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Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Now with rewarded leaderboards for even more fun and challenge! The Bloons are back and this time they mean business! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular tower defense series in history. Featuring 2 brand new Towers, cool Special Agents, glorious retina graphics, original Tracks and Special Missions, a whole new tier of Specialty Building upgrades, and the powerful Monkey Lab to further upgrade your towers, bloons td 5 delivers hours and hours of fun, challenging play to fans and new players alike. Hours and Hours of Awesome Gameplay: * 21 powerful towers with Activated Abilities and 2 upgrade paths * 10 Special Agents * 50+ Tracks * 10 Special Missions * 250+ Random Missions * New Bloon enemies - tougher Camos, Regrower Bloons, and the fearsome ZOMG * 50+ Game Center Achievements and Challenges * iCloud Support * 3 different game modes * Freeplay mode after mastering a track * 4 difficulty settings and family-friendly theme so anyone can play And that's just the beginning - regular planned updates will keep bloons td 5 fresh, fun, and challenging for many months to come. Now it's time to pop some Bloons! Remember to save to iCloud after each victory or purchase to save your progress. iPad and iPad mini version also available - check out bloons td 5 HD for full screen UI awesomeness!
by @Sigil on 2019/04/25 03:02
Lost all my data. I lost my IAP and Level. Do not purchase IAP that is (in-game) money. Only purchase items. If you have to reset your device, you will lose your purchases. You may lose you level. I have to start over. Obviously, I won't be.
by xolea07 on 2019/04/23 12:21
by Kittycat9187 on 2019/04/20 04:51
I love this game. But I really only play to score high on the leaderboards. Except my score doesn’t change on the leaderboards. No matter how many Bloons I pop. The only thing that changes is my placement goes down. I tried finding troubleshooting help on the website and app but found nothing. I will change my rating if this gets fixed.
Actually Amazing
by Diamondbacks 500 on 2019/04/18 22:49
Really good offline game! Helps when you're bored and looking for something entertaining.
Good Game
by A Epic Gamer Boii on 2019/04/18 03:00
It’s a epic game and has good quality
Gun monkey problems
by gun man 21 on 2019/04/17 19:53
The gun monkey can’t put it to stay in one place
by trickster2o on 2019/04/15 20:26
Better than btd6 for two reasons
by action potato 82 on 2019/04/15 16:26
There are two reasons I like this more and the reasons are it has multiplayer and the second reason is bloon chipper and engineer
Great Game 👌
by Kermit The Frog vs. Yoda on 2019/04/15 14:20
Very solid game been playing Bloons Tower Defense Since the first one and gotta say this is the best by far. Game feels fair and doesn’t feel like you need to pay to play at all. Only downside is that the game can get repetitive and boring if you play it for long periods of time but other than that 👌 game.
Good game
by OZackGame on 2019/04/14 02:33
I’ve played this game when it come on mobile on 2014 and I love it it’s helped me with puzzles strategy and being addictive to this so. I ready to purchase BTD 6
by Kittyoverlord123 on 2019/04/14 01:14
TRY BLOONS TD6, it is even better than this and this is awesome 👏🏼
Best game ever
by quinnyplays on 2019/04/07 15:04
Amazing game I love it there are so many characters and so many upgrades I just love it
So fun
by Pnafjgg on 2019/04/07 12:42
So fun just watch out for round 86!
by pacific sea on 2019/04/04 17:06
It really helps me pass time fast in class
Great game
by RubenC85 on 2019/04/02 15:12
Though almost impossible to pass the hard level
by acegamer47 on 2019/03/31 03:51
Monkeys and balloons equal 10 out of 10
by TerryJerryLarry on 2019/03/29 21:57
by Jenni mullings on 2019/03/28 04:35
I really like this game and i play it all the time but every single time i get to level 120 in a co-op, it crashes, it’s the most frustrating thing ever, i have no idea why because i have a new iphone.
Favorite game
by dickceko on 2019/03/28 00:06
Good game but needs more guys and more upgrades for the guys
by shshshshshsbsj on 2019/03/27 21:41
This game is very gekky
by xxfade gamerxx on 2019/03/24 15:29
Game is awesome until you figure out that you can’t play free play until ???
Quality content
by Apple MacIntosh 7 on 2019/03/23 17:25
This game is lit af!! Played this game when I was six and I in high school and still Creme every time I play this.
Around great game
by leolavalord on 2019/03/23 03:48
A very diverse tower defense game with loads of content for you to play a great game of infinite possibilities if you do get it, it is well worth it
Holy monkey
by FORKY PORKY on 2019/03/23 01:23
I literally never spend money on phone games but oh golly I had to buy this!
Pay pay pay
by cfyfe97 on 2019/03/22 01:18
GOTTA put in money to win, like most games
It’s cool
by blake michel on 2019/03/21 23:54
It’s so great and the games you make OH THE GAMES so I just wanted to say that you are the most amazing man who makes video games
Doesn’t Save
by CO$1 on 2019/03/21 12:13
It doesn’t save your progress when you delete even if you have Game Center and facebook connected
Awesome game!
by Chodler on 2019/03/20 03:32
10/10 would buy again. Quality game that doesn’t rely solely on pay to win strategies.
by blurr3dthinking on 2019/03/18 01:16
Co-Op didn’t work. Wouldn’t connect. Would load for almost 5-10 minutes then say “no games available” no matter what I tried with my boyfriend to connect the games. We decided not to play & get the new game in hopes it’ll connect. Aside from this, love the game.
The only thing that I would love to do
by emerie martinez on 2019/03/17 20:31
Hi my name is Emerie I wanna tell you all about this game you can have fun and enjoy yourself because you can do a lot in this game it’s very fun but it needs a little bit more fun to it and then you will get to have fun
Please help
by Jack_ryno on 2019/03/14 01:07
I spent money on this game then I got bored and needed space so I deleted it just recently got it but I can't get my stuff back do you have any suggestions
Amazing but needs a bug fix
by xteraa on 2019/03/13 17:57
It won’t let me sign into my Facebook it tells me this thread is unavailable.. I would love if you would fix it so I could play with my Facebook friends
by dneydgfhfhrbrbbf on 2019/03/12 20:29
It’s good
Love it!!!!!!
by jbut25 on 2019/03/12 17:34
My friend told me about this game. It is fun and I play it a lot. It has a big price tag, but It is worth It.
by Toasterboi319 on 2019/03/11 20:50
Great game to play in the car although my wife disagrees, she keeps saying things like, “You are driving stop.” And, “We almost crashed cause of you.” But i don’t get, just because i’m driving doesn’t mean i can’t have fun.
by kirby salt. on 2019/03/11 13:37
My friend had this game when I went to his house and I played. It was so fun I asked to do chores when I got home so I could buy it. The point is it’s the BEST GAME EVER🙄😲
by memealousssssssss on 2019/03/11 01:44
It’s so goods
Great game
by XXDABEASTXx01 on 2019/03/09 21:11
Its never enough balloon popping!!
Needs quitter punishment
by citizen 9-100 on 2019/03/05 19:40
It takes me at least half an hour of matching after matching just to find someone who won’t quit within the first 5 minutes. And that’s if they stay the whole game. It’s ridiculous. There’s no point in coop when 99% of the people quit just cuz they didn’t get the map they wanted. Also. Coop needs an option to exclude completed maps. I.e. if easy checkers is done, medium+ checkers will be playable but not easy.
Best tower defense
by Austin playz on 2019/03/05 17:57
Wow this game is the best ever. Go back and look at Bloons TD 1-4. There definantly weren’t as many players/customers. And the maps are cool and the graphics are good. How does anybody come up with monkeys popping balloons? I dont know so don’t ask me. Like i said this game is the best.
Games broken
by Phalesch on 2019/03/05 01:06
Games broken and I’m suing (jp) but the game keeps shutting out as soon as I go back in vv unhappy
by Activeparentof three on 2019/03/02 20:06
Awesome Game 😸 I love it. I get frustrated some times😡, I think it should have been higher priced on the App Store :]
by asftcthgdr on 2019/03/02 19:19
by Y_ourmom_isabtch on 2019/02/28 13:06
The game doesnt work for me i demand a refund thank you.
Best game ever
by idsalkjh on 2019/02/24 13:13
Hi I think that you should have this game it is so cool
Why btd 6
by Mrs Bright on 2019/02/22 03:41
Bloons tower defense is the best of everything introduced in bed 1 I've been playing since then and the formula still works btd 6 3 path system feels off to me and avdenture time to muti path is better but the 2 path feels the best to me
by wackywizardwill on 2019/02/20 21:09
Truly great in game quality, and its graphics are spot on, great game.
Five stars
by omg.jay1 on 2019/02/19 22:43
Best cell phone game ever💕. I be late to work playing this game almost everyday lol
Better than BTD6
by Science experiment on 2019/02/16 19:05
I’m one of the very few people in the world that thinks that BTD5 is better than 6. I think that instead of making an entire new game, you guys should have just added the following to BTD5: - alchemist and druid - the better sandbox mode - the race mode (that was a nice touch) - the new modes on hard (alternate bloon rounds, half cash mode ect.) - monkey knowledge - fortified bloons, DDTs and BADs - the 4 categories for towers and the ability to max a true sun god by sacrificing $50,000 in every category - 5th tier upgrades - The heros - the new powers (as special agents or something like that) Adding all of these things to BTD5 would make it a perfect game. BTD6 could be perfect too but it doesn’t have quite the amount of charm that BTD5 has. The biggest draw back was probably the graphics. What I really don’t understand is why you guys would change them. You basically just messed with perfection. In BTD5, They look cute, don’t lag the game, and you can place towers closer together. Take the previous description of the BTD5 graphics, Opposite them, and you’ve got the graphics of BTD6 in a nutshell. There’s also so much content from BTD6 missing like co-op, the engineer, specialist buildings (which I guess were replaced by the monkey knowledge system but should still be on there for individual towers) and many other features that you guys even said to me in an email that co-op was going to be one of the first things you add to BTD6. Well, here we are 6 months later. No co-op, engineer, or anything that everyone is asking for. I guess you’ve been wasting all of your time, programming, and money just to make the MOABs 3D so I guess destroying part of the BTD continuity by making terrible looking 3D towers wasn’t good enough for ya, huh? You just had to do to the bloons too didn’t ya? This is the main reason why BTD5 will always be superior to 6. It’s funny how one thing can ruin an entire game for ya
by bigmaddenman on 2019/02/16 01:39
This is a great game. There is so many good things about it. First of all this was s my favorite of all the btd games and that is because the graphics aren’t to bad and they aren’t so good that they hurt my eyes. I used to play this for n my chrome book for free, but u needed an account to do anything on it like upgrade your towers and open daily chests. But now I can do that since I bought this. All I want to say is that it is a great game.
by BeepKing on 2019/02/09 22:28
It's very fun and addictive.
by BaL l- Sack on 2019/02/07 02:30
It’s kinda gay
The best game ever
by minimonty.. on 2019/02/04 19:54
This is the best game ever
by AlmightyBird on 2019/02/03 03:18
Helps me be entertained
Yah yeet
by ska yeet on 2019/02/02 16:01
My review
by Rylan Berry on 2019/02/02 01:55
I enjoy this app, even tho I’m 10.
by Chuck driver on 2019/01/31 03:48
I hate this game cause when you die you lose all your stuff and half to start all over agian i reapet HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE stupid creators🤯💩🥶
Too hard
by itsthe on 2019/01/28 18:45
Too hard to play
by person who bout it duhhh on 2019/01/27 22:34
All I do every day is play! !!
by IsaiBro69 on 2019/01/27 14:49
by jahsehsBiggest Fan on 2019/01/25 14:49
After the loss of Jahsey Onfroy (xxxtentacion) I fell in into a deep depression, this game takes away all the pain. It just brightens up my day to have monkeys pop “bloons” I turn to nothing when im down so i just hop on and play everyday my mom says i have problems but i yell at her. Sometimes i wish i can throw darts at her then cry and cry oh wait this is a review. This games epic totally worth it.
by OayoMrYayo on 2019/01/23 20:30
Fun fast or slow always need monkey money though
Round 78
by HĖŁŁŒ on 2019/01/22 12:58
How does one balloon kill you in this I had 180 lives
by bob the native chicken on 2019/01/21 22:40
Best game ever!!!!!
Best game ever
by Starblaster101 on 2019/01/20 14:22
I LOVE this game it is the best game of all time. But there is one problem. Now I’m respecting your need to make money but the Skins for the monkeys is too much money. Please TRY to make it $1 instead of $2
by amazingrex712 on 2019/01/19 21:43
I like it ninja kiwi thx for the game
Poop game
by asemoeeeos on 2019/01/19 03:03
This is the worst game I have ever played
Great game
by 11--11111 on 2019/01/17 19:50
Great game
Micro transactions
by .Tk_ on 2019/01/15 02:33
You can’t play the game without spending money. Ridiculous. I can’t get passed level 70 on hard.
gUd GAymE
by logboiy on 2019/01/14 05:12
It’s a gud game doooood
Satisfying and fun
by NickyChuggz on 2019/01/13 03:03
I don’t buy games on the phone. But I bought this one.
It’s ok
by Me99912345678910 on 2019/01/12 23:14
Would be more stars if you had the same towers as BTD6, I just s don’t want to pay for another BTD app when I already have this one.
by BryceForLife on 2019/01/11 02:11
Really addicting, but don’t play it ALL the time because you’ll get burnt out, but definitely worth the money.
Plz fix
by iam bdae sdplae on 2019/01/08 02:10
I got this game and I found out that it doesn’t show in full screen on my iPad. If you can fix that would be great.
AWESOME game, but...
by Jonah Bebko on 2019/01/07 12:49
I love BTD 5, 6, and battles, because they kill time and I like the satisfaction of the late game where a lot of Bloons pop. The only thing is that in iPad, it shrinks the screen down to phone size. If I could, I would rate a 4.9 star. If you guys could fix this, or make a whole new version for the iPad, that would be wonderful.
Progress Gone
by dort griff on 2019/01/06 23:21
So this game is amazing but i had it and then deleted it once, and wen I redownloaded it, I kept all my progress. However, when I deleted and then redownloaded a second time all my progress was gone. How do I get it back???
Bloons TD 5 Rocks!!!
by Blooms TD 5 FAN😜😜😜 on 2019/01/06 04:54
BTD5 is like the best game in my life!!! I have gotten more the 100 levels! I had 1million 217thousuand bananas! I could buy anything just like in sandbox mode! It’s awesome! The only one bad thing about Bloons TD5 is.......... NOTHING!!!!!!
by pizza rice on 2019/01/05 13:10
Great game. Love to come up with ways to beat the games and put out excessive amounts of items to annihilate the bloons.
BTD5 review
by Sofia Raffa on 2019/01/04 23:43
I thought when I got this game it would be boring and basic but it’s so great and original will amazing map details and amazing monkeys will different upgrade paths, it’s super great! I have this game on my phone, iPad and my computer, this is definitely my favorite game. But I just have one complaint, for some reason my Odyssey’s aren’t working and won’t connect. Aside from that minor glitch everything is wonderful! Go BTD5!!!!!
Best game ever
by hahashshb on 2019/01/01 16:59
This is more updated than pc Verizon
Best game ever!
by Keyllaine on 2018/12/31 02:07
This game is so addictive and it’s really fun! You never get bored and you can always level up and get more stuff! I highly recommend it! This game is the best! I rate it a 10 out of 10!
Worst experience ever
by Zplayer3657 on 2018/12/30 21:15
Started playing the game about 2 years ago. Loved it and it always gave me something to do. The only problem is recently I decided to download it again and none of my progress was saved, even though my game center and Facebook was connected, it still didn’t save. What is even worse is that I spent at least $50 on the game and all of that is gone as well. All I can say is that it is a good addictive game but just a warning if anyone else decides to do the same thing.
A great game
by Jack Howlett on 2018/12/30 07:17
A great game no doubt. Has good game modes and everything seems to work well unless I overload it with tons of stuff but that could also just be my device. Very good instructions if you are new to BTD 5.
Mastery mode broken
by JungleOfGeorge on 2018/12/29 15:52
Love love love this game, but despite having completed all 17 beginner levels on all mastery modes and getting bronze on more than 39 other levels, I’m not able to enable mastery mode. It’s a shame since it’s touted in the game and I really want to see what else is in the game. Please fix!!
Good game
by CamP21825 on 2018/12/27 01:44
It’s frustrating when you lose and have to restart a level or map
by rise up isnt worth getting on 2018/12/26 14:49
the new BTD game is out and it god but dis doo doo
Fun, strategic, cooperative game!
by Racerevan on 2018/12/25 08:30
Love playing by myself or with a friend. Never gets old!
Why are you listing an iphone game to buy when I have the ‘iPad Only’ filter on? 😡😡😡
by Deb212 on 2018/12/23 17:20
Not very clear that this is an iPhone game only. I’m on a iPad and led to believe it’s an iPad game. The game only plays in ‘tiny’ mode. Disgusted! Can barely see it. The developers shouldn’t list it for sale on iPads. 😡
Don’t get me wrong
by Rosie2247 on 2018/12/21 06:35
It’s a good game, but when I went to do the cloud thing and download it on my iPad and that’s when I found out there is a second app just for iPad. Sorry but I’m not about to spend $3 just to play co-op with a friend.
Why it’s good
by Pikachu Gordan on 2018/12/20 19:14
Guns, Explosions, Pirates, Bombers, Cannons, Superheroes, Submarines, Miniguns, Ninjas, Robots, and... Monkeys
Awesome game
by Aaadedhyeydgeurb on 2018/12/20 16:09
by GamerGirl8637 on 2018/12/15 22:30
Awesome. Highly recommend it.
Super Addicting!
by Jdjdiebcjdjskziiwlslsjn on 2018/12/15 00:10
I love this game! The animation is great, the towers are really creative, and the music is catchy! The game is really fun, action packed, and fast paced! Pretty much everyone in my class plays this game! I would recommend this to a friend or a hundred!
Love it
by Kiwi_Slice11 on 2018/12/11 02:39
This game is so much fun.i think it’s up there for top games for me
I love this game!!!!
by nsbailey26 on 2018/12/10 21:23
I love it so much I have a great time playing with my friends but I can’t get past level 86 ooops
Favorite tower defense game
by Paratrooper Doug on 2018/12/07 02:16
I love this game, I love the variety of attacks the balloons make, and it is fun to solve the problem.
Rigged- read
by Danielaldjduxbrb on 2018/12/05 14:50
So level 87 is impossible on all maps even on easy. When you lose you can pay money to continue. Very aggravating that this game is made like that. I just paid 2.99 for the app and I want to delete it. Very fun if it were possible to win.
by Bloontowerdefence on 2018/12/01 19:39
Love it they should make a free versikn
Yes yes very good please
by Lil dey on 2018/12/01 03:18
I really like this game a whole lot, it is fun and it lasts a long time and get it :D
Amazing game and very addictive if your a strategist!!
by Hickerbilly2020 on 2018/11/16 03:45
This is a very amazing game and super addictive if you’re a strategist it’s fun to come up with all kinds of different ways to be different levels and the many different maps and I also love how you can choose different maps with different difficulties as well and there’s countless combinations of ways to work through this the only things that I hate about this game and many others that I play with are One you can’t speak to your opponents. Number two when you select a map difficulty with the difficulty of the game itself no matter what you pick it send you into some game where anyone has clicked one of the things that you have for instants I play on expert maps and impoppable, sometimes I also add in advanced maps but yet it will put me into a game playing on impoppable with an easy map this will decrease the reward from say $1200 to $360 monkey money.. and it’s just way too easy at that.. Now the only other thing that we have discussed between me and my friends that play this is it would be nice to be able to speed it up even more than the one time speed because these matches on impoppable go on for a long time so speeding it times 3 when ur fully set to win by round say 50 u won’t have to wait till round 85 as the rounds get longer each round..
This game is amazing-multiplayer needs work
by Comi awesome on 2018/01/16 22:20
So this game is one of the most addicting and thought inducing games I have ever played on the phone. I am level 70something and the only thing that makes me quit is that I get to the point where I’m on round 260 and the rounds take too long. The multiplayer (co-op through Facebook) is complete garbage. If you get a notification, it disconnects. That is not the phone it is the game because I have an iPhone 6s and the person I try to play with has a galaxy 6 or 7 I can’t remember. Anyways, you can’t pause or exit for 1 second even just out of the app or phone lock and it’s the most frustrating thing ever when you get to round 78 and you are about to start kicking things up and it quites you for absolutely no reason. It’s the worst feeling in the world and extremely annoying/aggravating. If you guys can make this better, that would completely perfect the game and make it the very best game on mobile for a very very very long time. Thanks :)
Wow, Amazing
by Dyl does gaming on 2017/11/22 21:43
Okay, I have a hard time saying how good your game is, but Love it soooooooo much! Very good and It never gets old. I have one recommendation; Please add a tank monkey, Maybe it could be like the helicopter, And it has many modes like, Follow touch, and what not. Ok I lied, one more thing. Maybe add a "Gambler Monkey" that attacks with dice. Upgrades would go, Top: Extra range, Harder dice, Loaded dice, and than some weird "Good probability upgrade that makes it a 50% Chance he gambles a big win. On the bottom upgrades: More money (more money per win), Sniper dice, Super fire, And than a "Pool Master" Which causes it to throw a big pool stick and as an ability it throws a casino machine. Also I forgot to mention this earlier, He gambles on each throw of the dice, and if he wins, he gets 70 maybe 80 in game cash and if he loses, you lose $50. This is an idea my friend came up with and it would be really cool if you could make it work. I love all your hard work, and I really appreciate it. 👍🏽
Wow I can’t believe this I want my money back
by Umm ok... on 2018/07/28 19:23
I’ve been playing nonstop for like 4 weeks now and i had this crazy experience the other day while driving down the free way in Ohio. So I was minding my own business driving and playing (I’m a dule tasker) and this crazy lady Comes out of nowhere and T-bones my mini van right on the pink passenger side 2nd door where my 2 and 3/4th year old trans son was sitting his name is Lucifer but this crazy lady just smashed into my car and of course Lucifer died on impact so I was screaming luckily I was unharmed but I’m trying to press charges but freaking Ohio is a no fault state so I have to pay for Lucifer’s funeral service with the inheritance I got from my mother when she died last week and I’m like 3 dollars was from meeting the requirements so if I hadn’t bought this dumb game I’d make bail 2/10 -fun but not worth it
Best mobile game out there
by Sillyamerican912 on 2017/11/04 02:19
Bloons TD5 is absolutely the best mobile game hands down. To anyone who is considering getting this game, do it! Gameplay is amazing and there is a lot of depth to BTD5 that other tower defense games don't offer. But with that there needs to be a better communication system with your teammate in co-op. As an advanced player getting to 350+ rounds or finishing an inpopable game requires teamwork, and not having a way to chat doesn't help. There should be another mode to play in... it would be cool if like in BTD Monkey City there is a way to make a base / city. And there are certain buildings and stuff that give you perks. There should also be an award for getting to a certain rank in the game. Like when you reach level 70 your projectiles are silver. And rank 100 are gold. This is an amazing game and worth the money
Great but multiplayer needs a tiny tweek.
by Brenmaster10 on 2018/01/01 00:47
Okay so i love everything about this game, everything is absolutely perfect but i often play alot of multiplayer in this game to play with my girlfriend because i dont get to see her often. She has “okay” but not great internet connection. So when we play together she always immediately disconnects. I was wondering if maybe, if the developers even see this, if they would update the multiplayer to the point where it will stop the game to atleast give people with bad internet a chance to reconnect again. This problem is annoying because we everytime we go to around 50 or so the internet craps out for one second and it disconnects. Thank you so much for reading this and i hope to see some sort of improvement soon.
BTD5 offers years of entertainment
by Alxandr337 on 2018/04/22 19:56
I began playing early versions of this game as a young lad in school. Now, as an adult, I’m able to find even more enjoyment out of this game as the difficulty is very customizable and, despite having beat every level, I am able to go back and challenge myself on the next hardest difficulty. Some maps will give you much more trouble than others- so the difficulty of the maps isn’t as straight forward as what they label them. The towers have great diversity and there are endless strategies to come up with. My friends know me for playing this game constantly in the car while they drive. All in all, for 5$, I would consider this a life long investment. Please play this cute game
Super great game, and could there be a custom towers game mode
by MRCHOMPER05 on 2018/05/20 05:15
So this is addicting to the point I play on multiple devices, but I’ve always thought how cool it would be to be able to make my own tower on mobile(what I play on the most) and not require mods which would be on Pc as far as I know. So there could be a game mode like sandbox only where you can create your own towers, this could be replacing towers or adding them which ever one. But this would also give me more reasons to put money in the game. So think about it and if this even gets read/responded too I would go insane and if this comes in to the game I will defiantly by the monkey bucks or whatever to get it. Thank you for reading
by Chazkow on 2017/12/19 02:31
Been playing the series for far longer still. Great, unique, inventive. A fantastic game for TD veterans and noobs alike!! The theme is fun and a little silly, but doesn’t stop you from getting competitive, and into it. GET IT. Now, I have a serious complaint. My save file, and thousands of others was lost. The game even acknowledges my high score on levels, but all my time collecting money and leveling up towers is gone. Had to start at level 1.. The loss of full game center integration was not handled well. Overall B+ Anyone can pick this up and enjoy. Enough content to keep you busy for untold amounts of hours. Micro transactions are sloppy and not very helpful.
This is the best!
by wildwindago1 on 2018/07/28 17:20
I now I’m just 11 but I know that through all the years in my life of my knowing and loving video games, this might be a favorite! I can’t believe that there’s actually a non WiFi game that can be so entertaining! It’s cute and fun! The idea of monkeys trying to defeat balloons is fascinating to me! I love it! When I first started playing, I thought of this game as a way you guys are trying to tell people that monkeys are suffering of pollution and an example of that was balloons. I like to think of it that way! Anyways I really hope there’ll be an update to make the game even more fun! I love it!
Good but LAG
by MegaDanger on 2017/12/03 17:56
I play this game a LOT. I love it, and have spent many hours on it. I’m a big player, regularly landing in the top 1% on the leaderboard for weekly challenges and often surviving to round 350 on freeplay. Wonderful game! But it can take soooo long. It would already take a long time to get to such a round, but after round 150 or so everything starts to slow down soooo soooo much. Please, do something to lessen this. Give us quality settings or SOMETHING. One round will take 15 minutes. My phone will heat up, and the app will crash every 5-10 rounds. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. Please make this a little better. Ugh.
Great game
by Marcus11599 on 2017/11/27 23:57
Honestly, I love this game. I played it on the computer and I wished for a long time to be able to play it on my phone, and when I got a job and bought it, I had a great time. It rarely crashes, you can play offline, I cannot think of one thing that is wrong with this game tbh. It is so worth it and it’ll really just kill time when you need to. It doesn’t even kill your battery as much as you think. You will experience some lag in the later rounds but you really can’t tell because it’s so little lag if any at all.
by Parvin2014 on 2018/04/06 03:00
I have played this game franchise since computers on 3 btd and played it since and this is been out for a while, so my point is I know the new superhero one came out (can’t afford it) and I played like 7 times the original beat it I hope there’s a 6 BTD and it has a few new Features and more variants of upgrades and ballons (Iron Moab,Water ballon-when breaks water splashes near by towers and makes them less likely to hit a ballon,Glue Ballon-when breaks splashes glue on near by towers and slows them down) with just still getting constant maps once a month
It’s a great game
by SuperDonkey123 on 2018/05/03 21:31
Besides paying for it... it is a great game! Getting to use the helicopter is amazing! Along with the engineer, and the bloon chipper. I think the company has put in a lot of work in making this worth your money. Although... the thing that upset me the most is the fact that the super monkey’s laser eyes don’t pop lead. But I have gotten used to this and made adjustments to it. So if your asking yourself if it is worth it to pay for the game. Get it if you like keeping busy, and doing fun challenges. But if you are the type of person to jump games every day, there is no point in getting the game.
Awesome Game, but when will the next major update be?
by Big Fan, but some suggestions on 2018/05/03 01:38
I love this game sooo much, and I just restarted and still think it’s fun. But just out of curiosity, when will there be a bigger update, like other than new maps. Maybe new monkeys, just as a suggestion, you guys should make the tracks bigger, like so you have to scroll through as you place monkeys and pop Bloons. Anyway, thanks for making this awesome game! A lot of people are happy for just new maps every few months like me, I just think it will improve it even more! 😄
Co op?
by Gaocuebakxidjwbqxj on 2017/09/11 01:51
This is an over all great game but like in co op i fond it SO difficult to request and send money to my partner because of my constant tapping of the towers behind the button like can u add it so that the towers behind the buttons dont interfere with the towers? Another thing maybe add like a chat in co op because im a decent player who gets well past the 200th round and rounds last SO long they end up getting boring while your waiting and i think it would be better if you could chat with your team mate thx
Fantastic Game
by darryltillo on 2018/06/03 18:56
This game is really well made with tutorial, bizarre challenges and missions, and always making new challenging maps for people to complete, but I wish there was a way to use the past special agents not in pro mode. There should be a button that allows you to use the original special agent or the pro. (Once you unlock the pro) Other than that, fantastic well made game for single and multiplayer gameplay.
Very Good
by ConcondeJesus on 2018/01/25 05:49
This was a game which is WAY better than it’s PC counterpart, something which is rare among all games. On iOS, the graphics look more smooth and bright, and it’s much easier to place things than on PC. It feels AMAZING when you have multiple max level Super Monkeys shred through waves of blimps and ceramic balloons. Only complaint is the sound/music. The music gets boring after a while, and when you get to later stages, the balloon popping sounds (especially ceramic balloons) are almost unbearable.
BTD5 review
by Sofia Raffa on 2019/01/04 23:43
I thought when I got this game it would be boring and basic but it’s so great and original will amazing map details and amazing monkeys will different upgrade paths, it’s super great! I have this game on my phone, iPad and my computer, this is definitely my favorite game. But I just have one complaint, for some reason my Odyssey’s aren’t working and won’t connect. Aside from that minor glitch everything is wonderful! Go BTD5!!!!!
by bigmaddenman on 2019/02/16 01:39
This is a great game. There is so many good things about it. First of all this was s my favorite of all the btd games and that is because the graphics aren’t to bad and they aren’t so good that they hurt my eyes. I used to play this for n my chrome book for free, but u needed an account to do anything on it like upgrade your towers and open daily chests. But now I can do that since I bought this. All I want to say is that it is a great game.
New towers
by Idea_Man_101 on 2017/10/15 20:23
I think that if maybe you guy's added new towers then it would add a whole new adventure to this game. It doesn't just have to be new towers maybe you could add like animal balloons that have their own personality. This idea could make sandbox way more fun too! And maybe more people would play the game. I love this game y'all must've worked so hard please listen to my idea this would add something awesome to the game. Goodbye!
by Dukelxx on 2018/01/06 20:40
It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong, but recently the game has been very sluggish. Especially during the final rounds. It gets so bad that it freezes the screen and doesn’t allow me to add more towers or anything. I feel like the people who make the game are doing this on purpose to get me to make a in app purchase. My reasoning for that is because this has never happened to me before. And I had this game for a few months now. I’m losing now just because of this. Hard to move forward in this game with the lagging. Please fix.
Best TD I ever played
by AndresPazSioldan on 2017/12/19 17:49
Simply amazing game and quite an incredible ammount of fun, diversity and challenge that make this game so awesome and you never lose the interest to play it. Just one detail : when you produce bananas, you need to avoid them falling near buttons, it's quite annoying to click a banana and activate some option by accident. Anyways, my favorite mobile game so far, definitely recommend it to everyone as a MUST HAVE!!!
It’s ok, but does not stand out
by dci on 2018/02/14 05:33
Controls aren’t as good as other tower defense games. No pausing. No zooming. Way to many features that are completely unrelated to core game (or creative ways to make it more profitable, depending how you look at it). Sometimes it’s the simple games that can be so addicting - as you try to fine tune your play to beat a level or get a high score. This is not that game. Most TD games have gone too far with the pay to play, this is no exception. They don’t block play, but they introduce paid “shortcuts” which I find aggravating. I’m sure lots of people like it, but i got very little play out of it before becoming bored.
A major problem for a game that you pay for.
by BTD5reveiwer on 2018/02/04 16:41
This is a great game; I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I still can’t figure out why I paid 5 dollars for half of a game. Most of the game modes you have to unlock yourself using real money. Especially sandbox mode. That’s my only issue with this game. It’s kind of a rip off if you ask me. This game was free on the internet, but you guys got greedy. So...
Ageless Classic
by erice2118 on 2018/04/28 22:54
I can not lie, this game is amazing. The best tower defense game out there with out a doubt!! The entire concept of it all, monkeys... balloons... natural enemies since the Stone Age.. On a serious note I’ve have played Bloons TD ever since I was in middle school and it has never gotten old. I paid for this on 5 different phones since those days. 100% would recommend to a friend ... or anyone who loves helping monkeys pop bloons.
by None1112355428 on 2018/09/30 05:42
This is my favorite game, but please please please, can you make it easier to place spikes? Over half the time when you drag to place the spikes it does not respond. Often times causing me to lose the game. It’s extremely annoying. I am using an iPhone 6s. Literally everything else in this game is amazing. Really not sure why this one thing hasn’t been fixed.
New towers would be great!
by SpaceJesus.1 on 2017/12/30 05:18
The Submarine was good, helicopter was great, but what about new towers? Personally a passive tower would be good, one specificity designed for increasing money(without having to pay actual money to increase money outcome) or another long ranged tower. If Ninja Kiwi were to put a suggestion inbox where fellow players could throw ideas into. People would gain interest knowing that their opinions could alter the game.
by Swagbott02 on 2018/03/30 17:31
I’ve played this game before a long time ago when I had it on my Kindle fire and I loved it. I got it again and I still love it because it’s calm in the earlier levels but after a while it goes crazy and it forces you to get better towers and/or to upgrade the ones you already have. It also makes you plan your strategy and cover up your exits. It’s a great game and I would recommend it!
by ThisNick IsTaken on 2018/10/21 17:06
This game is great and I’ve already spent hours in the game. It’s really fun to play and it doesn’t even need WiFi. You progress fairly quick, so that is nice that you don’t have to spend half your life just trying to unlock all the towers. The only thing is that you have to level up to get the tier 4 part of the tower, but that makes the game balanced.
Fun, but some issues
by Super-Duper Super-Kid on 2018/08/27 23:02
I’ve played this game on mobile for a while now, and it’s been on and off my phone quite a bit due to storage shortages. I never really had any complaints until recently when I re-downloaded it again, and started noticing some serious performance issues. I don’t know exactly when these issues started, but it’s not fun. Past round 79, the game starts stuttering BAD. I hope it’s fixed soon, because it’s a 5 star otherwise
Great Game!
by Mesaba on 2018/03/03 20:10
I saw a ton of review on thi game before i got it and they were pretty good so i got this game. Soon after i because addicted to it and wanted to play more things like it so i downloaded baloons tower defence battles. Then i saw that there were a lot of skins and a character(the cobra) that i think could be added relatively easily to this game that are from baloons tower defence battles. So i hope they add this soon!🤞
2018 & Need fix Random Multiplayer.
by Amps0 on 2018/06/15 13:25
WILL NOT buy TD6 untill you fix multiplayer bug in TD5. TD5 still needs random quick match multiplayer bugs fixed. We need option to select the exact maps we wish to play, and option to select exact dificulty we wish to play in random quick match multiplayer. Currently only Quick Multiplayer Match options available are random.
BTD5 is a lot of fun
by Hef06 on 2017/12/28 00:03
I downloaded this game for my son after seeing my girlfriend play it. It's really fun to get into and once you start to learn which towers do what it's a challenging yet easy kind of gameplay fun for all ages!!! A definitive must for all our devices. You never know when you need to kill some time, might as well have fun while slaying the clock.
Good but boring
by Shubadoodabidab on 2017/10/28 07:11
Sandbox is like I want it badly but when you get it it becomes less fun then you think maybe if it had a funner why of sand box like maybe it has rounds not lossed or hearts that you start out with like 1,000,000 then you could see how long it takes to die or how long you can last. Co op, not a favorite I hate how my teammate begs for a ton of money it just gets annoying. Thanks for reading,hope you agree.
Good but
by Mudkip Bro on 2018/03/25 14:56
I have been playing for a year or 2 and I transferred to my iPad to my iPhone 5s and I downloaded the app and connected to everything to see that all my progress is lost! I got to leader boards and it said 2.5M balloons popped but then that present thing says to pop 250k balloons! I need help to get my old account back I don’t want to lose all my progress!
Must get extremely good
by zdgsbh on 2018/11/24 04:31
My dad played this game and got addicted in les than 3 rounds and every time I come home from school my dad is always playing he’s better than me almost my sister plays my brother even my mom she likes the strategic parts of the game she is a teacher so she shows her students and teaches the about strategy I love it you should get it
by Misdionblue27 on 2018/03/25 15:03
I love this game however I have one suggestion I wish there was a chat mode in co op so you can work together and not just do whatever you want with another person taking up one side of the board. I also think you should add a tank monkey! I hope you can add all of the things that the players want! I can’t wait for another update!
by jahsehsBiggest Fan on 2019/01/25 14:49
After the loss of Jahsey Onfroy (xxxtentacion) I fell in into a deep depression, this game takes away all the pain. It just brightens up my day to have monkeys pop “bloons” I turn to nothing when im down so i just hop on and play everyday my mom says i have problems but i yell at her. Sometimes i wish i can throw darts at her then cry and cry oh wait this is a review. This games epic totally worth it.
Great game, I found a bug however!
by aor2no on 2018/02/26 15:51
Whenever I turn off my phone and return to the game where I left off the sound effects suddenly turn off. This includes the popping sounds and money reward sounds when you finish a game. All you’re left with is music playing. Please fix, thank you.
Little bug fix please
by Kylewerle on 2017/12/31 06:32
My and my friend bought the game and on co-op mode there needs to be a 30 second buff period, I got a call and the co-op match, on round 112 with a sick setup , disconnected and we are in the same room but other than that minor fix the game is awesome. Or maybe a way to reconnect after I decline the call . Because there is like 1 1/2 hours gone because I got a call . We’ve both played bloon tower defense since the beginning. Please recognize this . - Kyle Werle
Good game, but...
by Ethan730 on 2018/04/04 16:52
I probably have over 100 hours on this game, I’ve played it for years. It’s a fun game. But it’s starting to get to the point where the devs are never gonna come out with a new game in the btd series. They are just so fixated on keeping their game active and alive. You would draw more people in if they were to make a new game. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been getting pretty boring! I would rate this a five star easily, if this game weren’t ancient and at this point unoriginal.
Create your own map
by MakeMoneyMorawski on 2018/04/30 01:41
This game is really super fun but the one thing it’s missing is a “Build your own map” feature. I think this would be awesome and super interesting to see other people’s maps if there was a share feature and people could make and share the maps they have made.
One suggestion
by BlameTheMentos on 2018/02/26 23:26
Okay so I really enjoy this game a lot! You guys did great thx Ninja Kiwi! I think this game is by far my favorite game on any device. One thing I really think you should add here or in BTD 6 is the gameplay SPEED. So there is slow mo and super fast, it would be cool if you could add a medium speed. Like the speed in BTD battles Anyway, thanks! This game is the best I cannot wait for BTD 6 :)
Game is great, seems to have touch issues
by Elcjcraven313 on 2018/05/16 02:03
This game is awesome! The amount of different modes, visuals, and seemingly endless upgrades keepers this game fresh and fun for a long time. Unfortunately I seem to experience issues with the touch on my new iPhone X not working when I’m in this app. I am unable to click and drag in new towers as well as unable to select current towers in the map. This bug is very frustrating and needs to be addressed.
Levels get too hard
by Masterbot200 on 2018/11/20 23:07
The game is great overall, but some levels are just too hard for the current amount monkeys most people have. For example on the level where you first encounter the green blimp, most people destroyed everything when it went about half way. But the level after that you go against 15-25 red blimps, 9-15 blue blimps, and 2-4 green blimps!!!!
by Max the boss234674 on 2017/12/17 13:58
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Worth it!
by Zane mowrey on 2017/10/26 12:20
Absolutely love it! There’s so many things to work for and unlock in the game that it’s just endless hours of entertainment. As a firefighter, all fellow firefighters across the country can tell you that sitting at the station for hours can get very boring. This game always keeps me busy on my off time. Keep it up Ninja Kiwi!
This game is worth its price
by Ali poopy head 115 on 2017/12/17 20:13
This game is very cheap but is really worth it. You can play it for hours on end and it rarely lags. This game is multiplayer which I love because I play it with my cousin. And for I phone x users it is finally optimized to the screen which is very useful to me because I have an I phone x. But it now!!!!
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