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Spinrilla, the 800-lb gorilla of hip-hop mixtapes. Spinrilla is the world’s first mixtape music app, giving you all hip-hop, all the time. Discover independent and emerging hip-hop artists and hear the next big track before anyone else. Spinrilla puts one of the world’s largest catalogs of independent hip-hop in the palm of your hand, with new music added daily from your favorite underground artists. • Watch exclusive music videos, interviews, & documentaries from your favorite artists including original content from Spinrilla. • No internet? No problem. Offline mode allows listening to music when an internet connection isn't present. • Music & playlists sync to your Spinrilla account. Log in to a different device and have your Library at your fingertips. • Peep the charts to see what's trending today. • Follow your favorite artists and get a notification the second they drop new music. • Spinrilla Radio helps you discover new music that you may have been sleeping on! • Listen to limitless music. Subscribe to a 'Pro Membership' for the best listening experience. Pro Memberships are $0.99 (USD) / 1.19 (CAD) / 13.00 (MEX) / 1.29 (AUS) / 1.29 (NZD) / 100 (JPY) / 0.99 (Euro) / 0.99 (CHF) / 9.00 (NOK) / 0.79 (GBP) / 8.00 (DKK) / 9.00 (SEK) / 6 (CNY) / 1.28 (SGD) / 8.00(HKD) / 30 (TWD) / 59 (RUB) / 1.99 (TRY) / 60 (INR) / 12000 (IDR) / 3.50 (ILS) / 11.99 (ZAR) / 3.69 (SAR) / 3.69 (AED) per month. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The Subscription duration is one calendar month. The Subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. The subscriber's iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Settings after purchase. For more information please view the Terms of Service located at Follow @Spinrilla on Twitter for more updates. All content on Spinrilla is provided by artists and is strictly for promotional use only.
Nothing bets Spinrilla
by caliCash$ on 2019/04/22 09:07
I’ve been using Spinrilla since 2009 I believe and it’s absolutely still the greatest mixtape/album app out there. You can always expect great updates as well as new information. I even had to upgrade my membership. I’ve had no problems with Spinrilla ever! So thank you Spinrilla keep being great💯👏
by Beartigery on 2019/04/22 03:15
This app is Great and allows me to enjoy my music care-free. The only request i have is that the developers make an update for iPhones that allows the app to be turned sideways. This would allow me to enjoy the application even more and if there was a 6-star option, I would most definitely choose it.
I like it it’s amazing and fun to use and yeah
by Shaniii.zxz on 2019/04/20 06:32
I love this app it go hard it is hard and I love it it’s better then all the other apps like no cap I like it
by ZionThaGoat on 2019/04/19 16:23
Never Has Updated Songs
by Raibrown0110 on 2019/04/19 06:33
I love it
by kingharmonreal on 2019/04/18 14:25
Lne of the best music apps
None of music is playing
by Tae💯 on 2019/04/18 09:47
I got logged out when i logged back in all music was there but none of it is playing smh
Had to make a new account.
by ObeyJonneh on 2019/04/17 20:07
I had an iphone 6s+ that had about 3-4 years or songs and mixtapes and when I upgraded phones to a IPhone XR I tired to log in to my account and it’s said I have no account. I did everything ( forgot password) and email and stuff and it said I could be found. Now I have to start all over again.
by ufisklaldjb ekaoxh on 2019/04/17 16:39
Idk why songs don’t play one after another and I have to keep coming back to the app to select the next song
by gfjtrae on 2019/04/17 13:40
Can’t listen to music without being online like before hate that part
What happened to Spinrilla
by Thatguyswagg on 2019/04/17 13:21
I've been using Spinrilla for a good four years now, but these recent updates have done nothing but degrade this app. Songs i download can only be played online now and when I put songs on shuffle they don’t play continuously. I literally have to open the app back up and play the song myself. What’s going on?!?!??!
by Southwest T on 2019/04/16 21:43
The best mixtape app
by my acount name on 2019/04/16 14:30
Don’t have all the songs I listen to but very great app
by lemmehit on 2019/04/16 03:14
Fire all around. Improved a lot since I last had the app .
Unavailable music that’s already in my library
by TeeezuassssBrahOhYeah on 2019/04/16 01:45
Why can’t I listen to my music that’s already been downloaded nomore?
Less songs
by Bhs2007 on 2019/04/14 23:28
On every mixtape most of the songs u can’t even download or listen to at all😒😡
Real one
by bulck153 on 2019/04/14 22:15
Thank you for the trap songs
by weezie MAC on 2019/04/12 12:30
Please change the last update
by boxjackson on 2019/04/11 15:47
The newest update is awful. Please change it back to where you can hit download and choose the songs you want to download rather than having to add the whole mixtape to your library before you can download individual songs.
No loop
by Av11cards on 2019/04/10 17:22
Fix the update. Songs do not loop anymore. If you put all your songs on shuffle it will play a song and that’s it. Have to go back in to play the next song. Pretty annoying
by Nitty_2_Litty on 2019/04/10 11:35
Dear Spinrilla y’all doing too much taking my R Kelly off
This app was great now it’s going downhill!
by JayboydakidBluskys on 2019/04/10 08:25
This app was great, but now, there are a few downsides. First off is why are the old mixtapes being block, some of them you can’t even get anymore cause they took it off their sever. Second is - all the classics from back in the day by popular artist are block, like you can’t even play the songs. 3rd-hip hop is big I kno. But now the app is constantly covered by this young boy rap. There’s no grown Man section in this app anymore? Please fix this. Like I said before this was a great app but in my opinion it’s getting destroyed.
Kind of good
by Kingmclout on 2019/04/10 01:17
Is there anyway that y’all can add an equalizer because I like more bass into my earplugs
by Dee Byrd on 2019/04/06 14:57
Bring back recently added section.
Play next feature plz
by Dev$$ on 2019/04/04 22:42
Can we plz get a play next feature. Been waiting to long for it.
by IB#2013 on 2019/04/02 14:01
by Pharrow23 on 2019/04/01 19:45
Have to stop taking single songs off
Needs to be faster and this would be #1 app
by Medium sized penis on 2019/04/01 03:56
Good app
by Mrs.Duckett on 2019/03/31 04:21
Spinrilla is a great source for music🤗
by jahcoonery666 on 2019/03/29 15:10
It’s a good app but it’s starting to crash more. I’ll be listening to a song or looking for a new song or album to listen to then it’ll just freeze. What’s goin on?
I don’t care
by lil dithxh1234567890 on 2019/03/29 01:42
I say that during all wal need not put moer mi Music
Thank YOU
by king rimmy on 2019/03/29 00:55
Spinrilla is dope easy access to the underground and mainstream. They have been a blessing to Indy artist as well PHR PRESIDENT
The ads are annoying & there’s a lot of glitches
by Albr God on 2019/03/28 02:23
The ads are annoying & there’s a lot of glitches that cause the app to close by itself
mixtapes won’t show.
by nerkcuf on 2019/03/27 02:32
it says i have zero mixtapes but all thousand songs i added over the years are all in the library under singles now... i hope it gets fixed soon.
by debo07065 on 2019/03/26 19:47
Where blocked and report buttons at in spinrilla I shouldn’t get turn them down for blocked list spinrilla won’t reponsed my email
Jamaal green
by mallyg67 on 2019/03/25 03:40
Best app ever
by chiraqsavage38 on 2019/03/24 02:40
Very good app it’s great really but I think should an option to queue songs
Get new music
by Kingkesaun😴 on 2019/03/23 06:55
Y’all need to get the new music
Y’all messed my phone up
by michael gunstanson on 2019/03/21 23:50
I recently downloaded the app. As it downloaded along cane a duplicate. Once they downloaded I tried to delete Both apps now the duplicate will not go away. Please fix this issue
by Th@Kid on 2019/03/20 14:04
I’ve had this app for years and at first it was great, my favourite app ever! But after the update it won’t show any of my downloaded music or songs in my library, I have to readd the songs I like every time I open the app.
by ghybybt on 2019/03/20 05:21
I think you should make The replay button have two options repeat the playlist or repeat the song I’ve been using Spinrilla for years now and that never changed
by Luceelu_22 on 2019/03/20 04:12
I absolutely loveeeeee this app but can y'all pleaseeeee take off "show download only " it's in the way
by himyfruend how have yiu been on 2019/03/16 19:12
I kidda don’t likes this app because my music load to slow
by garageband Fan on 2019/03/15 19:39
Update found it
Why tf do I need WiFi to play my music?
by anabell1812 on 2019/03/15 18:02
It would be so much better if I didn’t have to need WiFi to play my music💯. Y’all need to change that maybe people would actually like and download this app!!!
Spinrilla used to be better
by SpinrillaCanDoBetter on 2019/03/13 14:41
Songs that I have in my library no longer play all the way through it’s like you can’t get quality music on Spinrilla anymore 😡
by Dlow- rapchat on 2019/03/12 13:25
I love this app . I can listen to music that I downloaded off line
by jaylynn888888 on 2019/03/09 04:00
I gave this on star because it has bootleg music and never the original song ,at least for the 50 songs i searched for I used to love this app but not any more .what happen to the old Spinrilla?
by dee1214103 on 2019/03/08 21:49
Since I updated it I haven’t been able to play all my songs on my playlist
Great but flawed
by TheMrAfroMann on 2019/03/08 15:27
The new update made things efficient but why is the remove from library button so close to everything else? Like I’ll be holding my phone with my left hand and because the delete button is so poorly placed I’ll accidentally delete a song. Please change this
App is not letting me make a new pass work I need help
by Ralog503 on 2019/03/08 05:01
Need help
by LilFlizz on 2019/03/07 05:36
Great !!!! 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Love the app
by Craig Dundy on 2019/03/06 19:01
Idea though you should make a spinrilla app for artist.
by tyreelassic on 2019/03/06 17:05
No kap my favorite music app. My mixtapes has its own issues and Apple Music charges for music. Spinrilla is my favorite app. Keep providing music for the streets
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
by El Freeburn on 2019/03/06 00:04
Bring back the volume bar!😐
It’s ok
by spinsilla on 2019/03/05 14:49
Sometimes it says that I’m offline and I don’t be as well as the new mechanics
It’s very fun
by lor upnext on 2019/03/05 05:16
And you. Don’t need. Network to listen to music
by linda🤦🏾‍♂️ on 2019/03/05 02:39
i would love if it had all kinds of music
by inkd_34 on 2019/03/03 05:33
Uu iih Ob iii u the kiki Day gunner anqn If Lukm sqa
by @joicoleart on 2019/03/02 00:48
Please let everyone upload without a host!!
by meinter52 on 2019/02/28 09:54
They took off offline feature.
by Glory World on 2019/02/28 04:59
Nice app
by jchface36 on 2019/02/25 11:47
It’s very good
shuffles to same song and plays not even a quarter of all my songs then stops
by Kiks kik on 2019/02/25 11:43
i’ve been using this app for 4-5 years + it was great , in the newest update it doesn’t play all my songs on shuffle and when i press shuffle it’ll shuffle to the same exact song every single time in the “G’s” update it please because i planned on switching to apple music or spotify because of this problem.
by Donald Derise on 2019/02/25 07:46
y’all need to include where you can see your deleted songs !!! it would be the best app with this please include this 😩!!
Boring and Helpless
by XXXmichelleS on 2019/02/25 05:21
No popular or trending songs or artist are here. They only have a few songs to listen and search up. Artist like Bruno Mars, G-Eazy, Halsey, etc didn’t have any of their music and only one did but it only had two songs that were unpopular. I suggest to not get this app at all
Good but crashes a lot.
by JMOBGANG on 2019/02/24 01:51
This app is dope but just recently I notices that it start to crash a lot whenever I’m use the app to listen to Muzik for a lil while.
“ Pharaoh2tone “ an Unsigned Artist On The Rise
by king youngin on 2019/02/24 00:02
Follow the Journey on Instagram & Facebook @Pharaoh2Tone 🔥🚀
Phenomenal App
by CKanz9 on 2019/02/23 01:31
This app is a godsend. It might not be perfect, but putting so many mixtapes in one place for free is amazing. No complaints here.
by T-LoC Six-Owe on 2019/02/22 17:02
The app doesn’t fuccin work
Great app
by card box on 2019/02/22 15:05
This app is really good, I haven’t really had any problems using it. Just one thing to add to the app is to add equalizer so we can change the bass and allat.
by Polak Da Vinci on 2019/02/21 03:48
Spinrilla deleted all of my mixtapes from being visible after the update fix now!!!!!!
by LadyBug CoCo. on 2019/02/21 01:20
Great rap music options... ones that are not even on Apple Music!
Great music app
by Yea I did on 2019/02/20 16:50
This app has all that you want from the music you hear on the radio to hip hop hits you don’t and everything in between. Also a great place to find underground artists who haven’t blown up but are getting some buzz. GET THIS APP
News Songs
by quinesgk on 2019/02/20 15:56
All artists that’s on Spinrilla all they songs should be on here
by DeChon2x on 2019/02/20 13:31
Shuffle doesn’t play all my songs. Plays about 20 songs and cuts my music off. Other than that this app is where its at.
Good app
by mhmshd on 2019/02/19 17:07
Has every song that I can’t be found in amazon or iTunes! And can listen offline!!
Update and more music
by swoll100 on 2019/02/19 03:42
It’s should be more up to date music well older 90s music no limit is my favorite and I wish y’all had their music
It shuffles to the same song
by yeeshavelli on 2019/02/19 01:24
I’m not the first person to bring this up
Streaming problems
by Zoës dad on 2019/02/18 10:21
After an update, all of the songs i had were no longer able to stream.
by Shelly 1972 on 2019/02/18 10:08
Fix bugs and crashes
Broken shuffle
by LaxBoi14 on 2019/02/17 05:08
Why everytime I put my song library on shuffle the fist song is always the same and it goes straight to the “G’s” like hello it’s called shuffle for a reason
by Omar•_• on 2019/02/17 01:27
I’ve been using spinrilla FOR YEARS, ever since the monkey logo. For days now, I could not download music. Now I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. It WONT EVEN LET ME LOG IN...... this app has been so broken since the new update.. RIDICULOUS ‼️
by King.Kieme on 2019/02/16 23:38
Can’t download/find certain songs
Not connecting to my earphones 🙄
by mbrown4 on 2019/02/15 21:16
It’s so irritating 😠
by The Real ... on 2019/02/15 16:55
This latest update is causing problems downloaded songs are not playing. Verified songs take at least 3 minutes to load. This problem here is causing frustrations
What the hell happened
by RealReviewPleaseReal on 2019/02/15 03:34
It will randomly cut out and when I hit shuffle it always goes the same song every single time
No more updates!!!!!!
by thekiddduhh on 2019/02/15 02:29
I love the app but the new update has it where I can’t listen to music offline
by cbailey6758 on 2019/02/14 23:28
Spinrilla saying error -1004 it wont connect to wifi
by Westjaxjosh on 2019/02/13 15:33
Now y’all down know what shuffle is
by 30likesteph30 on 2019/02/13 00:38
Can you put a bass equalizer
by Trvp Goddess✨👑🔥 on 2019/02/12 21:02
Can Ya'll Stop Playing Ads Everytime I Pause My Music? Kay Thanks . It's Fuxkin Annoying . And Stop Playing Ads OVER My Music When I Pause It And UnPause It THANK YOU IT'S MAD ANNOYING .
Love app but it’s removing my downloads
by HonestAbeClothing on 2019/02/12 14:51
Downloaded mixtapes disappeared but all still in the songs folder but won’t play now
Can’t download
by herwatermelons on 2019/02/12 13:40
Why can’t I download when I press download?
by Jalen rose hannah on 2019/02/11 20:39
You guys shoulda change spinrilla to where you can change the speed of the song !
by ibeendatjay on 2019/02/11 15:48
Don’t update your phone this new update is trash Smfh
Up date
by Great ai on 2019/02/11 14:01
The new update is complicated change it back !!!
by Agent_BB on 2019/02/10 19:04
New update is pathetic
by gyggggc on 2019/02/10 15:06
Fix this app my goodness. Keeps saying I’m offline when clearly I’m not. You clowns man I swear. You guys put updates out and the app gets worse! Like what
Favorite and only mixtape app you need
by ijb2018 on 2018/05/31 15:17
I’ve been using Spinrilla since my fraternity brother showed to it me over 2 years ago. This has been the most consistent platform for obscure rap music I have ever found and I thank the creators and curators for that. Since Chance the Rapper’s “10 day” and “Acid Rap” were taken off Apple Music, I could still count on Spinrilla to have them. From J. Cole’s “Truly Yourz” to Mac Miller’s “Faces,” this app has everything a fan of the genre needs to really complete their music catalog. Unfortunately I have noticed over time as more popular titles such as Travis Scott’s “Days before the rodeo” have been removed, more than likely due to copyrights and other bureaucratic intricacies, and for that reason I give this a review of 4 stars. ALSO, I have refused to update the app since you changed the icon, and will hold out as long as I possibly can. Please give me an option to keep the blunt-smoking gorilla, I beg of you, this app has been in the bottom 4 homebar apps on my iPhone for as long as I can remember...
by heyitstsori on 2018/10/05 13:03
This app literally takes up the most data and space on my phone.... which I feel could be easily fixed if the app made deleting songs easy. There should be an option to delete a song like on Apple Music where the add to playlist option is. I feel like it’s not that hard to do yet all these other updates consists of random things and bug improvements.... annoying af. Other than that I enjoy the app and finding new music/mixtapes. But again PLEASE make deleting songs easier. Why can’t I select multiple songs and delete them? At one point this app was taking up 18GB of my 64GB phone like?? Rarely use the app now because I have Apple Music. Seriously debating on deleting because it’s just a hassle also a lot of artists are taking their music off here...
Spinrilla Pros & Cons
by Keep It Honest Clark on 2019/02/09 19:51
This app is filled with mixtapes and some of my favorite artists on here but unfortunately sometimes the app has some trouble and gets a little glitchy with the outside of the app/offline music play this app has a wide selections of artists and albums along with downloading music which is great which you can make a playlist from but some albums you unfortunately can’t download sometimes.. I think if some of the glitches were fixed it would be a full 5 star app just a little small thing that could be improved is every artist having all the albums made and not just mixtapes
TRUE Spectators perspective
by Homeboy Roy on 2019/01/17 16:42
I’ve always loved music and enjoy listening to raw or new talent stepping into the music arena. It’s awesome to have a platform where I can enjoy the full scope of doing just that. A lot of it is JUNK and should only entertain their friends with it. But when you hear that gold nugget hit in a river of music pebbles. Play it for “Music Minions” (people that just hear the music, but don’t really listen to it.) and watch-’em jump off or head bouncing to it. That’s what I love about good music, it possesses the amazing power to universally move people. Keep it coming... I LOVE IT!
Reasoning for 1-star
by All Birds on 2017/11/09 17:12
I don’t know if it is the app or my phone’s processing, maybe I have too many songs; when I first got the app it was a 5-star app I got all the underground music I listen to and discovered new music I enjoy as well, the more music I streamed the slower the app ran and it is to a point where the app takes several minutes before I can even choose a song. I love the app and have had it for years on several generations of cell phones and tell all my friends about it when asked about a music app. Only rated 1 star so you’d read my problem i don’t know how else to report such an issue, so please contact me back on a way I could possibly fix my problem. Great app and easy to find hot new artists and music.
Avoidable issue
by hdhbsjhdvvshbd on 2018/03/20 03:19
This app is great I can use it to download all my music. And then i can play it offline. Or can I? I know i can but it really seems like i cant because of how slow the app is. It takes like one minute to just get to your library. This may be because of my phone but I doubt it because i have an iphone 6 all the way updated. Sometimes it comes to a point where i have to close the app and come back in because the songs crash and it wont let you exit the song. If this slowness wasnt here this would be a five star. But you cant really navigate through the app in the first place so unfortunately this will have to be 2 stars.
This app was great now it’s going downhill!
by JayboydakidBluskys on 2019/04/10 08:25
This app was great, but now, there are a few downsides. First off is why are the old mixtapes being block, some of them you can’t even get anymore cause they took it off their sever. Second is - all the classics from back in the day by popular artist are block, like you can’t even play the songs. 3rd-hip hop is big I kno. But now the app is constantly covered by this young boy rap. There’s no grown Man section in this app anymore? Please fix this. Like I said before this was a great app but in my opinion it’s getting destroyed.
by meragokrazy on 2018/01/27 06:54
I've had Spinrilla for over 2 years. This is my go to app when it comes to music. For some reason lately, when I am on the page where it's showing the cover art when I'm playing a song, I can't click back on the upper left hand side button to go back to my library for songs. It won't let me. Therefore, I have to click my home button and open up the app again just to pick a new song. It's irritating. I hope that you look into this further and fix the problem. I'd hate to not be able to use Spinrilla anymore.
Not at all songs are transferring
by Mig7 F57 on 2018/01/19 09:47
I had an iPhone 6s for 2 years and had all my song from that time period on there. A few months before I was supposed to get my new phone you guys came up with an update for saving the music that was in your library. I have had my iPhone X since Christmas and I still have a quite a few songs that my downloader skips over and won’t download. Can you please fix this bug so I can have all my music back. Other than this great app with great music.
Songs come and go
by Shizzyxo on 2017/10/01 03:02
So I’ve had Spinrilla for over a year now and I knew that once I got a new phone, all my music would be deleted. That’s okay considering I don’t have much music anyways. So when I finally got my new phone, I searched for the songs I had before. But I couldn’t get all them back. Most songs I had no issue with, but some of the songs have either been taken off, chopped & screwed, slowed down, etc. these songs were on my phone for a year & now the normal versions are gone?! Please fix this, I would love to have ALL my music.
Keeps crashing after update
by joseph phil on 2018/10/06 12:41
I love this app I’ve had it now for a few years now. Only problem i have is some of the music I downloaded when i got the app isn’t playable anymore. There in my library but will not download or play. With the new update it has been crashing about halfway threw a song. Im almost positive that you don’t need service to listen to your downloads. Hopefully they didn’t change that feature. I will be deleting it if they did
Great app, Annoying Ads
by ausplaya10 on 2017/09/13 20:56
This Apps is really the quintessential service for mixtapes and hip hop not on iTunes. But the biggest issue with this platform is the fact that EVERYTIME I click to go somewhere an add wants to pop up that's the full size of the screen right when I need to press something. This makes is dangerous for when I'm trying to pick songs and drive (yeah oxymoron) and just plain annoying when I want to choose a next song. On the upside, there aren't commercials between my tracks like SoundCloud... please fix this Spinrilla.
Sign in
by John Doe 206 on 2018/10/31 19:01
I’ve had this app for a few years, and the only problem that’s been coming is the amount of space the app takes when i have to update my software. Now the biggest issue i have is when i last updated, i decided to delete this app just for the space and felt comfortable doing so because i have an account. But now that I’ve signed back in, NONE of my music is accessible. So I’d have to re-download every song? This is a simple thing that’ll make people stop using an app.
Da bugs
by Handsumhustla187 on 2018/05/10 20:02
I see when I update this app it says bugs have been fixed n I’ve been with this app for more than 3 years and every Time I plug my phone up in my car, the album cover keeps on blinking and the number of tracks I originally have, just shows on display that the track numbers keep rising. Sometimes the songs I play skips as if I’m using a CD player. This never happened before til like a year ago. I can still listen to my tracks but those bugs have to be fixed.
Why sign in?
by Novaturient on 2018/05/14 11:22
Why should we have to sign in if the music we have saved and downloaded isn’t on the “account” when we get a new phone or delete and reinstall the app?? If I’m signing into my own personal account, my personalized playlists and downloads should be saved, no matter what. It’s really annoying to have to REdownload every single song and mixtape. It’s really something that’ll cause me to stop using this app.
A little work
by 100hunnit on 2017/08/14 18:46
I've been using this app for as long as I can remember probably since the iPhone 4 never really had a problem or concerns just would like if possible if you could stay up on the current mixtaps and songs on everybody and even old songs. There a lot of old songs I try to download and you guys don't have them or just the chopped n screwed version but other than that it's great.
Can’t add mixtapes
by Lukequan on 2018/10/29 20:19
I can't download whole mixtapes I cannot add the mixtapes to my playlists as well I have to download each song individually and I still can't add songs or whole mixtapes to my playlist it's not even a plus like before the update I never have this issue until now icon for me to add whole mixtapes is not even there anymore it basically disappeared
App constantly crashes
by smithenWest on 2018/05/03 06:40
The app will constantly shut off once i select a song to play. This started happening after the update were it was suppose to fix bugs. Old spinrilla never use to crash and still doesnt even on my other iphone. But this new update messed everything up. Please fix it as soon as possible
Always has what I'm looking for
by Haaileym18 on 2017/12/29 05:35
Man, I've never written a review for any app, and I had to write one for Spinrilla. This app has had EVERY track I've been in search for, and always in great quality. Not to mention it loads up super fast and you can access all of your downloads offline, so you can listen to the music regardless of if you have connection or not. I love this app.
by Skinnieeminnieee on 2018/02/17 00:45
I have no problem with the app but when I click the app to open it the app would not load to show me the explore page or the singles page so I thought maybe it’s just my phone so I deleted the app and downloaded it back and I tried to log in and it’s not letting me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with anybody else but it is with me.
Allowing us to keep music we already had
by ZNL96 on 2018/10/11 21:20
I love the fact that you all now let us be able to log in another device and be able to download songs. However we can’t download songs that we already had. I understand they may not have it available but if you already had it once before we should be able to keep them. I love music and would recommend this app to anyone but that should really be fixed.
On god
by brannaman1 on 2018/01/23 04:56
I will always have to use this app because it has all the music you will love and if I had to tell you the best song on this app has and is going to be introducing it is the best song ever and just use this app one time and it is going to change your hole mind about rap you will fall in love forever it is the best ever just try it one time o. God you in love
by Apo68 on 2019/01/07 23:25
This app has most of what I’m looking for but when I first downloaded it I spent hours on it searching and downloading music so I thought. But when I opened the app again there wasn’t even half of the music I downloaded in my library!!! And it still continues to do this!!!! I tried once again since I’ve gotten a new phone and still won’t download all the music I’ve try to download!!!! Getting really frustrated!!! May just delete it!!!!
by Billy Da Rapist on 2017/12/29 08:56
You used to have to listen or watch an ad navigating through the app which was annoying but I could deal with it but now everytime you pause your music outside the app or while your phone is locked it plays an ad, everytime. Very annoying the whole point of me pausing the music is to hear whats going on around me, other than that the app is cool.
Overall good
by Paigedenaiya💕 on 2017/12/03 17:46
This app is really good for the most part. I just wish that certain songs wouldn’t crash after one second and I also wish they had a larger variety of songs to download. I know it’s to discover new music and underground stuff but if it had a larger bar I think it would attract more people.
Recently added or recently downloaded
by Tae the bar on 2018/01/19 21:51
I like the app very much but I think it would kick it up a notch if y’all added a recently download sections so people can go back to certain song and add them to different playlist I download a lot of music and this added features would make this app even better!!!! 😍✌🏾😆👌🏾
Fix this please
by 12794628 on 2017/09/02 22:08
Never really had problems with the app , but recently , everytime Im listening to music and I click the home button to check my messages or hop on social media , the app just glitches and shuts off , I can't click the home button or let my phone go to sleep mode because the music would stop and the app would crash.
Best mixtape/ rare track/ underground hip hop.
by DissGuy on 2018/07/20 18:17
I don’t think there’s a better app for mixtape hip hop. You’re not gonna find full catalogs of hip hop titans from the 90’s but you can find that anywhere. What you will find is songs you never heard before from more underground artists. I’m a huge fan of A$AP Ant, Spinrilla has the most Ant songs in one place I’ve ever seen.
1 suggestion
by Itsdexty on 2018/02/28 11:57
Love the app but I have a suggestion. Can you do something with the repeat button. When I’m listening to a playlist I made it will play to the end but I will stop right there, it won’t go back to the beginning. I would like the 3 options button if you know what I’m trying to say.
The best
by Muffffuuuukkkinnn mazing on 2018/03/11 18:41
Alright so I had about 20-30 albums download, so many songs then I broke my phone, for about a week I didn’t have one. I come back and all my songs are there but they aren’t downloaded so I was disappointed until I seen the “download lost songs” or some like that. They the real mvp
Great for Old mixtapes
by Guy using this on 2018/03/26 10:13
i don’t use it for new music but its reliable. My biggest issue is that when I go into my old library if it’s not downloaded already theres no download button unless I go search for it all over again. If I got a download button directly from my library from past mix tapes that I collected it would be perfect
Stuck in the same song
by ... Ya guy on 2018/03/02 05:13
So I play a lot of music, all the time, I have music I bought on my phone, and I have the ones downloaded here. And when I slide up to pause a song quicker, it will only show the song that I listened to 4 hours ago, and I’ve closed out of the app and everything, and it always says its open and playing. This is becoming irritating, so please fix this
New update problem
by Flash14. on 2018/01/26 03:21
I love this app so much but with the new update I'll click on a song and hit shuffle but after that my screen freezes up and i can't go back to my playlist to choose another song. Could y'all look into this please?
4.1 update
by Icemanelite on 2019/02/09 14:44
This update is trash! Every time I try to play a song that isn’t downloaded, it crashes the app. The new set up is trash, and I’m confused on the new option on the bottom of the song. Sometimes it tell me I’m offline so I can’t listen to the song, but I’m using my WiFi. You can’t swipe down anymore it only shows you the other songs downloaded from that mixtape or all the songs from the mixtape. I don’t like this new update, please make the next update like the previous update.
by That person 121605 on 2018/06/06 21:18
The Spinrilla app was recommended to me a little while ago and I doubted it so I never tried it. I finally tried and fell in love. My favorite feature is not having internet or WiFi and still listening to your fav music. If I could I would give this app 10 stars. Keep up the good work!!
Nice App, But Could Great With Added Features
by kmcjunkins on 2018/05/05 16:06
Love this app reason I’m hoping a few added features could be added. Like videos of artists music and in playlist give the owner the ability to put songs in his or her own order, instead of alphabetical order. Adding EQ band would t be bad also. Please consider in next update. Thanks!
Amazing application
by SadBoiSire on 2018/01/01 23:29
I’m an artist that goes by Sire 1k aka SadBoiSire, I’ve been looking for the perfect platform... Since I’ve come to personally experience music platforms being an artist in the “HipHop/Rap/Trap” Community, i’d say hands down Spinrilla takes it. Easy to use, quality is great, interface looks good. Just overall feels alright 👍🏼
Nothing Better
by Tim Stauffer on 2018/07/16 03:22
I use is Spinrilla and Apple Music for alllll of my music. No other apps have been necessary for finding the music I want to hear. Been using rilla for at least 4 years over the course of 3 phones. I have over 4gb of music on this app alone. 5/5 would recommend.
Best music app hands down
by Snat sneet snoot on 2018/05/12 03:39
I’ve been downloading music from spinrilla on my iPod since middle school and I’m a junior in college now 😂 it’s the old version of the app and it has 4 gb of music on it and still works quick asf. Not to mention it has the best music way better than overplayed radio hip hop.
Great but flawed
by TheMrAfroMann on 2019/03/08 15:27
The new update made things efficient but why is the remove from library button so close to everything else? Like I’ll be holding my phone with my left hand and because the delete button is so poorly placed I’ll accidentally delete a song. Please change this
A good reason for 2
by Lil Dailey on 2018/06/12 10:37
So for some odd reason all my songs where deleted I was really scared because I had old mixtapes that rappers took off the app but I saw in the settings that you get all your music. I was alright bet, how wrong I was every mixtape that was taking off by rappers you can’t get them back even though you already had them you gotta fix that guys like come on, you can’t say that you can get all your music back
Idk what it is
by pissedoffkidd on 2017/12/23 16:23
I dont know what it is my phone or the app everytime i put a song on it turns off automatically and also it crashes frequently and plus most songs are chopped and screwed and it would take forever to search for the one that i want .. i used to love this app ive had it for years then one year it started up with all the problems it USED to be my favorite app but now its just bad ... you guys need to step it up or other music apps are gonna take over .. step it up
Artist's Singles!!!
by Wall2Beal3 on 2017/08/16 00:10
Artists constantly upload singles to Spinrilla. Once they upload a new song the old song is gone. There should be a way for us to look at all of an Artist's UPLOADED singles (not those bootleg DJ one). Have a drop down list or some type of category just how yall have their mixtapes.
Amazing but..
by Jdog7643 on 2017/09/29 03:39
Its an amazing app and i love it because who doesn’t love free mixtapes but the only thing i wish they would change is that you could see all of the artists singles on their page instead of having to search for it forever
by Gamelover162 on 2018/05/21 15:58
This is a fantastic music app. Really has a lot of music except for specific ones but I have other apps for that. And a lot of underground stuff too. I'm not gonna lie though I prefer the old picture with the monkey. That was pretty fire but it's not that serious.
This Spinrilla Update 😒
by Trippy Kitt 33 on 2018/02/05 06:41
I'm not feeling this sprinrilla update at all. When I try to click the arrow or change the song, it doesn't work, like the screen has frozen up or something. So I have to close and restart the app. Please fix this issue.
Can't log in or make new account
by Phonky Kane on 2017/09/22 17:18
The problem I am having is , I can't sign in to my original account so I decided to make a new one and neither would work. It kept telling my to try again later. I actually took the app off the phone a re-downloaded the app and the same problem occurs. Can you guys look in to fixing this please ? Thank you.
Half N Half
by perksofkaimyn on 2018/10/25 17:27
Spinrilla is a cool app it jus lacks features that could bring it up to par to other music streaming apps such as soundcloud . one thing that could change is stop deleting tracks from our playlists that we virtually cannot get back and another being that we cannot cast the music onto other devices . other than that , i love this app
by advatheyandery on 2018/10/05 05:11
Im giving this 5 stars because it really does play offline and thats what I need but please add more songs i am a fan of jem and the holograms (the 80ds television show ) and there are none of the songs . and theyre is a ton of other songs that should be on the app that are very popular.
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