Ibotta - Cash back Coupons – Shopping Deals, Discounts and Promos on Grocery, Clothing and more.

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ibotta - cash back couponsshopping Deals, discounts and promos on grocery, clothing and more.
cash back coupons! You call the brand. That’s right, ANY BRAND you want. No gimmicks, just real money on the things you want to buy every week – from staples like milk, bread, and eggs to fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve also got cash back coupons on your favorite brands like Glade, Coca-Cola, Chobani, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Nestle, and many more. With hundreds of dollars in savings every week and exclusive rebates at walmart, target, and all of your favorite local grocery stores, no app gets you more money back, every time you go shopping, than ibotta. And that’s not all. Find great deals and ibotta-only cash back savings at your favorite stores and retailer websites too! From grocery to electronics to clothes and more, ditch the coupons and get paid real cash money just for shopping. shopping online at Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy’s? Check us out for cash back. So how’s it work? It’s simple. Browse the app, unlock your cash back coupons anytime, anywhere, and then send us your receipt after you go shopping. We’ll turn that receipt (and your purchases) into cash. And how do you get that cash? Easy. Save it up and put it directly into your bank account via PayPal or Venmo, or turn it into gift cards at your favorite stores - Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, and more. Need more reasons to start using ibotta? ◆ Our users have earned over $10 million dollars in the last 6 months! ◆ Selected by Apple as a Best New App ◆ Featured on Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, Forbes & ABC News We update our cash-back coupons all the time, so keep checking for exclusive offers from your favorite retailers, including: walmart, target, Costco, Best Buy, Sephora, Express, Aero, Sports Authority, Kohl's and others. Why bother with a boring old coupon, discount code, or a promo code when you can get real cash back on your phone? Forget the hassle of cutting our a paper coupon, or clipping online and printing. Instead, we’ll get you cash wherever you shop, in-store or online. And just to make sure you understand everything we have to offer, here are some more details. cash in on your favorite beer, wine and spirits brands: Heineken, Dos Equis, Newcastle, mike’s hard lemonade, Shock Top, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Predator Wine, Woodchuck Hard Cider and Jagermeister Save money shopping online at sites like:,,,,,,,,, Great gifts and healthy & beauty rebates at stores like: The Body shop, walmart, target, Rite Aid, Walgreens. Whole Foods Market,,,, and And groceries! Please don't forget the groceries! walmart, target, Kroger, Safeway, Costco, Sam’s Club, Publix, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, dollar General, Family dollar, Meijer, HEB, Food Lion, Albertsons, and over 100,000 other stores locations. With all of this great value and savings, it’s easy to see why ibotta is the 16th most used app in the US. We’re the shopping app that’ll pay you cash whenever, wherever you shop. Happy Earning! Note: ibotta utilizes iBeacons and background location to show you better rebates and in-store offers. You can customize these notifications in the settings. Continued use of GPS running in the background may decrease battery life.
To last reviewer
by Ericad73 on 2015/04/28 09:12
I LOVE THIS APP!!! I've made over $500 since January. ( it's only April) To the last reviewer.... NOT TRUE, I resubmit old receipts ALL the time, with new products they added, and always get them?? To make EXTRA $$ be my teammate, use this code when signing up. You make more money, the more teammates you have!! Referral code...SIEYDEE
Like it
by Keonthekanguin on 2015/04/28 07:55
Not good at doing reviews but this is like extra coupons
Great Way to Save Money
by mrsqpage on 2015/04/28 03:17
I love that I can earn savings on items I will buy anyway. The bonuses are great.
Love it!
by .303LE on 2015/04/28 00:38
I absolutely LOVE this app! I get great rebates on products I already buy, plus great rebates on products I wouldn't normally buy because of their price. A fantastic example is a $1.00 rebate on Shout Color Catchers - love the product but a bit pricey. Ibotta has had this rebate offer for several weeks now and I have stocked up! In fact, it's still offered, but my husband keeps saying, "But we already have five boxes!" I've been using Ibotta for about two months and I'm at $59.00. If you like saving/earning money, you gotta get Ibotta!
Fun Money Saver
by Anonymous NY on 2015/04/27 23:25
This is a fun way to get a little cash back on things I buy every week (milk, cereal, bread...) And I have tried a few new items that I've really liked.
by Bluebelle21806 on 2015/04/27 22:53
I am new to this but so far it has been very easy to use. I'm having fun earning a little extra money.
by NikiCN on 2015/04/27 20:58
Very easy to use, wish there were more grocery options
Love it!
by NNikki616 on 2015/04/27 20:24
Use it almost everyday!
Awesome app
by Naksha SA on 2015/04/27 20:13
I like it
Great app!!
by Swampierocks on 2015/04/27 18:02
Love it!!! Save money on things I already buy
Good app
by Purpleroyalty68 on 2015/04/27 17:39
Good app
Mostly love, some frustration
by TuMacs on 2015/04/27 15:42
I have a ball finding rebates on things I needed anyhow! My friends an I have enjoyed helping each other gain more. I do get frustrated when a rebate is not honored without explanation or a chance to resubmit.
Mostly good
by Divazot on 2015/04/27 14:52
This application is mostly good. I really like the idea of being able to earn money on products I am buying anyway. The only problem I have is that you can only use a receipt once. For example, the other day I went to the grocery store and used my receipt on the items I had just purchased. the next day they updated the items available for refund and there were a few more items that I had bought at the store that were not available before. And they would not let me resubmit the extra items because I had submitted that receipt the day before, even though I was submitting completely different items.
need a team?
by taylorswiftisthebesttttt on 2015/04/27 13:52
this app is amazing! want a team to help you get bonuses? enter the referral code ltqqlpt when you register!
Great way to save more!!
by Kathi 57 on 2015/04/27 11:24
I love this app. It makes saving money more of a game! This has to be one of my best and most used apps ever!
Great app!!
by Lizabi28 on 2015/04/27 08:00
It's easy to use and I love the fact that you get to choose the brand most of the time.
Join my team doboxrv
by waneyna on 2015/04/27 07:18
Great App! Join my team when you register so we can reach our goals faster!! Enter code doboxrv when you register with Ibotta
Great app
by DT3369 on 2015/04/27 02:54
So far luvin this app..easy to use!
by ASN1992 on 2015/04/27 02:37
Great app for saving money!
by Hedda9391 on 2015/04/27 01:57
I love this app. I love saving money, and this helps!
Great App
by Geoffry. on 2015/04/27 00:31
It's easy to use and has great rebates on lots of regular store products including groceries.
Impressive easy to use!!!
by NHRADRAGRACER on 2015/04/27 00:27
The hardest part is photo ing the long receipts takes awhile but great rewards and cash back.
Not to use to it yet
by Jentom15 on 2015/04/26 23:12
I am still learning. Scanning works but not rebate.
by Mrsnoelm on 2015/04/26 21:59
Rebates on things you already buy!
by Coltharpw on 2015/04/26 21:43
Free money and very little work!!! Love it!!
by Robbyperry on 2015/04/26 21:32
Ibota is a God send for the couponer who likes to save money.
Free $$
by Nhollingsworthn on 2015/04/26 21:12
I have used the app for a few weeks. I shop then check for offers. The directions are easy to follow.
by Nicks GG on 2015/04/26 20:44
Earns me $
Love it!
by Mr. Sexo pants on 2015/04/26 20:42
Great app! Works amazing love the deals and everything about it.
💜💜💜 Love this money making app!
by Gzmo94 on 2015/04/26 20:38
This app is tremendously profitable using items I buy anyway. Teams increase the money possibilities by a huge amount! In just over 4 months I already made over $161.00 Join my team use code. jedtnxq
Good... But...
by SchmidtysKat on 2015/04/26 19:39
I like the app, and it's easy to use. But I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Aldi, which is not an available store in the app.
by Sandiego81 on 2015/04/26 18:50
Awesome app
Awesome app!
by Kimann115 on 2015/04/26 15:10
I've already started saving. You can't go wrong!!
Hey why not
by Msusteve84 on 2015/04/26 15:06
Saved $7 bucks in two weeks just buying what I usually do. App could be a little more user friendly but at the end of the day shaves a couple percent off my grocery bill.
Great app!
by Haysmom1099 on 2015/04/26 14:49
I'm addicted!
One of the best ones I've tried
by Pfeffer007 on 2015/04/26 14:34
It allows you to choose your own brands and is not just grocery but a wide selection.
Loving it after first use...
by Jawshhh on 2015/04/26 13:47
Very user-friendly!!! Great to get rebates on everyday items ... Usually on the weekly grocery list ... Just got it & wish I had learned about it sooner!
Great app!
by Gt6658a on 2015/04/26 13:34
Great app
Fantastic App!
by Steffisue69 on 2015/04/26 13:29
Love using Ibotta to get rebates on items I already use, but also gives me the chance to try new products "at a discount." Taking polls and learning about products and recipes makes shopping fun. And the bonuses are great incentive to save even more. The app itself is easy to use.
by Kelaina on 2015/04/26 13:21
I love this app! I love getting money back on things that I am going to buy anyway!!
by Cupcake peanut on 2015/04/26 12:06
I downloaded this app because of all the great reviews. When I go to try to scan my items and receipt the first time it crashes and closes on me. When I go back into the app nothing was saved so I have to start over after the forth crash I was done. My time is more valuable then this.
by GroverJ on 2015/04/26 05:39
Love the "any brand" offers. Not happy that when I've met my part of a teamwork level, nothing else I purchase gets counted towards my next level until my teammate catches up. I understand that the whole idea is to do it as a team, but I end up not using the app because I don't like wasting the purchases that could be counting toward my next level
Love this app
by Seattleseahawksmom25 on 2015/04/26 04:05
Hey everyone and everybody get this app is awesome and wonderful
Fun App!
by Lord stanley 81 on 2015/04/26 02:14
This app is great- there are always rebates for the things I am going to buy. It doesn't force you to buy crap you don't need for a refund or some coins that take forever to accumulate to anything :)
by Sandy Albert on 2015/04/25 23:28
Love the ease that this site offers in checking rebate items as apposed to some sites that are difficult and confusing!
Great app easy to use!
by Queens idled on 2015/04/25 22:54
Easy and fast.
I love this app
by Anonymous vanessa on 2015/04/25 21:53
Such a neat app. Love it
I love Ibotta!
by foxybrown 1154 on 2015/04/25 20:48
Absolutely love this app! Free money. Rebates & bonuses. User friendly. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that @ some stores the products are out of stock. But Ibotta has been good to me. Love it!
Easy to use!
by Npitt0607 on 2015/04/25 19:30
This app is easy money! It's so easy to use and worth the few minutes a week I spend with it.
by Apexxxxxxie on 2015/04/25 18:09
Saving money is always a plus. App could use some more sorting options.
Love it
by Nykk I on 2015/04/25 17:47
I love going to the movies for free or getting gift cards for free. I shop and buy every day items and get money back.
Very helpful
by jdncl on 2015/04/25 17:28
I have been using this app for a few months and have saved so much money. It doesn't take a lot of extra time, and I'm already buying the items anyway.
Love Ibotta!!! Use everyday nearly ❤️
by Cheryl Gentry on 2015/04/25 17:10
So happy with this app!!
Crashing my phone every time I open it
by JonelleAnne on 2015/04/25 14:46
Normally a great app, but now every time I try to open the app, it crashes and makes my phone restart. Please fix ASAP!
Why wouldn't you ?
by Yamasaki28 on 2015/04/25 13:31
Getting paid to but milk, eggs (any brand), starting to see some produce and veggies just wish it could be any type. Would like to see Meats, poultry on there too
by BengalCatLady on 2015/04/25 13:15
Fun and easy to use.
This app rocks!
by RenaLof on 2015/04/25 11:37
How can you argue with getting a rebate on items you were going to purchase anyway? I love love love Ibiotta!!
by NiyeIyamu on 2015/04/25 04:41
Pretty cool so far!
by Wowmstar on 2015/04/25 04:04
Easy, simple, and it pays good! All you need is good discipline and no need to clip coupons!
Shopping is fun
by Mrsmadduck on 2015/04/25 03:53
I have used this app only once but it worked out great. I can already tell shopping is going to be so much more fun than it used to be.
Great app
by Cargirl99 on 2015/04/25 03:38
Love this app!
Great App
by KyaniNatasha on 2015/04/24 22:22
Great way to pocket extra money!
Amazing App !!
by Mowhawk man on 2015/04/24 21:41
This app is great !! The money adds up fast and you can cash out at $10 which is lower than the amount required for other apps. Totally beats cutting coupons. Join my team use code: frivitq
Great app!
by Mamallama77 on 2015/04/24 20:29
Very little effort required to make a little extra money buying my usual items! Love it!
It's excellent
by Nanaroy49 on 2015/04/24 19:54
Easy to use, I got my first 10 dollars Walmart gift card. I have 4 others apps for rebates, but this Ibotta beat them.
by Living Loving. on 2015/04/24 19:31
Fantastic app!!! Amazing deals and are able to purchase items that you didn't know existed.
Love this app!!!
by MeganD614 on 2015/04/24 19:08
So much fun looking for rebates and it's exciting when you earn money just from my normal shopping!!
by Kr_is_tie on 2015/04/24 16:43
Use my referral code czu5hq to get a signup bonus when you redeem your first rebate within 10 days. AND I will be on your team, able to help you reach those awesome teamwork cash bonuses!! By far the best rebate app out there. So many useful rebates!!
New to this app
by WarrenEnt on 2015/04/24 14:28
It's a cool app.
My favorite new app
by map rx on 2015/04/24 11:17
Addicting, fun & earns you money all in one app! Download this one now!
by Juju.c.b on 2015/04/24 02:54
Love it
Amazing app free money
by BCunning06 on 2015/04/24 01:50
I love this app I have been using it for 2 years and have earned back over $600. So easy to use! Keep up the great work!
Great app!!
by Jamiesalex on 2015/04/24 01:06
Helps me save a bit on groceries every week
Love this app!
by guitar3476 on 2015/04/24 00:00
Love it! Great way to get extra money for products that I use.
by Viola Greene on 2015/04/23 23:53
Love it
Awesome app!
by Iphone 5..... on 2015/04/23 23:00
I love this app! It's awesome to get some money back from your purchases. I wish there were more thing to rebate but it's still an awesome app.
Love this app!
by Savysaverjr. on 2015/04/23 22:45
Great idea! I love saving/making money & this app does just that!
by Blue tooth transfer on 2015/04/23 22:25
I am Gujarati patel and I love this app .all Gujarati doing couponing must use this app
Nice app
by Peep03 on 2015/04/23 21:59
Wish it had Fresh Thyme and Earth Fare stores. Also Pet Supplies Plus
Good so far
by Kandi* on 2015/04/23 18:38
I like using this app. Checking for rebates after each trip to the store. The change will add up! Thanks Ibotta. I can't get it to scan two of the same items twice for the same receipt, it only take one. Or it doesn't work for me. (when I buy two of the same item and want to scan both for the rebate.---please fix)
Love it!
by WillDev on 2015/04/23 18:27
Me and sister love to do this together.
by A1969Mommakat on 2015/04/23 17:43
I can't say enough good things about this app !! Customer support gets an A+ too !!
Love This App
by JaneIeDoe88 on 2015/04/23 17:00
I've been using this app for two weeks today and it's been just great. I've earned $15.75 in rebates since I signed up. All for things I already buy and I love seeing the fruits & veggies on here. I just wish there was a way to join a team of people already signed up. I don't have tons of friends or family that utilize their smartphone or grocery shopping in this way so I'm not able to get team bonuses at this time.
by .:Eunice:. on 2015/04/23 16:55
I'm in love with this app is in my favorite folder. I use it everyday! Thank you.
Love it!
by LadyWolfe349 on 2015/04/23 15:36
Love seeing how quickly your money grows! Great app!
So easy
by Diamondsragurls. on 2015/04/23 14:18
Able to figure this out quickly and easily! Looking forward to earning many rewards!
by Jadoliplayer on 2015/04/23 11:32
I love this app. You truly do earn money, it is easy to use & I have tried some new products I like. It also has what you use everyday!
Love it
by Very very very annoyed ugh on 2015/04/22 18:43
Love this app. Especially because we're on a budget and it's nice to get money back on groceries and stuff
by Joseph123000000000 on 2015/04/22 18:29
It would be nice to have a shopping list function that can be made before shopping to help find the best places to shop for the specific items you need.
$!$$!!!$$$$ Money Saver
by Lovelylady1115 on 2015/04/22 18:05
Love this app it's a must have especially if your not a coupon cutter like me and if you use the Retail Me Not app it's even more amazing.
Forget coupons!
by JollyJoyful on 2015/04/22 15:55
This app is amazing. When I came across it I thought it was too good to be true, but it's awesome. I love that produce and any brand rebates are being added more and more. Plus it's not just on grocery shopping. There's restaurants, Amazon purchase rebates, hobby lobby, and clothing stores like Aeropostale. This is worth your time and so easy to use.
Great for couponers!
by AmandaJ2012 on 2015/04/22 12:58
Great app! Easy to use!
by BellasMama2612 on 2015/04/22 12:54
Love it. Can't live without it!! Thanks Ibotta creators 💟
Love it so far
by Momofswimmersandrunners on 2015/04/22 12:31
Just got ibotta, it's very easy to use and I'm hoping to earn a lot so I can redeem a lot 😁 To be continued...
Easy money!
by Tegg123 on 2015/04/22 11:57
I love this app! Couponing the easy way! I have received lots of rebates. Only wish was for other stores to link loyalty cards, easiest rebates come from my grocery store as I swipe my card.
by Thick Texas chick on 2015/04/22 11:43
I came across this app by accident. Savings on top of coupons, and store promotions... awesome!
Nice App needs improvement
by Acooperadams on 2015/04/22 09:45
I love using the app. One of the main charms of this app is that it allows team work to maximize savings. If you get on a good team, and combine the use of paper coupons and other savings programs you can make money. I have a good team. Please use my referral code iqzfw and join my team.
Great I love it
by Nditto on 2015/04/22 08:37
I only wish there were more rebates!
Amazing!! Need a great team? Enter t7fmig
by lisaclouse on 2015/04/22 07:29
My family and friends use this and are amazed at how many every day items you can get. New to ibotta and want a team to help you get your bonuses? Enter t7fmig when you register. We always get multiple level bonuses!
I love this app!
by Jw13440 on 2014/05/08 11:48
It's a great app, who wouldn't want to get money back on their purchases!? Id like to see the deals change more often, especially for things that I'm more inclined to buy. My big suggestion is that for when we might have multiple deals on one receipt purchase, there should be an option to add another deal to the list before entering the receipt for verification. I had 7 deals on one receipt last time and had to enter each item individually so I had to take a picture of the same receipt 7 times. Id just like to click click and go. So basically: add a deal, scan to verify the item, add all other deals applicable and verify (if multiple deals on one receipt), take one pic of the receipt, all deals on that receipt can be checked and verified at once. I think that would be much more efficient for whoever verifies this stuff as well as for those entering it in for redemption, rather than getting one thing approved from the receipt and then have to wait 4 hours or more for all the other deals on that receipt to be approved. If it's entered all together at one time it takes way less time to verify, and also keeps the person verifying from having to look at separate entries from the same receipt over and over again.
by Alyssa kiyomi on 2014/04/03 16:02
I started using this app when it first came out! At first it was a smaller database with only a few items, but now it has grown to a variety of stores and products! I have already earned over $500 on this app (proof on Instagram- couponingprincessss) I made so much money by staying dedicated, referring friends and followers and completing bonuses! The ibotta team has been more than happy every time to help me out with any issues that may happen. I love this app and it has saved me a lot of money! I would like to thank ibotta and it's team for amazing service! And I also love how they are stationed in Colorado!! Woohoo! Colorado pride! One thing I wish this app had was more variety in the beauty department. I am huge into beauty products and there is a whole beauty community that would appreciate that kind of addition! Also maybe exclusive to Colorado and other states participating in the legalization of marijuana, there could maybe be some rebates for marijuana shops also! Just a thought but that industry is growing fast also!(: anyways...thanks so much ibotta! This app is one of my faves! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!
This is great!
by Scooterfly20 on 2014/10/02 07:43
I haven't been using this app for long, I just found it maybe a week ago. But I'm excited, especially after I successfully submitted my first purchases for rebates. It was pretty simple to do, I didn't mind scanning the items or taking a photo of my receipt. I had a VERY long receipt; yet I was able to capture all of it. It wasn't long before I got a notification that everything had been verified and I'm on my way to redeeming! The only thing that I look forward to seeing change (I hope) is more product options. Although I am not complaining; it was pretty awesome that I could choose my own favorite brands when it came to bread, eggs and milk. Also, I had the ability to use this app for coupons and still use my in-store coupons. I like to shop at Safeway and Fred Meyer which both have coupon apps which allow me to load the coupons to my account. Since I don't have to carry any of those coupons with me it's nice because then I can't forget them at home. Pretty cool what you can do now to save money, if you just take the time!
Great For Some Extra Cash!
by xoJemimah on 2015/01/11 05:14
I just made $15 in a few weeks but $10 of it was from the "clothing" category of rebates. So it was due to my little shopping spree at the mall at the end of December and just a few days ago. I just wish the grocery category offered more products. And I do agree with someone saying that there should be rebates for almond milk because we don't buy regular milk in our house anymore. My complaint about the bread rebate is that it's the sliced loafs of bread, we buy flatbreads or the fresh ones from the grocery store's bakery department 😓. I cooompletely support the produce rebate suggestion. My mom buys so many fruits and veggies. Other than that, TOTALLY recommend this app! The $15 rebate I earned just helped me pay off some online shopping 😂. That reminds me, please offer more stores for the clothing category rebate. I don't shop at Aeropostale... who really does? And who actually spends like $75 in that store when everything is dirt cheap??? I LOVE how it has Express and Sephora. Please add Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Fossil, H&M, etc. just more appealing stores than. The Ibotta to PayPal transfer was FAST. Took literally seconds to transfer 😊👏.
Really works! $35 already!
by Saratothebeth on 2013/08/23 15:17
I really love this app! Fresh fruits, organic, and whole food options! I love it! I have bought stuff I would never try and I have hated some (the coconut water) and loved others! We buy almond milk about 3-4 weekly and the SAMs pack was $2 store extra. That made each half gallon only a little over a dollar each! I have loved the Target bonuses because our Target just added the grocery section - but the only draw back is that I live in a tourist city and all the tourist and their IBOTTA app are beating me to the punch! Some of the deals at target like the EVOL. items were buy 2 get 1 - then with the .75 back - it made it a real deal! Thank you ibotta!!! My only bad thing is - there is a bonus I can't complete because I already bought the item. The koolaid bonus is buy both koolaid products from SAMs and I already bought the jammers the first day I got the app! I wish the app took your personal purchases into account. Maybe the updates in the future will be more personalized! If not, I will live and still love it!!!
Agree with other reviewers...
by MyWalgreensKnowsMeWell on 2014/09/25 15:05
I would have given this 5 stars a few weeks ago, but had an almost identical experience with other reviewers. I verified several items without stopping to consider I would not be able to submit the two receipts ("one receipt is pending..." message appeared). I did get a reply that oddly said based on my account, I was given credit for "everything," which raised an eyebrow because I hadn't told them what I had on the second receipt (regardless of what I verified initially). Like one of the mom reviewers said, we just don't have the time to do a cat and mouse email exchange, we were just wanting to save some money. I think that it would be a helpful upgrade to allow more than one receipt be submitted at one time. Otherwise, I am thoroughly enjoying accruing a stash of "fun money," especially if I am able to utilize Ibotta, Checkout 51, AND Shopmium. They all tend to feature the same items, and as a person who clips coupons but forgets to bring them to the store, this takes away the guilt of not saving, because I save in triplicate!
Real cash for buying what you use!
by Kn0xWatcher on 2015/02/23 08:18
I love IBOTTA! Took me a couple minutes to get the gist of it, but now, it's all here! All items you redeem can be placed and verified on one receipt, extra pic sections can be added for those super long receipts, if you're not a drinker, you don't have to see things you're never going to buy, AND they pay you real money for buying things you want to try or already use! Only suggestion I'd make is get MORE RESTAURANTS to take part in the IBOTTA program...We love Chili's & Quiznos, but how about maybe Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, etc.? Add some places everyone goes and if possible, please try to get in with K-VA-TN/Food City! 95%of the ppl in KY, VA & TN shop at this store and you'd get a lot more action, too! Love it and highly recommend using this app on top of your paper and digital couponing (or) just by itself! Truly a blessing for shoppers and a great way to get real cash dropped into your account for your purchases! One of the most used apps on my phone, and for good reason: I'm getting paid to go shopping! 👍
Do the contests actually have prize winner?
by Roserdh on 2013/12/24 00:47
I really like this ap. It would be better if they had more items to qualify, making it easier to earn $. Right now they are ridiculously limited. When I first started using the ap it was easy to buy a few of the items, but now I am stuck with a choice of items I would never use, like diapers and formula for my 20 year old? My next complaint, the big one, is that this company has contests all the time but they don't post winners. The contest rules say they will notify you via the ap, but then states the "spencer"of the contest can notify you how ever they want, choose not to give the prizes out, and other crap! I am probably going to remove the ap soon because I don't like shady crap. Either run contests, play by fair rules, notify winners as you state, and prove you actually give out the prizes; or DON'T. ****** they also have no customer contact! as in if you want to give feedback, to bad! they don't care! because they have no contact information listed . Hopefully they read reviews or I would guess this ap will have a very short life.
It's great to get money back on things I'm already buying…
by augustachica on 2015/03/18 15:27
I wasn't so sure about this app when I first installed it under the last version. It seems there were a lot of things you had to go through in order to get it to work. With the newest update, everything is easier… I check on Ibotta before I go grocery shopping and add anything that I most likely will buy to my shopping list. While at the store it tells me my shopping list of things that have rebates and I will go through and scan the barcode of items I'm buying and it will tell me that it matches what's in the database. If I'm buying something that isn't in the database, it gives me an option to upload a picture of it for them to review to add it to the database. The store brand mustard I sent them last week was approved within 24 hrs. This app gives rebates on "any brand" of things like milk, eggs, bread, mustard and ketchup and it gives me money back for buying things I already need. I love this app!
Makes shopping fun!
by KKPinCO on 2012/10/10 16:31
If you're like me and hate the hassle of clipping coupons almost as much as you hate the chore of grocery shopping, this app is for you! There are so many great features included with this app above and beyond the opportunity to rack up savings - some of my favorites are the shopping list generator, the barcode scanner to confirm the product you've selected qualifies, and the ability to like/dislike products to fine tune the offers to your preferences. I also LOVE the time savings achieved by not having to amass paper coupons, keeping track of which ones I've used while roaming around the store, and then waiting while all those coupons are scanned at checkout - it's couponing for the modern age! Plus, it's fun and easy to use, and gives you the opportunity to pass on your savings as a charitable contribution to the school of your choice. How cool is that??? In short, download and use this app- I know you'll love it as much as I do!
Loved it! - but lowering rating
by Lesly :) :) on 2013/12/05 05:30
This was an easy to use enjoyable app however Ive had to lower my rating. Its very frustrating if your receipt cant be verified multiple times and there is no way to contact someone for help. the latest version seems to be more "picky" with processing the receipts. my ability to not get my receipt processed & not be able to reach someone to problem solve is frustrating! i've had items expire in the mean time and am losing money. It is really ticking me off! Some amount of customer service needs to be around. Also, if an offer expires at midnight it may not be in your time zone. i lost money this way too. Prior to using this app regularly...-This is a fairly easy fun way to earn some coffee money! Hopefully it grows so there are more & more offers. So far there are only a few at a time I'm interested in. My only complaint so far is that if your receipt image isn't readable you have to rescan all the product again too. You should have an option to just resubmit a new receipt picture.
Good Couponing app
by JLECjuno1525 on 2015/02/22 12:54
I've been using this for a couple years and it works well. I've had no problems with payouts to my paypal account. Wish there was a bigger variety. Sometimes I look at the rebates and there is nothing that we use, other times there a number of things. Also wish it was universal across all of the stores. Last week I bought a few Ibotta items at Shop Rite, but the rebates weren't showing up for that grocery store while they were showing up for Wegman's. The App won't give me the gallon milk rebate for BJ's where the gallon of milk is 2 half gallons banded together. Also wish there was something easier than taking pics of your receipt, like maybe just taking pics of the Ibotta items on your receipt and the total. We're a family of 7 and my grocery receipts tend to be very long. It can take me 5 minutes to take a full pic to earn $0.25 or $0.50. A little frustrating. Overall though I like this app. It's worth a try.
by Georgiagina on 2014/02/22 21:06
I can't say enough good things about this app. It is fun to use. I have tried so many great products that I would not have otherwise given a second look. But, Ibotta giving a cash incentive for a try, I did, love many of them, and now purchase regularly. Sure there are some I don't care for, but at least I got paid to try it! And customer service for the app is terrific too. I recently was showing a new user that I referred how to use the app. We went shopping together and redeemed our purchased together, but I managed to mix up the receipts and submitted the same one for both our purchases so it all got rejected. I made such a mess out of it! I wrote customer service and they fixed it within 24 hours! AWESOME! So, I highly recommend this app. And you companies out there, you should sign on with Ibotta because if you have a product I can use and I see it there, I will definitely give it a try!
by Gmr1983 on 2015/02/19 22:34
I recently had an issue with a receipt not being excepted because the ink was running out and it was messed up. I had 4 rebates on that receipt. I submitted my issue and they took a closer look at the receipt and gave me rebates! So pleased!! However, I would like to see fresh produce offered for rebates! I buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables! I also find it a little aggravating when trying to earn a badge and my friends have already helped at their part that any purchases beyond that doesn't go toward the next reward...the $10 rewards this month took me forever because there wasnt items offered for rebates that I used. Otherwise I have found this app easy to use and pretty simple to follow. Ive earned almost $100 in 6 months...which is great considering I don't buy half if what is offered but it has been enough for me too enjoy getting money for products I DO buy regularly!
Lost rebate
by Bee_sweet on 2014/05/22 14:10
I have enjoyed the savings from ibotta but I didn't get a second chance to submit a receipt for a rebate that has issue with "receipt pending" for not scanning correctly. I tried emailing and locating the rebate in the store category that I bought it from but the item icon was no longer there for me to verify my product and receipt for my second submission. Also you need to have time to do this. I had to wait for each item that I bought for verification. Secondly, a much inconvenience is ibotta won't accept duplicate receipts. I bought three qualified products at the same store on the same receipt. Well ibotta did not accept this. Basically their terms of use is "we cannot accept duplicate receipts," meaning there has to have a different receipt for each each rebate. For example, CVS has about 36 rebates currently and ibotta wants you to submit 36 different a receipts which is sooo inconvenient as a shopper with kids and not a lot of time in my hands. I hope in the future I will be able to click on the three items icon to verify one time on the same receipt.
A Great app!
by gumdropT on 2013/12/27 13:44
UPDATE- ok I finally got a hold of IBOTTA (I had to contact them through the website for IBOTTA), the support guy was very nice and tried everything he could to help. We ended up having to put in a new email for my app and that did the trick! I really love this app and now that I can cash out I love it even more! UPDATE- I can not get the app to send me an email with the Starbucks gift card I cashed out for! I've resent it many times! Also I click report an issue and I have yet to hear from ibotta! And I've sent it multiple times! If I ever get this fixed I'll give this app 5 stars again, but what's the point of using this app if I can't cash out?!?! -I really like this app! It's easy to use and is great for earning money on thing I buy anyway! I just wish there were more items to choose from and a setting that allowed you to manage what offers you receive.
I love this app
by onwardgo on 2013/02/08 23:50
I love to save money using coupons and now this allows me to earn money back. I love how there is an option that allows you to tell them weather you like them item or not (thumbs up or thumbs down by pressing information symbol on the top right of the product). When you give a thumbs down, it will replace the item with something else. And if you like them on FaceBook, you be able to keep up with their updates. They recently asked for copies of your receipts for Family Dollar, Food Lion, Albertsons, etc.. so they can work on getting those stores to be added to the app. I just don't see how anyone can dislike this app. It's basically free money back. It's working on getting better. They just added the grocery store Bi-Lo. And if you have a verified Pay-Pal account, you can get money transferred to your account without any fees.
Earning money but it's frustrating to use sometimes...
by Likealittleangel on 2014/09/15 10:52
iBotta is a cool concept and I have earned over a $100 in rebates since I downloaded it just over a month ago. However, it has it's issues and I don't find it that convenient. First, you have to unlock the rebates and some are overly time consuming. I hate when I have to post to twitter or FB to qualify. Also, after purchasing you have to scan each item and then your receipt. You have to do a lot of work to get the $$. I did enjoy the test market with Whole Foods and the iBotta card on your phone to be scanned by the cashier. If that becomes a feature in the near future, at all stores, then this would be so much better. :) I do like iBotta and the customer service has been great!!! Overall a win and must have if you enjoy earning some extra money and sometimes trying things you may not have otherwise!
Good idea, frustrating implementation
by lovezice on 2014/12/08 00:49
The idea is solid: provide coupons, have people give evidence of purchase, pay. But the software is less than solid. Downright frustrating at times. Why can't I take selected coupons away once I verified that my supermarket doesn't carry the specific sku? Why can't I shop at Remke (or any other store that allows a direct link with their loyalty card) without actually having a loyalty card (using the photograph the receipt procedure)? I can designate a few stores as "favorites", but that designation doesn't seem to do much. The "faved" stores are still hidden in the endless list of participating grocery stores. Talking about which: why isn't this list at least sorted alphabetically? Why isn't there an easy way to search (say by typing in the first letter(s) of the store name)? And why, once I'm in a store, don't I get at least a hint where I could find an item? Finally: what the software really needs is the functionality to create a shopping list (similar to Grocery IQ). The idea is good. The software really needs work.
Best of the lot
by Hicosin on 2015/02/06 05:24
I have tried MULTIPLE coupon apps and iBotta is hands down the best of them all. The coupons do not get used up like on Snap (where if too many people use a coupon too bad for you) and are for things I actually purchase unlike the little-known brands on Checkout 51. And it has more generic (any milk, any bread, etc.) coupons than the others (because those are always first to go on Snap). Plus it largely does not require you to track down your grocery store card (like SavingStar). The only thing that the other apps may have better is that iBotta appears to have coupons limited to certain stores whereas the others don't care where you buy what. But hey when I have maybe $5 on the other apps and $99 on iBotta there is really no comparison. I recommend it on Facebook and to everyone I know.
Love it!!!
by Kmoliveaux on 2013/12/02 03:45
Great way to make extra money, actual dollars not "reward points". Selection is good, however sometimes the name brands are not carried in the stores here, as we have a smaller retail market. But that's to somewhat be expected. Not every Target is going to carry exactly the same things, I understand. There was not a very wide learning curve when I first started. That would be my biggest complaint. What was simple misunderstanding of the functionality of the app was interpreted as possible fraud which got my account deactivated the first week. However, the customer service was great and they did get the problem resolved and my account reactivated. Dealing with real dollars I understand they need to be strict, but I wish the rules were less legalistic and easier to understand. But it is a great way to make extra cash, try new products, and the redemption process is super easy!!
Electric Coupons at their best!!
by Mamadove on 2014/12/11 14:04
I have been using Ibotta for the last six months. This great App has saved me or earned me over $135. That is a lot of money for buying groceries. I find Ibotta has the coupons that are relevant to the food I'm eating or desiring to try. The interface is easy and it tells me when I'm close to a participating store. It has so many places more added all the time. Ibotta has lead me to try new shopping places to check out different coupons or somewhere that I can try new foods for me and my family, or discounts at a electronic shop. They are all there! I love getting paid to go to a movie and I have easy access to the funds that I earn with Ibotta. I have and will continue to recommend Ibotta to everyone I know. This App is the best I've used this year, it is the greatest!!
Love it
by cnix729 on 2012/12/20 13:12
I already do coupons on a regular basis to save money for my family and this is just another great way to do it. I have been using the app for 4 days and have already saved $11. I think that's pretty good. It is not that much effort and if you plan on buying the products anyway then you are just saving yourself even more money. I don't believe in buying something just because you get a deal on it. I downloaded this app the day after I went to the store and already had 3 things to redeem, so I saved more money on the things I had already bought. I think that is a pretty good deal. If you think this takes too much effort then you must just be lazy. It only takes a few minutes to save several dollars at a time. So if you like saving money then this app is one way to do it.
Love it!
by BooBooBrains on 2014/02/01 13:33
I was always terrible with coupons. I'd cut them out once in awhile then forget to take them to the store or if I did remember them, they were probably expired! Ibotta is great because its always right there on my phone. Plus the amount you get back is often more than a coupon would be, PLUS if you are good with coupons, you can actually use a coupon for an item offered by Ibotta and get even more savings! I love the any brand offers or milk, eggs, etc. I have been using it since July when I was laid off and have already earned $125, which I have used to order stuff online and paid with Paypal. A few times I had trouble with items not scanning properly and it was corrected almost immediately. No complaints from me! Great app!
It could be better.
by Tashah07 on 2014/10/17 23:35
It's obviously exciting to get money for things you buy, but 99% of the items on here are items that no one really buys on a regular basis if at all! Now and again we get a gallon of milk or bread, I've had the app for several months now and have only made 2 dollars and some change. Also, why are the same items for every store? It's slightly discouraging to even try to use this app. Finally, I shopped at kohls and ended up spending 200 dollars, I was excited to cash in for my 10 dollars for shopping at kohls, only to find out the purchase had to be top it off, you would have to give permission for ibotta or kohls to post things on Twitter for you, who wants that? I waited till now to post my rating, just so I could really get my feel for the app. Obviously there's too many people pulling the trigger on there rating too quickly.
Great App, Local Stores Would Make It Better!
by GEN_PHROZ3N on 2013/11/30 15:17
I love the app! I do wish that there were more local stores. For instance, I work at a restaurant/grocery store combo, and buy almost everything there... So I can't get money back very often because it's not supported. I wish it was easier to get new locations added. Also I wish you could see all offers at once like you used to be able to do, it's weird to see the same thing in each store... Make one big list and then make the "default" for each store be the exclusive offers so I don't see the same offer 50 times with no new offers! Another great option would be if I could select stores I use and hide the rest, many stores aren't even in my area, or I'm not able to use them (ie military commissary) so they are useless to me.
Easy to use
by Haley Edwards 304 on 2014/12/08 18:17
I've had this for 2-3 months and only have earned $8 but I mainly only use it for milk, bread and water. It would be cool if I didn't have to connect with Facebook to get additional savings on some items because I do not have a Facebook and won't get one just for the extra .25c here and there. I don't see how it could pay for someone's vacation in a year but if you're buying everything on this list I guess it could. Kind of hate how when you select "groceries" it shows home cleaners and teeth whitening items/make up- etc, that's not groceries to me and I hate having to look through that stuff to find other food items I might buy. Still give it 5 stars though cause it's simple and easy to use.
by DeputyJT on 2014/10/14 18:20
I love it! Just scan your receipt and scan the items you purchased for free cash back savings, I normally scan my items as soon as I get home before putting them all away it's easy and it's done. I received quite a bit of cash back on top of the coupons and in-store deals some of these things I get for free or their actually paying me to buy that product. I do not purchase things I'm not going to use… How can making money be any easier! Four instance a few months back you got a absolutely free crockpot if you stayed with in the dollar amount they were offering, if not like I did I got a better crockpot and just paid five dollars difference for an upgrade and still got the cashback!
I love this App!
by Nat2581 on 2015/02/12 11:27
I love using this app, BUT there aren't a lot I can use! I'm not going to go out of my way to buy products I won't use. That saying, if there is a product that I've been thinking of trying, I will try it if it's on here! I love love the any milk, bread, cereal rebates! It would be so great if there could be fresh fruits and veggies! I also see products available at some stores and not others, it would be great to have them available at all or more stores. It's frustrating to see a whole list of products I use listed at a store that isn't even in my area! I also think, with the teamwork challenges, that if you go over the amount, the extra falls into the next step! Overall this is an awesome, easy to use, savings app! I have made $85 since I downloaded!
Love love love this!
by Momofa2yrold on 2014/07/26 13:57
This app is good. I have tried some new things because of this app. I love the fact that I can use a coupon AND make money from this app too! Only a few things that aren't that great. I recently completed a bonus with chex mix, I was paid for all the chex mix but the bonus only registered that I did 67% of it. I emailed in and haven't heard any thing back. Also, the same rebates are always available. I would like them to be more frequently updated. It's nice if the item is something your family uses but for things you don't use they stay for months. I've also found that many of the brands are not available anywhere around my area. This would be a awesome if it were regional perhaps and had offers update more frequently.
Total scam - you can't cash out
by VolksVW on 2014/09/24 19:39
At first, this app seemed cool. I could earn rebates for some things I buy and then get money sent to my PayPal account or a gift card, right? Not quite. Now that I have enough money to cash out, when I try to cash out, it says I have to verify my email address by following the link that they supposedly just sent to my email. Only they don't send an email with the link. They don't send an email at all. I even reset my email address. Nothing. So I sent an email to them about the issue. Zero response. And in case you're thinking it's a problem with my email, it's not. The ibotta newsletter comes in just fine. Two phone calls to ibotta went unanswered as well. I even tried having it reset to my alternate email and have the link sent there. Nothing. Don't fall for the scam. And definitely don't write a positive review until you've tried to cash out, because you're not going to get your money.
I Love This App! ^_^.
by CrazyCindy4u on 2013/09/19 19:00
I Love this app. I guess you can say I'm hooked at times cause I'm always wanting to shop, But only for the products I normally buy. There have been times I have purchased things I never knew existed or tasted and so my family and I bought the product we tried it and we like it and still got paid! ^_^. One thing I would like for Ibotta to do is add more stores I normally shop in and that are near my area and add more good stuff I think you should add more products every weekend that way we have more choices to buy different products every week. I give this app two thumbs up! Thank you Ibotta I love this app and I do recommend it to anyone who loves to shop save money and gets paid. 👍👍^_^.
Good, and room for improvement
by MarkBMarkB on 2014/11/01 19:37
I like using Ibotta and have gotten back over $100 using it. There are things I'd like to see improved though: - Especially when a store doesn't carry the required size of an item, accept multiples of a smaller size that meet or exceed the amount you need to buy. - When none of the partner stores in your area carry an item, accept a purchase from a non-partner store, and follow up with the non-partner store to get them on board, not force the user to do the leg work. I understand there may be technical difficulties with scanning a receipt from a non-partner store, but this is solveable. - Sometimes I have to verify the barcode on an item multiple times - in the store and when I'm redeeming the offer. Once should be enough.
Good concept, just needs more variety.
by Ladysuit on 2013/11/24 22:59
This is actually my second time downloading this app, the first time I wasn't exactly thrilled with the product choices and updates on lists seemed to take forever. Now, the app seems to offer a more diverse range of products. I don't necessarily buy all of the products but there are still enough that I get a good payoff. It does take time to get to a good level but throughout the process you get to investigate lots of different products and (if you're sensible) get additional savings by matching manufacturer coupons to listed products. I recently gained more due to the addition of home improvement deals and restaurants. Overall, if you do the majority of your households grocery shopping it is worth downloading.
Too much hassle
by Gordon Green on 2014/02/25 07:05
This app really was too much work for the $7 I've earned in like 6 months. They don't have offers for many things I buy AND recently I purchased milk per the rules of an offer and then when I got home and tried to claim it, the app had me scan the barcode and it said the item didn't match the offer. Really? The offer was for any brand of milk. I bought whole organic milk from Shamrock Farms! Then the next time I tried to claim 2 offers on one receipt, I provided clear pictures of the entire receipt and they replied back saying they couldn't process my claim because they couldn't read the receipt. I had submitted the same quality of pictures to Checkout 51 for other items on the receipt and they processed my order in less than 24 hours. Ibotta still hasn't responded to me since I replied back with a complaint. Ridiculous.
Don't like Facebook, video or twitter tasks
by Runner spooney on 2014/08/19 05:12
I have been using ibotta for awhile. Things I love: you can cash out at $5, they often replace an item so you can buy it more than once, large variety of stores and items. Things I don't love: having To post on Facebook, deals that are store specific, Twitter tasks (I only used twitter for posting on ibotta and my account was deactivated), customer service takes a long time to get back to you, you earn paypal credit and not cash. However the most challenging part of ibotta was the video tasks that would not play on my phone. I spoke over and over to support and they kept saying it was my device and would give me tips but none worked. finally they said there was nothing else they could do! Frustrating when you push play on the video and the screen is black- doesn't seem like my issue at all!
Great App but could be better
by Alane79 on 2015/02/17 23:20
This app is great don't get me wrong, however there were some items I scanned that would NOT show up no matter what I did. I accidentally deleted an item and there is no way of getting the item back. I think there should be a way of obtaining items back. I also think there should be a rebate on each item you purchased not just one item. I buy many duplicate items such as yogurts and two - two gallons of milk, etc. and this app only allows you to receive a rebate for one. One more thing, I think the "craft" for Michaels needs to be something other than what's listed. If we are talking arts and crafts then I'm purchasing supplies not holders or little kids stuff. Other than that I find it's pretty nifty!!
An App With Great Potential
by Zaise_Chsa on 2013/07/23 04:08
It's easy to use, it ACTUALLY pays you money, is very accurate and quick when reviewing the receipt. It says that it can take up to 24 hours for redemption of credit, but they usually review my receipt in about 2-4 hours. I would give it a 5-star rating if it weren't for two things that get it off one star each. The first is that the only way to redeem your credits for cash is through PayPal. While I understand it was probably the easiest route, I rather dislike dealing with PayPal when I can. Secondly, the products that one can redeem credits for are limited and unhealthy at best, as well as the fact I rarely buy any products available, so getting to the $5 minimum took me a while. If they had more options than just Paypal and more products it would be a 5-star all.
Great in theory but disappointed
by Mariposa0331 on 2014/01/10 03:54
I love the idea of this app, but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. I've tried to redeem a couple offers but no matter what I tried, ibotta kept rejecting my picture of the receipt. I tried various lights, at different angles, etc but it just kept denying. After trying for 45 minutes to get it to accept a picture of my receipt, I decided the $.25 I would earn wasn't worth me wasting any more time. I wish ibotta would link to a lot more rewards cards so you wouldn't have to mess with keeping receipts, taking pictures and submitting them. I use another app called Savingstar that links up with all of my cards. I choose my reward and within a couple days the money shows in my account. I use that app very often and wish ibotta was more similar to it.
So Far so Good!
by NAJallDay on 2013/01/25 21:57
I am very happy with this app. I was very reluctant since as a couponer I'm already having a hard enough time as it is trying to keep up with my coupon deals (but I do very well). It was while looking at another site that I saw how much additional money could be saved on items ( making it free) that I thought, well me see what this is about and sure enough I got money queued up for purchases that I already made that day !! I haven't redeemed the money yet but in less than a week I have $10 bucks or more coming my way. And Re: Facebook I really don't like my FB friends knowing my biz but I got over it and just figured it was more important for me to save money.
Good so far
by New2ifone5 on 2013/05/25 18:18
It does what it says it will do. It's pretty easy to use except you can't input any preferences. For example I don't eat any diet foods or drinks yet they are always on Ibotta and the things I do eat or use is seldom a featured item. You also should read the description of the item in full detail because some are very specific all the way down to the item sizes. The updates have the expiration date which is helpful and they give bonuses for doing so many transactions in a given time. It's interactive and I find it fun to use too. It's better than some other apps that give % cash back because they subtract your coupon amount and I use coupons for everything to get the most savings. I recommend this app
Can't believe Shop Smart liked this app
by Dyl'sMum on 2014/05/17 19:47
I downloaded this app based on a recommendation from Shop Smart magazine. What a mistake! The offers are repetitive and are for products I'm not interested in. How many Special K protein bars can anyone possibly need? Corelle has been on there forever - not something you need very often. There isn't enough variety. Rebates are approximately equivalent to shopping somewhere that offers double value on coupons. Customer Support was helpful up to a point. I had trouble submitting a Panera receipt and was told to email it to Customer Support. I did but never received credit for that receipt. They've added online shopping but if you're already shopping through Ebates or another site why would you bother changing to this one? This app gets 1 star from me but only because “no stars” isn't an option. I cashed out once I reached the $5 minimum and deleted the app.
Cash for what you shop for and a minor glitch
by KellyStiner on 2015/04/18 20:43
I grew up in the days of mailing in refund forms and receipts in order to get a few cents here and there. Now there's here's a convenient way to be able to earn cash for things that you shop for every day. The minor glitch I came across was a combo. I purchased mayonnaise and chicken and was to get a dollar for buying both of those. When I went to scan them in the mayonnaise took the chicken said it matched but it would not show two out of two it only showed one out of two thus I did not get my whole dollar. So I could not read deem at that time and if I wanted to earn my cash I need to move forward so I ended up losing out $.75 because of the glitch.
Glitches After New Version
by Jessikathesongstress on 2014/02/19 21:37
I am not a big fan of Ibotta. Recently they forced us to download a new version of the app. Unlike Checkout 51, this app forces you to check the product then download the receipt then check the product again. So in all of these steps, the app forced me to check the product and refused to go on to the next page of downloading the receipt after this recent change. It took customer service days to get back with me and they did not credit me with all of their "rewards". Although my phone is new, the customer service agent essentially said that the app malfunction is a problem with my phone. The worst part is although the app does not work correctly, every time I'm in a store related to the app it sends me a "reminder" that they have rebates. Save your time and energy go with Checkout 51.
Great app!
by Shielaugh on 2014/07/22 01:17
This is not a coupon app, it is a rebate app, which means you have to purchase the item and then go to the app to redeem the rebate by scanning the item and uploading a receipt. To first get the rebate to redeem you have to press the buttons under the item to learn a fact, answer trivia, watch a clip (some items have multiple things you can do to make the rebate higher before redeeming). I have been using for a week and already made $9.00 on things I buy anyway. Easy to transfer money to paypal or venmo once you have accumulated $5 or more. It's pretty self explanatory, but there's a help button with tutorial if you get tripped up.
by Michelle (Ckshellzers) on 2013/01/30 10:30
I love this App! It is the best! There are other similar App's out there that do not even co2mpare to Ibotta! This was my first week trying it out. A couple of friends had told me about this one and it is so easy to do. I wish I had known about Ibotta all this time that I was using this "other" App!. The amount of products available to earn from is great! And when you complete a product earning, it adds another product within minutes, I also appreciate that there are several different ways to earn from each product purchase! Love it! If you're looking for an App like this, look no further, this is the only one you need!
So much potential, but falls short
by Tienbien1 on 2014/05/17 21:16
I thought this app was great in the beginning, until I realized they almost never update their offers. 80% of the stuff they offer has been the same for the last year, and honestly, I really don't like any of them. For someone that likes to buy basic things like fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, ice cream, meat, cheese, etc. there is virtually no selection whatsoever. I think the only offer I've redeemed at all in months is the milk. Most of the time I don't even bother checking this app any more because nothing ever changes. Do yourself a favor: go get checkout 51 instead. They update their offers very week, always have at least one fresh produce item, you don't have to scan any barcodes, only take a picture of your receipt. And the best part? No store restrictions!!!! Shop anywhere.
Love it!!!!!!!
by Melhut77 on 2014/12/18 12:37
I have been using Ibotta for only a few short months and I am already somewhere around $80 in savings. I have cashed in a few times and it is super easy, the money is in my account super quick. Any issues I have, I submit under help and they are fixed quickly as well. I saw the last person comment that you can't remove things from your list once you confirm your store doesn't carry it. That is actually not a true statement, when you are in an item just scroll down and mark it not interested and it takes it off your list. I am very happy with it and definitely would recommend.
An Almost perfect App!
by NW-987 on 2014/08/26 11:40
I want to thank the developers of Ibotta because it is a money saver that is truly easy to use! I like the fun little activities---information, polls, and videos---and how easy the app is to use. There is only one issue I have related to the activities required to unlock certain product rebates: posting products to one's Facebook page apropos of nothing. I wouldn't object to this quite as much if the posts were reworked: in place of a silly post about a particular body wash, why not one that read, "Ibotta just saved me x amount of money on (fill in the blank)" or something to that effect? Still, I recommend Ibotta to everyone. If you like to save money, Ibotta is a must-have app.
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