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Groovebook: Book of Prints
*For a limited time, get your first Groovebook free with promo code MEMORIES* Groovebook by Shutterfly offers the most inexpensive way to print the photos you love off your phone into a custom monthly photo book. For only $3.99/month with free shipping, Groovebook prints your photos and mails you a bright 4x6 photo book with perforated pages so you can easily tear + share photo prints with your family and friends. Be surprised by a bold new cover each month and with a colorful spine to mark your dates. You can select 40-100 photos to print in your Groovebook. TURN YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOS INTO FUN PRODUCTS · Put your favorite photos on your fridge with 4x5 photo magnets · Make your desk a happy place with photo mouse pads · Stack the deck in your favorite photo playing cards · Show off your best photos with photo notepads · Photo gifts are perfect presents for birthdays, holidays, any days! FEATURES · Let the savings begin. Each photo book comes out to just 3 cents per print! · Enjoy free shipping on every photo book each month · Quickly and easily create your book within minutes GIVE THE GIFT OF GROOVEBOOK · Send a copy of any photo book you have made · Choose between 3,6, or 12 months subscription to send · Earn a free photo book for every friend you refer With Groovebook, you can free your photos and make just a little bit more of your memories. It’s a snap. Of snaps.
by nycffm on 2021/02/26 01:02
The last two months I have tried to upload my pictures on the 25th of the month. Both months I was unable to upload them and had to order an extra book. I’m not sure what is going on but I have always uploaded on or before the 25th of the month. If this has changed I would like to know. Sincerely Florence Mauro
Used to work great
by Bwall123 on 2021/02/25 15:46
The app keeps messing up. I go back to select photos and then the app refreshes and takes me back to the most recent. Frustrating.
Freezes up
by ThisDaysLingo on 2021/02/25 01:49
On both iPhone & iPad the app freezes. When it comes back pic selection again starts at beginning, freezing again before you can get to new pics to select. Have used this for years but going to have to cancel—ordering a 2nd copy of an old album also frozen!
by Yollnder1 on 2021/02/24 20:15
This month I was very dissatisfied in the way the book was sent to me it was posted way before I had time to send the pictures. the pictures that I got were not cropped I was not happy with this book! I wait for the day before and that it opens I send them this time you did it automatically without me cropping or choosing them. The pictures and you send and political propaganda I was very dissatisfied ! I tore the propaganda-did not appreciate it I would like to send another book but do not wish to be charged! Thank you Yolanda Martinez
by Colonelaudreywomanfake on 2021/02/24 05:08
Multiple copies cannot be ordered on prints. I don’t know why this has changed. Also, the Groovebook mark to show past prints is not showing up in any of my past months.
Good product, horrible app
by Bst225 on 2021/02/23 18:41
I have been getting groovebook for about 5 years now. I love the convenience. However, I can’t stand the app. I’m glad I only have to use it once a month. It seems to have gotten worse in the last year. It takes at least a dozen tries to upload pictures. I’ll scroll back to the pictures I want to add, it will pause, maybe let me click on a picture or two, then it will take me back to my most current pictures. It will also freeze for a second once I get to the pictures I want to add and then just shut down. When I say it takes a dozen tries to upload pictures each month, I’m not exaggerating.
Can’t move to selecting pics.
by buckduff on 2021/02/23 18:25
Cannot move to pics
by laceyparsons on 2021/02/23 05:28
I work for a tech company and I can’t imagine having an app like this with CRITICAL bugs and not fixing them. I’ve had a groovebook subscription for 5 years and there have been books that haven’t been great quality or pictures getting cut off, but for the price I never made a big deal about it. But the last three books they’ve printed the same 20 or so pictures over and over and over. Even though I uploaded 100 pictures. This months book I took a video and even sent it to customer service because I went in to my book and it says I have 100 photos so I go in to select photos and unselect about 40 photos. At the bottom it clearly shows I only have 70 photos, click done, and all of a sudden I now have 120/100!? Fix your app or refund people’s money.
Too many glitches - not worth frustration
by Mvdl51 on 2021/02/23 01:01
Like other reviewers, it is a painstaking task to select a few photos, just to get bumped back to my most recent pictures, then have to scroll back to where I was before. It is nearly impossible to actually get an answer from their customer support. They are quick to just give you a free book and send you on your way. The development team really needs to figure these glitches out.
Too many glitches
by chantellenwood on 2021/02/22 13:00
I would love this app if it would work right! When I scroll back to get pictures from months ago in my camera roll I can only select one or two before it bumps me back to my current pictures and then I have to scroll back to where I was. Another glitch is when selecting photos if you accidentally select more than the 100 it won’t let you delete any and update so that you only have 100. It’s so annoying!!!
Not responding
by Opa Greek on 2021/02/22 04:57
I am trying to buy several more books the app won’t let me? Why can’t i edit pics once uploaded?
App does not work properly
by mspy lite is a scam!! on 2021/02/22 03:21
App does not work, does do what it suppose to do!! Very frustrating!!!!
Won’t upload photos
by shaedonntausan on 2021/02/21 16:57
After taking the time to pick 100 photos it only upload about 5. So I pick 95 photos again and it only uploads a few. I’ve done it multiple times and it takes way too long. Not worth it.
by TaceT441 on 2021/02/21 16:42
The app glitches every time I try to add photos; I scroll to where I last added pics to select pics for my current book and it takes me right back to my most current photos. It’s been months and months and they still haven’t fixed the glitch. I can’t tap on my pics fast enough before it jumps back down to my most current pics in my camera roll. Very frustrating
What Happened?
by Sushamp on 2021/02/20 13:38
The first two months it was awesome! Now it won’t let me scroll back to previous years, keeps taking me to current pictures. Also will not let me uncheck pictures I don’t want. Where do I get help with this?
I choose 100
by martinmahmood on 2021/02/20 06:26
I choose 100 photos but it shows i choose 102 photos and won’t correct it
by KaPP16 on 2021/02/20 01:21
It takes forever to pick 100 photos each month bc it keeps automatically scrolling back to the most current photos. I’ve told them about the issue, but I never got a reply. I would love it if they could fix this issue.
by DubbyLee on 2021/02/19 17:42
Your app is acting all wonky. It jumps all over and is adding pictures so I can’t close my book.
by DeCosts on 2021/02/19 17:41
I used to. Like this site. It is not working well now. You pick a couple of pictures and it starts over. Help
November December January books
by rolanddl on 2021/02/19 15:15
I was not able to print anything for November December or January can you please tell me what to do
What happened??
by jcasco27 on 2021/02/18 21:26
I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and I love it but I’m guessing they updated it and I don’t like the update. They way that they have you upload the photos is different. Instead of the app already having your photos, it has me opening my album, choosing the photos from my gallery and then selecting the photos I just uploaded from my gallery. They should’ve kept it how it was. I’ll still be using this app but now it’s just a pain in the butt. Also, since the pandemic, I haven’t received at least 7 books.
Fix the app!!
by Joanna_Lynn on 2021/02/18 16:20
I love Groovebook and have been using it since 2015 when my first son was born. But recently the app is full of bugs! Every time I scroll up to add photos from weeks ago, it glitches and brings me back down to the bottom, every single time! Please fix!! If it’s not fixed, I’ll have to find somewhere else to get my photos, that glitch aggravates me that much.
by doonz54 on 2021/02/18 03:45
The photo’s in the book have not been good quality. Also, there should be a few day period after the end of the month.
They steal money even after you cancel the subscription
by taz the wild 1 on 2021/02/17 22:55
Sick of my money going missing because of you guys
by jenny🌞🥺 on 2021/02/17 22:53
I haven’t gotten my stuff but I can tell it’s good!!
Terribly made app
by Madison Rose * on 2021/02/17 19:03
This app is so difficult to use because it was made by a very unexperienced person. Selecting photos is especially frustrating because the app reloads every few seconds and restarts your whole process. Then, when you want to change the photos, it doesn’t update and then doesn’t let you print the book. A terrible waste of time and money.
My pictures never came
by ThatbFeFe on 2021/02/16 20:03
I ordered pictures from here 3 times the first two times they came within 1-2 weeks, recently I ordered some more and they never came, I realized this so I got them reordered but still they aren’t here!!!🙄😡
App is so wonky I’ll probably cancel my subscription—again
by q3rules on 2021/02/16 04:26
I like the service but the app has so many bugs, I rarely get it to work. I canceled my subscription a year ago when my app just wouldn’t function. I decided to try again recently and not only do I have new unfixable problems, but the app crashes constantly so I can’t even choose photos. Customer service is not competent.
Laggy app
by LanaDelReysPepsiCola on 2021/02/14 23:33
It was alright that app continues to crash and it is very difficult to use. It doesn’t work when you want to unselect an image
I’d give it less stars if I could.
by Catastrophe27 on 2021/02/14 18:53
Difficult to use, customer service is atrocious and they ignore you, and the app is glitchy. Couldn’t be more disappointed.
by ajm0715 on 2021/02/14 17:17
App needs help. Very glitchy!!!! Every time you scroll up to find the pics you want to add, it jumps right back to the bottom. If you can get it to work the pics aren’t bad. They do tend to come out darker then the original. Pics are printed with Shutterfly. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks.
not a fan
by S. Driver on 2021/02/13 16:41
i got a subscription as a gift for this app. i’ve ordered 2 books and they still haven’t come. i can’t track them or see any info about them. all i know is they’ve shipped. the app layout isn’t very user friendly. i definitely wouldn’t use this again once my subscription is over.
Good concept but App needs work
by Megan4583 on 2021/02/13 14:34
The app makes it extremely difficult and frustrating to upload photos. There is a constant glitch that sends you back to your most recent pictures after scrolling months back to choose your photos. Each month I go back hoping they have fixed the glitch but there has been no changes or updates whats so ever. The awful application is definitely a reason to cancel my subscription and I will be doing so.
App freezes
by iggyn88 on 2021/02/12 21:43
Every time I try to add pictures the app freezes and scrolls all the way up to the most recent pictures in my camera roll
Not good
by boymomX2EP on 2021/02/12 17:24
The app needs some serious work. It’s constantly freezing, or refreshing so I have to scroll back thru all my photos to pick what I want uploaded. The photo book quality isn’t good. I’ve had several books come damaged due to bad packaging. I gave it like 7 months to try and I’m not happy with it at all.
Unhappy Subscriber
by suesbtlbg on 2021/02/12 15:51
I used Groovebook last year and loved it. Ordered each month with no problems. I rejoined in January and uploaded pictures, was charged and have not received my pictures yet. Now I have been charged again prior to ordering, which my time has not even been reached for this month. I’m being charged AGAIN for pictures I haven’t submitted yet. Very unhappy with Groovebook. Cancelling my subscription.
Good product
by TheHappiestMomentNot on 2021/02/11 21:08
I like this app. A friend told me about it in 2016 and I have used it ever since. We skip a few months here and there filling photo books but the ones we have seem to have gotten better quality since the first time. One thing bothers me that I wish they could fix. Whenever I open the app it automatically has me start on my first month ever which was 2016 and I have to slide a few months/years over until I find the current month and year in 2021. If it would automatically hold your place at your current month that would be great. Other than that no complaints. Cost is good, product is good.
Mediocre quality but fun delivery!
by Captain Terminator on 2021/02/11 03:50
The actual photo quality is mediocre, photos are paper thin but it’s a fun way to get a concise little photo book each month. Delivery can be super slow but if you just want to eventually get a nice surprise in the mail for a low price, this product is perfect. I feel like I can go ahead and print phone pictures that are cute but not worth enlarged prints. It’s just fun.
Update this app!
by lnroberts13 on 2021/02/11 02:36
This app is of such poor quality, I never know if I’ve uploaded 100 photos or not because it’s always “downloading”
Terribly flawed
by Mafelopezv on 2021/02/09 21:05
The app glitches ALL the time, I often receive two or three of the same book and sometimes I don’t even get any books at all... it’s a great concept but it seriously needs to be fixed
by Sasukestan on 2021/02/09 20:13
My screen is to small to confirm
Loved it - please fix the glitches
by marg@kent on 2021/02/09 14:21
I LOVED this app and I love having my groove books. They are a great way to get your photo stream into physical photos that you can use. I cancelled my subscription because the app is just too hard to work with. I never used to have issues but for a couple months it has been so glitchy I can’t get my photos uploaded. I get frustrated with it and give up thinking I’ll try another day, and then I forget to and miss my book for the month. If the problems are fixed, I’ll renew my subscription.
Glitching torture
by buzzbee85 on 2021/02/08 14:23
Not working even after clearing data and uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
by kmeippen on 2021/02/08 08:49
Such an amazing app! Makes printing easier, & it is much better! Love it!
Love and hate
by Banan101 on 2021/02/08 03:29
I love how easy it is to choose your photos and then print them but this app is also so poorly designed that it freezes and won’t allow me to reduce or print an extra book if I wanted to. I’m kinda frustrated with it 😕😤
by Mkrockin on 2021/02/07 18:53
App keeps crashing. Cant even upload pictures
Free when shared with friends
by f u more on 2021/02/07 16:17
After sharing with a friend I never received a free book not worth the trouble
Do not get
by ayanna2finee on 2021/02/07 08:17
This will take money off your card and will never give it back
Too easy to use
by lljonesc on 2021/02/06 20:03
I like this idea and got my first book reasonably quickly and was prompted to finish my next book frequently. But I dont like that I can cant look through the book as I build it so not sure if I am repeating pics (it shows the pics I have added to other books so hard to know if you have it in the book you are working on.) also I thought I would be able to edit (crop) but cant find anything for that. Pretty much you just need to sit down and put the photos in the book at one sitting because there isnt much to do but put the photos in. Cant even arrange order. (Or at least not that I can find)
100+ photos but no way to revise Shutterfly fix please!!!
by Fndjjssb on 2021/02/06 19:19
It keeps saying I have 123 photos. I go to deselect additional, nothing ever changes. Removed all and click ok. But still says I have 123/100. On and on to no resolve. It keeps saying I have over the limit or under when selection states 100! So now I am unable to print my book. Shutterfly corporation, please fix this far from Working app. Please!!!
Horrible App and customer service doesn’t help.
by MomToBee1 on 2021/02/06 17:43
The app won’t let you upload any pictures. If you go to pictures a few months back and want to pick the pictures you can’t. It times out and takes you back to your most recent picture. This has been going on for months!! I have contacted customer service 3 times regarding this and the response I get back is “please make sure you have all pictures selected not just most recent under your settings for the app” Gee Really...?? They have received so many complaints and they still aren’t correcting the problem. I will be canceling
Groovebook app
by Cuccina11 on 2021/02/06 15:47
Def needs to be updated. I have issues every time I go to load a new book. When I got back and choose a few photos it brings me all the way back to my newest photos. So it takes me a very long time to upload 100 photos.
Photo vs memory
by catnuss on 2021/02/06 05:12
I am back with Groovebook after taking a break during to having lost some cards and had to shut everything off for a bit , but I can’t say enough good about Groupon , even though I have had a few times that my pictures wouldn’t down load , anyway , because of Groovebook I have several photos hanging on my wall and not stashed in a box somewhere . And it’s probably my smart phones fault anyway so I totally support Groovebook!!
Not the best
by Brbnngls3 on 2021/02/05 15:17
I’ve had so many pictures off center. Even some with white on one side and things cut off on the other side. It’s so bad. It’s a cheap app but the quality is as well.
Keeps Charing Me
by Nemokg on 2021/02/05 05:07
Ordered one book in July and canceled my subscription. I have been charged every month since then and it has totaled 50 dollars so far and I can’t find any way to get my money back or cancel my subscription for good. Bottom line is that THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!
3 payments made and still not one book
by Frustrated with them on 2021/02/04 19:54
I have emailed this company repeatedly. I have tried to be understanding during the holiday season, but when they will not even answer back about charging me repeatedly without once receiving my pictures seems like a company that does not care about their customers. I had planned to purchase a subscription for family members but now I will just be warning others of this company.
Great, BUT!
by kwbunkie on 2021/02/03 23:37
Everything from the price to the amount of photos you get each month is great. I gave it 3 stars because the pictures are on the dark side ( not the true color) Even a photo outside in the sun looks darker than it really is. Otherwise I would give 5 stars.
Terrible Customer Service
by Jdruggles on 2021/02/03 15:40
Been a customer for a few years now annoy any more. Getting a hold of customer service is impossible!
by Janae36903 on 2021/02/03 12:36
Iv used Groovebook for several years & have enjoyed & recommend to friends & family. Unfortunately the last 6 months the app has crashed or cliched on me while trying to upload photos. I emailed support once because I didn’t know if my order even went through. They responded that it had gone through & they were sorry it was happening. I had hoped they would of fixed it by now but when uploading my January photos, it’s still happening. It has been so frustrating to try to upload with crashes & cliches that I have decided to look for a new app to print my photos from.
New Unhappiness
by CherishRN on 2021/02/02 18:42
I’ve used this app for several years and was very happy with it up until these last few months. The app glitches something awful now, jumping back to the bottom of the camera roll as soon as I add one photo. I tried the delete and reinstall and it worked briefly. I feel it’s a waste of my time to do this every single month however. A few months back I went in to add my monthly pics and it didn’t even have an album for me to add to. I contacted support and they fixed it but the glitching was ridiculous. There’s also the recent lengthening of ship time. For a few months now I’ve been sending my next book off before I received my previous. I’ll be looking for a new app to use.
APP crashes too much
by Hatt Menley on 2021/02/02 13:45
The concept is great but the APP crashes every couple seconds when picking pictures which makes it very difficult. I wish it would automatically go back to the pic you left off at....
Groovebook app
by DPike in Texas on 2021/02/02 06:57
This was my favorite app back in 2015. The app has technical problems. It will not load pictures as you add them & I’m about to quit after all these years. I had so many people load this app. Until the technical problems get worked out I’M done. Half the time I can’t get all my pics loaded for the month. I’m sad it’s changed for the not so good.🙁
Upload is horrible
by RhonFair on 2021/02/02 04:55
The past several months the upload process has been horrible! It’s continues to get worse each time.
Love the concept!
by Christmas2078 on 2021/02/01 06:19
I love the concept, therefore I keep ordering the books. Great for the kids to look through. The small size is easy to store and east to hold in hand. The picture quality is not great though so if you are expecting to rip out a photo or two to frame then this is not where you should go for that. The uploading is really slow and sometimes you can edit your tittle and some times not so keeping them in order on the shelf will be hit and miss. I recommend trying this out but make sure not to have high expectations. This is great to get your picture out of of your phone, just don’t expect perfection!
Charged after app was deleted
by Miss Cottrill on 2021/02/01 00:21
The app was good up until today. I had deleted the app months ago and just today I was charged for a purchase I didn’t make.
Never received
by 😁⚽️☺️🥅🙃👋 on 2021/01/31 23:32
I downloaded this app 6 months ago and ordered my first book I never received it, I waited 2 months because of COVID I thought it would take longer but nothing showed up so I reordered the book and never got it again it said it took 10-18 days to ship buh I’ve waited 3 months and I’ve paid for the app and have gotten nothing from it. I love the price and the idea of this but I’ve wasted my money and my time for nothing I’m just disappointed
Jhedden unhappy
by jhedden on 2021/01/31 15:15
Very unhappy with your groove books ordered 5 books only received 2 and still waiting on my orher books! Been charged. But no books! Would request a refund but that would take longer! Poor business ethics! And can’t even talk to a person!!! Cancel my subscription please thank you!!
by barbieonesedoll on 2021/01/31 12:50
Ugh I wish I could give them no stars, my book said it was printed on December 12 and it’s January and it’s still not here.
The glitches!
by List886 on 2021/01/31 04:46
I’ve been using Groovebook for 3 years and have always loved it but have had so many problems the last 6 months!!! The app glitches CONSTANTLY and sends me back to the bottom of my camera roll after adding each pic, taking forever to add enough pics to fill a book. I’ve reached out to customer service and they only recommended deleting and reinstalling the app, which I’ve done several times with no improvement. Please fix this!!!!
Not working
by faulty these days on 2021/01/31 01:30
Every time I click a pic to add to my album it refreshes and I have to start over. So annoying! Waste of money. They need to futz this glitch
Many bugs
by paige.b17 on 2021/01/30 22:44
I love the concept and the quality of my groove books. However, the app is so difficult to work with. It takes forever for me to make my groove books because when i looking to add old photos it only lets me add a couple and then it will force me back to the most recent photos. it makes me not look forward to make my books because it is more of a hassle than anything now. if this problem doesn’t fix i might just have to cancel my subscription.
App no longer works properly
by WoodC15 on 2021/01/30 21:35
I’ve loved this app for over 5 years but in the last 6 months the app has been terrible. It makes you start from The bottom after every picture you pick. I have received two different times the same book instead of an extra book of different pictures. I never had so many problems! I’m looking into other companies now. Sick of this stuff.
Review of Last two months.
by ugxuf oufx on 2021/01/30 13:28
We’ve been so disappointed the last few months- the picture quality is so poor- pictures are SO DARK. Thise I develop locally are NOT dark! Plus it takes forever to recieve them. Just recieved both Oct and Nov pictures which I uploaded Niv and Dec 1st. I’m considering dropping groovebook!
will never order again
by ALLMYNICKNAMESARETAKENS on 2021/01/29 23:32
some of my pictures came in really dark others really bright, all of my pictures that were in the book was in there twice, most of them came with white around the actual picture so the actual picture wasn’t the right size, i don’t think all of my pictures ordered came, and took about 2 weeks
Okay but
by Ithack926292729 on 2021/01/29 20:44
Can’t hardly upload photos anymore Bc it glitches out
by monique.xoo on 2021/01/29 14:32
It keeps taking my money after i deleted it ugh
Loved before for years now they don’t allow upload till date
by lynita17 on 2021/01/29 02:28
I have been customer for many years. Now my photos can’t be uploaded till the day before publishing. Why is account locked till then? I’m charged for each month even though I can’t load photos. It was a great app and so convenient but I’m disappointed with this last minute locked to upload.
Great quality!!
by blue 086678 on 2021/01/29 01:59
The pictures are great quality and I got 100 for free because I had a code. Costumer service was amazing! They replied within a day answering any questions I had, and were very nice and helpful. My book just arrived today and it took less than a month to arrive. I was a bit skeptical if the book would even arrive because of the reviews or if the quality would be good based of some YouTube videos I saw but nope, they’re amazing!
by Scotty Sires biggest fan on 2021/01/28 22:26
The first two times I bought them the transaction went fine and the pictures were great but Later on it kept charging me for groovebooks I didn’t order and I wasn’t given a refund or anything.
Finally an easy way I can have all my favorite photos printed out!
by Amoherek on 2021/01/28 21:47
Don’t listen to all the negative reviews they are just all haters lol I have been using this app for a year now and I have never had one issue. I think it’s perfect the pictures look great I love the little books. I seen a lot of reviews about the app crashing. Never happened once to me in a year. I think maybe they should check the software on the device they're using because I have an iPhone and it’s always up-to-date and I never have an issue. Really try it you’ll love it!
by Taytay_girl1717 on 2021/01/28 14:17
by Liagarcia1 on 2021/01/28 10:12
THIS APP NEEDS A UPDATE ASAP! whenever I try to remove photos it wont let me . The pictures take forever to load and I’ve tried everything .
I haven’t received anything :\
by kai.olo on 2021/01/28 03:56
I originally ordered my groove book January 7, but it’s now the 25th and my app still says “in production” maybe I did something wrong. But I checked on how long it should take and it said 10-12 days and I’m here chilling without my pics 🥴
Horrible site
by sarias2017 on 2021/01/27 18:46
I quit using in 2018 cause there’s always a glitch. I tried to start using it again and it’s hard to upload pics cause every time you click on one it send you to the bottom to start over and then when you try to hit, print, it give a message about expedited shipping and says oops please retry or cancel
Service is great, App is terrible!
by mikeydarling on 2021/01/27 18:31
The app crashes all the time, doesn’t let you select a specific photo album to choose from and constantly refreshes you back to the beginning of your camera roll - so so frustrating!
Love the Groovebook, Hate the app
by viklou6 on 2021/01/27 15:49
Every time I download pics for my picture book I deal with app issues. Frustrating as what should take 5 minutes to do is taking 30. It constantly resets to most recent pictures and erases what is saved.
Spent $300 with no photos and they won’t refund
by SSJersey on 2021/01/26 01:39
Be sure to cancel Company
Waiting for Groovebook still
by dddddddnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn on 2021/01/25 23:30
It’s been more then 18 days and I’m still waiting on my Groovebook
by Leeaysiah on 2021/01/25 21:26
after the first two purchases they continue to take money from my account and never send my money back !
App is a joke
by sunduixth on 2021/01/25 18:24
The concept of this is wonderful. I’ve used it for months basically ignoring the issues I have continually has because of convenience. Some of my issues are: when it tells your book will open for uploads on say 2/8, I often go to upload on the date expected and it shows I’ve missed my time slot even though it said I couldn’t until that date. When scrolling through gallery to select pictures it allows you to pick one picture but then glitches and takes me back to the very bottom rather than letting me select multiple pictures. When you think you’ve uploaded, you go back to that pic and it doesn’t always actually upload. This is just a taste of the issues. I just spent an hour trying to upload pics but due to regular issues it took 10x longer than necessary. I just emailed customer service for who knows how many times now. I will update my review if they can correct the issues. If not I will cancel my subscription and find another service. I’ve recommended this and gifted and I feel embarrassed to have continued to support.
App crashes
by hahlll868578 on 2021/01/25 16:19
I have one second to pick my photos and then it scrolls all the way down to the bottom of my recent photos. There’s no way to see which photos were selected once you upload them. It’s so frustrating!!!!
Whew chile
by kamekamehaa on 2021/01/25 08:00
I literally never got my pictures. I ordered them in August 2020 and it’s January 2021....and they take 4 dollars from me each month for no apparent reason
Slow and kicks you out
by A-Rob 31 on 2021/01/25 01:33
This is the third month the app isn’t working for me. When trying to upload pictures, I get kicked out as it refreshes every time I click on a new picture. When I try to “print” I keep getting an error message and it won’t work for me. I’m annoyed of how long it takes to work and have also been charged for a book I never received. Also, when I ordered an “extra” book one month, it wouldn’t let me order my regular book for the following month. This app isn’t as good as it once was.
by awpfjx on 2021/01/24 17:14
Says I have 118/100 photos, roughly 40 of them are blank and it won’t let me deselect them. Used to be a good app, not anymore.
no good
by jenniferrr20 on 2021/01/24 08:06
Low because book never came in and its been months now
Can’t make an account
by all he names are taken dang on 2021/01/24 04:56
I can’t even sign up for an account
Took forever! Not user friendly app.
by sab cimi on 2021/01/24 02:34
I do NOT recommend. First off, when ordering my groove book, I did not get to pick the cover of my groove book which was disappointing but I can move past that... to just order the book took forever just to upload my photos and on top of that to actually receive my book physical it took weeks to arrive. Once it arrived, looking at the outside of my book, it was torn. I don’t know what happened but it was not well taken care of. My photos in the book are paper thin!!! It is not normal photo paper. And a lot of my pictures were printed in the book crooked!! I am shocked of how bad this all is. Even for it being kinda cheap, I would rather pay more for them to do a much much better job.
Don’t subscribe, they make it very difficult to cancel. But keep on billing you
by cqrby007 on 2021/01/23 12:56
Don’t waste your money
by lilwpwp on 2021/01/22 23:00
It’s been a ear since received order
Great Concept but Severely Flawed
by Jenius422 on 2018/06/30 01:47
The price is right for the quality and it’s an excellent concept but the ap needs a lot work. I tried gifting my first book to two different people. The ap repeatedly crashed in the process and I was never able to send to them. I was charged for $12 of product of which I have only received $4 worth. To my knowledge, you can’t track your shipments nor can you see to whom or where they are going. You should be able to track and see where they’re headed at the very least. The one book I received had some pictures cut short. For the price this is fine. But perhaps add a feature that will alert you when you’re requesting a printout of a pic that’s going to be cropped. You can’t view previous books in the ap. That means you have to look back through the pictures on your device as you are adding new ones to see which ones have already been printed or look through your printed books. This is not efficient. It would be a nice added feature to be able to share your subscription with someone else. For example, it would be awesome if I could share with my husband so he can add pics from his device as well. Overall it’s cool and I’ll continue to subscribe but I hope things improve.
by Bondog49 on 2017/11/25 18:59
I love these little books! I have gotten about many so far and given several as gifts to remember trips or events. I am happy with the service and the quality and it takes all those pics off my phone. The quality of the pics depends on the quality of your phone and how you take pics. It's a great little product for only $2.99 per 100 pics. I thought I put in a review a little while back but I still love it and think it's a great thing! I have printed them up for different events and given them to other people. That gives them a mini book of memories like baby or bridal showers, special company coming into town or special trips I've made with friends! It definitely is easy to come up with 100 pics from special occasions! You can order duplicates and have the books you like and cherish! I still love this app and use it for extra books some months too. I have an issue now with the loading of pictures. It opens and says to load 100 and then goes to the very first book I ever ordered, and that’s over two years ago. I would love it if it opened to the present available book instead of swiping through dozens and dozens of books to find the new one. That’s my only complaint otherwise I love your app.
Use to be good and now it is terrible
by Alinkchicka on 2021/01/01 20:34
I absolutely loved this when it came out but it appears that nobody takes care of it anymore. Customer service is none existent, I emailed twice about a billing question and never received a response. I have still not received my September, October, November or December book and I am filling in pictures for my January book now. Filling in pictures takes forever now because of a glitch in the app. While adding pictures every few seconds it snaps back to the bottom where my most recent pictures are. So every few seconds I have to scroll back up to where I was at trying to pick older pictures to add to my book. Once I get back to where I was I have to glance quickly at the pictures and pick one or two before it glitches and takes me back to the bottom. I have tried probably 15 times to remove pictures that were accidentally selected and every time I go back in they are selected again. I have closed out the app, deleted it and re download it, and it is still the same. I have had this subscription for years and I send 5-7 books every month to family and it is very sad to me that they have let the app go so much that I think if there are no changes soon I will be looking for another way to send pictures to family. This app is not worth my time, frustration, and sanity every month. Not to mention they keep taking money out of my account but are not even sending me what I’m paying for. Very disappointed.
Used to love... now having issues with uploads
by Newreviewer12345 on 2019/10/16 22:19
The quality has been great some months.. good some months... and ok some months. I like the convenience of just having my photos printed so i can tuck them away to enjoy later and get them off my phone. My major issue I've been having is it won't print past a certain number and I have to go through and figure out exactly which photo it isn't uploading which can be VERY tedious and annoying. I've noticed that it's iffy on which photos it'll print from my shared albums (even if I'm the one who uploaded it). I wish I could easily upload pictures from my computer onto groovebook and it not be exclusive to phone photos. I love the concept but don't enjoy the sketchy upload. I’d also like to add that I dislike how it can’t upload in the background. I had an album that didn’t get completed and I wasn’t aware of it until the window had closed. I’m pretty close to canceling my subscription bc the months that I’ve gotten charged but not uploaded a book.. it would even out to just purchasing photos when I feel the need.
No book, no way to report the problem
by re-lite&ga-lite on 2020/11/28 00:36
The books that print out have extremely low photo quality. The saving grace, and the reason I kept getting this month after month, was that they would arrive reliably, and a low price that made the lack of quality worth it. Now, I don’t get the books at all, and I still get charged. The way it works as you select 100 photos from your photo stream, and when you were done, it tells you your group book is full for the month. Always worked fine, until a little while ago. Now, I get up to 100, it tells me my group book is full, and I get the option to go ahead and print. When I try to print it tells me I have 129 photos selected, and I need to delete some. So I go and delete them. And then I go back to print, and it still tells me I have 129. I went through this a couple times, then gave up and hoped it would print anyway and just leave out whatever extras there were. No luck. No book. No options for a refund for the glitch in the app. I am canceling my subscription. Updating my review—Wow! Click on the App Support button and you get a “404 error—page not found!” Am I even going to be able to cancel this thing or are they going to keep charging me until I kick them off my credit card?
Good concept but needs work.
by Kickinurmacass on 2020/09/22 23:52
I have had this app for years and I love that I can get 100 photos printed and sent to me each month because, who really does anything with all those photos on your phone. Now at least I have them printed for use. I will say the photo paper and picture quality has improved over the years but still has some improving to do. The bad part of this app is the constant issue with shutting down when I’m trying to pick my photos. Also the fact that the photo selection screen is never where I left off last time, it starts at the most recent photo, which for me is a pain because then I have to scroll through 100’s of photos before I can start selecting where I left off. The final frustration, which led me to this review, is the fact that the “submit feedback” link in the app, takes you to a one time only survey monkey form. A regular use feedback link would be very helpful. So, it is cheap but it’s frustrating.
This is a great service
by Pposey on 2017/11/25 01:31
I've received two Groovebooks now and I think they are great- especially for $2.99. The app is very easy to use, uploading pictures is a snap and I receive my Groovebook in about two weeks. The printouts are as good as the pictures I send in- some are clearer than others. I set a reminder to make sure that I get my photos uploaded by the date they give me. The quality of the pictures have declined- fuzzy and framed poorly. I know that this is inexpensive and probably should expect lower quality paper but it is getting to be a real problem. If the quality doesn't start improving I will need to cancel my long term subscription and get another alternative. Makes me sad. I was very pleasantly surprised this month when my latest book came. The picture quality was much improved. There was quite a chemical smell to the pictures but it dissipated When I created my new book, I liked the new format and the pictures uploaded much faster.
Bad New Owners
by Points high on 2020/03/21 15:31
In the past two weeks I have lost the ability to upload photos and was not able to complete my book for the first time since I started Groovebook. I have purchased over 120 books since they were on Sharktank. The new owners have made negative changes and are now violating the contract. In an effort to correct the problem of not being able upload pictures. I found the shipping settings to be changed as well. The settings were changed to upgrade my shipping (this cost more) the processing is getting so slow it takes over a month to process a book. This means you pay for 2 outstanding / undelivered books at a time. Express your concern and find that change your setting to increase your delivery cost to almost 2 x the cost of book and delivery. Corrupt business practices. Contacting BBB. Going downhill fast....... corrupt greedy.......sneaky..... big business. Canceling subscription. Now we can’t load pictures for the current month UNLESS you add an additional book.... then you will get double charged( one for the additional book and one for this month which you CANNOT see and the next book unlocks 2 months after your last one purchased. Thieves!!!!
by clarencej99 on 2018/09/24 19:28
OK, this does have nice color to it and your pictures will look lovely. However if you are using this application for anything else other than fcopying a recipe ... and you are putting down something you want all of it on here, you are in trouble. You do not get an entire 4 x 6 space to put your writing or anything else. It is always cropped at the bottom in the left, and on the bottom, by a small amount that can affect what you are printing. What is sad about that is when you crop it on their screen, it all fits in there nicely. Or, sometimes a title or a bottom subtitle will be removed, or are partially removed because of space, when you have it showing entirely on your cropping page. As a writer and editor I do not like this because I need the space. I also wish they would go back to the regular 4 x 6 format instead of leaving out this 1/8 inch I believe we are missing. As I said this is fine for pictures if you don’t have to have everybody in it, Because sometimes you only get half of one person, but it is not for anybody who gets more technical than that. If this changes and I feel that things are better, I will let you know. I have written several columns in newspapers for 36 years in the Midwest area so I do know a little bit about what I’m doing. I’m not condemning this, it’s a very good value, as a very good thing for what it does print pictures. But if you want to use it for other applications, and those are there, think twice.
Go To Chatbooks
by Alaina Brooks on 2020/11/05 12:33
Go find a different app. In the months I’ve had Groovebook I have not received anything at all. Customer service refuses to give a tracking number and stop responding after I sent my second email asking where are my books it’s been 3 months. They can automatically take my money out of my account each month and upgrade my shipping to more expensive shipping without my consent but can’t deliver the products they advertise. I’ve reached out numerous times on where my books are and haven’t gotten any responses all I want is a tracking number or proof they did shop it out and it’s on the way but that’s too hard for them to do so I’ve cancelled my subscription and had everyone I recommended to cancels theirs as they haven’t received anything either. Apparently they’re under new management and it’s gotten worse since they took over. Go to chatbooks a bit more expensive but they have more options and better quality and I ACTUALLY received my first book from them. I’m regards to Groovebook. I will be reaching out to my bank to reverse all of the charges and dispute them. I will also be reporting them to the BBB.
My Favorite App Ever! ❤️
by Honey B 🐝 on 2020/03/10 15:09
My time is valuable and I used to beat myself up for not printing pictures of loved ones. It was time consuming. Not anymore with the Groove Book App! It reminds me once a month to upload 100 of my pictures from my phone. It shows me right where I left off printing pics from last month. If I dont have time to quickly tap on 100 pics...Groove book does it for you! Adding 40 pics from your phone that has not been printed yet. They come in a bound cardboard book. The ONLY THING I wish I could change is for the book to imprint the Title you chose on the cover itself. It would be so much easier to choose that group of pics you are looking for later...Such as ex: Valentines 2020 ❤️ All Moms should have this app. I give the app as a gift to friends and they ❤️ it! Best gift ever! Thank You GB for putting the Memories of my Lifetime at my fingertip!
Saving memories and money
by Brens momma on 2017/12/28 04:57
How many times have you told yourself that you were going to print more pictures so you could make photo albums for your kids like your parents did for you? How many times have you sat for hours, formatting memory books, only to get to checkout, see the price after tax and shipping and then scrap all the time, effort, and energy because 50 pictures in a book should not cost $20-$50 after shipping! Well Groovebook is the solution! For one small (I’m talking less than a grande Starbucks and we all know you order Venti) price you get up to 100 photos that can be left in this convenient flip book or torn out and placed in frames or albums with little to no effort. I no longer worry that I’ll wish I had printed more pics and now am just waiting for the untapped scrapbooking abilities I hope to have to make an appearance!
App needs work
by audreybegley on 2019/08/20 03:11
I love this idea & have been paying for years , but the app has never improved. Crashes every 3 minutes & in the middle of selecting photos only half of them save. It is unclear how many photos have been chosen, & you have to search back through every time. The app also sometimes logs out for whatever reason. For a few months straight there was 9 photos that said they were selected but were not & when I got my books they were just repeats & I could have had more photos. The price is right just wish the app was more efficient and didn’t crash every time I try to use it. I also wish there was a way to alert me multiple times when I need to add photos. It only does once & usually at an inconvenient time. It also takes forever to upload the photos. Overall great concept & will keep paying hoping things will improve. Thanks all!
First time using app
by not impressed glover on 2020/01/05 10:40
It crashes nonstop throughout the picture selection process and even after it still crashes closing the app out. Then it doesn’t upload all the photos you select which is a pain bc you go through the long process of picking your pictures only for all of them to not upload in the final stage. It also does NOT give you an option to view how the final product will look nor does it allow for you to view the pics you added to the album. It’s like once you hit submit pass selection you’re just screwed and have to hope they have the CORRECT pictures selected. This app is pretty crappy and very flawed. Gives you scam vibes. I also see that you can NOT track your order whatsoever to see where it’s at or when exactly you will receive your pictures. I’ll stick to Shutterfly this apps aggravating and overly time consuming. Don’t waste your time remember you get what you pay for. Extra bucks are worth the peace of mind you’ll get knowing your quality is superb elsewhere on other apps.
Awful all around
by ms robinsn on 2019/01/11 02:32
I started using Groovebook years ago, and was pleased with the picture books sent each month. As time progressed, I noticed that the paper quality really diminished and turned into thin, flimsy photos. I kept getting them, however, mostly from being too lazy to stop my subscription. Then I was told that my credit card was no longer working and that Groovebook was cancelling my orders. I figured my credit card has expired and was just as happy about not getting any more books from then. It took awhile for me to realize that I WAS STILL BEING CHARGED FOR THEIR SERVICES because I didn’t look at small deductions on my bill (I look at everything now!). I couldn’t get in touch with anyone at Groovebook, so thought that since I was being charged, I would at least get another book before the deadline. I tried to upload the pictures and again got the message that my account was closed. I finally got in touch with them through email (they won’t give out a phone number with a person at the other end) and told them the problem, ending with a request to stop billing me and refund my money for the last six months. Today I received a note saying that I have a valid credit card on file and to hurry and load pictures before the deadline. Once you open an account with them, there is apparently no way to stop them from billing you. Do not use this app! It is a rip-off and the pictures are on poor quality paper. Customer service is non existent.
Great till i dealt with Customer Service
by sacmanjones on 2019/04/02 17:32
Loved everything about this until I got a new Pixel 3. Once I got a Pixel i was unable to upload photos and at the same time my last two books never came. The software on my phone was to advanced for this app i guess is more or les what they told me and they were unable to till this day update the app to work on this software. Also my credit card on file had expired after I already placed my order for my last three books. instead of informing me i waited and waited and they never showed up..... the solution refund me for those three books...... great but now i did not get those three books i already created and can not replace them cause my phone software and you could only order one per month so i lost those books. Kept the app in hopes it would update and never did so i lost too much money and just gave up and lost something I thought was a great thing to have to keep my photos of my kids growing up.
Update is awful
by Find something else on 2018/12/09 14:57
Ever since the update it is awful. You used to be able to add pictures right after the books closed now I almost never can add photos. I’m a lot to cancel the subscription because I am always forgetting to add photos and getting charged for the books and not getting them when the close date comes around. I wish they would go back to allowing you to add pictures at will and just being able to leave the pictures in the cue until it’s ready to print. That’s when this app was amazing. That’s when I loved this and told everyone about it because I never printed pictures off my phone and then this app came along and was able to and it was amazing then someone came out with this amazingly stupid idea about letting you only add pictures for a few days. So I will be looking for a new picture printing app unfortunately. Sorry Groovebook
It’s a good way to get printed pictures out of your phone
by NeefaFeefa on 2020/10/15 20:56
I’ve been a subscriber took groove book for probably about two years now. I have thousands of pictures in my phone that never ever get printed. This is one way to have them bound and printed in case something catastrophic happens to my photos. Yes it does take a long time to ship but the books do arrive eventually… And yes the paper and quality is not that great. If you want something to frame you definitely should order a better quality print from another provider. but for $3.99 per month for 100 photos all bound up in a nice book it’s not bad. By the way the latest upgrade to the app does not allow me to choose my own photo album that I have created on my iPhone. So that needs to be corrected by the developers as soon as possible!!
Do not use this app they will scam!!!
by gabrriellee on 2020/10/11 05:07
First I would like to imply that this is not fake review this is real. Second Groove-book costumer care is horrible they take hours to respond some times and when they do they almost seem like bot conversations and they do not have a phone number to call them to talk to them directly they only have a dumb email. Third they give you a free book for your first book but then they to you charge your card. Fourth they do not provide a tracking number therefore once your order you won’t have any information on what your package is currently at or doing u just have to wait and see if it comes. Fifth it’s been almost a month sense i ordered and i still have not received my book and it’s only suppose to take 10-14 business days. I do not recommend this app for buying cards cause they will scam you and try to take your money please do not download this app or support this company do it at your own risk but don’t say i didn’t tell you.
Picture Count Glitch....
by da1Nonly007 on 2020/11/28 07:30
I’m having issues with this app. I have chosen my pictures however the app is not refreshing and it’s showing that I have more then 100 pics which I don’t. When I go back to select/unselect pictures, I make sure that the number at the bottom right says 100 total (I even tried <99 pics total) and I click DONE and when I click PRINT NOW, I get an error message saying that I have more than 100 picture ... which I don’t. I have tried MULTIPLE times to go where I have selected my pics to make sure it’s only 100 pics total OR LESS (I even tried selecting 99 OR LESS pics total) but the app won’t update the changes I have made. I also installed the app update as well and I’m still having the same issue. It is now almost the end of November and I need to make my selection and I can’t because of the issue I mentioned above.... ***I have also emailed customer service like 3 times within a three week period and nobody has replied.... horrible customer service....
by LinakaMalia on 2021/01/14 07:50
I have bought multiple books every month for years. Matter fact I purchased at least 8-10 books in November and December 2020 alone. BUT lately nothing but TROUBLE just trying to upload my pictures! Last month it kept telling me I had well over 100 pictures and ever time I went back and deleted the extras and hit done they all the ones I deleted showed right back on the count!! I’m curious to see what happens to that last book since it said I had 140 something pictures. I AM FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED. I do not want to CANCEL GROOVEBOOK but I just tried to do a new book and I went to 100 hit done and as they uploaded this time it only uploaded 50+ pictures I went back to see what happened and several of my pictures were no longer checked to add. I pressed on a few to preview and even though I’m looking right at the picture when I press and hold to preview nothing shows up! Plain white screen! PLEASE HELP! WHAT DO I DO NOW! Sincerely a very upset/concerned customer!
Very bad system with poor quality
by btaylor0230 on 2020/06/24 02:43
I ordered my first book over four months ago and was surprised that even now my order says in production. The app itself is faulty and frequently shuts down automatically, doesn’t allow for easy edits, and provides no way to track the order any further. When I finally did get a book I ordered, it was my third and final book before I canceled my account because of poor service. The book itself is very flimsy and the page perforation doesn’t allow the pictures to tear out even though that is an important aspect of the books that is advertised! Every single picture in my book was printed twice even though I didn’t request for multiple copies of most of them. Several pictures are also very blurry and upside down even though the picture quality is good on my phone and right side up. It is a good idea to have this system but the creators did not do a good or proper job at correctly implementing.
User interface is not user friendly, poor quality photos
by TaraAnn1 on 2018/01/15 00:27
User interface is not user friendly. Instead of creating a new book, they say you can reprint a previous one, but there is no easy way to signify that- you only have options to add photos. Also, it can’t read albums from iPhotos. So you have to take many extra steps to create a album in the old iPhoto’s that was decommissioned a could years ago! And to make the app less friendly, matter how you organize your photos, they print in random orders. Some very basic update that a year later are still not in Groovebook. And better yet, perfectly clear pictures on your phone are blurry. About 50% or more are such poor quality. Actually printing at the local drug store is better! I’m hoping groove book finally makes some improvements. It’s a great idea, poorly executed! Some of these basic suggestions were submitted last year, but still no visible change to anything.
Great idea, poor app execution
by aag1027 on 2018/11/26 03:34
First let me say this is an awesome idea. 100 photos for $3.99! Amazing! I wish it was an adhoc subscription instead of monthly but that’s not so bad. I used to use this app years ago and it worked great. However I canceled my subscription when I started running out of pictures to print monthly. I recently re-subscribed and I can’t stand the app. It still allows you to sync to your pictures just fine. However, every month the same 40 or so pictures are automatically added to my book and I have no way of removing them. Also, the pictures that are added to the book are not added in chronological order so I have to hunt for each of the pictures that shouldn’t be there (I.e. those from previous books). I’m going to try and delete the app and add it back to my phone in the hopes that fixes the issues but honestly that seems like such a hassle I’ll most likely just cancel my subscription again.
App does not work properly
by handhdhdhjsjhdhh on 2020/12/22 23:06
I really liked this app when I got my 1st book, so I order 3 more everything seem fine until I gifted a book I chose the 1st one I did and guess what I got the last one I order. In the beginning I though maybe it was me that I had made an error so I went ahead and order another one, so now I am missing book number 2 wrote customer service because their is no number to call because I have gotten all but the second one which I order on nov 30 and the last one December 11 and just got that one in the mail, so Again I went to re-order the book I'm missing because I rather pay 4 dollars and get the book because I really wanted and once I logged in to see my history shows in production Book 4 instead of the one I picked for de-order so that's a MAYOR flaw on the app to say the least. I have email customer service 3 more times and still no answer. Definitely not the smooth picture ordering app.
Issues with shipment
by weird_deku on 2020/09/30 18:34
So I installed the Groovebook app because one of my cousins has it so I wanted a Groovebook for myself. I like the fact that you can upload up to 100 pictures which for my first Groovebook I added a 100 pictures. I was ready to print them it accepted my order and it said they would print in 2-3 days and ship in 10-18 days. It took a bit more than a week to print and I was about to cancel my subscription but the next day I get a notification that my pictures were already printed and that they would ship in 10-18. I’ve waited for almost 21 days and they still haven’t arrived. It doesn’t even let me track where the Groovebook is it just tells me “printed” and when I go to order history it tells me it’s “shipped” that’s the only thing I know about my order. I was going to make another Groovebook order but I think I will have to cancel my subscription.
Not responsive
by Shortytornado on 2018/10/03 06:33
Guys I have been doing groove book for years and you guys usually have been responsive, but ever since the app started glitching I can’t get in touch with what did I have to do? I had to uninstall the app, which DELETED all of my data, and THEN I had to re sign up (???) and put my credit card down again just to find out that the app services went up to almost $5 per month. Guys I don’t mind paying a little more, just update the app and notify us of the fee changes. Don’t glitch out the app and force your customer to do more work to get memories printed out on paper. I can go to Wal-Mart for that if I want the headache. By me re signing up I better not get hit TWICE in fees, because that would REALLY set me off. Hopefully I’ll hear from your tech support soon?? Or somebody and that way I can let them know what I have already done to get my pictures printed off before the 6th.
Horrible experience, good concept
by Zebo50002 on 2019/11/14 02:22
Groovebook has an amazing concept and idea and I truly hope they can find ways to better the company and app. As a picture lover, I was thrilled to find this app that can print pictures you have on your phone and get them shipped right to you. However, upon paying for almost 6 months of books, I have only received 4. The shipping aspect is horrendous as it takes WAY longer than they say it will to received your books. And that’s only if your books do not “get lost in transit” as mine did 3 times. It took me months to get my 3 missing books that had already been paid for and they had to be re-printed and shipped 2 different times. I have received my books finally and have since canceled my subscription, sadly. Too much of a headache to deal with. Good concept, horrible function. So back to printing pictures at Walgreens..
Good idea but...
by pacfinders on 2019/05/01 03:07
I like the concept behind the app. The picture quality is good enough for every day prints and with 9 grandlittles I have a lot of every day prints. The quantity of prints is good too, 100 prints that come in a book form. Here is my issue, trying to upload my picture to the app every month. This month it has taken me a hour and 20 minutes to do the upload. Eight app crashes, only being able to load about five to seven at a time, some of the ones checked would not upload, and all the pictures checked would not load at first try. One month I loaded all my the pictures for that book then, for some reason I was informed I didn’t get any uploaded. Customer service is good to get back to me but didn’t solve the problem that month. I just didn’t get the book I payed for. I have made Groovebook aware of the crashing problem, pictures not loading, and the time it takes to just upload pictures yet it keeps happening. So, Groovebook is a cheap way to print pictures to clear out your phone but be ready to spend time doing it. If I could find another app for the same price to print 100 pictures in a book, I would change. p. cole
Newest updates are terrible
by Ama218 on 2017/11/25 15:14
Used to be awesome & I’ve been getting books for years but since newest updates there are so many issues. Now it starts from my first book so I have to scroll through years worth to get to current month which is a big, time-consuming pain! They also changed how they list books making it very confusing. You need to do one per month (& are charged even if you don’t upload photos) and you always had option to close early & print extra books then leave your 100 photos there for the monthly close date of your book. Now when I close early it says all books are extra & if I leave my 100 photos there for due date they’re still there afterwards. I’m very confused & think I’m getting charged extra like I never uploaded my monthly book when I indeed did. People in emails never seem to understand what I’m Saying. Frustrating!!
You Pay for No Service
by Sunbscriber Unhapoy on 2018/08/08 17:30
You have until the 13th of every month to upload your pictures into the folder they place in your account for the month. That is the service you pay: to have up to 100 pictures uploaded & printed into a small album mailed to you. If you miss the deadline, they charge you the monthly subscription fee anyway and you don't get anything. Well, this has happened to me two months in a row...THEY DID NOT PROVIDE THE FOLDER TO UPLOAD MY PICTURES TO. You can’t call a live person, you have to email. Ive emailed repeatedly to ask them to put August folder and they haven’t. Same thing in July. You get an auto response when you email to “expect a response in 4 hours.”. No response received. I’ve been a subscriber for years but just now experiencing this obvious decline in their service, photo quality and in their app. I’m cancelling this service. Service no longer recommended.
Good customer service, bad service
by Sadestyles on 2020/07/20 15:56
For a small company, or seemingly small, Groovebook has bad service. I was charged for my “free trial” book, but once I contact customer service (which was great) they refunded my money within a few days. I ordered my Groovebook at the beginning of July and it still says it’s “in production” ... According to Groovebook, it should only be in production for 2-3 days. I would be fine if it said it was shipped and that took a while because Covid, but it has been in production for forever, and at this point, I don’t think the book is coming. I canceled my subscription and they logged me out the app so I can’t even track my book’s progress. I think it’s sus how they NEED you debit/credit card info for you to use the app. It would be better if they let you get a feel for the app and Groovebook before demanding your credit card info right off the bat.
I will never do business with this company again
by ahs1220 on 2018/03/23 17:16
I've been a groovebook customer for the better part of four years and have recently canceled. The cons far away the pros, but I'll give a quick review on both: Pros: - easy to upload - fairly inexpensive Cons: - thin, low quality paper used for developing - long ship times and no tracking info - increased prices - you are billed whether you upload photos or not - biggest con came when I tried to cancel my account - there is no phone number to contact customer service, just an email. I asked in three separate emails to cancel my account and instead the different customer service reps who responded to my emails tried to offer me a chance to upload more photos. Once my account was finally canceled I noticed I was billed a day later for the next month. I was told the charge would be credited back. Two weeks later I noticed the charge was never reversed. When I contacted customer service again, they told me I must have shared my login information with close family or friends. I have never shared my information and the insinuation that I had was insulting and unprofessional. It has been two weeks since my initial email, and I'm still waiting for my account to be resolved. I'd save your money and buy high quality photos when Shutterfly runs a free printing promotion
Horrible quality
by Valeriemm on 2018/07/29 05:01
I want to love this. I was so excited about it when I discovered it. I saw some reviews about quality problems but thought maybe they just meant paper thickness and for the price I really wouldn’t complain about that. The first few I got were good not the greatest quality but good enough that I was excited about how easy it was. The the last few months my pictures come so incredibly blurry you can hardly see the persons face in the photo. I thought it was a one time thing so I emailed customer service requesting a reprint due to blurry pics. They did this but the reprint came and was the same. The next 2 months I’ve continued to order new ones, but both have come so blurry that they’ll probably just end up in the trash. Really sad I wanted this to work and wanted to tell people how great it was, if it would have been. Cancelling subscription and deleting app.
You Cannot Miss This Great Value For A FANTASTIC Product!
by Deelave on 2019/03/22 11:31
Groovebook is such an amazing way to get all of your pictures transferred off of your phone and transferred into a very compact book with the best quality pictures ever! It is definitely worth the $4.32 a month to get 100 pictures printed off of your phone and save the space AND get a great product, personal gift, or just for your own memories that you can sort into each holiday, season, birthday, anniversary etc. and it is so neat and organized with top-notch quality pictures at an extremely affordable price! I absolutely love and look forward to receiving this gift for myself in the mail each month! Thank you. Denise Lavelle
Great idea, but buggy
by -BonnyS- on 2018/07/17 13:40
I love the idea of a monthly photo subscription. This app frustrates me, though. I choose my 100 photos, and click to add them. The upload process is very slow and will stop in the middle of the upload and tell me that it has finished uploading x/100 photos (but not 100). It’s time consuming to go back into the photos and figure out which uploaded and which didn’t. Last month I ended up with several doubles, and not all of the ones I originally selected. The quality of the photos was not great, but that could be due to my phone and picture taking skills rather than the print quality. I would love to give this app a higher rating, but there is definitely room for improvement as far as usability!
Scam alert
by Carolina Improvements on 2019/04/21 17:49
When I first subscribed, everything worked great. After a bit over a year or so, the app stopped notifying me to upload photos. And there is no place in the app to check for these notifications. I have, several times checked my iPhone notification permissions and everything was fine. For this reason, I am paying for a subscription that I don’t use every month, and they don’t allow you to go back and upload pics for last month after the 15th, so that money is spent with no service offered. In other words, you are paying for something you are not getting. Also, one more important thing, they went up a dollar (a 33% increase) on the subscription at one time without giving notice. So suddenly I am paying 33% more for a service that no longer alerts me to upload my photos. Shame on compromising your values for the sake of profit. Shame on you.
Excellent but need better picture cropping
by meganta on 2017/10/17 07:31
Groovebook is in general pretty great especially considering the price. It's easy to unsubscribe, to skip a month, to add photos to your book, etc... the only thing I suggest to groovebook is that they crop/adjust the photos better to the page. Often times quotes get cut off either at the bottom or they are shifted too far to the right or left so the beginning of each line is gone. Photos that should be landscape sometimes are put as portrait. Photos are printed upside down. In general, I love this service. I'll use it again for sure. But if groovebook really is concerned with customer satisfaction and quality of their products, they should take this advice into account.
Purposely killing this service, Shutterfly?
by sherrytruth on 2021/01/10 23:29
I have had this app and ordered monthly for YEARS, after I first saw it featured on Shark Tank. A clever, low-cost product, it was one of my favorite things! Well, no longer. Since it was bought by Shutterfly the app is as buggy as can be. So buggy, in fact, it seems they are trying to make it fail. It crashes repeatedly while you are selecting your photos. After it crashes it bumps you back to today’s photo, instead of remembering where you were in your roll. Scrolling makes it crash. Loading makes it crash. The print quality also fell dramatically, with photos getting darker and darker. Too cheap of competition for your more expensive books, huh? It is very craven of you to buy out a company just to ruin their great product. Don’t do it, Shutterfly! We’re on to you!
From Awesome to Awful!!
by Peanutslovr on 2020/11/28 06:24
Used them for YEARS! And since the company was sold it slowly went downhill. There’s SO many bugs & issues that won’t get resolved even after notifying support about it. You can no longer start over from scratch or clear out previous pics. It randomly picks photos on its own. It’ll reset itself. It prints duplicates even though I don’t do it. It keeps scrolling itself to the bottom of the page every 15 sec. I can keep going. They slightly raised the prices & I never flinched. After battling with them for 3 months. I’m over it. I’m gonna try to find another app which does the same concept. Kinda difficult because most are actual real books not “cheap” photo books where I can tear out pics if I wish. Or you can only do like 25-50 pics instead of 100. Anyway, I’m frustrated & tired of dealing with these multitude of tech issues!!!! 😤😡
Great potential, poor function
by MellyIsIt on 2019/04/28 03:01
This app has the potential to be a game-changer for busy people who can’t stop to upload pictures from their phone all the time. Unfortunately, the app is glitchy at best. It doesn’t always upload all the photos that you select, and I cannot find a pattern as to why. When my book came, some of the photos were cropped differently than my original shot. There are positives- every photo prints with a date and time in a handy little book. The spine of the book is marked for dates. The upload process would be easy if it worked consistently. The quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s cheap. If someone in the Shutterfly company could work out the glitches and improve photo quality, this could be a home run. Unfortunately, it’s just not there.
Terrible! Absolutely terrible customer service!!
by Fixfacebook420 on 2021/01/11 21:11
Customer service? Groovebook has no idea what those two words are. They charged my card and wouldn’t allow me to close out my book to be shipped/printed. Instead I got charged and no book. This has happened for multiple months now — I’ve sent multiple emails with no response and yes I’ve check my junk/spam folder. I used them in the past and loved it so signed up again and unfortunately, they are terrible. Chat books has better quality and their customer service is amazing— same day response. So, if you like to throw your money away and get mediocre product then Groovebook is for you. If not, and you like nice quality products/ customer service then they ARE NOT for you. They don’t even have a telephone number to call. You should be ashamed of your product/customer service skills Groovebook!!!
Love the books but lately the app has disappointed me
by Esha_RB on 2019/05/09 14:21
I have been subscribed to Groovebook for a couple years now. I loved the idea and I take a lot of photos so it works well for me. I’ve always been able to upload my photos with ease. Although the quality of pictures hasn’t always been the best I still use it. But lately it’s been disappointing. The app shuts down a lot on me in the middle of uploading photos so then I have to go back in and start all over again. It also doesn’t upload all the photos I choose which is upsetting. And when I’m trying to order extra books sometimes it doesn’t always work & my monthly book get erased. This is very upsetting please fix this because I want to continue to use this service..... just this morning it took me 4 tries to upload a book 😩
Groovebook takes away & still charges for month.
by Groupon17 on 2018/09/25 22:32
This isn’t the first time that I’ve been in the middle of an order and the Groovebook app has kicked me out of the ordering process; I even updated my information but still no month of September shows up. I sent feedback messages but I get nowhere with Customer Service, actually there’s no Customer Service’s provided by Groovebook that I’ve noticed & they won’t make it right so I’m thinking of canceling my monthly subscription and going through another photo company. Today’s the last day to put my order in but I’ve been locked out for over a week now and haven’t been able to upload any of my photos. Groovebook needs to find a solution to this problem and quick or their going to loose yet another unsatisfied Customer. #GetYourActTogether
great for the price, but...
by KaySunshine 14 on 2017/11/08 20:14
It took exactly a month to receive the book. You don’t get an email or notification once it’s been shipped so you can’t track the order either. Since this was my first month / time using Groovebook, I began to think that I was getting ripped off. The quality of the photos are pretty nice, but for whatever reason, more than half of the landscape photos are printed upside down. I guess if you’re using this app just to rip the photos out to use in an album or a frame, it’s not a big deal, but I intended to give this as a gift and now it just looks sloppy. I’ll continue to use it, but I feel like I have to place orders in by July to make sure I even get something like this by Christmas time!
Not stable
by aimstaind on 2019/01/02 18:31
I’ve had this app and pay the subscription for over two years. The app is not very stable. When we have to choose photos, it’s not getting added as it goes along so a lot of times the app crashes and shut down and you need to redo all your selections again. You have to be sure to select a few and let it upload then go back and select a few more. It’s less heartbreaking that way. Now, I’ve been having billing issues for a couple of months now. I have requested assistance for a couple of weeks but have not heard back via email. Silly me for not following up but no contact or response is infuriating. The four bucks is definitely worth it for 100 photos but I am definitely reconsidering some other options now bc now this is getting tiresome.
Poor quality
by Up North MN Momma on 2018/08/25 19:20
I tried in 2014 and then Quit in 2015. When my last baby was born in 2017 and I got an iPhone I thought I would try again. Who needs 100 Crappy pixelish ( I think I made up a word) pictures a month. I decided I might as well print my pictures in the Shutterfly app and just pay shipping. Plus they have a free photo book every month! I also just ordered my first chatbook. There are other options out there to get your pictures off your phone. I have come to decide if I want the pictures I would rather pay more to have them look nice. I would be willing to try again if they made their photos better quality even if that meant less prints or a higher price tag but the quality is very disappointing. I now have a box of low quality flimsy prints to hand down to my kids...😕 moving on and exploring other options.
6 year rating!!!
by Seven Devils, NC on 2020/09/30 22:03
I’m still here! Every month downloading my memories, the picture quality gets better and better through the years! And, free shipping!!! My husband was just filing through some of our picture books the other day and saying how much he enjoys them. ( Rare for him😳) They come in a neat little book that has the date in the spine, so I just stack them on the bookshelf and pull them out when I need them, which is now! My grand daughter graduates from college on Friday and I am making a scrapbook filled with her pictures from the last 4 years! This is a steal of a deal for 100 pictures!!
by tabbylambertxo on 2019/05/20 03:15
$3.99 a month for 100 photos?! Sounds too good to be true! That’s right!!! The paper is so so so flimsy, the photo quality is so horrible, the photos are never clear. The customer service is absolutely horrible, pretty much nonexistent. No phone number to speak to a live person. And email? Forget about it. I would never get anything back in a timely matter and they never resolved my issues. I would go to log in and it would tell me my password was incorrect, which was bogus because I had it written down and had not changed it. Then when I cancelled Groovebook it still kept charging me even after cancelling. I had Groovebook for almost a year and I just kept giving it chance after chance hoping it would get better but it didn’t!!! Please do not waste your time or your money!
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