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Facetune 2 is now available on the App Store! • "Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones." - Roy Furchgott, The NY Times • Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor! • #1 Photo and Video App in 127 countries! --------------------------------------------------------- Professional photographers and graphic designers constantly photoshop models to perfection, and now so can you! Without the expensive price tag or complicated tools, Facetune gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your iPhone. Praises about Facetune: • "Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones." - Roy Furchgott, The NY Times • "One of the Most Powerful Mobile Apps I have Ever Encountered... Facetune Can Truly Be Called Magical." - Hillel Fuld, Huffington Post • “I have been seriously impressed with the patch quality FaceTune does. You get pretty much a Photoshop editing job in the palm of your hand.” - Allyson Kazmucha, iMore --------------------------------------------------------- Every photo could use a touch up. That's why magazines use expensive and complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. But now, there’s Facetune! Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (previously reserved only for the pros) to perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine. Now you can be sure that all your portraits show only the best version of you - whether you’ll be using them for your professional profile or simply sharing online with friends. --------------------------------------------------------- What can Facetune do for you? PERFECT SMILES • Widen or refine your smile • Whiten and brighten your teeth BEAUTIFUL SKIN • Smooth and rejuvenate your skin • Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes • Brighten dark circles under your eyes PENETRATING EYES • Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze • Change your eye color • Remove red and white-eye effects HAIR SALON • Color over grey hair • Fill bald patches • Remove stray hairs RESHAPE FACIAL STRUCTURE • Refine jaw lines • Heighten cheek bones and brows • Reshape your nose • Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image • Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes VIVID MAKEUP • Apply any shade of blush and eye shadow • Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows • Add color to your lips • Add intensity to your natural lip color PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS • Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background • Improve lighting or add special effects • Create customized filters • Add unique textures and customizable frames • Rotate the photo or flip to its mirror image MAKE ART • Add artistic touches to make your photo your own • Customizable filters can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas SHOW OFF • Instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through social media or e-mail EASY AND FUN • Compare your work with the original photo at every step of the way, with only one tap • Having trouble? Facetune offers informative graphic and video help screens for each feature RESOLUTIONS • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: 12.6 MP • iPhone 6, 6 Plus 16.8 MP • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S: 12.6 MP • iPhone 4S: 8 MP • iPhone 4: 4.1 MP
What’s going on???
by n0100721 on 2019/04/24 20:23
i got the iphone X max & realized that when i saved my pictures, the quality was horrible. the picture would look unclear. i had the app on my other phone & i had never experienced this issue. so is this happening because i got a larger screen sized phone? i tried using the “recommended size” & the “maximum size” & they still don’t save to my camera roll with great quality. i’d love to know how to fix this because i love this app & i’d hate to switch to another one!
by Gatita😻 on 2019/04/24 01:51
by Megsohappy2 on 2019/04/23 14:29
Best app ever
Loving 🥰
by Evangeline 1956 on 2019/04/23 03:25
Easy to use
by omer_aslanbogan on 2019/04/21 18:20
This program is very good
by lililuala on 2019/04/21 17:51
Hard to use
by yomeranena on 2019/04/20 08:30
Can’t reshape facial features waste of money
I downloaded the wrong one I hate it 😭😭
by Stubsbdhsbsb on 2019/04/19 22:41
I paid 3.99 for something I didn’t really want I’m just so sad now. If I buy Facetune 2 for 6 months or monthly can I please get my money back for the Facetune 1?
Hate the new update
by Ashley Quince on 2019/04/18 01:15
Please change it back to the way it used to be
Just don’t get it
by the dude7374 on 2019/04/17 05:49
Thought it would offer a lot more oh well🤷🏼‍♂️
Great app lifesaver
by Fschur on 2019/04/15 01:40
Wonderful life saver
My favorite app!
by Shmebbs on 2019/04/14 20:02
Honestly don’t know what I’d do without this app. Works great for 99% of everything I need to be fixed. Even with people with glasses but depends on the lighting us people get in the photo. But other than that, it works great with just about everything! Thank you FT!
Good App
by bellablondie21 on 2019/04/12 23:16
I love this app. It smoothed out my wrinkles lol
by facetunegod on 2019/04/11 17:36
Sneaky billing tactics
by GeekFreak0821 on 2019/04/10 14:31
Tried it once, didn’t realize I had signed up for a monthly renewal. Be careful!
by Yonly Tellez on 2019/04/09 14:01
I love this app, and this app loves me.
Facetune Review
by adrian.969696 on 2019/04/08 21:17
This is the coolest app I’ve ever seen. Literally is perfect. But could be more perfect if you can save the color in the option to choose the color in the Phot but it is perfect. I can’t wait to buy FaceTune 2 🖤
by Flacawantobe on 2019/04/05 19:29
Facetune is very user friendly 👍👍
by zalim69 on 2019/04/04 21:23
Love to smooth out my skin!
by rachbh94 on 2019/04/02 04:06
Love using Facetune but it could use some better filters!
Amazing 😉 app
by angeulisa on 2019/03/31 18:40
This app is really nice ! It provides everything you need to make a good photo!
Great little app
by Director Harris on 2019/03/30 19:40
I’ve been using for a while and it’s great
by a.protogonos on 2019/03/27 17:29
Meh, big let down.
by LauraAC33 on 2019/03/27 01:32
I use YouCam makeup for free and it has a lot more features and small details you can focus on than this. This was super basic for $3.99. I’m astonished so many people use this.
by pedo army on 2019/03/26 21:49
It’s good to photoshop a different persons face on to yours
Great app
by Drewmidg on 2019/03/26 21:35
This is the best app I think it is not noticed by my friends
Very good quality
by madison leiser on 2019/03/26 19:42
This is well worth the money but be careful with what you do. Use at your own risk.
by Shorty14713 on 2019/03/25 03:59
More options for makeup
Easy editor
by Donavon B. on 2019/03/24 04:21
User friendly, and great editing tools to up your photo game.
by lynettegnz on 2019/03/23 03:18
Wasted 4 dollars Thanks
not worth the money
by DiamondSantiago on 2019/03/23 00:25
i can’t believe i paid for this🤦🏽‍♀️😂just get facetune2 or legit any other one.
Stole My Money
by MiseryRiot on 2019/03/21 14:08
Allowed me to use for a few days after I paid and then no longer allowed me to use it. Also, the app could be better overall.
Sketchy acknowledgment
by SwanSNate on 2019/03/21 02:44
??? Why does acknowledgment have sections that are heavily typed over??
Please give more instructions
by sdtg4 on 2019/03/20 23:46
I had a hard time working with my pictures because the instructions were not clear. Could you do a video to go with the app so users know what everything does and how to Be most effective? Thank you for listening.
Love Facetune!
by MaryBethMeyers on 2019/03/19 22:53
So many times I get a great pictures but with bad lighting. 😏 I enjoy adjusting the exposure or the saturation with Facetune! It is quick and user friendly. Another feature I really line is the ability to add a frame with a variety of styles.
Good For Everything!
by Pr1nc3zz B on 2019/03/19 07:02
Hint: You can also edits everything else as well!
I want to cancel subscription
by National enquirer on 2019/03/19 03:46
Please cancel my subscription
by adrianharrason on 2019/03/16 18:53
Waste of money don’t buy 😂😂
Free apps do more
by zxcgvh on 2019/03/16 05:20
Read the great reviews. Dissatisfied. Really doesn’t do much. Download photoshop.
Worst app ever
by denbst on 2019/03/16 01:42
Do they pay people to write reviews?
by Connor murphyyyyyyyy on 2019/03/14 08:29
It’s a pretty good app, but after spending a fair amount of money for the app, you’d think they’d present you with upgrades or something of that matter but no, all improvements or additional features aren’t given to the first buyers of the app. Instead they make a Facetune 2. A very questionable move.
Não gostei
by welleloi on 2019/03/14 04:18
Tem bom funcionalidade mas não para o que precisava
by Mickymariah on 2019/03/11 06:12
Well this was a waste of money
by ChristophersRants on 2019/03/10 13:58
I paid for this one and the second one upgrade is a monthly fee for full features well I paid for one already and it’s a waste of money
it works great!!
by v kerber on 2019/03/10 00:01
my friend got this app and i thought it was so cool so i got it and i've loved it ever since!!!
Where is the makeup feature?
by alexaeguzman on 2019/03/09 22:49
I like the app but I can’t seem to find where the feature is for makeup and hair color?
FaceTune 2 is way more detailed and natural
by CcHsSf on 2019/03/09 02:28
Skip the original check out the remix. FaceTune 2 is great for changing color on photos, removing shadows from faces and super simple to navigate. You get your photo modified and uploaded. I never uploaded any I edited with FaceTune it never looked right (specifically trying to remove shadows from my families faces, success when I used FaceTune 2 thankfully!)
Priced Itself Out of Market
by TLCESQ on 2019/03/07 15:11
Been using app since inception. Now it’s charging exorbitant price. Not worth it.
Not worth it
by Dri diosa on 2019/03/04 06:58
Literally just get aviary I don’t understand the hype the presentation was minimal and ugly colors the filters were basic and the tools were mediocre
Still learning.
by im1shenanigan on 2019/03/03 23:15
First time I’ve used it. Having trouble buying Facetune 2.
Great app; fun and intriguing
by fitrad on 2019/03/03 17:06
New Post
by TrackmomIL on 2019/03/03 15:13
by SeoulXPlum on 2019/03/01 21:57
It’s okay not worth $4 tho
by jess khona on 2019/03/01 14:18
This app is AMAZING !!! It is so fun and makes such a difference on pictures can’t wait to use this more in the future great app !! 🙏🏻
Too Bright!
by Stepwild on 2019/02/27 19:49
I've been using Facetune about 6 years. Lately, it's been too bright white around the image I work on. It makes it too hard to see what I'm doing. It's like staring into a flashlight. There needs to be a dark mode. At least give us the option. That would help a lot. Dark mode gets 5 stars!
Missing features
by Samarah on 2019/02/27 19:32
Missing jaw reshape and other features
Life-changing but kind of annoying
by Mikeysters on 2019/02/27 11:07
I’ve never written a review before but basically I think it’s funny that I’m obsessed with this app. Like now I don’t have to worry about looking ugly on social media and I’m an instagram catfish it’s amazinggggg. But Facetune team, can you fix the fact that if you zoom in all the way, reshape and resize stop working? Also it’s annoying when I’m zoomed in and click on a new tool and the picture zoomed into another random part? Kk thanks!
by simba, and flounder on 2019/02/26 23:14
This app is AMAZING!!
Great app
by Missie_dee2003 on 2019/02/25 21:59
This is a great app for editing pics of all types! I use it all the time and haven’t found a better one!
by Sabbycal9516 on 2019/02/25 06:58
Everything on this app you can get already on a free app. Don’t waste 4 bucks for no/extremely limited editing options.
by whvreavss on 2019/02/24 07:36
It’s very hard to use. Not worth my 4 dollars in my opinion
by left titty on 2019/02/24 03:01
It keep closing the app in the background and I have to start all over. Tools are useful.
Better than FaceTune 2
by That computer guy 1212 on 2019/02/23 19:58
This—the original FaceTune—is easy to use and has a great price. In comparison, FaceTune 2 is too sensitive and in FaceTune 2 you have to pay for a subscription to unlock tools or pay to unlock every little thing, one at a time. With this, FaceTune the original, you pay only once and get everything. In conclusion: get this, the original FaceTune, and not FaceTune 2.
Amazing !
by Oh guinny on 2019/02/23 14:04
Can’t live without this APP !! It does everything !
great but...
by jjdukk on 2019/02/21 18:20
the apps great, there are many options to choose from to edit your photos to make them look very good but my photo just deleted out of nowhere without my consent that i spent 5 hours on😃 but yea make sure to save your photo while facetuning it so you can go back to it later so you don't end up like me. have a nice day 😎
Não atende aonde é proposto
by Andlls on 2019/02/21 13:54
Comprei o aplicativo tem menos de 24 hrs e achei que fosse uma alternativa melhor que o AirBrush é me arrependi pois o mesmo está longe de fazer o que o outro aplicativo faz, se possível gostaria da devolução da quantia paga.
Great Product
by No Sprint on 2019/02/21 12:47
Endless fun with this app! I’ve lost a few friends after they saw what I did to their pictures. But who needs buddies when Facetune is around to be my life’s partner? Not me, that’s what I’m talking about!
by dreagissele on 2019/02/20 22:41
I have a question?? Do we have to pay every month to use this app? And let’s say I was to uninstall it would it still be charging me???
Highly recommend
by This game is my life! on 2019/02/19 16:16
Love this! Didn’t rate 5 stars only because it is just an app so I find it only covers the basics but you can do so many different things. If you’re trying to step up your photoshop/editing this is definitely what you’re looking for, it’s a solid, easy to use, simple app. Between using this and Afterlight my photos are poppin👌🏻 Stop reading this review and get it already !!!
Best app ever
by Officialgustavo on 2019/02/17 00:14
You get what you pay for 🤠
by naxiia on 2019/02/15 22:40
look i love the app but i was editing a picture once and it let me use the ‘flip’ option and now it doesn’t allow me too
by gabi1245 on 2019/02/13 18:37
Love this app worth the money
by vucyocgoxgkxyo on 2019/02/13 01:55
this app smells like ketchup
by Jlihgevbji on 2019/02/12 22:45
Misleading by saying you can do so much when in fact you can’t. Don’t waste your money.
by BOBBY :{ 🎅🏻 on 2019/02/12 00:46
I love this app
Best of the Best
by pkfam on 2019/02/10 19:20
This app is Amazing and once you learn how to work around all the features....Beautiful photos emerge!
Perfect 😍
by I mean not right!🍪 on 2019/02/09 22:45
This app is so perfect it makes me not seem ugly!
My opinion
by You are a scam on 2019/02/09 22:27
This app is very fun it lets you make pictures look good and so time you can just mess around and make the pictures look weird
Mwah 💋
by queen mathilda on 2019/02/09 22:01
I even like it better than the 2nd one
First time!
by mmires65 on 2019/02/09 06:16
Was nice to be able to soften the areas where age has taken its toll.
by Lillian Hope Alexandria Bell on 2019/02/07 16:52
I think this app is super good. It works for fixing pictures. And the before and after pictures are in comparable. The only flaw is that it costs too much but, it was worth it so basically there are no flaws. Thanks for the amazing app!
this app dude
by Cam9123 on 2019/02/05 04:09
i’ve had this app for like 6 years now before anyone knew how to edit their pics and so my pictures have been slaying for a long time, if u want to look good in pics get this app. seriously, i will not post a picture without a nice consultation with this app beforehand. truly has done so much. i don’t even have to make sure i look good before i take a picture. i will look flawless after i edit it into oblivion, you won’t even know its me anymore. best purchase i’ve ever made.
by pleasexplain on 2019/02/04 16:23
This App would be great “IF” there were Better Explanatory Directions!! How do you get the Tools to draw and fix details?? Like eye lashes??, Lips?? (Lip liner)?? Etc... There are NO DIRECTIONS for any of these things!! Let alone how to actually FIX the things you want to fix besides just Swiping your finger.When you tap the “Details” effects, there’s a paint brush and another tool and tapping the tool pops up a color pallet.However if you scroll the circle to black or any color, then touch the pic the color box goes to brown??????? WHY?? I’ve tried everything and to NO SATISFACTORY, I’t has only WASTED my time!!!!
Refund please
by Sandlit on 2019/02/04 06:22
Really thought it was going to be better than Facetune 2 but it’s not 😭. How do I get my money back?
by Dulcinea deoo on 2019/02/04 01:56
I love this app!!! Have had it ever since it came out! My best friend!!!!!
Great but needs improvement
by hhhqqqqdddd on 2019/02/02 18:34
I love this app. It was cheap and it gave us a lot of cool features that facetune 2 gave. However, nobody wants to buy VIP for facetune 2. Make one app and combine the features since we are paying for regular facetune
by LJ💗❤️ on 2019/01/31 02:06
This really did make me look my Hollywood best and I love this app!
Great photoshop app
by Hfjdjdjcf on 2019/01/30 02:27
Such a great and natural photoshop app
Best filter app!!
by vweiss on 2019/01/30 00:12
I love Facetune! I’m having so much fun with my pics. I can be very creative so easily. And this app makes us all look amazing!
One star
by dallasbarrett55 on 2019/01/29 20:04
Doesn’t do anything worth paying money for!
Bad picture quality
by ataasahin on 2019/01/29 06:54
This is very good app but it makes pictures blury in instagram
No need to upgrade to FaceTune 2
by RandomUser83746501 on 2019/01/28 20:44
This app is perfect and I have been using it for a long time now. It does everything I need plus more when editing photos. I recommend getting this one here vs getting one with a monthly subscription. This allows to remove blemishes, resize things and morph, filters and much more! Its so easy to use as well which is a plus. This is one of those apps that when I found I actually stopped trying to find a replacement for it. Happy customer :)
Facetune rate
by best~~instagram on 2019/01/28 02:29
I love facetune but what would make it better if you could save your edited photos ❤️😂
Not doing anything worth paying for
by yes7863925293 on 2019/01/25 05:16
Not worth your money
by KrisCo2011 on 2019/01/25 03:55
Didn’t like it at all. Waste of $
by Anna Eleyet on 2019/01/25 00:05
I give this app one star because I Don’t like the quality of the effects and there should be more effects. (In my opinion)
Deceiving.. but great lol
by Sterlito on 2019/01/24 18:30
You can really transform yourself as far as looks go which can be very misleading if your using a dating app but that’s also no different than using a ton of makeup. Just don’t go too far, that’s all.
Wheres the return button??????
by Jul🥀🥀 on 2019/01/24 09:56
Not worth the hype Pics art and other similar apps work just as good or better
Best app ever
by Lannnnnie on 2019/01/23 16:39
Love this app ! You edit just enough so it doesn’t look fake !!
by Liv6290 on 2018/12/28 16:42
This app is definitely not my favorite because of the way it handles pictures with glasses. The glasses make it hard to add any other affects or make the eyes clearer! This is something that completely ruins my experience with this app because I am always wearing my glasses. If you wear glasses I wouldn’t download because you completely get jipped! If you don’t wear glasses this is an amazing app to edit all of your photos. The only other thing I would say is don’t go overboard editing your photos you are amazing just the way you are and I would only use this app for minor fixes such as a few of your biggest blemishes or lighting problems. I would NEVER use this app to completely change your image because you should always be true to who you are. Lastly never use FaceTune on your profile pictures or any other pictures that lots of people can see if they don’t like your looks they have everything wrong and you shouldn’t change for them. FaceTune should add some kind of disclaimer about being true to you!
Incredible, but be careful
by ŃńÑnNn on 2018/08/02 21:14
This is an incredible, highly natural-looking, highly powerful face tune app! My only comment is to try and be mindful of when and how you use it, it’s very easy to become obsessed with hyper-fixing pictures of yourself. I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone younger than 15 and/or anyone who already has issues with self-confidence- you’re beautiful just the way you are! I wish the app included some sort of disclaimer about that, especially for younger teenagers, y’know? Personally, I try to limit my uses of it to things I wouldn’t feel too duped by someone else doing: removing red-eye, non-personal issues with a picture (a stray thread on my shirt, for example), and maybe my two or three biggest pimples/pimple scars. You do you though: as long as it’s used mindfully, it’s a really cool tool to have!
by Jebajeva on 2018/04/26 06:57
I’m not even going to lie I was suppper skeptical with this app, being the fact that EVERY celebrity/YouTuber/Ig model uses this app and I never saw the point on “fixing” your face with an app, but within “fixing” one photo I found myself 2 hours later “touching” up more selfies. I hate to admit but I’m extremely addicted to using Facetune now. I HIGHLY recommend downloading this app. It’s worth it. It is SUPER easy to use and it even shows you how to use each function and if you forget while using one of the functions, all you have to do is click the question mark by the function AND it even has a video to show you how to use each function. SO worth 3.99 everybody. Please install!☺️💋
Powerful editing tool with a important shortcomings
by MikeDeezy100 on 2018/05/29 06:28
This is a fantastic app for editing photos. Very easy to use to touch up a few blemishes or remove that speck of food between in your teeth in a selfie. My one complaint is that FaceTune does not have the option to “overwrite” a photo similar to Google’s Snapseed app. Meaning that instead of having to save a new copy of the photo in your “Camera Roll” it would simply replace the photo with the edited one. That’s nice when it comes to preserving the location of where the photo was taken, what time etc. If the devs could add that to this app it’d be a 5 star app.
Best editing app ever
by katencheyenne on 2018/01/26 09:17
This app is worth every penny! I’ve bought it on three different devices and paid for it over again all three times and it’s totally worth it. It’s like photoshop but SO much easier to use and so much more natural. I wish I could include pictures of before and after photos from using this app. I can edit people and make them look like an entirely different person and it’s still natural looking! I can’t even do that with photoshop. Seriously this app is incredible.
No need to upgrade to FaceTune 2
by RandomUser83746501 on 2019/01/28 20:44
This app is perfect and I have been using it for a long time now. It does everything I need plus more when editing photos. I recommend getting this one here vs getting one with a monthly subscription. This allows to remove blemishes, resize things and morph, filters and much more! Its so easy to use as well which is a plus. This is one of those apps that when I found I actually stopped trying to find a replacement for it. Happy customer :)
I love it
by luvselfies on 2018/04/15 15:33
This app is so easy to use. I mainly use it erasing my wrinkles or shades on my face. I practiced a couple of times and I completely got the hang of it. The pictures I fixed look so much better, more youthful and more photogenic!!!! I take selfies for my instagram and it really helps them!!! If you’re in 20’s or early 30’s, you may not really appreciate this function because you already look good, but if you’re over 40, you would absolutely love what this app does!
by James2901amb on 2017/11/03 19:54
I love this app sooo much. It can do anything from making your teeth whiter to highlighting your face to sliming down a little! I use this the most to adjust the little things like skin texture and even the whites of my eyes; it makes all the difference! Not only are there so many features, but this app is super easy to learn and you easily pick up what to do. It helps they have demo pictures to practice on. If you are in to editing at all, you will absolutely love this!!!
Needs improvements
by dlauren512 on 2019/01/02 22:35
Facetune is good for improving photos, like removing a bad pimple or reducing the oil aggravated by photo flash. However, two things need to be fixed: 1) the photo quality needs to be better retained. Often the quality is slightly reduced but worse, there’s vertical lines that show up in the photo. 2) The file name becomes “facetune”. This is problematic to those who do not want those to know a photo is FaceTuned but are sending it to them Via text or email. Should be something less obvious.
Face Tune Is Magical
by Ernie-Dale-Jr-Clarke on 2018/10/28 11:57
I haven’t even wanted to upgrade to FaceTune2 until I recently read “ALL PHOTOS” as I am debating on upgrading to FT2. Developers Only 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 with an all in 1 photo editor, but people remember the out edges are FLESHLY, the inner man is SPIRITUAL Which is where we are to amass our fortunes for Thy Kingdom Of Heaven, just be careful and always love thyself from within as WELL AS THOSE YOU ARE WITH, Thy Heart, Spirit, & SOUL ARE THE TRUE BEAUTY OF Each & EVERY Soul Of each and EVERY PERSON! Great app devs! Kudos! May GOD Bless You And Your Team Abundantly Day By Day Always MOVING FORWARD!
For one reason only...
by Mlg12347 on 2018/10/25 02:06
This app used to be free...I have it on an old phone and both old iPads. I can’t use it on my new phone however without paying for it, even though I’ve downloaded it several times. I couldn’t even go into my downloaded apps and re-download it, it wasn’t there. For this reason it will get one star from me and NEVER get more than that. All it tells me is that all they care about is money and not about making a good product people can be happy with. As soon as people see a lot of people like their products and can turn around and make a buck they do, and forget about the people. Those are the products I refuse to support.
Fantastic App - very intuitive software
by Patrcain on 2018/03/21 16:52
The $4 price tag on this app is a steal in comparison to all the other apps out there. The app does everything like you’d see in adobe photoshop but slimed down to a user friendly architecture. Navigation around this app is easy. The placement of each button is conveniently grouped for each project. Each function you’re doing to your project is separated into layers. The tutorials are also wonderful!
The best game ever
by CJ is cool in schools on 2018/06/03 16:08
Do you want should totally play this game I read it five stars because you can seriously take a picture of yourself and do whatever you can do you can you color your face is an amazing you can call your face you can cover your face and you can make a face blurry blurry so that’s why everyone five stars is the best game ever and that’s why I don’t play any else games on my phone except for this game bye
Life-changing but kind of annoying
by Mikeysters on 2019/02/27 11:07
I’ve never written a review before but basically I think it’s funny that I’m obsessed with this app. Like now I don’t have to worry about looking ugly on social media and I’m an instagram catfish it’s amazinggggg. But Facetune team, can you fix the fact that if you zoom in all the way, reshape and resize stop working? Also it’s annoying when I’m zoomed in and click on a new tool and the picture zoomed into another random part? Kk thanks!
Very easy to use with absolutely amazing results!
by COOPER104K on 2018/03/07 09:29
Everything about it since views and if you don’t understand or have a question just go to tutorials they’re very helpful but pretty much if you’re on it for half a day full and around with it with pictures you’ll get the gist of it within a matter of hours or less on my favorite apps in the App Store great job!!!!!!
by Coming4uFacetune on 2018/06/24 16:15
I purchased this app for $3.99 and I got NOTHING. It says “best app for editing photos and videos” but no, it only edits photos. Like I was just trying to edit a really funny video so I purchased this app because it said it edited videos but once I got on the app I was furious. Now I’m short 4 FREAKING DOLLARS and have no app for editing my video. One minute after opening the app I deleted it because it is truly useless. Like I have the “Facetune 2” app and it is free but also provides the same service as this one but the difference is that when purchasing this app you just LOSE MONEY!!! Lies I tell you, lies! Don’t waste money on this trash!
Worth the price
by smaine521 on 2018/03/22 13:02
I do not like paying for apps, but every free app I tried to use for small editing wanted to charge more for the effects I actually wanted to use. This app was worth the small fee I decided to pay to try it out. I’m so glad I did. It’s easy to use and lets me edit the pictures while still allowing them to look at natural as possible. Thanks!
Needs Updating
by iOS App Geek on 2018/08/05 01:48
Update: App is black on the top like a bar has gone across it and squashes my pictures! Honestly, it’s annoying to have all the upgrade buttons after you ALREADY BOUGHT the app! Not everyone wants to pay for a monthly subscription. I get that developers are just trying to turn a profit, but this Facetune deserves the some of the same features as the new one! This app is still super popular, and should be deemed worthy for an upgrade like Facetune 2.
Highly recommend
by This game is my life! on 2019/02/19 16:16
Love this! Didn’t rate 5 stars only because it is just an app so I find it only covers the basics but you can do so many different things. If you’re trying to step up your photoshop/editing this is definitely what you’re looking for, it’s a solid, easy to use, simple app. Between using this and Afterlight my photos are poppin👌🏻 Stop reading this review and get it already !!!
Facetune is amazing!!!!!
by Lombardi1970 on 2018/10/14 14:03
Hi I’m Bella whenever you’re looking for something let’s say you were looking for a game that was not so stupid and not so mean. And you found Facetune! And you did not no what it was or how to use it. And you look forward to seeing some extractions and then you are not so sure that they would come up and then it comes up! AND THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THE APP FOR FREE! AND FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good, but...
by NicMort on 2019/01/17 20:21
It’s definitely the fastest and easiest way to improve portrait shots (for me)... however, from some of the reviews I thought the tools might be more similar to photoshop - as in, maybe I could stylus-sketch in sparse eyebrows or hairline, or intensify a lip color. I also think several of the cartoonish filters are practically useless. BUT - this app still improved my family’s pictures and was worth the price.
by lisnic2222 on 2017/11/17 13:19
Have been using this app for probably a year; no problems or glitches, always works as it's supposed to, and in my opinion VERY user-friendly and easy to use!! Does a great job tweaking my pics just the right amount....not more / not less than I prefer!! Also, really apprec the "undo" feature in case I overdo it a bit!!
Great app!
by hanahanapanda on 2018/10/17 01:53
I love Facetune so much! It works like magic. You can fix blemishes, sun burns, or wrinkles. And you can add “makeup” like smoothing for fountain, tones for eyeshadow brows and contour, and whitening for highlight. It works great for fixing full body photos to perfect size and shape. I used Facetune for my dance photos to make my toes point more and to straighten me hips and legs. It made the photo look real, beautiful, and perfect!
Get it!
by 101_review on 2018/06/13 20:38
I love the app! Purchase the VIP. It’s worth it. The only thing I don’t like about it is when you click retouch and fix something from there and you check to save it, it brings you back and you have to click retouch every time you want to go into those settings. I would rather click retouch once and stay there until I’m done. Other than that it’s the best!
Fun and easy
by debiszone on 2017/11/08 14:34
Love this app. It’s easy to use and has a lot of available options. I’ve learned that doing one thing to a photo doesn’t limit you within the app. You can continue to build on the same option with repeating the option until you reach the desired affect. Thumbs up.
by MinnieMoreaux on 2018/09/22 06:19
I left 5 stars because I really like the app but I wanted your attention LOL can you add the options to shift facial features up and down. Not only resizing but an option to slide the nose, mouth, eyes up and down the face. An option to slide the hairline up and down would be nice too. Great app! I like that you actually read the reviews and reply.
Great for editing details
by BironeBay on 2018/07/24 03:07
Great for editing details that the camera erroneously adds like specks of random color that looks like dirt on your clothes or annoying face zits or pimples that mess up a good picture, etc. Could use a more accurate "tone" picker but overall great for editing without the use of a huge photoshop editor.
I wrote a review because Daniel and the Facetune Team told me to.
by Saraeandrasek on 2018/06/20 18:43
if you are an all around 7 rating like me, you would love facetune. i am a usually rough lookin sister so i love how this app hides my not-so-glamourous spots and makes me look like a skinny legend. it is perfect for catfishing the internet into thinking you are good looking. lol. peace out ladies and gentlemen, kings, queens, and everything between!
Pay-to-win trickery.
by WAGinWNY on 2017/12/02 02:55
Buy and download Facetune for your iPhone. Oh there’s an “upgrade” option . . . what’s that about? Turns out it’s Facetune 2. Okay, let’s get that then. Downloaded onto the iPhone. Oh, there’s a Pro version . . . what’s that about? A monthly fee or a one-time, sock-it-to-me for $60!? Forget that! Un-install and go back to Facetune non-2. Not a bad app as it is anyway. So let’s put it on the iPad too! Wait, the iPad version is an entirely separate app so you have to shell out another $6.99 if you want that same app on your iPad. Excuse me, but that ain’t normal! I feel hood-winked.
Pictures are fine by themselves
by fjdodkffiidjj on 2019/01/14 22:33
I like face tune, although I feel like people shouldn’t edit photos because people should be confident to have pictures of themselves and pictures are pretty no matter what. Even though face tune makes photos look better weather there pictures if people or not I just want people to be confident. And some of the effects/things you use to edit the photo are confusing and I truly think that face tune should not feed in to peoples insecurity. So not to be rude but I don’t love this app but it’s ok😕
Better than FaceTune 2
by That computer guy 1212 on 2019/02/23 19:58
This—the original FaceTune—is easy to use and has a great price. In comparison, FaceTune 2 is too sensitive and in FaceTune 2 you have to pay for a subscription to unlock tools or pay to unlock every little thing, one at a time. With this, FaceTune the original, you pay only once and get everything. In conclusion: get this, the original FaceTune, and not FaceTune 2.
Has some flaws
by Dismantled_Robot on 2018/07/11 02:03
This app is great but it has some flaws. You can’t really choose a picture from you camera roll you have to take it in the app. And the skin tone really needs some work. there is not a perfect tan color just really pale, or really dark, and of course the regular rainbow colors. Other then that I definitely recommend if you like selfies
amazing editing
by courtnibigred2015 on 2018/06/10 05:52
this app is perfect! I love it & it is very user friendly! it can fix all imperfections that bother you in a pic like not white teeth or red eyes along with smoothing out skin. and a whole bunch of filters and design options to add to your photo! I use it before almost every photo I post or print!
Amazing App!
by Kenzie_07 on 2018/11/04 20:57
This app is just overall amazing! Before I bought this app I never edited any of my photos, but now that I have this app I edit all my photos, and they look great. I highly recommend this app if you think your pictures need a little fixing up. This is just a great app.
by alyson!!!!!!!! on 2018/05/30 01:11
This is amazing!! All my edits look so realistic and I cannot get enough of this! It’s the best edit app I’ve ever gotten. All the ways to edit and ways to add effects are so amazing. I love everything about this face tune!! I see little to no flaws of this!! I’d love to see more edit effects on the newer updates of this app!
Awesome app!
by Dragonsaurus on 2018/10/31 23:23
This has been the only app that I’ve ever actually continued to use over the years and the only app that worked seamlessly with no frustrations or difficult learning curve. It’s been one of the most important tools in the creation of many beautiful albums and movies. I really appreciate this app!
My fav
by Britt_a12 on 2017/11/15 10:25
I literally use this app to edit all my pictures for fb and instagram. it makes all the difference just to make details pop like eyes, lipstick, etc. i even adore the filters. i don't think i could ever go without this app now that i have used it. def recommend.
Facetune the instant free facelift
by Vasi king on 2017/09/16 00:21
Get over yourselves. Who really wants to look older than what they are? No one. So, take a page from Cher's tune, " if I could turn back time" and turn it back 20 years with facetune. No surgery, no tapelifts, no needles, no scarring. Just facetune back in time or just enhance what you have. Just do it! I love it!
This App is Amazing
by CC enthusiast on 2018/12/29 22:53
This is the first app I’ve ever paid for, and I am so glad that I did. It’s got a lot of similar tools to Photoshop, but is much more user friendly. This is amazing for making subtle changes to photos— just make sure you don’t go overboard or you won’t look like yourself.
Simple, and still being updated!
by Draegster on 2018/05/27 20:01
I love using this app. I thought after they released number 2, as a subscription model, this one would fall by the wayside, as so many other apps do. But sure enough it was updated again today! Best money I spent! Thank you Facetune!
FaceTune review
by Delebeon33 on 2018/04/03 23:07
FaceTune allows you to edit almost anything! You can use the tone brush to make eyeshadow, color your hair, and darken or lighten your skin. My favorite feature is the one that allows you to change the color o your eyes. They have brown shades, black, green shades, blue shades, purple shades and yellow shades. I love using the blue eyes and it looks so real!
Not what I thought.
by courtann3 on 2018/09/29 20:14
Kind of bummed I bought the app. I thought there were better face editing techniques on the app. I have dark circles and there’s nothing to really help with that. The smoother somewhat helps but doesn’t do much. I also wish you could try the app before purchasing... I don’t want to change the way I look, I don’t need a thinner face, or a longer face. I want to be able to edit my flaws not change the way I look.
by Julia_Cookie on 2018/10/22 01:25
Me being a young person, acne and other blemishes are a big issue, and I don’t want those showing in my pictures! Facetune does the job so greatly but so subtly because it’s not as dramatic as photoshop, but does the job of making my face look like perfection! Thank you Facetune!!!!!!
Saved My Life
by XenniaMontoya on 2018/07/06 22:37
so im ugly and this app easily brought me up from a 1.2/10 to a 4.8/10. i look almost human thanks to facetune. worth the $4 100%. also works amazingly for editing other types of photos, not just selfies (duh). anyway, get the app, it works very well and won't let you down.
by FarFan1234 on 2019/01/16 21:09
Why does this app totally blur your pics? You look like a blurry blob. I simply cannot with the quality of picture that is leftover. I feel like it’s gotten worse. Definitely wish this could be fixed. There is no need for us to look like a fuzzy dot.
Details and smooth tools
by Jabberwocky01 on 2018/07/17 04:09
I would give it 5 stars if Facetune would incorporate the option to choose opacity or strength of these two tools. They’re both far to high (strong) making everything look fake. I still use them and the app for when there is too much noise due to poor lighting or other various needs. But they’re set WAY too high. Looks so fake.
by - someone on 2018/01/01 21:07
The facetune app is surprisingly extremely easy to use! It can do so many cool things like, changing someone’s face texture, removing any imperfections and many more! Really recommend this app for anyone who struggles with editing pictures and finding a good app for it. Really worth it! Loving it so far. 😁😁
by 💕😄😈 on 2018/08/01 19:58
It’s a great way to edit your photos and it’s a really good cheap price. For the great thingsI could do to fix my ugly face. I’m one of those people love make up because I needed to fix this face. Some days I forget to wear make up I just go on face tune and I I act like it was a make up palette an amazing app💕💕💕💕
I’m obsessed
by Une dame fidele on 2019/01/01 17:59
This is the perfect app I use it daily, my pictures come out looking professionally done I just love 💕 even my friends family love it too.... in the beginning it was hard I didn’t know how to use it properly after a year I’m a pro at it..
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