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Turo - Better Than Car Rental
Turo is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from local hosts across the US, Canada, and the UK. A vibrant community over 10 million strong, Turo guests can choose from over 850 unique makes and models, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. Whether it’s a truck to help on moving day, a swanky exotic for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic cruiser for a picture-perfect road trip, with more than 400,000 vehicles listed worldwide, Turo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. Hitting the road? • Choose from a totally unique selection of cars and drive the perfect one for your trip • Book cars directly from local hosts, starting from $18/day • Safely access cars through a variety of contactless check-in options • Get the car delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap Car collecting dust? • Share your car and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine • Rest assured with up to $750,000 in liability insurance backing each trip Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Pretty disappointing claims service
by appreviewer22222 on 2021/05/10 22:46
I was on the fence on if I liked hosting with turo or not. However, once I received damage to my car and found out how awful their service is for claims it’s pushed me down to a one star. At this point, I recommend you save yourself the trouble and don’t list your car on turo. If something changes I’ll update my review.
Good app but the trip fees are CRAZY
by PGrai on 2021/05/10 22:29
I’ve used the app a lot in the past, i’m not sure what happened but all of a sudden the trip fees (what they actually take) are through the roof. After the trip fees and taxes, the fees end up costing just as much or more than the car. So whatever price you’re seeing per day when you go to book will likely double at check out. Which is insane.
Amazing Vehicle Rental App
by KodieDue on 2021/05/10 21:46
We have saved thousands by using this app! We usually rent a minivan, which has become incredibly expensive through traditional car rental companies. I can generally get one through Turo for about 75% off of the normal price. I always recommend this to everyone I know!
Why limit cars you can post to 130K miles?
by Theasiandudeguy on 2021/05/10 20:41
This is ridiculous. Many cars to go well past that safely and little to no problems. This limits the selection to customers and many people won’t want to be posting their near-new vehicles for some stranger to drive. This service used to be great, but doing this is just sad. I’ve seen new cars have problems before a 20-30 year old car.
by vdavis6 on 2021/05/10 18:44
This was my first time using Turo and it was AWESOME! Until next time. ✌🏾 Thank you for your service.
Terrible customer service
by do not work wirh them on 2021/05/10 17:23
The worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I made an account and everything was good to go. I ended up adding gm gf’s card on the payment information because she was paying for it and after I added her info the app said I wasn’t approved to drive. I contacted their chat team and it was so difficult to get a normal answer they just kept telling me I’m wasn’t approved and reason why I wouldn’t but they couldn’t tell me exactly why and how to fix it. I called customer service and the person I spoke with told me to contact the same chat room so I tried again and they asked me for certain documents as far as my license and a picture of me holding it. I needed up changing back the payment info (cuz I assumed that’s what it was) to my card in my name but they still needed verification on the last card even tho I changed it. Still sent in everything they needed and I got approved an hour later then 30 minutes later I wasn’t approved again. I called customer service AGAIN and the gentleman was not helpful he just kept telling me to contact the chat but nobody could tell me why it keep not approving me and when I asked to speak to a supervisor he said “he’s not going to be able to help” what kind of customer service is that?? This is the first time and last time I’ll be trying to work with them because the process of getting a rental car should not be that difficult.
LOVE Turo!!!
by Bingbingpang on 2021/05/10 17:16
Turo has met my every need! From vehicle selection to customer service! Great app and still continue to use Turo instead of other rental services.
Exorbitant fees
by hoverkraft on 2021/05/10 12:38
What started as a great alternative to car rental companies has become a completely useless app! I recently tried to book a small van for one day listed for $70 per day. After all of Turo’s added fees, the total was $228! I could book the same van from for $65-$75 per day from Enterprise. Even with insurance it’s still much lower than Turo.
Great idea not great service
by ryan828574782 on 2021/05/10 05:46
Will never use turo again due to the fact on top of charging double for any rental they still take a percentage from hosts does also if anything happens to your car they will not do anything about it and send you to different people until you eventually give up
Host didn’t showed up and no car delivered.
by jofbyz on 2021/05/09 19:27
Host didn’t showed up on designated time, didn't respond to text messages or phone calls. we couldn’t cancel the reservation on our end and due to an active reservation and as a result, couldn’t book another car. Representative on the phone wasn’t much of help. Ended up going with more reliable Enterprise, due last moment changes it ended up costing more and more trouble, all because Turo vetted the hosts, never going to try it again.
Don’t go to Greedy Turo
by Daaangshebad on 2021/05/09 15:05
This service used to be so wonderful, it felt good to use it. It was a win win for everyone. Now it seems Turo has become more than greedy with fees. This app is so expensive now and not worth it! For example; you want to rent a &70/a day car- well yes what turo also charges $70/day for (?!) so that car rental is now $140-not including tax or insurance. The price has doubled for the same car I used to rent. Turos trip fees used to only be around $17 a day.... So sad honestly. Rent from anywhere else but Turo.
by Mz.ZoZo on 2021/05/09 09:51
It seems like a nice deal at first but there are so many fees! Not to mention a $30+ a day fee for underage drivers. It used to be $10-$15 I’d rather Uber around.
Will not allow uploading profile photo
by Login issues grrrrrrfcssth on 2021/05/09 00:41
I’m frustrated because the app will not let me upload a photo even though it has the option. It freezes on the upload screen after selecting a photo. I have the most updated ios software and the app itself is fully updated.
Don’t waist your time….
by idrisibn on 2021/05/08 21:43
If I Could rate it less than one star I would Terrible app very glitchy, they lie about the prices and they won’t let you rent if you have an accident in the the last 5 years even if you weren’t at fault they customer service is terrible and the app is just all around bad WOULD NOT RECOMMEND
Use if you want to be stranded
by JoshDFW on 2021/05/08 20:13
I arrived at location on time and called host only to find out he “wrecked” his car at some point and had told Turo to remove the listing. I called support and waited for 45 min to find out there were no cars available until 7 hours later. What was Turo answer? Refund of money and a $50 credit. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.
This may be my new go to rental site.
by Singing dawg on 2021/05/08 19:14
Have used Turo twice and had good experiences both times. The app is reasonably easy to navigate and is good at facilitating communication between the owner and guest. This last time I was able to use the service to rent a car for far less than I could rent a similar car through the national car rental companies.
Bait and switch scam
by Sir Vid on 2021/05/08 15:54
Beware. This is a bait and switch scam that lures you in with low prices. Then you are forced to buy their insurance even if you have your own. The final cost will be more than a traditional rental car in the end. If you don’t accept their terms when they push their insurance on you, they treat it as a cancellation and keep half your money anyway. Never again.
by DanielMHII on 2021/05/08 06:08
I use it to rent my cars out and rent when I travel because it always has better options and prices than traditional rental companies
Ridiculously expensive
by dock14 on 2021/05/08 00:44
Be warned you will pay far more then you should, they have several fees and some of them are for the same thing such as trip fee, trip price, and they charge for cleaning the car before and after renting the car (our cleaning total was about 80$) along with a “convenience” fee. After I reviewed someone (Josue M.) they charged a “reimbursement” fee so I suggest you don’t rate people until long after the ride or they will further charge you more because you can’t change the review once placed. This entire app is designed to drain you for as much as they can get. For renting a base model Jeep Wrangler I payed 942$ for renting it out for 6 days after all the fees. I would not recommend this app unless it’s the last resort.
I rented a vehicle and they didn't give it to me. and they didn't refund my money either
by niky2690 on 2021/05/07 17:48
bad application. I rented a car on Monday and they never gave it to me. I have been calling for a refund all week and I can't get through. or they hang up the phone.
good app but can’t change your name
by Jammingfwk on 2021/05/07 14:46
cool idea for an app but the fact i can’t edit my name makes me so mad too the point where it deserves a 1.
This is GREAT
by UptoNi on 2021/05/07 11:17
I love this. I have never been able to rent a car due to ridiculous deposits and fees associated with conventional car renting. I’ve only used it once, and I’m sooo excited to use Turo again when I travel. This will make travel with my daughter much easier, because you can get the car delivered to you! There’s also a wide selection to choose from to meet my budget. Great app.
Hosting is easy
by TexasAudible on 2021/05/07 04:40
The flow of the app makes hosting vehicles so much easier. It’s smooth from start to finish.
Got scammed
by mberhello on 2021/05/06 19:19
The owner of the car we rented inspected the car for damage and drove away after my trip was complete. Then, later in the day, claimed there was a huge crack in the windshield that somehow he didn’t notice during inspection. Now Turo is telling me I owe $1500. I am being scammed. Do not use Turo they do not care about customers.
What a scam $30 a day car is $54 a day
by James the Elder on 2021/05/06 17:00
Unbelievable. Car is listed at $30 a day. I push book and it’s now $37 a day. I push continue and now there is a $7 a day trip fee? I click through to pay and there is now a huge protection minimum. Now the car is $54 dollars a day. I went to enterprise and the total is listed up front. And not a 15 yo car.
Special Event Super Car Rentals App
by Keith415 on 2021/05/06 04:19
We’ve used Turo twice foe special events and once for just a nice rental car. My wife loves super cars and we don’t need to buy one, so we just rent one for a few days. She loves the cars that go grrr!
Poor communication - be careful
by mikeknowstunes on 2021/05/05 23:59
Reserved a car for Old Town Phoenix asked about adding a second driver 2 weeks before - no reply. Asked if we were all set the night before - no reply. Get a message one hour before rental -sorry I sold the car would you take a Ford Focus -note rented Charger. I ask if I can get the Ford rental through the app so it’s insured (app listed a Charger rental - would a reasonable person just drive away with a focus - could be stolen for all I know). Gives me vague answers - website has clear procedure for this none were being followed. He cancels rental, I chat with customer service I call company. 2 hours of wasted time and no rental. Host Scottie N . Beware - if you use his service and the host does not answer your questions in a timely manner move on. Host and service pretty poor.
Car Rentals are Flaky
by PharesMA on 2021/05/05 15:27
Rented car, then told car in wreck, rented a second car then told tint on back windshield coming off and not safe to drive, then tried to book 3rd car and lady said the people currently using vehicle want to extend their rental. Why advertise the car if not available or the renter can extend even though you pre-paid? The app also pre charges your card even though other rental companies don’t do that. If they want to pre charge great, but have the vehicle available!
SLC Rental
by Jed Hansen on 2021/05/05 14:47
If you plan on renting from Turo make sure it’s from Jay with Golden Luxury in Salt Lake. My experience was amazing!!! I only wish Turo would work something out with the airport so we could be picked up out front; however, Jay made up for what Turo did not.
Turo needs to upgrade their contact support team!
by pleasehelptheguesttoo on 2021/05/05 08:30
I have been a great guest on turo, have spent a lot of money renting and have met amazing people who rent their vehicles! It’s always easy to rent on and get approved everything is amazing I will give Turo that . BUT when there is a issue that has to do with either invoices or reimbursement for the guest I have not been able to get the help I need if the invoices are wrong but I do get sent to different “Teams” or turo “agents” that tell you what u want to hear but at the end of the day the guest(renter) never wins especially this last vehicle I rented the host never communicated with me and I’m always ok to extend the vehicle if needed and I usually only rent for work needs and family needs I contacted turo support team right away when the host did not respond to my extension and I wasn’t gonna be able to make it on time to return the vehicle and was told IT WAS OK but that was not the case the host finally responded saying it was fine as well but that wasn’t the case I received emails from turo saying otherwise smh!! Please do better on communicating TURO the staff / contact support team are sweet but the issue doesn’t get resolved and I end up paying turo and the hosts for false invoices!
Horrible Custmer service
by mohammad h abdallah on 2021/05/05 04:50
Denied car rental after having a account couple years ago never rented before with them and they won’t give me a reason unprofessional that’s why it’s better to stick with big box company’s
Hosts don’t agree to Turo Terms
by J Nordby on 2021/05/05 03:20
I wish I could give a review of actual rental, but unfortunately every host (3 in 3 mos) have requested CashApp deposits outside the app or denied the terms on duration posted on the app. Back to hertz/enterprise I suppose
Turo host here!
by miraleen on 2021/05/04 22:09
Love turo! I have a couple extra cars and this has turned into a profitable side hustle with no hassle. I would definitely look into renting with turo too when I travel next time.
This app is a scam
by Jstew2525 on 2021/05/04 19:04
I tried to reserve two different cars and the day of they each cancelled and I never got a refund. Watch out! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
by Andriy4715 on 2021/05/04 18:20
Good idea, but terrible costumer support.
Love Turo!
by OGZombieKilla on 2021/05/04 03:57
Super easy to use, useful when making quick getaways happen 🤙🏽
Can’t install
by THNBLULNE on 2021/05/04 01:00
I downloaded the app and it won’t let me move past the “allow notifications” prompt after install. Tried several times….delete and redownload….select different options. All froze
Don’t get in an accident
by gratefulJediah on 2021/05/03 20:32
I was hit at a stop light. Totally not my fault. Filing a claim through Turo is a horrible nightmare. They illegally already took my money even though no fault of my own.
Beats Car Rental Co’s
by GolfFanBoi69 on 2021/05/03 17:37
The convenience, value and overall POSITIVE experience of using Turo makes it a no brainer when needing to rent a car!
Great source of extra income
by Marrisette on 2021/05/02 14:21
Turo has been good to me thus far!
My review on Turo:
by Cash$y on 2021/05/02 01:31
Best in car rental service
Still learning
by TJMexico on 2021/05/01 18:36
I just booked my fifth or sixth rental from Turo. This will be the third time using the app for checking in and checking out. I actually made the reservation on the website, not thinking about trying to make a reservation through the app. Maybe I’ll cancel it and make it again using the app. LOL
by Cornell9870 on 2021/05/01 16:29
As a host I’ve done 2 trips so far, the app is very easy to use and so convenient! Good way to make a few extra bucks!
Fees are insane
by dontripmeoff1 on 2021/05/01 14:29
The app could be good but the fees are as expensive as the car.... ($55 in fee for one day rental + to rent a car of $55. Plus tax total $127!!!). The support team couldn’t explain the justification of the high cost of the fees. Turo is starting to rip people off.
Always cancel
by Sydrbf on 2021/05/01 14:05
I’ve used TURO successfully 2x and lately every time I’ve booked a car such as last night. The owner cancels 4 hours before I need it. Then I’m left scrambling with no cars available.
Worst car rental experience ever
by Hinder-warsong on 2021/05/01 01:50
Be careful do not rent on this app if you are time sensitive the hosts can cancel for no reason at any time. The Turo customer service is awful scams are abundant on here. Only rent from Turo if you are willing to play games with a host and get scammed for extra money there's no real way to make sure you get what you rented or to get people to actually follow through and fulfill their responsibilities.
Very easy and convenient
by joshua Winchester on 2021/05/01 01:00
Piece of crap app
by Fifiallthat on 2021/04/30 21:51
I never used Turo before and I have a clean driving record. Regardless of whatever background checks the app does, I have a spotless record. Before I even got to have an experience of the app my account was restricted. My boyfriend had already had issues with this app but I wanted to try it anyways. Now I can confirm it’s worthless. Do not even waste your time they will take advantage of you with all the extra fees and charge you more than what you should be paying.
Trip Fee?
by Sgabello23 on 2021/04/30 19:15
Whenever you are trying to book a car the price would double because of the “trip fee” by turo. It is not clear what exactly is the trip fee. They basically show low prices until right before check out. A waste of time.
This app is a scam - don’t waste your time or money
by bridgette1313 on 2021/04/30 18:39
This app is a scam. When I needed to extend my rental they had no problems charging me more but when I needed to shorten a trip and needed a refund, we’ll within the 24 hour window policy, their system was incapable of fixing it after 2 wasted hours on the phone with support. They will take your money, offer no support and blame a glitch when their system won’t let them refund you. The people renting their cars out don’t like it either. My rentee said out of a $75 extension charge made to a renter they only got $17 of it. Don’t waste your time. Go direct or use a real rental company. This ain’t it.
Host hustles us.
by Turbof250guy on 2021/04/30 17:30
James Cerenzie was our host. The vehicle we rented was not the vehicle we rented. The 2011 GMC Acadia we rented had torn seats with a nasty seat covers but the actual pictures in the app did not reveal the rip seats or the seat covers. This is false advertising and Turo does nothing about it. Turo does not step in if you have issue. We can’t get a refund and we got charged a fee for gas even though we left it full. The car was dirty when we got it and the car had a mechanical issue of hard shaking. Have videos and pictures and the Turo staff does nothing about it. Next time use hertz or enterprise. It’s not worth the time and money. At the end I wasted my time and lost money on top of the money paid.
Though it was a nice car, got a beat up car
by forcedReview1441 on 2021/04/30 17:28
Great concept and idea, some real hustlers are in the app. We got a car that looked brand new, got it dirty as could be, and the steering wheel would shake. App develops left it to the hustler to refund the money, which is an obvious no. Read reviews carefully, app developers are of no help. Don’t expect customer service from Turo.
by Jonmach12 on 2021/04/30 08:36
Host car was stolen before it could be picked up. Turo has blocked partner from using the app. He’s being accused as having stolen the car.
Not Affordable
by Happyxxxcamperrr on 2021/04/30 07:26
This is a joke, right? I’m in Europe and the available cars here are like $200-900 a day. In what world is that cheaper than an airport rental? I can go to the airport here in Mallorca, and I kid you not, book a Volkswagen Polo for $20/ a day with full insurance. Why would I ever throw my money out the window on another money grab service based business?
Great app!
by U$L0gger on 2021/04/30 01:24
I really like this service and the app is quite easy to use; although I really dislike not being able to message the vehicle owner to ask a specific question prior to booking the car. It’s a hassle not being able to speak to the owner before booking the car. I would like to see this changed in the future!! Other than that it’s pretty easy to use and navigate.
They stole my money and left me with no transportation
by ebzalonia on 2021/04/29 22:51
DO NOT RENT FROM THEM THEY WONT RELEASE MY MONEY WHEN THE HOSTs ( yes multiple)CANCELLED! THEY ARE HOLDING MY MONEY 3-5 business days or maybe 10 now I cannot get a rental car and I have no transportation. They insulted me by offering me $50 for an uber!
Robbing money
by sam9192764283082635717 on 2021/04/29 21:33
I listed my car as a host, someone booked it, and Turo failed to notice me about the trip. I missed it, I was charged $150 for no show. The rental of my car is $45, Turo will take $15. So I was fined $150 for a $30 business.
Turo doesn’t not cover your collision
by Murphychild on 2021/04/29 19:59
If you rent your car out and the renter crashes it, turo will fight to make sure they’re not liable and you’re screwed
Never going back to rental again
by Supra123454 on 2021/04/29 15:45
Technology will make renting obsolete in the next few years (remember yellow cab?). Turo is on the forefront and for good reason. Easy to use, easy to communicate to owners, good customer service. Amazing options in cars. I’m never going to a rental company again.
by yalosaves on 2021/04/29 07:35
100% of the time the price shown per day is increased by at least 40.00 per day. I tried to rent a car for the week here but had no choice but to rent it at a rent a car company I got a brand new fully powered mid size for about 360.00 dollars for the week. If this company wants to grow they better learn from Air BnadB where you get a lot of value cheaper then hotels
Worse than car rental
by MaddieThePit on 2021/04/29 02:04
If you want opaque fees, arbitrary rules, very limited mileage, and strange requests to take selfie’s while holding up your drivers license and exposing your personal info to randos on the internet, book with Turo. Otherwise, even the airport rental counter is a better experience.
Fantastic Platform
by RAWGOALIE on 2021/04/29 01:59
Way Better then those Big Rental Companies. No crazy Fees and Cars are in GREAT SHAPE.
Turo - Worry free with a personal touch.
by CRJ-2/7/9 on 2021/04/28 23:48
No question, the best rental car experience I have ever had. I texted our host once we were curbside at the airport which we pre-arranged and he was there within three minutes. There was a quick check in process, he handed me the FOB, we loaded the car and drove away. Renting cars is fun again! Bobby B.
Blocked my account, terrible customer service
by abdul_1998 on 2021/04/28 21:20
Customer service is not compliant, noone can reply to me or unlock my account. Definitely using Getaround instead.
Shxty app
by imupset101 on 2021/04/28 17:13
I tried to unlist my car and it never gave me the option to and even contacted customer service and they never contacted me back. They unlisted my car months later because of a re-call on my car. I hate this type of business
People are trash on here
by Reekster0058 on 2021/04/28 15:33
I’ve had multiple reservations for a car well ahead of time and that keep cancelling and reposting their cars at way higher prices that same day. It went from $350 to $650 to now over $1000. Just book with a regular rental car agency. At least you know what you’ll pay from the get go and much more of a guarantee than this. Worst decision I’ve ever made. I cost myself over $500 because I thought this was reliable. It’s essentially the same as when you book an Uber then they keep cancelling on you bc there is surge pricing.
It’s an ok app
by lamolame on 2021/04/28 04:25
My biggest issue with the app right now so uploading pictures. As a host I’m trying to upload as many pictures as possible, in the past I’d select 100-160 pictures and it would upload with no issues. Now when I try to upload pictures and I select whatever number it may be it always seems to only upload a fraction of what I selected. I have to sit there trying to implode the photos for 30 min sometimes to get them all uploaded. This issue has been happening for the past month, now I’m tired of dealing with this issue.
by rubbertoedavis on 2021/04/28 03:51
I’ve had some great experiences booking unique cars from great hosts. I’ve also been in a position where I really needed a car and the host doesn’t show up. Turo stepped in to book another car for more money 90 minutes away… not very helpful especially when that host also doesn’t show up and turo refuses to take responsibility. If you need something reliable you are on the wrong place. If you want to splurge and get a nice overpriced car you’re in the right place.
Just fingers crossed you will never talk with their support
by 快活的小尼尔 on 2021/04/27 20:31
They shift their responsibilities to other teams and ask you talk to other team again and again.
Turo and Ottoline are the best!
by Bill from Big Easy on 2021/04/27 18:56
Turo is so easy to lease vehicles, you will never lease a car from any other provider again! Ottoline was absolutely awesome! So simple and hassle free! The team at Ottoline blew me away with their 1st class auto selections and best customer service in this industry! The gorgeous M2 and Vette we leased were the coolest experience ever! Brian and his team at Ottoline will far exceed anyone’s expectations! I highly recommend Ottoline! Can’t wait to lease from Ottoline again!
by GBek99 on 2021/04/27 15:40
We use Turo everytime my family wants to get together. When both my girls come into town we know that It’s going to be non stop. And nothings ever convenient but Turo is probly as close as it gets
by S1dewayz on 2021/04/27 13:26
I just used it for the first time and I had two great experiences with the app. The two host were awesome and provided quick responses to the questions presented to them. The App sent reminders of my pickup and return times which was very helpful during my trip!
Great option from renting from large companies
by BAHuelsing on 2021/04/27 13:02
I have always been satisfied with Turo.
Be Careful
by DarriaK on 2021/04/27 06:39
I Had Booked A Rental With TURO for a Trip to Miami Everything Was Great Until The End The Host Jaiver Molina (Ford Fusion Hybrid 2021) made many lies upon returning had me drop the car off in the airport parking lot and didn’t arrive to review the car then proceeded to message Me and say I left cigarette buds in the car and said I smoked cigarettes in his car I DONT SMOKE CIGARETTES whatsoever he did that so that he could get a fee of a smoking charge TURO offers to the host said he had evidence of me smoking in his vehicle but only had picture with a cigarette bud that he found at the airport and placed on the floor before dropping car of I went a car vacuum and cleaned it out to make sure it was perfect condition (obviously I went to the beach) he then said I left a cellphone case that was newly purchased from Walmart receipt still in bag in his car “which is considered garbage” therefore it was not in the same condition and charged me a cleaning fee. I disputed the fee and TURO was supposed to be contact with me to resolve the issue instead spoke to no one received an email saying that he was accurate and legitimate and proceeded to charge my account. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU BOOK WITH!!!!
Affordable Car Rental Service
by Kfreshtheboy on 2021/04/27 01:25
Turo is one of the most prestigious and affordable Car Rental App on the market. I’ve been personally using Turo for more than 3 years and I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve received from the hosts I’ve worked with.
One month review as a host
by Collins, T. on 2021/04/26 21:47
I have greatly enjoyed Turo. Any issues I have were quickly resolved with the customer service team. Navigating and using the app or webpage is simple.
by LaBro25 on 2021/04/26 19:40
Please DO NOT book any car with Karina!! She’s a scammer and scammed me out of $200 deposit. Lied and said the car was dirty and smelled of cigarettes when I’m fact i absolutely HATE cigarettes and pictures to prove that the car was completely cleaned when returned. Turo offered ZERO help to solve this matter. Honestly do not waste your time with this app. It’s been more than once I’ve had problems with them and i refuse to use this service every again! Please save yourself some peace of mind and go with a legit business.
Fix the app
by averyS25666 on 2021/04/26 18:12
Cool app in theory and I’m not trying to be a Karen or anything, but this app had so many glitches on my iPhone SE that it’s unusable.
by Awsomeness12345 on 2021/04/26 13:10
The app was awesome to use. I took a trip to Orlando and as a 22 year old typical rental companies would never rent me something like a corvette or porch and I ended up being a guys first renter of his corvette and everything went smooth!
First time using the app
by Pepe da monkey on 2021/04/26 13:02
Really simple and easy. The app reminds you about your appointment and just helps you all around making renting a car on this app a good experience
Turo seems to be struggling financially, so beware.
by PaddyMcstatty on 2021/04/26 09:10
Not specifically the apps fault, maybe... but Turo seems to be struggling paying host in a timely manner, I would beware. The camera portion of the app works poorly, and messages take forever to send sometimes and server connection is spotty.
Glad I tried it but not worth it.
by Dsanc07 on 2021/04/26 06:10
Not a fan of picking up the car. Way too many steps. Pay extra to have it clean? The car was older and a bit worn. Still in great condition but certainly was not clean. Definitely not convenient or if you're in a hurry. Glad I got to try it but will not be using again.
Turo CEO Greed/Government inflation
by King 215 on 2021/04/26 02:25
I’ve been using Turo since they came out with the app, I’ve been a loyal Custumer for years; and even put a lot of people on the app that didn’t known about it. Recently since 2021 I’ll say this past March-April. They have added an ridiculous tax to the service and makes the trips yours paying for not even worth it anymore. And host are being tricked into thinking they are making more money from the increase, while the business and government takes majority of the money for your own vehicle and property services. Disappointed
Worse app
by Madatthat on 2021/04/26 00:03
This may be the worse app to rent a vector from. I had an accident that was not my fault, and they still charged me a $500 deductible. Mind you thats suppose to go to the person at fault (not me) Its been over a month and still they have not fixed the issue. In turo’s eyes the renters are presumed guilty even after proven innocent
account was restricted after submitting documents !
by derrick227 on 2021/04/25 21:35
so i was interested in trying this out as it is similar to airbnb but for cars only. i signed up and submitted all the documents required such as driver license . etc... after booking the decent looking car of my interest , i recieved a email saying my touro restricted my account and cancelled the booking and refunded my money.....that raised red flags on my end and i just said forget it . ill just be renting from a legit rental agency, cant be risking last minute cancellations while traveling out of town.
Easy to navigate, easy to use!
by G WFFW on 2021/04/25 21:22
Have used Turo a few times now, one time being a rental being ordered 24 hours before coming to Tampa, and everything is super easy to use, navigate, etc! Absolutely my GO TO for rental cars now!
Awesome app for fun and unique vehicle experiences
by jbookworm2014 on 2021/04/25 19:38
When it comes to round-trip rentals, I enjoy using Turo. I just have to keep two notes in mind: (1) Roadside assistance is on you rather than Turo (i.e. you can't always expect the same service that a mainline rental car company can give if you have problems with the car), and (2) you most definitely need to get insurance from Liberty Mutual (options provided by Turo) since your car insurance won't cover Turo cars and neither will a credit card. The one reason I give 4 instead of 5 stars is that some car experiences can be better than others given individual owners and such (analogous to how Airbnbs are sometimes not all they're cracked up to be). For example, I had an almost hilariously bad experience with a Fiat I rented from Turo once. On the whole though, Turo has done an excellent job of streamlining the process in their app (again, much like Airbnb for room and house rentals). I highly recommend Turo for people who want to have fun, unique, and often cheaper rental experiences.
Pandemic/ Super host warning!!! (USE GET AROUND)
by shouldahadv8 on 2021/04/25 16:12
Just to let everyone know this app doesn’t live up to the hype the pick up experience was fine other than the car it self being more beat than the pictures let on from one of there super hosts then upon drop of he claimed we left weed in the car and smoked in it now for one thing If I did it I would just pay it but the problem is I can’t smoke the physical flower and I vacuumed the car top to bottom and there was non of that but yet after it’s been cleaned and returned he posts picture of weed from a car I knew was spotless I try to contact support they make it difficult and transfer me to multiple different people I keep hearing and seeing issues with Turo and Just don’t see that with get around we had a couple friends use that and when they had issues support was actually supportive TL;DR Turos quality has dropped with the pandemic and it shows use get around instead
Trip fees are a scam
by Thejfunk91 on 2021/04/25 09:38
Trip fees are astronomical in some cases costing as much as the car. I wont rent from turo bc of this insane fee. Wanted to rent a corvette for 199$ per day and the at check out the trip fee (money goes to turo only) it was 179$ INSANE. Note that im not a young driver either.
Not using it again
by TrentVano on 2021/04/25 05:25
Rented a car using them, a decent car. When I returned, there were “fingerprints on the trunk and dust (from the road)”. The gas was filled between 1/2 and 3/4 as it was when I rented it. The renter charged me both for the dust on the car and to fill it up closer to 3/4 of the tank, almost $40 charge in total. It’s only $40 and I hadn’t taken any pictures like I should have, so I paid not to deal with the hassle. The renter was obnoxious and childish about the entire thing. Just know this: You will be dealing with unreasonable human beings , and it is a lot less pleasant than dealing with a car rental company. Trust me, some of these people are irrational adult-children whose car is their baby. I told Turo if this wasn’t reimbursed I wouldn’t ever use them again, they never even responded. Just use a rental car company, it really isn’t fun when you’ve got to worry about fighting the renter’s unreasonable expectations and Turo does not have your back.
Once upon a time Turo was GREAT!! Not anymore
by Geo C Oowop on 2021/04/24 19:53
I have used this app well over 30 times. It beat any car rental company on so many different levels. But recently Turo bump their charges up way too high. If a car is $70 a day to rent, Turo wants their cut too. Lol they actually match it w/ the owner, $70 + $70 🤯 + taxes. $140 just for a day, might as well go to Enterprise or something.. I now only use Turo if it’s an emergency 🆘 before it was for pleasure as well.
As a Host...
by Kief C on 2021/04/24 13:46
First off, I want to say Turo is a great platform. UI is fairly easy to use, it’s fairly transparent in regard to allowing fluid conversion amongst guests, and I don’t think the fees are 𝘵𝘰𝘰 steep for what is offered... 𝘏𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳, with all of this said, Turo doesn’t do a great job at explaining what is covered under a collision, wreck, or even a fatal incident. I’ve searched far and wide in regard to trying to figure out if I would be held liable in a dire situation, or who specifically is at large... Do I need commercial insurance to be fully covered? Does the guest (renter) have to have full coverage as well when driving 𝘮𝘺 vehicle? Is a 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 background check competed when vetting guests/hosts? There is a lot of grey area and I think Turo has a lot to work on in regard to legality and liability. A basic premise is presented in front of me in regard to being a host when selecting a “protection plan”, but it’s not considered insurance... But the “protection plan” is provided via Liberty Mutual of which 𝘐𝘚 insurance... Multiple insurance agencies find fault in the Turo model, and some decline your coverage. So again, I literally flip a coin every time someone rents my vehicle, as I don’t know the full picture.
Support is painful
by Impractical Nickname on 2021/04/24 01:02
Tried to book a car for a vacation was not approved so I contacted support. Was asked to submit the same approval pictures 3 separate times as though I hadn’t spoken to anyone. By the time I managed to complain enough to be approved. The car was no longer available. Miserable support process. I’m sure the service is good if you can make it work for you.
Never rent from rental facility again
by MrsCharlieB on 2021/04/23 23:45
After using Turo once, I’ll never ever go back to renting from a car rental place ever again. More bang for your buck on here, no long rental agreements, user friendly app, and it’s cheaper too! Goodbye to all those other rental agencies! Never again!
Renters beware of last minute host cancellations cost big $$
by BrandTallDeb on 2021/04/23 18:15
I’ve used Turo for years but in my latest booking we had a host cancel on us 24-hours before our flight, and Turo’s solution was to rebook us in a Prius (not the black suv I rented) and charge me $214 more ($600 total!!) for a teal Prius that we might not fit in and I really don’t want to drive. There’s no good options in my original price range and they don’t care! And traditional rental options have low inventory at 3x the price now that it’s very last-minute. Also, I’m finding hosts are less-responsive where you try to book several times and they let requests expire as they cherry-pick their bookings—many don’t like delivering the car to the airport. Avoid the bait and switch and stick to traditional rentals. This has been an expensive lesson.
Great Choice of cars at a great price
by Tyler7314 on 2021/04/23 09:12
I used to love this app until I needed a car for 5 days and what should have been a 432 dollar trip turned I to a 932 dollar trip because Turo charges a daily fee equal to the rental price to ‘keep Turo running’ but funny how you can never reach anyone when you need help. Such a shame I rent cars a lot, takes money right out of the hands of the car owners. Selfish
Host Accountability
by u2pmike on 2021/04/23 02:03
I’m in Las Vegas now and trying to rent a car from this site is subpar. I booked a car for the price advertised. It was confirmed and the money was taken out of my account. About 30 minutes later the host says he has to cancel because it’s not enough money. So now the money I just paid is on hold. I do the same thing again, the same response was given. So now I have almost a $1000 on hold. I then decide to get try one more car. But the price that was advertised at $374/day went to $499/day for no apparent reason. The whole thing seems like a shame. And Turo won’t even let you message the host so you can get crystal clarification of what’s going on. After hours of wasted time, money tied up, NO VEHICLE, and still you can’t even get customer support on the phone. I wish I could give a half of a star because the one I gave definitely wasn’t deserved today.
Be careful for hosts that are scammers!
by elizabethbbyxo on 2021/04/22 23:43
I have used Turo multiple times to rent a car and normally I have had no issues and the hosts are very kind and cause no problems. But the most recent rental I got, the host falsely accused me of multiple things and charged me extra fees that I disputed because I did nothing wrong, and when I disputed these fees, Turo automatically took the money from my card without even questioning it. They will side with the host so be careful because this host was clearly scamming me and I didn’t even get to use the car for the full time I rented it! I won’t be using Turo again because I don’t want to risk being scammed again. Turo will side with the host and won’t help you if you are the one renting! Rent a car from someone else if you don’t want to be scammed out of your money
by Mely4God on 2021/04/22 20:05
I really like it , but really badCustomer service They need to work on that
Turo mean less hassle!!
by Lje25 on 2021/03/21 16:33
I have used Turo a few times now for family trips and when traveling with kids, ease of travel accommodations is essential. The entire process with Turo is user friendly from the beginning. The search, and selecting a car is step 1 and the details regarding specifics of each vehicle is user friendly. Fees and cost are up front and available to see, not hundreds of fees added at checkout. Prior to the trip a few minor steps to upload drivers license, etc is quick and can be done in a matter of minutes from your phone. Obtaining the car varies depending on location and host. I have been picked up and baggage claim or walked to shuttle and dropped at car. Both were seamless and zero hassle. Way less waiting and hassle than any car rental company I have ever dealt with. Beginning the trip requires documenting a few photos, again phone friendly steps and drive away! The return is as easy as returning to the prior spot and handing off the keys, and again a few pics. I typically pay for the cleaning service $20-25, I know I don’t want to wash and vacuum the car so much easier. That doesn’t mean leave trash!! Be respectful. Throw away your trash. Also, prior to each of these steps the host will send you written and often video instructions so nothing is confusing.
The TRUTH about Turo
by on 2019/08/25 13:25
I have used Turo as a customer & have put my very own cars on the site to make extra money. I see a few customer complaints about negative experiences they have had when renting a vehicle with unreliable host. I acknowledge they may have had those experiences but I think people need to pay attention to the details. If you just pick the bottom of the line price without seeing if your host has a 5 star rating, then there is a good chance the experience may not be up to par. I would suggest using the filters & only using 5 star hosts & then call them in advance & make 100% sure they actually deliver curbside if that’s what you require. I wish more hosts were honest & not so scammy as it makes the company look bad. I personally am a 5 star host & I always deliver a top notch experience for my clients. I do ACTUAL curbside service & suggest people should select favorite when they have good experiences & try to deal with the same hosts if possible. I’m thankful for the innovations of this company as being a way to make money with a depreciating liability & turning it into a depreciating asset. From the customer side this app is really fun in that if you’re savvy then you can usually get a MUCH better car for the same money on Turo as opposed to typical car rental companies. I love Turo! ❤️
Life saver
by Laeler on 2019/12/25 19:03
We bought airline tix for a one day trip to the Big Island only to find out there were no car rentals available at all, on the entire island. Tried to cancel the flights since it was within 24 hours of purchase but low and behold you can't cancel if the trip is within 7 days. So I called a friend who lives there and she told me about Turo. I was able to get a really good 4x4 Jeep for a little more than a rental agency would have charged which seemed reasonable with peak pricing. The owner met us a the curb and was very sweet. I was much more careful with this car because I felt like I knew the owner, I basically treated it like I treat my own car - didn't get it dirty like I might with a rental. The ratings from renters who've had problems with insurance give me pause, but it's not super easy dealing with rental companies insurance either. I think I will probably keep using rental car companies just because I felt more nervous and responsible driving a nice persons car, but Turo worked great for us. I'm impressed by the app, and their ability to screen/qualify drivers and renters within minutes. Very convenient service.
by Buckwheat Magee on 2020/12/02 05:10
With other car sharing services like Zipcar (among others) around here in San Francisco, it seems kind of ridiculous to have to pay such steep “service fees”. As an example, if you’d like to rent a car for $120 a day: You would be expected to pay an additional $30 for the minimum insurance and the an additional $112 as a “service fee” (WHAT?) With an app like Uber you still have to pay a fee however at least you essentially have a “chauffeur” driving you around for a couple days and it’s still not as expensive. On the other hand, most Turo car owners will have a mileage limit and then charge you for every miler you go over. Yes you heard that right. So not only are you driving yourself, but you’re paying per mile to continue to use the vehicle on top of the hundreds you’ve already spent on gas, mileage fees, anywhere you park, and then “service fees” to top it all off. So essentially the price to use the app is almost as much as renting the car alone. 🤦‍♂️ I would say this is a great app if you want to have the opportunity to drive a nicer car for a day. But as a practical car sharing app (the only reason I gave it an extra star), it really doesn’t give you a good bang for your buck. Turo has a great opportunity to have a truly groundbreaking business model but are missing opportunities to really catch on by having such nonsensical fees.
Extremely disappointing customer service
by Alan Travels on 2020/10/25 16:37
I’ve rented from Turo about 10 times across various states when traveling; usually it’s just for running errands or a quick day trip, but recently I rented for a longer period of time to do a bunch of jobs around the city I was working in. I took a bit of a longer weekend trip and experienced some car issues. The condition was pre-existing (risk of renting personally owned vehicles I suppose) and it took me 6 hours on the phone with 3 different departments at Turo to receive a resolution. I lost an entire day just trying to get a vehicle and get home; the final solution ended up costing me an extra $300 and I didn’t even get the same coverage of days with a new vehicle. I lost out on work and valuable time because of the inadequate system they have in place. One person could only place a request to get me roadside assistance, while another could only cancel my existing reservation but not search for a new one. They had terrible rules in place disallowing me from working on a solution while we waited 3 hours on the side of the road in hot desert heat. The first person didn’t even put out claim in correctly so we waited an hour just for their app to start searching for help. In a modern era it’s surprising that it took 3 departments and 6 hours to simply cancel a reservation and book a new one- all at my expense. I would not recommend Turo unless it’s a last resort.
by Epicbitch2 on 2019/12/01 16:24
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!! I was the biggest fan and widespread marketer of turo writhing my circle. Being a renter at first, I transitioned into a host listing 2 of my new cars. It’s great money when your least expecting anything to happen but hey, your client is driving your car and anything can happen right? Long story short, don’t fall for “full premium coverage got you covered all the way”. I was a host with a premium insurance coverage which meant more profit percentage cut from Turo. Someone crashed my minivan and first thing I’ll say is, turo has no communication over the phone. Everything is done via email. First month was spent in getting the claim handled and first supplement being sent over. 1 MONTH. Then they cheated me off by deducting a whole paint job due to a few minor scratches I had on one side of my front bumper ($800). Any concern I would email them would be left uncared for , rental was only $30/day for 10 days MAX. Our car was given back to us after 2 1/2 months with us paying $2000 out of pocket extra. Turo and their insurance service stopped communicating with us and our shop. To the point that the shop we went to (Honda certified) does not accept turo based or DMA claim based vehicles at all. You will be cheated, abused, and uncared for. Do not use this platform. By the way, the renter bought full insurance from turo and they still charged him $2500 for claim costs....
Slow, misleading, incompetent accident/claims handling
by joshua0702k on 2021/03/25 09:57
Turo has been an ok experience UNTIL a guest got in an accident. We chose the second most expensive insurance to make sure we're covered, but Turo was extremely slow, incompetent, and misleading from step 1 to step 10 in this process. First off, it took 1 hr to even reach roadside assistance. The claims phone number would bounce my calls even though I needed to figure out whether it's ok to use Tesla roadside or not. Finally after figuring out the towing situation, turo just left my car in the towing lot for a week. When I called to get to the bottom of this, they blamed it on their third party company which is supposed to talk to the towing company (soup). What's even more infuriating is that turo claims that in the "70 insurance plan" they cover $30/day while car is unavailable due to an accident. GUESS WHAT, they don't count "sitting in a parking lot" as unavailable days... meanwhile I'm stranded without a car, all because their 3rd party can't give a call to the towing company fast enough. I also lost my upcoming trip and turo will not reimburse. I still haven't even gotten a mechanical diagnosis of what went wrong with my car during my guest's accident. I would highly, highly discourage anyone from using this service. Everything is rosy until an accident happens. They have no respect for the fact that these cars are our personal cars which we took loans out for.
Terrible experience & policies
by READ BEFORE USE!!!!! on 2019/11/01 19:24
This app gives you the capability to scam people out of their money. All you have to do is rent your car out. As long as the person renting the car doesn’t take a picture of EVERY part of the vehicle you can up charge that person for anything. I was scammed on this app for this exact reason. I rented a car for one day and had only a few problems with the app and the renter. It wasn’t until the next day when I was charger with a $70 charge. The policy of the app says that the renter has up to 24 HOURS to upload pictures of the cars condition to the app. I returned the car and I wake up to dirt, spilled drinks, and almost 80 miles of gas missing from the fuel gauge. Because I didnt take a picture of every inch of the car I was charged. I disputed the charges because I had a picture of the fuel gauge when I returned it but it took them 3 days to get back to me. By that time the charges were already taken out of my bank account. All they had to say was that the renter can wait until the next day to take pictures of the quality of the car. He literally drove around in the car and got it dirty just so he could charge me $70. I will never use this app and I hope that whoever is reading this to never use it either. If you happen to use it make sure you take detailed pictures and videos of everything. Keep receipts for refueling.
Wrongly Charged $250!!! Do not use this app!!!
by wowcowchow on 2020/03/25 02:42
I rented a car from Beth the first week of March in California. I’m from Ohio. I drove on toll roads and downloaded the app the same day I drove on the toll roads to pay my tolls. I put the license plate number of the vehicle that was listed on Beth’s host account, and the California Toll Roads app kept telling me there was no information about the vehicle. I tried for an entire week to pay the tolls. Fast forward to today, and I get a notification from Beth that I’m being charged $250 for toll road fines. She submitted the documents and the license plate that was listed on the tickets was completely different than the one on her account. I told her that and then she went and changed the license plate on her Turo account to match the ticket!! I told Turo they had the wrong license plate from her and Turo charged me anyway! My toll cost went from $13 to $250 because of these fines. Beth never told me when she got the original ticket in the mail and only told me when she got this huge fine!! Turo is impossible to get a hold of and no one is responding to me other than to tell me once that they are charging me the full $250. This is ridiculous. I tried for 7 days in a row (all the Toll Roads app will let you search for a drive for) and I was trying to pay the tolls. Then I get charged this fee. Absolutely horrible customer service. I do NOT recommend this app!!!
Turo is great
by dreamgt on 2019/11/11 06:17
All these people complaining about shady policies and hosts. These people are putting their personal property on the line for the benefit of others to use. The application has set up policies to ensure that they have the car owners backs when renting out their automobiles. If you don’t read the policies then it’s your own fault for not spending a few moments to get familiar with how Turo operates. So if you have a problem with being accountable and documenting the cars condition before and after a trip (like every car rental agency does FOR YOU) then stick to Enterprise or Budget car rental. You are paying more money to agencies like this because they do this legwork for you. In my experience Turo was extremely easy to use, and my first host was very accommodating and professional. In my unattended car rental scenario: I washed the car as if it were my own, went around the car and took pictures corner to corner, bumper to bumper, took a picture of the gauge cluster full of fuel and noting the mileage, left the key in the provided lock box and went on my merry way. Easy peasy.
As a Host...
by Kief C on 2021/04/24 13:46
First off, I want to say Turo is a great platform. UI is fairly easy to use, it’s fairly transparent in regard to allowing fluid conversion amongst guests, and I don’t think the fees are 𝘵𝘰𝘰 steep for what is offered... 𝘏𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳, with all of this said, Turo doesn’t do a great job at explaining what is covered under a collision, wreck, or even a fatal incident. I’ve searched far and wide in regard to trying to figure out if I would be held liable in a dire situation, or who specifically is at large... Do I need commercial insurance to be fully covered? Does the guest (renter) have to have full coverage as well when driving 𝘮𝘺 vehicle? Is a 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 background check competed when vetting guests/hosts? There is a lot of grey area and I think Turo has a lot to work on in regard to legality and liability. A basic premise is presented in front of me in regard to being a host when selecting a “protection plan”, but it’s not considered insurance... But the “protection plan” is provided via Liberty Mutual of which 𝘐𝘚 insurance... Multiple insurance agencies find fault in the Turo model, and some decline your coverage. So again, I literally flip a coin every time someone rents my vehicle, as I don’t know the full picture.
Worst Customer Service Ever
by Yev Sakirk on 2019/10/22 00:14
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! This must be the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. A lugnut snapped off while I was changing a flat tire on a rental. I was more than happy to pay for a replacement. I received a bill one month later for $2,000 with no notice or explanation from one of their agents. I immediately replied twice within 24 hours attempting to dispute this claim. I was instead ignored for OVER A MONTH, as no one from their company ever replied to me. INSTEAD, one month later they charged my account for the full price with no notice again. I was immediately frustrated and furious and tried to contact their customer support. I was told a manager would get in touch with me as soon as possible. INSTEAD, a whole week went by with no one contacting me, so again I had to be the one to reach out to them and ask why no one was responding. A supervisor finally replied back. I explained to him why I was frustrated, and once again I hear no reply from them to this day. They completely ignored me, took my money, and still continue to ignore me even after I’ve reached out to them several times in attempt to dispute. God forbid something happens to you while you are using their app and you have to go through customer service because it will be impossible for you to get in contact with anyone.
Caution Turo Hosts
by Mario.The.Realtor on 2020/07/09 14:24
Hello, I’ve been using Turo for about 4 months now and everything was going great until I had a bad guest. Given that Turo takes a decent amount of your rental profits and offers some sort of protection to any damages I felt safe listing my vehicle. As I mention I had a bad guest and I figured Turo would help since I had there protection plan. It took me to days to get a hold of someone through a chat portal. Since I wasn’t getting through I called and that took 2 hrs of being on hold to find out they could help me. I had to go through the portal chat. Extremely frustrating. To give you some color on the guest they asked for a day extension and I initially denied it since there was another planned trip the next day. I granted the extension after explaining that the vehicle had to be returned in the same clean condition that was given to them since I did have another guest the following morning. They returned the rental full of sand and spilled drink, low on gas, low tire pressure on all 4 tires and they took a sun visor and iPhone cable from inside the rental. I had to cancel the drip do to this and Turo was not helpful about the situation at all. Guest name by the way is Rodrigo Huerta so do not rent your car to this user if Turo has not removed them as I have request. Good luck to you hosts on getting help from Turo. I’ve decided not to use Turo any more.
Horrible experience would not ever use again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND
by RiaBruja on 2019/09/12 21:38
I rented from a turo host. I came on time, i was sick from pregnancy and just needed the car to pad the time until we bought our new car. The host didn’t want to give the car to me, based off my speech impediment. He said that i was drunk and high, which wasn’t true. The man was just clearly racist. I called turo and they convinced him to rent to me. Then 5 hours later i was finally able to get the car. He was rude but since i needed the car i ignored it. Then early in the day before i was return the car he messaged me and said that he needs the car early because he had a meeting. I offered to let him come and get the car and he said that he would have to charge me 60 dollars more. I declined. But i agreed to bring the car a hour early. Which i did. And after all this i was charged the full amount even though i missed 6 hours of the rental. Turo support was contacted and they first thought i was the host, i had to explain to them i was the guest after several messages they asked for proof of time i actually had the car which i provided, and still didn’t refund my money. Then this host leaves a horrible review for me saying that i lied. Turo should better investigate matters as such. Instead they keep your money and tell you there’s nothing they can do.
Worst Customer Service Ever
by Andy03271990 on 2019/11/19 18:08
I used Turo for about a year or so. And honestly after reading some of the reviews most of them comes down to hosts or people that are renting vehicles, well I rented from the same guy every time because he gave me a great experience vehicle was always on time as I returned it on time it was all great. Until recently Turo decides to make a mistake saying I dispute it a charge so suspended my account. I sent all proper forms and pictures showing that not a single charge was ever disputed and everything came out of my account like it was supposed to normally, well it’s been about a month now and still nothing has been resolved. They always tell me they have a high volume of emails coming in they do not have a customer service line to talk to a person. But they have this chat line that’s unable to do anything whatsoever all they do is they will prioritize my email as urgent for a faster response but it has been on “urgent” for the past month. I was a happy customer for a very long time renting from the same guy until Turo came in and completely destroyed everything. I do not recommend this services to anyone they will make you wanna pull your own hair out. Once again I don’t want to put the blame on drivers or host because that was not the issue ever. TURO itself pushed to loose my business.
Do not use Personal cards use a prepaid card
by Pjones625 on 2020/05/27 19:59
Turo was great at first, used them about 4-5 times. Everything was smooth, if i got a fine that i commited i paid for it no problem. Cause i own up to my wrongdoings. But the last rental i had i was rear ended i got the guys info etc reported it to turo. They wanted to charge 500$ for being in an accident no matter whose fault it was. To waive this fee add your personal insurer. So thats what i did. Mind you turo has insurance you pay for already incase of things like this happening. No where in the fine print did it say theyll notify my insurer about the accident wanting them to pay. So we went thru the motions of having turo pay cause thats what turo insurance is for and the guy who rear ended me insurance pay as well. Now today i found out turo has restricted my account, without informing me on why they did so. They email you about everything else but fail to inform me my account has been restricted. I contact support they have no info on why its been restricted. Up until this day turo had a good review in my eyes but not after this. Especially not trynna pay their portion of the accident which is why we get turo insurance. Pretty much they dont care who is at fault for whatever reason they just want your money. Dont use your personal cards use a prepaid one.
Great app
by Ashley Therrian on 2020/09/12 14:20
I’m only going to give a 4 star review because that app never really explained how your first trip will go. Yes, I should’ve done this to begin with but I was extremely distracted. After messaging back and fourth with my host he just told me that the keys were in the cup holder after I told him that we would be there in about 5 minutes. So I had asked my husband to get directions to our destination on my phone and I know it would’ve been in plain view if he opened my phone, but he opened his phone... that being said it wasn’t until about 10 minutes later when we stopped so I could make sure he put in the right directions, that I was supposed to take pictures of the vehicle before doing my trip. So as soon as I noticed that I selected “start trip” and added the pictures. I did notify my host of this because I didn’t want to be responsible for any damages that were done prior to our trip (there were minor dents and a chip in the window)... anyways, that being said... I feel like Turo should do a “trip simulation” so new app users can understand more so what to do before doing their first trip. Otherwise, awesome app!
Pretty okay but....
by Jayt718 on 2018/05/29 18:54
I’ve used Turo around eight times since last year. Haven’t had too much of a bad experience.. until lately. All of these updates but there is still no update to where you can ask an owner questions about the car you are interested in renting (or other questions you may have) without having to check out and having your card charged for the car in questions (IF the owner doesn’t have to approve the trip, this can go badly). This needs to be addressed especially a feature for owners if they will be out of town and/or unavailable although the car is listed as available for the dates you need a car. I’ve had an instance where I rented a car but the owner told me that she would be out of country on those dates.. therefore, I had to wait for my money to return to my account and it screwed my account royally with the second car I’ve rented. I like you guys and what you offer but.....Take care of the little feature Turo! They matter! P.S. Find a way to get your services in NY. Renting all the way in NJ can be a hassle.
Bad experience
by dissappointer customer on 2019/04/13 02:18
I was very excited when my husband told me we could save by renting a car for our family through a newly found application. So we registered, ordered a car, paid upfront for a whole week since they offer a discount for that. As we arrived to the pick up place, I’ve noticed the exterior of the car ( Dodge Caravan) had some weirdness to it like one of wheel cover missing, dust etc like it wasn’t prepared for a client. I needed a car ASAP so decided not to concentrate on small issues. I was told to confirm my arrival and take pictures inside and out and odometer for the record. Inside was dirty, smell was terrible, heavy smell of weed, cigarettes whatever, drove less than a mile, and realized I wasn’t gonna take it for a day not mentioning a week. Also the gas tank was less than a half way full. And there are a lot of rules regarding full tank, mileage and cleanness, I didn’t want to be responsible for those things. The main part was the horrible smell and how dirty it was and my oldest kid has an asthma I couldn’t let her suffer inside of the car. Called Turo right away trying to cancel the trip, wasted more than an hour through customer service, finally they said my money will be refunded, but 10 days later still no refund, no one contacted and don’t answer my emails. No phone number.
Awesome Experience!
by Carlito997! on 2019/11/18 19:19
You really never see consistently outstanding reviews with any business, but Jonathan honestly deserves every single one. Jonathan was a great host and made our day feel extremely special. Jonathan was extremely accommodating and provided quick responses to my questions, from the condition of the SUV to the process of the entire Turo of renting! My wife had a short notice business engagement with a one day notice. Talk to me about stress! Well not true because the entire rental process was a quick and simple process thanks to Jonathan. He made this stressful issue go away! Jonathan made us feel very comfortable in his expert advice and knew everything about the vehicle. He also Bluetooth my iPhone to play my favorite tunes! I recommend Jonathan to provide you with great support! If you are planning on spending multiple days on the road or just a single day escape look no further to Jonathan, he’ll have you on the road quick and easy! Jonathan keep up the great work, and thanks for a really meaningful experience!
Beware! I was charged $140 in “toll fees”
by Izzy_1_2 on 2018/03/01 23:22
I have rented several cars from Turo, at first I loved the app! It was so convenient to scroll through and pick out a car for my vacations. Although I had 3 good experiences, the bad ones were REALLY BAD. A car owner was over 3 hours late to our agreed upon pick up time, resulting in me starting my vacation sitting in a sushi restaurant near LAX for those 3 hours. My first vacation day was suppose to be a relaxing drive down hwy 101 to San Diego. Instead, it was a stressful day of sitting and waiting as he text “almost there” for 3 hours, then getting such a late start the 2 hour drive was nearly 5 hours in the dark during evening traffic. The worst part of the experience was I was unaware I passed through a toll, the owner decided not to inform me of the toll notice he received until it had racked up $140 in late fees. The toll agency agreed to drop the fees and I would pay a reasonable $33 if the owner would cancel his $140 payment and let me pay the reduced fee. Turo support and the car owner were completely uncooperative and refused to do so. $140 to reimburse the car owner was just pulled from my account after I went back and forth between the toll agency and Turo support for over 2 hours. Beyond frustrating! Save your sanity and just use a reliable rental car agency!
Awful service, unreliable hosts
by kingdom of ba bis ka on 2020/11/10 03:46
I was optimistic about using this service as an alternative to expensive rental agencies, especially for a last minute trip. However, I spent nearly 5 hours trying to reserve a car, and went through 3 hosts. Cars listed on the site suddenly became unavailable after booking. One host cancelled after description of vehicle wasn’t accurate and I was charged $70 cancellation fee. The worst is Turo’s customer service. First agent I spoke to regarding fee was unhelpful and referred me to “Dave” who proceeded to talk over me in a condescending way and refused to refund me for the host canceling the reservation. He was one of the worst call center representatives I’ve ever talked to—literally had to tell him to stop talking so I could be heard. He reluctantly said someone from Turo would email me within 48 hours-that was days ago. Will be calling again. I would’ve liked to have had a pleasant experience with Turo but charging customers when HOSTS CANCEL is a really crappy business practice, and condescending representatives turned me off completely. You’re awful, Turo. BTW, ended up going with Enterprise car rental. They were excellent and dropped the car off at my hotel and matched Turos average price after I explained how awful they were. Good luck to those moving forward with this app.
First time user
by LoVeBiNgOoooooo on 2020/12/20 14:00
I just finished my first time rental and loved it. My car is in the shop and I needed to rent a vehicle for day to day running around. This app was super easy to use and the person I rented from was quick to communicate the whole week I had the vehicle. Only thing I would suggest is giving the current customer that is renting a heads up someone else is close to renting the car your in. What I mean is I still needed to extend my rental but wasn’t sure I needed to until closer to the end of the trip. Because I needed to wait to hear from the auto mechanic about my car another person was able to rent the car I was in. So I returned the current rental yesterday and am picking up a new rental today. If the current rental sent you a notification checking with you before someone else is officially able to rent that would be awesome. You do constantly have an option to extend trip just don’t know whats available until you do. Overall great experience.
Turo needs to upgrade their contact support team!
by pleasehelptheguesttoo on 2021/05/05 08:30
I have been a great guest on turo, have spent a lot of money renting and have met amazing people who rent their vehicles! It’s always easy to rent on and get approved everything is amazing I will give Turo that . BUT when there is a issue that has to do with either invoices or reimbursement for the guest I have not been able to get the help I need if the invoices are wrong but I do get sent to different “Teams” or turo “agents” that tell you what u want to hear but at the end of the day the guest(renter) never wins especially this last vehicle I rented the host never communicated with me and I’m always ok to extend the vehicle if needed and I usually only rent for work needs and family needs I contacted turo support team right away when the host did not respond to my extension and I wasn’t gonna be able to make it on time to return the vehicle and was told IT WAS OK but that was not the case the host finally responded saying it was fine as well but that wasn’t the case I received emails from turo saying otherwise smh!! Please do better on communicating TURO the staff / contact support team are sweet but the issue doesn’t get resolved and I end up paying turo and the hosts for false invoices!
by Lamarie1 on 2019/01/19 14:07
If you want to use it then go ahead. I do hope you’ll have a better experience then I did. I tried using their services twice and no luck. First time I booked a vehicle, got to the pickup site and the owner of the vehicle didn’t even live there anymore, and the car I reserved he didn’t own anymore. Apparently the owner said he cancelled his Turo account years ago. Then the second time which is today as I’m writing this Jan 19, 2019. Tried to give them a second chance I booked another vehicle, arrived at the pick up site message the owner of the vehicle I’m outside his place then received a message saying the trip has been canceled by the owner. I’ve been messaging the owner a day before the pickup date to make sure everything is a go. Well it wasn’t. I called Turo about both problems. First time they refunded me back my money then credit my account and offered to rebook me a vehicle. The second time they offered to rebook me, refund me and send me a check in the mail to reimburse me the money for the uber ride I had to take back home. Im not saying don’t use the app cause maybe you’ll like it but I’m definitely saying DONT USE THIS APP cause I won’t you experience what I have but again it’s your choice and I wish you luck.
Do not be fooled
by racheleb136 on 2018/04/21 19:06
Though this app seems convenient and i have a few great trips... when it comes to the bad as well as costumer service... they are AWFUL. I had a horrible experience where i was given an electric (fully) for a long distance trip with no warnings... luckily i found out on my own. But as i arrived to the car it was not charged! I had 150miles to drive! Ran around the city until i finally found a charge and left an hour and a half after i planned. The mileage went down double than what i was told it was and i ended up being stranded. I had no other choice but to leave the car and have a friend pick me up until my trip was over. After returning the car i reached out to customer service who took 5 days to even reply! They totally denied my request as i did not have “before” photos which was an err with their app as i was forced to take those pictures and already had them in my bank of photos. They are not to be trusted and you’re better off renting through a rental company... the discounts are not worth it!! I’d give it a zero if i could. I get mistakes but working in the service industry the customer service is everything and this company is not there. Do not rent from them!
Disappointed to say the least
by Jus fed up on 2021/04/12 14:06
I booked a ride to go to a baby shower for the weekend. Once I got home I ordered food which was nothing out of the ordinary except I got food poisoning. I changed my drop off time from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at 6:00 a.m April 11th because I was still vomiting and had diarrhea. As I was the only verified driver I had no choice but to change the time because I was in no condition to drive her vehicle. While at the gas station filling her car up I received messages from the owner saying she was reporting the car stolen as it was late. Initially she didn’t even know already booked her vehicle as she was telling me I needed to hurry and book before someone else booked yet they had already taken the money out of my account. Now on the phone with the company they are saying my request had been denied (clearly by the host) and I am now unable to rent from turo. She told me she never even saw my request. Reading the email from turo they said that you need to reach out to the host and ask them but why do you have the option on the app and I follow the instructions for you to tell me I still did it wrong? This is only my second time using turo for a rental. The first time I did not have any kinds of issues.
Great App and Opportunity
by Johnny Nicklebags on 2020/08/02 15:35
After a few hosting experiences I have to say I’m pretty excited about using Turo. Sometimes weeks go by where my car just sits there not being used, and I wonder how I can turn this into an asset. Well I came across Turo one day who partners with my insurance company and within 2 days of signing up my next week was booked out. Now I need to start blocking out days I need my car or else I won’t get it, haha. But that’s a great issue to have! All the people I’ve met and rented to so far have been super cool, trustworthy, and seem to understand this new business based on trust, reliability, and ratings. I’ve already started telling friends and family about the app, so I would definitely recommend trying it out whether you’re a rentee or a host. Just make sure and help make the community better (not worse), by being a honest and straightforward person! At the end of the day, your ratings will dictate your amount of successful transactions. -Gabe
There is zero customer support, can’t leave review if seller cancels even if they cancel last second
by worstcarrentalservice on 2020/10/30 00:37
There seems to be zero consequences for owners that cancel their trip literally last last last second. I flew in to Colorado with my girlfriend at 2am expecting the Turo vehicle I had booked at least 2 weeks in advance. The owner had 5 stars, I was looking at a run of the mill car, and had called the owner before boarding the plane to Colorado. I did my due diligence, and I can explain that owner rating in a second keep reading. Left me blown as heck, I got to the airport at 2am and received a message saying my trip was cancelled. I tried to leave a negative review for the owner but could not since I hadn’t technically rented the car, EVEN THOUGH I HAD IT BOOKED WEEKS IN ADVANCE AND CONFIRMED. I got completely screwed over with rental prices at the airport because I was in a bind and had to take whatever they could give me. I paid at least double what I would have if I had just rented from hertz or enterprise with a booking in advance. If you want to get screwed over, and then have no way to contact anyone to rectify the situation, and to not even be able to leave a review for the person that screwed you over, go ahead and use this app.
Ruined by car owners who scam you by listing false cars
by Coco1993 on 2019/07/11 02:16
I have used turo twice. Both times I had a miserable experience with the car owner. The first time Xavier harassed me and wouldn’t stop texting me the whole day about personal things nothing to do with the car, after he had insulted me and asked me if I was ‘educated’ or not because I couldn’t find where he had hidden the car key in his water heater. Second time I rented a car, the guy Hector didn’t even have the advertised car when I showed up and after much pain with Turo days later they refunded the correct pricing of the car. For my trouble the con artist agreed not to charge for extra mileage and since I trusted him I didn’t ask for this to be written. That was my mistake since of course he charged me for extra mileage and even after turo saw all his unprofessional behavior they supported him and charged me because once again they only care about making money. It’s a great idea but too bad scamming con artists are the ones renting out their cars and not normal civilians. And too bad turo doesn’t comprehend the importance of protecting their customer. Gladly deleting this. I would rather take the subway next time and save the trouble.
Terrible customer service! My car broke down and I was left to pay!
by Ade Seun on 2019/05/25 10:50
Good app but terrible customer service. I have used the service over 10 times in the past 3 years but most recently I had a car that broke down on me after 3 hour of driving (on my birthday) and I was left stranded. It took me hours to get the proper customer service on the phone after being transferred 5 times. When I got someone on the line I was told I would be reimbursed for a third party rental to make up for my inconvenience (I was not reimbursed for the rental) and they would pay for a cab ride for me to and from the car rental company agency I chose. 2 month after the incident Turo has yet to refund me and after hours on the phone following up and being transferred to over 10 people they are going back on their word and I have not received $1 from them after paying for my original turo rental, 2 cab rides and my third party rental. I have heard other horror stories similar to this from other Turo users and thought, I still like the service, and am a loyal customer (with perfect reviews), this wouldn’t happen to me. But it did and doubt I will ever use the service again after that experience!
Host - who’s experienced car being crashed
by sherri amor on 2018/11/25 19:29
Mostly I enjoy being a host for Turo. The money helps me afford my car. They pay you quickly. The site is easy to use and navigate. However the time a guest crashed my car was a nightmare and it didn’t need to be. It happened on a Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There was no way to contact anyone at Turo. They didn’t have an emergency line. Thank god my guest survived and the car was drivable. We had to wait until Tuesday to get an email response from Turo. They DO NOT have a phone number to talk to a real person which is awful especially in such a serious situation you want to talk to someone. They haggled with my body shop for weeks about the cost of the work to fix my car. It took over a month to get my car back because of this. But Turo refused to pay for over 10 days of car rental I needed while my car was in the shop. So I had to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket. I wrote many emails expressing my frustration but it was met with indifference. I still use the service as I need the money. But I cringe at the thought if I ever had to go thru that experience again with Turo.
The Worst Customer Service EVER
by Turo is Actually the Worst on 2018/12/04 23:49
So I booked Turo several days ago to keep a car for five days. On the very same day, the car’s battery died. That wasn’t a big deal, stuff happens. The owner picked back up his vehicle and Turo said they would get back in touch with me after they found a replacement reservation for me. 3 days passed and NO one got back to me. During that time, I called multiple times and each customer service rep said someone would reach out. During this time, I was taking multiple taxis that was a very unnecessary and expensive expense. I blow customer service up until finally a representative says they’ll get a replacement car for me almost FOUR days later. The representative waited so long in the day, that NO cars are available within an hour drive from me. I live in a pretty big city so no cars in the area doesn’t happen like ever. Turo representatives told me to submit my taxi receipts and that they’ll reimburse me. NO ONE has followed up with me about my receipts. This has been an extremely frustrating process and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Please excuse me while I go call customer service AGAIN. I’m definitely using any other car service from here on out.
Awesome app for fun and unique vehicle experiences
by jbookworm2014 on 2021/04/25 19:38
When it comes to round-trip rentals, I enjoy using Turo. I just have to keep two notes in mind: (1) Roadside assistance is on you rather than Turo (i.e. you can't always expect the same service that a mainline rental car company can give if you have problems with the car), and (2) you most definitely need to get insurance from Liberty Mutual (options provided by Turo) since your car insurance won't cover Turo cars and neither will a credit card. The one reason I give 4 instead of 5 stars is that some car experiences can be better than others given individual owners and such (analogous to how Airbnbs are sometimes not all they're cracked up to be). For example, I had an almost hilariously bad experience with a Fiat I rented from Turo once. On the whole though, Turo has done an excellent job of streamlining the process in their app (again, much like Airbnb for room and house rentals). I highly recommend Turo for people who want to have fun, unique, and often cheaper rental experiences.
Exceptionally Awful.
by PLEASEdoBETTERlikeWTF on 2020/02/25 20:12
This is one of they most clever ideas in terms of efficiency and convenience but the customer service system is AWFUL. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to be contacted to verify my account. This. Has. To. Have. Been. The. Most. Frustrating. Situation. In terms of customer service representatives who are actually trying to help. I forgot about the app came back on log to be told the same bs story that my case would be forwarded to someone of higher ranking for a closer look. To never receive any email. I rated Five stars in their ability to drag a simple process out this long for no regard of my own personal responsibilities. No email to say ”We’re in the process of bringing your account to a resolution” something. Five stars so y’all would read this. Get better customer service workers. How do you make a customer beg for a resource. When you’d benefit. From the money. Do better your company has room for improvement. Don’t be stagnant. #MambaMentality4L.
Good app, but Filtering and rental extension could improve
by Billy.Ruck on 2018/02/08 05:15
This app is mostly what I expected when I downloaded it, great way to rent from local individuals which greatly expands the variety of cars you can rent vs using traditional rental services. App needs more filtering options within the car search, for example, when I have family members coming to town and need a large SUV that seats 6+, there’s no option for filtering results based upon # of seats (even though this data is captured from car owners and displayed on most car listings). So I’m left sifting through a bunch of SUVs to find any that have enough seats and suit our other desired features. Also, the rental extension can be very tricky. I was stuck in traffic and knew I’d be a little late returning a vehicle, but instead of an hour or two extension, Turo only gave me the option to add an additional DAY. Apparently, sometimes they allow extensions and other times you have to add an entire day??
by Man U Barca! on 2018/04/04 23:46
Turo support are not helpful in any way. Had a friend (that I recommended the app to after having an initial (somewhat) positive experience. Let’s start there. I paid top dollar to rent an Aston Martin. The guy was late and the car was dirty and unwashed. I had some strange charges show up on my credit card which I disputed and had dropped but didn’t tie in to the Turo rental. Other than the strong feeling of “I knew it was too good to be true” I am the type of person that would rather support local users opposed to a company like enterprise which is what drew me to Turo so as I said, I told a friend to try it and decided I would give it another shot. Here is where things get crazy. Turo took $2000 out of my account without informing me. Additionally another $2,800 in unauthorized charges were made on my card again. When I raised some questions to support they cancelled my account (after having it for almost 2 years) and stopped communicating. Citing that they need to “protect internal practices”. Luckily I have a good bank and the money has since been returned. My friend reported a similar experience and he immediately removed the app and hasn’t had any problems since. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*
A sham
by Lilbigs2001 on 2021/02/12 14:48
I rented a car through Turo (the first and only time), and everything appeared fine. I did notice after driving a short ways that the car’s tire pressure light was on, but I didn’t think much of it. Within five miles, the right rear tire was almost completely flat. And it was near subzero temperatures in the middle of winter in MN. Not a good time to get stranded. I texted the host about the tire, took a picture, and drove the car back immediately to drop it off because it wasn’t safe to continue driving. When I attempted to get a refund from the company, they flatly refused because I picked up the car and therefore accepted for its condition: even though when I texted the host through the app, he admitted he had seen the tire pressure lights and hadn’t done anything about them. Apparently host neglect of vehicle maintenance isn’t a good enough reason to get a refund. I disputed it through my credit card company, but I still did not receive a refund because of Turo’s same reasoning that I signed an agreement showing I accepted the car in its current condition. So, if you’re thinking about using Turo’s services, just don’t. Because they won’t hesitate to rip you off if it means they can turn a profit on you.
Turo. The most complicated way to rent a car.
by Zbay88 on 2018/07/24 13:33
I’ve used Turo on two occasions and I will not be using the service again. While I like the fact that you can choose the specific car, the experience becomes stressful because of the inconsistency of each listing. The first time I rented a car (Tesla), I picked it up at the owners house. The agreement was to hand back the keys in person but I had to wait an hour for the owner to show up. On my second rental I was told last minute that I had to pay to wash and vacuum the car or get charged a $40 cleaning fee. I also had to pay to park the car in a lot for the owner to retrieve it later. They had no key box or means of securing the key so they asked me to leave It unlocked with the key under the floormat. If the car was stolen or vandalized I worry that I would be held responsible. Overall Turo needs to have some consistent protocols in place to avoid the confusion of multiple processes for picking up and returning the car. I use the service Getaround frequently for work and it’s simple app based key is much more straightforward and user friendly. While it isn’t available in all cities it provides for a much smoother experience.
by I Hate Turo on 2019/06/25 15:50
NEVER AGAIN. Turo was recommended to me by 2 different friends so I tried it. BIG MISTAKE. The car I was given, a Hyundai, was the exact same car as my car, different year. Yet it made a very messed up sound when I drove it that my car never made and an idiot light came on within the first hours of me using the car. Told the owner I didn’t feel safe. He DIDN’T ALLOW ME to take the car to my own mechanic to prove there was a problem— which apparently the Owner is “allowed” to do as it is “their car” even though you are renting it. Ultimately I felt unsafe and returned the car. Turo barely refunded me for the entire experience, even though I had to get a ride to the pickup point which was an hour away, and then had to return the car within a day because it had a light on which is called an idiot light for a reason...if you don’t fix your car when it comes on you’re an idiot, just like the person I rented from who did not make sure or provide evidence that my car was safe, just like Turo failed to return my money when the car became more trouble than it was worth, and I ended up having to pay extra money for a different rental.
Great first experience, terrible organization.
by Just for good fun on 2018/04/06 17:18
The whole idea of Turo appears to be great, booked a car with a great owner for 5 days, at the time for arrival the owner sent me a message saying that Turo has cancel the trip, I tried contacting them since I was already in my way to pick up the car. Some how I did it, and I enjoyed my vacation. My account went to some reviews and Turo cancel my membership, after succeeding in returning the car, washed it, leave a positive review for the owner and the great owner left me a positive review, paid immediately and no reason whatsoever for them to cancel my account. I provided several documents and I was allowed to know the reasons, other that they said “they are not obligated to tell me why”, I understand that’s Turo’s policies but providing customer support out of courtesy doesn’t hurt. I felt extremely offended, usually if you apply for a loan, a credit card, a finance company for a car, etc... they’ll let you know the reasons your application was rejected, but for some odd reason Turo doesn’t. Extremely disappointing, due to the lack of experience I’m positive they will change such policies eventually, if they manage to survive that long of course.
Terrible customer and claims support—far worse than alternatives
by jdcorrigan on 2019/01/11 00:08
I have used Turo twice, and unfortunately during my second trip had a small, low speed accident. It was during the claims process that I discovered how flimsy their basic coverage was and how poorly their claims process was managed. Their basic coverage is essentially non-existence—they make claims against your personal insurance without your consent and will only cover you to the extent your personal insurance denies coverage and even then you are subject to a $3k deductible. This is made worse by their process, where they seemingly allow car owners to get unchallenged damage estimates based on phot evidence alone. In my case, I reported the damage that I caused to one part of the vehicle and was aghast when the repair estimate included parts of the vehicle that were unaffected by the accident. The owner’s photos, which purported to show no prior damage, were taken long before I picked up the vehicle and thus shouldn’t have been a basis to show its condition given the gap in custody. Yet Turo chose to ignore this. Rent from them at your own peril—the service that they provide is far below that of other car rental businesses.
by Peddards on 2020/07/11 08:26
Well I’ve been using this app for some time now haven’t had any issues UNTIL NOW. Rented a truck from a guy named David, drove the truck home and to run a few errands (paid for it I’m going to use it) Drove the truck to my doctors and while making a right turn the steering locked up completely! Almost drove over the center divider onto the other side of the street! Called David and explained what happened he said he had some work done and that this isn’t the first time it’s happened! Told him I wanted a refund due to the vehicle being UNSAFE TO DRIVE. He agreed told me to drop it off. After dropping it off he refused the refund told me I drove it too much (maybe 30 miles and I refilled it on gas) Denied everything we talked about on the phone and is continuing to say that I lied about it to get out of paying. Turo refunded $25 for the $170 rental!!!!!! Told me it is up to the host to refund the rest. Ended up going to ENTERPRISE and renting a truck from them for much cheaper and knowing they won’t put me in a vehicle that will try and kill me! I will cease to use Turo because of this and go back to using large rental companies who don’t insist on screwing me over.
Awesome overall
by Bigash44 on 2020/07/21 16:22
The app is functional and after 2 trips I have seen only 2 minor problems. First problem is you can’t contact the host until you book a reservation or a trip as they call it. This makes it tough for a new host starting out. With no reviews, nobody can see if you are even real. And I actually booked a trip with a host who had one review, a cancellation but I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Ended up being a no call no show. Nice thing was Turo has a great customer service team, despite outsourcing to the Philippines. I had my money refunded in 20 minutes. So that’s the first problem. Second problem is that the price barely beats out the rental car agencies. So you’re really not saving a ton. In some situations you could be saving some time by walking to the car instead of taking an Uber to the airport but not everywhere. Overall great idea, great app but lots of room for improvement so Turo can be on par with AirBnB.
Limited options available, uneducated host
by UfaMowLax on 2020/10/01 03:41
We tried to book a car in Denver, there was just 1 option available in the center of the city a few days in advance and even that one we had to book for earlier time than we needed because it was already booked from morning on the day of return. The host added a weird new rule 15 minutes before check in, that wasn’t mentioned before. Also host isn’t familiar with the rules. 1)he thinks that if he approves extension that becomes a late check-out. 2) if the guest drives more miles than included in original price and pays per mile fee for additional miles, host consideres it as “exceeding the allowed limit”. Obviously it’s ridiculous, especially since we are talking about few miles. Based on this 2 points host gave a low review. And there is no way for the guest to reply to a review which is not only unfair but unclear why host has ability to reply and the guest not. Turo needs to do a better job on attracting more hosts and educating them about the rules. And obviously make guest’s reply on review possible.
Gets the job done !
by Marea' on 2019/06/11 21:52
Great app, this is my first time using app and was informed by the driver (while returning the car at 5:30am) I am supposed to add photos at the end process. I was not able to do so. I still took my own photos but was not given the option to add them to the app. I checked back in the app periodically to see if it’ll allow me. I tried force closing the app and logging out, no luck. Essentially it didn’t give me the option until 1:30pm. I added my photos with ease but it showed the return was completed at that 1:30pm instead of 5:30am. I called and spoke with a rep that emailed me confirmation my rental was returned on time at 5:30am. So far so good. Also it would be great if the refundable deposit amount is including in the total booking fee. Although I understood, I can see how someone else may not understand it’s a separate feeand isn’t included in the total cost. Overall great service!!!!!!!! I’ll definitely use again.
Great alternative vs traditional car renting
by Wturo4311 on 2019/07/18 02:10
As a host, I am more than thrilled with the company objectives and profitable means for the common folks. Considering this is a fairly new company I know they have been improving and learning along the way, so far it has been a good experience. I will tell people that are new and trying it out, if you are attached to your vehicle than this is not the platform route you should go. People will have to understand that their car will get a little beat up and things will happen but rest assure Turo’s live support will help take care of any damages and do their part. Now, for the others this is a great way to bring in some extra cash and can easily be considered a part time job. One thing I wish Turo would do is have host take standard type/angled photos to better attract more customers and suggest times that the cars will be come available for any crossover of rental rsvp that may have conflicting scheduling times. I think this will enhance the overall experience for the customer and bring in more profits for us host.
Poorly ran and unprofessional
by 😈💋👑 on 2019/07/15 20:16
I wish I could give this app lower than one star, but there is a reason you have to pay the fees you pay to go through actual car rental companies. First of all, some of the car owners on this app are scamming. The guy I attempted to rent a car from advertised as if he was personally renting out his own vehicle when he was actually renting cars from some sketchy car rental place that one would not even dare enter if they saw it. However, Turo let him rent out cars as if he was just a regular car owner. The app/ car owners also charge you a ton of side fees that do not come in your original price, like $0.75 for every extra mile, even though you are under the impression that you are being charged by the day like typical car rental companies. The app hardly supervises anything past the monetary transaction and the host has full control. My host was able to cancel on me because a misunderstanding about our meet up plans and the app not only refused to answer their line, but was not knowledgeable about the fact that the host had already left the car in its pick up spot without any keys. Poorly ran and unprofessional
First experience and Only experience
by Emigdio930 on 2020/02/02 20:56
I usually use the airport rental service but chose to try Turo. First off I want to say there are probably some legitimate people offering their vehicles. I, unfortunately, did not find one of them both times I reserved one for my weekend. The first decided to change the pickup time and location. When I refused to comply they said “Okay, cancel it” now if I chose to cancel they still get money since I’m the one canceling. Huge scam and manipulation of the system and most likely the owner’s intention. Look at how many trips have been cancelled/booked. Please beware. The second, actually was a car in an airport parking lot. Decided to go through with it and showed up to a Lexus that wouldn’t start. Took over an hour to find a jump starter. After that, the driver window didn’t roll up, it’s alignment has me steering left the whole time, the overall noise was excessive, and the mpg-efficiency was not manufacturer specs (most likely due to improper maintenance). Decided to delete the app and continue to use rental services. This is a personal experience but enough to say that you get what you pay for when it comes to car rentals. Happy travels!
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