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internet speed Test Speedcheck
Use Speedcheck to test the speed of internet connections and add your results to SpeedSpot's WiFi speed database. You can use the companion app, SpeedSpot's WiFi Finder right from with the app to find the fastest WiFi hotspots around the globe. - Test your Download & Upload Speed and Ping on Cellular and WiFi networks - One-tap testing in under 20 seconds - Worldwide High-Speed Server network for reliable results - Comment on your tests (privately) - Track your past results - Calculate how long transfers will take with build-in Bandwidth Calculator - Easily share your results on Twitter & Facebook
by LenHayko on 2021/04/14 10:29
Great speed tester. Found my internet I’m paying for is not up to advertised speed!
Great App
by Matts 2005 Scooter on 2021/04/13 21:27
Love this app. I’ve searched many speed apps.I removed all of them and kept yours.
Awesome service.
by creajbn on 2021/04/12 10:28
Much better than an online website.
As advertised
by Derek of house Stark on 2021/04/11 21:51
Great for quickly checking your internet speeds. Love this app!
by butterfieldkids on 2021/04/10 14:13
love lov this app
Awesome app
by Heisamit on 2021/04/10 05:55
This is quick n awesome app ... gives you exactly what you are looking for
by Godinez85 on 2021/04/08 19:43
I woke up today with my phone feeling hot and a text message saying I’m out of data and it’s my second week and I look up what happened and it turns out your app ran me 277gb in one night wondering how that is even possible was trying to reach to you in private but couldn’t figure out how
At least they give you a choice
by DJ Beav on 2021/04/08 13:16
I’m giving 5 *s as they at least give you a chance to remove ads
Free N So Far So Good
by Augustus1 on 2021/04/07 15:17
Looks like this is the best free internet speed test at the moment hopefully that won’t change in the future.
Good app
by Sherry love nana on 2021/04/06 22:57
One of the best you must try
Essential to check wifi coverage and speed
by Vikingferd on 2021/04/06 14:43
If your need to find the dead zones in your home, download this one.
Great app!
by mywldn on 2021/04/05 04:43
Easy to understand and dependable
Great app
by Rossage1 on 2021/04/04 17:30
Always works. Great product. It is my go to app for checking WiFi / internet speeds. Always reliable, will continue to use.
Best in class
by Gregg Dovo on 2021/04/04 03:31
This is the best in breed speed tester
Very good!
by jtepe5031 on 2021/04/03 17:21
I love this app!
I love this app
by dolfan55 on 2021/03/31 14:43
Very good
Electronic Eng.
by bf7270 on 2021/03/31 11:42
Perfect ....!!!!
Great APP
by Akutan Zero on 2021/03/29 16:14
Since I began working from home I have relied on this app on a daily basis to ensure I could do a zoom and other meetings. Very simple and easy to use! Great app
Excellent functionality
by JAM YNWA on 2021/03/28 21:15
Getting good and useful apps that you can use with an iPhone is difficult or costly. This app is easy to use and very informative and is free.
Great guys, great app!
by jmtulsa on 2021/03/28 01:54
Thank you for great functionality and supporting DIY techies.
Work great!
by tstew58 on 2021/03/27 22:24
I’ve been using this for years
Great stuff
by choppa chop on 2021/03/27 15:54
Great product reall helpful finding my deadspots.
Best speed test app for your wifi in different locations
by bh48d on 2021/03/27 03:19
Love ya
Great app
by armbelaz on 2021/03/26 12:38
Best app for monitoring internet speed
Great app
by bmunn2020 on 2021/03/25 19:10
Trying to test a Vlop mesh network. Walking around with my iPad and this app and it’s working great.
Very easy to use
by Maw of 8 on 2021/03/25 17:00
Love that the test let's me know if there is a problem with my network. Im not computer savey but this app is easy to use
Love this app
by Bloodied infant on 2021/03/23 16:28
Quick, easy way to see how fast my connection is. Been using it for a while now.
by 👹😈👹👺 on 2021/03/22 21:05
free ad removal pog
Great App
by Deloysgirl on 2021/03/21 18:19
It’s nice to see where we are in our uploads and downloads! Perfect for us!
by Alshehry2009 on 2021/03/21 10:30
Very good...
by Okydocky on 2021/03/21 07:22
I’ve been using ookla for years it’s always been somewhat reliable. Until lately so A couple months ago a friend recommended SpeedCheck. I tried it and so far I like it better. And especially you can change the data bit rates measurement! The ookla offered that for years but it’s not available on their iPhone app anymore
Good speed testing app
by tcdraper on 2021/03/20 14:01
Saves history, shows a bar graph of your speed, and works as expected!
Always my go to App
by BMET3 on 2021/03/20 07:52
Great WiFi speed app
Very Convenient
by WhiteBoy'97 on 2021/03/20 01:41
This app is very convenient, I usually use the google chromed speed test but sometimes it is faulty. But with this app it is very consistent and awesome.
Very nice app.
by dek kris on 2021/03/18 22:16
Easy and accurate
by Skatmaster on 2021/03/17 02:27
Works sweet thanks
Speed Check
by Prodwick on 2021/03/15 22:08
This app is very helpful.
by RealusN on 2021/03/14 19:07
Clean interface. Works great. More honest than xFinity’s speed rest.
Fast and easy
by worlds greatest junkman on 2021/03/14 03:00
One click. Easy. Fast
by Mrstuvx on 2021/03/13 19:31
Very Fast. Easy to use.
Great test
by tech6620 on 2021/03/12 20:04
This test is much more accurate than others I’ve used
Perfect speed check
by XxBADG3RxX on 2021/03/12 01:45
I use this to check my speeds at home I think Comcast is trying to cheat my internet speeds
Speed check
by jdanner46 on 2021/03/11 18:17
Awesome speed check. Very fast and reliable
Amazing app, amazing developers.
by DragonSlayer10,000 on 2021/03/11 02:44
This app does what it needs to do, and it does it very well. They don’t force you to pay to remove ads! Of course there is still the small banner ads, but the full screen ads are removable free of charge. This app is awesome, and I highly recommend.
by Enigma-GA on 2021/03/10 20:22
Awesome app! It’s great to be able to check and see if I’m getting the internet speed that I’m paying for.
by Talkeetna21 on 2021/03/09 23:22
They have crap that comes on the screen you can’t turn off I will delete this junk
Doesn’t DO Anything But Serve Up Ads
by Qwerrtyuuiioppplkjgfsazcvbm on 2021/03/09 18:18
Total waste of time.
Should get!
by 🌙🥰☹️😎🙁🤓😋🎁😏☹️ on 2021/03/08 18:38
When your in a cold wifi spot the ping will be low, when your in a hot wifi spot your ping will be high. This helped me a lot because most of my cousins complain about lag at my house. So i just use the app to find the best wifi spaces in my house! Thank You. P.S I’m an actual person. So don’t think this is fake.
by AlexWhitworth on 2021/03/08 16:01
Easy to use. Easy to understand. A great app!
by anasofia171 on 2021/03/08 01:42
Intrusive Adverisin
by Peadar22 on 2021/03/07 15:36
I tested the Internet connection twice with this app and each time before I was allowed to see the results I was forced to watch a advertisement for a video game. And I couldn’t get rid of it. I had to close the app and reopen it. And it happened again. I cannot recommend this app.
Must have utility
by 8non8miss1 on 2021/03/05 23:34
5 stars
by Sparkvfl375 on 2021/03/05 14:54
The only reason I give this app 5 stars is because the app tells me to give it 5 stars in order to get rid of the ads... so I gave it 5 stars to get rid of the ads.
by marissamendieta on 2021/03/04 22:37
Can’t get past the ads!
by Unhappy with B of A. Good bye! on 2021/03/03 22:32
It’s useless unless you want to de inundated with game advertisements. Crazy...
Very helpful
by HoboHugh on 2021/03/03 01:04
This app is very helpful
by The Dude Lebowski dude on 2021/03/02 15:19
Review solicitation by offering free app with review.
Works like a charm
by Cowboyt54 on 2021/03/01 04:07
This app works like a charm to determine the upload and download speeds of WiFi connections.
Great app
by Artie74 on 2021/02/28 17:51
App easy to use and understand
Testing internet connection
by wifibooster on 2021/02/28 00:33
I just installed a wifi booster and wanted to verify if there were still dead spots in my home. Downloaded app and it gave me a bunch of info for free.
No information about wifi channels. Speed test only
by schekutiev on 2021/02/27 18:59
Speed test only which on my old iPad 2 showed incorrect results 5/60Mbps (down/up) on 5Ghz Wifi connected through fiber to ISP (up to 940mbps symm). No information about wifi channels. Are they "busy" or not. Does my network interfere with neighbors - no data. Basically, online speed test by famous Ookla does a better job if you want to check the actual connection speed. The only good thing about it is support for old devices. Other than that not recommended.
Great for testing internet speed
by nOfr3nz on 2021/02/27 18:35
Actually works this works by hookup to your own network and giving you a true connection speed
by burns# on 2021/02/26 22:44
by 4phunn on 2021/02/26 20:40
Fake reviews and too many ads
by imapancakewoah on 2021/02/26 06:54
This app does do as it says, but has fake five star reviews and a ridiculous amount of ads. As soon as you open the app for the first time, an ad appears. As soon as you finish the test, an ad appears. And you DO have to pay to remove ads. Honestly, it works fine but it has far too many ads. And some reviews say that you don’t have to pay to remove ads or anything. Don’t believe it, no app lets you remove ads for free, including this one. I’m very disappointed, I actually thought this app would work.
Not usable currently
by Brettbs3 on 2021/02/25 23:59
Ran a speed test then got a full page ad that I couldn’t close to see the results.
by Raultimo on 2021/02/24 23:28
Da una información bien certera y el diseño de la página es fácil de leer.
Game Adds
by game add central on 2021/02/24 23:13
Full of game adds. Have to close app two or three times to use it because of the game adds.
Great app
by edwardo761 on 2021/02/23 00:22
Speed check is a great service
Quick and easy
by D-Duluth on 2021/02/22 23:37
Very easy to use and clear.
Great App
by "K 215" on 2021/02/22 22:24
Speed check
by Zena #28 on 2021/02/22 05:05
I love this app.
Great app!
by 26BN on 2021/02/22 04:51
Very useful app to fine tune my WiFi setup.
Work as advertised
by A dot M on 2021/02/21 22:35
This is a great app for freaking out your speed Wi-Fi on your phone and at home great app
by LetsDoThisOn2 on 2021/02/21 19:23
This app is great for checking out the speed of your internet thumbs up
by Laser Phil on 2021/02/19 16:12
by عمر٩٩ on 2021/02/19 11:41
Its a nice application and very reliable in testing your internet speed. Plus it free!
Good app
by BigKingJr on 2021/02/18 19:57
Does what it’s supposed to do
Very helpful
by Alexonbang on 2021/02/18 16:00
So I was playing warzone with some buddies when my wifi started to act up and then I saw this app and decided to download it and it was very helpful to see how my wifi is behaving
by dolpa7 on 2021/02/18 03:35
This app is truly amazing, it is great when you need to know how your wifi is doing.
Works as intended
by Aldrens dad on 2021/02/17 17:29
First time to try this app i like the history of test
by bullhandjay on 2021/02/16 21:44
Best internet speed tester I’ve ever seen or used for that matter. Excellent results.
Excellent app
by katko2 on 2021/02/16 05:40
As long as I leave a 5 star review they’ll give the app to me without ads! Awesome deal!
by few carpenter on 2021/02/16 02:07
I have an iphone 11 and it crashes after every other test and i lose the results. Also has way to many ads. The ads are as long as the test itself
by SilverManor on 2021/02/15 23:37
WOW!!made a great choice👍👍
Works great
by Bajankurt on 2021/02/15 17:19
App works consistently. They even offered to remove the Ads for free! Keep up the great work guys.
by Hermor on 2021/02/14 02:13
It’s my favorite app for testing speed. Lot of good data.
Good speed test app
by Dipenc on 2021/02/13 00:27
Great app for speed testing
Great job
by Mixedground on 2021/02/13 00:12
A great asset for me, thanks
Chinese Communist Party style
by mqfu on 2021/02/12 06:42
wants your everything
Speed test
by BrianMiami305 on 2021/02/12 00:36
Very good speed test,
Seems to ok
by manik.bff on 2021/02/11 06:03
I just started using the app, so can’t give any feednack right now.
Fast & Accurate
by B-Mang on 2021/02/10 06:05
I’ve used a few different speed test apps and of them all I find this one to be the best. Highly recommend for testing your internet.
Not worth the ad’s
by another2020BS on 2021/02/10 04:59
Barely get to see the results and you get slammed with an ad... Not worth it!
I do not trust this
by WomansToolBelt on 2021/02/10 00:09
I used several different apps testing my speed, this is the only one that showed a different speeds. Also, the ads are extremely annoying. I couldn’t get the ad to disappear until I clicked on it. I will not be using this app.
by DONUT1197 on 2021/02/09 23:36
by LevinYT on 2021/02/09 05:16
This app is very helpful
by IFHYlIfE360 on 2021/02/07 03:12
this app is fantastic
by mozahrani on 2021/02/06 19:50
I like it
by LostShepherds on 2019/07/11 21:30
Total “hats off “ to the developers. They DONT force you to pay to remove ads. Obviously the developers know they have a strong and useful app, and rather than make you pay to remove ads they know that having a product that works as it should will prove the worth of purchasing other products from them. I can respect that from a consumer standpoint. As for the app: it is a very good tool to find hot/cold WiFi spots in your home (or business) check ping, upload/download speeds and monitor the overall use of bandwidth. I have two kids with xboxes, iPhones, tablets ect. So finding the optimal spot in the house to place the router for strong WiFi speeds for everyone was .. well I’ll be perfectly blunt... parents just get this app, find the hot and cold spots for signal strength. And you will stop having to listen to kids yelling at each other about lag, long load times... ect. Just load up the app. Scan in each room. Write down the speeds and in less than 10 minutes you can stop eating Tylenol, and enjoy hearing your kids yell at someone else online rather than each other..
by ApehfjspcmahqyriqyeyfkNd on 2019/01/12 20:13
When I originally used this, I was worried it would be constant adware and just be really annoying. But, the saving grace is that after a couple of times, they straight up ask you if you will help them (via in app purchase) and if you can’t, you still have the option to get rid of all ads. I’m honestly baffled, no other company has treated me with such dignity and respect. This is the only company I’ve ever found that lets you get rid of ads if you’d like, and because of that I fully support this company and am going to buy in app purchases. Most other companies insert tons of adware and bitcoin miners into their products, but it’s so refreshing to see a company that isn’t resorting to those low-level methods. (Especially when you think they actually have a reason to, but choose not to)
Incredibly disruptive modals, terrible ux
by Hdjdhdjdhdjy82849 on 2019/09/30 03:09
I instantly removed this application. First you have an ad, then immediately after a modal asking you to pay to remove ads, the. Then a modal pops up telling you they are not only using tons of ads, they are selling your data. Then an ad pops up about a WiFi extender. Then a modal pops up and asks you if you want to set up a WiFi extender app or service I was so annoyed at this point I dismissed it. Then a modal pops up asking you if they can use your location. Immediately after this a modal pops up asking you how you want that to work. Then an ad takes over the screen and you are finally free in the app. When you hit speed test a full page ad pops up. Then another modal pops up but I had instantly gone to delete the app and write this review. I am awe struck at the way this company has handled their application. We realize we are getting a free app at this point and ads are one thing but this is almost criminal. I won’t support this lack of oversight and abysmal ux. Just offer the paid app, that was ridiculous.
Great Wi-Fi Internet Speedcheck App!
by HogansHero1965 on 2019/09/02 06:13
I love this Speedcheck app to check the speed of my home Wi-Fi Internet connection. I recently upgraded our Internet speed. While I was on the phone with the ISP, I was able to launch this app and verify the new speed. The upgrade was from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps. SPEEDCHECK nailed the testing on this, and put my mind at ease that I was really getting what the ISP was telling me. A couple of other great things with Speedcheck: 1) History - you will have a running log of your speedchecks. This is great because it allows you to compare each test to your previous tests. You can see times your ISP may be slow, fast etc. 2) VPN speedchecking - I use a VPN for safer web browsing. They may tell you it doesn’t reduce your speed, but by using Speedcheck, I have found that it can. So... test using Speedcheck with the VPN connected, and then test it turned ‘off.’ You may see a difference. For me, this is where this app really shines. Whomever created this App... you did a great 👍 job! I highly recommend to anyone that wants to check the speed (it will check BOTH the download & the upload speed) of their Wi-Fi Internet connection, with a very simple to use app.
My go -to-app for testing WI-FI speed
by Aphotowizard on 2017/11/24 19:57
I travel in a Motorhome and stop at campgrounds across America. Each campground has very different WI-FI speeds. This app provides a quick convenient way to evaluate the local WI-FI in comparison to the Verizon USB connection to my router and allows me to select the best one for my needs. This alone is worth the small price to remove the ads. It also provides an easy way to determine if a slow website is something under my control. If the site is slow, but speed test is fast I just wait. If both are slow I begin further evaluation of my network. I like the new design. The interface is much brighter and happier, but the display is more jerky. I suspect that is related to more accurate operation and does not detract from the utility.
This is the only one I have used for past year!
by lindsaywork2012 on 2021/01/19 07:39
Surprisingly enough I used to use a lot of different speed tests, but it seems that ever since my networks merged with another one this is the only app that really is accurate and pinpoint locations and doesn’t fail me. They’re conscientious about their ads and offer you free at removal even if you don’t purchase which I think is above and beyond I chose to leave this review because it’s true and not a guilt trip they really is the only one that I can’t rely on I’ve tried other ones in the past year and lo and behold this is the one so I highly recommend it especially in rural areas thanks again for being so efficient.
Extremely Useful for Pro or Novice
by Stvnr on 2017/10/04 23:52
High speed WiFi is now a “given” expectation regardless of where you are located. As a designated group “wonk” I find myself needing useful information quickly to address urgent issues from kids, family, and employees. This app has helped maintain my position as the center of attention. When I got tired of being everyone’s favorite party trick, I installed it on a child’s device who was quickly able to demonstrate abilities to rival my own. Now as the outcast, I use my newfound time to get the real work done using the apps advanced features. Faster on my phone that opening up my laptop. Nice job on creating a high use app that appeals to experts and beginners alike.
by TroyAndNikki or NikkiAndTroy on 2020/10/17 02:41
So Far It’s Been Working & This App Is Showing About The Same Results As The Other Apps. Which I’ll Test My Speed With This App & 2 Or 3 Other Apps To See If All Apps Are Showing About The Same Range. Also To Know For Myself The Speed Test Is About Right/ Correct/ Or At Least Close To It. Something Popped Up After A Ad & It Gave Me Options & One Option Was To Remove Ads FREE Of Charge. Which The Ads On Any App Are So Aggregating!!! But App Companies Want People To Pay To Remove The Ads To Make More Money & Of Course That's Why There's So Many Ads Popping Up & Want People To Get So Frustrated They Will Give In & Pay To Remove The Pop Up Ads. Then The App Company Wins & The Person Feels Like They Won Now Cause There's No More Pop Up Ads. But I Say Screw Paying To Remove The Ads & Always Will Refuse To Pay Money Just To Remove Pop Up Ads On A App. I’d Give 10 STARS To { SPEEDCHECK } If I Could For 2 Main Reasons ↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️ 1. Removed Ads For FREE 2. WiFi Speed Test Results Seem To Be Pretty Accurate THANK YOU SO MUCH SPEEDCHECK FOR THE AD REMOVAL FREE OF CHARGE THAT'S THE 2ND MOST IMPORTANT WELL TO ME IT IS
Absolutely amazing
by bishop zolanski on 2019/04/12 01:47
First of all, the service works phenomenally! It gives me accurate results plus is extremely helpful for people who travel and need to find reliable WiFi sources. Also, they are extremely generous. You’re able to remove ads for free once you use the service a few times. They give you the option to pay to remove them and honestly I encourage everyone to do so because they deserve it and giving them a few bucks to keep this outstanding service going is absolutely nothing. I’ve never seen an app run by such great people and hope they keep it up because I’m thoroughly satisfied.
Just what I was lookin for
by State Farmer on 2020/03/15 20:46
As the total says this is just what I was looking for. The other Speedcheck apps that I used was not at all what I needed, they would check on on business speeds and not my own. This is the first one that I came across that would let me see my own speed for my household. It has been perfectly accurate on speed for the upload and download rate, and is very useful for when I notice my speed drop, when it does and I use the app sure enough I can see the speed drop. Thank you guys for making this the perfect app that I need. :)
Rating system needs a rework
by Wickedcor on 2020/10/23 04:50
So I sit in a spot at work that literally gives me 1-2 bars of signal at a time. Out of curiosity I ran a speed check with this app to see what I was really working with, and lo, without much surprise it was slow. My ping was well over 200ms, the download speed struggled with a max of a little over 2 MB/s, and my upload speed was 0. Not surprising at all. What was surprising was that the rating system gave browsing and streaming a 4 out 5. Not that’s just plain wrong. The rest were given a 1 out of 5, which was on the money. My phone (iPhone XR) struggles to load any web page, no matter how basic, and doesn’t even try to load videos. So please, re-evaluate the rating system.
Speedcheck Is the Best
by jandbrare1 on 2019/03/04 17:38
All of the Internet speed apps will tell you what the download and upload speeds are. This app gives you a place to annotate each result. That way you can keep track of where you made the speed test. In my house, speed checks made near the router give higher results than those made at some distance from the router. While this may be obvious, speed checks vary with the time of day and it’s hard to tell when looking back just where the speed check was made. This app allows you to keep track of that.
Works, plain and simple
by GourmetQuicky on 2019/02/03 15:03
And easy to use app that helped prove to my family and then, more importantly, the tech guy that our WiFi has major issues. Love the fact that I no longer have to keep a manual record of times/speeds as it keeps a running tally of all tests performed. My one suggestion would be to offer a space on the summary of each test where I could store notes, i.e. where I was in the house, or how many people were using the WiFi at that moment. Plays quick ads after each test, but they really don’t interrupt anything and they certainly aren’t bombarding you ads everywhere. This app asks you if you’d like to support them with a purchase to remove ads. If you don’t want to or can’t, they offer remove the ads anyway. What the?? How generous is that!?! I chose to continue seeing ads. The least I can do is throw them a bone for making such a great, streamlined app.
Best Speedtest app
by HogHunter on 2017/10/20 01:23
I used to be a network architect / engineer in another life so I have some understanding of the topic. However I got away from network stuff to focus on databases so now my skills are lame. This makes me the worst kind of user, one who knows enough of what can be done but is too lazy I mean busy. If I were to design a speed test interface I cannot imagine doing better than these guys. In fact they have stuff I didn’t consider doing. To top it off, the app has a very easy interface that makes it look easy to do what they do under the covers.
Definitely worth a read
by KimGuido1005 on 2020/08/29 02:49
You need to read the terms & conditions very carefully. Do not get this app, it’s a scam! I gave it 5 stars so there’d be a chance my review would be posted. In order for the app to work they ask for permission to access & sell data on your phone. This includes your name, address, email, browsing history, websites visited and more. They very openly tell you this information is being sold to basically pay for the app because it costs a lot of money to run the scans.
Nice program with transparency
by Jeff - Acushnet, MA on 2019/06/20 12:54
Kudos to the developer for their transparency with ad content. After every test you run you are presented with an option to remove ads that appear. You can choose to pay to remove the ads or say no and continue to see them. Thank you for being straightforward. The test are accurate and I like how it tells you how your speed affects gaming, web browsing and so on. This has become my go to testing program and I have been recommending it to others as well.
So far it’s great
by CCTWB on 2019/12/01 00:26
The app allows for FREE ADD REMOVAL! second time I used it a pop up allowed me to get rid of adds. So far it’s good. I was about ready to delete the app because the adds were terrible, so many every time I used it, during, and after! But here we go. Other than that. It works fast and you can keep a history. I hope to be able to use the log for “my side of the story” when I call provider customer service. My cellular speed is three to four times fast then my home connection! Who knew!?!?
Best Speed Test App verify your ISP’S Claims.
by DLS Dawg88 on 2017/10/22 19:48
We have ISP service from a provider that has a good bit of variability in data transmission speeds. When we purchased internet service they guaranteed a minimum download speed. Sometimes the bandwidth is as advertised, but more often than not it is much slower. This app gives me hard evidence of their transmission speed over time. I must not be the only customer to present these fact to my service provider since they have promised upgrade in service. Thanks for the great app. D
One of the best speed testing apps out there
by Michael Robert Dolgon on 2019/08/31 08:21
I love the interface and this app works great. The only thing I find it lacking, versus the other good testing app I use, SpeedSmart (and I’ve tried all of them), is there’s no option to select alternative servers based on geographic location. This would be a nice addition to have and I would gladly even donate the use of one of my currently dormant dedicated servers here at a data center in Los Angeles for this purpose (devs, get in touch, I’m serious). Thanks for all the work put into this app.
Wonderful WiFi Speed Testing app
by North Mtn Mike on 2019/07/26 21:36
Love this product. Easy to set up & use. I live in a remote rural area where internet is only available in 2 flavors: DSL from the local phone company, which is horrible at tech service & support; or HughesNet satellite Internet, where your speed depends on the weather/Mother Nature. HughesNet frequently switches your access nodes around the US depending on the demands of their systems. This product helps me know if I am getting the speeds I am paying for from HughesNet.
Loved this app until installing ios 14
by idownloadgrips on 2020/10/26 21:06
I’ve used this app as my main WiFi and LTE tester because of it’s speed and reliability for as long as I can remember. After installing iOS 14 I’ve noticed that the app copy’s and pastes from the iphones clipboard whenever it’s about to run a test. I don’t know if the app always behaved in this manner but it was only brought to my attention because of iOS’s enhanced security notifications. As of now I can only rate this app 3 stars because I cannot think of any possible reason why a speed tester would need to copy information from the system clipboard.
The only speed test app you need
by Bar0n 0f Hell on 2018/03/19 16:38
I’ve got 4-5 other speed testing apps, but this one has worked the best and most consistently by far. Speed results are far more consistent and accurate when compared to test results used on other more accurate devices, as well as what I generally should be getting. Very clean and easy to use and understand, download this and be done with it. Also don’t worry about the ads, you’ll see ;) Great job devs!
Great speed testing app
by Scott T MF H. on 2018/07/25 23:01
This app will actually pick-up the server or WiFi router you are using, as well as the IP address to what ur connected to and tell you the upload/download speed of ur system. The other apps I tried only gave a generic location and average speed of the area, or provider I was using. This app is a great way of keeping ur internet provider honest about what speeds your actually getting versus what u may b paying for.
Nice App and Very Helpful!
by Weapons boy on 2017/09/08 18:34
I've been battling against the poor wifi signal war in my home from the dawning of the technology. I have yet to win on a single front; purchase after purchase of new and "better" equipment with no way of testing the claims. Until now, that is; I have been really happy with this app and it's helping to provide information on where the problem has been and how to come up with a fix. Thanks!
Better than other speed tests
by EmtinHawaii on 2019/08/27 11:11
I have been using another speed test app and the difference between the numbers are very different. This app speed test is actually closer to what type of service speed we pay for through our service provider. I don’t know why and how 2 different speed tests can have very different numbers but this one is the “BEST” and most “ACCURATE” speed test I have used!
Nice App
by Ptttttyyyyyyyy on 2020/07/21 20:41
Seems to be a good app. Asks a few questions/explains privacy policy, you might get an ad that you can immediately “x” out of, and then you can run your test. Another ad you can immediately get out of and the. You have your results. I ran three consecutive tests, first two asked if I wanted to pay for ad removal, and after the third it offered ad removal for free. The one star review I read here is ridiculous
Highly impressed
by Kjfam on 2018/08/19 09:10
This developer is pretty dang cool. They let you know how they’re only funded by in app purchases and how you can choose to remove ads for a fee, but if you don’t want to pay for anything they’ll still let you remove the ads free of charge. P.S. the app works amazing as well, compared it to my internet service providers speed test and it was completely accurate. Highly impressed
Wifi speed testing
by The Unbiased on 2019/08/25 15:50
Honestly one of the most useful apps for me as I like to play games and read on my phone and laptop, sometimes trying to find the speed of my wifi is annoying on my laptop. However this app is perfect it tells you your download and upload speed and your ping, it also lets you know what provider you may/ may not have
Like this app very much
by majuscule on 2019/03/06 01:42
I’m always checking my speed because of a marginal connection. The free speed test I was using in my browser disappeared so I tried this app. I was impressed with the streamlined display. And, like others, I was impressed that you could opt to not to pay remove the ads. I have the means, liked the app and so I paid. I haven’t even checked out the other features!
by 839337737383939394747292 on 2019/03/22 20:20
By far the best WiFi checking application out there. Wherever you go it’s gives the most accurate download and upload speeds. It even tells you you’re IP address and your WiFi provider. This app never seems to fail. No problems with it at all. It just gets straight to the point. Would strongly recommend getting this app. Plus it’s Frrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!
Fake reviews and too many ads
by imapancakewoah on 2021/02/26 06:54
This app does do as it says, but has fake five star reviews and a ridiculous amount of ads. As soon as you open the app for the first time, an ad appears. As soon as you finish the test, an ad appears. And you DO have to pay to remove ads. Honestly, it works fine but it has far too many ads. And some reviews say that you don’t have to pay to remove ads or anything. Don’t believe it, no app lets you remove ads for free, including this one. I’m very disappointed, I actually thought this app would work.
Free ad removal after a few times
by Schlomo Pancake on 2018/04/24 18:49
The app gives you an option to remove ads for free after a few rejections of the paid service. This is very helpful to those not wanting to spend money on a free app. The app itself is very easy to use. I only wish it gave you an opportunity to choose the server, as you can get wildly different results each time. A great, useful app.
Phenomenal testing!
by HP desktop (Ag) on 2018/08/26 14:04
I just got the most interesting results with this app. My IPad upload speed is so fast but my phone is horrible. Something to talk to my provider about. How eye opening this app is! Especially considering I just supposedly got a major speed boost. Thank you Speedcheck! I would definitely recommend this app with no reservations. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.
This helps
by Anonymous generous on 2017/11/28 21:30
Speedcheck is good for checking issues with wifi so we can fix it, and it helps with everything else when it comes to wifi, Speedcheck allows you to check your wifi’s speed so you’ll know everything’s going on, it’s not just speed, it’s also going to measure the downloading rate and uploading rate, handy right? I like it.
Simple, Functional
by Engineer23 on 2017/07/08 13:15
This is a simple, easy to use app that does just what it claims to do: It quickly tests the speed of your Internet connection, both upload and download, and then keeps a history of the test results. Don't see the need? Well you may be surprised at the difference between what your ISP advertises and the performance you actually get. I was!
by Okydocky on 2021/03/21 07:22
I’ve been using ookla for years it’s always been somewhat reliable. Until lately so A couple months ago a friend recommended SpeedCheck. I tried it and so far I like it better. And especially you can change the data bit rates measurement! The ookla offered that for years but it’s not available on their iPhone app anymore
Excellent and accurate
by Plague inc fan number 1 on 2019/03/24 15:12
This app is very great ant shows what WiFi’s are best. I have never really known my WiFi speed until I got this app. Now I can see why people like 5g more than 2g. It is also accurate as the test proves that WiFi’s speeds are better than others. This app must be used if you want to find the best WiFi and the best way to get perfect WiFi!
Great app, I guess???
by CnileManBaby on 2018/08/30 18:07
The app itself is great, does what it says it should do. And that’s great, but so weird to get a prompt that says leave a five star review on the App Store to get free removal of adds. But why the heck am I complaining? ‘Cause it’s abnormal to see something like this. But at the same time it’s great. Wish I could help out but I’m low on cash, what can I do. Anyway I hope that you surpass and succeed. BOL🙃🙃🙃
Best App Ever
by Critic #69 on 2018/11/22 18:29
With the little ads that it already had, it offered to remove them... FOR FREE!! I just got it to check out how fast my WiFi was, but later started doing it every time I was connected to WiFi to see how fast they were. So far, my house has the fastest, but that’s out of my school, grandparents house, and all of my other friends. This app is so great!
Was good at first now it only crashes
by kingmasters on 2020/05/30 21:58
Have had this app for about maybe a month and a half now which honestly is not long but in my own opinion it’s unstable as hell. It started crashing every time I opened it so I deleted it and reinstalled it and that seemed to work, but not for long because after every test right after the upload speed finished scanning it would crash it actually got so bad that I had to hard reset my phone because it crashed so hard it froze my screen
Good app for WiFi
by Macdaddybill on 2019/04/09 00:30
I’ve tried three or four others and they’re very inconsistent showing my speed because they’re going to different servers across the country, and actually showing my speed is being very slow ! This one is right on the money with what my paid speed is so it is accurate!
Speed Check is a Great Tool
by SJS2k on 2018/11/21 08:06
This has helped me a lot, and has helped me realize it’s time to change internet service providers. The ATT coverage has been terribly weak and spotty. They don’t do anything to make it better Speedcheck has helped me see how weak and erratic it actually is. It’s hard for them to argue with hard numbers Thanks for a very good product!
Ratings almost seem like a "scam" (hear me out)
by DixieO on 2018/08/12 00:04
So far, this app has given me the lowest result (by at least half) of what other apps/websites have shown. I just got a pop-up today (after an ad) asking me to send funds to remove the ads, OR I could remove them "FOR FREE" by giving them a 5-star I'm kind of wondering if that's why they have such good ratings. Because so far it hasn't been showing speeds even close to what I'm getting on other websites. But for all I know, maybe this one is accurate and the others are blowing smoke. Who knows...but I'm not really impressed.
by Guardia713 on 2017/09/10 16:05
App does what it's supposed to do. Checks ping, upload, and download speed if connected to wifi. Will do the same thing to your network if not on wifi and connected to a phone service provider. App also stores tests so you can compare performance. A bit ad heavy but ads are easy to remove by writing a review.
Reviews are true
by Minty111213 on 2019/09/05 15:37
This has proven a great tool for a great value. They let you turn off the full screen ads after every test once you use it a few times, and to be honest, I might just turn them back on because the developers were gracious enough to give people that option
Simple and Indispensable
by palealien on 2018/11/24 01:20
Sometimes an app comes along that is just exactly as I say in my title, and this is one. Not only is it a quick and handy tool, the typical begging of ad removal schemes is as polite and respectful as any I have seen, and to me, no matter how I feel about the app itself, this almost always dictates both my review and my likelihood to donate or purchase.
by Godinez85 on 2021/04/08 19:43
I woke up today with my phone feeling hot and a text message saying I’m out of data and it’s my second week and I look up what happened and it turns out your app ran me 277gb in one night wondering how that is even possible was trying to reach to you in private but couldn’t figure out how
by Maj-x on 2020/10/01 21:32
This app really allows me to sport the weak areas of my house so I can install wifi extenders. There are a few adds in between testing, but there’s a pop up right after that asks you if you wanna remove the adds. So the option is yours. However not annoying. Very great app!! I’m glad I downloaded it!
Alright, but glitches in watch app
by csduncan on 2018/11/27 07:31
Seems like a fine speed test app. However, I can never seem to complete a Speedtest from my Apple Watch Series 4. It always “freezes” in the middle of the upload test. I’ve tried switching connections and messing with screen awake time, but to no avail. If they intend to keep this iOS AND watchOS app, this is a big problem that needs addressing.
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