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Get secret deals and exclusive mobile coupons with the official burger king® app and save like a king! Explore our menu and find your nearest BK® restaurant anytime, anywhere. And in most locations, you can even order ahead. Specific features include: • Mobile Coupons: Get VIP access to the hottest mobile-only coupons and secret deals right from your phone. • Mobile Ordering: For select locations, order with the app and skip the line to enjoy your meal even faster. • Find Your BK®: Locate your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant and never leave those flame-grilled cravings unfulfilled. • Menu: Explore your BK® favorites and discover our hottest new menu additions. Plus, you can browse item descriptions and nutritional information at any time.
Wish I could just look at the menu during off hours
by Cerrydwen on 2019/12/05 08:50
I’m really happy with the way the digital coupons work. My only quibble is not being able to view the menu when my local store is closed. I work weird hours and sometimes like to plan ahead what I’m going to pick up when I get off of work. Right now, the app only lets you look at the menu if you’re ready to place an order, which means it won’t work at all if your BK is closed. Hope they change this.
Bait you into downloading app
by Stupidtopicknicknames on 2019/12/05 07:33
So Burger King is trying to be like Mc Donald’s with codes for free stuff attached to the fries and drinks. Here’s the kicker.... you can’t use the code to get your free item unless you enter the code on the app or the BK website. Well now, like any other person would do to get their free items (items you just won), go to the website or download the app since you are at your local BKs. PROBLEM.... There is absolutely NO WHERE to I put that code to get your free items coupon! Guess what. The employees don’t know where to go either. They read the signs in the store that simply state go to the app or website. Yup you guessed it. You are not getting any free food from BKs. They use this tactic to get you to download the app and use coupons to make more purchases all the while you are thinking you are gonna get a free item somewhere along the line. NOPE NOT NOW NOT NOT EVER They LIED. On a side note. The Impossible Burger should stay a regular item on the menu.
New Update doesn’t work
by Mai1312 on 2019/12/05 03:22
New update just stays on loading screen so I am unable to use the app :/
App not working
by Grov3r33 on 2019/12/05 03:21
Wouldn’t let me sign in or do anything. If the app was changed whoever is managing this is doing a lousy job, typed in my address didn’t do anything. So whoever is doing this job should be fired! If I could give this zero stars I would have. 😠
New winter game won’t load, coupons keep refreshing
by Rick in Alton on 2019/12/05 03:14
This app is way too buggy. The coupon/offers page keeps refreshing while scrolling down to checkout the offers. And the new Winter Game won’t allow you to login or play the game. What a pain!
New app doesn’t work
by Kajjers on 2019/12/05 02:57
Try to order and it gives an error “Uh Oh” might want to go back to the testing stages...
The app is garbage
by cry foul on 2019/12/05 02:47
I tried multiple times to redeem a code and it kept sending me in circles and telling me to log in again and again and again. I finally gave up!!
Bad Update
by IGotMoose on 2019/12/05 02:46
New “updated” app is horribly buggy; this should have never been released.
by MarrahMommy on 2019/12/05 02:38
Can’t even get signed up. Tried to have the email sent probably half a dozen times over the course of the day. Nothing. What’s the point if I can’t even really get started 🤷🏼‍♀️
by MizzTruth on 2019/12/05 02:30
Don’t Work At All
App not working
by KVNGTAE100 on 2019/12/05 02:26
McDonalds app always working, can’t say the same for BK
Something is seriously wrong
by ggun99 on 2019/12/05 02:23
There is something seriously wrong with this update. It glitches, takes you to other pages and then bounces you back, but not in the same place you were. Don’t like having to go to email every time I want to use it. And then when you try to use certain features it tells you you need to sign in to use it, but wait, you can’t sign in because passwords are so “yesterday”. Get your act together people!
Apple Pay
by nowhearths on 2019/12/05 02:00
The BK app was very convenient until this new update. I can’t even use Apple Pay with this app. The old app was much better. I won’t be going to bk anymore
New update is terrible
by Burners107 on 2019/12/05 01:49
The new update has made this app unusable.
Broken app?
by Sadie Steffensmeier on 2019/12/05 01:41
The coupons are great and the food is always amazing but the app it’s self is unsatisfactory especially with the new Christmas codes my husband and I have won food 4 times and can’t even use them because the app will say “ please log in “ after doing so six or more times ( which you have to use your gmail to log ) in which is also a flop because you don’t get the gmail for 20 - 45 minutes of waiting and once you finally enter the code it says “ not excepted “ super disappointed.
Not working
by Prettygyrl98 on 2019/12/05 01:37
I have lost redeemable offers and I keep getting an error message each time I try to upload a new code. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it several times and if it doesn’t work this next time I download it I’m deleting it permanently.
BAD Update
by Ehngur on 2019/12/05 01:07
I updated the app and now I can’t order through the app if I want one of the coupons. Also it is jittery now and jumps up and down on the page when I’m scrolling causing me to have to scroll back down to the bottom every few seconds. I liked the app the way it was before. The only thing that needed changing was the ability to order lunch items in the morning since my burger king does full menu all day. Kinda disappointed in this update.
Deleted App
by floydian_slip on 2019/12/05 00:29
I just went to put an order on my Burger King app and found there was no longer Apple Pay they expect me to enter my credit card information for them to keep on file. No way I’m doing that. Bye-bye Burger King app stupid move.
Horrid update.
by DSly4425 on 2019/12/05 00:17
I’m one of the many to say that this update seems to have broken more than its fixed. How does it remove Apple Pay, mobile ordering, and large chunks of the menu?
Made App Much Worse
by BEF843 on 2019/12/04 22:47
Apple Pay gone. Lost all my previous order data, etc. Horrible login process. Took an app I used regularly and ruined it
No Apple Pay
by Bartain on 2019/12/04 22:06
Was able to log in, but the experience of the app was confusing and hard to navigate. For example the old version let you see more offers at a time. Biggest issue though is that it no longer accepts mobile payment and requires a credit card. Removing Apple Pay is 100% unacceptable. Bring it back! I ended up having to stand in line and pay at register
by Vampirecatluver on 2019/12/04 21:47
Stop having the offers automatically refresh. You get so far down the page and it refreshes and you lose your place. And fix the app support link to something other than the page you’re looking for does not exist. Thankfully I don’t use this app much.
Going to need a new update
by FryBender3000 on 2019/12/04 21:21
This app used to work great but since the update you can’t make online orders so you can’t use the coupons. Gotta fix it or you’ll probably lose a bit of business Super glitchy. Can’t complete an order
Constant Updates
by Abbie-2009 on 2019/12/04 21:11
I like the App, however every time I go to use it which is often it requires an update and unless I’m in a WIFI area I can’t do the update which is very frustrating.
New app is buggy.
by Tim165 on 2019/12/04 20:57
New app is very buggy. Seems to now be a wrapped up website. Ended up bailing on my last attempt to place an order and went to a competitor instead. The old app seemed to work fine; not sure why they changed it.
by Dread Sknot on 2019/12/04 20:04
Glitch, glitch, glitch. Looks nice but all it does is glitch. Junk.
What happened?
by Syrus Knight on 2019/12/04 20:03
I would order at least 3 times a week, mainly when I get out of work. This new version is super glitchy. I spent 10 min trying to figure it out before I gave up. I could have used that time to go to Market Basket bought what I need to make a sandwich, and make one at home. Guess it was nice while it lasted. Time to keep crackers in the car.
Loading screen
by vyse foxx on 2019/12/04 19:42
Not sure if it’s my phone or the app but it stayed stuck on the loading screen. I couldn’t sign up or anything. So....I didn’t get ya use the app and have those game pieces. Sad face, they gonna be a waste now.
New sign-In doesn’t work
by hughiejones on 2019/12/04 19:39
Mobile order does not work in the app. There is no support or help option in the app
by Llllllllleeebronshau on 2019/12/04 19:35
It’s good but the only problem is most items from the store aren’t available
Very buggy and unusable as payment is broken AGAIN
by Badunkz on 2019/12/04 19:26
Unusable payment options are broken and app is very buggy after the awful update. Old version was better. Time to uninstall and stop going to BK . You lost my biz good job
Pitiful Update
by c765456 on 2019/12/04 19:21
Menus are glitchy, Apple Pay was taken away, you can’t customize menu items if they’re a part of an offer, and the app keeps freezing. Not to mention taking away passwords was a poor decision. I, like many others, opted for an alternative dining option since I could not get the app to operate. App was perfect before. Used it several times a week.
Terrible update
by ThugLyfeMC on 2019/12/04 19:21
New update is terrible cannot use Apple Pay while I don’t have card on me.
Can’t login after app update
by Ylyubkin on 2019/12/04 19:03
Can’t login after app update
Bad update
by phi128 on 2019/12/04 18:29
I use the BK app often to order. They have good offers that usually beat the coupons they mail out. Today I was forced to update the app. Ok fine. When I tried to log back in (it forgot my saved credentials), it sent a link to my email that was extremely buggy. (This turned out to be foreshadowing.). I had to resend that link to myself at least three times. It’s isn’t that I didn’t get the emails, it’s that the email contained nothing but the BK logo and a broken link. Annoying, but as a counter to the definition of ‘insanity’, it worked after 3-4 attempts at sending myself a new link. Once on the app, the offers screen looks much better with larger pics (ergo my 2 star rating), but it keeps resetting to the top as I tried to scroll down and see all the offers. Annoying again. With enough patience (and speedy scrolling), I got to the offer I wanted and ordered it without issue. After getting my food, I got one of those peel-off game pieces with a code. Here is where the app went from annoying to ‘throw me off a cliff’ level of unhappiness. If you try to enter a code, it keeps telling you to log in with an account...which i was already logged in. I even logged out and back in, to no avail. Also annoying is that once you start the “enter a code” section of the app, it keeps popping up a message to start the “enter a code” section, even when you are already in that section, and even when you leave that section to order food. The app was literally sending pop ups that distracted me from ordering food and giving BK money. I think the current BK app staff used to work for Microsoft. 2-word Summary: TERRIBLE UPDATE
Used to be better
by @J11D on 2019/12/04 18:26
Now it doesn’t work with Apple Pay, sends unwanted emails, and requires you to enter/store credit card info in the app. Sad to see a good app take a step backward.
The worst app
by Febi1920 on 2019/12/04 18:25
The worst app which isn’t working at all. The app never takes the card saying it cannot work and now the app doesn’t load anything. It gave me a hard time and it definitely needs to be addressed.
Update takes too long to download
by Ms25522 on 2019/12/04 18:25
Took me 15 minutes to update the app to assess the coupons. And had to resign it and check my email which took me additional time.
New app unusable
by Resident4545 on 2019/12/04 18:25
Pages keep reloading while you try to scroll though 50 options, but can only see two at once on screen. Did anyone use this before they released it!?
quality ?
by Vt news reader on 2019/12/04 18:20
App support button in App Store does not work !!!???!!!??? And the winter whopper land game link in the app is VERY SLOW LOADING ( ? ) When it does load it either says I need to login ??? Or that the game piece codes are invalid. Phone support unable to assist. 🤷‍♂️
by BulldogThunder on 2019/12/04 18:18
Where did the Salads go??? Can’t order a salad online anymore? Seems like you slimmed everything way down. Trying get get people to NOT use the app?
Doesn’t work since the update.
by Maker dude on 2019/12/04 18:15
Really buggy, can’t order Dr Pepper. It used to work fine.
No Apple Pay
by Djhttt on 2019/12/04 17:56
Update took away Apple Pay. MCD app does Apple Pay.
Great deals, but a pain to use.
by MilanoTom on 2019/12/04 17:52
The offers are excellent, if a bit repetitive. That said, it’s pretty much not worth the bother. It used to work OK, even though I occasionally had to sign in through Facebook. It’s just been redone, and wouldn’t let me sign in using the restaurant’s WiFi. I turned the WiFi off, and li and behold, it let me sign in (although I had to get a login code sent to my email address). I selected an offer, but instead of giving me the code (as it used to do), it tried to get me to place a mobile order - while I’m standing at the register. By now, people are starting to line up behind me, so I left. I’ll try it again at some point - or not.
The new update has so many errors
by Juananaco on 2019/12/04 17:47
The new update has so many errors hay is annoying . You cannot even play the holiday game it keeps telling me that I have to sign in . Fix that thing
by Grape Apps on 2019/12/04 17:44
Have to login every time through email. Crashes Won’t let you enter promotion codes because it doesn’t know you’re already logged in! Sure I can save a buck by spending my own limited time reading emails and tapping buttons that don’t work but my time is too valuable to waste on this god forsaken app. Fix your bugs and stop making us login. Or how about a Touch ID verification? Anything would be better than this life sucking, never changing, wincing app you are trying to pass off as technology. If I want to look for coupons I go to McDonald’s and use their flawless app. BK tech should check it out because they clearly haven’t seen how a fast food app should work.
New Update is awful
by FLBoy Suave on 2019/12/04 17:42
This app would normally be 5 stars but this update completely broke it. I can’t even sign in!! Give me the option of making a password instead of sending an email link that doesn’t work with the app!
App update
by jk72!! on 2019/12/04 17:13
The new update is ridiculous. Why would you have us put our email address then go to our email so we can be logged in? EVERY TIME. That’s an unwelcome inconvenience. Plus, I go and enter my codes and it’s saying I have to be logged in even though I am logged in. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app, did not fix the game issue. I was able to put in a code yesterday and it worked, but not today.
App update?
by Burton fire on 2019/12/04 17:09
The new app is terrible, it constantly refreshes while you are searching and makes it almost impossible to use
Where is Apple Pay Option?
by JayApper on 2019/12/04 17:08
I only went to BK because of the convenience of the app and I only used the app to order because it had Apple Pay. For security purposes, I don’t want to use and save my credit card info in the app. It seems like the new version lost the Apple Pay option. Please bring back Apple Pay to the new app!!!
Unable to log in
by RHRhglo on 2019/12/04 15:55
I use the BK app many time a week. Now it won’t let me log in. When I click on the verification email link it takes me to the mobile site. Will be eating elsewhere until this is fixed.
Does not work
by iOS 7 doesn't work!!!! on 2019/12/04 15:26
Tried multiple accounts to sign up for the new promotion with the codes on fries and drinks and nothing works. Even tried the same on the website and that does not work either.
by Raf1el on 2019/12/04 15:04
This app keeps directing to sign up, then to sign in and back to sing up. Needs fixing!
Email login link???👎
by am420pm on 2019/12/04 14:42
I wish I could give this update zero stars. Whoever came up with this idea should be fired immediately. Having to use an email app, or mobile browser for email access, just to login is inconvenient & time-consuming. You just gave me the perfect reason for deleting it.
You broke the registration
by Wavshrdr on 2019/12/04 14:26
You lost my previous registration with this update. Now I can't even register a new email or login with my old email. Now we can't use any coupons without logging in so effectively you've lost a lot of my business. What hassle now. Rewards programs only work when convenient for the end user and provide real value. Yours does neither at the moment.
It was good until the update.
by BK update 93 on 2019/12/04 14:19
The update is awful, I wish you were not forced to update in order to use the app. The new update makes you use an email in order to log in which means you can not use a password anymore. You should have a choice of a password or to email a link. Second, there are several glitches, as you’re scrolling it goes back to the middle so you can’t even keep looking at the full menu. Another thing is that you can not do mobile ordering for it anymore and can not even see a menu to go pick it up, they do not deliver to our area right down the street so that’s not an option either when before the update we used the mobile order and was able to pick it up that way. The new even with the gifts does not allow you to enter in the code after you created the account. By either online or the app, it tells you that you must login even though you logged in tow the BK app, there is no where to click log in at the even itself. So even when you win the instant win you loose it like we did and is not available after it shut down to redeem the instant win, in our case a free one night redbox rental. The app constantly logs you out every time you click within the app itself. Wish the old update was available rather than made to update.
Update has bugs
by Tongyuhn on 2019/12/04 12:10
The app was great before the recent update, the new update is bad, cannot order from it, cannot view order, cannot view menu, etc. BK needs to issue a new update quick.
Update is garbage
by ingencorp on 2019/12/04 10:52
I have used this app about once a week for the past few years but since the update last week it will not load anything correctly since it is so buggy. Delete it and download it again still the same thing; completely useless now. I will be eating elsewhere where I can actually get deals until the app is fixed.
New app update
by Rodney2hottie on 2019/12/04 09:56
I have an iPhone 7 and this new app is driving me nuts. I scroll down to check out offers and it pauses and takes me back to the top. It does this on the main screen also. Please fix!!! My OCD can’t handle this.
Signing in is imposible...
by WaldoJRJ on 2019/12/04 08:31
... with new update. It asks for an email. A link is sent, but it opens and signs in on browser (Safari), not in the app. Also, cannot enter code for latest sweepstake because same issue.
by 1979shaun on 2019/12/04 06:42
I won a free whopper, I followed all instructions, & the local Burger King didn’t give me my item -Mgt stating no one knows how to link the app to the store & apologized😡👎deleting app
Great update now nothing works👍🏼
by Callaquezy on 2019/12/04 04:14
Way to mess everything up, now I can’t select a restaurant to order from. The offers that I can’t redeem are also a great touch. The best part is how the updates removed features that use to function but now says “coming soon” rendering ordering anything completely impossible. Guess I’ll order Chipotle instead 🤷🏽‍♂️
Poorly executed app, poor experience
by TBanTheMan on 2019/12/04 03:51
So after the first upgrade it signed me out, which is frustrating. Also, I’m unable to place a mobile order at any of the 5 nearest BKs that show as Mobile Order enabled in the app. Coupons are pretty much an exact replica of the paper ones I get in the mail and can’t be used for delivery. I’ll save myself the headache and just use paper coupons or go elsewhere.
Was good until stopped working
by BethicaB on 2019/12/04 02:50
Yesterday the app stopped loading offers. I updated it but now I can’t log in anymore. You can’t participate in the current promotions if you can’t log in.
Nice coupons, terrible app
by Kittysenpai on 2019/12/04 02:45
The coupons are nice to use in store, but the app is so glitchy I can’t get anywhere in it. Plus it seems like workers don’t even know how to bloody help you with it. Fix the glitches. I try to scroll but it glitches me back to the top of the page.
Trash update
by Rgumbin on 2019/12/04 02:13
App was usable before update. Apparently every Burger King with a couple hundred mile radius (at least) doesn’t allow mobile ordering. As such, I can’t view a menu in the app anymore. At least I can use Uber Eats to view the menu. Good job turning the app into garbage.
Fix app
by Juanito423 on 2019/12/04 02:05
Fix this app, I’m trying to type in my winter whopper land codes in and it won’t let me because it keeps telling me to login into my account when I’m already logged in 😡
Redirects to email for only online order
by Rebekahjoy:) on 2019/12/04 01:46
After new update the app redirects to sign in through email and order online not in app. This is very frustrating please fix. No point in having app at all if this is not fixed. Tried six times to log in today every time same thing happened.
New Update Screwed Everything up
by Dylavatron on 2019/12/04 01:06
I really loved the app prior to this update but with it every single restaurant around me that I’ve used mobile orders for all suddenly don’t accept them? I have no idea why this is the case, but needs to be fixed or at the very least addressed.
Limited functionality
by hapaxes on 2019/12/04 00:46
Can’t see the menu unless you find a restaurant that’s open & accepting orders, but there’s no way to tell when or where that might be. And email link is a clunky way to log in; use native face recognition if passwords are just too complicated for your coders.
Hate the update!
by garfieldrocks75 on 2019/12/04 00:16
New update doesn’t allow for mobile orders!! Fix this!! UGH!! Don’t like this new update!!
The new update makes me angry
by Angel of Mauve Hollow on 2019/12/04 00:13
I updated my app because it insisted that I had to do so but having to do it on 3 different devices is a pain. Also when I’m trying to look at my coupons to refreshes multiple times before I get to see the last coupon. I am NOT happy!
New update has too many bugs
by Funnyxboi56 on 2019/12/03 23:52
I don’t know Burger King decided to update a new interface because trying to view any of the deals just makes you jump back up to the front page and it’s frustrating..
The update broke this app
by Jaypee132468434689 on 2019/12/03 23:49
This app is broken keeps telling me it get load my order
Downgraded App
by CRitter516 on 2019/12/03 23:38
The app used to be good, but the new update made it worse. Now the coupons are so large it’s more difficult to view all the deals. When you place an order, it’s doesn’t go through and you need to start from scratch. Then, when it doesn’t work again and they say contact us for immediate assistance, you sit on hold forever.
App redesign doesn't work
by mewebb17 on 2019/12/03 23:10
Like literally. The app opens but never loads. If it's not broke don't fix it.
Dam update is broken
by stupid update is broke on 2019/12/03 22:57
Forced update today. Sends email. Logged out. Only option is a broken link. So paying full price at the counter. Fix this Crappy app.
by Caitlyn.W. on 2019/12/03 22:52
I love burger kings food but every time I look at your offers/coupons it glitches and sends be back to the top from wherever I’m at. It’s extremely frustrating.
Bad update
by sndzn_ on 2019/12/03 22:33
You changed the app and now it’s almost unusable. Keeps reloading offers so I can’t pick one and you took away Apple Pay. Thanks a lot 👎
by J.R.inCt on 2019/12/03 21:28
So wait. Now I have leave the app to go to my email, then try to scroll through the offers on my email, while it glitches and jumps around? No thanks. Let me know when you fix this. Ridiculous!
Upgrade rotten
by snakebelly5 on 2019/12/03 21:14
Loved the app until today’s update, since I don’t use my cell for email the application is unusable
Not ready for prime time
by acbendl on 2019/12/03 21:11
Password less links not updating login or identity in the app. Uninstalled trying to reinstall -so far #fail
New update is HORRIBLE
by Dumbupdatee on 2019/12/03 20:59
Old version was better
by Madmonk11223344 on 2019/12/03 20:56
This new version is pretty but it’s buggy as hell. I sat in the parking lot 20 minutes trying to get it to work. Finally got it to work and used a coupon.... only reason to use it. Still no built in Apple Pay......
Bring back the last app
by MahoneysWorld on 2019/12/03 20:45
You’re new update is absolutely trash bring back the last version.
12/3/19 app broken
by castironhomie on 2019/12/03 20:23
The sweepstakes tab to redeem codes doesn’t work. I can’t sign in using my old account information. Generally laggy when I press a button or redeem something. Needed a bit more testing before this full release. Will update review once my problems are resolved.
by melstuff on 2019/12/03 20:20
It had signed me out & not let me back in. I wanted to update an old email I cannot use anymore & couldn’t even open a new account! Decided to go to McDonald’s.
Lost access
by VoyagerBobK on 2019/12/03 20:12
With this new update, it logged me out and I cannot log back in because my old email was lost some time ago-lost the domain I owned, and could never update or change it in my account. The new update has unavailable help, just tried it. Is there a way to just terminate my previous account, since I created a new one with a new permanent email address? I also constantly have to have a new link sent to my email when I try to open up the is a bad update and there was no problem with the previous versions. FAIL
The new login experience is broken on the app
by Drako197 on 2019/12/03 20:02
I normally would praise this app but with its latest update the log In process has been broken. When I provide my email address/user name I am told that I will receive an email with a link to log into my app ... well this just sounds amazing! The problem is that when I go to my email from Burger King the link opens in safari and here is the kicker: it stays on safari leaving my app unfulfilled and a shell of its former self since it fails to pass what ever key it needs to activate my account on the app. Please fix it guys, for although the mobile website looks and works like the app ... I would use the site if I wanted to but I’m looking to use the app not the website. I have tried 5 times to see if it’s a glitch and the result is what I describe above. Am I the only one with this issue? Thanks, I will re review and rate the app after you guys fix this
Unable to login
by Fungurl212 on 2019/12/03 19:26
The no passwords thing made the app retarded. Every time I attempt to sign in from email it does not go to the app but to browser. I check to see if I am logged into the app but I am not. What is the purpose for having an app if that will be the outcome every time.
Stupid upgrade and can’t log in
by aaaabggtuvavs on 2019/12/03 19:15
Why the new stupid update and still yet to fix?!!!!
Huge step backwards
by Jdyragos on 2019/12/03 18:56
You can’t mobile order anymore or see pricing at specific stores (on stores that I’ve mobile ordered from before so I know they can do it). All my payment methods god deleted on the “update” as well.
I can’t even use my winter winnings coupons on the app
by pen15pen15pen15pen15 on 2019/12/03 18:53
Burger King please fix this it’s very frustrating
Bad to Worthless
by ChipRiley on 2019/12/03 18:41
The previous version was almost unusable but at least offered Apple Pay. The latest version just encapsulates the mobile website and can’t process an order correctly (and you have to enter a card - thank you for helping with this). To top it off, there’s absolutely nothing referencing the holiday contest going on or how to redeem codes. Apparently, your dev team are overachievers and somehow managed to take a bad app and make it completely worthless. Good thing Whataburger is just down the street...
Shouldn’t of updated
by Crystal1486 on 2019/12/03 18:38
Updated the app and it was the worst thing I could of done. Went to order food from it and it was so buggy. Took money from me twice but order never went through
Stop trying to be everyone else.
by Silentthinker123 on 2019/12/03 18:18
Great deals, Simple sign and pay functions. Now... chaos.. simply chaos.. BK you lost a fan and a customer... DO BETTER ... and please test out the new functions of your app before applying them to everyone. Can’t sign in with fb, can’t create an account at all... smh .
New Update Broken
by Rad305 on 2019/12/03 18:17
When I try to enter the codes for the season gifts that I got off the fries it sends me to I’m guessing is a website within the app but it says sign in even though I’m already signed in sometimes it doesn’t even open. Broken update
Regarding update
by jjjjjjjjrrrrrrrra on 2019/12/03 17:54
It seems as there might be some bugs in the update? I can’t get past the loading screen when i attempt to checkout. I checked my connection to see if that perhaps was the issue but my 4G LTE signal is working appropriately. I haven’t attempted to order from my android phone but it doesn’t seem to get past that loading screen on my iPhone.
New update awful
by Corded,sufksps on 2019/12/03 17:48
I used to be able to just pull up coupons and use them at the stores. Now I have to sign up and place the order. Way more steps and zero benefit to the end user (me).
Best coupons, easy to use app
by DaBirdisDaWord93 on 2019/06/25 02:47
Burger King has the best coupons out of any of its competitors. When I’m in a rough spot I can buy dinner for me and my spouse for 5 bucks (Whopper Jr Meal Deal for 2, Chicken Sandwhicj Meal for 2, etc). They have great breakfast deals too, and you can’t beat 10 nuggets for 1.50. The app definitely gets points for ease of use, customizing your sandwiches is a breeze. You can tap “I’m here” even when you’re not at the restaurant yet, that way your order is ready for you when you get there. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the McDonalds app, which necessitates that you be within range of a restaurant to place an order there, and when you’re using a smart phone or tablet that doesn’t support GPS, or when the app’s GPS tracking is glitching out, your SOL). There aren’t any arbitrary rules that prevent you from using coupons within a certain timeframe. This app gets 5 stars for having good deals and being easy to use.
BK Hates Vegetarians
by AmazingRobie on 2019/09/27 22:54
Burger King has released its Impossible Whopper, a plant based burger, which costs nearly TWO DOLLARS MORE than the real meat equivalent. Their App only has coupon discounts for meat eaters. The sole discount (at the time of this writing) for the impossible whopper is tied to a meat option, so in essence is useless for someone who does not eat meat. All of the “Whopper” coupon discounts exclude “specialty” whoppers. The Impossible Whopper is considered a “specialty” item, so still no discounts there. The receipt which you receive from an in-store transaction is usually tied to a survey, which if completed earns the customer a free WHOPPER... again, specialty Whoppers are excluded from the offer. So, my final word to Burger King is this, you will fail as a business because your policies are against your customers. Your Whoppers never use ripe lettuce or tomatoes, they always taste bland because they’ve been harvested too early and your buns are always stale. The plant based patties, the few times we have tried them, are dry and hard. With no discounts available, we must assume this is a common practice, because theres no way we’re paying anymore of your establishments to ruin our dining experience. We now stand by our previous decision to no longer frequent BK which was made back in the early 90’s as it was apparently a correct choice. EABOD
Loved until I couldn’t.
by EJMills on 2019/08/20 01:23
I live in Astoria, NY which only has one location near my home (3310 Astoria Blvd). The App came in very handy and I went to BK more often being able to preorder deals and pay on my way home from work. This week they decided to remove themselves from the App from this location. What’s to like now? UPDATE: The location finally agreed to add themselves back to the ‘nearest location’ list, and I enjoyed going back using the money-saving specials. However, the last few months it will not process payments to prepay. I get a message, ‘error retrieving item pricing,’ with instructions to retry. Retrying never works. When to settings and contacted support. I was eventually emailed that I should clear cache and reinstall. It’s all hogwash. Didn’t work. Contacted again and they said they would escalate. That was months ago. Still useless. The reflection this gives of the Company is really disappointing. BK, please be aware that I spoke to management at my location and they said all their App customers are experiencing this. All those App customers are lost income to your business. If I wanted to deal with lines, I wouldn’t use App. My solution is to simply go to the McDonald’s App which has no technical problems and is down the road nearby. Think it’s time you address it.
Store Vs. App
by CoriAmazon on 2019/08/06 17:10
So up until recently I have had minor issues. Mainly the app not showing what my actually store has and doesn’t have, the lack of options for a large icee(I know, trivial), other smaller items that I can deal with. But my last order has made me pretty upset. I ordered a whooper double and an icee, when I hit yo the store both the icee machine and broiler for the burger meat where down. I told the woman at the register that I just wanted a refund, she told me that the store has no control over that and I needed to contact app support. I have since contacted them and they are not telling me that the store needs to give me the refund but if they don’t to contact my bank. Sounds like someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. I shouldn’t have to contact ANY third party to get my money back. And now that I have this feeling I will not be using the app anymore since I have to call the store to insure that MY MONEY won’t be held up due to bad customer service. I want to be clear, I am blaming the app. Though the store has broken items, the workers can’t control that. Anyone working in customer service for the app should know how to help me rather than shove me off to someone else.
All I do is wait, wait, wait no matter what.
by Kdone on 2019/04/22 22:55
Having a large family, we’re no strangers to being pulled at the drive-thru while they conjure the order to feed my village. Which is why I wanted to give the app a chance. To know what it feels like to be every Jane, Bob and Harry who simply orders and takes off immediately with food in tow. You know, the ones I rather begrudgingly glare at in the rear view mirror as they drive off while I’m still sitting in the parking lot. I hope you enjoy your whopper, good sir. I’ll get to mine next year! I digress. So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic hearing the good news of such an app! Order beforehand and roll off victoriously in under five minutes? Sign me the heck up, my body is ready!! I regret to inform the inquiring masses that my happiness was short lived and dreams were most definitely shattered. I was still pulled. My wait was longer than usual. And my experience was not magical. I did NOT have it my way, people. Not even with the app. No sorcery here and I am most displeased. I give you three stars because I still acquired my food and I’m ashamed to admit it was delicious.
Great coupons, great app
by Hmama13 on 2019/02/07 20:23
I’ve used this app many times over the past few months and it’s excellent. The coupons save me money every time and the app works correctly without glitching. I have now used Taco Bell and McDonalds apps and BK blows them away! TB and McD repeatedly claims orders aren’t received despite screen shots proving the order and when probs arise, they have no desire to fix the problem. Their apps don’t save any time or save me any money. I’ve only ever had 1 problem with BK and the store admitted it was human error where a new employee accidentally deleted the order. They worked with us to recreate the order with my screen shots and made sure I wasn’t double charged. BK is doing it right! Their employees are adequately trained on using the app and they care about service. Well done BK, your app actually saves time and money like apps are supposed to!!! I’ll be going to BK more than any other fast food chain. 🥇🏆🥇
Fantastic for your business
by brad turner and family on 2018/10/10 15:46
We are a family of six and you can imagine how that can add up even eating fast food. We were leaving the McDonald’s app and the dollar sandwich specials because we could each get a sandwich, a good sandwich, for only a dollar. Pretty cheap dinner! Add fries and some drinks and it was amazing. Now that we are using the Burger King app we have discovered that your food is truly of a higher quality than McDonald’s. People that use the McDonald’s app and the Burger King app on a regular basis well quickly realize that Burger King’s food is much better, fresher, and just overall a higher quality of food. Put more one dollar sandwich offers on the app because that’s what will really bring people in. People will usually add fries and drinks just get them in the door with the one dollar sandwich deal we really love the one dollar sandwich deal :-)...Did I won’t mention the one dollar sandwich? :-)
Great App!
by 5 minute apps on 2019/06/20 03:21
This app works almost flawlessly for me every time. I’m amazed at the majority of the complaints and bad reviews about it, until I realize most people are giving the app a bad rating because of how individual restaurants are operating or employee conduct. That’s completely separate. Complain about the restaurants and staff elsewhere, people! If I were to have anything negative to say at all, it would be that the app requires updates too often for my liking, or that BK should advertise this differently. Using the app does not allow a customer to “skip the line” as even using it, we still have to get in line inside or on the drive thru to announce we’re there to pick up our orders. The app only speeds up the process by the time it takes to place the actual order and pay. I’m still very happy with it!
Coordination issues with stores
by Lifestar1 on 2019/01/21 02:03
Need to vent my first world frustration. So we wanted Burger King for dinner and I decided to try using their mobile app. I download the App and got the order in and headed over to pick things up at the BK in Walmart accross the street. I go into the store and expect to be handed my order and away I go. Well I get in and am informed that they ran out of Whoppers (Seriously they are out of Burgers? It’s in their name!). I decided to cancel the order and go someplace else. Well... since I ordered through the app the store can’t refund me and it can’t be canceled in the app. I ended up subsituting random food off the menu and when they brought things to the counter I reminded them I needed the Twix pies. I had to show them my order because it did not come through to their system. They then told me were out of the pies as well. Long story long they have issues to work out with their mobile app (and apparently inventory forecasting.) Its totally a first world issue but thought I would warn folks their mobile app is not quite ready for prime time.
App can no longer process payments
by Toother79 on 2019/08/18 14:44
I've loved using this app in the past so it really pains me that they had to screw things up over there with this app that used to work great. Around mid to late June 2019 something happened to the app. It now constantly says, "We cannot process your order with your selected credit card. Please try another payment method.” I’ve worked with their IT support for 2 months now. Clear the cache, uninstall the app and reinstall, they reset the app on their end, etc. It worked one time and then right back to the same problem. One IT guy said the app is trying to prevent fraud. What fraud? I have used different credit cards, Apple Pay too, none work with the app. I can pay INSIDE with Apple Pay or my credit cards just fine but not through the app. The app is clearly unnecessarily blocking payments. At this point the app is now worthless. Burger King either just doesn’t care, can’t figure out their bug, or has made a conscious decision to run a bait and switch scam. Taking my business elsewhere.
Great coupons
by hatty123789 on 2019/08/06 03:25
Really good value I get a meal on the app for $3 dollars or less , fries , drink sandwich included which is crazy good and the app loads fast and theirs sooo many meal deals and food deals to choose from I was sooo sick of the McDonald’s app just becaus it used to be pretty decent like buy one get on free now their putting useless deals like a quarter of some sanwhich that’s like 6 dollers something 🙄🙄like nooo your eating up my storage for a quarter I think not. I’m serious guys this app is way better plus u can use multiple deals at a time if your in restaurant. Like me and my family go for a family outing and we spend like 16 dollars to feed like 4-6 people really well like they each have a meals
P. O. S.
by batchy42 on 2019/05/16 19:11
This app seemed great at first. I placed my order and paid with my credit card. Tapped “I’m Here” and went through the drive through. The first problem was the 15 min wait. The employees don’t seem to have been trained with regards to the app. I could have skipped the app and got my food quicker. So, I decided to give it a shot again today, since the deals they offer in app are good. Placed my order, got to the store, tapped “I’m Here” and received an error that they couldn’t process my payment with that card. Same card I used last time. So I attempted using Apple Pay, which is linked to my bank account. Same error. Tried a third form of payment with the same effing error! Finally got so frustrated, I drove off. This app initially brought me back to BK after 10+ years. Now, it’s chased me away from BK again. Hopefully the issues will be resolved soon, but I’m probably going to delete it. Also, ALL THREE charges were confirmed by my bank as valid. If they aren’t reversed, there will be some hell raising. Good luck, is all I can say.
A forever list customer
by ImaniAyana on 2019/11/27 20:29
Since I’ve started using the app and coming to the local Burger King and prosper Texas on Highway 380 and Custer I have had the worst service imaginable. I have been dining in the dining room and had the lights turned out on me and yelled at to leave I have had a manager video of me because I was asking for her name to make a complaint I’ve had another manager refused to give me my comp meal as a make up four the first marriage you’re being rude the second manager refused to give me my cup meal and I called the district person here in our local Dallas-Fort Worth area and they never made a return call. So I no longer visit Burger King in my local area I only visit when I am out of the county it’s sad. Because I don’t have a kitchen to cook and so I eat out seven days a week 1 to 2 times a day and I was frequenting Burger King at least three days a week for at least 4 to 8 meals a week sad lost all that revenue.
Mobile ordering is AWFUL
by VinaBinaNina on 2018/09/27 20:40
so the coupons could be better just wanted to throw that out there but today i decided to use the mobile order function on the app thinking it would be fairly similar to mcdonalds and it was just awful .. theres no customization at all .. when i arrived at the drive thru ( which is what i selected ) to pick up my order , the workers were extremely rude , acted like they knew nothing of my order i kept telling them i could pull forward to show them my order number , which was 74 and such and show that it was confirmed but they kept saying i needed to go online and if i did not want to do that i needed to come inside .. like wait what ?! I chose this method because it seemed easier and faster and also it was pouring raining so you expect me to leave the comfort of my car to argue with you guys .. smh . After about 20 mins , the figured it out . Only reason i did not pull off is because i already paid . DO BETTER BK
Terrible experience
by AwesomePopInParis on 2018/12/05 08:23
I downloaded the app today to unlock a discount I saw online. They were doing 1 cent whoppers if you came within 600 ft of a McDonald’s. My boyfriend and I drove to a McD’s and it unlocked, however it was only then that it told us the discount was unavailable at our closest BK. So we had to restart the app to re-unlock the discount and try a different BK (it wouldn’t let us without restarting the app). We ended up placing our orders at a location farther away and drove there. When we get there the restaurant was closed without any notice from the app. It was only 9 PM, not a holiday or anything. The store must be shutting down, but it would have been nice to know that. The whole ordeal took 40 minutes for nothing. I’m just glad we didn’t get charged. We ended up having to drive all the way back to our regular BK and pay regular price. By this time my boyfriend was starving and we’re both agitated after a long day. I thought the app would make things quicker and easier but no.
Mobile Order Customization
by CAPD Lady on 2019/01/23 19:20
The customization on the mobile order is not good. There’s no kind away to order “no ice” on the drinks and the drink selection is limited compared to the actual drinks available. Also I’ve noticed that on any of the other stuff if you want something extra or whatever, they don’t list all the options. Burger King’s old motto used to be, “Have it your way.” — Well, you can’t have it your way with the mobile order unless you tell them after you get there. — And that’s fine for most people, but the thing that I love about any mobile order is that it is more Deaf Friendly for those with hearing or speech problems compared to ordering in person. But when it’s not set up like the registers are and you really can’t do it exactly how you could in person, it’s not at all Deaf Friendly. — It’s more discriminatory. I’m so unhappy with the mobile order that I’m giving the whole entire app one star! — Fix It, Burger King!
Double charge
by Hey_Andre on 2019/09/16 20:52
I live next to BK and decided to give app a shot. Registered, submitted order for one of their featured deals and got an in-app message that my payment failed and I needed to either retry or use another payment method. I hit “retry” and the order went through successfully. Well, to my surprise, when I arrived at the BK it turned out that both orders were processed (the “failed”one included) and I got double charged! Obviously I didn’t need the 2nd order but the BK rep at the location directed all concerns to the app and any refund would have to go through the app. The app does not have a phone # to call, it only has a very generic feedback form to fill out where you can’t even properly explain yourself due to number of characters limits. I have nothing against BK as a restaurant but the app is not good. It has no support if you have an issue. You’re better off just walking into a restaurant and placing the order with an associate face to face. Thumbs down!
Weekend morning crew
by 27Polly on 2019/08/18 16:37
I have always gone to the Burger King in Hudson on US Hwy 19. Lately the same ladies have had a problem. I order croissants nearly every weekend, but order the meat on the side. Some of my family like meat some do not. Cashier rolls her eyes every time, the lady preparing sandwiches always has a problem with it, and the cashier makes fun of the request This time they didn’t put the meat in the sack for the ones who will eat it. When I pointed out it was missing and that the cashier who Brought it to me never checked what was in the sack, especially since she put nothing in the sack. The assistant manager laughed when I suggested she check the sack prior to handing it over. Not sure if they don’t care or hate their jobs. I have never had this problem at McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Taco Bell, or any other restaurant. They also don’t give out receipts or so you can call and resolved the problem.
by Shay Madness on 2019/08/24 17:30
I keep getting “Error retrieving pricing” when I try to order at my local Burger King. Yes, I’ve tried uninstalling and clearing stuff etc. Here’s the kicker... If I pick a different Burger King that’s in the next town over, pricing is retrieved and I can order... with the Burger King in the next town over. If I change the store back to the local one, the price goes back to Xs and the error starts again! And yes, my local Burger King has a big sign up next to their drive through window letting everyone know they now offer mobile ordering so they DO have it. This app is terrible. Not only can you not order from your local Burger King, they don’t give you the options for lite ice or extra cheese, tomato etc. Unless you are planning on ordering from your local Burger King while you’re in another town and then driving back to pick it up, or ordering from Burger King in another town and driving to that town... I don’t suggest the app.
Horrible update. Can’t even use it now.
by Minnesota Dave on 2018/09/15 00:22
This app used to be so easy to make mobile orders and use the mobile coupons, but the last update completely ruined it. I was automatically signed me out of the app, and now BK requires me to either create a login by giving my email address or sign in through Facebook, which I do not want to do. I had planned to order dinner using a mobile coupon, but could not get the app to work without creating a new account that shared more info than my phone number, so I gave up and drove away. I used the old app a lot and loved it, but I’ll rarely be eating at Burger King now. At least I can use the paper coupons we get occasionally, which are the same deals as in the app... less convenient and I don’t always have them with me, but I don’t have to give a lot of my personal information to Burger King or allow myself to be tracked in order to to use an old-fashioned paper coupon!
Too Much Potential Wasted
by TheOnlyDoom on 2019/10/10 00:01
Burger King is only successful because of the amazing offers the company provides for its customers. Without them there would be little reason to go there for food compared to places like taco bell. This app lacks so many basic features and it’s honestly sad. There is still no options to customize your orders which is ludicrous in 2019. If someone wants to customize the amount of a certain topping then they should be able too. If they have an allergy they should be able to leave notes on the order or be able to substitute a certain condiment for another one. The app is very lazy and needs to have a lot more updates to help with constant crash, bad load times, and more consumer options. At this point it worse than the McDonalds app and that pretty bad. Create an app around customer needs. It’s not that hard.
by itshermin on 2019/09/18 19:52
The app has been working really well there hasn’t been any technical issues. If I use a deal and want to use another deal on a separate order I don’t have to wait a weird amount of time before doing so. I really like that. My family really likes the bundle deals enough food for everyone and for a good price. I will say there are offers shown that aren’t available at the location I usually choose. So if I choose the BK Im going to order from it would be cool to see the offers available at that location. Thats not even a big deal for me but might be for someone else. Overall the app is awesome.
by Innomymous on 2019/03/17 22:38
This app is useless. In order to see the menu, you have to select a restaurant. When you try to select a restaurant, it won't allow you to select a restaurant near you. I've tried at least ten times to select the Burger King that is 2 blocks from my home. The closest Burger King that it will allow me to select is 8 miles away, and is in a part of the city that I never visit. I don't have a car and travel by bus or foot, so prefer to eat in the restaurant... however, that doesn't seem to be something that the BK corporate idiots seem to care about any more. All they seem to care about is directing people to drive to certain restaurants for drive thru service only. As a result I am unable to even look at the menu to see what is available at any Burger King restaurant. Whoever thought that this was good customer service really needs to have his head examined, right before he is fired.
Better than paper coupons
by DaytonaRick on 2018/10/20 02:28
Using deals in the app is much more convenient than clipping and saving paper coupons. And there are some deals unique to the app that are better than those in paper coupons! The only thing I don’t like is that the deals in the app expire after a certain number of days, and then they are gone, replaced by others. Sometimes I cannot visit often enough to use all I would like to in the given timeframes. I have not tried a mobile order yet, so I cannot comment on that part of the app. I always eat inside, so I do not need to use Mobile ordering.
Great when all the stars are aligned
by Phillipsjb15 on 2019/05/31 18:53
I loved this app for the first few orders but then I started having issues. Back in February, I put an order in and the app said there was an issue with the payment and the order was not processed. Upon later checking my bank statement, I found that the order was indeed processed. Then today I decided to give it a shot again, put the order it just fine, arrived at the restaurant to be met with, “We’re sorry but the restaurant is closed for an hour due to a water leak.” I asked if they could cancel the order and was met with, “No sir, could you come back in an hour?” I understand leaks and things happen but there should be a way to cancel a mobile order there at the restaurant instead of going through calling headquarters and going through hoops.
by Kgl1969 on 2018/10/09 03:57
Your Eastgate restaurant is so very nice to stop in and have lunch that my wife ( and sometimes my grandchildren ) travel 7 miles or more just to eat there , because it’s more than great food , you have great people employed . Your GM Heather goes out of her way ( no matter what station she may be working ) to greet us ....and that’s special !!! Pam, Brandi , and Laura are the nicest and friendliest ladies that it’s becomes a joy just to have our daily lunch at BUGER KING !!! We’re well into our 70’d and we don’t spend a great deal each day but your GM and others really make us feel like we’re important to BURGER KING !!! Thanks for your kindness !!!
From love to hate
by SPNarwhal on 2019/08/04 23:30
I used to use this app all the time, but for the last few weeks it’s not been allowing me to check out due to a payment error. It’s not my card, and I’ve tried multiple, so it’s definitely the app. The issue is that there’s deals that are available ONLY for mobile orders, and they don’t collect the funds until you’re actually AT the restaurant.. so you drive all the way there just to run into an order error and the stores won’t honor the coupon since it’s a mobile only offer.. manager literally laughed in my face and told me to pay full price, says that a lot of people have been having this same issue with placing orders and then tells me to order on the app if I want to use the coupon.. what? I’ve gone 4 times now and had it end up being a big waste of time because I can’t order anything.
by Markie_79 on 2019/07/01 16:32
Most of the time your coupons on this app are great. Lately, there is nothing for breakfast items and today I had a $3 off a purchase of $10 or more. Go through the whole process and as I’m checking out since it was a mobile order only...then it tells me that my coupon is no longer valid. Why would it show up and be displayed if it was no longer valid?? With only a few minutes before breakfast was about to be over here I am having to just pay the whole amount. How am I supposed to trust that these coupons are legit or just going to not be valid or expire when I try to use them. Really upset right now
Refuses to refund after double charging
by Lost This Customer on 2019/11/11 19:04
When I used the app to order food, it not only double charged me but sent the same order twice. It got to the end where you click I’m here then said it had an error and to click it again. On the app it only showed one order but when I got to the store it had sent it twice. So I checked and was charged twice on my card. I asked the manager at the store but he said he wasn’t able to process the refund because it hadn’t gone through their register. So I contacted someone though the app. They told me to go to the store for the refund and that they could not do it for me. When I told them I tried they told me to contact my bank and stop the payment. They had no problem taking money from me but cannot give it back when taken in error? Sounds completely absurd to me.
New Login.. HOW STUPID!
by Kris4christ2 on 2019/12/02 21:39
I wish I didn’t upgrade this! No password to login?? I have the Yahoo Mail app. When I try to Login, I get the message sent to my email.. then guess what? Yahoo Mail opens it’s own “browser” window after I click the link. The only option after that, is “Opening in Safari.” I Cant get back to the BK App to actually Login. So I Can’t use the Coupons or Order from the app. (I’m not about to delete my Yahoo app.) The app is supposed to be Convenient - now its USELESS. PLEASE FIX THIS! Bring back passwords, like normal apps - or just allow TouchID. *Update: i have an older app version on another phone, BUT there are No Coupons on it, “Try Again Later.” A Real Shame, because the $0.59 burger & nugget coupons are what drives me to want BK. BUT, McDonalds will continue to get my business. I never have issues ordering or using their coupons.
Terrible service
by AWNJNC on 2018/11/27 18:35
I get to the counter to use the coupons on the app and it says mobile order only. The cashier has no idea how to enter a mobile order. Once I am about to submit the mobile order another associate mumbles that they may not get the order because their wi-fi isn’t working. Nobody cared to even confirm this before I submit my order. Meanwhile I’m holding up the line while the employees stare into space...and I’ve now wasted 29 minutes of my 1hr lunch break. This is ridiculous. Just make all of the coupons accessible through the app. Stop forcing people to do mobile orders and enter their card information just so it can get hacked bc if your employees don’t even know how to use the app I’m pretty sure you don’t have anyone in your company who knows how to keep our information on the app safe. Thanks for ruining my lunch.
Don’t believe the whiny guy
by 13363Dude11996 on 2019/01/26 20:53
Don’t listen to that too review with the whiny little man because he can’t order a sandwich for 1 dollar or 1 cent. He’s pathetic, the coupons are amazing especially if you’re going to eat with friends. He’s a single loser that can’t even pay $5 for a meal with their coupon because he doesn’t drink soda or like their fries. You don’t even have to get soda or the fries. BK is great and I love the app. My only problem is the Arundel mills mall BK shut down their mobile order system which is super lame and cheap. As a mall employee I’d always go get BK but with the overpriced mall prices it’s not worth it.
Saving My Wallet Once AGAIN!
by ~Kelli🦋 on 2019/08/29 20:13
A family of 5~ 3 kiddos(let me add all boys and one teenager) and 2 adults, going out to eat can cost a pretty penny. Nights you don’t really feel like cooking and you think fast food? Restaurant? Diner? Easier sounds better.. but it you go to fast food and your paying what you would at a diner.. you might as well go to the diner, right? But like tonight, BK is right Down the rd from me and I’m telling you the app “coupons” is/are AMAZING! I spent $20 on 5 people and had xtra food! A-MA-zING!😱 Without the app I probably wouldn’t buy BK as often. Thanks Burger King for these awesome deals you have on your app!
by Alpine Dove on 2018/09/13 06:18
I’m sorry, but I hate this new version. If I knew it would be like this I would have never updated it!! I shouldn’t have to login through Facebook or give my email address! I want the old version back - I loved that one. This one is awful. I pulled into a BK looking forward to a yummy Whopper meal but couldn’t even figure out how to use this stupid thing - and I’m no dummy. It’s restrictive & NOT user friendly! Isn't an update supposed to make things BETTER - not more difficult and confusing? The other version was clear and easy and logical - never a problem. And it made me order from BK a lot more than other fast food restaurants. But this version was so frustrating that I drove away & went across the street to Wendy’s!!! And I hadn’t been there in years. Oh well, no more BK for me I guess (unless you change this app)!
Great customer service!
by DaniiHopee on 2019/01/15 13:36
I was at your store #703 for breakfast around 8:15am. I went through the drive thru and the cashier taking my order was very polite and informative about your deals. As I pulled up to drive through I was greeted by Alicia.(whom may have taken my order) She asked me if i needed anything ketchup ect. Another associate Alex handed my food out to me and pre-warned me the hash browns are hot. (They were fresh). There are a lot of fast food places around but because of your staffs knowledge and customer service skills I will continue to choose Burger King as my choice of food. Kudos!!!!
When it works...
by rrmbbqtour on 2019/05/19 16:42
Love the food. Love the app — always money saving choices available there. But if you’re looking for lots of money-saving breakfast options on this app, you will not find many, if any. My biggest complaint by far — the app does not appear to work on the weekends. Three times now, on weekend days in the past 2 months, the app sends a message that it’s “...not able to connect to [Burger King’s] servers”. It’s very frustrating, because you won’t know it until you’re ready to check out. This cost them a star. BTW, they will not charge your card or begin to make your food until you click the “I’m Here” button. Of course you can click that button any time. A note about a quirk: After clicking the app’s “I’m here” button, I expected to go in, sit down, and they would call my (mobile) ordering number as they do when you order at the counter (you can indicate that you want to DINE IN on the app). Ah, no. As I was somewhat brusquely told on my first online order, you must go through the line and tell them —IN PERSON— that you are “here” and that you placed a mobile order. Hmmmm. Ok. Roger Wilco.
Can’t modify order to get extra condiments
by SuzanneQ1952 on 2018/12/23 01:22
Overall, my experience using the mobile app wasn’t horrible. The order went through to the restaurant fine, and the people at the restaurant seemed to know how to deal with mobile orders. ONE BIG PROBLEM, though: There is no option to add heavy condiments or toppings to ones order. For example, I normally order my sandwiches with extra mayonnaise, extra pickles and no lettuce. The “no lettuce“ was no problem, as there was an option to leave items off of a sandwich. I could not, however, add extra mayonnaise or extra pickles, as there was no way to do that, so it had to be done manually after I got to the window, adding unnecessary time to my order. Please fix this, and I’ll reconsider my 2-Star rating.
I just want to add cheese.
by Steven Rodriguez77 on 2019/09/25 20:04
The BK app has always been great. The simple ability to just order off my phone is very convenient for me, but suddenly an update a while ago came out to “fix bugs” but has brought a bug that is the bane of my existence. I cannot seem to add anything to my sandwiches without glitching the app. For my most prominent example, I love the 2 Original Chicken sandwich coupon. I cannot eat it unless it is plain with cheese. Making it plain is not an issue at all, but adding cheese does not work on mobile. It doesn’t change the price when I add it, so then the order malfunctions and makes it difficult if I don’t have my card in hand. Please fix that issue
Mobile order 9827
by All the way Gardere on 2019/08/28 16:58
I ordered my food on the mobile app and it ask of you are here and you click here and it sends your order. I wait 3 mintutes then get in the line. It already had a car at the window and I pull up... why when I get to the window she don’t acknowledge me or look my way she is fixing drinks. (She look like she is a manager) I look past her there’s a girl at the front counter look like she sleepy or don’t want to be there then after fr he lady at the window fix the drinks she hands them to me while saying “are you the mobile order” I reply “yes” then she hands me the drinks no straws and say can I pull up for your order! I ordered 2 whopper jr meals! It’s now 11:53 and I’m writing the review still do not have my food! The guy just came at 11:54 I had to ask him to go back and get me some straws!!
Still a long way to go, BK
by Skookie31 on 2018/12/02 01:27
I’m glad you now have mobile ordering. I usually had no problems with the coupons so I wanted to give it a try. You’re forced to enter and pay with a credit card. No luck for folks who like the convenience of ordering ahead but want to pay with cash at the window. The app suffers from not enough input from users. The flow is rough but it pretty much works if you are really hungry and don’t let the frustration send you elsewhere. I used mobile order from the app, ordered a whopper without pickles, onions or ketchup. Guess what, my sandwich had them, and I was 10 miles away by the time I noticed. I guess the folks inside didn’t bother to read the special instructions. Not very good, BK, but don’t give up, I’m sure you can fix this in a couple of years.
This is so stupid
by brandonaz20 on 2018/12/05 22:05
Well I live in Arizona and trying to used the penny coupon and And it did not work and I tried all the locations in my area and it said they gave me a warning that said this coupon is not available for this location so I guess you like me to work on that app and get the col end it did not work and I tried all the locations in my area and it said they gave me a warning that said this coupon is not available for this location so I guess you like me to work on the app and need to work on this so it can be for all burgers King
Fast Food Hacks
by Jed Merrill on 2019/07/11 02:01
I don’t eat a lot of fast food, but apps have allowed me to discover some new and healthier on the go options. My favorite combination using the BK app is to order a side salad with ranch and add a free 4 piece chicken nuggets with honey mustard. I put the chicken and honey mustard on top of a salad that already has ranch, and get the whole thing for $1.97 including tax through the app! Way better than a burger, in my opinion. I call it a honey mustard chicken and ranch side salad. I also like not having to hand over personal financial information, as the card is saved in the app.
Stay away from this app
by justmy.02$ on 2019/11/28 05:30
In my gullibility, I ordered two Oreo shakes through the app. I go through the driveway and they tell me the machine is broken so no shakes. But the app had already charged my credit credit so I ask for cancellation. They say call the number in the app. We don’t know how to cancel this order. There is no contact number I could find in the app, but I was able to email the support. The app support said go back to the store and discuss with them or contact your bank. So now I’m supposed to call the bank and be on hold for an hour to cancel or drive back to restaurant!!!! Absolutely useless app and customer service. Save yourselves the hassle and go to McDonald’s instead, and if you absolutely have to go to Burger King, don’t use this excuse for an app. Zero stars!!
Amazing app!
by Mr. Grimz on 2019/07/05 18:23
Instead of writing a review let me guys tell you just how it happened. I arrived to my Burger King restaurant and there were five people ahead of me waiting to order, I opened up my app I looked for the items I wanted and ordered. Some lady ahead of me how do you shoes with her wheel and everyone had to wait and wait until the issue was solved. In the meantime I saw my order post up on their board and watch the kids and get my tray all together. I’m already eating and the guys were in line before me are still waiting for their meal. I love this app!
Please allow heavy pickles as an option
by udkidd on 2019/08/09 00:18
I enjoy the app often when I’m looking to order. Loved when spicy nuggets was an option. However, for Everyone that received the “error retrieving pricing” xxxxxxx message that has to do with the sauces being listed as out of stock at the store. When ordering the $1.49 nuggets I always chose BBQ and it gave me the error, changed to sweet n sour and no issue. Even though my store is often out of both sauces and more. I just tell them at the window the correct sauces I want based on what’s available. Hope this helps any other users going forward.
This app rocks!
by Supermonkey1230 on 2018/10/07 01:01
I just downloaded this app, but it seems pretty straight forward and user-friendly off the bat. I added my debit card, ordered a whopper for $1 (yes that’s right, $1!!!!), and I’m happy! That’s a limited coupon offer, so you may get something different, but you save money on practically anything, so I can’t complain here. Next time, I’m getting a 10 piece nugget with fries for $3 deal! There are even coupons for a TON of stuff for under $15! You don’t need a card, either, check it out for yourself! Can’t argue with free savings!
User friendly
by nwoh50 on 2019/03/08 23:01
The app overall is user friendly and is best for random meal deals as it has offered in the past. Placing your order ahead of time as this app allows you to gives you the opportunity to customize the order. It doesn’t really save much time, especially if there is a wait in the drive thru or in the restaurant. And since there isn’t any special place to park outside going through the drive thru it basically just allows the cooking staff to prepare your meal while you wait.
Cool but.........
by CBJawesome on 2019/01/26 01:58
Nice working app when it works. Found out that the three times it errored out on me, my card was still charged. I called support and told them what happened. I told them I wouldn’t mind having a credit to use later if possible. I was told I would be called later from one of the locations I attempted to use the app. I never got a call. It was probably less than 7 dollars total I lost, but I still consider it theft. They received money and I did not get any product. I am a fan of Burger King, but with all the fast food options out there, I can handle never giving Burger King my business again. I will definitely discourage my friends from going to any Burger King.
Watch Out!!!
by ArwenKurama on 2019/02/21 20:45
So at first I thought this app was great...until I got charged twice for the same order, not just once but twice (two different locates on different dates). I contacted the mobile feedback & they just told me to talk to the restaurant & my bank, but it’s not the restaurant directly taking the payment when you order so they can’t issue the refund & with the bank you have to report the charge. You can call customer care, but still they have to submit all the info to the techs. I’ve never been double charged on the coupons so I guess I’ll keep the app for that, but be warned & check your bank accounts if you order anything from the normal menu! 🙁
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