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With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that? Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun—use the Swipe Right™ feature to Like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new. Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, Swipe Right. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes. Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over. MORE FEATURES? THAT’S A PLUS Upgrade to tinder plus® for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd. GET THE GOLD TREATMENT Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife ----------------------------------- If you choose to purchase tinder plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current tinder plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase tinder plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free. All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.
Horrible Customer Service
by sidzim22 on 2019/02/17 17:20
Got banned for being respectful, self-respecting, and kind. They immediately delete profiles without considering that people lash out when they are rejected from being disgusting
by Robert Baralt on 2019/02/17 17:05
This app is dead. Not a single response in over 2 weeks of using this app.
Pretty good, lacking some features
by Kevakn on 2019/02/17 17:02
Like the ability to organize your matches. It would be really nice if I could organize the matches that I haven’t messaged yet based on how close they are to me. It’s really annoying having to scroll through matches and half of them went home from college or whatever and they’re like 70 miles away, when my radius is 20.
“Network error, please try again”
by Tabytha78 on 2019/02/17 16:55
Was unable to match with any likes. Every time I swiped right it said “Network error, please try again” Had to delete account
by GeeHB on 2019/02/17 16:24
Currently when I am texting someone looks like it’s all them. It constantly tells me I have a message when it is me who was messaging. I shouldn’t be notified of my own message only theirs.
Banned for no reason, absolutely NO customer service.
by MSFTSrep SL on 2019/02/17 14:27
Was banned for no reason, provided zero explanation, and have realized their email box has four preset responses. Paid for gold and no refund. I know it’s just tinder but I’m genuinely upset—there were so many potential friends and connections I would have made with people in different states and even abroad who I have no way of contacting anymore. Tinder give back my account!!!!
Random ban
by Dumb ideaz2424 on 2019/02/17 13:56
Banned account for no reason, pretty sure my ex and friends prbly reported me then they’re amazing staff goes and bans my account. No explanation or anything.
They rip you off
by strawberrylipsmack on 2019/02/17 12:54
Tinder plus and tinder gold weren’t very much but they raised their prices very high. I purchased tinder plus for $20 and realized I wanted tinder gold, it gave me an option to pay an extra $10 because tinder gold is $30. But they charged me separately for tinder plus and tinder gold totaling in $50. My purchases are pending and can’t ask for a refund until it goes through and only have 48 hours to request it. I’m just super bummed out that $50 went down the drain
Ads stop music
by Ali1989999 on 2019/02/17 11:14
If you are listening to music on iphone and an ad comes up (which happens frequently) it stops your music... super annoying.
Not working.
by kvngkatt on 2019/02/17 09:36
I use my friends phone to log into my tinder and people text me on snap saying they’ve matched with me but it won’t pop up on my tinder and when I went to the site for help there was nothing I could do. No help at all.
Works fine
by 3D Da Great on 2019/02/17 09:33
The app in itself works fine. I deleted the app because I was trying to not have a monthly renewal of a gold subscription. Plus Tinder Gold is awesome. Tinder was just not for me anymore. Got a few Ladies on there but I’m changing my life around and it was becoming a distraction and a bit of a annoyance as well.
2 stars away from satisfied
by Cal Golden Bear on 2019/02/17 07:16
In your next update: +1 link Tinder to Apple Music, +1 create a version for the user who will never pay for Tinder. The “in-app purchase reminder” is overkill.
Great App, but...
by iMathew! on 2019/02/17 06:37
I’ve been using Tinder Gold for a few months now to benefit from being able to match with people before going to a foreign place. And I found it worth it. But here is an aspect that seriously needs to be addressed: the people that match with you but never, ever respond even once to your messages. Not only are they ruining my experience but they are wasting my time, clustering my Messages page, and when I end up removing them (un-match) I feel that it damages my internal app score. Overall they ruin the experience for me; and as I read online, for many other people too. I’m sure you’re aware of the problem and already know how to fix it, but here are some ideas: - In the un-match window, create an option to let you know about ‘people not responding’ (only if they’ve not replied once) - Show as ‘seen’ when people read your text to know if they’re ignoring you or just not on the app anymore. Or a profile last seen x days ago. - Downgrade or limit functionality of time-wasters that match with many people and never engage once with most matches. Ex. Can’t see new matches if you have x number of previous matches that you never interacted once with. - Make maintaining a conversation with someone as fun as on SnapChat where if you keep going back and forth you get a score and maybe if you have an awesome score with a lot of matches, your profile could get promoted (badge like super-host on Airbnb, visible to everyone checking your card or profile) or a better position. And that’s just a few ways that I’m sure you could test. But regardless of how you address it, once and for all PLEASE DO :)
Its good
by crookedhalo13 on 2019/02/17 04:01
Its a decent app for meeting people and finding friends and more, but my one issue is you guys have a white background with grey text, it makes it really hard to read at times
Swipe don’t work
by catfish546 on 2019/02/17 03:16
I keep swiping the same people over and over again
by iooicoioifeq on 2019/02/17 02:31
Dude you need more gifs we need variety
Tinder good
by Jayswishwr on 2019/02/16 23:40
Low key tight tho I bought plus then a gold membership it said only 5 dollars but it dead charged me 15 smh oh well :(
It is far too easy to get banned
by User467864257 on 2019/02/16 21:16
Partly due to the UI. The report button and the unmatch button are right next to each other and look the same. There have been times where I have accidentally reported somone. I think the opposite is true as well. If they fixed this I believe it would help.
by leavesofmolly on 2019/02/16 21:05
Downloaded the app so I could meet new people, but no one one wanted to have a conversation and I didn’t make any friends.
Top picks
by noahkanani36 on 2019/02/16 20:00
I live on oahu in hawaii, somehow 80% of my top picks are on other islands when I specifically set my range to be only on oahu. Please fix this its a let down.
Scam app
by Freeagent 81 on 2019/02/16 19:55
I purchased a couple of super likes, days later I’m banned for no reason. I barely even use the app and I know I haven’t violated any terms and conditions. Reading through these reviews I’ve seen that I’m not the only one having this issue. I’m definitely reporting them to Apple software management for theft and forgery.
Worst dating app
by bobbysmurda12 on 2019/02/16 19:52
As a male your account is not even shown in the stack of the females you either pay or their bad algorithm by luck shows your account.Don’t Waste your time and money on this app. This app is not for males it’s for females. No male should use this app. Not to mention most of the accounts are fake bots.
by Tanaka217 on 2019/02/16 19:43
30 bucks a month for gold? What a joke.
Banned for no reason and customer service won’t email
by @101$;7;!19.!9;4 on 2019/02/16 18:04
I woke up this morning and tried to get on tinder. It said my account was banned. I never got an email or anything. I also never did anything that was considered inappropriate. I emailed customer service and they only said they got my service request number. Still haven’t heard anything and it’s been at least 5 hours.
Account deleted
by YourzTruly92 on 2019/02/16 17:40
I used to have it a few years back and it worked fine. Now I can’t stand it. For 4 days straight, I kept getting the same people after swiping. So basically, I was going in circles. Then today, I opened the app and my account was deleted for no reason. Waste of my time.
Poor support
by bstark87 on 2019/02/16 15:08
Bans you from no reason and when you ask why they won’t tell you.
Instantly banned
by Sonic the gianthog on 2019/02/16 14:19
I didnt even have to app for a day and it banned me. No clue what i did.
So buggy
by carson_wentz_ on 2019/02/16 13:58
The app would be good, if it weren’t for all of the bugs and glitches. Every week they release an update patching bugs, but they never seem to get all of them. It’s boarder-line unusable. Save your time, definitely save your money and try a different app.
by ed1732 on 2019/02/16 12:45
Lleva tiempo que es lo mismo! lo mensajes algunas veces ni se ven, y algunas veces salen en el perfil como si otra persona lo hubiera enviado. mal mal arreglen ese problema
Accounts get banned for no reason
by TyraB13 on 2019/02/16 10:56
Me and a friends account were both recently “banned” for an unknown reason. It only has a list of what could’ve gone wrong but nothing was out of the norm for my account the app seems poorly made at times logging me out and many message bugs.
by Aye 🙊 on 2019/02/16 08:03
u deleted my account for no reason
What the???
by hoseokbts on 2019/02/16 07:14
Always says theres no one around me 99% of the time as if id believe that. Doesn’t work which is frustrating, only 3 people have popped up in the past 8 hours so far.
Awful experience.
by lucyeveyoung on 2019/02/16 05:12
I was so excited to try out Tinder because of the success rates I had heard about. I had my account for maybe a week. I had only used it a couple of times and didn’t even have any matches yet. I log on one day and my account has been banned. It gives me no reason why. Thinking it may be an error, I emailed Tinder support hoping for a quick solve. I explained the situation and they basically said we can’t do anything and we aren’t going to tell you why. They literally would not give me a reason other than they claim I violated terms and conditions. I have no clue how one even does that without matching with someone. I can’t even talk to anyone with the app until then. The person I emailed for help was very unhelpful and would not answer any of my questions. He wouldn’t respond either. Awful experience and I’m very disappointed.
Horrible app for women
by Nikashley on 2019/02/16 04:59
I didn’t reply fast enough or at all to some angry bitter men who then got me banned from this site for being “fake” or a “bot”
Better options
by yabb dabb on 2019/02/16 04:13
I accidentally swiped left and I never seen the one person I’m interested in meeting. Not good at all...
by Eclypes on 2019/02/16 02:43
For years I’ve played with this app and of course have my morals and ethics on this app. I usually don’t message people unless I think they are someone worth talking to but in the recent months as they have improved on one end, they have declined largely on the customer service aspect of the company. One example is they do not have a way to verify face to age, instead they only require a phone number and Facebook account in hope that you are of the age of 18. Surprisingly, I’ve been noticing a large increase in young high school students using the app and some actually do look of age. I went and met up with a supposedly 18 year old but when I met her she was actually underaged and I left and met up with some of my real personal friends to avoid legal issues. Therefore I will conclude that Tinder has no care in the service they are supposed to provide, especially on a legal sense. Not soon after this underage female reported me and I got banned. I have contacted support but they do not have any care in fixing any issues but for software bugs. I hate to leave a poor review as I’ve been using tinder correctly for years, but they have lacked this last year and I’m very upset with the service they have provided
Remove stupid ads on swipe
by Glenn Gamer on 2019/02/16 02:16
Accident swiped right on ads of burger king then it matched. Yayaya! Just remove stupid any ads on swipe.
by symbyrd on 2019/02/16 01:50
Tinder is great. Gets the job done. However, it takes 10x more time than I would like as it is so slow and makes it just about impossible to casually use. It takes so much patience and i would just like to swipe without waiting between every few swipes. Each time I update the app, it raises my hopes that it’s been fixed. It hasn’t been. Please fix it.
Banned account 3x ZERO STARS
by JFGTi on 2019/02/16 01:16
This app is a joke. Fake profiles and now banning my account for no reason. Googled it and it’s happening to everyone.
iran number
by psychlch on 2019/02/15 22:48
why there is not iran number ? there was before but now its not ! why???????
by amarious on 2019/02/15 21:38
I’m a tinder gold member well was one and my account was banned for no reason and I didn’t get a response at all and no refund. And I haven’t violated and terms
No cubrió mis expectativas
by alexpaz16 on 2019/02/15 20:20
El objetivo principal de estas aplicaciones es sacar dinero de las personas! Deberían de ser claros y precisos con lo que están proponiendo ! Esta aplicación es igual de mala que las otras
Banned my account for now reason.
by kyle_review on 2019/02/15 20:10
I had an account with a phone number on it. I couldn’t pay the phone bill so I couldn’t get phone service. For some reason they made it so I can’t log in without a phone number, I know it’s for security but it’s still annoying. I feel like it should be optional but it isn’t. So I downloaded a phone app so I could use that phone number, but even then it wouldn’t work sometimes. I’d have to log in every time I opened the app. So I email them asking for help only to receive an email saying I violated terms of service and app guidelines. The email also said they banned my account and I have no option to get it back. I also can’t create a new account with my Facebook or email. I wasn’t doin anything wrong on the app so I didn’t understand. I wasn’t impersonating someone else, I wasn’t asking for nude photos or anything like that. Just having casual conversations. I asked why and they said they can’t tell me. They just kept sending me the same automated email over and over. Overall just a terrible experience. One star is still too many stars. Terrible customer service.
Banned for no reason
by BossMixologist on 2019/02/15 18:57
Before I started using the app I read the terms and agreements. I thought that I could most definitely follow the rules to a T, which I did. Today I went to go swipe but it said my account was banned. I have no reason to be banned. Perhaps my Facebook name does not match my tinder name, that’s because I have a LONG name. I had no nudity in my pictures and there was nothing explicit in my content. Many of my friends who have tinder as well have half naked photos and still have not been flagged or banned. My next thought is perhaps it has to do with racism and the fact that perhaps people flag me because I am brown and they do not like that. That may be a stretch, but since tinder does NOT tell you why they banned you, I can only speculate. Another few of my friends have been banned as well for no apparent reason. I have read forums online that state people have been banned for no reason. Perhaps this is an issue with the app or perhaps they needed to narrow their choices and exclude people who “just take up space.” Please read this and relate if it happens to you!
I can barely get this app to work
by hjdjsbshja on 2019/02/15 18:02
Great concept, but God forbid you swipe or scroll at too fast of a pace. The app freezes/ crashes every 2 minutes
An absolute waste of time and money...
by sdmf022 on 2019/02/15 16:03
Tinder used to be great. When I first joined I had a lot of matches and met some great friends on there. I even decided to subscribe to their premium services. Then I was banned for no justifiable reason whatsoever. This really sucked because I was unable to reconnect my Facebook account and match based on mutual interests and friends. I attempted to contact them to remedy the situation and I was disappointingly met with canned generic responses if I even received a response. The worst customer service I’ve ever personally dealt with. Against my better judgement I decided to make another account and subscribe again. Not only was I charged more money for my subscription than I previously had paid, but I have not been getting any matches. Instead Tinder tells me that there is nobody 21-31 years old within 100 miles of me which is obviously not the case. I created a fake account to test this. They’re not transparent about their algorithms and clearly don’t care about their customer experience, especially for paid members. Bottom line is you’re serious about online dating enough to spend your hard earned money you’re better off using Bumble, Okcupid, Plenty of Fish, Match, etc. Don’t just take my word for it. Read some other recent reviews.
Error Messages Keep Popping Up
by nyknicks497 on 2019/02/15 15:36
Whenever I try like my top picks a message comes up on my screen that says: “Error Network request failed, please try again”. I contacted Tinder’s help desk and they gave me no solution to solving this glitch except for offering me a refund for my Tinder Gold. I don’t want a refund all I want is for Tinder to stop these error messages from popping up.
bans without appeals process
by Ben A Johnson on 2019/02/15 15:13
I recently opened the app to clear a notification (as the app sends pointless notifications to get you to sign in and spend money) only to see that my account had been banned for "violating the terms of service." I rarely use the app as for gay people not living in a city it is virtually pointless showing you all the people you already know, so I am quite certain I did not violate those terms. When I wrote to customer service asking for clarification as to which terms I allegedly violated resulting in a ban I was sent a canned response directing me to the entirety of the terms of service and further informed there is no appeals process. In essence Tinder feels no need for transparency or to redress its errors. On the one hand it's a blessing to be able to delete this useless app, but people should know that it has terrible customer service and lacks any transparency in its policy enforcement. There are literally dozens of alternatives on the market that will also allow you to match with local singles and then never actually message or meet them. I'd suggest giving them a try instead, because their service departments are more amenable to providing good customer service beyond copying and pasting information available on their website.
Banned for no reason
by Choir girl 5432 on 2019/02/15 15:12
This app was okay to me, I️ used it often and had no problem but recently I’ve been banned and I’m confused as to why. I looked over the terms and conditions and failed to find even one rule I️ violated. Didn’t act rude to people, I️ was recently just talking about being excited about going to a John Mayer concert. Not entirely sure how and why this or anything else I say would get me banned considering that I’ve been very kind to everyone, even to the crude people. I️ looked it up and in the articles it said we just have to start all over because they won’t unban and won’t tell you why you were banned, which I️ find extremely unfair because even Club Penguin would tell you in detail. I’ve noticed others are having this problem too, hopefully they solve it .
Can’t see my matches once we match
by Trhelmen on 2019/02/15 14:32
I have tinder gold but whenever I swipe right on people who have already liked me they don’t appear in my matches. 👎
I think you app has a bug..
by opkirkl on 2019/02/15 14:03
It keeps sending me notifications of a match but there is no match. This has happened multiple times now.
Accountable to no one
by Jess M F on 2019/02/15 13:13
Tinder banned me recently. Has no customer support other than a robot apparently (I couldn’t even figure out how to “contact” them directly but I did a quick search for others having the same issue). They can ban you and I guess aren’t required to provide an explanation. I’m just relieved (not) that (1) there are no repercussions for sexual predators & users who’ve been reported multiple times for harassment (2) they’ve made no meaningful effort to include AND protect people who identify as non-binary/ trans. (1) has been true for years and (2) has recently come to light/ gained attention. I wasn’t subscribed to Tinder Gold but users who were and got inexplicably banned (I’m not even sure if anyone ever actually has gotten an explanation so that could be redundant) were NOT refunded their $$.
by ZoomZ1 on 2019/02/15 10:47
Really great to have something like this!
Don’t give out your cell number to Tinder
by Sgt Donald on 2019/02/15 10:19
New version forces you to give out your phone number. They say it is for security purposes. The number is sold including your email and all the other habits you share on your profile. I have seen an i crease in ads after sharing my phone number.
Tinder logic
by lukehellno on 2019/02/15 06:51
Tinder for unsubscribed users- they will be notified that someone liked them but somehow for unsubscribed users tinder’s algo is like they will never get match.
Banned for no reason
by BigJ7593 on 2019/02/15 05:19
I went on the tinder app and out of nowhere I got banned and I didn’t do anything wrong with it so I am a bit angry and hope to get unbanned
Tinder’s review
by Hdjajdnsnf on 2019/02/15 02:19
This is one of the worst dating apps. It’s all catfishes honestly. Not to mention that I had tinder gold but when returning to the app after weeks of being away, found out I had been banned. With no explanation as why or any way to help me get my account back. I do not recommend tinder but bumble as a better suggestion!
If I could give it a zero I would
by Bafias on 2019/02/15 02:03
So I’ve never used tinder before and I am only 18, I decided to finally try and use it so I logged in with my Facebook and when I went to put my phone number in it told me my account had been banned I was extremely confused considering I’ve never used the app before, so apparently the person who had my phone number before me got their account banned and because of that I’m not allowed to have one. This is extremely frustrating!
Banned for no reason!!!
by Surfside9620 on 2019/02/15 01:50
They took my money and then was banned as a paid subscriber for absolutely no reason. Clearly there’s a major issue going on, as many people are experiencing the same problem. There’s no help offered, no explanation at all and no way to reinstate the account. Wake up Tinder! It’s a problem!!!
Tinder doesn’t care about trans bodies
by Max20142019 on 2019/02/14 23:46
Trans* and NB people are continuously kicked off tinder because of the inherent transphobia in their app structure. When transphobic people get trans* and NB folks banned, they have no way to appeal to have their accounts restored. There’s documentation of this happening in the media. Fix your terms, Tinder, and create policies that exclude bigots, not marginalized communities. In the meantime, f* all this mess, dating apps are trash anyway.
Would give 5 but ...
by Lyrical love on 2019/02/14 23:08
Please fix your app! It’s so buggy I can’t login with anything.
Customer Support Nonexistent
by Jackduser on 2019/02/14 22:40
This app is super buggy. Features appear and disappear. Each time I’ve contacted customer support, I get no reply. Beware, if you pay for this app, you are on your own.
Didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day
by Is this nickname ok Apple? on 2019/02/14 21:14
You’re a dating app and somehow didn’t do anything special for Valentines Day. It’s good app but your marketing team stinks. Even google did something to celebrate. U didn’t add a tiny picture of baby Cupid or anything.
Glitchy & Slow Af’ — Constantly Freezing!
by Penguita_x on 2019/02/14 21:11
I like this app, but lately it’s been glitching, slow, and freezes!
Money hungry app/Crashes often
by tinderisascam on 2019/02/14 20:52
Wants you to pay for every single little thing. Seems like you get way more matches when you don’t have tinder gold. I’m paying and no profiles load for me to swipe. Feel scammed. And on top of that the App is bugged out and crashes
Thank You
by andie.evangeline on 2019/02/14 20:49
I’d like to thank Tinder for changing my life. That sounds a little funny, and I’d laugh too if I was still stuck at the point where I was being ghosted by cute guys and having lots of... er, “mediocre sex,” made possible by this app. But there was one person I met, as I was about to give up on tinder and the dating scene in general. We went on our first date and knew this was different. This person became my best friend, my lover, my family- and now we’re engaged. As the song goes, I guess you could say we “found love in a hopeless place.” :-)
Biggest mistake
by AlexandraRoxy on 2019/02/14 20:41
Women will only meet predators
Tinder banned
by Bhx31 on 2019/02/14 20:29
I was banned from Tinder after breaking zero guidelines. I’ve attempted to contact Tinder support with absolutely zero success. I’ve used this app for four years, been a gold member, and have never had any issues with it. Now I’m banned for no reason? No inappropriate pictures, no cat fishing or scamming, what’s the deal? Woke up this morning and I’ve been banned, there’s no reason why, no response from the team, nothing. Give me a reason for my ban!
Banned for no reason
by Giffiscrit on 2019/02/14 19:26
How can I be banned when I got no likes and talked to no one for almost a week.
by SrMeXiCo on 2019/02/14 18:51
I am a continuous customer but for some reason I am getting network errors all the time, more often in my tops picks I guess is time to cancel Thanks
by c pizzle8 on 2019/02/14 18:27
Please bring back tinder groups
Had Sex
by Slum dogg millionaire on 2019/02/14 18:23
Lost my VCard on here
More bugs
by ilong93 on 2019/02/14 16:59
It’s time for another update, keep getting notifications of likes that aren’t there, the upgraded features such as seeing who liked you won’t let you like them back, the daily picks keep showing errors when you like them and then disappearing and messages that have been seen are still showing as new messages
Great app
by im_zaria__ on 2019/02/14 16:59
This is a really great app at first when I was on here I was told it’s only booty calls and nobody wanted anything to serious I actually deleted the app a few times because of the people I came in contact with but I decided to give it one more try and I am so glad I did that....I met the love of my life through this app we instantly clicked and from there things got better and now we are happily married thanks tinder
by wootytah on 2019/02/14 16:58
I have been banned for the longest time. I have done nothing wrong and it honestly bugs me. It's because tinder believes in other users reporting people, automatically banning you. And sadly, when you get banned from a user you may have made upset by declining/rejecting their advances, you are unable to use their service ever again. so good luck.
Crash and burn
by Funsizek on 2019/02/14 15:30
New version constantly crashes. Whatever bugs they fixed in this latest patch they created more. What a joke
Too bad and disappointed
by That very bad on 2019/02/14 15:25
I downloaded tinder just last week subscribed this Monday and I got blocked today what about my subscription ???
Banned for no reason
by Masterdank on 2019/02/14 13:30
Made a tinder, got a few matches. Didn’t message a single person. I log back in the next morning and it says my account has been banned. I literally did nothing to be banned yet they did anyways. Horrible app.
by karanda lu on 2019/02/14 09:56
You match with a guy and then they don’t speak to you . Then the app confused conversation with another guy conversation I believe something is wrong with the site 🤦🏽‍♀️
Verify Your Phone issue
by Bigpaulove on 2019/02/14 09:39
For some reason the app won’t allow me to sign in via Facebook and then it won’t allow me to sign in via my phone number. There’s really no number for support associated with this app so if you’re having issues then good luck or just choose another app.
Matches. Tinder is great for something real or just fun.
by Xavier.Savario-J on 2019/02/14 08:55
Honestly, Tinder probably is the best dating app by far. The company keeps it updated and bug free. Also if accounts haven’t been active within two weeks they tend to show new users/active users over old profiles. That’s a big plus with me. Is the activity so kudos to you Tinder. 🙌🏽. Only thing I don’t like but understand why they did it is the Tinder Plus. I’m a Tinder plus subscriber. Well I was before I stop using the app for life reasons. I get they want to make money just like every business so no hate there but I have had less matches ever sense it was released. Only downfall I have to say about tinder though keep it up.
by Natasha.batemannn on 2019/02/14 06:31
Didn’t do anything against guidelines and I was banned because someone reported my page for not responding back. Therefore I emailed tinder and they refuse to give me my account back. Even though guidelines were not broken. Proceed with caution. They don’t care about their guidelines and will not look into anything at all. Careless app. Would not recommend
Would be good.
by Likearock1999 on 2019/02/14 06:22
Accounts get banned like crazy. There is absolutely NO free speech on this app because you WILL get banned for saying the wrong thing. The fun part? They don’t tell you what you did wrong. Customer support is an absolute joke, they couldn’t care less about the people paying premium for this app. I payed $50 for tinder gold and got banned for no reason. They never answer you and the app is just glitchy and horrible. This is a very worthless app if you’re trying to find your soulmate, I don’t suggest starting here.
Network request failed, please try again
by arnelque on 2019/02/14 06:08
Can’t swipe right without getting this error, tried resetting, reinstalling, making a new feb, nothing works.
There are a lot of bugs
by gavinmedina on 2019/02/14 03:51
I have to verify my number every time I open the app you’ve deleted my account before for no reason you should at least tell me why before you do I thought that’s what happened at first but after like 15 minutes I managed to get around it but now I have to verify my number all the time. Edit I lost my account again couldn’t have been for inappropriate conduct I didn’t match with anyone
by mdgsnv on 2019/02/14 03:03
So I don’t even know who I’m replying to anymore because the app doesn’t update correctly. The picture and the message isn’t matching who I am actually responding to .
I got banned over nothing
by just a randon guy on 2019/02/14 02:28
I only had two clear pics of my face Not the thirsty type Actually had hella matches n one random they I get banned n I watched sum video on YouTube I guess it’s tinder new trend to just can men for absolutely no reason
There are some changes
by weddbuk on 2019/02/14 02:17
When you create a new account usually it ask you for password no it isn’t. Then location approval comes twice.
Spotify integration is broken
by Pete Allport on 2019/02/14 02:09
Forcibly shows songs on my profile that I don’t like. This app is garbage.
by jsp54792 on 2019/02/14 02:06
Got banned for having one shirtless photo
by joshownsURface on 2019/02/14 01:53
the customer service and policies are AWFUL. I created my Tinder profile directly from my Facebook profile. I never bashed anyone, been negative, posted nudes, or anything of that nature. I get a message telling me my account has been banned. I reached out to customer service to gain some clarity on the subject of me being banned. Tinder wrote back the next day with a generic template email stating that I have been banned with no possible appeals process. I was also told to review the policy guidelines because they could give any further info.
by camarty19 on 2019/02/14 01:00
So if I have 99+ people who liked me, why haven't I matched with any one of the 500 girls I've swiped right..... you know........ everybody got swiped right so
by Stuperdupertrooper on 2019/02/14 01:00
I was blocked for no reason...stupid app
by Mhhffunvfddc on 2019/02/14 00:09
I’ve always been shy about dating and used this app to get out of my shell more. Honestly I’m surprised about my boost in confidence but I went on dates and even had a relationship in my year with the app. The only reason I give it 4/5 is because after breaking up with my ex(who I met on tinder) I decided to redownload the app. Apparently I’m banned from using it. I contacted support and have no idea what happened or if I did anything wrong. Still give the app a try and be up front with what you want. It works better that way.
Support is terrible
by Flinlock on 2019/02/13 22:22
Been using tinder for years, out of the blue my account is banned. No reason is given other than “violating community guidelines.” I’ve never violated any of them. Apparently, there’s no way to ask for a review or more info from support. Why was I banned?
I loved it
by LupitaRobles on 2019/02/13 22:17
I already deleted this app but I wish I could print or have screen shots when I met my partner over here. This app was also something good when I was in Mexico or traveling around the USA. Most of the time I meet very interesting man and I’m sure I could have serious relationships with any of them but O had to travel a lot. After using this for a while around many cities I finally met my actual husband, I love him so much and we deleted this when we started dating serious , thank you Tinder, I’ll miss you and good luck to everyone
by Pcthedoctor on 2019/02/13 20:27
Every time I like someone it says network error and then they disappear from my likes fix ASAP
Banned for no reason
by Angie Boo<3 on 2019/02/13 19:59
I honestly loved tinder for the swiping. I loved the therapeutic feeling of swiping through countless profiles and boosting my self esteem through matches. I barely reply to guys on the app but when i do it’s just simple “cool, no way, nah sorry I’m good” because the choice of words from so many of them are so disgustingly vulgar. One day my gay friend sent me a profile link of a guy on his tinder that looks like our mutual friend. I opened his link in my iMessages only to have my own tinder app load his profile. I swiped right after to get rid of the guy i was looking at and next thing you know, i was banned. Tinder if you’re gonna ban be for swiping on a gay dude that shouldn’t be on my swiping algorithm, don’t let profiling sharing links open profiles from the individuals account. I’m extremely devastated because i got banned from something that wasn’t my fault and tinder never replied back with why they banned me. You guys need to help banned players come back, cause I’m sick of this. Too many people are getting banned without actual reasons.
App is broken messages don’t work
by sjfhdjdbfjh on 2019/02/13 19:28
I can’t read my messages because they aren’t loading, and it loads random convos no matter what convo preview I tap on
It works as intended.
by Reason2HateApp on 2018/10/07 00:50
It works as it is supposed to, no issues come to mind. Matches work I guess. SuperLikes don’t make a difference in my opinion. I don’t like that you can match with someone and then un-match as soon as you do. I get if you aren’t interested or made a mistake, but I feel a lot of people just swipe right as fast as they can. So I constantly get notified I have a match but I check and no one is there, or someone liked me and I matched with them but when I go to send a message, they un-match and I get an error message. It’s kind of depressing when it happens every day. I put out on my profile things people would like to know and I have plenty of pictures, but eh. It’s whatever. Tinder places is kind of neat but I haven’t really experienced that except for when I go to this one place I know the girl who works there and really it just made things awkward. This app has a one-size-fits-all appeal that works for most in a certain demographic, so in that sense it is a great app. A real complaint I have is that underaged people use this app and lie about their age, nothing Tinder team can really do the verify but I personally really don’t like it. Advice for first time user: Please take the time to really get to know the person and don’t be afraid to ask anything. Like with everything in life, there are good and bad encounters, don’t get discouraged when dealing with the bad and blame the app.
Met my wife here😍
by DeborahCF on 2019/01/15 10:56
I’ve been using the app for a total of about 2 years. I had interesting experiences with tinder. Mostly good experiences. It actually made me come out of my shell because I got to talk to people with each one having a different lifestyle. I was on and off with tinder because I was either focused on one person (though never had a real relationship with the people I met on tinder) or I was busy in college. I set my settings to interested in women, and tbh at first not much of my matches messaged me. When I played around with the app, I set it to interested in men and women. It’s a little frustrating how the men were so comfortable to chat with, but the ladies didn’t seem that interested to have a chat. I wanted to meet women, not the men. So I tried to send out the first message to all of women I matched with and take the initiative just like the guys did. It’s a good thing I did that because later on after meeting one of the girls, she told me that she was a few days away from deleting her account since no one really messaged her. She saw my message and gave it a shot to reply. She told me she was skeptical at first because I had a few pictures with photography trademarks so she thought I was catfishing her. I did tell her later on that I modeled a little... So fast forward to 10 months later, we got married😍. We were both sooo close to not have met each other.
Tinder discriminates! Used to be the BEST, but now it’s honestly the worst
by NotAFan0001 on 2017/11/01 15:11
Tinder used to annihilate the competition — so much so that I purchased the premium service numerous times, primarily to communicate my appreciation for their inclusiveness! As I wrote to their customer service department, not all of us fit into a “neat little box,” and Tinder used to not only understand that...they also supported it and encouraged diversity (even if some closed-minded members reported profiles). Suddenly, though, I have been outright banned from the app several times, for reasons that are ANYTHING but consistent among other users. I was told that some private messaging language between me and other members was “sexual” (umm, hello, it’s a HOOKUP app — so sexual discussions are status quo...and this is a big part of what makes Tinder so popular!) and that’s the reason I got banned. So I created a new profile, carefully avoided writing anything sexual, but guess what? Boom: banned again. And again. Ad nauseum. If users aren’t interested in a profile, all they have to do is swipe left; but there are many users I’ve connected with who ARE interested/intrigued, proving that there is a place on the app for profiles like mine. Make this right, Tinder! Stop discriminating and allow me (and many others) to once again enjoy the excitement of new interactions and connections.
Tinder plus is not at all as I thought 👎
by Xamor101 on 2018/08/09 23:03
When looking at what you’re capable of doing if you pick up tinder plus, the main attraction to me was how it said you would be capable of rewinding your left swipes. Therefore I assumed I would be able to go back through them in a list, somewhat like my matches page, but it’s everyone (including all the bots) I swiped left on. However that was not the case when I went to the rewind button 🙄😡 and in fact it doesn’t even work all the time - I’ll explain how. You can ONLY rewind the person you JUST swiped left on, nothing more. And not only that, but say you accidentally swipe left on someone then immediately get a phone call before you hit the rewind button. If you take the phone call, talk with whoever, then after hanging up go to send a few texts/msgs via whatever means, then do whatever else and return afterwards to tinder and remember that you meant to undo your left swipe. Most of the time the rewind button will be faded (unavailable) because since you temporarily left the app it will have completely forgotten the individual you accidentally swiped on, completely negating the purpose of the rewind button 🙄 The cherry on top of it all is that, yes, it’s $2.75 a month or whatever you agree to before taxes, however you pay for those months all at once! They don’t wait and charge you the small amount month by month like a real subscription fee 👎
by Xanderellahaylea on 2018/03/02 20:24
Tinder, in my experience is the best “dating” app on the market. I have tried them all. If you’re will to pay for it, it gets that much better. I believe I purchased the six-month upgraded package or whatever they offer for $20, I was highly impressed. You get five super like a day which nine times out of 10 guarantee you a match, or at least with me they did. I think it also gives you two boosts a month? Those are like gold, use a boost and they usually got 50 to 100 matches. Tinder is average compared to other apps when it comes to quality of matches, in my opinion, it’s the most widely used, and average App on the market, I think in society, it can and has been holding a certain reputation as a hook up app. I think that is true, but there are quite a few women that use it to look for relationship. When compared to bumble, I think that tinder is the second best option out there for quality of hook ups. The only real issue I have with Tinder, is the fake profiles, there are so many of them, usually can tell by the quality of picture, and the description/biography written by the opposing person. I would suggest reporting this as often as possible to eliminate as much of the spam users as possible. Whether it’s a relationship, or a hook up, or even just friends, tenders my go to app. 8.5 out of 10 stars
Met my Girlfriend on Tinder!!
by TyBoyMakesNoise on 2019/01/04 03:25
I’ve been using tinder for a 1.5 years and over time accrued about 2,000 matches. (Not to sound cocky because I am NOT boasting just encouraging other men to give it a chance) I had met and dated a handful of women on this app but never amounted to anything. Also had hundreds of conversations with women and even though most of them didn’t go anywhere (either I lost track of them or they quit responding) it was still such a great experience to get practice talking to women and going through trial and error. I also spent quite a good amount of time fine tuning my profile with awesome pictures and a unique and eye catching bio. I’m a good looking guy but I’m no 10. Lol. After a while I quit “trying” and just swiped for fun and ended up striking up a convo with a woman who is now my girlfriend and she’s amazing! (It always happens when you least expect it!) I swear, that is the most true statement ever! It’s a great app when used correctly. And USE BOOST. Buy 25 of them and use them once a day and I promise you’ll have some amazing success. Thank you Tinder for being so awesome. Also, I have to add, that we all really wish you would do something about all the fake accounts. I always reported them. But for current Tinder user’s sake, you guys should invest in resolving the fake account issues. Thank you Tinder luh you.
Met My Husband
by Makayla L. H. on 2018/12/31 08:37
I can’t sincerely say I didn’t expect much out of this app when I first downloaded it almost three years ago, I thought I’d have a few meaningless and empty conversations and inevitably end up deleting the app and resorting to more traditional ways of meeting someone. On the first day I download it, I matched with someone named Tyler. I’d just gotten out of a crazy and abusive relationship, and my self confidence was all but destroyed. So when I matched with a crazy attractive man I kind of pushed him off, expecting that he was only looking for a hook up. Two months down the road and he was still messaging me. One night I got a little tipsy so I started engaging further in conversation with him. He asked me on a date and it went amazing and I had more chemistry with him than I’d ever had with anyone. He’d just moved to GA from CA and had the same fire, drive, and passion that I have about numerous subjects. Days turned to months and now it’s been over two years. We have a four month old son, are getting married next month, and we own a home together. We’ve traveled and seen places we never even dreamed that we would be able to see together. I truly found my other half on tinder. Because of this app I have a beautiful son and an amazing fiancé.
Found a keeper!
by katieeeeteel on 2018/10/02 04:40
I met my boyfriend through Tinder! We both actually weren’t taking the app seriously. I was just on it to kill time usually. I didn’t really meet anyone through the app in person. My boyfriend had actually watched a video with his friend where two guys switched Tinder accounts, so they got on and decided to do that for the fun of it. When I swiped right on my boyfriends account, it was actually his friend I first talked to! (he always jokes saying he catfished me) After just a short conversation, I added the real guy on snapchat. Anytime I got some guys snapchat, I never sent the first snap but this time I did! We ended up talking all night and then the next day he stopped by the coffee shop I was working at so we could meet. The day after that, we hung out and we have spent almost every day together since then! We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. I’m so thankful I came across him on this app. I had no idea anything like this would come from a dating app that usually isn’t taken seriously. He gave me his mom’s promise ring that his dad gave her. You know when people say you just know when you found the one? Well I know! I try to encourage people to give the app a shot. You never know who else could be on there!
Waste of money and time
by musicgeek2018 on 2018/11/12 22:45
Don’t bother getting this app. Lots of people praise this app for finding the one guy/girl that they’ve been looking for, but I never have found the one for me when I used this app.. i don’t know if it’s just the location of where I am (I live in Indiana) or what.. lots of girls that I tried to talk to were just a bunch of smartasses and that when I was doing things formally, you know, get to know them better and such, that they were disappointed in me and didn’t want to talk to me anymore.. I’m not sure what exactly they were disappointed in.. I’m being real right now, I’m a very nice honest and understanding guy.. I might not be popular or do sports, in which that might be why I’ve struggled to find the right one on tinder.. in fact that’s a lot of girls these days, but I’m guessing these girls that I’ve tried talking too wanted someone who wanted to have sex with them.. I’m sorry but I was taught to wait until marriage, and I’ll continue to stand by it.. but anyways Tinder was a big waste of time and money for me.. if you’re an honest caring nice guy/gal but you’re not popular want sex or do sports, you’ll struggle to find the one. If you do sports, popular and want sex with random strangers, this app is just for you.. I’m not denying that I won’t find the right one, but this app has not helped me nor will it ever help me.. people just need to learn some respect and be real instead of being fake and lying..
Absolutely Horrible
by Kieraxoxoxox on 2019/02/06 19:47
I hate to write negative reviews. I’m almost 20 I went on Tinder to try to find friends near me to hang out with. I was bored. At first it was ok. Guys were nice but, Tinder is more like an dating app. I wish I had never even been on Tinder. It caused a lot of anxiety for me. It was overwhelming because guys would send me messages. It was hard to find guys around my age. I’ve learned it’s better to hangout with people around my age. Then I started changing my bio on my account too much. I guess a guy I didn’t know noticed. He made a depressing comment I thought nothing of it at first. I then found someone else I could actually connect to on Tinder then Snapchat. Then we started texting every day. At first it was nice texts then I started feeling overwhelmed I couldn’t tell whether he was just being nice or just wanting to date. This person was 21 or 22 I believe. So I would just kill time using Tinder I still didn’t have a lot to do at that point. I think Tinder should really be banned. It’s unsafe and far better to meet someone you are most close to in person. I ended up getting in an argument over text and deleted everything all social media. I’ve dealt with so much bullying online and person it isn’t even funny. I wish guys weren’t so judgmental. I don’t think I’m hot im depressed and needed something to do. Obviously Tinder isn’t the place. Lesson learned hopefully someone looks at this review thinking about using Tinder. Don’t it’s not worth it.
I was catfished!!!!
by on 2019/01/26 20:03
So I matched with a relatively good looking girl on tinder. We started messaging each other and we started talking about really cool stuff. For a while things were fine and one day I asked for her Instagram just to see what type of of person she was but she replied with, “I don’t have social media.” I messaged my best friend about her and telling him that I met this girl over tinder and showed him a picture. He tells me all about her. Not only did she have Instagram, Snapchat, and all platforms of social media, but she also had a kid. I’m almost 20, don’t need no kid! Well I thought I would pass the whole lie to let her confess and I try to make a first date to finally see if she was who she said she was.(don’t worry I was planning to take a friend for backup had anything been sketchy). Sadly, she begins to make excuses for the two times I asked her, some might say 2 was too many times, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt... well it’s been less than a day, obviously she unmatched with me before I got the chance which made it hard to report him or her... still don’t know who it was:( with this experience I think tinder should fix there reporting system so that even after you can report for occurrences like this because I’m willing to bet catfishes always unmatch very quick to keep their account up and running.
It’s ok? I guess?
by mshugg on 2018/10/26 05:20
Over the past 5-6 months of being on the app, I’ve met only...1 friend. I’ve met a few people that only lasted for 3-5 days of talking and that’s it. I met one girl and we met in real life, but turned out she wasn’t really what I liked. I did want a friend with benefits, guy or girl it didn’t matter. But over these months, I didn’t get that. The app is great and I’m sure other people have been successful at finding hook ups, relationships or simple friends. But me? None. Without the subscription, you basically can swipe left or right and match with a person as well as creat your profile and chat with people. But with a subscription, you can ‘Super Like’ a person and see who ‘Liked’ you without you even swiping right or left on that person. But about 95% of the people I see on there are muscular, toned, beautiful, college, beer and weed loving guys. Girls? A bunch of cute skinny girls on there with nice bodies and an attractive face. I’ve seen some cute chunky people on there, and some in between. But majority are attractive people, which I know I have no chance of hooking up with. I’m not ugly, I know that for sure, but I’m sure no toned guy would go for a thick girl like me XD. Get the app and try it out, maybe you’ll have better results. But overall it’s an app I’ll spend on for about an hour and a way to pass the time.
Read this.
by disgruntled app downloader on 2019/01/26 02:08
So I matched with a girl months back, we talked briefly, conversations about school and random stuff when I was bored then I just stopped talking to her. Added her on Instagram where she later posted some racist stuff to her story. I replied to the story asking why she would actively make fun of a people group like that. She panicked, deleted all of her side of the Instagram conversations, and posted the remaining conversation (just me) for a brief second, to make it look like I was sending her messages that she hadn't responded to and posted my account all over her story. Clever girl, I guess. When I asked her why she did that, and that we had actually talked for a couple weeks on tinder, (which I immediately saved now knowing she’s like that) and that I was just asking why she did put me on blast like that. She panicked and reported me as some sort of predator or something to tinder. But like I said, I had already saved everything. But now I’m permanently band from tinder? Because someone lied and I have the full message history of her discussing it to prove it? And there is officially no way to unban my account. I don’t care about that girl, I just want access to the other girl I had just started talking to. Be advised, someone can permanently ban you instantly over anything with no accountability on tinder’s part. I’m considering pursuing legal action which will inadvertently involve tinder who clearly deletes evidence involving claims of “sexual predation”.
More of a social experiment than a dating app
by TeddyBrÓsevelt on 2018/10/11 13:37
I have been on this for a while and have observed at this appears to be more of a social experiment an actual dating site. I have put money into the service just to see what will happen and I’ve learned that it’s really not worth it at all. The only thing that I have learned from the services is: you are able to learn about what ladies (from a male perspective) like about your appearance (supporting the shallow vanity of perspective), and how simple or dimwitted they are for falling for whatever cheesy one line pick up I can come up with. I would go further on a limb and say that it is highly unlikely that the majority of people on this app actually meet up with anyone. The interfacing, as it pertains to editing the profile, is horrible. With as much money that I imagine is spent on this app by customers, one would imagine that they would put more focus and making it easier to manage photos and put more than 500 characters in a bio that describes a human being seeking a Relationship of any kind. For those with iPhones... when entering information into the biography, it often tries to cancel typing and moves randomly making it difficult to edit anything. Starting a conversation with such little to go on, and terrible interfacing is difficult for even the most fluent ‘Casa Nova’.
would give ZERO stars if I could
by Ad enjoy on 2019/01/18 14:26
I usually NEVER leave reviews but today I will. I used to love this app. I used it all of the time. I’ve used it for years now. I went to log into my account today to be told that my account was banned for good for violating terms of service. I even went back and read their terms of service and I can say with 100% certainty that I have not violated any of them EVER in my time of using their app. When emailing Tinder about it, they refused to look into it or even tell me why I was banned. They simply told me I can never make another Tinder account and they will not appeal it. But they will not even give me an explanation as to WHY the banned me in the first place. I have never posted anything nude or cussed at or harassed people. The tinder “help email” just keeps repeating in different ways that I am banned. This is absolutely ridiculous. After doing some research online it’s not just me. There are several other people who have been banned for no reason, and refused an explanation. Tinder does not at all care about their customers or resolving issues with their app. I can only assume I’ve been banned because maybe somebody reported me, but there would have been no actual reason that they should have, such as harassment or nudity or vulgarity. If that is the case, it is ridiculous Tinder would ban an account over a report, and not check into it themselves, because I have done absolutely nothing wrong.
Thank You, Tinder
by Ilove1D5 on 2018/10/09 05:05
My best friend suggested that I download Tinder. Well, she downloaded it for me and set up my profile. I was skeptical and didn’t really try. I un-downloaded it and re-downloaded it a few times. One day I was like “you know what? I’m just gonna swipe. If something happens then it happens.” I’m beyond happy that I listened to my best friend because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have met my amazing boyfriend. I found out that he works at a place I go to a lot so meeting him in person for the first time was so easy. He was great! We had a lot in common and held conversation easily. After going out on a couple dates, we got together. We’ve been together for over a month now and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He is so honest, caring, and genuine. We spend so much time together, with each time being more amazing than the last. It’s hard to think how a relationship that’s so real was born on a dating app like Tinder. I didn’t think it would be possible. I thank him for swiping right on me from time to time which gets a laugh and a big hug from the both of us. Thank you, Tinder, for being the reason why my boyfriend and I met. None of this would be possible without you
You've changed
by AppleNicknameSystemSucks on 2018/09/08 08:20
1). I don't want to give you my phone number. You already have my Facebook. Don't act like you want my number to help me in case I forget my password. I'm a grown adult, I think I'll either remember it or take the risk of having to create a new profile if I forget. Admit to data mining if you're going to force your users. 2). You need some serious thot patrol. You've run way too many commercials created by ultra-feminists advocating men "man up" on your app that you've actually deluded your female user base into thinking Tinder is the place to meet male "only friends" who will organize and pay for non-date dates, or a place to build up self-esteem because they're too afraid to meet up or even post a photo of themselves, hiding behind half a dozen cat photos instead. How about running a few commercials advocating women "woman up"? If you're going to bash men for being direct cads or sending 🍆 as an opening line, feel free to also bash women for thinking "Hi" is an opening line that will garner a response from a guy, or that having a single profile pic of a plate of food isn't useful, or that "friends only, not looking for a bf, no ons, no fwb" is neither an appealing profile for a dating app, nor the intended purpose here. I think it says a lot that your top review is a guy talking about how he met his bible study partner here. Tinder, do you even remember who you are?
by crackerlackingnapping on 2018/01/10 08:01
I was banned back in December after having redownloaded the app for about one day. Now, you might be asking “what could you have possibly done in one day to get banned?” Well, to be honest, that’s what I’m asking myself. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m a female who had gotten some matches that I was interested in and having perfectly normal conversations (i.e. “how’s your day been?” Etc..) when suddenly the app stopped working, I was logged out, and couldn’t log back in: error 43-something or other. Then I received an email saying I was banned PERMANENTLY. Now obviously I emailed them what happened and only got a generic “you violate Terms of Service/Community Guidelines” to which I would respond with a “tell me exactly what I violated, I didn’t do anything wrong” and would receive the exact same email, again and again until they stopped responding. From what I understand, you’re supposed to be put under review first or receive a “warning” email, but none of this was sent to me. So now I’m banned forever, my account was deleted, and I have no clue how to rejoin. I just wanna give a shoutout to Tinder’s horrible customer service, communication, and banning algorithm. What an awful dating service. Let’s just hope someone that is in charge of tinder sees this and we can figure this out, but as of now it seems I am banned forever for literally NO REASON. This service deserves 0 stars for its unjust review system.
by E+D=<3 on 2018/08/30 01:20
I never write reviews but I would just like to throw a BIG THANK YOU to the creators of this app! When I first started my tinder journey I did run into a few lame guys/f*** boys here and there. After a few months I pretty much gave up, i deleted the app. In December all of my friends were in relationships and it was depressing, so I re-downloaded the app. When I started checking all my messages that I had missed I found myself talking to this absolutely handsome and funny guy. Our conversations went on forever! We then transitioned into texting then to calling. I was so surprised how even more funny we was on the phone!!!! I instantly felt a connection. We are so compatible it’s crazy. I was super nervous to meet him! What if he didn’t like me or didn’t think I was cute enough???? I soon resized I didn’t have anything to worry about. About 30 mins into the hangout I felt myself loosen up and not be nervous anymore. We shared the whole night laughing and getting to know each other. To this day we spend everyday laughing! He always knows how to put a smile on my face and his jokes never grow old! Thanks to tinder I am almost to the 1 year mark with the love of my life!!!
Spend $, get banned?
by alexandra.the.great on 2018/09/14 02:19
After looking through some of the other reviews, I noticed a pretty significant pattern about people (women in particular) getting banned. Seems like almost every review I read mentioned getting a trial of tinder plus or tinder gold, or even paying for the subscription, and then all of a sudden (after nothing changed on the profile/use/activity, other than the subscription), “you violated terms of agreement.” Meanwhile— before I was banned— I encountered numerous catfish, abusive/manipulative individuals, bots, bullies, scammers, etc... so how is it that those accounts are left alone, but countless people (especially women) are suddenly banned with no warning or explanation, simply for trying to use the app as it was meant to be used? 🤔 and why is it that so many of those people had also signed up for subscriptions (whether trial-offers or paid subscriptions). I understand a small percentage being reported more frequently if the profile were viewed by more users because of the subscription, but that doesn’t account for such a high number of subscribers who essentially paid money just to be banned shortly after. I’d love to see some real statistics on the matter if tinder would like to disprove my hypothesis, so if anyone actually reads this— I have a psychology degree and a passion for statistics, give me the numbers and I’ll run an analysis (even if it proves me wrong!) LBS
very buggy!
by Mirrah Le Great on 2018/09/27 06:42
I often have to close the app and reopen it again for my messages to refresh. Today I was wondering why none of the 9 guys i messaged the day before were responding. Closed app, reopened, found 10 new messages waiting. Another weird thing: i don't understand the number on the notifications pushed. It must include feed updates. Which is pretty silly if u ask me. I want updates when someone messages me not when that person i matched with five months ago updates their selfies. ANOTHER bug bug that just came up is that sometimes the preview message displays in the wrong message box (making it look like i sent a message to the wrong person) but when i open the chat it’s just the normal chat. I guess my last critique would just be that I wish there was a choose-later option. But I can get around that by closing the app and ignoring it and reopening and repeating a couple times. But it’s annoying. Sometimes when I see that pic of my co-worker i have a crush on (to come up with a possible example) i need a few days to process whether to swipe left and keep biting my tongue IRL or swipe right and suffer the potential consequences. Would be lovely to have an “ignore” option even if limited number of ignores or set asides or whatevr
by Marboleus321 on 2018/11/06 05:58
This app wasn’t as great as I thought is was! After all the years of trying to find someone in my life, even this stupid app won’t give me the right woman I want to be with! Even if I finally got a match, they still deleted me! I get stalked, faked, scammed, and rejected by lots of those I’ve matched big time with after bringing my hopes up for nothing! When I’ve finally matched with someone I thought I like, I was shocked in the best way, all happy and excited, and I thought this whole time I was finally about to have my first date until someone keeps ignoring me and unmatching me, and then it put me in the dumps! I’ve spend massive loads of money trying to draw attention as much as possible but never worked out still! I’m sorry but this pointless app will NOT help you find true love even if you try harder! It is a scam just to steal your money away! It’s a trolly app just enough to make men cry and depressed as the world crashes on them! Please, go out into the world! Go to the park, go to church, find somebody in town to meet in person! That’s how it all works! Using an app on your touchscreen technology devise, does NOT work that way ever! Just saying! It never worked for me. But SOMEDAY, I mean SOMEDAY!!!! SOMEDAY I WILL FINALLY FIND SOMEONE TO TAKE ON A DATE!!!! I WILL BE THE BEST BOYFRIEND OR ROMEO TO ANYONE WHO WOULD JUST SIMPLY SAY “YES” TO ME!!! I WILL FINALLY HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY! AND THATS A PROMISE!!!! Nuff said......
Accessibility problems and lack of response
by Marconiusiii on 2018/08/09 15:24
Blind people want to use Tinder too, but they've made it quite frustrating with a general lack of accessibility support. Poorly labeled buttons all over the interface, ungrouped buttons separate from their icons, unusable settings controls, impossible to change age range or manage photos without sighted help, plus the interface just outright breaks when trying to navigate through profiles. Every so often, the matches interface "bleeds" through the Discover interface, and the VoiceOver cursor will land in messages while moving the cursor down through a single profile. Have to constantly restart the app to fix this. Most modals are inaccessible, but overall once you have someone with vision help you set photos and preferences up, the core function of the app works. Matching, messaging, all functional although the overall chat interface could use a Lot of accessibility and UX polish. Have been sending them feedback for a while, but have received either no response at all to accessibility feedback, or cookie cutter macro responses that obviously don't understand anything I'm talking about. There has been no focus whatsoever on the accessibility problems for over 2 years now, hoping they at least do a little to surmount the current problems soon.
Terrible customer service
by Potato-Gun on 2018/08/16 14:37
Well my account got banned without any warning. I heard I was suppose to receive an email saying that I had been hit with a report but I never got anything. I dug through my emails and didn’t find a single thing saying I had been banned. Which brings me into my next issue, no response from the support team. I had to look up why it wasn’t letting me log back on because after sending 3 or 4 emails to them, I STILL haven’t gotten a response. It’d be great to actually talk to a support team member to find out my account was banned and why is was banned. I used the app like anyone else, I put up pics of myself, had an average bio and for a long while it worked just fine. Went on a couple of dates and met a few people, but then I’m suddenly banned? From what I’ve read and heard, the reporting system just takes reports from anyone and they are never fully reviewed. So if someone finds you ugly, boring, or just because the feel like it, you could get reported and banned. And it doesn’t take a lot, just about 3 reports and your gone. And from what I heard theres just been a big going around where people are getting strikes for no reason but they won’t unban them. I’m don’t know for sure because I STILL CAN’T GET A RESPONSE FROM THEM! Awful app full of shallow people, and a terrible support team and an even worse method of reporting
by Someguy6347733 on 2018/12/13 08:54
The vast majority of guys I match with completely ghost me, never sending a message even when I send one first. It almost might as well be grindr. What is the point of matching if your matches don't talk to you? Maybe they delete the app immediately after installing it. Maybe their profiles are fake. Something is severely wrong with this app. Four braindead obvious features that should be added: (1) read receipts - let people know when their messages have been viewed (not necessarily opened) - and of course delivery receipts, because people often uninstall the app without deleting their profile, and (2) profile verification - I want to know whether someone is faking, (3) heavily limit right swipes and potentially kick people who always swipe right - and enforce this for everyone, including gold members like me - Tinder users are not here to stroke each others' egos - let's not make it easy for insecure sociopaths to game the system at the expense of everyone else, mmk?, and (4) let users choose not to see inactive profiles - matching with someone who doesn't use the app anymore isn't especially helpful - I get that you don't want to show when users were last active because you don't want to discourage cheaters from using the app, but you can at least do this for the rest of us.
Tinder’s Downward Spiral
by Tanner798 on 2018/07/21 07:41
When Tinder first came out and became popular over 5 years ago, it revolutionized the online dating scene, and even impacted dating for the younger age bracket. Now, Tinder has turned into a cess pool. It’s failure to affectively remove spam profiles, bots, and inactive profiles has turned it into the bottom-end dating app with the quality of profiles and people, or rather lack thereof. Tinder has let the cancerous actions and solicitations of individuals run for so long with no noticeable action of banning profiles as punishment that it has become sketchy to meet people in person after matching. The constant shady and disrespectful sexual invitations from desperate men are famous on this app driving the great uncertainty of meeting in general. Less untold are the alarming amount of girls cat fishing on this app as well. Instead of pushing towards a greater quality of people in its profile pool, Tinder is pushing more towards becoming a social media site with its “feed” feature and posting gifs on your profile. The failure for Tinder to make its dating environment more friendly is the exact reason why Bumble exists that competes with it head-on. Other spinoffs are emerging as well to fill this demand of a friendlier dating scene. I am disappointed with this app, and it has become unusable to me as I cannot hope to meet a quality person on Tinder with its continued downward spiral.
Where to begin...
by Jesse Keller on 2019/01/08 02:57
I began using Tinder a couple of years ago, the service it provided was fantastic. However, about 6 months ago I was banned (I have no clue why). Being a premium member I thought “no big deal, I’ll just call and get it resolved”. I was very wrong. After emailing multiple times and talking with multiple representatives I was unable to get my account reactivated. Not only could I get nothing done but each representative just stopped messaging me. To clarify, I was very professional and detailed in my request. Eventually I gave up on getting my account reactivated and began my search as to why I was banned. After again receiving no help via customer service (which is an absolute joke) I contacted Tinders parent company through the BBB. I simply asked why I was banned and received the most obvious information possible “It appears your account has been banned”. They gave no reason or explanation as to why. I replied to that message asking why I was banned. Tinder responded with the same thing I have heard for months “Banned for violating Terms and Conditions”. Not only did they not explain what that was but they also referred to me as Ms/Mrs proving that they never even looked at my account OR the way I addressed myself in my complaint. Therefore, I give them 1 star for the absolute worst and most lazy customer “care” I have EVER received.
Good opportunity to meet more available singles
by Forever97Mariah on 2018/03/11 20:32
Used this app on and off. I usually went on it to sext with someone (let's all be honest) until I matched with someone one day and he had told me that I was going to fast by asking to sext with him right away. That threw me off because I'd usually ask guys and they would ALWAYS be down with no questions asked. I ended up adding this guy on my snap and we immediately clicked. We snapped each other for a few weeks. Then I gave him my number so we can text. Then we would talk for hours on the phone. We had so much in common and had really enjoyed our conversations. We both agreed to meet and go out on a date together. He paid for everything and was really respectful and sweet. And now we've been dating for almost 2 months. We also lived so close to each other that we always spend time together. Little did we both know before Tinder! Hahaha I don't want to sound all corny and stuff, but Tinder does work to meet new people. It worked for me, might not work for others, but what's the hurt in trying it out and seeing what happens.
Met my other half on here
by YourFavoriteNinja on 2019/01/13 04:00
I was always skeptical of whether or not it was possible to meet someone through a dating app and actually be able to have a meaningful friendship or relationship, but here I am to share my success story of Tinder love lol. I had lots of messages from plenty of people, but of course it all felt very meaningless and shallow. It felt like the attraction was only surface level and there was no emotional connection with the people I’ve spoken to. However, when one particular guy reached out to me and was polite to the point of being corny enough to write an essay introducing himself to me I couldn’t help but to respond. This guy turned out to be the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life and we’re still very happy together after 7 months of dating. For anyone who is looking for love, don’t give up. There’s way too many fish in the sea and some of them may be rotten, but you will eventually find that fantastic catch (I promise I’ll stop with the puns now lol). But seriously, give it a go and see what happens. You can meet someone who you otherwise might have never encountered.
Was a great app
by immaculatemc on 2018/10/14 23:03
Tinder really peaked in 2012 and 2013. It was full of very attractive single people. It felt more elite back then, and it was exciting and fresh and people were more willing to meet up. To be honest it was more genuine and authentic. There was a time in 2013 and 2014 where I was matching with the most incredible and best looking single women I had ever dated in my life. At the time I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship but just to date, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever dated. It was truly a good experience, and I’m afraid that doesn’t exist anymore on Tinder. Today Tinder is full of the dregs of society. Scammers, cheaters, low-quality singles, unattractive people, spam and scam accounts, Sugarbaby and sugar daddy dynamics between men and women, and just general bad behavior when you match. It’s actually more of a pain to use this app then to actually get any benefit out of it anymore. Actual high-quality singles don’t use this app, you’re most likely going to meet people who are either too lazy to seek out better venues to meet quality people, or be incredibly lucky and match with someone of high-quality if that happens. Tinder is now known as a garbage dating app and I would say it’s the fault of the owners of the app to not make the app more exclusive, and make it more high-quality. Tinder is now plenty of fish.
I’m really tired of people on here
by deadbones4546 on 2018/12/01 07:16
The app works exactly what it’s advertised to do. So I applaud the developers on making an easy, interactive way to meet people. Yet this app has such a bad reputation that people like me who are looking for something really can’t find anyone. I’m in college, so I’m simultaneously looking for friends and a partner, yet no one tries on this app. I put effort and emotion into my messages that I believe will strike up conversations between people and 99% of the responses I get are “going good” or “lol yeah” I usually just stop talking to people at that point because it’s obvious they’re on the app as a joke and really don’t care about it. Yet many of my friends complain that they can’t ever find someone that really cares about them. Now I know I’m not a perfect guy, and I know I’m not the greatest looking guy. But I’m so tired of people saying “guys are horrible, they don’t care” when they never give me a chance. I know there’s nothing the developers can do about this problem I’m having, but for me and my surrounding area, this app is just a joke to spend time on. It’s sad that this is what an app like this has become.
Used to be awesome now it’s broken ALWAYS
by sellkies on 2018/07/24 18:46
I’ve been using this app for a while I highly suggest using bumble and giving them your business. Tinder does not respond to your problems when you send them endless emails.. first my account got banned for no reason. It said my picture was against the rules and regulations when they where all Normal pictures no offensive clothing or graphic material. Just me drinking beer , or in a tree , hiking a trail riding my bike.. so I had to make another fb profile.. got it to work for a few weeks.. met someone so I removed my account.. remade it and it worked for a week I paid for the gold and then a day later it deleted my account.. made another new fb profile.. was able to login for about an hour then it logged me out and says there is a problem logging in. I opened a ticket with support.. each time they say they will look into it. I lost about $100 playing games with customer support and still can’t even log in.. I made another account just now and it let me in for about 10 seconds and then boom logged me out. I’m sure someone is going to apologize finally after me writing a Bad review because they are going to want me to reverse it.. if this is what I have to do for attention to get my account worked out then your a terrible company.
Two years ago today
by Jazmin:)!!!! on 2017/12/05 11:22
After months of FaceTiming and messaging my tinder date we ended up finally meeting. Although he lived in LA and I lived in San Diego we finally met. Two years ago today we went on our first date and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought to myself “what are the chances of us both swiping right on each other”, but turns out he swiped right on everyone. Either way, it worked out for the best. In December I’m moving in with him and we’re starting our lives together. Before meeting my boyfriend I thankfully never had a creepy date. We were just incompatible and wanted different things. If you keep searching I’m sure there is someone on the app for you. Even more so now since millions of people use it daily. You just need to weed out the creeps and make it known what you’re looking for. Be straightforward and be selfish. You’re looking for your happiness, not theirs. Im thankful to have found the man of my dreams just through a simple phone app. Thank you tinder for matching me with the most genuine and loving person I’ve ever met.
Tinder is a waste
by flygyrlchi on 2018/04/06 17:19
Tinder is clearly some B.S. it use to be a free app that one could surf and match for free. Now it promotes all these expensive subscriptions for an app that can’t and won’t guarantee meeting someone. Secondly tinder use to allow one to choose the race of their preference, for example, Black Man looking for Black Woman. Now you can’t choose. I find that to be discriminatory. I mean, one will choose what they prefer anyway but because you won’t allow a person to set their preferences, people have to surf through tons of unwanted profiles. Also, I think Tinder is now a seller point, to lure people into purchasing a subscription. They also withhold you receiving matches until you purchase, claiming you will be boosted to the top and will receive more matches. This is all game. You never know who’s working the tech app behind the scenes. Paying won’t guarantee anything. This app was not created to find true love and most people on there aren’t looking for it. The app Is not fun anymore. I joined years ago and erased the app and decided to give it one last time. I erased it after 24 hrs. This app is a waste. Most of the guys you match with will not message you first and the ones that Do message you ain’t talking about much.
Good, but buggy
by itouchgirl45 on 2017/09/17 01:56
I've been using this app on and off for a while and I like it. I've met a few people off of here and met new friends. Recently though, I've been noticing a lot of issues. 1. Even though I have my notifications on, I'm not getting notified of new messages. 2. When I click the send button to respond, my message disappears and doesn't send unless I close out the app multiple times and try again. 3. Before my notifications disappeared altogether, I was getting notifications saying "Jasmine" for example sent you a new message. Even though I'm a female and have my matches sent to male. There are random names that kept appearing in my notifications that I don't have matches with. 4. It takes much longer than normal for my messages and messages to appear. And the app keeps freezing. Overall this app is fairly decent. But I've been having so many issues with bugs that I've barely been on it. Please fix it!!! Also a "looking for" section on a profile would be helpful. As someone looking for something possibly a little more serious, it would be nice to see what others are looking for before I decide to swipe.
Baiting you into gold subscriptions fraudulently
by Mondorange on 2019/01/21 16:54
I have been using the app for months. I originally got the gold subscription only to realize it had little value. However, after I canceled I was continually notified by tinder that I had 3+ likes. No matter how much I swiped, they wouldn’t go away. I figured that these likes were outside of my age or location range, which would explain why I couldn’t find them. Finally I succumbed to discover that all four likes were well within my ranges and two of them were men (I am a man looking only for women). So, two of them should have come up organically without tinder gold and two shouldn’t have shown up at all. Really feel duped. Another problem is that the app is so diluted with what I’ll call bad faith men (men who swipe right for pretty much anyone) that women have to be extra picky to compensate. This results in very few matches outside of high population cities. Even when you do match you will often be ghosted because of the problem I just described (maybe the women are dealing with myriad other matches or missed some disqualification in your profile initially). So, if you live in a big city, get the app but do not get tinder gold. Otherwise you might as well hit on people in bars, you’ll have the same or better success.
An absolute waste of time and money...
by sdmf022 on 2019/02/15 16:03
Tinder used to be great. When I first joined I had a lot of matches and met some great friends on there. I even decided to subscribe to their premium services. Then I was banned for no justifiable reason whatsoever. This really sucked because I was unable to reconnect my Facebook account and match based on mutual interests and friends. I attempted to contact them to remedy the situation and I was disappointingly met with canned generic responses if I even received a response. The worst customer service I’ve ever personally dealt with. Against my better judgement I decided to make another account and subscribe again. Not only was I charged more money for my subscription than I previously had paid, but I have not been getting any matches. Instead Tinder tells me that there is nobody 21-31 years old within 100 miles of me which is obviously not the case. I created a fake account to test this. They’re not transparent about their algorithms and clearly don’t care about their customer experience, especially for paid members. Bottom line is you’re serious about online dating enough to spend your hard earned money you’re better off using Bumble, Okcupid, Plenty of Fish, Match, etc. Don’t just take my word for it. Read some other recent reviews.
Psyched, but disappointed.
by Jjtin on 2018/03/03 03:18
Asian males, and others may possibly have a really hard time finding real life connections through the app because it’s just rough. Tinder’s most recent developments with Tinder Gold makes it impossible to even possibly match with someone who’s probably swiped right(liked) on you unless you’re a Tinder Gold subscriber. Despite having been a Tinder Plus user for years you would think that there’d be some loyalty, or much more help promoting people that have liked you like they once used to when Tinder was kept simple, affordable, accessible, and most importantly- free! The times where all their best services were free have gone. Their developments are proof of how their primary goal is not just to provide a platform for any real potential matches to occur, but to make a bang for their bucks (yes, I said bucks) that they’ve gotta be thrilled to have entering their bank accounts with the multiple purchases people make just to find someone they could one day call their own. Pay up kids. Good luck, I certainly wish you better luck than many of us may have had. Cheers! How do you even unsubscribe from these automated Tinder Plus charges? I’ll take my chances in the real world.
Works well but definitely needs some improvement
by MSminecraft on 2019/01/12 00:00
So far tinder has worked pretty well for me, I even met my girlfriend of 8 months (now ex) on it. Although there need to be some improvements. The first being that i feel that it should be more personalized. Apps like bumble allow users to input basic info about themselves along with their bio. The info includes, religious beliefs, education level, political views, whether they smoke or drink, star sign, whether they’re more of a dog or cat person, and most importantly what kind of relationship they are looking for (i.e. hookups, dating, friendship, marriage) and so on. They then take this data and show you people with similar info first in the stack. I feel like this is an are where tinder has fallen behind. Also tinder maps feature is super buggy and doesn’t even register your swipes half the time so you that person basically disappears and it never actually registered a like or super like. Also i think admin need to do a better job on cracking down on ghost/bot accounts that never respond or just try to sell you a premium webcam subscription or something. Other than these things the app is great.
Banned for no Reason
by Bluecc on 2018/11/29 13:34
I actually really like this app. I’m a lesbian and I live in a tiny town in Nebraska so it’s hard to meet other women. This was a good way for me to do that. However, after an encounter with someone who decided to say I harassed them when they unmatched me, my account was banned. To be clear, I did not harass this person. I feel like if you no longer want to talk to someone it is absolutely your prerogative to unmatch them. When I found out my account was banned I reached out to tinder and they offered no explanation except to read the terms and conditions, which I had already done. The same person that unmatched me reaches out to me on Snapchat and said she shouldn’t have done what she did and that she was going to fix it. I took screenshots just in case. She didn’t take care of it so I reached out to tinder yet again with the photos as back up. They informed me that they take violations seriously and there is no appeals process at this time. So I lost my account over something that I absolutely did not do. In conclusion, if you really want to, you can unmatch someone and say that they harassed you with no proof and they will be banned from tinder, effective immediately. Happy swiping!
SMS Authentication, Pay Walls, and Privacy
by SanfrAnon on 2018/09/11 00:16
Tinder used to be a great tool for meeting new people and dating. Everything now has been geared towards monetizing direct user experiences with little gains and enforcing mobile number authentication. I’ve seen dwindling user experiences on other platforms like Okcupid, but it appears that Tinder has fallen subject to the same money hungry illness that often leads to descent. As for the mobile auth, their strategy for adoption is extremely poor in taste. It’s not even a secure method for authentication. They’ve even stated in their support docks that recovery options aren’t available via this method, but if you don’t enter and validate your phone, even for long-time users, access is blocked. While the pressure makes the motive here questionable, It’s also interesting that when my paid subscription ended, I could no longer use the app, despite not entering my number. Guess that was the last straw for them. Aside from other privacy concerns, I can’t filter random telemarketers and text which seems to stem largely from sharing my personal contact info on platforms where my identity is subject to the companies terms and conditions, and let’s face it, no one should trust how anyone but yourself will protect that information. I’m out.
How to Unmatch
by K94W on 2018/07/17 15:19
I don’t like that Tinder is considered a hookup app for many people, and it initially turned me away from using it. After using Tinder I’m glad to find there are still at least a few people looking for something a little more serious, but I do have some complaints about the app structure. After accidentally swiping on someone, I checked multiple reviews (& even Tinder’s help page inside the app) about how to unmatch with a person you’ve swiped on & none were helpful. Every review says that to unmatch with someone all you have to do is click on their profile, click on the 3 dot tab in the upper right corner, & simply hit “unmatch.” However, there is no unmatch option, only “report” or “suggest to a friend”—neither of which I want to do. So there appears to be no way to either block or unmatch with someone without reporting them, & that just seems like overkill & could ruin someone’s account. This is something Tinder really ought to fix if they want to maintain people’s safety as well because not being able to block someone or unmatch could become a problem if the match starts to show unwanted attention.
So fake and a ripoff!
by Herman42BP on 2018/03/15 03:22
This is if you pay for the ability to see who likes you because you have to pay per month to know who liked you. You also have to pay a subscription if you want to like or dislike a certain amount of people. I find that ridiculous because how will you ever talk to that one person who liked you if Tinder blocks that ability unless you pay? I know it’s an app that is trying to make money, but the chances are extremely low for people who use it for free. I spent money to get access, but it was not worth the time and money. Most people that liked me were fake, or they were most likely automated by Tinder to like me to give me some hope that I’ll be able to talk to them and keep paying the subscription fee. One of the person who claimed to like me when I first activated my account along with subscription was obviously someone who sponsors Tinder, or Tinder sponsors that person because that was someone who is somewhat famous on Instagram that is from another country when I found out who the person was on the Internet. The chances that someone would like me was slim, so that was obviously Tinder’s game that played on me. Shame on Tinder for giving people false hope. Better off meeting people face to face.
Good once you learn the ropes
by Feversaint on 2017/10/18 21:45
One of the hardest things for me was figuring out how to structure my profile to communicate what was really most important to me in order to attract people I'm interested in. Now that I've iterated on my profile a few times with the help of friends (plus the handy new "see who's liked you" feature) I've had multiple dates using this app that have gone great. I've met some people with whom I've formed great connections. One thing I'd highly recommend is being at the point where you're looking for someone to share your life with because you already enjoy it - not looking for someone to fill some hole in your life you have yet to really examine or figure out yourself. I'd recommend some form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the later case instead - for me that hole was the fact that I didn't know I had ADD (until I was almost 30). Dating people for the 2nd reason generally does not end well - at least going off the many failed relationships I've seen (including one of my own).
bans without appeals process
by Ben A Johnson on 2019/02/15 15:13
I recently opened the app to clear a notification (as the app sends pointless notifications to get you to sign in and spend money) only to see that my account had been banned for "violating the terms of service." I rarely use the app as for gay people not living in a city it is virtually pointless showing you all the people you already know, so I am quite certain I did not violate those terms. When I wrote to customer service asking for clarification as to which terms I allegedly violated resulting in a ban I was sent a canned response directing me to the entirety of the terms of service and further informed there is no appeals process. In essence Tinder feels no need for transparency or to redress its errors. On the one hand it's a blessing to be able to delete this useless app, but people should know that it has terrible customer service and lacks any transparency in its policy enforcement. There are literally dozens of alternatives on the market that will also allow you to match with local singles and then never actually message or meet them. I'd suggest giving them a try instead, because their service departments are more amenable to providing good customer service beyond copying and pasting information available on their website.
Close but yet so far
by Audrey_writes on 2018/10/04 20:51
I decided to download Tinder during a very low point in my life where I felt lonely and hopeless at ever finding anyone. I never thought anything of it as I would swipe left/right, but 2days in I came across this cute guy named Elvis who I completely fell for. We started talking here and there discussing how Tinder was just out of boredom. We talked for 3 months before we finally met up and turns out he lived down the street from me. We vibed so hard and had so much in common. We continued to hang out and soon enough he asked me out a month later. Now 4 months in im the happiest I’ve ever been in any relationship before and I’ve met the sweetest guy who never leaves my side whether it’s thick or thin. Every now and then we think back to how we met on Tinder and how we always dreamed of finding someone like each other but didn’t think it was possible especially living so close to one another. I know that if it wasn’t for Tinder we still wouldn’t have crossed paths and i wouldn’t have met the man of my dreams ❤️
by Eclypes on 2019/02/16 02:43
For years I’ve played with this app and of course have my morals and ethics on this app. I usually don’t message people unless I think they are someone worth talking to but in the recent months as they have improved on one end, they have declined largely on the customer service aspect of the company. One example is they do not have a way to verify face to age, instead they only require a phone number and Facebook account in hope that you are of the age of 18. Surprisingly, I’ve been noticing a large increase in young high school students using the app and some actually do look of age. I went and met up with a supposedly 18 year old but when I met her she was actually underaged and I left and met up with some of my real personal friends to avoid legal issues. Therefore I will conclude that Tinder has no care in the service they are supposed to provide, especially on a legal sense. Not soon after this underage female reported me and I got banned. I have contacted support but they do not have any care in fixing any issues but for software bugs. I hate to leave a poor review as I’ve been using tinder correctly for years, but they have lacked this last year and I’m very upset with the service they have provided
Amazing Connections
by sblake2 on 2019/01/24 02:50
Hi Tinder! When i first downloaded your app I was a freshman in college and all of my friends thought it would be funny to make me an account and swipe for me since they all had their own. I was skeptical after always hearing that the app was notorious for hook ups but decided to give it a shot anyway. I started out not really having many matches or good conversations with anybody and deleted the app a few times to focus on myself and more important things yet I always found myself redownloading it to try and find some sort of connection. I now have many close friends that I’ve met and spent time with. Let me just say, thank you so much for the maximum distance setting!!!! I swiped right on someone that was 70+ miles from me and we talked all summer before meeting up. I can now say with confidence that my boyfriend from tinder is one of the sweetest souls that has ever come into my life and it’s all thanks to you. I sincerely never believed to find a long term partner on a dating app but I am so happy! The distance between us has strengthened our relationship and allowed us to connect emotionally first before seeing each other which we believe is super important. I recommend talking to someone for a few days at least before meeting up to make sure you feel safe with the decision you’re making. Getting to know someone emotionally before rushing to meet has made my relationship so strong. Thank you Tinder, I highly recommend your service!
Cold as Ice
by JC19761223 on 2018/09/06 07:31
For a company meant to connect people, their customer service seem highly impersonal and make it clear they’re focused on profits. I’ve used the app for about 3 years with no luck. Lots of matches with no further communication. So, I paid for Tinder Plus to hopefully up my game. Suddenly, after several months of use, the app demanded that I provide my phone number. It wasn’t enough that they had access to my email and Facebook profile for years now. And, even though I was now paying for Tinder Plus, and had several messages waiting for responses, the app blocked my access. Their customer service tried to claim that a phone number is required upon “sign-up.” I had to remind them that I’d been using the app for years and had never been asked before. They also claimed that their desire to breach my privacy to collect more personal data, and failure to honor my PAID subscription, was all for “security purposes.” WHAT???! Sounds to me like they want to collect more info to monitor users and sell more data. They don’t care if users, including those who pay, have a positive experience or meet their match. They are in this business to hoard data and make profits off users’ personal info. Beware!
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