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Bolt: Fast, Affordable Rides
Bolt is a transportation app used for taking fast and affordable e-scooter rides. Skip the rush hour hassle and public transport headache, get there quickly, safely and conveniently on a Bolt Scooter! Our e-scooters are available to rent through the Bolt app. They’re super-easy (and fun!) to use. Why Bolt? • The app is free — you only pay when you ride! • Fast and affordable — get around town without paying a fortune • Safe — our in-app Safety Toolkit features a Beginner Mode, riding tutorial, safety tips and a guide to the local traffic rules • Environmentally friendly — Bolt Scooters help reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone To start riding a Bolt e-scooter: 1. Open the Bolt app and use your smartphone to locate the nearest Bolt Scooter on the map 2. Unlock the e-scooter by scanning the QR code or entering the ID through the app 3. Push-off and press the throttle to go! 3. Enjoy a fun, affordable ride to your destination 4. Once you arrive, park the scooter safely and end your ride inside the app When could you use a Bolt Scooter? • Riding to/from the bus stop, train station or other public transit stations on your work commute • Avoiding traffic jams on the way to/from work • As a fast, affordable way of seeing the city as a tourist • Anytime you want a fun, fast, convenient and sustainable ride across the city! Bolt is available in 40+ countries and 200+ cities around the world. Our mission is to bring fast, reliable and affordable transportation to millions of people around the world, while also helping thousands of drivers support their families. Bolt ride-hailing is coming soon! Questions? Get in touch via or at Follow us on social media for updates, discounts and offers! Facebook — Instagram — Twitter —
The best
by Mc Forget Them on 2021/11/28 11:07
Fast, best and very good to go with for your safety
Two fingers in the Air
by Raspkrispy on 2021/11/28 03:37
What an amazing smooth and blessed Sunday morning drive. I pray for more drivers like these!
by RichieArmany on 2021/11/27 17:07
Amazing and very much dependable
by Amall67 on 2021/11/22 11:01
سرقو مني لما دفعت لهم ابل بي نصيحه انتبهو اذا ماحاسبتو كاش لا تحاسبونهم ابل بي او بأي بطاقه لانهم سرقوني وسحبو مني اكثر من مره
Best ride service in uk
by ruinog12 on 2021/11/22 10:02
Much better rates than Uber by far. Always a pleasant experience with them. Highly recommended!
Good app
by lanko records on 2021/11/22 07:32
Ya no es como antes
by hdlansowbwox wlwvwievevejebe on 2021/11/21 20:03
Es muy cara no entiendo por qué hacen eso ! 😞
Horrible customer service
by patrchjjin on 2021/11/20 21:54
When I arrived at my destination, the driver said I need to pay in cash but I was already charged through my credit card. I don’t know why the app of the driver did not reflect the payment I made. I reached out to the customer service of bolt through the app but they just kept on insisting to give me a promo code that is less than what I paid. I kept on asking for a refund which UBER is doing automatically once the trip is cancelled or it’s their mistake. Customer service of BOLT is horrible in answering the needs of their customer and trying to rip off their clients!
MR rich
by rich122233 on 2021/11/20 14:12
Such a fantastic driver
by mobarakkk on 2021/11/18 17:59
برنامج فاشل جدا كل ماتسوي حجز وقريب منك سائق يسوي الغاء رحله مادري ليه
by Djangboluku on 2021/11/18 17:11
Nice riding bolt
by CyberGhost01 on 2021/11/17 09:36
Excellent ride with a friendly driver
by MarvySalami on 2021/11/16 12:15
Best, quick, available and affordable. I love this app
I Love Bolt
by uchecute on 2021/11/15 19:44
The best online cab company in Nigeria ❤️
I love it
by austinmoni on 2021/11/15 14:07
It the best way to move around
მომსახურება 0
by mebiver on 2021/11/12 15:52
თანხა წინასწარ ჩამომაჭრა . მძღოლმა დამიქნსელა თრიფი და თანხაზე მწერენ რო რამოდენიმე დღეში დაგიბრუნდებათო უკან როცა მეტი აღარ მქონდა ბარათზე და მეჩქარებოდა წასვლა ...
by 都就快 on 2021/11/11 09:52
Registered for an account using all of my personal data, after registration, the app doesn’t let me request a ride with any of my international credit cards that works perfectly with every merchant in foreign countries. The app doesn’t even let me request a ride with cash payment option, since my account has “suspicious activities”, I haven’t even had a single ride, what suspicious activities????! I’ve decided to walk to my destination instead since none of the payment options were working. A few hours later, I get a notification from my credit card company saying €30 was charged for a Bolt Food order in Latvia (I was traveling in Georgia)!! I definitely did NOT order this and froze my credit card immediately!!!! Not only does this app not work, it also leaked my credit card data. I tried to cancel my bolt account immediately but the only way to do so is to contact support. Support hasn’t responded to me in over 5 hours, this is completely unacceptable. Never again.
Best ride
by Nextrated Barbershop on 2021/11/10 12:12
Best trip ever ❤️❤️
by strawberryfav on 2021/11/09 16:26
Simply the best means of transportation Thanks
This app is only gonna steal from you
by wmlow210 on 2021/11/08 22:14
Tried to order a ride, but I needed to change the pickup location and for whatever reason that’s not an option?? Then I get charged €3.50 for having to cancel because my driver isn’t at the place I need him. Thieves.
by Uldis Trapencieris on 2021/11/08 15:53
Жыве Беларусь!
Unorganized,Undetermined,Aimlessly and Visionless
by yup564 on 2021/11/07 22:00
I really wish I could give a negative rate instead of one star.Is so sad how bolt is unorganized;from it shareholders,maps,drivers and charges.Your drivers are the most laziest drivers I’ve ever seen.They’ll accept trip and never appear at the pickup’s quite acceptable but then again you’ll have to call to let the person know whether or not to wait or not.I’ve encountered this for the fifth time and I got insulted by a driver today by name sad.Uber and yango are for better than you a million times.
by iiigggjor on 2021/11/07 09:21
Bolt rides are 💯
40 minute waiting time?
by on 2021/11/05 17:14
There is not enough drivers- trying to get one which is not busy is almost impossible. Or when they are available they choose not to drive to locations they don’t want and pick other rides instead. Running late and using Bolt is one way ticket to complete disaster
تطبيق سيء جداً
by MSKON - TALAL on 2021/11/05 17:10
تغريك الأسعار المنافسة لكن العيوب غبية أولاً اذا دفعت عن طريق Apple pay والسائق ألغى المشوار فلوسك ماترجع، وثانياً حرفياً جميع اللي ركبت معهم بلا استثناء متهورين وطايرين وأخلاقهم تعبانة، وثالثاً التطبيق كذاب كل شوي يقول بيجيك سائق وكل واحد يلغي المشوار ، تطبيق فاشل جداً وماينفع تستعمله في زحمة موسم الرياض .
by nanash2k on 2021/11/05 13:19
Very professional
Good car
by Mahmood Zia on 2021/11/05 12:43
Exploitative services
by Sergei Lviv on 2021/11/03 11:18
There’s never been a time were I get charge the amount on my dashboard. Even at night when the roads are clear, I’ll still end up getting a higher rate at the end of the trip. It’s been going on for too long.
Inaccurate wait times
by KuteKitty777 on 2021/11/02 15:13
The app used to work well, but now the listed wait times are way off from the actual times to encourage users to book. Many drivers smoke in their cars.
Theifs,don’t book them
by Peace122344444 on 2021/11/02 13:59
You guys are theifs Big thief’s I booked a bolt,it was 3700 I got to my destination,your useless app collect 6900😡😡😡 You people will suffer till death
Best driver
by usmanwali on 2021/11/02 12:14
Sweet ride
by DamilareAyo on 2021/11/02 12:11
Very good
التطبيق ليس آمن و يحتاج للمراقبة
by saraI95. on 2021/11/01 20:21
من اول تجربه لي مع والدتي كان سائق المركبة ليس بوعية وأكثر من مره يغيب وعيه عن طريق ويتسبب بالحادث!! وستقول لماذا لمن تنزل من المركبة سبب لأن في طريق سريع ولا أستطيع نزول قدمت شكوى ولم يحدث شئ ، وحدث أيضا مع اختي ان سائق المركبة غير مهذب ويتحرش بها لفظياً وقدمنا شكوى لادارة البرنامج لكن لم يفعل تطبيق شئ . لا أنصح به تطبيق يحتاج للمراقبة و تطوير منه في اختيار سائقين المناسبين
by Ezekiel T2-S on 2021/11/01 12:41
the app is ghood
by wasiojulikana on 2021/10/31 23:49
the security of the app is weak. i used the app , signed out ! somebody else is using my same account , i keep getting emails. plus there is no option on deleting the account
Your app is 💯💯💯💯💯💯
by g to do am j on 2021/10/29 11:00
Best Uber company BOLT 💯💯💯legit
Great app,
by billshenry on 2021/10/27 12:23
Its cheaper to get a car than motorbike street taxi. Its shocking how fast they arrive, never waited longer than two minutes. Drivers professional, cars clean. We always tip well for 5 star service
by hammy cato on 2021/10/27 08:45
Nothing much to sayyyy!!!!!! It’s just awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Best app ever
by Rockstar Ix a Celeß on 2021/10/25 20:13
I love this app and it offers
by bahdboysmart on 2021/10/25 10:26
Very useful app I love their service
Gaylan Alwan
by Alvo11 on 2021/10/25 07:39
I love it, the first time riding and great experience.
IOS 15.0.2
by koshel2006 on 2021/10/23 23:08
Не ставится поверх программ на iPhone с iOS 15.0.2 . Обновите приложение для корректной работы
bolt ❤️
by Demontef on 2021/10/23 22:20
I’m from America and Bolt is as good as Uber! Great prices. Great driver. Amazing service. Thank you Bolt!
What is with this App prices?!
by @kimberlyreuben on 2021/10/23 18:08
I can’t count how many times i’ve had to report this application and it’s IRREGULAR and barbaric money-laundering. It’s honestly disgusting.
by Barrierosa on 2021/10/22 22:19
Drivers are not held accountable when they use longer route instead of following the directions given.It’s at the expense of the paying customer which is very unfair.
Life is so easy with bolt
by jisira posh home on 2021/10/22 15:46
Most drivers are well mannered
Best rides in Nigeria
by ndhdjdnd on 2021/10/22 14:40
Got to Abuja Nigeria and didn’t know what my transportation was going to look like until a friend recommended this app and it has served me tremendously . Had bad rides sometimes but I recommend this to everyone traveling to Nigeria
Development in the transportation system of Nigeria
by Pablo Holy on 2021/10/22 11:32
I appreciate the Bolt and her team for this strategy God bless your heart.
Improve on the gps directions that you give
by Precious germ on 2021/10/22 11:25
Make sure the drivers have their phones on them should incase they miss the directions they can call or the passengers can also call them at all times to enable a safe pick up location thank you
Low cost, unwanted marketing messages
by hfffyuhgf on 2021/10/22 06:10
The cost is low, they are usually quick to arrive. They give you the option to restrict marketing emails, but when you do they send them as messages. Very annoying!
the timing is off
by Dz_9898 on 2021/10/21 13:17
i’ve used it a couple of times and never again because it will say 5 minutes but end up being 15!! the timing was never close to what is expected.
by يوسف الظفيري الكويت on 2021/10/21 10:04
انصح جميع المسافرين الى جورجيا استعمال البرنامج سريع وامان وهدوء شكراً جزيلاً لكم ❤️
Croatia trip
by xxxxxggggcrf on 2021/10/21 08:09
Great rates and super easy to use. It made traveling in Croatia very easy and no price guessing.
by favorfelix on 2021/10/20 14:25
Please bolt should stop registering old men as drivers I have meet like 3old men whenever I book a ride this one almost got me and my baby killed today please you people should have age limit of drivers you put in the road
Bad service and horrible drivers
by motsdjutfiidd on 2021/10/19 15:18
The driver in this app were late for 12 mins but press arrived, and I got charged by this app due to the driver‘s fault!
My perspective
by World Chuzzy on 2021/10/19 13:30
Some of your driver’s needs to be tailored on approaching passengers physically & synchronously
It’s a good transportation service
by FESTIBNKL on 2021/10/18 20:07
I love it
by Chef Woodie on 2021/10/16 21:09
Splendid ❤️
by treggs milli on 2021/10/16 20:08
Splendid ride
by olamidesb on 2021/10/16 17:02
I really like the drive
Fast link up
by wycey dollars on 2021/10/16 02:25
Bolt is preferable 👍
by ogaag on 2021/10/14 08:07
There still a lot you guys need to work on. Like the map and other stuff.
Easy procedure
by ygea o'kenneth on 2021/10/13 22:45
The drivers are friendly
It’s fast and reliable
by trace emefa on 2021/10/13 16:05
Needs more inspections and supervision
Excellent ride
by khukhie on 2021/10/13 07:33
Excellent ride
About my last ride
by Mannyyy01 on 2021/10/12 11:21
Great driver also experienced Should be awarded enough credit ✅
جميل ولكن..
by Amal hamoud on 2021/10/11 06:10
ارجو النظر من الغاء المشوار من قبل السائق في حال تم الدفع عن طريق الابل باي.
by ayojebby on 2021/10/08 16:19
by stormie.g on 2021/10/05 09:41
The best among all
Useless scammers
by JonClisa on 2021/10/04 12:03
Don’t use this useless app, I’m a regular Uber user and I just decided to try Bolt for once...Is it the exorbitant amount they charged? Or charging your account twice for a trip? I’ve contacted the useless support team and my issue hasn’t been corrected...God knows I’m not using this goddamn app anymore and I’ll advice everyone not to...
Discounts on trips
by CoDVillian on 2021/10/02 21:25
This transport app is the best. I love their discount they allow on every trip.
Worst app
by Shamsa the queen on 2021/10/02 18:18
Worst app ever 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Best and fast
by brighttty on 2021/10/02 12:06
Quick ride
by Anna golzari on 2021/10/01 08:29
I love it but sometimes the driving behaviour is not good ..some of them are very roud
Worst Trans App Ever
by ExpressoLove24 on 2021/10/01 03:35
By far the worst transportation application I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. They constantly tell you that someone is available and within seconds, the person is unavailable. It constantly gives you hope only to deny you. I even had a driver call me to confirm the pick up spot and then hang up on me and cancel. NEVER use this app for any reason.
Good way to get around in Romania
by pdawg2021 on 2021/09/29 10:11
When you can catch a ride, it’s very convenient, just like Uber. In very rural areas it can be hard or impossible to find a driver.
Thiếu chuyên nghiệp
by Beo nguyeb on 2021/09/28 12:40
Nhận chạy rồi lại huỷ chạy liên tục
by Qwexi Jay on 2021/09/26 17:02
His very cool 😍
I don’t think the App is gonna help me anyway.
by Dwayne0540 on 2021/09/26 12:19
Some of the drivers are professionals, and some too are very heartless. I ordered a ride to my house, we got to the junction this heartless driver told me he can’t use that route so he asked me to drop so I have to walk for about 10-15minutes before I get home. But I don’t encounter this problem with other drivers. What a shame. 😔😔😔
Very nice
by crislove15 on 2021/09/26 10:43
Very nice ride
I hate ur drivers
by Nickyposh on 2021/09/25 21:53
Check the type of drivers ,u employ
Charge the customers for their own mistakes
by Hefty fee on 2021/09/25 19:56
They gives wrong location information to the drivers. Customers have to run two blocks to catch the car and pay a late penalty fee
Drivers change on me
by Piotr Przybylowski on 2021/09/24 09:37
In two minutes 3 drivers cancel my ride andthose were like 5-7 min from me and the 4th driver which didn’t cancel on me was 13 min drive from me! My ride is 13 min it is insane that drivers can cancel on me without reason and I can’t cancel the ride … if I cancel I will need to pay…
Not reliable
by Jc the funkypirate on 2021/09/23 07:21
Not reliable , they should be a law or a sanction for drivers that can cancel a trip when you are waiting for longtime because they waist people time and they make you late if you had to go somewhere so if there’s no discipline and people can cancel when they want you becoming disorganized.I rather pay more for a better service. Because when we cancel we charge 250 and they need to be charged too otherwise it’s not fair.
by Barr Patrick on 2021/09/21 11:46
When you book bolt to a destination for a fee only to get to that destination and was asked to pay an increased fee, no surge, no varying factor, same destination. What do you call that?
by jamiepablo10010 on 2021/09/21 10:52
Well most of the driver are friendly
Nice 100%
by Eddyclever on 2021/09/20 22:48
Bolt is using strategy to cheat we the customers.
by Yoo Wai on 2021/09/20 16:09
Bolt is cheating we the customers now . Cause anytime I order bolt and I select my price and the car arrive, the price raise high . And they added 5 to 6¢.. I’m deleting the app now . Thief’s
by Chunkilamonkey on 2021/09/20 15:40
Amazing application and extremely efficient
Good, but missing options
by DaveyMM on 2021/09/20 14:13
The estimated time to driver pickup is always underestimated, and seems to take twice as long as the app says it will. Also, the routes seem not to be optimized for traffic. It would be nice to be able to see ride details in the history (route, duration). It would also be nice to be able to save several commonly used locations instead of just “Home” and “Work.”
What a disappointment!
by iako977 on 2021/09/19 09:31
RUDE drivers, horrible support service which does not even apologize for the inappropriate behavior of their employees. I've never given one star to any establishment but Bolt definitely deserves it. Thank you Bolt for ruining my day
by RSS010 on 2021/09/18 14:42
Cant choose address
كذابين حراميه يخلونك تدفع ثم يكنسلون الطلب ولا يرجعون لك شي
by ابو القنا on 2021/09/18 11:11
ياخاين الك يوم
by GOE Governor on 2021/09/18 04:05
A joke of an app your policy don’t portray good leadership. Don’t use this app
by dequarantinator on 2021/09/18 01:19
I sure won’t be using this service not just time or. One would be spent on an app that is prejudiced towards male genders. Go kick rocks. You people owners of this app are very unfortunate
by Wakexodus on 2021/09/17 20:01
Nice driving
Very bad
by @royalty247 on 2021/09/17 19:35
Don’t use bolt app again…. They don’t take care of thier drivers
Shameful management
by Welt_Ron on 2021/09/17 13:03
A driver is assaulted by rowdy passenger and your course of action is to suspend the driver. Even with video evidence available all over the internet. You’re are a disgrace to society!!!!!
Poor customer relationship
by jakodidi on 2021/09/17 07:43
The app discriminates against male drivers in Kenya. The women clearly damaged his car and no action was taken. Not safe for men at all
Adding trucks to ur service.
by Concern Customer1 on 2021/02/06 02:27
I have realized that people most especially in Africa finds it difficult to hired a truck to help transport their loads from one place to another. Adding trucks to ur services will help and allow people to be able to request for truck to come load their stuffs anytime they need relocation or carrying a sofa they just bought from a friend. And if that suggestion is going to take into consideration I hope u will give me a credit for that. I hope is a Nice idea and a boost in business.
Add more location options
by Spencer.geee on 2021/08/10 12:09
Bolt is like the third application I use on the daily because it’s cheap and affordable. But I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 because every time I go to a friends or to somewhere I go I Once or twice a week, I would have to input the location every time. Instead, they should add an option to add the location you go regularly. Similar to the work and home option that allows you to input the location of your house and work so anytime you pick bolt home you just choose the home option and the location of your home is automatically there so no long things. Sometimes when I go to a friends or somewhere important for the first time, I would like to add the location so I don’t forget but instead I would have to memorize the location by force because bolt isn’t giving me the option to do so. Again, I could use the deliveries I have embarked option but it would be my CV easier if there is an option that would allow you to just quick add the location of your choice in addition to the home and work.
They may overcharge by 70!!!
by Deceived user. OVERCHARGED on 2018/12/27 17:10
I was using this service to n daily basis. In most cases drivers are professionals, but last time I got driver who didn’t know rotes or specially was driving wrong directions to increase driving time. When we riched the destination application showed 70% MORE amount than ride costs. Regular taxi would take 16-20 GEL but this application charged 35 GEL !! CARL 35. Even driver was surprised by this amount, when I said it’s too much driver said that application sometimes overcharges, he agreed with me but said if i won’t pay he will have to inform Taxify to block me. So I payed having hope to refund that amount. I contacted them trying to proof that I was overcharged, asked them to check rotes driver took. Young woman from support checked and agreed that driver took wrong directions and it made about 4 additional KM and didn’t say anything about crazy charge they took. So they agreed that driver was hitting cycles around city( we several times argued) and agreed it was too expensive but they do not gonna refund. So if are ready to be overcharged because application decides that you are capable to pay go a head. I was using this app to go to work and back everyday and I had five star rating, but decided to delete it.
Unsafe and bad customer service
by Tunisia User on 2020/08/21 13:12
I had a bad experience with an aggressive/impolite driver. I couldn’t find a way to report the misbehavior during the ride. I called the customers service as soon as I arrived to my destination. I was in a hurry, otherwise I would’ve gone to the police station directly. The customer service was busy. I had to call again and again (apparently they were receiving too many complaints to handle them at the same time). I reported the incident, and asked if I can send them the recorded conversation with the driver by email. They said no, upload it through the app, knowing that the app doesn’t have an audio upload tool. I ended up uploading the file on gdrive and sending them the link via the app. Then I called again to check if they received the file. Again, not responsive. After several attempts I was able to reach another customer service employee who was not able to follow up with me because he’s not the one I talked to on the first time. He said they’re gonna call again. Still waiting ... Total disaster !!
by MiMo.22 on 2020/11/03 01:25
I have 2 Bad and Sad memories with BOLT First is around 1 year ago with some aggressive driver who mad problem for me and my business partner during the trip ! And already Bolt just in a funny way promised us ! They will punish this guy ! ( Oh Mama ) The second is about 1 day ago ! I just forgot to finish my ride ! and they took from my bank account 90 PLN ! That’s really sad because imagine maybe I got some accident and I dead ! You should charge someone who didn’t use your scooter !?? That’s really big and bad bug BOLT or if it’s for some other reason there ! It’s really SAD because it’s kind of stealing money from people ! I am mentioning again ! I just forgot finished my ride ! and you could check with GPS it didn’t move anywhere! And for what reason you charged me ! I delete your app, as I got from my first story so far so good ! You don’t care about your clients you are just thinking about money ! If you care about your future clients update your app very much fair ! I hoped for rating I would use the 0 star but that one is very much enough for you BOLT !
by 都就快 on 2021/11/11 09:52
Registered for an account using all of my personal data, after registration, the app doesn’t let me request a ride with any of my international credit cards that works perfectly with every merchant in foreign countries. The app doesn’t even let me request a ride with cash payment option, since my account has “suspicious activities”, I haven’t even had a single ride, what suspicious activities????! I’ve decided to walk to my destination instead since none of the payment options were working. A few hours later, I get a notification from my credit card company saying €30 was charged for a Bolt Food order in Latvia (I was traveling in Georgia)!! I definitely did NOT order this and froze my credit card immediately!!!! Not only does this app not work, it also leaked my credit card data. I tried to cancel my bolt account immediately but the only way to do so is to contact support. Support hasn’t responded to me in over 5 hours, this is completely unacceptable. Never again.
by Good lov on 2019/12/07 15:25
Wouldn’t even advise my worst enemy to use this app. It’s a BIG SCAM! I took a ride which was meant to be 4500 but an additional 2k was put to it. I ended up paying 6500 for my ride. After my ride, I got an email from taxify showing the amount the ride was(4500).I quickly sent an email to them saying that I paid 6500 for it and I wanted a refund of 2k back. After carrying out the investigation, they asked me to send my account details so as to make a refund, which I did. For 5Good weeks I kept emailing taxify saying I haven’t gotten a refund back and they kept replying my emails saying they would make the refund soon and I should wait a little. To cut the long story short, I never did get a refund and a two month have passed now. In as much as Uber cost more money, I would rather use their app because I know if anything like this happens, before the week runs out i would already get a refund. Plus their employees are very professional. Taxify just picks anyone from the streets and Gives them the job! Stupid
Seriously bad - app, customer service, routes
by xrajiv on 2019/12/30 21:37
My first booking was in London and the driver said he is stuck and would take 15 mins instead of 4 mins, so he can cancel. We agreed to cancel and I still got charged £6 cancellation charge. Customer service [Stefan] is unhelpful, outright rude and dishonest. They refuse to reverse the charges, £6 is not the concern but by principle putting the customer in a helpless situation is — if I cancel I get charged, if driver cancels (or not) I get charged. Since Bolt has access to my credit card, they think they can charge me whatever. Driver sounded genuine on the reason to cancel but it seems Bolt is happy to fraudulently collect the fee from me anyway. Being the only alternate to Uber in London, this app seemed a necessity but they’ve lost my trust. And Stefan, thank you for your coupons but they will not compensate for your dishonesty and outright lies.
Scam and Rides No-Show but leave u waiting
by Michael6383928 on 2019/07/17 10:46
I wish I could tell you how the ride was but none pick me up, just make me wait 20 minutes before cancelling, then reconnecting to do this with a new driver again and again. Tried on two different days in the center of Paris, matched with 6 different rides but they all cancel on me. They have no customer support because you can only complain about completed rides. I wanted to pay to use your service but the cars would drive around for 15 minutes then always cancel. Driver doesn’t answer calls or messages about what is going on. Not sure if your drivers actually exist. Always gave up and just used Uber which showed up in two minutes. Uber is much superior, just wish I could get money for the time wasted trying this joke of an app.
Very disappointed with this company
by Tamar_M on 2019/01/21 16:25
I am using Taxify in Tbilisi, Georgia. They say one price but charge you with more almost always. Today was my final ride with them. The initial price said 4.10GEL but I was charged with 6.10GEL. Thank you very much, taxify! I am going to delete this app and never use their service again. They used to say a range of price before the update but they've "updated" the app to say only one price which is almost never correct. So don't trust the price it says initially, you will be charged way more. I submitted 2 claims for being overcharged and they sent me promo codes to return the overcharged amount but I am done with the claims, it just keeps happening over and over again. Be aware, you will be charged with more then it says, at least this is happening in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Charged extra, poor customer service.
by I gotta pay for this??? on 2020/09/15 14:52
Our driver changed our destination without consent. When we found out we were going in the wrong direction, we insisted the driver turn around and drive us to our original destination. We had to pay for the extra trip, which was 3x more than our original cost. The worst part was that there was no confirmation in the app asking if I was ok with the destination being changed. The driver changed the destination and we were charged for it. 2 days and numerous angry messages insisting on a refund got us our money back, but now bolt charges us a little extra on our rides so they can make up for their losses. It’s disgusting. They think people are stupid and won’t notice the prices increased.
Payment does not function as expected
by adahung on 2019/09/10 09:43
I have a credit card added into my account but Bolt app asked me to add a card when I request a ride. I re-entered my card info and it asked me to scan my card for security reason. Nothing happened when I have my card scanned with a complete green box shown in the app. I tried another credit card and it still didn’t go through. There is a use cash option but nothing happened when I tapped on it. It is super annoying when you tried to get a ride with time limitation. It’s also my first time using Bolt so the user experience is pretty frustrating.
Great service in Bucharest
by Charlesfsl on 2018/09/07 10:05
We have used Taxify for a week while visiting this city and must have taken 20 rides - every one of which were superb - and the price very reasonable. Several of the drivers spoke excellent English which was a real help as a tourist. We never waited more than 5 minutes and in contrast to the regular taxis we were never cheated on the fare. One thing- Taxify should add a place to add a tip when rating the drivers. I wanted to do this several times when the driver was especially helpful. Overall I was very satisfied with this excellent service.
What a Relief!
by Teaisbetter on 2019/07/20 21:18
I am in Budapest and needed a safe way to get a taxi and pay by credit card within an app. Uber was kicked out of Hungary a couple of years ago. I tried FoTaxi and it worked to call cabs but was not intuitive and the drivers did not know how to allow me to pay within the app, so I changed to Bolt and it has been wonderful! Many drivers. Pay within the app. I can tell how far the car is from the destination. It is stable and intuitive.
Your app has so much bugs
by Definition by character on 2018/08/19 09:22
Your app has so much bugs that is neither reliable for drivers or riders. I can’t count him many times it gives wrong ETA of driver. Sometimes I hail a Taxify and it says the driver is 5 mins away when he has arrived. Other times it says driver has arrived when he is still far. The turn by turn navigation is also very poor. It lags and is not current. Driver would have made a turn before the app reflects this. Also the app refuses to pull up my home address when I hail a Taxify. Sometimes it also directs drivers to the wrong place. So, I can go on and on. Get good developers to work on your app. The quality is very poor. Very poor. The. I can review and it seems with each update nothing is done to make improvements.
Worst cab service
by Ms Kimwele on 2018/12/05 09:50
I have been using Taxify for a while however I am increasingly getting disappointed. This year especially. Majority of the drivers have very little regard for the clients this was made evident when one driver deemed it fit to raise his voice at me due to canceling my request as a result of delayed pick up. In addition drivers have chosen to take the longest possible routes & switch of their GPS system to increase payment charges. NEVER USING TAXIFY AGAIN .
Extremely disappointed.
by freddytellsthetruth on 2018/07/11 14:45
Im a user of all the taxi apps out there. This app started as one of the best and became the worst in one day. The truth is, I can never find a car in this app and when I do the price is extremely high. The reason for this one star reviews is due to the amount I payed on my last ride. Which ended up being doubled what I usually pay in other application like this one. They give you a range of money you need yo pay and my ride was doubled of that amount. I talked to the customer service and they didn’t do anything. So, bad customer service as well. This app sells you rides for cheap and they end up being really expensive. Bad service, low cars, terrible customer service, low quality and expensive. Do not trust this app.
Fun and quick
by Outcomefocusedengineer on 2021/09/14 08:13
A bolt scooter fully charged lasted me about 1 hr and 20min of constant driving. I went from linninhall out past the Soviet memorial (Maarjamae) back along the coast to Rotterdam city, up and around Tompea, then around the rest of old town and back to line hall. A couple of good hills on which the scooter struggled (I’m over 300 lbs) and a whole lot of sightseeing and bike lanes. I appreciate the max rate of $15/day, but wish it were easier to get the $10 day pass.
Your App & Service are Below Standard
by MielAyinde on 2021/06/07 13:27
I actually don’t know what is fascinating about this app especially in Nigeria. Some of drivers who join your system are rude, uncivilized, uncultured and even pose a danger to most riders. And when we report these things to your team via the app there is a long delayed or NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I requested a ride recently and tried to call the phone number supposed to be registered by the driver. I kept getting the response that the number did not exist. Now I know you have upgraded your app to make in- app calls but that also poses a security risk. So I asked if he could call another with another number and this dimwit’s reply was “Is the call that will take me home or his cab?”. I ask again how are these people drivers on your app? Why are you guys still existing? What kind of security threat are you guys posing to the general people by putting such loose canons and rogues on your system. I have made up my mind to use other options - Your app, system and structures is the worst!
No drivers available
by MissyMcDay on 2021/07/30 23:59
Most of the time I can barely get a ride with Bolt. The drivers are either busy or they accept the ride and then drive off in the other direction to force you to cancel the ride so they don’t get penalized. Apparently, bolt doesn’t care to help their clients and penalize the drivers more for this. Honestly, their drivers, if they are signed on and aren’t driving a fare, a client should NEVER be left without a ride. This would not only up the amount of fares their drivers take and ensure quality customer service, but also ensure that their drivers aren’t driving distracted by utilizing multiple ride share platforms at one time.
Update For Security Purpose
by malamluku on 2021/08/25 23:34
Love everything tho but how about the driver’s security? Can the coding team for bolt make an update where every single passenger needs to be verified with ID documents and a selfie of the passengers holding the ID? Clear selfie picture of them holding the ID? For verification? Very necessary cos same should be done by drivers too cos it’s not safe out here without these and other suggestions others have. U just pick your phone and u order a ride. The driver too just accepts any ride? Is that too safe? It’s not just money bro. Security on here is necessary so please respond to this request 🤖
Great taxi service and great app
by Dave McA on 2018/04/07 09:12
I live in Budapest and am always extremely happy with the app and the Taxify taxi system. The customer service is also excellent, in sharp contrast to the generally poor customer service found in enterprises in Hungary. I am puzzled my the negative comments another reviewer made about this. Uber no longer exists in Hungary but you’re in good hands with Taxify, at least in my extensive experience. I’ve never used it in other cities in Hungary.
Worst service ever
by iskabae on 2019/08/31 09:17
If I could give no stars at all, I would. Bolt has the most terrible customer service I have ever used in my life. Their drivers are reckless, rude and unprofessional. Cases of riders being verbally and physically assaulted have been reported on multiple occasions, yet they refuse to take any action. All they care about is making their money off the back of these drivers. Their customer service is extremely hard to reach, they do not reply messages, and when they do, issues take donkey years to resolve. Their drivers manipulate the GPS and cheat riders, and Bolt do nothing about this. It’s a terrible experience, and I wouldn’t advice anyone to use it.
They steal money.
by Melly095 on 2021/03/23 17:07
Please take my word for it. And always check your bank account after you order a ride. I’ll never use bold again after today. I discovered they charge double. They will give you one price then money just magically disapear from your account. This app is a big fraud. Also know if you change to customer service one the app and they say they reimburse you. Please take screenshots, even the msg on the app just disappear. Be very careful don’t upload your bank details. They easily charge you over R100 for a 18-20 minute ride. I paid R165 for a 18 minute ride that’s supposed to be R94. I promise you be very careful. Scams all over.
Uber vs Taxify Ng
by Eccentric_fly on 2017/12/26 22:14
I dunno who gave this app a low review in comparison with uber. My belief is he/she works for uber. I use both regularly/daily. Based on my eperience, Uber is a tad bit cheaper but more often than not, there simply isn’t enough of em around so there’s almost always a surge. Meaning Uber takes longer and costs even more. Icing on the cake is there’s no cancelation fee with Taxify so drivers are compelled not to be rude and obnoxious as is the norm now with Uber ( my personal experience/opinion).
by Sharonhodo on 2018/09/21 09:27
Taxify is a bit confusing at first if you’re unfamiliar with taxi apps, but very easy to navigate once you understand the basics. The prices are great and the drivers have always been very kind. When they realize I don’t speak Slovak, they almost always switch to English immediately ensure I understand as much as possible. Overall a wonderful app with wonderful drivers.
Feeling Really Sad With The Prices.
by Moon🧃 on 2021/07/22 07:53
I have been using Bolt for more than 3 years now, and never have I used it for straight 5 days a week like I’m doing now at list being that I’m regularly going to be using it for another 3 weeks Aside from the 2 weeks now that I have used your services, you people have really been given me outrageous prices and I don’t find it funny anymore I’m not asking for a special promo or treatment all I’m asking is that you stop giving me outrageous prices and start giving prices with conscience☹️ bottom line is that I’m very UNHAPPY WITH THIS OUTRAGEOUS PRICES.
Endangering Human life.
by Bobby The General on 2020/10/04 17:21
Your drivers in Nigeria are working hand in hand with a rogue police squad called “SARS”. These people are harassing, extorting, and KILLING young Nigerians. Bolt has been silent about this and no proper action has been taken against the drivers involved to serve as a deterrence. Female Nigerians are even worse of than their male counterparts as the can not book a ride on your platform without fear of being sexually abused, insulted or raped. You need to vet your drivers more, if you need to up the requirements to a certain level of education and make all drivers bring you 2 guarantors to be able to work on your platform then so be it. This nonsense must stop!
Poor customer service
by TsTsabz on 2018/11/26 19:55
I used Taxify quite often , but I will never use your service with my own money because it takes extra charges for cancelling the ride without any information in advance. Its unfair towards your customers. I wrote with complain to customer support and they wrote me with their standard texts that the driver should be compensated for those 4 minutes that he spent on the way to me in order to pick me up , but the thing is that you should inform your customers about changing the procedures while making service for your customers and then people will decide whether they are okay to risk and maybe spoil their money.
Take a screenshot to the price before the ride
by shelyharo on 2018/10/12 20:29
I was told that I will be charge 50-68 € to the airport, when I got there I just accept to pay 158€ so 3 time more. I couldn’t refuse because I was in a hurry, i thought it wasn’t the right moment. So I contacted customer service later and the only thing they said is why I accepted to pay the rate if was to high. So what supposed have to do at the moment if I was in a hurry ? It was my first time using their service and definitely the last. That happens when you try to save some money.
by Maddie803 on 2018/07/03 10:10
The app didn't accept any of my cards even though I cleared them with the bank just to be sure it wasn't my bank. Then when I try add another card, they force you to scan the card (which barely ever works without fidgeting around for 10 minutes) only to find out that the scanner doesn't work for unembossed cards. Basically been wasting my time for the past 30 minutes. I try my Amex - they don't accept that in any countries other than Australia and countries with Euro but how was I supposed to know that ? I wish I could rate this app zero because of how little it helped me and how much time it has wasted! Don't download it. Stick to UBER.
Worst Customer Service
by HelloThereHun on 2018/03/29 13:55
If you want cheap rides then this app is for you, but god forbid something happens where you need to reach out to support, expect to be ignored. I was on a ride and the drivers phone turned off, he drive me to my destination but when I checked later, he ended the ride across town and I was charged double what I was suppose to pay. I reached out to support and I got nothing, I waited a day and then again nothing, so I waited again and nothing. I finally reached out to them through email and of course you guessed it, absolutely nothing. I now have to fine a claim with my credit card company and use other transportation apps.
Disregard for the safety of passengers
by JustObedStarboy on 2020/09/22 23:30
I ordered for a ride and for 20mins the driver never moved to my pickup location,I called to find out why he wasn’t moving to my location and all he could tell me was I could order for a different ride if I wanted to.I later called to complain about my displeasure only for him to threaten me and tell me I was going to die before the next morning.I found it so funny because on order apps such drivers would be banned or blocked but Bolt doesn’t even give warnings to drivers for being rude to their passengers
Dont use in Warsaw
by mehmetfatihbulut0 on 2018/08/24 10:45
I used the app for several times. I request a car and driver picked up the wrong passenger i have called him texted him but he never responded my calls. The app charged me for the ride. And this situation happened two times in a week. Warsaw drivers make this as a trick. You are tourist and cant do anything to them. Shame on you guys. I have sent an email about this situation and customer service responded me after 5-6 days when my holiday in Warsaw has already ended. They said we refunded the money but still no money after 3 days. And on the other hand my account is still blocked. Long story short stay away from this app guys.
Good app when it works, horrendous when it doesn’t
by JP in Tbilisi on 2019/04/28 05:02
Simple app. No problem when it works the way it should. But there is no responsive customer service. Recently a driver said he had picked me up when, in fact, he did not. I was stranded for an hour while he did who knows what. During this time, I was trying to chat with customer service. 13 hours still no response!! What’s the use then. Also the credit card scanner is worthless if you have a new card where all the information is not on one side.
Not available whenever it is most needed
by Avtandil Chelidze on 2019/06/08 20:38
Not a person to complaint about something but this is borderline useless at times - been using this app for couple of years now and every time there is rain or any tiny disturbance in the city traffic the prices are either jacked up to a point where you could easily stop any person in the street and sake them to drive you there and most would agree or all of the cars are busy and unavailable, go figure... what’s a point of a cab service if I can walk there or indeed but a car with the price of a few fairs.
The WORST payment collection
by Dissatisfied Nigerian on 2019/01/26 07:42
They have serious issues with their payment system. I haven’t been able to use my card since the first month that I signed up. Since then I’ve been using cash. A few months ago I deleted the app because the service was so poor only to open it again today and discover that they say I owe money. How?!!!?! I can only pay in cash! Are you saying that I stuffed the driver and then ran away?! It’s ridiculous. And now they still won’t let me add my card to clear the charge. The WORST EVER. How could collecting money be so difficult for a business?!?!
Nice services
by mohammed435216 on 2018/12/02 19:01
My experience with Taxify in krakow , they reach at time ,so cheap vs my taxi, safe driving, although drivers not very good in english but it is not big deal, u should pay the fee online (visa card) when you request, and they sent to you an email about your journey and payment Although i spent few days in krakow but I enjoyed with Taxify services
by Web-Deb on 2020/01/08 06:54
Much less expensive than taxis and in most cases less than a bajaji ride. Have used Bolt often in Dar es Salaam and in Dodoma. Have not tried it in Arusha, but I’m certain it’s there. I don’t think it’s available yet is smaller cities of Tanzania. Prices are generally less than Uber and if traffic is encountered on the way they don’t raise the price like Uber does. Great App and ssrvice!
This came in clutch in Budapest!
by tashana89 on 2018/11/20 14:19
This app is a must when exploring Budapest! It’s the hidden Uber of Budapest. We are so grateful for this app because of the convenience and cheap price! I love this app!!! Thank you Jesus for it. We would have had major difficulty getting around as there are not many honest taxis around town and they can be hard to come by and when they do they can rip you off.
Best in SA
by Enyomosia on 2018/07/27 17:14
Was an Uber user since I travel around quite a bit, I didn’t see the benefit in switching to a new app for each country. But recently gave taxify a chance and I must say, don’t think I’ll ever use uber again. Such great prices (also really good deals/specials), prompt drivers and superior service overall. Give it a go and switch, you won’t be disappointed.
by nanny4041 on 2018/09/07 11:23
I tried to reserve a ride, it blocked my account. So I called my credit card company to make sure they knew I was traveling and to not flag my card. I then sent this to their customer support team. They answered in about 5 minutes telling me I needed to send in a photo ID. But then they closed out the conversation less than a minute after sending the response so I could not send in the picture. So I tried to start a new conversation but the app told me that because I already have one conversation up I cannot start a new one. It should not be this hard to do business with you idiots.
The most innacurate app of this type there is
by Ane Dall'Agnol on 2019/08/17 05:17
Honestly this is the worst piece of s* app I have ever used of this kind. It shows the driver is 1 minute away when you order the taxi and actually they are finishing someone else's trip and the app doesn't tell you! It can take >15 minutes longer than the app shows you, plus it is more expensive than uber. Seriously, I really hate this app and the only reason I use it is because other apps were banned where I live, but if you have another option I recommend choosing ANYTHING else!
Horrible company with crazy drivers and one of the bad customer service in the world.
by test2432412 on 2019/01/05 13:54
It hard to believe that in 21 century we have companies like Taxify which hates their customers. I ask to delete my account, because it was one of the bad experiences in my life with their crazy drivers. I wait 20 hours when support answer me, and after this I can’t still delete my account. No sorry from support, nothing. If you don’t want to die with their crazy drivers or don’t want to spent 20 hours where support will answer you. Don’t use this **** ****
Improve on the gps directions that you give
by Precious germ on 2021/10/22 11:25
Make sure the drivers have their phones on them should incase they miss the directions they can call or the passengers can also call them at all times to enable a safe pick up location thank you
Great Service and very nice drivers!!
by Effgumm on 2019/07/16 09:26
Bolt does a super job of matching passengers with drvers in a timely way. One suggestion: if it is possible to schedule a ride in advance with this app, it is not a prominent feature. If it is not possible to schedule in advance, you need to seriously consider adding this feature. Uber does have this feature currently and it differentiate them from you.
Good, but missing options
by DaveyMM on 2021/09/20 14:13
The estimated time to driver pickup is always underestimated, and seems to take twice as long as the app says it will. Also, the routes seem not to be optimized for traffic. It would be nice to be able to see ride details in the history (route, duration). It would also be nice to be able to save several commonly used locations instead of just “Home” and “Work.”
Extremely disappointed!! Delete this app.
by Meahzhay on 2019/03/03 13:41
Taxify is scam. I got charged for a trip I never made. I requested for a ride, driver accepted and started trip without me in the ride and stopped trip after 2 hours. I reported immediately and they responded they will get back to me after investigation. Next, my conversation and every history of the ride got deleted. Taxify is not customer friendly, I repeat they are not customer friendly. Taxify is just all about ripping people off, from high fare charges to aiding and abetting. Delete this app or this will happen to you. Taxify is scam
Will not scan my card.
by Salehsmac on 2019/06/13 09:39
The app was working perfectly, the suddenly it stopped and required me to scan my card to authenticate. The only problem is, it won’t scan my card no matter how long I wait with the camera to scan it. The green box around the card appears but that’s it. No scanning actually happens and I’m unable to authenticate my card rendering the app useless. Please fix the camera scanner. (A friend of mine also has this problem so it’s not just me)
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