App name
SafeCrowd® is an innovative iOS app for iPhones and iPads that focuses on safety. Users can contact 911 and their circle of friends and family with one simple button. They can also share alerts such as fires, assaults, abductions, and much more. These alerts are posted on the map along with the location, messages and photos. Others in the area can add messages and photos to update the status of the alert. SafeCrowd® is not just about alerts and reporting. We also connect those in trouble with those emergency responders that can assist them. For example, if you’ve had an auto accident, we will show you the nearest auto shops and towing services and show them exactly where you are. SafeTracker allows you to keep track of loved ones in real-time. You can communicate with one another and ensure you all reach your planned destinations safely. You control who can track you of course. SafeCrowd® is crowdsourcing safety because there’s strength in numbers.® SafeCrowd® is developed by Applanta, LLC which is located in Atlanta, GA. Our website is and the app’s website is .