used it an hour before hand, so why wouldn’t I be able to get it back? I reached out to support and they just sent me a very generic email expressing “trying out new boosts” ... that’s fine and everything but that’s not helping me whatsoever. When I tried to reach back out to support they had already closed my support case and now I can’t reach them at all and are being unresponsive. Totally Inconsiderate and rude! I’m not asking for much and that boost was everything to me considering I use the app often to shop in a really expensive city so I need all the help I can get!! I will just switch to using Venmo since this is an outrage but im sure the company could care less...
Money lost
by johnnyboywill on 2018/12/07 03:03
I used to have this app: this review is for something that happened about a year ago but is still very telling. A coworker had been using the app with me and several others in order to put money in her accounts so that she could withdraw it later. All in all we’d transfer money and get it back evenly. All told I did about $900 with her. Suddenly one day my accounts have $900 withdrawn from them (the cash app had access to my account) and considered my transactions with my coworker “unfulfilled.” There was a lot of scrambling where my coworker claimed ignorance: I tried contacting square and, only after several weeks of radio silence, did I get an email (which I still have saved) basically dismissing me and telling me to check with my bank. My bank did nothing but try to figure out how square could access my account so readily; nobody did anything to help me figure out what had happened. In the end I got most of the money back from my coworker and had to close and reopen my account because my bank wouldn’t do anything to help—and neither did Square. Yes I and my friends were stupid for helping our coworker, but I’d expect something a little bit better than “it’s not our problem.” Thus my conclusion: this app is a rip off and if something goes wrong, square will not help and does not care.
Terrible customer service/ scammers
by Brionna Edwards on 2018/03/25 15:31
According to cash app, a payment of $1850 was “instantly deposited” into my account successfully. However, that was not the case. This is actually the only payment that I have had trouble with using cash app but as you can see it’s a lot of money. I talked to three different associates because two acted like they didn’t understand my problem and the third one kept telling me that my bank had “accepted” the payment but my bank confirmed that cash app had never actually sent the money. They finesse you by requesting a “rejection document” from your bank but a bank can not provide that kind of documentation if they was never any money sent to reject. Then the associate, Nessa, claimed that she would escalate my case to a manager, and they would be in contact with me shortly but they never contacted me. I will be seeking legal action against this app because this is unacceptable. They even failed to provide documentation of my bank so-called “accepting” the funds on my behalf or even a credit card info change they claim I did. It is obvious that they lost my money and do not want to credit my account to replace since this mistake is their fault. Never using this app again. I do not recommend it unless you can risk losing money or have the patience to deal with incompetent customer service.
All good till it goes bad
by DisgruntedRay on 2019/11/05 15:15
Cashapp was literally perfect for me perfect! I could send and receive money so easily and it was so convenient because everyone had it. Then I paid for a phone through Cashapp that was never sent to me. As soon as I realized it was fraudulent I contacted Cashapp to try and get them to block the transaction or refund the money back. They don’t have a number they weren’t answering my emails, when I finally got in contact with a little help I was informed that transactions were final and couldn’t be reversed that I had to go through my bank which is exactly what I did. I notified my bank which refunded me the money and I thought everything was fine and dandy until I tried so send money and realized Cashapp had closed my account without warning or investigation because I went through my bank to retrieve my money but only AFTER they said they couldn’t help me. It’s extremely unfair and the fact that they said their decision was final without ever letting me explain anything made me feel like they thought I was a crook or a scam or something. I was the victim of a fraud and it’s like I paid dearly for my naivety in sending someone money for a product I guess. Shame on Cashapp though for poor customer service and just closing my account after telling me to solve my issues elsewhere.
Bad customer service and lost money
by KTonius on 2019/09/24 06:58
Hi, i usually don’t make reviews but i have to on this one. I lost access to my old account because I no longer have that phone number. I created a new one and tried for more then a week to get access to the old account because i had funds on it. I contact customer support they responded telling me to try two option and if it didn’t work respond to the email. I responded to the email more then 5 times and no one have helped me and it’s been more then a week now. It’s at the point where customer service is not even responding to me. I sent the email with my old account phone number cashtag and the identifier number on the funds that was mistakenly sent. I have even tried to do a whole new request for help and still no one have responded to help me. I been using cash app for a while and at first i was loving it i would have gave them 5 stars. But not after a week of giving me the run around i feel like that’s bad customer service and someone needs to help me. If i had help resolving the issue especially since i made it known that the two options they gave me didn’t work i would have gave them 5 stars. If i get help resolving it i would change it to 5 stars but after this experience i feel the app is a waste. I need help and no one is helping me.
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