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Turo - Better Than Car Rental
Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. A vibrant community over five million strong, Turo guests can choose from over 850 unique makes and models, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. Whether it’s a truck to help on moving day, a Mercedes-Benz for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, with more than 200,000 vehicles listed worldwide, Turo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. Hitting the road? • Choose from a totally unique selection of cars and drive the perfect one for your trip • Book cars directly from local hosts, as much as 30% less than traditional car rental agencies • Get the car delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap Car collecting dust? • Share your car and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine • Rest assured with up to $1 million in liability insurance backing each trip Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Turo is weak
by turo is weak on 2020/05/29 23:54
Gave them all the information they asked for but still can’t rent cars
Can be a big waste of time.
by Fatema bot 91 on 2020/05/28 20:13
Always use an all star host. Went to pick up the car only to be told by the host that the car was unavailable as they had sold it. Wasted time and money getting there. Then had to waste time getting a new car. Spoiled the trip. Waste of time
Be careful!
by chicagoturo on 2020/05/28 18:22
Year long host here and I can tell you the following. And I would have given zero stars but that’s not an option on the App Store... 1) guests: if you are a guest protect yourself, be careful with the cars, given Turos harsh policies even the most minor of accidents can result in hundreds of $ out of pocket to you 2) you’ll likely get hit by the most minor of charges of you don’t comply fully and to the letter of host rules. 3) don’t bother calling customer service, they’ll put you on hold and won’t help you. Customer service is not empowered in their job to resolve any of your issues. (On that note be sure to ask for “executive support” albeit this is a joke and it will take 2-3 days for them to get back to you 4) hosts: if you have any prior damage the Turo policy won’t cover it. Minor scratch on a bumper that was subsequent totaled by a guest? “Pre-existing damage” you’re out of pocket hundreds of dollars 5) similar to above. Don’t call customer service 6) set several stringent rules regarding cleanliness. Someone is inevitably going to smoke in your car 7) don’t miss a reservation, Turo will deduct in a punitive way revenue from future bookings The idea of Turo is fantastic, however the management team has failed miserably. For a better experience go with getaround (I am not a Getaround employee)
Do not use Personal cards use a prepaid card
by Pjones625 on 2020/05/27 19:59
Turo was great at first, used them about 4-5 times. Everything was smooth, if i got a fine that i commited i paid for it no problem. Cause i own up to my wrongdoings. But the last rental i had i was rear ended i got the guys info etc reported it to turo. They wanted to charge 500$ for being in an accident no matter whose fault it was. To waive this fee add your personal insurer. So thats what i did. Mind you turo has insurance you pay for already incase of things like this happening. No where in the fine print did it say theyll notify my insurer about the accident wanting them to pay. So we went thru the motions of having turo pay cause thats what turo insurance is for and the guy who rear ended me insurance pay as well. Now today i found out turo has restricted my account, without informing me on why they did so. They email you about everything else but fail to inform me my account has been restricted. I contact support they have no info on why its been restricted. Up until this day turo had a good review in my eyes but not after this. Especially not trynna pay their portion of the accident which is why we get turo insurance. Pretty much they dont care who is at fault for whatever reason they just want your money. Dont use your personal cards use a prepaid one.
Incompetent Support Team
by Brookkyn P on 2020/05/26 22:24
Support team failed to respond to my emails after about 3-4 follow up emails as to why my account was first approved and then subsequently denied. This made no sense. Lack of communication, lack of explanation and extreme lack of providing necessary details with adequate timing. Overall, big disappointment.
The best app you’re not using (yet)
by J3nn3rator on 2020/05/25 21:57
I got t-boned in an intersection and was without a vehicle for over a week. The rental car companies wanted an insane amount of money on a credit card with my name on it ahead of time, not to mention the lack of customer service in those companies. I was in a lyft when the driver told me about turo. What a Godsend. My first host was phenomenal. Thorough and considerate and easy to work with. I love Turo!
For the love of cars
by lu bones on 2020/05/24 20:10
Just rented my first vehicle the other day. I had a great experience with both the car and owner. He was clearly a clearly a car person who uses turo to help him afford these cars. Really a win win for everyone
by TEAMIMM on 2020/05/24 18:39
I was a HUGE advocate for Turo and booked a ride for a huge time in need. Confirmed and paid, got a call saying my ride was cancelled for some bogus reason. They said the previous rider lost the keys.. but how did they return the car with NO keys? Exactly. Then on the phone the representative could not find me a replacement ride and tried to talk me out of requesting my refund and instead of making things better he goes.. “your refund should be available within 10 days” 10?! How am I supposed to get around and handle business. I’m moving into my new place without any means of transportation because I relied on Turo’s services and got extremely let down. NEVER using again.
Hassle Free
by CrystalKS84 on 2020/05/24 14:54
My experience with this app has been by far the best!
App lock ups
by rcshawn on 2020/05/24 13:45
Not getting my text messages over the app sometimes. Need to have a way for someone else to access my account with them not being able to see all account/money info or changing anything on the account side of things.
Don’t do ot!
by 1z Freeman on 2020/05/24 11:54
My first experience! Was WOW! a fagot rented my truck and retreated it late, with no gas, another driver, used items in the truck like sunglasses (am not talking about $20/40 sunglasses ) no after trip cleaning, unknown person returning the vehicle...but needless to say that turo customer support phone says the average waiting time is 5 -10 minutes after 3 hours pf waiting time.
Your book could be cancel for any bs reason, and you don’t get your money back rw
by billyy23 on 2020/05/24 03:58
So the host can cancel your reservation for any bs reason such as oh the car just went to maintenance, yet, she just accept the reservation and canceled it after I ask her if the vehicle has tow hook adapter. Ok, and Turo holding my 400$, been pending for 3 days, still no refund. Garbage app, will recommend everyone to not use it.
First Time Renter!
by Shaun-kun on 2020/05/23 15:32
I used a 5-star host and had an amazing experience as the process was very easy and this host had a great selection of cars. If you have ever wanted to drive a Mercedes AMG then this is the site for you. Safe travels!
The worst rental experience of my life
by Speakeroftruth19 on 2020/05/23 01:18
I wish there was a star rating of lower than one for this app and service. To start off I rented rented a corvette for Memorial Day weekend. I was so excited as the car was amazing till I started driving it, no more than 12 minutes into the drive the car breaks down not the host fault nor mine or the apps fault cars break down I get that. The customer service experience I got was the worst over 3 hours on hold trying to get a refund after all that I was told the host has to agree to 1 end the trip and 2 agree to a full refund otherwise according to the person I spoke to they can’t do anything so basically I didn’t get the car I wanted to rent and was out close to $1,000.00 I recommend NEVER TO RENT FROM TURO.
Awful customer service
by ahinensm on 2020/05/22 17:30
They were fine taking my Apple Pay until a follow up payment was needed and they required a cc to be on file. I wasn’t notified so they sent a $10 charge to collections. There are enough other similar services that I won’t be using Turo again.
Young driver bs cost
by phat nhuts on 2020/05/22 01:58
I have been a Turo user for years, I used them solely because they would let me rent a car for very cheap regardless of my age. I come back and notice there’s a larger fee for being under the age of 26, very odd but I guess they need to make the money somehow, I’m very disappointed now that I have to pay a little extra which is why I avoided major rental companies. I guess I have to search for a cheaper car rental app.
Horrible customer service
by nonameclub on 2020/05/22 00:00
They are working with scammers that try to scam people
Technology at it’s best!!!!! Hands down!!!!
by Dafatboy2 on 2020/05/21 19:24
What a convenient way to book a trip for a day or two or week. So glad someone created this app. Truly helpful way to get around town.
Can’t Search bu car model
by eroodit on 2020/05/21 03:18
This is annoying that you cannot search by the car model you want to rent!!! I think this is the whole point of using apps like this!!! Awful! Very disappointed!!!
Terrible Company
by RRR2018 on 2020/05/20 21:48
Car was stolen twice. Once by someone who had a clear record of felony auto charges that I uncovered with a quick Google search. Then they try to screw you over in the claims process.
Very over priced!
by Sierradancer1993 on 2020/05/20 19:41
The price of the car looks reasonable until they add in all their extra fees, I rented a car for $29 a day, after all of Turos fees I ended up paying over $50 a day for the car, I could have used Uber and lift for less! Used the car for a week and spent over $400. This is outrageous enterprise would have been half the price! Do not use this app just go through enterprise or car max or call a lift/ Uber this was a horrible waste of money.
Young age policy
by drewnawalker on 2020/05/20 04:00
I was going to try this out but then as I’m almost finish the price skyrockets I look and I see a young driver fee what’s the difference between 25 and 26 doesn’t make sense oh well not for me
Love it! Quick, easy, and user-friendly!
by Prend3l on 2020/05/19 11:32
I use Turo to rent my Jeep out since I work from home. The app is very user-friendly, simple to use and navigate, and easy to communicate with driver. I do wish the payouts as a host were quicker, but that is about all I can complain about. If there was even an option to pay a small fee for instant bank transfer, that would turn my 4 star into a 5! But other than that, great app and idea!
Great app
by mosesBud on 2020/05/19 10:35
I love the convenience of this app!
Must have for any car person
by inyoeye destromath on 2020/05/18 15:17
What a great way to rent fun and exciting vehicles for a great price. Think you need $1,000 a day to rent an exotic? Think again! With Turo you can find just about anything and if you look at cars that are a few years old, sometimes you can find an amazing price. Also makes for a nice alternative to Enterprise, Hertz etc. I just wish Turo had a reward program!!
Awwwweome app!
by Sr63663664358 on 2020/05/17 19:13
Love it 😍
by yall some idiots on 2020/05/17 02:17
Customer service is terrible. Still spent thousands of dollars with company and my account was deactivated for a reason they won’t disclose to me. I get 5 star ratings from every single host. But for whatever reason Turo decides to throw away money and deactivate my account. 🤡🤡🤡
I’m a 5-Star host and Turo regularly screws me
by justdont on 2020/05/16 11:28
Don’t use Turo. If there are any issues, from gas refill to car damage neither party will be compensated appropriately. This is how Turo profits. You pay into their ‘insurance’ but under no circumstances will they cover the damages of any kind. I’ve had renters scratch paint, get into accidents return empty gas tanks and Turo always has some excuse why I can’t be paid for it - regardless of there being clear photo evidence before by both parties - even if both parties come to an agreement - Turo will just close the ticket/complaint and say ‘end of story’. I’m out money but more importantly time and you’re just as good or better borrowing a car from a friend than getting screwed by Turo. Choke on it.
Rent a car from anywhere but here
by JLeb617 on 2020/05/15 11:27
You are so much better renting a car from the airport or any other legit car rental place. This company boasts about its cheap prices, but after fees and such everything is the same price. The only difference is the car you’re getting won’t have a full tank, could have issues with functionality, and your car will likely smell. When I filed a complaint Turo took sides with the car owner on nothing else but her word. When I asked to see pictures of the complaint, there were none provided to me. The customer specialist who helped me very clearly felt I was a waste of time. The customer is not always right when working with them. I wish I’d never downloaded this app.
by Arman Andreasyan on 2020/05/14 01:53
Turo is SCAM!!! Dont list any car on that app!!! They never cover insurance!!
by Almetra3283 on 2020/05/11 18:54
by eyebareye on 2020/05/11 16:34
I rented my car on this app and the person returned the car with a dent on the front bumper. I filed a claim through Turo, and they gave me way less than the cause of the damage and didn’t have customer service available until 2 days after the return of the rental, because it was on a weekend. They then told me that because I didn’t (couldn’t) contact them within 24hours, I could only submit the previos claim, even though I had more claims to document. Also, if you’re already renting your car on this app in Atlanta, if “Jamar Saunders” (seeming to be African-American, with dreads and shaved sides) tries to rent your car, DON’T! He will trash your car!
WARNING!!!! Stuck paying for a lemon!
by Jrayla on 2020/05/11 06:00
The “host” had an “emergency” and left the keys on the tires. What I found was a disgusting mess; dirt everywhere, sticky substance on the wheel, dash, and sterio, the wheel light was on, the washes were out of fluid... I can go on and on. After 2 hours waiting for customer service on the phone, I was left with the choice of ruining my plans, or taking the car. Told me they were going to “suspend” the host, until the car was shown to be sorted out, which they never did. Now the “host” has harassed me, and what does Turo do? Offers me $35 as an apology, and tells me to kick rocks. This is the second time I’ve been rented a lemon on the app. The first broke down on the freeway less than a mile from my house! The radiator hose blew. They refunded my money, but not my time o the side of the road waiting the two hours for the host to come get his car. And I looked at the ratings. I rented cars that were the best in their class. The post above about “I’ve had a great experience as a customer AND WITH MY OWN CARS UP”... you do the math. Smh. Terrible experiences. Never again!!! Contesting the charge. Maybe I’ll try another app, but for now, returning to car rental companies that car about the cars they give you.
Don’t worry turo is no scam
by thebassintheshop on 2020/05/10 03:45
Turo is amazing just remember to always have 5 star people if not good luck
Never Disappointed
by wiegehts19731976 on 2020/05/10 02:33
Continuously left speechless by the TURO Family! Thanks a million
Turo App a fun experience to use and manage
by ChiefInBlue on 2020/05/09 23:21
As a power Turo host, I almost use this app daily frequently, I like its interface, simple and easy to navigate and manage many different tasks with ease; Overall I enjoy using this app, like a Turo car, sometime it bring a grin on my face, hopefully it’s more often!:)
by Samsakojr1 on 2020/05/09 22:53
Rented a Porsche for a day and it was the easiest way to rent a car. Not only are the cars and prices amazing but hosts are awesome too
Bad experience! 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
by Dev-Talent on 2020/05/08 18:46
So I’ve been trying for an hour to book an car. The website/App is clearly down! Giving the benefit of doubt, I went to their chat to double check and just had the rudest customer service agent start to yell at me in all caps. Lol I thought it was a joke at first. Clearly not
by vans33rd on 2020/05/08 17:08
Denied for no reason
by Milad02 on 2020/05/07 22:30
After weeks of going back and forth and Turo requesting tons of additional personal documents. They denied me and said they’re not obligated to give me a reason as to why. No follow up on their end. If I weren’t reaching out, I’d get no updates. Very unprofessional and customer service is lack luster. Requested my information to be immediately removed and deleted from their records. Let’s see if they follow through.
Glitchy iOS app
by !whyy on 2020/05/07 16:59
Im both a host and a renter. Love the service, but the app constantly puts me off. The user experience is heavily discounted when pages just don’t load! It takes forever to get a task done (message tab, trip overview, especially checking in a trip as the host)
support team
by электропиздощекоталуа on 2020/05/06 22:35
Basically application is not bad, but there is no any chance that you can get answer from support, I need to pay a bill, but they cannot help me during 2 weeks.
by MrxFlowers on 2020/05/06 20:21
Great app for renters and hosts. Honest people and reliable cars. Keep it up Turo Team & community.
by Skoolboyjay on 2020/05/06 19:08
My account been stuck waiting for “approval” for weeks almost a month. Every time i talk to customer service they give me the same stupid response saying there’s no way to give a time frame or they’ll put me on a priority list, which clearly doesn't happen because everytime i talk to a service rep they don’t even have any of my updated information. App is a joke.
Hidden fees
by User20181 on 2020/05/06 02:53
Was just charged an “inconvenience fee” on top of extra chargers I had to pay for my rental. Not happy
Avoid Turo!!!
by zach84936219 on 2020/05/06 01:46
Avoid Turo at all costs. They scammed over $800 from me. I sent several emails and heard nothing back. I scheduled phone calls with Turo and I was never contacted even though I scheduled a call with Turo. It has been over 5 months and still nothing. They do not care about customers. Look at the hundreds of other poor reviews. Do yourself a favor and rent elsewhere.
Hate this app
by bdw28990 on 2020/05/05 19:38
Thumbs down all the way 👇🏿
Non stop emails
by A7xcharlie on 2020/05/03 14:32
Great app I used it once and I didn’t have any issues. My issue is after I rented the car. I’ve continuously received emails from Turo even though I have already paid my balance. They continue to threaten me about sending me to collections multiple times and I don’t appreciate that at all.
by greattrrr on 2020/05/03 06:00
Easy as 123
Price Gouging in the middle of a pandemic
by NYCDM on 2020/05/02 20:42
Have been using the app for some time now as a “Guest” aka I rent other people’s vehicles. Last rental was April 7th. They have always charged a “trip fee” which was a percentage of the total rental cost. Well, in the middle of the pandemic, with ZERO notice (email, text, phone call) they decided to raise the fee to a 15 dollar charge PER DAY. Might not seem like much, but if you rent a car, which can be anywhere from $20 dollars up per day without including insurance, what sense does it make to pay TURO more than half of the what the car rental costs? A 5 day rental will cost you $75 dollars JUST for using the app, doesnt include the daily charge for the rental, the insurance OR the taxes. NAnd to not even send a mass email informing us of the change shows a lack of interest in being transparent. Nothing else has changed, they dont offer any additional service or help with any part of the rental, yet raise their pricing significantly. It USED to be a good deal and a good app to use. Now they are more expensive with a much lower quality of service than a brick and mortar rental company. Every rental on TURO is a gamble, cars are usually dirty, and now you have to pay MORE than a regular rental company? TURO had a good thing going, but that ship has sailed. Go to priceline, dont waste your time, data, and risk all of your info (including Drivers license info) with a company that thinks its okay to price gouge in the middle of a pandemic.
Super easy
by Sammy Trap on 2020/05/02 14:39
Was much more simple than i thought it would be. Just used it once but my experience was great!
Nice cars
by louG55 on 2020/05/01 20:53
Amazing way to make money.
Racist service
by big homie maj on 2020/05/01 16:28
They discriminated against me renting from them I meet all the requirements they waited until I was already on my way to meet the host and pick up my car when I booked my reservation 3 days prior to tell me I was denied but previously I was approved I talked to support and they couldn't provide me with any information as on why I was denied after they already took my money off my card which took 6 days for me to get back they ruined my vacation they offered me a credit for 100$ that I can't even use because it won't let me log in at all this place is a joke I highly recommend Enterprise they provide an unmatched level of service never had any problems with enterprise
by bQute1 on 2020/04/29 20:25
Very cool app!
Better than Uber and Lyft
by Danny F Medina on 2020/04/29 04:11
This is better than Uber and Lyft because you don’t have to be driving around for your money all day. Most guests are responsible and your covered with Turo’s protection plan. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make extra money on your days off.
Search by make/model
by Toddep23 on 2020/04/29 03:06
I would like to search by make/model. Why can’t I do this?
by Ni. L on 2020/04/29 02:36
I rented a car through a host a few times and I must say all of them were very easy to do. This past experience was BAD! Recently had a hail storm here where I live and luckily, I wasn’t driving the car when it happened. The car was parked. Fast forward to a few days later, I now have to pay $2,000 + out of pocket. I had the minimum protection turo offers and yet somehow, I have to pay $500 for damages which is ridiculous!! And I have to pay an extra $150 for processing and adjusting fees! Turo made it seemed as if I done the damages, but yet I explained to them this was natural disaster. They never answer the phone and you can only email them. I was told because I had the car, I have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket but my host told me because she has insurance on the car as well, I didn’t have to pay for anything out of pocket.
Turo not worth it
by bygigguvi on 2020/04/28 20:20
Absolutely terrible company! They do not care about you. Do not even download it.
by EDVINYEGHNANYAN on 2020/04/28 20:16
Turo is amazing
by Danierob on 2020/04/28 04:26
Great way to rent a car. All app driven, super easy to use and great selection of cars. Rented a Tesla. Fantastic experience. I prefer renting through Turo than any large commercial car rental fleet.
First Time using Turo
by Jenna___katie on 2020/04/27 15:37
Easy, quick turnaround time, truly felt as though Turo wanted to make sure I had a great experience. Excellent customer service.
No refund
by E4447 on 2020/04/27 02:52
Overall the trip was successful and the ride was good as planned but my flight was changed due to the corona virus and I had to travel earlier and I informed Turo, followed the protocol and delivered the car earlier but right up to now I haven’t gotten my refund and no one to reach.
by PinkyCuhz on 2020/04/26 02:21
Great app and car selections
First and last time I will use turo
by Escobar305 on 2020/04/25 21:41
I book a car got confirmed . Just 3 hours before I was going to pick up , they canceled it without notification . I called , cust service did not help me find another car with same price or at the very minimum credit the remainder . They try to upsale me and charge me double what I originally paid . John the customer service rep was no help , i ask for supervisor and he hung up. My trip was completely ruined . Thanks turo
The worst app ever
by PatchDog74 on 2020/04/25 14:52
This service and the app are the worst ever. I have tried to book a truck on two separate occasions. Both times my host has canceled. Turo’s instructions include how to receive a refund are never accurate. Twice I have to wait over 7+ days to get my money back only after the app lets you make the correct choice. You can not contact the host in any way to ask questions about the vehicle. My first trip I wanted to haul away stuff with a trailer. I wanted to make sure the host truck was capable of doing so. No way to ask them any questions before hand. You have to pay first just to talk. Then when they cancel it takes forever to receive your refund. This app and service is a complete waste of my time and money. Never going to use it again or recommend it. Complete Junk!!!
More expensive than rental cars.
by Adcorrea on 2020/04/24 18:50
I used the app to rent q car, I got a very bad shape car like 4 years old of so, I rented it to see if it is true, you can rent a better car for the same price of a regular rental car company. It turned out, that is not true, I got a car in bad shape, and some what more expensive that I cold get a similar car in a rental car company. Don’t see what people find good about this app. The host was a nice person though.
Amazing appp!
by Mrokgotim on 2020/04/23 18:26
This is my all time favorite app to rent cars off of! Definitely recommend using the energy saver ones!
Can’t rent a car haha
by TopZoeGod on 2020/04/23 16:57
Great concept for people in their mid 20s most ( like 95% ) of the cars on here you have to be 25 years old or older to rent so all of us under that age limit are kind of screwed Maybe if this app is around when I turn 25 I can use it and update my review
Such a sweet alternative...
by PGuerinNW on 2020/04/22 15:06
Love, love, love Turo! Such a nice alternative to the usual rental companies. Easy and hassle free. Couple taps using the app and your car is reserved. It’s awesome! Seriously, it’s that easy. If you’re still renting the old fashioned way you are missing out. Nicer, different cars for so much less. And you’re completely insured. Can not recommend enough.
Not One Good Experience to speak of
by Magik on 2020/04/21 16:06
Carshare Zipcar I just saved you so much headache.
by Favored_blackk on 2020/04/20 19:46
I was a member with Turo for over 3 years then one day I was told that my account was locked, sent in the required information just for them to tell me that I’m no longer eligible to participate in the marketplace and they’re not obligated to tell me as to why . Mind you I just booked a trip with Turo not even two weeks prior to them shutting down my account with ABSOLUTELY no probable cause .
Exactly how car rental Should be.
by Tomero888 on 2020/04/19 14:09
I am a owner of cars on Turo and also rent from Turo. Highly recommended. Very smooth and safe. Thanks
Smooth transaction
by Neka W on 2020/04/18 12:52
I used Turo for the first time and I was super impressed. The transaction was really smooth. I’ll definitely use Turo for my next car rental.
Amazing app
by lea 30 on 2020/04/18 04:13
Amazing app
I like renting.
by @tneils on 2020/04/17 01:29
I’m always looking for other ways to earn and I like this. It has its ups and downs but I’ll take it.
“Canceled” my account after I booked
by 1jass1 on 2020/04/16 19:54
It took me maybe 20 mins to book to find a good price and location close enough to me, and I was very fond of the app until I find the car, and book it. I then go to my email to get a verification, because I got a alert that 76+ was taken out my account so I knew it was successful on my end. But checking my email they send a email So with no explanation, and I’m now without my money for a couple of days and during this pandemic that’s really hard. They should let their users know there’s a little “investigation” before you can use their services. I’ve never had a problem before, using any other rental places, just thought this would be cheaper and more convenient. Your request (Turo Account Declined) has been updated. You can add a comment by replying to this email. Yuliana Ballesteros (Turo Support) Apr 16, 12:23 PDT Hi Jasmine, Thank you for your interest in Turo. After reviewing your information, our system has detected unusual flags associated with your account. We will not be able to approve you to participate in the Turo marketplace. Please note, Turo does not disclose proprietary information regarding the details of our internal review process. This decision was based on information acquired during the verification process. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but, your upcoming trip has been canceled. We have refunded your trip accordingly and the funds should post to your account within 10 business days. If you have any further questions, please refer to our Terms of Service Best, Yuliana Turo Verification Team
Slow process
by @Kingquincy on 2020/04/16 18:01
Slow customer service
The worst
by Ncryder on 2020/04/15 13:09
Turo has the worst customer service experience I think I’ve ever encountered. I’ve rented my Tesla Model 3s on there for over two years, making them thousands upon thousands of dollars in the process. I paid a 33% premium for full insurance coverage. So what do they do when I have my first ever nightmare renter out of hundreds who brought my car back with a blown tire and liquid spilled all over the front seat seat which fried some of the circuits? They refuse to pay anything. No matter what they asked me to provide them, it was never enough. They have no appreciation for their customers. I can’t wait until a competitor comes along so I can switch platforms.
Life Saver!
by BoogiesBabyMama on 2020/04/15 10:14
Thanks to turo I was able to get into a vehicle faster than it would have taken me using a rental corporation like enterprise (name only for example) because I saved so much on rentals using Turo, I was able to save my down payment faster and still get to work, etc.
Turos customer service
by Ms.pinkberry on 2020/04/14 02:28
Thank you to Turo my account is back up and running. They guided me through the process and helped me gain access to mobility.
by The surgeon king on 2020/04/13 19:52
if your under 26 they’re gonna gouge you $35 dollars per day. I needed a rental while my car is in the shop it was supposed to be $25 a day, I was really happy with that, but right before I check out the total comes out to more than double I had no idea what was going on. Moral of the story avoid turo at all costs I’ve heard my share of horror story’s of people being scammed on here saying they turned in the rental cars trashed for damage they didn’t even cause.
by Guttagangshay on 2020/04/12 20:26
Wonderful fast and easy definitely will be using again !!!
Turo does not back hosts when it come to a claim
by MikeyC253 on 2020/04/11 22:36
I’ve been all star host with turo for about a year now. As far as the app goes I do love it and it pays for my car payment and then some. Only issue I have is that I’ve filed two claims for damage during a trip and turo does not take care of its hosts at all. If you don’t take before and after pics of every little thing on the car you’re basically screwed and S.O.L also they have no one to talk to over the phone in the claims department and it’s all done via email. Great app but horrible when damage occurs to your vehicle.
Love this peer-to-peer service
by skys15 on 2020/04/09 20:40
A few years ago, when turo was called something else, I rented my car out after foot surgery and paid my monthly and then some. This happened two summers in a row. So cool.
Corona Virus Problem
by Tyler.ttm on 2020/04/06 23:10
I’ve attempted to rent 2 different cars within 2 different days while using Turo. The renting went fine but both within a couple of hours both owners have canceled to due the corona virus problem going around. As this is a serious problem and don’t blame them for cancelling I do. Understandably it’s there decision whether or not they would like to rent. It’s is very annoying that they have the cars up on the site available for rent but then back out. My honest solution to this should be for Turo to just cancel all rides or just add some sort of communication feature to contact sellers and ask if the car is available. Or just the easiest thing would be just for sellers to take down their cars if they don’t feel comfortable renting them out.
See for your self (:
by Juan45688m on 2020/04/06 02:10
The only way to find out if this is good or bad is to try it out then write your honest review on here! There’s so many different mix review that I didn’t want to try it out but when my friend did. For two days. He had a smooth time renting it with no problems. 4 stars cause I never rent it but my friend did and he had a good time doing it with no real problem. I would give it 5 stars but I never rent one my self yet but soon when I head to New York.
by Pee to the sizzle on 2020/04/05 04:50
WARNING! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS APP! TRUST ME! so I reserved a Mercedes E class, for one day trip and I bought the standard insurance! Thats all he offered! Anyways I had to go meet with his “assistant” he did not do a walk through with me, just asked to take a pic of my drivers license, the gave me the key to a dirty car! Because of the quarantine I pretty much just drove this car on the freeway, the PCH to be exact, 2 hours into my trip the tires exploded and I get a flat tire! Now this is where it gets interesting, I had to exit and park, than popped the trunk, looking for the spare, surprise! The car doesn’t have spare! I was stranded in middle of no where with my date. I called customer support and they said since this guy didn’t provide me with spare , my trip will be refunded in full, plus the $86 is pend on the Lyft to sent my date back to her house will be refunded to me! I was on the phone with support for 25 minutes, then I waited for exactly 90 minutes for the two truck to arrive and another 60 minutes to go with the two truck back to his house to drop of the car! When I got there I waited for 20 minutes for him to hey here, than he said you know what, I’m just gonna sent out my assistant, now note, we did not do a walk around at night to check the car for damages etc, he just got the keys and left, the next morning I get a message that yes, so the tire is unfixable and it needs to be replace by a new one which cost $300, so if I could just give it to him that be great and he’s be on his way! Also he found other damages “the next day” (about 12 hrs later) while he had the car. Lol first of all the tire had 15K miles on it and it wasn’t brand new, in fact it was damaged recently prior to my time with and as a result it piped putting the life of me and my gust in danger! There is no way for me to prove that this tire wasn’t damaged before, so the oddest are against me and considering that, he thinks he has me on hooked! Since there was a $500 deductible, the insurance just charges me and he gives them the receipt for what ever he spent on the tire and refunds me the rest! The problem is that turo policy states that if something breaks during my trip I would have to replace it by giving them the same thing in equal or better! The 15K miles on the tires makes it used and you can buy a good used tire for about $75 free shipping from eBay! So anyways we had file a claim with insurance, so they can intervene and make ruling! The thing is after 2 separate representative told me that I’d be refunded for the Lyft ride cost! The 3rd representative said oh prior to hearing your side of the story I’ve been told that you’re at fault and weep t reimburse you!!! Lol this is illegal, this scams are very common in LA and in the this industry! This is how they get you! The odds are against you even though you have insurance, save yourselves and rent from legitimate agency’s such as hertz etc they also offer luxury cars
Sign in with Apple fail
by divesting on 2020/04/04 20:47
Sign In with Apple doesn’t work, and the error message doesn’t supply information sufficient to resolve the sign in failure. That aside, app seemed fine when I previously used a different sign in method and searched vehicles in my area. Big fail to offer a sign in that doesn’t work - especially when it’s not clear to the user if it’s a problem with Turo or Apple. Just frustrating.
Great alternative to rental companies
by BDMP45 on 2020/04/02 22:09
You’ll get what you pay for at a comparable rate to any major car rental companies. If you’re looking for something similar to try something new they have plenty of options at great rates. If you’re looking for something more than what a car rental company may have to test a potential car before purchase or for a trip or fun it’s a great place for responsible drivers to experience different vehicles for whatever reason at a good price.
App title should be: Scammer
by Bellefarm00 on 2020/03/31 22:56
This app is full of scammers trying to make money off of you and the customer service is not thorough.
by Jdaddymac021615 on 2020/03/31 21:59
Where do I start... First off, I wish I could give less than 1 star. Huge problem when you click on the car you find that says “$64/day” and all the sudden the total is $275 for 2 days. Makes absolutely no sense. Now here is where it gets really bad... upon returning the car I rented for 2 days, I was told to refuel it and clean it. I did both those things. Turo makes you take pictures of the car, inside and out upon returning it to prove it. I took the pictures and the app gave me the green light to return the car. This was about 2.5 months ago. Fast forward to today (March of 2020). I am getting 2 calls a day from a F*^#%NG COLLECTION AGENCY saying I have an outstanding balance of $261 because I did not wash or refuel the car. The pictures I took upon returning the car prove that I washed the car and that it had a full tank of gas. Not sure what the f*#k else Turo needs to prove I owned up to my end of the bargain. Now comes the worst part. On 2 separate occasions, I tried contacting Turo support to have them contact the collection agency and get them to remove everything pertaining to me, as it is effecting my credit score. As you can probably guess, they did nothing but tell me to contact the collection agency directly. I thought that was hilarious for them to think I hadn’t already tried that. Idiots. Anyways, because Turo claimed that I did not wash and/or refuel the car (which I proved through pictures) my credit score went down. They did nothing to fix it. This is the worst customer experience I have ever had and I can assure you I will never use Turo ever again. I would encourage people looking to use Turo to simply rent a car from enterprise or hertz. F*^K TURO
Scamming app
by Djtricks24 on 2020/03/31 21:57
So disappointed
by amandamarie_91 on 2020/03/31 02:58
I was really excited about this app/idea but Turo customer service is absolutely horrendous. If you end up renting from a difficult or deceptive person, customer service does not read or respond to your dispute...they simply go ahead and charge your card anyway without any discussion. They even sent me an email threatening to put me into collections weeks after my trip despite the fact that there are no pending charges in my account. Really unprofessional especially after I was treated so poorly and paid the unwarranted fee. This was all in response to my second time using this app - I rented from a guy named Kyrylo in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Don’t rent from him. He lies to charge overage fees and his car was grimy. First thing I did was stop to wash the steering wheel - it was sticky and gross. Mind you, this was during start of the COVID pandemic. Overall just awful. I’ll never use this app again.
Great Company!
by Blumeschoen on 2020/03/31 02:01
Professional operation all the way. I was very lucky all customers I had been very responsible with my vehicle. I feel very apprehensive to give out my keys to a stranger, my vehicle value/ cost is more than $40,000 Dollars it’s scary. I had represented Turo to the very best of my ability. This year I will not lease my vehicle out. Thank you,
Worked for me
by rene.flores on 2020/03/29 20:32
I've only used turo once, but it went smoothly for me. My host was on time, with the car prepared and ready to go. No problems whatsoever.
by Benslimané walid on 2020/03/28 19:50
Frankly I thought that Turo backed up it’s host. They were taking 30% of my income nevertheless when I had an issue with a customer about scratches all over the vehicle I complained about it and I was expecting someone to come take a look and valuate the damage on my vehicle because the car was a 2020 but no they asked me to get a measurement tape and send them pictures. 3 days later, they told me you’re not on the plan and can’t do anything for you. conclusion, if you have a brand new car and care about it do not rent it on TURO it’s not worth it.
Horrible app
by snapchat hottible on 2020/03/28 06:54
Worst app ever they told me I couldn’t rent because of insurance reasons
Terrible Host Enforcement/Customer Service
by Ryan94Clark on 2020/03/28 04:04
I had to speak to 3 different representatives to prevent gettin scammed out of $65 from a host. My host charged me $65 2 months after my trip without providing a reason or proof. I didn’t see the charge until it hit my credit card bill. Instead of being understanding, I had multiple reps tell me that I couldn’t be refunded because I missed a 72 hr window of time... after further pressing, they finally asked for proof from the host. He of course had none and I finally was promised reimbursement. It was ridiculous that I had to go through so many hoops to prevent a fraudulent charge. I’m concerned that Turo is allowing a “top host” to scam customers. He bribes customers to give him 5 stars. Then he waits for 5 stars and mass charges without providing proof, knowing that many customers won’t see the email and fall victim to your 72 hour policy. This is a terrible process and the fact I had to talk to 3 ppl to finally dispute this charge is crazy.
Eric's Mini Cooper
by rsr232 on 2020/03/27 21:04
First time renting from Turo. Easy booking, pick up was very efficient. Oscar was friendly, knowledgable, and helpful! Mini was fun to drive, good gas mileage. Will definitely rent from Turo, again!
The TRUTH about Turo
by on 2019/08/25 13:25
I have used Turo as a customer & have put my very own cars on the site to make extra money. I see a few customer complaints about negative experiences they have had when renting a vehicle with unreliable host. I acknowledge they may have had those experiences but I think people need to pay attention to the details. If you just pick the bottom of the line price without seeing if your host has a 5 star rating, then there is a good chance the experience may not be up to par. I would suggest using the filters & only using 5 star hosts & then call them in advance & make 100% sure they actually deliver curbside if that’s what you require. I wish more hosts were honest & not so scammy as it makes the company look bad. I personally am a 5 star host & I always deliver a top notch experience for my clients. I do ACTUAL curbside service & suggest people should select favorite when they have good experiences & try to deal with the same hosts if possible. I’m thankful for the innovations of this company as being a way to make money with a depreciating liability & turning it into a depreciating asset. From the customer side this app is really fun in that if you’re savvy then you can usually get a MUCH better car for the same money on Turo as opposed to typical car rental companies. I love Turo! ❤️
by Epicbitch2 on 2019/12/01 16:24
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!! I was the biggest fan and widespread marketer of turo writhing my circle. Being a renter at first, I transitioned into a host listing 2 of my new cars. It’s great money when your least expecting anything to happen but hey, your client is driving your car and anything can happen right? Long story short, don’t fall for “full premium coverage got you covered all the way”. I was a host with a premium insurance coverage which meant more profit percentage cut from Turo. Someone crashed my minivan and first thing I’ll say is, turo has no communication over the phone. Everything is done via email. First month was spent in getting the claim handled and first supplement being sent over. 1 MONTH. Then they cheated me off by deducting a whole paint job due to a few minor scratches I had on one side of my front bumper ($800). Any concern I would email them would be left uncared for , rental was only $30/day for 10 days MAX. Our car was given back to us after 2 1/2 months with us paying $2000 out of pocket extra. Turo and their insurance service stopped communicating with us and our shop. To the point that the shop we went to (Honda certified) does not accept turo based or DMA claim based vehicles at all. You will be cheated, abused, and uncared for. Do not use this platform. By the way, the renter bought full insurance from turo and they still charged him $2500 for claim costs....
Terrible experience & policies
by READ BEFORE USE!!!!! on 2019/11/01 19:24
This app gives you the capability to scam people out of their money. All you have to do is rent your car out. As long as the person renting the car doesn’t take a picture of EVERY part of the vehicle you can up charge that person for anything. I was scammed on this app for this exact reason. I rented a car for one day and had only a few problems with the app and the renter. It wasn’t until the next day when I was charger with a $70 charge. The policy of the app says that the renter has up to 24 HOURS to upload pictures of the cars condition to the app. I returned the car and I wake up to dirt, spilled drinks, and almost 80 miles of gas missing from the fuel gauge. Because I didnt take a picture of every inch of the car I was charged. I disputed the charges because I had a picture of the fuel gauge when I returned it but it took them 3 days to get back to me. By that time the charges were already taken out of my bank account. All they had to say was that the renter can wait until the next day to take pictures of the quality of the car. He literally drove around in the car and got it dirty just so he could charge me $70. I will never use this app and I hope that whoever is reading this to never use it either. If you happen to use it make sure you take detailed pictures and videos of everything. Keep receipts for refueling.
Wrongly Charged $250!!! Do not use this app!!!
by wowcowchow on 2020/03/25 02:42
I rented a car from Beth the first week of March in California. I’m from Ohio. I drove on toll roads and downloaded the app the same day I drove on the toll roads to pay my tolls. I put the license plate number of the vehicle that was listed on Beth’s host account, and the California Toll Roads app kept telling me there was no information about the vehicle. I tried for an entire week to pay the tolls. Fast forward to today, and I get a notification from Beth that I’m being charged $250 for toll road fines. She submitted the documents and the license plate that was listed on the tickets was completely different than the one on her account. I told her that and then she went and changed the license plate on her Turo account to match the ticket!! I told Turo they had the wrong license plate from her and Turo charged me anyway! My toll cost went from $13 to $250 because of these fines. Beth never told me when she got the original ticket in the mail and only told me when she got this huge fine!! Turo is impossible to get a hold of and no one is responding to me other than to tell me once that they are charging me the full $250. This is ridiculous. I tried for 7 days in a row (all the Toll Roads app will let you search for a drive for) and I was trying to pay the tolls. Then I get charged this fee. Absolutely horrible customer service. I do NOT recommend this app!!!
Life saver
by Laeler on 2019/12/25 19:03
We bought airline tix for a one day trip to the Big Island only to find out there were no car rentals available at all, on the entire island. Tried to cancel the flights since it was within 24 hours of purchase but low and behold you can't cancel if the trip is within 7 days. So I called a friend who lives there and she told me about Turo. I was able to get a really good 4x4 Jeep for a little more than a rental agency would have charged which seemed reasonable with peak pricing. The owner met us a the curb and was very sweet. I was much more careful with this car because I felt like I knew the owner, I basically treated it like I treat my own car - didn't get it dirty like I might with a rental. The ratings from renters who've had problems with insurance give me pause, but it's not super easy dealing with rental companies insurance either. I think I will probably keep using rental car companies just because I felt more nervous and responsible driving a nice persons car, but Turo worked great for us. I'm impressed by the app, and their ability to screen/qualify drivers and renters within minutes. Very convenient service.
Worst Customer Service Ever
by Yev Sakirk on 2019/10/22 00:14
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! This must be the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. A lugnut snapped off while I was changing a flat tire on a rental. I was more than happy to pay for a replacement. I received a bill one month later for $2,000 with no notice or explanation from one of their agents. I immediately replied twice within 24 hours attempting to dispute this claim. I was instead ignored for OVER A MONTH, as no one from their company ever replied to me. INSTEAD, one month later they charged my account for the full price with no notice again. I was immediately frustrated and furious and tried to contact their customer support. I was told a manager would get in touch with me as soon as possible. INSTEAD, a whole week went by with no one contacting me, so again I had to be the one to reach out to them and ask why no one was responding. A supervisor finally replied back. I explained to him why I was frustrated, and once again I hear no reply from them to this day. They completely ignored me, took my money, and still continue to ignore me even after I’ve reached out to them several times in attempt to dispute. God forbid something happens to you while you are using their app and you have to go through customer service because it will be impossible for you to get in contact with anyone.
Horrible experience would not ever use again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND
by RiaBruja on 2019/09/12 21:38
I rented from a turo host. I came on time, i was sick from pregnancy and just needed the car to pad the time until we bought our new car. The host didn’t want to give the car to me, based off my speech impediment. He said that i was drunk and high, which wasn’t true. The man was just clearly racist. I called turo and they convinced him to rent to me. Then 5 hours later i was finally able to get the car. He was rude but since i needed the car i ignored it. Then early in the day before i was return the car he messaged me and said that he needs the car early because he had a meeting. I offered to let him come and get the car and he said that he would have to charge me 60 dollars more. I declined. But i agreed to bring the car a hour early. Which i did. And after all this i was charged the full amount even though i missed 6 hours of the rental. Turo support was contacted and they first thought i was the host, i had to explain to them i was the guest after several messages they asked for proof of time i actually had the car which i provided, and still didn’t refund my money. Then this host leaves a horrible review for me saying that i lied. Turo should better investigate matters as such. Instead they keep your money and tell you there’s nothing they can do.
Worst Customer Service Ever
by Andy03271990 on 2019/11/19 18:08
I used Turo for about a year or so. And honestly after reading some of the reviews most of them comes down to hosts or people that are renting vehicles, well I rented from the same guy every time because he gave me a great experience vehicle was always on time as I returned it on time it was all great. Until recently Turo decides to make a mistake saying I dispute it a charge so suspended my account. I sent all proper forms and pictures showing that not a single charge was ever disputed and everything came out of my account like it was supposed to normally, well it’s been about a month now and still nothing has been resolved. They always tell me they have a high volume of emails coming in they do not have a customer service line to talk to a person. But they have this chat line that’s unable to do anything whatsoever all they do is they will prioritize my email as urgent for a faster response but it has been on “urgent” for the past month. I was a happy customer for a very long time renting from the same guy until Turo came in and completely destroyed everything. I do not recommend this services to anyone they will make you wanna pull your own hair out. Once again I don’t want to put the blame on drivers or host because that was not the issue ever. TURO itself pushed to loose my business.
Turo is great
by dreamgt on 2019/11/11 06:17
All these people complaining about shady policies and hosts. These people are putting their personal property on the line for the benefit of others to use. The application has set up policies to ensure that they have the car owners backs when renting out their automobiles. If you don’t read the policies then it’s your own fault for not spending a few moments to get familiar with how Turo operates. So if you have a problem with being accountable and documenting the cars condition before and after a trip (like every car rental agency does FOR YOU) then stick to Enterprise or Budget car rental. You are paying more money to agencies like this because they do this legwork for you. In my experience Turo was extremely easy to use, and my first host was very accommodating and professional. In my unattended car rental scenario: I washed the car as if it were my own, went around the car and took pictures corner to corner, bumper to bumper, took a picture of the gauge cluster full of fuel and noting the mileage, left the key in the provided lock box and went on my merry way. Easy peasy.
Bad experience
by dissappointer customer on 2019/04/13 02:18
I was very excited when my husband told me we could save by renting a car for our family through a newly found application. So we registered, ordered a car, paid upfront for a whole week since they offer a discount for that. As we arrived to the pick up place, I’ve noticed the exterior of the car ( Dodge Caravan) had some weirdness to it like one of wheel cover missing, dust etc like it wasn’t prepared for a client. I needed a car ASAP so decided not to concentrate on small issues. I was told to confirm my arrival and take pictures inside and out and odometer for the record. Inside was dirty, smell was terrible, heavy smell of weed, cigarettes whatever, drove less than a mile, and realized I wasn’t gonna take it for a day not mentioning a week. Also the gas tank was less than a half way full. And there are a lot of rules regarding full tank, mileage and cleanness, I didn’t want to be responsible for those things. The main part was the horrible smell and how dirty it was and my oldest kid has an asthma I couldn’t let her suffer inside of the car. Called Turo right away trying to cancel the trip, wasted more than an hour through customer service, finally they said my money will be refunded, but 10 days later still no refund, no one contacted and don’t answer my emails. No phone number.
Do not use Personal cards use a prepaid card
by Pjones625 on 2020/05/27 19:59
Turo was great at first, used them about 4-5 times. Everything was smooth, if i got a fine that i commited i paid for it no problem. Cause i own up to my wrongdoings. But the last rental i had i was rear ended i got the guys info etc reported it to turo. They wanted to charge 500$ for being in an accident no matter whose fault it was. To waive this fee add your personal insurer. So thats what i did. Mind you turo has insurance you pay for already incase of things like this happening. No where in the fine print did it say theyll notify my insurer about the accident wanting them to pay. So we went thru the motions of having turo pay cause thats what turo insurance is for and the guy who rear ended me insurance pay as well. Now today i found out turo has restricted my account, without informing me on why they did so. They email you about everything else but fail to inform me my account has been restricted. I contact support they have no info on why its been restricted. Up until this day turo had a good review in my eyes but not after this. Especially not trynna pay their portion of the accident which is why we get turo insurance. Pretty much they dont care who is at fault for whatever reason they just want your money. Dont use your personal cards use a prepaid one.
Pretty okay but....
by Jayt718 on 2018/05/29 18:54
I’ve used Turo around eight times since last year. Haven’t had too much of a bad experience.. until lately. All of these updates but there is still no update to where you can ask an owner questions about the car you are interested in renting (or other questions you may have) without having to check out and having your card charged for the car in questions (IF the owner doesn’t have to approve the trip, this can go badly). This needs to be addressed especially a feature for owners if they will be out of town and/or unavailable although the car is listed as available for the dates you need a car. I’ve had an instance where I rented a car but the owner told me that she would be out of country on those dates.. therefore, I had to wait for my money to return to my account and it screwed my account royally with the second car I’ve rented. I like you guys and what you offer but.....Take care of the little feature Turo! They matter! P.S. Find a way to get your services in NY. Renting all the way in NJ can be a hassle.
Beware! I was charged $140 in “toll fees”
by Izzy_1_2 on 2018/03/01 23:22
I have rented several cars from Turo, at first I loved the app! It was so convenient to scroll through and pick out a car for my vacations. Although I had 3 good experiences, the bad ones were REALLY BAD. A car owner was over 3 hours late to our agreed upon pick up time, resulting in me starting my vacation sitting in a sushi restaurant near LAX for those 3 hours. My first vacation day was suppose to be a relaxing drive down hwy 101 to San Diego. Instead, it was a stressful day of sitting and waiting as he text “almost there” for 3 hours, then getting such a late start the 2 hour drive was nearly 5 hours in the dark during evening traffic. The worst part of the experience was I was unaware I passed through a toll, the owner decided not to inform me of the toll notice he received until it had racked up $140 in late fees. The toll agency agreed to drop the fees and I would pay a reasonable $33 if the owner would cancel his $140 payment and let me pay the reduced fee. Turo support and the car owner were completely uncooperative and refused to do so. $140 to reimburse the car owner was just pulled from my account after I went back and forth between the toll agency and Turo support for over 2 hours. Beyond frustrating! Save your sanity and just use a reliable rental car agency!
Awesome Experience!
by Carlito997! on 2019/11/18 19:19
You really never see consistently outstanding reviews with any business, but Jonathan honestly deserves every single one. Jonathan was a great host and made our day feel extremely special. Jonathan was extremely accommodating and provided quick responses to my questions, from the condition of the SUV to the process of the entire Turo of renting! My wife had a short notice business engagement with a one day notice. Talk to me about stress! Well not true because the entire rental process was a quick and simple process thanks to Jonathan. He made this stressful issue go away! Jonathan made us feel very comfortable in his expert advice and knew everything about the vehicle. He also Bluetooth my iPhone to play my favorite tunes! I recommend Jonathan to provide you with great support! If you are planning on spending multiple days on the road or just a single day escape look no further to Jonathan, he’ll have you on the road quick and easy! Jonathan keep up the great work, and thanks for a really meaningful experience!
by Lamarie1 on 2019/01/19 14:07
If you want to use it then go ahead. I do hope you’ll have a better experience then I did. I tried using their services twice and no luck. First time I booked a vehicle, got to the pickup site and the owner of the vehicle didn’t even live there anymore, and the car I reserved he didn’t own anymore. Apparently the owner said he cancelled his Turo account years ago. Then the second time which is today as I’m writing this Jan 19, 2019. Tried to give them a second chance I booked another vehicle, arrived at the pick up site message the owner of the vehicle I’m outside his place then received a message saying the trip has been canceled by the owner. I’ve been messaging the owner a day before the pickup date to make sure everything is a go. Well it wasn’t. I called Turo about both problems. First time they refunded me back my money then credit my account and offered to rebook me a vehicle. The second time they offered to rebook me, refund me and send me a check in the mail to reimburse me the money for the uber ride I had to take back home. Im not saying don’t use the app cause maybe you’ll like it but I’m definitely saying DONT USE THIS APP cause I won’t you experience what I have but again it’s your choice and I wish you luck.
Do not be fooled
by racheleb136 on 2018/04/21 19:06
Though this app seems convenient and i have a few great trips... when it comes to the bad as well as costumer service... they are AWFUL. I had a horrible experience where i was given an electric (fully) for a long distance trip with no warnings... luckily i found out on my own. But as i arrived to the car it was not charged! I had 150miles to drive! Ran around the city until i finally found a charge and left an hour and a half after i planned. The mileage went down double than what i was told it was and i ended up being stranded. I had no other choice but to leave the car and have a friend pick me up until my trip was over. After returning the car i reached out to customer service who took 5 days to even reply! They totally denied my request as i did not have “before” photos which was an err with their app as i was forced to take those pictures and already had them in my bank of photos. They are not to be trusted and you’re better off renting through a rental company... the discounts are not worth it!! I’d give it a zero if i could. I get mistakes but working in the service industry the customer service is everything and this company is not there. Do not rent from them!
Exceptionally Awful.
by PLEASEdoBETTERlikeWTF on 2020/02/25 20:12
This is one of they most clever ideas in terms of efficiency and convenience but the customer service system is AWFUL. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to be contacted to verify my account. This. Has. To. Have. Been. The. Most. Frustrating. Situation. In terms of customer service representatives who are actually trying to help. I forgot about the app came back on log to be told the same bs story that my case would be forwarded to someone of higher ranking for a closer look. To never receive any email. I rated Five stars in their ability to drag a simple process out this long for no regard of my own personal responsibilities. No email to say ”We’re in the process of bringing your account to a resolution” something. Five stars so y’all would read this. Get better customer service workers. How do you make a customer beg for a resource. When you’d benefit. From the money. Do better your company has room for improvement. Don’t be stagnant. #MambaMentality4L.
Ruined by car owners who scam you by listing false cars
by Coco1993 on 2019/07/11 02:16
I have used turo twice. Both times I had a miserable experience with the car owner. The first time Xavier harassed me and wouldn’t stop texting me the whole day about personal things nothing to do with the car, after he had insulted me and asked me if I was ‘educated’ or not because I couldn’t find where he had hidden the car key in his water heater. Second time I rented a car, the guy Hector didn’t even have the advertised car when I showed up and after much pain with Turo days later they refunded the correct pricing of the car. For my trouble the con artist agreed not to charge for extra mileage and since I trusted him I didn’t ask for this to be written. That was my mistake since of course he charged me for extra mileage and even after turo saw all his unprofessional behavior they supported him and charged me because once again they only care about making money. It’s a great idea but too bad scamming con artists are the ones renting out their cars and not normal civilians. And too bad turo doesn’t comprehend the importance of protecting their customer. Gladly deleting this. I would rather take the subway next time and save the trouble.
Terrible customer service! My car broke down and I was left to pay!
by Ade Seun on 2019/05/25 10:50
Good app but terrible customer service. I have used the service over 10 times in the past 3 years but most recently I had a car that broke down on me after 3 hour of driving (on my birthday) and I was left stranded. It took me hours to get the proper customer service on the phone after being transferred 5 times. When I got someone on the line I was told I would be reimbursed for a third party rental to make up for my inconvenience (I was not reimbursed for the rental) and they would pay for a cab ride for me to and from the car rental company agency I chose. 2 month after the incident Turo has yet to refund me and after hours on the phone following up and being transferred to over 10 people they are going back on their word and I have not received $1 from them after paying for my original turo rental, 2 cab rides and my third party rental. I have heard other horror stories similar to this from other Turo users and thought, I still like the service, and am a loyal customer (with perfect reviews), this wouldn’t happen to me. But it did and doubt I will ever use the service again after that experience!
Host - who’s experienced car being crashed
by sherri amor on 2018/11/25 19:29
Mostly I enjoy being a host for Turo. The money helps me afford my car. They pay you quickly. The site is easy to use and navigate. However the time a guest crashed my car was a nightmare and it didn’t need to be. It happened on a Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There was no way to contact anyone at Turo. They didn’t have an emergency line. Thank god my guest survived and the car was drivable. We had to wait until Tuesday to get an email response from Turo. They DO NOT have a phone number to talk to a real person which is awful especially in such a serious situation you want to talk to someone. They haggled with my body shop for weeks about the cost of the work to fix my car. It took over a month to get my car back because of this. But Turo refused to pay for over 10 days of car rental I needed while my car was in the shop. So I had to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket. I wrote many emails expressing my frustration but it was met with indifference. I still use the service as I need the money. But I cringe at the thought if I ever had to go thru that experience again with Turo.
The Worst Customer Service EVER
by Turo is Actually the Worst on 2018/12/04 23:49
So I booked Turo several days ago to keep a car for five days. On the very same day, the car’s battery died. That wasn’t a big deal, stuff happens. The owner picked back up his vehicle and Turo said they would get back in touch with me after they found a replacement reservation for me. 3 days passed and NO one got back to me. During that time, I called multiple times and each customer service rep said someone would reach out. During this time, I was taking multiple taxis that was a very unnecessary and expensive expense. I blow customer service up until finally a representative says they’ll get a replacement car for me almost FOUR days later. The representative waited so long in the day, that NO cars are available within an hour drive from me. I live in a pretty big city so no cars in the area doesn’t happen like ever. Turo representatives told me to submit my taxi receipts and that they’ll reimburse me. NO ONE has followed up with me about my receipts. This has been an extremely frustrating process and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Please excuse me while I go call customer service AGAIN. I’m definitely using any other car service from here on out.
Good app, but Filtering and rental extension could improve
by Billy.Ruck on 2018/02/08 05:15
This app is mostly what I expected when I downloaded it, great way to rent from local individuals which greatly expands the variety of cars you can rent vs using traditional rental services. App needs more filtering options within the car search, for example, when I have family members coming to town and need a large SUV that seats 6+, there’s no option for filtering results based upon # of seats (even though this data is captured from car owners and displayed on most car listings). So I’m left sifting through a bunch of SUVs to find any that have enough seats and suit our other desired features. Also, the rental extension can be very tricky. I was stuck in traffic and knew I’d be a little late returning a vehicle, but instead of an hour or two extension, Turo only gave me the option to add an additional DAY. Apparently, sometimes they allow extensions and other times you have to add an entire day??
by Man U Barca! on 2018/04/04 23:46
Turo support are not helpful in any way. Had a friend (that I recommended the app to after having an initial (somewhat) positive experience. Let’s start there. I paid top dollar to rent an Aston Martin. The guy was late and the car was dirty and unwashed. I had some strange charges show up on my credit card which I disputed and had dropped but didn’t tie in to the Turo rental. Other than the strong feeling of “I knew it was too good to be true” I am the type of person that would rather support local users opposed to a company like enterprise which is what drew me to Turo so as I said, I told a friend to try it and decided I would give it another shot. Here is where things get crazy. Turo took $2000 out of my account without informing me. Additionally another $2,800 in unauthorized charges were made on my card again. When I raised some questions to support they cancelled my account (after having it for almost 2 years) and stopped communicating. Citing that they need to “protect internal practices”. Luckily I have a good bank and the money has since been returned. My friend reported a similar experience and he immediately removed the app and hasn’t had any problems since. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*
I feel like throwing up talking to Turo Support
by Dulce CaraBella on 2019/10/19 00:20
Every time I talk to Turo Support Trust & Safety regarding my refund, I feel like throwing up, it literally makes me sick. It’s like every time they try to do something good it ends up being worst. Their Trust & Safety Team was kind enough to offer a refund for an inconvenience a host put me through, it took them over a month to do this, well they claim to have submitted a $80 refund however they submitted it to a closed bank account. Instead of checking my current account information on file they submitted the refund to an account that was closed over a month ago. I had switched banks since then. So now it’s taking a whole other month to try to find this missing $80 refund that is somewhere in the cyber bank world lost. I called the bank for the closed account and they claim that no such refund has been in their possession and since the account been closed that refund was most likely rejected, so now no one can retrieve this lost $80 refund??? What a nightmare. It started out as Turo trying to make up for an inconvenience and now has put me through an even bigger inconvenience. To this day, that $80 refund is still lost wth
by I Hate Turo on 2019/06/25 15:50
NEVER AGAIN. Turo was recommended to me by 2 different friends so I tried it. BIG MISTAKE. The car I was given, a Hyundai, was the exact same car as my car, different year. Yet it made a very messed up sound when I drove it that my car never made and an idiot light came on within the first hours of me using the car. Told the owner I didn’t feel safe. He DIDN’T ALLOW ME to take the car to my own mechanic to prove there was a problem— which apparently the Owner is “allowed” to do as it is “their car” even though you are renting it. Ultimately I felt unsafe and returned the car. Turo barely refunded me for the entire experience, even though I had to get a ride to the pickup point which was an hour away, and then had to return the car within a day because it had a light on which is called an idiot light for a reason...if you don’t fix your car when it comes on you’re an idiot, just like the person I rented from who did not make sure or provide evidence that my car was safe, just like Turo failed to return my money when the car became more trouble than it was worth, and I ended up having to pay extra money for a different rental.
Great alternative vs traditional car renting
by Wturo4311 on 2019/07/18 02:10
As a host, I am more than thrilled with the company objectives and profitable means for the common folks. Considering this is a fairly new company I know they have been improving and learning along the way, so far it has been a good experience. I will tell people that are new and trying it out, if you are attached to your vehicle than this is not the platform route you should go. People will have to understand that their car will get a little beat up and things will happen but rest assure Turo’s live support will help take care of any damages and do their part. Now, for the others this is a great way to bring in some extra cash and can easily be considered a part time job. One thing I wish Turo would do is have host take standard type/angled photos to better attract more customers and suggest times that the cars will be come available for any crossover of rental rsvp that may have conflicting scheduling times. I think this will enhance the overall experience for the customer and bring in more profits for us host.
Turo. The most complicated way to rent a car.
by Zbay88 on 2018/07/24 13:33
I’ve used Turo on two occasions and I will not be using the service again. While I like the fact that you can choose the specific car, the experience becomes stressful because of the inconsistency of each listing. The first time I rented a car (Tesla), I picked it up at the owners house. The agreement was to hand back the keys in person but I had to wait an hour for the owner to show up. On my second rental I was told last minute that I had to pay to wash and vacuum the car or get charged a $40 cleaning fee. I also had to pay to park the car in a lot for the owner to retrieve it later. They had no key box or means of securing the key so they asked me to leave It unlocked with the key under the floormat. If the car was stolen or vandalized I worry that I would be held responsible. Overall Turo needs to have some consistent protocols in place to avoid the confusion of multiple processes for picking up and returning the car. I use the service Getaround frequently for work and it’s simple app based key is much more straightforward and user friendly. While it isn’t available in all cities it provides for a much smoother experience.
Terrible customer and claims support—far worse than alternatives
by jdcorrigan on 2019/01/11 00:08
I have used Turo twice, and unfortunately during my second trip had a small, low speed accident. It was during the claims process that I discovered how flimsy their basic coverage was and how poorly their claims process was managed. Their basic coverage is essentially non-existence—they make claims against your personal insurance without your consent and will only cover you to the extent your personal insurance denies coverage and even then you are subject to a $3k deductible. This is made worse by their process, where they seemingly allow car owners to get unchallenged damage estimates based on phot evidence alone. In my case, I reported the damage that I caused to one part of the vehicle and was aghast when the repair estimate included parts of the vehicle that were unaffected by the accident. The owner’s photos, which purported to show no prior damage, were taken long before I picked up the vehicle and thus shouldn’t have been a basis to show its condition given the gap in custody. Yet Turo chose to ignore this. Rent from them at your own peril—the service that they provide is far below that of other car rental businesses.
Great first experience, terrible organization.
by Just for good fun on 2018/04/06 17:18
The whole idea of Turo appears to be great, booked a car with a great owner for 5 days, at the time for arrival the owner sent me a message saying that Turo has cancel the trip, I tried contacting them since I was already in my way to pick up the car. Some how I did it, and I enjoyed my vacation. My account went to some reviews and Turo cancel my membership, after succeeding in returning the car, washed it, leave a positive review for the owner and the great owner left me a positive review, paid immediately and no reason whatsoever for them to cancel my account. I provided several documents and I was allowed to know the reasons, other that they said “they are not obligated to tell me why”, I understand that’s Turo’s policies but providing customer support out of courtesy doesn’t hurt. I felt extremely offended, usually if you apply for a loan, a credit card, a finance company for a car, etc... they’ll let you know the reasons your application was rejected, but for some odd reason Turo doesn’t. Extremely disappointing, due to the lack of experience I’m positive they will change such policies eventually, if they manage to survive that long of course.
First experience and Only experience
by Emigdio930 on 2020/02/02 20:56
I usually use the airport rental service but chose to try Turo. First off I want to say there are probably some legitimate people offering their vehicles. I, unfortunately, did not find one of them both times I reserved one for my weekend. The first decided to change the pickup time and location. When I refused to comply they said “Okay, cancel it” now if I chose to cancel they still get money since I’m the one canceling. Huge scam and manipulation of the system and most likely the owner’s intention. Look at how many trips have been cancelled/booked. Please beware. The second, actually was a car in an airport parking lot. Decided to go through with it and showed up to a Lexus that wouldn’t start. Took over an hour to find a jump starter. After that, the driver window didn’t roll up, it’s alignment has me steering left the whole time, the overall noise was excessive, and the mpg-efficiency was not manufacturer specs (most likely due to improper maintenance). Decided to delete the app and continue to use rental services. This is a personal experience but enough to say that you get what you pay for when it comes to car rentals. Happy travels!
by enginerious on 2019/09/26 00:54
This is not a car rent company. They are rubber. Even if their insurance very expensive, only liability. I got an accident and they said if I return the car they would charge me $500. Even if I have best insurance. Also, when you rent a car check the car %100 and send Turo. If a host get a any small claim Turo will charge you much more money without asking anything. They are takin %30 of your payment but they are not support any customer service nothing. This is such a swindler company. If you are host, you I recommend you to get primary insurance. If you get primary insurance, they will cut 30% of the rent fee. For example if you rent your car daily for $100 you will get $70. Also, your guest will pay an insurance fee daily around $15 :)) if you are host and if you have primary insurance, if your guest get an accident they will not pay exact amount of damage. You will get around 20% less than the damage fee. They have your information and they won’t ask you anything when they charge. Also, if you don’t pay, if you don’t have enough money on your account, they will transfer your case to AN COLLECTION AGENCY. Turo is the best worst company. STAY FAR AWAY
Gets the job done !
by Marea' on 2019/06/11 21:52
Great app, this is my first time using app and was informed by the driver (while returning the car at 5:30am) I am supposed to add photos at the end process. I was not able to do so. I still took my own photos but was not given the option to add them to the app. I checked back in the app periodically to see if it’ll allow me. I tried force closing the app and logging out, no luck. Essentially it didn’t give me the option until 1:30pm. I added my photos with ease but it showed the return was completed at that 1:30pm instead of 5:30am. I called and spoke with a rep that emailed me confirmation my rental was returned on time at 5:30am. So far so good. Also it would be great if the refundable deposit amount is including in the total booking fee. Although I understood, I can see how someone else may not understand it’s a separate feeand isn’t included in the total cost. Overall great service!!!!!!!! I’ll definitely use again.
Now love it, wont go back to the chains ever again
by Gensherman on 2017/10/23 05:57
I 1st started turo by renting a car to drive around Colorado and in particular, up pikes peak. I wanted something cool but not crazy expensive (like the big chains rent). It went GREAT i got a new Mercedes awd sedan that was awesome and i spent literally less than 5 minutes picking it up which is huge for me (ex-military, have ptsd and incompetence infuriates me as does waiting in an hour line at a rental company in the airport). All i did was jump a shuttle at the airport and my car was valeted around and waiting for me, after i took 2 minutes to take pictures and upload, i was on my way and dropoff was the same. AWESOME. I liked it so much that i now rent my truck out back home and followed the exact model i got when i rented and its great. I get to meet new people from all over and so far everyone has been super nice. I also make it a point to rent something cool now everytime i go on vacation or out of town. Love it.
Poorly ran and unprofessional
by 😈💋👑 on 2019/07/15 20:16
I wish I could give this app lower than one star, but there is a reason you have to pay the fees you pay to go through actual car rental companies. First of all, some of the car owners on this app are scamming. The guy I attempted to rent a car from advertised as if he was personally renting out his own vehicle when he was actually renting cars from some sketchy car rental place that one would not even dare enter if they saw it. However, Turo let him rent out cars as if he was just a regular car owner. The app/ car owners also charge you a ton of side fees that do not come in your original price, like $0.75 for every extra mile, even though you are under the impression that you are being charged by the day like typical car rental companies. The app hardly supervises anything past the monetary transaction and the host has full control. My host was able to cancel on me because a misunderstanding about our meet up plans and the app not only refused to answer their line, but was not knowledgeable about the fact that the host had already left the car in its pick up spot without any keys. Poorly ran and unprofessional
The best car service on the market BUT !!
by Akib R on 2018/07/07 16:32
I have been with turo for the past 3 years and it has been the best experience ever. Renting out a car for any young driver is a hassle and can be quite expensive, with turo they made it possible for me to rent out many different cars. I’ve visited 5 different states and rented out 5 different luxury cars from Porsche to bmw to Mercedes. I recommend anybody traveling and needs a vehicle to move around, USE TURO. You’ll save money and have a better car to drive than those garbage car rental spots like enterprise and budget. THANK YOU TURO !! *****Recent update, they started doing this $200 dollar deposit for any and every trip you book and it became the biggest hassle in the world because now when you was trying to save money, now you have to come out of pocket more for nothing and wait over 80’hours to get that refund back. Due to this fact I will take my 5 stars back and give turo 2 stars. *****
The Best way to rent.... PERIOD!
by GSCH20 on 2019/07/22 03:07
I just finished using Turo for the first time and I’m pleased to say that it was by far the BEST rental experience I’ve ever had. 1) Find the car you need at the price that is right for you: I work at a Dealership and even with the employee discount I was able to find a 7 passenger vehicle on Turo at a cheaper price; roughly $180 in savings! 2)The interface is perfect: the app is super simple and fast. With filters and options ranging from the type of vehicle you want all the to options for delivery and pick up. Finding the right car is as easy 1-2-3. 3) Schedule the way you want: The big problem I faced with every other Rental company, other than being way too expensive, was scheduling the pick up and drop off. I needed a vehicle for a week that ran Sunday to Sunday. Every other company was either closed Sunday making it so I’d have to pay for 2 additional days or requiring I have the vehicle back the same exact time I picked it up. With Turo I was able to schedule my pick up for 7:30 am on Sunday and my drop off for the following Sunday at 7:30 pm! All in all I really enjoyed the experience I had with Turo and recommend using Turo to everyone that needs a rental without the B.S. that comes with dealing with other rental outlets. I will most certainly be coming back to Turo for all my Rental needs going forward. I might rent a Porsche for my Birthday :)
Terrible Service
by BlancoSosa on 2018/10/13 16:56
There are numerous bad apples on this app that will put their car on here in any condition. Turo is not screening these cars and I have been inconvenienced with several lemons. Host will also lie about extra charges like cleaning and smoking because clearly people that will rent their personal cars to strangers are desperate for money. They have little customer service and will tell you the host is always right. Beware. Beware. I rented 10 cars all 5 stars. Then a host did not meet me for pick up and delivery because his key fob was broken and kept opening the trunk. I didn’t realize this until late in the trip. Knowing this was a ghetto app and I was paying only 30 a day for the car I said forget it. It’s only a day. Upon returning the car the host was absent again because he knew his key was broken. He expected me to leave the car unlocked with the key in a vacant parking lot. The host lied and said I smoked in the car and now I’m in a legal battle with the company with the only host that did not show up for pick up and delivery. These are desperate people. If you are not desperate use a regular rental service you can trust. This app is border line a scam.
Air BnB for cars!
by Guy who likes a game on 2017/12/27 17:49
Love the concept! The sharing economy is awesome. Turo has created a marketplace to leverage the growing disenchantment with traditional car rental companies (and their outrageous pricing and availability) into a win-win for car owners and travelers. Much like other “sharing” apps, the most entrepreneurial owners have turned sharing into a business, so a renter should have no illusions of just “borrowing” somebody’s car... its a fleet vehicle in most cases. The app has some glitches with the photo upload and viewing (which are often used to verify vehicle condition) that I hope will be fixed soon. Also, owners should really learn to fully disclose all costs of rental in their description: things such as parking fees associated with pickup, tolls and cleaning are usually the renter’s obligation. Nothing worse than getting a “please leave the car washed and vacuumed or I can do it for $40” message AFTER you’ve started your trip ... especially after you have budgeted your costs. Overall great app!
by playthepixels on 2019/04/12 19:08
I rented an electric car for my recent trip to Hawaii and it died on me while I was on my way to catch a flight back to LA. I had to organize for the vehicle to be towed at my expense and when I told the owner they chose not to come pick up the vehicle. The vehicle incurred minor scratches while towing. Although this damage IS covered (according to them) by the Turo insurance that I purchased, they are saying that I have to pay $963 for fees and a paint job since I wasn’t there when the owner decided to pick up the vehicle the NEXT day. What’s worse is that their representative takes days to respond so I can’t even get this issue figured out in a timely manner. From my experience, you’re better off going with a traditional rental company. The extra dollars that you save going with Turo are not worth it if anything bad happens. Turo doesn’t have their stuff figured out yet and they side with the car owner rather than the renter. Please ask yourself, if by the off chance something goes wrong with your car rental, are you ready to pay for repair costs and fees incurred despite it being covered by the insurance you paid for ahead of time?
Reported a maintenance issue I got black balled
by Sassy Sonja on 2019/01/20 20:59
Okay things were fine when I downloaded the turo app and I rented my first vehicle from a Host in my city. When I drove off in the vehicle the TPMS Sensor light was on the dash board I thought it was strange and not normal. Later on once I gas up the vehicle plus completed my trip I wrote to customer service about the issue with low tire pressure sensor on the host vehicle. The host became aware of this issue I experienced in her vehicle and she immediately wrote me bad 3 star review in retaliation. Recently I tried to plan two more trips but I received cancellations because of the 3 star review the previous host has left on my profile. I didn’t know that when a guest like myself report any maintenance issue with host vehicle and the host will take revenge with an issue he/she is responsible to fix in the first place. Now I am black balled and every trip I try to schedule another host will cancel immediately.
Stay with regular car rentals or get ripped off!
by Beach949 on 2018/09/20 21:17
I rented a car with Turo and it was a nightmare. On my trip to Banff, Canada, I rented a car from a local in Calgary for 6 days and I parked the car at the National Parks’ parking lots whenever I drove to visit some of the lakes. I was very careful with the car but of course someone at some point chipped the passengers door by probably opening their car’s door. This is something very common I think and the regular car rental companies take this into consideration and if the damage equals the size of a quarter you pay for it. The chip I had on my Turo rental was a lot smaller than a quarter, however, the owner came to charge me $200 to repair a very small chip on the door’s paint. I contacted Turo for support since I know the car shop would buff the paint and repaint on top of it. Turo said to stick to whatever the owner was asking because they were going to charge me $500 if I was to choose to go through the process with them. Consequently, I would recommend you pay extra 10 dollars and go with a regular rental company rather than getting ripped off completely for someone to fix all of their scratches on your dime.
Terrible customer service - watch out for cancellation policy
by Nthabi24 on 2018/09/16 19:17
I’ve used Turo over 10 times successfully, but my last experience was so horrible I’ll never use again, and want to warn others about their unfair practices. Because you are renting from other people, and not a company, you don’t have the protection of common sense fair practices, and I was ripped off for $250 by a owner who refused to refund my cancellation, even though I cancelled one hour after I booked. When I learned Turo would not support me, since I was booking the night before I wanted the car (they have a 24 hour before you borrow policy, even if you’ve just booked it), I tried to go ahead and get the car I had paid for. But no, the owner refused to let me take the car again. I have disputed this transaction with the owner, with Turo, with my credit card company and it’s been a complete hassle. Turo said they understood my problem and t was not right to charge me when I did not receive any services, and yet, they blame it on the owner and did not take support me in refunding my rental. Turo is a good idea, but doesn’t have common sense policies in place to protect its users.
when u have some trouble they are really bad !
by Kattiee885 on 2018/12/13 22:51
from my own experience !cost me a lot of money and effects and have a lot bad influence!last time about 5months ago,i visit LA i used turo and got into a car incident and i did purchased an extra insurance plan besides my personal insurance which offered by turo just in case and it was really bad experience with turo. they only gonna be nice when u have no trouble,but when ur in trouble like i got last time they keeping calling you for a few days asking u to give them all the information and the prepay money which i did ,and they are not helping with the insurance part,i have to talk to my personal insurance and the turo insurance and do all the work and pay more money! i did do everything i could do to corporate with them and the insurance they offered is not really working and it is tricky!dont fall for it !they gave all the excuses like “sorry mam we could do nothing about it ” and somehow it comes over all the trouble again even after 5months!i dont think anybody would be crystal clear with troubles, from my horrible experience i totally would not use this again!
Where to start
by the reviewnator on 2018/06/04 00:01
So, Turo is great for saving money....but you get what you paid for. I was renting from hertz for a funeral and since I’m under age also being In the military it was still pretty pricy car came out to $500 for 6 days. So I looked up more places to rent from and I found Turo, seem great a lot of car choices and for a fair price even if your under age. So I rented a car that would be 282, for the 6 days. About half the price. So let’s start. The guy was 2 hours late, I agreed to pay for his Uber, but he wasn’t on time? So I thought that wasn’t fair because he made me late for the funeral. But I agreed to pay for it when I dropped the car off. Well.... 3rd day the car breaks down on me, I had to get out and push it out of the road to a RV Park. Then I called Turo they sent a tow truck pretty quickly. After that I called the owner, and told him, the car is on its way and that I wanted a refund for the 2 days ( TURO CHARGES YOU WHEN YOU MAKE A RESERVATION BEFORE YOU EVEN SEE THE CAR) he said if he can get his Uber money hahahaha. So I called Turo and they said it’s up to him. I much have rather payed the 500 then deal with this nightmare from Elms street.
Don’t do it...
by JUSTPLANENUTS on 2018/01/22 15:44
We have been using Turo to rent two of our vehicles for almost a year. It looked to be a great way to recoup some money for cars that I don’t often use bc I spend about half the year out of the country. My wife is one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet and after people were rude to her, returned the car with beer bottles on the floor, pet hair, marijuana smoke and cigarette smoke we finally said forget it. I canceled the service today and this is my review of our experience. Turo will not back you up and reimburse for cleaning fees. They had an excuse every time why they wouldn’t pay. The concept is good but the people who rent your car are usually renting because they couldn’t rent from a car rental agency for one reason or another. These people are always changing the times when they will show up and you wait around for hours. They often keep the car for longer than the rental period. There were some good people but the bad ones made it not worth the trouble. Good luck, Turo. Good idea but you’ve got to find a way to weed out bad customers.
Scam!! They took $175 from my card because I forgot my DL!!
by Rah.B on 2019/08/26 21:17
Do not rent from Cion there’s a lot of funny business going on ! Firstly we booked the red Benz ! He contacted us a day before the trip to tell us the car was not available but he has a infinite same year so we accepted it being that he refused to cancel on his end so we can be free of charge long story short we ended up with no car and Turo charged my wife card $175 because she didn’t have her DL on her upon picking up the vehicle but mind you she added me as a secondary driver for those specific reasons I have a clean Drivers license and I was approved to drive as long as I have my wife present . Turo this is not right and you guys need to stop stealing ! Now you guys delete my account because I was trying to re-book the car under my own account while still in the presence of the host what type of legitimate company treats they clients like this .. We was late for our whole vacation we are newly engaged and was just trying to get away and celebrate! I do not recommend this app and I will make sure my fan base and followers of 15k on I.G delete this app if already installed
Awful Experience With Racist Host
by RudeboyClyde on 2019/08/19 15:33
The concept of Turo is wonderful however it’s not implemented with any integrity on the host end. I travelled quite a ways and paid for parking for an exotic rental. When communicating with the host initially everything seemed ok. We established an arrival time and then when I arrived on time I called him to let he know. He advised he’d be right down. He never showed. I waited 20 minutes calling and texting the host with no response. I honestly feel like the host seen I was a young black male and had reservations about renting his car to me for whatever reason and flaked our. I checked my turo app and it said Turo cancelled my reservation saying I was a no call no show. and only partially refunding me. Mind you I’m visiting a city i’m unfamiliar with no transportation. Spoke with customer service for over 2 hours was the worst customer service experience I’ve had in my life. The issue happened 2 days ago and was informed it was escalated. Still have only gotten an email response saying they were aware. long story short if your in chicago don’t use Turo and if you do please don’t rent from Muhtadi with the I8. day
App is functional, terrible customer support
by xxHypnotiq on 2018/06/13 22:04
The app itself works well. The customer support I have received has been terrible. I rented a car while visiting friends. When I picked up the car it smelled like smoke, and even had air freshener placed in the rear grab handles to mask the smell. At the end of my trip I returned the vehicle in the same condition as I received it. The owner of the vehicle gave me a 5 star review and said he would gladly rent to me again. Later on I get an email from turo customer support stating I had to pay a $75 cleaning fee. Odd that the owner said the vehicle was fine, yet I'm expected to pay a cleaning fee. I contacted customer support only to be told I had to show documentation that the vehicle didn't smell. Last time I checked you can't take a picture of smell. I wanted to try renting non standard rental fleet vehicles, but after this experience I'll stick to the big car rental services.
They help people steal money.
by Tim Beaman on 2018/10/10 00:15
It’s so wrong. A lot of cars are marked the same, .30 to .70 per mile after the limit. But some people know this is in small print and they take advantage of you. They will hike it up to 3 dollars a mile. And turo doesn’t care. I drove a car and when I noticed my trip would be longer than the 100 miles is came with (which is already low) I contacted the host which didn’t respond. It was either turn back and not see my father or keep going and hope he would work something out with me. I was only in Denver for 8 hours and this was my only shot. The host NEVER responded, not even after the fact, and Turo basically said get over it. It was a 50 dollar rental that I had to pay an extra 210 for. I had to drive 5 miles out of the way to get gas and that added 30 dollars to the trip. It cost more to go to the gas station than to fill it up. Turo doesn’t even care. They sad oh well pay it. This isn’t how you run a business that cares about its customers. They promote thieves. Stay away from them. They will side with the host even if the host is trying to scam you.
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