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ibotta - The cash Back App. grocery coupons, retail deals & More
cash back, just for shopping! ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. Ditch the coupons and get cash back the fun and easy way. ibotta has exclusive rebates at your favorite grocery stores and retailers. No more searching around for offers, coupons or discount codes- find the best deals whenever you shop with ibotta. Your Mobile shopping Companion: ◆ Save Time, Earn cash - cash back deals tailored just for you ◆ grocery and More - Earn cash back on apparel, cosmetics, electronics and more ◆ Earn on grocery Staples - Get cash on items you already buy like milk, bread, eggs and more ◆ Any Brand rebates - Pick your brand, pick your store and earn real cash ◆ Get Real cash - No points, just real money in your pocket via Paypal, Venmo and gift cards ibotta has the deals you want. Browse our wide range of categories including grocery, apparel, beauty & wellness, electronics, alcohol and many more! Choose the brands you want from your favorite stores with our Any Brand rebates. You choose the brand. Seriously, pick any brand you want and start earning cash back today. We update our cash back coupons all the time, so keep checking for exclusive offers from your favorite retailers, including: Walmart, Target, Costco, kroger, Safeway, Publix, Best Buy, Sephora, Express, Aero, Sports Authority, Kohl's and others. Forget the hassle of cutting out a paper coupon, or clipping online and printing. Instead, we’ll get you cash wherever you shop. How ibotta Works: 1. Unlock rebates - Before you shop, unlock cash back offers 2. Go shopping - Buy featured products at your favorite stores and retailers 3. Verify & Earn - Submit a receipt or link a loyalty card and get cash back Earn Even More: ◆ Bonuses - Buy featured products, redeem items at specific retailers, or complete certain tasks and you’ll unlock Bonuses with extra cash back. ◆ Invite Friends - Refer a friend and receive cash back each time a friend joins ibotta with your referral code and redeems their first rebate. ◆ Teamwork - Link your Facebook account with ibotta and build your own team. The bigger your team, the easier it is to earn your Teamwork bonuses every month! Need more reasons to start using ibotta? ◆ Our users have earned over $45 million dollars ◆ Selected by Apple as a Best New App ◆ Featured on Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, Forbes, ABC News, Mashable and TechCrunch ibotta users have earned millions in cash back rewards. How will you spend yours? Happy earning! Note: ibotta utilizes iBeacons and background location to show you better rebates and in-store offers. You can customize these notifications in the settings. Continued use of GPS running in the background may decrease battery life.
A little extra money in my pocket!
by teenyvikingchild on 2016/05/04 06:17
I love this app! I have about 5 money making/saving apps and this one is my absolute favorite! I get cash back on products I'm already going to purchase. Even my husbands weekly beer run puts $3 in my pocket every time! I love the bonuses as well! And it's so nice that it deposits right into my paypal if I'm not interested in a gift card. I've had the app for about 3 weeks and I have about $45 already in my account. The only thing I am hopeful for is that they would include Trader Joes because a lot of times I get milk, eggs, bread, bananas or veggies that are generic rebates they offer. I can't find a way to claim them without specifying the store.
Love love love it!
by BeebeeQ604 on 2016/05/04 05:40
I love this app. It's super simple, has products that I actually use and great savings.
Good rebate/coupon app
by Melisa4765 on 2016/05/04 05:23
But there needs to be more products available.
by Mjpledger on 2016/05/04 05:01
Love Ibotta app. Great way to save extra money!
Easy to use, fun to save!
by Tgirl613 on 2016/05/04 01:25
It doesn't always have the products we use, but it is a good way to save some money.
Love this app
by Pretty boring if you ask me on 2016/05/04 00:05
Made $11.25 back on just one shopping trip on things I buy on a monthly basis. Only con is I think you should be able to hide ones that you don't wanna see or one that shows you new items listed that haven't been previewed before. Not just what's new.
Best was to get money
by Sel hcjv g on 2016/05/03 21:03
The best way to get money
Yoga mom
by YogamomBC on 2016/05/03 21:01
Great app and easy to use!!
Love it
by Netnay on 2016/05/03 20:22
Awesome app
It's great! Referral code sgybluh get 10$ extra at sign up
by Christinadonermuth1983 on 2016/05/03 20:12
I love this app! Already made 20 bucks in the two days I've had it. Simple to use just scan a receipt. My referral code sgybluh gets you an extra ten dollars :)
Awesome app
by Breed1202 on 2016/05/03 19:20
I love rewards! Easy to use!
Omg the savings
by Tatmom on 2016/05/03 19:04
Using it for only two weeks and have already saved thirty dollars. Has a lot of things we buy for the house hold often. Great thing to have and so easy to use.
Awesome app
by Chinky211 on 2016/05/03 19:02
I have multiple friends that had talked about this app for awhile and now I see for myself what the fuss was all about, great app and I'll continue using it! 👍🏻
Free Money
by Alleyoop677 on 2016/05/03 17:52
I downloaded this app maybe 2-3 weeks ago & I already got $23 in my PayPal account. Not bad for buying different brands of things I was already gonna buy. So simple to use, too.
Stuff I actually buy!!!
by Sir Livingston on 2016/05/03 17:17
This app is pretty darn cool.
Ibotta slays the cash back for purchases game
by Jnewhalfen on 2016/05/03 16:13
Five stars says it all
by Larissa's iphone on 2016/05/03 16:07
Love ibotta!
by Savvy shopper 1306 on 2016/05/03 15:54
Ibotta has been complained against over 200 times on the BBB website for deactivating people accounts and keeping their funds so be careful and always pull your funds out as soon as you get to $20.
Works great!
by Teach a on 2016/05/03 15:49
Works great!
The Way it Was!!
by Kelliebme on 2016/05/03 11:37
I am a big fan of this app, I use it every time I go to the grocery store. But, it was so much easier to find items in the old format. It would be much more user friendly if instead of the left to right swipe was an up and down version again, keep the categories in place with a couple of examples below it and then have a drop box to see the rest of the category, that way when you click view all you would not be taken to another page.
More options
by Kirah Whitebear on 2016/05/03 04:52
I would like to see more rebate options for personal care. Such as Clarol Hair Color Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner and such. Things people use everyday. Not just organic items and limited produce. More variety would be awesome.
Pretty easy
by jaylajo on 2016/05/03 03:29
A good amount of participating stores and products. Fairly easy to use. Quick turn around.
Works great
by CrossFitAlicatt on 2016/05/03 01:15
Great for all my shopping.
Not all rebates
by Durhs he on 2016/05/03 01:00
After unlocking couple rebates they are now gone, I have to contact assist everytime and they say we try to mix it up, I don't want to mix it up I've told them but they just copy paste their messages...only made it to 14.75 and I'm not getting any rebates...
Money back from everyday shopping
by Debdeth on 2016/05/02 23:28
Does it get any better than that? I don't do anything different than normal shopping, and get money back. Referred many friends and family members.
Great app
by Dwl14k on 2016/05/02 22:00
I love this app. Money builds up buying stuff I normally buy. Withdrawing money is easy too.
by Stewy2627 on 2016/05/02 22:00
Great app so far
Super easy way to make some extra money
by Atownchillin on 2016/05/02 21:50
I don't normally write reviews, but there is nothing wrong with this app at all. I think this app is going to blow up and everyone will have it within a year or so. Literally no reason NOT to use this app. Why not get a few bucks back whenever you go shopping?
Love it!!
by Reynamiah on 2016/05/02 21:15
This app is awesome, you are getting rewarded for purchases you were already gona make!
by ..Meg.. on 2016/05/02 21:01
Love This App!
by MimSearls on 2016/05/02 20:49
My daughter-in-law invited me to this app and I'm glad she did. Just buying things I was going to buy anyway and getting cash back. Fairly easy to use with the participating stores. Walmart is the easiest, but not my favorite place to shop.
Cool beans
by Welms Bebelgels on 2016/05/02 20:10
Very helpful
Super easy way to get more money back
by Iluvtaz on 2016/05/02 19:05
I have earned enough to purchase 3 $25 gift cards in about 4 months. Mostly find/use rebates on stuff I already buy anyway, but have also found some new favorite items I have tried only because I had a rebate. Would highly recommend this app for ease of use alone. Some weeks are hit or miss on the rebates available at the stores I normally shop at. Would like to see a wider selection but the app itself works great!
Okay app
by Kate2u on 2016/05/02 18:52
Ibotta is great at first...seemed to have a lot more items I used for rebates. Seems now the choices are more limited. Not much to choose from for clothing purchase rebates
Ibotta Is Wonderful!
by tskshopper on 2016/05/02 18:33
I use a few apps for coupon shopping, but I believe Ibotta is by far the most profitable one. They tend to have many more offers than the other apps, and the offers are more applicable to my family's needs. I love that many offers reload and can be repeated also. I highly recommend Ibotta to anyone who loves to save! One of the best features is just that--helping others to earn more quickly.
Fraud company
by Akrooz on 2016/05/02 18:09
I'm the user of ibotta for months and I did submit many recipt but when I tried to redeem, they suddenly deactivate my account! I think they deactivate customers when they reach to certain amount and ibotta have to pay. This company is nothing but fraud and fake.
Good Program
by Fun times Forever on 2016/05/02 16:33
We love it but wish it would offer more small town stores such as Rays Market, Bimart, Dairy Queen, and Taco Bell. Living in a tourist town and 35 miles to bigger city it would be nice to get rebates back in this area. All in all excellent program.
by Mama Moses on 2016/05/02 16:23
Love being able to get cash back for my family! I have 7 kids. So every little bit extra helps.
Love Love Love
by Danville 7 on 2016/05/02 14:32
Why wouldn't you use this app? I'm getting money back on items I already am going to purchase and then can use that money at Starbucks and Sephora. I'm obsessed!
Love saving on essentials
by Scentypam on 2016/05/02 14:24
This is a wonderful app. I love saving on essentials.
Perfect fit!
by Campmulli on 2016/05/02 14:02
Love IBotta it's a user friendly app that pays you back. I only wish there were more organic options but I'm certain in time that'll come. I've earned over $100 cash back in just over 6weeks!
Love it so far
by Ms.Gizmo89 on 2016/05/02 13:30
I have used this app for my last three shopping trips and have already accumulated $5.00. I don't usually buy what's on the app but if I see something on there I know I will be buying I make note of it to save my receipt. I really love that I get offers for fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy items. I have recommended this app to friends and family.
Favorite app!
by Hah22 on 2016/05/02 13:11
This app is the best! I've had it just a couple of weeks and I've gotten almost $40 back already.
So many updates!
by Iliketurtles348952 on 2016/05/02 12:29
Seems like there's one every few days. Really like the app, please add more produce and store brand items.
I enjoy this
by Enjoyable!!1010 on 2016/05/02 11:23
I enjoy using this
Love, love, love!
by Winter Wife on 2016/05/02 05:23
This app is my permanent replacement for coupons! So simple to use. Unbelievably convenient!
Great site!
by TCTampa on 2016/05/02 04:26
Love Ibotta! Easy to use and get money back every time I shop!
by Ginransmith on 2016/05/02 03:06
Easy to use. Like this app.
Love it!
by Ashkabashfrombangledash on 2016/05/02 02:20
Great app! Only had it a few days and I've already earned $13.50. I plan on cashing out in time for Christmas so I can use these savings to play Santa Clause with!
Love it!
by JJCmn on 2016/05/02 01:54
So glad I found this! Saves me so much $!!
Wonderful App!!
by Left me wanting more! on 2016/05/02 00:56
I love this app. It's very easy to use and there are always great rebates available!!
Referral Code: dgrxneh $10
by Jones_Boone on 2016/05/01 23:30
Join this team and see how easy it is to make money. Plus get rewarded quicker as we knock out the teamwork goals. Use referral code: dgrxneh Get you an easy $10 after your first rebate. Thanks. Join a winning team.
Good app and getting better
by Tweeble1988 on 2016/05/01 23:09
Iborra used to have some difficulties but it has gotten much better over the past year. Easy way to get rebates!
Great app
by helookalikeaman on 2016/05/01 22:53
Awesome way to make some extra cash
by Pris1023 on 2016/05/01 22:49
Love this app!!!
It's okay
by Abisnale on 2016/05/01 22:16
Love the savings, but the coupons are for things I don't buy, other than milk and bananas. I wish there was more variety.
Fun but limited
by kalooney on 2016/05/01 22:08
This app is fun and easy to use but the item selection is very limited and a lot of the items available for rebates are obscure.
by Liiyyy on 2016/05/01 21:25
This is helping my family so much!! Thank u!!
by littlebunnies on 2016/05/01 21:19
It's a great app and its easy to use.
Who doesn't love free money!!
by dmj257 on 2016/05/01 20:34
This app is an awesome, easy to use find!! I love it!
Great app
by Minchiekinz on 2016/05/01 20:18
I save money and it's great. My only concern is that I wish I didn't need a $20 minimum to transfer to my PayPal account and I wish some rebates were a little bit better. But so complaints. Easy to use and makes it fun to save.
Fantastic app!
by baby_wildacat on 2016/05/01 19:08
I love using this app! It's so great and easy to get rebates on things you would be buying anyway! I just hope the rebates and stores available only continues to grow!
Great App
by Alleyca@12 on 2016/05/01 18:31
Love it!
Great savings!
by Yoli913 on 2016/05/01 18:20
Love this app. It's easy to use, only thing is that I would have like to transfer my earned $$ cash into my bank account without there being a minimum requirement.
New way to search
by Bron30 on 2016/05/01 17:07
Hate the new search format!
by Lizziecc123 on 2016/05/01 16:23
Love this app!
Gathered money
by GeekForever33333 on 2016/05/01 16:15
After about 40 days, I have about 37 dollars. Not for those that don't like details. It's like coupon clipping, but you get money back in addition to your coupons and store refunds. Keep track of your passwords so that you can keep up with it. Hasn't really gotten in my way.
Love this app!
by Pntink on 2016/05/01 16:14
A month ago I would have given five stars no questions asked. I really love this app, but I hate the feature of scanning a code at checkout. I wish they would allow the option of scanning the receipt as well because half the time I forget to scan before I leave. I'm trying to pack my groceries, keep an eye on my children, and pay.
Great App with timely support
by MobileMommy4 on 2016/05/01 15:34
The ibotta team quickly managed setting up my Giant Eagle card as my card number was not recognized. Once completed, the earnings are racking up quickly! So far, this has been the most worthwhile couponing app.
The absolute best!
by Slot queen 88 on 2016/05/01 14:36
This is the best app I've ever used. Simple and easy. It's not like coupons where there may be one or two items I truly need. This app has the essentials, where to get them, and easy ways to earn cash back. I'm sold!
by Hufflepuff Lady on 2016/05/01 14:30
Super fun to save a few dollars on the grocery bill! Very easy to use app.
Like it.
by Jimmerlynn on 2016/05/01 14:24
This app gives rebates on things I buy each week. Things like milk, bread, eggs. If you are gonna shop anyway might as well get paid.
Great app!
by Itsmofosho on 2016/05/01 13:59
I love using this app and have already made a good amount of money back! I just wish there was a little more variety on popular everyday brands as well as more baby/kids items!
Love using this
by Bekah lynne Maher on 2016/05/01 13:54
I made 48.50 my first week. Love it
by Lady Loncke on 2016/05/01 12:47
Great app with great grocery rebates. It would be nice if some of the items were available across more stores but other than that I'm saving a significant amount of money and having fun while doing it!
Cool so far
by I'm uninstalling immediately on 2016/05/01 11:50
I've been using the app for about a month and it's pretty good so far. I haven't had any issues redeeming offers and I earned quite a bit in just a few shopping trips. I would have given it 5 stars if it had offers for more stores and more items we purchase frequently (like Luvs diapers for example).
Revised review: Options
by Kris1234N on 2016/05/01 08:06
Good app for cash back on the limited items they offer cash back on however I don't like the fact that your options are limited for how to verify purchases. The QR codes you're required to use at checkout, having to have a discount card for the store registered on the app. I would prefer to just submit my receipts. People make unexpected purchases or stops at stores...but, because it was unplanned and you didn't unlock the rebate beforehand, you can't get the rebate. That's not how life works. I initially liked this app but my rating continues to drop because now it doesn't even accurately track my rebates. It says I have earned a rebate but the cash isn't added. Now, I open the app after not having used it in a few days and the amount of cash available to withdraw has decreased??? I'm over it. Off to find a new app.
It's Alright -> Blehhhhh
by 1996e on 2016/05/01 07:42
Another Update: Unless you're buying only groceries, I would recommend the Receipt Hog or Ebates app. I've switched. They both make it more worth your time with a higher percentage of cash back. The rebates are mostly grocery and unpopular brands now on ibotta. I'm taking off another star. I haven't earned more than a dollar since the last update. C- Update: The rebates grow fewer in number each year. It's more difficult to earn rebates now. I've made $90~ back but that's because I redeemed the Spend & Earn rebates for beauty purchases like Sephora, White House, Black Market, and The Body Shop; all those rebates have now disappeared. No online rebates have returned either since February... I don't know what's going on with ibotta but the moment I reach my next cash out amount I might just give up. Pros: I've cashed out before and had no problems. The rebates are easy to redeem. Cons: All the online rebates seem to have disappeared recently. There isn't as much variety. They start to withhold rebates if you redeem the same one a few times. There could be improvements made but it's doing okay so far. B+
Ibotta review
by Saver 1 on 2016/05/01 06:55
Great app for saving! Easy to use!
by Asmartin13 on 2016/05/01 03:31
With 4 kids I'm always looking for a way to save. With a bit of work I've earned almost $20 on the ibotta app with just 2 trips to the store buying the things I usually do! Will be using this EVERY time I shop.
Beware its a scam
by Dera1988 on 2016/05/01 03:00
Worst app ever. Its a total scam and as I see know a lot of people are reviewing about the same. You keep collecting money and the suddenly deactivate your account for no reason. You send an email asking why and they say that you summit double receipts and thats a violation of the terms and literally quote "and thats all we will talk about this matter. Have a nice day". I recommend the app to 2 persons and the within a week they deactivate the account to the 3 of us and each of us had like 30 dollars or more. So beware of the scam. Once you reach 20 try to transfer.
Love this app!
by Hhop44 on 2016/05/01 01:48
This app is awesome and very easy to use.
by Favarxxx on 2016/05/01 00:35
Súper fácil de usar y una Magnífica manera de ahorrar
USE REFERRAL CODE YOU WILL GET 10$ App isn't that bad
by MuleSkinnerBlues on 2016/04/30 23:43
by Sarah S 8/17 on 2016/04/30 23:23
Love it!!! Great way to save
💰💰💰 Teamwork! 💰💰💰
by lololalicia on 2016/04/30 18:47
Love this app! I have earned $140 in 3 months! Use my code so we can earn more money together 😊 UJELVSV
The Best Rebate App.
by Chowfuntom on 2016/04/30 17:04
If you are looking into using a rebate app, this is by far the best app to use. It's simple to use and has many offers for everyday products. I use this app very frequently and save over $50 a month. All you need to do is add products to your list, make your purchase, and submit your receipt. It walks you through the rebate process of scanning the product then taking a picture of your receipt. What makes this even better is if you use the app frequently, they have monthly bonuses that add to your savings. The only improvement that I would like is a better focus for the camera. After one of the updates my pictures have been coming out a little blurry and it takes the right angle and light to get a clear picture. Nevertheless, 5-star app, hands down the best rebate app.
by TheFrozenOne on 2016/04/30 16:45
Ibotta is great!
Great app
by Shelycep on 2016/04/30 16:44
Really enjoy the app,
by Coralconch on 2016/04/30 16:00
Fun and saves money.
Used to be good
by Kikiskirts on 2016/04/30 15:37
There used to be tons of rebates and it included shopping online, however in the past de months, the app has gone down hill. There's barley any variety with rebates and they no longer offer rebates for any online retailers.... Would rate it 5 stars if there was more stores again like Nordstrom/Sephora.
Great fun and easy
by Twojo589 on 2016/04/30 14:10
I just made my first 20$ it was simple and I did it buying items I normally buy. Use this code to get an extra $10 when signing up. taryklt I recommend it to all my friends
Make the shopping list better!
by BunniesOMG on 2016/04/30 13:53
The rebates are great and I love checking for them while planning my shopping list. My only complaint is with the shopping list. Specifically, I wish you could move items from the "other" folder to its proper category. Just because it doesn't recognize what I've typed, I shouldn't have to check 2 categories every section of the grocery store- the actual category and the 'other' category. Pain in the neck!
Good at first
by Nlehmanterms on 2016/04/30 13:37
You earn very easy at first but then they stop offering the things that you buy. You can earn more if your friends join but after sharing a few times friends get sick of seeing it. Unless you make new friends often then you won't keep making a lot of money. I had like $20 within the first 2 weeks after that I'm lucky to earn .50 cents a week. And they keep putting the same stuff on there that you have never used. I'm not going to buy something just to get a .25 or .50 cent rebate if I wouldn't buy it anyway. They do give offers every once in awhile of like milk or coffee any brand. I usually buy store brand and get the rebate with no problem but I bought a store brand coffee once and they said it wasn't eligible. They refused to give .25 cents when store brand was fine on all the other rebates. All in all it is good to get an initial payout but after that it's not worth the hassle.
Great app!
by Dkdnnglalwmgfkzlfnslqmfbx on 2016/04/30 13:32
Easy way to make some money!!
by Oakley81 on 2016/04/30 12:15
ALERT!!! Use my code
by Adipoli on 2016/04/30 11:22
Use my exclusive code 7ry5g to sign up and win $ 10 !!!!
by RissaRose_ on 2016/04/30 03:03
Love this app. Money back on stuff I normally buy!
Best app ever
by Helipopter on 2016/04/30 00:14
I love this app! It's changed the way I buy groceries. Love it.❤️
Great way to save money!
by Desire86 on 2015/10/13 12:16
I like this app. I use it a lot because I like to save money on my groceries. I've racked up $45 in only 3 months. The only downside to using Ibotta is that you might buy something and it's actually the wrong item and you will not get cash back. Let's say you needed to buy Greek yogurt with the basic flavors and you accidentally bought the tropic flavors because it says variety on the coupon. Ibotta will not give you cash back for that item. Second way to not get cash back is if you purchased some things and wait over a week to redeem your items, you will not get cash back. Something that I've done that the app doesn't give you money on is, buying items from the wrong store. I bought diapers from one store which I was suppose to buy from a different store and lost $1 cash back because I already opened the package and could not return them. I just wished the coupons were for more then one store instead for specific stores. Another one I would like to point out is that they give you items to buy from certain stores and the stores don't even carry half the items the store specific coupons are for. I went to a store that had 30 coupons and I only found 5 items and that was it. Also the coupons they have are sometimes never for items you buy. I guess it's to promote new items but I wish they had coupons for things people buy regularly.
I love this app!
by Jw13440 on 2014/05/08 11:48
It's a great app, who wouldn't want to get money back on their purchases!? Id like to see the deals change more often, especially for things that I'm more inclined to buy. My big suggestion is that for when we might have multiple deals on one receipt purchase, there should be an option to add another deal to the list before entering the receipt for verification. I had 7 deals on one receipt last time and had to enter each item individually so I had to take a picture of the same receipt 7 times. Id just like to click click and go. So basically: add a deal, scan to verify the item, add all other deals applicable and verify (if multiple deals on one receipt), take one pic of the receipt, all deals on that receipt can be checked and verified at once. I think that would be much more efficient for whoever verifies this stuff as well as for those entering it in for redemption, rather than getting one thing approved from the receipt and then have to wait 4 hours or more for all the other deals on that receipt to be approved. If it's entered all together at one time it takes way less time to verify, and also keeps the person verifying from having to look at separate entries from the same receipt over and over again.
Bring back Exclusive Rebates by store filter
by cleothecolonel on 2016/02/13 13:42
Overall, I like the new format because it flows better. I would rather it all still be categorized but flow vertically instead of horizontally because I end up getting out of the individual store's rebate list and back to the full listing of stores sometimes when I'm swiping horizontally from the left. The feature I miss most, though, is the ability to filter a store by rebates that are exclusive to it. This was a real time saver when going through the rebates. For me, I would go through the Wal-Mart list and select rebates, and then view other stores' rebates by filtering to just see rebates exclusive to that store so I didn't have to scroll through all the other rebates again that I'd already seen. With the new format, the "exclusive rebates" filter option is gone. I don't want to spend the time trying to figure out what rebates are exclusive to each store, so, for me, not having this feature makes me more likely to skip over some products available only at certain stores. If I don't know about the rebate, then I don't know about the product and do not purchase the product, which defeats the intent of the app (brand and product awareness and product sale) for those items that I miss due to this lacking "exclusive rebate" filter feature in the app.
by Luceli77 on 2015/11/28 17:26
I love this application! I have not had any issues with it whatsoever. I read some of the reviews which complains about the rebates bring so little and having problems taking pictures, and getting her to start over, etc...Well here is are my two cents. Why complain about .20 cents? The point is to compile the rebates to get money. I have made $23 so far in a month. This is a combination of rebates and bonuses for getting your friends to use the app, and other incentives they have if you reach certain goals. Also, I have NEVER had a problem taking a picture of the receipt, how hard can that be??? You scan the product and take a picture of the receipt, done. I do it as soon as I get home from the grocery store and I don't have to think about it any more. And complain about watching a 30 or 60 second video, seriously? First, you don't have to watch a video for each item, second, the surveys you do have to complete are only of 1 question, and sometimes you don't have to do any of them at all. That said, I highly recommend to read before you do or comment on something. In that way you will totally understand how it works and use it to your best benefit. I am very satisfied with the app, and my friends are too.
Saves me money with minimal effort on my part
by Beth198 on 2016/01/15 23:02
Paper coupons are time consuming and I can't keep them organized and they usually aren't for healthy/fresh items. I like digital coupons that you load to your store's loyalty card. This app is kind of like the digital coupons except when you get home or as you place the item in your cart, you scan the barcode with your phone. Then you take a photo of the receipt. If you think that sounds hard to do, the app opens your camera for you and literally you are just touching your finger to the screen a couple times. It's easy! I'm saving money on the stuff I buy. Onions, bananas, milk, any brand of bread, any brand of cereal, lettuce, meat. I've been to the store three times and with a $5 bonus, I have $23 and change earned. It is easy to use. I like that it shows a photo of the item so I can scan through the available rebates quickly. I only gave 4 stars because it gives you the option to send your list of rebates to an email, your notes feature on iPhone and other apps. It doesn't always work. The latest update seems like it may have fixed the problem. Plus I had an item that certainly seemed to be the correct one but it said barcode did not qualify. That would be ok if from that screen I could link to details of rebate.
Awesome App! Would love more variety in food rebates...
by Petuniabishco on 2016/03/19 18:52
I've been using this app for quite awhile now, and I really love it! It's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of where everything is. It seemed too good to be true, but if you really take the time to find and use the rebates, the money really adds up quickly! Bonuses are great, too! My only frustration is that having recently been diagnosed with Celiac, I now have to eat gluten free, and I rarely find rebates that I can use anymore (except ones for things like produce and tea). It's a bummer that the majority of food rebates I see are for things like baking mixes, and breaded stuff that I can't have. I know it's not ibotta's fault that I can't buy this stuff anymore, but just wanted to put it out there that it would be great to see more variety in the brands offered so that those with food allergies might have more opportunites to use rebates, especially since allergies are becoming more and more common. There are a lot of brands now catering to the food allergy crowd (and not just Udi's...): Enjoy Life, Glutino, Schar's, Simple Mills, Kind, Bakery on Main, etc. It would be awesome to see more of these types of foods so that I (and many others) could start using the app to its full potential again! :)
Used to love Ibotta app
by Like Ibotta on 2015/09/13 21:24
I used to love the app until September 2 when I couldn't unlock items after watching 20 cent any brand items which are time consuming. Then I couldn't log into my account and was told it was a system glitch. Then I could sign in on website but not the app. Told there was a problem w my IP address and it was a location outside my Area. Got that changed but still not able to log in. Then told I could not use a VPN which I was unhappy about cause I earn with their app and it is not a rebate or coupon app. Finally after it didn't help to temporarily disable I deleted and sure enough it worked. Going to add back that VPN app and see what happens cause I used it w Ibotta for nearly a year with no problem. This all happened after Ibotta and other app updates and after an iOS update. Sure hope it all works. I did get good support from Ibotta and they credited my account for items I bought when I couldn't use the app and usually credit my account within hours of uploading receipts. But would prefer something other than videos to unlock rebate items. I couldn't get a person to do it because of the time it takes and don't have much luck w getting anyone to do it. I really think that most of the time it causes me to buy things I don't need. But will keep trying for a little longer.
Edited....update under asterisks ****
by Ykwgoa on 2016/02/13 05:12
I have had the app about a month and so far, I am in love! I am getting rebates on things I have always bought and with price matching, I have bought several things for free. It's a really great app and definitely beats clipping coupons or having to do something at the register. Do it at your house when you're done, rebates are added quickly. I knocked off one star because I referred a couple of people and they weren't added to my team for several days. I did contact customer service however and got a quick and helpful response. ****** Update Feb 2016 Unfortunately my love for the app has died down quite a bit. I still use it but I can't say I'm anywhere near "in love" with it like I was initially. When we first downloaded, there were SO MANY "any brand" rebates and that kept me interested. It helped me to save each time I shopped. Opposed to the 6-8 there used to be, now there is ONE any brand rebate available for example. I used to save on bananas, bread, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and some other essentials but it seems those any brand rebates were just to get me interested in the app and then taken away after some use. I joined for the any brand rebates and it stinks that they seem to hold more of a promotional value for the app than a consistent benefit.
My favorite app!
by 16Neon**Beryl10 on 2016/01/15 16:44
I got the app first because it was free, it was working great and then I read some reviews after I'd already been using it. Some people said there were problems. I was hopeful that there wasn't and I haven't run into any yet. First off, you don't have to do it while your shopping, you can do it when you get home and you're putting your groceries away, or when you're making your list before you go; you can select the items you are purchasing and verify them there in the store or when you get home. It doesn't take long to get the minimum amount to get cash ($20) at all! Regular grocery items are on there that we buy every week! I have already got cash through PayPal, it was quick, easy and secure. It asks for your fingerprint (if you've added it) so that it can verify that it's YOU cashing out. You also have the option to put money on a few select gift cards, (good for gifts I guess) which I have not tried. But I'm already getting more money on my account. My favorite part might be that it's not just groceries!!! I got money for going to see the new Star Wars movie, you can get money for buying pet supplies and things such as that. Great app and works 100% amazing for me!
Good app, but some issues
by ZueseO on 2016/01/01 06:14
So far I like the app. However there are some problems, for starters I can only redeem one of a certain item. Regardless of the fact that I bought multiple, second; it makes me start all over again after every single item redemption. Third, for example the other day I had multiple receipts for 3 gallons of milk that I had purchased. 1 gallon per receipt, however I could only redeem 1 of the milks. After that the item disappears and doesn't allow me to redeem the other 2 gallons, even though they are on separate receipts. I've had issues with redeeming more than one of a single item on the same receipt, but on separate receipts it should not be an issue. It has been a few days since the first redemption and the item still hasn't reappeared for me to redeem the second and third gallon of milk, plus the added hassle of having to save receipts and keep boxes of items if this happens. So that days later, if the item as been put away I might not have kept it in the box for storage or just it being used. But if I want to ATTEMPT redeeming it, I have to keep the box and dig it out of where I have put the items away. I would be immensely great full if these issues were addressed, but otherwise it's a decent app.!
Okay app
by Lizziemarie1985 on 2015/11/24 18:29
I actually downloaded this 2 years ago, tried it a couple of times but it wasted my time more than saved me money. Recently I received an email from Ibotta telling me that if I didn't do an activity that I would be charged $5 for having the account/app. Well, that seemed excessive and ridiculous so I tried to find a way to delete my account, which there is no easy or helpful answer on their website. I sent an email to their customer service indicating my desire to delete my account, to which I never got a reply. In the meantime I started to peruse the app again so I wouldn't be charged and started to turn in some rebates. The app has expanded quite a bit since its induction years ago, which is quite nice. I have been able to turn in a number of rebates and earned some bonuses. However, this app could definitely become more user friendly. I would suggest a way to sort the rebates, such as pulling up all the new ones to the top so I don't have to waste time scrolling. Also, the videos are way too long for the few cents return, basically battery drainers. Do not make the app close and start over when locking the phone or switching between apps. I would give it more stars if it was more user friendly and convenient.
Love the app!
by New & very impressed user on 2016/01/08 04:25
I heard about this app & downloaded it on Dec 28, so not even 2 weeks ago. My balance right now is $33. I am tickled to death for getting money back on items I already purchase weekly. I don't feel like it's time consuming at all. I normally wait until I'm in Walmart parking lot, so I'm alone & away from my kids, I open the app & scroll through it & unlock the items that are already on my list. I go shop with my normal grocery list as I always did. When I get back in my car, I type in each item off my receipt in the search bar just to see if I had overlooked it before going inside. Then I verify my purchases & am done. It takes a few minutes & that's it. I haven't saw many rebates for less than .50 & lots of them are for $1. To me, that is def worth a few minutes. I hit the December goal, which added an additional $5 to my total then I reached some promo goal yesterday which gave me another $5. I plan on using this app every time I shop then cash my rebate out in November to use for Christmas presents! I'm so glad I found this app, just wish I had found it sooner!
by Alyssa kiyomi on 2014/04/03 16:02
I started using this app when it first came out! At first it was a smaller database with only a few items, but now it has grown to a variety of stores and products! I have already earned over $500 on this app (proof on Instagram- couponingprincessss) I made so much money by staying dedicated, referring friends and followers and completing bonuses! The ibotta team has been more than happy every time to help me out with any issues that may happen. I love this app and it has saved me a lot of money! I would like to thank ibotta and it's team for amazing service! And I also love how they are stationed in Colorado!! Woohoo! Colorado pride! One thing I wish this app had was more variety in the beauty department. I am huge into beauty products and there is a whole beauty community that would appreciate that kind of addition! Also maybe exclusive to Colorado and other states participating in the legalization of marijuana, there could maybe be some rebates for marijuana shops also! Just a thought but that industry is growing fast also!(: anyways...thanks so much ibotta! This app is one of my faves! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!
Used to be great. There are many problems now.
by Marsray on 2016/02/07 02:03
I have used this app for nearly a year. I've been very pleased in the past with the cash amount, quality, variety, and speed of processing rebates. I haven't been pleased recently. I referred friends in the past but will not any more. Customer service was great until recently. They used to respond quickly, accurately, and with clear knowledge of any issues. Their responses were often within hours of me contacting them. Not now. This past week I've been dealing with a certain representative and it has been infuriating. Not only has she failed to understand my issue, she continues to ask me for more and more "proof". This week I've sent her seven photos including screenshots of the app to substantiate my claim. Her response was to tell me the rebate wasn't working because it wasn't available at the retailer where I shopped. Seriously? Has she ever used this app? I sent her screenshots of the rebate clearly showing the rebate on the retailer page and a list indicating the retailer was a participating party. She seems to be doing everything to blame this on something I did rather than address the issue. I don't appreciate her lack of professionalism, lack of knowledge of the issue, and slow response time.
This is great!
by Scooterfly20 on 2014/10/02 07:43
I haven't been using this app for long, I just found it maybe a week ago. But I'm excited, especially after I successfully submitted my first purchases for rebates. It was pretty simple to do, I didn't mind scanning the items or taking a photo of my receipt. I had a VERY long receipt; yet I was able to capture all of it. It wasn't long before I got a notification that everything had been verified and I'm on my way to redeeming! The only thing that I look forward to seeing change (I hope) is more product options. Although I am not complaining; it was pretty awesome that I could choose my own favorite brands when it came to bread, eggs and milk. Also, I had the ability to use this app for coupons and still use my in-store coupons. I like to shop at Safeway and Fred Meyer which both have coupon apps which allow me to load the coupons to my account. Since I don't have to carry any of those coupons with me it's nice because then I can't forget them at home. Pretty cool what you can do now to save money, if you just take the time!
Great For Some Extra Cash!
by xoJemimah on 2015/01/11 05:14
I just made $15 in a few weeks but $10 of it was from the "clothing" category of rebates. So it was due to my little shopping spree at the mall at the end of December and just a few days ago. I just wish the grocery category offered more products. And I do agree with someone saying that there should be rebates for almond milk because we don't buy regular milk in our house anymore. My complaint about the bread rebate is that it's the sliced loafs of bread, we buy flatbreads or the fresh ones from the grocery store's bakery department 😓. I cooompletely support the produce rebate suggestion. My mom buys so many fruits and veggies. Other than that, TOTALLY recommend this app! The $15 rebate I earned just helped me pay off some online shopping 😂. That reminds me, please offer more stores for the clothing category rebate. I don't shop at Aeropostale... who really does? And who actually spends like $75 in that store when everything is dirt cheap??? I LOVE how it has Express and Sephora. Please add Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Fossil, H&M, etc. just more appealing stores than. The Ibotta to PayPal transfer was FAST. Took literally seconds to transfer 😊👏.
I'm in love with IBOTTA!
by kk hurst on 2016/01/01 15:24
I have been using this app since I discovered it in September. I own a cleaning business and I'm extremely busy so I always want to coupon, but don't have time ! This app has literally saved me $442. SINCE SEPTEMBER! I'm in love! I love the bonuses and while I normally cook from scratch, some of the foods that are easier dinners I would have never tried but now love! I buy a lot of wine (for my house) buy also have friends that love wine and this app has saved me money on birthday presents and Christmas presents! Not to mention getting money back on cleaning supplies for my business. Hands down this is the only app I really use, and my first review on something in years, but I tell everyone about this app! My friends, my family, the grocery store cashiers! EVERYONE. It's great! I did see someone mention the raise in cashing out, which I agree makes it a bit harder to achieve. I did have a issue with not being able to cash out, but IBOTTA tech support worked it out with me within three days so it was handled well. Download this app! I promise you will be addicted!
So easy to save money!!
by Jayline87 on 2015/10/16 19:38
The whole idea behind ibotta is amazing but sometimes apps that say you can save money don't actually save you very much and difficult to use. Ibotta is so easy. I like the way the app is set up and organized so you can quickly find a store you're looking for. The videos you have to watch to unlock deals are shorter than the adds on other apps and the polls/surveys are are 1 question. And finally they make it really easy to take the picture of your receipt when you're done and show you where to line it up and if you have a rewards card with a store you don't even have to scan your receipt. I love the teams feature, you can save extra money with that. It would be nice to add people who don't have their account linked with Facebook. My only issue with the app is certain stores make you have a store reward card to save money there. I understand why they do that but there are some stores I don't shop at often enough to get a card at. Overall it's a great app that I would definitely recommend.
Love free money !!
by Juliem1679 on 2015/08/13 13:03
I joined about a year ago and have already earned $200 on things that I already buy! I've had teammates with higher earnings so I know it is possible to really reap the benefits if this easy little app. I've had a few issues along the way, but it was mostly my fault: didn't update credit card info for other apps which caused this one not to work. (Took care of that in 3 minutes). Camera did crash a few times while taking a pic but that again was fixed when I restarted the phone. I have not cashed out yet, not ready to do so! The only complaint I have is that not all rebates are available at all stores. Mg favorite store was just recently added so now I don't have to go to multiple in a day. I just look at ibotta when I do my shopping list and activate the rebates. If I happen to see something that is on sale and a good rebate, then I'll get it. Really could not have asked for a Better rebate app, I have another one that is basically useless, just waiting for the minimum payout and I'm cashing out. Love ibotta
Really works! $35 already!
by Saratothebeth on 2013/08/23 15:17
I really love this app! Fresh fruits, organic, and whole food options! I love it! I have bought stuff I would never try and I have hated some (the coconut water) and loved others! We buy almond milk about 3-4 weekly and the SAMs pack was $2 store extra. That made each half gallon only a little over a dollar each! I have loved the Target bonuses because our Target just added the grocery section - but the only draw back is that I live in a tourist city and all the tourist and their IBOTTA app are beating me to the punch! Some of the deals at target like the EVOL. items were buy 2 get 1 - then with the .75 back - it made it a real deal! Thank you ibotta!!! My only bad thing is - there is a bonus I can't complete because I already bought the item. The koolaid bonus is buy both koolaid products from SAMs and I already bought the jammers the first day I got the app! I wish the app took your personal purchases into account. Maybe the updates in the future will be more personalized! If not, I will live and still love it!!!
Too much work for pennies
by Ga1j1n on 2016/01/01 22:10
First off... They charge you for inactivity. A while back I started using the app and accrued a few dollars. I stopped using the app because it was really time consuming for the little return. Today, I decided I'd give it another try, so I logged into the app and was surprised to find that they'd charged me my entire balance for being inactive. Seriously? That's just ridiculous. Second, and last, you really have to do a lot of work for a very small amount of return. I don't know about you, but 30 minutes of my time is worth a lot more than ~$1-2. This app not only wastes your time while you're searching for products and scanning receipts, it also makes shopping a scavenger hunt... Scouring aisles for a specific product. A 30 minute shopping trip can easily turn into an hour-plus ordeal. Now that I've bashed the app... Let me say that they've done a great job developing it. It's a beautiful app and works well for what it is! Their product people just need to focus on making it less time intensive... And abolish that stupid inactivity fee! Way to welcome someone back to the app. :/
Agree with other reviewers...
by MyWalgreensKnowsMeWell on 2014/09/25 15:05
I would have given this 5 stars a few weeks ago, but had an almost identical experience with other reviewers. I verified several items without stopping to consider I would not be able to submit the two receipts ("one receipt is pending..." message appeared). I did get a reply that oddly said based on my account, I was given credit for "everything," which raised an eyebrow because I hadn't told them what I had on the second receipt (regardless of what I verified initially). Like one of the mom reviewers said, we just don't have the time to do a cat and mouse email exchange, we were just wanting to save some money. I think that it would be a helpful upgrade to allow more than one receipt be submitted at one time. Otherwise, I am thoroughly enjoying accruing a stash of "fun money," especially if I am able to utilize Ibotta, Checkout 51, AND Shopmium. They all tend to feature the same items, and as a person who clips coupons but forgets to bring them to the store, this takes away the guilt of not saving, because I save in triplicate!
Terrific app! LOVE it!!!
by edr1963 on 2015/12/01 22:11
This is my FAVORITE app! I've been using Ibotta for one month and have made a little over $65! It takes some time and effort to figure out how to use it properly, and you may make a few mistakes at first. Don't let that discourage you. Look at them as learning opportunities. I strongly recommend that you read their Terms of Use, ESPECIALLY Section 10, Prohibited Conduct. They are very strict about this, and violations, even unintentional ones, can result in immediate deactivation of your account. (Mine WAS reactivated as a one-time courtesy after only a couple of days and a couple of emails, which has made me very happy! My money was still there and had even been increased by two referral bonuses that had come in while I was deactivated!) If you obey their rules, and carefully read and follow the rebate information, you shouldn't have any problems. There is a Help section in the menu that is pretty informative, and help from Ibotta Support is only an email away. They replied to me the very next day.
Love this app!
by on 2016/03/25 20:27
I waited a month before I wrote a review so I could really give an accurate one! I have to say I'm impressed! I love this app. It helps put a little extra money in your pocket for things you already buy. I check for deals about every 4 days. It loads instant rebates for purchases from food to clothes. They have some really good deals from most of the stores we all shop. I use the Walmart & Safeway one the most. In the last month I got $115 dollars back from food alone. This does not count the coupon savings I save on my purchases. Even if you use a coupon for a specific item, you can still redeem your rebate. They don't have every item on my list but it does have the basics like eggs, milk & produce. Plus many others! I have a family of 4 so every bit of money I can put back in my bank helps! ( I started a separate account just for these savings so I can use towards a family vacation ) I figured if I was going to spend the money anyways why not get some of it back?!! I hope this helps & I definitely recommend!!
Not bad, not great
by SharonS82391 on 2016/03/13 12:31
I've been using my Ibotta for several years and it's had it's ups and downs. I was really excited when they began offering so many any brand rebates, but after a few months, I noticed I was getting less and less of them. My husband recently downloaded the app, and I was surprised that he had many more any brand rebates available-- ones that I have never had on my app at all, what's up with that? It's like they penalize you for being a good user. I'm also really disappointed that they upped the cash out threshold from $5 to $10, to $20 currently. I used Ibotta consistently and even so it takes a long time to work up to that number. Edit: the support is awful. I accidentally claimed an additional rebate that was not on my receipt, and wrote to support so they would know and deny the receipt and I could resubmit it correctly. Support said "sorry we can't credit your account and you submitted this receipt after the 7 day period" (it had been 5 days). It was as if they hadn't even read my question because I hadn't asked them to credit my account in the first place. This is not the first negative experience with Ibotta support.
Charges for Inactivity; Difficult to Cancel
by Sarah1479 on 2016/04/12 14:05
I downloaded Ibotta some time ago and used it briefly. When I was having trouble redeeming my rewards I contacted support and I was given great instructions. However, eventually the app became an afterthought and I stopped using it. I received and email yesterday stating that, per the terms and conditions, I would be charged an inactivity fee for not using my account! Being that I downloaded the app to SAVE money and not spend it, I think that it is pretty unfair to charge someone just because you throw that in the fine print! Also, you cannot deactivate your account without first emailing Ibotta customer support since they don't have a telephone number and wait for someone to respond to your message. I think it is a bad business practice to charge customers simply for downloading the app and I also think that it is shady of Ibotta to not make that fact more clear to the customers BEFORE they sign up. Yes it was in the fine print, but does anyone really REALLY pay attention and read through the entire terms and conditions? It just seems really uncool of Ibotta to trap customers that way and then make it difficult for them to avoid the penalty and inactivate the account.
Do the contests actually have prize winner?
by Roserdh on 2013/12/24 00:47
I really like this ap. It would be better if they had more items to qualify, making it easier to earn $. Right now they are ridiculously limited. When I first started using the ap it was easy to buy a few of the items, but now I am stuck with a choice of items I would never use, like diapers and formula for my 20 year old? My next complaint, the big one, is that this company has contests all the time but they don't post winners. The contest rules say they will notify you via the ap, but then states the "spencer"of the contest can notify you how ever they want, choose not to give the prizes out, and other crap! I am probably going to remove the ap soon because I don't like shady crap. Either run contests, play by fair rules, notify winners as you state, and prove you actually give out the prizes; or DON'T. ****** they also have no customer contact! as in if you want to give feedback, to bad! they don't care! because they have no contact information listed . Hopefully they read reviews or I would guess this ap will have a very short life.
It's great to get money back on things I'm already buying…
by augustachica on 2015/03/18 15:27
I wasn't so sure about this app when I first installed it under the last version. It seems there were a lot of things you had to go through in order to get it to work. With the newest update, everything is easier… I check on Ibotta before I go grocery shopping and add anything that I most likely will buy to my shopping list. While at the store it tells me my shopping list of things that have rebates and I will go through and scan the barcode of items I'm buying and it will tell me that it matches what's in the database. If I'm buying something that isn't in the database, it gives me an option to upload a picture of it for them to review to add it to the database. The store brand mustard I sent them last week was approved within 24 hrs. This app gives rebates on "any brand" of things like milk, eggs, bread, mustard and ketchup and it gives me money back for buying things I already need. I love this app!
Don't understand complaints
by Earlenaw on 2015/12/24 07:14
It seems that everyone that has a complaint is complaining about nothing. I am new to the world of rebate apps but I have downloaded everyone I could find in an effort to find the best apps and save the most money. I found Ibotta to be the easiest one to use. It also has the most rebates and the most useful rebates. They could raise the cash out amount to $50 and I would care as long as it doesn't expire. This is free money people! Please stop complaining. Or use one of the other apps that will send you a check in the mail after you reach $20 or the ones that only have 9 useless rebates and one useful one for .25 cents. Gosh, people will find anything to complain about. Oh and to the people who complain about the length of time to verify rebates, I have $12 in rebates for things that I buy on a regular anyway and I have only belonged to Ibotta for about 5 days. For the 5 receipts I had, each one was verified within 5-10minutes.
Makes shopping fun!
by KKPinCO on 2012/10/10 16:31
If you're like me and hate the hassle of clipping coupons almost as much as you hate the chore of grocery shopping, this app is for you! There are so many great features included with this app above and beyond the opportunity to rack up savings - some of my favorites are the shopping list generator, the barcode scanner to confirm the product you've selected qualifies, and the ability to like/dislike products to fine tune the offers to your preferences. I also LOVE the time savings achieved by not having to amass paper coupons, keeping track of which ones I've used while roaming around the store, and then waiting while all those coupons are scanned at checkout - it's couponing for the modern age! Plus, it's fun and easy to use, and gives you the opportunity to pass on your savings as a charitable contribution to the school of your choice. How cool is that??? In short, download and use this app- I know you'll love it as much as I do!
Love this app
by 1f555? on 2015/11/18 15:17
I used to really love this app. I've gotten a lot of rebates. Only complaint is that for the "any brand" rebates, I hate that you have to watch a video (or 2) to unlock something like $.20. I'm a busy mom and don't have time to watch all those videos for things like milk, eggs and vegetables. I hardly use the prepackaged rebates, so the videos impact a majority of the time I have to use on this. I deal with the videos, but would love to see easier ways to get those rebates. That's the only reason it's not 5 stars in my opinion. It's a great app and I can't believe how easy it is to get the money back! Update: Removed a star because now there are more videos in the new update :( Over 90% of the items I selected had videos. This is getting crazy. Also, where did the shopping list go? It looks like we have to scroll through all the items again to see what rebate we have on our list. The list feature was so useful and now it's hidden really well or gone. It may be time to cash out and move on to a different, more time-friendly app.
Great App!!
by Christianchick68 on 2015/07/08 20:12
When my best friend suggested this app I was hesitant to try it because I figured that there was a catch to it, but I was wrong. This is a great app, and in less than a week I have received almost twenty dollars back from my regular grocery shopping. I scan my items in the store to verify that it's the right one, and then scan the items and receipt as I'm putting the items away. I have had no problems with redeeming items. If you think you will purchase the item you can unlock it before you shop, which adds the item to your shopping list and saves time later. The one change I would like to see is receiving the rebate on more than one item on the same receipt. For example, I usually purchase multiple containers of yogurt but I can only receive the rebate on one of them for that receipt. Other than that, I am enjoying this app immensely and have recommended it to many friends.
Annoyed by another account deactivation...
by tracylynne2809 on 2015/10/21 03:50
I don't usually rate apps but here I find myself with a deactivated Ibotta account for the second time, and I'm annoyed enough to write a review. The first time I apparently submitted a receipt that had already been submitted. My bad, didn't know it had. And now I'm waiting to hear what I've done this time. But like I said to them in my email, there needs to be a better way of going about this, like maybe alerting users that a receipt has already been submitted, or sending an email saying "Hey sorry, but it looks like you've already submitted this receipt for these rebates, so we can't process it." Opting for a complete account deactivation is harsh and makes it seem like the app's developers assume all users are deceitful, and not just humans who err. Hopefully this review will be seen by someone that can make some changes at Ibotta, because I love this app and use it very often. This is just a big stumbling block in the way of it being a five star app!
Love/hate relationship
by Lifeiz2good on 2016/02/19 09:31
This would have been a 5-⭐️ review if I had done it a month ago when I first started using Ibotta. The app worked well & if I had a problem getting credit on an item (which happened several times) customer support was quick to get back to me & problems were resolved in a timely manner. Not so with the last issue; maybe they're getting tired of seeing emails from me about "missing credit"? Very annoying, especially after getting past the learning curve of shopping with Ibotta (double-check which stores are participating in a given rebate, quantities/brands required, etc) -- it had become fun and like a game. Now I'm just annoyed most of the time, and currently waiting on missing credit & restoration of credit mistakenly taken away when they were reviewing a purchase; money was removed when it should have been added! Not good. So there's a 5-⭐️ review just waiting to happen once the credit problems are resolved...haven't done my first cash-out yet, hope it's not a problem as other app reviewers have mentioned here or I'm done. 😐
Great app
by Fun when bored on 2015/12/01 02:58
I've only had one problem with this app and I've been using it for I think 2 years. The issue came when I bought something for a 20$ rebate. I got a price adjustment from Walmart and they thought I was using a return receipt. They initially gave me my money, then took it back and locked my account. My account was locked for 2 weeks. When they saw they made an error, they refunded me the money. Since email is the only way for support, it is annoying to wait for a reply which can take up to a week. Then, a week or two went by after they gave me my money back and they again took back the 20$. I told them the issue should have been resolved already and why they took my money a second time i have no idea. Overall, great app and even with that annoying encounter I still use the app even though I was hesitant after they froze 50$. Highly recommend. Even though it's not much money to be saved on each item, it adds up quickly.
Loved it! - but lowering rating
by Lesly :) :) on 2013/12/05 05:30
This was an easy to use enjoyable app however Ive had to lower my rating. Its very frustrating if your receipt cant be verified multiple times and there is no way to contact someone for help. the latest version seems to be more "picky" with processing the receipts. my ability to not get my receipt processed & not be able to reach someone to problem solve is frustrating! i've had items expire in the mean time and am losing money. It is really ticking me off! Some amount of customer service needs to be around. Also, if an offer expires at midnight it may not be in your time zone. i lost money this way too. Prior to using this app regularly...-This is a fairly easy fun way to earn some coffee money! Hopefully it grows so there are more & more offers. So far there are only a few at a time I'm interested in. My only complaint so far is that if your receipt image isn't readable you have to rescan all the product again too. You should have an option to just resubmit a new receipt picture.
by Georgiagina on 2014/02/22 21:06
I can't say enough good things about this app. It is fun to use. I have tried so many great products that I would not have otherwise given a second look. But, Ibotta giving a cash incentive for a try, I did, love many of them, and now purchase regularly. Sure there are some I don't care for, but at least I got paid to try it! And customer service for the app is terrific too. I recently was showing a new user that I referred how to use the app. We went shopping together and redeemed our purchased together, but I managed to mix up the receipts and submitted the same one for both our purchases so it all got rejected. I made such a mess out of it! I wrote customer service and they fixed it within 24 hours! AWESOME! So, I highly recommend this app. And you companies out there, you should sign on with Ibotta because if you have a product I can use and I see it there, I will definitely give it a try!
Love it!
by Blaiirlucas on 2015/10/26 01:36
Ibotta is a great app! It's very easy to use and I love that they added the options for any kind of milk, apples, bananas, etc. It is easy to scan products and turn in receipts. It says it could take 24 hours to approve but mine are usually approved within a few hours or sometimes it's been minutes. Extremely easy to cash out. I cash out with venmo and have used the money to help pay my car payment that I always use venmo to pay. It also goes to your bank right away when transferred. The only things I wish were different...I love to shop at Aldi and wish I could use this app when I go there. Please add Aldi! The only other thing is that they do not accept my bank at the moment but they will accept my debit card from that bank, but you can only transfer earnings to a bank account. So right now I am not able to transfer any earnings to my account. Besides that it's perfect!
by Gmr1983 on 2015/02/19 22:34
I recently had an issue with a receipt not being excepted because the ink was running out and it was messed up. I had 4 rebates on that receipt. I submitted my issue and they took a closer look at the receipt and gave me rebates! So pleased!! However, I would like to see fresh produce offered for rebates! I buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables! I also find it a little aggravating when trying to earn a badge and my friends have already helped at their part that any purchases beyond that doesn't go toward the next reward...the $10 rewards this month took me forever because there wasnt items offered for rebates that I used. Otherwise I have found this app easy to use and pretty simple to follow. Ive earned almost $100 in 6 months...which is great considering I don't buy half if what is offered but it has been enough for me too enjoy getting money for products I DO buy regularly!
Good Couponing app
by JLECjuno1525 on 2015/02/22 12:54
I've been using this for a couple years and it works well. I've had no problems with payouts to my paypal account. Wish there was a bigger variety. Sometimes I look at the rebates and there is nothing that we use, other times there a number of things. Also wish it was universal across all of the stores. Last week I bought a few Ibotta items at Shop Rite, but the rebates weren't showing up for that grocery store while they were showing up for Wegman's. The App won't give me the gallon milk rebate for BJ's where the gallon of milk is 2 half gallons banded together. Also wish there was something easier than taking pics of your receipt, like maybe just taking pics of the Ibotta items on your receipt and the total. We're a family of 7 and my grocery receipts tend to be very long. It can take me 5 minutes to take a full pic to earn $0.25 or $0.50. A little frustrating. Overall though I like this app. It's worth a try.
Worth the effort
by Hazgrl on 2016/01/11 17:16
I already make a list each week, so using the shopping cart is easy. It helps me see what things on my list have rebates. I cross reference it with the store I'm in to see if I've missed anything. The any brand rebates are the best, and getting rebates on fresh produce, eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese are wonderful. I only had an issue once trying to verify club soda, so I must have just purchased a flavor they didn't rebate. Otherwise, the more you use it the easier it becomes. The shopping cart is nice because it saves everything you put in there and you check it off when you don't need it. Week after week, I buy the same things so it's already on my list. I use it while I'm in the store, but you can always wait and scan your items at home while you are putting them away. It adds about 10 extra minutes to each shopping trip, but it's worth it.
Lost rebate
by Bee_sweet on 2014/05/22 14:10
I have enjoyed the savings from ibotta but I didn't get a second chance to submit a receipt for a rebate that has issue with "receipt pending" for not scanning correctly. I tried emailing and locating the rebate in the store category that I bought it from but the item icon was no longer there for me to verify my product and receipt for my second submission. Also you need to have time to do this. I had to wait for each item that I bought for verification. Secondly, a much inconvenience is ibotta won't accept duplicate receipts. I bought three qualified products at the same store on the same receipt. Well ibotta did not accept this. Basically their terms of use is "we cannot accept duplicate receipts," meaning there has to have a different receipt for each each rebate. For example, CVS has about 36 rebates currently and ibotta wants you to submit 36 different a receipts which is sooo inconvenient as a shopper with kids and not a lot of time in my hands. I hope in the future I will be able to click on the three items icon to verify one time on the same receipt.
LOVE Ibotta!!!!!!
by QtDao on 2016/02/25 13:24
This is quite possibly one of the most amazing inventions in rebate history......I've only had the app for a couple of weeks and have already redeemed over $20!!!! I couldn't believe that nearly everything I bought had a rebate on it....from regular/everyday groceries to household and beauty products! I love how you're able to link your PayPal to your account. It makes transferring money a simple breeze (not like some OTHER apps like CheckOut51 who sends you a check through the mail after you reach $20 and you'll either recieve it within three to six weeks or pretty much never because mailing checks are unreliable.) Not much I have to say about improvement or what not because thus far I haven't had any issues with Ibotta. This app has opened my eyes to products I wouldn't have ever used to begin with! I have yet to be disappointed. Keep up the amazing work!
The Catch
by AshleyDraperSanchez on 2016/02/03 16:17
I, like other reviewers, loved this app so much at first! But now that I've had and used it for a while, I'm growing disappointed. It seems that the more you use it, the less you get. In other words you are punished for loyally using their app. It seems to me, if you are loyal (and refer many people as I have), the amount of rebates available to you should be more and at larger amounts...or at least the same! The opposite occurs though, you end up getting lower rebates (.25 vs .75 before, etc) and LESS rebates the more active you are 😔. Now this may not be them at all, it may be due to the deals they have with the product manufacturers, but none-the-less there needs to be incentive to stick around. More and higher bonuses for completing tasks, etc. otherwise we feel like we were baited and hooked 😒. It's still a great app, and if you can continue to refer and build a team it's defiantly worth it! I would just like to see us rewarded for loyally using and referring, but punished.
Good and Frustrating/Annoying
by NiquaDa on 2016/04/15 13:17
--- disclaimer: Don't link your MVP card unless you want to miss out on rebates and bonuses. Just do it the old fashioned way. ---- I love using Ibotta to save money and build up a "savings" to use on different items (I love the linked gift cards). However, the process of verifying rebates with membership cards is completely frustrating. Each time I use my MVP card, I end up having to contact support (who sometimes doesn't even know what they are doing). It gets frustrating because I use the MVP card for convenience and I end up having to do the work for the support staff ( telling them which rebates that I am redeeming ). My last two experiences angered me because the rebates I claimed were never verified by the staff and many of those rebates disappeared after a while. It's especially not fair when you do everything the right way and they screw you over. The other time, I tried to claim one of the rebates sponsored by a beer company (which requires no actual beer purchase) and the staff told me that I couldn't get my rebate because I didn't purchase beer. While I ended up getting my rebate, the entire process was upsetting especially because the slow process made me miss out on the bonus rewards -- maybe they do that on purpose. Hmmm. Anyway, despite these annoyances, I like Ibotta and I hope they get their stuff together.
Easy to get real money!!
by Rosie VS on 2015/11/22 18:59
I started using app and was a little skeptical at first, but after six months, I must say I LOVE IT! I get money back for buying groceries and have used it to pay for my Apple Music! You can get money back for so many items from many stores, but I've only used it for HEB and Walmart and I can easily get $10 to $20 with the .20 to 1.00 rebates on regular items like potatoes, onions, milk, bread, bacon, eggs, etc. This app gives rebates for stuff that we normally buy, along with some items that are not too popular, of course, but it works for me!! And if you get friends to use it too, you can get an extra dollar or two without having to buy anything! The hardest part is actually making the time to scan items and take picture of receipt, but in reality it only takes less than five minutes. It's worth it to me! Love this app!
A Great app!
by gumdropT on 2013/12/27 13:44
UPDATE- ok I finally got a hold of IBOTTA (I had to contact them through the website for IBOTTA), the support guy was very nice and tried everything he could to help. We ended up having to put in a new email for my app and that did the trick! I really love this app and now that I can cash out I love it even more! UPDATE- I can not get the app to send me an email with the Starbucks gift card I cashed out for! I've resent it many times! Also I click report an issue and I have yet to hear from ibotta! And I've sent it multiple times! If I ever get this fixed I'll give this app 5 stars again, but what's the point of using this app if I can't cash out?!?! -I really like this app! It's easy to use and is great for earning money on thing I buy anyway! I just wish there were more items to choose from and a setting that allowed you to manage what offers you receive.
Love it!
by Aligowally on 2016/01/08 17:17
The only reason hat I'm not giving 5 stars is that occasionally there are issues with downloading when I am out shopping. Otherwise 5 star worthy. I am big into couponing but not crazy couponing (like getting 17 different newspapers so I can get 74 bottles of mustard for free). I only buy what I need or will use. This app seems to have the most choices for rebates and stores. I Love the any brand rebates you can get. I can nearly always get cash back on at least one rebate with each weekly shopping trip for this reason. Admittedly this does take a while to add up but if you use 3 or 4 couponing apps and stack with paper coupons it can really add up. Right now I have about $60 worth of rebates to cash in on 3 different apps. It only takes a few minutes after a shopping trip to submit your receipt and scan products. To make it easier, scan your products during the shopping trip.
Mostly awesome
by Tikiton1389 on 2016/01/08 05:40
I've only been using for about a week and I have almost $20 in rebates. When is free money not awesome. Pretty simple to us and I haven't found it anymore time consuming then scrolling through Facebook(at least I'm making money) I don't rebate anything I wouldn't normally buy so unlike other reviews I'm not increasing my shopping time. My complain is store specific; most rebates are the same at many stores so you are wasting time scrolling through each store and only finding the same stuff but then if you assume they are the same you won't get the rebate because it was store specific. For example I looked up baby items bought a pack of diapers and after realized that the rebate was specially for a different store. Other apps (I have many rebate apps heck you can make money for buying the same stuff on 4 different ones) are not store specific and save time.
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