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Making shopping a pleasure is easier than ever with our app, designed to help you save time and money. Whether you want to reorder your favorite Deli sub or see deals that matter to you, you’ll love all the features we’ve included. - See deals picked just for you based on your purchase history. - View all sale items and clip digital coupons in one place. - Search for products and savings at once, including coupons, sale items, and items available for in-store pickup. - Choose an ordering service: delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup. - Build a custom sub or flatbread and have it waiting for you at your favorite Publix. - Customize a decorated cake and preview your design. - Create, save, and access shopping lists and see what aisle each product is on. - Add items to your shopping list, including sale items, coupons, favorites, and items from your purchase history. - Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list. Love Publix? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
App is back to 5 ⭐️
by sunshin0514 on 2019/12/04 16:06
Developer: Can you please add a “Back to the top button” on the iPhone version? I love this app 😊 Thanks!
Needs prices!!!!
by BeekerMeeker on 2019/12/02 05:01
The search function is TERRIBLE and you can only see the price of things on sale! I HATE to say it but Walmart’s is way better. Also, I don’t like that your clipped coupons show on your grocery list. It makes the items you’re shopping for impossible to find.
App is not working
by Eugene599 on 2019/11/30 22:39
App stop working couple of days ago.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
by Radar bug on 2019/11/30 15:32
What were they thinking? The old app was just fine and simple to navigate. If this is the best Publix can do I’ll just go back to Kroger. I’ve noticed that the poor reviews on the app has gone on for quite some time without any improvement. Could there be a pompous attitude on Publix part? Whoever their webmaster is needs to find another line of work. Bottom line? FIX IT.
Broken app. Stopped to work after last updates
by Gustavo de Brito on 2019/11/26 20:04
The Publix app stopped to work after the latest updates. The saving list does not load, also the shopping list. Very sad! Used to be a good app. I hope Publix get it working again soon!
No prices, few coupons
by Leighst on 2019/11/24 15:02
Why does this app not give prices? All other store apps are able to provide prices at my local stores. This app provides very few digital coupons. When I was able to shop at King Soopers/Kroger’s, there were so many coupons available every week that I almost never went home without something that couponed.
by gabsbsbdjdnd on 2019/11/22 21:54
Unless you are trying to buy a sub or cake, literally only those two things, it is just a time wasting and frustrating experience that is basically a fancy link to Instacart. Kind of like taking a taxi to another more expensive taxi. Thanks publix. For nothing. Deleting app as soon as I post this
Getting Better
by wulrich on 2019/11/21 22:10
This app is becoming more and more useful with deli ordering, grocery lists, and digital coupon. HOWEVER; they still do not have the ability to view and flip through the weekly ad. Instead, you are expected to scroll through the hundreds of sales items. This is incredibly disappointing.
Horrible App
by Hydrasport on 2019/11/21 21:30
This app is one of the worst I've ever used. It automatically orders prescriptions I didnt request and doesn't order ones I needed. Ive had this happen multiple times thinking I had made an error. I even used their scan feature to avoid mistakes on my end and still got the wrong prescription. There's nothing worse than picking up a prescription and getting home only to find out you got something you didn't want or need. Not only is it a waste of time and money but since it's a prescription it can't be returned.
Love this app
by SLC1568 on 2019/11/21 11:14
Makes meal planning and shopping so easy.
Latest version works great.
by SailorBarbara on 2019/11/20 22:35
I’m writing this on Nov. 8, 2019. Latest version 3.4 works great. I had earlier given the app a bad review. I used it to order deli online and did it in less than 3 minutes. Very happy!
Not Helpful
by 479DJ on 2019/11/19 21:00
App is very poor. Not reliable on sales and availability by store. Search mode is poor. Searched for Birds Eye for frozen vegetables and the app only pulled up Olay facial cream. I’m deleting the app.
Still broken
by Autumndawn1 on 2019/11/19 12:31
I used to love this app. When it worked. It’s been broken for at least a month. It’s either a white screen or if the screen does come up it does nothing when you click on options. Very disappointed they haven’t done anything to fix this. It’s worthless.
by ddhvuni on 2019/11/17 12:31
Ok I seem to be puzzled I’m putting things in my cart but can’t see the price can someone help me I’m so puzzled
Still not adequate
by ApexBrewer on 2019/11/16 14:39
I’m lowering my previous rating because it’s been over a year and there is still no pricing information for non sale items. We live in a very competitive market and we often check sales before picking up groceries for dinner and often times skip Publix because of the unknown pricing of meats and produce which are the largest chunk of the budget and most fluid on our market.
Pay using app inop
by Beezeye on 2019/11/16 04:22
I’ve often had a problem using the the app to pay, but after the cashier gets some help they can usually get the register to accept my payment. However, after just upgrading to the new v3.5.0, the cashiers couldn’t get the the register to accept my app payment at all. Initially I scanned the QR code and heard a “ding”, and got a “checkmark” and “Done!” on my phone. But the cashier said the payment didn’t go through. I scanned the QR symbol again and got a window that said something like “Someone has already scanned that code”, and I was totally unable to pay with the app. I had to use my credit card. The cashier said there was a problem because I bought a gift card. I didn’t buy a gift card, but I did use the coupon from the weekly ad to purchase a gasoline card. I want very much to pay using my phone. I REALLY want Apple Pay, but the credit card payment unit in my local store doesn’t accept “tap-to-pay” from either cards or phones. Come on, Publix - get up to date with current technology and get your store’s payment units to accept Apple Pay!!!! At least get the app to work like it should!! I want to pay quickly and easily at checkout!!!!
Publix needs to support Apple Pay
by Ph77 on 2019/11/16 02:14
Tapping my phone or watch to pay is best method. Please support Apple Pay.
Look nothing like show
by MaMa CJM on 2019/11/14 16:06
Not only does the app not look like what is shown, it’s does not operate as described. Very frustrating!
Seems to be broken
by PennyTreat on 2019/11/13 21:29
It worked beautifully at first, now nothing works except picking your store. That doesn’t help a whole lot if you can’t do anything else...
by Carey35209 on 2019/11/13 20:13
Every time I try to see the BOGO's it crashes. It is supposed to organize your list the way the store is laid out. "Supposed to".
Just okay
by AtlMusic77 on 2019/11/13 10:24
This app is not good on a tablet and just okay for a phone. The settings do not allow you to change the display settings.
App doesn’t work
by kclumsy! on 2019/11/12 22:48
This is the second time I’ve been to Publix and the app doesn’t work. Called customer care, then transferred to IT. App is down , told to delete app and start over. Not very useful instructions after you have left the store. So much for digital coupons!
Not Working
by mguerra4 on 2019/11/12 22:41
I use this app 2 to 3 times each week and for some reason I am unable to see deals, digital coupons, or weekly ad.
Can’t open the deals
by Agustina A. on 2019/11/12 21:37
I’m at a Publix in Miami trying to open the deals in the app and it keeps asking me to join the Wifi, which I already joined. Once I submit the “Join Wifi” button, it doesn’t let me hit the Online Coupons button.
Use Flipp! Publix app is poor.
by justjo66 on 2019/11/12 13:51
Very frustrating to do grocery list on app, get to store and CAN’T access app because of their site issues!! This has happened several times with the Publix app so I now go to flipp and look at ads and make a list. Flipp has all the places I shop and I have not had any issues with their app!
by zeebz27 on 2019/11/12 13:46
Can’t open the weekly ad. Keep tapping, nothing happening. Nothing works in the savings section. Also the shopping list no longer seems to include the sale info for each item (ie bogo, or 2/$5, etc). That’s kind of the point of the list?
Worthless app
by EDubbs112 on 2019/11/12 00:29
Worthless app. Tried to use the digital coupons and they wouldn’t work in store. To top it off the employees told me the app is stupid and doesn’t work half the time.
by Gooseman188 on 2019/11/12 00:25
I have to enter my credit card validation every single time I use the payment feature. Very frustrating.
by Go Gators 45145357 on 2019/11/10 15:55
The redesign of this app is terrible. It used to be a good app, except it was unstable, but the design was so much better before. First, I now regularly leave the store without items on my list. The “picked” items are barely differentiated from the items you still need to pick up. So when you have a fairly long list, and you’re rushing or distracted by kids, you think you got everything but might not have. Second, they got rid of favorites section for the deli meat. Now it’s more steps for me to order stuff from the deli than it was before. Why remove useful features? Bottom line, thanks for nothing, developers.
Need improvement something else than order and deliver
by navylang on 2019/11/08 14:02
Could not open regular one that I can search and find something I need before go and pick it up instead of having someone to deliver that I do not want.
Future updates
by Taylor0137 on 2019/11/07 22:56
For future releases, can you please add the option to put separate toppings on half of the sub, especially for sub of the week online ordering. Also, can you add more cheese options(especially jalapeño Gouda).
Since new update, cannot use
by Kat0510 on 2019/11/05 12:35
I seem to be stuck in a loop. It asks for my store, I pick it then I get back to same screen asking for store. Please fix!
“Pay” keeps making validate cad. EVERY SINGLE TIME
by cp01beach on 2019/11/03 21:20
Not sure what happened to the app on one of your updates. I’ve had my card loaded and used it dozens of times, now I have to re-validate my cards every single time I want to pay which is really annoying and an inconvenience. It’s quicker now to just take my card out and pay rather than use the broken App. Is there a fix for this?? Try getting Apple/Android Pay and make life easy for everyone that shops here.
No weekly ad?
by NuGoddess on 2019/10/31 11:19
Perhaps I’m not as tech savvy as I used to be but I cannot locate the weekly ad on the mobile app. I love shopping Publix but it’s frustrating trying to use this app. The older version was far superior in my opinion. UPDATE: I keep getting network errors on the app. Cannot remove items from last week’s list because it keeps stating “Some or all of the sale items on your list have expired. Would you like to keep or remove the expired items?” The app won’t let me do either. When I attempt to add items I get, “Error. Something went wrong when attempting to add this to your shopping list. Please try again” I cannot print the list without getting the old checked items from previous trips. This is beyond frustrating. Please help.
I miss the old set up.
by NellieBean76 on 2019/10/30 18:35
Before, I could do my shopping list in no time. I could find the BOGO’s and anything else I wanted. Now, I have to search almost the entire ap to find anything I need. Also, when I click on the digital coupons, it automatically adds them to my shopping list. I do not like this because I do not want everything I clipped in my list. I may not need that item today, but clipped it for when I get next week. Just not user friendly at all
Stuck on ‘make this my store’
by shopper128453 on 2019/10/29 17:19
The ap is great... when it works. Recently updated and now I go thru the steps to “make this my store” but it just gets stuck on that screen 🙄
Coupons never work
by Dblahut on 2019/10/29 09:00
I select coupons and enter phone number at store but coupons never deduct. What a waste of time.
Worst App
by Liz352 on 2019/10/27 18:36
There is a lot of friction when trying to order deli meat and cheese through the app. It would be helpful to have a re-order function on past orders.
No work
by RobertoLand1992 on 2019/10/27 16:47
I can’t pay nothing
Waste of time
by Dlh1222 on 2019/10/27 16:41
Could be better. Wish Publix would adopt Apple Pay instead of forcing me to use an app that never works.
Terrible Update
by JW-99 on 2019/10/27 16:37
At least the old app worked. Where is the weekly ad? Why does clicking the weekly ad just show a list of items & not the Publix weekly paper ad? I rather use a browser to access Publix than this app..
The worst do not use
by CinemaSaville on 2019/10/26 21:50
Terrible. Does not work. Apple Pay is the way to go Publix
Missing Magazine style adds
by Kels roxx on 2019/10/26 16:35
Why can’t you change the app back to the magazine style sale adds? It’s SO MUCH easier to search for products & actually see what’s on sale- rather than scroll through a long 200 item list. I’d rather flip through the adds so much easier
Need updates
by Thebaldinfidel on 2019/10/26 14:03
I have to validate my payment information every time I go to pay with the app. Extremely annoying.
It just doesn't work
by garb1234app on 2019/10/26 13:18
This app just doesn't work. You get an error whenever you try to clip coupons, contact form doesn't work, this is just plain garbage.
Stop Tracking Us!
by SeanKaneFLA on 2019/10/25 23:26
This app uses to track your use of the app. If you use an add blocker, like pi-hole, the app doesn’t work! Fail.
This app COULD be convenient. It’s not.
by PoopBoopDragon on 2019/10/25 17:35
This app fails more often than it works. In the past, it had entirely denied my login or won’t load the ad at all or it won’t load any part of the app and every page is blank or loading. Concurrently, it is making me log back in (for the nth time this year) and it is (yet again) treating my login as brand new and walking me through the tutorial. It has every store grayed out so I can’t get past the step that REQUIRES you pick a home store (which I already have done over and over). I can’t even go in as a guest because I seem to need to pick my store. I’ve gone back to the desktop site, which is fine. But whatever money publix is throwing into this app... it ain’t paying off. Update: To the developer who responded, I do keep everything up to date, the moment it’s available. To everyone else, this update is to let you know it’s STILL having the same issue. The app is unstable, whether it’s another update or the new ad, it more often fails than succeeds.
Unable to use
by SM149 on 2019/10/25 13:14
Ever since the last upgrade you cannot get past the find a store link and you can’t use the site while on the road and outside of their trading area.
Please add prices
by Tassle626 on 2019/10/24 23:09
I would LOVE to get the store prices in the app. I like that you can set your home store location but would just really appreciate being able to see the cost of each item. I plan my list ahead and this would be extremely helpful!!
App looping in store selection
by 1546782345 on 2019/10/24 21:16
I think Publix should change the outsourced developer and testers for this app. The app is looping in select the store and cannot make into the main program. This is on iPhone 11. Obviously the app was NOT thoroughly tested before made online. Great company with such a garbage app. I rely on this app to save time in store as the feature to show you the row number. But it is completely unusable now.
Where is Apple Pay?
by dphtrooper on 2019/10/24 18:38
Decent app with some major flaws. It has gotten much better with time and updates but why not support Apple Pay? What’s the idea?
Glitch Fixed
by Lady Z Socialgirl on 2019/10/24 14:24
Thank you Publix for fixing the app so quickly. I sent a message to you last night and today I was able to get past the store location finally to have access to the rest of the app.😊
Pay icon
by Jhkeller199 on 2019/10/24 10:34
I used to be able to tap the pay icon and pay with my phone at checkout. Now when I tap the icon nothing happens. I have an iPhone XR.
by Smileyone06823 on 2019/10/24 09:13
I used to love the Publix app, but now I can’t even select a store. The app is worthless now!
by Me529 on 2019/10/24 09:03
Since the new update the app gets to choosing a store and then swings right back to the beginning where you have to choose a store again. Please fix!
Upgrade a mess
by Curt Bravo on 2019/10/24 08:58
This is a mess! Now asking me to sign in. Went through process of getting a password. When I signed in, it asked me to select my store. After selecting a store, it again asked me to select a store. Do you guys check out your upgrades? Very frustrating!
by Kim101112 on 2019/10/24 08:23
WHY did you change this app? It DID work well enough so I could see add, make list and choose digital coupons. Now it’s asking what location (so apparently all my settings are gone), but I select the store and instead of continuing to ad, lists, etc it LOOPS right back to the page asking which store. Closed it, tried over and over- same results. Rather angry.
App could be a lot better.
by Benny09362871 on 2019/10/24 08:19
Love Publix but having a lot of issues with the app. Half the time I can’t even view the deals. I downloaded the app update hoping to fix that and now it is continuously making me pick a Publix and even after I do that for the preferences it won’t let me do anything and keeps having me choose a local Publix. I have also never had the coupons work no matter what I do.
Update horrible
by JustJanine on 2019/10/24 07:40
The new update is horrible 🤦🏻‍♀️ Won’t keep me logged in Won’t keep my store even after you put info a thousand times I use this app at least 3-4 times a week and am so disappointed 😔
Would you PLEASE stop !
by Paminocala on 2019/10/24 07:24
Every time you guys “improve” something it’s ruined. Before your “help” I could go online , check the weekly ads, order from the deli, make lists, use digital coupons. Now this stupid app won’t let me get past the pick my store selection. For the record this morning I’ve “ picked” my store about 12 times. I’ve loaded and deleted the app. I’ve restarted my computer. Truly why in the world did you ruin something that worked? I’m sick of trying to fix my problems with your on screen conveniences. I’ve dealt with people from Publix about this and it’s still not working. It’s not convenient and it’s frustrating . I’m going to the Walmart app. I can go online see what’s on sale and shop. I can pick up my order 4 hours later. I was a LOYAL publix customer for 44 years. You are losing me. If you can’t handle the computer age get somebody that can and have them fix this useless system. The person in charge of your on line presentation does not know how to make a customer friendly product. You’re wasting money paying this person.
Select a Store Defect
by smkeene on 2019/10/24 06:35
After the latest update I can no longer use the app. I’m stuck in a loop to select a store, but no matter what store I select, I’m prompted again. I’ve tried closing the app multiple times and still have the same issue.
Store performance
by Hllewis430 on 2019/10/24 02:29
The app is not that great, but the store systems are TERRIBLE. Why doesn’t the store take Apple care, why don’t the online system show the prices of the products. Come on guys get with it.
Worthless app
by hdhkvxzlvdd on 2019/10/23 15:57
This thing won’t let me choose a store location. It insists that I pick it up in Asheville not in Greenville, SC. When I try to load Greenville, SC it tells me it isn’t. Valid location, where we have at least 5 Publix stores that I know of. And when I try to call I am put on permanent hold. It isn’t even worth one star.
New version broken
by Polajenko on 2019/10/23 14:44
Since the new version I can’t get past the setup my Publix, rendering the app useless.
Forced to go back to website use
by Ala-red on 2019/10/23 13:43
Information in this app is not completely reliable. One item important to me are the gift cards on special. In particular, when gas cards have a special. This past week the gas card was on special per the website and the printed flier at the store. There was no mention of that in the app at all. I can’t rely on this app to give me accurate and complete information. I’m going back to using the website which shows a rendering of the printed flier. That’s too bad because this worked well before the ‘upgrade’ to version 3.
The app is broken now
by Amst75 on 2019/10/23 12:23
After this update there is a never ending loop that makes you choose a store and then goes back to make you choose again. I can’t get any further to do my online ordering.
Terrible Update
by Kln8525 on 2019/10/23 01:24
Since downloading newest version I can get past location/setting up My Publix. Fix it ASAP! I rely on this App to shop every week and there is no way to bypass this screen.
To someone
by jaysonsara on 2019/10/22 22:19
I think if we use are phone we should be able to get cash back if we need it
What happened to Apron recipes?!?!
by Kathikatty on 2019/10/21 21:57
I’m so disappointed to see the Apron recipes are no longer available in the app. I use the recipes a lot. I used to look up my recipes as well for different ingredients. Bring them back please!!!!!! Not a fan of the new app at all
No, Thank You
by Frustrated in Florida 1111 on 2019/10/21 00:06
In order to access the app, you have to sign up and log in. If you don’t want to do that, you can click to “proceed as guest” to Since that’s just the website, I’ve deleted the app.
Stop being terrible
by JimK2 on 2019/10/19 19:48
Why can’t I just look at the flyer now? I don’t want to look at a list of items. I use the flyer to look for ideas. Put it back. You’re not supposed to make things worse when you update them. Do you know what the number one rule of business is? Don’t make it hard for customers to give you money. Your app is making it hard for me to give you money.
OK app
by JDW620 on 2019/10/19 12:28
The app is ok, but it’ll be nice to have a full view of the weekly add within the app. I have to go to the mobile site to see the full view now. Very inconvenient.
Make shopping list easy to view
by SSGJA on 2019/10/19 07:28
While selecting items if I don’t hit VIEW when it pops up I have no idea where to see shopping list.
App is useless
by UB06343 on 2019/10/18 00:39
Since the update, after logging back into my account, I can’t get past the “select your store” screen because this is not possible to select the chosen store!! This app is now useless and it was the main reason why I shopped at Publix!
Needs Some Work
by tgt114 on 2019/10/17 20:33
The ideas behind this app are great, but the execution is not. The shopping list is unordered so every time you come back to it it’s shuffled a different way. Sometimes the list shows the aisles, sometimes it doesn’t, all for the same products week after week. Overall the UI feels slow and hard to use. The only reason I still use this app is for the list telling me which aisle to go to. That’s a great feature when it works, but it just isn’t reliable. I wish more effort was put into this app.
Update is bad
by Publix Fangirl on 2019/10/16 20:58
Since the update I can’t move past choosing my location as the button is disabled. There is no way to go back and no way to go forward. All you can do is tap around and feel like a dumb user who doesn’t know what they are supposed to do.
Unable to clip coupons to use
by Lwaincobs on 2019/10/15 14:42
What’s the point if this feature doesn’t work? I’ve uninstalled and installed again several times
Ruined by the latest update
by WhistlerEC on 2019/10/15 12:36
I used to use this app a lot. One day, it required an update to version 3. That update requires you to create a login now. If you don't create one, you can now only use the web version. What's the point of the app then? The only reason they require a login is so they can collect your information. They want it so they can probably send you marketing garbage, potentially sell your info, or get it hacked so hackers have it. No thank you. They claim it’s to create a seamless experience. That’s baloney. Why can’t we decide as customers? Publix is a well liked store. But how come this app is so poorly rated? That’s because they don’t give the customers what they want with this app.
It could be great
by Nadua on 2019/10/15 12:22
I try to use the app for coupons. There are two major issues for me however. First being, the text is too small and I cannot see the coupons! Why are you making the text so small that only young people can read it? The second thing is, there’s less than 50% chance that the coupon will actually be deducted at the register. I always have to take pictures of my coupons so that I can produce them quickly to the cashier. And then they have to call a manager. If you fix these two issues, I’ll give it a five star!
by Saundmp on 2019/10/14 15:13
Used to be best grocery list ever. Not now. Why oh why did you take away the isle designation? Now tells bread instead of isle number I know bread is in bread isle. Which isle 6 or 10? If could give 0 I would. I am so sorry, I found it. Thank you so much for your response. This app is the best. Update rate to 5 stars.
Love Publix but not the app
by Mom news on 2019/10/14 12:42
Can’t get past choosing my store it’s like there’s a glitch and I have nothing to tap to move on also not iPad friendly
“My Store” button greyed out
by Blairez1 on 2019/10/13 19:00
Ever since the new app update I can’t get past the choose your store option. The “make my store” button is greyed out regardless of what store location I choose. You can’t do anything else in the app without picking a store so basically this app is useless. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
App Never Works
by KLauren03 on 2019/10/13 11:52
I have updated the app as well as my phone, and it does nothing to help. The mobile coupon screen never loads which almost instantly eliminates my need for the app. I love Publix, but this app is disappointing.
by Foxie70 on 2019/10/12 00:43
I would like to either add a quantity or at least a note option on an item so that when I shop from a recipe i know how much of an item i need. I also would like to see prices on the items so that i can budget my shopping.
Please fix!!
by Xen-ya on 2019/10/10 17:44
Can’t get past the choose your Publix. I want to use this, but it keeps freezing??
No prices...still.
by TristanVA on 2019/10/10 12:03
Updated review. You put out regular bug fixes but still no prices on non-sale items. Wegman’s and Kroger aren’t afraid to display prices in their app. Why don’t you? Two stars.
Please please please
by Kim in Tampa on 2019/10/09 23:18
Allow us to remove a clipped digital coupon. Thank you
Cannot get past selecting My Publix
by Sandyh2000 on 2019/10/09 12:36
After I log in, the App will only allow me to select my Publix store. So I follow the prompts and go to the screen for the store I selected. However it will not allow a selection - the box is grayed out. I tried multiple stores and all the same result. I loved this app and it worked great less than a week ago. Some update must have been made and now the App is useless. PLEASE FIX. iPhone XS with latest iOS.
Publix Pay
by jvalley18 on 2019/10/08 22:42
I LOVE Publix, best supermarket I’ve ever shopped at. That said, I wish they didn’t decide to go down the cumbersome proprietary QR code payment system. If you all want any chance of this working, I suggest (2) things. FIRST - Make the Payment section quicker and easier to access. Too many steps to get that QR code open. (Which is part of what makes Apple Pay so great). Maybe you can set a “3D” or “ force touch” shortcut with Publix Pay being one of the options? Dunkin’ does this in their app and it works great! Take a look at their app. SECOND - And this one is more important than the first...train your employees about it!!! I have used this a couple dozen times and only one cashier had any idea what it was. The rest I have to explain what it is, that I’ve paid, that there is a “tender” button somewhere on their screen that says Publix Pay. Then they hit it, the receipt prints out and they are surprised. To review, great store, great employees. But either tweak and train or adopt Apple Pay.
Please create a scanner to check for coupons like Target has
by Reenee17 on 2019/10/08 17:29
Updated a couple days ago. App crashes after I clip 3 digital coupons. I reboot app, clip 3 coupons, crash, repeat.
App crashes constantly
by Floridaty on 2019/10/08 12:21
App crashes when trying to add digital coupons, about 20% of digital coupons gives an error that they cannot be added. A button should be added to load all digital coupons so that I do not have to click one at a time.
This app stinks 😷
by Elaina-Jaide on 2019/10/08 06:12
This is literally the worst grocery store app that I have had the displeasure of using. If you don’t believe me download the Kroger or Walmart grocery apps. Those are light years ahead of this thing. I hate companies that can never seem to get with the times. We live in an app world so PLEASE dedicated a larger part of your profits to improving this sham of an app. You can tell that the people making decisions at Publix are 1000 years old. There are no prices. You can’t add things to your cart... you can only add them to a list. Excuse me but I have Notes 📝 for that. This app is so horrible it stops me from shopping at Publix. I grocery shop and meal plan from my iPhone. They have a decent wine🍷 selection but so does Walmart. When Publix catches up to other Grocery Store apps maybe I will be back. 🤷🏾‍♀️
by amh0129 on 2019/10/07 20:05
This App has been crashing the past 2 days
App keeps closing
by Treasea on 2019/10/07 03:16
I am trying to clip digital coupons and it keeps closing the app completely. I miss the old app. It has not been as functional since it was updated last year. Some things are better left alone.
by Schuyler26 on 2019/10/07 00:44
The app doesn’t work. Made a grocery list using it and couldn’t pull it up in the store. The new website may be worse... the weekly ad and bogo images don’t load on Apple devices. Will probably go back to printed circulars and written lists. Old versions of app and website were much better.
3.0 update is awful
by gotthingstodo on 2019/10/06 22:13
Since updating the app yesterday 10/5/19 nothing works. Occasionally I can get it to go to the savings and digital coupons but after you clip one or two it crashes. Please try again.
App is broken
by bojocharlotte on 2019/10/06 17:36
Can’t get past My Publix page to see weekly specials. Can put in location for Find Nearby Stores but the Make My Publix button is not enabled on APP. Cannot X out or skip. This is on the 10/2 update, worked fine before.
Last update broke the app
by FRUSTRATED404 on 2019/10/06 17:27
Used to love ordering subs, now nothing works.
Weekly ad section not working
by Skyfl25 on 2019/10/06 17:13
Can you look to see if something changed??
App is Broken?
by gingergene on 2018/02/03 23:31
I can’t load my shopping list, which is also reported by another reviewer. Hilariously, when I went to the contact center, there appeared to be no way to contact them. There is an icon in the center that *maybe* is supposed to be a chat feature, but if so, it doesn’t work. I could find no way to email anyone to possibly resolve the issue. I think this is all related to latest update, because I’ve used the app before without this issue. In general, it’s an ok app. If I could pick and choose features from Publix and Kroger, I’d have a killer app. Kroger has a neat feature on its digital coupons that show you which products apply and allow you to add them to your list. Kroger also supports landscape mode, which would be nice because I like to plan my list on my iPad and access it on my phone in the store. I'd also like to view the weekly ad as printed; it’s a better format for me than the list view, which I find overwhelming. I like that the Publix app sorts your list by aisle; it’s super helpful. (Although other reviewers are reporting that feature is broken in the latest update. I can’t know for sure since I can’t get my shopping list to load.) I don’t mind Publix' higher prices on most things because it’s a much better experience shopping there, but not being able to use the app reduces that somewhat.
It’s not getting better.......
by Aviatrix10 on 2019/07/26 03:07
Each update seems to make list management a little harder. Why can’t I just add “salt” to my list rather than having to see a list of product photos and having to choose one to put on my list. I know what kind of salt I want, I don’t need to spend time finding the right photo. When I see salt on my list, I’ll pick up the right one, thank you very much. Also my digital coupons no longer show up on my shopping list. I’ve tried logging out and back in, toggling the show button on and joy. iPhone 6s with latest update. Please fix this, and when you do please add the ability to choose the aisle location for them. You don’t always have them in the right aisle. I love shopping at Publix, and loved being able to make my list on my phone and have it sorted by aisle, but I’m about ready to go back to a paper list. I’ve shopped here long enough I know the layout. Please fix this so I don’t have to resort to that!
Please improve the app
by cosasiempre on 2018/09/06 22:32
Ok so I was using the Publix delivery app just to make my shopping list (helpful during the week to remember). Very easy app but wouldn’t show me where the items were by aisle as it was a delivery app. Then I learned about the Publix app and how it organizes your list by aisle! Hooray! Love how it has the bogo, weekly ad, and coupons as well! What I don’t love is a few things. One is the search. When you search for an item it doesn’t come up instead it is added into the unassigned list or a generic list (not helpful!). So it’s extra time opening each category (example: dairy, milk, look for my milk) instead of just typing my Milk into search. Which creates a lot of unnecessary steps. I am currently adding them to my favorites so hopefully it’s easier next time but still the search bar needs updating! Next when you open an item in your shopping list it would be nice if a picture of the item comes up. This would be helpful sending my husband to the store, etc. but bottom line the search function needs to be updated. We shouldn’t have to go through 5 links to get to our product finally. The search works on the Publix delivery app but not the Publix app. Please update. Thanks.
Mainly advertising Instacart
by Just don't get it on 2019/05/26 06:33
I frequently used this app when I ordered delivery through Shipt or sent my family to pick up items. Previous version had tabs with categories, which aisle an item could found, picture of items and a description of items. If the person couldn’t find the item or didn’t know what it looked like, I sent them a screen shot taken from the app. New version is just an extension of instacart or to be used as a coupon flyer. New version requires finding items through search bar rather than aisle categories. If I want to know which “milk” items are carried in the dairy aisle, the new version requires typing word milk in a search bar and then scrolling through list of categories from the filter tab rather than selecting dairy aisle tab found in the previous version. Seems this app is Instacart friendly rather than Publix customer friendly. Following up on the developer’s response to my review, I stand by my first post. The category tabs were removed so navigating through the new version is more tedious by having to enter individual items in the search bar and then using the filter tab to select items found in the store’s aisle/section . Enter “dairy” for the Dairy section, the new version generates everything in store that has the word dairy in the title, description or ingredient list.
Awful New Update - Why??
by Cam3150 on 2019/04/13 00:10
I used this app weekly, sometimes multiple times a week. I scrolled through the weekly ad and added items to my in-app shopping list, then used that list at the store. Maybe it was slightly outdated but it was easy to use and easy to see items on sale that week for whichever category you were interested in - Bakery, Produce, Meat, Baby, etc. Now? Now, if you can even find the weekly ad - because it’s not easy- EVERY sale item is in one huge list. Literally 616 items this week. No categories, no way to easily see what produce or meat or pet items are on sale for that week. Are you kidding me? Why on earth would you get rid of the categories?? Who has time to scroll through 600+ items? I certainly don’t and will not. The new design makes this app literally useless to me and I’m really upset about this because I used it so much before. Also, both the photo and price of each item are gigantic but the actual item description print is minuscule so it’s work to figure out what item I’m even looking at, not to mention the format just makes it look so cheap. I’m not sure who thought removing the categories was a good idea but it was not. Please bring them back. One more thing - no one needs the option to search alphabetically by brand name. Why is that even a function of this app?
New update works fine for me
by Nick651 on 2019/09/10 04:59
They really bungled/messed up this app for a long time, however, this recent update works just fine for me. I can view the weekly deals easily enough, clip digital coupons, and add my stuff to my shopping list np. List is updating when things expire and I can print out a copy if I want. For those complaining about losing connection in store and not being able to use their shopping list; Publix has free WiFi while in store. I wouldn’t advise doing anything past checking you publix app on it, as it is not secure, but since learning they have free WiFi in the stores, I’ve had zero problems using my app shopping list. The search feature is sometimes unreliable with the results you get back and I wish I could see prices (even an estimated price) would be nice as I search things. New app works well and I have no real complaints so far. I took off a star because the search feature is weak sauce at times and it took you all too long to get this working. Thank you for fixing it though! Now don’t mess with it too much! Lol. I love our local Publix and this app helps me immensely, while planning my shopping.
Love it but needs to be fixed.
by Leinnnnnn on 2018/06/20 21:25
I love Publix and love the convenience of this app. It's nice to see if you can find a specific brand at the store, but what I love is the grocery list. The app is linked to your favorite store, you type what you need to add to your list in the search bar, pick which brand from a drop down menu, add it to your list, and everything is sorted by the aisle number at your favorite Publix store. No more aimlessly searching for products, or calling a family member and asking which one of the 50 brands of salsa they want. The problem is when I add an item to my list, it adds the item but tells me there's a problem with my list and crashes (but the app doesn't close out). It also does this when I delete an item. It's not that big of a deal because the app itself doesn't close, it just creates an extra step of clicking "ok" to the error message whenever you make a change to your shopping list. It is very annoying but the benefits of using the app outweigh the annoyance of that error message so I continue using it. I hope it gets fixed soon though.
by FLJohnxm on 2017/10/12 20:32
Like using the app a lot. Very helpful prior to and when going grocery shopping. It's easy to use and has some really great features when they work. Had a couple of technical issues with some of the features in the past and contacted customer support. I didn't expect to hear from anyone, but several days later there would always be a return email acknowledging the problem and that it would be addressed in a future update. Updates came and the issues were eventually resolved. So, I guess there is somebody out there listening. On the bright side this app is free and it does work for the most part. I'm sure most people out there still shop the old fashioned way, A piece of notepad paper with scribbled lists. I prefer to use this app. I am a techno geek, and like this sort of thing. I'm sure its not for everyone, but if you had some interest in trying it, go for it. If it's not for you, you can always delete it.
UPDATE to - Shopping list now cumbersome.
by Gigigamma on 2019/04/24 13:32
*After receiving the apps mgr response to my complaint, I must change my rating from 1 to 5 stars. The + button in lower right made all the difference. Yes the new layout is completely different but is useable once familiarizing with it. I do miss the apron recipe feature though. Below is original complaint.— I’ve been using the shopping list & search feature for several years. It was (not now) easy to navigate and find items in app and while I was in the store to find an item at the last minute. Now the search results brings up irrelevant items and I have to click on an actual brand. For example I previously could add cookies directly to my list, now I must key cookies in search and select an actual type and brand to add to my list to get store locations. I’ll go back to pen and paper. App may be newly designed but far from better.
Needs updated
by Nelanya on 2019/02/04 22:06
The app is for the most part very useful. I like the shopping list feature the best. It’s nice to have my list on my phone, and the app tells me what aisle my selections are on. Since the last update, it has began to give me network errors when opening the app, and again when opening my shopping list. Also I can no longer delete items from my shopping list, which is annoying. Again, it pops up with a network error when trying to delete. This is the biggest complaint I have with the app. It will also place any items it doesn’t know the location of into a group called unassigned. In the shopping list, which is alphabetical, it’s on the bottom. If you don’t scroll down occasionally, you’ll get to the far end of the store and have to backtrack to find these items. It would also be nice if it could locate items a little more specific than just the aisle it’s in, but it’s still helpful. I like the app overall. it just needs some polishing.
A LOT of improvements since I last used this app!
by Applegirl49 on 2018/01/05 15:27
UPDATE: I would love prices on the items in my list. If stores prices are different store to store then say so and let everyone know to change ‘favorite store’ in the app. Please add a cart total and a ‘bought’ or ‘checked’ items total, as I don’t always get everything on the list at one time. This would be most helpful to me and I’d use the app more. I hope you are working on this! I love the digital coupon interface within this app. It makes clipping them fun and also love that it's included in my list! This app is Sooo much better than before(it's been years since I've last used it). I would like some way of adding a item price to it. Husband likes to know an estimated grocery 'bill' as do I. I also like knowing what I'm about to spend before I get to the register. I also love knowing which phone number to enter to use those coupons. LOL, I've been entering the wrong one!
They broke it
by Sithmaith on 2019/09/13 15:13
I used to love this app, especially after they made it so your last order would appear on the home page so I could just reorder it. Now they’ve made it more difficult to find. When I finally did find it by going to my history and attempting a reorder, it told me that there was an error and it couldn’t do it. Which meant that I had to recreate my order from scratch. This led to a couple of other problems which may explain why my order wasn’t available for reorder. You see, I only use the app to order subs. It appears that they no longer have garlic pickles. They also no longer allow you to include additional instructions. I like lots of extra pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. If I don’t have the ability to write that in the additional instructions, I won’t get it. (I sometimes didn’t anyway, but that’s a problem with the store, not the app.) If I don’t get what I want, what’s the point? It looks like I won’t be using the app again, and if I can’t order my subs with the app, I probably won’t be getting them at all. Your stupid changes have cost you a customer, Publix.
Ultimately good for my use but can be a pain to use
by BrandonD369 on 2018/01/16 00:55
I like to plan my meals for the week and then use the app to add all of the ingredients I need. The app groups the items by isle which makes going through the store a breeze. However, the interface and bugs make it difficult to use. I’ve got to tap three times to get to a list of all my shopping lists. I’ve given up organizing them and just use the delete all items on last week’s list. Most importantly is when editing an item and specifying details like quantity or notes. Like 1.5lb of ground turkey — I add “1.5lb” to the notes and tap Save and it doesn’t save my notes. I have to tap the item “ground turkey” again and enter the note and save again for it to actually save. It does this 90% of the time, somehow it works and as a programmer it drives me crazy that I can’t figure out why it does. It doesn’t save quantity changes either. It would easily be a 4/5 star review if not for this bug.
Good...but not Great
by LV0865 on 2019/02/20 17:41
I really like this app - it makes shopping so much easier...IF the person making the list is also the shopper. If someone else (family member or friend) is doing your shopping for you, you have to manually add all kinds of notes. Ex: if you look up Oikos yogurt and want to add the Mixed Berry 4-pack to your list, the shopper only sees Mixed Berry - the “4-pack” does not carry over to the Shopping List. Also, the Search function is not always very intuitive. Many times I’ve looked up an item I know is on the shelves at my store but it doesn’t come up in the list because I didn’t type it in exactly as it appears. Thank you for all the great features this app does have: showing the aisle number where you can find your item, the ability to change stores if you’re shopping at a different store than you usually do, the ability to add quantities and notes, the ability to delete expired or picked items with one click.
Would you PLEASE stop !
by Paminocala on 2019/10/24 07:24
Every time you guys “improve” something it’s ruined. Before your “help” I could go online , check the weekly ads, order from the deli, make lists, use digital coupons. Now this stupid app won’t let me get past the pick my store selection. For the record this morning I’ve “ picked” my store about 12 times. I’ve loaded and deleted the app. I’ve restarted my computer. Truly why in the world did you ruin something that worked? I’m sick of trying to fix my problems with your on screen conveniences. I’ve dealt with people from Publix about this and it’s still not working. It’s not convenient and it’s frustrating . I’m going to the Walmart app. I can go online see what’s on sale and shop. I can pick up my order 4 hours later. I was a LOYAL publix customer for 44 years. You are losing me. If you can’t handle the computer age get somebody that can and have them fix this useless system. The person in charge of your on line presentation does not know how to make a customer friendly product. You’re wasting money paying this person.
Still useless without an account
by covvie on 2019/04/19 07:25
This sort of thing is why I avoid upgrading. I had a perfectly functional app that I could use without needing to create an account unless I needed to do something user-specific, like sign up for digital coupons or order something. Then someone had the lovely idea that there was no reason to allow anonymous access to the app to do something basic, like look at the current list if BOGO items. Instead, force them to sign up and if they don’t want to, tough, go to the website and tediously go through the ad page by page. I liked that Publix didn’t insist on tracking every single purchase with a “membership club card” just to get sale prices. With this sort of “we must know who you are so we can track every thing you look at and click on” change in the app, I am wondering if that will last. Then again, this change has made it take much longer to see if anything I am interested is on sale, so I am now significantly less likely to have an incentive to buy something from Publix.
Latest update 👎🏻
by Katie0424 on 2019/05/01 15:18
The latest update is pretty awful. I do not like the way the sale items are shown. I know you can choose from the drop down menu but I like the way it was before. And once you add an item to your shopping list, you can’t always read it. Example: cut pineapple is on sale so I added it to my cart but when I’m looking at my list, all I can read it “Publix Peeled and Cored”. The descriptions need to be shortened or the full name of the item needs to be visible. I also do not like that my digital coupons don’t show up in the same screen that the list items do. I have to remember to constantly go back and check to see what digital coupons I have. Lastly, the aisle locations are screwed up for my store. It will tell me something is on aisle 12 but it’s on 14. And I hate that bakery, deli, and produce are the very first sections you walk into in the store but they show up last on the list so I end up forgetting things and having to go back. The old app wasn’t perfect but I did like it much better than this version.
Terrible update - BOGO list product names text too small to read
by BeforeTheDeluge on 2019/04/24 14:21
The newly designed Public mobile app v3 is much worse usability. The list of BOGO offers has the product name text so small, that looking down the list of BOGOs it is very very difficult to read the product names. The designers made the text for words “Buy 1 Get 1 free” big and bold, but made the text of the product name tiny and thin and hard to read. When I’m in the list of BOGOs, I already know they are all BOGO. What I need to do is look at list of BOGOs, and decide which I want to plan to buy. Making the font of the product name small and thin makes it very hard for me to do that. Are your web designers not thinking about usability for customers over 40 years old? Most people over 40 years old are going to struggle reading the product names. I certainly am. If not fixed, I’m going to have to stop using the Publix app. Which will mean I shop there less. Please make the font size of the product names larger and bold to make it easier to scan down the list of BOGOs.
Would be great if it worked more often and more efficiently.
by LinLou567 on 2018/03/22 03:42
I love Publix. I hate their app. It rarely lets me look at my shopping list. It just says “loading” forever and then kicks me out. Also, I hate that FROM the shopping list you can see no helpful information about the items. No sale price, regular price, details about item size... Very frequently I’ll be in the store shopping from my list, and want to check what the sale price on an item is supposed to be bc there is no sign on the shelf, but that information is not available from my shopping list. Or I will want to make sure I’m getting the correct size box of cereal bc only one size is bogo and the same kind comes in 12oz, 14oz, 18oz, and 24oz, and there’s no bogo sale sign to be found, and I cannot check that from my list either. I have to go back to the weekly add, find the item to check the price and/or size, and then back to my list.
This app COULD be convenient. It’s not.
by PoopBoopDragon on 2019/10/25 17:35
This app fails more often than it works. In the past, it had entirely denied my login or won’t load the ad at all or it won’t load any part of the app and every page is blank or loading. Concurrently, it is making me log back in (for the nth time this year) and it is (yet again) treating my login as brand new and walking me through the tutorial. It has every store grayed out so I can’t get past the step that REQUIRES you pick a home store (which I already have done over and over). I can’t even go in as a guest because I seem to need to pick my store. I’ve gone back to the desktop site, which is fine. But whatever money publix is throwing into this app... it ain’t paying off. Update: To the developer who responded, I do keep everything up to date, the moment it’s available. To everyone else, this update is to let you know it’s STILL having the same issue. The app is unstable, whether it’s another update or the new ad, it more often fails than succeeds.
Shopping Pleasure Restored!
by VeeDubbGuy on 2019/04/27 16:09
I’m very pleased to see that the functionality I utilize the most has been restored (as well as my history of e-receipts and favorites) as part of the most recent update. I now look forward to exploring more of the updated app. I personally find the ability to create a shopping list from favorites, e-receipts, and the weekly ad to be the most powerful functionality of the Publix app. Additionally, I like that the list can be arranged by store layout and that it is updated by the app if I shop at a different Publix store. It gives me confidence that my order will be correct when I finally decide to try Instacart. Please make sure that the shopping list functionality is always thoroughly tested before pushing out any updates in the future.
Shopping List
by Atticusclack on 2018/03/31 16:15
Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love shopping at Publix. The associates are extremely nice and helpful in my home store and other stores where I shop. There are fantastic savings, and the experience is always pleasant. The app, however, is a different story. I can get almost every function of the app except the one I need the most- the Shopping List. After I’ve spent hours looking at the weekly add and clipping coupons, I finally get to the store and cannot load my list! I flounder helplessly down the aisles; crisscrossing back and forth across the store to get the items that I think I remember being on my list. Please get this feature fixed. Last week, I finally got my list to load 45 minutes into my shopping experience, but today and previous weeks have proved to be futile in my attempts to open my Shopping list.
Used to be great
by Gn0m3s on 2019/04/16 20:48
Used to be a great app for planning the grocery lists. Could filter specials by department, now can only filter by brand. Seems to have shifted for the worst from helping shop the weekly ad and stores, to focusing mainly now on online ordering. Weekly ad right now has 557 results, who has time to scroll through that? Only way to filter is by over whelming amount of brands. For the most part I just want to filter like I used to for, produce, seafood, deli, and maybe a few other categories. There's no great way to take the data of 557 listings now, in the 3.X version. How about instead of telling me I'm wrong, and there is a way.. Instead you fix your app, so it's easier to filter and find the data users want. Also the recommended way I was told only lets you filter limited fields, so say bogos would be included under weekly ad tab instead of its own field. If I can barely figure this out (I work in IT), how do you expect others. K.I.S.S.
V.3 removed/altered features (constructive feedback)
by ArKitties on 2019/04/19 08:11
1. Please, please bring back apron recipes - it was convenient and crucial to my weekly routine to quickly add ingredients directly from recipes to my shopping list. 2. No longer option to “browse” store items by category. As a shopper sometimes I don’t know what I specifically want to buy which is why browsing is important. Only sale items are this way now, otherwise you have to search items which brings me to my next point. 3. Database requests extremely slow. Took 3 minutes to search “tomato” and to add right one to shopping list after scrolling and more loading. Worked totally fine before update. 4. Shopping list is harder to navigate now UX wise. The aisles (in order) are the most important feature of the list when in store. Visually, it was easier to identify where I needed to go when aisles were bold and on top. Now they are too subtle and appear as one list instead of in convenient categories. It’s very simple: Move it back to: “produce = tomato, carrot, onion” not Tomato = produce, carrot = produce, onion = produce 5. Coupons and deals greatly improved, before was useless and confusing especially in the list so that is the biggest improvement of this update.
Update: It’s so bad they won’t let you leave a review!!
by Bonash on 2019/04/17 03:31
I had to log onto the App Store and rate this on my husband’s phone because the most recent update is so bad it gets nothing but 1 start reviews. Well I downloaded the updated version on my phone and the ability to leave a review is not working. Publix messed up by not allowing the weekly ad to be viewed in full- just lists all items in the ad alphabetically, with no option sort by category/ department. The addition of adding email receipts is great but the rest is hard to navigate. Please fix this!!! Thanks for the info! Didn’t know that you could scroll the categories for the weekly ad. The only additional feedback I would add is to somehow make the user aware that it is scrollable. Thanks
Version 3 unusable
by Spim Nyborg on 2019/04/16 15:14
Who on Earth would want to scroll through over 500 items?! No actual way to view the weekly ad in this version. I find it hard to imagine that any real user testing was done. I used to use the previous version every week. Now I will have to search for a third party way to see the weekly ads. And why should I have to log in just to see what is on sale?! Addendum after developer response: no - really - what is the purpose for the scrolling list of over 500 items labeled “weekly ad”? Who would _ever_ use this? Why is everything titled “X dollars off” and “X dollars off” repeated in description before ever getting to the product name, which often gets ridiculously truncated. When you have to tell people in the reviews to scroll right for a poorly designed construct not used elsewhere. This is bad design. Bad implementation. And very non-user friendly. App is now deleted till such time of a useful redesign.
App went from not so good to unusable
by palmtree6 on 2019/04/14 20:15
Used to get an error message periodically when using the app, but I could also eventually get to what I needed on the app with a few more annoying clicks. This recent update seems to have broken the app. I see I have several lists, and those lists indicate there are items in them, but upon accessing any of these lists it says every list is empty. I even tried creating a new list and adding items to the new list - same result of the list indicating I had items in it but then when I try to open that list, it says it is empty. FYI I am able to view my lists and their items just fine on the Publix website. Also, I don’t see a handy search feature in the weekly ad any longer that would allow me to type part of the on-sale item and then add it to my shopping list. I can’t use the app now, thanks Publix!! I miss Kroger in more ways than one.
Sorry I have to give it even 1 star! REVISED TO 3 STARS. NOW BACK TO 2 Stars
by Jim Gusta on 2019/02/13 23:31
The stability of this app is worse than horrible. Two thirds of the time the Shopping List doesn’t load (spinning ball of death). And today it told me “Oops looks like you have no shopping list”! WTH. Horrible. Shopping list goes on my notes and I’ll just hope I remember what coupons I have. Ok the workaround works. Go to the left corner and hit the drop down menu. So up to 3 Stars. Why not make the landing page an ad or latest news and avoid the duplicity? Third time here and although it worked for awhile, it “locks up” the entire screen. This is WHILE ONE IS IN THE STORE!! Reboot or swipe, exit and try again. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. 50/50. Pisses ya off when you’re trying to remember what’s on the shopping list or what coupon you have. Sorry, Publix I just may go back to Notes.
Ruined it.
by Dumpster Diva on 2019/05/14 04:35
I used to love this app - I could quickly add things, a generic description worked fine - now, I can’t type just “milk,” hit add and move on - I get a choice of 200 options for what I mean when I want “milk” - as if I might not remember. I still shop for groceries in the store most of the time, and I loved the simplicity of adding things to my current list, then having it sorted by aisle for the particular store I’m visiting - now it’s not even worth my time to fight with this app to MAKE the list - your app is no different than Walmart’s because you’re too busy trying to cash in on delivery market, instead of making it easy to come to your store. Shopping at Publix used to be “a pleasure” with the old app, this does NOT work for me. If I have to go back to keeping a list on a notepad, there’s not much reason to stay loyal to Publix, and less so if I can find another app that actually is convenient to use.
Love the concept, needs work
by Grimgor on 2017/12/14 15:03
I love how I can view the weekly ads and coupons and add them to my shopping list. What I get frustrated with is the shopping list. It used to work wonderfully but with the last few updates, it keeps going down hill. When I add comments on an item or the quantity I usually have to do it 2 or 3 times before it actually saves to my list. Same goes for when I try to add an aisle location to an item not in the system. I also don’t like having to tap the search bar after I list every item. It used to run seamlessly when I could add an item, tap return and go straight to typing my next item without having to tap the search bar. Now with the latest update I can’t even add items to my list as I keep getting error codes. Hopefully they are working on these bugs.
Nothing works
by Lexi0865 on 2019/10/06 16:41
I really used to enjoy this app to look at the weekly sales, clip digital coupons, make my shopping list, and even sometimes look at the Aprons recipes. However, it seems with every update it just gets worse and worse. Aprons recipes are no longer available on the app so I have to go to the website which is also a disaster itself. And now nothing is loading in the app. Anytime I try to click on the weekly sales tab or digital coupons tab or anything under savings, nothing happens. My shopping list doesn't load at all, which I guess doesn't even matter since I can't add anything to it since the savings tab doesn't work at all. And yes, I have tried deleting and redownloading the app and restarting my phone and my phone is completely up to date as well. Not really sure what they're updating at this point because this app is completely unusable.
Three steps back
by Eremalla on 2019/04/26 17:18
Sometimes an app redesign isn’t terrible, it just takes time to get used to it. This one is terrible. Lists used to be logically set up for your progress throughout the store. Even if you set the default to finding it by location there are so many “unassigned” items that you can miss them as you’re walking by. Checking an item off the list requires a deft touch because if you don’t hit what seems to be a small pinpoint in the “check off” circle, it opens the item to provide more detail. Also, every time you add an item to the list there’s a pop up telling you you added an item to the list. Ugh. This is really awful and I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually, but this is neither as intuitive nor user friendly as the last version. New app seems to be designed mostly for people that want to shop and use delivery. Give them their own app!
Lists Invalid Offers
by Jaxjayhawk77 on 2019/07/25 19:00
I went grocery shopping at Publix yesterday after making my list based upon the offers that I had saved on the app. When I went to checkout, my total was MUCH higher than I expected. After arriving home, I checked my receipts and noticed several of the BOGO and offers I had saved were not included on my receipt. When I looked back at the items on my list through the app, it showed that the weekly offers were not valid until today. Had I known this, I would have never bought two of several items, or I would have waited until today to go grocery shopping. If something is on sale, y’all might want to wait until the day it actually goes on sale to put it on the app, so shoppers don’t end up with a shocking grocery bill.
Love it but...
by 5 de iPhone on 2017/10/09 01:41
I love this app, I love making my grocery list on it and it tells me where the item is located and all the great deals. The 2 things I wish it could do is let me save at least 3 stores as my favorites. I have 2 Publix near my house and one near work and if 1 doesn't have an item I have to change my favorite store to something else in order to find out if another publix has it. So, the ability to save more than 1 store as my favorite would be awesome... OR/AND the ability to search for a specific item within a certain mile radius that can tell you if any of the closest publix carries the items. Other than that which are actually big things for me... the app works great! :)
Great idea, would like some updates
by Maebella on 2017/07/28 14:54
I love the idea of this app. It's great for keeping track of and ordering your medications. I just wish you were able to update your profile with medication allergies or sensitivities, so the pharmacist has that on file. I have had the pharmacy (not Publix) change my prescription to something I am allergic to, because they did not have what the dr. ordered. Some people don't read the label when they pick up their scripts. If I had not read the label, I'd no longer be living. The drug they switched me to was in a completely different class from what I was prescribed by the dr. Anyway, having the ability to update your allergies and the pharmacy be able to have it on file, could prevent a situation such as mine from happening.
Latest update is terrible; updated to 3 stars
by GrammaCajun on 2019/05/03 15:13
Update: updated to 3 stars after getting a response from the developer. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Apparently they became aware of some of the problems and promptly fixed some of them. I still can’t find my deli online order lists that were set up or how to set up new ones. All I have are a few past products ordered online. Also on the digital coupons clipped page, there isn’t a complete description or picture of the product. Previously posted: I was going to place a deli order but I had to update my app first. Didn’t have a choice on updating! It took me almost 15 minutes to place the order for only one item because I had a hard time navigating to the right place on the new site. I also couldn’t find the weekly ad or the digital coupons. After reading some reviews I found out the weekly ad and BOGOs are on the Savings tab. However I don’t get any results on that page—it just says Sorry no results. I still haven’t found the digital coupons. How can I revert back to the older version that was easier to navigate? Not pleased!!!!!
I love the publix app
by MTyre on 2018/09/24 02:26
I love this app and the ability to send my shopping list to my husband to pick up a few things on his way home. My FAVORITE feature is being able to order my sliced deli meat before arriving at the store. I can walk right in and pick up my order. No more “take a number”. However, I use a favorites list for my weekly deli order and from time to time it crashes. Like this week (sept 2018) I continue to get an error message (404). I can order one at a time without using my favorite list, but it is tedious since I buy the same 4 items every week for the kids’ school lunches. How do we get this fixed?
So frustrated
by TYGillespie8716 on 2018/03/10 18:08
I love to shop at Publix but their app needs a lot of work. It crashes the majority of the time, my shopping list will not load a majority of the time and their search feature is less then stellar. I only use the app when I know I’m going to have time to troubleshoot it and when I’m grocery shopping (having the app crash in the store when I’m on a time crunch with my infant has left me near tears). I’ve recently been contacted by Matt at Publix (twice now) who asked me to fill out their contact form. I’ve done this but have no way of letting him know-Matt, maybe you’ll see this and find my contact form. Cynthia contacted me from Publix to let me know that they “are aware of this issue, and our development team is actively working on a resolution. The issue you are experiencing is related to devices that are running iOS 10.0 and below. We recommend that you upgrade your operating system and reinstall the Publix App”. Cynthia, I’m running iOS 11.2.6. I did uninstall the app, then turned off my phone, then reinstalled the app. The app seems to now be running faster but the search function is still abysmal-when you search for “tomato”, ALL the canned options come up before ANY produce-if I had wanted canned tomatoes, I would have searched for them.
Please tell me you guys are fixing this...
by CJ Naples on 2019/04/25 21:51
The old app was usable despite too many superfluous clicks required. Now with the new update it’s almost unusable. I figured out how to see the weekly add after a lot of trial and error and NOTHING is intuitive at all. Really really bad design. Not many will invest the time to figure it out... you aren’t that important in our lives. I’m a loyal 25 year Publix shopper but there are a lot of new organic new markets opening up everywhere and with Publix seemingly reducing their inventory to the point where half the time I go there with a specific on sale product in mind, it’s sold out off the shelves (even in non rush hour times), I think Publix needs to stop taking our business for granted. Classic bait and switch many times. There are other options out there.
Preliminary Review
by EmElJee on 2019/09/04 21:46
This review examines the user interface and function as I've not yet used the app in the store for payment. I was surprised to see such a low star-rating for this app. Sign-up was smooth, and the entire experience of clipping coupons was a breeze! I was pleasantly surprised that the list automatically sorts by location. The overall feel of the app is excellent. It includes a guided walkthrough for new users anytime they initially access a feature. Payment method using the QR scanner and stored card for an electronic receipt is a plus. Another bonus, which may convince others I'm biased: my favorite color is green.
New V 3.0
by HappyPublixShopper on 2019/05/09 12:27
I like all the features and easier navigation of this new version. Two issues I seem to consistently have. 1. While in store losing connection therefore my list disappears and the app crashes. I have ATT, this did not happen before update. I have a newer iPhone with the most recent iTunes and updates. 2. I try to look at the weekly ad (savings tab) and get Sorry not available. I have waited an hour and still get same message. This has happened two weeks in a row. Try many hours later and sometimes it will populate. As a mom of 2 under 2, I need to be able to view the ad and update my list as a have a few minutes here and there.
Always displays a 404 and no longer has pharmacy support
by James Sumners on 2017/10/28 02:54
Every time I open this app it displays a 404 message. And when I try to make a specific store "my store" it throws up a 400 error. I was able to ignore those things because I could still do what I wanted to do. Now, I can't use the app to refill prescriptions because they want me to download _another_ app. Well, that's not going to happen. I don't need multiple apps for one entity, especially when they haven't shown they can get the first one right. Two stars because at least I can still look up item locations (something I rarely need). Re dev response: I already went back and forth with support in June of 2016 about the 404s and 400s. Nothing ever came of it and the app never got fixed.
Loved the app till recent update
by 742875 on 2018/10/28 16:25
I cannot select my items when creating my list from the BOGOs. There should be a check mark for me to select that item and it is not there. Half the pics don’t load either. Useless to me at this point. Update: I’ve reinstalled the app twice and it still doesn’t work. And I clear my cache daily so... 10/28 app still unusable and I have reinstalled multiple times, cleared cache, did contact form and received no helpful info. Ever since the iOS 12 update it simple won’t work. The buttons that used to be available to select your items from the weekly ad are no longer there so you cannot make your grocery list from like the BOGO items. It is very frustrating...Honestly it’s so frustrating to the point that I’m not even shopping at Publix anymore I’ve taken my business to Target.
Bring back the previous version!
by Cherokee runner on 2019/04/21 21:47
This update now makes my grocery planning difficult to say the least. Items are hard to find, the categories along the top are fine but the sale items don’t all seem to appear. For example, when I choose “produce” only one sale item appears. My list is now incredibly painful to use- there’s no pictures to be able to scan down your list for quick reference-who has time to read each item when you’re in a hurry to make sure you didn't forget anything? The list is no longer grouped by aisle either which was one feature that was hugely helpful and convenient. To top it all off, I can no longer find a list of items carried in the store, nor is there a BOGO category anymore!!! There’s no wine/beer category either. I could go on and on... HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!
Angry Customer
by User Experience Guru on 2019/09/11 18:22
The new app (which is just a website) is horrible! Why take up most of the screen with branding when it’s an app! Fire your agency and hire a conversion rate optimization company to build your next one. In the last few months the iterations have gone for bad to better to horrible. Now it’s impossible to see a weekly ad and select a store. I’m extremely web savvy and haven’t been able to figure it out. I go to 3 different publix locations regularly and have been able to navigate across them viewing their weekly ads. Now I can’t. Starting to become more cable and cell company looking me holding customers hostage. And I had to select a title as a required field to leave this comment. Literally the worst user experience ever for so much work you’ve put into this app recently.
No better
by Dawns review of app on 2019/09/09 19:07
I read reviews stating that this app was horrible. I saw that it was updated so I thought I would try it since we just got a new Publix in our area and I love the store. I tried to do a search for potatoes and I was getting meat and diapers, etc. coming up in the search. I spelled potatoes correctly and even tried putting the words produce and 5 pound bag in the search with no help. Even scrolling down the list I could not get to regular potatoes. The app was busy finding potato chips and instant potatoes. When I narrowed the search down to produce the only thing that came up was a vegetable medley that had potatoes in it. I gave up then. I have used Walmart’s and Kroger’s apps with no problem. Publix please fix your app! I love your store and having my grocery list ready by app makes shopping so much easier!
Updates are awful
by Grammy review on 2019/05/20 18:46
Before the recent updates I had no problem with the app. Now is mostly useless. I mainly used the app to view the sales and make my list. My only preference that wasn’t there before and still isn’t would be the ability to view the weekly ad as if I was looking at the paper ad that is in the store. But now I have to scroll through items that I am not interested in. Also if an item is not on sale, the price is not indicated. And under a specific brand ie Stouffers all of Stouffers products are not grouped together by category but all lumped together. For instance a single entree item, then a meal, next might be a family size entree etc.. They are not displayed like that in the store. This is the only time with an app, that the updates took a decent app and made the app useless.
New App design is horrible
by Jo0305 on 2019/05/07 21:14
While never ideal, your app used to be reasonably functional for my uses, which is occasionally placing deli orders online, but mostly to look at the weekly circular for sales and to select online coupons. Now those last 2 tasks are virtually impossible. I don’t WANT to have to pick up your paper circular (which wastes paper and clutters my house/car), or turn on my computer. I used to be able to glance at my phone for 5 minutes while out running errands or watching tv, and create a shopping list based on your weekly sales. Now I’m more likely to say forget it and just go to Winn Dixie, and their app isn’t all roses either, I promise you, but at least it’s better than this miss. I’m giving you guys 1 month to fix this or I’m just deleting it. Please listen to your customers.
Publix should be embarrassed
by xgh on 2017/08/31 15:35
It's clear no one from management has looked at what some consultant they hired provided with this app. Pathetic would be an apt rating. My wife and I used it for maybe 10 minutes. During that period we had several network errors when doing a search, searches that came up empty when we know with certainty the products are in stock and available, our store did not exist -- no stores in Florida existed the first 2 times we tried to set our store. The last is a good example of how poor this app was designed. When no stores for Florida showed up, a map of the entire world was displayed. Wishful dreaming on the part of some marketing person providing guidance to the developer? Last time I looked they had stores in 6 or 7 south eastern states. Take a pass on this app.
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