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Careem - Rides, Food, Delivery
Step into a world where you can get everyday needs done on one app! Book a ride, order food from restaurants or groceries from shops and recharge your mobile balance all with online payments. Find us in select cities, coming soon to more! With one single login, you can discover all your local services all in one place, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most. And there’s more! Explore our loyalty program Careem Rewards, a world of discounts on rides and food, as well as offers from partners, donations to charities and more. Wondering about points? Earn them simply by using the services you need. Here’s a sneak peek of all the services waiting for you * Car Book a ride now or schedule a pick up for later with affordable and comfortable car types - including city-to-city*, local taxi service* bus and bike options*. No need to worry about car rental, we’ll get you to where you need to be, hassle free! Food Order food to your door from over a thousand restaurants and track your delivery in real time. Choose from neighborhood bests, international hits and more. You can now easily access your Careem NOW delivery app in the Careem Super App, too. Shops All out of eggs and milk every weekend? Need a Panadol for a headache right now? In a few taps, shop your daily essentials, health and personal care items and specialty items from a variety of places. Delivery Whether documents, a parcel delivery for a loved one or items from a shop of your choice, get it picked up or purchased and delivered on demand with our courier service. Tell us what you need collected, where from and we’re on it right away. Careem Pay A unified, safe and secure online payment system for all Careem services that also lets you make other frequent payments! At Careem, we care about your everyday needs, so we’ve brought together essential, everyday services in one place, easy to reach at one tap. They’re tailored to your local needs, so you’ll be able to get right to the services that are important to you. In the end, you can get back to doing what you care most about in life, leaving the daily tasks to us. * service availability varies per location
by Obeedy on 2020/05/25 13:17
عمل احترافي وبمهنية عالية
Bring back Uber eats!
by Mike on the Palm on 2020/05/23 12:05
Miss Uber Eats. This app is totally crap. Can’t add credit card details or save my address. My Uber profile has failed to carry over. Absolutely useless. Should have dropped this and kept Uber. It was a million times better. Stick to Zomato or Deliveroo for food apps, because this will drive you up the wall with it’s uselessness. Would give Zero stars if that’s was an option.
Disaster !
by sham230 on 2020/05/23 06:24
It was a completely wrong move from uber to careem! So much of confusion I am not gonna use it anymore... wish ubereat was still there
رجل ممتاز و على خلق
by Ahmed Khaled bek on 2020/05/22 19:55
رجل ممتاز و على خلق
by elafmohammad on 2020/05/21 14:29
نزل مستواكم بكثير مع الاسف
I cant find how to rate the taxi?
by miruna321 on 2020/05/20 21:19
Before there is a message to rate the taxi that i its gone..i really wanted to say that im happy with the hala taxi driver coz he help us to reach our destination safely and look for the possible short routes to reach our place..rather than roaming and roaming like other taxi
by AliNikon on 2020/05/20 08:40
تطبيق ممتاز وكللللش زين
Bad service, uber is more professional
by Emad2018 on 2020/05/18 13:54
They charged me 2 JD extra as previous balance because i once ordered careem and the guy didnt come.
by emanmonica on 2020/05/17 23:44
you became expensive
Battery and Captain Location is Untraceable
by pkenji_rm11 on 2020/05/17 10:00
Hi there, please be advised that this version seems not yet stable where the battery os getting so hot and location of the caption is untraceable. Compared in the earlier version works perfect. Thanks ahead.
الاسعار مبالغ بيها
by اسامة الحكيم on 2020/05/17 08:42
الاسعار مبالغ بيها من الدورة حي الصحة الي الاعظمية اكثر من 15 الاف هذا رقم مبالغ بي واكو شكوة قدمتها مرة دفعت اجرة التكسي وجان عندي رصيد كطع من الرصيد واتصل بيا صاحب التكسي بلغتي الرصيد منزل بحسابي وبلغني انً تتصلون بيا وقدمت شكوى والحد الان ماكو زد
320 عبد السلام عارف السيوف ترام
by دكتور صبري on 2020/05/17 08:18
لا توجد اية عروض او بروموكود والسائقين يتاخرون أحيانا
by amaaralsadi on 2020/05/17 07:49
افضل أسهل أأمن سعر مناسب بدون عمله
I likeee
by imaneelmoumni on 2020/05/16 10:01
I likeee
ادارة فاشلة
by ابو عبدالله ابو عبدالله on 2020/05/15 23:14
اذا دفعت مقدماً عن طريق البطاقة او ابل باي راحت فلوسك تجربة فاشلة في ارجاع مبلغ بعد الغاء كبتن كريم الطلب
by KIM valderama on 2020/05/15 08:29
He is very helpful. I notice he observes precautionary measures , he have hand sanitizer and gloves available for the costumer
by yhhv678 on 2020/05/14 00:00
Thanks careem
Careem app review
by leb.hype on 2020/05/11 22:17
I love this app I like using it because by collecting points threw rides I will be able to redeem them and give free food for poor people or other choices...I really recommend starting taking rides with careem taxi...lowest prices, safest rides, and friendly drivers.
شكرا كريم
by د.نجوح السعيدي on 2020/05/10 10:58
خدمة كريم فعلا خدمه رائعه حلت النا كموظفين هواي مشاكل مثل الوقفه بالشارع وانتظار ابو التكسي العادي واختلاف على الاسعار بينما تكسي كريم توصل للمكان الذي تريده باحترامك وحسب العنوان المثبت وبالموعد شكراا لكل الجهود التي تسعى لخدمة عراقنا الحبيب
يعجز التعبير عن وصف اخلاق الكبتن
by ممدوح الفاضلي on 2020/05/09 18:59
شاكر لكم رقي الخدمه ولباقة الكبتن اسال لنا ولكم التوفيق و ان نتجوار الجايحه بكل صحه وعافيه شاكرين لكم الخدمات المقدمه و الاشخاص الطبين امثال الكبتن
by Maethm Hatem on 2020/05/07 22:42
ان شاء الله بالتوفيق الدائم
by arjanarjan2020 on 2020/05/07 22:04
السلام عليكم..في البدايه كانت خدمه تكسي كريم ممتازه ولكن بمرور الوقت بدأت تأخذ منهجا اخر..يرجى ملاحظه الامور التاليه لغرض تلافيها ١-عدم الدقه بتحديد الموقع الجغرافي للعميل والوقوف بعيد نسبيا عن موقعه ٢-عند الغاء المشوار من قبل العميل (بسبب تأخير الكابتن مثلا )يتم استقطاع مبلغ ولكن عند الغاء المشوار من قبل الكابتن لايتم تعويض العميل ٣-البعض يتعمد لاطاله الطريق لغرض زياده الاجره ٤-البعض لايضيف مبلغ الزياده الى المحفظه ٥-التأخير في الوصول الى العميل
Good app but
by RS1301 on 2020/05/07 03:47
- I first loved the delivery service until i realized it’s only available in a zone up to 8 km, this is very stupid i think. - I wonder why the app doesn’t add dark mode to it’s display, that automatically switch with iphone by night. It saves eyes, phone’s battery, and it’s very inovative...
رقم ال Coll center غير موجود ضمن البرنامج
by اسعد الربيعي on 2020/05/06 13:21
هوايه تصير عدنه اخطاء و تصرفات لازم يتصل بيه الزبون بل مركز العملاء حته تنحل و ماكو استجابه
by karrar_36oor on 2020/05/03 15:11
Amazing app thinx careem
Notification bubbles keep showing
by dbd267 on 2020/05/02 20:51
There are no unread notifications in the notifications section and yet the app insists that there is one unread notification which is even more annoying on the home screen as it shows a big red “1” on the app icon. Tried reinstalling and problem persists!
by فيصل دائل on 2020/04/28 11:00
إلغاء التوصيل من قبل الكابتن !? يجبرك على دفع رسوم
by ekhlassadaam on 2020/04/26 05:36
السلام عليكم اود ان اسجل تقديري للخدمة العالية لتاكسي كريم وإعجابي للكباتن رفيعي الخلق في التعامل والخدمة المقدمة،ولكن كثيرا ما يعيقنا في طلباتنا سوء خدمة الانترنيت مما يضطرنا الى إلغاء الرحلات بسبب عدم التمكن من التوصل إليكم ،فأقترح ان تكون هناك خدمة المسج عالرصيد في حال تعذر طلب التاكسي مع وافر التقدير
مخرج ٢٧ شارع البسالة فلة رقم ٢٨
by الهاشنية on 2020/04/25 19:08
جزاك الله خيرا ورزقك الله من حيث لاتحتسبي
by dooor16 on 2020/04/25 06:02
خدمة ممتازة
شركة سسسيئه وموظفين 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
by roro-AL Asiri" on 2020/04/24 08:56
خدمه سسسيئه للعمييييل واذا انسرقت محد يعطيك حقك ،، حسبي الله ونعممم الووكيل ،، كيان ومرسول افضل بمليووون مررررهه
by GRANTGINA on 2020/04/23 12:45
Careem app often hangs and doesn’t give accurate info at all.
من زيونه
by المهندس محمد الخزرجي on 2020/04/23 12:32
السائق محترم جدا وذكي باستخدام التطبيق واوصل الاغراض بدقه عاشت ايدكم اسمه يوسف وسيارته هونداي رصاصي شكررا
by humera enpril1234 on 2020/04/23 08:20
Very expensive Takes long time to get car delivery.
القصيم الرس
by رابعة محمد on 2020/04/22 16:32
نرجو توفير سهولة التواصل مع الكابتن بالمحادثة بشكل أسهل ودائم
Deleting the app
by kurdii84 on 2020/04/21 15:41
In the last two updates it keeps showing that i have a notification on the app icon and when i launch the app there are no notifications and this is really annoying.
Thank you cream
by Dr memo2000 on 2020/04/20 15:05
Real this driver is a very helpful thank you MR Faisal , and really I appreciate Cream in delivered things in a professional way
Bad drivers
by Saddam1981 on 2020/04/15 16:46
The driver left the pickup point without calling and he cancelled the ride.
ممتاز ولكن
by naser222 on 2020/04/13 12:11
ممتاز ولكن لا تستطيع الاتصال بهم الا وقت المشوار !!!! وهذا عيب كبير
by Fhareeri on 2020/04/13 07:36
الرحلة قيمتها ٢٨ وتم خصم ٤٦ريال ! حرام
by ibrahim sanad on 2020/04/11 11:03
الرحلة قيمتها ٢٨ وتم خصم ٤٦ريال ! حرام
by Folragd on 2020/04/10 12:24
I don’t recommend at all
شكرا كريم
by م. سالم on 2020/04/10 09:11
شكرا كريم
by Angbeki on 2020/04/10 05:00
very comfortable
Perfect delivery
by Dihan Dole on 2020/04/06 06:58
Rider came with full Personal protection and made the delivery safely to the destination and the app was also awesome.
The price is not correct
by mohanad abo fawaz on 2020/04/05 10:43
When I order they tell me my trip will be approximately 40 aed And I get discount 50% I go and come back I pay 168 aed It’s crazy There is something not clear Next time u should be clear
Wrong amount
by gic5643 on 2020/04/05 09:22
When booked it was 10-12 When I arrive I was charged 20
Thanks a lot excellent service
by Nevein B on 2020/04/05 08:47
Much appreciated
by Asaad Abahussain on 2020/04/05 08:42
ممتاز بس أحيانا يعلق
by Murdah.Me on 2020/04/03 06:54
Very fast and cheap
Can’t log in
by 小牛气气 on 2020/04/01 09:52
Ask me to log in with cell phone number, Facebook and Apple account m, and it doesn’t show me the page for booking ride after I input all my information. The app is a trap?????please fix it !!
Excellent apps
by Agolak on 2020/03/31 15:19
Nice friendly driver
I am in love with this company from a long time
by ahmed dsssss on 2020/03/29 14:55
I love this company a lot ❤️
Excellent driver
by Linda Pickney on 2020/03/29 11:02
Thank you for you service.
كابتن كريم
by Reham mk on 2020/03/26 11:38
اقترح تعملو خاصية اختيار كابتن راجل او انثى وتتيحو خيار اذا حابين نحط ملاحظة على الكابتن صغيرة او تقييم كتابي
المدينه المنوره
by هنود السوسي on 2020/03/25 03:42
نتكنا لكم التوفيق ديما
Best app ever 💯💯
by slimKuz on 2020/03/23 14:21
Never disappointed for once.. Careem 4life
App Doesn’t Work
by Ozzy12397 on 2020/03/20 09:04
I’ve been trying to get this app to work since moving to Kuwait but to no avail. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading yet I still get the same error message “Connection error. Please check your internet connection and try again.” I tried both wifi and my own internet data yet neither have worked. Fed up, I’ll just use a normal cab.
بغداد - حي القادسية
by طه الفياض on 2020/03/17 14:15
المقصود خمسة نجوم جدا جدا جدا ممتاز
ابو ريڤان
by ابو ريڤان on 2020/03/16 20:18
العشق كيمو
برنامج حراميه و حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم الله يقطع رزقكم
by قماشة ام القردة الثلاثه on 2020/03/16 12:07
مبلغ الـ 110 ريال حرام في بطونكم و لا احللهم ابد
Dr. Ghassan Haddad
by Dr. ghaddad on 2020/03/14 16:24
Great service with affordable cost.
by bbogari on 2020/03/14 14:21
اقترح عمل تقييم للكابتن والسيارة منفصلين واضافة نجمة ذهبية للكابتن الحيد اكثر من خمس نجوم
تطبيق ممتاز
by نهار الشادي on 2020/03/13 12:00
نرجو منهم مزيد من التطوير والتحديث للتطبيق.
Fraudulent practices
by Faisal.sheikh on 2020/03/12 13:30
Careem has fraudulent practices of riding cost. It shows something and charge at the end different amount. Most ironically, there is no customer support for rectification of error. Pathetic feedback system.
Bug fixes
by jrnrysje on 2020/03/11 05:39
Making bug fixes maybe ruined the app more than it was ruined.
Drivers are not trained and I wasn’t compensated
by nickilabz on 2020/03/10 11:06
Never using this app again. Drivers are not trained and I don’t want to end up on the phone with customer service everytime
Too Often Cannot Connect
by Bar2a L on 2020/03/10 03:47
I often see “No Internet Connection” when my Zain biscuit is right next to the phone and all other apps work perfectly. Also, I haven’t been able to access Rewards because it’s a spinning circle with no results.
by TheKQ8Y on 2020/03/08 22:56
When i put on my phone number it says error please try again later and last time when it worked the taxi took 15 mins just to come to me and he’s sol close to me.
Cannot sign in after adding money to account!
by VJain8905 on 2020/03/07 14:58
I added 2 credit cards and funded my account with $10. Immediately afterwards I was signed out of my account and I cannot sign in again! I tried logging in online as well, and that didn't work. Still haven't heard back from support and will be initiating charge backs soon. I recommend people don't use this app as it will steal your money! Update: it's been 2 weeks and I still haven't heard back from Careem. I'm putting through a Credit Card dispute and reported them to the App store for theft.
Best app ever!
by RoseNjojo on 2020/03/05 20:49
Can’t get better 👍😍
The app doesn’t work
by Seqelly on 2020/03/05 17:54
The app’s features are actually usable but for some reason even when having LTE on I was having trouble getting connected to the app. The help service was working either so I had to find my own way home. Careem better start to fix their app
اتفه شركة واتفه موضفين
by AaRr9091@. on 2020/03/05 08:10
وانتفه ابلكيشن
Packages issue in app
by Lmoussa1 on 2020/03/04 16:59
I purchased package, it expired coz I couldn’t use it, I d Pete’s the app twice and redownloaded it still can’t access it nor buy a new one!
Pathetic App
by Roomi Tarik on 2020/03/03 00:50
So many problems with this. Captains won’t add extra amount to our wallets and Credit Cards keep getting rejected. Can’t buy packages, now. Careem is getting worse every day. I
by Amin Qazi on 2020/03/01 21:15
There is no place in apps to complain. My ride never showed up at my location, I waited with family and he appears to be in the next street. I walked towards it after not coming to me, but a cancellation notice came. I had to go on main road and book again. Should not be charged penalty.
by Zaghoo on 2020/03/01 16:11
Hello we are facing a great problem as voiceover user which is dealing with the app because it’s so so slow and sticky moving between menus while voiceover is on
Expensive than uber
by mp3™ on 2020/03/01 11:58
And also verifycation code not send
too expensive
by Omar pospos on 2020/02/29 10:21
there are a lot of app cheaper than this app , apps like kayan .
Trouble logging into my account
by senorita 9 on 2020/02/28 10:48
I am unable to log into my account I’ve been trying to contact you via email and messenger but no response and this is very unprofessional! Kindly look into this matter
Unsatisfied for several reasons
by من أفضل البرامج الدينية on 2020/02/28 10:35
First, I cannot pin my exact location ( I could pin it with other taxi and delivery apps) and the drivers stops at the building near me so I had to walk more to reach the car. Second, many cars had poor air conditioning, and rude drivers( one of them tried to fool me by not giving me the change). Third, WHY if I cancelled a ride, I get outstanding balance?? I paid once because it was my total decision, but this time it was the driver’s fault didn’t come to the location, I called him and told him where I am exactly but he for no clear reason didn’t come!! Since that time I didn’t use Careem again because of this outstanding balance that wasn’t my fault, and I even was late to my college because of the driver. Update: I found no benefit from your help center.
Absolutely useless
by audiodoesntwork on 2020/02/26 12:29
This app is completely useless, I tried for an hour and couldn’t get past the log in page. My friend had the same problem.
by Insta: Reaamadrid on 2020/02/26 05:33
It’s bad service because they take money for nothing the driver wrote he arrived and he wasn’t out side he was more than two street far he asked me to cancel then they charged me money
ابي حل لو سمحتم
by M.198.1 on 2020/02/25 21:16
ابي أضيف بطاقة رافض حذفت البرنامج ورجعت نزلتها وبرضو المشكلة موجوده :)💔 مع العلم كنت حاطه بطاقه قبل وبضيف الثانيه رفض رحت حذفت الأولى قلت يمكن مايقبل الا بطاقه وحده والحين لا ذا ولا ذا :)💔.
كريم لخدمة الزبائن
by ابو غازي العگيدي on 2020/02/25 18:09
السلام عليكم وصلت رسالة حول سرعة تطبيق كريم حيث سيكون اسرع لكن لا استطيع الوصول الى التحديث ارجو منكم المساعدة ممنون
باقات كريم
by عميل جولد on 2020/02/25 14:06
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته. باقات كريم الكيلومترات حدثت ورضه مافي. افضل بكثير من المشاوير طبعا كل باقه واحتياج المستهلك يختار وكانت شي مميز لكم عن باقي الشركات واتمنى ترجع حتى لما اتصل ما احد يرد وينقفل الخط 😔😔
So glad for chat feature finally.
by baigm0972 on 2020/02/25 11:21
The chat feature is finally here. Thanks!
App won’t reset password
by Anonymousooooisudhav on 2020/02/24 05:35
I have been using Careem since August. Last week the app logged me out after I added 100 Riyals on the account and now it won’t let me reset or log back in. Also, no one from Careem will get back to me. Horrible customer service. I told them the app isn’t working and they tell me to go on the app to put in a request.
Has Lost Its Main Value - Economy
by Ozaal Zesha on 2020/02/23 04:30
Since the merger of Careem with Uber, they have hiked the prices. Its no longer affordable.
نوێکردنەوەی نەخشە
by Massenger جديد on 2020/02/22 21:32
کێشەم لەگەڵ نەخشەکە هەیە شوێنە دورەکان دا ئەنێت تکایە نەخشە نوێکەنەوە
The packages are scams they will deduct the same trip amount again
by Naj405 on 2020/02/22 16:29
الباقات نصب لا تشترونها يخصمونها منكم بالشراء المسبق ويخصمون سعر الرحلة مرة ثانية من المحفظة يعني ماتفرق مجرد طريقة جديدة للنصب - The Packages are scams don’t buy them الخدمة بعض المرات تمسح بعض الرحلات التي تمت فعلاً وهذا اما لايسمح بالحساب عنها او يمنع من البلاغ في حال فقدان شئ .. تواصلوا مع الخدمة وسيقومون باعادة الرحلة والدفع لأنه لايجوز منع الكابتن من الحصول على قيمة الرحلة خاصة اذا المشوار بعيد ومكلف ومتعب عليه قيمة سيارة وبنزين وتامين والرجال يكد على نفسه بعرق جبينه لا تتهاونون في هالامور ترا والله حسابها عند الله عظيم
The app doesn’t even work
by Vclassicz45 on 2020/02/21 12:57
The app used to work now when I try to login it says to put my number then after that there is a technical problem this has been going on for 3 months I deleted and redownloaded it so much the app is so bad
بعد التحيه
by wakib on 2020/02/20 20:27
هل ستعود الخدمه في الكويت بعد إيقافها ؟
برنامج ٠ مامنه فايده كله معلق
by Saoudq on 2020/02/20 17:30
ماله اي معنى كله معلق
Charged for CANCELATION after LATE arrival
by Nader Ashoor on 2020/02/18 12:38
Very disappointing! Got charged for a pre-booked ride after having to cancel it as driver assigned after the requested time slot! This needs to be addressed as doesn’t make sense.
Awful connectivity
by Lunachick00 on 2020/02/17 16:14
Worst ride app I’ve ever used. It constantly fails to connect. It almost always lets me down.
You should use it
by jgxiyvhj on 2020/02/16 07:56
The best app that i have ever used in iraq, safe, quiet, clean rides.. highly recommended !
by OmarAljumaily on 2020/02/15 23:47
The best taxi service in Iraq I’m a golden member since 6 months Much love ❤️
Captain - Direction Issues
by Mai88-19 on 2020/02/15 06:03
I’ve used Careem in Bahrain, Saudi and Oman and I’ve never faced any problems with delay as the one am facing here in Bahrain. Disregard the price, the captain is taking longer time for confusing reasons and they are as follow: - Passes by the correct road and takes a U- turn. - Passes by the correct pickup point and circle around the premises. - Timer indicator is incorrect: it shows 1min while in fact the driver is driving on an paved road of another district. My experience today is what drove me to write this review because I book with Careem thinking I will not need for the Nissan Agency bus to drive me to my area of residence. The captain of Careem did all of the three mentioned points and instead of 16min he took more. If you want your 1.2 BD let me know.
App ruined. Customer lost.
by youlostit13 on 2019/05/07 17:28
I was very happy with this app being available in my city because it made finding a cab easier. So whenever I need a cab at night, I trusted Careem because that meant I didn’t have to stand alone in the street waiting for a cab, and whenever I needed to be somewhere on time I used Careem because it spared me the wait and wave and got me to my destination quick. Plus the drivers were always polite and on time so I was a happy customer, until.. The latest update on the app suggests that a Careem ride only gets you one seat in the cab, and allows the driver to pick other passengers on the way or to have other passengers along. I was told if I have company, I should just call the captain and ask how many people are with him (as soon as I did he started nagging how I’m only allowed one seat) so if it’s not compatible I cancel the ride and search for another captain, which to me is a waste of time. This new update took all practicality from the app.. so I won’t be using it anymore because it’s now the same as howling a cab in the street.
the first and the best transportation app in iraq
by monta95 on 2019/07/11 13:54
though i own a personal car , i like using careem in many situations like avoiding traffic or not being in a good mode to drive my car , i really liked it but you should have some additional services so you can keep up the success you guys did when you started careem in BASRAH , the vip’s ride should be available for important people who needs a private & luxury cars for transportation , and you should have special cars for the very special people or people who have sensitive positions and need a suitable ride for them , so u should add mercedes-like cars and SUV’s beside armored and other special rides and then i assure u , u would be the best transportation services in the whole iraq and not only basrah .. wish you good luck ❤️
Technical Problem
by RayFord321 on 2020/01/15 14:36
I used to use this app all the time but since getting the iPhone 11, I haven’t been able to use it. When I try to log in when I’m connected to WiFi, it immediately says it encountered a technical problem after I enter my phone number. When I log in using data, it’ll accept my phone number, give me a pin, and after I enter the pin it would ask me for my password. Once I give my password, it’ll take me back to the start screen with a loading wheel on it indefinitely. I know I entered the password correctly because I was able to log in to my account on the computer. When I try to use Facebook to log in, regardless of if I’m using WiFi or data, it doesn’t do anything. This app would probably have 5 stars from me because I know the service is great and I relied on it a lot, but the way it is now, it’s unusable.
The best transportation app in Egypt.
by HoodzInDaWoodz on 2019/01/19 19:38
I’ve probably never written a review for an app before, but this app has gone too far past my expectations for me to stay quiet. Not only is the app quick, but you also get the quickest captains too. I get discount codes all the time for Careem, including points for using the app so often. Not to mention their amazing customer service; as soon as you rate your driver, you receive an email concerning your rating. This may seem hard to believe, but I have a perfectly working car and a driver that is on duty 24/7, yet I still choose Careem as much as I can. If this app was available in USA, I’d use it there too. Long story short, get the app. It’s so worth it.
Ridiculous support centre
by maximus5555555 on 2019/09/25 17:36
Will it hurt to have a call centre or a helpline or a customer service that actually works. Charge money for it if you have to but the current scenario is simply ridiculous Careem founders are proud they have sold off to Uber but they have committed one of the 7 deadly sins, by giving in to greed and ruining a perfectly good app and service. I cant even log in to my own account. Not that I am concerned but I dont want you guys having my credit card info and no privacy policy as once already data was leaked from Careem and everyone knows it. Take a look into your “technical” issues and review the support your team gives. Now that you have entered the corporate world learn to spend some thought on how you treat customers. Dont worry every dog has its day, Nokia thought it would last and guess what, whens the last time you saw one........
by ramon.ghanem on 2019/11/14 10:26
Great service, great product 🙂👍 But there is a big issue with the app. Since last two updates I have problem with the app. It always says that there no internet connection all the time. I am connected to LTE 4G and all apps and internet is working correctly. But with Careem app says that I have no internet connection. So when I turned on WiFi Careem app worked and it was connected again!! Today i checked out if there a new update to fix this bug. I updated the app. Still the same problem, saying that I am not connected and there is internet connection when I am connected to LTE 4G. But when I switch to WiFi all is fine. Kindly fix this annoying problem. Thank you
App Interface
by Ali baba 40 chor on 2018/07/26 04:47
The apps interface on iPhone 5s screen does not show full details of the vehicle and is like Toyota C..... Please correct this issue by making these details expandable so that all details about the driver and the car can be seen. Also I would suggest a journey path be showed on the map like uber. Lastly I would recommend to improve your fare estimate algorithm as the actual fare in my experience has always been higher than the range given. If you are giving a range then the fare should be within its limit unless there has been unusual conditions. Thumbs up for the wallet feature which allows extra paid money to be used on the next trip and not have the hassle of getting change when paying cash.
Unsatisfied for several reasons
by من أفضل البرامج الدينية on 2020/02/28 10:35
First, I cannot pin my exact location ( I could pin it with other taxi and delivery apps) and the drivers stops at the building near me so I had to walk more to reach the car. Second, many cars had poor air conditioning, and rude drivers( one of them tried to fool me by not giving me the change). Third, WHY if I cancelled a ride, I get outstanding balance?? I paid once because it was my total decision, but this time it was the driver’s fault didn’t come to the location, I called him and told him where I am exactly but he for no clear reason didn’t come!! Since that time I didn’t use Careem again because of this outstanding balance that wasn’t my fault, and I even was late to my college because of the driver. Update: I found no benefit from your help center.
A great app otherwise.
by Anon pak on 2019/04/12 10:21
Except the part that you can not rate drivers lower than a 4, and anything between 1-3 gets automatically removed, also the part where the captains can sometimes steal your money by not adding the extra amounts to your wallet. Customer service is highly varied, with complaints being resolved in minutes to not being resolved or responded to at all, I use the app 6 days a week, just sad that some captains just run off with the extra credit without adding it to your account, and you cannot reflect that to the captain because the app won’t let you rate a captain lower than 4 stars, weird, but then again, there’s a reason I guess I have never seen a 3 or 2 star captains. Rated 2 stars here.
The service is nice but...
by TechLady123 on 2019/09/18 17:11
I use Careem service a lot but if I ever stop using it, it will be because of the many Careem drivers who made me feel guilty for how long my rides are. Many of them say if I knew this ride will take this long, I would not have opened the app, or I would not have picked up this ride !! Like it is my fault! There should be someway to tell the driver ahead of time how long a ride will take and the destination and whether or not they are willing to drive to certain cities and/or accept to go certain number of miles. I’m starting to feel bad for all the comments and attitude I’m getting from them.
Do not use this service
by dubaiclient on 2018/09/28 19:09
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! I have been trying to contact the customer care of Careem for days - with no effect. This is not the first time I have had this kind of an experience. They are IRRESPONSIBLE, TARDY, and straight-out RUDE. I have had their drivers chase me into buildings when THEIR payment systems failed. I have had their “customer care” agents get into fights with me. Right now they are SPAMMING my email, and my private messages (every 5 minutes) for a problem on their end. The thing is that I have NO POINT OF CONTACT to fix this issue (even though the issue is not mine to fix). Cheers to those poor drivers, I can only imagine what it is like working for this kind of a company. They do not deserve even a single star.
Don’t use it in Istanbul
by Since1907 on 2017/10/28 12:29
Their business plan and algorithms may work great in small and less congested cities but this ride sharing scheme is a big failure in a city like Istanbul. The number of cars they have in Istanbul is far less than enough to cover the city and it takes them forever to get to your pick-up location, specially during rush hours. Their prices were some what competitive when they’ve first launched their app but not so anymore. I’m deleting the app as soon as I finish writing this review. One final note; no ride sharing company will be competitive against city cabs as long as the gas prices are this expensive and with laws that are preventing private citizens to use their own cars with these ride sharing apps.
My recent visit to Pakistan
by Imran P on 2018/08/20 06:18
I recently visited Karachi after 15 years I have used Ride sharing apps abroad but for Pakistan whenever I have visited I have rented a car as this method did not exist. This time I was told about Careem. I found it very convenient the drivers were professional and courteous. I was using the business option which was a few rupees more but all the cars newer and had air-conditioning as I was there in July. I will definitely use this service again next time I visit.
Decent app but TERRIBLE customer service
by Faisal D. on 2019/11/23 13:27
I have used Careem for some time now and generally it has been ok as long as I don't have any issues that requires assistance. The few times I interacted with there customer service has been a very bad experience for me. Most recently they accidentally charged my credit card twice for the same transaction and when I complained they denied it. Then when I showed them my credit card statement as evidence they claimed that they refunded it back to my "bank account" not my credit card which they obviously didn't because they don't even have my bank account information. I have reported them to the authorities and will never use them again.
The system gives wrong numbers
by arealguynotabot on 2018/12/02 10:41
I used Careem multiple times, there are many glitches such as when canceling the driver 6 minutes away they end up coming, secondly most importantly payments in cash show different numbers between the driver and me once I paid nothing because it showed to the driver 0 fee but later on the day when I reopen the app it showed the fee was 5QR and today the driver showed me through his phone that the fee is 17QR I paid it later when I checked the app to order a cap it showed me that the fee was 7QR. Uber brings less frustration
I have been STOLEN by Careem and driver Moemen Gamalelden
by Ahmed_Sherif on 2018/03/07 20:24
I have been stolen as I didn’t pick up the trip and already cancelled on spot since I click by mistake and driver (Moemen Gamalelden) called asking to cancel though I already did (confirmed that to him) and even gave reason why to cancel but seems driver has no integrity and ur system not secured !!! This action from Careem beside having a problem every day last last 3-days (wz no follow up or customer service action) reveal EXTREMELY BAD service to degree of STEAL people because u have my credit card details !!! If money not refund within 24-hrs and serious action taken in order not to be repeated by driver, I will simply share contact حماية المستهلك and share on social media.
The App was so helpful
by bouland on 2019/09/14 00:10
I was New in the city of Casablanca and the cab drivers took advantage of me by charging me ridiculous fare. Once I discovered this App, things just became so easy for me. Easy fare prediction, the driver was so nice and deserved the tip I gave him. But the drivers are working under the pressure of the cab drivers who don’t want competition, I had to pretend the driver was my friend when he dropped me in front of my hotel so that the regular cab drivers don’t get mad à him !!!ridiculous
Bad Design Interface
by Eng. Gamal on 2019/08/10 07:32
First time to use Careem. Default selection for type of car is airport , which is the most expensive selection. I did not know this needed to be changed to the less expensive selection, like GO MINI. I had to pay 200 EGP when the trip should have cost about 45 EGP. I believe Careem made the AIRPORT selection default to fool you into accepting the default instead of showing you other options. With UBER, you are given 3 selections in one view, with the price. Careem has to navigate further in order to select the type of car and navigate even more to know the price. Terrible and sneaky design for a first time user. I selected Uber for my next rides.
One of the worst applications
by AhmeDola on 2017/09/08 06:50
First their drivers are awful and not in rare case happens it always happens at least if you had 10 rides 8 of them are with a driver with rude language or even the situation of the car is awful , somking cigarettes , playing songs without asking , the fare is better than uber but for me using this app again is forbidden until they fix their issues as even i reported alot of times no body cares and no replies and when they replied once the solution was really comedy that they gave me back my money that they tooked for booking a driver who can't reach the place but only for 24 hours , as if i must make a ride not to lose my money .
They deleted their phone number
by AL SULAMI -900 on 2019/08/06 22:14
I cannot contact them if i need them I had an incident with one of the captains who was very rude and demanded that i cancel after he got to the location , of course i thought that i could find their number in the app like before and complain because the driver didn't leave me a choice but to cancel and 11 SR was put on outstanding amount which is totally unfair to some this may sound trivial but this is serious the customer has no way of communicating with the company i even went to their website and sent a complaint and they never responded, this was a good app but the lack of communication is detrimental to the experience
Everything about it is just terrible.
by Idell Laschius on 2019/12/12 13:33
My designated captain was 13 minutes away. 5 minutes later he cancelled the ride & I was given another captain. This one took 5 minutes to move from his place. He was supposed to arrive in 4 minutes. But it took him 7 minutes AND a phone call to arrive, yet at the wrong location. All of this happened in the city of Islamabad. The app didn’t show the 1.5× peak factor before the ride. The fare was about PKR90 more than the estimated fare - which already had a wide minimum-maximum range of PKR90. Careem probably lost a user it had had for 2+ years. Terribly disappointed with the captains & Careem service on the whole.
Great App
by Ziad Selfani on 2019/05/31 03:09
I’ve been using Careem for the last 2 months, amazingly useful and easy to use! Packages are also a treat I recommend adding 6th star or golden star for those who really go out of their way to make our experience lovely! I also suggest you create a broadcast system where every week a Captain can share an issue he had and make all other captains learn fro. That problem and from the proposed solution Extend packages expiry dates !!!
The worst service I don’t recommend this ever
by hwda8609 on 2018/08/04 06:07
When I was in the car the man asked where I would go and then I told him the details after this he went to abandoned place and told me to give him the money I asked him why then he told me don’t be scared I just wanna make sure that you’ll give me my money because a lot of ppl were lying to me and I get an afraid of that ....I advice all ppl who are seeing my letter never ever go with cream it really bad and I swear to god what I said is true 100% don’t think cream is fast cause they’re lair and all they want is money and taking often more than they deserve so I have earned an experience in order not to believe those companies
Purposefully hard to reach customer service
by Saif Bet on 2019/09/26 04:34
Any app that makes it near impossible to reach help or support is a fail in my book. I would have rated the app higher if other features were outstanding but they are what you would expect. When you need support, the first big negative is that the number posted tells you that you have to go through the help section on the app LOL. They set up a number on the app to tell you to go back to the app ?!?,!,!? Then it takes quite a lot of digging to reach any form where you can fill to email them. Very disappointing. Might as well use Uber. But they own Careem now so I guess your stuck
Beware, Danger!
by Smhouck on 2019/07/18 20:39
This app and the company are a joke. It could actually be VERY dangerous. Myself and a fellow female friend tried using the app while traveling in Casablanca. The app doesn’t show a picture of the driver, the license plates were incorrect every time, the color of the car was incorrect every time, the arrival was incorrect every time and the drivers do not speak English well enough for you to call them. On several occasions the driver parked, we called when the app said they arrived and could see no one, and the driver told us to walk to where he was located. The taxis were easier and only slightly more expensive. Not to mention probably safer than Careem!
by Pindiboy on 2018/04/23 05:58
I usually do not write reviews but this time I had to... its the fifth time that captain notifies he has arrived as soon as he accepts the ride and then they take 20-30 mins to reach me. Technically I wait for half an hour and then I pay for that waiting too. When I asked captains why did they notify that soon? Their answer is always “Careem’s GPS has some problems, I couldn’t see your location so I pressed that I have reached. “ Now why I’m angry on Careem is Every time I tried to contact helpline its too busy and even after a very long wait I never found an officer to whome I could complain. I even sent an email which has no answer from Careem yet.
It’s the app and the company ethics
by MrToughEnough on 2018/09/25 02:44
I’m rating here the app not the service which is unjustifiably expensive anyway. This is a horrible app it keep sending irrelevant notifications at silly times and you have no control at it at all, within the app although there is a section for notification but there is no option within it to disable this ridiculous promotion who I doubt anyone response to it. If you disabled the notification from the iOS itself the app will be useless. Moving to Uber as Careem doesn’t respect the privacy of its customer and it gave itself the right to disturb us with promos at anytime
Theif Company and drivers
by Jassim.A on 2019/10/09 12:03
I recommend using other trusted companies. This company is not reliable. The driver kept the app running even though he dropped me at the location at 10 am. He made it look like I was still in the car . I opened the app after I was done shopping at the mall and realized that it says I was still in ride. He kept the app running until 11:54 am. I was charged 5 times of the price on my credit card. I tried to rate the driver but they won’t let me give him a one star. I contacted customer services. More than 2 weeks now and no replay. I am deleting the app. Such a waste of time and money. Be careful
Works well
by Ds18095479 on 2018/12/31 17:55
As I’m American I’m accustomed to using Uber or Lyft. But Careem works very well in the Middle East where Uber isn’t always available. Two things I don’t care for is it tends to be more expensive than Uber typically is and sometimes I feel drivers pick you up in unspecified spots in order to gain waiting fees (please not this is my speculation and is not necessarily true). The cars typically are much nicer than with an Uber.
App doesn’t notify when driver arrives
by nakooshka on 2019/04/17 05:49
Careem sent out a message last week that drivers would no longer text when they arrive but the application does not always notify you. Drivers also no longer call, and sometimes they end up in the wrong locations. I’d like for careem to change the feature or provide with an alternative even if it was an automated call that could tell customers where the driver is instead of keeping the app open.
by non urdun on 2018/04/11 15:51
I normally don’t have an issue with your app but the issue here is that today, I booked for a ride, I actually saw the car pass right by my side, he called me and asked for my location which I did tell him distinctively, only for him to continue with the ride and the I got a notification that my captain has arrived, whereas he just kept driving down istikla road down to bibar and said he’ll turn back, I felt I was being cheated and I cancelled and you charge me 1.5 for not riding? How reasonable is that? Stop over charging cancelled trips or if at all you will charge it should be at a reasonable price, not 1.5jd
Can’t get on the site
by nelly7419 on 2019/11/23 04:41
I can even get on the site. They say check your internet. My internet is working just fine. They are having technical issues. They used to respond to my emails but after 15 + emails back and forth they don’t respond anymore. I have lost 8 rides. There is no help and no one to speak to about reimbursement.
Karim at Saudi Arabia
by Moonary on 2018/10/02 14:11
a 6 minutes wait for a 10 minute trip became about 50 minute trips. I had to wait in hot weather outside and change driver 4 times because they either not moving, not answering, took too freaking long, and when the car finally arrived, the driver took me to a closed path using Karim app. I guided him back to the correct way and I arrived after almost an hour from the time I ordered first car and I was charged 18 Ed for what is usually 10-15 rage trip. This not my first struggle with them, but hopefully the last because I am not gonna use thier service anymore.
by juulliaaa_cxb on 2019/05/03 07:28
I ordered a Careem I could not track him so I eventually called him, after calling him he had said he is two minutes away ,so I had waited for over seven minutes and he was there there still, when I called again he said that he’s at the intersection and that I should wait there so I left and waited at the intersection but not arrived for another 10 minutes when I called him once more he hung up on me after saying sorry I’m coming. this is very disgusting and the way he acted was very rude this is the last time I’m using Careem and would not recommend this, use Uber instead
Very useful app
by Silverrrrrrrrrre on 2018/06/06 13:59
I love it. I always use it when I travel outside my country. When every i face a problem with the captain i just report it and I always get a response immediately. I love the wallet idea when the captain doesn’t has change he keeps the rest of the money in it so i can use it in my next ride. Very useful app. Thumbs up 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Terrible app steals your money
by TheImmortalofPasargarde on 2019/12/31 09:14
This app was working just fine in Abu Dhabi until I loaded 350 derham on it and tried to go to Dubai. Then it stopped working saying there was a problem with my account, so I used Uber. Then in Dubai the problem continued. I have now tried to email and call and no response. At one point it says I need to update my app, but there’s no update, I deleted and downloaded the app again and now it tells me my account is not recognized so I have no choice but to dispute this with my credit card carrier. Terrible terrible just stick to Uber not some backwater app.
Not recommended for ladies
by Asmaa-Kuwait on 2018/04/19 07:10
After spending more than 400 dollars on Careem rides, I can tell you their pros and cons. They listen to your complaints and return your money, but the issue is that they won’t be able to control the manipulation of their new captains, and you’ll have to keep giving them Bad ratings to take notice of the matter. I as a woman pay my hard earned cash to drivers to make sure I reach on time at my location. I don’t want to be frustrated post my rides unnecessarily all because the driver spoiled my experience. I will not be recommending this application for ladies; save your time and money and just haul a cab from the road even if you have to pay more. راح تجادلين مع السائق على الأجرة لانه طول الطريق ونصب عليج أو اخرج الخ.. ما يصلح البرنامج حق النساء بالكويت .. صرت أعاني كثير بسببهم ومابي ارجع البيت متضايقة مقهورة على أشياء بسيطة في الحياة لا تعبون حالكم خلاص
Not as excellent as Lyft, more terrible than Uber
by Concerned Citizen 75 on 2020/01/21 21:01
Both my App and phone are set to English, Careem sends me notifications in French. Drivers cancel constantly or show up in the wrong model car without the stated license plate. Several times I have ordered a car, the app shows the car at the pickup point BUT THERE IS NO CAR AND I AM STARING AT AN EMPTY STREET. As a Lyft (excellent) and Uber (when Lyft is not available) user in the United States, this Careem app is a primitive, ineffective substitute here in Morocco. Uber was here in 2017 and I wish they would return; instead they bought this piece-of-junk app for over $1B and it’s terrible.
Poor customer service
by Ghchic on 2019/09/28 12:54
I loaded e-vouchers to use during a 4-day trip to the UAE. Next thing I know, Careem immediately deducted the total amount. I contacted them several times several weeks ahead of my trip to rectify the situation but got no response. There is no phone number, only email. It wasn’t until I posted a Tweet about this issue that they finally responded to say they are “looking into it.” By that time, I was at the end of my trip so whatever they come back with may be useless to me sine they do not operate in the US. I will never recommend them to anyone.
Technical issue in the latest update. التحديث الأخير فيه مشكلة
by Gone withth the wind on 2018/05/01 14:59
I like the app and the company is my favorite but the new update is not working well with me. The display used to be more user friendly. Besides, the big problem is that it keeps showing that there are no cars available. Yet, whenever I request a car, I can find one available. I think it’s a technical issue. التحديث الاخير بوضح لي انه لا يوجد سيارات بجميع الفئات بينما اذا حجزت رحلة بالرغم من انه يقول مافيه سيارات، الاقي السيارة قريبة.
Baghdad -
by Muhammad Al-Maliki on 2020/01/21 17:14
The best service and best application in Iraq and in Baghdad in particular, because we are assured of the safety of our children, the accuracy of their time and order, the comfort of our children, the high confidence and our sense of safety for our children, and the cheapness of the prices far behind the rest of the taxis. We wish them success and success
Pickup and drop off location needs to be easier.
by Ridabids on 2019/12/08 12:48
It is a great app, but it is not accurate with its pickup and drop off locations. I had a difficult time setting up my pickup location and drop off location. Many times the captains would be on a different street. It became even more difficult when my drop off location was not found in the search bar and I was not familiar with the location.
Never worked for me
by Fory:) on 2019/11/24 21:42
My first time, driver needs 8 mins, I wait until the car is close; then somehow order got cancelled and another driver need another 10 mins? However, I was slightly in hurry and took a taxi instead. My second time, driver’s location says arrived. I checked all the cars around me, nope, no driver. Wait for 5 mins. Called driver multiple times, no one answers. How could the car’s gps location is here but no car here?! Have to cancel my trip. Asked refund for the package I bought since it never worked. No one responded yet either.
Abmyssal Support Team Experience
by Zain Adeel on 2019/10/28 13:24
I purchased a 20 ride package and it mentions nowhere that it’s only applicable within 1 city. They won’t refund me for a package I cannot utilize. On top of this their chat support helps by telling me that im not cooperating with them and they will not help me like this. Called them up on their hard to navigate to phone lines to listen to 2 people guide me to reach an interface on their app which I couldn’t find coz it does not exist. And then finally a person tells me that they cannot refund. And they are very sorry. Well thank you. That helps.
App needs help
by sun&water on 2020/01/25 05:45
The limo car service is GREAT! The app is MEDIOCRE. The location indicator is rarely accurate, so I don’t know if the driver is on the way or has arrived at my location. The latter results in my being charged a crazy waiting fee (because the driver is nearby but not precisely where I am—typically because he didn’t read the note attached to the location!). So I routinely have to call the driver to ask if he’s near and tell him where I am. 😕
Poor customer service.
by Paolo_1990 on 2019/10/11 09:56
They have no phone support so if you have a dispute you’ll have to contact them by email. The representative who’s handling my case was incompetent and didn’t show a willingness to investigate on the matter—a double charge worth 300AED each: one to my debit card and one to my credit card. Been 4 days I still don’t have a resolution (although the rep confidently tells me I have nothing to worry about and that there was no double charge even though the receipts and screenshots I sent them clearly show otherwise.)
Airport fail - false advertising
by notallowedtocommentanonymously on 2019/10/31 16:40
The algorithm doesn’t seem to account for traffic. 35 minutes for the car when the app showed 8 minutes when I booked. Since there is also no way in the app to complain or provide feedback, public feedback it is.
Drop-off location issue:
by Sahir Rafiq on 2018/11/17 14:32
I called Careem and the driver refused to go on that area. I told him that if u were not willing to go there then why u picked up my request, I had already selected the drop off location. He said its not appearing, just now when you came into the car now appearing. Finally I got out of car and booked another one. Same case happened with me number of times. Please rectify the issue.
So many issues
by dubai2019jg on 2018/06/16 13:44
I’ve had an issue 3 out of 4 times when using. I only keep using it because instead of crediting your card, they give you credit, so I have no choice. I’ve had drivers consistently go to wrong drop off and arrive st the wrong pick up (as determined by the app) and then call to tell you you’re in the wrong. I’ve had lots of errors on the app in terms of directions as well...just feels like it’s a new app with lots of growing pains and things to sort out. Uber is much easier.
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