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Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back
With Ibotta, you can earn real cash back every time you shop online or in-store. Simply check Ibotta before you shop in-store or online, travel, dine out, or make a purchase in your favorite apps, and you can get rewarded with cash back. Ibotta works with leading brands and retailers, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Safeway, eBay, and so many more, to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, or promo codes. Now, earn with our newest feature, Pay with Ibotta, too! When you use Pay with Ibotta, you can pay for your purchases right from the app, and earn cash back on your entire purchase, instantly. Our customers have earned over $550 Million in cash back, just for shopping at their favorite stores! 

Start your shopping with Ibotta to save money on every purchase. Download the free app now for your chance to earn a $20 welcome bonus. HOW IBOTTA WORKS: 1. Add cash back offers – Before you go shopping, find and add offers in the app for things you want to buy. 2. Go shopping – Shop at your favorite stores, retailers, restaurants, bars, and apps 3. Redeem offers – Upload your receipt or link your loyalty card for instant cash back. 4. Get cash back – Watch your savings grow! When you’re ready, Withdraw your cash earnings via PayPal, Venmo, or your choice of a variety of gift cards. Ibotta is the easiest way to save money every time you shop. EARN CASH EASILY - Earn cash back rewards simply by uploading a photo of your receipt - Get your money quickly and easily SAVE ON GROCERIES, TRAVEL, RETAIL, RESTAURANTS & MORE
 - Ibotta helps you earn cash back on purchases at more than 500,000 locations (and counting)
 - Our partners include: Walmart, Uber, Target, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Groupon,, eBay, Boxed, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, JOANN Fabrics, Drizly,, Minibar, AMC, eBags, HotelTonight, Thrive Market, HotelStorm, Safeway, Walgreens, Costco, World Market, Petco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and many more.

- Start with Ibotta to easily earn cash back when you make purchases on your favorite mobile apps like Uber,, Groupon, Boxed, and eBay. 

 - Earn extra cash when you refer friends with your referral code! 
- Earn even more with extra cash bonuses on specific products or when you hit shopping milestones. 
- Ditch the promo codes and old paper coupons and shop with Ibotta to earn real cash back. - Download the ibotta app now to start earning cash back on every purchase, and watch your savings grow! LOVE IBOTTA? 
Your feedback is what keeps us going! Please take a moment to rate our app.

 Note: Ibotta may use your location to help find stores. Continued use of your phone’s GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Ok website not the best
by gee_jay7 on 2019/12/10 21:23
Gave 2 stars out of 5 because of how bad customer service is. They lack in responding quick enough to customers. Almost a week now and still no response, regarding phone number change. That’s all I need to do is a phone number update on my account so I can withdraw money. I’ve contacted Ibotta numerous times and still no response just an automated response saying my email/inquiry has been updated.
by greg5915 on 2019/12/10 20:15
Great for money back!! Easy to use!
Took my money back
by kgaston94 on 2019/12/10 16:56
I DO NOT like this app because I had about $20 built up, but I did not use the app for a year so the $20 stayed in my account. Because of this, the app literally deducted money from me not using it!!!! Now my account went from $20 to $0!!! I never even got to cash out my $20. I’m so annoyed. This app will take your earnings if you let it sit. What a waste of time and my own money spent on groceries.
Potentially Useful
by msirhc on 2019/12/10 16:09
I’ve been using this app for years now. My biggest frustration is with the “in app” purchases. Rather than redirecting you to an app I already have and using the cart I’ve already created, the app opens an in app browser to start a purchase. Doing this means I can’t use Apple Pay since it’s as if you’re using a browser. This means I can’t take advantage of Apple Pay rewards and must instead replace them with the much lower ibotta rewards. This also means I can’t redeem these receipts since they are digital.
Skeptic no more!
by ingreeed on 2019/12/10 07:53
If you haven’t tried this app you are missing out. And so was I! I was a skeptic about it but after buying $100 worth of groceries and only paying $20 for it, I was sold! It’s completely legit. I withdrew into my paypal account and it works! The only downside I would say would be that it does take sometime to find good deals and very specific ones that you can redeem. But if you put in a little bit of work in it, you can be saving A LOT on your groceries. Love this app! Easy to use, love the interface and all the money I’m saving 😄❤️
by Frustrated mama bear on 2019/12/10 07:12
I love the app due to the ability to earn money back on purchases I’ve made and also learning about new products that I may not normally purchase. However, I have struggled for OVER 6 months to actually get my money back. I NEVER get the verification code texted to me. I have done support tickets and done everything they have suggested to do and STILL no verification code text. I’d really LOVE to get my earned money back!!!!
by YUKZ71 on 2019/12/10 04:05
They do everything possible to keep your earnings. Such as charge you a monthly account maintenance fee if you are not active enough. They also make withdrawals difficult. I currently am trying to collect my last $20 and close account and it is way too challenging.
by 1208apricotw on 2019/12/10 03:39
I love saving!!💰💗
Ibotta for the win.
by ballingred on 2019/12/10 03:07
Okay let’s talk about Ibotta. I have $105 already for the month of December! There are Facebook groups to join like Ibotta BOOM! That show break downs for easy offers. Right now we have a super great offer; buy tic tac freeze mints at Walmart (between $2.08 and 2.33 each) and get $2 back! Makes them super cheap and they are awesome stocking stuffers. That’s a great deal to start with. For a free $5 use my referral code pxesvcm
If it’s not freezing after scanning a product, it’s shutting down completely
by EFFUBEACHES on 2019/12/10 02:08
SOMETIMES this app works great. I’ve gotten cash back on tons of items over the last couple years. Lately’s been nothing but a headache. The app glitches and reloads often. Although it’s very basic and easy to follow, whoever designed it? Yeah, maybe you need a new career. I rarely get an actual receipt uploaded, because after scanning a product it just buzzes and buzzes until I close out of the app completely. I’m trying to update it now, because that might be why it’s not working correctly but sheesh. How annoying. NOPE. Update makes no difference.
Love this app
by MommaNanner on 2019/12/10 00:56
It’s so easy to use and actually pays you
Ibotta freezing
by TDRiddle229 on 2019/12/10 00:30
Last several times I’ve tried to send a receipt, it locks up when I try to scan any barcodes. End up unable to submit.
by bellas hounds on 2019/12/09 23:34
Thank you I just starting using this and it was so easy
App freezing
by Nikcas on 2019/12/09 22:53
App is still freezing and won’t let me add or submit things. I only buy some things because of the coupons. Now I can’t get my credit.
Bad app
by xbelinda36x on 2019/12/09 22:37
I went through them to buy stuff didn’t get credit for it I keep letting them know they say wait 72 hrs n it been over 72 hours stills nothing keep getting the same messages. Never got my 5 dollars a friend use my code n took a pic of a receipt didn’t get that either I’m really mad
by Store Bunnie on 2019/12/09 22:14
Hey I’ve decided to go for it can’t hurt and it will sharpen my skills as a consumer and I love Shopping. Saving cashing out! Is the Future failure to comply is simply foolish and I’m not out of my mind yet. Investing in everyday purchases is a 100% Win Win is Smart and so so satisfying I’m smiling as I write this review and excited to start. I’ll start immediately. Thank You meet me at the stores. Fatima. Neal our.
Great app
by hotgirl94 on 2019/12/09 20:39
Great app
by Saran shay on 2019/12/09 19:57
This app has helped save me close to $2000.00. There are some bad parts to the app. But as long as you read the details, follow the guidelines. It works and if it doesn’t, you can write in for your credit. A lot of these disgruntled reviews come from those that don’t work the app right or follow the guidelines. And yes the loyalty card submissions need a lot of work. There are a lot of scam artists out there that are scamming the system and leaving bad reviews.
Not able to verify my phone number
by selm1 on 2019/12/09 18:30
I cannot figure out how to get app support (except for FAQs). I am not able to verify my phone number to start using the app. Please advise!
Great App
by CLT0319 on 2019/12/09 14:12
Easy to use and I get cash back for using it. Love it! Been using this for roughly 4 years!
Bring back Venmo
by kooleoooooo on 2019/12/09 13:28
I’m not one of the people who has issues with the app itself. I just wish they would bring back the option to cashout with Venmo. I used to use this every time i went grocery shopping, but now with only gift cards (or PayPal which I don’t have) to chose from it feels less worth it.
Love this!
by Plant based Rita on 2019/12/09 10:36
Just signed up with Ibotta and after scanning my recent purchase, earned $2.50! Now that’s the kind of couponing I can do!!!
by charlmayne on 2019/12/09 02:39
It’s so easy to use!
So Easy to Use!
by Cordy L on 2019/12/09 01:40
I love this app! Give it a try, much better than coupon cutting!!
Great app overall, BUT
by youwontletmepickaname on 2019/12/09 00:40
I have been using the app for a couple of months and have received over $100 back, which I, of course, love. However, I went to use the “pay with ibotta” feature for the first time today and it when we attempted to use it at the register, it wouldn’t work. In the end, I wound up paying twice (the charge from ibotta and the change from the store). There went all the money I saved! I’ve emailed ibotta and am hoping they’ll just reverse the charges so once I receive a response I’ll update. I also wish they’d bring back Venmo but there are loads of gift cards available, plus PayPal.
by itunessucks443 on 2019/12/09 00:14
The app keeps crashing. It won’t work. I have tried 6 times
Take out the buzzing
by Brukdg on 2019/12/08 23:43
Love the app. A couple changes I’d love to see. First, get rid of the vibrating when I add a deal. It’s too noisy when I’m searching at night. Second, I’d love if my purchase of multiple of the same item would count toward bonuses.
Not working
by Spiderladee1 on 2019/12/08 23:32
Anytime I try to put in a receipt from Target, or a couple of other places, I get a message it doesn’t accept it, tired of trying to deal with it for .25, not worth it.
Sell you info to 3rd Parties.
by Jupi6! on 2019/12/08 21:19
Be sure to immediately select “Do not sell my personal information” My email I used for this account was nearly immediately flooded with new subscriptions I never signed up for. Upon going through my settings from my recently installed/created accounts, ibotta was the culprit. Find under: “Settings” -> “Preferences” -> Bottom of page select “Do not sell my personal information”
Food Lion Issues!
by Kimberlywsmith on 2019/12/08 21:04
What happened to Food Lion? It use to be much easier to redeem. I can’t even redeem at all anymore. When you try to redeem, it asks where you made a purchase and food Lion is not even listed! Very disappointing. I’ve missed several at this point because it’s so frustrating. I’ll just find another app that’s similar but much easier to use.
by Fosterbanks on 2019/12/08 19:41
I use this app for more than just groceries. I use it for Amazon purchases and Recently my husband and I took a mini honeymoon and ended up paying $14 for two nights at the hotel. Thanks Ibotta
by Jayyy4444444 on 2019/12/08 19:05
This app charges a “maintenance fee” if you stop using it and don’t disable your account. There’s no point in getting cash back if they are going to take fees out of your earnings.
Not functional
by HSteggall on 2019/12/08 18:36
I have literally never had this app work when it asks to scan bar codes. I’ve tried multiple times but it absolutely will not recognize them.
So many bugs and changes. Can’t even refer friends to use it.
by herbalwitch777 on 2019/12/08 17:01
I loved Ibotta when I first downloaded it. It was so easy! My loyalty accounts were linked so I never had to scan receipts and I could just Venmo the money to my account no problem. But now it’s a disaster. I live in Colorado so of course I frequently shop at king Soopers to save money. Ibotta removed all linking to loyalty cards so you have to scan your receipts now. I wouldn’t mind it but it’s so buggy I rarely works! It’s so frustrating how many time the app crashes or just stops working. I’ve tried referring friends but they just gave up because of the exact same problem. Come on Ibotta. And what happened to Venmo?? Forever you said it was temporary unavailable till you just removed it completely. Your app used to be so great. Please restore your previous glory.
Pay with Ibotta not available
by MattyHart on 2019/12/08 16:37
My gf and a few friends use this app and they recommended it to me. One of the features they use the most is the Pay with Ibotta feature. I downloaded the app, registered, and to my surprise this feature was not available to me. after several messages between Ibotta support, which were vague at best, I gave up on the app because the feature that I found most appealing was not available to me.
Long time user
by Chandanais on 2019/12/08 15:03
Great app! I’ve made more then $800 in two years, which is amazing for buying things I would have already purchased. My only issue is that once you make a lot from the app you start getting smaller amounts offered to you compared to newer users. “Any Items” are not really offered at all or rarely and Pay With Ibotta cash back gets cut in half. I’ve referred a ton of people to this app and they are cashing in like I did at first. I’m almost at the point where I’m done using it. There’s no longer a point, but thanks for a good run Ibotta!
by worseappinhist on 2019/12/08 09:41
This app is the worse app ever they lie and they wanna flag u because you shop every day and submit your receipt then they say it’s to old when it’s not I don’t recommend this unless you wanna waist space on your phone.
So far so good...
by PepperoniJen on 2019/12/08 05:51
I was really skeptical of this app at first. All I could think was there has to be some sort of catch? I have to give my personal information out to get money out, but NO! I recently cashed out my first $10 and got an iTunes gift card! It's sometimes a pain in the butt to have to scan everything and the receipt, but it's so worth it. Keep it up! :) UPDATE: Since the most recent update I have not been able to log in to my account. I emailed the Ibotta team earlier today and I’m waiting on a response. I tried to reset my password and I kept getting an error each time I tried to submit my email for the resent link. I uninstalled the app and now I can’t access anything. I get to the main screen and it says Forbidden at the bottom. I was so close to getting my gift card. I hope I don’t lose my money. 😑
by MUSICMAN827 on 2019/12/08 04:37
Receive $10 CASH when you use Referral code: zjjzib Make sure you submit a receipt in order to receive your $10 bonus. You'll also be joining a LARGE team and have much better chances of earning MORE TEAM BONUS CASH!
Latest update so far so good.
by ArtisanJewelrybyDawn.Etsy on 2019/12/08 04:00
I can open the app again, after the update on Dec. 7, 2019, so I'm giving a higher rating. It wasn't cool, the app not opening for close to FIVE DAYS.
Good so far
by AbSul05 on 2019/12/08 00:43
Overall I like it. However, there are not that many bonus offer. I had few bonus offers which I added to my account but now they disappeared. Still something is better than nothing.
Not as wonderful as folks claim
by Bk kk on 2019/12/07 23:48
Not what it appears to be , not as simple as they claim have deleted & re added this app several times , lackluster app and thanks anyway
Crashes allllll the time!!
by flory m. 1988 on 2019/12/07 22:59
I cannot seem to even add any receipts to my Account without the app crashing!!! It’s beyond frustrating and the fact that it takes more then an hour to attempt to this is , its unreal!
Love it
by thrifty1970 on 2019/12/07 21:40
So easy to get cash back on the things I am buying anyways. Love it!😁
Running slow
by BCheadle on 2019/12/07 20:49
When the app is working properly I love using Ibotta. But sometimes it is running slow and lagging a lot when taking photos. I just keep trying and redownloading the app and it eventually works. Needs some bugs worked out!
Not user friendly
by Irkinxxxxx on 2019/12/07 20:46
After reading 5-star reviews i decided to give it a shot. To register is very easy. But when I got to the part to scan the receipt it got very frustrating because the offer is already added but there is no option to select it and it is not expired. There isa search bar for help but no matter what you type in there it always shows as the result the same one item and there is no other way to complete so you have to cancel the whole transaction. Downloaded the app yesterday and deleting it today as my time is too valuable to waste it on something that doesn’t work.
App problems
by 26 paw on 2019/12/07 20:24
I am no stranger to shopping apps that offer rewards so I thought this might be one to add to my list. Unfortunately even though I spent the extra time to earn rewards I found that a great deal of the time was wasted. For example, I frequently shop at Trader Joe’s. If I search the TJs list for items I might be interested 90 percent of the items listed are not for sale at this store. I find this problem on many of the lists. In addition, the app often times does not load or gets stuck. I often have to shut down and reload. Very often. I use the digital receipts for ShopRite thinking that it would be more efficient and less time consuming. It wasn’t as several items that I purchased had to be added separately-take picture of receipt etc. I’ve also had items sitting in the pending area for extended periods of time. So even if you are willing to spend the extra time to stretch your dollars as I was, in the end I don’t feel it’s worth it. Way too much wasted time and energy.
Stopped earning cash
by AniSTL on 2019/12/07 19:55
I've been using Ibotta for a good amount of time now, but the company recently stopped crediting my account for redeemed offers. They accept them and show as pending, then suddenly disappear. Interesting how it happens when it's for the amount that would then put me over the threshold so I can cash out. Also interesting that customer service won't answer my inquiries. Seems like a scam to me.
Used to be good, but hasn’t worked in months
by missy_may63 on 2019/12/07 19:54
I can’t get anything to work on Ibotta. I cannot look up offers or redeem gift cards. I have contacted Ibotta customer service twice and they’ve only told me to update the app (which it has been). This app is totally useless now.
Too many glitches
by brookeashley1019 on 2019/12/07 18:13
For the purpose the app serves, yes it’s great, HOWEVER there are sooooo many glitches that it’s sometimes impossible to use. I’ve had issues when I cash out and Venmo wouldn’t work and my “money” was held for over a week and a half with no response from Ibotta support. The loyalty rewards for Kroger just stopped working so now I have to take a picture of my receipt, which isn’t a problem, except the app never recognizes anything I buy. I get credit for the receipt but have to individually scan each item I buy to match with the rewards. Also most of the time the app freezes then crashes so I have to start all over again. Lastly, even though I scan the barcodes of what I buy, most of the time I don’t get credit for it and I get no explanation. So yes again it serves it purpose, but the frustrations that come with it honestly make the app not worth my time.
Used to be not so much
by Chelleeeszxo💗 on 2019/12/07 17:52
I have been using Ibotta for about two years now and it used to great! But lately I’m rarely ever able To redeem any offers. It went from always having gain or tide(the two primary detergent brands I use) being up here quite frequently to almost never. Also, it’s stupid that certain stores the offers are not valid at(i.e. offers at Walmart are not at Target or vice versa.). I haven’t even been able to reach the 20$ minimum for cash out in MONTHS. App has also been giving issues with loading while I’m shopping so I can’t even check product barcode to be sure it’s a match. Don’t really understand why if I’m constantly purchasing certain items they would be removed from redeemable offers for what seems like permanently. I can get you want to try to persuade users to continue to use the app but if I don’t normally buy a product I’m not going to just because it’s in Ibotta. That goes for the bonuses as well. A few of the people on my “team” and I notice some of us will have to redeem less or more items then one another to qualify for a bonus. Again, I can get it if some of us are using the app more often then others but it’s still pretty stupid. For me, I was using it pretty frequently, in order to qualify for some bonuses I needed to purchase 30+ items in an unrealistic amount of time. Very disappointed with the app at this point. Don’t really know if I will continue to TRY and utilize it at all as there is really no point anymore.
Won’t load anything, or find offers!
by Julie3237 on 2019/12/07 16:56
This app is a great idea in theory, but it doesn’t work. At all. It won’t load, when I scan the receipts, it doesn’t even find ANYTHING, leaving me to have to go back and scan each item, problem is, I can’t get it to load past the ‘redeem’ screen to scan the items! I’m just waiting time and energy for no benefits. Not even worth it.
Good App
by Dimedrano on 2019/12/07 16:19
As I’ve become more diligent about using the app I have been successful in earning money back. I like that I can cash it in for a store card of my choice. I only gave it 4 stars because the ability to click ‘my offers’ was taken away awhile back and I miss being able to utilize that in the store, much like a shopping list. I also get frustrated that I have items checked but I don’t buy it and I can’t remove the check in the item like I used to be able to do. If I’m wrong on both accounts I would love someone to point out how I can do those things.
Update ruined everything
by krp9 on 2019/12/07 15:37
Updated the app and now it won’t let me sign into my account. Contacted customer support but they are nonexistent
Easy peasy!
by dpacella on 2019/12/07 15:11
Love love love this app! How did I not know about this before? Thank you for making it so easy to use and access. I love that all of my favorite stores are tied to it!
by Notpregojustbored on 2019/12/07 13:55
App started off shaky with having to upload every receipt.. sorry but that’s not feasible for everyone.. when loyalty cards were able to be linked, it got way better only to start glitching constantly shortly after. Now, my primary grocery store loyalty card cannot be linked anymore. Also, the app does not load it just sits on the opening screen lately. :( Been using other apps instead.
It’s not what I thought it was
by Toler Lee on 2019/12/07 04:01
I think it’s too much trouble doing this, I thought I uploaded receipts and shop online stores and I would get money back but it’s not. I’m just going to do Ebates or something like that.
Do the math on things you regularly buy
by dont get sucked in on 2019/12/07 03:07
Lots of times I can match or beat the price of a store brand item using ibotta but, sometimes not. I’m retired and have the time to spend comparing ibotta deals to store brand items. In order to “beat the price” I frequently have to buy a larger quantity of something I usually only buy as a treat in smaller quantities. Do the math on what you buy regularly and don’t get sucked into thinking the more you spend, the more you save.
by $🐻 on 2019/12/07 02:47
Nice to earn some cash from shopping
Tech is not great
by Lucy0927 on 2019/12/07 02:30
App keeps failing, not recognizing items on receipt, and is overall clunky. Not worth the 10 cents or so per item.
Love this app
by bbmamita on 2019/12/07 00:21
Love this app
New update made 5 stars dip to 1
by rb💋😝🍫🍫🍫 on 2019/12/06 21:03
My iPhone has had no issues with Ibotta until the most recent update. Now it says it’s not compatible with my iOS. Very unhappy.
Updated & now can’t log in
by DrWlr on 2019/12/06 20:23
Updated (because it was a required/forced update) & now I can’t log in. I’ve emailed Account Support & not even received an auto-response that someone’s working on it. I’ve reset my password twice, been locked out of the account even though my email & password combo is correct (clicked on the email link to unlock the account), & still can’t log in. Up until now I haven’t had issues, but this is ridiculous.
Great when it works
by Mrs.PeetaMelark on 2019/12/06 19:08
This app is great and saves me some money but only when it works. I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to redeem a receipt. It kept locking up on me and I’d have to start over again. I have given up for the time being and will try again later. It also locks up when I am just trying to add offers to my list. Not sure it’s worth the time spent fighting with the app but I’ll give it a couple more chances. Please fix your bugs!!!
Ibotta Review
by Krista Jacques on 2019/12/06 15:42
I have earned around $500 cash back since joining Ibotta!
They fixed it
by Giovanipell on 2019/12/06 15:34
They fixed my problem, after posting a negative review here. Word of advice, just save your receipts till the account been credited
Frustrating glitches
by lhsgurl50 on 2019/12/06 10:53
I have had this app for a while now and I love the whole idea of it. I have redeemed two gift cards so far. However, sometimes this app glitches BAD. Right now it’s lagging when I try to scan my receipt and gets stuck and makes a beeping noise when I tried to scan an item that wasn’t picked up on the receipt. I deleted the app and downloaded it again only to be faced with the same problem.
Love this app!
by TheOriginalDoubleAA1 on 2019/12/06 05:30
I’m a college student, so apps that allow me to earn money back for my everyday purchases are at the top of my list. I’ve earned almost $80 using this app which doesn’t seem like a lot, but the numbers add up. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to earn money back on their shopping trips.
Definitely going to save you money!
by turtlepenisdickface on 2019/12/06 04:03
A really great app & great idea. I love it.
Easy money
by Nicole.tanley on 2019/12/06 03:50
This is such an easy way to earn extra money. I’d like to see a digital receipt option. Some stores I shop at just send a digital receipt to my email.
by Chi1223 on 2019/12/06 02:03
Even with everything verified; facebook, phone number, email, etc. They STILL lock you out for absolutely no reason at all. It’s not worth the headache in the end.
Terrible Customer Service
by PrincessAshleA on 2019/12/05 23:21
I’ve contacted this company numerous times to have my phone number updated. No one responses in a timely manner. They ask you for the same personal information and then stop communicating with you without resolving your issue. Then when you contact them again they want you to give another individual your personal information. I don’t understand why they make a simple request so complicated. I’m pretty sure Walmart has much better customer service than this shady app. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP! 0 out of 0 stars
New update is terible
by Asafsfaasfsafhafs on 2019/12/05 22:02
I was forced to update the app by the App developers, got logged out, get an error notification when I try to log in and also get an error notification when I try to reset my password. Great “fixing”.
I love the app, but now it’s now working!
by secretshopper026 on 2019/12/05 21:47
Ever since I updated, I can’t even open the app anymore:(
Ibotta is a great app, no clipping coupons & it really works
by california sherri on 2019/12/05 21:22
by FrejaAnika77 on 2019/12/05 20:28
Have a 3 for now due to issue I had last night waiting for reply to email to fix it
Very helpful
by mzarra19 on 2019/12/05 19:10
We save a lot everytime we do grocery. I love it 😍
Too many bugs and horrible customer support
by jkmc8627 on 2019/12/05 17:26
I used to love this app, but i think it’s gotten too big for its britches. Linked stores don’t work. Customer support is automated and absolutely no help.
Does not let you cancel account
by concernedcitizen778 on 2019/12/05 11:03
I haven’t used Ibotta and they recently sent me an email with a maintenance fee. I tried to cancel the account and they have yet to get back to me. If I were you I would try to avoid making an account.
Best app rebates
by piedrasvalle on 2019/12/05 09:08
I love this app I had so much fun and reward
by tammykirkland46 on 2019/12/05 04:27
Love this app
by simply da best! on 2019/12/05 03:24
Excellent app and very easy to use. The money adds up a lot more than I thought. Definitely a great app to use and the best for grocery.
Long wait for customer service
by Reportsyo on 2019/12/05 02:15
This app was great until my account was hacked and I contacted customer service and just got a run around. I kept getting a pleasant message that someone else would help me. It took a few weeks for someone to respond to me but seems to be working again with most of the issue solved.
by wonderment123 on 2019/12/05 01:19
No barcode ability
by jesmegsie on 2019/12/04 23:54
I miss the ability to scan the barcode in the receipt. If there isn’t a URL code then you have to scan each individual item and having to do this at the store due to lack of service at home is a bit frustrating.
Love it
by Bamacutey on 2019/12/04 22:58
I get money back for things I was going to buy anyway
New to Ibotto
by NorwalkHoney on 2019/12/04 21:46
Super easy money maker
What happened to DoorDash???
by TSRE on 2019/12/04 21:37
I have been using this app for years now and have received hundreds in cash back but here lately it’s been nothing but change back. And what happened to DoorDash? In my area their service was far more superior than any of the other food delivery drivers. I also agree with a few other reviews whereas the any item should include more relatable items as oppose to name brands no one buys.
Easy way to save money
by PGS61 on 2019/12/04 21:14
The App is compatible with my Apple iPhone even after every upgrade. It’s very easy to use especially when you can enter your bonus savings card and the savings come automatically
Sorry FOOD LION!!!
by Mr,Bobby on 2019/12/04 20:44
Ibotta refuses to address issues with its app... unable to upload and redeem Food Lion Receipt after shopping there for Thanksgiving. I’ve made numerous attempts to contact Ibotta ... all they do is send a automated response with no results. It’s been 7 days and now the receipt has expired according to their policies. Sent emails and nothing. Will notify FOOD LION CORP. that Ibotta does them no justice being on the Ibotta app. Works in other locations ie Harris Teeter.
by reginabc on 2019/12/04 19:24
I’ve been using this app for over about a year now and I have received just under $600 in rebates and bonuses. Yes it take a little time and effort but I think it’s worth it. I save up for Amazon prime day and Christmas.
Not so great
by iwjfb_q725 on 2019/12/04 19:09
I’ve been trying to log in for months & every time I tried to log into my account on the app or online, both say it’s down because of maintenance. I’ll be honest, it was great when it was working but they have to fix their issues.
Any items
by mailman53 on 2019/12/04 17:59
I buy a lot of the stores own brands. You earn more cash back on name brands. I usually buy store brand groceries. I would like it better with more choices and cash back on “any item”. I shop a lot at Aldi so most items do not help with earning cash back. I do buy a lot at Joanne Fabric. That is where I get the most earnings I have problems retrieving my gift cards when trying to redeem my cash back.
by Kierra91928 on 2019/12/04 17:46
Too many hoops to jump through and “bonuses.” I referred people and it never gave me or them anything, but it’s supposed to. It’s too hard to get a decent amount of cash back. I guess if you’re just using it at the grocery store it’s okay ($1 cash back here or there), but if you’re going to do any real shopping, go over to Rakuten, much better rewards there. I referred one person who just had to spend $25 on anything (easy to do around Christmas time), I got $25 and they got $10. Much better than ibotta.
Unable to scan receipt from eligible stores
by julizvar on 2019/12/04 14:02
Ever since I got this app I have been trying to scan my receipts from either Meijer, Sams Club, or Kroger and it’s not scanning! Can someone tell my what I’m doing wrong ?!
Ibotta is easy to use
by Monwayne on 2019/12/04 12:09
I have been using Ibotta for few years and I really like how easy it is to use and save money. I sometimes have time and other times not to check deals but always save money.
by tmiss72s on 2019/12/04 07:50
Great app and it’s very easy to use nothing too difficult.
Not Able to Load Grocery Points
by Heatherandmarcos on 2019/12/04 03:43
Ever since you cannot link your card for grocery rebates, you have to submit through the help section which has been denying rebates. When initially submitting a photo, it asks to scan a barcode which is no where in Kroger, Safeway, or Lin’s receipts. For expecting impeccable information from customers, they could be more detail-oriented themselves with the functioning of their app.
I like Ibotta
by Ap2489 on 2019/12/04 03:15
Wish they had more deals that my family could use I don’t get much on the list because no one in my family will eat it or use it Please Ibotta put some more deals on Thanks
It’s the real deal
by ChaCha8183 on 2019/06/23 00:39
I love Ibotta. At first I was skeptical but I needed to find ways to make extra cash so I was like, “why not?!”. It’s really simple to use. You simply create your account, then log in and select some of the places you usually shop. They have tons of offers from May different stores and retailers. Select offers of the items you want to purchase and they will add to your account. If you make a purchase online, start in ibotta to get to the store website. That way you get credit for your purchases. If you go in-store, just scan your receipt into the app. For all the in-store items, you get the credit based on the offers in ibotta for EACH VALID ITEM on your receipt. I made my first $20 my first month. I’ve been a member for around 3 months and So far I’ve made close to $150! No joke. You can cash out to specific gift cards, PayPal, or just use the new “Pay With Ibotta” feature. I usually cash mine out to my PayPal. The only downside I would say I’m having is that my friends are as skeptical as I am, except they are skeptics that won’t give it a shot. So I’ve missed most of my referral bonuses but other than that, it’s great. Speaking of bonuses, they also have different bonuses where you can earn extra cash every month. All in all, it’s really cool and getting money back for things you’re going to buy anyway is the cherry on top. Try it. You will not regret it!
Such an easy way to earn money
by TStaas on 2017/10/04 18:48
I have used Ibotta for over a year now and it’s become part of my life basically I’ll tell you why; every time I make a trip to the grocery store for whatever reason I either check Ibotta before hand while making my list, or when there is something specific I need I will usually check to see if I can get money back on it before I make my decision on that specific item. If the item I have on my list is on Ibotta but to qualify for that cash back I will need to buy multiple, I will usually opt for the deal where I get money back. The reason I do so is because overtime it all adds up and that cash is great for date nights or just money to have saved back. I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical at first on how you really get that cash back and actually it’s really easy you pick where you would like the money to go basically like a gift card, they send you an email super quick with your gift card number, and usually a barcode so that you can use it off of your phone or print it out. I’ve never had any issues using my cashback at a store or restaurant. I love that they have so many options to choose from! Super easy way to earn money, definitely give it a try.
A lot of false advertising
by Moomoo5792 on 2019/01/13 18:25
I gave it 3 stars because I only receive the cash back for my purchases about 3 out 5 times. This app used to be really great. But now they are really, really bad for falsely advertising cash back on items just to get you to purchase them. Many, many...many times now I have purchased the EXACT item shown. I always read the full details of each offer to make sure it doesn’t require you to purchase two, or only a certain size, etc. I will even scan the barcode for a match when I’m in the store! Then I get home, scan my receipt and uh oh...”item doesn’t match”. I check my receipt to make sure the cashier did indeed charge me for the item..yep, it’s there. Hmmmm convenient way for them to cash in on successfully pushing you the product without having to actually pay you the money. This past week they even went as far as to go back and take away the credit that I had earned on an item. I received an email stating that they couldn’t match it even though their app successfully matched it to my receipt! It was indeed the correct item. Don’t even bother with trying to contact their care team because you just get the generic “oh we’re sorry but you probably didn't purchase the correct item...please review details of all items before purchasing in the future” type of response...much like their responses to most of these reviews 😒. I hope they do better in the future.
Used to be not so much
by Chelleeeszxo💗 on 2019/12/07 17:52
I have been using Ibotta for about two years now and it used to great! But lately I’m rarely ever able To redeem any offers. It went from always having gain or tide(the two primary detergent brands I use) being up here quite frequently to almost never. Also, it’s stupid that certain stores the offers are not valid at(i.e. offers at Walmart are not at Target or vice versa.). I haven’t even been able to reach the 20$ minimum for cash out in MONTHS. App has also been giving issues with loading while I’m shopping so I can’t even check product barcode to be sure it’s a match. Don’t really understand why if I’m constantly purchasing certain items they would be removed from redeemable offers for what seems like permanently. I can get you want to try to persuade users to continue to use the app but if I don’t normally buy a product I’m not going to just because it’s in Ibotta. That goes for the bonuses as well. A few of the people on my “team” and I notice some of us will have to redeem less or more items then one another to qualify for a bonus. Again, I can get it if some of us are using the app more often then others but it’s still pretty stupid. For me, I was using it pretty frequently, in order to qualify for some bonuses I needed to purchase 30+ items in an unrealistic amount of time. Very disappointed with the app at this point. Don’t really know if I will continue to TRY and utilize it at all as there is really no point anymore.
Losing steam
by Heather71449 on 2018/10/23 11:27
This app was AWESOME at first!! I recommended it to literally anyone that would listen! Even complete strangers that I would see at the checkout. Now, you can’t get a response from the ‘Care’ Team. Even when you show detailed photo proof with the receipt, the UPC & the product front & back; by the time you actually get a response, the receipt is more than a week old & they deny you credit. Then when you bring it to their attention that you submitted it within the allotted timeframe, you get a response stating that you were given credit for the purchase. BUT there is a way to check!! In your ‘My Earnings’ option, you can see if you earned credit; which obviously shows that you NEVER received credit for the purchase!!! The ‘Care’ Team has lost its empathy! The response time used to be very short, now you’re LUCKY if you receive a response in 7 days!!! I’m positive that they will claim that they are bombarded with tons of claims & emails that they are trying to respond to each one. But if they had let us know that when they reached a certain number of users that they would be overwhelmed & not intend on expanding their team member staff; I would have stopped recommending this app when that number was reached! You beg us to share this app, however you apparently don’t care enough to expand your staff enough to handle all of the claims & new members??
Not as good as it used to be
by Ande32715 on 2018/11/15 12:16
I was recommended this app a few years ago and it used to be great. They actually had items I would buy or wanted to try. Now..... I’m lucky if I can use it once every shopping trip (I used to be able to use it every time). That’s not the bad part because I do like that they have rebates for new products just hitting the market. The bad part is having to link a loyalty card. What!?!? So I started doing that. Well now one of the loyalty cards linked never posts my items and I have had to reach out to the care center and wait forever (3-7 days) to be credited and they don’t even know when you have multiple items for redemption. I had to reach back out and let them know after I already listed three items purchased along with the receipt that I was still missing money. I was credited. Fine! It’s getting worse because the app will scan the receipt for items and not recognize others. I like not having to scan all of the barcodes but I don’t mind it if I have to. I have two items pending now because the receipt was rejected and these two items weren’t recognized during the initial receipt scan. Now the receipt has been rejected for those two items I don’t want to have to wait for the care team AGAIN. I’m at the point where all of the hassle isn’t worth it and I will just complete the last $3.00 needed to cash out and delete the app. I’m not wasting my time anymore.
Declining Service
by Queen_ess on 2019/01/09 21:52
This was one of my favorite apps. Easy to use and earn a little extra money. I recommended to everyone. However, NOW it is completely frustrating and no longer that great. I have had multiple experiences where I make a mobile shopping purchase, then never receive credit. I send the info to the Support team (which now the response time is 3-5 weeks), in which they tell me “you didn’t launch through the app, so we are unable to credit your account at this time.” Even though I SPECIFICALLY launched through the app because of the constant issues. No matter what evidence I produce (screenshots, receipt details, etc. ) they just dismiss it and say “we hope you continue to use the app, but there is nothing more we can do at this time.” It is annoying and frustrating and basically makes the whole point of using the app a waste of time when you don’t receive the credit. Another thing that just makes me more disappointed in ibotta is that I see WAY more advertisements for ibotta, but the Customer service quality and response time has taken a major decline in the last year. I think Ibotta should put more resources into making their Support team efficient and effective, and less into their marketing. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising anyways, which in this case is not going in their favor. I have stopped referring people. Definitely disappointed.
Great Deals!!! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by UKIDINME007 on 2018/05/09 09:30
Not sure how to contact you so I’ll do it here. There are SO MANY products you have listed for Natural Grocers that they don’t sell and never will. I worked for them for three years and know their products by heart. All their stores are owned by the same family in all the states they have them. So all product criteria are the same. I love the money I’ve received from ibotta in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been with you but it’s such a waste to offer so many items that are not in the store. It’s not just Natural Grocers. Whole Foods doesn’t sell so many of the products you list them. I can give you examples: All Crest products, Similac, all Kraft products, all Kellogg's products. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Same with ALL your stores you list but my main concern is with the two above mentioned stores. I’ll ALWAYS use your app, but think of the money people could “earn” if there were actually more items these stores actually sell and take out those they don’t. I LOVE you guys so much for offering us this opportunity to save so much money!! Keep up the good work!! Two thumbs up as always!! 👍🏼👍🏼
Going bad
by TroubleIncarnate on 2019/06/11 01:28
I used to love this app, but it’s progressively getting worse. A few weeks ago, Ibotta started spamming my email account. I checked my settings and they’re not supposed to send me any emails. Over the course of more than 2 weeks, support repeatedly told me to check my settings, no matter how many times I said my settings were correct. They lied and said they reset my settings so I wouldn’t get anymore emails. Finally, one snarky lady told me that users are no longer have full control of what emails Ibotta sends them. Users may no longer opt out of cash earned emails. I can check that for myself in the app. Overall, the support staff were slow, unhelpful, and did not READ what the problem was or what was done. How can you fix a problem when you don’t pay attention to the issue or symptoms? They wasted a lot of my time for nothing and I’m really not happy they’re now spamming my email because they can. Over the last several months, bonuses have become a lot more difficult to meet without buying something I don’t need or want. I’ve also noticed a marked decline in the offers I’ve been able to redeem. And they know when you get close to $25, because they’ll really limit the any brand and any receipt offers. They’ve been knocking any brand, especially the receipt offers to $0.10 A LOT. I’ve been thinking about cashing out and going with another app.
Sadly this doesn’t work like they tell you here it does!
by no gift cards here on 2018/07/29 22:52
I was using the app as it seemed a great way to save and earn while doing it. I shopped, I took pictures of my receipts and sent them to them all very easily. Ran into trouble however when I tried to redeem for a gift card as you do it get cash back....... or at least I couldn’t find where I had that option. I purchased my gift cards with my points and watched as my points were taken away. I at no time actually received any gift card. They never tell you if they are mailing it to you, emailing it to you, texting it to you..... nothing. I waited a couple weeks to see what would happen. Nothing! I sent their customer service online a message that they never responded to on two different occasions. So I stopped using the app waiting to see what would happen. I finally received an email wanting me to come back as they noticed I’d stopped using the app. I sent another email explaining why and asked what they were going to do to make this right..... again no response. So I believe there are retailers receiving the feedback as to what we are and aren’t purchasing but there seems to be no benefit to the consumer. I’ve basically told them when they respond to my questions and give me the gift cards that my points were taken to purchase that I would consider using they app again. No response. Makes me think nobody is listening at all. Can’t see a reason to use the app.
Great concept, needs improvement though
by Pmweeks on 2019/08/20 22:00
I honestly do love this app and if you are very attentive to what you buy and scan the receipts without using the barcode from your store rewards card then Ibotta is wonderful and you can make some good extra spending money...BUT....I have learned the hard way that when you purchase any of the items you almost always have to “prove” you bought it by adding the items after you scan or take a picture of the receipt. For example, on a recent trip to Walmart, I purchased 11 different products that I would receive extra money for. I scanned my barcode on the receipt and Ibotta only recognized that I had the $0.10 “any grocery item”. I had to go back through the extensive list to check off all the other items then scan the barcode of the item. Fairly annoying once you have put all your groceries up. Another issue I’ve discover is a store reward card that you can link to your account such as Winn Dixie or Publix...take my advice and don’t bother, submit your receipt instead so you can catch what Ibotta doesn’t because you can’t tell if they did right away and it’s just faster. As it is I spend a significant amount of time scrolling through everything...ain’t nobody got time for that!
App run by untrained and unethical people
by Tap 2010 FAN on 2019/06/02 21:29
If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I recently joined this app and so far have received only bad experiences. They locked my account for no reason last week so I could not withdraw any cash. I emailed them and am still waiting for a response, so they are not at all time efficient. It will be exactly 7 days tomorrow. Instead of helping me out I received notifications today that I have submitted fraudulent receipts which I never have to this present day. I never submit screenshots, always the original receipt from Target. Moreover, they reversed $6 in credits telling me I had submitted old receipts. Again I have always submitted receipts within a week of purchase as indicated in their policies. Please DO NOT waste your time with this app. They scavenge on people who are innocent and trying to follow all rules. Completely unethical and unprofessional customer service. People who try to use rebate apps so they can save money can bid their money goodbye by using such an app. There are much better rebate apps out there that do not need barcode scanning and receipt uploading and phone verification. It is like we are at the airport and going through security. So many hoops to jump just to save a few $$$$. Spare me the trouble. I have only respected and appreciated their rules all to get a notice that I am fraudulent. If you ask me, this app and the team running it are the biggest frauds of all. Never using this app again.
SCAM: Scammed out of referral credit
by Mars7000 on 2019/07/26 11:48
I used to like Ibotta. I used it for months. Then I referred my mom during a $5 credit period. It was the last day, and she made a special trip to pick something up, went out of her way to get me that credit. She had trouble using the app and accessing her account, so I had to help her. Went through the trouble of scanning and waiting. My account showed verification that she joined and then successfully redeemed an offer. No credit. We both contacted support, and they claim that her “mobile device was registered under another user” and they therefore refused to give the credit or discuss it any further because it “involved another user”. My mother has never even heard of Ibotta before I asked her to join so I could get the credit. Before I was scammed out of my credit, I used Ibotta every week. I immediately cashed out my tiny amount and deleted the app. She deleted the app and warned everyone at work. I warned everyone I know, and I have even talked a few people out of signing up and going with Ebates instead. My best friend loves deal and price apps, and she’s warned her friends and family away as well. Had “Sara K” shown that Ibotta cares about their customers and honored the $5 credit, I would still be using it, and so would several other people. It just take one small gesture to show customers that you value them and they spread the word, but unfortunately, Ibotta doesn’t value their customers.
Used to love this app...2 for 2 on poor customer service
by TlC83! on 2019/06/29 00:24
Have been using this since September of 2016 and have saved over $900. Offerings at first were great. Lots of products I normally use and you could utilize them multiple times. Selection now is not great. Will go months without any items I use. I have had many incidences of scanning the item in store and getting home and it saying it doesn’t match. I generally use Target. This last weekend I used the pick up in store option as my daughter was getting out of the hospital. I have used it before for the dry things then grab the cold things in store before grabbing the order. They always give me a print receipt. This time the printer wasn’t working. They emailed me the receipt I emailed customer care and the first reply that took a few days said they reviewed it and would pass it to the correct team. That team member wouldn’t honor it at all. Basically would have to return the items to rebuy to get a receipt. I used to promote this app to everyone (coworkers, friends, patients...) I no longer will. A situation that was out of my hands wouldn’t be honored. This was my 2nd time contacting customer care in nearly 3 years and they were unwilling to be helpful at all. I think I will use the other apps that my friends recommend instead. Customer service is everything and so is word of mouth. It’s too bad when an app gets popular the customer service goes down.
Neat but...
by ShannonMM on 2018/06/25 12:47
I’ve been using Ibotta for a while. I’ve learned if you don’t shop at walmart, you’re probably not getting as good of deals/savings. I don’t shop at walmart and I can take advantage of maybe $1.00 rebates a month. My friend who shops at walmart gets almost $10 in rebates per trip. I feel the offers aren’t related to anything I buy or would buy. I occasionally get to use the “any” receipt rebate at different stores. I spend more money finding things to buy that I can get a rebate for then saving. I know manufacturers and some retailers are pushing these rebates to get their brands recognized, but I wish this app catered more to users preference or history - if you’re scanning barcodes, receipts and rewards cards, shouldn’t I see offers related to the things I buy most? Example baby formula: I was offered rebates on formula we don’t use. Our baby has to use a specific type of formula; I’m not going to switch brands/types just to use a coupon. I’ve also experienced a lot of glitches/crashes over time, especially when I have scan bar codes. I try to scan and put away my food...the app crashes and I have to get everything back out to scan. 😠 I’ll keep using occasionally, but I hope to see better algorithms and customization in the future.
I’m just so annoyed.
by Charmed032798 on 2019/02/05 22:51
I loved this app. It was a great way to earn a little more cash. However, I had gotten a new phone a few months ago and when you do, you are logged out of all your apps. I ended up being logged out of iBotta, so I went to log back in. However, when I tried to do so it told me the email was wrong. I tried every single email and password combination possible and it still told me there were no accounts linked to any of them. I tried logging in with the other options, but nothing. I emailed the customer service, didn’t hear back from them for maybe two and half weeks, and all they did was ask for the email linked to my account. I sent them the two emails that could’ve been it and didn’t hear back from them for another two to three weeks. When they got back to me, their response was “these emails don’t match any account in our system. We need the email attached to your account.” SO CLEARLY they really didn’t even understand what I was explaining to them. I had about $27 saved up and I don’t get to use it now because their customer service is so terrible and won’t try to understand my problem. So now I’m out $27 for something that doesn’t even make sense. I had to have used an email to sign up the first time around, but it’s telling me I’m wrong. It’s so annoying.
Used to is the key phrase
by Jren421 on 2019/06/13 03:25
Seriously I don’t know what you did in this latest update but it is so so so very very bad! Please take it back!!!! Nothing is working. It’s back to the dark ages. Manually scanning every item on my receipt even from Walmart, ugh are you kidding me? Going above and beyond what is needed for the bonus m, being credited a few pennies per item but not having the bonus even budge and then being told that the mistake must be my fault- it’s not- I can’t justify that time now when you have so drastically lowered your rebates. What would have once been 1.59 is no .35 and getting to $20 to cash out takes hundreds of dollars. I know, I have a choice. I don’t have to use it. It’s just I guess I always hold out hope that someday there will be one company that stays true to who they said they were. Ibotta set out on a mission and now their mission statement needs revision. I will give it a 5 and revise this the minute the app is fixed. That is a promise. It has to be fixed though. This is not okay. #Update- the update to fix the weird made it weirder yet and yes that isn’t correct grammar and I know but after a hot, exhausting day at the grocery store I’m just done trying to figure weird out.
Horrible Customer Service
by gray_1986 on 2018/11/06 06:03
The app has been good for the most part. At first everything was great and used to get credit right away but that has changed recently. I made a hotel reservation in Priceline through Ibotta in June. The description clearly states the credit will be pending for 75 after my purchase. It has been almost 120 days and I still have not received my cash back. I opened a ticket with customer service about 6 weeks ago to inquire about the pending credit. At that time they stated would reach out to Priceline and would get back to me within 7 days. Well that did not happen... I had to reach out to them again several times to check on the status. They keep giving me the run around about why my credit is still pending and blaming it on Priceline. I decided to check directly with Priceline to see why they haven’t gotten back with Ibotta support team and they stated they have not received any requests from them... bottom line they just blame each other and I am the one who loses because I can’t get credit for my purchase. Service is horrible because you have to wait until they respond to your email since there is no phone number so you can speak to an actual person. If I would have known it was going to be this way I would have used another app.
I tell everyone I know, but....
by TMI-Tori on 2019/08/29 02:22
This is the only rebate app I use and people are surprised at how much I make for doing so little. I live in Wyoming, and yes, we are skeptical and always have something to prove so I will bring in a receipts and show em’ how it’s done. However, I am a little flaky and spend hours trying to make sure I have the right offer for the right store. Do NOT even get me started on stacking a coupon with an offer during a sale at specific stores. It makes my brain hurt and I look like “Beautiful Mind with my note books that cross-reference newspaper ads that have coupons paper-clipped to them with sticky notes of Ibotta offers. I know I’m a lost (space) case, but Ibotta should develop some kinda cross referencing that could match any current coupon you have with the closest store that has an offer waiting for you (can I patent this idea right now? retailers would pay alotta to Ibotta Well then I will continue to love Ibotta and make money from the comfort of my bed. I now go hunt stores for offers and my husband thinks I’m having an affair and I have to confess the games, bonuses and getting money transferred to my debit card SAME DAY is addictive. Love it! Gotta...have my Ibotta.
It could be so much better
by RandiLeeAnn on 2018/12/29 03:15
Well first off, I am still only half way to $20 and I’ve had an account for about a year but actively checking receipts and rebates for around 4 months now. And I’ve tried ibotta in the past but could never find any rebates from things I had bought and now it’s the same way. I will check to see if there are any rebates that I can find on things I was going to buy anyway while I am in the store but other than that, i am not going to go out of my way to buy something just to get a rebate on it. That basically defeats the whole purpose, I believe. And I check my receipts for rebates and can rarely find anything. I’ve gotten most of the $10 I have now from a friend rebate which was $5 and from the “any item” that adds .10 to .25 cents here and there. Idk it’s just a bigger hassle than anything I feel like. But maybe I will feel different after I finally have enough to get a gift card. But also it would be SOOOO MUCH EASIER if you could just scan the receipt and it searches your specific matched items instead of you trying to search for them and look up every item one by one. It’s just very time consuming. Just some suggestions that I feel could make your app better. And definitely need a lot more items than are on there now.
Ibotta is fantastic!
by realest8pro on 2017/11/21 13:17
I've been using it for a couple of years, and I went a long time where i was so busy i forgot to do the claims. It is difficult for me, singularly to meet some of the bonus goals even when my team does meet theirs, so I feel like I am letting them down! There should be more opportunities for rebates at restaurants, gas, online and other retailers. Also, I feel that the "any Brand" items are really low rebate at only .20, but that opens up a much broader way for me to spend and earn a rebate. I think .20 at "discount" retailers like Walmart, Dollar General, ShopNSave, Aldi, etc is fine, but to get those same itmes at Schnucks, Target, Walgreens, etc. costs more and therefore should perhaps be .25 or .30 rebate. Just a suggestion! I’ve told many about the App and i am glad i came back to it. Was bummed out yesterday when i tried to enter a couple of them and when i was asked to scan the item (Campbell’s Mushroom Soup) and told it was not valid. That also happened with another item that was so obviously the right item. But overall, I like the App!
by dishthis on 2018/10/22 19:40
THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT AND ANYONE I REFERRED AND KEPT ALL THE MONEY EARNED!!!! THEY SAID ITS BECAUSE I RETURNED ITEMS!!! THIS APP WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!!!’First I was accused of trying to use receipts twice which is a false accusation. I did not get credit for anything twice in one receipt. I merely added what the app forgot to give me credit for (Ibotta very regularly will forget to give you credit for things that you matched as qualifying for cash back so you have to double check your receipts every time) This was their mistake and I fixed it only to have them throw it back in my face and accuse me of stealing. They took back every penny of cash back I earned on those receipts along with any bonuses attached to them, they have locked me out of my account and to make things worse they banned my friend that I referred before they even had a chance to use it (that would also be before I got the credit for referring the person as well) Needless to say I feel very embarrassed that they did this to my friend after I talked so highly of the app. Oh and of course I still have not heard from an actual person in regards to all this but that’s normal they usually take weeks to respond to anything you have a concern with. I was actually really starting to enjoy this app but now I feel so insulted and taken advantage of that I wont be using it or recommending it ever again.
Please address these issues
by M_VT1234 on 2019/01/23 13:07
1 - The customer care team has got to get better. Like so many others who’ve written reviews, the “team” takes at least 2-3 days to respond to even the most basic inquiries. Simple fix: hire more people and train them better, please. 2 - Price Cutter: for whatever reason, this app cannot recognize any offers from Price Cutter. I can buy $250 worth of groceries and upload the receipt, which matches at least 8-10 offers I’ve added into my account. Once it’s done scanning, it gives you the page showing “we found one matched offer (any item), did we miss anything?” Every. Single. Time. Yes, yes you missed something - ALL of the things. Then, to make it more aggravating, I then have to manually select the offers that match and physically go to my unloaded groceries and scan the barcodes, which of course confirm that they are a match. THEN, it doesn’t add your credits, and I have to email customer service and wait weeks to have the funds change from “pending” to available. Please fix this, it’s making me avoid shopping at price cutter. Why? Because I can go to Walmart across the street, get the same things, then just scan the barcode on the receipt and I’m done. Otherwise, I enjoy the app. Please fix this issues!
Not worth the headache
by MehMommy on 2018/11/06 02:40
This App use to be really easy to use and like any other small money making app it takes a while. The rewards always came through though no problems. However, they have made changes recently and NONE of them seem to be working out from what I've been reading. I FINALLY got to 20$ so I went to cash out and now we have to do a 2 step verification to even get your money. OK thanks for the extra security but... I typed in my number and nope. It says that's not the number for the account. I had one number for 10 years. So I contacted support like it asked. I gave them my old number then my husband's number seeing if that would help. Wrong again! After waiting multiple days I get and email back say sorry but I provided them with the wrong number for the account. *insert huge eyeroll* I use to love this app but I warn you now. With all their recent changes it is NOT worth the headache for a measly 20$ that takes months upon months to accumulate. The rebates they offer too don't personally appeal to me either. Maybe to someone else? I'm using this app though because I'm a mom on a budget and a lot of the products are definitely not budget friendly. I'm currently trying to close my account but that's a process in itself as well!
It’s not a me issue it’s an Ibotta issue
by Albert and Gibson on 2019/09/04 20:58
I have always been a fan of Ibotta. I have used it faithfully. But right now I am so frustrated with Ibotta. They have been offering a $3.00 rebate for my WalMart Grocery Pickup. It has been in the app since June and I have taken advantage of it every time that I purchase groceries. However even though I launch the WalMart grocery app through the shop button next to the offer in Ibotta. Even though I make sure that there are no other apps running in the background. Even though I make sure I don’t have anything in my cart before I even open Ibotta. My rebate is never in my account and I have to send an email to their customer support center. They do make sure that I get my rebate but all they tell me is to do to fix the problem is to do the things that I’m already doing. And when I have told them I’m doing everything they told me to they just say sorry for the inconvenience. I’m afraid after reading reviews that they are going to lock my account and not give me accsss to the money I have earned because of all the times I have had to submit a request to them. I’m very frustrated and so firmly believe that this is not a me issue it is an Ibotta issue. I will be happy to change my rating when I don’t have to submit and email every time I want to take advantage of an offer.
Can’t Withdraw My Money
by Can't Withdraw Money on 2019/10/13 12:20
Update: i After a month, I am STILL trying to withdraw over $160. I got to the point where someone tried to manually reset my account and it still didn’t work. So now I am back at square one starting over again with tech support because they don’t read the whole email chain. If I could give this negative stars I would. I have been using Ibotta for years and have never had any problems until recently. I have been trying to withdraw my money and keep getting the run around from customer support (if they respond at all). One time I made the mistake of mentioning that I also didn’t get a referral credit as well (not the main issue) and they keyed in on that instead, since it must have been an easier fix. Every time I try to verify my account, the number never gets texted to my phone. I have to verify my account before I can withdraw money. I find this odd though since as I mentioned before, have been using this app for years and have never had a problem until now. So clearly my account has been “verified” before. The only way I get a “timely” response (less than a week), is to put in the subject that I’m going to write a negative review. It gets a better response time, but still no solution. So, I’m making good on my promise of writing a negative review.
I love this app!!!! Needs some touching up
by Lavenderbug on 2018/10/04 16:34
I usually buy whatever is the cheapest item in the grocery story and never really looked to see if I was really getting the best deal. I love to use the any brand offers for stuff I already buy all the time and then use the specific brand offers for items I've never used before but if I can get $2 back why not? Completing the additional challenges and offers helps to quickly build cash back revenue. I've only had this app over a month and already redeemed over $60. Something I would ask the developers to work on is extending the offer rules and restriction section for the app. If there are specific offer details the app only has one line of rules before it . . . And there is no option to extend that section to complete reading. I have to open a browser and fight with that browser to stop opening the app so that I can read the full description from the website. I've had to make a few complaints for not adding the proper redeem or referral amount to my account, but they always review and update my account. Even if it takes them 2 weeks to get back to me.
Terrible Customer Service
by _TheGirlFromMiami on 2018/12/30 13:56
I have been using Ibotta faithfully and respectfully for about two years now. My account has never been suspended or anything of that nature. As I mentioned before, I have been using Ibotta for about two years and I have a nice amount of money saved up on the app. As I go to cash out, it asks me to verify my phone number— which I have done before to cash out $20)— and it says that my phone number is incorrect, so I immediately contact customer service and explain to them that something is wrong. Customer service then proceeds to tell me that I need to figure out what number is on the account because that is the ONLY way for them to verify it is me. Mind you, I’ve had the same cell phone number for about 5 years, the only thing that has changed is my carrier. I also explain that to them and they just continued to tell me to figure out the number. Ibotta refuses to assist me with verify my account and this email back and fourth has been going on for about a WEEK. I have even sent them picture proof of the lines on my cell phone account and even a screen recording of me in the account and that representative just decided to close the concern and told me to have a great day. Just rude and inconsiderate. I will be taking high and legal actions because this is absolutely unacceptable.
Really Disappointed
by Luvmyboys7 on 2019/01/11 14:10
I had downloaded this app and am unsure of why it runs smoothly up until it’s time to cash out. I have followed their rules for submitting receipts, and still am unable to transfer funds to PayPal. Having a big household, these savings are very important to me and my 5 children. I was excited to earn cash back on these items. I just keep getting a “failed:there was an error”. My PayPal account is verified and I have followed their troubleshooting steps in their self help articles. I even attempted using my husbands PayPal just in case it was an issue with my PayPal but error was the same.i did contact their care team and a little less than 24 hours later they marked my ticket as “solved “ even though they never resolved the issue nor did they make any attempt to reach out to me by phone , email, etc. I have a feeling they don’t have sufficient funds to be payed out and delay the process or make up some excuse to not pay out. Either that, or the app itself is faulty. But From what I’ve been reading and seeing in the internet, this company seems to have questionable practices. It’s really stomach turning to say the least . Hope that this issue gets fixed soon.
Longtime user here verifying app is legit
by reetresmom on 2019/07/16 03:13
I’ve seen people posting on different platforms asking if this is real or a scam. It’s definitely NOT A SCAM!! I’ve been using the app for some years now and so far earned almost $400 in cash. I love the app but I just wish there were more items to select that I use on a regular basis. However, I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of recent changes they made I’m not happy with. They now will only let you redeem Publix through a loyalty account which takes up to 48 hours to show up in the app. So on top of making sure you always remember to type in your phone number at checkout (and make sure you type the right number as I have mistakenly used my old number before) but you also have to go back and make sure they gave you credit for everything you bought. So far I’ve had to submit claims on missing items 3 times and it’s only been a week. It’s a hassle to say the least. So make sure you stay on top of it and choose items before you shop so that you get credit for them. I choose some even if it’s a maybe just in case.
Great before, now going downhill
by SoDisappointed5884 on 2019/05/11 12:12
I gave this app 2 stars out of 5 because they were really great at giving the cashback credit before they started obtaining too many users. About two weeks ago, they had two bonuses you could get by purchasing 18 items and/or 26 items. I planned my shopping trip around the eligible items. Got home and scanned everything only to have ibotta lock my account after they owed me almost $90 back. It took almost two weeks for them to respond to my question as to why I could not withdraw my earnings. Then for a slap in the face, they took back $22 saying I scanned receipts more than once!! They are just awful. I only bought 1 of each eligible item and scanned all my receipts on the same day. Once you redeem something in ibotta, it disappears from your gallery for that day so there is no way I could have scanned any receipts that same day more than once on each item!!!! Ibotta will have you buy items to reach a bonus but will only take the money back from you if you reach the bonus for additional money. I guess they never intended on having to pay out the bonus money and that makes them liars. If you are a big shopper, use coupons, not ibotta. At least with coupons you won’t have to worry about the store taking it away from you.
Doesn’t always refund money
by Baby face 44 on 2019/04/13 15:47
I’ve used Ibotta for a year now. There have been a couple of times that a barcode wasn't accepted and I’d have to fill out a form, take a picture of the product and send directly to customer service. I would be credited within a few days. Annoying enough but it would be fixed. Lately, when this happens, they say they’ll credit your account and it never shows up. I submit items that are accepted (through the scan) only for them to bounce back and say they didn’t match the advertised product (exact product BTW). Then the worse part is they offer bonuses for buying a certain amount of items in a specific time. I go to the trouble of searching out products and buying the specified amount and then not getting the bonus. This has happened several times over the last few weeks. Something has changed for the worst. You can still get rebates but I wouldn’t go to the trouble of trying to collect bonuses. You’ll wind up spending more money on products and not receiving cash back or hitting bonus money. It’s time consuming, especially when you have to scan each item in when they can’t be read off of the receipt and then some bounce back and you don’t hit bonus. More frustrating than its worth!
Too good to be true
by Rach3l90 on 2019/06/28 11:18
I thought I would give it a try, as I’m always looking for deals and coupons. I registered and linked my grocery store savings card, and added items I was purchasing. I went out of my way to get different items than usual in order to save money and receive the $20 new user rebate. However, nothing was ever distributed to me, despite even uploading pictures of my receipt. When I submitted my concerns and asked for help, I was told I would have someone talk to me in 4-7 days, which is just awful customer care, especially when the customer is already upset about missing out on $75 worth of redeemable cash back they were told they would receive. This app is pointless since you never receive anything for your purchases, and it seems like a ploy to push consumers to buy products from partners of the app. I’ll stick to saving money using savings cards and coupons. Update: this also happened the second time I tried using it. The developers contacted me saying someone should contact me and no one has despite multiple attempts I have made at reaching out. This app is absolutely not worth the trouble and my previous theory stands... it is likely just a way to advertise and encourage customers to purchase items from partnered products.
New update is annoying
by amy1942 on 2019/07/07 19:49
I actually really like Ibotta but recently there has been an app update and you have to click all over the place to get where you want to be. You used to be able to view your offers almost anywhere on the app and now that is limited to you being on the Store’s offers to go see what offers you have. There also used to be a button that you could redeem offers that was there on the main screen as well as in the stores offer page as well. Now the redeem button is this teeny tiny button you can only get to from the main page. Also with these latest updates, you can no longer use receipts at Publix... you have to use your linked reward card. There are several reasons this bothers me, but the most bothersome is that if you’re just stopping on the way home from somewhere and you haven’t selected the offers, you have to stop in the store now and do it or you won’t get anything. You can’t check the app for offers after you get home with this method. Please try to fix some of these issues with the latest update
by Tunetickler on 2019/06/04 18:11
Sorry this is so lengthy..... I’ve used this app a number of times. The premise is great but on multiple occasions when checking out, it somehow freezes up their registers and will not allow the store to receive their money! This happened twice at Lowe’s and once at Cabellas. My bank account immediately shows the withdrawal in full payment but Lowe’s in particular could not get the app to pay them. Cabellas ended up selling me a gift card then turned around and cashed in the gift card so as to get their money. I of course lost my Ibotta cash back from $161, $78 and $180 sales. Also, during one of these incidents the Lowe’s cashier messed up entering the info, gave me the phone back to re-enter it but when we finalized the transaction I didn’t notice the vendor had changed inadvertently so the sale went to Chipotles instead. I had to PAY AGAIN for my Lowe’s sale so now I have to drive over an hour to the nearest Chipotle to redeem that “gift card” since Ibotta wud not cancel the charge. And I can’t stand Chipotle so I have a $72 credit over there. There should be an “Are you Sure?” type of button u have to click on if this app doesn’t allow u to cancel a transaction. This app needs a few more bug fixes PLEASE. The hubby refuses to let me use it now.
Very shady
by Cinnnnnnnnnnnn on 2019/11/19 01:03
Was very happy with this app. I started making money and everything was fine, it was kind of fun too. Then weird stuff was happening. One day I got a email saying we debited your account from receipts that I submitted 4 months ago. I was confused and wrote them and screen shot the receipts from there app and asked them why? They responded that the receipt didn’t specify the brand, even though it was clearly there. I argued this 3 times no help. The they debited my account again and this time I did the same thing sent the screen shot these were credited 3 months ago. They said I issued a receipts that was old so I circled the date and the date submitted. They have me the same automative response twice, again no reimbursement. Now they locked my account and said it was under review this has been 2 months of me writing them and I got the same response 3 times saying ank you for your response. Please provide us with any information regarding your account as it was flagged for review based on Ibotta Saver data, shopping behavior or account audits. So I’ve replied sure what info do u need I would be happy to supply you with info. And they send the same exact response 3 times. This is frustrating and unprofessional and you can’t get a answer, or withdrawal your money. What a scam.
Great at First
by MB0611 on 2019/10/24 13:28
The app was great at first. I seemed to match a lot of offers. Now I’ve noticed I don’t use a lot of the products they have available offers for at the stores I shop at but I just chucked it up to it happens. The first month the Venmo option for collecting your money worked. After I used it once, it’s been unavailable ever since. I can only use PayPal (which I don’t use) or select a gift card to collect earnings. I also had a frequent buyers card from a store and I could connect it to Ibotta which would eliminate the need to scan receipts. That worked for the first month and no longer works. I now have to scan the receipt and Ibotta doesn’t recognize any offers on the receipt. So after scanning the receipt, I have to go through my groceries and scan barcodes. During the month of October they offered shopping bonuses that lasted for 48 hours. My purchased offers conveniently didn’t go through until midnight and the bonus expired at 2am. Leaving no time to achieve the bonus or see if more offers were needed. In theory this could be a great app but they just need their developers to use the app themselves and see the issues.
Can improve on deal offers.
by rockbabyroll on 2019/06/15 17:48
Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve gave it 5 stars because it’s such an awesome app to save money and earn rewards as well. Been using this app for years! But the offers given In The last year made me take off a point hence 4-stars. I always redeem household products, grocery, hygiene products. But some products I would just scratch my head like why?? & with majority of the offers, the products matching that offer were non-existent in my area. I would say 83% of that was in the last year. I haven’t been using the app tremendously like I was, but now I’m starting to get back to it since I’m seeing a tiny bit of options that are available for me to save money for my everyday essentials. I would still recommend this app to all my friends and family and random people like (YOU) that is reading my review. + this is the only rebate app I know so far that has offered the PayPal option rather than picking a giftcard and being stuck with a store that you may not use or go to as often. Thanks ibotta. Hope you improve your offers!
Horrible Customer Service and Can’t Withdraw Your Earnings Through PayPal
by Unrestorable on 2019/01/21 16:21
It has been almost a month that I have been having an issue with withdrawals of funds through PayPal. Many other users have the same issue as well, according to FB. When reaching out to customer service, you get a nonsense response both on social media and when submitting a ticket request through help function. They are responding 5 days later, with standard emails, don’t read your request at all, and answer the question that was not asked from them! And, according to other users, they lock you out of your account, if you happen to get aggravated! Without letting you withdraw the funds you already earned! Sounds like ibotta ran into issues with paying all its users and now is plainly scamming users out of the funds they’ve earned! If I can’t retrieve my earnings the way I want to, then what is the point of wasting all that time looking through the offers and adding them, scanning receipts, etc. Not only that, when you clip the offers, and try to redeem them, they either don’t work or don’t show up in your earnings after the receipt was processed without any explanation. If this day and age, I would expect better! This app is just a ripoff and a waste of time!
Needs to be more user friendly
by Reignin8s on 2019/01/14 00:43
The concept is awesome and I have received some money back. But it is EXTREMELY time consuming! When you go grocery shopping and have your products selected that give you cash back, you have to take a picture of the receipt then go through and individually select everything you bought, the quantity and then take a picture of the barcode on the products label. It takes FOREVER scrolling through ALL of the offers till you find what’s on your receipt. They need to input a search function on the page after taking a photo of the receipt. That would save a majority of the wasted time. Also make sure to not leave ANY INFORMATION from the receipt out. I didn’t have the total cost of my groceries in a picture and they denied it and forced me to do it again. Why the total matters when you can see the items and how many purchased on the receipt is beyond me. They need to make resubmitting denied offers easier. There’s no way they should make you have to jump through their hoops, deny your submission for some tedious excuse then then have to waste all of the time doing it over again.
6 pack
by JayTima on 2017/11/09 06:37
I was introduced to this offer through a co worker of mine who promised a multi pay off on things I purchase every shopping trip via car or web. At first it seemed confusing in how exactly to submit my offers and if there is a history of my purchases from my frequent places or not. I was able to redeem some purchase that offered a very rewarding return in time of need but lately the items that I normally purchase are not listed and it is becoming a task get offers on items I buy:0( I have since had this for over 6 months and the pros are if you buy many different things every month and your diet is not restricted from certain items it great but for me it has been a bit of a challenge. I would like the items I buy to continue to be available and I can not get my “any brand, any size potatoes” to scan and I can not reach customer service for help. I really like this app out of all the other 5 I’ve tried this one is the best. Con-they don’t maintain items that you buy every shopping trip to help get offers back. The offer is small of Most so they should be available more often than not.
Not as good as it used to be
by Amelia Argyle on 2019/04/20 06:10
I have been using ibotta for a few years now. I used to get around $5 back per grocery trip, now I am lucky if I get a dollar or two. The items they list either aren’t available, or stuff that I would never buy, there are less “any item” rebates, and those are less valuable than they used to be. If I am shopping at places other than Walmart, the items they list often aren’t available. Sometimes I can find a few things at Kroger, forget Costco matching at all. I also got my friend to sign up, but we spent hours trying to figure out how to show that I referred him to the app, and neither of us could figure it out. Huge waste of time there. He found it wasn’t worth it and deleted it. Your customer service could also use some work. You almost closed my account for inactivity, but I stopped using it because my receipts wouldn’t upload. Customer service was very unhelpful, luckily I guess the bugs got worked out, so I could get my account active again. Otherwise, I would have lost the earnings I’d been saving up for months and months. That’s no way to treat a loyal user.
Support is slow/Emails aren’t properly “catered”
by hwltgjs on 2018/03/28 19:26
The premise of the app is so nice, but: 1) My spouse made an account, on our shared device, which was then “locked” (they think they submitted a receipt wrong because the app thought there were items on there that weren’t, and they weren’t being attentive enough—totally fair). When reaching out to IBotta to remedy this issue, they have been met with no response for several days beyond the “48 hour” response time. 2) I also made an account on our shared device (terms and conditions says “2 accounts per device” or something to that effect) which disqualifies me from the $10 welcome bonus (totally fair, it’s right on their website, nothing sketchy has happened), HOWEVER: the bulk of the emails I receive from iBotta pertain to claiming this discount, which I find rather irritating. This being said, a lot of the offers are relevant to products I/my spouse purchase, and I will definitely continue to use the app, as well as recommend it to my family/friends, with the caveat that support is seemingly either very slow or just deliberately ignores issues pertaining to “locked” accounts.
Meh needs improvement
by Mnmmm;3345 on 2019/04/06 22:24
*Updated: took a few weeks but they did eventually fix it. I understand the concept of quotas but it might make it easier on everyone involved if the system was set so that if I checked an offer I absolutely without any shadow of a doubt had a certain amount of time to submit it. Even if it was only 6 hours. Once the offers approach the quota if it’s still in my list then maybe there should be a little timer with a few hours that will not go away no matter what. That would increase trust on my side and eliminate a lot of tickets to customer service when rebates vanish literally minutes after you purchase something.* It’s good when it works but rebates have a way of magically vanishing right after you purchase the item. Seriously a few seconds after you get to your car. Always check multiple times and submit your receipts immediately. Customer service basically said tough luck and gave some answer that didn’t really relate to my problem. Use app with caution.
The Care Team Is Garbage
by Luvbug27 on 2018/08/14 18:45
I recently contacted them in regards to my phone number changing on my account. Let me tell you this... If you ever change your phone number, do not scan another receipt after that. If you have money to withdraw before changing your phone number, I suggest you withdraw your cash FIRST bc after you change your number you won’t be able to withdraw your cash that you’ve earned. The support team is a JOKE. They will not handle your issues. They sent me an email about a delay & then sent me an email to rate the support team... Confused bc they never resolved my issue. All I needed was for my new phone number to be linked to my Ibotta account since that’s the only way you can verify (which is stupid). They failed to take me serious. I’m deleting this app and I’ll use another app instead. I emailed them to delete my account since they failed to fix my issue. What’s the purpose of having a support team or care team if no one is working on fixing our accounts. I refuse to invite another friend or scan another receipt. Oh but wait... I never got my credit for my friend referral & they won’t give me my rebate for my dole pineapple juice I just purchased on the 7 of this month. Go to the BBB AND READ THEIR COMPLAINTS FOR IBOTTA
App looks nothing like what’s shown
by Aman1234567890u on 2019/09/19 21:40
I’ve downloaded and reinstalled the app countless times. I’ve also restarted my iPhone countless times. I’ve fallowed more then 10 trouble shooting articles on there site to address the problem but nothing fixes it. The app at first looks like it should but if you quit the app and restart it then it changes and you no longer have any lists and the round redeem button on the bottom is no longer round. My offers on the bottom gets replaced with earn more. They clearly can’t produce a fully functioning app. I originally downloaded to do a online review video but now the video will be on the poor app experience and the lack of timely response from them to address this issue. **UPDATE** Now that I’ve resolved the issue of no list of being generated. I tried to use the app. Everything was working fine until it came time to claim the money and have it deposited in my PayPal account. When I tried to withdraw the money and put it into my PayPal account it says that my account is locked. Of course there is no customer service phone number and it is taking days for somebody to respond to a service request. The application is not into it is and the customer service is Horrific at best.
by demiraine on 2018/06/13 13:13
I’ve used the app for two years now. It’s slow and lags every time I select a rebate to redeem. If you have an issue, customer service takes days to get back to you. Not to mention, they require you to link your loyalty card from certain stores to the app. Sounds convenient, but you have to check each transaction from those stores because they don’t give you credit for all of the rebates you selected, so it’s much more of a hassle. Then they blame it on the store! I’ve recently had an issue where I used a rebate but the app didn’t work properly and give me credit. Five or six days later I used it again at a different store - because this wasn’t a loyalty card store I figured it’d be quick and easy but of course there were still issues so I contacted customer service. Another four or five days later I used it again at another store. FINALLY customer service responded and told me they would only give me credit for one of the rebates and not all three. I tried explaining that I should be credited as it was an app error and I wouldn’t have continued buying that product if it had worked properly. Another few days later I was given an apology and a brush off. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
Too difficult to get rebates back
by Roznurse on 2017/09/20 12:48
It's great in theory, but I've had more problems getting rebates than I should. First, it's not explained well how to redeem. Now I've discovered that I cannot use the electronic receipts and it has to be in store printed receipts only. In an age where everything can be done online I find it ridiculous that I lose in rebates because I didn't physically get a printed receipt. I order groceries for pickup online as well as do scan and go at every chance I get, so this new rule has cost me quite a bit in rebates. I also order items I don't normally buy because I get a discount and I feel this app has cost me more than it's helped. I'm done with this app at this point. Another problem is that the app has items that you scan and the barcode doesn't match, but the item matches it exactly as the rebate says. This has happened on every shopping trip I've tried. The app should recognize all items on the receipt, but that doesn't happen either and you have to run around scanning items and sending in emails to customer support which does you no good anyway. I've never left a review before but I took the time to do it this time because I feel this app has already COST me money not saved.
Such a scam
by Thecoolkid42083 on 2018/10/08 17:07
If you work at a participating retailer, I wouldn’t bother downloading this app. I work for a grocery store chain and we have a loyalty card that links up with Ibotta. So I made purchases at the same store on average 2 times a day, but sometimes 3 or 4. Plus I do my grocery shopping at the same chain, but at a store closer to our house. In the two months that I had the app, I was quickly able to jump to $104 by utilizing the bonuses the app offered and purchasing a handful of the items in the app on a repeated basis (ie. juice boxes, some random drinks, cereal.) I went to go withdraw some of that money into my paypal account and ended up with a failed error message. So I emailed Ibotta and didn’t receive a response for over a week (early on when I had minor issues they responded within 24 hours and were very helpful.) When I finally heard back they said my shopping habits weren’t normal and I had been turning in receipts that weren’t mine. So they permanently shut down my account and I lost 100 bucks plus more that was pending. I emailed them back explaining that I worked at the store where I had multiple receipts and that they unfairly shut my account down, but I haven’t heard back. This app is such a scam.
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