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Rover—dog sitters & Walkers
Rover is the #1 pet sitting and dog walking app. Get trusted pet care in your neighborhood. The rover app was created for dog people by The Dog PeopleTM. Through the app, get adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk, an easy way to message sitters or manage your business, and a secure way to book and pay. With over 200,000 pet sitters and dog walkers in the U.S. and Canada, Rover makes it easy to book pet care you can trust. PEACE OF MIND 95% of reviewed services receive a perfect 5-star rating. Rover accepts less than 20% of potential sitters, because your dog deserves the best. Every service booked on Rover is backed by premium insurance, 24/7 support, a reservation guarantee. FAST & EASY Contact and message sitters and dog walkers, right from the app. Receive messages from sitters when you're on the go. Hassle-free and secure payments, every time. Get a map of your dog's walk, pee/poo and food/water alerts, and a personalized note from your sitter or dog walker. FOR PET SITTERS AND dog walkers, TOO Send photos, videos, and messages to pet owners with just a few taps. Get paid on the go—it’s simple and secure with the rover app. Seamlessly manage your business, even if you're at the dog park. Enable push notifications to respond faster than ever to booking requests. Create Rover Cards to seamlessly share information with your clients. IN THE PRESS Rover has appeared in: The New York Times The Today Show The Wall Street Journal USA Today ABC News And many more! Note: Rover uses location information in the background for tracking active services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
User Fees Are Outrageous
by rocketdude22 on 2019/12/15 05:55
By the time you pay the user fees, you could board your dog in a normal facility for the same price as anyone you find on Rover. $45 fee on my most recent boarding experience. No, thanks.
by kimmie1223 on 2019/12/15 02:25
I’ve been using Rover for almost 2 months and 3 times, funds have been pulled from my acct that have been refunded back to me. I’ve had to wait for funds to be refunded for almost 2 weeks while having to continue to pay for dog walking. Am not happy!
Love this app
by Maggiesletter on 2019/12/14 19:12
Great place to find a great sitter. So glad I found Rover , my dogs go to day care once a week and they get worn out. I live in an apartment and this is a life saver. Thank you Rover and all dog sitters.
by courtneydeska on 2019/12/14 18:59
Helps me get a lot of clients. However. It takes $2 off of every single walk. Plus makes the clients pay a service fee. Then they make you use PayPal, and it has to be more than $10 to withdraw the money. PayPal then takes a cut. Or you can get a check that takes even more out and takes up to 20 days. Not a good way to make actual money. Also the app doesn’t work half the time. Gives you notifications but not the message, and you have to complete a “card” to get paid then it doesn’t load. I do like that the client can’t review you unless you’ve actually given them a service which is nice because life happens sometimes and you have to cancel and get nasty clients. Overall a decent app but they take ridiculous amounts out. I would understand for a few walks but EVERY SINGLE WALK? No way.
Don’t download!
by jammmm2848495834 on 2019/12/14 04:51
Worst app ever plz don’t wast you time, bc this app is fake!! I downloaded it a two months ago... and send them my information and background check and it’s still saying that I will be able to get on once my background check is done and I’m still waiting. And I don’t know what’s with all the questions my gosh!! Please fix this I usually never write this mean and bad of comments but this app is too frustrating!!
Love the service, the app needs work
by s92rubin on 2019/12/14 03:51
The rover service is great, I’ve been using it for years! Only downside is that the app and the website can be hard to navigate.
Love working for Rover
by Inginrcineix on 2019/12/14 00:14
If you’re an animal lover, Rover is perfect for you
Rover is the best!
by Maisie's Humans on 2019/12/13 19:06
I have met two of the most trusted ladies who love my dog, Maisie, as much as we do. Mariana and Carolyn have been walking Maisie without fail for the last year. They are part of our puppy family and my dog is so happy when they come for walks. Mariana is conscientious walker and also is a pretty good photographer. Carolyn is the best and is eager to report any changes in my Maisie’s mood. We love Team Maisie and we are so grateful we found them through Rover.
It’s a great app!
by Megawega on 2019/12/13 18:42
I really enjoy pet sitting so this app is amazing and makes it easy to find a sitter in your area. I have had one request where someone was just trying to get my information, so I reported them and rover got rid of the account. It’s always a good idea to require a meet and greet for that reason. This person refused one and was being demanding so that’s how I knew they didn’t really need a dog sitter. I think when someone leaves you a review and rates you however many stars, it should show up on your profile. It only shows up if they wrote a message which is annoying because it says I only have 2 reviews when I really have more that aren’t showing. Overall, I really like the app, and have had a good experience with it.
by alanaallen105😘 on 2019/12/13 14:42
Not good for new sitters
by Joeyjoeyjoey1234567891010 on 2019/12/13 01:28
I downloaded the app over a month ago and not a single person has reached out to me, even though I keep my schedule up to date and follow all of the Rover instructions. Because the app highlights sitters with extensive histories, it’s almost impossible to break into a large market (for me, Chicago). Rover Now is a great idea but NO ONE uses it. I’m annoyed I paid for a background check. I’ve heard that WAG is better for on-demand walking, so I guess I’ll have to try that.
Good but still needs improvement
by GrowTransformInspire on 2019/12/13 01:01
Like the app. Just wish I could upload more than 8 photos at a time as well as videos. Also wish I could see the number of dogs scheduled on each day without actually clicking on each day on the calendar.
Better for dogs than cats
by flitter721 on 2019/12/12 13:46
Rover is ok. In terms of the user experience one of the great features is that the messaging shows up immediately on the phone. Overall it works a bit better on a non-mobile device. I’ve been very disappointed in the professionalism of the sitters. In terms of the business model, You must pay in advance so there’s no incentive to keep the obligation or deliver good service. I have yet to be able to find a cat sitter using it. The communication with people through messaging is immediate but many people misrepresent themselves in the descriptions and their enthusiasm for being open to last minute requests, aren’t willing to come to early morning visits like 8am, or if too far away just reject the entire request and leave you hanging. Most of them want to accept the job without meeting. I’m sure there are some excellent dog walkers to be found, as there are lots of great reviews and happy customers, I just didn’t have that experience.
Colossal Waste of Time
by ÷<| on 2019/12/12 05:09
App limits you to contacting no more than 8 pet sitters in a day. Not one of the 8 people I contacted was available, this is despite the in-app calendar showing all of them were available. I submitted a request in the help center, hoping they would allow me contact additional pet sitters since none of the 8 I contacted were available, but never got a response.
Love ease of use of app
by Ari 356 on 2019/12/12 01:29
Ive been using Rover for about a year now and it’s one of the best Pet Sitting apps I’ve seen so far. I particularly like the guarantees they provide which give peace of mind to pet owners. The reason I’ve rated it four stars is that I feel there’s room for some continued improvement: 1. the app is geared toward dog owners. I personally don’t own dogs and the reason I learned about the app was through a pet sitter I hired. The app does provide flexibility to add care for cats and other type of animals yet it’ll be more inclusive and bring more customers if it were a bit more holistic. 2. When you make a booking you have to choose either one or two visits per day with no flexibility to perform different combinations. I usually need only one visit the first and last days and the app does not let you adjust for it so it requires sending a separate reservation. 3. The app bills you on a per pet basis. I understand that when you’re walking dogs or boarding an animal in the pet sitter’s home that it’s the fair charge. However, as it relates to visits, charging on a per pet basis for care of cats can be a bit excessive as they tend to be much lower maintenance. Essentially refreshing water bowl/food and cleaning litter. I think this may require updates.
I LOVE Rover
by doodles222 on 2019/12/12 01:04
My Rover sitters are top notch. They treat my Pomsky as their own. He loves to visit our current sitter and her family. He comes home tired and happy. His tail wags when I turn the corner to their house. He doesn’t like being boarded and caged alone at night so Rover gives me peace of mind knowing Murphy isn’t caged up at night no matter what city or State I’m visiting. I’ve met dog owners at the dog parks in FL and turned many of them on to Rover. A few have since become Rover sitters.
Rover is the BEST
by Koffea20 on 2019/12/11 19:40
BBI&#39;ve been working for Rover for 4 years now. They&#39;ve been a GREAT asset and business development for all of the great employees that LOVE DOGS....ESPECIALLY ME! HAPPY HOLIDAYS &amp; CHEERS TO NEW FURRY BOOKINGS! LOVE, KELSEY M. &amp; KOFFEA
5 star !!!!
by Hannah/Otto on 2019/12/11 15:37
This app was god sent - Love our dog care providers, the frame work of service, conversation and payment is very professional and streamlined . Very very pleased!!
by SailorAndrea on 2019/12/11 02:27
This seems like a great app, I just wonder if it can work for my 11 year old because she wants to find jobs or doggy sitting. Would they accept that? Please reply as soon as you can.
Sitters Beware!
by kellypolly347 on 2019/12/10 11:27
I hate to have to reach out like this, but as a sitter I have contacted support 5 times over the last 2 weeks and gotten no response. Rover expects you to uphold their booking policies, but then when you enforce them and the owner gets mad, rover support on the owners side just makes you look bad saying those were my polices. You are not able to block owners from reaching out to you, even when it is a concern for the sitters safety. You can set yourself as unavailable, but this doesn’t stop owners from contacting you for the same dates. I’m sorry that I had to leave this bad review, but I haven’t gotten any responses. Rover, please do more to care about your sitters and not just the owners.
Sarah thank you
by tinagodlove on 2019/12/09 16:10
Sarah I felt love from your first meet an Greet thank you so much loving Raven she so happy she couldn’t wait to the family at the door 👍🏿
Cidney completed every walk and then some
by Eldyron on 2019/12/09 14:40
She was amazing
If you’re wanting to walk dogs, use Wag instead!
by Hanhran on 2019/12/08 15:35
I signed up to start walking dogs and they fail to mention you’ll also have to participate in an in person training before you’re able to get requests after you’ve already paid for your background check. They only offer an in person training every two weeks. The in person training I signed up for was changed last minute to another day, which I couldn’t attend. I received an email saying I lost my eligibility to walk dogs now because I didn’t show up to the training they changed at the last minute. It’s now been a month since I’ve signed up and still not able to use the service. If you’re wanting to make money, use Wag! Rovers company is trash.
Be aware
by Trampystamp on 2019/12/08 01:03
I love the idea of Rover as a pet owner. But as a sitter, in the past 2 1/2 months I have rcvd 3 spam requests. And 1 seemingly legit request for drop in visits. The spam requests were the same. 7 day house sitting. With dogs named sonny or butters. With the same owner background. Just moved to (city) from Alabama, and travel for work abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. The 3rd request, rcvd today, I suspected was spam. I googled the phone # and it belonged to 2 names. A man in GA. And a woman in San Diego, CA. My numerous requests to resolve the issue with Rover have been met with ignoring the question, avoiding the question, or skirting around the issue.
by KAS0013 on 2019/12/07 21:08
App is great for communications, except sometimes it is slow to recognize a sent or read message and will have a notification constantly.
Easy to use
by BuddyBoy02 on 2019/12/07 21:03
The app is really easy once you start using it. It’s very detailed and helps to keep you on track.
The rover support team is amazing
by halexander52517 on 2019/12/06 18:25
I am a sitter for Rover and I’ve had a few trouble shooting issues so far mostly on my part, but the support team has been absolutely amazing and will respond within a 5 hour period and are always helpful and respectful. They have helped me with every single issue I have had which isn’t very many
Good, but not great
by misskittyait on 2019/12/06 18:21
It has limited capabilities, but overall is pretty good.
Bad Service
by lorwow on 2019/12/05 23:23
I was a rover sitter for a few months, I paid for the background check and everything. I’ve dog sat for over 13 years and I’ve never had an issue with any of them till I got this app. I was left a horrible review that I wasn’t able to read and given one star all because of one incident which wasn’t my fault. The dog attacked me and in my 13 years of experience I didn’t know what to do. I asked the owner if she wanted me to stay after what had happened and she became rude and cold as if it was my fault. I stopped getting clients because of my bad review and ended up deleting the app. Rover should allow you to review the dog and it’s owner so others will know if they can handle that dog or not. I feel bed for the next person that has to watch that dog.
by hahgotem on 2019/12/05 11:40
The first offer I got was dog boarding for 3-4 days. I took the dog out on walks every 2-3 hours AND the dog still managed to pee multiple times a day and poo on our floors. I washed the dog three times during her stay because she reeked of urine. Owner said the dog was house trained... was obviously not the case. I slept at 3am and woke up at 6am, just to make sure there was not a new pee puddle in the mornings. On the third night of her stay, I fell asleep early and I woke up to try and take her out. She lunged and bit me, luckily for me, her teeth didn&#39;t break my skin. (Profile said friendly) On the last evening, I got called into work last minute, so I walked the dog right before I left, and left since I had to cover 3 hours of my coworker&#39;s shift. I got home and there were two massive new pee puddles on the floor. Owner ended up getting home early and decided to go straight to my house without confirming with me (since I was still at work towards the end of my shift.) Owner writes disgusting review on me and talks about how I left her poor dog for &#34;the whole day&#34;, how she saw her poor sad looking dog through the window (which you can not see through unless you trample through the flower bed), and how her dog reeked like urine. MAYBE if owner didn&#39;t lie about her dog not being house trained, things would be different, because I simply would not have taken the request. MAYBE if her dog hadn&#39;t peed on the floor twice more while I was at work, then she wouldn&#39;t have reeked of urine. Really sad how you can&#39;t review the dogs and the owners, but they can unfairly review you and give you a bad reputation.
Time consuming
by holldad1 on 2019/12/04 23:01
They should develop a way to put in your ideal pet sitter scenario so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of sitter profiles. It takes forever and then you have to wait for them to get back to you.
Unresponsive service
by michpeters on 2019/12/04 16:30
Signed up for dog walking service in Dallas, TX put in two days of service to try the walkers out, have the website our credit card info and then heard NOTHING! Even when I reached out to customer service.... NOTHING! Can’t imagine if there was truly a problem - this company worth less than one star....your response time, your promises, all smoke and mirrors. Be careful and go with a service with a telephone number and someone you can speak with when it comes to your pets.
Support was awesome today.
by Mks5556 on 2019/12/04 16:17
Jenn T helped me out and I felt much better about the process! You Rock Jenn Michael Smith
Great for connections— steep prices for sitters
by taylorrabe27 on 2019/12/04 04:04
20% off the top of everything I make is a hard bone to chew, as I have to strike a balance between what is affordable for my clients and what is valuing my time correctly.
Thieves all of them!
by Daredevil Biggs on 2019/12/04 03:53
Don’t use this joke of a service. I booked a person who took my money and never showed up. Now I’m getting the run around from Rover. These folks should be run out of business. Don’t trust these thieves and jerks with you pets.
The best app
by nikkic5! on 2019/12/03 22:33
So convenient and easy to use! We found the best person to watch our dog thanks to roger!
Rover takes too much
by Bubblepopperz2012 ;) on 2019/12/02 21:31
I understand the app and background checks are free, but I feel so ripped off by the Rover fees! It&#39;s been multiple times now where I&#39;ve had a booking for over $100, but after their fees I&#39;m only making $80-$95! They aren&#39;t doing any of the physical work, they aren&#39;t communicating and matching owners with sitters. Background checks are $10 at the courthouse. I think there should be a $50 cap per quarter that they can take in Rover fees. it&#39;s just ridiculous! I am super upset. There&#39;s no reason for them to take such a big percentage of what we would be making. On top of that, the cash out is through paypal and if you want direct deposit paypal takes a percentage to deposit it into your bank account. I&#39;ve been booking on rover and doing payments outside of the app, but I&#39;ve been warned if I continue they&#39;ll kick me off. What a rip off!
A company Run by Sincere Animal Lovers
by Ceevee^^ on 2019/12/02 17:55
As far as we are concerned Rover is a premiere animal loving website. The Hosts and services available in our area numerous and we couldn’t be more pleased to know about this option for our travels and getaways. Thanks Rover for everything you offer for the animals and their humans!
Love Rover
by Katiericeee on 2019/12/02 17:16
I’m a dog sitter on the side and Rover has helped me to build my business. Love the app interface and safety features. Highly recommend.
I love the convenience
by kaysl122 on 2019/12/02 16:18
ThDoesnt offer many to any pet protection for the sitter. Could improve on this!
Dog Sitter Perspective
by WebsiteShit on 2019/12/02 16:09
I enjoy this app a lot but they take 20% from each interaction so it is hard to keep prices low. It would be easier and more worthwhile to book more if they took 10%.
Needs a tipping & extra fees/care option
by kurlyqurl on 2019/12/01 20:37
Rover is a nice way to make some extra money and you get to work with so many cute pets. However the way the app set up doesn’t not benefit the sitter at all. There needs to be a way to charge for key drop off and pick ups. I just had a client have me go to her house 3 times for a meet&amp;greet, key pick up &amp; then to also drop them off to her when I could have left them on the table. She had me come all the way to drop her keys off in a snowstorm and didn’t even tip me. There should to be a tipping option at the end of the clients stay like Uber because a lot of these clients have us doing a lot of unnecessary / extra things but don’t tip us or anything. There also needs to be an extra half day charge because a lot of clients will drop their dog off at 7am and pick them up at 11pm the next day but only pay for one night. And after rover fees we only get about $35 of a $50 stay. And then of course they don’t tip! I wouldn’t mind doing all of these extra things if people showed some gratitude. But these clients can be so entitled. We don’t get paid for meet &amp; greets we don’t get paid to pick up and drop off your keys and we don’t get paid when you leave your dog at our house for 2 days but only pay for one. And there should also be away to review the owner because a lot of these clients speak to us Rudely, lie about the behavior and temper of their pets, etc, etc, and it should be available information to the sitter just as our reviews are available to clients.
Zero Support for Sitters
by mmmb0 on 2019/12/01 20:35
After using Rover consistently for 2 years in San Francisco, I’m warning all future dog watchers that Rover’s system has zero feedback for dogs and their dog owners. And on top of this, Rover provides very little support for dog sitters outside of their Q&amp;A page (lol), and their helpline to be reserved for emergencies (runaway dog, hospitalization, etc) despite the 20% fee they charge sitters. As a sitter, if an owner does not disclose the potentially harmful characteristics of their dog, you have no way or knowing! This is appalling. This becomes an issue in situations where the dog suddenly starts acting aggressive towards you, bullying or attacking other dogs, or peeing indoors once/hour due to an undisclosed medical condition. I’ve watched a dog who, though unprovoked, attacked and bit another dog at my office where the owner did not give any indication the dog had aggressive tendencies. The bite drew blood, and the hurt dog was a rescue who ended up crying in the corner for hours post-attack. This issue is so significant for us dog sitters, and it allows dog owners to consistently lie or misrepresent their dog’s behaviors to sitter after sitter. It is also unfair to the dog owners because dog watchers need to keep their prices at a minimum rate to offset the risk of watching a dog who may become all-consuming. The way they treat us sitter is currently akin to how Uber treats it’s drivers, and as-is, I expect the quality of sitters to start to drop over time as previously passionate sitters will leave the platform due to bad experiences combined with lack of support from Rover. And Rover’s growth team is probably not allowing them to change these rules on dog owners (like background checks for owners for home stays, requiring details about dogs, etc) because it will kick a lot of owners off the ecosystem and make it harder for unruly dogs to find sitters, and Rover’s growth numbers will drop.
Warning! Don’t use if you love your dog.
by wacullen on 2019/12/01 16:47
Using Rover is borderline animal abuse. Rover will abandon your dog if it’s inconvenient for them. This has happened to me twice. My poor baby was alone for hours with no way to go to the bathroom. Thank god I have a camera at my door or I would never have known. IF you can get ahold of someone, all they say is “Sorry. No one is available now.” He was locked up for 16 hours. This is a service. They should have a backup plan. I was on the other side of the country and couldn’t do anything. I thought maybe this was a one time thing and so I tried them again. And it happened again! The dog walker didn’t show up. I messaged him asking if he was still coming. And he cancelled. I contacted Rover. And they did nothing. I had to end my trip early and come let him out. After 16 hours again. Please. Please. Don’t trust them with your dogs. They will abandon your baby. Using Rover is borderline animal abuse.
Works best for repeat clients
by itszanderman on 2019/12/01 16:47
Once you meet someone and book a stay once, it’s easy to book continued stays or weekly visits. I love being able to watch pups, but I do wish there was a background check on owners. The hard part is meeting a client for the first time, especially if you have to go to their home. I always bring someone to wait in the car for me- just in case. Rover doesn’t require proof of vetting for dogs either, so be sure to ask about updates vaccine records with each new client.
Terrible App - puts dogs last, profits first
by dman2010i on 2019/12/01 16:38
My poor dog was scheduled for a walk and the walker canceled after I messaged them well after their promised arrival time. Rover was not apologetic and couldn’t find a replacement. And said I could “un prefer” the walker. The walker shouldn’t be able to walk dogs again! Terrible.
Benefits dog owners, not sitters
by nooootlegur on 2019/12/01 15:35
Rover is a great way to make a little extra money, however, 20% fee per visit is quite steep considering what they claim to use the money for. Advertising the app and proving 24/7 “support” is a little silly, as most people hear of Rover by word of mouth and if there is a pet emergency, the sitter will likely only contact the owner and head to the vet...Not call a 24/7 Rover support staff, who wouldn’t be able to do much. Love working with animals, however, the app seems to be more work for sitters with recommendations to document details and photos constantly and taking a huge chunk of your own profit. Many sitters aren’t specifically aware that this fee applies when they pay someone to watch their dog.
Easy to Use
by Dallas halsey on 2019/12/01 02:33
The app makes using Rover more simple. I offer my services on Rover and it’s easy for me to update my calendar, see my messages, make profile changes, etc.
Easy to use and great customer service
by BriX212 on 2019/11/30 23:43
No complaints!
Love it- but I have suggestions!
by AV3793 on 2019/11/30 19:37
First off, I love the app. I’ve used it successfully to hire an in home sitter for my pet. A couple of suggestions to make the app even better: 1. Create a form to fill out about the care and keeping of the pet/ and or the house. Each time I hire a sitter I find myself typing an entire page of info to leave. Where is the extra toilet paper? Where are the towels? Dog treats? It would be cool if there was a form built into the app that allowed me to save things like WiFi password, mail collecting info, things about the house, etc! And obviously, a spot to fill in feeding info and times of day/amounts. 2. Allow the sitter to rate the “stay” and the pet as well! I would love feedback on how to better accommodate my sitter for in house stays, as well as how my dog did. This would also be helpful for future sitters to see a “rating” of each pet. So not only do the sitters get reviewed, but also the pets and their owners. Just some ideas. Overall, great experience and easy to use app!
Gale Hartwell
by Lee Hartwell-Jackson on 2019/11/30 13:43
Amazing dog walker! Makes our pet so happy when they see her. Gale is dedicated no matter what the weather. She cares for our pets as if they were her own!
Easy to use!
by lgarreaza on 2019/11/30 13:34
Rover is a great app, very user friendly, and gets the job done. The only negative for me is that you can’t modify the number of visits for particular days when choosing your own sitter, I.e it has to be 2 visits/day for the duration, or 1 visit/day only, and you can’t modify for particular days - bummer!
Dogs Rule!
by pupnanny on 2019/11/30 13:12
Rover is a great app for matching owners and boarders. I have not had luck, as yet, finding pet owners looking for walks.
My neighbor is abusive to animals and is able to have a profile.
by Livelifefree123 on 2019/11/28 17:35
My next door neighbor has been horrific to his animals the entire time he has lived next to us. They have constantly been out in the elements, no shelter, more than half the time they do not have food or water accessible ect.... over the last few months they have been having dogs over at their home and we assumed they were just pet sitting for their friends. A little researching led to finding that they are actually sitters for Rover. They have completely lied on their profile about their “love for dogs” and about having an animal/people aggressive pit bull in their home of who has gone after and attacked my family and animals on multiple occasions. I adore my animals and have always thought Rover was a great option however, my neighbors somehow have a 5 star rating on their profile. I do not think that I will ever be able to trust a company that does not do more research into who they hire. I will not ever be using Rover- you truly do not know who’s home you’re letting your pet into.
Great app and service.
by JT Windom on 2019/11/28 14:42
All around great. Makes everything easy.
Good app, frustrated with service
by mktricoli on 2019/11/28 02:58
I am happy with how Rover works, however, I’m very frustrated with walkers/sitters showing as available on the app until I message them. I have had multiple dog walkers turn me down because they weren’t available because of plans they made (not because they are walking another dog). If a walker isn’t available, especially during the holidays, they should update their schedule. Last minute I needed a walker and couldn’t find one!
by jsjsbebsu on 2019/11/27 21:04
I run a successful business
by Crappyooo on 2019/11/27 15:04
Although Rover takes 20% of my income
Thinking its a joke
by AnneldaMichelle on 2019/11/27 09:39
I signed up for this service almost 3 months ago to be a dog and cat sitter and have not had one single client and i have over 15 years of experience dealing with dogs and cats i have chatted with rover support and nothing is wrong with my profile or the rates. This is just a site to get your hopes up with no promises on getting clients. I will be deleting my account and app.
Groomer, trainer, sitter.
by jeremy_above_all on 2019/11/26 20:12
I love rover because it allows me to grow my business and help boost my reputation as a amazing animal care taker.
Fun way to make money!
by EmmaMLetten on 2019/11/26 18:35
I love rover! I downloaded it (as a sitter) &amp; at first I was worried I wouldn’t get picked. I went a few weeks without hearing anything &amp; almost lost hope. I finally had someone choose me to watch their poodle &amp; the rest is history! I have already boarded multiple dogs &amp; I am having a great time. Such a fun way to make money. I honestly would do it for free just because I love animals. I definitely recommend.
by NikXAtXNight on 2019/11/26 11:29
Every time I search for a sitter it always says no results no matter what suggestions I put in. Please fix ASAP
Bad communication
by mustang dana on 2019/11/24 23:53
After trying to get someone to help with my dogs, I gave up. They have horrible customer service and communication. There is no way i&#39;m paying money for a service without talking to a real live person first and meeting them first.
Quick booking, easy, no-hassle
by Cleo's Mommy ❤️ on 2019/11/24 23:31
I had went on a trip with my family and we thought the accommodations we made were dog-friendly. When we found out they weren’t, I had to quickly find someone willing to board my little Cleo. Rover’s user-friendly interface and quick-responding clients allowed me to book Cleo’s stay through my phone from the moment I boarded the plane to when it took off.
They charge my customers when they pay AND take 20% I can’t get paid
by Ginnykno on 2019/11/24 21:34
Or worth it. Great concept, however the poor customer service is not worth the hefty fees. Three months later and I still haven’t gotten paid. It seems like they also make money by holding on to your funds! I’ve been trying to get paid by rover for 3 months now. They have just 2 options to get paid -PayPal Or they charge you additional fees to get paid by check. The time to receive a check is 5 weeks. They should use direct deposit for what I’m paying them. You’re better off using a free local neighborhood app.
by c costello on 2019/11/24 09:35
Debbie has always treated my Frankie as her own! I trust completely with my fur baby and in my home. She’s honest, reliable, but mostly she enjoys giving attention and walking the dogs. C costello
Rover Assessability is awesome
by jeepevelyn on 2019/11/23 21:46
I enjoy how easy it is to use the app
Apple phone not readily supported difficult to navigate
by alpo 55 on 2019/11/22 23:52
See above
Used to be 5 stars
by sweetheart8104 on 2019/11/22 13:20
Updated the app &amp; now I can’t see my upcoming stays that were booked prior to the update. Please fix.
Fees are too high
by asmith63085 on 2019/11/21 23:45
Fees are really high
by KatieLWhite5 on 2019/11/21 02:27
I’ve been using Rover for over 2 years now. I enjoy it and it’s very helpful in expanding my dog boarding and sitting services in our area. I believe the app could be more useful in ways for booking, customer reviews and constant recommendations to return to sitters.
This app is awesome ❤️
by gloria m44 on 2019/11/21 01:51
I love this app. I just want to warn people to please use the app to contact sitter and to pay them . Because if you don’t. You won’t be able to report a person that lost your pet :(
Great idea, too bad.....
by Jamiedmd on 2019/11/20 22:13
Signed up, requested a two day check in for my pups, and was turned down by four sitters who were, based upon the app, available for work on the days I needed. Not sure why they come up in my search if they’re “already booked,” or if I’m “too far away.” One denial was even in the form of an automated message. At least the other three took the time to respond and kindly decline. I was suspicious of the efficiency of an app like this for someone who lives 35 miles out of town, but don’t show me a hundred available sitters who aren’t available. Account being closed.
Absolutely the best dog walking app ever !!
by Kaleennnda on 2019/11/20 21:14
I use rover for side income and it’s super quick and Easy way to make extra money.
Sara is the best
by ErinxJones on 2019/11/20 19:34
Sara is outstanding, highly recommended
no cat sitter..
by CarlyHe on 2019/11/20 06:09
no cat sitter?
Terrible app - Terrible Experience
by Jyunte on 2019/11/20 01:09
I tried to make a booking for 7 days... Day 1: One visit Days 2-6: Two visits per day Day 7: One visit There&#39;s no way to do this. The app only lets you select a single option of 1 or 2 visits per day for the entire booking, so I&#39;d end up paying for 14 visits instead of 12. My sitter told me to cancel my booking and set up 2 new bookings, one for the single visit days, and another for the two-per-day visits. There is no way to actually cancel and delete a booking. You can &#34;Decline&#34; a booking, which I did, but it still shows up as &#34;Pending&#34;. I created the two new bookings and tried to pay. I clicked Submit, but nothing happened. I tried multiple times, re-entering all my information each time and got the same result each time... Nothing. Turned out, that after entering the card details, I had to Save the card, but the app does not force you to do this or prompt you to do this, it just does nothing when you hit Submit. Because of the complexity of this app for both the customer and the sitter, my sitter declined my 5 days @ two visits per day booking. My other booking, for 2 days @ one visit per day disappeared. An original booking for all 7 days @ two visits per day was possible, but that wasn&#39;t what I wanted! Rover offers 24/7 emergency support, but there is no phone number listed for customers to call. They have an email form you can fill out. I&#39;m still waiting for a response. I&#39;ve been trying to get this sorted out for over 3 hours and it&#39;s still allin limbo. I have made no bookings. I&#39;m ready to give up. The Help pages are useless because they were created for their petsitters, not their customers. Oh, and those app? It&#39;s not a native app for the iPad, so it&#39;s as ugly AF. Found a number to contact them... It was on one of the more negative reviews of this app! They entered the booking manually!
Steer clear of Samantha Sierra and Tony M!
by Katanaramaaaaa on 2019/11/19 18:15
I would give 0 stars if I could. I’ve had the worst experiences with sitters on this app and I will not be using it again in the future. Samantha Sierra - I had her watch my pup for a week while I went on vacation and when I got him back he was emaciated to the point that you could see every bone in his body and he smelled like a dead animal. It took three professional baths to get the smell to dissipate. She had 15+ animals in her care at the time and kept them all in cages in one small room, she only let them outside to use the bathroom and eat and would return them to the crate immediately after. I had a friend use her to see if this was a reoccurring issue and her dog came back with severe behavioral issues most likely from being attacked by another animal in her care or abused by someone in the home. Tony M - He was going to leave my dog with strangers while he left the property so I canceled and he still kept my money and after refused to give Rover permission to refund me even though the cancellation was entirely his fault. He blamed rover for not being able to give me a refund when it was entirely in his control to initiate the refund. I would steer clear of this guy.. If you’ve used him before he probably wasn’t even the one watching your pet which is unprofessional and dangerous to say the least.
Garbage App
by So R(Over) it on 2019/11/19 17:58
This is one of the worst platforms I’ve ever used. I’m sorry to say it, but the Rover app and website design/functionality are just trash. Rover web design team, sorry for the harsh words but please hear my feedback. First of all, the app and website are not user intuitive. I’m 27 and feel like I’m 97 when I try and use this app. I have been using Rover since 2014 as a sitter, and recently I adopted a dog and have been using the Rover as an owner. That’s when I realized that it’s awful on both ends. There are too many steps to reach what you want to edit, whether that’s the services you offer, the profiles of the pets you own, or the services you seek. From both ends, there isn’t anything that really shows a detailed cost/service/special rate breakdown for each stay. There have been times where the totals were not right, and it wouldn’t have been caught if I hadn’t done the math myself. For a service that takes 20% commission for basically providing no support, it’s a pretty low blow to be calculating totals incorrectly for an oversaturated market of sitters who are hustling at low rates. As an owner, I have found that the search function is whack too. I put in my parameters and the area that I’m searching in, and I always get search result that don’t fit! For example, I needed a daycare sitter that doesn’t have cats or children, and the results I saw were showing family pictures and one person who was the “queen of cats” with multiple cats in their house. Some of the results didn’t even offer daycare as a service. Every time I need to use Rover, I end up wasting hours trying to find a sitter that actually fits what I need because I have to read every profile when the filter doesn’t work. Yesterday I was desperately trying to find a doggie daycare for emergency maintenance on my house today, and I reached out to ten sitters, all of whom were either unavailable despite their calendars showing availability or they did not respond in a timely manner. After ten failed sitters, Rover wouldn’t let me send out more messages because it said I had reached the limit. UMM WHAT. I still hadn’t found a sitter and was at my wits end. So what did I do? I went to Wag and got a sitter within 5 minutes at 6am this morning. I don’t love that you don’t get to choose your walker/sitter on Wag like you do on Rover, but at this point I’m so frustrated with this platform that it would take some major convincing to get me to use it again. I feel like a jerk saying all these things, but I’ve run into issues nearly every single time I’ve used Rover in the last 5 years and I’m just sooooooooooooooooooo over it. All I got out of my wasted hours was an inbox full of failed requests I can&#39;t even archive. GET WITH THE PROGRAM ROVER.
Great service
by acamelo27 on 2019/11/19 15:24
Easy to use and intuitive app. Good sitters. Highly recommend.
Great Dog Sitting App
by Jenn - Happy Life Pups on 2019/11/19 14:49
I’ve been a sitter with Rover for about 4 years. I was hesitant about downloading the app, because of battery drain while tracking walks. There are a few things that are clunky, but Rover keeps making improvements. Now you can sort bookings by date or conversation activity, which is helpful when updating my planner or looking through to see who I have booked when. It would be nice to have a search feature on the reservations page, so I could plug in a name and immediately find that pup’s reservation. It would also be helpful to have all the messages from a client in one thread, like text messaging, instead of whatever random or most recent reservation was booked. Right now I have to search through each thread to figure out “what was that specific they said?” Also, in each reservation make it required for clients to fill in an estimated drop off and pick up time, even its only “morning”, “afternoon”, or “evening. It would be a bonus if sitters could customize these drop-off/pick-up periods. For example: mornings 7-11am, afternoon 1-3pm, evening 5-7pm. The other improvement Rover has made has been to add boarding stays to the daily home page in the app. This is great because every morning I can see at a glance who I have. Make it better: allow us to change the date so we can see at a glance who we have tomorrow or on a specific day that a client is asking about. Overall a great app! 4 stars because there are still things to make better so that it’s smoother and more efficient. P.S. If you’re looking for a sitter and considering Rover: there are great sitters on Rover. Always do a Meet &amp; Greet (if you can) or talk in the phone before booking. Keep your booking on the Rover platform, because Rover has safeguards in place to help ensure your pet is being well taken care of. (Cash is great if you want to tip, but pay for your reservation with Rover. A sitter asking for cash is shady.)
Wonderful app, unfair pricing model
by ash8658 on 2019/11/19 04:10
I did not think I would be booking as much as I have when I first signed up. After 3 weeks, I have 2 recurring clients, sat 3 dogs, and and all around amazing experience. The app is structured well and you are texted when booked or receiving messages. One thing I don&#39;t like is Rover takes a 20% cut. Right now, I charge $30 for sitting and Rover takes $6 of that. I think the pricing model is a bit unfair to both the sitters and dog owners because now I am (as well as the whole community) forced to bump up my pricing by $20 to make up for that which leads me to less clients. A 10% fee is much more fair, and I think the community would agree.
Loving sitter
by Tatizny on 2019/11/18 22:23
I’m a sitter, I’ve been using the app for 1 year, I’ve met wonderful people and dogs thru the app, plus is a great way to make some extra income
Great app
by SerenitynKoda on 2019/11/18 20:19
I love being a dog caretaker for Rover. Make some side money doing something I love. The app makes it easy to connect people and set everything up. It’s also really good at protecting your privacy
Dogs Aren’t Safe With Rover
by Hopper57439 on 2019/11/18 20:04
After two years of using Rover I am deleting the app after finding out that they are allowing a walker to remain on their site after she stole money from my family and let my dog sit in his kennel for extremely long days. After initially filing the report (in 2017) I was told the walker would be banned from the app. In the fall of 2019 I saw that she was suddenly back on the app. Her profile even had the same bad reviews from 2017. I contacted the app and they refused to give me any information about her status and her profile remains. This woman entered my home and didn’t walk my dog. At the time I was working 12 hour shifts and she let him sit in his kennel without even a bathroom break while also taking my money. Rover takes exorbitant fees from walkers and owners and gives this level of service. I will never use this app again and would caution any true pet loves against trusting their walkers without performing your own checks!
Services great, platform needs some work
by jillyjal on 2019/11/18 18:57
Getting someone booked is a bit of a pain.
Great but
by Dechert on 2019/11/18 18:49
Rover takes a lot from the sitters but it’s a smooth and easy app, great format, not glitchy
No interest at all
by Nascarchick 14 on 2019/11/18 03:15
Contacted many different sitters for different days ect and even though there schedule said they were available every single one said “I’m sorry I’m not available that day” such a let down... would not recommend them at All
Odette is the best!
by mgmobgyn on 2019/11/18 01:53
A friend referred me to Rover &amp; finding Odette was the best thing that happened to us! I am so grateful for her!
App is fine - service is fine - TOO MUCH SPAM!
by Jam Row on 2019/11/17 17:02
Their marketing department seriously needs to be reigned in. They inundate you with emails and text messages and make it very hard to “unsubscribe” (you have to search through help to find it) - plus unsubscribing doesn’t seem to have any effect on unwanted text messages from them. I had to block their number. Fix this problem Corporate Rover - and respect your customers wants and needs!
by Beautiful Gomes on 2019/11/17 10:14
I have been on Rover as a walker for over 7 months and I have only had one walk request. If I lower my rates anymore I will only be cheating myself. I do way better with Wag! Where I get daily walks. Bogus Rover, really bogus!
I love rover
by Moi2awesome on 2019/11/17 04:30
I am so grateful to rover , when I couldn’t find a job , rover came to my rescue
Great service!
by Coach CS on 2019/11/17 03:57
This app has helped me mKe a great side income and I love taking care of dogs!
Rover offers great support
by Mysticflavor on 2019/11/16 19:53
To dog owners. Quality dog sitters can be found here.
Pet sitter
by Tasunetra on 2019/11/16 14:16
Every owners and pets I have met are very lovely and sweet. I love taking care of dogs. They keep you busy and fun! If you ever need a pet sitter or walker I definitely recommend using Rover to find your suitable pet sitters!
I love rover
by Lulu Mostajo on 2019/11/15 05:25
It’s so reliable and affordable :) I have deff met some great babysitters and I am VERY picky with who takes care of my baby
App is ok, marketing needs work
by Hope11314 on 2019/11/14 23:26
The app is pretty decent, though still has a few bugs that others have mentioned - namely figuring out how to just message a sitter without starting a booking. My first and only experience was a fairly positive one so, so far so good. The marketing that comes with this is still very amateurish. Emails like every day or every other day? I don’t go on vacation that much, calm down. I unsubscribed but what’s clear in pretty much every mailing is that your marketing team doesn’t know what they’re doing. I. Don’t. Own. A. Dog. You know this because you asked me a ton of information about my cat. The fact that I keep getting emails marketing services to my imaginary dog shows a basic lack of respect for your customers. I saw this same feedback from someone else months ago with the developer giving a pat response thanking them for the feedback. But it still hasn’t been fixed. I get it, the fact that cat owners had money to spend too didn’t occur to you when you build your system. But not being able to properly identity what kind of pet I own was bothersome enough that I came over here to read other reviews, some of which are downright terrifying. I had a good first experience, but the woman I want to use again isn’t available for my next trip and I’m back to feeling anxious about leaving my cat, whom I love more than almost anything, with a company that keeps trying to sell me dog walking services for a pet I don’t own.
by skeepless on 2019/11/14 16:03
Rover is a well working application now for the needs of sitters and owners. Rover software team had rearranged Inbox for upcoming stays by activities instead of dates. That’s very inconvenient.
Unreliable sitters
by roxyrocks12 on 2019/11/14 05:33
I actually currently pet sit for Rover and it isn’t difficult to keep the owners happy as well as their pets. Communication is key. But a lot of the pet sitters on this app are atrocious. I am going out of state for Thanksgiving and we’ve had multiple people tell us they aren’t available to pet sit even though they confirmed their availability for the holidays. We’ve set up three meet and greets and every single one of them has canceled because they “decided to go out of town last minute” or “their grandparents decided to visit last minute”. We had someone booked already and she cancelled on us. A person should not have to stress this much about finding a pet sitter. Rover should provide online training videos or something because it’s ridiculous the number of irresponsible people who are pet sitting for this app. Also, Rover should not be taking 20% of my hard earned pet sitting money. That’s a ridiculous amount. Rover says they use that money to pay for things that might help us during our pet sitting stays, but that’s a lie. I don’t need their help pet sitting, I’ve been doing it for years. They need to lower it to no more than 10% because 20% is way too much.
Great but recently has a glitch
by Ally reaves on 2018/05/08 18:52
I’ve only been using rover for about 3 weeks now as a sitter and it’s already brought in a significant amount of income for me. I’m a stay at home mom and have been searching for something I can do from home and so far rover has worked out perfectly. I take pretty much any client as long as they get along with kids and other dogs. I already have tons of booking and a few repeats clients. I’ve liked the small updates the app has had but just yesterday, all of my pending bookings are showing a “pending owners response” highlight at the top of our messages as if I sent them a booking request. Which I haven’t to any of them. I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch on my end but if it has actually send requests it may cause me to look bad and potentially lose clients and money. I almost always meet the family and dog before sending a request or accepting one so this is an issue for me. I’ve tried logging out, deleting the app and everything else I can think of but the “glitch” won’t go away. I’m hoping this issue is resolved quickly.
Need a better way to filter
by Apeelvis on 2019/07/30 17:15
Here are my thoughts. We use Rover or try to use rover while we travel with our dog. 50% of the time we end up using a professional boarding location as opposed to a rover person. Here’s why. Many if not most of the rover hosts are doing this to earn extra money. Which sounds great and all but there are draw backs. Typically we will have to contact 6 to 10 hosts in order to find one that is available. Why is it that people have themselves lists on the app if they are not available. Even ubuer has the option to turn availability on and off. There is nothing more frustrating then reading through the profile finding the perfect fit for our dog then reaching out only to have them say ....”Sorry I’m not available”. This happens over and over and over. Again this just happened so we are going with a local professional boarding business. Another filter option Rover needs to add is filter by hosts that accept un-neutered males. We have a large bread mastiff. It is recommended to wait until a minimum of 18 months to neuter in order to limit joint and growth problems. So again when you read through all the profiles and find the perfect host only to have the app tell you they don’t accept unfixed males when you try to contact them. Why not filter those profiles out before out base on our dog’s profile? Or make it a filter option. Anyway rover is a neat concept but only 50/50 in usefulness.
I love keeping doggies!
by Sassylandi on 2019/03/09 20:13
I love the doggie keeping aspect....but I have found that even though I’ve had a criminal background check none of the owners are as vetted. When my prices were lower I only had one legit owner that’s awesome, now about 3....but some were scary...especially people who approached me to house sit. I’m not going to the silence of the lamb place to keep a dog. I called and asked rover to check out an owner that I felt uneasy and they said no they do not check owners. This is scary to me. I raised my prices and some of that stopped. Also I clearly state no aggressive breeds and now I find out that rover will call around for the owner and find them a sitter when they need help finding a place. They will lower your rating when you decline a stay...even when you say you clearly state that. No one reads your post! Rover doesn’t require vet paper which is bogus! I do personally or I won’t watch a dog, but come on Rover! Protect the dogs and humans! Rover needs to offer contracts for sitters in case a dog years up your stuff or bites someone. They need to help protect the sitter. I’ve not had any bad incidents to date but this should be signed by dog owners. They also need more interview questions from owners about the dogs. Owners get in a hurry and might forget to say something like the dog likes his crate in the bedroom with you or he gets’s the little details that help me know what your pup loves!
Waste of money
by Marylisab on 2018/07/27 05:25
I am currently waiting to start my full time job in August and I was looking for a part time job to make some income until then. I heard of this app from a friend and gave it a shot. Upon filling out all my information I realized that I had to pay $25 for a background check. I thought this over and I determined that the background check was important and reassuring to future clients. I paid the $25 even though it was a lot to me, considering I don’t have a job right now. I thought that I would earn the money back with time, but so far it’s been over a month and I don’t have a single message from a potential client. I am very disappointed because I was so incredibly excited to have something fun to do for a month and I was going to have the opportunity to meet cute animals. I am also disappointed because I did everything right, I posted good photos of me with animals, I had friends and past clients post amazing and heart warming testimonials about me, and I even chose to keep my rates distinctively lower than other rates I saw offered. I will keep the app on my phone, because it is well designed and the goal of the app is good, but I just can’t recommend this app to everyone. It was a waste of money (that I didn’t have) and there’s no way I’m ever going to get my money back, unless by miracle a potential client messages me. Thanks for reading :(
by AshlynLefevre on 2019/07/26 14:10
This was a nightmare!!!! I can not believe this girl. First off she asked us to pick him up because he was barking. It was obvious she was not giving him any attention. She left him alone long enough to chew through his leash and his paws are burned. Today I was coming home from my honeymoon and we were stuck on the plane. After days of messaging me how sweet he was other than barking she said he destroyed her things and how I needed to pay for them all. She said to either pay her or she would let my dog go, or take him to the pound. Which she was already paid to watch him and wanted to scam us out of our money. When we got to her she did not give us our dog food or toys, she said her boyfriend had them. Her boyfriend came out and we asked where his food and toys were and he said don’t worry about it while they both got in the car and drove away. His mom came out and we asked her about Bo and she says that he didn’t even stay there. So they gave us a completely wrong address. The mom called the son back and give us back our dog food and toys but I promise that I will never use Rover again. My husband and I tried 3 times to get rover to help us while we were out of state and every time they said well try to keep it civil. This is seriously the nightmare that I never wanted to come true and I feel so bad that I trusted rover with my dog. I hope that this girl never gets any other business. I am so disappointed
Waste of Time & Money
by RonaldsLady on 2018/11/08 13:02
If you’re looking to throw away thousands of dollars while you take a small trip here and there, this may work for you. I’m sitting here baffled by the prices. Even at $50 a night (which I thought was reasonable) you get gouged for additional dogs. That $50 becomes $50 per night plus $20-50 per night for additional dogs plus there are fees for hair, age, weight, playing, walking, etc.. Even for people who don’t even allow dogs in their home but only to stay on their farm. Why would I pay someone over a grand for a weekend trip? That’s absolutely absurd and not even competitive! There are local kennels that won’t charge that much with actual professionals and medical teams on staff. I downloaded this app hoping I could find someone who would make my babies feel at home while I was away and instead I find a bunch of people who don’t have jobs who want to charge money as if they are dog whispering gurus. It’s insane. Rover should keep these people in check. If they are actual certified professionals who open up their homes and charge a bit more, ok understandable. BUT don’t act as if a stay at home mom with 5 kids is someone I should throw a grand to because I need to leave for a weekend. Thankfully I have some good connections and will be flying out an actual professional and paying less than $400 to cover airfare, food and payment. Get your stuff together Rover and start getting people.
Missing Queens in Fairbanks Alaska
by devenkferre on 2019/07/04 19:54
One day into My daughters vacation and the Rover sitter has lost one of her two dogs. My daughter is beside herself...My daughter and her husband just left Alaska yesterday for a much needed military leave as her husband is deploying in September. Less than 24 hours later she got the dreaded call that her Rover dog sitter has lost one of her two dogs. It has now been an additional day and she still has not found sweet Queens and they have done very little to find her, as the rover dog watcher is more concerned with her other jobs. My daughter is now trying to find a flight back to Alaska in hopes she can find Queens before something happens to her. She was last sighted on Cushman near the freeway in Fairbanks Alaska, but the Rover Dog Sitter was too busy showing a house and didn’t respond promptly to the call. A trip where all our families were so excited to see our kids before deployment, has turned into a nightmare for all. I believe there are some great rover sitters, but make sure you fully vet them to insure if a disaster happens with your baby they will respond 😢 It feels soooo helpless to be in Utah knowing your baby is lost in Fairbanks Alaska and that there have been sighting of her, but no one is responding timely😢😢😢 When I called the emergency number yesterday they told me they would send a professional team today to assist the rover sitter in the search. That has not happened.💔
Good for extra cash, but it’s always crashing
by eliiseeee on 2018/03/29 21:10
I’ve been using Rover for over a year now and it’s been great using the app to earn extra cash. I set my rates and my schedule with it and can talk with clients through the app. Also, I love that you can contact their customer support line to edit the booking if the client makes a last minute cancellation or date change. I’ve had great service with the customer support line every time. HOWEVER. My biggest pet peeve is that IT IS ALWAYS CRASHING. I’ve updated to the latest software, I’ve deleted and reinstalled SEVERAL times, and I’ve reset my phone. Nothing has helped. It’s super frustrating because it’s always happening while I’m walking a client. In the middle of a walk, it’ll just shut off MY ENTIRE PHONE and my phone will restart. I can’t even open the app without it crashing 3 seconds later. Or I’ll try and add a picture/pee/etc, and it’ll crash. At times when I finish a walk or check-in, it’ll shut off my phone and when I try to open the app, the walks/check-ins will sit on the page and not send and I’ll try and send and it’ll restart my phone again. I get messages from owners because they’re concerned that they haven’t received a Rover card after it’s started and I have to explain that it’s a glitch. If this could be fixed, I’d give the app 5 stars.
Gives sitters the freedom to do their best
by Dog psychoanalyst on 2017/11/10 03:37
I&#39;ve worked for a couple of dog walking companies, and Rover is my favorite. I get to set my own wage. If I&#39;m getting burned out, it&#39;s easy to temporarily turn off my availability to new clients or alter my calendar. Rover is great when there is an emergency, very supportive and willing to pay for vet care. The fee they charge for providing customers to you and insurance during stays is a lot less than the other company, meaning I don&#39;t have to rip off my clients to make a good wage. The app is great. I&#39;ve hardly ever had issues with it and it doesn&#39;t need to be updated constantly. I would like if the walk map was more accurate, but that is a minor concern. The big difference with Rover, is that I get to talk with customers instead of going through a middleman, which makes me more comfortable when meeting new customers, and creates less problems with gaining access to the dog. Rover also allows you to decide with the owner what times work best for both customer and walker. The one downside with Rover is that they don&#39;t have an option for giving tips, which can be frustrating when you go above and beyond for a client. Other than that, I do love Rover!
by KingbrunoIII on 2018/04/24 22:56
To all the dog owners out there, DO NOT USE ROVER! I work in San Francisco and work as a GHR dog walker. For the owners that don’t know what that is, GHR stands for Guaranteed Hourly Rate, which is a program that pays $20/hour for 3 hour shifts throughout the day for eligible walkers. If you sign up for this shift, you must take all ASAP walks that come up in the app in your specific region of the city. They have a NE/NW/SE/SW region in San Francisco. This program, which started around June/July of 2017, has been a disaster for owners, because walkers like me take shifts because the money is guaranteed to us, so even if no walks come up during our 3 hour shift, we still get paid the $60 per shift. And while you may think you’ll get a regular walker for your dog on a recurring, weekly basis, no one wants to do those anymore because we can make more money doing GHR shifts, and having a recurring, weekly walk doesn’t allow you to work a shift during the time of your walk. So if I sign up to do a walk every Monday for Teddy at 12pm every Monday, I’m out $45 because I can’t do the 9:30-12:30 shift. So if you live in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and LA where these shifts occur, that’s why no one wants to walk your dog on a regular basis. To be honest, it works very well to network and find a sitter you may like and use off the app in future sittings, but other than that it’s a no go for me
Long overdue review!
by KAILEY THE AMAZING on 2019/07/03 03:30
I have been pet sitting on Rover since September 2017, just part-time alongside a full-time job and full-time college course load. That being said, I have made over $5,500 with my Rover bookings since I started, and that is only doing it around a pre-existing 40 hour per week full-time job. I’m paying my car off early thanks to Rover, which I never thought I would say! Great customer service, you choose who you want to work with and when you want to work. Charge what you want, set a service radius and even create modified rates by pet type, client, etc. One note I will give is that the sitter perks could use some attention. Lyft drivers get branded swag and/or cash bonuses for hitting certain goals; Rover currently has nothing like that. There used to be a web store where you could purchase stuff to help promote your business but they took that away. I think some of these items (shirts, bandanas, business cards, etc) would be great to give sitters as rewards for hitting specific milestones.
Sitter Upgrades
by lejg000000001 on 2019/03/08 01:27
From the prospective of a sitter on Rover there are a few things that could be tweaked on the app to make it a lot more functional. Clients should be able to send messages that aren’t attached to a visit. We have repeat clients that will have questions about availability on certain dates for the future that maybe they aren’t ready to book yet. To be able to ask us this or any question when they aren’t ready to book they have to find an old booking and ask a question on that previous thread. As a sitter you then have to find that message in your past or archived visits. Also, there should be an inbox for any new messages. This should be whether it is on a past, archived, upcoming, or pending booking the new message(s) should all come to one place rather than having to find the booking request in the correct category. As a sitter you should be able to click on your calendar on any given day and see all the bookings you have for that day. Not just your availability. As is, you only see all bookings for the current date. You can’t look at the calendar and click on a previous or future date and see what bookings you had/have.
Will Never Use Again
by kati(: on 2019/07/19 04:18
I used Rover for the first time to have someone check in on my cat while I was out of town. While everything seemed to be going fine, I came home to find my balcony door WIDE OPEN. It’s a miracle that my cat didn’t run away. Not only was my cat’s safety compromised, but so was the safety of myself and my home. My sitter, Gabby, went out onto my balcony and didn’t lock the door behind her. It was extremely unprofessional and irresponsible. I immediately reached out to her and she admitted she went out on the balcony and “must not have shut the door all the way”. I then reached out to customer service. They said there was nothing they could do and I had to ask the sitter for a refund. And, of course, when I reached out to Gabby for a refund, no response. It has been almost two weeks now. I reached out to customer service again stating that there was no response and after almost a week, still no response from customer service either. I used Rover’s app to purchase a service and Rover refuses to respond or do anything to help me. While I was hoping to be a frequent customer, this terrible experience has left me never wanting to use this service again. How can you trust someone to come into your home when you know that no one has your back if something goes wrong?
Liked first
by spilly34 on 2017/12/18 08:44
I loved the sitter we used, so much I had them watch my babies multiple times. We were out of town when my Boston was bit by another dog that was being watched. Not the sitters fault at all. My dog was bit on the eye, all three eyelids were punctured, his eye bleeding. I took him to the doggie ER. They were concerned the bite may have hit his cornea (it did). They sent me home with meds to fight off a nasty infection. This was going to be an ongoing injury that was going to take time to figure out the diagnosis (he still may need his eye removed). This was devastating news to me with him being my “first born” and all. Then Rover called and said that their insurance would cover the cost minus at $250 deductible for a 30 day window. This was great news. However somewhere the lines were crossed and I was under the impression that because it was an ongoing diagnosis that they would still cover the costs. I was wrong. Now I’m on the hook for whatever medical procedures are needed due to his injury. This is flat out wrong in my opinion. Some may not see it that way, but my dog is now blind in his eye due to retinal disconnection from the dog bite. I won’t be using Rover anymore, nor would I ever recommend them to anyone. My dogs are family. I wish I had paid better attention to the fine print.
Not bad
by alyson1002 on 2017/10/08 03:33
I am both a rover sitter and a rover customer. We have found a reliable and trustworthy sitter that we use repeatedly for our pets and the app works great. From a sitter perspective, there are a couple of tweaks I would like to see. I wish there was a way to combine housesitting and drop-ins in to one package deal. For pets that require extra attention such as multiple drop-ins during the day, it isn&#39;t a very efficient system. I have one client whose dog had bladder surgery and needs to be let out 4-5 times a day. While I am staying the night at the home and providing a morning and evening service, the extra day time drop-ins are awkward to set up for the owner. I feel there should be a booking for overnights with morning and evening service with an option to add full daytime service as well. I did encounter one very uncomfortable situation as a sitter and as soon as I reported it to rover, their team was on top of it and provided excellent customer service. I really felt like they supported me and had my back. It was nice to know that the 20% they take from charges is being used to pay for excellent staff!
works barely but unintuitive app makes it a messy process
by Messi Beckenbauer on 2018/06/07 12:11
The idea is a good one but the app falls a bit short. Just off the top of my head, filtering your searches gives you results you thought you’d filtered OUT, like date availability and whether the person already has other pets. Not sure if sitters are lying about their info, but Ive been frustrated to learn that a sitter owns another dog or is boarding other dogs when I asked the app to only show me sitters who do not have other pets or only board 1 dog at a time. App makes you feel you&#39;re barking up the wrong tree. Also, in the messaging window, you need to be able to click on a sitters picture and see their profile again. Its crazy that once you find a sitter profile you like and reach out to them via text you have no way in the text thread to easily get back to their profile and remind yourself why you reached out to them in the first place. This is just basic. Plenty of other difficult navigation issues that keep you searching for long periods to find what you want or realize it doesn&#39;t exist.
Horrible security. Rude, bad customer service
by Sarah Ann12 on 2019/08/12 11:08
In 2016 I signed up to work for Rover and ended up getting a job a month later with hours that wouldn’t allow me to work for Rover anymore and therefore was not active on the account. I never met a dog or interacted with a dog or their owner. Now I’m 2019 I get a dog and log back on to start using the services for my pup. I have to go through a process since it had been a while that I had been on the app and had been set to away mode I had to email my password to myself to reset everything back up. I had received another email that stated my account had suspicious activity. I still could not get logged in so I called customer service. The guy on the phone kept telling me I needed to turn off away mode and I told him I could t because I couldn’t log in. I was put on hold and 10 minutes later was told I had too many negative reviews from other rovers about my behavior with their dogs. I told him I have never used this app and he refused to believe me. I told him about the suspicious activity email and that possibly somebody is using my account because I can’t get into it. He then stated he will file this with his “manager” and will call back. I never heard anything back. I guess they don’t care too much.
Life saver!
by Shalynne1 on 2018/09/23 16:44
I am a total dog person, but my husband is not. Also, I had three months where I was between jobs. Rover was a life saver during that time! It gave me a relatively steady source of income during those three months while allowing me to hang out with adorable doggies. Rover is reliable and I always get paid within three days of finishing a job. Also all my clients have been trustworthy, amazing people. 😍 I signed up to be a dog walker in February or so and didn’t get a job until June, and then the jobs wouldn’t stop coming in for the rest of the summer! So don’t get discouraged if it’s slow at first. It takes time to build up your profile! Also adding house sitting and/or dog boarding are the real money makers. I got probably 300% more requests once I added house sitting to my profile and was making $200-$300 per stay. Neighborhood and service radius also make a difference. I’ve recommended the app to my friend saving up for an expensive study abroad trip because it’s THAT good.
The app UI needs work!
by on 2018/05/09 21:22
Rover is great to earn some money taking care of pets but the app itself is very annoying. For example, the page where you can check posted walk requests - I don’t know how to get to that page without the link that comes in a text message. And when I am on the page, sometimes the navigation button to go back to the dashboard is missing! The same problem when I go to my walk card after starting a walk. I’m missing a button to go back to previous view. I actually had to restart my phone to be able to come back to the main screen in the app. Edit: In response to the developer message - Yes, I did call the Rover support the last time this happened to me. During an active walk I opened another walk request and was not able to leave that page anymore. All they were able to do is advise me to tell the dog owner what’s going on and restart my phone. You need to look for bugs in the Today Screen page, this is what’s messing up the app’s navigation. I have to restart my walk after every single finished walk because there’s no way to go back from that screen.
Unreliable sitters
by roxyrocks12 on 2019/11/14 05:33
I actually currently pet sit for Rover and it isn’t difficult to keep the owners happy as well as their pets. Communication is key. But a lot of the pet sitters on this app are atrocious. I am going out of state for Thanksgiving and we’ve had multiple people tell us they aren’t available to pet sit even though they confirmed their availability for the holidays. We’ve set up three meet and greets and every single one of them has canceled because they “decided to go out of town last minute” or “their grandparents decided to visit last minute”. We had someone booked already and she cancelled on us. A person should not have to stress this much about finding a pet sitter. Rover should provide online training videos or something because it’s ridiculous the number of irresponsible people who are pet sitting for this app. Also, Rover should not be taking 20% of my hard earned pet sitting money. That’s a ridiculous amount. Rover says they use that money to pay for things that might help us during our pet sitting stays, but that’s a lie. I don’t need their help pet sitting, I’ve been doing it for years. They need to lower it to no more than 10% because 20% is way too much.
Great app
by rain2cry on 2019/03/06 12:57
I love using Rover, especially for my newly adopted puppy while she still gets her shots. One thing I&#39;ve noticed is Rover works like a hotel when requesting a &#34;house sitter&#34;. It charges per night, not the day. This is an issue mainly because I needed someone only during the day time, not an overnight stay and WE (myself and the dog sitter) had to figure out among ourselves what dates to put in to get the price to reflect correctly. And the app doesn&#39;t allow you to select individual dates, they have to be consecutive (or all together). Again. Annoying. As a user of the app, and client---that is annoying. For one: potentially it&#39;s not the accurate dates (as in my case). So we have to triple check we&#39;re on the same page via messages. Two: it&#39;s inconvenient that we have to put in more work to figure it all out vs just discussing the pet&#39;s needs. It is a great app, I just wish and hope that the Calendar and scheduling feature becomes more versatile and includes daytime visits for extended periods of time vs only &#34;overnight stays&#34; and we can pick individual days.
Don’t trust the reviews
by mam9p8 on 2019/08/07 03:22
I just got notification that my fact only based review of the experience I had with one of the boarders for Rover is being deleted due to us not actually leaving our dog at the residence. The reason I felt the need to write the review (I promise I have better things to do) was to make sure people were aware of the conditions they might encounter and did praise when praise was due on the prompt communication. The other 60 reviews I read before choosing them (they have 5 stars...shocker) to watch our pup did not mention that they might have up to 8 dogs in addition to their 3 cuties in a 1000sq ft house (in our case my dog would have been the 9th dog there). I think it’s rather telling that we chose to not leave our dog at their house after already paying for the stay in full and would have taken all of those factors into consideration before booking. Instead, Rover has decided to delete this information for future customers. It makes me sad I can no longer trust their company since they will just do away with a one star, but honest, and objective review. I know there are plenty of great people who provide a service on there that will be negatively impacted on this companies decision to censor.
Make “upcoming bookings” a calendar view
by Roxy sizzle on 2017/10/27 14:43
I’m a sitter. It’s hard to see who is coming and going in a list form (as is). If it was the calendar view like Airbnb hosts, it would be very easy to visually see who is coming when and more importantly, when I have double and triple bookings in the same day Also I find it very strange that dog watchers get a rating, but dog owners and clients do not get a rating. It sends the message that the dog watcher is a servant and the owner/dogs can do no wrong. I had an interaction with a potential client that made me feel very unsafe and potentially scammed, and there is nothing I can do to warn other dog watchers about this owner. Furthermore, some dogs are aggressive and poorly behaved and there is nowhere to put that information so future owners can know what they are getting themselves into. Some people have described this app as the “uber for dog sitting” — yet in all other person-to-person apps, each person involved is considered equally important, and both get a rating.
Unprofessional dog sitter abandoned job
by Carpalena on 2018/10/15 17:15
Our dog sitter asked us to pick her up for the job at the last minute when she had previously said she would take public transit. She had no authority with our dogs, knew nothing about dog behavior. I had to teach her how to say “no” to our German Shepherd and even after several tries, it was still a weak and pathetic “no”. We left her with our dogs anyway, and she ended up abandoning the job while we were already on our way to our vacation because she was afraid of one of our dogs because he wanted to play. She also asked a strange man to get her stuff out of our house because she was afraid of our playful dog —a construction worker from across the street — even after I had told her that our dog did not like men whom she did not know. She compromised our dogs life. Thank god, my dog did not bite that man. This dog sitter never apologized. She even forgot her key on her key chain and demanded that we return it to her. I drove to town to drop it in the mail and told her that I did. When she did not receive it right away, she sent more messages. I eventually just blocked her. She is unprofessional, entitled, cowardly, and a liar. I will never deal with Rover again. Oh yeah... and she wanted to do the job off the app.
Like the services Rover provides but interface needs improvement
by rowingchamp on 2019/09/18 16:47
I really like the service Rover provides me of being able to find reviewed walkers for my dog, messaging them, using the message in app or texting, seeing the rover card and all of the details it provides after the walk. But I find myself constantly confused about how to use the app. I’m a PM at a tech company so I consider myself pretty good with technology. Things to be improved: it’s hard to find previous messages with walkers, allow me to set a default option for service (walk, check in, etc) ( I recently booked a check in instead of a walk somehow), allow me to delete/cancel pending requests I no longer want, and allow me to have a conversation with previous walkers without having to book a day yet. Also do I need to review a walker if I use them each week? I feel bad not reviewing each time but also don’t want to flood their reviews with just my feedback. It would be great if rover could tell I’ve already reviewed a couple times and stop prompting me. Also i can’t always figure out why the app is badged.
Payment options for sitters
by idontcarejustpostmydamnreview on 2019/09/06 00:12
I have recently started working for Rover and honestly love it. The app is very well built and exceptionally easy to use and manage. However I can only payout through PayPal and that is more frustrating than you can imagine. First I didn’t even have one because I’ve had difficulties in the past with PayPal. So I couldn’t even use Rover until I fixed that. And now every single time I try to payout to PayPal from the rover app it puts it on hold for 72 hours. Dude literally every single time. I’ve had to call them to tell them to quit it. Now I 100% understand that this is in no way Rover’s fault. But I was wondering if there was a way you guys could help me payout through another method? It would help so much if I could go directly to my debit card or bank If you have this option already. I don’t see it though. I absolutely highly recommend it because only having the one option I can only imagine is hindering the amount of business you guys could be having. Thank you so much for you’re time.
First time using app and not happy
by Kborcsani on 2019/07/06 14:27
I was going out of town last minute and couldn&#39;t bring my dog so I decided to try rover cause I didn&#39;t want to put him in a regular kennel cause I wanted him to be in a more loving place so I found a border on rover very decently price had many good review and repeat customers so I contacted her she said she was available the booking was confirmed and paid for a week before I had to go out of town two days before I leave she told me other clients were moving around their dates which would conflict with mine so she couldn&#39;t watch my dog so the booking was canceled so I could find another I am so stressed and am very upset I think it&#39;s very unprofessional to agree to do a job after it has been accepted and paid for then to screw over a client and now leaving me rushing to find someone else and I&#39;ve tried about 8 other rover boarders and every single one was unavailable but their calendars said they were which just wasted my time I have found one who I&#39;m meeting with today and hopefully it doesn&#39;t fall through but I&#39;m not sure if next time I&#39;m gonna bother trying this app and try something else the only good thing I can say is that the idea of this app is great but it needs work
App needs some changes
by TxAgRach on 2019/06/27 05:06
As a first time user, I am finding some shortcomings of the app. I put in all information for my two dogs, and when I looked for sitters they show overnight prices (price per night), but it doesn’t specifically state that those prices are for one dog, not two. So I thought I was getting a good deal for a dog sitter just to find out that the price doubled (since I have two dogs) as soon as I messaged a dog sitter on the app. Basically, the app should specifically state that the price is per pet, per night. The double in price comes to a bit of a shock after you message someone. Also, I suggest that the app lets you book your future pet boarding stays by putting half down instead of the whole amount. Like I said, when a price doubles from $250 to $500, a person as to be able to budget for that kind of cash. Having all the money upfront doesn’t seem very reasonable. Half down upfront and the remaining a few days before the actual stay would make sense (kind of like air BnB). Outside of that the app seems to be easy to use and easy to see good pet sitters.
Great customer service
by StefPell on 2018/10/10 03:48
We have used rover to find sitters for our dogs ever since we got our first one 2 years ago. For our most recent trip we got cancelled on twice (first with a sitter we’ve used previously but hadn’t officially booked and paid yet, and the replacement cancelled within a a few before we needed a sitter and we had already paid). Rover reached out to me right away regarding their reservation protection policy, offering to help find a sitter and cover some of the costs. I had already found my own sitter (one I had used previously who was now available) and Rover issued us credit toward that booking due to the terrible time we had been having with sitter cancellations. I loved using the app before, and I love it even more now! It’s a great way to find good care for your fur babies, it’s free, and you can meet the sitters before booking to make sure their home/ other pets will work with yours. We will continue to use Rover for all of our pet sitting needs!
Great for Sitters and Dog Owners!
by Kallixe on 2017/10/10 21:35
I&#39;ve been a house sitter and dog walker on Rover for about 2 months now, and I love this service! I got my first walk and sit request within a week of using the app and getting my profile together (set your prices low at first to build reviews), and every person I&#39;ve met through the app has been wonderful and very friendly! It is a great way to make some side money doing something you really enjoy. Many other housesitting websites charge you a fee upfront to even sign up and look at clients, so I think the 20% Rover charges is fair. My only complaint is that the interface can be a bit confusing, and you can&#39;t have the money you earned sent directly to your bank account (either pay pal or check), so now I have to wait a month for the money I&#39;ve earned to get to me. Overall, I&#39;ve had a great experience with Rover, and am recommending it to my parents as an alternative to a noisy kennel!
Took them a month to see a simple issue...
by Jurleite on 2019/07/12 14:10
I signed up for Rover on June 23rd. 1 week and 2 days later I called and asked how long does the process take and I was told I SENT MY PROFILE for analyzing on the 24th. They asked for a few days more plus 1-10 days for a background check. No problem I said. 15 days later I emailed again (this was the 4th back and forth email not counting the two times I called) I was told I didn&#39;t ”Save and Send” which not sure how that happened as I went in every day and clicked everything on there (let&#39;s make it more obvious please). SERIOUSLY?? So now you are telling me that the person on the phone, plus the person I was emailing with MULTIPLE times didn&#39;t see what was ”so clear”? Let&#39;s not I only spoke to 2 people all that time meaning the person on the email didn&#39;t do the diligence of actually looking at my file and seeing if there was something wrong. He was just guessing is that it??? Very very frustrating...needless to say I still haven&#39;t been able to use the app
Very disappointed
by Mitty1243 on 2019/07/19 22:40
This review is if rover as a company not so much the app. My first experience with trying to book a dog walker was very disheartening. I put in my information and then I get a really long list of walkers to choose from. I have no idea how to sort through this list and find who would be a good fit for me so I start clicking walkers with the most reviews. I settled on a girl who just didn’t want to work with me or maybe she didn’t like my dog. So after talking back and forth and settling on a day that she was available she asked my location then all of a sudden remembered she had a baby sitting job that conflicted with my days. Mind you I was trying set up a long term arrangement every Friday. So either she baby sits all day every Friday or she just didn’t like us. Which is fine it’s her choice but I was offended and turned off to try and pick another person and convince them that I’m a nice person with a good dog after all I’m paying for a service. I shouldn’t have to beg you to take my money. Maybe instead of having customers pick through walkers who don’t want to be bothered how about y’all list the job and have interested walkers and sitters contact us.
by wooooooöf on 2019/04/09 19:32
BEWARE OF ANGELICA FROM VEGAS! I wish I could give a review with 0 stars! I booked a sitter in the Las Vegas area (Angelica) she has 46 five star reviews which portrays her as a good person to leave your dog with. I&#39;m not from Las Vegas which didn&#39;t give me time for a meet and greet. When I messaged her saying I was on my way she responded that she wanted to meet me outside of her apartment. I asked if I could go into her apartment to insure my dogs safety for the night, however she said she doesn&#39;t let people in her house. I love my dog and I would never put her in a position where I didn&#39;t know she was safe. Due to this I was forced to cancel and her policy was set as moderate which means she still gets half of the money for the booking. Even though she received my money rover still does not let you leave a review on her page because it&#39;s in the canceled category. There is no way to bring this to anyone&#39;s attention while looking at her page and she probably makes hundreds of dollars off this a year. Customer service at rover tells me there is no way for me to leave a review even though I paid this host. After this experience I can promise you I would never used rover again.
lack of response from support when sitter put dogs in danger. Provided proof with camera footage.
by Jbravo002 on 2018/11/27 22:03
I just had a sitter leave my dogs locker in there kennel for 12 hours a days. Multiple 12 hour days. Once my dog peed in the kennel because he hasn’t been let out in 12 hours she left the bedding in there. My puppy then started to refuse to go in the kennel because he feared no one would come back. I gave the sitter a detailed timeline of what my schedule needed to be only to witness on the security camera that it wasn’t even remotely followed. Puppy was left by himself for a while and ate toys when he was out because the sitter was deep into a game of thrones marathon at my house. She paid no attention to my dogs. She did have a chance to scope out everything on my desk and go through my things. I had video of that. Contacted support got an initial response and then silence. I provided details and video footage of the disregard for my dogs and nothing. They can’t even email me back or help get to a resolution. They don’t care they have gotten way to big and now they have no vetting. Considering never using them again.
Our Protective dog
by Protective Dog on 2019/04/14 16:50
Leaving Florida for the summer and heading to Maine, we were concerned about finding the right babysitter for our loving dog who is very protective. We searched many many sites but kept coming back to Rover. Once we found someone on Rover that was near our location we brought Bonnie over for a day sitting experience. Bonnie had a great time and our sitter really liked her. We were please with that day and so we started using Rover on a steady basis for day trips and then for a two week experience as we were leaving the country for a vacation. We were so pleased that Bonnie has mellowed out and was very well-behaved during her whole stay. She was also allowed on the bed which made us happy. I&#39;m very happy that we found Rover and it&#39;s very easy to book once you get the knack of it. I would also like to express that her sitter was excellent and very caring. He would send pictures often.
Not good for sitters
by Non of ya bizz on 2019/07/26 14:19
This app seems like a nice concept when i heard about it. I thought that it was cool for owners and sitters to easily book appointments for their dogs and watch them. BUT if you are looking into being a sitter: don&#39;t. I wanted to become a sitter because i love animals and thought it would be a fun way to make extra money, well you have to pay basically to become a sitter. You have to pay $20 for a background check and you aren&#39;t guaranteed jobs... i got offered one but was busy on that day so couldnt accept the job, other than that i haven&#39;t had one since and its been like two months. so i feel scammed out of $20 since i didn&#39;t even get to earn it back... and one last thing, you get rated based on fast your respond to owners. Well the one girl that contacted me sent a message at 7am (obviously i was asleep) and i replied asap when i woke up but i guess 3 hours was “too late response” so i got a low rating... how was i supposed to respond when i was ASLEEP?!! this app is a joke for anyone wanting to make extra money, dont do it!! you will waste your time and $20
Rover hates cats
by Captain pica on 2019/02/28 23:41
I had a trip planned that would take me out of town for the weekend. My usual sitter and my back-up sitter were both unavailable. Someone suggested Rover, although I have cats. Still, I downloaded the app, and found a few people to interview. Once I booked them for my trip, I discovered that I wasn’t being charged $20/visit, I was being charged $20/cat! So by asking the sitter to visit twice on Saturday, I’m being charged $120!!!! And there is every chance the sitter will never see one of my cats (she’s sensitive). Adding insult to injury, Rover continues to refer to my cats as dogs at every opportunity. Despite setting up detailed profiles for each cat, complete with pictures, I’m still receiving emails about how to properly walk my dog, a list of dog-friendly activities, and what questions to ask a potential sitter... about dogs! I suppose I should have read the reviews before I downloaded this app, it seems all the best reviews are from the sitters. It’s not surprising considering how much money they are making! I’ve already booked and it’s too late for me to find someone else, but once I’m back I&#39;m deleting this stupid app.
Seamless app to run your dog sitting business
by Bubs the dog sitter on 2019/08/04 15:01
I love that I can manage every stay within the app, from booking and payments to messaging. I can easily customize rates for each customer, manage my calendar, and keep my sitter profile updated. The Rover support team is also wonderful - professional, friendly, reassuring, and helpful. The only recommendations I’d make are enabling sitters to send videos taken from their phone camera app instead of having to go through Rover, which only allows 15 second videos that I can’t review or edit before sending, and creating a search feature to rebook clients - currently, I have to scroll through my entire client list to find the one I want to rebook, which is tedious when the client might not have booked for a while. Otherwise, the Rover app is a convenient way to connect with clients and manage your dog sitting business.
Pretty good but better with some tweaks
by Color No No on 2018/02/11 23:50
I’m a sitter for Rover and I absolutely love them! I’ve meet many pet owners and have been able to gain repeat bookings. I love their app but I feel like there could be a few tweaks that could be made. It’s been a while since I started so I’ve forgotten if they make you go through a tutorial of the app. There should be a comprehensive tutorial of where to find things. Another suggestion would be to give owners a sample message of what to sent to potential sitters. Many times I’ve had owners ask for me to sit their pet but often are a little out of the way. I feel like there should be a minimum of information you can put to send to a sitter. An example could be: dates needed, potential times for the walking or sitting, a general area the owners are, and when the owners are available for a meet and greet. Overall I’m happy I’ve been able to sit through Rover and I have recommended it to many other people
App is ok, marketing needs work
by Hope11314 on 2019/11/14 23:26
The app is pretty decent, though still has a few bugs that others have mentioned - namely figuring out how to just message a sitter without starting a booking. My first and only experience was a fairly positive one so, so far so good. The marketing that comes with this is still very amateurish. Emails like every day or every other day? I don’t go on vacation that much, calm down. I unsubscribed but what’s clear in pretty much every mailing is that your marketing team doesn’t know what they’re doing. I. Don’t. Own. A. Dog. You know this because you asked me a ton of information about my cat. The fact that I keep getting emails marketing services to my imaginary dog shows a basic lack of respect for your customers. I saw this same feedback from someone else months ago with the developer giving a pat response thanking them for the feedback. But it still hasn’t been fixed. I get it, the fact that cat owners had money to spend too didn’t occur to you when you build your system. But not being able to properly identity what kind of pet I own was bothersome enough that I came over here to read other reviews, some of which are downright terrifying. I had a good first experience, but the woman I want to use again isn’t available for my next trip and I’m back to feeling anxious about leaving my cat, whom I love more than almost anything, with a company that keeps trying to sell me dog walking services for a pet I don’t own.
Dog lovers I can trust
by adlerscout on 2019/05/21 13:43
We’ve used several different Rovers for each of our dogs in multiple states and have never had a bad experience. All of our sitters, walkers, daycare providers have all been true fellow dog-lovers but, beyond that, I like that the profiles allow me to choose a rover that aligns with my ideology &amp; doggy parent approach (not allowing dogs on beds/furniture, etc). Especially when it comes to daycare, we’ve also developed some wonderful, long lasting friendships with others who love their dogs as much as we love ours (and our dogs have so many pup friends too)! Receiving regular photo &amp; text updates mean we don’t have to worry how our pups are doing when we’re away, and they’re always having a wonderful time. Rover is one of our standard service providers - just like a dry cleaner, pharmacy, salon - so we make sure to establish a relationship with a Rover wherever we go.
Could Be a Tad Better, But It’s Good
by Michael A. Mullin on 2018/01/16 14:42
It’s good for finding walkers, sitters, and be like. And if you want to walk or sit, it’s not a bad way to do so. The layout could probably be a little better. As a sitter, I had to use the ‘click everything approach to find out what’s where and what’s not’ if you know what I’m saying. There are some features that I’d think would be there, but aren’t. Like if a book as a sitter, it doesn’t populate into my rover calendar. I just have to look at my inbox for the details. Not really a problem, but you’d think it’s go to the calendar upon accepting the offer. Overall good experience with the app. Rover has emergency hotlines and there’s an insurance policy that all walkers, sitters, etc have to buy as well, which provides some additional peace of mind in case something goes horrible wrong as well as some opportunity for redressing the wrong.
Best dog walking service
by Sexness on 2018/04/27 03:53
Been walking for rover for about 3 years now and so far it’s been amazing. I’ve received gifts in the mail for being a top walker in my area and plenty of free marketing materials to continue to build my business. They have always been quick to get back to me when I send them feedback. I also love how the company contacts me occasionally to get my input on what could make things easier for me! In another direction, I feel that rover is the only dog walking app that treated not only their clients but their walkers like equals. I have seen lots of negotiate feedback for a competing company that I will not name. Rover has also recently implemented the quick walk function which gives walkers quick access to cash if they are behind or need to build clientele. Before rover I did all of the work and now it’s just smooth sailing.
Per night stay nonsense
by Pet sitter with a concern on 2019/03/27 16:04
I&#39;ve been using the app for almost a year now as a pet sitter, I love the app but the one thing I do not like is the stay per night. It should not be charged per night as a client could drop their dog off on a Friday morning and not come pick the dog up till a Sunday night but only gets charged the two night stay instead of the three day stay. It&#39;s not fair to me the pet sitter to feel like I am being ripped off when I am still taking care of a clients pup an putting all my time an energy during a full day on a three day stay to only get paid for a two night. The charging should be charged per day not night. Or find a way to fix the payment with certain time they pet owner will be dropping and picking the pup up by. And if pet owner is late then a fee depending on how late should be applied. Please please please fix this I do not want to keep feeling like I am getting slighted because you are charging the client per night instead of per day.
Needs Work
by Tate400 on 2019/04/08 15:50
The app isn’t really user friendly as far as booking someone or modifying services needed. It would be nice if there was a search option if you already know the name of the person that you want to book services with, instead you have to sift through numerous ppl and hope you find who you’re looking for. There should also be an option to change the type of service you need under the modify button (I.e. walk, sitter, boarding, etc), instead it only lets you change the dates of service. I was in talks with someone to BOARD my dog, but needed to modify the service to SITTER instead and was unable to. I also could not cancel the boarding service to re-book her as a sitter, and could not find her on the list of sitters even though it was a service she offered and was available on those dates. Overall, the app is a nice concept, but there are a few kinks that need to e worked out. A FAVORITES button would be nice too so you can save the ppl you like/interested in or have used before.
Wonderful Experience
by puppylovnanny on 2018/01/28 15:15
I have been a fur kid sitter for 5 years, I was with Dogvacay and they merged with Rover, at first it was a Challenge getting use to the difference. I have been extremely satisfied with the service the support and every single one of my clients. I have not had one issue with (Rover) I encourage everyone that calls me about keeping their fur baby, I feel it’s assuring and safer to book with Rover and I tell friends of friends to please check me out on Rover, they are always happy with the site. I have not had 1 complaint from my clients about the app or Rover. I love keeping fur kids and I want to make the experience for the owner as less Stressful as possible we all feel stressed when we have to leave our little fur babies but if you have a good sitter and (Rover) back up it makes it a lot less stressful for the client. THANK YOU ROVER🐾❤️🐾❤️
My neighbor is abusive to animals and is able to have a profile.
by Livelifefree123 on 2019/11/28 17:35
My next door neighbor has been horrific to his animals the entire time he has lived next to us. They have constantly been out in the elements, no shelter, more than half the time they do not have food or water accessible ect.... over the last few months they have been having dogs over at their home and we assumed they were just pet sitting for their friends. A little researching led to finding that they are actually sitters for Rover. They have completely lied on their profile about their “love for dogs” and about having an animal/people aggressive pit bull in their home of who has gone after and attacked my family and animals on multiple occasions. I adore my animals and have always thought Rover was a great option however, my neighbors somehow have a 5 star rating on their profile. I do not think that I will ever be able to trust a company that does not do more research into who they hire. I will not ever be using Rover- you truly do not know who’s home you’re letting your pet into.
Not Happy with App
by Winter215 on 2018/12/22 06:02
I own my own pet sitting business. I used rover to gain more clients. I didn’t receive a client for months of having the app. When I did receive a job, it was a great job and the client was wonderful, but the app is complicated on scheduling and paying. My client had to change the dates and it was too complicated for me or her to change the dates. When it comes to payment, the client pays ahead of time but the sitter doesn’t get paid till two days after the job. Since I own my own business, I’m used to being paid either before the job or the day it ends. I don’t like that as the sitter I have to wait 2 days before getting paid. I was expecting to be paid the day the job finished but rover will hold onto your pay for two days after the job before paying you. Overall, it’s complicated with changing of dates and you have to wait two days before you can get paid. Which isn’t great if you’re depending on that paycheck for bills or something else. I was counting on being paid on the last day of the job but now I won’t be paid for two more days. I find that to be stupid. There’s no need to hold of paying the sitter for two days after the job is done. It makes no sense. Rover is already taking their share of money out of your paycheck so I don’t understand why we have to wait to be makes no sense and I’m very disappointed in this app and the way they do things. I will not be using this app again after I get’s stupid
Great service, terrible app.
by SeaMobster on 2018/11/26 05:13
This is the most user UNfriendly app I think I&#39;ve seen. The service is great! I love being able to find a dog walker so easily when I need one. However, they need to invest some serious time and thought into their user experience. Why can I book a 60 minute walk using the &#34;on demand&#34; service but if I schedule ahead of time I can only do 30 minute walks? Customer service&#39;s response? Just book 2 30-min walks per day and then message the walker to know you actually want an hour. Okay, but then I get charged for 2 30-min walks, which is more expensive. And why not just fix the problem instead of making me and the walker work this out? That&#39;s the whole point of having an app! Also, I can never find the thing I want in the app. I can&#39;t for the life of me figure out where to find a list of my preferred walkers so I can edit them. I also can&#39;t figure out how to log a complaint with the company when there&#39;s a problem with a walker (other than a public review). And I&#39;m more tech savvy than many. How is it this bad?!
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