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Tinder - Dating
With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that? Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun—use the Swipe Right™ feature to Like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new. Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, give a Swipe Right™. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes. Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over. MORE FEATURES? THAT’S A PLUS Upgrade to tinder plus® for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd. GET THE GOLD TREATMENT Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife ----------------------------------- If you choose to purchase tinder plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current tinder plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase tinder plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free. All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.
by quaysinch56 on 2020/08/03 14:49
My profile was terminated for no reason I just created that profile and only had it for a week
by NEW UPDATE 12/9/17!! on 2020/08/03 14:25
new update is so buggy, app freezes, doesn’t let me tap the screen
Who is active
by Subzerodrew on 2020/08/03 13:49
Tinder would be a lot better if there was an easier way to tell who’s active. I can only see an activity status for people I haven’t matched yet. If I could see who, among my current matches and conversations, is active I’d like the app a lot more as I’d probably have better, more fulfilling engagements.
by CAL19948000000 on 2020/08/03 12:50
Banned for no reason and no explanation. I wasn’t inappropriate and I’m not underage or catfishing.
I did nothing wrong
by starshinedawn on 2020/08/03 11:40
I have been off and on this app for years. I recently took a break and then decided to get back on and give it one more try as I have done many times. I downloaded the app and started putting in my information and all of a sudden I get an alert saying I am underage. Really? I had just celebrated my 50th birthday. I emailed customer support several times and got a bs response about violating policy like I had been harassing people. If anything I was harassed but i never reported anyone. I responded to that email saying to please tell me exactly what I did and when I violated policy. I then get an email asking for a screen shot of the message I am getting that is causing the issue. I sent in the underage message that shows a countdown clock of over 1000 days until I can use the app. That was several weeks ago and I have not received a response I have paid for subscriptions over and over in the past. I do not even want to add up the amount of money I have spent on this app and for them to ban me is ridiculous. I want answers as to why I am banned and I want access to the app. The customer service is terrible! If I could give negative five stars I would!
Found My Girlfriend
by WhoKing3x on 2020/08/03 10:21
I’m only giving this a 4 star because we argued a few times before committing. Then she cheats on me then I cheated back now we living healthy and COVID Free Thanks Tinder For Helping me Match with my girlfriend💯👏🏾
Bans without reason
by asdfghfgckk on 2020/08/03 09:39
Limited selection
by Jawan654 on 2020/08/03 09:15
The app is extremely limited in selection even with Tinder gold. You have a limit and once it’s hit there is no one else around. I live in a city and I know more people use tinder. It just feels like a cash grab.
Dating app for the obese
by SOADstar759 on 2020/08/03 08:02
Download if you’re trying to date politically correct obese women/men, or if you’re just trying to have s*x. Otherwise don’t waste your time
by sistablondetwin2 on 2020/08/03 06:14
Well...I use to love using this app, until my account was hacked and now I can’t get back it because my account was blocked by the tinder creator. I had email the company and I never heard anything back. No matter what I do I can’t recover my profile because my phone number and email were blocked.
by khatfi21 on 2020/08/03 04:47
Honestly annoyed that most of the time the app slows down to the point that I have to wait to even scroll for messages. I get notifications I have a message but it won’t load. Over all, not really worth the time it takes to use.
Waste of time
by CapricornAstronomer on 2020/08/03 04:40
This app is not totally free and has many hitches or obstacles that ultimately force user to pay. Cannot view likes, small local dating pools. Although I got 11 apparent likes in 24 hours, never connected with 1 due to poor interface. I would not waste time with it.
Deleted account
by 184!!;&/99 on 2020/08/03 03:55
This app is dumb I got reported for no reason and don’t even give me an option for reporting an issue. Maybe this will get their attention.
I’m getting married
by Kfueodjfhc on 2020/08/03 02:55
She hasn’t proposed yet, but I found the love of my life on Tinder. We were on tinder due to corona induced boredom and were lucky enough to both swipe right. We moved in together fast and I’ve never been so happy in my life.
Update suggestion
by BrendanTrapp on 2020/08/03 02:39
A great app and repeated return customer. One suggestion I've constantly brought up would be an easier way to manage matches, specifically deleting older matches. I have been on tinder for a while and have a accumulated quite a few matches and its a pain to have to go through each profile individually to delete them. So a few suggestions would be an auto delete after so many days of inactivity. Or a way to select and delete multiple matches at once.
by JD-OMG on 2020/08/03 02:35
I’ve yet to see a black woman profile in the top picks section.
Discovery not working, messages aren’t getting my messages
by kaoi00 on 2020/08/03 00:38
My discovery has been glitchy lately no matter what I’ve done, I can’t see anybody my messages are being sent. But I don’t think they are even being seen by my matches.And the people I’ve tried to swipe right on in my likes are coming out as errors.
Lots of fake profiles
by JSB16851750 on 2020/08/02 23:47
Tons of fake profiles directing you to either Snapchat or Instagram or a private email address. Tinder is very bad at verifying the authenticity of its users. Other dating app have mostly found ways to prevent and weed out fake profiles. Tinder needs to get their act together.
by hkkkakka827262 on 2020/08/02 23:39
Not sure why I got banned but it doesn’t let me make a new account
by TreyDuhh on 2020/08/02 23:17
The app is kinda bad these days. Lots of low quality women. Pay wall to see who has liked you. Many over the hill women with kids looking for a simp... About a million bots, all with the same spam bio... In person works much better.
Heyy people
by jjavkson on 2020/08/02 23:13
Ima just troll on this app
Unprofessional and sly
by Death4Dinner on 2020/08/02 22:51
I’ve recently paid for tinder gold and less than a month after my subscription started, I was banned. After looking for a way to contact the tinder support team to figure out what I did wrong, I found no way within the app or online. I will happily review my rating after talking with the tinder team, but until then, my review stands.
Paid for Tinder Gold - Not getting it
by Brandi Watkins on 2020/08/02 22:45
I paid for Tinder Gold so I could see matches that already liked me. I haven’t been getting any activity for three days now, so I start swiping on profiles and BAM instant matches. This lets me know that I’m not getting what I paid for.
No customer service
by rc1513 on 2020/08/02 21:49
They don’t read anything sent there way and don’t help in the slightest. Literally the worse customer service I have ever had.
by JakdkaksoaoapapqkakK on 2020/08/02 21:09
it’s annoying that you can get reported for no reason at all and you guys literally have access to all of my account information and can see I haven’t done anything and I still get banned and there’s no appeal process there’s nothing. I just literally get banned. I know so many people with this problem too. I can’t even make a new account either because it’s banned it like entirely from my phone. I think you need a better investigation/ appeal process for that.
Customer service
by sad panda 5 on 2020/08/02 21:04
My account was hacked and then banned. I tried to email tinder about it but I kept receiving the same automated response. I was a paying customer and they dont even offer a customer help number to call
From Super To Scam
by TJM79240 on 2020/08/02 20:34
I had this app a few years back and it was a great, free way to meet people. Now, I can't even delete the app, all the women are Only Fans or Snapchat scammers and the rest do not mean much This has just become a total ponzi scheme. I bet I won't even get the typical passive aggressive reply from Tinder "we value our customers but gfys". DO NOT DOWNLOAD
tinder gold
by GDHDDKWLEMFOw on 2020/08/02 20:28
stopped letting me match people after 2 days of having tinder gold . waste of money and now going to dispute the charge .
Not as inclusive as they make it out..
by cahcha91 on 2020/08/02 20:11
Tinder hates me!!! two accounts blocked for what ever reason idk Tinder can you help me.. I feel you try to be inclusive, but than block me from using the platform cause guys can’t tell the difference and get mad at me.. My account is/was very respectful of your terms and conditions and policies. I even made my “about me” clear as to who I am and what I am looking for. And yet I get the boot every time.. not happy
by ethan_willis01 on 2020/08/02 18:55
I’m tired of all the fake profiles and bots on this app
Photo upload not working
by Daveydav1 on 2020/08/02 18:48
They tweaked something and there’s a new skin to upload photos. I have an iPhone 7s. Press the albums, select the picture and it doesn’t show above or allow me to hit done or select. I can only X out... Plus I’ve been trying to fight the good fight and report the LOADS of fake profiles. And Tinder stopped ME from reporting them!!! Like... really?! I ha e the power back but it seems as if there is a limit to the amount of fakes I can report, yet the amount of fakes is unlimited.
It used to be good
by DanteE273 on 2020/08/02 18:17
Terrible customer service. App does an awful job of weeding out fake profiles. It almost feels like it’s done purposely to create fake likes. Verification should be required to sign up. If you don’t pay for premium you will never be able to have an opportunity to match with the people who the app says “likes you.”
Got banned for no reason
by towitta on 2020/08/02 17:14
I’ve never sent anything insulting explict or put up anything offensive and went off of tinder for a few weeks when I tryed opening my account it said that I was banned from tinder
by Daniel loves jane on 2020/08/02 17:11
Better off looking somewhere else
by King Ninth on 2020/08/02 15:32
The app is straight up and down terrible too many bots and fake profiles. Also doesn’t listen to distance settings
You know what tinder needs?
by Mr.Office on 2020/08/02 13:43
An “Ask me again in 2 weeks” button. It’d be useful when: - you’re friends / know each other - you’re not sure if they’re still in a relationship - you (evidently) work with them - you just have to think a little more
No more profiles
by cyprissa on 2020/08/02 06:55
The app was running perfectly before it suddenly stopped showing profiles on discover and even after deleting and redownloading the app it still just shows my profile pic with red rings coming from the center when I go to the discover profiles page.
Used to be great Now its annoying
by MACKJD13 on 2020/08/02 06:50
Tinder use to be pretty dependable and not full of scammers and bots and fake profiles . Now it has seem to be having a LOT more bots and fake profiles and whatnot . Its about half and half now and this will be my reason for deleting this annoying app
this app is bad
by clinttooo on 2020/08/02 06:16
i wish i can give it zero stars why do i need to pay for tinder gold to see who likes me? that’s dumb and just a way to make money in a stupid way
Love it
by Erika 😝 on 2020/08/02 05:45
I loved this app, until I got banned, is there a way I can know why I did?
by briiibalaaaa on 2020/08/02 05:18
Honestly this app is the worst. I’ve been stuck on radar “searching for matches” for 5 days with 100 mile radius.deleted the app, restarted my phone, reset my software, everything I could think of I tried and nothing has worked. This app always has tons of glitches and no customer service whatsoever. What a WASTE OF TIME to try and connect with people and have it all wiped away. Seriously disappointed with the quality of this app.
Banned account. Extremely disappointed
by Felon347 on 2020/08/02 05:05
Upon having over 200 matches on tinder. I was extremely disappointed to wake up and find out that my account was mysteriously banned without the explanation as to why... I’m extremely respectful and courteous to any and every woman I match with on tinder. I’m really hoping to talk with someone so I can get my account unbanned
by OVO start on 2020/08/02 04:40
Fix the location thing man. ASAP
Overrun With Spam
by Ronnie Day on 2020/08/02 04:32
Do not waste your money on this app. It seems something like 99% of the “people” I “match” with are spam bots. It would be extremely easy to filter these out, as they all use the same photos and bios. Tinder engineering team? Y’all need help over there? (Answer: yes, you really do). This app is rotting from the inside out.
by 3millyyy_ on 2020/08/02 04:22
I hadn’t been on tinder for a week and next thing i know i got banned :( i really did like it and I’ve tried contacting to figure out what happened. I honestly did nothing or had anything bad with my account. I just want someone to review my account because i think it’s a mistake. Would’ve been 5 stars if i didn’t get banned for nothing :/
Thank you
by kase.k on 2020/08/02 04:10
Met the love of my life on tinder never thought I would see the day or think a app would find me her but I thank you !!!
by CC.1112 on 2020/08/02 03:29
What I don’t understand is why it says 17+ but bans you if you are 17.
by BUFFALOMAFIA on 2020/08/02 03:05
If I put I want to meet women 10-15 miles from me then why am I getting women who are escorts or hookers from as far as Toronto in the top picks section? Shouldn’t I be getting women where I live? Also why can’t you see the women that like you? Maybe if I can see who like me then I would get a subscription? Have these women show full body pics too! Why do they show there dog?
Doesn’t review reports
by jon23lee on 2020/08/02 01:29
I was banned from the app over nothing. They didn’t review the false reports of me. If someone doesn’t like you, they will report and get you banned from the app as well.
Won’t lemme download
by Robot dog2478 on 2020/08/02 01:14
Keeps saying need payment method to jus download the app
by Tripp.1992 on 2020/08/02 01:13
You literally have to pay. How stupid lol
by Mikeyyyyylovesbrowns on 2020/08/02 01:06
tinder literally banned me for no reason. i never said anything inappropriate to anybody. was never a weirdo. didn’t have any pictures that were bad. i don’t get it
Banned for no reason
by kai452762 on 2020/08/02 01:02
I love this app and I’m so disappointed that suddenly I was banned with no explanation. I can’t even make a new account. I was away from tinder for a long time and when I came back finally, it said I’m banned. It’s so upsetting because I can’t think of anything I could’ve done that would do that for me.
Too many spam and robot accounts.
by Michael R Vis on 2020/08/01 23:44
Too many spam and robot accounts.
by T-Freedom on 2020/08/01 23:32
Why the fk you change the interface. Downgrade af
Dude just don’t do it
by Roflincoprers on 2020/08/01 23:13
Time and time again I download this app hoping they changed something. Still no and always no. Tinder is only here for your money. I can’t speak for the girls, but for my dudes, go download one of the other apps. I won’t mention which one so they don’t delete my comment, but in TWO DAYS I had 40 more matches on that app than on Tinder. And it’s not just a boost they secretly give your account at the beginning, because the amount I swipe is actually correlated with the amount of matches I get. And in case you didn’t know, they boost your account at the beginning to make you think you’ll get matches. Anyways, what does this all mean? It means they play with the matching algorithm to maximize their profits. Go try one of the other apps dude.
Tinder stole $192 dollars
by b johnb el pesetonve on 2020/08/01 22:46
You guys stole $192 dollars from me everything I’m subscribe my account get banned for no reason I going to contact my back to get my money back for fraud and disgusting
by Peach8367 on 2020/08/01 22:05
Update: support emailed me back & fixed the issue! I haven’t been able to use the app, except to change my profile or settings for a WEEK. When I open the app up, all it does is loads and loads. No profiles pop up. I haven’t even been getting any new matches OR messages. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I updated the app, I even tried it on a different device and it’s all been the same. I’ve tried contacting support and didn’t even get a response. Would be nice to be able to use the app again.
Not letting me back
by kebdksbf on 2020/08/01 21:52
I verified my age with my drivers license and it’s still not letting me back on
phone number
by BunnyBabbyyy on 2020/08/01 20:53
i don’t have a usual even phone number due to not having service. let us sign up with email!
Poorly Regulated
by Ol Kierny on 2020/08/01 20:50
The app is fun at first until an old match who you find out is an abusive predator reports you. I had my account banned after telling a few friends what happened (presumably because she found out and reported me) and with no appeal process my account remained wrongfully banned while she continues to find victims. The app makes it way too easy for sexual assaults to occur, but not only that—the app makes it very easy for sexual predators to report and target those that could out their behavior. Why does it feel like tinder is protecting rapists?
Waste of time!
by BublyMoe on 2020/08/01 16:26
I just lost all my matches including the ones I’ve been talking to for quite some time because of the sudden crush. Now they might be wondering why I’ve disappeared suddenly and I can’t even explain what happened. Just lost good friends forever
by AmberNicoleS on 2020/08/01 14:27
If I set my location settings to 20 miles I expect to see guys within the 20 miles. I’m tired of seeing men who are wayyyy past the 20 miles limit. I’ve tried restarting the app and everything and it’s still showing people way out my range. Aggravating.
by Steven1u on 2020/08/01 12:42
I’ve been using tinder on and off for a while so I bought gold for $120 w/tax. Without changing anything to my profile I get shadow banned and hours later get Banned all on the same day of purchase. It’s quite unsettling paying money for any mobile app, but for that app to take the money and then ban you. And on top of that not giving a moderation alert and then a reason for the shadow and then ban is disgusting. Additionally the reporting process is annoying because all it takes is for one person to be overly sensitive about any subject and report you for “other” which contradicts the whole “Be Yourself” idea.
by jada weathers on 2020/08/01 10:58
it banned me for no reason. i am 18 years of age and it says i’m banned :/
by Cruelworld AoT on 2020/08/01 10:07
Hey can i have a refund please Im Being scamed
No likes
by therealkeepitkee on 2020/08/01 08:41
I’ve gotten over 50 likes my first day when I started tinder and I deleted because I thought I met the right person on a different app. So I got back on it and now I only got like 10 likes thumbs down unless something changes.
by KEE DA DON on 2020/08/01 07:16
My account was banned fro posting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “RIP GEORGE FLOYD”
My account got banned for no reason😡
by coolsteve18 on 2020/08/01 06:34
So log in today for the first time in 1 year and I’m banned for no reason this app is garbage😡
Keeps crashing
by whyanicknamemanpoo on 2020/08/01 05:45
Won’t load the screen for me to view anyone who I liked to match or not match with nor can I access my messages I have deleted the app re install it and updated my phone and the app and nothing works. I even payed for the tinder gold.
Not really happy
by Baby_Momma52019 on 2020/08/01 05:41
I didn’t think I’d have to pay for it just to see my matches which is pretty messed up especially when ur a person that doesn’t have money to pay for it
by Aaallllyyyyssssaaa on 2020/08/01 05:39
Honestly. I’m completely irritated. If there is an option to choose my range I want the People I’m swiping on to be in my range, not 115 miles away. I should not have to pay nor should I have to swipe through people who are over 3 hours away, I get that they’re probably paying but seriously? What is the point when it takes me 6 hours to swipe through everyone who’s swiped on me over 100 miles away.
The app keeps freezing
by saidfloressss on 2020/08/01 04:49
I have tinder and I can’t even enjoy it because of the continuous freezing. Yes I have hundreds of matches and sometimes it freezes from the matches that I’m getting but it’s gotten to the point that even opening it will make it freeze to the point that it is unbearable to use. I don’t know what to do.
by ShaneDeeeeeee on 2020/08/01 03:36
My tinder is stuck on the loading screen aka the radar. I tried signing out restarted my phone switched wifi used no wifi literally nothing works someone help
by Z/28 #1 on 2020/08/01 02:51
Do not waste your money! Even after setting my preference at 42 miles max, I’m seeing profiles for women thousands of miles away. And most of the time a prospect profile is not available to see. What a joke
by Simplife23 on 2020/08/01 01:15
Filled with bots and scams 0/10 wouldn’t recommend
by Purple whatsis on 2020/08/01 00:00
This app is trash don’t waste your money or time on it.
Banned for no reason after a day
by Morgachii on 2020/07/31 22:44
So I turned 18 a week and a half ago and I wanted to meet new people for college. I got 99+ likes immediately Bc I’m a girl and matched with a few people but only had short conversations with a few. Then during the afternoon, the day after I made my account, I see that I’m banned with no explanation. I checked to see if I could have possibly violated a rule but nope I didn’t. I had 3 pictures of myself, completely normal mirror pics and one with a friend, all appropriate! My bio was short including my hobbies of drawing and playing games. But now I’m banned and can’t do anything abt it or even know why.
it banned me for no reason
by noodle love doodle on 2020/07/31 22:35
i changed my photos around and i got banned for nothing nun of the photos were nude or provocative id like to get my account back plz
Always crashes
by Ivan J M on 2020/07/31 20:06
I can’t open the app it keeps crashing
Tinder scam
by Futurchamp on 2020/07/31 19:59
Bs company. 7 days after paying for the service I get banned with no explanation or appeal or chance to reactivate my account
Met some old creepy guy
by Crazy_lazy1551235 on 2020/07/31 19:33
I’m very young and very shy. I started this in hopes to find someone in my own comfort space. However, the only people that were showing up were old creepy men!! They were saying disgusting stuff, and making me feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t filtered for me and i am grossed out and disappointed. I was hoping for better results
I got banned
by ry-xxan on 2020/07/31 19:00
I literally got banned for no reason. I created a clothing brand and put it in my bio but then I get banned for violating Terms of use.
by Kate_💗 on 2020/07/31 18:09
I gave this app a shot with it having such a high amount of members, in hopes to find that one special guy for a long term committed relationship. The guys on here are pretty much all the same. They will tell you they are looking for the same thing you are looking for in a relationship over the phone and end up only wanting a hook up and nothing more. Watch out they are very misleading, manipulative, charming, and forceful. If you want something real save your time and try a different app. Ladies, watch out for a guy named Arti.
I like tinder
by oreocookieeer on 2020/07/31 18:01
Tinder is cool I like it , But my only problem is I can’t see or talk to the people I’ve swipe Right !!!! I would love to have an option to chat with the people I’ve swipe right because not only the ramdom match is important !!!
by fatuozky on 2020/07/31 17:39
Es neta tienes que pagar para poder ver los likes no lo recomiendo en absoluto lo descargue dos veces para ver si era error pero no sigue igual
17+ yet you gotta be 18?
by Sarah Bina on 2020/07/31 16:25
Id love to say I downloaded this app and met the girl of my dreams and found so many new friends I can relate to, but facts are I downloaded this app because it literally says 17+ and what do ya know. You gotta be 18 to do absolutely anything. So that was a lie.
by DoubleD253 on 2020/07/31 15:52
I don’t know what’s up with the app right now, but it’s very slow and closes all the time. I don’t even like bumble and here I come /:
Great app to cheat on trusting spouses
by louisseifer on 2020/07/31 14:58
I found that if you trust your partner, then they have the perfect opportunity to cheat on you by setting up dates while you are at work. It’s perfect to locate local potential f*$k-buddies.😀
Just terrible on all levels
by Kram Sacul on 2020/07/31 14:07
More fake profiles than any other dating service and now they’re shoving cheap virtue signaling spam ads. They want us to pay for this stuff? lol
by TICiCi on 2020/07/31 13:39
Tinder is working hard to provide a better service. I think it is starting to take diversity seriously.
They control who you see
by truthAaaaaaaaaH on 2020/07/31 13:21
I have proven that they are in control of who they match you with. And who they let you see. It is a game of keeping you on to pay for another month. Fake profiles that chat the day before your script runs out. And never again. All profiles only looking for IG or SC followers not a companion. Yes you might meet someone by chance. But that can happen anywhere.
Most of this app is smoke and mirrors
by Firefightermerrill on 2020/07/31 12:05
Downloaded this app, set it up, and then got ghosted more than scooby doo. Honestly, more by the app devs than by any person. (Although there’s way too many fake profiles) I’ve been stuck on the loading your matches screen for days despite upgrading to gold. Can’t match, can’t see profiles, can’t reply or receive messages. I’ve sent emails on the trouble shooting page that have still been unanswered. Basically, the got me to pay them for gold and dropped me knowing that iTunes won’t give me my money back despite tinder not giving me the service I paid for. Moral of the story: don’t pay. Use it as long as you can get it free but dump it the second the app doesn’t show you matches or lets you message. Start over or try another app.
by Wowlikessuckzbab on 2020/07/31 11:45
Society has fallen...
by canadianpappi on 2020/07/31 10:32
This app is a joke. Nothing but women who promote their IG, snapchat and onlyfans. To make matters worse, once you match they don’t even reply or once you add them on Snapchat or IG etc, they don’t even reply. Society has fallen in terms of socializing. This app is NOT it for all of you looking for REAL love and connections. I say your better off shooting your shot in person than this app.
by mikiahgrey on 2020/07/31 09:58
The app is always crashing after using it for a couple mins. Only app I have issues with on my phone. And then they want you to pay to see matches but it crashes so what’s the point half the people or accounts on here are fake or for premium snaps and only fans
If you need this app, it is not for you.
by andres gb on 2020/07/31 09:41
Tinder is designed to bleed men of cash. If you’ve got a couple hundred bucks to burn, you may get some matches and worthwhile dates. Otherwise you spend an hour or more a day, swiping and having conversations that go nowhere. If you’re into forced flirting and desperation, just swipe that card.
Bugs bugs bugs
by Dave! YogpodΩ on 2020/07/31 08:02
I’ve been using this app for several years now and am generally satisfied with it. My only problem is that it crashes constantly, there are so many bugs in this app that never seem to be fixed. I literally just updated to the newest version and got to swipe through maybe 6 profiles before the app crashed. It makes it extremely annoying to use and I typically don’t even go through all of my likes in one sitting, and don’t even get me started on the effect this has on the messaging portion of the app. I just feel like the developers should be putting more work into fixing these problems considering the amount of money I’m certain they must be making off of this app.
Banned For No Reason
by jessical.r.1121 on 2020/07/31 07:01
I’ve had my account for several months now, was verified, and paid to premium. Then out of nowhere I get banned no warning, no pending reviews, nothing. I don’t even talk nasty or any other type of way on the app for people to report me, no nudes on my profile, nothing like that. Yet I get banned for something I paid for? This app is a fraud, and I want a full refund.
I’m really tired of people on here
by deadbones4546 on 2018/12/01 07:16
The app works exactly what it’s advertised to do. So I applaud the developers on making an easy, interactive way to meet people. Yet this app has such a bad reputation that people like me who are looking for something really can’t find anyone. I’m in college, so I’m simultaneously looking for friends and a partner, yet no one tries on this app. I put effort and emotion into my messages that I believe will strike up conversations between people and 99% of the responses I get are “going good” or “lol yeah” I usually just stop talking to people at that point because it’s obvious they’re on the app as a joke and really don’t care about it. Yet many of my friends complain that they can’t ever find someone that really cares about them. Now I know I’m not a perfect guy, and I know I’m not the greatest looking guy. But I’m so tired of people saying “guys are horrible, they don’t care” when they never give me a chance. I know there’s nothing the developers can do about this problem I’m having, but for me and my surrounding area, this app is just a joke to spend time on. It’s sad that this is what an app like this has become.
Married the love of my life!
by JLC10109 on 2019/10/16 21:10
I honestly wasn’t sure what I was looking for when I joined Tinder. I had experienced other dating apps, and just wasn’t making any serious connections. And, then I met my husband, or eventually to be. We kicked off immediately and spent the entire night on FaceTime, getting to know each other. He left for training with the Marines, the next day. We wouldn’t speak again for more than a month; but when we did, it was like coming home. My husband and I have been together for four years now, approaching one year as a married couple. In that time, we’ve welcomed a beautiful baby girl, graduated college, purchased our first home, and kick started two extremely successful careers. I often catch myself wondering what our lives would look like, had we not connected that one day, that last day before he disappeared for an entire month. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect, as cliche as that may be. I’m not one to credit an app for my life, but I will say, I’m thankful every day that I had the opportunity to meet the person I call my other half. That’s exactly what Tinder is - an opportunity. What you do with it, is up to you. With any dating app, there are unsuccessful stories; however, I want people to know, it doesn’t matter how or where you met, what matters is that it’s possible for your love to grow out of the mosh unexpectable of circumstances. And, so here we are.
Met my wife here😍
by DeborahCF on 2019/01/15 10:56
I’ve been using the app for a total of about 2 years. I had interesting experiences with tinder. Mostly good experiences. It actually made me come out of my shell because I got to talk to people with each one having a different lifestyle. I was on and off with tinder because I was either focused on one person (though never had a real relationship with the people I met on tinder) or I was busy in college. I set my settings to interested in women, and tbh at first not much of my matches messaged me. When I played around with the app, I set it to interested in men and women. It’s a little frustrating how the men were so comfortable to chat with, but the ladies didn’t seem that interested to have a chat. I wanted to meet women, not the men. So I tried to send out the first message to all of women I matched with and take the initiative just like the guys did. It’s a good thing I did that because later on after meeting one of the girls, she told me that she was a few days away from deleting her account since no one really messaged her. She saw my message and gave it a shot to reply. She told me she was skeptical at first because I had a few pictures with photography trademarks so she thought I was catfishing her. I did tell her later on that I modeled a little... So fast forward to 10 months later, we got married😍. We were both sooo close to not have met each other.
Getting Married!
by EH and YL on 2020/01/25 08:11
Two and a half years ago, I only had one super like a day, and while scrolling I saw a girl so pretty that I just couldn’t believe it. When I saw her I thought, “She can’t be real. That must be a fake profile.” But I decided to go for it and super-liked her. About an hour later I got a notification that I had a match. Curious, I checked and sure enough it was her. Keeping my expectations low and assuming I would be sent a link (if you know, you know), I messaged her, and she was real! We messaged back and forth for about a month before we were in the same town for school and could meet in person. We walked around campus for over an hour just talking, and I couldn’t believe that I was really on a date with her. Six months of being friends later, we started dating. Two years later, and we’re engaged! About a year into dating my fiancé, we joked that if we ever decided to get married, we would leave a review as a funny thank you to tinder for putting us together. Our wedding is coming up, so here I am I guess. You can find the love of your life here and we’re proof! Everyone says “the right one will come along,” but no one cares to hear that. So from us to you, have faith and be patient because someone you swipe right on might just end up being your spouse. Good luck!
Super slow, crashes constantly, poor experience
by Alyx430 on 2020/04/04 20:40
My main issue is just that the app’s usability is horrible. Every time I open it, I need to open it 2 or 3 times because it either sits at a white screen forever or after a time it crashes. I don’t know that I’ve ever come across an app that crashes so much. Most of the time UI responsiveness is crazy delayed; I’m not sure if it just has horrible memory issues, their API response times are insanely slow, or some mix of the two. Considering that they charge premium prices (more than most other dating apps) for their paid features, there is nothing that justifies their awful and perpetually devolving user experience. I only joined about 6 months ago but the app keeps getting more and more painful to use. It’s also insane that people will like my profile from within a mile of me (visible on gold) but with my match radius restricted to a few miles, I will literally swipe until the app tells me there are no other profiles in my area without it ever showing me the profiles of nearby people who I can literally see have liked my profile (I’ve tested this out in the name of science multiple times when I’ve seen people I know or previously dated). Side note: why is there no way to block profiles?! I look for that feature every time I come across someone I know professionally but it never exists (and it’s super uncomfortable when I see later that they liked me... and sometimes this happens with the same people multiple times over).
Needs improvement.
by Nick Inferno on 2019/07/30 01:54
While it’s alright on a general level, there are many areas for improvement. For example, it would be even more effective if more optional filters/preferences could be applied in order to pinpoint who you’re trying to look for in a more efficient manner (Ex: height, personality, more “submissive” or “leading” in a relationship, etc.), therefore more traffic will be brought to the app due to how much more inclusive it would be to a larger audience, as well as how people will be able to find who they’re looking for much easier than before, making them more content with the service overall. Plus, additions like these would make the app more popular and more likely to be used by people, aka would bring more money in than before, so it’s boggling why something like this hasn’t been added yet, because it would benefit both the consumer AND the producer. In addition, something minor yet I still feel should be addressed, is an issue on the technical level. Sometimes the app will give a notification (if it even remembers to show it even with notifications turned on), but when I open the app to check, nothing is there. For example, let’s say someone sent me a message, I’ll open the app to check it, yet it doesn’t appear, causing me to have to reload the site until it does. Even though something like this is minor, it still is annoying to have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Met My Husband
by Makayla L. H. on 2018/12/31 08:37
I can’t sincerely say I didn’t expect much out of this app when I first downloaded it almost three years ago, I thought I’d have a few meaningless and empty conversations and inevitably end up deleting the app and resorting to more traditional ways of meeting someone. On the first day I download it, I matched with someone named Tyler. I’d just gotten out of a crazy and abusive relationship, and my self confidence was all but destroyed. So when I matched with a crazy attractive man I kind of pushed him off, expecting that he was only looking for a hook up. Two months down the road and he was still messaging me. One night I got a little tipsy so I started engaging further in conversation with him. He asked me on a date and it went amazing and I had more chemistry with him than I’d ever had with anyone. He’d just moved to GA from CA and had the same fire, drive, and passion that I have about numerous subjects. Days turned to months and now it’s been over two years. We have a four month old son, are getting married next month, and we own a home together. We’ve traveled and seen places we never even dreamed that we would be able to see together. I truly found my other half on tinder. Because of this app I have a beautiful son and an amazing fiancé.
Found a keeper!
by katieeeeteel on 2018/10/02 04:40
I met my boyfriend through Tinder! We both actually weren’t taking the app seriously. I was just on it to kill time usually. I didn’t really meet anyone through the app in person. My boyfriend had actually watched a video with his friend where two guys switched Tinder accounts, so they got on and decided to do that for the fun of it. When I swiped right on my boyfriends account, it was actually his friend I first talked to! (he always jokes saying he catfished me) After just a short conversation, I added the real guy on snapchat. Anytime I got some guys snapchat, I never sent the first snap but this time I did! We ended up talking all night and then the next day he stopped by the coffee shop I was working at so we could meet. The day after that, we hung out and we have spent almost every day together since then! We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. I’m so thankful I came across him on this app. I had no idea anything like this would come from a dating app that usually isn’t taken seriously. He gave me his mom’s promise ring that his dad gave her. You know when people say you just know when you found the one? Well I know! I try to encourage people to give the app a shot. You never know who else could be on there!
Tinder is not tinder anymore
by newfanofsamsung on 2019/06/19 22:37
I know I’m stupid for doing it but if you ever spend money with this company expect it to go in the trash they wipe your account or glitch it away you pick the phrase they don’t respond to any customer service I had an issue more than six months ago that I have sent follow-up messages twice just to have proof of how ridiculously bad the service is and Apple denies all accountability no matter what happens even if they have already helped you with the same thing before And regardless of accountability I never really care about the few dollars I spent on it it’s more just frustrating to pay for something and it flat out not work I thought that’s why I had a receipt...... Anyways after you tell Apple four times in a row what I feel is common sense clear enough as clear was all I had tried to make the statements they will ignore that you’re not asking for a refund and they will just tell you you can’t have a refund well listen again maybe someone will I didn’t want refunds I just wanted apple to tell me how to make tender respond since they wouldn’t help me and kept telling me oh no you need to wait even longer I have been waiting for over half a year! That’s ridiculous! Apple knows it too that’s what I get though for not shopping face-to-face where people actually are concerned about getting slapped silly and for the record I tried to be extremely polite and understanding that’s just what this new world is now
I was catfished!!!!
by on 2019/01/26 20:03
So I matched with a relatively good looking girl on tinder. We started messaging each other and we started talking about really cool stuff. For a while things were fine and one day I asked for her Instagram just to see what type of of person she was but she replied with, “I don’t have social media.” I messaged my best friend about her and telling him that I met this girl over tinder and showed him a picture. He tells me all about her. Not only did she have Instagram, Snapchat, and all platforms of social media, but she also had a kid. I’m almost 20, don’t need no kid! Well I thought I would pass the whole lie to let her confess and I try to make a first date to finally see if she was who she said she was.(don’t worry I was planning to take a friend for backup had anything been sketchy). Sadly, she begins to make excuses for the two times I asked her, some might say 2 was too many times, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt... well it’s been less than a day, obviously she unmatched with me before I got the chance which made it hard to report him or her... still don’t know who it was:( with this experience I think tinder should fix there reporting system so that even after you can report for occurrences like this because I’m willing to bet catfishes always unmatch very quick to keep their account up and running.
Extremely Poor Customer Service
by DeeTeach on 2019/03/09 22:02
I joined tinder and a week later I decided to pay to use the gold features. A few days later, my app got deleted and I was unable to sign on and use the features that I paid for. I wrote to customer service and they responded and asked me to send a screenshot of the error message. I sent it to them and I never heard back. I wrote them eight times after that. I have not received one response. I tried calling the number that they leave for customer service and I get a beeping sound as if it were a fax number. I wrote to them again. No response. They are receiving my emails, because I every time I write, I get an automated email stating that they have received my message and will get back to me as soon as possible. I finally rejoined and about a week later, I was booted again. I wrote them again stating that they’ve never responded to me, nor have I received the service that I paid for, and that I’ve written to them about eight times. I still have not received a response. Normally I would have just moved on and chalked it up to a very poor app and an extremely poor customer service, but I made connections and I wanted to speak to the people I was speaking with. I’m extremely upset and disappointed, not to mention out the Gold fee. I suggest you do not get on this site and make connections, only to have your account suddenly disappear and never get assistance nor a response from customer service.
It’s ok? I guess?
by mshugg on 2018/10/26 05:20
Over the past 5-6 months of being on the app, I’ve met only...1 friend. I’ve met a few people that only lasted for 3-5 days of talking and that’s it. I met one girl and we met in real life, but turned out she wasn’t really what I liked. I did want a friend with benefits, guy or girl it didn’t matter. But over these months, I didn’t get that. The app is great and I’m sure other people have been successful at finding hook ups, relationships or simple friends. But me? None. Without the subscription, you basically can swipe left or right and match with a person as well as creat your profile and chat with people. But with a subscription, you can ‘Super Like’ a person and see who ‘Liked’ you without you even swiping right or left on that person. But about 95% of the people I see on there are muscular, toned, beautiful, college, beer and weed loving guys. Girls? A bunch of cute skinny girls on there with nice bodies and an attractive face. I’ve seen some cute chunky people on there, and some in between. But majority are attractive people, which I know I have no chance of hooking up with. I’m not ugly, I know that for sure, but I’m sure no toned guy would go for a thick girl like me XD. Get the app and try it out, maybe you’ll have better results. But overall it’s an app I’ll spend on for about an hour and a way to pass the time.
Not worth the trouble.
by Bosswizard on 2019/04/06 06:33
I’ve had this app for about 1 year. Yeah I got the tinder Gold. Yes I’ve met 3 girls. None of them matched their profile so I moved on. Now, it’s like a dry season cause no one is answering. Whoever does answer, they’re like 4,000-7,000 miles away. I don’t mind a drive of up to 30 miles away but, 4,000? Why is my profile even reaching that far in the first place??? Second is the surges they’ve placed. I’d give a 5% success rate and that’s being generous. You can swipe as much as you want, you can use up all the stars. In the end of those surges, maybe 1-4 girls have seen your profile...out of 300 girls. Third is the price for the membership. NOT WORTH IT. With such a scam to get results? It’s a fake, a money grab, useless. You’re better off going to a bar and meeting someone there. Flirt with a waitress or talking with a female bar tender seems more amusing than using the app. Fourth are the scam girls of 2019. The Gold diggers. If they have a cash app, PayPal, Snapchat, chances are it’ll be a fake. They don’t talk to you, they only want your money. I’m sure there’s been at least one guy who’s given enough money to the girls to buy himself a corvette or even a 3 story house. The only upside? The photos are fun to see or your bored and you have nothing to do? Swipe time. Cause you know you’ll get no one but at least you can dream.
would give ZERO stars if I could
by Ad enjoy on 2019/01/18 14:26
I usually NEVER leave reviews but today I will. I used to love this app. I used it all of the time. I’ve used it for years now. I went to log into my account today to be told that my account was banned for good for violating terms of service. I even went back and read their terms of service and I can say with 100% certainty that I have not violated any of them EVER in my time of using their app. When emailing Tinder about it, they refused to look into it or even tell me why I was banned. They simply told me I can never make another Tinder account and they will not appeal it. But they will not even give me an explanation as to WHY the banned me in the first place. I have never posted anything nude or cussed at or harassed people. The tinder “help email” just keeps repeating in different ways that I am banned. This is absolutely ridiculous. After doing some research online it’s not just me. There are several other people who have been banned for no reason, and refused an explanation. Tinder does not at all care about their customers or resolving issues with their app. I can only assume I’ve been banned because maybe somebody reported me, but there would have been no actual reason that they should have, such as harassment or nudity or vulgarity. If that is the case, it is ridiculous Tinder would ban an account over a report, and not check into it themselves, because I have done absolutely nothing wrong.
Thank You, Tinder
by Ilove1D5 on 2018/10/09 05:05
My best friend suggested that I download Tinder. Well, she downloaded it for me and set up my profile. I was skeptical and didn’t really try. I un-downloaded it and re-downloaded it a few times. One day I was like “you know what? I’m just gonna swipe. If something happens then it happens.” I’m beyond happy that I listened to my best friend because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have met my amazing boyfriend. I found out that he works at a place I go to a lot so meeting him in person for the first time was so easy. He was great! We had a lot in common and held conversation easily. After going out on a couple dates, we got together. We’ve been together for over a month now and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He is so honest, caring, and genuine. We spend so much time together, with each time being more amazing than the last. It’s hard to think how a relationship that’s so real was born on a dating app like Tinder. I didn’t think it would be possible. I thank him for swiping right on me from time to time which gets a laugh and a big hug from the both of us. Thank you, Tinder, for being the reason why my boyfriend and I met. None of this would be possible without you
Non-performant, Buggy, disappointing
by fjalkdj on 2019/02/27 07:10
I’m going to keep my review strictly from an engineering and product perspective. This app is horribly non performant. The app crashes almost every time I open it after having not used it for at least 30 minutes. The app takes a good 15 seconds to load whatever view I’m on: tinder gold matches, the main page, etc. swiping is a pain. The app frequently throttles and sometimes multiple people get swiped left at once, missing possible connections. When paging through someone’s photos, the app will freeze up, and then suddenly execute all those actions at once, it seems like at least once a quarter, a major bug is introduced that makes the app half as useful. In 2017 it was the card stacking bug. In 2018 it was the session expiration bug. Can’t wait for 2019’s garbage fire! A very tacky and unsatisfying experience all around. The app didn’t use to be like this. It used to be snappy and effective. My only guess is that the product team refused to listen to the engineers when they were told they needed to refactor their tech stack but nope! Gotta release all those features people have been _dying_ for like sending Gifs and whatever that stupid heart catapult thing was (that’s why you don’t let influencers/comedians guide product decisions!) I get it. FaceDate looms heavy. But the reason I’ll ditch tinder the moment FaceDate ramps in the US will be because of these horrible performance issues.
You've changed
by AppleNicknameSystemSucks on 2018/09/08 08:20
1). I don't want to give you my phone number. You already have my Facebook. Don't act like you want my number to help me in case I forget my password. I'm a grown adult, I think I'll either remember it or take the risk of having to create a new profile if I forget. Admit to data mining if you're going to force your users. 2). You need some serious thot patrol. You've run way too many commercials created by ultra-feminists advocating men "man up" on your app that you've actually deluded your female user base into thinking Tinder is the place to meet male "only friends" who will organize and pay for non-date dates, or a place to build up self-esteem because they're too afraid to meet up or even post a photo of themselves, hiding behind half a dozen cat photos instead. How about running a few commercials advocating women "woman up"? If you're going to bash men for being direct cads or sending 🍆 as an opening line, feel free to also bash women for thinking "Hi" is an opening line that will garner a response from a guy, or that having a single profile pic of a plate of food isn't useful, or that "friends only, not looking for a bf, no ons, no fwb" is neither an appealing profile for a dating app, nor the intended purpose here. I think it says a lot that your top review is a guy talking about how he met his bible study partner here. Tinder, do you even remember who you are?
Wrongfuly deleted
by PandoraG87 on 2019/05/14 09:36
I had been on and off this site for let’s say two years I would delete it if I started dating someone or wasn’t in the mood to be dating. Last time I tried to re-download the app I signed in and got an error which when I looked up said I wasn’t allowed on for the safety of other users. I emailed back-and-forth with customer service and tried to get them to tell me what I did. They literally refused to tell me, saying I must’ve broken a community rule. I tried to explain to them that I never broke any rules. And I was that person that read through all the rules so I was definitely sure. They couldn’t give me any reason for why I was kicked off and refused to look through my profile and tell me if anything on it violated their terms. I am fairly certain that my account was deleted it because I didn’t respond to guy’s messages for weeks on end and they probably reported me as being a fake person. I have both ‘receipts’ in my conversation with the company as well as ‘receipts ‘ of conversations with the losers who I guess reported me for sharing their profiles with my friends. Will it mitt I was straight up with guys that had ridiculous profiles and hold things to the liking of “are you kidding me!! You can’t be a real person! Nobody is that pathetic “ sorry if that was too real of those guys had to report me as a fake he would be even though I am a real person and I don’t have any STDs
by crackerlackingnapping on 2018/01/10 08:01
I was banned back in December after having redownloaded the app for about one day. Now, you might be asking “what could you have possibly done in one day to get banned?” Well, to be honest, that’s what I’m asking myself. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m a female who had gotten some matches that I was interested in and having perfectly normal conversations (i.e. “how’s your day been?” Etc..) when suddenly the app stopped working, I was logged out, and couldn’t log back in: error 43-something or other. Then I received an email saying I was banned PERMANENTLY. Now obviously I emailed them what happened and only got a generic “you violate Terms of Service/Community Guidelines” to which I would respond with a “tell me exactly what I violated, I didn’t do anything wrong” and would receive the exact same email, again and again until they stopped responding. From what I understand, you’re supposed to be put under review first or receive a “warning” email, but none of this was sent to me. So now I’m banned forever, my account was deleted, and I have no clue how to rejoin. I just wanna give a shoutout to Tinder’s horrible customer service, communication, and banning algorithm. What an awful dating service. Let’s just hope someone that is in charge of tinder sees this and we can figure this out, but as of now it seems I am banned forever for literally NO REASON. This service deserves 0 stars for its unjust review system.
Such a scam
by ItzSkiibo on 2020/06/21 21:25
Before you think that I’m complaining at the lack of interactions I’ve had, I want you to read this carefully. I re-installed this app after probably two to three years because I honestly had a bad experience. However I decided to give it another shot. So once I remade my new profile, in the matter of a few hours I had around, 50-60 likes. It didn’t matter how many times I swiped that number, NEVER DROPPED. Tinder never showed me any of the girls who had swiped right on my profile. So after a few days, I was sitting at 99+ likes without finding a single match. Still I wasn’t finding I single girl that had liked my picture regardless of if I swiped left or right. NOW I HAVE TINDER GOLD, I got it to see who all liked my profile. I have cleared through the list but that was a week ago. now that I have tinder gold I haven’t had one person like my profile. This is a rigged app and I refuse to believe it isn’t. If you don’t have tinder gold your going to have many likes and none of them will show up, when you get tinder gold they will not show your profile almost AT ALL. I’m not the best looking guy but I’m certainly not hideous enough to go weeks without even one person swiping right, especially when I first made my account I had so many and now I haven’t seen a like in almost two weeks. If your looking to find a special someone, don’t use this app, just go socialize.
Extremely biased, money hungry app
by Spencer can think on 2020/05/15 10:39
I’ve been on and off of Tinder since its genesis, and I have to say that the quality of the app has only deteriorated since then. They make you purchase premium features just to even appear visible to others. Here’s an example of this: I had frequently bought the full version of the app, but when I do, I normally get 1-2 likes in a week. When my subscription expires, I have 5-10 unviewable likes waiting for me, within a day! Hmmm seems fishy right? Furthermore, I watch my girl friends download the app and start swiping, and they accumulate 50+ likes within a day. I’m not a bad looking dude, I just almost guarantee us men don’t get viewed on the app. Furthermore, so many women have a Tinder for the meme, and to gain social media followers. At this point, I couldn’t be more positive that they are just trying to sell us a waste of time, gentlemen. If you want to meet a woman, either up your in person game or bite the bullet and join an expensive dating site, because it’s designed to be effective and people aren’t on there to mess around. That’s why many of those sites won’t let you talk to anyone unless you pay the $200+. One parting note gentlemen: if the sole purpose of an app is to make money, through purchases, and ads, what good is it to them to let you walk away from the app because you met someone?? They lose your money that way! Stay woke, young kings.
Don’t Use Tinder
by Queena1996 on 2019/12/15 02:19
I’ve been a user of tinder on and off for 5 years now and was unexpectedly banned without any form of explanation. I have had a mixed bag of experiences with tinder over the years and while I met some of my ex-partners off of this app I’ve also experienced multiple forms of sexually harassing messages (more common than the non-harassing ones), I’ve been catfished, and unfortunately gained cyber stalkers. I had advocated for this site before as a new method to find dates/hang outs for my friends that stretched outside of our social circles, since it was was one of the easiest dating sites to set someone up on due to its simplistic design. Being banned just completely soured my entire experience with this app, leading me to urge my friends against using it because what it the point? With this app’s incredibly glitchy messaging system and how frequently the site crashes, using the app just becomes a frustrating ordeal while there are other apps that accomplish the same thing without having as many bugs. I’d suggest checking out other apps like Bumble or Hinge because while they may not have as simplistic of a set-up, they are less likely to crash and have better protections in place in case you start to experience sexual harassment or cyber stalking. They also give you warnings when you are going against the community guidelines, instead of banning you without explanation.
Money Trap
by La}£¥10 on 2020/03/31 14:17
First off as a non paying member you have all these mysterious likes that you can’t see unless you’re a paying member, the alerts are constant and the main goal is to get you inquisitive enough to see who swiped right on you. So now I become a paying member and it’s utter and complete BS, either it’s someone totally out of your age range that you would consider talking to, or something no way shape form to your liking and then here’s the kicker... wait for it... wait for it.... now that you take the next step to being a paying member there are no options to swipe and nobody suddenly not swiping right on you, but there’s tons and tons of boost to up the ante to get you to boost your profile, or become a lifetime member, or standout more than others or super like this and that buy guess what’s folks.....??? At a additional cost! Yes folks, more money to shell out as if that haven’t already “gotcha” highly disappointing.. so my end message is buyers beware and weary this app is a complete hoax to get your dollars, and whatever package you purchase, it will only become tempting to keep near the end of your trial, because once again... it’s to getcha... please people don’t get hot like me... be better and do a different app.. tho highly unlikely any of them legit... unless you’re looking for a quick screw... good luck finding your gem in this loser of an app. Absolutely disgraceful and a ripoff.
Spend $, get banned?
by alexandra.the.great on 2018/09/14 02:19
After looking through some of the other reviews, I noticed a pretty significant pattern about people (women in particular) getting banned. Seems like almost every review I read mentioned getting a trial of tinder plus or tinder gold, or even paying for the subscription, and then all of a sudden (after nothing changed on the profile/use/activity, other than the subscription), “you violated terms of agreement.” Meanwhile— before I was banned— I encountered numerous catfish, abusive/manipulative individuals, bots, bullies, scammers, etc... so how is it that those accounts are left alone, but countless people (especially women) are suddenly banned with no warning or explanation, simply for trying to use the app as it was meant to be used? 🤔 and why is it that so many of those people had also signed up for subscriptions (whether trial-offers or paid subscriptions). I understand a small percentage being reported more frequently if the profile were viewed by more users because of the subscription, but that doesn’t account for such a high number of subscribers who essentially paid money just to be banned shortly after. I’d love to see some real statistics on the matter if tinder would like to disprove my hypothesis, so if anyone actually reads this— I have a psychology degree and a passion for statistics, give me the numbers and I’ll run an analysis (even if it proves me wrong!) LBS
Fix your app
by idontknowhowtomessage on 2020/06/14 03:40
This review is solely on the performance of the app, not on if the app is worth investing into, which I would be inclined to say no just due to the abundance of glitches, crashes, freezes, and practically feeling like you’re trying to run a graphical masterpiece on the McDonald’s Video Game Station. It crashes every day, every time, I open Tinder and have to close out the app in the Multitasking tool and restart Tinder. I’ve had to repeat this process over 5 times to open Tinder once before. That’s not even the worst of it! Just because I logged on does not mean I’m out of the thick of it yet. It takes upwards of ***30 SECONDS*** to even start using Tinder as it takes forever to load and will sometimes eventually crash. This is usually the worst of it, but sometimes while I’m swiping through, not as common, but still annoying enough to mention, the app will lock up while swiping sometimes resulting in a crash. Other times, Tinder will display a third of the graphics from a previous slide or place a black screen that slides the usual display right. Some photos will decide never to display, and while you could accompany that to my internet, but for reference sake, I can run a 1080p video/movie with not buffering or lowered fidelity. These bugs have been an issue for over 10 months and I assume they’ll never get fixed. Fix these please, thanks.
Decent at BEST
by Tinder Bender 08 on 2019/11/20 01:25
It’s a popular dating app with mixed reviews of positive and negative experiences which is to be expected. Majority of the profiles are real but there’s a large problem that is starting to manifest itself at an alarming rate. There are way too many fake profiles circulating and an uncomfortable amount of accounts that are obviously call girls (hookers that are still alive). Tinder also offers an upgraded package called Tinder Gold. Now they like to try and tempt you with discounted reoccurring charges, don’t fall for these.. it’s part of their system. What you’ll notice with a standard account is a number at the top of your screen when swiping, this is the amount of likes(people on tinder) you have queued from other people on the app. You can’t see these “likes” unless you upgrade to “Gold”, so what Tinder does is create and circulate a large amount of fake profiles to boost this number giving you the impression of potential suiters waiting in line. Once you subscribe to the upgraded service you’ll notice a steady influx of these fake profiles as you start to sort through which potential matches you’d like to keep and which ones are undesirable. I urge everyone to refrain from upgrading their membership with this app and to report all the fake profiles that have degrading the functionality of this app.
by Marboleus321 on 2018/11/06 05:58
This app wasn’t as great as I thought is was! After all the years of trying to find someone in my life, even this stupid app won’t give me the right woman I want to be with! Even if I finally got a match, they still deleted me! I get stalked, faked, scammed, and rejected by lots of those I’ve matched big time with after bringing my hopes up for nothing! When I’ve finally matched with someone I thought I like, I was shocked in the best way, all happy and excited, and I thought this whole time I was finally about to have my first date until someone keeps ignoring me and unmatching me, and then it put me in the dumps! I’ve spend massive loads of money trying to draw attention as much as possible but never worked out still! I’m sorry but this pointless app will NOT help you find true love even if you try harder! It is a scam just to steal your money away! It’s a trolly app just enough to make men cry and depressed as the world crashes on them! Please, go out into the world! Go to the park, go to church, find somebody in town to meet in person! That’s how it all works! Using an app on your touchscreen technology devise, does NOT work that way ever! Just saying! It never worked for me. But SOMEDAY, I mean SOMEDAY!!!! SOMEDAY I WILL FINALLY FIND SOMEONE TO TAKE ON A DATE!!!! I WILL BE THE BEST BOYFRIEND OR ROMEO TO ANYONE WHO WOULD JUST SIMPLY SAY “YES” TO ME!!! I WILL FINALLY HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY! AND THATS A PROMISE!!!! Nuff said......
Terrible customer service
by Potato-Gun on 2018/08/16 14:37
Well my account got banned without any warning. I heard I was suppose to receive an email saying that I had been hit with a report but I never got anything. I dug through my emails and didn’t find a single thing saying I had been banned. Which brings me into my next issue, no response from the support team. I had to look up why it wasn’t letting me log back on because after sending 3 or 4 emails to them, I STILL haven’t gotten a response. It’d be great to actually talk to a support team member to find out my account was banned and why is was banned. I used the app like anyone else, I put up pics of myself, had an average bio and for a long while it worked just fine. Went on a couple of dates and met a few people, but then I’m suddenly banned? From what I’ve read and heard, the reporting system just takes reports from anyone and they are never fully reviewed. So if someone finds you ugly, boring, or just because the feel like it, you could get reported and banned. And it doesn’t take a lot, just about 3 reports and your gone. And from what I heard theres just been a big going around where people are getting strikes for no reason but they won’t unban them. I’m don’t know for sure because I STILL CAN’T GET A RESPONSE FROM THEM! Awful app full of shallow people, and a terrible support team and an even worse method of reporting
Accessibility problems and lack of response
by Marconiusiii on 2018/08/09 15:24
Blind people want to use Tinder too, but they've made it quite frustrating with a general lack of accessibility support. Poorly labeled buttons all over the interface, ungrouped buttons separate from their icons, unusable settings controls, impossible to change age range or manage photos without sighted help, plus the interface just outright breaks when trying to navigate through profiles. Every so often, the matches interface "bleeds" through the Discover interface, and the VoiceOver cursor will land in messages while moving the cursor down through a single profile. Have to constantly restart the app to fix this. Most modals are inaccessible, but overall once you have someone with vision help you set photos and preferences up, the core function of the app works. Matching, messaging, all functional although the overall chat interface could use a Lot of accessibility and UX polish. Have been sending them feedback for a while, but have received either no response at all to accessibility feedback, or cookie cutter macro responses that obviously don't understand anything I'm talking about. There has been no focus whatsoever on the accessibility problems for over 2 years now, hoping they at least do a little to surmount the current problems soon.
No Love; New Version Poorly Designed
by Opalt Songbottom on 2019/11/27 16:36
I’ve been on Tinder for over 4 years with stints using Plus and Gold in that time. I’ve been on countless dates through the app. I’ve found that over 90% of dates do not lead to a second date. There’s just no real attraction/compatibility with most internet strangers. That’s my main gripe with Tinder—despite years of trying, it still has not led me to love. Plenty of matches, plenty of conversations, plenty of dates, no love. Is it fair to judge the app on that outcome? I think so. That’s why I use it and I think that’s why many people use it. They could add functionality (eg video calls before meeting, better suggestion algorithm, actually bringing up people who have liked you when you aren’t a Gold subscriber, dividing the app into “hook up” mode vs “love” mode, just to throw out a few ideas) that could help the process. Additionally, the new UX layout is poorly designed. Or rather, it’s intentionally designed to make it easier for you to “accidentally” click on the boost and superlike buttons when you right swipe. Just another way they’re trying to get you to pay money at the cost of your experience. Also, I HIGHLY recommend you turn notifications off for the app to prevent addictive behavior patterns from developing. Check Tinder on your time, not theirs.
Unfortunately disappointing
by Baaconboy on 2019/09/14 01:04
This app was fine a while back, but as time as gone on my experience has gotten worse. There are too many actual unknowns about the app and whether or not they truly have your best interest in mind/trying to help you get matches. I began with a basic account and would get a solid amount of matches a week for a guy seeking girls. As weeks went on the amount of matches and likes I’d get dropped. I bought Tinder gold and found out they were withholding over 100 likes from me! Despite that I kept using it. Now I hardly get any matches at all. 1 a week at most and virtually zero likes. I’ve done what I can to make sure I have a decent profile and am fairly confident it would be getting more attention than it is now. I’ve heard of the potential of being shadowbanned where you can operate the app the same, but basically the algorithm makes you virtually invisible and people don’t get your messages if you’ve violated Tinders “rules” they don’t tell you about. I’ve tried contacting them and the response was incredibly unhelpful. If it wasn’t hard enough to actually get matches with a sea of harshly shallow people Tinder makes it only more difficult. This app has been a terrible experience. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Everyone please try different apps and let this one die until they get their act together.
Go meet people in real life, this is a sad excuse for being social
by spodgy quafwaffle on 2019/06/24 14:45
This app is terrible for both men and women. Doesn't matter if you're "attractive" or "ugly". All it does is just boost the idea of having options and instant gratification, which is what we all live for in today's society. I am a young handsome man in college that became dependent on this app because I thought it was the only way to meet girls my age. I would get PLENTY of matches and likes, but these would never ever turn into real dates or even just a chance to text for more than a day. I kept thinking "maybe it's just my pictures, my pickup lines are weak, I need to reply faster" Turns out all those were completely false. If you're struggling to find someone good on Tinder it's not you, or the people you match with, it's the app. As scary as it may seem, there's nothing wrong with approaching someone in real life. In a matter of fact, people I've met in PERSON instead of on the internet have been much MUCH higher quality connections. For me this app just takes the spark away. Am I saying that everyone who uses tinder is shallow, boring, and not serious? No. But personally I just don't think anyone below the age of 25 should be using this. Put the phone down, go outside to enjoy life, and just say what's up to the next person you find attractive. If you never try, you'll never know.
7/10 Tinder Story
by luvthisappsm1133 on 2020/01/25 22:49
I have used Tinder for a while now, and I have had some unusual experiences. However, it is not as common to match with someone that has the same interests. On a Bachelor Monday, a six pack deep, I stumbled upon someone that was holding a handle of Jose Cuervo. Immediately intrigued, I knew I had to be bold and send that first message. Days & hours of messages later, I decide to meet the mysterious, tequila-loving guy. I was welcomed by a bunch of puppy kisses, which truly made up for his outfit choices (shorts and boots). I accidentally kept him up all night with my constant laughing at his terrible jokes, and even attempted to get drunk watching the sunrise in the rain. I’m not one to typically stay up until the early hours of the morning, but I was having too good of a time to even contemplate sleeping. And at the point where I thought it truly couldn’t get any better, he made me a killer breakfast sandwich while I was in bed. Now I get to go on formal with a great Tinder date, crush a ton of nattys & get even more breakfast sandwiches. Overall, I would recommend Tinder to anyone that is also looking for a good time and a damaged sleeping schedule.
Algorithms built to make you spend $$$
by SkyyMiles on 2020/07/02 15:11
Don’t use this app, don’t fall for it, at least not for more than 5 minutes a day. The developers have become greedy. And this used to be a great way to match with people quickly; however, more recently that has changed and now it has become a carpel tunnel, frustration building time waster. It does not matter how attractive you are if you are a guy you will not be shown to potential matches. You get maybe one - two likes per day if you’re lucky. But the system is designed for you to feel like there’s no hope and to want to upgrade so you get shown to more people in your area. The app will intentionally hide your profile the more interest that is shown in your profile to make you feel “lonely”. Be careful. These devs do not care about anything but your $$$. It’s going downhill fast from what it once was. And it’s a shame they can’t be fair and just show everyone to everyone. The app is plagued with plenty of fake profiles as well as more people search for other dating app alternatives. People just aren’t spending the amount of time swiping on here anymore because it’s easier to just leave a social media contact and leave the app until someone who’s interested reaches out to you because they can’t rely on Tinder to hook us up. Just saying, know what you’re in for first. ✌️
Tinder’s Downward Spiral
by Tanner798 on 2018/07/21 07:41
When Tinder first came out and became popular over 5 years ago, it revolutionized the online dating scene, and even impacted dating for the younger age bracket. Now, Tinder has turned into a cess pool. It’s failure to affectively remove spam profiles, bots, and inactive profiles has turned it into the bottom-end dating app with the quality of profiles and people, or rather lack thereof. Tinder has let the cancerous actions and solicitations of individuals run for so long with no noticeable action of banning profiles as punishment that it has become sketchy to meet people in person after matching. The constant shady and disrespectful sexual invitations from desperate men are famous on this app driving the great uncertainty of meeting in general. Less untold are the alarming amount of girls cat fishing on this app as well. Instead of pushing towards a greater quality of people in its profile pool, Tinder is pushing more towards becoming a social media site with its “feed” feature and posting gifs on your profile. The failure for Tinder to make its dating environment more friendly is the exact reason why Bumble exists that competes with it head-on. Other spinoffs are emerging as well to fill this demand of a friendlier dating scene. I am disappointed with this app, and it has become unusable to me as I cannot hope to meet a quality person on Tinder with its continued downward spiral.
2000’s McDonald’s of online dating
by hazl1235 on 2019/06/05 00:47
McDonald’s is superior in ways of its ubiquity and surface area coverage — just like tinder. The app functions, however, just like too much fast food does: clogging arteries, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. Brand marketing for Mickey D’s has been successful only recently (the past decade) after its dark ages of being known as unhealthy, cheap, and fatal during the early aughts up until the 10’s. Think supersize me, the obesity epidemic hysteria, etc. Customer service of this app is affecting a certain large number of its users with its unwillingness to explain, disclose and address problems the users are having regarding flags. This bad practice is akin to the bad face of the problems underlying fast-service industry. The option to upgrade (or supersize) is always there, regardless if you can access the app to its full degree or not. However, assumingly unlike at fast food chains — the out of luck paying customer doesn’t get their money back, nor any credit. Just a hassle of loops, unless you’re a user and you’ve got millions of subscribers listening and you “@“ the company, like James Charles publicly did on twitter a few weeks ago, don’t expect to be heard. We as consumers can only wish for a better, transparent customer service, and for its brandability to match with its useability, like the less problematic McDonald’s of today.
Where to begin...
by Jesse Keller on 2019/01/08 02:57
I began using Tinder a couple of years ago, the service it provided was fantastic. However, about 6 months ago I was banned (I have no clue why). Being a premium member I thought “no big deal, I’ll just call and get it resolved”. I was very wrong. After emailing multiple times and talking with multiple representatives I was unable to get my account reactivated. Not only could I get nothing done but each representative just stopped messaging me. To clarify, I was very professional and detailed in my request. Eventually I gave up on getting my account reactivated and began my search as to why I was banned. After again receiving no help via customer service (which is an absolute joke) I contacted Tinders parent company through the BBB. I simply asked why I was banned and received the most obvious information possible “It appears your account has been banned”. They gave no reason or explanation as to why. I replied to that message asking why I was banned. Tinder responded with the same thing I have heard for months “Banned for violating Terms and Conditions”. Not only did they not explain what that was but they also referred to me as Ms/Mrs proving that they never even looked at my account OR the way I addressed myself in my complaint. Therefore, I give them 1 star for the absolute worst and most lazy customer “care” I have EVER received.
by Cripbydefault on 2019/08/16 22:43
This app ceaselessly tries to nickel and dime you into buying whatever they call their paying mode, which is really super dumb and annoying. I understand the fact that they need to make a buck, but it’s a really unfriendly user experience when the app simultaneously bombards you with ads(in addition to also asking you to fill out user experience surveys, I’ve gotten 5 of those) while simultaneously hiding the profiles of people who have already liked you. It’s like if in addition to my TV running commercials, it also periodically took my family hostage. Like I said, excessive and dumb. One other problem I have with the app is the fact that oftentimes you get a match with someone (or they like you or whatever) and they have 3 photos and a bio that 90% of the time that contains either some godawful podcast hashtag, or nothing. How am I supposed to make a connection, much less self start a conversation with absolutely nothing to go on? I think the app really ought to demand that you have a more fleshed out profile before you can actually start swiping. Lastly, and this I’m much more sympathetic to, but there really are a lot of bots on this app. I get that this is a problem with literally any internet network these days, but the app itself doesn’t do much to reassure you that it actually really cares about the user experience.
Worst Costumer Support!
by Qveen N❤️ on 2020/06/07 22:31
I’m pretty annoyed right now. I was going to add a video to my Tinder and Tinder boomerangs videos the same way that snapchat does. I really liked the editing of the video so I decided to screen record it to send to my boyfriend. Well, out of nowhere it tells me that my account is banned! First off, why am I banned for screen recording a video of myself?? and if those are your policies, I wasn’t aware. It was an honest mistake. Also, how is screen-recording banned but screenshotting isn’t? doesn’t make much sense. Not to add that when I tried to receive help, they told me that my account what banned and that I wouldn’t be able to make another account using my facebook or phone number and that there was no appeal process which is very unfair to me. I then wanted to clarify this by asking them if I could ever have a Tinder account even though I did nothing wrong. Someone else responded by telling me that they couldn’t “provide anymore detailed information at this time” and basically brushed me off. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not annoyed because I can’t go on Tinder anymore. I’m annoyed because of the principle and the fact that I’m getting punished for not doing anything wrong, not even prior to this screen-record. and please work on your costumer service. you’re there to help people not brush them aside..
Zero is Better than One
by bj-review on 2019/06/11 22:54
Honestly, this is the worst “dating” app on the market. I’ve used tinder on and off for YEARS. Most recently to come back to the dating scene after a long hiatus. I had my account for less than a day and was immediately smothered by very inappropriate messages from users. After politely declining, unmatching, and even reporting the extremities, I decided to uninstall the app. I gave it a week before reinstalling to find my account permanently banned. Interesting enough, I read through all the terms of service and was in no violation of their June 11, 2019 updated jargon. I went to file a formal complaint and was repeatedly linked back to the same resources but was never texted, nor emailed, a reasoning on WHY I was being banned. I never sold a good or service. Didn’t use it to promote my business. Didn’t post provocative or inappropriate images. At this point, I haven’t even had the chance to reply to a good quality match! Assuming that a week of inactivity and having a limited amount of photos uploaded is enough to ban someone from permanently using an app is beyond me. I also want to point out the fact that Tinder doesn’t even review their bans, they just permanently ban people from ever using the app without warning or reason, is poor customer service. If I could give this review a negative 5 stars, I would.
Women feel 👸💃 Men 🤦‍♂️🧟‍♂️☹️
by reweiveReviewer on 2020/01/24 21:06
Mostly a waste if you’re a straight guy who isn’t absolutely top tier. First, most women get way too many matches including from the best looking guys, so they start swiping left on most men. Second, Tinder is using a lot of tricks to push most men to buy extras. If you’re a new account, you’ll get plenty of matches for a few days but after that, barely anything. They want men to buy a bunch of expensive boosts and superlikes. They also hide likes until you buy Gold but they’re mostly women you swiped left on, a few may be women you like back though so you kind of have to have it. But they play another trick, hiding likes again after you purchase Gold so that when your subscription ends, you’ll have a bunch of likes again requiring you to repurchase Gold to see them! On the other hand, if you’re a woman, expect the opposite as long as you’re at least very average looking. You’ll get matches almost every time you swipe right. Tons of the hottest guys on it even if you’re very average and boring. Lastly, the review score average is hard to believe. If you sort by Most Recent, it’s an endless stream of 1-3 stars with an occasional 5, mostly from women saying how great it is (since it’s the complete opposite experience for them).
I found my soulmate
by hitoride! on 2020/07/05 07:28
Okay so I would get on this app a lot i came across a lot of interesting people no one ever caught my eye, I never made a genuine connection with anyone here or at all...about 48 days ago I met a girl she was really cute I started to talk to her and she turned out to like everything I did we where honestly like the same person just different genders we hung out for the first time and I fell in love with her right off the bat 🥺 she’s my literal everything she makes my heart race when I get a call from her or when she texts me when we hang out it’s never a dull moment she Always makes me laugh she came into my life at an odd time but she honestly brought color and laughter back into my life honestly tinder helped me find the person I wanna spend the rest of my life with I don’t ever wanna be apart from her she means everything and more to me we are so deeply in love we wanna get married like today like I wanna be with her till I take my last breath so thank you tinder you really helped me find my other half so all in all this is a great app. Soo uhhh if you wanna sponsor us we’d be more then happy to.
Good opportunity to meet more available singles
by Forever97Mariah on 2018/03/11 20:32
Used this app on and off. I usually went on it to sext with someone (let's all be honest) until I matched with someone one day and he had told me that I was going to fast by asking to sext with him right away. That threw me off because I'd usually ask guys and they would ALWAYS be down with no questions asked. I ended up adding this guy on my snap and we immediately clicked. We snapped each other for a few weeks. Then I gave him my number so we can text. Then we would talk for hours on the phone. We had so much in common and had really enjoyed our conversations. We both agreed to meet and go out on a date together. He paid for everything and was really respectful and sweet. And now we've been dating for almost 2 months. We also lived so close to each other that we always spend time together. Little did we both know before Tinder! Hahaha I don't want to sound all corny and stuff, but Tinder does work to meet new people. It worked for me, might not work for others, but what's the hurt in trying it out and seeing what happens.
Met my other half on here
by YourFavoriteNinja on 2019/01/13 04:00
I was always skeptical of whether or not it was possible to meet someone through a dating app and actually be able to have a meaningful friendship or relationship, but here I am to share my success story of Tinder love lol. I had lots of messages from plenty of people, but of course it all felt very meaningless and shallow. It felt like the attraction was only surface level and there was no emotional connection with the people I’ve spoken to. However, when one particular guy reached out to me and was polite to the point of being corny enough to write an essay introducing himself to me I couldn’t help but to respond. This guy turned out to be the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life and we’re still very happy together after 7 months of dating. For anyone who is looking for love, don’t give up. There’s way too many fish in the sea and some of them may be rotten, but you will eventually find that fantastic catch (I promise I’ll stop with the puns now lol). But seriously, give it a go and see what happens. You can meet someone who you otherwise might have never encountered.
Was a great app
by immaculatemc on 2018/10/14 23:03
Tinder really peaked in 2012 and 2013. It was full of very attractive single people. It felt more elite back then, and it was exciting and fresh and people were more willing to meet up. To be honest it was more genuine and authentic. There was a time in 2013 and 2014 where I was matching with the most incredible and best looking single women I had ever dated in my life. At the time I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship but just to date, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever dated. It was truly a good experience, and I’m afraid that doesn’t exist anymore on Tinder. Today Tinder is full of the dregs of society. Scammers, cheaters, low-quality singles, unattractive people, spam and scam accounts, Sugarbaby and sugar daddy dynamics between men and women, and just general bad behavior when you match. It’s actually more of a pain to use this app then to actually get any benefit out of it anymore. Actual high-quality singles don’t use this app, you’re most likely going to meet people who are either too lazy to seek out better venues to meet quality people, or be incredibly lucky and match with someone of high-quality if that happens. Tinder is now known as a garbage dating app and I would say it’s the fault of the owners of the app to not make the app more exclusive, and make it more high-quality. Tinder is now plenty of fish.
by Mark2Brown2 on 2020/07/26 20:08
Tinder is the worlds largest dating app and their algorithm is one that can be manipulated to work better in your favor. However most people don’t realize how tinder participates in a less than reputable business practice is know as “shadowBanning”I made a new profile to do a social experiment in several respects on of witch was to test tinders algorithm and business practices. I was shadow banned after receiving one warning message about my activity. I changed my pages activity that I knew would be flagged by their algorithm. But I am still shadow banned this is because tinder had no appeal process or algorithm to recheck an account after changes have been made. This is not a flaw in tinders algorithm but a purposeful patch that is to their benefit because you waste time on their app thinking you aren’t banned when in reality that is far from the case. They also do this to prevent bad reviews. And to “maintain their ecosystem” however if that was the sole purpose why not reevaluate a page after the flagged activity has been removed? Because they don’t care if they waste your time. You’re still using their app so they still get paid for Ad traffic. And that’s the bottom line. Because that effects their bottom line. They could care less as to how it negatively impacts your experience or time wasted.
Premium/customer support is a joke
by EthanKurl on 2019/11/01 18:10
So after a few months i decided to try tinder’s premium gold service and at a hefty 15 dollars for a month of premium services you would think they would work? No. In these past few weeks of using it first of all i get notifications about someone liking me and its a 50/50 if there’s actually a person in your liked. Second off the lack of people I find, it is funny when my area of search for example 40miles away but if you set it to any higher all of the sudden closer people then 40miles show up so am i really running out of people? And last of all the nail in the coffin was me getting an error message when i tried to like a girl who already liked me and i had no way to recover it... I contacted there customer support describing my grievances and my answer pack was the issue was resolved which it was not, nothing was done. I tried to contact them again and after 2 days of no response and no resolution here i am writing this review on this joke of an app. Here i spent money on a premium service expecting it to work but instead i have a service that works sometimes and a essentially non existent customer support this has been nothing but a let down in the pursuit to find someone and I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy.
Once a skeptic, not anymore.
by Hill Country Chick on 2019/06/23 14:25
I normally don’t leave reviews for apps, and I never imagined I would leave one for a dating app. My experience with Tinder was so amazing though I had to share. A friend convinced me to download the tinder app so I very reluctantly did. I couldn’t imagine how Tinder would be any different, I already had active PAID subscriptions to EHarmony and Match. I had spent hours answering their questions, paying their professionals to edit my profile and nada results. The men I was matched with didn’t jive with me we had nothing in common, or they were just not my cup of tea, ie they didn’t love dogs! I even had checked into POF and Zoosk with the same disappointing results. My friend highjacked my phone and within 10mins she was already swiping away for me. I was on Tinder for 2 weeks when, I legitimately met the love of my life. It’s been a year now. We are planning a wedding and I’m still just as happy. Since it’s been a year I figured it was time to give Tinder the shout out it deserved. Thank you Tinder, I found the one that my soul loves and it didn’t cost me a dime!
Used to be awesome now it’s broken ALWAYS
by sellkies on 2018/07/24 18:46
I’ve been using this app for a while I highly suggest using bumble and giving them your business. Tinder does not respond to your problems when you send them endless emails.. first my account got banned for no reason. It said my picture was against the rules and regulations when they where all Normal pictures no offensive clothing or graphic material. Just me drinking beer , or in a tree , hiking a trail riding my bike.. so I had to make another fb profile.. got it to work for a few weeks.. met someone so I removed my account.. remade it and it worked for a week I paid for the gold and then a day later it deleted my account.. made another new fb profile.. was able to login for about an hour then it logged me out and says there is a problem logging in. I opened a ticket with support.. each time they say they will look into it. I lost about $100 playing games with customer support and still can’t even log in.. I made another account just now and it let me in for about 10 seconds and then boom logged me out. I’m sure someone is going to apologize finally after me writing a Bad review because they are going to want me to reverse it.. if this is what I have to do for attention to get my account worked out then your a terrible company.
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