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Whether you're tracking your period or trying to get pregnant, join millions of women around the world and download ovia fertility to track your cycle, get period and ovulation predictions, and track your overall health. We use proprietary algorithms based on cutting-edge fertility research to track your cycle and predict your exact ovulation and fertile window. Ovia is the most accurate ovulation calculator and fertility tracker. Our algorithm is even an accurate predictor for women with irregular periods who are trying to conceive. Best of all, the app is free! Our most loved features for those trying to conceive (TTC): ◆Fertile window predictions & a daily fertility score, so you’ll always know your best days for trying to conceive ◆Track your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervical position, medications & other fertility data in your app calendar ◆Receive data feedback & real-time health alerts based on your tracked symptoms ◆Daily TTC tips & cycle insights delivered to your timeline ◆Access over 2,000 free expert articles on fertility, conception & reproductive health ◆Ask & answer questions anonymously in Community Additional features for cycle tracking: ◆Support for regular & irregular menstrual cycles. The more data you enter, the better Ovia gets to know your cycle! ◆Customizable data logging to track what's most relevant to you - choose from a variety of categories including symptoms, moods, PMS, exercise, sex, and nutrition *Health Summaries & Statistics* You'll receive summary cycle data including your average cycle length, period length, top symptoms, days of intercourse & more. Check your Fertility Chart to view trends & learn even more about your fertility! *Sharing & Calendar Syncing* Export your data as an Excel & share with your partner when you’re in your fertile window. You can also protect your account with a PIN number *Apple Health & Fitbit Integrations* Share your tracked cycle data from Ovia to the Apple Health app. Sync your Fitbit to share steps, sleep & weight with Ovia. Love from our users: ◆ “It has everything! Absolutely everything!! From moods to cramps to what your period and spotting looks like to when you have sex. It's like having a best friend in your pocket." ◆ “With an irregular cycle, it’s been extremely hard for me to track my fertility, but with ovia fertility, I love that MY data is being processed for ME.” ◆ “BFP this morning! Conceived on cycle with Ovia after trouble for two years more or less. I honestly never thought I would have so much fun tracking my data, this has been a very enjoyable experience to conclude a very difficult time.” *ovia health* In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer ovia health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work. Do you have ovia health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download ovia fertility and enter your employer and health plan information to access premium tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as birth control tracking, endometriosis education, PCOS management, male fertility, and more. ABOUT US ovia health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The ovia health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, ovia health uses data-driven science to help women conceive, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. STAY IN TOUCH Blog: Facebook: Instagram: @oviahealth Twitter: @oviahealth CUSTOMER SERVICE We're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at
by kylorensbitch on 2020/10/22 15:55
most apps don’t track fertile windows and ovulation as well as this one does. i also love the daily questions it asks you and the fertility forecast helps a lot as well!! my favorite part about it is it really seems like the app cares and gives you content and articles based on your answers to the questions. super great. 10/10 recommend.
No what I was expecting.
by Esblt on 2020/10/20 13:54
Im not interested in using a tracker for fertility, but to track the hormonal changes and phases of my cycle in order to learn more about my period health. I was diagnosed with pmdd and endometriosis, so I was really interested in having something that could show me the phase I'm in, so I could start eating to suit my cycle, and track my symptoms. When you first start up the app you're asked a series of questions, and one is if you're trying to get pregnant. I obviously said no, but in-spite is that, I was disappointed to see just about everything displayed to me was about trying to get pregnant, when to take a pregnancy test, etc. There were no calendars or charts or anything to tell me what phase I was in, or anything of the sort. So it isn't as personalized as it presents. Pretty disappointing. Will not be using.
Love this app!
by Olson0330 on 2020/10/18 01:55
I have a 35 day cycle, so this is the most accurate way to track my periods and ovulation/ fertility. The thing you have to remember if you use this, is to use it every day (even if you’re not on your period) to fill out the health analysis each night before bed for the most accurate results. I love it, it’s been 98% accurate for all my cycle tracking and concerns. I also use this as a data sheet to answer any specific questions my doctor might ask me during my OBGYN visits 😌
Great way to keep the tracking organized. ;)
by Imagine ~ Peace on 2020/10/17 07:18
I love that you can not only track the physical process that your body naturally takes each month; the addition of monitoring your psychological state and nutritional intake is exquisite. Thank you for helping us during this journey of womanhood. Cheers to all you wonderful ladies out there. :)
Great App
by Sheeds Right on 2020/10/12 14:48
Overall I have really enjoyed using this app...the calendar is accurate and informative and so are the articles and tidbits and all the places to track your info. My only complaint is the community section—it’s set up a little bit strange to me...I’m not sure whether it’s the way the app is set up, or that others using the app, but there doesn’t seem to be any real forum where people can interact, share stories or give their own advice which is a little disappointing. That’s the only reason I haven’t given 5 stars.
Tracking app above all!
by C.Abercrombie on 2020/10/12 14:40
I have had quite a few apps to track my cycles, with PCOS mine are very irregular which complicates growing our family. This app packs all the information without having to sign up for any premiums and i absolutely love the “fertility forecast”! Soo stinking cute. Love love love!
Ovia was great...
by Rissers91 on 2020/10/11 13:46
I’m going to have to find a new app, which is stressful and frustrating as I’m trying to conceive. It keeps saying something about an SSL error even after all updates.
The best app
by Ms.sweetRose on 2020/10/07 03:30
Best app ever, through this app I was able to figure out that I was pregnant because the app kept telling me to get tested and that I was pregnant. Always predicts my period correctly and there’s never a mistake. Absolutely love it!
Awesome ♥️
by wonderwomanfan_mom on 2020/10/03 11:29
I absolutely love this app it’s my first tracking app I have ever used and it is fantastic I have learned so much information when it comes to ovulation I never even knew ovulating could be so intense thank you for this app
by Yeli H on 2020/09/29 17:49
Never using it again.
It would make it so much easier if
by Shterns Sara on 2020/09/27 01:10
It would make it so much easier if Ovia can calculate our cycles and fertile days,predicted cycle and predicted fertile days and the average cycle for us. Also an easier layout would be awesome
Stopped Working
by caidesmomm on 2020/09/26 08:41
I have recent been trying to use the app, and when I log on it say problem cancel retry. It was good up until now. Can you please fix this app
Non-conception-oriented version?
by Inanna 67145 on 2020/09/24 03:25
I really like Ovia for tracking and predicting my periods, and I would pay money for a version that omits all the hetero sex stuff and fertility stuff, and just focuses on period tracking. Signed, a lesbian
Great app
by JoJo Edwards on 2020/09/21 14:33
I love this app. However I wish there was an option to track birth control.
Amazing, download NOW!
by Kellykatt on 2020/09/18 05:34
This app is incredible! It is super user friendly. It gives you great daily updates and links to short articles. The more you use it the more accurate it gets to help you follow your cycle and ovulation. I would recommend this to anyone.
Good App, But Not Trans Friendly
by LeTwitch on 2020/09/10 19:15
I’m a trans man who has to track my own period due to health reasons as I’m not yet able to get safe medical means to halt my cycle. While I love the app and I think it’s really well made, everything in the app is centered specifically toward women. If you’re going to have the option for someone to list themselves as a transgender person, *please* make sure everything in your app is inclusive. We’re more than just a gender option on a checklist.
Should be able to see comments under community posts
by Player of what's the word on 2020/09/06 06:55
I like this app a lot and find it useful, informative, and interesting/entertaining. I like the community tab a lot but the only complaint I have about is that when you post a question, some people will just select any answer in order to read the comments because the comments do not show until an answer is selected. That means the responses are not totally credible.
Almost perfect
by ams7685 on 2020/09/05 12:19
I like all of the details you can capture about yourself. My biggest complaint is the period tracking doesn’t anticipate your cycle based off your trends. For example, if you have a longer cycle it won’t push your predicted cycle dates out to match. I don’t understand why they don’t use your average cycle trends to calculate your period date.
Not a fan
by viktoriyavy on 2020/09/05 09:56
I’m not sure why I stuck to this app for so long but not once did it predict my period start date accurately. Now that I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m noticing how inaccurate it is. I use another period app that is accurate and predicts your start date based on prior collected history. Do not recommend this app.
Weeks of Data are gone
by Bookdragon16 on 2020/09/05 08:09
Originally I would have rated this app with 5 stars. But the last time I opened it I discovered I got logged out. When I tried to reset my password, I got a message saying the app didn’t recognize my email. I created a new account in the hopes of accessing my original account. No such luck. I have therefore lost weeks of Data. I am trying to get pregnant and was right in the middle of trying to track my ovulation and now I’m uncertain if I am getting the correct information. Until this issue is resolved, I cannot recommend anyone use this app.
Awesome app!
by Abbie '05 on 2020/09/04 07:00
I followed all directions and pregnant on the first try!
3rd time downloading the app😊❤️
by Christmas ballllls on 2020/09/04 00:25
I used this app with my first two pregnancies and just downloaded it again to start thinking about #3😊 Love this app so much!
Nothing but glitches
by oxKendallxo on 2020/08/31 11:57
Couldn’t even make it past the sign up portion of the app because of the constant glitching
If it’s free there’s a reason
by Emmieford on 2020/08/23 04:16
I have used Ovia for 7+ years, so color me horrified to learn they work with peoples employers and report data on them. Also hate the lack of easy import and inability to go back years and look at info, but really the data is disturbing
Long Time Ovia User
by Ovia Fan Through and Through on 2020/08/22 11:08
Big fan of Ovia apps. I used Ovia during my first and second pregnancies and am now using the fertility tracking app for natural cycle tracking. The interface is attractive and easy to navigate. There are a lot options for tracking. I like that it will draw up a BBT chart for you and you can export your data. As I said, I’m a big fan!
Best Tracker Out There!!!!!!
by b9129 on 2020/08/21 18:18
I have used different apps over many years and this is BY FAR the most intuitive!!!! Good thing I found it now as we are trying to conceive, I trust it so much, so accurate- thank you!!!!
by tateritis on 2020/08/17 11:14
This app is very useful! Only thing I’d change is when we put in symptoms they would give us notes not for that day but add the symptoms from days prior! I’m trying to get pregnant so knowing I’ve had the same symptoms months prior it would flat it saying something like this seems to be a pattern before your period or something like that
Love this app
by Em1515151515 on 2020/08/15 17:54
This is the best, most informative fertility/period tracking app there is! I literally downloaded every single fertility app there is when my husband and I decided to ttc and went through every single one and this was the most user friendly, organized, and informative app there is. It changes with you and uses the information you add to adjust it's calculations! I cannot say enough good things, it's seriously great! Update: still using Ovia, for 8 years!!!! Still the best app I’ve found for tracking periods and ttc! But, HEY OVIA! How about some new themes and colors??? I bought the full version so I could change the theme, but they’ve been the same the entire 8 years.... time for an update there!!
I recommend 100%
by IsiOc on 2020/08/13 23:47
Love this app!
Good tracker...if you’re a straight woman
by mmcn029 on 2020/08/08 02:21
I like this app for its functionality, but tips on how to conceive are written for women with male partners. There’s no option to pick sexual orientation, so as a lesbian, find it a little alienating when the app is encouraging me to have sex with a man. I would like to see some info on here for people who are in a same sex/queer relationship.
My day to day
by MillyDuP on 2020/07/29 01:05
This is truly the best app. I have been using this app for over a year now because my body was not reacting well to the birth control and I needed to stop using the birth control and I needed help tracking my period and my ovulation so I don’t get pregnant. Be consistent and detailed with the information you provide on the app and it will only benefit you by knowing on which day you getting your period and when you ovulating . This app has become my dad to day check in . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love This App
by Gabiposi on 2020/07/28 20:59
I love this app. I’m not actively trying to conceive but we’re getting there and open to a pregnancy. Using the app to have a good baseline history of my health and build some fertility indicators. You can log daily symptoms. I wish they included brain fog.. this is a common hormonal symptom for me as well as occasional blurred vision. Keep updating the app with more features please! So handy.
Smiles and Giggles
by Kyliesmommé🦋 on 2020/07/28 15:37
I love this Application. I initially started with the Ovia app to get pregnant (thinking I couldn’t, just didn’t know my body). Then I decided to track my period from it and I have been fine and on time with it every since my daughter was born 5 years ago October
Works but privacy concerns
by Top Elite Fashion on 2020/07/25 03:36
On Facebook- under privacy you can see that other apps share info with Facebook. I didn’t sign up with Facebook and they still do this- I believe it’s just the number of times I open the app. I open the app a lot. Y’all. I’m getting ads for surrogacy and ads for some sort of insemination device. I’m not okay with this! It’s at least partially related.
It’s ok but could be better
by Sally Frazier on 2020/07/21 20:41
It has not yet predicted my cycle accurately after a few months of using it. I have a long cycle, usually close to 2 months. I’d guess about 50 days based on what I’ve logged so far. I wish it was a bit more intuitive. I miscarried and there was no way to log that. It would have been nice, since that will affect my cycle significantly for a month or so. I also wish logging a negative lh test during my estimated peak would push back my fertile window.
Content is annoying is you are not TTC
by D NeCole on 2020/07/17 11:47
Even though I have the app set to “tracking my period”, all of the content pushed to me is about TTC. It is outright annoying. There should be an easy fix for this where this content is hidden for those who have the app in period tracking mode. As far as tracking goes, the app is fairly spot on...
Absolutely Awesome App!
by Emz C. on 2020/07/16 04:41
I have tried many others and was not quite as satisfied as I am with Ovia!! I love the fact that it’s easy to use and understand, your able to track every little thing your body is going through. It predicts when your period is supposed to start but even if when it doesn’t start the day it predicted you are able to mark it on your calendar and track your symptoms. Even when I forget to add a date I am able to go back and readjust the dates, I wasn’t able to do that with the other apps. I give it a 10 out of 10!
App shutting down
by TeachTK on 2020/07/10 11:12
I really like this app, but currently it keeps closing every time I try to open it. My phone and app are up to date to it must be a problem with a recent update. Please fix!
The app won’t open
by kayjeang on 2020/07/10 10:56
The app won’t stay open, I’ve reinstalled the app three time with the same results. Please fix
by Lola1820 on 2020/07/07 12:53
I’ve been using Ovia for over a year & loved it up until the last few months. It keeps resetting on me & none of my info has saved. It’s been difficult to track anything when it happens & I’m looking for a new app unfortunately.
Love my Ovia App
by Laurennnn USI on 2020/07/07 11:20
This app is so informative! It is such an aide to my husband and I when we are trying to do natural family planning. It has been spot on with my ovulation and period predictions!
Not sure what’s wrong
by Clementine815 on 2020/07/04 11:39
I was very excited to try this app but it won’t even let me finish creating the account. If I try to it keeps popping up the same thing about “too many requests” on the first try of creating an account.
I Like It But....
by Hishandmaid on 2020/07/01 10:31
I’ve used this app for years and have liked it very well until the “new” version came out. Please bring back the “notes” section, I used that almost daily.
by 24MamaBear on 2020/06/27 00:48
I love this app! It really helps me track my cycle and ovulation. The only thing I wish it had would be being able to input ovulation test strips into the app!
Not for infertility
by moj85 on 2020/06/26 13:28
My biggest issue with Ovia is that it has no ability to customize for infertility and reproductive disorders. Even though they encourage you to fill out a health assessment and report diagnosed issues, you get the same daily messages as if everything is status quo. For example, you input that you’re using IVF, and it still sends messages like “you’re in the follicular phase, and one egg will mature.” Nope. Once you start using any kind of advanced reproductive technology the app does not adjust, it just keeps on showing predictions as normal. My advice? Develop a set of 5-7 messages around the different concerns women have. You know better than anyone that all women are different. Then think about ways the prediction feature can adjust for IUI, IVF, or other cycles.
I got pregnant!
by Baby Knotts on 2020/06/25 16:21
Best tracker app out there if you’re trying to have a baby. I started using the app several month before we tried to conceive so I could really have an understanding on the app. We followed the app to a T and got pregnant on our first try! Couldn’t be happier!!!
Really good
by Peanut198132 on 2020/06/22 16:35
I’m using this along with Flo and this app is definitely more in depth then the other apps I’ve used and are currently using. It really has so many options to choose from with symptoms, feelings, and so much more.
by Chels4480 on 2020/06/19 14:49
It’s seriously so easy to use I flipping love it!! We haven’t been ttc long but my friend conceived using this app! I love how it tracks everything and has spaces for ovulation tests and has pregnancy test prediction days I love it!
Excellent app.
by Nangobi on 2020/06/18 17:51
Very detailed categories for emotional changes and physical changes, in addition to basal body temp, and cervical mucous. Helpful to track menstrual symptoms, mental health, and body changes over time. Useful for those trying to conceive, those trying NOT to conceive, and those who want to be more in tune with their bodies ❤️❤️❤️
I love this app
by nevwr again 2018 on 2020/06/18 14:30
This is very easy to use and it works great without any issues. You can chat with other members who have questions and answers when you need a little support during this time. I love how you can log all your information and even helps with you with learning your body.
by Kmm_usaf on 2020/06/15 04:57
I used this app just starting out on my pregnancy journey and then switched to the pregnancy app by them also amazing now I’m a week from giving birth and moving onto the parenting app these apps take away an questions or fears you might have and give you a safe place to talk to other moms highly recommend this app and the other two by them
by hana988 on 2020/06/14 05:34
What use is an app to track periods if it just makes the assumption for the dates and fills it in incorrectly? I had to go back and remove the dates indicating I had my cycle when I did not. It just some how made that assumption for me and entered it in? “iP” is much better and way less invasive. This app so obviously gets as much info out of u as possible and will sell it. Deleting now.
by Dutchy83yesyes on 2020/06/03 15:58
Great app if you don’t have any problems at all to get pregnant (but if that’s the case, why would you need the app?). If you do have problems, there is only limited options to add additional data. I get annoyed that I get asked almost daily if I have PCOS (again no I don’t) and that a healthy diet leads to successful pregnancies (no it doesn’t for everyone). Do better ovia!
Love it but
by pixelchrissy on 2020/06/03 12:03
I feel like it’s always the same tips that appear anymore. And I’m a diabetic so to be able to jot my sugars and read helpful tips on blood sugars and TTC would be nice. Other than that, I love this application. I’ve been using it for at least 4 or 5 years.
None of these apps allow for stillbirth/postnatal record!
by kerensalea on 2020/06/02 16:38
Why do none of these pregnancy/fertility apps have a section for “gave birth” or “miscarried” or “stillbirth”. This is an infuriating overlook and very hurtful.
To The Developers of This App
by Karenn(: on 2020/06/01 05:42
I really enjoy the app. It’s very detailed and it allows me to visualize my cycle as I have a very irregular cycle. For this reason, I wish the app would show me my cycle length for each period I’ve recorded in an organized manner. Additionally, not all women tracking their period are hoping to get pregnant. Even though I have my preferences set to not attempting to conceive the app still gives me daily tips on conceiving which is quite the opposite of what I want at the moment. I think myself and many other women using this app to simply keep track of their cycle would appreciate a unique experience when using this app.
Not for subsequent pregnancies
by ChelleD3 on 2020/05/30 18:17
Loved this app when I used it was my daughter. However I’ve now tried everything I can think of for nearly a week for it to show a new pregnancy. And it won’t. Bummer, I had hoped to reuse the app! But I’m now on the hunt for a new one.
I love it!
by Britt2Boys on 2020/05/23 21:16
This app is perfect. I can never keep track of my irregular period because none of the other apps have reminders or emails asking the questions Ovia does. I tried an actual calendar, my iPhone’s Health app but this actually helps. I’m not even trying to conceive but it still helps me keep up all with things related. Great job developers
Love This App!!
by Monalisaberry on 2020/05/23 12:24
I love this app, it helped me to get pregnant with my baby boy who is two now, and it helps me to track my fertility so I won’t get pregnant lol.
App needs a lot of work
by aweeesammm on 2020/05/23 07:03
For the women who use this app, some of you are very polite and respectful of the others who are trying to conceive. However there are some nasty women on here who are crude and disgusting in the way they talk to one another. There absolutely needs to be an option to block someone from replying on your board. I have not found barely any to no help at all on this app for trying to conceive. Obviously an app can not control pregnancy, however I have no found it helpful in any way.
Different than the rest!
by trackingandtrying on 2020/05/23 00:41
I have had so many different period tracking apps that I just couldn’t stand because they didn’t let you personalize fully and they wouldn’t break things down to help you with fertility tracking. This breaks it down all the way to what day you should take a pregnancy test after your most fertile days in your window. Along side tracking your ovulation, it recommends when to take ovulation tests and prompts questions for you to really personalize your journey. Would recommend a hundred times over to anyone who has a difficult time fully following period/ ovulation documenting!
Best app for period tracking and ovulating tracking
by HaleyLytle on 2020/05/22 16:02
I love this app. I’ve tried other ones like Clue but I prefer this one! It really gets to know you and your cycle, and will asks you questions every day. They give health tips and I love their community aspect. You can post questions and have others respond which is very helpful! They even want to know how you’re feeling everyday. I would recommend this app. It’s helped me track my period and when I’m ovulating.
No longer working?
by Dkaiwbeiahahwjrnd on 2020/05/22 00:35
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and loved it! the last several weeks it hasn’t been working - no estimated next period, fertile window, nothing...? I’ve even added information and no changes. It tracked last month fine but since May - nothing. I’m sad!!
Great app for tracking!
by mrsnickname82 on 2020/05/21 23:25
My husband and I have been casually trying since last November with the, “if it happens, it happens”, and started to use the app since. Now for the past two months we have kicked it into high gear and have taken trying to conceive more seriously and I’m so glad this app gives get insights on my fertility window as well as tracking other elements that could help you along in tracking. I love the graphs that details the high and low of your window; also it provides you with information pending what “symptoms” you are experiencing. Looking forward to switching to the Ovia pregnancy app hopefully soon!
by lydiab1997 on 2020/05/21 17:58
I love this app. The calendar section is so helpful. The layout is aesthetic to the eye, which I appreciate. I love that it gives you little tips and things. But the COMMUNITY TAB is bad. I don’t mind that it’s anonymous posting and it gives you a cute little emoticon, but other than that it needs to be like other social media apps. You should have to vote on a poll to see comments or be able to comment. People should be allowed to ask questions freely. The comments need a “like” feature if you agree with someone else’s comment. And there needs to be a longer word count limit. Most people don’t even use the community tab with its intended purpose of the “polls”. I really hope they take this into consideration and update this section of the app. It would also be nice to be able to upload picture of OPKs in your daily summary, so you can compare throughout your cycle. Other than that I truly love this app.
by Jaiida's on 2020/05/18 22:01
I’ve been using this app for years. It states the app has had some updates? Where are they and what do they consist of? I am using it to track my period and to get pregnant. It doesn’t give you a predicted ovulation day either. Confused.
Terrible algorithm post loss
by charsays on 2020/05/18 19:34
This app can’t seem to figure out that your cycle length and luteal phase don’t change after a pregnancy loss.
Very informative and helpful!
by autumn.ha13y on 2020/05/16 20:21
I’ve unfortunately lost 3 pregnancies for strange reasons. This app has allowed me to track my symptoms, read about what is going on with my body, and has helped me feel less alone. There is a little section where women can ask each other questions or get advice from each other. I’ve only every received nice and loving comments. Women often write about the sadness and stress of loss or infertility and we all come together. It helps me feel less alone in times of sadness and frustration. Have never found an app I prefer over Ovia. I would suggest it to a friend in a heartbeat. Thank you to the creators of Ovia.
Commitment matters
by Mememill on 2020/05/16 19:01
I gave this app 5 stars because it is a wonderful app, though if we were being precise I’d give it 4.5 stars (it’s still good enough to round up on the stars though) there are just a few small things that would help this app be a DIAMOND PLATINUM app- like 6 stars! The first is a reminder function. Something that can be turned on or off that is specific to the app. One important thing to know- this app (like TTC) takes commitment if you want the FULL function and quality out of it. If you can do this- the app will amaze you. I had trouble with remembering to log my info- if you don’t log, at least some of the info, the app is just taking up storage. This is why a reminder would be good. The second would be a way to save regular taken medications. I take few medications for various health reasons and in order to list them every day I had to continually list them one by one, even prenatal vitamins. It would be nice to be able to just have a regular list I could add or subtract medications from, or expand the frequently taken list. The last is customizable information log it. For instance- I always log mood, physical feelings, CF, medications and Basal temp. As well as my period, “trying” and any ovulation test results. The rest is just stuff I scroll past to get to what I want. Even if one could just collapse the info that you’re choosing not to log Or moving what you log to the top of the list as get to it faster, but still have the opportunity to log the rest if one wants. I know I sound a bit lazy- but I’m just busy, which is why I have this app- to keep track for me. If these functions were available- along with the wealth of options and info you over already offer... I would give it 6 stars easy.
Just started
by l.v.s. on 2020/05/16 14:21
16May2020 I’d also like to add specific medical issues without having simply to jot down a note. 11May2020 I’ve only been using this a week or so. I can’t speak to it’s predictions yet, but for logging, I wish you could add the exercise done rather than simply list it as “Other.”
More special Health issues
by Thea1029 on 2020/05/15 12:53
There isn’t an option for women with uterine anomalies. They are more common than people think and they should be included in the section about health issues. I love this app and the info it has.
Did the app change
by carpi335 on 2020/05/14 06:27
I use to be able to add the days I was on my period but all of a sudden it isn’t an option. The days it saying I should be I am not which means my ovulation days are wrong. Very frustrating, deleting the app
love the calendar
by kellfiss on 2020/05/12 18:59
I love that you can track a lot more than just your cycle. Very well created. In updates to the app please include more editable features/more options to add to calendar.
Love! TTC #2
by brianna.mitchell on 2020/05/12 03:11
I love this app and it is my second time trying to conceive using it! I just wish there was a feature that lets you type a month/year and jump to that time so you can compare experiences. I hate clicking back 3 plus years! That’s why I give it only 4 stars.
Great tracking app
by clindy07 on 2020/05/11 22:22
Very helpful to track cycles, however it is no longer offering the option of editing menstruation periods on the calendar since a recent update. Wondering if this issue will be fixed soon.
Great for Insights, I Don’t Use For Predicting Ovulation
by Yogatini on 2020/05/09 19:10
We used this app exclusively for a few years and weren’t conceiving. We finally invested in the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and realized the Ovia app was predicting my ovulation a full week in advance. I’m giving it 3 stars because of the conceiving tips it offers, understanding your body, and ability to easily log the process. But for me personally, I regret relying on this alone to predict accurate ovulation days.
Great App!
by BrieWallen on 2020/05/09 11:38
I love this app for tracking a lot of different things!
Great App, But...
by SpicyTea18 on 2020/05/09 01:17
I’ve had this app since June 2015. It’s helped me keep track of my periods and ovulation, as well as helped me conceive two healthy babies! I love how clean and easy to use the app is. It provides great insights whether you’re trying to conceive or just want to monitor your periods. However, my only complaint is the calendar! I’m trying to go back a few years to notice a pattern for when we TTC next, but it take forever. You have to press the arrows to go all the way back, but most times I miss click and it takes me back to today’s date 😤. Please make it easier to go back to previous dates.
by ttttyytfbiycnoncdunf on 2020/05/08 14:59
What happened
by Shay Shay Harris on 2020/05/08 08:01
I like the community portion of this app but what happened to the feedback we used to get from offing our symptoms? I used to look forward to the “watch for pregnancy symptoms this week.” Why did y’all get rid of it? Bring it back.
Love the app
by sangel_7 on 2020/05/08 04:11
I really do love this app. It’s very good for keeping track of this. I would use opk along with this app though. My one complaint it asks suggest a pregnancy test way too Early it best to wait until you have been late a few days.
Doesn’t work anymore
by JellyBeanReaper on 2020/05/07 17:01
I’ve had this app for a few years now in in the beginning I loved it. About a year ago it randomly changed greatly. All of the sudden I have no feedback from the app. Every time I used to put info in they would respond on the home page with info on what could be happening but now there is NOTHING. I have tried updating it but no change. So besides using the cal lender there’s no point. I guess it’s time for a new app.
Overall great
by Cari2416 on 2020/05/06 14:41
If you’re looking for a way to track your periods, and everything else involved in Trying To Conceive (TTC), just download this app now and start using it! I do feel as though sometimes it’s slightly off in its predictions for my period, etc., which would then make its predictions for my fertility window off. There are also some simple updates that would make this an even better app, like on the home page where it gives random Information about fertility and cycles: it would be awesome if I could click those little boxes & have it take me to a related article or something to learn more about what it says. Also in the community Q&A section, it would be nice if it said when the question was posted and how many people have responded. This would give us a better idea of the percentages that it reports for the responses.
Great app it works
by Navjasss on 2020/05/06 03:44
I been trying for 4 months and I downloaded this app to track my ovulation days . And it did work . Believe me you will love this app. Thank you so much
It’s pretty good except
by Aley Lyn on 2020/05/05 02:33
I’ve been using Ovia to track my cycles since 2018. The app is good I enjoy the updates and how personal you can make it by charting everyday. The one problem I have with it is I tend to have irregular periods and the app fills in my projected period date automatically. Which in turn throws off my entire fertility and ovulation predictions. So I’m gonna to have to rate this app 3 stars.
So far this is great!
by Lane street on 2020/05/03 14:34
I’ve only been using this app for about 2 weeks. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for about 3 months now. I love how detailed and informative this app is for tracking my info and helping me to see more of what is happening day to day. This has been a helpful tool beyond just a period tracker that I had been using. I would recommend this app to any of my family or friends.
Love the app but too TTC aggressive
by salsanany on 2020/04/26 05:29
I love the app and the fact that I can track everything. Is simple is nicely designed and thoughtful but My only complaint is all the TTC articles. I would love more information about health and my cycle and my body without it trying to push me into another baby. I have an IUD my only wish is that for those who aren’t trying to conceive to not get bombarded with all this info. I know that is fertility and cycle, but honestly is the only app to track my cycle so well.
Thank you Ovia
by pdavis2000 on 2020/04/18 14:44
Ovia has helped me so much, with the positive tips, reassurance when I’m having a hard time while TTC, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new “how’s the relationship going” options-especially the “unsafe” option. Thank you Ovia for caring about your users, and ESPECIALLY the “report miscarriage” option. So many apps do not have this feature and it makes it hard to accurately track your cycle if you were pregnant at one point.
by Ann-Alisa on 2020/04/18 01:24
Today I got an email from Ovia saying they would looks to hear from “ black users” . I felt like this was very inappropriate and could be worded in a more culturally sensitive manner. As of now , I will be deleting this app and sharing the email with everyone.
Good App
by Weeweesmee on 2020/04/17 05:50
Overall I like this app. I wish it had an option to better track sex activity in better detail when trying to get pregnant.
Period regularity
by teachingupnorth on 2020/04/17 01:06
Downloaded the app to get a better sense of how regular my periods are and to look for trends in how I feel throughout the month. My hubby and I aren’t ready for a baby yet but I’ve really enjoyed learning more about fertility health and have found this app to be extremely helpful. Will be recommending to anyone trying to get pregnant or wanting to understand their cycle better!
by soha soha on 2020/04/14 19:43
I have tried a few apps but this one is quiet informative within itself . But I wish we could post pictures in the community .
I’m at a loss..
by Jai 24 on 2020/04/13 06:43
I have been using this app for years. All of a sudden, it stoped working. I can’t login, find my info, or anything. This worked until 3 days ago..
Can’t get into it.
by adia456 on 2020/04/10 03:24
I would love this app if I was able to sign up. Tried signing up for it and a thing popped up stating “to many fails, try again later.” It kept doing that, so I deleted it then redownloaded it and it said the same thing again. I’ve tried multiple times but I can’t get into the app.
Why I can’t change period time?
by Samira68N^_^ on 2020/04/05 21:17
In the last update why I cannot change the period time?
by Mommyxx2 on 2020/04/04 02:39
This app was on point with period tracking, my fertility, and it helped me conceive!! (YAY!) I definitely recommend!!!
by Miss chic on 2020/04/03 15:31
I use this app daily to track my cycles as we are trying to conceive our first child. It’s easy to use and makes me have a better understanding of my body/cycle.
Pros and Cons
by rayraylh on 2020/04/03 10:49
I like the app and how you are able to communicate with others on there. I wish it would tell you how many days late you are and more options on tracking cycles like specific colors, what kind of intercourse, etc....Just to make it a lot easier to go back and be able to tell what exactly happened on what day.
Very helpful!
by Mrs McCune on 2020/04/03 00:26
It made learning about cycles and fertility very easy! I loved the easy transition to the pregnancy and baby apps too!
The Best Out There
by Pinkypink2071 on 2018/09/18 14:11
I switched to Ovia after my previous phone had to be restored. And ever since then I have loved Ovia. Overall I think it’s the neatest and easiest way to track anything your body is going through. My only complaint is that when it predicts the day your period is supposed to start and your period doesn’t come, I nit that it didn’t start that specific day and the day predicted for it to start changes right away to the next day. I wish the predictions would still show on the calendar while actually pinning down the days that it actually started along with the days that it was supposed to based on your previous trends. Besides that, I would highly recommend it! All the features such as adding in your symptoms, how you’ve been feeling, and the question/answer section is absolutely helpful when you are wanting to know about something! Asking users who also use Ovia and most likely have gone through what you’re going through has helped me answer questions about whether what I was going through was normal or something I should be worried about. And I also love the fact that when you conceive the app switches over to one that you can use while pregnant and after while knowing and keeping track of your past activities. I would choose Ovia if you’re needing an app like it!
Great for getting those positives, doesn’t handle losses well
by Bluewildcat12 on 2019/04/21 13:30
I started using the Ovia Fertility app initially to track my periods and get a sense of my cycle before my husband and I were ready to TTC (I had a copper IUD so I wanted to be able to track the changes once it was removed). As a period tracker and as a fertility tracker once we were TTC it was super useful for the most part. I agree with other reviewers that I would some way (other than me writing it in as note) to mark when I’m late for an expected period instead of the app just resetting the cycle count. Overall I’m happy with the app when I’m TTC and I loved the sister pregnancy app. Unfortunately, I’ve had two miscarriages and neither app does a good job in handling those. With my first one, I ended up having to mark it as a “period” to track the bleeding and stop the app from telling me to take a pregnancy test. After we got the second positive test, I found out the pregnancy app hadn’t updated itself from the first loss. It was an emotional sucker punch to log in and be told that I was only a couple of weeks away from my original due date. With this second loss, and again despite informing the apps of the miscarriage, nothing has changed in my fertility app. I don’t want to mark it as a period but the app now has me on some crazy cycle day. I don’t want to reset everything and lose all the data but it needs to have a system in place to track these without creating huge outlier cycles...
I love this app
by Wenluvsu on 2018/02/01 03:41
Updated review: The developer reached out and their suggestion fixed my issue. I appreciate it when there is support for bugs like the one I was having, and the team makes an effort to help their users. I’m glad to know that if I get a new phone or have to uninstall the app to fix a problem in the future that my data is saved on their servers...not knowing that was the only reason I hadn’t tried uninstalling/reinstalling already (nobody wants to lose all their data). This app really is wonderful, and I’m glad I can use it again! Old review (crashing issue): I loved this app...when it worked. It now crashes nearly every time I attempt to open it. It’s really frustrating to have everything I’ve logged trapped in an app I can no longer use. I would happily give it 5 stars if I could open it consistently because I felt like it was one of the most comprehensive fertility apps I’ve used, and I’ve tried several over the years. Please fix this issue, so I can at least access my data. I’d love to use this app again if it starts working!
App collects your data
by Malory2marbles000dle on 2019/01/27 15:56
App didn't help me track my fertility. It worked better at allowing me a place to chart my cycle which is irregular. If you’re irregular like me this app will likely not help you with fertility tracking & if you fail to chart a period the app will automatically add it to your calendar so i had to go back and delete those that were inaccurately added by the app. If this were the only problem i would have rated app more stars but it loses major points for using questionable tactics to collect personal information which seems really irrelevant to fertility tracking. I would receive emails from the app asking questions what birth order is your mother and after you answer it would say your mothers birth order doesnt affect your fertility! Useless questions, only makes sense to be used to collect personal information. The other problem with the apps questions are that they ask health related questions like have you noticed excess facial/body hair and after answering yes it told me i should ask my Doctor about PCOS. This is awful because for one you should never tell someone they have a medical condition based on one similar symptom. Thats like telling an old person oh you have HIV because you’re always sick! This is awful because it creates unnecessary worry and stress. Shame on you Ovia. Long story short, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP. Quit collecting personal information and giving out poor advice!
CM tracking is limited
by Jamie Mama of 3+ on 2018/10/09 04:39
I check my cm and find the selection on this app most limiting. It’s not just watery or just egg whites or just glue or just dry. Sometimes it’s a creamy and slippery mix which indicates to me that’s it’s getting ready..I want there to be a creamy option and the option to mix the options in any combination.. I track my cm on a different app, Kindara is best at tracking cm, it’s perfect for tracking it. I don’t temp because I’m unpredictable in the mornings so cm works best for me. I am pretty sure your supposed to take your temp in the morning but that doesn’t work when i’m up and running before I realized I was awake yet or I’m tossing and turning for an hour before waking or I come straight out of coma... I love this app because it has everything you could possibly be feeling and it comments on your tracking, if I say something like, “I have a head ache” the app might say something along the lines of “headaches may be an indicator that your dehydrated or hungry” - which totally helps me toss out some things I’m taking as being a pregnancy symptom. It calms me...
Great! If it opens…
by StarGazer Rose on 2018/02/01 00:42
After using a simple period tracker for years I wanted to see better patterns and do more than just mark my cycle. I like the medical information and the community, the moods, and all the stuff you can track. The newest update offers nice customization for the information screen. I do wish that some of the “comments” after you update varied a bit more, and didn’t always revolve around being pregnant. Not every little mood or ailment means you’re pregnant, sometimes it’s just the day. ** It would be nice to have multiple moods a day —cause we are women after all! Also if I add a remark to an update, I’d like to see it instead of it just highlighting the speech bubble. My major issue is when I go to open the app it doesn’t stay “open”. It goes to the background and doesn’t actually load. I’ve tapped the icon multiple times and it keeps disappearing. I tried opening it through different avenues and it does the same thing. I’ve removed it and redownloaded it and it does the same thing. I don’t want to stop using the app but when it doesn’t open I can’t update my info for the day.
Clean and Helpful Fertility Tracker
by mrsdana on 2020/01/31 17:30
I really like this tracker because the design is clean and simple, it’s intuitive to use, and because of the different settings for period tracking vs TTC. Most of the time I just use it to help me remember when my period is coming, but you can switch to “trying to conceive” mode and it will give you insights about when you’ll have the best odds of getting pregnant and it does a great job of turning symptoms into useable information about your cycle. I also really like the positive environment they’ve created. I’ve tried other apps where all the extra articles or even “health insights” are about abortion or cosmo-type sex tips instead of actually talking about your health and your body. Ovia is a lot more informative about what your body needs at different points in your cycle, what different symptoms might mean, and how to take care of yourself (and potentially your baby depending on what side of the app you’re using.) I have been using Ovia for over 2 years and I don’t think I’m ever going to switch 🙂
Love Ovia
by VanillaHales on 2019/06/11 20:17
I’m not one to rate an app but I really love this one! I downloaded the app in preparation of getting pregnant, but it offers so much more than that. Whether you’re tracking periods, moods, food, ovulation etc. It’s like a diary for ALL things related to your body and esp your lady parts. It’s important information to have, but many of us rarely keep track; because well, there’s life and who has time to keep up with when your last bowel movement was? Ovia makes it super simple. It is so easy to navigate and allows you to easily see the information you’ve input at a glance. You can even customize it by changing colors and backgrounds. I mean they thought of everything. I love the articles and recipes they share. The app promotes healthy lifestyle and provides articles related to those burning questions you have during different stages of your life. I tried a few other apps and this one if by far the best. Thanks Ovia. You had to have been created by a woman!
Stop Shame Around Menstruation
by super_maam on 2019/06/01 14:47
I’m just get started with the app, and from a usability perspective so far it seems fine. I predominately track basal body temperature and cervical fluid daily as part of the Fertility Awareness Method, so I’d prefer if those fields were closer to the top to minimize scrolling. The main reason for the mediocre score is the apps use of negative language around menstruation. In one section the app literally says “Nobody likes being on their period...” That’s no true! Some of us have had to work long and hard to get periods and are grateful when it comes, as it’s a sign of a happy health body. Also, the app recommends hormonal birth control to treat irregular periods. Eek! Hormonal birth control just masks the underlying causes of an irregular period. I direct app content developers to Lara Briden’s The Period Repair manual. More and more evidence is showing the detrimental effects of ongoing use of hormonal birth control for some women, especially those with conditions like PCOS. I like what the app is working towards, but it still represents some pretty unhealthy misconceptions around menstruation and women’s health. Please review and update your content. I’d love to give you 5 stars.
by Hopefulandanxious on 2020/03/25 11:28
I’ve been using this app for 6 months. I find it more frustrating than helpful. I had a miscarriage in Jan and as I’ve read with several other users it doesn’t let you indicate or log it. Once you enter it the data displays as if it were a normal period which is unfortunate especially because I waited 6 weeks after the miscarriage to have another period so now it just appears that I have longer cycles. Also every symptom you enter after your period the tidbits section says “this could be a PMS symptom or pregnancy keep entering” so confusing particularly when you’re looking guidance which is why I would think most women use the app. Finally I agree with multiple other reviewers-why ask questions like “what birth order is your mother, or do you have a PCP” and the most frustrating after a miscarriage was the daily emails “are you on your period” obviously seeing that daily was a constant reminder and extremely difficult to see. This hasn’t helped me figure out my fertility which is why I downloaded it to being with. It simply allows you to enter in various information including when you ovulated which again in was hoping the app would indicate.
Make Room for Human Error!
by Hollow Juliet on 2017/11/03 16:22
My husband and I started trying to get pregnant a year ago. This app is great for tracking your periods and intercourses, especially if you are aware of your body. I began noticing trends during certain phases that stopped when my menses began (painful breasts and nipples! Ouch!). That was how I realized that my September cycle was off, and despite my period being only a week before, I knew I had ovulated. I hit the little button to change the day of ovulation and that also helped me realize that I’d been marking breast pain for a couple weeks and my period hadn’t come for a whole month. I took a pregnancy test, and lo and behold, I’m pregnant! This app is “perfect”, which can make it difficult and/or frustrating when you are experiencing atypical cycles or not ovulating at all, but it means you have data to give your doctor and hopefully you can find a way to get back on track.
Need An Option for Miscarriage
by TTC# on 2020/01/15 04:42
I’ve been using this app for a long time. I have information plugged into it since Feb 2017, making next month 3 years that I’ve been using it. And it’s served its purpose well. In that time I’ve gotten pregnant 3 times, though two ended in miscarriage. It works well and is easy to navigate. The issue that I have is that it seems to take an average of the past 3 months to calculate what your upcoming cycle will be and when you will ovulate. Makes sense...until you have a miscarriage. Even an early loss like mine has thrown off all my data. While my past 2 cycles have been 34 and 38 days in length, the app is projecting that I won’t ovulate for another 40+ days and my next period isn’t expected for almost 60! This is because the cycle before that, I was pregnant and lost the baby early. There should be an option to insert a miscarriage in a certain month so that the calculations use the previous months numbers for a more accurate projection.
Great app.
by Emykay44 on 2018/11/08 13:33
I have used Ovia for a bit over and month. My husband and I just started TTC. This app has helped me keep things straight. I have always had irregular periods and thus have been on birth control pills for regularity since I was 16. For the last 1 1/2 years I’ve had an IUD. Not living on birth control is very new for me. This app has helped me keep up with what day of the cycle I’m on. I truly believe that without this app right now I’d be going crazy. With that said the only thing I would change about this app is the basal metabolic temperature. I wish it had a point in it. My body temperature is normally a 97.6 so I have to round up. Today I actually deviated from that to 98.4. I want the app to be able to tell me if that is a significant enough change for any indications but I felt that I had to log it to the nearest whole number so I logged 98 as I normally do. Otherwise, I have been very impressed with this app and will continue to refer others to it as well.
None better than Ovia!
by snowyhoey on 2017/11/27 16:34
I found Ovia Pregnancy during my pregnancy and became addicted immediately. My hubby and I always looked forward to the weekly handprint and the object of the week in comparison to baby’s size. It made understanding pregnancy for a first time mom, like myself, so much more enjoyable let alone informative. My baby is now 8 months old and I currently use the Ovia Parenting app which also exceeds my expectations! It’s so fun to read the articles and see where my baby is at in terms of progress compared to other babies her age. The Ovia Chat is FANTASTIC ON BOTH APPS! It is great to have support and advice from other moms going through the same thing that I am. I also just downloaded the Ovia Fertility App a couple weeks ago as we are going to start TTC our second bundle of joy 😍😊 I would give all 3 of these apps a 6/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yes..6!! Thank you 🙏🏻 to the developers of Ovia, you guys get it!
It's a great app...Until you miscarry
by mgostele on 2017/10/24 03:59
I loved this app when my husband and I first started TTC. But after three miscarriages it's not really working the way I wish it would. There is no option to mark a miscarriage besides reporting the loss and resetting the app. Which is fine unless you plan to keep tracking. I took a couple months off after my first (mostly bc it took 7 weeks to get my period), but it's always a pain to start tracking again in the app after a loss. This past time I didn't track my loss as a "period" and now I'm on a crazy cycle day number. I know it probably can't accurately "predict" after miscarriage, but I really miss the little insights and I wish it would just mark the first day of your miscarriage as cycle day 1 or something. Maybe I'm being extra picky and/or sensitive, but with the staggering statistic of 1/4 couples experiencing loss I think it's something to be noted. OVERALL I love the app interface - it's easy to track, use, update...Just wish losses were handled differently.
Conceived in 2 months at age 39 with Ovia!
by SJ Weho on 2018/10/31 02:38
This app is AMAZING. I downloaded the app in December and was pregnant by February, and just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy! I’m 39 and I was concerned about how challenging it would be to get pregnant at this age. I downloaded Ovia, and tracking my periods and ovulation was so easy and almost fool proof that the app knew I was pregnant before I did! Who knew it would only take two months to conceive?! I love the fact that the fertility app immediately transfers all of your data over to the pregnancy app, and I love that the pregnancy app immediately transfers you to the parenting app once your baby arrives. It’s incredible to have such an amazing resource every step of the way, (the pregnancy app gave me spot on updates each and every day) and it made doctors visits so much easier having all of my info in one place. I can’t believe this app is free!!!!
by lydiab1997 on 2020/05/21 17:58
I love this app. The calendar section is so helpful. The layout is aesthetic to the eye, which I appreciate. I love that it gives you little tips and things. But the COMMUNITY TAB is bad. I don’t mind that it’s anonymous posting and it gives you a cute little emoticon, but other than that it needs to be like other social media apps. You should have to vote on a poll to see comments or be able to comment. People should be allowed to ask questions freely. The comments need a “like” feature if you agree with someone else’s comment. And there needs to be a longer word count limit. Most people don’t even use the community tab with its intended purpose of the “polls”. I really hope they take this into consideration and update this section of the app. It would also be nice to be able to upload picture of OPKs in your daily summary, so you can compare throughout your cycle. Other than that I truly love this app.
Love the Ovia suite of apps!
by jamesthelass on 2019/10/10 04:36
I have used all three of the Ovia apps for my cycle tracking, pregnancy, and postpartum and newborn care, and they are just awesome. If there is one thing I would change, it would be to add a sharing feature to both the Fertility and Pregnancy apps like the one available in the Parenting app. As of right now, my husband has to track my cycle separately or else it falls on me to communicate information to him, which doesn’t always happen in a timely fashion. If we could share the info through the application, they would all be 5-star applications. I love all the articles and helpful information provided when I need it, sometimes before I know I need to know it! I also love how they all three feed information to each other when they’re installed in your phone. It would take a lot for me to decide to use a different application for any of these purposes. Thank you, Ovia!
Two suggestions... but absolutely love!
by Rgiampie on 2019/02/04 17:49
Love this app. Think it’s excellent! Two things: 1. Under the “Kiss and tell” category, I wish there were three hearts, the two that are there (or you could get rid of the not today), and one heart that symbolizes sex with a condom or protection. My husband and I are avoiding pregnancy right now, but we mutually hate using condoms, so we only use them during the fertile zone. I’d love to be able to look at my fertility chart and see the red hearts where we had sex without protection, and also see another color heart where we did not use protection. This would help in tracking and avoiding unplanned pregnancy. It would great if when you press the red heart (the one that indicates sex) if a subcategory came up to ask if you pulled out or not. This app is about tracking and for me, the details are important. I put that in my notes in the bottom, but that’s too hard to see from the calendar. 2. I’m still exclusively pumping, and ovulation and menstruation greatly affect my milk production. I know exclusively pumping moms are a minority but I’d love to see tracking for pumping. Just a category labeled Pumping with subcategories like “letdown time” and “milk produced in ounces”. If the milk production in ounces had a line on the fertility chart I could see how ovulation and menstruation really affect my output. Anyway, fantastic app! I love it, even without my suggestions.
by on 2020/03/20 09:18
I love Ovia, and I LOVE the sister pregnancy app. I had tried to conceive two years ago and didn’t use anything to track anything so I wasn’t able to get pregnant, but within a MONTH of using this app I got pregnant!!! My daughter is now 3 months old and I recommend this app to everybody who wants to try for a baby or even just track periods!!! I only wish there was a way to add if you’re on birth control when just trying to track periods and if there is I haven’t seen an option to add that. I love that you have options for being irregular, but I also wish there was a way to report you’d just had a baby and don’t know when a period should start, but those are all just my personal wants and preferences. Everything about the app is amazing and it would be absolutely perfect and an end all app compared to other apps for these specific things. I cannot say how perfect and amazing this app is, I just love it so much and I highly attribute being able to have had my daughter with BOTH apps. It’s really nice also being able to talk to others who may be or have gone through what you’ve gone through!! It’s more personal than even going to a doctor since that doctor may not have experienced what you have or are experiencing!! Can’t say how much I love this app!!
Great app, but needs some more infertility options
by Agkoot694826 on 2019/05/26 12:43
I really like the Ovia app. It’s been extremely helpful during our two years of TTC. I like having all the data in one place, being able to go back months to check if something has happened before on that point in my cycle. The one place I think Ovia needs some work is on infertility. I did notice some changes about a year ago that added a bit more functionality for tracking fertility issues, but I think some more options in the actual data tracking would be helpful. For example, being able to record IUI dates, IVF dates (egg retrieval/transfer, etc.) instead of just “I had sex!” I also think the medications could be easier to record. Instead of having to search through the list every time, it would be great if I could set recurring meds and have them sticky at the top of the list, or something.
The BEST ovulation tracking/fertility app!!!
by Hollywoodmxgrl on 2018/06/13 18:02
I’ve tried maybe 5 different fertility/ovulation tracking apps and for awhile compared them to see how they differ as far as being accurate. This app has just about been dead on for when I should be in my “fertile days” as well as when I should be on my period. I like that it gives a scale for how fertile I am vs just hilighting the box and leaving me speculating. It’s very informative. Hands down best app for if you’re trying to get pregnant or just keep track of your cycle. I deleted all other similar apps & only use this one. Another thing I like is the entire interface. It doesn’t look like a children’s game with the cheesy layout and icons. It has so many options for things like what’s your mood, medications you may be on, etc.. Recommend to any gals looking for a cycle/ovulation tracker 😊😊
Most comprehensive but update cervical fluid options please!
by AMCCpinkprincess on 2019/01/14 20:52
This is by far the most comprehensive cycle tracker out there and is especially great for all types of women, including those who are not only trying to conceive, but also those who are trying to avoid pregnancy naturally and those who are having irregular cycles and want to gather data to help them and their doctor figure out what’s going on. Not only does it provide a comprehensive data collection platform, but it also offers amazing information on a daily basis that helps you better understand your body and how environmental variables affect your cycle and hormones. That said, after 4 months of using it, the only thing I wish they’d change is the options for logging cervical mucus. I regularly have creamy, lotion like CM as do many other women I know, and that’s not an option for some reason. Please fix this, Ovia! You gotta include all possible types of mucus, and many women have something between the glue and watery version that’s like a lotion consistency. The other thing that would be nice is if Ovia would sync with my Apple activity app so I don’t have to physically enter any of this information into the app. I use my Apple Watch religiously for fitness logging and would love to have Ovia receive info from my Apple health/activity apps instead of just the other way around
Love this app!
by Gizm0#1 on 2018/11/12 10:32
I would have to say this is a excellent app to have. If you are trying to convince this is the app you’re going to need. It tells you everything you need to know from beginning to end. If your not sure when your ovulating this app can help you and it will stay on track with your cycle. There are articles you can read in the app that can help you along your journey and help pass the time. You can talk to other members using this app and share ideas with each other. There is so much more I’m probably leaving out about this app. But if you’re struggling and are looking to expand your family this is the app to use. If I could rate this app a higher number I would give it 10 stars 🌟. I convinced my daughter using this app. Thank you for creating this app and helping build families.
Great for tracking, but there’s a few details...
by SpecialKay19 on 2018/03/10 14:30
I love Ovia and have been using it for about 6 months. However, there is one detail that I just really don’t like. It’s gives calendar projections for your next fertile window as well as your next period. That’s great and all, but when I wake up on the first projected day of my period, I open the app to track my temperature and the VERY first thing I see is, “You’re on your period.” That is heavily discouraging, especially when TTC... and since it’s just a projection, I find it unnecessary. It would be awesome if it could be changed to simply predict your period, but not actually *say* you’re on your period until you manually enter that it’s started. This is just a preference based on emotion, so that’s why I still give the app a high rating. I realize it might sound silly, so I’m sorry for being picky!! But this app comes highly recommended from me!
2 stars for the Ovia app
by LivyBillock on 2018/06/30 06:12
I really wish that the tracker would be geared toward what you want to track. For example: I chose the option “I am not ready to conceive yet” as my goal for the app. I only want to track my cycle in order to avoid pregnancy. This doesn’t seem to matter even though I put it as my goal. The app still encourages pregnancy and gives me tips and motivation to “keep trying”. This forms anxiety when not wanting to conceive yet. I have also notice the app to not be very accurate with my cycles. It only predicts based on what my last period was, not the information I have been tracking since September. I’ve continued using the app now just because I have tracked so much info since September and I don’t want to lose it. I basically ignore the projected period and ovulation predictions. Example: even though I enter in ovulation testing or if I take a plan B, the app doesn’t even consider those factors into my cycle. So I may as well just use the app to log info and track it myself. Thank you.
Love this app!
by Morggie95 on 2019/03/11 08:05
I used this app when we were trying to get pregnant a couple years ago with our son, and now I’m issuing it again as we try for our second. I only used this app the first time and this time around I tried several different options but kept coming back to Ovia. I think the way things are laid out makes the most sense and is easier to navigate than any other apps I’ve tried. I have also noticed that it lets you track more things than other apps, like more symptoms, moods, exercise, foods, etc. I love how extensive the tracking is, how accurate the period/ovulation predictions are, and the cool little encouragements that pop up on your feed. Can’t say more good things about this app! (I also loved the Ovia pregnancy app. Can’t wait to use it again!)
Overall great
by Cari2416 on 2020/05/06 14:41
If you’re looking for a way to track your periods, and everything else involved in Trying To Conceive (TTC), just download this app now and start using it! I do feel as though sometimes it’s slightly off in its predictions for my period, etc., which would then make its predictions for my fertility window off. There are also some simple updates that would make this an even better app, like on the home page where it gives random Information about fertility and cycles: it would be awesome if I could click those little boxes & have it take me to a related article or something to learn more about what it says. Also in the community Q&A section, it would be nice if it said when the question was posted and how many people have responded. This would give us a better idea of the percentages that it reports for the responses.
It’s okay...
by Ravensbernier on 2018/10/25 13:38
The reason I gave this app 3:5 stars is because you can change the app settings as “trying to conceive or not trying to conceive” that’s great but if you put “not trying to conceive” it still gives you tips on how to get pregnant! Give me tips on how NOT to get knocked up based on. Next reason is also in the settings you can report that you’re pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Well I got pregnant and the app remembered this for MOST of the pregnancy, by the time I had my daughter the app “forgot”. Post pregnancy and still to this day post 5 months I breastfeed, this setting change makes no difference in how Ovia conducts itself. There’s no mensuration while breastfeeding facts. If I’m 5 months post pregnancy, not trying to conceive, and breastfeeding the app should reflect this to a T. I love Ovia but I’m disappointed in the fact it only supports people who are trying to conceive. If Ovia changes these things it will be a 5 star app.
Tracking Cycle
by NursyJ on 2019/06/28 12:07
This is an amazing app if you are trying to get pregnant. If you’re not in a relationship and you’re using it to track your cycle or you’re just dating someone it’s always asking for your spouses information and there is no place to put not in a relationship. every day there is a place for ...did you have sex today. I would think after I’ve been saying no for over a year that maybe it would stop asking or maybe ask are you even in a relationship😬. With saying all this I really should give it a five star because it is as advertised I’m just trying to use it to track my cycle so maybe if they offered a track one and a track 2. They give a lot of useful information and I always tell my patients who are trying to get pregnant to go and use this app + read the information
Amazing App
by Who cares .... on 2019/02/21 21:31
I got this app as a period tracker originally. About 6 months ago, I noticed an abnormality with my period so I went in and saw my OBGYN. It turned out to be nothing but I was so happy that I had tracked my period and was able to notice a difference before anything major happened. That mini scare prompted my husband and I to change our minds and start trying. I look forward to logging all my information. I’ve learned so much about my period and conceiving with this app. It is among my most used. I LOVE this app. Can’t give it enough high praise. I love that I can plan vacations around when my projected period will be, we’ve been able to really plan out when we would start trying because you can see the fertile window, based on your period for the month. I love it.
Love This App the Most
by Koneko215 on 2018/07/18 19:29
I took a few months off from tracking and came back to test all the period trackers again. Almost settled on one of the other top 3, but in the end the search option for symptoms and moods won me over to Ovia. I would love the ability to add my own moods or at least have motivated/unmotivated, focused/distracted and energy low/high listings to track how my mind changes during my cycle (I potentially have ADHD which is affected by hormones). These are much easier for my mind to remember and comprehend when looking at data than other words. Also I would love to have some more leg pain options because my pain tends to be shooting down my right or left leg and the best option is a little different meaning than what I want.
Very disappointed
by Kriz1602 on 2019/08/25 02:36
When me and my husband started trying this was the app I fell in love with. Loved all the features. We got pregnant immediately was super excited and I didn't use the app again for two months. Unfortunately I miscarried at 8 weeks and now we are starting over. Now I am back to using the app again. With having a miscarriage they inform you to reset the app which I did multiple times. After entering my new data I noticed The app is completely wrong. As soon as I entered the start of my first period after my miscarriage the app is predicting the dates based off of the data I original entered before i was pregnant. I emailed the help center and they told me it goes based off of the information entered. So yes that is a correct statement BUT the app is predicting off of my original cycle. All in all help center did nothing and told me its based off the information entered and your fertile window isn't always 14 days after start of period. Well .....clearly not... I cannot be in my fertile window 3-4 days after starting my period. I am in health care I know when you can predict the fertile window but I like having the convenience of the app and all the other information you’re able to input. To sum up if you get pregnant and do not have a miscarriage great app BUT I would NOT recommend this after you experience a loss, super disappointing in not adjusting accordingly to the NEW information entered.
Good app for tracking
by Strikegold on 2019/06/25 12:39
Very thorough app for tracking and overall have found it useful.. but have some ideas for improvement. I hate that i enter things in my log and all the sudden have “you reported Cramping and bloating today” on my news feed. That’s not helpful—i know i did bc i am experiencing it and i reported it. What’s helpful on the news feed are the articles. 2. i searched and searched the app for info on tracking cervical position and didn’t find an article. If that’s suggested tracking i think a how to article should be readily available. 3. Caffeine and alcohol servings—I wish I could indicate in decimals. Not so much alcohol but caffeine I’m trying to wean off so it’d be nice to see if I’m having certain symptoms as a result of withdrawal but having to indicate “one” whether it’s a 130 mg cup of coffee or 40 mg tea isn’t helpful.
Pregnant in 1 cycle
by tbuckp on 2020/01/31 04:55
I was introduced to this app from “Its Judys life” (she’s a YouTuber) and I figured I would give it a shot. We’ve been trying on and off for 14 months and I was using another app to track my period and fertile days....(We weren’t really trying hard since we already have a 22 month old daughter and most of the time she keeps us very busy) so I decided to use this app as it wouldn’t hurt. 1. I imputed my last 3 cycles in ahead of time so it would more accurately calculate my cycle... if not better predict my next month’s period since I had an event coming up soon. 2. I realized the fertile days on this app was +/- a few days then the other app I was using. 3. On CD 28, I felt mild symptoms and decided to take a test and got a positive!
I liked this app
by Kristin6128 on 2019/05/22 13:11
The app is easy to use. I used Ovia while my husband and I were trying to conceive (and we are now expecting our little one this October). At the beginning I was trying to track everything - water intake, nutrition, hours I slept, etc - but it because too much. Eventually I just stuck to logging when we had sex and when I got my period. I feel like for the most part the app got my fertile days correct, but I never took ovulation tests or my temperature. My cycles were always very consistent. I really liked that there was a community, but eventually I had to avoid it because everyone symptom spotting was making me do the same. One thing that would be nice is if the app could also work on the Apple Watch. I would have liked to be able to put in logs through the Watch.
It’s Ok
by Cella9283 on 2018/05/17 14:57
I was an avid user of Pink Pad, but with the developers decided to shut it down, I had to go with something else. This app was suggested to me, but I’m not finding it to be what I like. I don’t like how small the calendar is (even though the details and symptoms underneath are cool), but I like a full screen of the calendar. And I don’t like how my predicted period automatically starts on the day that it’s predicted. It shouldn’t say I’ve started my period until I put it in, and it should calculate my predicted period as late if I have not started on the predicted day. So, now I have to keep resetting it and it says I’m a crazy amount of days into my cycle, when in actuality, I could be pregnant. I also would rather have my home page not be filled with articles and things, but if only my period information, and have a separate tab for those kinds of things.
Very insightful
by HCBurk on 2019/10/27 19:25
I love Ovia!!! If you turn on fertility content whether or not your TTC it provides you instant feedback on your logged symptoms, daily articles, tips and tidbits. I get this app through my employer and I love the Q&A section where you can chat with a nurse about fertility questions. I am always impressed with the content they put out in articles. The one improvement Ovia developers could make is the “Community” section where you answer other Ovia users questions. When you receive notifications and try to access a question you previously answered, it takes you to the wrong screen. I answer questions or follow for comments and ultimately never get to revisit them because of this notification flaw.
It’s easy and I like the way it now has more options for symptoms lol
by MandaGus412 on 2018/06/03 06:42
I’m using this app for ttc...I’ve been using it for almost a year but I agree with another commenter about the “you are on your period” and it is discouraging especially when we come on here everyday and fill out the log etc...And I would love if it actually knew when I was ovulating for sure lol guess it’s my fault about slacking on my bbt I always say yes I’m doing to do it tomorrow and then I get out of bed and curse myself out cuz I forget hahahaha! Maybe a reminder ? Lolol! Anyways overall I’m satisfied with this app! It’s extremely easy to use! You can chat with other females going through the same thing as you are and it’s free ! Thanks! Enjoy and baby dust to all of us who are trying for our wonderful most precious miracles ❤️❤️😘
by ARaeSH on 2019/02/05 13:36
This will be the first baby that we are planning so I started using Ovia to be prepared when my birth control comes out I’ll be able to start tracking sooner. There are things I didn’t even know you could track when getting pregnant. And the fact that I can ask Any question and it’s anonymous makes me feel that I won’t be drugged but, there’s no way I could be charged with this kind of support. Even if I don’t know the information that it’s asked me, there is article after article of information that will help me along the way to understand I’ve had two children before and I feel like this is the only offer and I’ll be prepared for love this app recommended it to three other girls.
I wish it would connect!
by 4Kissy on 2018/01/13 06:01
I like the Ovia app... however, I wish it would completely connect to “My Fitness Pal” & Apple Health. Between the two apps, it records my sleep patterns, my exercise, what I ate, my water intake, and how much I weigh daily. As of now, Ovia only links my period and my sexual activity with Apple Health. I downloaded this app while I was on vacation. Once my vacation ended, I found it harder to keep up with the Ovia app in addition to “My Fitness Pal”. I like the concept of the Ovia app. But I also find it beneficial to keep track of my personal health. I would love to have the accessibility of both apps without having to input my data twice each day on two different apps. I had a different fertility app prior to Ovia, but I loved that this app does currently link to “My Fitness Pal” & Apple Health... but it only shares sexual activity and mensural cycles. Please help!
Very helpful and convenient!
by AE JE on 2019/01/08 08:29
Using Ovia to help my husband and I conceive. Easy to learn how to use and I love all of the options it has to track your daily routines and daily body functions. It’s easy to go back on previous days entries to predict what my body is going through and when the best time will be to conceive. I notice myself going on the app to also take a look at the daily tips, and articles! I’m a reader, and I love the extra advice through fun to read articles with reliable resources. Ovia has been helpful so far and I highly recommend if you’re trying to learn how to track your bodies functions whether your trying to conceive or not. Not pregnant yet, this is my first month using the app.
Love this app
by Em1515151515 on 2020/08/15 17:54
This is the best, most informative fertility/period tracking app there is! I literally downloaded every single fertility app there is when my husband and I decided to ttc and went through every single one and this was the most user friendly, organized, and informative app there is. It changes with you and uses the information you add to adjust it's calculations! I cannot say enough good things, it's seriously great! Update: still using Ovia, for 8 years!!!! Still the best app I’ve found for tracking periods and ttc! But, HEY OVIA! How about some new themes and colors??? I bought the full version so I could change the theme, but they’ve been the same the entire 8 years.... time for an update there!!
Game changer
by mrsgafford on 2019/10/23 02:48
When I started using this app me and my husband were trying to get pregnant. We were successful and I was pregnant with our Lillie after a short time. At 4 months pregnant I had a stroke. I recovered and she was fine. Then at 7 months we lost our Lillie. I learned shortly after her death I have a super rare condition. Dormant anti phospholipid syndrome. It causes rare blood conditions in 2-3 trimesters. With no warming. We learned that this is a condition that shows no signs or symptoms until you are pregnant and will cause massive blood clots. So we now have to track and chart everything to know as soon as possible if I do get pregnant so I can start blood thinners. It has been a miracle for us and I hope it can help others too.
by MissTendland on 2018/09/14 03:06
I never write reviews but I had to! This app is the BEST. The interface is clean and easy to use. The dashboard gives you at great info, like how many days until you should take a pregnancy test and a score for how fertile you are that day. They also give feedback on your symptoms and share how similar you are statistically to others and give insight into what symptoms (like cramping or cervical fluid) could mean. Other apps I've used always tried to make you pay more for this kind of personalized info. There's also lots of great articles and ads -- and I don't know how they do it, but it's such a positive and encouraging app... Their verbiage is always fun and uplifting. Really love this app and highly recommend!
This is a great app!
by AngelAnn3324343 on 2019/03/10 14:21
I have used this app for several years and it’s always been one I enjoy using. It’s great at predicting what’s to come after a couple of cycles and does give awesome tips and stuff about many different topics. I will admit my only complaint is that I don’t like the trying to conceive tips all the time. Even if you change the setting you won’t stop seeing the TTC tips. I found it hard seeing these after my youngest daughter passed in 2018 so to avoid hurt I avoided my app. I’m still spotty about using it but my personal grief doesn’t change how great of an app it is! For my both of my children I also used the pregnancy app by Ovia and it was just as informative and fun to keep up with. Ovia makes awesome tools that are easy to use and so beneficial!
Best tracking app
by Rileyeplin007 on 2018/10/14 23:06
This app, and the other two by the same people, is seriously amazing. With the ability to track everything including sleep, period symptoms, exercise, medicines, food intake, and much more, this app truly helps you navigate your period. It has the best and most lovely related articles, medical advice, and community option to see how others are dealing with similar problems. This feature also allows you to have and give support when needed. And with it all organized in a calendar it makes everything very accessible. Highly recommend this app. Creator(s) of Ovia, thank you for putting your time into this app and then still letting us use it for free
Getting to know your body!
by Melissa Daggett on 2017/10/22 20:27
As someone who was on birth control for 16 years, I knew I wanted to conceive in a couple years. It was also hard to ignore that I hadn’t had a period in two years, and even that one was short and irregular. This app has helped me get off birth control and understand my body enough to know when I am and not able to conceive. Although at first it was awkward checking my cervix, and certainly tedious doing so every day; it quickly became fun and learning about my body has been a great experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BOOK “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” it helps to understand the fertility awareness method and this app helps chart all your info rather than doing it on paper.
Good app to log but not intuitive
by swanbarry on 2018/08/29 02:09
I have being using this app for two years. I try to log everything in it that is pertinent to my fertility. Over the course of time I had hoped the app could fairly accurately predict my fertility window and cycle based on the many months of data I have provided. Unfortunately, it has not. My cycle is not the typical four weeks, and even though every month I go in and put in my correct days, the app will predict the next cycle in four weeks. The app though, is a nice “log book” for information. I do appreciate having it all stored in one place. The app also offers good tidbits of information and links to useful products and articles. If you are looking for an app that is intuitive, this is not it, but it is a nice place to enter and store data.
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