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TapeACall: Call Recorder
Don't want to miss conversation details? Record important incoming and outgoing phone calls with TapeACall! TapeACall is a leading business app providing prime-quality call recording service in over 50 countries worldwide! More than 4 million users have already boosted their efficiency by recording significant calls with TapeACall, don’t lag behind! "TapeACall is by far the most popular iOS app to offer call recording." - 9to5Mac "Whether you're interviewing someone for an upcoming story or taking minutes for a big conference call, you may find yourself having to record a conversation. In three easy steps, TapeACall allows you to securely record any phone call." - Business Insider "... a solid call recording program that gives you just about every feature you could want and then some, from saveable MP3s to straightforward setup and use." - Gizmodo POWERFUL FEATURES: - Record incoming and outgoing calls - Transcribe recordings into text - Record zoom meetings automatically - Make as many recordings as you wish - Record conversations of any length - Transfer recordings to your new devices - Easily download recordings to your computer - Upload your recordings to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive! - Email recordings to yourself as MP3 files - Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter - Label recordings so you can easily find them - Access recordings as soon as you hang up - Play recordings in the background - Read call recording laws - Push notifications take you to the recording OUTSTANDING SERVICE: - Customer service with real humans - Developers that care about their customers - New features added all the time NOTE: TapeACall requires your carrier supports 3-way calling. SimpleTalk and H2o Wireless do NOT offer this in the US. Our standard Subscription Plans are: * 1-Year Subscription with a 7-day free trial * 1-Month Subscription Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew and payment will be charged to your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost of the renewal depends on your Subscription Plan. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel or manage your free trial's auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase. The cancellation will take effect 24-hours after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
Doesn’t work! Records first 10-20 seconds
by nn. dhdhdd on 2021/04/19 18:18
Makes you connect to another number when your calling and then cuts out what a piece of trash! Waste of life losers who made this app parents raised you like trash
Not free
by F1tzy07 on 2021/04/15 16:23
Have no use for a company that’s lies to get your money
Not happy
by Whoa! Love this game on 2021/04/13 14:25
I wanted to give this zero stars. I bought this app so I could use it to record sessions for my clients. I had a recording last for 31 minutes. There was an error or something and I can only access 21 minutes of the recording. I contacted the tech support and they couldn’t retrieve it. They just apologized for the inconvenience. So of you only want to record 20 minutes of a phone call then this app is for you. For me, I just wasted my money and time trying to get my voice recording, so I won’t be recommending this to anyone in the future.
Tap a call
by D Crowder El Paso on 2021/04/12 18:43
This is more of a general complaint than review.Do you all have any changes in the system and how it operates, but I didn’t get a notification. And I just recorded an interview that failed to record. Fortunately I had a back up recorder going. Not sure what changes you made, but I didn’t get the memo. David Crowder, reporter, El Paso
Terrible - multiple failures when I need it to work
by tkbarnes on 2021/04/12 16:11
This app has failed me many times when I’ve needed it over the years, with poor recording quality and, today, the app prompting me to pay for it even though I’m already subscribed. I work on tight deadlines and cannot troubleshoot this app every time I need it.
by Roooster64 on 2021/04/09 17:26
Excelsnt app!
Shady practices
by notafan000005 on 2021/04/09 14:38
One star for requiring a yearly subscription sign-up in order to get access to a brief free trial. Why isn’t the free trial available without a sign up? Why can’t you do the monthly sign up and get the free trail? Because when most people forget to cancel in time, you only get $10 instead of the large yearly subscription? It sounds like you might have a good product, but I didn’t get that far.
by sunflowersunshine21 on 2021/04/07 19:31
I went to cancel this subscription and I must have skipped over it by accident. Is there anyway I can get refunded for this? It happened back in January, but I’m just going through my Apple receipts and noticed this today.
by only2be on 2021/04/06 21:29
I think this app is going to get me through my divorce! This is awesome!
Feliz de esta aplicación
by rickygaetaa on 2021/04/06 13:25
Excelente servicio
Doesn’t work for me
by lim sorry telling you this but on 2021/04/05 12:39
I download this app and have to remove it in 10 minutes I couldn’t record nothing
Never even worked and charged me 64
by tuss15 on 2021/04/04 18:35
Apple won’t even refund it. $64.00 to download and erase it. Absolute garbage.
by wavyweaver on 2021/04/03 15:07
I love recording my baby mama and uncle they funny to listen to and predict their answers to certain questions mid conversation 💯😂
Unsubscribe me from tapa a call. It’s a very bad app that doesn’t work.
by Wolfie197963 on 2021/04/02 20:12
This is awful! When it writes the words you speak nothing is clear. This is garbage. I want to unsubscribe the whole tape a call app. I will not recommend any of this to my friends and I am going to post about this app. I am a business owner and trust me, you are not going to get good reviews from me. Please unsubscribe me from this crap!
Subscription will charge you even after deleting the app
by Jason.BID on 2021/04/01 15:32
I downloaded this app. Tried it for a few and decided it wasn’t right for me. So I deleted the app. What they don’t tell you is they sneak on the subscription under your settings and a week later charge you. Then you have to go to Apple to try to figure it out. Not sure if I will get a refund. Super deceptive business practice. Avoid this app.
Saving family history between uncle and nephew
by Green Zebra Creator on 2021/04/01 00:23
I enjoyed recoding my birthday wishes to my uncle on his 86th celebration
Faster record call connect
by Bizzy Bee🐝 on 2021/03/31 21:07
Call recording quality is great. App needs to bee able to connect recording call faster, b/c incoming calls hang up often when you put them on hold to connect the recording line. Also keep the unlimited recordings for Premium subscribers.
Terrible app
by laylaaa.lulu on 2021/03/31 20:26
This app is just terrible!! Right when I open the app it brings me to premium ads.I try to click the x but then I get to another premium thing!!! It just keeps going back and forth. I can’t use the app at all and it’s just so annoying!! Fix this now
by xx._.potato._.xx on 2021/03/31 05:20
It is thrash
by eliasvd09 on 2021/03/29 12:46
Cuando llamo no graba, si te llaman tiene que abril la app y se tumba la llamada, no compren esta basura eso es muy estupido
Didn’t work
by QMB129 on 2021/03/26 06:24
I used my AirPods to make over a dozen phone calls. I went back to listen to the recordings and there was only static at the beginning and then silence.
by Mighty RN 1 on 2021/03/25 12:06
This app works as it states. Tapes incoming & outgoing calls. Can even label them. App has a nice, easy to access tutorial built right in. One of my best app purchases. Wish I found this sooner.
Does Not Work
by Metis8 on 2021/03/24 22:34
Please don’t get it. It messed up all my recordings. I records then it stops recording. So frustrating!
by 5'7" but handsome on 2021/03/22 20:43
Makes no sense, you’re on a call, you hit record, you have the conversation, you go to save it, save the recording but THEN it starts recording... I just missed out on recording an extremely important conversation because this app doesn’t work.
by Mgowans on 2021/03/21 23:56
Just what I need.
Love it.
by finding names on 2021/03/19 16:24
Great tool
Dear developer- Speed up function?
by Ash1999998 on 2021/03/17 23:35
Why did you guys get rid of the speed up and slow down function? I used to be able to put the recordings at 2x speed. Please bring that function back. The new update is nice but I’d rather have that old function back.
Difference between free version and pro version?
by satan and john f kennedy on 2021/03/17 21:24
It’s really not clear what the exact differences are. Was trying to find more info online and couldn’t. Pricing seems a little sus if I don’t know what I’m paying for and what the different rates are. Need to make an informed decision as a customer.
Deceivingly.... not free.
by Jdm91hp on 2021/03/16 07:05
It’s not free. The subscription is EXPENSIVE for what this is. Far out of line from other programs much more intricate than this. Do not recommend.
Not actually a free app
by kcjxbsvdyjsbsudjsvsh on 2021/03/16 01:56
This is not a free app. You can download it for free, but to be able to access any features or use the app you must sign up for a monthly membership
Bogus app
by rsundhrani on 2021/03/16 00:34
Charged me 12.99 and doesn’t record anything properly
Subscription fee
by Crackpipe10008 on 2021/03/13 16:37
I guess I signed up for a week trial because they charged me 59.99 over night for a one year subscription and I woke up negative in my bank acct, very unpleasant..
Do NOT give them your phone number!
by Dorothyrothchild on 2021/03/12 21:00
This is the most expensive call app I’ve seen and they dont give you the pricing until after you’ve given them your number. TOTAL SCAM
by user dkb on 2021/03/12 20:33
It would be nice if there was a one button connect feature instead of a merge call. But I do like the product.
Doesn't work
by Chechaa on 2021/03/11 21:49
Hasn't recorded a single thing after subscribing to it. Wonder if I get my money back. Try other ones before buying this. Didn't work for me.
Best value and easy to use recording tool.
by Lake Life Norman on 2021/03/10 16:16
Nothing more to say..... get this app if you need a recording tool. Pay the small fee as the cloud storage and ease of sharing your recordings is simple. BTW: I have been using TapeACall for 5 years so I am a credible reviewer.
by coleworld 3700 on 2021/03/09 15:16
Gets choppy when voices elevate
Not free
by k$$$$! on 2021/03/09 05:13
Have to subscribe to use.
Didn’t record
by mikeey8212 on 2021/03/05 17:14
I recently got this app and has not recoded some calls and I made sure to push merge. If this continues to happen I will be back to let you know. I’m still undecided on this app.
Another gotcha app
by Duramax6.6! on 2021/03/02 17:03
Pay to use after X days of use if you are looking for a free app this isn't the one
Do not use this app!
by 5parky1 on 2021/03/01 15:34
I recorded a three hour interview. It took over a month to hear back from the tech support that it wasn’t recorded. “It appears there was an issue with our carrier at the time of your call”. This app used to work great but clearly they don’t have anyone employed anymore. It is an unstaffed, broken tool on its last gasp. I’d guess the creators have moved on to other things. The social media accounts are flooded with similar stories.
Hello hello hi hi hey hey
by eyeyeyryrrryr on 2021/02/28 22:10
Hi hello yrtr
by al1836756473829394 on 2021/02/26 01:44
Does not work not user friendly
Recording blank
by Lfc969696 on 2021/02/25 23:44
Had an extremely important interview over the phone I had to record. I signed up for the premium version and started the recording the correct way (I tested beforehand to make sure I knew how to do it right) and it didn’t record anything over the entire hour phone call
In app transcription purchase has become terrible
by Anyarajjjjjj on 2021/02/25 02:10
I’ve used TapeACall for a couple of years and have occasional trouble with recording, but more recently the transcription service which cost $25 extra has become terrible. There are long parts of the call that don’t have any transcription. Nothing has changed in quality of the audio being recorded etc. Not sure if anyone is seeing it. Thinking of dumping the app
by Nuclearooooooo on 2021/02/24 19:38
if your payment method is declined they keep charging your apple account and then hold your account hostage until you pay them. every other subscription based app that i have ever even heard of just stops services until payment resumes. dont use this app im sure there are plenty more that will do the same thing without the risk of not being able to download or update apps because you happen to have to get a new card or something.
Worked for a while. But they locked me out.
by HIP-HOP Masterz on 2021/02/24 17:17
This app worked great for a while. I purchased the pro app version and used it a lot. Recently they changed the app to a subscription basis without notifying me. Now, my original purchase is worthless and I’ve been lock out from accessing all my previous recordings. It’s a dirty way to do business. They don’t even have contact or tech support, so burned customers have no recourse. Thanks for nothing guys.
by Ffhcsr577 on 2021/02/24 16:16
Terrible service and they try charging $60
by xhndjdnc on 2021/02/24 08:18
When I enter my phone number it does not give me a code. I double checked to see if I put in the right phone number and it was. I cant even access the app.
dont find my country its a very poor app ,
by anouarmomo on 2021/02/23 10:55
got me messed up
by vivi543212345 on 2021/02/23 03:30
i have this app to record some phone conversations i needed to keep. i’ve used the free trial but unsubscribed from it because i got what i needed and didn’t want to pay 60 dollars. it was already a while since i cancelled my free trial but since i needed the recordings and didn’t have them saved i wanted to save them. the app wouldn’t let me access the recordings unless i subscribed so i clicked on free trial but then come to find out i got 60 missing from my bank account? i am extremely upset and very angry i was robbed and i want my money back.
A problem
by _.simplyrenaaa._ on 2021/02/22 19:03
My brother had my phone & bought this he’s only 3 years of age this is so freaking messed up 😐😞 $16 gone
Not bad very clear recorded the whole conversation
by jaxteroso on 2021/02/22 17:09
Recorded the whole convo
No sirve
by jevasq on 2021/02/21 16:08
La aplicación no sirve para IPhone. Si pueden dedolver el dinero háganlo.
Best ever app for this type For keeping audio record
by Big Sur Dude on 2021/02/20 18:16
The ease of this app is wonderful and we are very appreciative to be able to have the ability to record certain conversations that need to be kept as a record, thank you again guys. Keep up the good work look forward to using this app quite a bit This type of thing should be built-in to every phone computer computer for that matter.
by JordanTheDodger on 2021/02/19 23:23
It is simple easy to use. Fair cost for subscription
by justlivF on 2021/02/18 00:16
U have to pay to use it
Good app
by sr1ny on 2021/02/17 12:46
Please add search functionality in transcripts
Tape a call is wonderful
by Backbush2 on 2021/02/17 10:31
Works as advertised!! Seamless to use with great clarity. 5 stars
Once was good
by saggy tiddays on 2021/02/16 19:08
I used to use this once upon a time to record my interviews with people for school projects, back when this app wouldn’t try to get you to pay premium. I got a call from one of those scam calls and wanted to record it, so I quickly reinstalled the app and by the time I opened it it trapped me in TWO premium screens. I would tap the X on one, and it would just send me to another one. I would tap away from that one, and it would just send me back to the old screen. It’s a shame. It used to be an easy app to use, now it seems to only care for money and won’t allow you access unless you get the “trial” :/
by JNadden on 2021/02/16 08:47
Great App
Awesome, works as described.
by Halvy51 on 2021/02/15 18:51
Well done, thank you! Now I can record my docs calls and work sales meetings to review.
Doesn’t work on IPhone
by Terry Monsta on 2021/02/15 03:32
I don’t know how to get a refund. This charged to my card and I can’t use the service.
Test 1
by test call 1 on 2021/02/15 02:49
Test call
Not free!!!
by madintexas1777 on 2021/02/14 23:19
I searched for a free cell phone recorder and this came up and yet after I downloaded it I was told I had to buy it to use it
Country not availiable
by ****scam**** on 2021/02/14 11:05
Bolivia is not on the menu to select a country... disapointing.
Really awesome
by lilzxxx on 2021/02/11 19:52
It’s really awesome
Voice recording
by dzipsy38 on 2021/02/11 16:45
I did voice recording for 18:58min but unfortunately give me only 1:33min. Recording show I have 18:58min recorded but doesn’t let me listen all of it. I contacted Comp via email I got response once a day but nothing about voice recording and how to fix it. So for response I was waiting 24h. I do understand that you busy but also I need to know how to got my important recording. App should have some navigation how to restore my voice recording and fastest help will be also appreciated thx
Best aplica❤️❤️tion to tape phone calls
by Anyes88 on 2021/02/11 15:16
Thanks much works great love it
Terrible and complicated
by Yg bluig on 2021/02/10 18:20
37 min interview didn’t record. Thanks for nothing
More misleading garbage.....
by yomamma454570 on 2021/02/10 15:22
It’s NOT free. Thanks for wasting my time
slimy af -careful they charge $60
by mybuddyrobin on 2021/02/09 21:58
Pretty garbage mid pandemic to be charging people $60 when you advertise free and $10. THIS COST ME a bloody nightmare at my bank... 3 over draft charges.... thanks :-(
Unauthorized charges!
by RayCharlesArt on 2021/02/09 17:51
I subscribed for the monthly subscription, and then canceled it after a month, using the process they told me to use- and then when I updated my payment info later that month, a charge for a full year of this service immediately went through! I have tried to resolve it, without any luck... the service it’s self wasn’t anything special, but being charged 70$ to record half a dozen phone calls sure was!
Helpful app for journalists & oral historians
by white.sarah on 2021/02/09 16:34
I do a lot of interviewing. TapeACall Pro is my trusty sidekick. Easy to download, save, share.
Love it
by Tbirdhaas on 2021/02/08 23:39
So very easy to use. Great product.
Didn’t record
by Katya o on 2021/02/08 19:00
Followed all the steps, needed the call and it didn’t record
Extremely difficult to cancel subscription
by Sarah M Niks on 2021/02/08 18:17
No customer support, no phone number or email, you are on your own if you want to change your plan or cancel your subscription.
Thank you
by Nebix12 on 2021/02/08 12:58
Amazing app
Only some countries are supported...
by NoorJef on 2021/02/08 11:46
Caribbean countries are not supported, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao,...,
by 32628629 on 2021/02/08 04:24
It’s impossible to do what they say they can do. They just want your money. It’s a scheme. Pathetic losers trying to take money away from hardworking people
by Penn93959 on 2021/02/07 22:34
My 84yr ole pops has covid. In a hospital for 3wks and now in a rehab aka, a nursing home at that age. He’s sane!!! Anyways I taped a call of the man who put me here on this earth! Obviously he doesn’t know that I’m taping. From now on it'll be that way every time I call him or FaceTime.
by llamada beto on 2021/02/07 20:49
Payment refund
by djhashmi on 2021/02/07 17:06
I have not registered with the app as it has no support available for the country I am in. Plus by mistake I touched the fingerprint button and it shows as a purchase in my account. Kindly refund.
So disappointing.. every time..
by Working on this on 2021/02/06 11:37
The worst app on AppStore total ripoff and it doesn’t even work properly stay away!
Didn’t work
by Reaux Chambeaux on 2021/02/05 16:48
I downloaded this app for recording one specific phone call. Followed the instructions to a tee and after the call found out it didn’t record. Don’t bother!
Pay wall won’t let you use unless yo pay a monthly fee
by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on 2021/02/04 02:15
I’m not paying 9.99 for something I’m using once
No country code
by bduusbbwjjdjkdn on 2021/02/03 06:45
You don't have india in your country code
Doesn’t work
by Z Z Z Z Y on 2021/02/01 20:34
It doesn’t record. All I get is static when I try & listen.
Not free
by pablo3047 on 2021/02/01 16:02
not free
False advertising
by Shaker_66 on 2021/01/31 00:44
A free trial was offered and my account would be charge after free trial. They immediately charged my account. Dishonest.
Doesnt have my country 😀
by dwellie1 on 2021/01/30 14:58
I was excited to download this and wanted to log in with my # but my country wasn’t even on the list
Works great!
by 1smle2dmpls on 2021/01/27 21:59
I love that it keeps your recordings!
Static noise.
by Montoya.D on 2021/01/26 16:27
I completed the steps required to record, but all I got from the recording was static.
I don’t like how you have to pay for it, I would not recommend
by idk whay tj sah on 2021/01/26 00:32
I hate that I have to pay
by elena10710 on 2021/01/25 23:11
I see everyone using this app to record they’re ft calls and stuff but everytime I go on the app it says I have to pay like the perimium or when I exit out it’s a whole nother page of telling me to pay to use the app!
Trash. Don’t use.
by randallshreve on 2021/01/25 18:41
Total rip-off. They’re just like others who pretend to be free, then get you locked in to a subscription that you do not need. One star is generous.
by sheluvjoe on 2021/01/23 07:45
You need to pay for it so no that’s just begging for money and greedy!!!
by knees733 on 2021/01/21 22:00
Makes you give them your information then buy things. Pretty sure they sent my info places many places for just signing the first form
by EvanFrancis on 2021/01/19 23:49
Unknown error whenever I put in my number
Great app to get me through job on boarding phase
by A.K.A $ on 2020/06/01 21:29
This is definitely a great app to get me through all the trainings I have been through for my on boarding process of the new job. One thing I would like to have through is the ability to edit the audio or flag the time point just like the bookmark so I can easily go back to the specific part if needed no need to go through the whole thing because some of my calls last for one or two hrs, just to much to navigate through. Also, the translation is kinda of slow, any possibility to get transcription while having the call so I don’t need to wait a long time after the call to generate transcription.
Introduces Terrible BUZZ Noise!
by Bellacuda on 2018/06/06 21:09
Don’t use this app if you intend to record conversations on a conference line (conference bridge). A conference bridge is a line all parties dial into and use a passcode to join a meeting. This method of conferencing is pervasive in the business world. If I call normally there is no background noise - works as intended. When I call into a conference bridge using the app and merge the calls there is a horrible persistent buzzing in the background. The tone of the buzz goes up and down which is very distracting and makes it difficult to hear the conversations. I have the same issue on two different iPhones using two different networks (T-Mobile and Verizon; iPhone 7+ and iPhone SE). The buzz is ONLY introduced when I call into a conference call bridge. Regular calls (non bridge) seem to work fine. Unfortunately this is the primary reason for my use of the app (recording phone meetings on a bridge for transcription). Note: when I tried to leave feedback to the developers using the link in the App Store it bounced me to a web page with only a link to an FAQ. There is a “contact” link on the web page but clicking it only takes you back to the same web page. There is no way to leave feedback and I’m certainly not leaving feedback on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I thought most developers wanted real feedback. Too bad.
No longer works for Verizon Customers
by noodles0917 on 2019/01/21 14:41
I have been using this recording device for a few years now. At least three to four years. It worked really well. Then intermittently, I started having issues with the merge button. As soon as the call would be merged it would disconnect my call. I use this app almost daily for very important calls. When I first started experiencing this issue, I was told to use another US call in number and yes, that worked a couple of times, but now I’m being told that in order to solve this issue is to uninstall TapeACall and do a soft reset on my phone. Whatever that means... I would lose my work recordings I use on another app. All court procedures. No way, it’s not worth it. Why would anybody in their right mind would reset their phone to continue to use this App. I think it’s pretty ridiculous to expect your customers (Verizon only) to reset their phone. Bad enough when your phone company tells you to reset your phone. Bye TapeACall it’s been real, but I will have to find another reliable app. But it is an awesome awesome app. Just doesn’t work for Verizon customers who won’t reset their phones.
One of the best apps for my needs
by justsomehumblefeedback on 2020/06/16 20:19
I have been using TapeACall Pro and recommending it to others for years. It is the heart of my business (I do spiritual counseling over the phone). It’s so easy to record a call, which I then upload to my Dropbox so I can share the link with my clients. They love having a recording they can download and keep indefinitely, and listen to as many times as they wish. Every once in awhile, especially when a new or updated iOS is released, I temporarily have trouble with the recording. I find it typically lasts only a day or so, and only once (just recently) did it last for about 3 weeks. Outside of that I have zero complaints and total gratitude for the creators of this app. I realize this may sound like a “fake” or “paid” review. It is not. I am simply someone who, in these challenging times we find ourselves in, likes to give credit and positive feedback where it is genuinely due.
by lukin wood on 2020/12/30 00:47
Literally as soon as you enter the app it pops up with a premium features screen and there is actually no freaking way to get out of it. When you click back it takes you to another premium features screen and on that screen there is an x. At this point, you might be thinking that you can click the x and you will be able to start recording but NO. WHEN YOU CLICK THE X IT TAKES YOU BACK TO THE PREVIOUS PREMIUM FEATURES SCREEN!!! Am I doing something wrong? Or do I literally have to pay to actually be able to record. It’s so frustrating because it shows the record screen for a second then instantly goes to the stupid premium features screen! I have no clue why no other reviews have mentioned this. If someone is reading this please please please help me as I haven’t even gotten the chance to see if the app is actually good or not because I literally can’t record on it before it tries to get me to misclick the membership button! If someone helps me I will do a second review on the actual app but until then it is unusable for me.
Does not work/ Free trial deception
by LinkII08 on 2020/02/22 07:08
I decided to proceed and continue with the 7 day free trial “offer” that would only be available if you purchase the one year subscription (the most expensive option oddly enough. Well after using the Touch ID verification, I was billed instantly. Although I tried to go through apple to request a refund, some of you may know how their automated checklist makes cases like mine impossible to get a refund. Anyway I didn’t think it was much of a big deal considering I have used the app in the past and it did work. I thought I would use it more often now that I have a one year subscription. But guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK! It automatically disconnects once you try and merge the call to start recording. So don’t get scammed into this. Here I am short over $30 on something completely useless. But I am going to make sure that the one year subscription I paid for will be devoted to each day of exposing this scam until my subscription expires in over 300 days. That is until they beg me to accept a refund
It’s OK but too many steps
by Bk53198 on 2020/09/27 12:12
This is ok for planned outbound calls, although I would prefer it to have less steps with that. For incoming calls it’s a freaking joke. Imagine your cell phone rings and it’s a call you’d like to record the call. You have to accept the call, go to the home screen, dial the tape a call number, Waite for it to pick up, push merge call and then start your conversation. The idea of this app is great but the actual operations are very disappointing. Why can’t we just have a setting that we want to record all calls and then we can sort out which ones we want to keep or delete? If that’s too hard, just have a simple option to press “record” before dialing or when a call is coming in. ONE STEP ONE SECOND, Not 5+ Steps that can take as long as 30 seconds. Yes I have timed it. If an app comes out that can do this easier, I’ll switch. For now, I’ll keep using this.
by Bored.Easily on 2018/07/16 22:47
I bought a three-month subscription back in feb 2018. It started off okay but then after a few calls starting going out at around 2 minutes. The person on the other end couldn’t hear me. So most of my calls are the other person saying, “Hello. Are you there?” for a solid minute. It is very frustrating. and then after about 2-3 minutes the call comes back and the person on the other line can hear me again. But some people don’t wait that long and hang up. So it defeats the purpose of this app. I started recording conversations on my ipad instead (call on speaker and record a video on my ipad). Also, once the subscription ends, there is no way to go back and listen to my recordings again. That is just bologna!! I paid a decent amount of money to record conversations. I should be able to keep the conversations that were recorded during the months that I had it paid for.
App did not record my my call
by Jeremy one name on 2018/12/20 16:46
As I followed the steps to record my call given by the video as soon as you download the app and hook up your debit/credit information (which was I believe, a bit over the top for wanting to try out the app and only way you can try the app is by linking your card info to even start the free trial...) I made a call to a auctioneer’s right hand man for a registration title because they’ve been taking too long to give me my license plate and I wanted to use the call as leverage; long story short. The call didn’t record I could only hear me moving the phone for the first few seconds and the rest was just empty space on the recording. This wouldn’t recommend this application to nobody. Sad that this is the only application being bumped up to the top of the list of the recommended list for recorded calls applications. Hopefully they could fix this problem. Until then I leave them a 1 star rating. Thanks
Don’t work for the things I am really needing to do
by J.D.GILE on 2020/05/16 18:45
I’m in the middle of a phishing scam and I am trying to get it all recorded on the app here , but I’m trying to get it to come on and I am really shocked that they didn’t get how I was acting so , blahhhhh!!!! Hey if you’re going to get it to play with I can give it a couple Starr’s from my heart feeling bad about having to go to you and tell the way it would never come on and I don’t have merger for some reason when I’m using my phone and I have my number and their number going then I’m fumbling around trying to get the apps phone number merged into each other however I am really thinking about just using my second iPhone to merge as one and then I will get it to record it using my microphone on my iPhone or recording a message but I’m sorry I’m not going to pay for the app then not even have it working at all!!!!hope you fix this app and get it to work as well as you say it does, but it does not!!!
Omg I wish I had this three months ago
by musicgirlLA' on 2020/09/09 22:38
If I had had this to tape all the conversations and the things that the California state unemployment board told me, my claim wouldn’t have been messed up. I would have had phone proof of everything they promised to do. However. I’m the type of person who hates subscriptions. Please get a one off option for $5 for a 1 hour call. People will immediately get the value and in the case where you have consistent problems with a stalker or something threatening you harm, having his app on a monthly fee makes sense. I am not in that situation and just wanted to try it and pay a small fee. Thanks super valuable service but please add non subscription options. Thanks
Scam Alert! If you download this app you’ll regret it!
by Daisy&Rose on 2020/04/30 19:42
This is my very first app review ever! I’m compelled to write it to warn others! Please Do not use this app! It’s been reported to Apple already. First it’s deceptive as there is no 7 day trial at all! You’ll be charged right away for whatever option you pick and no the 7 free days are not given. For example I downloaded the app today April 30th and was charged $4.99 immediately and next billing date was set for May 30th. Ok now the biggest issue yet? It does not work at all! You dial the number they assigned you and it literally says “Call recording is currently unavailable”! Lol what a joke! Basically you’ll be paying for services not rendered and then you have to contact Apple for refund and don’t forget to go to your phone settings to cancel subscription or else these thieves will be collecting from you every month! It’s literally a scam! You’ve been warned!
Do NOT use!
by Anonymouse188 on 2018/11/19 15:27
Don’t use this app! If the other person you are calling/trying to record has a smart phone, it displays on their phone that they are in a conference call! They also keep trying to bill you even if you uninstall the app! Make sure you remove your billing information from the Apple Store!!! I tested this out with my friend by calling her phone, which she said came up as a conference call and that my voice was so choppy and distorted she couldn’t hear me, and it appeared this way in the recording too, however I will say it recorded her voice with no problems! But when we’re in a normal call without the recorder, both ends of the call are crystal clear. This app totally defeats the purpose of call recording if you need to record someone without them knowing and there’s nowhere in the app to cancel the free trial so you don’t get billed for a membership after the trial.
Buggy transcription service
by HowManyNicknamesDoesItTakeMM on 2020/11/19 22:49
One of my most frequently used apps to record phone interviews. And it works great for that. BUT: Unfortunately the transcription service does not work well. I am unable to export any transcriptions (constantly get a “there is a problem with saving the file” error message) - meaning I have to manually copy the transcription and paste it into a document on my phone myself. Additionally, it does not seem to want to properly transcribe voice recordings. It only transcribed the first 2 minutes out of a 20 min recording. Yet I am unable to delete that buggy transcription to try over. Needs substantial work on the developer side. It’s also IMPOSSIBLE to get help from customer support. I waited nearly a month for a reply last time. And it was useless.
Would give 5 stars for easier incoming calls
by InfernapeMama on 2020/11/09 16:22
I use this app regularly for work and it works 100% as advertised. Unfortunately, merging calls doesn’t happen as quickly as it could. My only issue is regarding incoming calls. I live in a one-party state and there are times I do not want the caller knowing they’re being recorded - but having to immediately put them on hold long enough to place an outgoing call, wait for the beep, and then merge the call is extremely inconvenient and conspicuous.
Voice service needs improvement
by NewsRead33 on 2020/12/21 15:39
I tried this app for a week. It’s features are on par with other apps in this category. However, VoIP network is clearly leveraged for the recording leg of the call and the quality is very poor. A lot of jitter and distortion were introduced to calls, so much so that it at times made it difficult or impossible to understand the other party. I experienced the issue on multiple calls and verified it was the recording app\service by speaking with one party first without connecting to the service but then later starting the recording. It would completely meet my needs if network improvements were made to provide better quality of service.
Very handy app
by ListManiac on 2020/03/26 20:10
In the past, I have tried taking notes for calls I have with clients and doctors. Invariably, something important gets missed. I have used this app on a dozen incoming and outgoing call, both direct and via a conference bridge and it works great. Getting the operation right took a few tries when my contacts list came up instead of a keypad, but after using the app 2-3 times, it is quite natural. I have recorded hour long calls with no problem and can go back later to focus on something that came up in passing I would have missed. All in all, a very handy tool!
Accessibility features
by daredevil0551 on 2020/10/29 12:19
The developer of this app and also the app. On low quality. This app is not worth the time to get. It is not coded to work with accessibility for the iPhone. Voiceover does not work well at all. But then again the developers don’t take blind people into consideration. I had very important phone calls. Since I cannot see to write the information down I have lost lots of valuable information. I cannot get this app to merge phone calls at all. My advice to anyone out there find a better app. Because this one’s not worth the monthly fee. Just developer is a very poor low-quality programmer. This company is a disgrace. You would think they would make your apps work with voiceover on the Apple products and make their abs 100% better quality. They do not.
Great recording app! I use this all the time....
by SlickCookie on 2020/08/25 21:41
I use this app when I’m talking with my elderly mom who lives 2k miles from me. As she’s getting older I don’t know how many more “deep” conversations we will be able to share so I want to keep her memory alive for my kids and grandkids. Also, I use it when I’m talking business - (financial, legal issues, etc). I recently purchased a vehicle and during a couple of phone conversations I told the salesperson this call was officially being recorded - it’s funny how the other party keeps it on the “real” professional side. Well worth the $$
by DJde1994 on 2020/03/25 00:47
I have to do a few rounds of calls for a really important project. Did a few tests before the first important call. Saw that the recording saved. I was so excited about the call (because it was VERY important) and didn’t go back to listen. Over the course of the day I proceeded to schedule a few more calls. Scheduled a call and was super pumped once the call finished. I proceeded to check to make sure it saved before getting ready for yet ANOTHER call and to my dismay the call hadn’t saved. The person agreed to re-do the call tomorrow, so I wasn’t completely lost. At that point I decided to look on the bright side. At least the first call saved, right? WRONG!!! I went back to listen to the call and heard nothing but white noise. It suffices to say I’m very upset with this service.
Bad costumers service
by puertoricanb12 on 2019/01/15 15:40
Trying to contact costumer service but they only have a computer or (artificial intelligence) answering you. Both times told me that e representatives will contact me in two weeks and the two weeks come and i get email Saying that they are busy at the moment. Really that many complaints you guys have that cannot keep up with it... the app works fine for me and I love it never have a problem with it so far but recently I changed my phone number and I can’t use the app until my number is changed wish I need costumer service help,I paid the premium for a year and I not enjoying the services because again I changed my number and the app won’t let me change it please contact me or I want a refund back Thanks hope to hear back from y’all
Perfect for Remembering & Training!
by Kattwalk on 2020/08/21 19:48
As a business owner and sales person, I’m in the field all the time and make many calls while driving. That means it’s impossible to write down notes so a lot of details could slip through the cracks. TapeACall it is my memory outsource! I know that I can go back and listen to details when I am back in my office. But more importantly, as the leader of the sales organization, it helps that I can have our team listen to the calls for training. We can do an autopsy of the call to see how we did.
Malicious Business Practices
by Rmft2012champs on 2020/08/28 12:55
This app works great. If you’re looking for a services of this nature I would recommend this technology. Although I would be very mindful of their business practices and I would review your bill very closely. As a result of an app upgrade I was double charged for over a year. When I rectified the situation the business selectively changed my plan to charge me over $30 per year when I was charged only $8 before the app issue. Customer service is extremely poor. Again, great technology but you need to think about the people you’re doing business with and will they take care of you when they make mistakes. For this company the answer is flat out no. But they will take advantage of you.
Extremely Functional, Slightly Expensice
by TPrehl on 2018/11/10 22:41
This app works absolutely fantastic! The quality of the recording is amazing, and it allows you to export the recording file to Google Drive (and exporting does not affect the sound quality!). Additionally, if you just need to record one phone call as a one time ordeal, the free trial gives you access to all of the app’s functions, so you can use it as a one time use phone call recorder if you want (just remember to unsubscribe from the auto-renewal!!) 100% recommend!!
by cke2018 on 2018/07/26 17:34
Was charged an annual subscription when only wanted a one month. And customer service pretty much said oh well. Couldn’t tell you if the product is worth it or not. I cancelled on day one and was not refunded any part of a annual subscription. Product is only as good as the customer service and in this case was horrible. To add to the review ... Have been given the run around to request a refund. TapeACall tells me not their problem and I have to take it up with Apple. However publicly they post they want me to contact them so they can resolve my problem which is not true as they just tell me it’s an Apple problem not them. Apple sends me to a place to report a problem to request a refund but tells me immediately it’s not eligible for a refund without even asking why. If I had been notified or asked to confirm a one year subscription before the trial was up before being charged I certainly would not have authorized. Be sure you want this app before you even consider a trial of it because one you are charged you are screwed if you don’t want it.
Could not restore my previous purchase/ account
by p2chi on 2019/12/16 01:50
I’ve had this app since 2015. It’s been automatically renewing my subscription ever since. Now, when I revisited it to use it for an important phone call recently, It shows on the app that I’m new to this and I’m back on a trial phase. I would not retrieve my previous purchase or subscription. Hence, i have to subscribe again with the inflated rated. I checked my email and I do not see any notices or messages with regards to any changes. The only email I have is from Apple, giving me a heads-up on the upcoming yearly renewal. Therefore, all this while, I’ve been paying this app for nothing? Developer customer service, can you please help me out here? Thank you. I’ll modify my review when all of this is sorted out.
Good looking; doesn't work w/ Grasshopper
by eblman3 on 2019/08/09 17:52
I am placing business calls from my personal cell phone. So I set up a separate phone number through Grasshopper. I then was hoping to use this tool to record my calls so I can work on improving my sales calls. Saw this, and hoped it would work, it doesn't. So I I installed it. Reason I still gave it 3 stars is because of all of the recording devices out there this is the best one. That being said: 1. it doesn't work for my purposes. 2. Their online 'bot' customer service is a joke. 3. It forces you to sign into the agreement to subscribe before you can even try it. It is a dumb move.
Why Robokiller ad link in paid version?
by Midihead7 on 2018/01/13 19:06
I bought the Pro version and it has worked well so far. Every time I open the app, I see an advertisement link for Robokiller (which I already use and pay for). Why are you showing this ad link to paid users, especially to those who already bought Robokiller? I am used to ads being removed when you buy the full version. I'd prefer that the paid version not clutter up the interface with ads. I also notice that the screenshots in the App Store don't show the ad(s) on the app's main screen yet it is there in the app itself which feels like deceptive advertising.
Didn’t record call.
by CustomerKB on 2020/03/12 14:25
I had used this before and it seemed to work okay but I had an extremely important call that had fo be recorded and properly merged the calls and it even shows on my call log that the call lasted 46 minutes and merged. The call never showed up in my app. They have zero live customer service. The chat feature is a bot and asks very generic questions and sends the transcribed issues to the support team and will follow up in 24 hours. This makes zero sense especially in urgent customer service issues. I wouldn’t trust this app to record all of your calls properly. Customer support is not readily available. I paid for a year of call recording and am very disappointed that I wasted my money.
Wonderful App for My Purpose
by writerluvlife on 2020/12/26 22:27
My intention for using this app is that I am in a long distance relationship it is a long story but we can’t always talk sometimes we can only talk for a few minutes and I can’t always hear his voice when I want to so I’m able with this app to record some of our conversations and just replay it when I’m feeling like I miss him I wanna hear his voice I also get to listen to what he says and what I say and just kind of reflect and really listen sitting back
Horrible (do not buy!)
by Cdsutton on 2019/03/31 15:09
The app calms to easily record calls. But only after you pay $30 for a year, and also get charged $5 for a mouth, at the same time. You find out it is not easy. You call separate numbers you have have your in coming call hold while you merge calls, ... hit this this number... and when you finally record a conversation, you play it back to hear a recording that sounds like a 1942record player with a bad needle. I canceled and deleted the app the same day I was cheated in to paying for it.. but they got the money, and any business that bills you for month and year along with misrepresentation of product to get your money, that all they care about.. DO NOT BUY!!!
Horrible, DO NOT get!
by GeorgeAndSadie on 2020/06/03 21:01
When I got this app, I thought it would be marvelous for business, facetime, live, etc. but oh boy was i wrong! first, it asks for your phone number. I decided to look at the reviews before i went on. they all said it was terrible but me being me i went on with my business on there. I got it and immediately an ad popped up saying you could either buy one year, 3 month, 1 month, or 7 day free trial. So i tried the free trial, excited for what it would do. Then, it said that if i wanted this free trail, i needed to BUY the one year. i was disappointed but then it said “this app does not work with Verizon anymore” and it closed it. i retired and tried to get back in but it wouldn’t let me. so i deleted it, but DO NOT GET IT!!
Unreliable. Keep looking.
by Travis Hogan on 2020/02/20 22:36
Don’t get this app especially if you want to use for professional purposes - search for another that will actually work. This is the only review I’ve ever bothered to write - but I wanted to do so because this app has not worked once for me and has cost me some valuable information. I was counting on the Pro version to at least do what the app’s title is: “tape a call”. The fact that the developer takes money for something defective (eg for Verizon customers) is frankly unethical. A cheat, a thief in other words. This isn’t 2008 and early days of apps and smartphones. I don’t mean to sound so prickly but what a waste. If the company reads this, please offer to refund my purchase and write that in the comments below.
by 27books on 2017/09/18 18:35
I am really taken back with how easy it is to use and the quality of the sound. Of course, I upgraded to Pro for $3.99 a month although I think that was a little steep. But when you need a call taped this is the app to use! Another app I was looking at stated that the internet had to be up to use! No other apps made that demand. At this point I am not sure this would work w/the internet down and/or they just forgot(?) to mention it. All of n All...Great App.
Poor app don’t waste your time or money
by wtfiswwtpos on 2019/05/18 23:59
I purchased this app and it worked for a little bit then 20 months ago I switch my carrier to VZW and the app no longer worked. I reached out to the number provided nobody answers or attempted to reach out to me. I accidentally downloaded the app twice still not working. They left a general message stating the app didn’t work with VZW but then they’re not refunding either.... I’m so disappointed with this developer and really wished he could have taken our feedbacks and actually follow up but I’m still waiting. Very disappointed and annoyed with this app. Seriously, don’t waste your time or money invest somewhere else. A developer that actually cares about his product.
If you tape your jail bae read this!!!
by Dayz813 on 2020/10/25 02:43
I recently downloaded this app to record my boyfriend who is incarcerated. While the recording process works, I’ve found that the app glitches sometimes and doesn’t allow touchpad access on the taped call. There have been various frustrating experiences where calls went to waste because I could not press a number to accept them. Please revise these glitches as every other feature on this app is worth the yearly subscription. !!! I’m currently too afraid to use the app because I don’t want to waste an entire days communication!!
TapeACall is everything I needed
by Ionasea on 2020/06/26 20:28
I’ve been using TapeACall for about four years. I am a channel my partner and I channel books together. I’ve channeled three books using TapeACall my writing partner is in Hawaii, and I am in Massachusetts. When my writing partner moved to Hawaii we didn’t know how to get together to continue to channel, so we did it through TapeACall. Its amazing and wonderful and perfectly clear, and I love it and it has transcription too. It solved real geographic problem for us. Thank you MaryEllen
Not working after download.
by neznet on 2018/06/12 15:52
Sorry, but this didn’t work for me. Using an iPhone 6s with updated iOS. A nag screen appears on first run after install offering 2 subscriptions to pro which I can’t escape. So there is no way to run the light version without billing info? This is ok if this is the case, but the language is confusing and deceptive. Was willing to try the pro, but now I’m having second thoughts. When I submit billing info for a pro 1 week demo it freezes and doesn’t save. I close and restart and the process repeats. I might try the pro version. Phone has plenty of memory and no other issues and a good signal. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ll be sure to rate accordingly, with due respect.
Previous Month’s Recordings Deleted
by pineapple peach kombucha on 2021/01/06 02:32
This is a review but also a request for support! I installed this app in December and had all of my important phone calls listed. I noticed that now, in January, December’s recordings are gone and I only have listed recorded calls from this month. I checked the FAQ for the amount of calls I can make and I noticed they are unlimited. It’s pretty upsetting that I lost all types of details and evidence from phone calls I recently made, but I can’t seem to find them on the app, so I just wanted to report this, not expecting to get them back, but if there’s any help which can be provided, that would help. Thanks.
by 1950's BombshelterBob on 2017/08/03 15:47
Used it for the first time today. I got it to work right away. The instructions are in your face as soon as you activate the app. I need that type of memory jog🤓. What I did not like was that the lite version only gives you 60 seconds of recording time to play back. Then it prompts you to buy the pro version for $9.99. Once I paid it restored the full recordings. Then it prompts you for a review with a comment. So there. I hope you guys are happy now😄!
Date Stamp?
by My Two Cents821 on 2019/12/07 18:15
If you send these files through email or google drive there is no date and time stamp associated. There is also no verification of the phone number the conversation is with. It would be hard to lay foundation for any of these recording in court. Hopefully they can fix that soon. Another app I used labeled each recording with the date and phone number. Other than that this app is great for Apple users. Droid users have much better call recording options.
Best ever app for this type For keeping audio record
by Big Sur Dude on 2021/02/20 18:16
The ease of this app is wonderful and we are very appreciative to be able to have the ability to record certain conversations that need to be kept as a record, thank you again guys. Keep up the good work look forward to using this app quite a bit This type of thing should be built-in to every phone computer computer for that matter.
Awesome app!
by mommieofgamers on 2020/11/23 20:59
I’m going through a tough time with my house, my pipes burst and my home flooded and almost destroyed everything I own and it’s a lot to keep up with so having this record my conversation I can always go back and remember who what when or where. Also it’s very discreet just in case you need information if there’s a bad call, you’re being harassed you have proof. Great download if you’re a busy person or have a lot going on in your life.
This app used to work. Now it doesn’t.
by claranyc1984 on 2019/01/30 23:54
This app stopped working completely and I haven’t heard a word from customer service despite repeated attempts to contact them. I’m a journalist and used this app for years to record phone interviews. Starting two months ago, every time I tried to record a call, the app would hang up on the other line. I hadn’t changed anything about my phone plan, so I tried re-downloading the app. Nothing worked. I emailed customer service multiple times. Still nothing. I asked for my money back. Again, silence. I wondered if maybe the company went out of business, but I couldn’t find any sign that it had. Is anyone else having this issue?
B.S... probably a scam.
by Straight Off Vermont on 2019/05/24 01:55
So in the App Store this app comes up under “record calls for FREE” also, when you see this app is does not say “in app purchases”.. now let me tell you the EXACT reason why I’m upset. Once you download the app, the app opens up to a black screen with a big red record button in the middle. You click the button and then THE APP ASKS FOR YOUR PHONE NUMBER. So you enter your number and then you get a text with the verification. Enter the verification and theeeeeeennn it’s says “MEMBERSHIP”...!!! The issue is NOT the membership because I always have the option to simply not use the app. The issue is that I would have rather not entered my number IF I would’ve known there was a membership. Smh...
Tape a call and RoboKiller have been so useful as a sole proprietor
by KCCMBWO on 2020/01/16 19:21
I use tape a call to record messages I leave on my business partner’s voicemails and I only record conference calls with permission so as long as you can record live conversation this app is a must for every iPone user who uses their iPhone for business purposes and I would highly recommend especially when it comes to managing a multi billion dollar enterprise.
Hope the developers read this...
by Dustin Holguin on 2020/04/26 01:38
I love TapeACall when it works and hate it when it doesn’t work which is most of the time. Usually I’ve gotta call people 2-3 times before the app stops disconnecting the call. I’ve had to make up excuses for my phone dropping the call because of this app. I’ve talked to other people and they’ve had similar problems even with the paid versions that we use. However, when it works, it’s great and easy to share recorded calls. 3 stars for it still being a good app with major frustrations.
“Not available try again later” and “beeping”
by Joeyd6 on 2020/03/11 12:43
Just vought to use for a very important teleconference meeting. Go to dial into the only US number listed (other countries have multiple numbers) and get “unavailable- try again later.” Also- using support “chat” bot wanted to send a email and could not resolve the issue. But it also informed us if it was working, there is a beep every two mites or so when recording g for all to hear. Just what we don’t want- senior leadership on conference call getting beeped every two minutes trying to deliver a message we want recorded for the company archive. Garbage- save your $11. Refund requested and will dispute the credit card if necessary.
I feel as if I’ve been swindled
by Seahrrn on 2020/06/04 03:18
This app promoted itself as a free app. It was not disclosed that there would be a charge for this app after a period of time. It was only after getting the app that I found out that I have just purchased an ongoing subscription. It’s not easily cancelled through the App Store because, according to an Apple associate, even though I procured the app on the App Store, I nonetheless obtained it straight from the developer and not from Apple. Therefore I have to go to the developer in order to cancel this subscription. I feel as if I was originally deceived by the developer into believing I was getting a free app and as if I now have to play games to get it cancelled.
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