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spaceeffect - awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor FREE
With spaceeffect you can take a regular photo and apply over 75 effects and textures to create unique looking picture in seconds. Layer as many effects as you like using the "Add another FX" function before sharing to your favorite social network(Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,etc) or save to your camera roll. Main features -75 very cool pic effects to choose from - Stack different pic effects to your photo - Make endless magical pictures via stacking different effects - Move,rotate,scale,flip effect. - Erase & draw effect - Adjust effect opacity - Adjust effect brightness - High resolution output - Crop picture when post to Instagram - Undo FX & Redo FX - 10+ brushes to choose from - Share to Instagram - Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr Any feedback,suggestion will be welcome. You can contact us at:
by 🇬🇧👏😆 on 2015/06/02 19:49
Needs more effects but fun.
Space efx
by Lord of the Strings on 2015/06/02 03:44
Fun program with some cool effects! If you're into double exposures & blending images, this is cool!
🍭magical rainbow fun
by AmuseMel on 2015/06/02 02:48
Easy and quick little fun app that does what it says without any issues 😊
Just grate
by Qmapebtx on 2015/05/30 17:28
This app is really fun to mess around with, I love making drawings i find look just a little cooler, anyhow, grate app
فضيع التطبيق
by Froti_74 on 2015/05/30 08:38
يستاهل الف نجمه 🌷🌷🌷 شكراااا للمطورين
by TokioSmooth on 2015/05/30 01:45
The best picture effects editor I ran across hands down
From ordinary to extraordinary
by Cherokeechild on 2015/05/28 14:34
This is what I was looking for! With this app I can get away from the mundane and give my loved ones the pizazz they deserve!
by Believe1000 on 2015/05/28 04:24
I love his app so much I am still getting used to using it but so far it's amazing!!!!!!😍😭
by PooooooooooAbby on 2015/05/27 11:45
This app is crazy cool I looooove it!😜😍
by G.0ldenkayy on 2015/05/26 02:50
by Neno05 on 2015/05/26 00:57
It looks amazing I am satisfied with my results
Ver Cool
by Master Destoryer on 2015/05/22 20:33
Nice effects,cool app,I like it
Don't Waste Your Time App
by Ophie87 on 2015/05/19 14:08
Like the title says "Don't waste your time with this App" Color & Graphic are too light and not as they appear in their advertising
An enjoyable app
by Tokalub on 2015/05/16 05:00
Easy to use and fun. Adds a nice aspect to images. Also love that the pro is only 99 cents but isn't pushed to being invasive.
Hate it it stinks👿😡😕
by Zhuhai so on 2015/05/14 01:29
All those dumb adds won't let me do a stinking thing and it's so annoying I can't do a thing I'm glad it did not cost money don't get this app it will disappoint you if this costed anything I'd demand money back I hate this!!!!!!#stinks
It's simple!
by JayOfYO on 2015/05/12 17:42
Would be better with more effects!
by The omega wolf on 2015/05/12 01:15
It was an alright app but I don't recommend it for those who like editing pics it's more on the special effects side and you can't even add your own text
A very good app in general. It's a bit basic, but it does the
by Jahmazon on 2015/05/11 18:43
A very good app in general. It's a bit basic, but it does the Great job at doing what it does, reflections in various ways.
by StarrriKnight on 2015/05/04 14:23
Awesome effects to choose from! A good one to have fun with.
My Fav editing Fx effect app!
by TheKey7864 on 2015/05/04 03:25
Plz add more effects!!This is the best one out there just add more effects for free,pretty please????
Worst app ever
by Pokemonlover62 on 2015/05/03 13:38
It doesn't even let you open up the app
Random user
by Terra_wolfpaw on 2015/04/27 05:15
It's really fun to mess around with the effects and I really like being able to add multiple effects to a single picture
Ta da
by Jake bil. on 2015/04/26 21:54
Awesome effects
by Chant scandal on 2015/04/26 18:30
A swine
Zally name
by Coaster women on 2015/04/25 16:22
This is hard to tell you but it is not good app
Love it
by Vaeh's Bistro on 2015/04/24 04:26
by Sonari (DJ Sonari) on 2015/04/22 01:39
Te effects are high quality. I can edit the brightness, contrast, etc. Many things to choose from. I love it! In fact, I use this app to make pictures of spacey sci-fi stuff for my youtube page.
So far good!!
by KRMKYM on 2015/04/20 14:57
Hasn't given me. Any issues! But I haven't done a whole lot with it
by WingsC.2227 on 2015/04/18 17:34
In this app of wonder, you may find its a bit confusing, but you'll get it right. You can post of prime position on Instagram and Twitter and even Facebook! But most of all, I think you will find it to be quite. . . Magikal! Be careful what you wish for!!!💗💭
Great Free App for effects!
by N0NEM0REBLACK on 2015/04/18 08:18
Very user friendly and simple to use to enhance photos with different sci fi type effects. I wouldn't mind a bit more control in the Draw Effects feature but for a free app this was exactly what I needed to make my pictures feel more dynamic.
by GermanyOk on 2015/04/18 06:21
I'm very impressed and satisfied with this app. Not many free photoshops are this great.
by Aliciaswift on 2015/04/13 19:56
Sooo.... I was looking for editing apps and found this. I usually don't do reviews but this app deserves one. Usually apps like this are super cheap and glitchy and it doesn't have lots of free things. This app has cool stuff and Has lots of free things. Probably going to buy pro. Good job 💘👍❤️💖💞
by Only striving on 2015/04/13 01:16
It seems pretty cool a lot of cool FX themes . Not a lot of varies to choose from though very limited but very unique.😄😄
I wish I could do it
by HeatherLandry on 2015/04/09 15:44
The effect is almost invisible after I apply it. I edit it and make it as bright as possible, then apply it, but then it becomes transparent. Looks great while in edit mode though. I have no idea how to make this work the way it does in the examples. Do I have to buy the Pro version? Surely not. I wouldn't buy the Pro version if the free version doesn't work right.
Awesome app
by Perryap4 on 2015/04/05 22:49
This app is an awesome app. It is fun to have a boring old picture and make it something new.
Great app
by Dtcoyote on 2015/04/05 03:32
This is a great app. It's great for modifying pics. But one thing that u could add is being able to put a edit behind the picture. It kinda messed up the pic when u put the thing in front of the pic.
AWESOME!!! :-)
by Big man weak legs on 2015/04/04 16:56
It works so good! No more searching for stuff What u guys need to add is a reflection thing that reflects the own pictures. Also in many ways like wobbly or funny reflection
Cool App
by on 2015/04/04 14:58
I just started playing with the app- and find it enjoyable and easy to use. I recommend it.
by Kreve me 🙋 on 2015/04/04 13:08
Needs some more life
Not bad
by Gaberuth13 on 2015/04/03 02:55
It's not bad nor to many fx but good for free
My review
by Sweetor2 on 2015/04/02 04:01
Love this application its great
by Gusto maldo on 2015/03/31 18:52
I use it for every picture I take‼️ love the effects hope it adds more
Photo enhancer
by Riddick0420 on 2015/03/31 15:53
by 1979micheal jackson is king on 2015/03/29 20:34
Love it best effects yet!!
by Tay Tay💚 on 2015/03/29 17:29
Wtay007dance- I love it. It needs some work but it's just like any other app that works really great. I use this app to edit my pics for Instagram. 🕥🕥🕥
All good
by L💙💋E on 2015/03/29 04:53
It's ok just wasn't what j wanted
by Backboo on 2015/03/28 18:14
Needs more work on the edits
Ⓟⓡⓔⓣⓣⓨ ⓒⓞⓞⓛ
by ( >^3^)> on 2015/03/26 22:47
This app has really cool effects- would rate it five stars buuuuut the fact that ya have to pay for more effects is a downer
by Drgnflymoon on 2015/03/26 01:39
Five stars
by Alex astral on 2015/03/26 00:09
Great helps my photo editing a lot of time saved
LIKE IT but……………
by Kcamd on 2015/03/25 13:03
It freezes way too much. It is so slow and if you edit it and put another edit on it you can't get the last one off!!!😡😡 Bur other than that the game is not so bad.😀😀
Fun app to use.
by Caliroro on 2015/03/23 16:40
I would like to see more free effects that different. There is a lot of of effects that are very similar.
by Jrk a boi on 2015/03/23 07:30
This is pretty cool! I am just Learning some special fx!
Awesome app
by Hsjcjdjdj on 2015/03/23 05:14
It has lots of cool effects to choose from which are going to make your pictures look awesome
by IzzytheG on 2015/03/22 16:47
Worth downloading!
BAD APP!!!!!!
by Oh Come On!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 on 2015/03/21 22:34
This app is NOTHING of what it claims to be! All you get to do is draw over top of picture and add filters to your photos! THIS IS A BAD APP!!! D:<
Love it
by Thee Ronimał on 2015/03/21 02:57
Space FX
by Tatianna Raquel on 2015/03/20 18:29
by Tiavia on 2015/03/20 04:20
Fun and easy to use. Wish they offered more effects.!
by BettiePaige on 2015/03/19 01:15
This is a confusing game at first but once you get the hang of it is fun!
by xxxKaustxxx on 2015/03/16 21:57
Still getting the hang of it, but there are a few that look good in any picture. I prefer the blended colors not the ones with a distinct separation between the colors.
Great !!!
by Fernando - David on 2015/03/16 14:51
You will make many beautiful pictures with this app :) I have to use it everywhere (y)
Better than expected
by CaymanRich on 2015/03/16 02:10
Not bad for a free app. Worth downloading
Fun stuff
by Bridgiiee on 2015/03/15 05:09
Pretty cool, simple to use. Enjoyable all around.
So cool!
by UNeedInsperation on 2015/03/14 00:13
The effects are amazing! It looks so cool! Get the app!
It amazing
by Cz2429 on 2015/03/12 16:12
I honestly love this app all of my plain old photos now are beautiful because of this app I just wish there was more glitter😁
Good app
by Moshwithmeh on 2015/03/11 03:05
Cool effects really easy to use
by delilkitty on 2015/03/09 15:34
Its ok a bit limited but fun and easy to use
by Mazedge on 2015/03/08 13:54
Muy buena,entretenida y tiene lo escencial que yo nesesito.
by Erick Evanstone on 2015/03/07 17:14
This is a really cool app! I'm very glad that I found it. It's easy to use and has great effects.
by Alex the smartie on 2015/03/06 16:56
Speechless on how awesome it is
Great but something is wrong
by Milan brooks on 2015/03/05 20:32
everything is great but to get all of the special effects you have to upgrade to the full version which 99 cents
It's free so 😬
by Ahnamahma on 2015/03/04 04:27
It's not easy to figure out and needs a tutorial. Only a couple of effects and you see them right here in the description so mostly bored...
Elena rosales
by Manny5598 on 2015/03/02 23:46
This app is supper co I love it so much
by Briecc on 2015/03/02 18:16
This app is wonderful, and FREE!!!! Love all the effects and easy to use!!! Definitely get the app!!! 5 Stars hands down!!
Fun, but needs clarification...
by Doc Konga on 2015/03/01 19:56
I downloaded this on a whim, and it's kind of fun. It's got potential, but there's no tutorial to get you started, no instructions aside from a bare-bones "i" icon... some user-friendliness would go a LONG way. Three stars.
This app is awesome
by Mariah Rose Padilla on 2015/03/01 14:26
This app is really cool... You can do all sorts of different things on here... This app is very entertaining and it works... So get this app!!!
Fun and looks awesome
by Emmelion on 2015/03/01 04:51
This is my favorite photo editing app. There is a large selection of effects, they are somewhat similar but in general are just awesome. It is one of those apps where you need to practice to make things turn out right and you have to figure if out a bit. I love it!
Space effect
by Have fun lol on 2015/03/01 04:47
Love the app the best ever!
App review
by Justin bieber4ever on 2015/03/01 00:11
It's confusing but fun
by Ortegachili58 on 2015/02/28 16:33
Got to get the hang of it and play with more photos but seems like a fun app
by Arkdoc on 2015/02/26 13:24
It's really cool and is really neat to play around with your photos and see wht you can do
by Jendarwin on 2015/02/26 04:17
Good Game😁
by Kstar728 on 2015/02/25 23:30
I personally love this game,I like how it has a reflection to show as if it was real. Unfortunately,there is a few problems.(For Example)I hate how the ads fill up almost the whole game. When I was face timing I was making a picture for my friend and I had to disconnect. Otherwise this is an beautiful game. Keep up the good work guys!😚
Space effect
by Sherwelliam on 2015/02/25 22:01
I purchased just now 2-25-15 it doesn't work at all..
by hello55566789 on 2015/02/25 21:53
Great game
Make slide show movies
by Joeygeegee on 2015/02/24 11:13
I use this product all the time. Application easy to use. Looks like a million. Joey
by amathryn on 2015/02/24 06:02
Works wonderfully
Great app!!
by Poodoo117 on 2015/02/23 23:22
The best app for editing like this!!!
by Mojangster3114 on 2015/02/22 04:26
Only giving it 4 stars because I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. XD I've used it to edit some pictures of a friend to look like a God of The Universe, and it's pretty awesome. Keep adding in sweet effects. Black holes would definitely be cool. :D Great app.
Top best
by Pwahd on 2015/02/21 09:42
The best thing ever
Great app
by W714icked on 2015/02/18 05:01
Love the app just download it today and did a bunch of pics highly recommended
Pretty Nice!
by Sanfran 84 on 2015/02/16 18:55
I really like it but when I want to make a cool effect it doesn't show up that much. Even when u turn it up on its highest. Other times when I turn it up highest, it pops up too much and looks bass. But other than that I like it.
by Dude13116$$ on 2015/02/16 16:44
Put more effects
by I really like it! Or do I?? on 2015/02/15 23:36
This is my go to app for photo editing!!
Pretty fun app
by Jazz3511 on 2015/02/15 21:21
Once you get the hang of it there is a lot you can do with your pictures. I wish you could edit the photo itself. Black and white, sepia, etc. it would be nice to be able to do that within the app.
Cute app
by SprinklesAndGlitter on 2015/02/14 04:40
Really cute and fun to add effects to your pics!
by Sweggyyy69 on 2015/02/13 23:21
This is a very good app and i think i like chese so this is cool
Lobe it
by Itsjulezagain on 2015/02/13 01:28
I love space effects. It's fun and easy to use
4.5 stars And making a wish with the remainder
by SoultreeMama on 2013/08/03 04:25
Love ur app. Lotsa fun. Can u create more space in ur tool bar for an " undo" option on the same page where u edit the effect without having to select dine first? If we can access all the options in a tool bar on the same page it would save users lots of time and confusion. Thru trial and error I kept hitting cancel a million times to undo effect and try another. Also u should include an option to change photo from tool bar. Change photo button could prompt a warning all will be lost like ur cancel button does. I would keep the final save page separate but still have a back button in case users have last minute changes they want to make so they can easily access all tools again without canceling or undoing the last effect. So basically change the cancel button to "back" and make room in the tool bar for the FX menu, edit options, eraser fx, draw fx, reset, undo and redo and change photo button to all be accessible on the same page with "back" and "done" as the navigation buttons at top of the page and the last page be identical except the "done " button b replaced w a "save" button that prompts "save" & "share" options and "create new" option that returns u to ur app home page. These effects are so awesome. I love ur app. 4.5 stars
by A Beautiful Disaster on 2013/11/30 23:50
I'm giving 4 stars~as I'm sure it's a decent photo & editing app. Seems that having the iPhone 5s~the App Store wants me to rate before I've been able to do some awesome editing. Normally I prefer to use an app approx a dozen times before rating. I'm satisfied with my iPhone, but I'm still missing my totally awesome photo apps from the google play store (sorry I-App Store). I wasn't happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm glad the iPhone App Store now has Google Books App & Google Play Music Apps~finally recovered my books & music. Now PLEASE ADD GOOGLE APP STORE & All Will BE FINE!!!! I know GOOGLE didn't beg for ratings on apps that I really don't feel comfortable rating till I've had sufficient time using an app. This probably won't be seen by anyone, but I was asked to rate~here's the rating. I could have given a 5 star rating with pros & cons, except was tired of being asked to rate everytime I open an app.✌️💃👍👏😃🙏😂
Not much here. Got boring quick.
by fdavidn on 2014/12/08 03:19
I gotta say that I haven't seen another app that does what this does. It has IIRC 6-8 preset patterns of color. I'm not sure I'll use the app that much. I did figure out that if you use type on a blank page (a photo of what you want to work on) it will fill only the type; a nice type effect if you want. I tried to figure out how to make the little swirls and fires that the pictures show at the a feet and hands of the astronaut; I wasn't successful in doing that. Other than fill for a box background or letters I don't see where I where or when I might want to use this one effect. It puts colorful preset stripes, circles, smudges and the like over your photo. There are a few basic adjustments you can make. That's pretty much it. At least it is FREE. I will say it didn't crash. And I did like the patterns. Altogether though the end effects that I was able to figure out were not very exciting. Actually they were pretty boring IMHO.
Used to be great
by EmmaAmmeGatesSetag on 2014/08/25 03:29
The last time I used this app it was absolutely amazing. I used it for the first time in months today, and I'm very disappointed. It wouldn't let me exit out of the photo I was editing once I decided I did not like the photo anymore. It used to be that I could just go back and it would send me to the homepage. But instead I had to save the photo, and to my dismay a pop up showed up asking me to write a review. It turns out, even after that it still would not let me exit out of the photo until I restarted my device. In my opinion, there are some bug fixes that need to be done before this app can be as wonderful as it used to be. Other than that problem it is one of the best photo editing apps I have ever used.
Artist review
by Dark Falls Art Dark Illusions on 2014/09/28 17:36
I have already seen many posts here that state this app needs more. More layer effects. App should provide faster results when loading etc. App needs to connect to other data bases user owns so they can access photo albums previously uploaded, shared and saved on other sites. ie. MySpace Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest albums etc. and share from one platform to any page/site user owns. App should include a text generator to provide seamless layering of graphic, changeable font size and color text. Also it should include a layering generator so user can upload their own pic to make their own layers. Think about it...there are many apps but if you want to shine above the rest LISTEN TO YOUR USER NEEDS and REQUESTS. ;)
by Beauty Queen shandra on 2013/08/04 17:00
This is an awesome app!!😃 First day of using it and I fell in love w/ it.😘😍 It's pics r so cool.😎 Now I'm taking more pics and letting my imagination go out of this world!!!👣 I take pics and show my family. 👪 I show them the before and after. 👫👪 I recommend this app to all the creative fotoghraphers that r looking for some creativity w/ out using the Internet.👶👦👧👨👩👴👵 What I mean by this is for those people who just want to add creativity to their pics and not getting them on the net 😇 But if u do want them on the net it gives u a choice. 😄Keep on making great apps!!😊😉
by Llllkll on 2012/09/15 07:43
Paste the Rainbow !!! MUST DOWNLOAD!!! I absolutely LOVE this app!!! Amazingly wonderful & useful app that can be used for almost ALL pics, and NOT limited to Space, Fantasy, SciFi, etc. All can be moved, rotated & resized to your heart's desire. Also, it allows painting individual colors to specific areas when you need just a little more pop of color without covering up your pic's details. Nice choice of filters to add predesigned patterns. But you can just as easily erase the entire filter and create your own!! So, with around 48 effects, almost half of which are wonderful filters on their own, this app can offer practically endless possibilities limited only by your imagination. 》I DO ask for one change/addition; 》the ability to control the 》opacity/transparency with a slide 》control. While it is possible, to an 》extent, using the eraser & drawing 》controls, it can be very tedious. ᏔᎾᎺᎠᏋᏒᎰᏌᏝ ᎯᏡᏡ!!!
by Smeshnaya on 2012/09/23 13:26
Pretty nice app. Need to make all of the effects so that you can see them on black or white backgrounds. That's the only thing so far I could ask to be changed. Some of my pics are high in contrast or taken at night or in winter and then many of the effects don't show up on the white or black parts of the image only on the actual subject and that isn't where I wanted it. ;) it would be cool if the all of the effects would show up on white so you could get a sort of ethereal feel. Thanks!
This is a waste and BS
by Bavatar on 2012/09/23 23:54
First of all, I don't believe for a second that all these 5 stars reviews are legit. There is no way that the first few dozen reviews are all real. I suspect it's the developers and their friends and family. That said, this is a stupid app that just slaps a colored filter pattern over your photos. The developers also are promoting this as free for a limited time but it's the non-pro version of the app. So the free version is free they are saying. Then it has a bunch of upgrade links to the Pro as well as a fake chat bar thing that is supposed to trick you into thinking you have a message but that really takes you to another app to buy. Sleazy and dishonest marketing. Plus this app is stupid. My dog could have farted a better more useful app.
From an artist/photographer stand point..
by InC 420 on 2012/09/16 04:24
The app has a very cool and different approach of taking and editing photos from your iPhone although the system doesn't go smoothly when using the edits. I.e pressing "cancel" and "discard changes" is too much for a simple edit, try one action to delete something. Also, it would be nice if you added another 2 pages for the FX because as an artist I like to have a vast option of colors and designs. Take in consideration that I don't have the pro version though but that is my opinion on the free version.
It's alright:|
by ashsoccer99 on 2014/02/15 03:27
The app doesn't have very realistic effects that would go with pictures that we take with our I phone, I pod, I pad, etc. the effects would go nice with pictures you would take from a cannon camera but with your device you can't really take that great of pictures to use. If u get this app you might have some good pics( I have some good ones, just not very many) that you could use but... from the pictures that I have used so far it looks better if u upload a picture from your camera or if you save a picture from google. That's just my opinion!:)
by Oh Noooooooo on 2012/10/08 01:57
Been delighted and happy with this free app's photo effects . Until iPhone 5 launch. I have 4s using OS6. Now color saturation is not nearly intense as prior, especially on first page and next 3, and some others. I tried using same photos as before to play with app update and effects, and they don't even come close to intensity as before. Don't know if its a bug that needs fixing or is merely a device to shift users to buy pro version-- I see a major difference in file memories between the two. Anyhow, it is free. Would Love to have it be able to give the same stellar results-- pun intended-- as before.
Perfect App!
by Sims addiction on 2014/05/03 21:02
I can't think of anything I didn't like about this app. It makes really fun and amazing pictures. And the erase tool gives it that much needed affect. Not to mention, I take the colored dots and make them almost transparent to give an affect of light. It gives the pictures a really nice realistic feel. There's also quite a few fun ones to choose from. Don't even look at the bad reviews, this is a perfect app!
I like it
by Magic_Ninja on 2012/09/12 05:48
Thanks to the free version on this app it will get my dollar for the full version. For weeks I've seen app named space paint and wondered if it was any good but I didn't want to pay for it without trying it. Also, there is another free version of an app called wowfx and its similiar to this one. I like theres pretty good but i like the erase feature of this app better. Thanks to this company and they're free app to try it out. it gets the dollar. Yay! Hopefully they will update soon and offer more layers like the wowfx app.
by 4 star rarer on 2014/02/25 12:14
The app kept asking me to rate it, 3 TIMES! First time I'm like I didn't even use the app. Second time I'm like "okay I took a photo but can I share it?!?" After I did every thing I wanted to do, I WAS SURE I LOVED THIS APP! Then it asked me one last time and I rated it. But can I just say something to the creators" this app is great but if someone says they don't want to rate it don't keep asking. Please put a don't ask again button. Otherwise thankyou I LOVE THIS APP!:)"
Space Effects App
by AwesomeRanger03 on 2012/09/15 07:08
This is the app for people who like/love customizing their photos. This app is so cool, awesome, fantastic and more...... If you're going to buy a app that will let you customize or edit your photos then before you buy it try this app first because this app is fantastically awesome ez... people who don't like customizing their photos will love it. I give this app 9/10 because I would like to have more and more and more of editing tools and more features to customize your photos.
Great app
by Photo effect lover on 2013/02/22 06:35
A Must get app... I did have the pro version on my now lost iPod touch but for some reason I was unable to retrieve any all of my bought apps . Still trying to figure out how. But I like this one so much I got it on my new ipodtouch 6.1.2 . Wishing I still had a cc as well to get its pro version again way worth it. Thank u an he who will or has complained . Learn how to use the effects u use, before you write a stupid review k
Needs more options
by Str8 up Jenius on 2013/07/24 21:32
Please add an eraser tool in order to erase part or most of a certain graphic. This app has the potential of going viral and it could make a lot of money! I'd buy it just to get rid of the adds if I used it every day. There's not a ton of stuff to do on it so adding more to it such as galaxies, stars, black holes, rings, spaceships, comets, star streakers, and different colored oval rings would make this app one of the best apps on the market!
Love it
by BrainSaladSurgeon on 2012/09/19 13:23
Love it more than the other one like it I already have, except it keeps asking me to upgrade to Pro when I thought that's what I paid $2.99 for? It shows me more effects than I have if I upgrade, so I'm in, but when I press Pro again I get kicked out of the app and nothing happens. Oh well, i'll either figure it out or I won't. The number of effects I already have will keep me occupied a while.
Not bad
by Blazingwulf on 2012/09/18 07:15
Would be awesome if I could change the background... Like cut the person out of photo and paste into new background or into a blank one (black) And I would really like to see the add effect button to be worked on, right now it goes like this, add effect ,centered and sized at mid, in order to edit it you need to press edit fx button. It should be add effect, ready to be edited because we always want to Edit the effect right away, it saves us the whole , why isn't it working.. Oh duh edit button, moment
by Dhdie on 2014/10/07 10:57
This is my first time downloading an app like this now and my first review on any app. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ this app doesn't get 5 stars for nothing it is awesome. I like this app cause it is actually easy to make a design if u like a nice simple stuff. If u r a person that's like many different designs it may be harder to work with. U can take ur own pictures that's what like about it. Ull have to test it ur self but I like it.
Impressive :)
by 800"56&4 on 2013/01/01 19:36
I've been using this for a day and I've been so impressed. This app is amazing. You know the sample pictures they give you before you purchase the app? You can actually do that. This app has a bunch of cool features and it is so easy to use. Plus, you can impress your friends on Instagram with an easy sharing button. This app is no less than amazing!!!!
by Love562 on 2012/12/03 04:29
I love this app and it has a lot of effects you could use around three pages of em and you could unjust them do that cool and after a while when you want to go on the app you click an you don't have to wait for it to load it right away gives you the options so that's cool I thinkso. Yah have fun with this app and I hope you all like this app😜😉😌☺👅
Love it but could use some changes
by Lady Jaguara on 2012/09/20 07:11
Beautiful effects. App runs super slow though, the background effects don't show up? App could be simplified by being able to just move and rotate without the press of a button, maybe just have flip and brightness/ saturation buttons appear on selected effects layer, perhaps replace edit with a layers button to get to different effects easier.
Very fun, but can get a little old
by Fjsgjtfcc on 2014/10/05 14:23
I really like this app a lot, it adds cool effects and lets you draw things yourself. I wish they would add a feature where you could type a word or something and make it a special font like fire, glitter or something else. I also wish we could draw things in special fonts. Otherwise I really like this app and hope they add these features.
Rating this App
by JerZgirl124 on 2014/11/09 12:27
Everyone is correct when do these apps get fix? I'm sick to death if paying for apps that aren't working properly! When are the makers going to underfreakingstand that they need to keep on top if this BS to make us consumers happy?!?!?! Without us they don't make money and in fact WHEN I READ THE REVIEWS AND THEY HAVE NEGATIVITY IN THE FIRST TWO I move on. I won't purchase/download that app. Same goes here!!! I'm giving it in writing less than one star because of non-repair of the app, awful terrible customer service and non-responsive to customer requests!!! MY RATING IS LESS THAN ONE STAR!!! By JerZgirl124
by gabygirl2 on 2013/02/24 05:45
I've tried a lot of different photo editing apps ... But this one is so far one of the best !!!!!! And even though the app is free it still gives you a lot of options.. The ads on it are great! They are not constantly in your face being annoying. And it's soo easy to use a 2 year old can use this app ..... :) 😃 overall great !!!!!! :D ;) 👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😄😀😁😌
by Alexisstutte on 2014/05/26 02:47
Ok this app is amazing! I use it all the time for editing my pictures. I have an account just for edits and everyone loves them, exspeccially when i use this app! Adding for effects would be a great idea. People should make more apps like this one, amazing. Outstanding. Awesome. Perfecto. Ok. I did my part of writing the review, ur turn to read it and update it!
by Zeepinkadink on 2013/09/18 20:46
This is the easiest 5 star review I have EVER given. The effects are sick, thing like erasing parts of the effect so you can see something better are ridiculously easy and seamless, no harsh erase lines. I'm in love. I've you've been looking for colorful, rainbow, cosmic filters for your photos... LOOK NO FURTHER! Beautiful work on this guys, will be using this for a LONG time <3 :)
It needs one more thing.
by Janjanflanflan5332 on 2013/12/04 04:08
I love this app. It makes photo editing pop and adds brilliant color. Although, something that would be nice to have would be a zoom feature. When I add effects, it would be great to zoom in and see if I've missed a spot as I'm adding the effect. This would be helpful so I can go back and correct it before I finish editing.
Tons of ads, app is unstable
by CaitlinSays on 2014/12/07 17:21
The effects themselves are okay, but the annoying part is that I can't get a feel for this app because of the advertising. Want to scroll through some effects? It makes you wait 5 seconds as it counts down & navigates you out of the app & into safari and some random website. Most of the time when I can apply an effect, it crashes and doesn't save my changes. I wouldn't purchase simply for the annoyance factor in my trial run.
Does what it says!
by Srackmyer on 2012/10/15 01:33
Easy to use and doesn't degrade the quality of my photography like other apps do! Allows you to change opacity, brightness, size, and any angle or flipped view of the effect that you want. Doesn't make your photo a square like other apps, it allows you to keep original size.
Pretty good could be better
by Liv0314 on 2014/02/06 21:36
I liked it. But if they were going to make it better I would add text and more options to do. I have many other apps like this I would find something that makes this one better than the others. Also if u are into photo stuff like this then you should use this app and some others and use it to mix it up. Overall a good app but could be better.
by Transcendency on 2014/06/19 11:24
Everything that you do, on this app, makes your picture look incredible! Cool effects that make the picture look more epic than how you took it! I made 3 cool looking pictures just after installing this app 30 minutes ago. Definitely worth a download!
It's been 2 years since app update?
by Chii May on 2014/11/28 04:21
Recently ( actually just now)purchased both . Hope it will be worth my money. Do I need to keep both apps on my phone now that I've up grade to pro? Why are their still adds? I do really like this app. I think it needs bug fixes and communication with development. This app has great potential.
Coolest little app
by Shawn klum on 2014/12/29 22:11
I may only have the free version but I have to say this is one of the coolest little apps I've ever had I can complain only about one thing and that's the fact you cannot stretch or shrink the effects but that alone being the free version that Alone I have To give it a full rating of stars
by Romexec on 2014/03/22 03:10
This is so great! I love it. The only thing is that you have to have the right pictures or else it won't work and it won't look good. So if you take a picture, think if you want to use it for this and them make it so that if you add anything it will look good
Fun and looks awesome
by Emmelion on 2015/03/01 04:51
This is my favorite photo editing app. There is a large selection of effects, they are somewhat similar but in general are just awesome. It is one of those apps where you need to practice to make things turn out right and you have to figure if out a bit. I love it!
Great App
by Kill3R CH0l0 on 2012/10/05 07:21
Was having fun with this for about a week or so, then suddenly it began to function improperly. Planned on buying the full edition sometime in the near future anyway. I would really like if I was give the option to zoom in, especially when using the eraser. Overall, simple fun and powerful way to manipulate photos. Definitely worth the download.
Out of this world!!!!
by catscatscats10 on 2013/07/27 15:34
It's a really great app! It has really cool affects and it hasn't crashed or had any problems! :D you can make things rainbow, on fire, or cool space looking things! There are good options! I do think they should add more effects though but it's an over-all great app ~thanks for reading <3
Decent app
by D. McCormick on 2014/01/22 15:31
I've seen apps that offer a lot less and are paid apps. It's an easy to use app that makes editing your images a snap. It takes only a few seconds even for the most inexperienced user to creatively and effectively use the app due to it's intuitive nature.
Very nice
by Nathan montes on 2014/02/28 22:41
A little confusing at first but once you fully understand what options you have available to you you will create amazing pictures I definitely recommend this app to all people who enjoy editing and general photography
Really nice
by Instrument Shepherd on 2014/09/09 21:59
I was surprised at how easy it was to figure out the controls. It allows for a lot of creativity. The only thing I don't like is once you put an effect on you can't go back and change it later after you add one on top of it. Other than that, great.
by Choyal on 2012/09/15 15:13
Soooo... I love this app it is amazing so many cool affects that I love Using everyday when I first got I had no idea what to do but aperantly I was using it wrong yea u would probably thank how u do it wrong but it's possible but when I started doing it right I loved and now I use it everyday and love taking pictures(((;
by Becky Beck2 on 2013/11/10 20:15
Well I think it is a great App but...... My only compliant is that the animations that u can do don't look like they really feature after the description of the app at the bottom of the page they turn out to be kind of dull but in the end they still do look pretty cool. They are fun and easy to post on instagram or facebook.
by Yuki Moniwa on 2014/05/01 22:01
His app is awesome! There are so many options to choose from and the effects are now able to move around and increase or lower the intensity. But now I think it would be sweet to add a pinch function so you can mess with the effects even more! This way you don't need to make more effects and infanta lay get more choices. But yay this app!
by Taylor🐢 on 2015/01/06 02:21
This is a great app with amazing,different and cool effects. The effects that you can give your pics makes your photo look even better and makes you pics really stand out! I would recommend buying it and if you don't like the app then delete it! I's not like you payed anything for it,it's a free app😌
Doesn't Dissapoint
by Elig4m3r on 2012/11/05 00:33
I really enjoy making pictures come to life in a whole different way, and this app helps do that. More effects would be awesome, and why did you change the icon?? 😕 It signified what the app did and made the app unique. Now it is just a typical photo icon.
Great app!
by ARandomGirlChangingHerName on 2013/07/22 04:03
I just got the app an it already is amazing! The effects are something I haven't seen before, and I can erase what ever I want from the effect! It's amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who just enjoys to mess around with pictures to make something new and beautiful.
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