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NEW LOGO, NEW DESIGN, SAME GREAT BEAUTYPLUS APP • Selfie camera and photo editing app used by 800 million users worldwide • Get the perfect photo EVERY time with our signature Auto-Beautification tool • 30+ easy to use editing tools with powerful, professional results Creating beautiful and natural photo/video selfies has never been easier. With BeautyPlus you can instantly take great-looking selfies and edit your photos with our powerful tools: remove acne or wrinkles, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, try trendy makeup, add filters and special effects, add blur effects and more. EASY YET POWERFUL EDITING TOOLS Retouch - Beautify: Automatically beautify your selfies in seconds. - HD Retouch: Make your skin more naturally smooth and flawless with just one tap. - Height: Increase your height with our height adjusting tool. - Slim: Drag to adjust waist, arm, face, breasts, hips, and more. - Smooth: Drag to smoothen your skin and refine your pores. - Reshape: Drag to adjust eyes, nose, lips, and more. - Acne Removal: Tap to remove acne and blemishes. - Eyes: Enlarge and brighten your eyes and remove dark circles. - Teeth Whitening: You’ll no longer need to be reluctant to show your gorgeous smile! Edit - Remover: Remove people, buildings and any other unwanted objects from your photos with our powerful AI and image processing technologies. - Enhance: Auto-enhance photos and retain every detail with just one tap. - Bokeh Lens: Add depth to your photos with our blur tool. - Other Editing Functions: Collage, Magic Brush, Mosaic, Disperse, Vintage, Rotate, Crop, and more to distinguish your photos from others. Effects Galore - Stickers: a large number of unique stickers that make your photos more stylish and beautiful. - Doodle Pen: draw or paint on your photos to enhance them or explain the photos to your viewers - Filters: Over 200 themed filters and gorgeous effects to help you create diversified styles with ease. - AR Stickers: Regularly updated with adorable AR stickers to add some fun to your photos. - Makeup: Natural and stylish makeup, including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye, to elevate your natural beauty . BEAUTY SELFIE CAMERA - Retouch: Make your selfies more than perfect by getting flawless skin in real time. Customizable beauty solutions including enlarging eyes, whitening teeth, adjusting head size and more. - Looks: Apply natural and stylish makeup looks in real time, or add makeup, including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye! - Stickers: Cat ears, flowery crowns, hilarious poop-emoji hats… try adorable AR stickers and instantly make your selfies attractive and unique! Our app can detect and edit multiple faces at once, so invite your friends to come take fun selfies with you using our AR stickers now! Download BeautyPlus for free now to discover cool functions, trendy effects and fun selfie stickers! SHARE YOUR PHOTOS (AND FEEDBACK) WITH US! • Instagram: • Facebook: • Support: • Partnership: BeautyPlus Premium is a subscription that provides monthly or annual auto-renewable access to all premium features (such as Reshape, Firm, Filter Packages, etc.). Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. You can manage your auto-renewal options in your Apple ID account settings at any time after purchase. This subscription will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period according to the option you choose, unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription, where applicable. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
Aweful, very dissapointed the new update
by Caily Kardashan on 2020/11/21 19:51
Ver y bad update,
by Yang Tiffanyxin TXY on 2020/11/21 16:24
I look so pretty My parent can’t even recognize me
Horrible changes
by Vicious loc on 2020/11/20 21:17
This app for years was my go to but they have disabled the slimming feature every-time I try to use it, it freezes and turns into a distorted photo I don’t know what they’ve done or why but now the app is wack such a disappointment this was my favorite editing app on the market
Good before update
by Mary13939 on 2020/11/20 04:55
Unfortunately the slimming effect and acne removal are kind of odd now. The smoothing effect does not work as well. Something is different about the update and I’m not a fan anymore.
To fix please !
by Moon🕯 on 2020/11/20 04:05
What is wrong with the application, after the (mise a jour ) whenever I’m using the application , it get exit by itself , i don’t know from what , it gives me some time and then it closed by it self ! Specially when I use the “slim” option Any solution please ?
The most awesome photo app!
by Leia Summer on 2020/11/19 14:22
Love it!
by SINCERELY NOT GOOD on 2020/11/18 21:54
No to good
by Embomc on 2020/11/18 04:02
I don’t like it’s to hard to use for me but other people may like it
Afoke review
by ihwlbft on 2020/11/17 21:57
I love it
Charging now
by Christine@#$&*%/&*$#@ on 2020/11/17 20:34
I got this app about 5 years ago and it was wonderful. I was charged a one time fee to use the “Firm” option. Two days ago there was a new update I had to make to the app in order for it to work. Now I suddenly have to pay to use everything that was part of my first subscription including “Firm”. Obviously this upgrade was for them not for me. And new fee is outrageous.
Horrible stickers!
by Answeeeeet on 2020/11/16 17:39
I don’t know what you did in the last upgrade but now we can’t use the effects that we had before! I don’t like it, now we only have horrible stickers! 🙁
Ya need to fix it
by jsLaDiabla on 2020/11/16 16:42
Im having problems with the app, it keeps loging of when im trying to do a picture
by jooky75 on 2020/11/16 02:06
What happened to this app? This was my fave app. You could edit every picture here. You took away the easy to use bokeh feature and all of the filters keep disappearing. I have to readd them every time there’s an update. I find myself going elsewhere.
by Davevi on 2020/11/16 01:48
This app very good, I love it!
Can’t access premium even I paid for 1 yr subsription of 39.99$
by khushi87 on 2020/11/15 21:40
I subscribed on august for full subscription but after they alter its version now I couldn’t access its premium . From October I couldn’t access when I found I couldn’t get to this app I think to write a review . I m really disappointed after paying for whole yr I only access for 2 months . N when I go to premium then they charge me more 39.9 $ why I should pay which I already paid for
by Zeeerph on 2020/11/15 11:02
Very cool
Awesome app . The best
by Peronueno on 2020/11/15 00:11
Highly recommended
by 옞ㅅ on 2020/11/14 13:32
Nowdays when i using this app , get error
Latest update version not good
by pptpont on 2020/11/13 18:26
I updated the photo plus app for latest version. But when i use the makeup effect for Eyebrows, it doesn’t work like before. The effect cant see the different. And also i cant find the Long Leg effect in this updated version. Want to suggest to set free to use for long leg effect. And i would like u to fix the eyebrows effect for this updated version. It cant see the different.
I loveee Beauty plus
by I lovee beauty plus on 2020/11/13 01:17
I loveee BeautyPlus it is the best
What happened to this app ?
by Bluecheese is my steez on 2020/11/12 11:58
I do not like the new changes to this app ! I can no longer use the fun edits to my saved pictures. Please bring back the option of using your saved pictures being able to use your fun edits! Thanks!
I love it so much and it’s fun to use and I love it so much
by Hanuka2009 on 2020/11/12 09:34
Update caused crashes and glitches
by @magconssexy on 2020/11/12 07:47
Certain features such as whitening teeth, slimming and reshape are all glitching and not improving the picture. I pay for the features in this app. I’m very disappointed with the update. Nothing seems to be working and any time it’s finally beginning to work, the app crashes. I hope it can be fixed soon. I just paid nearly $40 for the annual fee of having the exact features I’m not able to use.
This app it is amazing
by Eve75forever on 2020/11/12 06:24
I really love it , I can make gorgeous pictures. Y really recommend ❤️
Play with me
by k8princess on 2020/11/12 03:12
My user name for Roblox is K8princess friend me if ur a fan of my Chanel cozylife_ plays Roblox
I more “slim”
by kattykake65 on 2020/11/12 02:26
Why did you mess with the slim feature? I used to easily pull in and slim a hip or cheek. Now, I have to pay for it?!!! This app is useless now.
Why did you take features away?
by Ms. Niña on 2020/11/11 06:44
I paid for a subscription and gladly did so because it WAS a great app. It was totally different than others on the scene. Now, you have done a COMPLETE overhaul and taken away all the things that differentiated your app from the pack. Where are ALL the fun stickers? Why the weird format change? Why do I need to download each and every sticker I do want to use? Who told you this was a smart move!?!? I am definitely going back to the free version. If you ever go back to old format. Then, I’ll gladly pay again.
Not the best, but could be better.
by thatswhatshesaid2020 on 2020/11/11 02:18
Hello, so I had just downloaded this app so I could edit some of my pictures and when I use the remover, the remover leaves the picture funky and it looks like it had a terrible glitch. Even when I go to remove the tiniest things it looks like a train wreck. I don’t completely hate it, but I think it could be better. Thank you for your time.
by annitaberry on 2020/11/10 17:23
Après cette dernière mise à jour l’application ne marche plus correctement Et ça bug tout le temps à chaque fois j’essaye d’éditer une photo elle se ferme soudainement Pensez à fixer ce bug
by ASMRtist Podcast on 2020/11/10 06:40
I LOVE this app, It’s fun, quick, and easy to use! I highly, highly recommend it! 😊✨
I used to love it, but now it’s so annoying!
by Satisficers on 2020/11/09 22:25
This app would’ve been perfect, but now every time I’m in the middle of editing something, it literally kicks me out. I’ve tried to edit the same stupid photo for about 5 times now. I’m getting annoyed.
Time Warp thing
by daddyowo on 2020/11/09 19:29
Yo I love this app but my parents won’t let me have tik tok so like could you add the time warp filter it’s fun
I prefer the old version to this new one
by eveshogjay on 2020/11/09 17:42
I prefer the old version ☹️
Best Beauty App!!
by Mysterious girl! on 2020/11/09 06:44
This is the BEST beauty app i’ve ever have in my phone!! Love love love!!
This works
by Ronnierb6411 on 2020/11/08 22:22
It so fun
Was great before update, horrible now
by Lunar_4949 on 2020/11/08 19:39
Before the update this app featured tons of free content with filters, stickers and editing. I used it constantly for photo editing and this was my favorite go to app. But after updating you can only do basic editing and the stickers are not as great as the filters you now have to pay an expensive monthly subscription for what was mostly free before. Extremely disappointed, will be deleting this app scoter years of use. I hate when photo editing apps decide to strictly limit editing tools and ask you for a subscription.
Are you kidding me?
by SioTheGuru on 2020/11/08 15:52
Now why would y’all sit there and update this app so horribly? GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS BEFORE PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! New update is TERRIBLE AF!
Great app but drains battery
by #bestblackgirl on 2020/11/08 13:10
I like beauty plus but it drains your battery, and every time you turn around they plump ur lips. But I can’t complain about much. The app is pretty neat.🖤
My favorite app
by Tiny oo on 2020/11/08 03:48
I’ve been using this app for about 4 years and I love it I can’t get enough 😍😍😍😍😍😍 so worth it !!!
Easy to use, great results
by deltarenegemstone on 2020/11/08 00:04
I love this app. Easy to use and really makes you look good.
Selfie Fun Filters Gone!
by Butterfly Nix on 2020/11/07 23:56
It was fun when it had those fun animated selfie filters and stickers but now it’s all gone! Very disappointed. Deleted this.
by Diosesgracia on 2020/11/07 04:12
I used to loved this app but recently they updated and totally took away the old filters! ☹️ Please bring it back especially the “Citrus” filter.
Can’t get this to work- bummed paying for something I cannot use
by iheartkc on 2020/11/06 23:19
App Doesn’t work - Can’t reach support- but they are still charging us-
by 1MagicalUnicorn on 2020/11/06 22:45
I love Di's app
by dxggydd on 2020/11/05 21:53
There’s a problem
by stephysofficial on 2020/11/05 15:29
I love the app so much , but ever since there’s a new update , there’s a problem. The problem is that whenever I try to use the slim button , the app closes always ! And it makes me sad because I try to start all over and it repeats it a lot. Please fix the slim button on the app ! ASAP.
Update is terrible
by huna12 on 2020/11/05 12:58
This new update is AWFUL! It constantly crashes and all the features have changed and not for the better. I’ve been using this for over 4 years never had a problem. I pay for a subscription and it’s not worth it anymore.
Bugs/ Fix
by divacco29 on 2020/11/05 02:16
I love this app but I miss the old version. This new version closes out on you when you’re trying to edit your photos.
Really good
by Tania1377 on 2020/11/05 00:41
I really like the app and im so thankful that its a free app
You’re crashing again.
by Shamweow on 2020/11/04 20:36
Revert it back please. Your update looks nice but it isnt working for your longtime users. We were perfectly happy with it before.
by Najla M Altayyar on 2020/11/04 11:57
Please re-issue before this and I will not lower the rating! Or at least get it back to me just because this version has so many problems! It takes me out of the program and the features are not like before. أرجوا منكم إعادة الإصدار الذي قبل هذا ولا سوف أخفض التقييم ! أو على الأقل أرجعوه لي فقط لأن هذا الإصدار لديه مشاكل كثيرة! ومنها يخرجني من البرنامج والخاصيات ليست مثل سابقًا .
New update no good
by mynameislajanae on 2020/11/04 07:03
The new update is really bad and unusable. You took away "remover" which I used a lot to remove tattoos from pictures. You also made the "dark circle" feature only able to be used with facial recognition. It was better before when you could manually because I also used it to lighten dark skin patches. You should go back to the previous update this one is horrible.
Superior Quality
by Chrissy Saoirse Fae on 2020/11/03 21:20
This app is better at what it does than any other app of the same type that I've tried. You don't need a half dozen apps to make your photos look good - just one app does it all - and they don't force a watermark all over your stuff. I'm a very satisfied customer. My only complaint is lag. Sometimes it's slow to load, slow to respond, slow to take pictures or video, etc. That could be my internet or it could be the app size. I still love this app anyway. I remember the old adage: sometimes, less is more - I find that you don't have to use strong filters to get nice results. This is an ideal app for a phone that has an unflattering camera. It captures the best of everyone, from newborn to over 80.
by tu. flakita on 2020/11/03 18:26
No longer works.
by touchrock2 on 2020/11/03 14:54
All my pictures are facing the right and when HD is used they are turned up/down and double exposed. How to fix?
New update is bad
by skanshail on 2020/11/03 14:29
I hate the new update :( the brighten feature does not do anything anymore! The new interface is very annoying. Please return old version!!
I love this app
by Maria62627 on 2020/11/03 06:53
The best editing app ever made!! I love it and it has so many good features makes all my pictures look perfect.
too many crashes
by valastin on 2020/11/03 06:14
the app closed during mid edits 6 times within 15 minutes. deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t not help with this issue. i’ve used this app for years now. the latest and features aren't for the better.
App crashing continually. No access to photo library
by Bad0823 on 2020/11/02 21:05
The app keeps crashing and when I click on the Photo/Editor button nothing happens. If I sit and stare long enough it will tell me that there is a problem and it needs to update some AR thing and to restart the app. Nothing resolves. Frustrating. I have Beauty Plus premium.
The best!
by punkin000 on 2020/11/02 16:41
This beauty app is by far the Best ( and I’ve tried many)! It’s so easy to use, has lots of filters and can even help with lighting! You can purchase a membership, but I haven’t done that yet... so I’m sure there are soo many additional things you can do as well!
It’s cool
by c8rtman on 2020/11/02 16:17
This app is very good I love this app 🥰😘
by lhamasgari on 2020/11/02 15:20
This latest update has some important bugs like when i edit a photo, application closes in the middle of editing !!!
Not working
by Lorena1076 on 2020/11/02 03:41
I've tried NUMEROUS times to open this app and it won't open or it freezes. I've used this app for over two years and never had this problem. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it 6 different times and still does the same thing. You can't go to the developers website and complain because it is in a foreign language. So I will try one more time and if it doesn't work....I'll find another app like this one. I don't know why they updated it but to use it....good luck.
Update is awful
by cnolnay90 on 2020/11/01 02:58
This update is not good. I like the old version better. The teeth written function now does not work at all. I hate this app. Looking for a new go to editor Bc this update is awful. Go back to the old one!
I hate the new update
by cvistinv on 2020/11/01 01:20
The devs have officially ruined this app for me. every feature is poorly updated and choppy. if you try and slim its not as smooth as before and does WAY too much moving. deleting the app.
The HD option not working anymore
by tloxbscotch on 2020/10/31 22:51
I Am So Annoyed!!! The HD tab on the app is not working. I deleted the app and it’s still not working. PLEASE FIX THIS I hate the new apps applied I don’t like the stickers PLEASE ADD THE PREVIOUS ESITS BECK IN. I hate the sticker crap.. WHY?? Just why?? Why did you remove the old face enhancers for the goofy crap. If I can’t use what I want I’m not gonna pay for it anymore
Los mejores filtros
by Saraglores20 on 2020/10/31 18:38
Me encanto los firtoros son muy bonitos unos bien divertidos
Suggested Update
by RavenEB on 2020/10/31 18:32
Great app! A suggestion for an update would be if you could edit one picture and automatically apply those same edits to other pictures
by SASSYSTEELY on 2020/10/31 12:35
It’s the top of the line it look like a gamose photo it keeps track of your photos and helps you save them
Do not buy this app.
by Epic!Lover360 on 2020/10/31 11:50
This app only lets you use it about three or four times until if you wanna save your awesome new pic you must buy BeautyPlus Premium. It will tempt you so much into buying it. Also I do not think one of these 5 star revews is kind. “Its so simple even a kid could use it.“ So Rude! I am NOT a baby goat. And hey dude, do you think a CHILD not a KID a CHILD could pay for whatever it is their making me pay for?!?!?! Ok. Just don’t buy this app PLEASE!!!! For my sake
by by hnh CD cnn on 2020/10/31 02:30
I wish this app stop updating I love it just hate the new update I want the old one
Disappointed with magic brush
by Lp5994 on 2020/10/30 23:32
I been using this app a lot but since the current upgrade. They take my magic brush away. There are more brushes to choose form but they completely take the old one that I love out. If you want to upgrade at least keep the previous option. (It really unfortunate that my phone has auto upgrade on and I can’t go back to my previous version)
I can’t edit photos with filters anymore.
by Chickafillet on 2020/10/30 22:52
I used to love this app. Now You can’t edit photos with filters anymore. I blame the update
by Rubybbbby on 2020/10/30 22:00
I love this app so much I don’t want to use no other app But since the update I can’t get to use the app it keep kicking me out I’m a photographer and I can’t get to fix my photos because of it so please fix the bug I beg of y’all 💕💕💕💕💕
Love this app
by Krj5024 on 2020/10/30 21:08
Love this app and have been using it for years. Easy to use. Though I have the premium subscription, the current update removed features that I use routinely, and now ask for me to pay additional to use them again. I think it’s a bogus to pay for a subscription and once an upgrade happens they items are removed in an effort to pay more to keep it.
New changes
by USA Telecom on 2020/10/30 17:40
Feature changes not good you guys removed features that were why I used the app in the first place. Now will go to another app
I don't like the new update
by BBGunnn on 2020/10/29 23:59
Before, the app used to be easy and more fluid in its controls. Now it's, for the lack of a better word, clunky. It seems like everyone agrees, and they prefer the older version before this update.
Thin app is missing
by Barbie❤️❤️ on 2020/10/29 18:30
I like the original version with thin functions is there . New version is not there which make it harder. Please change it back it not I will discount and use different app. Hate the update version
Me encanta 🌻
by Patnart on 2020/10/29 13:13
La mejor aplicación...desde que la encontré me quedé con ella es lo máximo!!!👏👏👏.🔝🌻
App stopped working
by llambert5 on 2020/10/29 12:34
I was obsessed with this app for 3 years. So happy with it... now the latest update does nothing but heat up my phone and shut down the app after 20 seconds using it. It’s a shame.
The best photo editor app
by Elleseyfi on 2020/10/29 11:05
I enjoy it
Please fix new updates!!
by nayahti on 2020/10/29 03:10
Please fix the glitches in the new updates. The acne function needs to be fixed . The dots pop up on screen everytime you use the feature. Also the app closes by itself every few minutes. And none of my work gets saved leaving with nothing but to start all over.
Version 7.2.000
by bombbbshell on 2020/10/29 00:01
I’ve been a long time user for this app. I haven’t found any other editing apps that’s as easy and detailed as this. I can zoom in for close up editing without the photo quality breaking and there’s so many different tools you can use. However, the new updated version 7.2.000 keeps crashing for some reason. And it’s just slower in general. Maybe it’s my phone I’m not sure but other apps work fine, it’s just this app. I always use the right bottom corner to check before & after but this version takes like a second to load. I’m very frustrated it keeps crashing. I would be almost done editing a photo and I lose it because the app crashes. I’ve been saving the photo after every touch of editing lol.
New update no!
by sophiesophie4 on 2020/10/28 20:43
The new update is a no. Keeps crushing
I don’t like the changes
by Anngellbelll on 2020/10/28 17:16
It was way more easier to use b4. I’m deleting.
Not a fan of the changes
by Liaaa567 on 2020/10/28 17:01
I loved the slimming feature BEFORE where you could manually focus on ONE spot. The new update is not worth the money - will be canceling my monthly membership.
by whoever bruh on 2020/10/28 09:14
I use BeautyPlus a lot!!! And i hate this new update please don’t ruin it and change it back to the old update PLEASE!!!!! YOU RUINED THE APPPPPPP!
Keeps crashing
by reviewer408 on 2020/10/28 02:08
Used to love this app. But it’s no longer dependable since it crashes so often
Its not comfortable! Bring back old version!!
by MariamiKhiz on 2020/10/27 20:39
Return the ild app. New one is awful
Great app
by Sara72!56 on 2020/10/27 19:05
I have been use this app for more than a year I just love it! You should try it, is very cool 😎
Go back to previous version
by guddfffcffd on 2020/10/27 16:24
The previous version was so better, I could edit my whole body!! But now i just can edit my face!!!!
by daninick18 on 2020/10/27 12:17
I didn’t like the update
by Beezzxoxoxz on 2020/10/27 05:49
Keeps crashing with the new update
App update
by minminahhh on 2020/10/27 02:32
My app just updated today and now it desaturates my pictures when I open it.
The older version was WAY better!
by LadyL777 on 2020/10/27 02:17
Please bring back the older version!
by Daniortiz08 on 2020/10/27 02:07
I don’t like now
by jenneimond on 2020/10/27 02:02
Era mejor cómo estaba antes :(
Beauti plus
by Syako_Hisam on 2020/10/27 01:49
Hi dear: please downgrade beauti plus for me.
by Horseluver6785 on 2020/10/26 19:00
This app was literally my favorite until they updated it! Now its soo difficult to use, the slim effect moves too quickly
Simple and clean.
by Marinaval on 2019/04/26 08:19
Even a kid could use this app since it is so easy to use. You can pay for a membership but I have never done that yet I love it so much. It has automatic features and manual features that allow you to fix a picture within a minute, looking completely realistic. This is not one of those trashy apps that make your eyes bigger yet they look fake. This app is very realistic and professional. You can tell that the company cares about its customers as it has a huge variety even for the non-paying users. A little retouch does not hurt anyone. If you are a little bit creative, you can take some tools beyond their original purpose. For example: Got food on your teeth? Disappear it with the acne tool. Your smile looks weird? Fix it with the slim tool. And guess what! No watermarks nor ads. Trust me, you won’t regret getting this app.
Hours of FUN!
by Kallisto80 on 2017/09/05 04:27
I have absolutely went crazy with this app ever since I downloaded it for days ago. I cannot get enough of it! My daughter and I wanted to just have something where we can do selfie's and I started originally with MakeupPlus. Then we downloaded this so we can do it together and we just keep downloading other apps made by the same company! My and our family loves it! I of course love where you can already had her make up done without actually having to do it! The Besty filters are awesome for my daughter and I, husband and I, husband and daughter, just everyone early! We've honestly got it to where we are going to print a lot of these out for Christmas presents, at least part of them! Thank you for making such an entertaining app and please keep making them! If you don't like this you will not be disappointed :-)
Superior Quality
by Chrissy Saoirse Fae on 2020/11/03 21:20
This app is better at what it does than any other app of the same type that I've tried. You don't need a half dozen apps to make your photos look good - just one app does it all - and they don't force a watermark all over your stuff. I'm a very satisfied customer. My only complaint is lag. Sometimes it's slow to load, slow to respond, slow to take pictures or video, etc. That could be my internet or it could be the app size. I still love this app anyway. I remember the old adage: sometimes, less is more - I find that you don't have to use strong filters to get nice results. This is an ideal app for a phone that has an unflattering camera. It captures the best of everyone, from newborn to over 80.
Bait and switch
by Vampaliciousss on 2019/02/27 03:38
Since apple holds. I responsibility any longer for the apps sold, I am not spending ridiculous amounts of money on apps, especially subscriptions. I’ve been looking for a fun editor that I could inexpensively buy a few upgrades to and play. And that’s what this says it is. Until you waste your time downloading it. Then switch. Yet another ABSURDLY priced subscription app that could be discontinued tomorrow after taking my money and apple would do nothing about. No thanks. Keep your apps. Apple has now retrospectively wasted SO much of money in devices AND NOW in their hands off policy which was NOT the policy when I paid for my most expensive apps. What exactly are we paying the extra money for again anyway? For us to be told to track down the developers of apps that they’ve pulled from the App Store to try to get refunded money that we paid who? Oh. That’s right. Apple. These are third party. Wool. Off of my eyes. I won’t spend what your asking for what’s called entertainment today and a risk I took of my own accord, accepting the possible losses, tomorrow.
New Version not as good
by Cass878 on 2020/09/28 12:43
I have used this app for several years but am now researching a new option. The latest download is much less user friendly and randomly closes while I’m editing a pic, causing me to have to start over on editing a photo several times. There are also bugs with the editing tools. The new version of the slimming tool won’t let you undo the auto edit of slimming your face, which automatically happens when you open the tool and then you have to switch to manual mode. For me, this just makes my jaw and head look small. I have to choose between my face looking distorted or being able to use the feature I like most on the app-shaving off the 10 pounds the camera often adds to my bod. I also don’t like the new blemish remover either. It takes a long time to remove a blemish whereas before it was just click over the spot. So sad. This app was amazing before.
by SINCERE THANKS! on 2020/04/26 23:16
I don’t usually write reviews, but I’m so grateful for this app, it’s the least I can do... I’m BIG on taking pics. Besides constantly snapping shots of my daughter and fur-babies, I also post on various social media sites. I have tried every photo editor in the App Store, but since finding Beauty Plus, the others have been sent to the recycle bin because they just don’t compare! This app can do it ALL and it’s super-easy to navigate. It’s even my mom’s go-to editor now! I’m constantly asked what app I use for my pics (and I’m using the totally FREE VERSION!!!!), and HANDS DOWN, I will never use another photo editor again, so my answer is ALWAYS - BEAUTY PLUS!!!! Thank you for creating this amazing tool!!!!
💜Best app ever purchased💜
by BTS JIMINS WIFEU💩💕 on 2019/01/05 23:35
This has the most aesthetic filters, so easy to photo shop with this app because it sooooooooooo simple, and it’s just amazing!💜💜💜💜💜💜 You can do almost anything on this app, it literally turned some of my originally HOrIBLE pictures into some 𝓡𝓔𝓐𝓛𝓛𝓨 𝓐𝓔𝓢𝓣𝓗𝓔𝓣𝓘𝓒 𝓟𝓘𝓒𝓣𝓤𝓡𝓔𝓢! The filters are so cute, so many to choose from, and this is the best app for selfies along with any picture u want to take. It’s so amazing, I use it more that my phone camera. In fact, 99.2% of my 345 pictures in my camera role are from BeautyPlus. There is no other app better, I will use this app like forever! Thank u so much for BeautyPlus!!!!!!xoxoxoxo😍💜💜💜😘😘
Not impressed with the update.
by DankHime on 2018/07/19 03:17
Let me just start by saying that I’m a pretty avid fan of this app and have been for quite some time now but there are some quirks that are quite annoying. Before the most recent update, I would have given this app 4 stars if not for how painfully slow it is on start up. For whatever reason I have to tap on it MULTIPLE times before it registers what I’m wanting to do and actually does so. It’s almost impossible to tap on the “back” arrow or the albums button to go into editing without tapping over and over and over before it actually does anything. As for after the recent update, I’m now contemplating deleting this app all together and moving onto something less buggy. It is so incredibly slow and can barely register this without, again, tapping multiple times and sometimes opening up an ad. Buttons not registering is an overall issue with everything in this app currently. Also not a fan of the batch editing option or any of the other features recently added. This is mainly due to having to click through them all while in the albums option just to open a photo up in the actual editor part of the app. In combination with how terribly slow it is, it just makes this app too frustrating to even bother with.
Better quality than the apps that cost $$$😂
by #helpful_reviewer on 2020/04/12 21:07
Well, I got this app to do some simple editing. But it’s so much more than that. I can add color filters, makeup, teeth whitening, and even stickers. Some sticker are seasonal, but others make you look like a bunny in command 😂 and so much more. The app is totally worth it. There are some advertisements for their pro, but nothing you can’t live without. Even the basic app is tons of fun and I use it for all of my editing before collages. You may think this is one of those ratings from the editors, but no. It’s actually this good. TOTALY WORTH IT. much better than lots of apps that cost tons of $$$.
Specific Change Suggestion
by yours truly allegra on 2020/05/07 21:39
Hello. So I never write reviews but I hope this app is true to its word when they say they actually want to hear from us. So I think this app is wonderful, I’ve had it for YEARS. You absolutely don’t need to spend any more for it to work really well. My only criticism is the Auto function. For example, when I tap on the “smooth skin” function, I want to do the smoothing manually, however the second you click on it, the app does it automatically. So every time, I have to scale back to auto-correct down to 0 before switching to manual. It’s VERY annoying so please!!!! Just give us the option to choose auto, don’t make it the default!!!
** Underrated app that deserves the most credibility
by Lissa Bella May on 2019/05/21 04:14
I have to say, out of most beauty editing apps hands down this is my favorite. Most beauty apps usually consist on makeup tools that lack other photo edits, or some that claim to deliver the selfie editing but then don’t have other amazing features like this app. What I love most is how it brings you high quality editing without the crazy ridiculous purchases many photography beauty apps tend to do. I highly recommend for anyone to try this if you truly want gorgeous photos with the HD type of look. I am very happy with this app & will continue to use & recommend. 💕👍🏼
Love this app but
by andrestwain on 2017/11/12 17:02
When I first downloaded this app it wasn’t great. But they’ve made so many improvements that now I don’t post any selfies unless it’s gone through this app. The photos look cleaned up but not too airbrushed. My only critic is that when there are multiple faces, you can only fix one face and the app chooses which face to fix. I wish they can release an update where you can circle select the face you want to fix among a group photo or possibly select and fix each face individually. That would be such a great update. In the end I will continue to use this app.
Love this app
by liz0021 on 2019/06/14 12:17
Beauty cam is great. I couldn’t do makeup to save my life. With this app you can fix and edit all your makeup mishaps. It increases your attractiveness by adding brightness, smoothing things out, and adding cute filters. Also the blurry background, super professional looking. It makes it look like you used a super complex camera and yet you didn’t, you blurred the back-round & reallyyy nice. It would be even better if you could make more filters to highlight the complexion of brown skin. Maybe it’s in my head but it feels like the filters do a really nice job of more bringing out the beauty of fairer skin tones and makes darker complexions look sort of white.
Amazing app
by JuJuBleu on 2019/01/07 02:26
I love this app!!! It’s my go to for filters & touch ups. I have downloaded a lot of apps but none have stayed with me as long as this one. I love how many free filters they give you. You can purchase others if you want. I’m not a purchase type of girl. I would love for more free filters to come in the near future. Every time there is an update I run to see if any new filters were given. Try it. You’re love this app. Please give us some new free filters. Been waiting for awhile but all I see are paid ones.
Update fixed some major issues.
by Cindy the German on 2018/07/05 23:56
Originally I was in love with this app. Then after years they changed it all around and I couldn’t get a decent picture. They have fixed some of the issues. But the design i still can’t stand. It used to be you could edit your pictures right after taking them before saving. Now you have to save it go back to beginning of app, find the picture and be able to edit things like pimples etc. the save it again. It’s a pain. But I am able to get good pictures again so I changed my one star review to four! Used to be 5 though.
Hate the update
by Mackheath on 2020/08/12 23:48
Got rid of some of my favorite filters including Drive In, Maurice, and Warhol as well as the double exposure ones 😩 I also hate how it takes me back to the beginning of the filters after I apply one instead of opening back up to where I was. I don’t understand why it won’t preview my photo like it did before, now it only shows the cover image of the filter (like it’ll have a picture of a model instead of my own photo with the applied filter.) The last complaint doesn’t bother me as much as the first one, but still, I’m really disappointed. I have an aesthetic account and I rely very heavily on this app. Please go back I’m begging.
Love it ❤️
by Derpypotatosase on 2020/06/12 17:57
I Love this app. But there is one thing well maybe more than one but I don’t like. The first one is that a lot of them you have to pay for, and only the ones that are free have worse cut quality. The second thing is whenever I try to create an anime character it always says unable to detect face, BUT LIKE I HAVE A FACE!!!!!! AND IM NOT JUST PUTTING IN MY EAR!!!! It would be so cool if u would fix the issues i talked about. I recommend getting this app if you like to take pictures, there are alot of pros and cons though. If your willing to pay .99 cents for features then go ahead, but us poor people would like this to be free.
Awesome filters👌🏻but they took it away with the new update
by Hum ash on 2018/07/18 21:56
Recent review: Below is my old review , and now I have to take back the 5 Stars because with every update they're taking away whatever we have installed and with this newest update it almost took all the filters and features I already had it and I can't even download , and I'm so mad that they should not do that because they offer free and then they take it away with the updates not fair❌❌❌ Old review: Love💕💕💕💕💕💕💕it ,specially the music ones, I wish face filters can be available on iPad too (please please please💫💫💫💫💫
by DREAMTeam31 on 2018/09/27 11:07
I have loved this app and recommended it for years. But a couple months ago it stopped working. It no longer snaps a pic real time, none of the buttons work and the ads make it so glitchy I can barely get it to work. I finally gave up and now I edit pics in the app instead of taking pics with it. I have deleted and reloaded the app, installed all updates on my phone and even deleted a ton on my phone. Nothing has helped at all. Very disappointing.
So close to perfect!
by Mel McClell on 2018/07/01 16:48
This app really does have great editing features. I’m a blogger/hopefully-someday-Instagram-influencer, and I use Beauty Plus on every single selfie I post. Nothing has ever made my skin look smoother. HOWEVER, the app itself has some issues. When you open it, the home page takes FOREVER to load and to let you select a photo to edit. And then when you’re done, it takes a long time to save a photo and take you back to the home page or photo selection page. If those issues were fixed, this would be a perfect 5-star app.
Paid features
by MemoryBuilder on 2019/08/23 18:00
I love this app, I’ve been using it for years! 3 things I’d improve: 1) ads - they are annoying! 2) paid features - I’ve never paid for an app, and what BeautyPlus doesn’t offer I find in some other free one. It’s annoying to be going back and forth - would be great to have all features available. 3) some features were disabled - I enjoyed enhancing or diminishing the light in my pics - now it’s a one stop click. I’d rather do it myself though.
Best app I have ever had🤗😋
by Abbyyyyyyyyy rabbbbyyyygg on 2018/03/13 02:39
This app is so amazing, not only can you make your skin look flawless and your eyes look huge but you can also put on different filters! You can even blur the background in pictures, like how cool is that!! I also really like the video feature, kind of like how Snapchat is where you can pause your video and pick up whenever! I definitely recommend this app to everybody!
Would be 5 but....
by Popcakes666 on 2018/12/31 16:34
I would give this app 5 stars but when I take pics I can’t seem to get rid of that annoying red glow on my lips. I know they have the makeup option (which I don’t really like) but it seems there’s a lipstick on your lips by default when you just want to take a regular retouched pic. You can’t even take it off, it’s just there. So when I take pics with no makeup and my lips look pink, it looks weird. I’m black, so I don’t have naturally reddish pink lips. Fix this. It shouldn’t be mandatory to have this. It should be optional.
by mmtrjp on 2020/02/05 04:19
I used to love this app for long time and tbh this is the best selfie app. But until now, somehow this app took so much space in my phone (about 32GB total), which is half of my phone storage. And my phone keeps popping up the “short storage” “failed to save” because I didn’t have enough space. I was trying to figure out how come it takes so much space. But couldn’t figure it out. And today it hits to the point where my phone got so slow and I was frustrated, so end up deleting so I could use my phones at least. But again, this is the best selfie app!!! I’ll try to re-download and see if that would change.
Rly good
by valinode on 2018/07/23 00:03
I love this app so much! Idk 😐 if this has to do with the app or just my phone 📱 but this app deleted from my phone 📱 somehow and Idk 😐 why! Every time I want to use this app I hv to I go on the App Store and search it! I checked everything! I looked on settings: it was there! I searched it up on that “app search” and it ONLY showed it on settings so I couldn’t go on the app! Maybe it did this because I didn’t do the last update but this never happened before! I’m very upset 😢 and I looked at other reviews and I saw the next update was horrible 😫! I don’t know 🤔 what to do! I NEED ANSWERS!!!!
I like it
by JenG914 on 2020/06/10 02:54
I love this app, except I would like some changes added. First of all I think on the home page the one that were there before could be there forever. I was trying to find a filter but it wouldn't show it anymore it would be great if there were more what for example Starbucks drink am I kinda stuff. I would definitely recommend this app for ppl whose parents don't let them get Snapchat. You can use all kinds of filters it just takes a little getting used too.
by Monkeys1998 on 2017/11/25 05:51
I loved this app until the split video recording was taken off. It was great for Instagram as you got to pause at any given time and continued recording for like 15 seconds in total. Now you are forced to only make videos and can not “stop” until the end. Good silly videos on the “before” makeup look, pause to continue your makeup and continue filming, which then splits into another scene of you with makeup. So when reviewing video it was like an instant transformation. Please bring it back and keep it there permanently with the filters!!!!!!! It’s trash without it. I and many other people loved it so much!!! It made you look so cute and it was so fun! Thank you so much!!!!!! ❤️
The stamp has to go
by PCK1375 on 2017/09/27 00:06
I used to love this app. I took/edited all my photos using it. After the latest update, there's now an ugly "Beauty Plus" stamp in the corner -as if we all want people knowing we're editing our photos 🙄. You can crop it out but it's huge. You end up losing most of your photo. Going to a new photo editing app. Bye, Beauty Plus 👋🏻 They fixed the above mess, but omg, stop changing things!! I used to use the video feature. It was easy. Press the button and record. Now you have to hold the button down the whole time. No freedom. You only get 20 seconds as it is, and now the timer is under your finger so you never know how much time you have left. Stupid update.
by Lady banni on 2018/07/21 09:10
I absolutely love this app it's amazing everyone should get it. Not anymore I had previous given this app four stars because loved the app but after I purchased the app for full access there was an update. Then all the features on this app went wrong and what’s worse is there’s a red line across every single picture I take. Moreover, the red line is not there when I take Anime pictures and that tells me there’s a buggy technical issue with this app. I want my money back!!!
Youcam Perfect works better than this app!
by Dntusayit on 2018/02/10 15:29
Youcam Perfect works better than this app! And so does Camera360 - both apps have 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning more of your head and body will be in the frame. Youcam allows you to still use a front facing flash to help brighten the photo. I used to like this app for the 16:9 aspect ratio and the ability to use a camera flash setting with the front facing camera, but now with the many updates that have taken away the very things that made this app great. After the last update, every single photo, I don't even look like my skin tone, I look white skinned and dead. I'm naturally tan skinned. I just updated it today. I took a bunch of pictures and I look sick, my skin looks white. Also, now you can't turn on the flash with the front facing setting anymore, it's disabled after the last update. Please go back to the previous version. I literally look sick now when I take pics using this. Remove the skin lightening, it makes you look dead and that is a huge no.
All of a sudden charging a subscription???
by Maceface16 on 2020/04/30 02:17
I have used this app religiously for YEARS. I have been loyal to this app and have chosen it as my go to for editing my pictures. I have even paid real money for special editing tools. However, out of the blue they all of a sudden are making some of the tools only usable if you pay 5 dollars a month??? You can’t even buy it you need a real subscription!! The height tool was FREE when I downloaded this app years and years ago, and now all of a sudden they want to charge me for it? Not cool beauty plus. I will now move on to a new editing app that I will pay for because this is not how you treat long time users.
Love this app
by Krj5024 on 2020/10/30 21:08
Love this app and have been using it for years. Easy to use. Though I have the premium subscription, the current update removed features that I use routinely, and now ask for me to pay additional to use them again. I think it’s a bogus to pay for a subscription and once an upgrade happens they items are removed in an effort to pay more to keep it.
💖best app ever💖
by sienna reyes on 2020/08/08 01:21
Okay so I wanted a app that only requires filters instead of Snapchat. This app is so convenient and awesome 😎 I love Z8!9this app and I will be buying the pro pack because I am so impressed and I love this app 💖 it is easy to use and it keeps you busy 💖 I love this app and I will recommend to every one of my friends and I will even spread the word on tik tok 💖thanks for creating an excellent app that is my favorite thing on my phone 💖
by emily3069 on 2020/10/01 00:22
I love this app and all the editing but the makeup and Retouches are funBut All it does is make You look more beautiful and it’s good to see you with the make up what a selfie of what you really looks like is better so I give this app a five star because I love it but remember selfies of who you really are are better than what you don’t really look like i’d like to recommend this four people eight and up
Please FIX!
by lyftworldwide on 2019/11/11 20:32
BeautyPlus is one of my favorite editing apps. It always worked perfectly until recently, it started to ruin the photo quality. Usually, when I import the photo to edit, it uploads perfectly with original quality of the photo. However recently the quality of the photos crashes and when I edit, it’s hard for me to see the details of the photo. When I save the photo, the quality is so bad. Please fix this issue! I want to keep using this app. Thanks.
Super easy to use!!!😍
by Emma Jakum on 2020/05/19 22:45
I am now addicted to this app because you can take the best picture in minutes! And there are so many animals and cute filters that make you look better. This is perfect for people like me who are kinda lazy at editing pictures and great for kids like me! And you can make your self in a anime version!! That’s why I think this app is super easy to use!
One of the Best
by Ollyprov on 2019/02/04 16:26
The majority of photo enhancing apps claim to be free until you download them. While this too has a subscription portion, the quality and quantity of what they offer in their free version is truly amazing! If you’re looking for an app that makes you look beautiful but still natural, add makeup, try a new hair color or play around with a variety of filters all for free, this is your app!
Best selfie editing apps I’ve tried!
by Swolfmoon on 2019/05/05 03:59
And I love editing photos so I have tried most of the apps on the store! The apps by Meitu are all by far the best for free and for choice. The best app they offer is the one called Meitu but this app and the MakeupPlus are also brilliant. You should try them all and see which one you like best, or if you’re like me, you’ll love them all and cycle through them frequently.
by Alice_Eve on 2020/05/30 06:17
Great app, but I have some feedback regarding the feature where you can improve photo quality: it doesn’t work well on faces that are far away in the photo. The algorithm “guesses” the facial features but it makes them Asian-centric. For example, I’m a Caucasian girl and when I tried to improve the quality of my photos, my eyes became really small and my lips became thin. Please fix this limitation in the Artifical Intelligence. Thank you!
I love this app
by Gwennie1023 on 2020/03/30 15:46
I’ve been using it forever. It’s awesome takes great pictures it immediately clears your skin and looks natural without having to use another app to tweak it. However, I’ve always used the “original filter and some how recently it really washes out my skin tone and any other filter seems a bit off. Which filter should I try? I have olive skin tone
Very good, multi purpose
by n0nicknamefrmeh on 2019/12/22 23:39
This is a very good app for making hoots look nicer, adding filters, and such. However you could also photoshop a picture of you or your fiend into an alien (be creative!), deep-fry memes, and lots of other fun stuff using the photo editing section. I find that the mini-app making pictures have more pixels therefore higher quality is really good.
Was great before update, horrible now
by Lunar_4949 on 2020/11/08 19:39
Before the update this app featured tons of free content with filters, stickers and editing. I used it constantly for photo editing and this was my favorite go to app. But after updating you can only do basic editing and the stickers are not as great as the filters you now have to pay an expensive monthly subscription for what was mostly free before. Extremely disappointed, will be deleting this app scoter years of use. I hate when photo editing apps decide to strictly limit editing tools and ask you for a subscription.
Everyone can look BEAUTIFUL!!
by Bts Waifu 😍😍🍡💝💝 on 2019/07/31 15:14
This app is AMAZING!! I take pictures with my friends and edit. I take pictures with my mom and edit. I sometimes tell my mom to do stuff acording to what sticker I’m using. Like blinking changes the background and stuff. There’s some incredible stickers that I love to use. I look horrendous in reality but with this app, I look like a goddess. - From an Army and a Blink 💖💖🥳🥳
All the payments
by Dorkydisneylover on 2020/10/21 01:32
I just got this app today and it is not that it isn’t fun it is just that you can’t use all the tools because of the little payment you have to do. I would give this app about a 4- star rating because of something so little like the stupid payment. If I didn’t have to pay for anything then I would totally give this app a 5 star rating. Please try to fix this.
Beauty plus is the best
by amazing app like no other on 2020/03/24 17:35
Beauty plus is the best app Ever so many cute filters and face filters It would be cool if you could create your own filter or even request one they should make it so you can do something like take songs that they use on tiktok and let us use those for beauty plus And I know it might be copyright but tiktok did it so we can
Unable to use my premium subscription
by NikkiCRNA on 2019/10/05 05:27
i paid for a year of Beauty plus premium and i have been unable to use my subscription. My subscription expires May 2020 so why am i having issues with using beauty plus premium. Also, even though i click save photos, my photos do not save automatically. Pls help!!!
Pretty good but I had a problem
by Rabbits and Dogs for life on 2019/05/29 23:52
I really love the filters on this app and like using them for fun but after a while it stopped working for me, I can’t use the app right now because it won’t let me take pictures. It allows me to edit photos I already took or to edit group photos but I can’t take pictures anymore.
WOW, never been so impressed
by moscrib on 2019/01/18 03:17
This app is amazing. I never ever write reviews but this one is so good I'll write be as in-deapth as I can: This app is the easiest thing to use with amazing results, I struggle with my skin and using a mixture of the “acne" button and the "smooth" button, it makes EVERY blemish and spot and hair disappear with an easy SWIPE. FINALLLLLY! Thank you thank you developers, and thank you for a FREE app!
I love it !!!
by kpop_Server32 on 2020/07/08 18:49
I think this app is very delightful and certainly impressive but the fact is the part where I see some parts blocked unless you buy it .. I really hope this could be a full free app rather than part blocked and part open ..Overall I think that the pictures are very clear and the designs are magnificent..
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