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Careem - Rides, Food, Delivery
Step into a world where you can get everyday needs done on one app! Book a ride, order food from restaurants or groceries from shops and recharge your mobile balance all with online payments. With one single login, you can discover all your local services all in one place, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most. And there’s more! Explore our loyalty program Careem Rewards, a world of discounts on rides and food, as well as offers from partners, donations to charities and more. Wondering about points? Earn them simply by using the services you need. Here’s a sneak peek of all the services waiting for you * Car Book a ride now or schedule a pick up for later with affordable and comfortable car types - including city-to-city*, local taxi service* bus and bike options*. No need to worry about car rental, we’ll get you to where you need to be, hassle free! Food Order food to your door from over a thousand restaurants and track your delivery in real time. Choose from neighborhood bests, international hits and more. You can now easily access your Careem NOW delivery app in the Careem Super App, too. Shops All out of eggs and milk every weekend? Need a Panadol for a headache right now? In a few taps, shop your daily essentials, health and personal care items and specialty items from a variety of places. Delivery Whether documents, a parcel delivery for a loved one or items from a shop of your choice, get it picked up or purchased and delivered on demand with our courier service. Tell us what you need collected, where from and we’re on it right away. Careem Pay A unified, safe and secure online payment system for all Careem services that also lets you make other frequent payments! At Careem, we care about your everyday needs, so we’ve brought together essential, everyday services in one place, easy to reach at one tap. They’re tailored to your local needs, so you’ll be able to get right to the services that are important to you. In the end, you can get back to doing what you care most about in life, leaving the daily tasks to us. * service availability varies per location
حسن خالد
by حسن1015 on 2021/10/21 15:36
Be careful
by Adil O. on 2021/10/21 08:22
Deduct money although I cancelled the trip because the driver is telling me he needs 20minutes to reach me because of the traffic. I would advise others paying cash or trying another application
Bad Service
by HtetThazin on 2021/10/20 21:02
Careem company are not sort it out for customer help.Service is really bad
Poor Customer Care Sevice
by Citizan of Pakistan on 2021/10/19 16:56
Not recommended. Rates are too high. Very poor Customer support service. After ride ends, they add up the outstanding amount in total, after giving the driver the said amount, we still see the same outstanding balance in wallet. This has happen to me multiple times. Not going to use in future.
Very good
by Seemsa on 2021/10/19 03:15
So helpful
Worst pick up app in the world
by 👀😉🌊 on 2021/10/18 16:30
All the drivers take long , they always cancel or they try to take more money. I recommend never use this app , your better going outside and finding a taxi, because it will take you 30 minutes even if the app says 3 minute.
Driver changing roads
by M M95 on 2021/10/18 13:09
Most of drivers take longer roads for increasing thr prices!
حي العدل
by مينا احمد on 2021/10/18 04:06
by yggyyuuygyyrt on 2021/10/17 19:14
Always go to wrong location and some drivers behave inappropriately
اخطاء التطبيق
by a1981hr on 2021/10/17 07:25
مع الاسف على كل الفترة اللي استعملت بيهة هذا التطبيق وصلت لنتيجة ان امسح التطبيق بسبب الغلاء والاخطاء الاخيرة اللي صارت وياية ان مايضيفون المتبقي للمحفضة والغرامات اللي تحسب علية رغم ان الكابتن يلغي الرحلة
Bad Nav bad cars
by jeddahya on 2021/10/16 22:07
Bad bad bad
Careem became the worst food delivery app
by Ahmed Jan on 2021/10/16 19:18
1. The app immediately deducts the amount before even a captain is assigned. 2. The app keeps searching and moving from one captain to another and each either cancel or changed without clear reason. 3. Assigned captains call angrily for being selected, and it’s not the clients who choose them! 4. Such bad service is being given to Golden clients! I can only imagine the quality of service given to regular clients! I’m sure horrible. 5. Even much newer food delivery apps are giving much better quality service.
by abdulla hersh on 2021/10/15 21:43
10/10 recommended
Extremely horrible taxi booking service
by GLENSI on 2021/10/15 15:17
A taxi driver mistakenly overcharged me. I sent a lot of messages to support service, but nobody answer me. Probably there is no real support or something wrong with app.
the air conditioner is not working
by 4ady on 2021/10/13 12:14
I have used 3 times in a row, and every time they tell me the air conditioner is not working.
Good service
by 11--danish on 2021/10/13 05:54
Cars should be more cleaner
App doesn’t work and more…
by DaStefano on 2021/10/13 05:12
The app freezes up when trying to book a ride, when it asks for a feedback on the previous driver. But even worse, when we had a flat tire during our ride, getting through to supper and securing a replacement car took almost 30 minutes! Careem: get to the basics and get them right!
by supermaneggs on 2021/10/12 04:17
Terrible application
Extremely buggy after recent update.
by ttshah on 2021/10/11 14:24
The app keeps crashing after the recent update. Pretty much unusable.
Terrible service
by Mandvia on 2021/10/11 04:29
I don’t know what’s worse. Waiting a million years for their drivers to arrive or not having a good alternative in the city. Classic failings of a monopoly
Good driver
by lame games reviewer on 2021/10/10 06:36
I paid the right amount Nice and professional driver
كانت شركة ممتازه الان تغيرت
by ahmedzrekat. on 2021/10/10 04:36
كانت شركة ممتازه الان تغيرت
Uber Eats to Careem Fail / Not impressed
by RDoctorD on 2021/10/10 01:40
On arrival in Dubai, was advised Uber or Careem for ride-share, but for food delivery service use Careem > Careem is Uber Eats in Dubai (Uber Eats app won’t work and redirects to Careem). Installed Careem app and after long day we wanted to order sushi — declined payment. Change payment method ... declined that payment. Call bank.. no holds; no alerts. Try to contact Careem — no answer. Fill out request form — into the black hole we go! So Careem loses my business and I have now set up Zomato and people are saying Deliveroo works well too.
افشل ابليكيشن
by نالة٩٠ on 2021/10/09 16:44
افشل ابلكيشن صارت
by دردردردر on 2021/10/08 14:35
شكرا لتكسي كريم
by وائل رزق on 2021/10/08 11:37
تطبيق فاشل وغش واستغلال ولا يوجد متابعه للكباتن
Very bad
by HumanJoa on 2021/10/07 15:16
i recommended to not use it for a taxi at all
سيء 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻جدً
by moca.. on 2021/10/06 15:49
سيء جداً 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
by AliNikon on 2021/10/05 18:00
تطبيق ممتاز وكللللش زين
A daily Unreliable service
by Sugarraymama on 2021/10/04 15:56
Useless app and provider, Unreliable when needed long waiting beyond normal standards and 0 opportunities to contact support line
They charged me twice took my money cash and by card
by Rose-adh on 2021/10/03 08:22
No one call you even when you submit the complaint and when you call them no one will answer your calls
If I can select no stars that will be my option
by Deena AlMansoori on 2021/10/02 16:11
Complete rubbish customer service and management
خدمة العملاء غالبا سيئة ومايعطونك حقك
by Saud-p on 2021/10/02 14:29
طلبت مندوب والتوصيل خلال ساعه ووصلها خلال ساعتين لانشغاله بمشاويره الشخصية كلمت الشركة قالوا مافيه تعويض
Worst drivers
by Wakeelhiba16 on 2021/10/02 08:03
Worst drivers ever ! They are basically thieves would take you on a different long road to steal more money !
خدمة سيئة
by Ghazooo on 2021/10/01 19:15
تم حجز الكابتن قام الكابتن بالغاء الرحلة ارسلت الشركة كابتن اخر ولايمكن الوصول الى معلوماته او رقم تلفونه لم يصل الكابتن وقف في نقطه بعيدة والغى الحجز وتم الغاء الرحلة المدفوعة مسبقًا !!!!!!!!
فندق كراون بلازا شارع الشيخ زايد
by امير نور on 2021/10/01 18:59
السلام عليكم صعدت تكسي كريم مع ابنتي من دبي مول الى شارع الشيخ زايد فندق كراون بلازا والكابتن لم يسجل بدء الرحلة وعندما وصلت الفندق طلب مني الكابتن مبلغ 50 درهم وقام بركن السيارة بمكان غير مخصص بالوقوف وقام رجل المرور بتسجيل مخالفة له رقم السيارة 29281 السيارة لونها ابيض والرجل اصلع وعمره كبير الكابتن اسلوبه جدا قبيح
Better than rivals
by umer78987 on 2021/10/01 10:30
Might be just me but careem rates and vehicles are generally better than competition in lahore (pakistan). Not to mention the app has become supremely reliable in my recent experience, no more crashes or anything..kudos team green
This is the worst experience I’ve ever had.
by SaliShari on 2021/10/01 09:09
They really don’t care about customers, I was in hurry and booked for PCR testing, but they didn’t send me the specialist. The services are totally unreliable.
Bad service really bad service for ladies guest Always make me upset feel down
by afjkbvfhj on 2021/10/01 01:44
Bad app abd service
Bad communication
by ssshhaaahhaad on 2021/09/30 15:02
Hard to use and you can’t contact agent
Great trip👍🏻👍🏻
by brrorah on 2021/09/30 13:57
This was an enjoyable trip and I really appreciate the driver’s honesty, we forgot something in the car then he brought it back right after we left👍🏻
by كاظم الدهلكي on 2021/09/29 21:36
صاير اداة للتقفيص من دون رادع
التطبيق يعلق
by محمد العبدالله on 2021/09/29 18:32
مو واضح ويعلق كثير والاسعار مبالغ فيها جدا جدا
الوفرة السكنية
by @Muhsenq8 on 2021/09/29 03:33
في السابق تم تحميل هذا الموقع او البرنامج ولم اجد انه يخدمني في شيء وتم المسح . والآن تم تحميل البرنامج او الموقع مرّه اخرى لكن لم اجده ايضاً يخدم سكان أو زوار مدينة الوفرة السكنية. لذلك السبب سوف امسح البرنامج من هاتفي انا وعائلتي واصدقائي . ملاحظة : ان شاء الله سوف يتم تحميل البرنامج في المستقبل وسوف نرى إذا كان تطوير هذا البرنامج في خدمة اهالي او زوار مدينة الوفرة السكنية او ليس لديه القدره ، كما هو الحال الآن .
تطبيق سيء في توصيل الطعام
by Samman_r on 2021/09/27 15:24
لو في اقل من نجمة كان حطيت له
by Tchernobyl07 on 2021/09/27 09:29
Merci pour nous avoir faciliter la vie!
Charging extra for no clear reason
by kardos k on 2021/09/26 18:44
I have paid extra money because it says you have negative charge which means i havent paid the full amoont of last trip which didnt happened I will not use it any more I dnt know whats the reason and why i need to pay extra whats wrong , there is no feedback on application so you can ask why !!!
To airport
by hanan essa on 2021/09/26 05:52
Thanks to the driver mr.Habeeb .
Very bad
by hfgbhgdvbh on 2021/09/25 18:49
I paid the captain 4kd extra but they said its too late to file a complaint and they took 1 kd off when i canceled a ride that the captain didn’t come to worse app ever do not recommend
Double booking from glitches
by fatiiiiiiii on 2021/09/25 16:17
It double books itself and makes it hard to cancel and I’ve had to pay so much cancellation fees for no reason!!
Unable to add US credit card
by Pip mate on 2021/09/25 14:31
Defeats the purpose of most these apps when you can’t utilize a Visa credit card. Called my bank and they said it’s the company. Not them.
by mai--12 on 2021/09/24 17:32
تطبيق روعه وكباتن رائعين
Amazing when it works
by Bean's Sweets on 2021/09/22 13:50
I love Careem, but it has a problem loading after taxi rides. I’ve waited 30+ minutes on a few occasions now for the app to unfreeze in order to call a taxi.
ديون من العدم
by neratotr on 2021/09/21 22:59
شدعوة تحسبون دينار بكل طلعة وانا نا استخدم البرنامج
by indiraaaaaabee on 2021/09/21 08:45
This is quite possibly one if the worst food delivery apps I have ever used. Always bringing the wrong food and when you call in there's nothing they can do. I would not waste my time using this app. Unless you want to pay for food you never even ordered. I wish I could rate it less than 1 star.
Intro to Careem Riders
by AAB2014 on 2021/09/20 19:31
Careem contains an unnecessarily distracting introduction when entering a Careem car from “Morgan Careeman”. This is problematic for several reasons: It is a distraction to drivers who are attempting to maneuver directions. It is a distraction to passengers who may otherwise be on a call or waiting for a call. This raises many copyright issues viz. Morgan Freeman himself. Please consider the above constructive feedback from an active user and supporter of Careem. All the best.
Last straw
by ash9923 on 2021/09/20 16:31
Between the unprofessional drivers, late arrival times, and exorbitant fees, I’ve finally deleted Careem and will never go back. I used to take so many rides because I love the convenience, but never again. Waste of time and money.
ممتاز جداً
by wakib on 2021/09/19 11:34
أفضل برنامج خدماتي حتى الان شكراً لكم
الغاء طلبات
by OmarAlturki on 2021/09/18 11:32
كثرة الغاء الطلبات!!
by joud alaa on 2021/09/18 09:46
تطبيق سيئ والكابتن الي يوصلون اسلوبه سيأ جداً للاسف وياخذون زايد
No help from “contact us”
by Cokkiecrum89 on 2021/09/17 12:11
I’ve been having a simple problem of not being able to log in. I’ve tried contacting the Careem help team but i never get any response back. This is horrible customer service. Drivers constantly ask to cancel rides after they accept them. This not how you run a business. 0% customer satisfaction rating for this app.
Worst customer service I’ve ever experience
by Sla7ef on 2021/09/17 10:40
My issue was unresolved, they send the same message and close the case. And when they asked how was my experience and I checked unsatisfactory, and the reason was that the issue wasn’t solved, nothing happened Just deleted the app
first ride
by wafaa mahdi on 2021/09/17 08:27
Thankul for good discount for the ride the driver was on time respectful the car was clean friendly driver and very helpful
Very bad
by Twc 2014 on 2021/09/16 10:13
I get charge many time driver never show up , never answer the phone I lost lot if money because of this , car are not clean and driver not trainer this is Dubai you should improve the services New York City
by samar hesh on 2021/09/16 07:58
هونتوا ماترسولن اكواد تخفض من سعر الرحلة لعملائكم
Thanks for great service
by usaukiq on 2021/09/15 20:05
Thanks th
Ali is happy:)
by soujeh on 2021/09/14 13:31
Everything is good
by mariyamnazim on 2021/09/12 18:06
I used this while I was in Dubai and this app is the best! Would recommend it to anyone! Also a dark mode would be appreciated.
Bad policy
by mostafa74 on 2021/09/12 12:14
They cheating the clients give you a rate for the trip then when you pay via credit card they take more money for no reason, it’s better to use other applications with fixed amount I’ll never use them again
by منتظر المزبن on 2021/09/11 20:50
التطبيق كلش فاشل تطلب سايق يطلعلك غير واحد نص الكباتن يغلسون عالباقي صارلي تلث ايام مفاتح التطبيق وجاي الكه رحلات ملغيه وخاصميني واني مفاتح التطبيق اصلا
by mesh1111 on 2021/09/09 09:39
My account is Uae and I can’t transfer money to a driver by using wallet why
If you want 73 useless notifications
by LeonardoUAE on 2021/09/08 06:21
There’s no option to mute promo notifications Every time a KFC makes a buy one get one free or Manouche street has 3% off a wrap sandwich and not to forget the shady 1 star cafeteria in a gas station has moldy stock clearance you will get a notification, by the minute, doesn’t matter if you are waiting to see the status of your order you’ll still get notifications mid order,… At least in you can unsubscribe from emails but this type of action is borderline harassment, greedy and unprofessional. Update: I’ve contacted you before about this topic spoke to a person and it went no where all I got is that “we can’t do that”. So please take your feedback page and actually WORK on a solution because I’ve already done this procedure once discreetly and polity but as you know no one actually makes a difference unless their dirty laundry is put out in public. Sorry not Sorry. You guys need to have a feedback for these things not a PR team. Someone is not doing their job.
by ⓃⓄⓇⒶⒽ on 2021/09/07 04:38
استخدمه للحاجة لكن فيه مشكلة من مدة طويلة للحين ما انحلت عندي انه ماتقدر تحفظ الأماكن في المفضلة اتمنى إصلاح هذي النقطة
Dumb rule
by !AHA on 2021/09/05 16:03
Why do I have to be a saudi to deliver food is it Haram for non Saudis to do so?!
by الورده الفواحه on 2021/09/05 10:46
اسوء تطبيق على الاطلاق فيه استغلال مو طبيعي مشوار قريب ٣ دقايق مايسوى ١٠ ريال حطوه علي ب ٢١ ريال 😳 ابووو النصب والاحتيال محذوف محذوف لابارك الله فيكم ولا في تطبيقكم شلة نصابين وحراميه الله لايوفقكم
Problems with the gps in egypt
by elkish11 on 2021/09/04 17:07
The make me pay double to the driver and is the driver app fault for not knowing my location do me a favour close this app
Glitchy Map and Rating
by Strunk44 on 2021/09/04 16:40
The map function was glitchy with my IPhone 11. I also had issues trying to rate my drivers the app kept freezing.
by gjjcxdmgf on 2021/09/04 14:43
شكرا كريم
Company blames the customer
by Runedoom on 2021/09/04 13:18
So I made an order from a restaurant and waited for an hour, but before I did that, I changed the number registered on the app to the new functioning number, now after an hour had passed and the app had said that the driver arrived, I went ahead and waited for 15 more minutes, as if they were not late already, and so I called them, and apparently they were calling my old phone number, the one I had changed, and blamed me for not double checking the number before proceeding to checkout, and blamed me for not picking up the phone number that does not work, if your app and your system is dysfunctional don’t blame it on me, you already have caused me trouble, and I’ve tolerated many things, but at this point is where you’ve gone way too far, fix your app, have your employees start using their brains to read what I had told them on the order and only then you’re allowed to blame me next time.
Careem Help it doesn’t help at all
by CustomerUsingCareem on 2021/09/04 11:47
I submitted 3 complaints on Careem help, till now no reply at all. Seems like it’s there for decoration not for real assistance.
Billing for no reason
by EPSto on 2021/09/04 06:51
All of a sudden, Careem shows a AED 41 due amount on my app and blocks me from using the app. No reason, no way to contact them to find out why or get them to cancel an unexplained and unexplainable charge. Terrible service
by Harith zayed on 2021/09/03 00:13
عاشت إيدكم على هيچ تطبيق ، سهلي هواي امور
First Time Careem User (longtime Uber rider)
by Ali Mirza on 2021/09/02 19:14
This App gave me continuous (royal) pain in adding my credit card to it. I called customer support twice and got the same basic answer of ‘please delete the app and download it again, and if this doesn’t work please restart your phone’ as if I’m downloading windows on my PC and restarting will help. ( I use iphone user)I spent an hour back and forth with their customer support they had No clue how to solve this issue. No other tech support was provided. I shared with them an exact error message on my screen but they said ‘it normally doesn’t happen! ‘Please pay cash instead Sir’ Anyways I had to be somewhere an hour back and thanks to this app I was an hour late since I was fiddling with it. Overall Not at all happy with customer support and it’s time user experience was below par. Thanks
by مظبوطه on 2021/09/02 10:50
يرفعون الاسعار
Dumb customer service
by fenny1005 on 2021/09/01 08:08
The app changed 2x and will not returned the unused amount. They will keep telling you to wait until 3weeks and check your bank. But they don’t return the credit. When you call the customer service or called you they will put the blame and your bank where it was their app that charged you twice. When at this time people prefer to have contactless transaction they abuse it.
الهيئة الملكية
by aDeL_bardi07 on 2021/08/27 16:44
شكراً للكابتن زياد 🌹
جدة ابحر الشمالية
by يزيد الدويك on 2021/08/25 10:14
كان الكابتن ابراهيم متعاون جداً واخلاق عالية
Ride with said
by rachida 15 on 2021/08/24 09:20
I enjoyed the ride with said he is very nice guy he drive carful he follow the COVID instructions It was a pleasure having him for my first ride. Thank you said
by may3030 on 2021/08/24 04:49
الخدمة ممتازة لكن الاسعار مرتفعة
Bad service
by westaviation on 2021/08/24 04:16
Captains don’t show up for 30 minutes and they wait there so that passenger cancel the ride and they get paid it happened with me twice I was charged Rs130 for nothing
by walidtariqwalid on 2021/08/22 14:47
بعض من الكباتن غير معني وسارق
by nowier abdullah on 2021/08/19 21:28
كريم تطبيق جيد لكن حصلت على اكثر من تجربه سيئه كلها خسرت منها مبلغ المشوار .. اخر موقف طلبت سياره عائليه وبعد ما قبل الطلب يرسل خاص يقول سيارته صغيره و سعر المشوار سعر سياره كبيره وفوق ذا يوم قلتله كنسل كنسل وجاني رصيد سالب و للأسف رفعت شكوى مافيه اي فايده .. حذفت التطبيق لكن حبيت اشارك تجربتي ..
At saudi - Jeddah - عربي و English
by Dr.Anfal Taj on 2021/08/18 22:15
بتاريخ 18 اغسطس August 2021 كان لدي رحلة ملغاة في جدة لان السائق كان بعيد عن موقعي ومع الاسف تم ارسال رسائل لي بتجميد اموال من بطاقتي الائتمانية بدون وجه حق وقبل اول رحلة لي على متن مركبات كريم !ومن ثم اخترت سائق اخر وكانت رحلة جيدة ولكن ايضا لا اعلم مالذي حدث فقد تم سحب مبالغ ٤ مرات من بطاقتي ولم تدون في تطبيق كريم ولايوجد مبرر لسحب مبلغ للسائق الملغاة رحلته وهو الذي لم يكن في موقعي وليس خطأي ، نصيحة لاتسجلوا الدخول ببطاقاتكم البنكية فالموقع نفسه غير آمن يسحب ارصدة ويجمد الاموال دون موافقتك ولا حتى تفصيل للمدفوعات المستحقة ! يجب ان يكون هناك اجبار العميل الموافقة للدفع بظهور الفاتورة واضحة وليس استغفال الناس لا اتوقع اناستخدم التطبيق مرة اخرى كانت الأولى والأخيرة ! وفي حاجة غريبة كيف عميل جديد تسحب منه ريال بدون ماتقدمله اي خدمة مقابلها ولا تحطها اصلا في حسابه وتاخدها ليه اصلا ! In very short notice : DON’T Never ever register your credit card at Careem , they will take your money out of your control, I’m waiting an explanation for me by a call and return back my money .
برنامج غير آمن بوسيله الدفع بالبطاقات وسيئ جدا
by AhmedHamzaa on 2021/08/18 19:05
تم خصم مبلغ ١١٧ جنيه من حسابي البنكي بمجرد ما تم ادخال الكارت بتاعي بالبرنامج بفتكره برنامج محترم ولاكن تم خصم مبلغ مني ولم استطيع استرداد بدون اي سبب شركه مش امنه وسيئه جدا 👎👎👎👎👎
by Q12345677a on 2021/08/17 19:29
سيئ مره ! ونصابين خصم وصول يخصم ويحسب زياده فلوس اخر مره اطلب منهم شي
by 98 زع on 2021/08/17 08:04
الغاء الطلب قبل ال10 دقائق من الموعد
New update = new charges for shopping
by Salem909 on 2021/08/16 08:34
Unfortunately i don’t understand why careem charges an extra amount for shopping as they already have delivery charges, i am sure they are in dept as they need more money from people. Anyway, i will be NO LONGER using this app anymore and deleted it better.
Driver ETA is always wrong
by Sam.Siddiqui on 2021/08/15 17:57
Drivers takes twice as much time to pickup riders.
It’s now expensive
by hlodhi1 on 2021/08/13 16:18
The time it was launched was the best solution for travellers but they are 2 times expensive than it was before
Untrained drivers
by musaed m on 2021/01/16 03:38
Long time ago,I aske for Kareem taxi to pick me from home to drape me where my car Maintenants carage. I picked a driver 3 minutes from my house , it took him 15 minutes to reach my house Any way he took me to where I went to go but instead of charging me only my target cost he added the time he couldn’t find my house even though my address is very easy. Any way I gave him only what the intiinal cost plus tips he was not happy and start shouting . Tow day ago again I asked for Careem again he keep asking me where do I want to go I told him I send you the adrees he took me from wrong road I told him why he said I am sorry just lost. When we reached distanation the charge was arround 1.6 kd I gave him 2 kd and told him keep the chang but he surprised me asking for another 1.5 kd I asked him why he said that what you didn’t pay a long time ago To make a long story short this buisiness I don’t think you company know all about it the taxi driver was again shouting like if I am a theif I realy whant to know you opinion and reaction Thank you
Everyday reliable
by MissJubilee on 2020/11/06 11:20
The app works well and I’m grateful to use it many days of the week. Sometimes there are issues with the map, especially trying to get a driver to pick me up at the university (it takes them to gates that aren’t open and bypasses gates that are). And sometimes the estimate for how far away drivers are is very inaccurate when compared with the wait time once you order. But those are probably out of Careem’s control. Mostly it works as well as I can expect. There are just two little things that are the main annoyances with the app. First, after you select your location and destination, you tap “go” but it doesn’t actually call the driver. You have to also tap “Yalla.” Several times I have thought I ordered and went to get my abaya on, then found a couple minutes later that there was no car on the way yet. If the car size is called “go,” then please put it back on a drop-down menu instead of putting it on the big green button that used to be the “yalla” button. Second, once I actually “yalla” and a driver accepts the ride, the notification that drops onto the top of my screen, covering my clock, tells me what time the driver is expected to arrive. I have to swipe it up to see my clock and then do the math to figure out how far away he is. The notification used to say how many minutes until arrival. That was much more useful in deciding when to begin the process of abaya, mask, hijab, shoes, purse, backpack, and walking out of the house.
Bad behaviors of a lot of Captains
by junmcab on 2021/01/09 16:13
I am a regular customer of Careem, yet lately I have experienced aggressive and rude behaviors of the drivers. Some drivers refused to listen to the customers and just follow what they wish to do, which makes me feel so unsafe during the trip. I have reported these kinds of incidents, but still I have encountered bad behaviors of the drivers from my other trips. I don’t think Careem is doing actions for these kinds of reports regarding their captains’ bad behaviors. One incident is a driver, named Belhassen A., dropped me in the middle of the road near a roundabout, and aggressively wants to push me out from the car, showing his anger issues. I was worried for my safety. Would that captain and Careem take the responsibility if anything happens to me when i am left in the middle of the road with a lot of cars passing by? Are the passengers not allowed to ask requests to the captains during the trip? If this kind of behaviors of a captain happened to me, pretty sure it could be done to other passengers as well. I don’t think Careem is doing much training professionally for their Captain’s behavior, because it didn’t only happened once but a couple of times. Other drivers are not strictly compliant with the Covid protocols as well, and some drivers gets mad if you will remind them to wear a mask.
Careem Service
by *GeeGee* on 2021/07/31 10:00
I visit Dubai 2-3 times a year and I’m very pleased with Careem. I have used both the taxis and cars. They are consistently on time and overall, the captains (drivers) are so polite and helpful. I had one situation when the driver seemed to take a route out of the way. We tried to explain but he insisted. I reported to the app developer and on this particular trip, they checked the path and distance, then saw he took a longer route. I received a detailed explanation and the amount was adjusted. I appreciate the time taken to research and review the problem. My advice…If something is not right or you have a question or concern, report it, before writing a negative review. The developer may remedy the situation.
Very unprofessional and vague charges
by Crackice on 2021/02/11 08:17
For the last couple rides I have been having issues with wrongfully charges and I tried solving it through the contact options which the call us option doesn’t work and I think cause they would be having non stop calls of complaints and they can’t handle it, so I used the only other option is to email them, I was charged for ride cancellation even tho the rider didn’t show, and after contacting them I was refunded less than what I was charged, next ride withdrew my balance and took 1.3 in cash for a 1 kd ride saying that it will be refunded to my account which never happened and I reported that ride and nothing been done about it yet, and just now I booked another 1 kd ride and half way there I get a message that my wallet has - 0.7 and when I reached he asked for 1.1 and when I asked why he said he has no idea. And showed me his application paying him just 0.9 from 1.1 This has to be one of my most frustrating service provider that causes this much continuous issues in a very short period of time
App ruined. Customer lost.
by youlostit13 on 2019/05/07 17:28
I was very happy with this app being available in my city because it made finding a cab easier. So whenever I need a cab at night, I trusted Careem because that meant I didn’t have to stand alone in the street waiting for a cab, and whenever I needed to be somewhere on time I used Careem because it spared me the wait and wave and got me to my destination quick. Plus the drivers were always polite and on time so I was a happy customer, until.. The latest update on the app suggests that a Careem ride only gets you one seat in the cab, and allows the driver to pick other passengers on the way or to have other passengers along. I was told if I have company, I should just call the captain and ask how many people are with him (as soon as I did he started nagging how I’m only allowed one seat) so if it’s not compatible I cancel the ride and search for another captain, which to me is a waste of time. This new update took all practicality from the app.. so I won’t be using it anymore because it’s now the same as howling a cab in the street.
Service has been declining
by Aysha Hajsaleh on 2021/08/04 10:36
I’m a long time user of Careem and Gold member. Recently, the number of vehicles has severely decreased and the price ranges have skyrocketed. I understand that traffic is getting bad but the price inflation is getting ridiculous considering how long they last. There never seems to be a time where “higher fares” are not applicable. And this has caused me to find other alternatives. The app itself keeps lagging and makes errors. The amount of times I’ve ordered a vehicle with a wrong arrival estimate is countless. It’s caused me delays in my appointments and wasted my valuable time. Vehicles are also commonly unavailable - even though my particular area is usually bustling with Careem vehicles. These changes I’ve mentioned have not been a personal problem, as many of my colleagues and friends have also been complaining of similar problems. Just today one of my friends was informing me of her ride home costing a whole 10jds (when it used to be 5) and this was at around 11-12 mid-day. A time where most should already be at work. For an App that used to be so convenient and accessible, this past week has shown a major decline in service. I am very disappointed, considering how much I used to love the experience. However, I would like to note that my problems lie with the app itself and the ridiculous pricing - not the captains, who have always been nothing short of respectful and friendly.
Disappointing service decline
by J. Boutrid on 2021/06/18 03:02
For years Careem has been my go to for a car hire. Gradually over the last year I’ve noticed a decline in the quality of service. Yesterday was my breaking point. I scheduled a car in advance to pick up my helper and bring my child home from school. The car arrived before the schedule time by almost 40 minutes. Careem then proceeded to call me and tell me to go outside because my ride was waiting. To which I replied it was well before the requested time so I could not come out. When my helper did go out at the scheduled time the driver was gone. I received no notification or warning that they driver was canceling the ride. To remind you this was scheduled to pick up my child from school! With no other options I left my meeting and did the pick up myself. I filed a complaint with Careem and have heard nothing back. No apology…no acknowledgement of receipt of my complaint…radio silence. Will 100 percent be looking for other options for my rides in the future.
Bad experience on first order
by nada nok on 2021/03/21 19:46
It’s my first time trying out this app and I Didn’t receive all the items ordered. The captain told me he was going to get the missing item for me and to give him 15 so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited, I call him over 40 mins later, he says he’s two minutes away. So I waited and waited, way over two minutes, trying to be patient. I call him again, he says he’s waiting for a reply from Careem and that he doesn’t have the item!!!! I ended up contacting costumer services which was the only good part about this order. They were very helpful and found a solution for me right away. To sum it up I have an item that’s missing and that I wasted over two hours contacting back and forth with the Captain, for him to tell me he hasn’t gotten a reply yet...... while waiting for an item that was never going to be retrieved in the first place (Customer services was good tho).
Company blames the customer
by Runedoom on 2021/09/04 13:18
So I made an order from a restaurant and waited for an hour, but before I did that, I changed the number registered on the app to the new functioning number, now after an hour had passed and the app had said that the driver arrived, I went ahead and waited for 15 more minutes, as if they were not late already, and so I called them, and apparently they were calling my old phone number, the one I had changed, and blamed me for not double checking the number before proceeding to checkout, and blamed me for not picking up the phone number that does not work, if your app and your system is dysfunctional don’t blame it on me, you already have caused me trouble, and I’ve tolerated many things, but at this point is where you’ve gone way too far, fix your app, have your employees start using their brains to read what I had told them on the order and only then you’re allowed to blame me next time.
Captain Attitude during Promotion Time Span
by Mjunaidbutt on 2020/09/03 11:53
Hi Careem, I am your regular customer and well satisfied with your extra ordinary service quality and safety measures as well. The only issue that you need to put focus is on the Captain during promotion time period. May be due to discount on rides, sometimes captains are not interested in taking those rides which are not profitable for them due to promotion and less fare so they accept the ride but also pretend that they are stuck in traffice and customer keep on waiting and atlast rider has to cancel the ride. I would highly recommend you to please look into this matter to save time both of Rider and the Captain. Hope you take notice of this thing. Thanks
Technical Problem
by RayFord321 on 2020/01/15 14:36
I used to use this app all the time but since getting the iPhone 11, I haven’t been able to use it. When I try to log in when I’m connected to WiFi, it immediately says it encountered a technical problem after I enter my phone number. When I log in using data, it’ll accept my phone number, give me a pin, and after I enter the pin it would ask me for my password. Once I give my password, it’ll take me back to the start screen with a loading wheel on it indefinitely. I know I entered the password correctly because I was able to log in to my account on the computer. When I try to use Facebook to log in, regardless of if I’m using WiFi or data, it doesn’t do anything. This app would probably have 5 stars from me because I know the service is great and I relied on it a lot, but the way it is now, it’s unusable.
The best transportation app in Egypt.
by HoodzInDaWoodz on 2019/01/19 19:38
I’ve probably never written a review for an app before, but this app has gone too far past my expectations for me to stay quiet. Not only is the app quick, but you also get the quickest captains too. I get discount codes all the time for Careem, including points for using the app so often. Not to mention their amazing customer service; as soon as you rate your driver, you receive an email concerning your rating. This may seem hard to believe, but I have a perfectly working car and a driver that is on duty 24/7, yet I still choose Careem as much as I can. If this app was available in USA, I’d use it there too. Long story short, get the app. It’s so worth it.
Service range limited
by محمد ميكانو on 2020/10/12 10:44
Careem is very useful app for me and everyone use it , but all of us faced the same problem!! The service range is limited, my home is out range of the service, so I have to select the nearest point or nearest location to my home and then start the trip until he reach my home and then taking me !!! So that mean I have to pay more money to him , and this negative point for this great application !! So please fix it Careem هو تطبيق مفيد جدا بالنسبة لي والجميع يستخدمه ، لكن كل واحد منا واجه نفس المشكلة !! نطاق الخدمة محدود ، بيتي خارج نطاق الخدمة ، لذلك يجب أن أختار أقرب نقطة أو أقرب موقع لمنزلي ثم أبدأ الرحلة حتى يصل إلى منزلي ثم يأخذني !!! هذا يعني أنني يجب أن أدفع له المزيد من المال ، وهذه النقطة السلبية لهذا التطبيق العظيم !! لذا يرجى إصلاحه
Careem was 5 stars before this update!!
by Lola! ;) on 2020/08/13 12:05
This new update does nothing but ruin user experience!!! What was wrong with it the way it was before?! Why would you clutter the app by bringing user rewards as the front page and make booking so small and make careem wallet have its own dedicated tab but not booking. Half the time the app doesn’t actually pull up my booking in progress and I have to go looking for it in between this maze of random things because the new UI is so atrocious! Furthermore, every since Uber took over they’ve been charging drivers so much nobody wants to drive with careem anymore and I can’t even make a booking at the time I need it because there are rarely any drivers available now. You know what they say, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Your greed is going to kill the app. I am really considering switching ride share apps because of this unsightly update.
by ghamem on 2019/11/14 10:26
Great service, great product 🙂👍 But there is a big issue with the app. Since last two updates I have problem with the app. It always says that there no internet connection all the time. I am connected to LTE 4G and all apps and internet is working correctly. But with Careem app says that I have no internet connection. So when I turned on WiFi Careem app worked and it was connected again!! Today i checked out if there a new update to fix this bug. I updated the app. Still the same problem, saying that I am not connected and there is internet connection when I am connected to LTE 4G. But when I switch to WiFi all is fine. Kindly fix this annoying problem. Thank you
Captain Nawaz Hussain
by fgdsvnwowl on 2021/02/28 17:14
Hello! I just want to say that I was given an excellent service by Capt. Nawaz. He was really professional, kind, friendly, and careful on his driving. I truly appreciate this application because as a woman, it’s obvious that we have to be extra careful when going out at night. But this app gave security as it has tracking services which I could send to my family and friends. It also contains the name of the driver and also the plate number of the taxi which improves overall safety of the service. Thank you so much for this!
Unsatisfied for several reasons
by من أفضل البرامج الدينية on 2020/02/28 10:35
First, I cannot pin my exact location ( I could pin it with other taxi and delivery apps) and the drivers stops at the building near me so I had to walk more to reach the car. Second, many cars had poor air conditioning, and rude drivers( one of them tried to fool me by not giving me the change). Third, WHY if I cancelled a ride, I get outstanding balance?? I paid once because it was my total decision, but this time it was the driver’s fault didn’t come to the location, I called him and told him where I am exactly but he for no clear reason didn’t come!! Since that time I didn’t use Careem again because of this outstanding balance that wasn’t my fault, and I even was late to my college because of the driver. Update: I found no benefit from your help center.
App Interface
by Ali baba 40 chor on 2018/07/26 04:47
The apps interface on iPhone 5s screen does not show full details of the vehicle and is like Toyota C..... Please correct this issue by making these details expandable so that all details about the driver and the car can be seen. Also I would suggest a journey path be showed on the map like uber. Lastly I would recommend to improve your fare estimate algorithm as the actual fare in my experience has always been higher than the range given. If you are giving a range then the fare should be within its limit unless there has been unusual conditions. Thumbs up for the wallet feature which allows extra paid money to be used on the next trip and not have the hassle of getting change when paying cash.
First Time Careem User (longtime Uber rider)
by Ali Mirza on 2021/09/02 19:14
This App gave me continuous (royal) pain in adding my credit card to it. I called customer support twice and got the same basic answer of ‘please delete the app and download it again, and if this doesn’t work please restart your phone’ as if I’m downloading windows on my PC and restarting will help. ( I use iphone user)I spent an hour back and forth with their customer support they had No clue how to solve this issue. No other tech support was provided. I shared with them an exact error message on my screen but they said ‘it normally doesn’t happen! ‘Please pay cash instead Sir’ Anyways I had to be somewhere an hour back and thanks to this app I was an hour late since I was fiddling with it. Overall Not at all happy with customer support and it’s time user experience was below par. Thanks
Please make it so that you can see current rides within the app
by Ambivalent Ambassador on 2021/04/19 10:24
The services Careem provides are great, BUT there are many suggestions that I have for improving the user experience of the app. First, there needs to be a way to cancel the order before the restaurant accepts it without calling Careem. Second, there should be a tab to see current rides or orders. Third, we should be able to see a description of the car and plate number for Careem box just as you can see it for rides. Finally, Careem should have a setting where the user received a text with the description of the car when it arrives - as it used to before. These changes would greatly improve the app experience.
Good app but can improve
by Cybercurry on 2020/07/16 17:49
I dont use it much, so I am perhaps not used to the features, granted. But any app these days should be intuitive. For booking rides I want to see a button that allows for advance booking in the main menue. And then I want to see my confirmed bookings in a list and there should be a 1 click option to cancel any booking also. None of this exists. To cancel I ended ip sending an email. The pickup location defaults to any other users location nearby and is confusing. This should be blanc until you fill it, dont prefill it with other peoples possibly useless data. I like the idea of this app a lot but it needs to be better structured and become more intuitive.
by khalid690 on 2020/12/06 13:10
The application is very good and very useful, captains are professionals and committed people, especially in times of the pandemic, cars are modern and comfortable .. However, there is a problem that the most of the captains pick up the order while they are very far from the customer’s location, which requires a long time to reach the customer’s location and thus customer lose the advantages of using the application. Therefore, I suggesting to modify the application program through limiting the distance that the captain can pick up the request. As if the distance is a circle with a radius of no more than one kilometer only.
A great app otherwise.
by Anon pak on 2019/04/12 10:21
Except the part that you can not rate drivers lower than a 4, and anything between 1-3 gets automatically removed, also the part where the captains can sometimes steal your money by not adding the extra amounts to your wallet. Customer service is highly varied, with complaints being resolved in minutes to not being resolved or responded to at all, I use the app 6 days a week, just sad that some captains just run off with the extra credit without adding it to your account, and you cannot reflect that to the captain because the app won’t let you rate a captain lower than 4 stars, weird, but then again, there’s a reason I guess I have never seen a 3 or 2 star captains. Rated 2 stars here.
The service is nice but...
by TechLady123 on 2019/09/18 17:11
I use Careem service a lot but if I ever stop using it, it will be because of the many Careem drivers who made me feel guilty for how long my rides are. Many of them say if I knew this ride will take this long, I would not have opened the app, or I would not have picked up this ride !! Like it is my fault! There should be someway to tell the driver ahead of time how long a ride will take and the destination and whether or not they are willing to drive to certain cities and/or accept to go certain number of miles. I’m starting to feel bad for all the comments and attitude I’m getting from them.
Internal Miscommunication
by Sakher alhammouri on 2021/05/31 19:48
40 minutes after placing my order I called the captain and found out that there had been some sort of internal miscommunication and that he didn’t pick my order from the restaurant. When calling the customer service she told me that they have delegated another captain to pick my order up and get it delivered to my address with a total delay of more than one hour. Their solution was to take the order and recall them if the meal was cold or had any sort of problem instead of having the courtesy of canceling the order and make a new one! In a world of digital competition and smart applications, Careem must aim for customer’s satisfaction and the customer should not bare the cost of their own mistakes. Please take in consideration that you’ve lost a valuable client.
No rating and feedback on service
by mzirdum on 2021/07/28 04:53
I think is a big flaw or minus to not have feedback on consumed service. In my case I had quite poor service in terms of communication with driver and his delivery was quite off the track which resulted with 25% higher price than highest bid. To be fair there is option to seek for help but you have to type around to get some phone number to call. I find that to complicated and not consumer friendly. Per my opinion direct rating of driver and his service after job is done will be more efficient and user friendly. This way will build the brand stronger and make drivers to deliver best service. In the other way I will think twice before I use this service again.
Check the prices three times before booking
by hcmhcfjy kgddjjcfjjvxdeadhjk on 2021/07/19 08:04
I feel disappointed from Careem .. whenever I buy packages they always take two rides or three from the package and put the normal prices without discount and when I complain they say sorry it’s a mistake which means that if you don’t pay attention they will take your money with a big smile … another incident when I order a car that was about 2 m from my location the amount was 18 QR another one was far from me about 5 m and the price was about 15QR so I took the 15 QR ride and kept waiting for the driver but when the time came to pay they took from me 18 …. If this is not called tricky behavior from the company what shall we call it ?! Careem be more respectful with customers there are other companies that can replace you
Permanent Ban without Warning or Explanation
by Shylock78 on 2021/08/09 08:16
I was permanently banned for using Careem’s refund functionality in order to receive refunds for repeated wrong orders. In fact, almost *all* of my orders were wrong. I repeatedly asked how obtaining refunds for wrong orders that are documented in photographs is a violation of Careem’s policies, but never received a substantive answer. Update: I received a response to this review from the developer that invited me to tell them about my wrong orders. I did so, and received a response email stating that my issue would be “elevated” to the proper department. I then received a call from Careem. Again, they told me that they were unwilling to help and would not tell me which refunds were undeserved, but said that I could open a new account. So, clearly, Careem just does not want to grant refunds.
My recent visit to Pakistan
by Imran P on 2018/08/20 06:18
I recently visited Karachi after 15 years I have used Ride sharing apps abroad but for Pakistan whenever I have visited I have rented a car as this method did not exist. This time I was told about Careem. I found it very convenient the drivers were professional and courteous. I was using the business option which was a few rupees more but all the cars newer and had air-conditioning as I was there in July. I will definitely use this service again next time I visit.
Support is a useless joke
by mehrpw on 2021/07/15 09:47
I called them twice to answer a simple question that any customer service agent should be able to. Their phone line, despite giving you options for delivery, food and other services, all funnels calls to the food department. Their phone signal is choppy and delayed. I called twice and the customer service agent tried for 5 entire minutes to recite the phone number for the right department because she can’t transfer. I called again, same issue with going to the “food” department, and this time the agent from the right department will call me. Neither of those things happened. All of this while there’s a laughing gaggle of the support agent’s colleague in the background. Careem support is a dumb joke.
Do not use this service
by dubaiclient on 2018/09/28 19:09
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! I have been trying to contact the customer care of Careem for days - with no effect. This is not the first time I have had this kind of an experience. They are IRRESPONSIBLE, TARDY, and straight-out RUDE. I have had their drivers chase me into buildings when THEIR payment systems failed. I have had their “customer care” agents get into fights with me. Right now they are SPAMMING my email, and my private messages (every 5 minutes) for a problem on their end. The thing is that I have NO POINT OF CONTACT to fix this issue (even though the issue is not mine to fix). Cheers to those poor drivers, I can only imagine what it is like working for this kind of a company. They do not deserve even a single star.
Don’t use it in Istanbul
by Since1907 on 2017/10/28 12:29
Their business plan and algorithms may work great in small and less congested cities but this ride sharing scheme is a big failure in a city like Istanbul. The number of cars they have in Istanbul is far less than enough to cover the city and it takes them forever to get to your pick-up location, specially during rush hours. Their prices were some what competitive when they’ve first launched their app but not so anymore. I’m deleting the app as soon as I finish writing this review. One final note; no ride sharing company will be competitive against city cabs as long as the gas prices are this expensive and with laws that are preventing private citizens to use their own cars with these ride sharing apps.
Terrible UX, confused app
by Anzar Khaliq on 2020/09/29 02:52
The app has an extremely terrible User experience. The appearance looks welcoming but it fails majorly on function. If a captain cancels a ride, the app fails to process this and doesn’t let you book another ride. It keeps telling you are already in a ride and call Careem if you need help. If you call through that button, it takes you through many voice recorded messages only to inform you that sorry this call service isn’t for you. The booming screen keeps directing to my rides which are no where to be found. The best part is that there is no way to leave feedback about a part of the app that isn’t function. Talk about hubris. I’m lucky I don’t have to use this frequently. I pity those who have developed some sort of reliance on this service.
Decent app but TERRIBLE customer service
by Faisal D. on 2019/11/23 13:27
I have used Careem for some time now and generally it has been ok as long as I don't have any issues that requires assistance. The few times I interacted with there customer service has been a very bad experience for me. Most recently they accidentally charged my credit card twice for the same transaction and when I complained they denied it. Then when I showed them my credit card statement as evidence they claimed that they refunded it back to my "bank account" not my credit card which they obviously didn't because they don't even have my bank account information. I have reported them to the authorities and will never use them again.
Taxi service is good, food service is bad
by Bill of the internets on 2021/06/17 13:56
Ordered food through Careem but order was screwed up. There’s no recourse if your order is messed up. No refund, no message. I dug and found a way to review the order but still wasn’t refunded for missing items. Taxi service is good but the app seems designed to confuse and up charge you. I press the hala taxi button but still it will put a car (higher priced) as the top option and unless you’re paying very close attention you’ll accidentally call a Lexus for a higher price. If I press the taxi button, I don’t want to be offered a more expensive option at the top of the list.
Issues with cancellations
by Fa10_1 on 2020/08/28 06:07
When Careem cancels a food order (yes they charge you and then cancel), they don’t refund after they cancel the order. They keep your money and say you should use it on their platform using Careem Pay. If the item that you choose to buy with the money they kept, is priced more than what you have in the Careem Pay, they tell you to top up the Careem Pay. So first they cancel and keep the money and then if you want to use it for something more expensive they say top up the account. You cancelled the order, so just give people their money back.
The system gives wrong numbers
by arealguynotabot on 2018/12/02 10:41
I used Careem multiple times, there are many glitches such as when canceling the driver 6 minutes away they end up coming, secondly most importantly payments in cash show different numbers between the driver and me once I paid nothing because it showed to the driver 0 fee but later on the day when I reopen the app it showed the fee was 5QR and today the driver showed me through his phone that the fee is 17QR I paid it later when I checked the app to order a cap it showed me that the fee was 7QR. Uber brings less frustration
I have been STOLEN by Careem and driver Moemen Gamalelden
by Ahmed_Sherif on 2018/03/07 20:24
I have been stolen as I didn’t pick up the trip and already cancelled on spot since I click by mistake and driver (Moemen Gamalelden) called asking to cancel though I already did (confirmed that to him) and even gave reason why to cancel but seems driver has no integrity and ur system not secured !!! This action from Careem beside having a problem every day last last 3-days (wz no follow up or customer service action) reveal EXTREMELY BAD service to degree of STEAL people because u have my credit card details !!! If money not refund within 24-hrs and serious action taken in order not to be repeated by driver, I will simply share contact حماية المستهلك and share on social media.
The App was so helpful
by bouland on 2019/09/14 00:10
I was New in the city of Casablanca and the cab drivers took advantage of me by charging me ridiculous fare. Once I discovered this App, things just became so easy for me. Easy fare prediction, the driver was so nice and deserved the tip I gave him. But the drivers are working under the pressure of the cab drivers who don’t want competition, I had to pretend the driver was my friend when he dropped me in front of my hotel so that the regular cab drivers don’t get mad à him !!!ridiculous
One of the worst applications
by AhmeDola on 2017/09/08 06:50
First their drivers are awful and not in rare case happens it always happens at least if you had 10 rides 8 of them are with a driver with rude language or even the situation of the car is awful , somking cigarettes , playing songs without asking , the fare is better than uber but for me using this app again is forbidden until they fix their issues as even i reported alot of times no body cares and no replies and when they replied once the solution was really comedy that they gave me back my money that they tooked for booking a driver who can't reach the place but only for 24 hours , as if i must make a ride not to lose my money .
Great App
by Ziad Selfani on 2019/05/31 03:09
I’ve been using Careem for the last 2 months, amazingly useful and easy to use! Packages are also a treat I recommend adding 6th star or golden star for those who really go out of their way to make our experience lovely! I also suggest you create a broadcast system where every week a Captain can share an issue he had and make all other captains learn fro. That problem and from the proposed solution Extend packages expiry dates !!!
Bad Design Interface
by Eng. Gamal on 2019/08/10 07:32
First time to use Careem. Default selection for type of car is airport , which is the most expensive selection. I did not know this needed to be changed to the less expensive selection, like GO MINI. I had to pay 200 EGP when the trip should have cost about 45 EGP. I believe Careem made the AIRPORT selection default to fool you into accepting the default instead of showing you other options. With UBER, you are given 3 selections in one view, with the price. Careem has to navigate further in order to select the type of car and navigate even more to know the price. Terrible and sneaky design for a first time user. I selected Uber for my next rides.
If you want 73 useless notifications
by LeonardoUAE on 2021/09/08 06:21
There’s no option to mute promo notifications Every time a KFC makes a buy one get one free or Manouche street has 3% off a wrap sandwich and not to forget the shady 1 star cafeteria in a gas station has moldy stock clearance you will get a notification, by the minute, doesn’t matter if you are waiting to see the status of your order you’ll still get notifications mid order,… At least in you can unsubscribe from emails but this type of action is borderline harassment, greedy and unprofessional. Update: I’ve contacted you before about this topic spoke to a person and it went no where all I got is that “we can’t do that”. So please take your feedback page and actually WORK on a solution because I’ve already done this procedure once discreetly and polity but as you know no one actually makes a difference unless their dirty laundry is put out in public. Sorry not Sorry. You guys need to have a feedback for these things not a PR team. Someone is not doing their job.
They deleted their phone number
by AL SULAMI -900 on 2019/08/06 22:14
I cannot contact them if i need them I had an incident with one of the captains who was very rude and demanded that i cancel after he got to the location , of course i thought that i could find their number in the app like before and complain because the driver didn't leave me a choice but to cancel and 11 SR was put on outstanding amount which is totally unfair to some this may sound trivial but this is serious the customer has no way of communicating with the company i even went to their website and sent a complaint and they never responded, this was a good app but the lack of communication is detrimental to the experience
The worst service I don’t recommend this ever
by hwda8609 on 2018/08/04 06:07
When I was in the car the man asked where I would go and then I told him the details after this he went to abandoned place and told me to give him the money I asked him why then he told me don’t be scared I just wanna make sure that you’ll give me my money because a lot of ppl were lying to me and I get an afraid of that ....I advice all ppl who are seeing my letter never ever go with cream it really bad and I swear to god what I said is true 100% don’t think cream is fast cause they’re lair and all they want is money and taking often more than they deserve so I have earned an experience in order not to believe those companies
Everything about it is just terrible.
by Idell Laschius on 2019/12/12 13:33
My designated captain was 13 minutes away. 5 minutes later he cancelled the ride & I was given another captain. This one took 5 minutes to move from his place. He was supposed to arrive in 4 minutes. But it took him 7 minutes AND a phone call to arrive, yet at the wrong location. All of this happened in the city of Islamabad. The app didn’t show the 1.5× peak factor before the ride. The fare was about PKR90 more than the estimated fare - which already had a wide minimum-maximum range of PKR90. Careem probably lost a user it had had for 2+ years. Terribly disappointed with the captains & Careem service on the whole.
Purposefully hard to reach customer service
by Saif Bet on 2019/09/26 04:34
Any app that makes it near impossible to reach help or support is a fail in my book. I would have rated the app higher if other features were outstanding but they are what you would expect. When you need support, the first big negative is that the number posted tells you that you have to go through the help section on the app LOL. They set up a number on the app to tell you to go back to the app ?!?,!,!? Then it takes quite a lot of digging to reach any form where you can fill to email them. Very disappointing. Might as well use Uber. But they own Careem now so I guess your stuck
by Pindiboy on 2018/04/23 05:58
I usually do not write reviews but this time I had to... its the fifth time that captain notifies he has arrived as soon as he accepts the ride and then they take 20-30 mins to reach me. Technically I wait for half an hour and then I pay for that waiting too. When I asked captains why did they notify that soon? Their answer is always “Careem’s GPS has some problems, I couldn’t see your location so I pressed that I have reached. “ Now why I’m angry on Careem is Every time I tried to contact helpline its too busy and even after a very long wait I never found an officer to whome I could complain. I even sent an email which has no answer from Careem yet.
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