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The truly free phone calls and texting app! free calls & text to ANY phone number in US & canada, or ANY gtalk users around the world, no hidden cost! The only free call & texting app that does not require the callee to install the same app. Why you should choose Mo+: - free. All the services of voice calls and texting are as free as you believe! - Always online. call, chat and get connected with your gtalk friends, wherever you go. - High-quality voice calls. The services provided by Mo+ include high-quality voice calls which can enable you to chat with your friends just like face to face. - Easy to use. Start calling or texting with minimum tap. More features coming soon... Stay tuned!
by Subshinelod on 2015/03/28 21:10
Great app always there when I need it!!
Log in trouble
by M&M R on 2015/03/28 20:41
I can't even sign into my gmail account. I know it's the app, because I was able to access my account on my MacBook.
Not free
by DefNotWoods on 2015/03/28 13:58
Not free. Have to earn credits
This app update is terrible!!
by MrsJessaSantos on 2015/03/27 18:02
I was running the older version where calls that are national were completely free without having to go through a bunch of nonsense to earn credits. Now I've done the new update I can't even make a call within the U.S without having to earn credits this is truly horrible and no better than the other cheap aggravating nuisance apps out there with this earning credit business. Bring back the app that doesn't require earning credits for national calls because this is absolutely horrible and I am through.
Could be better
by Kikokilo on 2015/03/26 03:55
The texts come with an annoying signature "via Mo+ (" The notifications for the text messages are 5-10 minutes late but it doesn't matter because I don't like the texting part of this app anyway (I use the GV app for that) I only use it for the calling function which is going great so far for me. I wish there was a way to change the ringer. UPDATE: 3/27/15 Your google voice number is not used anymore it shows up as a weird number when you call people
1 for 5
by jchillx on 2015/03/26 00:32
1 measly credit for a 5 star review for a program that used to be actually free AND usable? I'm going to watch more James Bond on Encore, it's actually free.
by Ghhngghf on 2015/03/25 23:10
This is an awaome sop
I've had this for about 10 minutes
by What the app? on 2015/03/25 21:42
I just downloaded this and I'm very happy that it works in the background. This is so key when you want to be away from the office but appear online. The only drawback I've seen about on line status is that there isn't a status to show you're away. Only has three options: online, busy and offline :) Happy for now that I can put this in the background and still look like I'm online though. I haven't actually used it for IMs yet but I'll update as soon as I test that
by Clchg2013!!! on 2015/03/25 17:27
Works very well for business!!!
It works good
by Lady thick on 2015/03/25 03:44
Need to fix so people can see whose calling them, otherwise it's fine.
by Arcoms on 2015/03/24 23:55
Great is great better than the rest
Great App
by Constantino24 on 2015/03/24 19:50
Wonderful App very useful‼️‼️
Great app
by Rocky Mobile on 2015/03/24 18:44
Great app
Good enough .
by mcdadypete on 2015/03/24 11:08
It works .
Great app!
by TDKwayne80 on 2015/03/23 23:38
It has been a great enjoy to use this app. Voice quality is very good!
Won't work
by Duhlizap on 2015/03/23 16:01
Keeps saying my login information is wrong and it's not!
Convenient backup
by c8h10n4o2 on 2015/03/21 23:21
Definitely has tons of room for improvement before considering it as a reliable, primary option for calls/texts but it is a great backup for making calls via wifi when my cellphone provider has weak coverage. Thankfully, this is usually when I'm indoors or on a flight, etc anyway. There are still other caveats though. For example, "free" actually means earning credits by doing tasks such as writing a review like this! Overall, still a nice option to have. Worth comparing to Google Hangouts for call quality, ease of use, etc.
Great call app for iPod
by R I H on 2015/03/21 20:24
This is a really good app
Rating plug for Credits
by AskMrBailey on 2015/03/21 11:50
I'm locked out of the app due to lack of credits. Rate us five stars get a free credit. Wow! I remember when every call was free in the USA. This bites.
by SC Bear on 2015/03/21 01:26
It used to be free; now require "credit"
by Aaron I zonum on 2015/03/20 21:44
If it keeps acting up, I might just delete. Not worth the headache.
Worst google voice app
by LuckyDumplings on 2015/03/20 17:46
Credits to talk? Get out of here! Google lists this as a "less secure app."
Good App
by Nestorcarl82 on 2015/03/19 20:34
I travel frequently out of the states and I used to call any US phone number without any issues. To be more specific I used to call my coworkers with my Google phone # through the app. For some reason that option is no longer available and I needed o buy credits to call US phone numbers.
So good
by Segsgdffvcjvv on 2015/03/18 22:48
Love this
by clcstructure on 2015/03/18 09:24
So many options in 1 app
by Italynj on 2015/03/18 04:58
Got it.. Tried to sign in and it tells me my password is incorrect.. Ive had the same PW for a long time and im signed in with it to my other google accounts.. This app is garbage!!!..
Google phone
by Spiderman-2099 on 2015/03/17 19:36
I love this app, well worth having it.
Won't let me sign in my google account
by Milo M. on 2015/03/17 16:43
The app keeps telling me my login information is incorrect even though I have signed on my gmail through the computer and through other apps connected to google voice
Google Voice
by TAP TENNIS on 2015/03/17 16:36
Great option when you need it
The best
by mrgus9999 on 2015/03/17 16:10
The best
Gets the job done...
by contactparam on 2015/03/16 21:33
... Better than the google voice app!
Great product
by MyLtlDmn on 2015/03/15 21:24
Works great
by Terri Charm on 2015/03/15 08:31
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟This is great, I don't have to give my real number out to customers. So I have the peace of mind knowing I can safety use my phone without worry about some weirdo trying to contact me on my primary number. And it's free.👍
Love this
by Yid f on 2015/03/15 03:52
I love this app
Constantly crashes
by Avr308 on 2015/03/14 21:28
I can't even use this app because it crashes every time I open it.
by PlanckFan on 2015/03/14 21:09
Volunteering for a program where I want clients to reach me but not have access to my real phone number, this seems like a good solution. If for some reason a client becomes a problem I can drop the number and start new. Minor annoyance that it would not accept my gmail login password until set account for less secure Apps.
Amazing app
by Waoul77 on 2015/03/14 16:52
So cool
by namjr15 on 2015/03/13 23:20
Still annoying that I need to collect credits
by JoeMacDaddy on 2015/03/13 05:52
Seems to work
No more credits
by CoJaxx on 2015/03/13 04:29
Love the app it's a life saver just hate getting credits
by Segal said on 2015/03/12 20:33
Love it!!!!
Not free
by Emshirazi on 2015/03/12 18:55
Deleted this app because it is not free... I can't make a call or do anything because I don't have credits. I don't recommend this app.
by Keayskub on 2015/03/12 08:38
Convenient,easy to use and affordable. It's been "pocket" changer for me.
Great for Canada
by glskmg09 on 2015/03/12 02:52
Free calls over wifi. No cell phone plan required. Can't beat it.
Great App!!
by SetHood Dolly on 2015/03/12 02:17
I love the call quality of this app and the speediness of the messaging. Thanks Google!
Tons of cons & pros
by Lucky guy Colorado on 2015/03/12 02:15
Cons- Doesn't reliably ring for incoming calls (which are free) even with good wifi. Voice quality can be anywhere from horrid to fine; it's the apps fault as much as a given wifi strength. So I borrow someone else's phone when I can to make calls (because of voice quality and to save points) and text with a computer (just to save fractions of a point) whenever possible. Some outgoing texts and outgoing calls I show up as a bizarre number. Video ads which earn points are usually unavailable. App crashes fairly often. Sometimes texts I should be receiving won't show up for as long as 10 days, seems to be for particular friends' phones. Pros- I can choose to watch ads, download apps, or pay nominal money to earn points to make calls and texts. Incoming always free. Missed calls and texts most often show up quickly so I stay in touch close to real time when I have wi-fi. Contacts are shared with gmail. Pretty interface mimics iPhone's updated phone app (I think that's behind why it's so slow and buggy). Works with iPhones and with iPod touch 5+. I have to re-log in when switching devices. Overall, it's 60-70% reliable if you're patient, with poor voice quality even with good wi-fi. But I think it's marginally better than Hangouts Oovoo, Vtalk, Talkatone, and the like.
by Lil Pastrie on 2015/03/11 08:18
Won't let me log in :(
Scam app
by Paperhat on 2015/03/11 04:25
You cannot sure gv unless you leave a positive review? Seems legit!!
by Maggie Nuno on 2015/03/11 03:09
Love it! I live in a older brick home so my phone signal is almost nonexistent indoors. But with Google voice I can make clear phone calls home :)
Love it
by Trakenstein on 2015/03/10 23:12
Great app it's a must-have you got to have is the best app I've ever used
Nice when free
by PersianKitten on 2015/03/10 07:17
When it was free!😒
NOT FREE, after paying, doesn't work
by lsrd on 2015/03/10 02:52
The App does not get any star. It used to be free and it used to send out and receive texts and make calls showing a valid number on caller ID. Now it is not free. Even after purchasing credit, msg won't send, does not receive texts and when you make a call, a weird name shows up on caller ID. I tested it several times calling my own land line, texting my own cel and others also, several times. Won't work.
Great app
by flex714 on 2015/03/09 17:00
Works great use everyday
Great app!!
by MoveOvaMr.Carter on 2015/03/09 17:00
No issues at all !!
Very useful
by Jr0099 on 2015/03/09 14:12
Highly recommended
Cool app
by DJ jcoupleJ on 2015/03/09 04:45
Really comes in handy when the need arises, great sound quality also.
Should be free.
by Aokusman on 2015/03/08 23:36
You would have to be stupid to pay to make calls with Google voice.
This app charges for everything!
by on 2015/03/08 05:04
I downloaded this app thinking that it can replace the Google Voice app, but this app blows! There are rates even to text to local numbers (and any other number for that matter). If I wanted to pay to text (or even call) I would just use my default phone plan.
The best app in the rank
by DrumAkustic on 2015/03/08 02:55
I have tested almost all apps in the genre. That is the top one. CJ
by Skarychinezeguie on 2015/03/08 01:09
It works
by Tha N'Famous on 2015/03/07 21:00
It's cool, use to be better when it was totally free. But after watching 20 videos for credits it's fine.
Love it
by Cranben on 2015/03/07 20:42
I love this app!
by santanag79 on 2015/03/07 17:00
This app is awesome!!
by Itchy 1943 on 2015/03/07 00:16
Great app
by JCpechu on 2015/03/06 23:19
Make that call
Seems good
by Kla Naylor on 2015/03/06 18:41
Haven't really used it much but heard good things about the app
Great App
by Love it , on 2015/03/06 16:10
Love it
by Isaach101010 on 2015/03/05 20:07
Absolutely amazing! Way faster, more reliable, and maneuverable.
Good software
by Eagle que on 2015/03/05 17:44
This software has made my communications more convenient and cheaper!
It doesn't work...
by Joker95 on 2015/03/05 17:41
I tried multiple times on multiple accounts and I still can't get this app to work. I was really looking forward to using it...
Great app
by Dafamilia on 2015/03/05 14:00
The only issue is it used to be free to call now you have to earn coins other than that it's s great app
Very good!
by Thoohdeackbdcc on 2015/03/05 05:55
This apps is awesome.
by Nichbeg on 2015/03/05 04:03
It would not even let me get on and the phone numbers I typed in would always go to someone that i did not even know"scary".
Not as free as you'd think.
by Narcoleptic Goat on 2015/03/04 18:55
Be prepared to watch ads, purchase and use apps all in the name of credit. Hasn't used it to make a call yet, but I'm sure you're charged by the second.
Lovely App.
by Faithfulhart on 2015/03/04 18:05
I can't stop loving this App. It is so lovely. Very clear. I love it.
Absoultly love it!¡!
by joshua64perry on 2015/03/04 17:18
It never messes up iys perfect
Works great!!!
by 1qazplm on 2015/03/04 16:59
Needed to make some important calls and no cell phone signal, so I installed the app over wifi and made my calls. Wow!!
Needs to be free
by Yvonne Schaber on 2015/03/03 23:22
Needs to be free
Incorrect number on outgoing calls
by Cbrown7995 on 2015/03/03 19:23
Since last update when making outgoing calls, random numbers display on caller ID leading people to ignore my calls! Please fix!
by AGT1201 on 2015/03/03 17:59
Doesn't work u idiots!
by TCB in RIC on 2015/03/03 14:48
Pretty Good in a pinch
by Augustus September on 2015/03/03 07:14
This app is Pretty Good in a pinch.
by kerfon on 2015/03/03 02:51
Good app
by Stinks like a butt on 2015/03/03 02:32
This app is so awesome to teenagers like me!!
Pain in the A!
by GungaDan on 2015/03/02 18:18
It keeps crashing. It has never been exactly a joy to use. But now, when I really need it, with this "update" it no longer works at all. I suspect that I will lose all the credits I paid for, because this POS will never work again. And they are trying to bribe people with offer of a free credit to give them an undeserved five star rating! :(
by djvuan on 2015/03/02 17:58
Calls aren't free. They're ad-supported.
Great app
by Lp93000 on 2015/03/02 16:29
Very useful when having long distance calls!
Perfect use of technology
by Just West on 2015/03/02 13:17
What an excellent app.
by M Saucedo on 2015/03/02 02:36
Awesome app, has always worked great especially when connected to wifi. Used to make calls home from other countries with no issues.
Works Great
by Ricci D. on 2015/03/01 17:09
Love it... easy & works great....
Works pretty well on wifi
by Lorena Smith's iPod on 2015/03/01 17:04
I travel a lot and sometimes need a phone on the airplane. I usually buy the inflight wifi for my tablet and laptop. I have used GV on the airplane many times and have always gotten clear reception. Love it. ❤️
by Duh, ,,,,,,,,, on 2015/03/01 16:22
Nice works fine
Need improvement
by Elay555 on 2015/03/01 15:46
Not good now
I just fired Talkatone.
by yochannan on 2015/03/01 15:29
Talkatone lacked quality even with the premium version. MagicJack was a little better on quality but everyone knows they have terrible customer support. I found myself going back and forth between magicjack & Talkatone when voice quality became poor on one or the other. So far so good with this app.
need credit to work
by iwaitlyd on 2015/03/01 03:49
google voice is free but this app try its best to force you get credits to make phone call.
by Kcushcakes on 2015/02/28 23:03
Need to use credits
by <#[\<%^£*+>|&$;&") on 2015/02/28 17:47
I only need this while out of the country and apparently it's not free to call US while you are not in the country. Hence making it utterly pointless. I don't need a calling number at home, I have unlimited text and calling. While I need this abroad, it's not even as useful as the t-mobile text/data plan I already have. Very disappointing.
It's alright
by Who cares just listen on 2015/02/28 17:46
It's alright but when I text the messages won't send for some reason
So far, so good
by LR45 Driver on 2015/02/28 15:50
I've used this a limited number of times but it has worked well for me.
Ok app for calls, not so much for texts
by Lwhouse_037 on 2015/01/14 23:24
I downloaded this app to replace Talkatone, that discontinued using Google Voice and used their own service, and is limited on local numbers. I use the my Google Voice number for my small DJ/vid production business, so I can have a business number that is low in cost, and so I don't have to give out my personal number. So far I seem to be able to make calls ok with this app, how ever, texts I sent myself and some friends as a test, come from a different number then my google voice #, with a tag about get Mo+ to reply. Obviously this doesn't allow people to reply back without getting the app, so that is no good. I also tried the full Mo+ app and same thing. If Im gonna pay for an app, It should text with my GV number I link with it and allow people from any phone to text back. (One of the phones I texted as a test is a clam shell type phone, which does not use apps.) Another feature this app needs, that is available on the Mo+ app, is the ability to change the background and ringtone. If I would suggest one more feature, would be able to use the all the tones I have in my iphone, including my custom ones, not just the small list of extra tones you get with the paid version of Mo+. If these changes where made, I wouldn't mind paying a yearly subscription, even buying tokens ever now and then.
Tons of cons & pros
by Lucky guy Colorado on 2015/03/12 02:15
Cons- Doesn't reliably ring for incoming calls (which are free) even with good wifi. Voice quality can be anywhere from horrid to fine; it's the apps fault as much as a given wifi strength. So I borrow someone else's phone when I can to make calls (because of voice quality and to save points) and text with a computer (just to save fractions of a point) whenever possible. Some outgoing texts and outgoing calls I show up as a bizarre number. Video ads which earn points are usually unavailable. App crashes fairly often. Sometimes texts I should be receiving won't show up for as long as 10 days, seems to be for particular friends' phones. Pros- I can choose to watch ads, download apps, or pay nominal money to earn points to make calls and texts. Incoming always free. Missed calls and texts most often show up quickly so I stay in touch close to real time when I have wi-fi. Contacts are shared with gmail. Pretty interface mimics iPhone's updated phone app (I think that's behind why it's so slow and buggy). Works with iPhones and with iPod touch 5+. I have to re-log in when switching devices. Overall, it's 60-70% reliable if you're patient, with poor voice quality even with good wi-fi. But I think it's marginally better than Hangouts Oovoo, Vtalk, Talkatone, and the like.
So close yet so far.
by Akyyy on 2014/07/03 05:00
On paper, this app looks and feels better than every other app out there for using their Google voice account for phone calls and text messaging. Beautiful interface, combination of featuring both messages AND the ability to place calls (vs using the Google Voice app and the Google Hangouts app), and customizable with premium features as well. I can place calls and send messages perfectly but the real problem from my experience is that I cannot receive messages or calls unless I am in the app. I deleted any other messaging app and even turned off and turned on my ipod and was able to receive a huge influx of messages BUT if I receive any, they can be 10 or 15 minutes later. Such a shame because the interface is great and it works but unfortunately, the functionality for me is completely lost if I don't receive calls/messages when they are originally sent. Even though the Gv app is ugly as hell and I only use the hangouts app for calling, I know they work every single time. For that reason, I may have to revert to using those apps. To those getting good experiences and works flawlessly, I'm envious though as it is now, this app gets 3 stars.
Not bad for calling but beware
by scottm249b on 2014/12/15 22:23
Calling quality is not bad compared to other apps I have used. Calls generally go right through without delay and I've experienced little dropped calls. My complaint is attempting to earn credits. I have tried both methods to earn free credits and am extremely dissatisfied and frustrated, to the point where I will no longer be using this app as I have found another that actually gives you the free credits that you earn. I have been able to earn a few free credits from watching videos however most of the time after watching just a few it tells you there isn't anymore videos to watch. I have also tried to earn credits by downloading and opening apps and taking surveys but after trying that eight times without a single credit added to my account I have given up. Edit: since writing, I have been able to gain a few credits from downloading a few apps but still can't earn any from the videos. Better, but still has some issues.
Added full mobile phone capabilities to our iPad Mini 4G/LTE's...
by InLionSk8r on 2013/03/09 16:46
...when paired with the Google Voice App., shortly after my wife and I replaced our iPhones with these tablets. This App adds the ability to use cellular-data networks, (which is not possible through the current Google voice App alone). Our calls when on any WiFi are free of course, so only calls when on a 4G/LTE network are deducted from our monthly data plan. While smart phones use data AND minutes, these tablets use data only. Now we subscribe to a zero-minutes plan, since none are needed and our monthly bill is half what it was before. Four suggested improvements: 1) Simplify the interface (minimal is always better). 2) Add some ringtone choices. 3) Bump the volume of the ringtone up to be heard more easily. 4) Fix the problem of with not-so-instant messages arriving up to two hours after being sent.
GV Phone or Talkatone?
by 1MS on 2013/02/26 05:17
This app is way better than Talkatone, reason being: you can read messages offline and even send messages offline, which when dont go through you can resend easily. In that sense the app is much quicker to load as you can already start typing a text before it connects to the internet unlike Talkatone. The voice quality seems to be just as good. The adds on the bottom so far are appropriate unlike Talkatone ads. Some ways this app can improve: offer landscape orientation (a really easy addition), add settings so that after sending a message the keyboard wont disappear. Other ways to improver would be to offer multiple sign on. Other than that, excellent. I love how even while you're on the phone, text messages still appear. Great app, thank you for making something better than Talkatone!!
by Russbo1 on 2013/04/07 17:59
Great reception... Sounded like I was on a real phone. I had to make a call to Straight Talk to attempt to get my cell phone's number ported over and activated so I used my iPad Mini and made the call. The sound was crisp and clear coming through the tablet's speaker and I could hear and understand everything the guy on the other end had to say. We even had a good laugh over the urgency and importance of getting my phone number properly ported over (see how easily you can make your customers jump ship with your crappy prices, service and business, Verizon?!). I'll be using this sucker a lot more, especially at home. Google Voice, you rock! And there were no problems with accounts, unlike Magic Jack's worthless app. This one more than makes up for MJ's unforgivable flaws. Get this app, you'll love it!
It's a love/hate relationship
by accidentmagnet on 2014/11/13 02:25
I only came to write this review because they offered me one free "credit" if I left them a five-star review. I have been using this app for years to receive google voice messages and calls and have no idea what these "credits" are for. Otherwise, I LOVE the fact that I can make and receive calls from the app with no associated phone number, allowing me to use an iPod touch or iPhone with no service plan as a phone. My biggest complaint is that there is a horrible delay during calls. Edit: after posting the above review with only a single star, I quickly discovered that the app wants "credits" to send any messages. This had never been the case before posting a poor review. Sketchy as he11.
by jj283088 on 2013/03/31 08:20
I thought this app was awesome at first - it is great at integrating google voice and google chat...I absolutely LOVE that I can take my google # with me, especially since I'm working internationally and it's an easy way for friends and family to call me. However, there is about a 5 sec. lag in conversation which makes it frustrating and difficult to talk on the phone. I switched back to using Bobsled to make free calls back to the States - the call is much more clear and no lag between conversation. In regards to the texting/google chat, I can't stand that the keyboard automatically shrinks back down after you send a message....and also that the ad is there at the bottom. There have been a # of times that I've accidentally hit the ad instead of the bar to reopen the keyboard. In all, on the surface it looks great, but upon further use it's not the best and could use some fixes.
Better than Google's own GV app
by Dnheller on 2013/10/10 02:34
I don't give 5 stars usually. But this is a great app. Not perfect but too good for 4 stars. Faster and better than native GV app for iOS. Worked perfectly for calling US numbers from Europe over wifi. I would pay for this app if they got rid of the ads and made a few refinements like a unified inbox/history like googles own app. Also need option to be able to configure it like Googles own native app to route incoming calls to land or mobile lines used with native GV and show alerts only for text message because it eats too much battery power to keep it in online mode for incoming calls that could go to the forwarding numbers I've set with google voice.
History in the making
by DCopen on 2012/12/10 06:10
You my friends are staring a potential game changer for the entire mobile communication community. With a few good tweaks these guys could potentially negate the need for cellphone minutes... Who needs a phone if you have an iPad mini with cellular? I like where your going with this guys, please please keep up the good work. Please contact me if you would like some suggestions or if you need a few testers. A few buddies and I am trying to find a way around the need for a cellphone in today's day and age and your app is one potential corner stone. We greatly appreciate your hard work. We look forward to your update! I dropped a star due to the not so flawless execution but I'm more than happy to up the score as you push out a new update.
by RTZyOklkffh on 2012/12/27 21:26
I think that though I haven't used this app for very long it is one of the most trustful and convenient apps you will get. It is made by a very popular and trustworthy company. It has THE best deals, better than all others. We get free calling without wifi and we can direct it towards gmail accounts. Insuring that not only is it a safe, secure and GREAT app, you will be able it base it off of your own gmail account opening up parental controls. Though other text messaging apps will try to persuade you with cool backgrounds, fonts and faces, you will be missing out on a fantastic app here. I strongly suggest using this app for it's great deals and safe, convenient, free calling and texting wherever you go!
Seems to work OK, but...
by RadioGeezer on 2013/02/14 09:17
demands that I write a review after using it only once or twice. I am giving it two stars because (1) I haven't had a fair chance to evaluate it or use all of its features and (2) it seems to lack a way of adding callers to your call filtering list, but (3) the basic function does seem, at least, to work. I would give 4 stars if I had been given time to fully evaluate it to my satisfaction to determine whether the basic functions worked and were reasonably reliable, and 5 stars if you could access the call filtering list as well. Revised: Upgraded to 4 stars. Would get 5 stars (although it would be worth 6 stars) if it allowed you to easily access the call filtering list.
Wow seriously, you're charging now?
by Anajbbyy on 2014/10/27 02:52
First off the app doesn't even remotely work well enough for you to charge for usage of credits, I mean I don't get calls or texts unless I'm in the app and even then I have to constantly refresh it! Secondly, call quality is crappy and delayed! Calls are constantly dropped and takes forever to load! Last but not least, it doesn't fully connect with my google account, I don't get pictures and I can't send emojis so why the heck would I pay for a call service that can only do 5% of what my phone does or 1% of what my normal google app does? Crappy, deleting from my phone!!!!
Poor telephone call quality
by Whit the s$&t on 2013/09/15 17:54
Although I really have enjoyed this app for use with my personal business, the telephone conversation quality is abysmal! When I make calls to people it constantly cuts out. This makes it very difficult to conduct telephone conversations even within Wi-Fi range. That being said, The app is wonderful regarding alerting me to telephone message that have been left for me, texting, and to enable an ambiguous telephone number to be used for clientele in my business.... wish I could use the telephone call app without having to have black outs, cut offs & static interference. I cannot understand nor can the person on the other end of the line Clearly hear the content of the conversations held via telephone call. Overall, good message app and text app, Very poor conversation quality for telephone use.
by Elena Cullen <3 on 2014/07/02 02:54
This app is a great app if u have access to a computer. But if not it wouldn't probably be the best choice for you. But so far it's helped me be able to communicate faster with family an friends in a much easier an faster more accessible way. Which is exactly what j need because it's great for me to use when I need to be able to use it. Cause it'll always bd there for me to use. Want I don't like though is constantly having to have wifi in order to txt or call it gets to be a pain but I live with it cause it's just one of those things ya know. But If you'd like to get this app this is definitely one I'd recommend you'd use! 😄👍
I love the app but please no updates
by Phil w g on 2014/06/14 03:23
Everything on this app works great on my iPod touch. (But I would request one thing: that we make a choice to have the app updated by the users themselves. I have experience that when an app is working well there is no reason to update and then when it is automatically updated, the app has more problems.) Everyone is buying iPhones, WHY? All I have is an iPod touch 3. As long as I can get a wifi connection, and that is mostly anywhere, I can use this app at my convenience. Besides, when you use your landline phone, it only works through your home phone jacks only.
Mo+ GVPhone
by Nanopod2 on 2012/11/24 08:09
This is a well designed app by way of graphics and handling. But is not very well designed for function like continual use. For example. (1)I won't get any texts or calls unless the app is running up along with my email. (sometimes it also goes offline automatically when you leave the app). (2)You can't make the keyboard bigger by tilting the devise. (3)There are no settings options. (wallpapers, ringtones, notifications, etc). (4)Sometimes it stores the last text into the texting window. Which is very annoying because you must erase everything you wrote the last time before you can write something new. I think they have a very good program. But there are several bugs that need fixing. Keep up the great work!
My Google Voice Usage
by Synapticalist on 2015/02/13 16:54
Well I have Google Voice and Tallkatone. When I added Google Voice to my G-mail, I had two numbers I had to remember, but since I was going to have to have a Google number, I just use my Google number to call my two phones and this app helps me to buy credits and still use Google Voice. Even though the Google Voice app can work with Talkatone but it cost more to get credit that way. But with this phone app, the credits are cheaper and it works with my Google Voice App. I was able to add another number and now my phone is fully operational but only on wifi
Not free anymore
by doinkyTHEcup on 2014/10/21 13:33
Then why the 5 stars you ask? Because it's the only way you can get a free credit to make outgoing calls. The same calls that used to be free. I only used this app because it was completely free to make calls when my cell line is shut off. But the quality of calls was always pretty bad. It's insanely laggy, like talking on a satellite phone. The longer you talk the longer the delay becomes. If you have a google voice number it's just easier to use google hangouts to make outgoing calls and texts and just use this crappy app to receive them.
Great option for using Google Voice account abroad
by MAD3EUR on 2013/05/02 17:59
I live in Europe & I purchased a Google Voice credit months ago. I could never use the native G Voice app to make calls since it would not allow me to register/use a non-US phone number. *PHONE for G Voice & GTalk solved that problem*, since it only requires my Gmail account. It automatically uploaded my GVoice credit (and GVoice US number) when I signed into the app. Now I can call the US & Europe for much cheaper than my regular European cell provider!! UPDATED Review: I have enjoyed using this app, BUT the SMS notifications are received at least 1 hour (or more) later than they are actually sent (and received promptly in the native G Voice app). That is very disappointing. Minus 2 stars.
Place the ads better
by hmuppet on 2013/03/19 21:38
I recognize that the app is free and needs to be supported by ads, but the placement of the ads is terrible. It is just below the text box used to chat which annoyingly goes minimizes every time a message is sent needing you to tap it to bring it into focus again. Because the ads are so close to the box, inadvertently you end up hitting the ad banner instead. Let me pay for the app to remove the ads if you insist on keeping the design like this. Or at least do not have the text box and keyboard always minimize after every line is sent during a chat! Other than that, all features work great and this app is one of a kind on the App Store. Kudos on getting most of it right!
by Veggies aureus on 2014/09/11 15:38
This past Tuesday night, the 9th, I pay ten dollars on my card so my texts will go through, as they suddenly stopped. (I only have an itouch and iMessage only works with other apple users.....not everyone uses an apple product) Therefore, I cannot use whatsapp, and I must use an alternative texting app to stay in communication with other users. For as long as I've had my itouch, just under two years, I have had no problem, until now. Trust me, the idea of suddenly having to pay made me livid but I was excited to FINALLY be able to send pictures! Right now, my problem is that I wasted ten bucks, because I paid Monday night and come Tuesday, no one was receiving my texts nor was I getting any of theirs. Heard whatsapp is great, yet I need something that will work on my iTouch 😔
This app is such bull**it!!!
by Rated+ R on 2013/11/23 01:22
I was giving this app the benefit of a doubt and didn't want to write a bad review but it forced me to do so today. Not only the call quality is total garbage people can't hear me and it delay the conversation just like it delays text messages. If someone send me a text now it will take hours before I get the text. Very very poor sound quality, just incase it's not bad enough now I can't open the app to do anything without the ads taking me straight to iTunes to download other crappy apps they are advertising for. Fix that stupid bug of yours that keeps taking me to iTunes to download your stupid ads! I do not want download any of your crappy ads!your app is bad enough to make me cringe every time I try to use it. App is much more useless now! Will delete it for better options ASAP!
Convenient backup
by c8h10n4o2 on 2015/03/21 23:21
Definitely has tons of room for improvement before considering it as a reliable, primary option for calls/texts but it is a great backup for making calls via wifi when my cellphone provider has weak coverage. Thankfully, this is usually when I'm indoors or on a flight, etc anyway. There are still other caveats though. For example, "free" actually means earning credits by doing tasks such as writing a review like this! Overall, still a nice option to have. Worth comparing to Google Hangouts for call quality, ease of use, etc.
Great app; needs a couple features to be perfect
by Cristo72 on 2013/02/03 20:09
This app has the potential to be the best Google Voice Phone app I've seen out there. It certainly has the best user interface. While it is not as feature rich as some other apps, I hope some of those are the natural next features to be implemented. Add these features and fix a few bugs and it would be 5 stars. This would become my one and only Google Voice phone app if it… 1) Allowed removal of the ads (i.e., for a premium, of course) 2) Supported push notifications so if the app wasn't running, it would still ring/text 3) Allowed me to check/manage Google Voice voicemail inside the app 4) Showed me how many Google Voice credits I have available I don't understand why there are two almost identical apps by Mo+ (GV Phone & Mo+). The Mo+ version allows for premium ad removal, but they seem to be the same otherwise I'll probably use Mo+ simply for the ad removal, but wish I understood the intention of the developer for having two nearly the same apps.
by 1MamaKat on 2014/04/14 16:28
The call quality is poor, I often get complaints that I sound as if I am talking underwater. On my end the calls can come in spotty- as if the other person is on a bad cell connection. The ads are terrible! They will pop up and redirect the call after a certain point or the ones places at the bottom are so close to the icons you hit them accidentally. What's worse is the lag upon answer- since the last update it often sends callers to voicemail even though I answer the call. Often the program freezes or simply won't respond when I try and press the buttons. On some incoming calls after answering the ring continues- so the other person has to out shout the ring throughout the entire call.
I love this app!!
by xXtidusXx on 2014/01/15 17:18
I found this app looking for an app to use my inactive iPhone to make VoIP calls, I would have preferred to just use google voice but the app does not make the call over an Internet connection, it places calls through your cell phone only, when I found this app I thought it was too good to be true, and its been 100% perfect so far, texting is a little slow to receive but that's the only fault, I can place and receive calls over an Internet connection using my google voice number, thank you so much for this perfect app!!
Oh I see how it is...
by msdrpepper on 2014/11/27 15:34
I was searching for Google Apps and saw this one claiming to be Google Talk, where I could use my Google number I got several years ago. I've never been able to log in (it demands your Gmail log in and password). So far it always claims I entered my info incorrectly. But then I started getting emails from Gmail notifying of attempts into my gmail account and to change my password. That makes me think this app is trying to harvest my gmail credentials (despite claims that it is "encrypted". So I am going to bold and give this a .25 star rating, which will show up as a 1 star rating only because Apple wasn't brilliant enough to offer ratings of less than one star! I would advise you to skip the 5 stars for "free" credit because this app gives nothing but free headaches!! :(
Pointless App
by Skierbarry on 2014/11/11 08:03
This used to be a support for less but useful app. However then they started charging for phone calls and continue to inundate on with too many adds. For texting and making phone calls I'm happy to use my Google voice app. There's never a fee to use it as long as you are using Wi-Fi which is the only time I make phone calls through the Internet. Google voice app also gives you unlimited texting. So why should I pay for phone calls gimmicks trying to earn coins time etc. when I can simply use the Google Voice app. Or even better for just making calls from your phone or tablet is the magic jack app. Calls are always free and it's a good service.
Good design, bad voice quality
by Beckers88 on 2013/03/08 02:17
I really wanted to like this app & even did for a few days. It lets me receive calls at my GV #, something even Google's app doesn't do! And, the UI design is great and quick to navigate. But, once I started using it for voice calls, the bad news came. The person on the other end kept having a hard time hearing me and the app kept telling me that network quality was poor. As a test, I immediately switched my call to Skype and my callee said I could be heard without difficulty. So, it wasn't the network, it's was the app. Blah. Back to Skype I go. I hope they get these issues solved at some point as I really would like to use this app.
Not Bad , Not perfect ... Alright
by candyisme on 2013/08/06 05:44
GV Phone & Mo+ are both (the same) useful apps. I have GV Phone installed on my iPod Touch 4th Gen. Easy to set up, just enter your GV login details and voila! My complaint: I really wish there was a way to answer incoming calls from the lock screen. I'm currently unable to answer while the screen is locked. Despite hearing the ringer, I am given no option other than to miss the call, unlock the screen and then call the number back every time. Not only is this a hassle, it's a major inconvenience... Especially when I have to miss a call from a private or unknown number that simply can't be returned. I still can't live without it though!
Unreliable for getting calls
by Pio Masaki on 2013/08/07 00:09
App works great for everything except receiving calls. I've yet to see it actually work even one time on 2 devices, it will ring consistently, but answering is either so slow and laggy they hang up, goes to voicemail, or just crashes. This is when the device is asleep when it comes in, I've never had a call come in while I'm using the device so it may work better that way. If you need reliable incoming call performance, look elsewhere. 3 stars for texting working 100% so far as well as gtalk working very well, just fix incoming call performance, that's kind of an important aspect to a phone application.
I've had this for about 10 minutes
by What the app? on 2015/03/25 21:42
I just downloaded this and I'm very happy that it works in the background. This is so key when you want to be away from the office but appear online. The only drawback I've seen about on line status is that there isn't a status to show you're away. Only has three options: online, busy and offline :) Happy for now that I can put this in the background and still look like I'm online though. I haven't actually used it for IMs yet but I'll update as soon as I test that
Greatest calling & texting app ever
by Connor Hyman on 2014/04/07 04:00
I got this app last year and I have been loving it so far. I have an iPod touch 5 so I don't have the real phone app. Also, you can only text people with apple device. The main reason I bought this app is so I could text my dad. My dad has a samsung galaxy so I can't text him via iMessage. I love this app and recommend it to any one who has an iPod touch or an iPhone with no SIM card. To conclude, when I bought this app, I thought that it was operated by Google because it made me sign in with my gmail account/google voice.
Can be better
by Sexy Kia on 2014/09/26 11:31
I use this for my business but when I make calls to people for my business people are going in and out making it hard to really talk. When they call me I don't have that problem also since September 1, 2014 some people are not getting my text messages I have credit and have just been losing them sending text that people aren't getting. I hope this gets fixed since there is no way to get my credits back from all these text that I lost out on. I have a iPhone and never had this problem before September 1, 2014. I hope you all have another update that will make this work for IPhone as I use this for my business line. ( not to happy)
Love Google Talk app!!
by BigDLittleD2Squared on 2014/10/06 08:32
I love this app! I love GOOGLE TALK in general! Google did a great job on creating and executing the concept of google talk, and now with this app, it's even easier to use google talk and to be able to keep in touch with anyone that contacts you through it. No more having to sign into gmail and google voice to find out if you have any new notifications, they are now right at your finger tip, and you get real time notifications of any incoming calls, incoming texts and any new voice mails! Thumbs up and five stars to this great app!!
by CrasherVonRazor on 2013/11/25 15:09
The adds are incredibly annoying, they are placed in just the perfect spot that I end up clicking that crud when I'm in the middle of trying to communicate via text, it slows my phone down and wastes my time. I would be willing to pay for the app for that to be gone, please make that an option. Please make it so I can type in landscape mode!!!! I have bilateral carpal tunnel and a torn tendon so it is painful to always be typing in portrait mode. The call quality nearly renders the phone feature unusable with the way it cuts out and has such a pronounced delay. I can never seem to answer a call either, unless I have the app open and in my hand. If the phone feature was more functional I would want to be able to choose my own ringtone. The one provided is too quiet. I can't hear it if it's in my pocket, purse or I'm in any public place. Recently I have been experiencing a glitch that causes text messages from the previous day to all come through on the chat log while in the middle if another conversation. It's rather confusing. I've just about switched back to relying solely on my email.....
SMS and background calls
by jdf729 on 2014/04/09 16:34
Sent myself several texts to this app from another phone. About an hour later all 5 hit at once. Sent another and still waiting for it over an hour now. Now they still come 15 minutes late. They hit the native GV app instantly. Sending a text with this app works fine. Wish I could take calls from the lock screen like the native iPhone function which is the only reason I have this app. It will alert me to incoming calls and use my GV voicemail instead of forwarding GV calls to my real mobile number. Unfortunately it takes using both apps to get the total functionality needed.
PERFECT!! Beautiful Interface! Great Service!!
by imtigger2 on 2014/07/08 21:32
I can FINALLY use my Google Voice number to call from WiFi. Finally. Google will usually screen calls, do VM and forward to your cell phone. Now I don't need a cell or HM phone in the middle of that. This works great for calls out. NOTE: To receive calls immediately, you HAVE TO SET IT UP with Google through a PC, NOT THIS APP (or google app). Google Voice will intercept every incoming call, as always. This app will allow you to make calls OUT using your GV number, to return phone calls or make phone calls. I love it!! -- Personally, I don't like answering calls, I like messages and calling back at MY convenience. There's too many crap calls and wasted time now days. Biz, sales, etc.. That's why we get GVoice numbers in the 1st place. Give family your MAIN cell or HM # and use GV for excellent VM services and this app to return calls. THANK YOU... EXCELLENT APP!!
Great Potential but Needs Improvements
by App--Man on 2012/07/29 20:05
The user interface is very nice, visually appealing, and clean. I like the way things are laid out but there are some fundamental problems with this app that should be fixed. Receiving Text Messages: I can send texts fine but the app does not receive text messages. I receive all of the persons texts much later (in about 2-3 hours sometimes much more). Sending Text Messages: Not really a problem but when I send text messages sometimes the app secretly puts a link in the text message without me knowing about it. I found this out because I was texting my brother he later showed me the messages with the links in them. Receiving Calls: I have to keep the app running in the background to receive calls. If I close it out in multitasking I do not receive calls. Features: Lots of good featurs but I would like to see voicemail, and a way to change the ringtone and text notifications. Otherwise its a great app that I really hope to see improved. Thanks.
Works like a dream
by poematirix on 2014/01/21 18:55
Of all the Google voice clients that I have tried, this software performs the best. I use it both for text messaging as well as for making phone calls and the voice quality is unparalleled. I see that some people complain about the ads. I really don't have a problem with the ads. They don't interfere with anything that I do with this app. The app would probably look nicer without ads, but since these ads are not getting in my way, I see no reason to complain about them.
by Tank-U on 2014/05/06 06:51
AT&T, Apple iPhone 5, LTE. I ALWAYS have faster than 4G service (LTE) or high-speed WIFI running so service is not the issue here! I only give 1 or 5 Star Ratings. Either the app works as stated and gets 5*****, or doesn't and gets 1*! Sorry Mo+ but you do not receive extra Stars for occasionally working. I tried to save some money and the bulk of having to carry 2 cell phones BUT looks like that is what I will have to do. I use this app to separate business from pleasure and so far I have been extremely unhappy with it's performance. Loosing business because I am unreachable is unacceptable! Clients call and text me expecting immediate response (and I would) ...if it would only get to me right away! I run the app in the background as people are suggesting BUT to no avail; it makes little to no difference at all. At times I do not receive business text messages for up to 3 hours AFTER they are sent to me and that is just bad business and no fault to me. Calls do not go through, and are dropped when they do! APP IS GOOD IN THEORY... HOWEVER SHOULD NOT BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED, AND WORK AS STATED!
Just got the app and I already love it!
by K4tierose on 2014/10/24 06:17
I just got the app to be able to keep my Google Voice calls separate, but the way it is set up, I might just use it as my main phone service. I love that you can earn credits for the phone calls that aren't covered, and you can call anyone in the US for free. It's perfect for keeping your phone bill low, or for people like me that have a number for work and another for personal. It has all the options your phone does, but it keeps it separate!
Needs some serious work
by Sexytoes9436 on 2013/03/05 21:46
This app may provide free texting, but I have others that do as well. They are much faster. My main complaint about this app concerns the call quality. Almost every single call either drops, has delayed speech, or the caller on the other end can't hear me at all. I've checked to see if its my Internet. I'm running 15mb so that's ruled out. In fact, I stood right beside my router while on a call today, and the person couldn't hear a thing I was saying. Come on Google! You guys have the resources at hand to make this a five star app! I'm tired of having to watch trailers for apps, just to get minutes to call. Text+ works just fine on wifi. This app should too.
Would be perfect, if it was free.
by Cauley396 on 2015/01/08 06:15
This is a great app. The call quality is great, and if you have a decent internet connection, there isn't any reception or connection issues. The texting is good as well, no lag at all. The only problem with this app, is that you have to earn "credits", to text and/or call. To send one text message, and to make one phone call, cost 1 credit each. You have to watch a 30 second video for a single credit, or download AND run an app. I find this a little ridiculous. If if was free, it would be perfect.
Love it!
by LeonDaLion on 2013/01/22 04:04
So I lost my job and my mobile provider cut off service when I wasn't able to pay my bill. I need a way to place and receive calls to family, friends, and potential employers... The regular google voice app doesn't do this without using your existing mobile account, so I figured the only way to make calls is from my desktop PC with headset. Wrong! This app allows me to place calls with my iPhone via wi-fi and does not depend on it having active mobile service! I am stoked!
Great idea, worked well but now not anymore - useless, delete
by chrisd7 on 2013/05/20 22:10
This app had me in the beginning, offered an easy and good way to use Google Voice and text service and was reliable. But now it's pretty useless - calls don't get through anymore if the app isn't running, text messages come in with delay and even show the wrong sending date, making calls it tells me I have "poor" network connection but I'm connected to a wireless network with 15+ Mbps down and 1+ Mbps up speed AND then this annoying amount of advertisement which now also pops in the middle of your screen without any option to just buy the app and get rid of the ads. Please fix because you would have a great app here if it would work!
Full of promise. Some disappointment.
by discofreakboot on 2012/09/18 03:25
I like the UI. First impressions were really good, but, the SMS messages don't update without me signing out and back into Google. There's not even a "pull down to refresh" option. Oh, and when it does update, it only shows the messages received and sent from the app. If you used the web interface to text, the sent messages don't show up. Another thing: I can copy a number and paste it into iOS's phone app. No paste option here. Otherwise, I like how it backgrounds, but I've had a choppy audio issue... over WiFi! Please, PLEASE make this app a little better! It's really promising.
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