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Turo - Better Than Car Rental
Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. A vibrant community over five million strong, Turo guests can choose from over 850 unique makes and models, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. Whether it’s a truck to help on moving day, a Mercedes-Benz for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, with more than 200,000 vehicles listed worldwide, Turo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. Hitting the road? • Choose from a totally unique selection of cars and drive the perfect one for your trip • Book cars directly from local hosts, as much as 30% less than traditional car rental agencies • Get the car delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap Car collecting dust? • Share your car and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine • Rest assured with up to $1 million in liability insurance backing each trip Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Matthew was great!
by NYLA 1010 on 2019/05/21 10:38
Excellent treatment was given to me. I also had a trip extension that came up and was excited to male my appointment. I'd definitely contract with him again.
TURO is a scam
by vlutgring on 2019/05/21 07:42
The host was able to file for damage and I never saw the claim or photos of the apparent damage, they just charged me for it. There was no info in the app on how to file for the claim, even though I bought insurance through them. It is not user friendly and hosts can 100% scam you. I’ve been contacting customer support and no one has gotten back to me. Will never use this app again and will highly recommend you don’t either.
Horrible experience.
by luxurylyfe on 2019/05/21 03:35
Worst rental app ever, prom ruined. Rental company rude and Customer Service is horrible. Apparently if you’re angry and say something you don’t get your money back?? this app and the representative are a joke.
Goodbye Expensive Rentals - Hello Turo
by HennyNCocca on 2019/05/21 01:17
This App is Great! Best Rental Rates Around! I
The new way to rent
by Kroc_BK on 2019/05/20 16:28
Most flexible way to rent anything on wheels. Make the community money and not just the corporation. With more car options being added by the people for the people. Great to have an option like Turo.
Better and cheaper than normal rentals
by Mylesk127883 on 2019/05/20 14:34
That's it
Worst than other rental service
by Eldorcodes on 2019/05/20 04:47
If you have bad credit score, you won’t rent from Turo. Turo is not for everyone
by Dj Shawn Stacks on 2019/05/20 04:12
This app is trash never again I’ll stick to a real car rental establishment when traveling don’t say I didn’t warn you.
They need to fix the app
by Navy Federal Member on 2019/05/20 02:04
App will not download
very convenient
by BANXTA on 2019/05/20 01:18
very convenient way to rent a standard car, and an awesome way to try out some cool ones. My only complaint would be that some hosts do not seem to keep in touch with their app, so you may have to try a few before you get a response
by Ned Samson on 2019/05/20 01:12
I am 25. I think renting is a hassle. This is way easier. Click pick up and drive. Reasonable price.
Tesla Model 3
by Betty-13-The BettyBoop on 2019/05/19 21:11
I had an awesome and amazing ride and will always use Turo in the future. I will also tell my friends and family about this app.
There's no phone number of customer support
by Dingkan2 on 2019/05/19 17:33
The customer support phone number can be found in absolutely no where. I't amazing
by mayaka23 on 2019/05/19 16:42
Such a cool guy! Easy to work with and very personable!
Turo Always Comes Thru In The Clutch 😉🤙🏾
by chalktonomous on 2019/05/19 16:19
This is the best app and company if you need a short term or mid term rental and don’t have the money and time to deal with traditional car rental services. It is also great because you are interacting with actual owners and people within a community and not just some corporate worker who doesn’t care about your patronage and is simply doing their “job”. I would recommend Turo to anyone who needs a car for a period of time if your car is down or if you are traveling and just need to get around the city for a few days. Turo is basically the AirBnB of car rentals!!!!
by 1029ma on 2019/05/19 13:38
I’ve had multiple trips cancelled hours before trip time, leaving me scrambling to find other accommodations. At its genesis, this app seemed dialed, professional and convenient. It has degraded to inconsistent and uncompetitive at best. When a trip is cancelled, customer service apologizes and wishes you the best. The lack of support is frustrating. I used to recommend this app to friends, definitely do not anymore.
First Time Experience
by Tim Warren on 2019/05/19 12:47
My first experience with renting via Turo was awesome. My car was delivered and picked up at my hotel, saving massive time wasting at the airport. The host was extremely easy to communicate with via the Turo app. I had some flexibility in my schedule and contacted the host for an early pickup, which he was able to accommodate. Friendly and efficient beyond expectations!
Flat tire and no spare
by Christy D Walker on 2019/05/19 11:39
We had a flat tire and when we went to change it out there was no spare tire. Kashif (the driver we rented from) stated it was very common to not have spare but I know their are many customers (like ourselves) who assume there is one. We shelled out £90 for tire replacement and don’t feel that was fair since it was beyond our control. I am submitting the receipt for the tire company’s services and am hoping they will reimburse us. If they do reimburse, I will update the review. Aside from that, everything went well and the car ran great. This was first experience driving a hybrid and loved it!
My daughters prom car
by KayEnJay3 on 2019/05/19 10:56
Everything was easy and over the top!!!! Great experience!
Worst app ever
by 763728181 on 2019/05/19 01:25
First and last time using this app I booked a trip owner canceled never got my money back or another vehicle and I paid about $200 never again!!!!
They are scamming people
by Justinedsh on 2019/05/18 22:22
Turo is a nightmare please be careful!
Glad I didn’t pay for this
by YattiB on 2019/05/18 20:25
After reading reviews I highly suggest Turo gets shut down immediately. I have ok to good credit even on insurance. I’ve known about the app and saved it just in case I wild want to use it n just by this time I did need to. So I tried to book a car and went through the process it gives you a option sometimes to pay with Apple Pay and when I did it say my account was suspended. For no reason at all. I look through the app and the policy and I see no policy that has the reason of them rejecting my payment had I mentioned . I’m very disappointed in Turo they have no fast way to contact not even customer service
Turo Came Through in the Clutch!
by It's Trizzy Babyyyyyy on 2019/05/18 14:00
I highly recommend Turo for any of your rental car needs. Their app is very intuitive and guides you through every step of the process. Don’t wait, book a trip with Turo NOW!!
Not actually better than car rental
by markbyrn on 2019/05/18 11:40
At least in my area near a major airport, Turo is almost always higher priced (inc. fees, tax, insurance) with mileage limits (typically low) and not just on high end cars. On the other hand, if you're looking for a fun spin around town to use an exotic or try out a Tesla for a day, Turo might be an expensive option but could never see using for it for actual trip purposes. Unfortunately, Turo is not the Uber of car rental.
Host Ran App👎🏿
by Ceej1933 on 2019/05/18 02:27
A host (person lending vehicle) is able to have you waiting for hours to drop off and pickup without you being compensated. On the flip side if a guest (person renting vehicle) is late you will be charged. support has long hold times. Sometimes it’s cheaper but there are mile limitations... Avoid the 🤕
Complete shameful app
by Chris aka silver aka yung C on 2019/05/18 01:37
I need a rental for a barely under a day like 17 hours anyway I downloaded with thru a bit of hell and irritation with the app. Then immediately I try to complete a transaction it tells me I don’t meet the criteria so I begin to laugh omw walking to Enterprise rental don’t fall for this app it’s some type of scam where people and the company make ridiculous money on over charging for the app and it’s mileage prices go to a regular enterprise or get zip car or car to go anything is better than this app
I’m a host and customer
by Superbetiss on 2019/05/17 21:33
Love it, I do it full time
Stay away
by Megsztr on 2019/05/17 20:48
I will never use this app again. The customer service is terrible. I didn’t even drive anywhere I intended to except near my house because our plans got canceled. So, I brought the car in the same condition and everything was fine. 3 days later I receive a claim of about $700 for scratches on the hood. I was naive enough not to take closer pictures and just basic ones. If you ARE renting take 200 pictures and videos. This is a great risk and chances you will get scammed.
by AR 10 and me on 2019/05/17 14:14
Turo has been a pleasurable experience thus far. Way better than dealing with car rental establishments
Be careful or else you pay
by Karma auto rentals on 2019/05/17 08:21
All I’m going to say, is take video and photos of every inch of your rentals. I’m being charged 2000.00 for rubbings and scratches to be repaired. Wait for the estimate though, then you will see that turo the company ,may not be the problem but the owners of the cars and be especially careful of people that has a fleet of vehicles. Because they have better chances of charging more renters for damages. As for , well it is such a travesty for car owners to take advantage of people in their time of need. Especially when it’s a car that you need to take care of errands. I respect all people’s property especially when it’s not yours. They will get caught because it’s Karma in its purest form. The people who rent these cars should only be local people renting their own cars just like the commercial. Watch out
Perfect Car rental app
by Man of honor10 on 2019/05/17 04:03
I’ve been using it as a host and a renter for awhile sometime! Much better than traditional car rental companies!
Awesome Experience
by RLCII on 2019/05/17 00:27
This was my first time using Turo, but it definitely won’t be my last!!! Loved it!!!
by LAGLOIN$KI on 2019/05/16 22:30
I had made a reservation and the host never showed up. I called the phone number of the host and it was a completely different person stating that I had the wrong number. I called the company that the hosts profile states that they work and the boss had said they never heard of the person! Turo needs to thoroughly check the backgrounds of people. I was forced to cancel the reservation and was told I will not receive a refund for 10 days! How could a company take money from you so quickly but so long to give it back !
Perfect App For Luxury Rentals
by Attorney Cal on 2019/05/16 18:57
This is the perfect app for individuals 30+ to rent luxury vehicles in major cities. The price points are impeccable. This app will be my go-to instead of exotic car dealerships.
Garbage car rental.
by artic130 on 2019/05/16 18:40
Turo is horrible i tried renting a car numerous times and it says “you do not meet our criteria for car rentals” what the heck does that even mean? Their customer service is non existent. Also im 24 and i have the money to rent the car so how do i not meet “your criteria”. Overall a very bad app that doesnt even let me rent the car i would give it 0 stars if i could.
Horrible service
by woorstappevr on 2019/05/16 17:43
I use this app ONCE to book a business trip. A few days later i get an email about a crazy amount of money to be owed to a vehicle I used for a couple of hours. I don’t know if this app is just a ripoff to accuse customers of false claims. But I am very outraged at this app. If you’re new DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
This app is a scam
by Dgulley1200 on 2019/05/16 13:08
Absolutely horrible business practices designed to prey on their customers. They will take you money, cancel your account, and offer absolutely no explanation and no refund. They charged me $50+ for absolutely zero services rendered. THEY cancelled my trip and yet THEY still charged ME?! This is an absolute joke and I caution anyone from investing time or money in this fraudulent business.They will take advantage of you and then disable your account so you are not even able to file a complaint. End Turo Now!
Love Turo
by House13 on 2019/05/16 02:02
I will never use a rental car company again! We had such a bad experience with one on a trip to Hawaii that we decided to try turo - OUT experience with turo was GREAT - I highly recommend using it and will most definitely use it for all my car rental needs
Amazing time
by tony tha great on 2019/05/16 01:56
Leon is a down to earth guy I would 100 percent refer anybody to deal with him
Had to deal with worst host
by Chitrang14 on 2019/05/16 01:36
Please do not rent car from ‘Oksana’. I wasted my trip figuring out what to do with the flat tire and she didn’t even respond properly. Turo customer agents tried to help but in the end I had to pay a lot just for 2 day rental. Rather go for Enterprise or Hertz.
Great Service
by Angelica Sancge on 2019/05/15 19:03
To book a car was the easiest was in and out the trip was perfect had no problems whatsoever with the service I was provided with thank you Turo.
My trip
by myy trip on 2019/05/15 18:16
I love the customer services
by pallomaaaa on 2019/05/15 14:48
Great choice if you want to rent a car and not get charged a TON of hidden fees from these traditional rental car companies like enterprise and many others.
Turo app
by Moezuk on 2019/05/15 05:47
Easy to book. Car as expected but check in and check out in the app was not easy
First time used turo!
by toledo2410! on 2019/05/15 05:20
Amazing app. It’s helpful and easy to used. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Good idea, poor execution
by Progame1 on 2019/05/15 03:46
Car smelled like mildew. Have to take time out of my vacation and pay to clean the car. Owners can clean the cars at home but they put this on the renters. Got a broken windshield and had to pay $450 even though I paid for the best insurance. Credit cards don’t provide insurance like for a regular rental car. Got an email that said reply to this email for help and the reply was “this email address doesn’t take replies.” Had to schedule a time online to talk to someone the next day.
Great 1st time Rental
by Taaye-taaye on 2019/05/15 01:51
The process was easy. Picking up the car was a little different but new technology is good to have. It was very convenient and easy to get to the location where the car was parked. Neighbors a little concerned about me looking and taking pictures of the car but then they just went on their way. Overall I would use again maybe assoi as this coming weekend
Turo Porsche Macan GTS
by Gabemedia on 2019/05/14 22:57
I finally got a chance to use the Turo app and the experience was seamless & headache free. The Porsche Macan GTS was perfect for our situation. Pick up & drop off was easy and quick. Highly recommend to use Turo especially if you’re looking to rent a high end car!
LA from Philadelphia
by philly chuck on 2019/05/14 21:22
Wonderful experience
Great App
by Brooklyn Yute on 2019/05/14 18:33
I used Turo to rent a Tesla for my wedding weekend. The app is very easy to use. I had an issue and wanted to change my trip and customer care was very helpful in making sure I was able to make the change. My rental period was flawless and the car was amazing.
Great opportunity to drive much nicer cars
by Mslick$ on 2019/05/14 16:38
Great selection of cars and great prices.
Bucket list
by Shanuberdriver on 2019/05/13 20:03
This is the best app ever!
Absolutely Incredible app
by Mopar33 on 2019/05/13 18:31
I got to experience renting 3 of my dream cars with this app! I have 0 complaints! The process is so smooth and i will definitely be renting lots more!! Thanks turo
Loved the app until a deposit was required.
by TuroUser719 on 2019/05/13 15:39
I have rented porches, bmws, benzes all with no deposits, no bs needed. I rent this one guys bmw suv out of Florida and they require a $150 security deposit. It’s cool, whatever. It’s been a week and a half and the deposit still hasn’t been refunded even though they said they’ve sent it... I love using this app but the processing for their deposits and payment is trash!!! It’ll be 2 weeks before I get my money back... Ridiculous. If not for this I would be rating 5 stars all day..
Simple & convenient
by N3kiQ on 2019/05/13 14:22
This service apps makes renting a car very simple and easy. Very inexpensive for a good quality car (if you’re in a major city area) & makes getting a car delivered to you very simple & easy.
Need Better Search
by BentleyBundles215 on 2019/05/13 13:36
Good app but I should be able to filter my search to find specific brands or models of vehicles.
Good app
by EbeeIDee on 2019/05/13 13:07
This is a good app. You just have to stay on top of the messages. You don’t always receive a notification and could potentially miss a booking.
Lost my money, do not recommend
by etrillos on 2019/05/13 13:00
The system doesn’t work for the guest, car owners use to offer the car, and next step cancel your booked car for several reasons and Turo keep the money. I lost more than €150 and I did even touch a car. I was fooled by the app, customer service is inoperative. Don’t loose your money and time.
Great service
by waswerfsfgchhdxv on 2019/05/13 05:56
Great idea. UI and Support needs work
Treat your clients better, turo
by angry-burp on 2019/05/13 05:54
Twice took my money for no reason. The second time without even giving a notice. Kept me on the line with awful tunes, broke their promise to contact me.
Car Rental?
by jmb042177 on 2019/05/13 03:49
Lot cheaper than renting a car!!! AWESOME APP!!
by Camilofinesse on 2019/05/12 22:17
You guys should come queens or the owners
Very buggy
by Stevehmiller on 2019/05/12 21:59
I searched and got 200 results. I changed the filter to sort by low to high price, instead of relevance. I get the message “no cars found”. Really?
Happy Mother’s Day to Me
by Momof#13 on 2019/05/12 17:55
I like Turo so much better than the rental places. So much more convenient. I would definitely do it again!
by Slang9345 on 2019/05/12 14:08
This app is amazing I love it
The Best Rental Service Ever
by Peaches0805 on 2019/05/12 14:02
I really enjoyed my first experience with Turo! I will definitely be using them again. They are very flexible and the hostess I used was punctual and welcoming! I’m going to refer my friends and family! Kudos!!
Explore this option before using a rental car agency
by GIJoeisneutered on 2019/05/12 02:54
I have used this platform for 4 different trips now and each time has been very easy. It’s like the air bnb of personal cars. Each one of the hosts has been very helpful and accommodating. Of course, there are always “bad” hosts, but I have yet to encounter one of these. Like everything, it has it’s good and bads, but so far we have been very pleased with this rental platform. Highly recommend
Great Job Turo
by Teemomoape on 2019/05/12 02:22
I loved the car and will use Turo again. I will recommend to friends and family!
Turo Review
by RC BMW on 2019/05/11 23:14
Turo is the best way to get the most out of your vehicle!
Turo Review
by Rust1122 on 2019/05/11 20:14
Rented a car through Turo for the first time. The experience was so great that I will not use traditional rental car agencies in the future.
Great app! Way better than car rental!
by LLTTYY on 2019/05/11 16:34
The key to a great Turo experience as a renter is to only rent from well-established hosts with a fleet of cars.
Awesome Service
by Down Town SB on 2019/05/11 15:28
Everything was awesome, definitely using this service from now on!!
Easy and best way to rent a car
by FLAGGIRL34 on 2019/05/11 13:00
I wish there was a better way to review a car. I’ve rented a few that smelled like smoke and there’s no way to put that in the ap.
Ended up fixing my car out of pocket.
by Ida Linda on 2019/05/11 05:29
Turo will try every possible opportunity to dispute your claim. Read the agreement carefully. You might be feeling like making money, but once a damage happens, You will realize it doesn’t worth it because you will end up covering from your own insurance.
by KingChrisSr on 2019/05/11 02:34
I tried this for the first time. I admit everything started great. I extended the car an extra day which was no problem. A job came up so I added another day but it only gave me 21 hours of the day. If you return the car 2 hours late you will get charged for a whole extra day plus an additional $20. That’s crazy. I turned in the car 2 hours and 10 min late and was charged more then the price to just extend another day. I told the guy on the phone next time if I’m gonna pay for the whole extra day I’m just gonna keep the car for the extra day so they can either wave my 1+ day charge or they can explain to the next person renting the car why their reservation isn’t available. They chose my money instead. Very petty and horrible customer service
Worst support ever.
by nikkiactor on 2019/05/11 02:09
Trip was cancelled. No money back. No reply from Support group. Don’t trust this app.
Ford Focus
by queenTthatsme on 2019/05/10 23:49
Trip went well loved it
by TimCali on 2019/05/10 22:43
For some reason it would not let me upload the pics when I returned the car.
Amazing experience
by kat canseco on 2019/05/10 17:55
Wow what an awesome situation being able to rent a car and not have to own one this is perfect
Horrible team of service
by hshakcnxka on 2019/05/10 05:31
These people get your license information and my license is clear and all good and these as$Holes tell me I can’t rent and that they can’t tell me why. Oh well here is why I’m leaving you ONE star. Guess why ? Cause I can’t leave ZERO. Keep stealing peoples information. At least I know if there is any identity theft in my behalf will be of this company !! And will notify authorities immediately
by Trevorjamestrev on 2019/05/09 21:44
Very easy and nice
Horrible customer service
by HORRIBLE APP BIG SCAM on 2019/05/09 20:22
My drivers license was declined and the lady on the phone told me she can’t tell me why and then when I asked to be contacted to a supervisor said she can’t, then when I asked for a employee number she said she can’t, and I am unable to get a car for a reason that I will never know.
Really good
by Blck4125 on 2019/05/09 15:03
Would recommend it was an ease of pain using this app!
Super convenient
by mynate on 2019/05/09 13:28
I just used Turo for my first time a few days ago. I can say my experience was great and my host was very accommodating.
by Cjl Jeep on 2019/05/09 12:02
Turo is awesome. They take care of all the details and make car rental easy
by BbreezyBb on 2019/05/09 06:59
The interface is inconvenient and makes you press way too many buttons to achieve way too little results - on top of that, the search criteria is extremely limiting so that you can’t really browse like you’re supposed to.
by baysingerjames14 on 2019/05/09 05:48
Enjoy using Turo and what it has to offer!
by boii286 on 2019/05/08 18:35
This app is very aggravating it started ok but when I had to change the date nothing pops up anymore no matter how many times I restart the app 🥴🥴
Great until something goes wrong
by Maximilner on 2019/05/08 17:42
The platform and concept are great. Really cool cars available (in the USA). Rented a couple of times. Once I had an issue - expect calls to customer service overseas with zero way to help. Invest in customer service not just rapid growth.
So convenient
by MercyOnJupiter on 2019/05/08 15:49
I’m in love with this app!
First time user
by Lmg1222 on 2019/05/08 15:20
It was an affordable way to travel
Do not waste your time!!!!!! Terrible customer car for car owners!!!
by E H Jackson on 2019/05/08 05:15
These people do not care about your car and will not assist you even when you have issues that their policies should cover. They are incredibly slow in replying to emails and their is not phone support. It worth your time at all!!
Never use turo
by Anxietyuserr on 2019/05/08 02:40
So apparently you can’t use someone else’s card . If you do you have to send them a FACE picture with the person’s card you are using and they have to take a picture with it. This app is BS. Too much things just get get approved. Honestly people it’s much better to just go to a car rental place. Trust me.
by Mi-Mi212 on 2019/05/07 21:15
I loved the idea of this.. it was quick, convenient and my host Jason was very accommodating
by emae91 on 2019/05/07 19:21
If I could give no stars I would. I wouldn’t use Turo to rent nor would I use it to have my car rented. My husband posted his car on Turo and had a customer drive it for the weekend. The customer was only allowed to drive 300 ish miles and that’s what was posted on the listing. The customer was aware of it. When it was returned there was over 1000 miles driven. My husband called Turo and said there’s nothing they can do about it because there’s no picture of the mileage before it was rented. Why does there need a picture if he documents the mileage on the app before the customer uses it?! That is BS. Turo doesn’t care about the people that use their app. They rip you off.
Great car
by yourias on 2019/05/07 19:09
First time renting, everything went through smoothly and perfect. Love the car
Needs some tweaks.
by Indian Midget on 2019/05/07 18:10
It's a great idea, but the app honestly isn't very user friendly. If you put your time frame in even an hour off what's "available" it won't show certain cars nor does it tell you that if you change your pickup from 11 to 10 it will suddenly be available. I'd also suggest making it possible to message the renter before renting the vehicle. Lastly, my auto insurance will pay up to $1,000,000 I'm liability for any vehicle I drive, so I don't want to be forced to pay for your protection plan.
No issues
by viejo1221 on 2019/05/07 16:43
First time user. Rented sequoia for my family in Bay Area where we flew from Chicago. Turo valet was super convenient. Hope they bring valet to Chicago.
Fantastic Experience
by Dr. JRQ on 2019/05/07 16:02
Used a couple times now, don’t think I’ll rent a car any other way! I recommend to everyone who’s traveling
Not the best in smaller cities
by R3xy7 on 2018/11/25 06:11
Turo seems to be best if you are going to be using the platform in a larger city or near an airport that has more options. I was looking to book a trip in my home town to travel to a funeral locate about 250 miles away. Using the app to book my trip was user friendly and rather simple to do, however my host was unresponsive. I contacted my host each day for my upcoming trip however no response. I contacted Turo directly and their suggested solutions guided me to wait for at least 3 days, which I did and I was instructed to wait another hour for them to reach out to the host. All reasonable. After about 1 hour and 15 mins the host cancelled my trip less than 24 hours prior to my scheduled trip. THIS IS NOT TURO’s FAULT. My issue is with the resolution, like I said I am traveling for a funeral, and booking a trip in less than 24 hours for the same timeframe with Turo or any other traditional rental company proved to be impossible. I am now stuck waiting 8 hours later to start my trip. My suggestion, partner with your super hosts or a major rental company so your guests can have an worry-free booking option that may cost a bit more but will give certainty that all your customers will always have a safety net in case a host backs out. Maybe test in in your smaller cities. I will say I thanks to Clark and Dan who helped me as early as 11 and said with me to nearly 10, they did everything in their capabilities to assist.
Cancelled without telling me!
by cancelled without notice. on 2018/04/30 03:27
They booked a trip and paid for it. I took an Uber to the pick up address on the day that I was supposed to at the exact time I’m supposed to. I show up and the lady tells me that my reservation was canceled last night. I look on my email and on the app and it says that my trip is starting. She tells me it’s between me and Turo. Apparently Turo decided to cancel my reservation without telling me so they could review my account without sending me an email or notification. Now I’m sitting in front of this lady‘s house like a homeless person beyond embarrassed waiting for an Uber to pick me up. Completely ruined my vacation. Had they let me know in advance I could’ve made other plans. I took off work for this! Turo then emailed me several times telling me that I needed to send them pictures of myself in front of my drivers license and pictures of the card that I used to purchase. I did these things even though I used Apple Pay which was promoted by this app, they continue to ask me for more detailed photos of my card even though the photo that I sent them was in HDR. I told them point-blank it doesn’t make any sense for you to need that many photographs of my card when I used Apple Pay and I already went through this entire process with Apple Pay. The entire scenario was very weird and very sketchy. I’m going with enterprise next time. It’s cheaper and they’re nice to me and I have very little chance of credit card theft.
Never using Turo again
by jakub4785 on 2019/01/24 15:31
The concept of Turo is awesome. I hope another company that’s capable of delivering a consistent, high quality customer experience enters the space and puts Turo out of business. The Turo app is very buggy. For a long time there was something wrong with the filter and sort features in search. Any time you added or changed a field the query returned 0 results. I put up with this because I support the service economy, loved the concept, and assumed it would save me a few bucks. I’ve attempted to use Turo 3 times. The 1st time the host advertised curbside pick up and drop off, but really required me to take a Lyft down the block to a shady casino to meet him and pick up the vehicle. The 2nd time was fine. Everything went as planned. The 3rd time was the worst. Again, the host advertised curbside pickup, but this time they changed the pickup location after I made the reservation. The pickup point was moved to an apartment complex 15 minutes from the airport. When we arrived, the car was no where to be found. We contacted the host and learned he had to move the car to a new location 45 minutes from where we were. We had to cancel our Turo reservation, and use Enterprise. The whole ordeal took over an hour to sort out, and we were late to an appointment we had. The silver lining was that Enterprise was $10 cheaper than Turo. I will never use Turo again. Traditional rental car companies are reliable, and apparently cheaper.
Turo policy is bull!!!!
by BriHead on 2018/07/23 03:22
This app and rental agency is very convenient but just beware of their f’d up policy. It’s really a rip off. Before you guys make a policy stating if you cancel on the same day of the reservation you can not get a full refund please reconsider bookings on the day of. What is the real problem of canceling on the day of?? I’m sure it’s because the person had the opportunity to rent it out to someone else but they kept it reserve for your rental contract. However if it’s a booking on the day of the cancellation and the person book by mistake they should not get their money stolen from Turo or the owner! and if something come up and they wanted to cancel it should be allowed because first off the booking would of never took place if it wasn’t for the inquiry and I’m sure after the cancellation the person didn’t miss any other opportunities because it was within hours. I made a mistake and book a car that was a hour away from my home address. I canceled and rebook for a car that was closer. I was told I can only get $18 back due to me canceling on the day of I suppose to pick up the car. I lost $140 just by a mistake of a button and couldn’t get my money returned. (That’s ignorant as ever!) I rebook another car and gave y’all my money again thinking I was going to be able to get my refund from the first booking. I didn’t know How stupid this app was! I will never use this again. Because y’all are some thieves!
Worst customer service ever
by KyleJarbs on 2018/12/16 17:29
I was rear ended in a car I rented from Turo. I immediately got the other drivers info and filed a claim figuring it would be ok since I clearly wasn’t at fault. A couple days later Turo charged me over $1700 for damage to the rental car. I called and was on hold for about 40 minutes before I was hung up on. I called again and after being on hold for another 40 minutes and being transferred many times I got ahold of someone from Turo and asked them why I was charged. Turns out they hadn’t even reached out to the other drivers insurance and they were just gonna charge me any way. I got the charge removed and they said they would reach out to the other drivers insurance. About a week goes by and I don’t hear anything so I call the other drivers insurance myself, open up a claim with them, call Turo again and give them the claim number. Another week goes by and the other drivers insurance calls me saying they are accepting liability for the accident and will pay the damages, but they still have not heard from Turo. So I call Turo AGAIN and give them the claim number and inform them that the other drivers insurance will pay the damages. I also emailed this info to a Turo claims agent. It has now been over 2 MONTHS and I have still not heard anything back from Turo and my account is STILL blocked so I cannot rent any cars. WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my life.
Great experience!
by dcs happy on 2019/02/11 19:35
This was our first time using Turo and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Richard informed us the day before arriving in Phoenix that the Odyssey we reserved wasn’t running well and he gave us a free upgrade to a newer model Expedition. Richard communicated well throughout our trip, answering questions and concerns quickly. We had a very early morning drop off time due to our flight out and he accommodated our every need. We rented his Ford Expedition for a week and on our last day, while parked in a gas station parking area, someone ran into the back of the SUV. Fortunately for us only a small scratch but there was a nice dent and scratch on the truck that ran into us. We called Richard informing him of what had happened. He calmed my concerns and told us not to let this ruin our vacation - Turo would handle it once we ended our rental time. All we needed was the required plate and drivers license info. Easy. So, if you’re in the Phoenix area and are wanting to rent a vehicle and work with someone with integrity and great customer service within the Turo community I highly recommend you look up one of Richards vehicles to rent. You won’t be disappointed.
by ibinyc on 2018/12/17 19:38
I booked the first car at 8:30 am. Cancelled 2 min later by the vehicle owner. Customer service told me to book another one and the amount will transfer. Great. Second car booked at 9:30 am. 5 minutes later cancelled by the owner. Was on the phone for an hour more. Booked the third car at 11:30 am. Waiting for confirmation till 1:00pm it was again denied. On the same day, customer service helped find a fourth car that finally went through but I noticed if you look at the owners reviews you can see how may time and how long before the due date they cancelled. So you can go check for yourself what the odds are for a cancellation. Also your successful reservation depends on the date (Holiday season) and where (Miami vs Boulder CO) you want to book. Earlier this year we booked the car in 10 min and everting went smoothly, so give yourself a day or two to learn the ropes and get customer service to help you find something together while on the phone and also keep in mind that the car owners apparently can leave you in the dirt cause that are not an actual business and they don't care about your trip but at the same time don't book too early the cancellation is more likely. It's tricky. Give yourself plenty of time but not too much.
Bad experience
by dissappointer customer on 2019/04/13 02:18
I was very excited when my husband told me we could save by renting a car for our family through a newly found application. So we registered, ordered a car, paid upfront for a whole week since they offer a discount for that. As we arrived to the pick up place, I’ve noticed the exterior of the car ( Dodge Caravan) had some weirdness to it like one of wheel cover missing, dust etc like it wasn’t prepared for a client. I needed a car ASAP so decided not to concentrate on small issues. I was told to confirm my arrival and take pictures inside and out and odometer for the record. Inside was dirty, smell was terrible, heavy smell of weed, cigarettes whatever, drove less than a mile, and realized I wasn’t gonna take it for a day not mentioning a week. Also the gas tank was less than a half way full. And there are a lot of rules regarding full tank, mileage and cleanness, I didn’t want to be responsible for those things. The main part was the horrible smell and how dirty it was and my oldest kid has an asthma I couldn’t let her suffer inside of the car. Called Turo right away trying to cancel the trip, wasted more than an hour through customer service, finally they said my money will be refunded, but 10 days later still no refund, no one contacted and don’t answer my emails. No phone number.
Took money from me
by jins23 on 2018/12/22 19:57
On the last day of my rental. I was rear ended at complete stop by an a 18 girl with out her license . Both me and the owner of the vehicle spoke to cop and got a copy of the police report. I was being charged 400 dollars on top of the 100 deposit. For damages that I didn’t cause. It was clearly the other driver fault. I was up for hours just trying to actually speak to real person at this company. just got to tell me I had scheduled a phone Through email with the case advisor. I scheduled 3 phone calls to clear the charge. For over a month no call just email yesterday telling me invoice approved and they took 400 from me got damages . I email saying the driver canceled their policy and even though with the uploaded police saying it’s not my fault that still taking the money from me. And I have pay because the accident happened while the car was in my possession which would be fine if I was fault but I was at stop waiting to turn. Worst of they took the money the same day I was going Christmas shopping. I never got my call from the case advisor after all the scheduled phones calls . He was just oh well we couldn’t get the person who caused the accident so we going to take your money with out notice. Don’t use this app because it doesn’t do a great job of protecting the renters.
by peter1892 on 2018/05/08 07:34
My overall experience was horrible! If you’re reading this... just rent through enterprise. I tried renting a vehicle twice which ended in up-charges every single time! The first owner ended up cancelling the transaction because I had to have at least “five rated trips to rent” even though that wasn’t mentioned on his guidelines. To my mistake, I gave Turo another chance and tried booking another car with someone in their support team but she stopped helping halfway through the process and was left to book another car with another unreliable car owner. With that said, the second booking was canceled about an hour before I was meant to pick up the car because the car was “in the shop” and called Turo to cancel the transaction so I could avoid the charges for cancelling it myself and trying to book another vehicle. I was told that I was going to be helped with rebooking another car within an hour but I ended up calling back in after two hours. After being on the phone for another hour, I ended up renting another vehicle with another up charge. All in all, I ended up paying double what I wanted because I was left with no other choice because the second booking was cancelled super last minute and no nearby enterprise’s were open.
Beware! I was charged $140 in “toll fees”
by Izzy_1_2 on 2018/03/01 23:22
I have rented several cars from Turo, at first I loved the app! It was so convenient to scroll through and pick out a car for my vacations. Although I had 3 good experiences, the bad ones were REALLY BAD. A car owner was over 3 hours late to our agreed upon pick up time, resulting in me starting my vacation sitting in a sushi restaurant near LAX for those 3 hours. My first vacation day was suppose to be a relaxing drive down hwy 101 to San Diego. Instead, it was a stressful day of sitting and waiting as he text “almost there” for 3 hours, then getting such a late start the 2 hour drive was nearly 5 hours in the dark during evening traffic. The worst part of the experience was I was unaware I passed through a toll, the owner decided not to inform me of the toll notice he received until it had racked up $140 in late fees. The toll agency agreed to drop the fees and I would pay a reasonable $33 if the owner would cancel his $140 payment and let me pay the reduced fee. Turo support and the car owner were completely uncooperative and refused to do so. $140 to reimburse the car owner was just pulled from my account after I went back and forth between the toll agency and Turo support for over 2 hours. Beyond frustrating! Save your sanity and just use a reliable rental car agency!
Socialism actually works!
by oinkymcbeaver on 2019/04/27 01:43
Socialism actually works if executed properly. Turo is a testament to that. I had tried to rent through Hertz. I rented before successfully. When my car needed a new engine recently I went back to rent and they denied me because of credit. I spent almost $100 a day on Ubers. I’m a millennial with a full time job. I have bills to pay. Working is essential. If I didn’t have this resource, I probably wouldn’t have survived. I find rental places gauging the ability to give out rentals (when they have business insurance) on credit scores to be classist and reminiscing of oligarchy. If someone is willing to pay more than the amount of what it entails to rent the car, has a valid license, and a good relationship with the renter. There shouldn’t be an issue. People crash cars. That’s what insurance is for. My car is insured. Why does this system have to be difficult for no reason? Thank you Turo for taking a bad experience and flipping it into a positive one. I will be certainly recommending to my friends and family!
by Lamarie1 on 2019/01/19 14:07
If you want to use it then go ahead. I do hope you’ll have a better experience then I did. I tried using their services twice and no luck. First time I booked a vehicle, got to the pickup site and the owner of the vehicle didn’t even live there anymore, and the car I reserved he didn’t own anymore. Apparently the owner said he cancelled his Turo account years ago. Then the second time which is today as I’m writing this Jan 19, 2019. Tried to give them a second chance I booked another vehicle, arrived at the pick up site message the owner of the vehicle I’m outside his place then received a message saying the trip has been canceled by the owner. I’ve been messaging the owner a day before the pickup date to make sure everything is a go. Well it wasn’t. I called Turo about both problems. First time they refunded me back my money then credit my account and offered to rebook me a vehicle. The second time they offered to rebook me, refund me and send me a check in the mail to reimburse me the money for the uber ride I had to take back home. Im not saying don’t use the app cause maybe you’ll like it but I’m definitely saying DONT USE THIS APP cause I won’t you experience what I have but again it’s your choice and I wish you luck.
Horrid Service. Illegal Actions
by Ed Aggie on 2018/09/27 19:32
I only used Turo once and never will I ever again. Unfortunately while renting out a truck there was a light scratch on the bed. I have no idea how this even happened. But throughout the process I was patient and cooperative, but Turo pulled off some very questionable actions. For starters they made a claim on my personal insurance without my consent. And when tried to get in contact with someone I couldn’t because they don’t have a call center. Then when the “VIP claims associate” Jordan finally decided to give me call after I had scheduled one with him and blew me off. He told me that an “independent” adjuster had seen the damage and recommended a full body work repair of beyond 5,000 dollars, and this was based of a picture that could have easily photoshopped. No adjuster went in person to see the actual “damage” they wouldn’t even allow my own insurance to go. It wasn’t until he had decided to contact me that I knew what was going on. And until then I had no idea how bad the damage was, if there was an adjuster. Later on it turns out that I only needed to pay 687. I feel that they said the repair cost was as high as it was just to get money from insurance or myself. THESE PEOPLE ARE SNAKES AND YOU SHOULD NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!!!!
Pretty okay but....
by Jayt718 on 2018/05/29 18:54
I’ve used Turo around eight times since last year. Haven’t had too much of a bad experience.. until lately. All of these updates but there is still no update to where you can ask an owner questions about the car you are interested in renting (or other questions you may have) without having to check out and having your card charged for the car in questions (IF the owner doesn’t have to approve the trip, this can go badly). This needs to be addressed especially a feature for owners if they will be out of town and/or unavailable although the car is listed as available for the dates you need a car. I’ve had an instance where I rented a car but the owner told me that she would be out of country on those dates.. therefore, I had to wait for my money to return to my account and it screwed my account royally with the second car I’ve rented. I like you guys and what you offer but.....Take care of the little feature Turo! They matter! P.S. Find a way to get your services in NY. Renting all the way in NJ can be a hassle.
Do not be fooled
by racheleb136 on 2018/04/21 19:06
Though this app seems convenient and i have a few great trips... when it comes to the bad as well as costumer service... they are AWFUL. I had a horrible experience where i was given an electric (fully) for a long distance trip with no warnings... luckily i found out on my own. But as i arrived to the car it was not charged! I had 150miles to drive! Ran around the city until i finally found a charge and left an hour and a half after i planned. The mileage went down double than what i was told it was and i ended up being stranded. I had no other choice but to leave the car and have a friend pick me up until my trip was over. After returning the car i reached out to customer service who took 5 days to even reply! They totally denied my request as i did not have “before” photos which was an err with their app as i was forced to take those pictures and already had them in my bank of photos. They are not to be trusted and you’re better off renting through a rental company... the discounts are not worth it!! I’d give it a zero if i could. I get mistakes but working in the service industry the customer service is everything and this company is not there. Do not rent from them!
The Worst Customer Service EVER
by Turo is Actually the Worst on 2018/12/04 23:49
So I booked Turo several days ago to keep a car for five days. On the very same day, the car’s battery died. That wasn’t a big deal, stuff happens. The owner picked back up his vehicle and Turo said they would get back in touch with me after they found a replacement reservation for me. 3 days passed and NO one got back to me. During that time, I called multiple times and each customer service rep said someone would reach out. During this time, I was taking multiple taxis that was a very unnecessary and expensive expense. I blow customer service up until finally a representative says they’ll get a replacement car for me almost FOUR days later. The representative waited so long in the day, that NO cars are available within an hour drive from me. I live in a pretty big city so no cars in the area doesn’t happen like ever. Turo representatives told me to submit my taxi receipts and that they’ll reimburse me. NO ONE has followed up with me about my receipts. This has been an extremely frustrating process and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Please excuse me while I go call customer service AGAIN. I’m definitely using any other car service from here on out.
Host - who’s experienced car being crashed
by sherri amor on 2018/11/25 19:29
Mostly I enjoy being a host for Turo. The money helps me afford my car. They pay you quickly. The site is easy to use and navigate. However the time a guest crashed my car was a nightmare and it didn’t need to be. It happened on a Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There was no way to contact anyone at Turo. They didn’t have an emergency line. Thank god my guest survived and the car was drivable. We had to wait until Tuesday to get an email response from Turo. They DO NOT have a phone number to talk to a real person which is awful especially in such a serious situation you want to talk to someone. They haggled with my body shop for weeks about the cost of the work to fix my car. It took over a month to get my car back because of this. But Turo refused to pay for over 10 days of car rental I needed while my car was in the shop. So I had to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket. I wrote many emails expressing my frustration but it was met with indifference. I still use the service as I need the money. But I cringe at the thought if I ever had to go thru that experience again with Turo.
by Man U Barca! on 2018/04/04 23:46
Turo support are not helpful in any way. Had a friend (that I recommended the app to after having an initial (somewhat) positive experience. Let’s start there. I paid top dollar to rent an Aston Martin. The guy was late and the car was dirty and unwashed. I had some strange charges show up on my credit card which I disputed and had dropped but didn’t tie in to the Turo rental. Other than the strong feeling of “I knew it was too good to be true” I am the type of person that would rather support local users opposed to a company like enterprise which is what drew me to Turo so as I said, I told a friend to try it and decided I would give it another shot. Here is where things get crazy. Turo took $2000 out of my account without informing me. Additionally another $2,800 in unauthorized charges were made on my card again. When I raised some questions to support they cancelled my account (after having it for almost 2 years) and stopped communicating. Citing that they need to “protect internal practices”. Luckily I have a good bank and the money has since been returned. My friend reported a similar experience and he immediately removed the app and hasn’t had any problems since. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*
Terrible customer and claims support—far worse than alternatives
by jdcorrigan on 2019/01/11 00:08
I have used Turo twice, and unfortunately during my second trip had a small, low speed accident. It was during the claims process that I discovered how flimsy their basic coverage was and how poorly their claims process was managed. Their basic coverage is essentially non-existence—they make claims against your personal insurance without your consent and will only cover you to the extent your personal insurance denies coverage and even then you are subject to a $3k deductible. This is made worse by their process, where they seemingly allow car owners to get unchallenged damage estimates based on phot evidence alone. In my case, I reported the damage that I caused to one part of the vehicle and was aghast when the repair estimate included parts of the vehicle that were unaffected by the accident. The owner’s photos, which purported to show no prior damage, were taken long before I picked up the vehicle and thus shouldn’t have been a basis to show its condition given the gap in custody. Yet Turo chose to ignore this. Rent from them at your own peril—the service that they provide is far below that of other car rental businesses.
Turo. The most complicated way to rent a car.
by Zbay88 on 2018/07/24 13:33
I’ve used Turo on two occasions and I will not be using the service again. While I like the fact that you can choose the specific car, the experience becomes stressful because of the inconsistency of each listing. The first time I rented a car (Tesla), I picked it up at the owners house. The agreement was to hand back the keys in person but I had to wait an hour for the owner to show up. On my second rental I was told last minute that I had to pay to wash and vacuum the car or get charged a $40 cleaning fee. I also had to pay to park the car in a lot for the owner to retrieve it later. They had no key box or means of securing the key so they asked me to leave It unlocked with the key under the floormat. If the car was stolen or vandalized I worry that I would be held responsible. Overall Turo needs to have some consistent protocols in place to avoid the confusion of multiple processes for picking up and returning the car. I use the service Getaround frequently for work and it’s simple app based key is much more straightforward and user friendly. While it isn’t available in all cities it provides for a much smoother experience.
Great first experience, terrible organization.
by Just for good fun on 2018/04/06 17:18
The whole idea of Turo appears to be great, booked a car with a great owner for 5 days, at the time for arrival the owner sent me a message saying that Turo has cancel the trip, I tried contacting them since I was already in my way to pick up the car. Some how I did it, and I enjoyed my vacation. My account went to some reviews and Turo cancel my membership, after succeeding in returning the car, washed it, leave a positive review for the owner and the great owner left me a positive review, paid immediately and no reason whatsoever for them to cancel my account. I provided several documents and I was allowed to know the reasons, other that they said “they are not obligated to tell me why”, I understand that’s Turo’s policies but providing customer support out of courtesy doesn’t hurt. I felt extremely offended, usually if you apply for a loan, a credit card, a finance company for a car, etc... they’ll let you know the reasons your application was rejected, but for some odd reason Turo doesn’t. Extremely disappointing, due to the lack of experience I’m positive they will change such policies eventually, if they manage to survive that long of course.
by enginerious on 2019/04/11 02:54
First of all, the problem is not the car owner. The problem is TURO. They are taking 33% of what you paid and the car owners take 66% of what you paid and Turo is not doing anything. If you get a insurance from Turo, they are providing to the renter 3 tips insurance. But, all of the insurances are LIABILITY. That means, if you involve any accident YOU HAVE TO PAY damage of what you rent a car and all of the persons medical who sit your car even you don’t make any mistake on the accident. Turo pay thirds part of the car damage. But, not so fast. First, they are contacting your personal insurance if you have and car owners personal insurance and Turo force the these insurance company for avoiding all of the their insurance cover and even if you get primary insurance they are cutting $500 from your account. ALSO, if you get any accident (even you get primary insurance) and if you have more time to return the car you need to cancel your booking but you will have $500 penalty also too and you have to pay tow fee :) ALSO, Turo is not rent company, THEY ARE RIDESHARE company, that’s way no any credit car company and personal insurance companies don’t cover the car that you rent from Turo. BE CAREFUL
Now love it, wont go back to the chains ever again
by Gensherman on 2017/10/23 05:57
I 1st started turo by renting a car to drive around Colorado and in particular, up pikes peak. I wanted something cool but not crazy expensive (like the big chains rent). It went GREAT i got a new Mercedes awd sedan that was awesome and i spent literally less than 5 minutes picking it up which is huge for me (ex-military, have ptsd and incompetence infuriates me as does waiting in an hour line at a rental company in the airport). All i did was jump a shuttle at the airport and my car was valeted around and waiting for me, after i took 2 minutes to take pictures and upload, i was on my way and dropoff was the same. AWESOME. I liked it so much that i now rent my truck out back home and followed the exact model i got when i rented and its great. I get to meet new people from all over and so far everyone has been super nice. I also make it a point to rent something cool now everytime i go on vacation or out of town. Love it.
The best car service on the market BUT !!
by Akib R on 2018/07/07 16:32
I have been with turo for the past 3 years and it has been the best experience ever. Renting out a car for any young driver is a hassle and can be quite expensive, with turo they made it possible for me to rent out many different cars. I’ve visited 5 different states and rented out 5 different luxury cars from Porsche to bmw to Mercedes. I recommend anybody traveling and needs a vehicle to move around, USE TURO. You’ll save money and have a better car to drive than those garbage car rental spots like enterprise and budget. THANK YOU TURO !! *****Recent update, they started doing this $200 dollar deposit for any and every trip you book and it became the biggest hassle in the world because now when you was trying to save money, now you have to come out of pocket more for nothing and wait over 80’hours to get that refund back. Due to this fact I will take my 5 stars back and give turo 2 stars. *****
Air BnB for cars!
by Guy who likes a game on 2017/12/27 17:49
Love the concept! The sharing economy is awesome. Turo has created a marketplace to leverage the growing disenchantment with traditional car rental companies (and their outrageous pricing and availability) into a win-win for car owners and travelers. Much like other “sharing” apps, the most entrepreneurial owners have turned sharing into a business, so a renter should have no illusions of just “borrowing” somebody’s car... its a fleet vehicle in most cases. The app has some glitches with the photo upload and viewing (which are often used to verify vehicle condition) that I hope will be fixed soon. Also, owners should really learn to fully disclose all costs of rental in their description: things such as parking fees associated with pickup, tolls and cleaning are usually the renter’s obligation. Nothing worse than getting a “please leave the car washed and vacuumed or I can do it for $40” message AFTER you’ve started your trip ... especially after you have budgeted your costs. Overall great app!
by playthepixels on 2019/04/12 19:08
I rented an electric car for my recent trip to Hawaii and it died on me while I was on my way to catch a flight back to LA. I had to organize for the vehicle to be towed at my expense and when I told the owner they chose not to come pick up the vehicle. The vehicle incurred minor scratches while towing. Although this damage IS covered (according to them) by the Turo insurance that I purchased, they are saying that I have to pay $963 for fees and a paint job since I wasn’t there when the owner decided to pick up the vehicle the NEXT day. What’s worse is that their representative takes days to respond so I can’t even get this issue figured out in a timely manner. From my experience, you’re better off going with a traditional rental company. The extra dollars that you save going with Turo are not worth it if anything bad happens. Turo doesn’t have their stuff figured out yet and they side with the car owner rather than the renter. Please ask yourself, if by the off chance something goes wrong with your car rental, are you ready to pay for repair costs and fees incurred despite it being covered by the insurance you paid for ahead of time?
Reported a maintenance issue I got black balled
by Sassy Sonja on 2019/01/20 20:59
Okay things were fine when I downloaded the turo app and I rented my first vehicle from a Host in my city. When I drove off in the vehicle the TPMS Sensor light was on the dash board I thought it was strange and not normal. Later on once I gas up the vehicle plus completed my trip I wrote to customer service about the issue with low tire pressure sensor on the host vehicle. The host became aware of this issue I experienced in her vehicle and she immediately wrote me bad 3 star review in retaliation. Recently I tried to plan two more trips but I received cancellations because of the 3 star review the previous host has left on my profile. I didn’t know that when a guest like myself report any maintenance issue with host vehicle and the host will take revenge with an issue he/she is responsible to fix in the first place. Now I am black balled and every trip I try to schedule another host will cancel immediately.
Terrible Service
by BlancoSosa on 2018/10/13 16:56
There are numerous bad apples on this app that will put their car on here in any condition. Turo is not screening these cars and I have been inconvenienced with several lemons. Host will also lie about extra charges like cleaning and smoking because clearly people that will rent their personal cars to strangers are desperate for money. They have little customer service and will tell you the host is always right. Beware. Beware. I rented 10 cars all 5 stars. Then a host did not meet me for pick up and delivery because his key fob was broken and kept opening the trunk. I didn’t realize this until late in the trip. Knowing this was a ghetto app and I was paying only 30 a day for the car I said forget it. It’s only a day. Upon returning the car the host was absent again because he knew his key was broken. He expected me to leave the car unlocked with the key in a vacant parking lot. The host lied and said I smoked in the car and now I’m in a legal battle with the company with the only host that did not show up for pick up and delivery. These are desperate people. If you are not desperate use a regular rental service you can trust. This app is border line a scam.
Stay with regular car rentals or get ripped off!
by Beach949 on 2018/09/20 21:17
I rented a car with Turo and it was a nightmare. On my trip to Banff, Canada, I rented a car from a local in Calgary for 6 days and I parked the car at the National Parks’ parking lots whenever I drove to visit some of the lakes. I was very careful with the car but of course someone at some point chipped the passengers door by probably opening their car’s door. This is something very common I think and the regular car rental companies take this into consideration and if the damage equals the size of a quarter you pay for it. The chip I had on my Turo rental was a lot smaller than a quarter, however, the owner came to charge me $200 to repair a very small chip on the door’s paint. I contacted Turo for support since I know the car shop would buff the paint and repaint on top of it. Turo said to stick to whatever the owner was asking because they were going to charge me $500 if I was to choose to go through the process with them. Consequently, I would recommend you pay extra 10 dollars and go with a regular rental company rather than getting ripped off completely for someone to fix all of their scratches on your dime.
Terrible customer service - watch out for cancellation policy
by Nthabi24 on 2018/09/16 19:17
I’ve used Turo over 10 times successfully, but my last experience was so horrible I’ll never use again, and want to warn others about their unfair practices. Because you are renting from other people, and not a company, you don’t have the protection of common sense fair practices, and I was ripped off for $250 by a owner who refused to refund my cancellation, even though I cancelled one hour after I booked. When I learned Turo would not support me, since I was booking the night before I wanted the car (they have a 24 hour before you borrow policy, even if you’ve just booked it), I tried to go ahead and get the car I had paid for. But no, the owner refused to let me take the car again. I have disputed this transaction with the owner, with Turo, with my credit card company and it’s been a complete hassle. Turo said they understood my problem and t was not right to charge me when I did not receive any services, and yet, they blame it on the owner and did not take support me in refunding my rental. Turo is a good idea, but doesn’t have common sense policies in place to protect its users.
Don’t do it...
by JUSTPLANENUTS on 2018/01/22 15:44
We have been using Turo to rent two of our vehicles for almost a year. It looked to be a great way to recoup some money for cars that I don’t often use bc I spend about half the year out of the country. My wife is one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet and after people were rude to her, returned the car with beer bottles on the floor, pet hair, marijuana smoke and cigarette smoke we finally said forget it. I canceled the service today and this is my review of our experience. Turo will not back you up and reimburse for cleaning fees. They had an excuse every time why they wouldn’t pay. The concept is good but the people who rent your car are usually renting because they couldn’t rent from a car rental agency for one reason or another. These people are always changing the times when they will show up and you wait around for hours. They often keep the car for longer than the rental period. There were some good people but the bad ones made it not worth the trouble. Good luck, Turo. Good idea but you’ve got to find a way to weed out bad customers.
when u have some trouble they are really bad !
by Kattiee885 on 2018/12/13 22:51
from my own experience !cost me a lot of money and effects and have a lot bad influence!last time about 5months ago,i visit LA i used turo and got into a car incident and i did purchased an extra insurance plan besides my personal insurance which offered by turo just in case and it was really bad experience with turo. they only gonna be nice when u have no trouble,but when ur in trouble like i got last time they keeping calling you for a few days asking u to give them all the information and the prepay money which i did ,and they are not helping with the insurance part,i have to talk to my personal insurance and the turo insurance and do all the work and pay more money! i did do everything i could do to corporate with them and the insurance they offered is not really working and it is tricky!dont fall for it !they gave all the excuses like “sorry mam we could do nothing about it ” and somehow it comes over all the trouble again even after 5months!i dont think anybody would be crystal clear with troubles, from my horrible experience i totally would not use this again!
Where to start
by the reviewnator on 2018/06/04 00:01
So, Turo is great for saving money....but you get what you paid for. I was renting from hertz for a funeral and since I’m under age also being In the military it was still pretty pricy car came out to $500 for 6 days. So I looked up more places to rent from and I found Turo, seem great a lot of car choices and for a fair price even if your under age. So I rented a car that would be 282, for the 6 days. About half the price. So let’s start. The guy was 2 hours late, I agreed to pay for his Uber, but he wasn’t on time? So I thought that wasn’t fair because he made me late for the funeral. But I agreed to pay for it when I dropped the car off. Well.... 3rd day the car breaks down on me, I had to get out and push it out of the road to a RV Park. Then I called Turo they sent a tow truck pretty quickly. After that I called the owner, and told him, the car is on its way and that I wanted a refund for the 2 days ( TURO CHARGES YOU WHEN YOU MAKE A RESERVATION BEFORE YOU EVEN SEE THE CAR) he said if he can get his Uber money hahahaha. So I called Turo and they said it’s up to him. I much have rather payed the 500 then deal with this nightmare from Elms street.
They help people steal money.
by Tim Beaman on 2018/10/10 00:15
It’s so wrong. A lot of cars are marked the same, .30 to .70 per mile after the limit. But some people know this is in small print and they take advantage of you. They will hike it up to 3 dollars a mile. And turo doesn’t care. I drove a car and when I noticed my trip would be longer than the 100 miles is came with (which is already low) I contacted the host which didn’t respond. It was either turn back and not see my father or keep going and hope he would work something out with me. I was only in Denver for 8 hours and this was my only shot. The host NEVER responded, not even after the fact, and Turo basically said get over it. It was a 50 dollar rental that I had to pay an extra 210 for. I had to drive 5 miles out of the way to get gas and that added 30 dollars to the trip. It cost more to go to the gas station than to fill it up. Turo doesn’t even care. They sad oh well pay it. This isn’t how you run a business that cares about its customers. They promote thieves. Stay away from them. They will side with the host even if the host is trying to scam you.
by jsufhejekfine on 2018/05/09 16:45
Worst customer service I had ever experienced from any company. I rented a car for a trip to Colorado and had brought the car back two hours earlier than I had originally requested, not thinking this would cost me any additional money. This two hour difference apparently meant that I had driven a day shorter so the miles included in the car went from 750 to 600. I was not aware of this change when I requested to end the trip early, there was no warning telling me this would cost me an additionally $80 until after the fact. The only reason I had chosen that car was for the miles included, as I was doing a road trip. When I disputed the charge I emailed Turo three times and never got a response and then called customer support. The woman who answered the phone was apathetic from the start , interrupted me and spoke over me, wasn’t helpful or empathetic and downright rude. She didn’t try to help me whatsoever and just came off as very defensive. I was appalled from this encounter which made me want to write this review. I will never use this service again because of the customer service.
Great app ! Low grade support , they won’t treat you like family .
by treytdw2018 on 2018/10/30 16:20
The application and service they provide is very smart and convenient! However after my vehicle was wrecked by someone renting it I am forced I remove my vehicles and no longer rent from them . My trust within this company has just been demolished . Mainly because I was never provided a travel credit after my vehicle was wrecked ! I was without my vehicle for ten days, as to see this is a vehicle rental service that is the least turo could have done and still do . Until then I have lost all respect for these folks , I paid for premium services and received the lowest of the low . The guy that wrecked my car got a rental from his insurance company for Christ sakes and he doesn’t even own a car . That’s just not fair at the least I am entitled to 19 days travel credit that would be about 600$ on turo for my usual vehicle that we love if turo can’t make that happen then I’m not interested in ever doing business again . It’s a little pricey but you lay for convenience. Thank you for listening .
by ExquisiteNoodles on 2019/02/09 23:48
This idea was super suspect to me since they make sure you know that they are NOT a rental company. They really are just an app that allows people to connect and pay. This intel helped me with my approach! So I wasn’t interested in any renter that didn’t have a lot of reviews and feedback. One thing I hate about the current version of the app is that YOU CANNOT MESSAGE THE OWNER BEFORE CONTRACTING TO RENT! I had to pass on some folks because I couldn’t get clarity on their guidelines or rules and such. With this type of “We Are Not Responsible” and “No One To Call for Customer Service” -Business App-you need to know exactly what your risk are. I had a great first experience because I requested the same info that’s requested of me. Linked In and Facebook profiles, etc. I googled the address to make sure I wasn’t going to any sketchy neighborhoods, etc. And I did not book anyone with a Strict Cancellation policy or who required a deposit. [when I return the car...we square up then and there- NO HIDDEN FEES!] I will use TURO again and may even list my vehicle to see how that goes!! Some people have made a complete business out of this service. It’s like Airbnb (rooms:homes) and Outdoorsy (RV’s) EXCEPT the companies are BETTER and MORE INVOLVED. **if you have issues or accidents do not expect refunds, assistance and the like from Turo. Research your renter.
Renting cars has never been this fun!
by Nick_F_84 on 2018/10/28 01:37
Much like rest of you I have rented cars for personal and business use. And it always comes down to fairly standard cars and long lines at the checkout. Even with certain repeat customer clubs you still have to wait and then you realize the car you ordered is not available. Yeah, Turo is none of that. I have rented twice so far, for vacations with my wife. And both times have been perfect. Fun car and great service from the car loaner. The selection varies based on location but if your close to a very large metropolitan city or airport chances are you’ll have a great selection. Where else can you rent Porsche’s, Tesla’s, Honda’s and basically every other type of car?! As long as loaners continue to be excellent and the app works as promised this will be my go to for both personal and professional car rentals.
Very convenient
by Diz knee on 2018/02/25 17:58
This was my first time using the app, and I was nervous...I’m used to using a rental car agency. However, I did find the app easy to use and the person I rented from was very accommodating. There were only two things that could have been a little different: 1. It wasn’t very clear that MY PERSONAL car insurance would be the primary insurer if there was an accident (I found it in the fine print some place AFTER I had purchased the additional premium insurance). 2. I turned the vehicle back over to the owner a hour and a half before my trip was scheduled to end, but the app didn’t reflect I had turned it back over. Maybe on the owners end they have to click something? I’m not sure, but it does make me feel a little at risk without an actual confirmation I had turned it in. These two things have it a four star rating. Overall, though, I will probably use it again.
Super easy to use!
by Livestronggal on 2019/01/15 04:21
Turo is the Air bnb for cars! This app is extremely user friendly. I do recommend looking for your car at least a day before needing it, especially in less populated areas due to lack of owners having cars listed. My first attempt at using this in the fall fell through because the owner backed out at the last minute which was pretty inconvenient but luckily I did not have any concrete plans that I needed a vehicle for. This most recent time was over the weekend in Orlando, my family drove down from upstate NY but had additional family fly in and our car we drove down didn’t have enough room for everyone. I was able to rent a van hassle free to get us to and from airports and Disney parks. I lucked out with an owner that was quite new to Turo, but it was a great experience. Again, the app is user friendly and highly recommended!
Great service, great Idea, terrible customer service
by Jason Kimosabe on 2017/09/28 14:44
Let me start by saying that the customer service personnel are pleasant to deal with and haven’t been rude or negative in anyway. However I don’t know if it is due to lack of training or just pure incompetence, whenever I call or email customer support my issue isn’t resolved. I have had issues with account setup, where for some reason my name had populated wrong, and I rented a car this way, unaware of the mistake, but for some reason the app had only entered the first three letters of my first and last name. When I called to resolve this issue it took a lot of effort and follow through on my part and the customer service personnel still haven’t updated on the Turo side of things. (I.E. my name appears correctly in the app now, but any correspondence I receive from customer service still has the wrong name.) since then I’ve had issues with money being taken from my account without explanation, and calling and emailing customer service has yet to resolve this issue.
They took $3000 out of my credit card!
by Bluesy92 on 2018/07/28 05:27
Diving right into it. My rental car got hit and run while I was away and I reported the damage immediately. The damage couldn’t have been more than 700 at most! Immediately they take 500 out of your account as soon as you report it. And then the next day, ONLY through email they contacted me, saying they will charge my card an additional 950 in 24 hours. Which they did. I thought it was all said and done. I was willing to pay that BS and just move on. Fast forward 3 weeks, an additional 1500 dollars is now being charged to my already maxed out card. Once again missing the emails, they gave only 24 hours before automatic charge. They are literally pulling pricing out of thin air and trying to take as much money from me as they can. I am filing lawsuit and I have disputes amongst my credit cards happening currently. Turo has literally ruined my financial standing. DO NOT USE THIS APP. They will get you! Their insurance is a scam! The whole company makes most of their money off peoples mistakes I bet. This is absolutely absurd. NEVER USING THIS APP AGAIN!!!!
Good app, but Filtering and rental extension could improve
by Billy.Ruck on 2018/02/08 05:15
This app is mostly what I expected when I downloaded it, great way to rent from local individuals which greatly expands the variety of cars you can rent vs using traditional rental services. App needs more filtering options within the car search, for example, when I have family members coming to town and need a large SUV that seats 6+, there’s no option for filtering results based upon # of seats (even though this data is captured from car owners and displayed on most car listings). So I’m left sifting through a bunch of SUVs to find any that have enough seats and suit our other desired features. Also, the rental extension can be very tricky. I was stuck in traffic and knew I’d be a little late returning a vehicle, but instead of an hour or two extension, Turo only gave me the option to add an additional DAY. Apparently, sometimes they allow extensions and other times you have to add an entire day??
This is by far the worst
by meres order on 2018/11/22 04:23
I made three reservations in one night all were supposed to be instant the first was confirmed and within 20 minutes it was canceled stating the car was not available on the dates that had been confirmed. The second was pending for a few hours and I canceled as they did not seem to want my business. The final was booked and confirmed but an hour later I received a message from the owner that the car was not available but he didn’t cancel. I tried to message the owner back but received no response. I then tried several times to contact support by phone and chat only to be put in this endless cycle of bull the chat said to call the call said to use chat. They don’t want to refund the fees because it’s been over an hour. The first representative Arnel introduced himself as someone else and when I questioned him he left and Julio C took over and told me to call. This is a scam and they are thieves. Luckily my cc company will dispute and refund me. I suggest you look elsewhere unless you want to be stolen from and receive the worst customer service ever.
Host’s that are abusive and lie
by Lying hosts on 2018/06/23 20:56
My experience my second time using Turo was incredible but this was overshadowed by my first experience. Turo does try to resolve issues but this only works when the host is reasonable. The first time I used Turo the host Matt Dave had a Lincoln MKZ that was a dangerous vehicle to drive. It shut off twice on the highway and the host was completely unresponsive leaving us stranded for over 2 hours, unable to get another car. He then had my review on him removed because I used profanity. This is understandable and this was my mistake. Turo was helpful throughout this process but the host continued to lie and say I stole his car key. Turo said they would have to process this claim unless I had a video proving I left the key in the car. I guess I should of remembered to videotape me leaving the key in his car while I was stressed out waiting for him to return my calls while I was stranded. I don’t think Turo is a bad company but until they figure out a way to keep host’s that are abusive, lie, and don’t care about the renters off of Turo, I can only give the company one star.
by Whitej020 on 2018/08/31 16:44
Was stranded in Colorado. They cancelled my reservation with no phone call. I took a 35 min Uber to the car, and when I called the host to let them know I was pulling up, they said Turo called and cancelled my reservation. I said why he said they wouldn’t tell him. This was the worst experience. I was literally standing on the side of the road confused. I went to contact support and was on hold for 45 min. I just took an Uber back to the hotel and had to cut my trip short. They refunded the money but it took a few days to go back on my card. This was a terrible experience. It was my first time using the app, but I had an account for a while. I’ve told so many people about it because it makes so much sense to use over rental agencies. I guess there is peace of mind renting from an actual car rental agency. I won’t be recommending Turo anymore. I’ve had coworkers planning shirt trips and was going to use Turo. I was able to convince them to just go with a rental car place. Book early and have that peace of mind. I wouldn’t want anybody to go through what I did.
Irresponsible Vehicle Owners
by Chulo55 on 2018/03/23 17:07
The concept of this app is very cool. The reality of it is much worse. Many of the renters don’t even remember they have their cars posted, the customer service was rude as hell but SOMEWHAT accommodating as far as refunds. I booked a trip 2 weeks prior to have to cancel my own trip 1 day before because the renter when I finally got ahold of him after a week and a half was clueless I had paid $300 to rent his vehicle. I then went through Turo for a refund and they were just giving me straight attitude. I received my money to use again before I went through the refund process in an attempt to salvage my trip and AGAIN the driver was clueless. Calls, texts, TURO messages all ignored. The driver finally calls me 10min before our pick up appointment and tells me sorry the vehicle isn’t here. Do yourself a favor, save your money and rent a vehicle elsewhere. Also if you’re under 25 don’t think you’ll get away without paying $100s in young driver fees and all the other trip fees TURO applies. Keep track of your renters TURO or your app will die.
Stay Away
by Nick C. in Portland on 2018/06/18 05:01
My most recent bad experience with Turo was when I took an Uber to a confirmed renter only to find out that the person and the car did not exist. I spent 45 min on hold with the emergency line before being told I would receive a phone call from a booking agent to help me with booking a new car. I never received a phone call. I took Uber back to the airport to rent from a regular car rental place. On my way back to the airport I receive an email asking if I still needed assistance. I responded that yes I would like assistance booking. I didn’t receive any assistance but I did book another vehicle and set it up to have it delivered to my hotel in the morning. So instead of getting a normal rental car, I took an Uber to my hotel. As I lay here in bed I checked my email and saw that the vehicle I had scheduled to be delivered is no longer available. So now I have to Uber back to the airport in the morning super early so I’m not late for my meeting. I’m also out $200 in Uber. I was offered $50 by Uber for my trouble. It’s just not worth all this.
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