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Whether you want to shop at all your favorite retailers from the convenience of your phone, take surveys on the go, or watch up to date news the swagbucks app has you covered. Find a fancy hotel or shop for a new pair of kicks at your favorite retailer. Shopping not your bag? Like to share your opinion? Who doesn't? Share feedback on a variety of topics including movies, TV shows, shopping experiences and even new products and services. Reward yourself with great experiences as well as free gift cards! Sign up today! The swagbucks app is the perfect way to extend your earning opportunities wherever you go. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
It’s fine
by veikkorks on 2020/06/06 06:34
doesnt let you do every survey if you don’t answer the question how they want u to
by dudesuh564357 on 2020/06/06 05:37
So good
by wlc1234 on 2020/06/06 05:09
Love the app. Great way to gather points to redeem for gift cards
So far so good
by klee222 on 2020/06/06 04:34
Got an amazon gift card so far
Amazing app
by lex._.i on 2020/06/06 02:16
It takes a while to get money, but you have to stay committed.
by allyrudis on 2020/06/05 22:51
The App Works, but it Annoys me
by Brogar2000 on 2020/06/05 22:49
I get tons of emails every day, with no way to unsubscribe from them. I’m able to click the unsubscribe link, but I can’t uncheck the boxes for the email notifications, so I receive them constantly on a daily basis.I also don’t like how I told the app no thanks to rating it, and it still continuously asked me if I want to rate the app. I did not click maybe later, I clicked know thanks. The app is good, but it needs work.
by twinkie55555 on 2020/06/05 22:27
I can’t redeem any gift card. Am I the only one having this problem
Yes you make real money
by Unknown152003 on 2020/06/05 20:39
It takes a while to make enough money, most of the surveys i will get half way through and then it will tell me im not valid for the survey.
it’s good
by #randomliving on 2020/06/05 17:59
it’s good but don’t expect to become rich that’s for sure. i might earn 5 bucks a week spending a solid 1:30 on the app. good if you are young and need a little money.
Very good
by liz6221 on 2020/06/05 15:55
It actually works
by DoctorGarrigan on 2020/06/05 10:01
Great app
Great ver goodness you and the boys mm
by mjvfew#df6 on 2020/06/05 04:41
by emilyr38 on 2020/06/05 03:49
I thought this would be a crappy app that doesnt stay true to its word! I’ve had nothing but good things to say about this app!!
by cjghjtdvdqqq12 on 2020/06/05 02:02
So mad
by TB's Doll on 2020/06/05 01:47
I took my time to answer surveys that I can’t redeem to paypal because I’m getting a message saying “my account can’t be verified” I tried everything I could but still nothing!!! I’m sure my email and everything matches because I redeemed cash from other survey apps. I wrote support and was instantly written back but I never got any kind of email verification. Now because of coronavirus PayPal customer service is closed!!! I don’t think my PayPal is the problem I think swagbucks just refused to pay me for my time!!!!!!
Can’t Sign Up
by Lily Varian on 2020/06/04 23:15
I keep getting a message that says that I already have an account with my email (on the browser version included) when I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on, but I really hope this gets fixed
13 year old
by marranette on 2020/06/04 23:00
Just trying to make some money to buy a birthday present for my friend, but they disqualify you from almost every survey. I have been on this app for 1 month and only completed 3 full surveys
Gift cards
by Trav is pie on 2020/06/04 18:18
Get free gift cards takes some time tho
Swagbucks is great
by tsmdoorknob on 2020/06/04 16:06
Earn money from doing nothing
by kadthebadd on 2020/06/04 15:14
Win great prizes
by paipaunaw on 2020/06/04 12:51
Love getting money. Don’t know how to get videos. Surveys are informative but kick out to often
by TALLEST16578 on 2020/06/04 10:52
They pay out foreal, I got my payment through an amazon gift card. PayPal works too
I like making easy money.
by apex legendars on 2020/06/04 03:53
Just got the app
by fthisapp0000 on 2020/06/04 03:32
Hopefully it works
by killifgae on 2020/06/03 22:34
Every time I try to take survey it says go into the tab that has the survey in it what other tab I’m on the app and when I try to login on safari it won’t load swagbucks your site and app are non functional 4 my iPhone X
by Cee Dubbbb on 2020/06/03 22:16
I mean it’s a cool app to waste time and possibly get stuff. However, it’s hard to qualify for a survey. Why ask me all these questions if I’m not going to qualify for the surveys listed. It’s cool they still give you a few Swagbucks if you don’t qualify.
A little scetchy
by moneymakerforGod21 on 2020/06/03 21:04
I’ve been using this app for a few days now and though it is pretty good some of the surveys are a little weird. Also sometimes it’ll say the surveys worth a bunch of points but they only give you one point.
Great for gift cards !
by THJORDH on 2020/06/03 19:13
Easy to slowly earn gift cards!
Fun to earn!
by SueA C on 2020/06/03 17:38
Great way to earn a couple extra goodies!!!!
by student46290 on 2020/06/03 15:32
by Shess 76 on 2020/06/03 11:20
Easy miney
A little extra cash
by TejadaEmi on 2020/06/03 06:18
No this will not support you 100%. However, it’s a simple way to make some cash. Due to being jobless with COVID, I’ve been devoting time to this. It definitely takes time, but if you have it not bad.
by Belchany on 2020/06/03 05:34
It’s fun to do the surveys and even scroll on the internet while getting points!!
Good app just frustrating at times
by nynynyforlife86 on 2020/06/02 20:36
App is great except when you do a survey sometimes and they don’t give you credit. So it’s almost perfect!
Swagbucks Is Amazing
by Jhfbyrbbhjkygh on 2020/06/02 19:26
Some surveys are very long, but if you are truthful and descriptive, your points won't fall through! I am excited, because I'm almost at enough points for 5 dollar gift card, and this is my second day. I love Swagbucks, would definitely recommend.
Good Service!!
by posha2422 on 2020/06/02 18:18
this is such a good app. I’ve learned a lot from using this app and I hope that other in the future get to use this app just like i have
Not good
by botreviewereek on 2020/06/02 17:06
Not the best
by grandmasterb86 on 2020/06/02 05:52
Good for additional income
by uber crlazquez on 2020/06/02 02:46
It’s for real
Overall it’s pretty good
by Crippled Timmy on 2020/06/02 01:15
I was skeptical at first but when I got my first gift card code and they worked I decided to write this review.
Second Income
by Dan1658 on 2020/06/02 00:22
I make small but significant second income from Swagbucks. I have been a member since the beginning. You’d be crazy not to sign up!
Love this app
by WMHF on 2020/06/01 18:53
This app is easy to use and I check it out daily.
by Bearsmom45 on 2020/06/01 09:25
This company has helped me quite a bit financially by doing the surveys and the many other ways they have to make money in the app. I’ve had two problems with it but both were fixed quickly. Definitely recommend it if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.
by BryceTS on 2020/06/01 09:15
This app is really good for pocket money and to help research
Best app to make money
by Sonu rags on 2020/06/01 05:38
Willing to make some money in online.
Using fetch app
by Miss kkay on 2020/06/01 04:56
Love this app!!!!!! So easy to use.
Love the surveys
by jessilyn109 on 2020/06/01 03:16
It’s fun getting points and the surveys are pretty fun to do! Easy to understand questions. I just do it a few minutes a day when I have spare time and can redeem for gift cards
Take surveys to earn some money on the side
by revivalarch on 2020/06/01 03:00
Swagbucks offers a platform for a way you to take surveys, get trials to various brands, and shop online and receive points back for doing those activities. After you reach certain goals, you can redeem those points on a variety of things. My wife and I are using those points we earned to help us afford to go to the beach.
It’s good
by foreskincheese on 2020/06/01 02:15
It’s good
Swagbucks is pretty cool
by awesomenatora on 2020/06/01 01:30
I’ve actually gotten real gift cards, and since I’m bored and stuck at home, that’s pretty great
Love the points
by katooof on 2020/05/31 23:00
Great time passing app to earn a little in gift cards.
A fair amount of payment for answering surveys.
by Nikki and Boqita on 2020/05/31 22:44
A good app.
Easy to Use
by Buhrst on 2020/05/31 21:29
Easy to use app.
by johnfifh on 2020/05/31 18:30
Is okay
Doesn’t let me log in
by Hate the login in part on 2020/05/31 17:26
When I first tried to sign up it said that an account with that email already existed so I thought I accidentally clicked it 2 times. When I tried to log in it said incorrect password. So I tried it 2 more times. It still said incorrect password. Then I clicked forgot password and I waited and waited for an email. So then I tried again, it still didn’t work. Then I made another account but with my gmail account. It said incorrect password again. After I tired it one more time I gave up.
Way to earn some gift cards
by Sssuper on 2020/05/31 15:49
Decent way to earn gift cards but a lot of surveys only give you 1 SB since you don’t qualify. Takes like 10-15 minutes to get 1 SB if you get disqualified from survey. Just got to get lucky to get a good one.
Love getting swag
by fullysarah on 2020/05/31 13:49
The 5 stars are for the app itself- easy to navigate.
Good but...
by Game lover but... on 2020/05/31 10:43
Takes a long time to get swag bucks but it’s still super possible to get like $25 a month if you stick to it. Just meant as a side hustle not an actual job
by Aundrea Young on 2020/05/31 09:02
I like the Swagbucks amounts on the gift cards and other things. I haven’t tried to redeem but I’ll bring back feedback!
by bigdawg0527 on 2020/05/31 08:38
I have gotten lots of gift cards and Visa cards doing simple fun surveys for swagbucks in my free time.. thank you swagbucks
by PSN:cena0nation97 on 2020/05/31 08:22
wanted swagbucks
It’s so good!
by crazzy girl jada on 2020/05/31 01:52
Swagbucks is an ez app to deal wit. You watch vids to earn so cha ching! You play or work on you device, Jen when you aren’t put your
by Burntjeans on 2020/05/31 01:18
I’ve made $25 so far and got a gift card for target. I also used the system to buy gift cards for stores I was going to shop at anyway, bought a lawnmower and fire pit while getting swagbucks.
by purplegoosee on 2020/05/30 20:18
It works
by msmilie82 on 2020/05/30 19:12
I love this app!
Great money maker
by noonie689 on 2020/05/30 18:57
This app is a great money maker!!!
by Lolomgswww on 2020/05/30 16:46
pretty good.
Swagbucks review
by beijdhshivjxbhd on 2020/05/30 15:41
It was very confusing
by omasterrett on 2020/05/30 13:51
Fun and easy to use
by gamermomrnyjdj on 2020/05/30 11:40
Easy cash
by Joshualiu101 on 2020/05/30 06:55
This app makes you earn money by taking surveys
Highly Recommend
by gecko869 on 2020/05/29 21:59
This app is dope y’all! Just sit around answering questions all day. I always try every survey because you always get some sort of reward regardless of whether you qualified for the survey or not!
by jamiestphns on 2020/05/29 19:03
Love this app! Helps me get cards for Disney world !
by Much Wow Productions!!! XDC on 2020/05/29 18:18
Not authorized??????
by ATheManPlay on 2020/05/29 18:16
Not letting me sign in because it says not authorized no matter what I do.
A lot of junk messages
by Ting Fang 97 on 2020/05/29 16:56
I GOT 5 bucks
by Hazel_ois on 2020/05/29 16:01
I wish that I wouldn’t only get 1sb every survey.
Awesome app
by thewesall on 2020/05/29 08:54
I’ve earned over $100 in gift cards, just by watching videos in my free time. I highly recommend trying this app out.
Wastes too much time and effort
by sofjskc on 2020/05/29 05:57
I put a lot of time and effort into big reward and long surveys (20 - 40 minutes) and it stops working near the end and I should habe like 800 swagbucks but I have 200.. honestly annoying and I might delete the app because it’s so stressful
Great App.
by Kaixinx64 on 2020/05/29 05:21
This is one of my favorite apps of all time! I love the way that you could get FREE money by just answering random surveys. As a free-to-play mobile gamer, this has just changed my progression in games.
by vigilbil on 2020/05/29 05:20
by spbbbbbbbb on 2020/05/29 03:16
Works well
Swagbucks app
by marisol.f on 2020/05/29 02:40
3 stars because it is slow and could be improved.
by theecanehurri7654 on 2020/05/29 00:39
Good app
Functional app, but can be difficult to navigate
by kaube6 on 2020/05/28 22:27
The app works for clicking through and loading most pages, but navigating to different sections of the app isn’t as intuitive as it could be - it’s a bit clunky. All in all, it’s fine, but is just a bit clunky.
by blkayla on 2020/05/28 21:52
It’s okay it just takes a while to earn enough points to cash out
by Naiasia F on 2020/05/28 20:41
Sooo I currently haven’t revived my 500 sb what’s going on?
I love this app
by CRYPTYY on 2020/05/28 20:24
I use this app for purchasing cp
by chaz0409 on 2020/05/28 20:13
So far I’ve gotten $10 in a week
Trish - new user
by MaryPSB on 2020/05/28 15:57
Fun and easy way to earn some extra cash.
Not bad
by hooraydoctor on 2020/05/28 14:18
Very slow to earn
Great app enjoy it a lot!
by littlesdrywall on 2020/05/28 11:28
Good App
by Sweets361 on 2020/05/28 05:57
I’ve enjoyed using Swagbucks it really does pay:
by kim bellomy on 2020/05/28 02:54
its a good app
by asevere on 2020/05/27 18:17
Interesting little app
Good app
by 6396204 on 2020/05/27 17:17
It’s real and gives good points
Hard to earn, but works
by erica 🥴 on 2020/05/27 04:36
It’s hard to actually get a survey that lets you complete it due to qualifications, but there are many ways to earn and it actually works if you have time. Just purchased my first gift card with my SB.
by NU crashing pls on 2020/05/27 02:54
Really enjoy it!
Best survey site...
by on 2020/03/17 20:24
Ok, just like you guys, I’ve been looking for an online gig that pays money for me doing nothing. I’m only thirteen, which meant throw out all the article writing gigs, and unless you know how to program or something, you can forget freelance or friverr. I’ve spent well over fifteen hours trying to find a way to makelittle extra cash. And what I’ve learned, is that your getting payed for what your worth. Don’t expect to make even minimum wage on one of these survey sites or a similar sight, because that’s bs. My two favorite sites are survey junkey and Swagbucks. Starting with survey junkie, it’ll pay you and I’ve managed to make 14 dollars in a week, but at a rate of around 2 dollars an hour, making my effort hardly worth it. Swagbucks pays more than this rate, but by not much. My favorite part of Swagbucks is how you can watch videos on your phone or whatever, and just leave it someplace and you’ll make money. You don’t have to click next video or something, it does this automatically. I think this is really cool, because you could super easily set up multiple servers on your computer, all watching the videos on separate accounts. However, as I said before, people pay you for what your worth. According to people on Reddit, each server working 24 hours straight would make you 4.80 a day, but from my experience it’s even less than this. At the same time, it’s free money, and it’s the best legit way to make money online.
Good if you have time and patience
by betsaw on 2019/08/23 16:25
I am visually impaired and while the app is infinitely easier to use than accessing the website from my PC, I still find that accessing the website from Safari on my phone is the easiest way for me to complete surveys. The app is a close second, but I’m able to move around a little more quickly on the website because I don’t have the buttons at the bottom to interfere with my navigation. I mostly do surveys because videos don’t interest me much and the shopping opportunities are better with a different app, but there are usually plenty of opportunities to earn points with the surveys so I have been very happy with that. While getting one or two points here and there if I am unable to complete a survey doesn’t sound like much, they do add up and compared to a lot of other panels I’ve tried, makes it worth my time. I only wish there was a way to report accessibility issues when I encounter a survey that I am unable to complete because I hate the appearance that I am just abandoning surveys when there is actually a good reason for doing so. As long as you understand you’re not gonna make a lot of money, it’s an easy way to get some extra shopping money and you’ll enjoy this for the most part.
Great for what it is.
by Wen Lu on 2020/05/20 02:00
Before I got this app, I accused it of being a scam because I doubted that a free money app could afford to give away this much. But I checked my Paypal after redeeming some gift cards and I see that I actually got paid. For a free money app, this is actually very generous. It pays you to do a variety of things, such as playing games, watching videos, answering surveys, etc. I find that answering surveys is the quickest way to make money since you get at least 1 cent for almost every survey you take and you get a few nickels if you actually complete the survey. With these, I am able to earn a few dollars a day. I would not recommend watching the videos though because you would have to wait a long time, sometimes at least 15 minutes, just to get a cent or 2. I was also unable to get paid for the games and offers yet so I do not know how well these work. Obviously though, do not expect to get rich off of this app or even be able to get minimum wage. No free money app will pay you that much. If you want a decent source of income, you have to get a job. This app should only be used as a way to get a slight boost to your current income or to get some pocket money if you have no way to get a job right now.
There needs to be clearer guidelines on being DQ’d from surveys
by Abc all star on 2019/11/02 00:44
Overall, I like this app more than other survey apps I’ve tried. But Swagbucks has the same issue that the rest of them do, and that is allowing surveys to disqualify you from participation after answering page after page of relevant information and entering in all of your demographic information. I’ve had plenty of times where I feel like I’m almost finished with a survey, only to be disqualified. Let’s say a survey says that it should take 15 minutes to complete, and after 10 minutes of answering questions you get booted out; that’s when I feel taken advantage of. The good surveys will DQ you after only a few questions at the very beginning. The bad ones will ask you 20 questions about your knowledge on a subject and how you feel about 10 different people/brands, get all of your demographics, and then DQ you. It’s very frustrating, and typically leads me to close the app.
by NarutoUzumaki333 on 2020/04/03 13:34
CONS: Swagbucks is ok. Just ok. It’s not a great way to make money at all, so definitely DO NOT try and make it a full time job. I’ve made 4 bucks in a week, but that’s because I’ve spent almost 2 hours a day on it. If you use it as a search engine instead of safari or google, you could be making about a dollar a day. I haven’t tried it the search yet, but I’ve heard that it’s not so good quality. Surveys are also not on the good side. Swagbucks doesn’t make most of the surveys. Most of the surveys tell you that you don’t qualify. When you do get a survey going, or is almost always much longer than it said that it was going to be. Some surveys ask you for year and month of birth and race, and some go as far as to ask you EXACT date of birth, full name, and yearly income... Sometimes with these surveys I feel like I’m taking the CENSUS!!! PROS: Swagbucks isn’t always nightmare though. There is a feature that I like called referring. If you make a referral and the person you referred uses your link, you receive 10% of that person’s money for life. If you own a social media account with a decently large number of followers, you should post your referral link there. If you successfully made like 100 referrals, you could be making like an extra 6 dollars an hour! Nice right?
Not for me
by shine4362 on 2019/03/17 22:37
I'm giving this app 3 stars because I don't want to discourage anyone from at least trying it for themselves... but it's simply not for me. I don't want to sound paranoid but the first survey was all about asking my income, my profession, my race.. etc. They also asked if they could track my location with the option only to be tracked while using the app.. or all the time. My choice was the first one but I keep receiving a pop up message saying I'm being tracked all the time regardless of my choices and would I like to go to settings to change this. Well of course I would because it wasn't my choice to begin with! I think I'm just old school and I don't like the idea of someone using my info as a method of saving money.. or getting me to spend it! I feel the same way about social media, if I want my friends and family to know what I had for dinner then I will call and tell them! I feel no need at this point to announce my life (or my dinner choices..LoL) to a bunch of complete strangers... but if these things don't bother you then you might actually like this app and others just like it.. in which case you should give it a try. As for myself, I will be deleting for now.
by ThyPotatoMaster on 2020/01/30 13:45
I like how you are able to always find something to do on the app. You have sweepstakes, videos, surverys, fun Codes, and you can redeem your points in more than one place. It DOES take time!! So do it when you have some awkward in between time or when you are bored and the points will add up before you know it. The only disappointment in the app is that a lot of the surveys will boot you out of them and you don’t get the opportunity to even take the survey. I honestly don’t mind spending the time on the surveys, but I have to get into one to be able to take it. Another thing about the surveys is that you could be half way through and then be disqualified for it, BUT it will give you a decent amount of points. For example let’s say the survey offers 60 points, you could have done some of your survey already then get booted out but still receive 20 points.
Forget the rest this is the best!
by bdgvrfjb on 2020/03/31 04:51
After a couple months of downloading almost every coupon and survey app I could find. I then went to Google looking for best and worst of these types of apps. SWAGBUCKS was always on top of the list but I ended up having like 20 downloaded to my phone. Some I knew right away were useless and deleted immediately. I kept a few as some are better for certain things. I use my others for coupons and grocery shopping but I’ve only been a member of SWAGBUCKS for 29 days and I’ve already got my first 25$ visa gift card and almost to my second. It’s an easy to use app as the others were just too difficult or just plain not worth it. Plus there is so many using this app that they have made members only fb pages where everyone helps each other out! If you haven’t tried it, Do it! You will have fun while making money!!
Good if you have the patience
by Mavvvvvvvv98207 on 2020/02/05 19:51
I think this app is a nice way to get money, especially for a 15 year old like me. However, I have some problems with it. First, I get a forced add that won’t pay me after every single payed video that I watch. I know the creator has to make money to pay for all the users and stuff, but it just feels like too much. It’s like those stupid games or websites that are too laggy to work because they’re loading adds on the side of the screen and you know your gonna get hit with an add that you can’t skip at any second. Also, more than half of the surveys I do knock me out of them before I can finish them. Most of them knock me out right at the beginning for some “technical error” but the ones that kick me out of the survey at the end are just infuriating. I should get payed more than 1 Swagbuck if I get kicked out of the survey. I take my time to do the survey, I should get payed if I’m knocked out. I didn’t choose to leave the survey.
by KathywithaKtheonlyway on 2020/05/17 16:01
I joined a lot of money making apps last year and by far this one has been the easiest to earn Swagbucks for cash, gift cards, etc. I always get my money sent to my PayPal account. I did give it a (4) rating because there’s something I don’t like about this app. There’s a glitch or something when I’m taking surveys, (and many others say the same thing), that I’ll answer all of the questions in the allotted amount of time it said it would take and then it says I didn’t qualify for it. It happens a lot and it’s very frustrating! They’ll give me 1 SWB for trying, but it’s such a waste of my time. And there’s a rating system I don’t quite understand. I was at 111 which was good and now I’m at 106 which is still good, but I really don’t know what this means. Kind of confusing, but overall this is still the best app for making money.
Great App
by Little Miss Uber on 2020/04/13 12:25
I’ve been using Swagbucks for a few months now and my points have really been adding up just by taking pictures of my receipts from every day purchases. A lot of times I earn hundreds of points just for buying items that I needed anyhow, but were also listed in the ‘Shopping In-Store’ section of the app which shows all items that are advertised for extra swagbucks, which changes specials every 7-14 days so there is most always something on the list that I will be purchasing already anyhow. It’s great to get something back for purchases you already have to make, and be able to reward yourself with a gift card to almost any retailer, there are hundreds of stores to choose from when redeeming your points. Definitely a 5+ star app that everyone should use!
You really do earn money, but...
by anadine094 on 2019/08/20 01:36
I’m used to doing surveys online, they always take a long time for little payout but I’ve redeemed quite a few gift cards over the years. My issue isn’t with Swagbucks, but the app itself. At times the surveys don’t load completely so after spending 25 minutes on a super detailed survey, I can’t continue because the buttons or options don’t load enough for me to answer or click “Next,” so I lose out on all that time and a couple extra dollars. Also, if my finger happens to slip and click one of the tabs in the app (which you can’t get rid of and are always present at the bottom of the screen), then I lose all my progress and I get kicked from the survey altogether. Just a few things I’d like to see fixed and would make the user experience much more satisfying.
Do not use the app
by Caplmom on 2019/12/06 01:20
The app has a lot of bugs. Some surveys do not load properly and do not align on the screen so you have to just tap and figure out how where it ends up. Some are so bad that I get most of the way through and can not complete the survey so I do not get the points. Some days it is extremely hard to qualify for surveys and some days it is much easier. It is also extremely frustrating when you are 15 minutes into a 20 minute survey and then suddenly do not qualify for that survey. The times that are listed off to the side of the survey are also very misleading. I do use my account on the website and do much better. I have done this for about two months and do not even have 1500 Swagbucks so patience is the key. I usually just do the surveys while watching tv. I have yet to redeem and can update my review when I do that. One thing that is nice- you can have a small amount of swagbucks and still redeem for gift cards.
This app is pretty okay
by Sunbear5000 on 2020/05/03 10:26
I’ve made $8 so far, which isn’t a lot. But after awhile I’m sure it’ll add up. I’ve only had it for a couple days, and if I’m bored I do a survey or two. But the watch section on the App Store doesn’t look like my watch section. I just get articles I gotta look at for 30 seconds and then rate them good or bad within 5 seconds. Then it goes to the next article after another 5 seconds. The articles are some times interesting, but I wish I could watch these videos everyone seems to be talking about 😅 Although I’m not sure if I’m getting points for the articles I’m looking at 😒. But the surveys are fine, and they give you up to 3 points if you don’t qualify, which is fine. But $8 is still $8. And I don’t have a job, so it’s better than nothing. 🤷‍♀️(I’m a high schooler)
If you have the time and patience
by Mrs.MomOfBoys on 2019/11/04 02:54
If you have the time and patience to be on the app or on your computer to answer and/or watch videos all day it may pay off. I’ve been doing this for a couple years now. Got “banned” from answering questions once because I felt like they kept asking the same questions every single time. I switched it up and got “banned” or “blocked” from doing questionnaires lol I sent them a quick email and it was resolved. Since then I haven’t really done much on here. Like I said, you need a lot of time and a bunch of patience. Does it really pay off? I mean if you save for the big buck gift card, maybe. It takes TIME. If you do this a couple times a week for a few months you may be able to get a $25 gift card.
Don’t Do It!
by JulesJuliaJulJul on 2019/04/05 20:30
I have literally spent HOURS doing surveys. HOOOUUURSSS. Maybe 3 gave the points it said it would. Instead you subject yourself to a ton of questions only to receive the message, “Not every survey is a winner. Here’s ONE POINT for trying” or something close to that. An enormous waste of time. Still cannot even get close to the minimum amount of points to receive the advertised bonus. Yes, I’m reading all the questions and answering honestly. I’m not just clicking anything and being dismissed. But it seems after answering so many questions, nothing about my answers qualifies me to get points. It also does not track, notate or remove the ones you have already completed. So I have also wasted a ton of time doing the “qualifying” questions before the actual questions, only for it to tell me I already did this survey. Poorly organized. Poor consumer experience. Appears only to be for data mining as it is near impossible to get enough points to actually get a reward card.
Mostly a really great app
by theknightlyway on 2020/04/02 08:04
I’ve made a small amount of money on here (a few hundred) it definitely takes time and patience but I think this is one of the better survey apps out there. My one main critique is that there’s glitches sometimes with the surveys where I’ll finish one completely after being accepted and then get rejected instead of getting paid or I’ll hit the refresh button (sometimes by accident)which you think would refresh the survey for you but just exists you out of it and you lose it. Mostly it’s a good app but I would love if they fixed those couple things because I’ve definitely missed out on money because of it. I do suggest it though.
Highly unethical company
by kgeorge14 on 2019/11/05 23:40
This company is so unethical I’m ashamed to say I ever worked with them. If you bring up a problem on their Facebook page because they won’t answer your swag ticket they will delete your post, any comments you made, and block you from their page. I have tried to ask many times why they shut my account down and cannot get any answer whatsoever except the same computer generated response. I have deleted the app and will never be using swagbucks again. The customer service is not only terrible and they don’t value their users but they are also doing things unethically. I’ve seen many others say their accounts were shut down and they never received an explanation (those comments were also deleted very quickly). Don’t get involved with this scam company. Something is very fishy about them. I bet they paid for the good reviews on the app.
No Support
by nonamethey'realltaken on 2020/04/24 07:23
At first this App seems fine, but then problems start happening. The videos stopped working. I contacted their Help and got back a few days later only a useless “form emailed” containing suggestions that don’t even pertain to this App or any App. This is the second time that I’ve had problems with videos not working and the second time I received the same useless email. Nothing gets addressed until they’re overwhelmed with complaints about the same problems. People complain on their Facebook page and in groups saying that they’ve contacted Swagbucks Help and all got the same “form email”. The first time this happened nothing was done for weeks and then they updated the App and everything worked fine again, now it’s happened again and this App is useless until they update it. Don’t waste your time or space on your Phone with this non-supported App.
Can’t fix the typo in my email.
by user=anonymous on 2020/04/29 16:05
While the app itself works fine for its purpose, it isn’t easy (possibly impossible) to fix any typos in your email. To access certain things you need to verify an email, that’s normal. What’s not normal is the fact that you can’t change your email if you make a mistake. I accidentally typed a 5 instead of a 4. I can’t fix it because you need to verify the old email to change to a new one. Usually apps would have you verify the new email instead of the old one. This app leaves no room for user error when typing contact info. Especially if you accidentally type an email that you don’t own in place of the very similar email that you do. Until this issue is resolved I won’t be using this any time soon.
First Impressions
by brandisgf27 on 2019/06/30 04:38
I haven’t had this app for long but honestly find it is probably more worth it than other survey apps. The high point to this app is not only can you take surveys for points but you can watch videos, answer polls, and search the net for points. It’s diverse and I’m well underway to a great reward without breaking my thumbs clicking in order to earn 5 cents an hour. I recommend everyone at least try it. You could earn a little cash instead of playing that Candy Crush level you’ve been stuck on for two years but are too stubborn to pay to skip.
Legit when they actually pay you
by Novalynn69 on 2019/12/03 22:51
I qualified for 2 special surveys and they never paid me. I made sure to click the link at the right time, fully participate, and wait the time they asked, so they could still never credit my account. I spent 2 hours on a survey that was supposed to credit 5000 swagbucks. I made a ticket and still no change and it’s been like 2 weeks later. I was hoping to make money to buy stuff for my kids before this ones due, but it’s starting to become more of a let down and waste of time. I also did the offer of getting my command center to level 12 and today is day two, so not holding my breath that they will credit me for that either. Mean it’s sad because as a stay at home mom I was hoping it would actually work to help with expenses and what my kids need.
Easy peasy
by taylor disberry on 2019/08/24 05:54
I started using Swagbucks as a form of entertainment an a way to earn some cash on the side in my free time. After awhile of using it I’ve come to really enjoy the app. I’ve earned a fair chunk of change while simply answering questions. Then I started to get in home product testing an man those are the best. I have started to feel like my option really makes a difference. The only down side is sometimes being honest really screws you out of some great rewards. Especially since I’m beyond honest. I give a complete an thorough answer to all questions an more often than not it disqualifies me. But all in all Swagbucks is so worth the time
There are very little shopping options to earn cash back on and the surveys are a joke
by Flurpp on 2019/03/10 12:39
Every store you click on has a list of non-eligible items that's like a page long and it's pretty much everything in the store! For example, at Walmart you can't get cash back on any clothes or accessories, no food, no sports stuff, no home stuff, no baby stuff, no personal care stuff. All you can get is basically electronics and that's it. It's like that for pretty much every store. And the surveys are not quick so don't be fooled thinking you'll spend a few minutes and earn some cash. No, you'll be sitting for hours sometimes for such small amounts of points so be prepared. A lot of the surveys will end up only giving you 1 point if you didn’t answer how they wanted you to. Like.. that’s not how a survey is supposed to work. It's worth it to some people i suppose but not me.
Great App
by rmetg on 2020/05/06 19:23
Swagbucks app and Swagbucks live are great. It is not very time consuming and it is fun. The swago boards and the team challenges are great. The Swagbucks blog has some good diy projects. On Swagbucks live I think it is great that with -stay at home order, Hal is doing them from home. I got to see him for the first time & know why the hosts are always laughing at him. We got to kinda meet Jennifer, his wife, she seems so nice and funny. She just says hey y’all and reads comments. Hal needs a huge pay increase. He does a great job under the circumstances. I hope all the other hosts are well and soon back. I think Hal is awesome but I’m missing the other hosts too. Shout out to Swagbucks.
If you have a lot of time you can make some money
by Mikeandfalena on 2019/10/26 20:40
My mother sent me a link a couple months ago when I tried it the first month was really easy but I think that’s because they want you to keep being a member I’ve noticed that last month was much harder and now this month I noticed that the videos Used to be one two or three swag bucks for watching a reasonable amount of time sometime between five minutes and 25 minutes now it’s down to one and two and you’ll have to spend 42 minutes watching a video for three swag bucks which equals three cents. Are usually get my points from shopping ordering things to be picked up in the store like Walmart or Menards or Home Depot all in all it’s not a bad site to use if you’re bored
Rip off, don’t waste your time
by chocolatechipbrownies on 2020/02/10 20:13
I got yp to where I could cash out for a $5 paypal card and they never gave it to me. My name and email matched exactly for both swagbucks and paypal, my debit that ive had through paypal for years is definitely verified but they still said they couldn’t verify my account. I emailed them twice asking for help, they sent me the same generic auto response both times telling me how to verify my paypal account and to make sure my names were the same etc, which they were and my account is definitely verified. They still got they’re pay for the surveys I did and they want to give me a hard time for $5. That stupid dog with the sad empty food bowl ‘your account could not be verified’. Waste of time, scammers, taking advantage of people trying to make a few dollars they need. Never going back.
Compared to many other apps, this one is actually terrible
by Super mom lover on 2020/02/18 23:52
I made an account a million years ago, and let me tell you, it took me on and off and on and off for maybe a year or two before i made $5, yes, only $5... and that took over a week to arrive in my mail, i left the app and im glad i did, i earned $100 in about a month from two other sites. Videos are low-paying, with maybe a cent or two for 30sec on TEN sites! 5 minutes for ONE cent? I know passive money's bad but that's unacceptable. Dont even try the surveys. I reccomend Qmee, Prizerebel, and InstaGC... All instantly email your gift cards, albeit you get to gold rank on PR, and you're much more likely to get more with passive videos (except Qmee) InstaGC (after getting to the 2000 video cap) will pay you legit a dollar a more Swagbucks for me!!
Freezes, Surveys not Mobile Safe
by GoryWriter on 2019/03/15 20:03
Well, this app has been pestering me to rate it, so here it is: this app is barely worth using. More often than not, the “Watch” section will try to play advertisements that either refuse to load outright, or freeze after playing and refuse to load the video. As for the surveys, more often than not (at least on my phone, might not be an issue on tablets) I’ll get surveys where the “Next” button is hidden behind the refresh button, so trying to advance kicks me out to the survey panel with no compensation. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll get surveys asking me to rotate my screen to landscape, but the survey itself remains locked to portrait, which again locks out any progress. You’re better off just using the main website.
Great $ to be made
by *TCmama* on 2019/08/23 21:56
I find I qualify and make money easily on this particular app. I do wish the button on top left that exits the survey were not there during surveys (or have an option to get back to where I left off after hitting it accidentally. I have accidentally touched it in the middle of a long survey and lost my whole survey. But overall it is a great app because I make more than 1 disqualification point for most tries. That motivates me to keep trying. I’ve gotten 2, 5, even 20 points for just trying to qualify. That’s awesome! Thanks Swagbucks!
Surveys don’t reward
by Maw maw Nancy on 2019/10/16 21:23
I’ve had a few that I never got points for. If you have to complain, they need the survey number which I don’t record on each survey. There are quite a few surveys that when they might say takes 10 minutes, and when you answer more than standard questions for up to 5 or more minutes, they say you don’t qualify. Hey they survey already got all the answers!!! I just now finished one that took almost 25 minutes about NAR. Realtors. Finished it completely, the progress bar showed 100%. And guess what!?!?! No points!!! This is getting ridiculous.
by Nataliexxhope on 2020/02/21 03:12
the surveys can be pretty lengthy in order to make any sort of significant amount of “swagbucks” but my favorite part is the cash back. I can online shop through swagbucks web browser and get points towards gift cards. It’s honestly like why wouldn't you use it to shop like you were going to anyways but get cash back for it. I just online ordered some clothes and Im now half way to a $10 visa gift card. Or 1/3 the way to a $25 visa gift card. The user webface isnt the best thing ever but its not bad & worth it for some free extra money.
Can earn points relatively easily through surveys, submitting receipts, watching content
by DJ0512 on 2020/05/14 12:18
Points are relatively easy to earn for sometimes interesting surveys or opportunities for testing products, joining panels, watching videos, submitting pictures of receipts or playing trivia games. The sight has a multitude of ways to earn and points can be redeemed at many retailers. One drawback, not unique to this site is that many times a considerable amount of time is spent answering survey questions and then you’re told you do not qualify or the survey has “technical problems.”
I was totally scammed
by USAF93 on 2019/12/05 21:50
I would give this app 0 stars if I could. I downloaded this app and spent days and hours doing surveys. I finally earned enough points to cash out and chose a $10 PayPal card but as soon as I cashed in they deactivated my account. I didn’t do anything to get my account deactivated like having more than 1 account or violating any of their terms and conditions. Yet as soon as it comes time to pay out my account is deactivated. I know it’s only $10 but I spent a lot of time earning that $10. And you can’t talk to customer service you have to get a ticket number and it takes days for a response. I have filed a complaint because it’s really wrong to lure people in by saying you will make $ but when payout time comes deactivate accounts. Please beware.
Used for 4 years now!
by Ejaymes on 2020/03/31 22:13
This app is so easy to use and it’s a great way to make a little extra cash every so often. I always save up my points to cash out for PayPal money that I can transfer right to my bank account. But there are SO many other gift card options. I take the surveys and whether I qualify for them or not I still get credited something for it. And watching the videos is a super quick way to earn more points. Been using this app for quite some time and still love it :)
by #mrmarksilverman on 2019/08/23 20:51
Swagbucks this is a fun way to do your online shopping and some Surveys to get reward cards for holiday shopping when you are going to join You should check it out. It's a great way to always have a little extra cash, which I think is totally up your alley. You earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. It's a no brainer, really. Click my referral link to get
by heathermayhem on 2020/04/09 08:38
I’ve earned over $200 using this app. It’s great for people who can multitask or for when you get off work. I’m a student so I use it between classes or for school work. All you do is answer questions mostly, but they also have other offers for printing and using coupons, watching videos, searching the web, etc. You can get the rewards in gift cards to wherever you want, or even visa ones if you just want the cash. I recommend to everyone I know
Nothing worked for me?
by awfulappppppp on 2019/03/26 08:32
TLDR: App/website seemed kinda sketchy. Nothing worked or loaded. I used this app for over an hour trying to do surveys and every single survey I did i got a “not all surveys can be winners” I made sure to pay attention and fill everything out correctly. And the ones that “seemed to be a winner” would freeze half way through and I would have to exit out of them. I also tried to watch videos. I sat through 12; 30 seconds clips. Which was only one video. Antonio Browns photoshoot. And after 6 solid minutes of watching the same clip over and over. I got 1sb? So, you get 1sb every 6 minutes. That doesn’t seem fair. Seeing as how you take a “15 minute survey” and get anywhere from 40-70sb? Awful app.
by vincesmommy91 on 2020/01/23 19:25
I’d give this app no stars if I could. I used it for a week, did several surveys which most I didn’t qualify for, did some of the other tasks to get points, I had almost 2500 points which equals about $25 and they deactivated my account saying I violated program terms even though I never did anything wrong or if I did do something wrong it was completely by mistake and I don’t even know what it was. I tried to contact support but they wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong and just said that my account will remain closed. Swagbucks is a scam, they will waste your time with surveys and try to get you to sign up for all kinds of crap and then deactivate your account for no reason. Don’t waste your time with this app!
Only works sometimes
by Nekronatasha on 2019/07/03 18:00
When this app works properly, I LOVE it. However, I feel like more often than not, the surveys aren’t formatted to fit the screen of a mobile device. Because of this, I often waste my time starting out a survey only to not be able to click the NEXT button because it won’t show up on my screen. If the app is meant to be used with surveys, they should only be using surveys that are compatible with mobile devices. Other than that, the surveys that do work DO actually get you points. I’ve actually gotten a gift card payout which is motivational for me.
Had app for 2 weeks!
by One_Direction_Lover_Liam;) on 2019/07/22 21:52
I haven’t had the app for very long, but I like it. The videos you can watch to earn money are actually pretty informational. They inform you of current events that have nothing to do with politics! Also, there’s always a survey available, which means you can earn pretty quickly. The only thing I don’t like is that there are some that you get halfway through and don’t qualify for. Usually, they’re pretty good about giving you some Swagbucks just for attempting, but it doesn’t always seem like a fair correlation.
Iffy at best
by kkmmaw on 2020/01/19 14:51
ETA: at least now the videos are working better. I really used to like this one, however: now, shopping doesn't credit lots of times. Even when you've done everything right and clicked through the link. It doesn't matter at all to them. You just get the standard ”we can't verify” it's a big problem for many. I'm in Facebook groups and there are constant complaints. Also, a person may spend 15-20 minutes doing a survey, get all the way to the end and then get an error message. This company doesn't care stuff doesn't work. False and misleading on all fronts.
It’s actually a good app
by guywholikesdgd on 2020/02/12 01:57
I questioned this app at first thinking it was a way to just get information without really paying people. But it’s actually pretty enjoyable. I’ve taken many interesting surveys and almost made $20 my first week of using it. One problem I have with it is that I made an account a long time ago and deleted it. I have a new one now, but whenever I put in my number it says another member has it. I just wish that could be fixed so I can verify payments and whatnot. But overall it’s worth downloading.
Not crazy about it
by ablueday2 on 2019/06/27 13:08
This app started off great. I was able to take surveys for extra Swagbucks and watch 5 movie trailers for 2 swagbucks several times in a row. Now after using for a while I never qualify for any survey even though they ask tons of questions before telling you this and I now have to watch 8 movie trailers full of ads just to get 2 swagbucks. I don’t know how people are getting rewards every month? At this rate it will take me a few months, if not more, just to earn a $5 reward. I don’t know how it will work for you (maybe great, maybe not) so I gave it 3 stars. Good luck!
Its great
by 042607101 on 2019/08/26 16:01
This is an actual legit app that’ll give you gift cards and they usually come through within 2-4 days via email. For anyone who’s thinking about downloading this stop second thinking and just do it, you won’t regret it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that sometimes the surveys don’t work. I would open up a survey but the survey wouldn’t even load up it would go back to the app/website and say keep trying and it would give me one sb(Swagbucks)or sometimes nothing, but besides that it’s great
How do you know?
by King.Void on 2020/05/19 14:30
I have been using Swagbucks for a good minute now and my only complaint would have to be the the programming. Trying to fill out a survey and asking me a question that is multiple choice then answering a verifying question to make sure I’m reading is all good, but you lose me when it simply tells me after such questions that I’m not being honest with the survey. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the same question over and over again just worded differently but I would really like an adjustment to detail for that. Survey isn’t even started before I’m warned that I’m lying.
Great way to earn
by Gsxrguy2007 on 2019/12/17 17:49
Have been using Swagbucks now for a couple months and live it. Points are earned in many ways like getting notified of local deals while driving, surveys that become available, live trivia shows and more all while earning Swagbucks to redeem for gift cards in which they have a great selection and even offer them at discounts during promotions. This site it 100% legit and you get out of it the tome you put in. Very rewarding. Thank you!
No one is a winner
by NatDove on 2019/10/11 21:19
I’ve spent HOURS filling out survey after survey, answered the questions honestly and every single one came back with “not everyone can be a winner!!!!” And MAYBE 1 point for participation even though I’m still spending the same amount of estimated time Taking those surveys. The app is also buggy as hell. Some stuff doesn’t even give me the points I earned, no matter what. It won’t even show up in my recent activity. I’ve changed my name and updated my settings only to have them roll back immediately . There’s no easy way to get to my settings either. I joined because someone I know told me they’d had a good experience and I really need the extra cash. Seems like I just wasted my time.
by Majama0521 on 2019/10/11 17:05
I am really upset! I completely the LifeLock promo through their site, and never got the credit. I contacted them with payment, screenshot of the offer, and welcome email from LifeLock! I was finally contacted back weeks later, to be told they couldn’t find it? No explanation of what they meant, seeing that I attached ALL DOCUMENTATION supporting my claim! I feel that I’m going in circles, with not being able to actually speak to someone! I never would’ve BOUGHT that subscription if there wasn’t a promotion through Swagbucks! I feel like the promotions are a scam because you sign up, but never get credited! Their customer service is terrible because you can’t reach ANYONE! PLEASE RESPOND!
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